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MAGAZINE June 2019

Schueco continues to expand its range of panoramic systems

Schueco continues to expand its range of panoramic systems In recent years, architects and their clients have been expressing a preference for ever-larger areas of allbut-frameless glazing. To satisfy this demand, Schueco produced its very successful range of Panoramic sliding doors and façade systems, which is augmented this year by its first-ever Panoramic window. As framing technology evolves, so does Schueco’s ability to produce new solutions more closely tailored to the needs of their customers. In pursuit of this aim, the company has been working for many years to slim down frame-widths without compromising the insulation properties which are essential for maximising energy performance. The result of this work can be seen most clearly in Schueco’s Panorama (PD) range of sliding door and façade systems, which has now expanded to include the company’s first-ever PD window system.

Designated the Schueco AWS 75 PD.SI this new system is now nationally available in the UK. Produced especially for the residential market, the Schueco AWS 75 PD.SI window features reduced internal and external facewidths as low as 55 mm. These enable it to deliver a whole new level of transparency, yet the window is still able to achieve an excellent ‘Uw’ value of 0.87 W/m2K. The system has been specially designed for the construction of ribbon windows and for use as an insert in a Schueco façade system such as the Schueco FWS 35 PD. Here, its ultra-slim facewidth enables an overall size reduction of 25%. Smooth internal surfaces give the window an attractive flush appearance and there is a stylish new ergonomic handle without rosettes that can be fitted with a lock if required. A wide range of profiles includes corner mullions, structural mullions, symmetrical and asymmetrical mullions and Schueco TipTronic toplights. The Schueco AWS 75 PD.SI system can accommodate vent sizes up to 2.5 m and glass weights up to 160 kg, with watertightness up to 600 Pa and burglar resistance up to RC2. Schueco’s steadily growing PD range includes an updated ASS 77 PD sliding door. Able to accommodate very wide openings with panels up to 3.2 m wide and 3.5 m high, this selection of advanced doors delivers very large areas of clear glazing thanks to minimum-width central meeting stiles (30 mm) and a completely concealed outer frame.

The recent updating includes both triple glazing and improved Uw values down to 0.85 W/m2K being delivered as standard. Additionally, usability has been enhanced by the introduction of an integrated full-height handle and an optimised locking concept which makes use of spring-loaded mushroom heads. A particularly popular innovation has been the introduction of a 90o corner detail that emphasises the extreme transparency of the system, adds style to any property and floods the room in which it is installed with light. New bi-parting four-pane versions with two sliding leaves and two fixed or four sliding leaves were also added to the range.

Another notable new panoramic system, launched last year, was Schueco’s ASE 67 PD sliding door. This can be configured in a variety of opening combinations and is available in two options with different outer frames. The slimmer 57 mm option is ideal for renovation projects. A completely flat threshold eliminates the possibility of accidents while still allowing the door to deliver watertightness to 300 Pa and wind resistance to Class C3.

Finally, the ultra-slimline Schueco FWS 35 PD façade system has proved to be a welcome addition to the range. This offers a glass-to-glass 90o corner option and can be specified with either .HI or .SI level insulation. The latter is officially certified as delivering a Ucw value of 0.79 W/m2K, meaning that it meets Passive House standards. Company: Schueco UK Website:

Email: Tel: 01908 282111


Image: Vicaima Dekordor SD White Woodgrain Interior Door

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TRS recycles shipping containers and polycarbonate to form modular housing in peru TRS workshop proposes low-cost and comfortable housing for the ‘pesquero II’ settlement, located in the peruvian town of pachacutec. The project, named ‘Ventanilla Module’ after the Ventanilla district which the town belongs to, has been envisioned using a modular prototype which intends to house a family of four. as the design aims not to impose too much on the land, the structure uses prefabrication and shipping containers to provide a non-invasive construction type. After meticulous study of existing housing types in the region, TRS resolved to use two large shipping containers at the base of the structure, spanning 8 meters x 15 meters. with no foundations or costly building materials, the containers provide a material that is lower in cost and easier to maintain. this scheme also aims to reduce construction time, meaning the prototype could be built quickly in cases of natural disaster when families require more urgent shelter. Initially designed for a family of four, the ‘ventanilla module’ is also envisioned to provide flexibility, as rooms can be easily adapted to generate more bedroom space according to the changing needs of the inhabitants. the interior is generated by two volumes stacked on top of each other, with internal spaces delimited using OSB walls. the ground level contains the social areas, living room and kitchen, while in the


upper volume, private and service areas such as bedrooms, bathrooms and a study can be found. On top of the recycled shipping containers is recycled polycarbonate, which is used to construct the upper volume. by using this translucent material, natural light is brought into the interior, yet overlooking from adjacent houses is avoided. natural light and ventilation are also achieved by windows in the roof (zenithal lighting) and gardens are incorporated within the interior to form a connection between residents and nature. The erection of the first ‘ventanilla modules’ will have educational purposes, with training of the construction process undertaken to allow the following units to be built even more efficiently. the project also places importance on community participation, with local people involved

in each step, generating a deeper interest in the future of their town. by facilitating a self-built sustainable architecture, the project aims to see long-term benefits as the community helps each other in the construction of their homes.


Newcastle firm targets £50bn London rooftop homes sector Newcastle developer, The High Street Group of Companies, has bought London rooftop homes specialist First Penthouse. The Knightsbridge-based firm specialises in offsite rooftop extensions and has built luxury homes on top of existing buildings in areas such as Chelsea, Knightsbridge and St. John’s Wood. It is currently working to secure and deliver a further nine projects across the capital, with a gross development value of over £120m. High Street Group Chairman, Gary Forrest, said: “A couple of years ago, the government welcomed a proposal to help address the housing shortage in London through the development of modular homes on top of existing buildings. “We believe there is a huge potential in this innovative idea and have researched potential sites, as well as the associated considerations of planning, design, sustainability and construction. “What we lacked was the expertise to deliver projects and that is why we have acquired First Penthouse. “The deal adds people with practical and successful experience of

rooftop development to our team, which will, I am sure, significantly accelerate our involvement in this market place.” Patrick Brightman, managing director with First Penthouse, added: “With the benefit of the group’s support and investment, we can exploit many more opportunities across London and further afield and can accelerate the number of developments we undertake, as well as our aspiration to build our own offsite modular construction company.” A study by Interdisciplinary Design Consultancy HTA LLP identified that in the Borough of Camden alone, there are 475 potential rooftop sites, which could deliver 2,485 homes. Across Greater London, it identified over 14m sq ft of developable roof space, which could deliver almost 180,000 properties. A Knight Frank report suggests that there is over £50bn worth of rooftop development potential in the capital.

Framework for net zero carbon buildings launched in parliament The UK Green Building Council (UKGBC) has delivered a framework for the UK construction and property industry to transition new and existing buildings to becoming net zero carbon by 2050, to meet the ambitions of the Paris Climate Agreement. BSRIA is part of the net zero carbon buildings task group which has supported this framework. The task group brings together over 180 experts and stakeholders from across the built environment value chain and is being supported by 13 leading industry bodies. It was launched last November. The framework offers an all-embracing framework of consistent principles and metrics that can be integrated into tools, policies and practices. It aims to build consensus in the industry on the path to decarbonising buildings. The new framework recommends guidance for developers, owners and occupiers targeting net zero carbon buildings, setting out key principles to follow and summarising how this goal can be measured and evidenced. The two approaches to net zero carbon are suggested by the framework: Net zero carbon – construction: the embodied emissions associated with products and construction should be measured, reduced and offset to achieve net zero carbon. Net zero carbon – operational energy: the energy used by the building in operation should be reduced and where possible any demand met through renewable energy. Any remaining emissions from operational energy use should be offset to achieve net zero carbon. The next decade will see the “scope and ambition” of the framework increased to boost “greater action”. In the short term, extra conditions will be introduced to “challenge industry”, including minimum energy efficiency targets and limits on the use of offsets. In the longer term, the two scopes for construction and operational energy will be combined into a wider approach for net zero whole life carbon, covering all the emissions associated with the construction, operation, maintenance and demolition of a building. Richard Twinn, senior policy advisor, UKGBC, said: “The urgency of tackling climate change means that businesses must work together to drive down emissions as fast as possible. But this requires a shared vision for what needs to be achieved and the action that needs to be taken. “This framework is intended as a catalyst for the construction and property industry to build consensus on the transition to net zero carbon buildings and start to work towards consistent and ambitious outcomes. It is the first step on a journey towards ensuring all of our buildings are fit for the future.” Peter Tse, business manager, BSRIA’s Sustainable Construction Group, said: “BSRIA is proud to be involved in the development of this essential net zero carbon buildings framework definition, along with the other built environment experts and stakeholders. The framework vitally provides clear definition of net zero carbon buildings and direction towards a zero-carbon future.”



Light steel frame manufacturers prepare to Focus on Framing A new conference has been launched to bring together light steel frame manufacturers and industry professionals. ponsored and hosted by the Light Steel Frame Association (LSFA), the Focus on Framing conference and exhibition will take place on 4 June, at the NEC Birmingham.


Following the new Building Regulations that came into force at the end of 2018, restricting the use of combustible materials in external walls of residential buildings above 18m, Focus on Framing promises to provide construction professionals with insight into the latest compliant light steel frame systems and showcase best practice through informative case studies. Created for specifiers, engineers, architects, contractors, housebuilders, developers and manufacturers, the event seeks to highlight steel framing solutions to overcome the challenges presented by new protocols and will feature ‘informative case studies on buildings that are gaining global attention’. Darren Richards managing director of Cogent Consulting and member of the LSFA steering group said: “Light steel frame systems are fundamentally important offsite technologies that are used in so many building types and applications. With the recent Building Regulations restriction, I can see steel framing technology becoming even more integral to the future of construction.” The Focus on Framing conference will feature high-profile speakers discussing the significant role that light steel frame plays in the UK’s major developments across all sectors – from residential to commercial, education, retail and leisure. Focus on Framing speakers include: • Darren Richards, managing director – Cogent Consulting (event chairman) • Richard Lankshear, innovation manager – NHBC • Peter Burchill, business development manager – EOS • Robert Clark, head of business development – Fusion Building Systems • Colin Westpfel, head of design – Balfour Beatty • Andrew Waddell – Metframe sales manager – Voestalpine Metsec • Andrew Way, associate director – SCI


The event is described as a ‘must attend’ for professionals in the construction industry who want to stay abreast of potential technology developments and business opportunities. Richard Lankshear, innovation manager for NHBC will be presenting on the new technical standards changes to NHBC Chapter 6.10 ‘Light steel framing’ to support advances in the use of this technology and define guidance for structural frames and infill walls. “For many years NHBC has supported the industry in relation to embracing innovative forms of construction,” said Richard Lankshear. “Because our approach to acceptance of MMC/ offsite construction is rigorous it provides confidence to all concerned and I look forward to working with housebuilders and light steel frame supplies as the sector continues to evolve.” The Light Steel Frame Association aims to market the light steel industry frame in a way that engages and positively influences stakeholders,

government departments, ministers and relevant industry bodies to influence legislation and industry regulations. Steve Thompson, managing director for EOS, headline sponsor of Focus on Framing, said: “The aim of the Light Steel Frame Association is to raise the profile of the steel framing industry, and what better way to do that than a dedicated steel technology event where manufacturers and supply chain members can network with construction industry professionals and share our specialist expertise?” You can book your tickets for the Focus on Framing event at www. Tickets are £125.00 + VAT and include entry into the conference and exhibition, parking, as well as lunch and refreshments. LSFA members are entitled to a 20% discount. There are still a small number of exhibition and sponsorship opportunities available at Focus on Framing. Contact gareth.lewis@ for more information and to secure your space.


Find the right tiles with Tile Supply Solutions

Finding the right tiles for your project can be time consuming and an expensive process as every project has its own requirements, needs and timetable. We import to order so whatever type of tile you have in mind we are able to help. We source tiles from a wide range of manufacturers at very competitive prices. Our clients can save time and effort shopping around by having all their tile needs taken care of at one place. At Tile Supply Solutions we act as an extension to your team saving you time and money by providing the perfect tiles for your project with the best price keeping the project within the budget and timeframe. For nearly two decades we’ve been providing the tiles our clients need and formed strong partnerships. Your project is our priority and we have your best interest in mind at all times.

Testimonial “Tile Supply Solutions has great knowledge within their field, is up for a challenge and is a pleasure to work with. Great results, personable with high integrity.” GRA Architecture & Interiors (London) Find out more and contact us today at Phone: 01984 624 555 Please note our website only shows current trends, whatever style of tile you are looking for we can help.

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Dual port Fire Sprinkler ValVe Set • Dual ports that enable the flow switch to be mounted on either side.

• Available with optional CPVC mating sockets. • 100% pressure tested. • 1” and 1 ¼” full bore test valve • Easy access for servicing •7•


Resurgence of Mastic Asphalt amongst Architects More and more architects are recognising the versatility, durability and sustainability benefits of mastic asphalt. ne of the most well established waterproofing membrane systems currently available, mastic asphalt is an ideal building material for a whole range of construction applications, both new build and refurbishment projects, where a smooth, seamless, durable surface is required.


Traditionally consisting of graded limestone aggregate bound together with bitumen, today’s mastic asphalt systems are now manufactured using advanced polymer modified formulations to ensure all the performance characteristics of traditional asphalt systems with many added benefits. It offers total waterproofing for roofing and car park decking and acts as a tough working surface in flooring and paving. Mastic asphalt can even be used as part of mastic asphalt terrazzo (MAT) flooring, whereby different grades and choices of coloured aggregate can be added at the mixing point. The Mastic Asphalt Council (MAC) is the trade association for the mastic asphalt industry in the UK. Representing more than 90 companies in the sector, MAC members include mastic asphalt manufacturers, application contractors and associated suppliers of equipment and services. The Building Research Establishment (BRE) has officially stated that asphalt roofing is capable of lasting 50-60 years, but MAC has many examples well in excess of this. Mastic asphalt was first laid at London’s St Paul’s Cathedral in 1906 and it provided well over 100 years’ of effective waterproofing before needing replacement.

Green Credentials Many specifiers will be familiar with the fact that mastic asphalt is tough and longlasting, but what is perhaps less well known is that it is one of the most sustainable and greenest building materials available,


helping specifiers to achieve the highest BREEAM rating possible as mastic asphalt can be integral in any building design where an A+ rating is required. Architects are specifying mastic asphalt for a wide range of green roof applications from schools to hospitals, office buildings to apartment blocks. Whether intensive or extensive, biodiverse or brown, it is critical that green roofs are built on a solid waterproofing foundation. A green roof system laid with a mastic asphalt waterproofing system enhances the environment, controls storm water run-off and reduces noise and heat transmissions by upgrading the acoustic and thermal performance of a roof. When mastic asphalt is used for a green roof system, it eliminates the need for root barriers. Mastic asphalt is also carbon neutral, which is a massive bonus for any building owner anxious to show their green credentials and, when it has reached the end of its useful life, it can be recycled or used as roof screed. Ten years ago the mastic asphalt sector became the first industry in the world to achieve the CarbonZero standard.

Highest Fire Rating The high mineral content of mastic asphalt renders it virtually incombustible. Mastic asphalt fulfils all the external fire resistance required for a roof covering and achieves the highest rating (AA) when tested in accordance with BS 476: Part 3. It has also been tested in accordance with draft European standards prEN1187-1 and prEN1187-2. No significant spread of flame was observed and no flame penetration occurred. As mastic asphalt is laid in molten form, it is often confused with other types of waterproofing membrane that require naked flame or torch on application. In reality, there is no naked flame at the point of installation and because mastic asphalt is so highly flame resistant, there is little or no potential of fire risk. For further information, please contact the Mastic Asphalt Council Tel: 01273 242778 Mob: 07443 066145 E-mail:




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Solarlux cero sliding doors add to high spec finish of luxurious £15m Berkshire home Solarlux recently designed, delivered and installed a duo of bespoke cero sliding door installations to complete the external aspects of Titlarks House, a £15m, five bedroom development in Sunningdale, one of Surrey’s premier locations. he addition of cero sliding doors to this stunning property - the first collaboration between Octagon Developments and Kebbell Homes added to the truly luxurious finish. The sliding doors were the perfect option for the developer looking to make the most of the external aspect of the luxurious leisure suite, open planned kitchen and family room. Cero - one of Solarlux’s premier brands - is a highly versatile product with limitless design possibilities, offering ceiling-high glazing (with doors of 15m² surface area) and is the ultimate glazing option to maximise visible light transmission without compromising on ventilation or views.


The fact that so few visible materials are used in the frame structure creates a stunning aesthetic in architectural window design. The frame and threshold construction disappear elegantly


into the floor, making windows appear open even when closed, creating a wonderful sense of openness and opulence. Thames Valley Windows – a Solarlux Quality Partner – worked closely with Octagon Developments on the project to engineer the best glazing solution to encase the property’s envy-inducing leisure suite, with the indoor swimming pool is protected from the elements during the winter months. The design – spearheaded by Thames Valley Windows – ensures, owing to the full wall of cero sliding doors, this stunning space enjoys the most exclusive balance of indoor/outdoor living during the warmer months. Angus McQuhae, Director at Octagon Developments, said: “Titlarks House is the epitome of modern luxury – with close to 17,000 sq ft of living space arranged over just two floors, this unique home sits in an impressive 1.4 acre south facing plot,

located within one of Sunningdale’s most prestigious premier roads. Keen to show off the grounds in all their glory, we worked with Thames Valley Windows to install a full wall of Solarlux Cero Sliding Doors to both the kitchen/living area and leisure complex, with both rooms opening out onto a large rear patio. “Combining grand traditional architecture with contemporary luxury living, the high quality and sleek, minimal design of these doors was integral to our decision to use them at Titlarks House, and the results speak for themselves. In the winter months, these rooms stay light, bright and warm, thanks to the thermal insulation, and, at the touch of a button, become the ultimate indoor/outdoor space, ideal for entertaining during the warmer months. “

To find out more and to explore the full Solarlux range, visit:

Steve Ferrie, Managing Director at Solarlux, said: “The products installed at Titlark House are specifically designed to welcome the outside in. They are perfectly suited to this development, allowing for the glazing solutions to be as outstanding as the rest of the property.”


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P C Henderson Present Top Award at BCI Asia Awards in Indonesia P C Henderson’s Sales and Marketing Director – Andrew Royle – was honoured to present the award for the Top 10 Architects and Developers at the BCI Asia Awards in Jakarta, Indonesia last week. Invited as a guest of honor by Indonesian distributor – Roda Bangun Mandiri – Andrew was delighted to attend as a way of paying homage to the long term partnership with the company. The BCI Asia Awards, now in its 15th year, aims to recognise leaders within the architectural and building industry across South East Asia. Roda Bangun Mandiri, a long term distributor of P C Henderson, sponsored the Top 10 Architect and Developers Awards and invited Andrew Royle, Sales and Marketing Director, to provide an opening speech and hand out the awards.

Andrew Royle, Sales and Marketing Director at P C Henderson commented “It was a privilege to be asked to present such a prestigious awards category. Sustainable construction is a topic of huge important in our industry and so it was great to be amongst so many businesses which are contributing towards the cause”.

Bernadus Rizky, Head of Marketing and Sales at Roda Bangun Mandiri commented “As a sliding and folding door hardware provider, we work with a lot of architects and developers who are looking to incorporate our hardware into their designs. Sponsoring the award was a huge honour for us, it’s a very prestigious awards programme in Asia and we were delighted to be involved.

It was also a fantastic opportunity to demonstrate the success that a long term partnership in the construction industry can have. We’ve worked with Roda, a family run business, for over 44 years - through 3 generations – something that both P C Henderson and Roda are immensely proud of. To travel all the way to Indonesia and see all the workforce at Roda wearing Henderson branded clothing – it’s a fantastic thing to see”.

“We have been the sole distributor of P C Henderson hardware in Indonesia for over 44 years. We’re very proud of our long term and successful partnership and so we invited Andrew as our guest of honour in order to showcase to the industry the strength and value that long term partnerships can have in the construction industry. Roda sponsored the Top 10 Architects and Developers award, a prestigious label of excellence in South East Asia that recognises and celebrates the top ten leading design and development enterprises that have made the greatest sustainable contribution to the environment in the prior year.


The BCI Asia Awards, now in its 15th year, was originally set up in order to recognise leaders within the architectural and building industry across South East Asia. It has now established itself as a pioneer of the most anticipated and coveted award for the construction sector across seven individual territories – Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand and Vietnam.

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1930s house transformed into a stylish family home When the owners bought this 1930s six-bedroom detached house in the Cotswolds in 2011, the rear of the property had an awkward layout and was rather dark and ramshackle. Fortunately, they had the vision to see past this. The original kitchen was small and north facing with a separate scullery and a number of small annexes; originally used as coal holes and storage when the house was built (as a doctor’s surgery). But Penny and her husband Charles, who have two grown up children and two cats, always wanted a large open-plan kitchen and area for family dining that was filled with natural daylight and opened on to the garden at the back. They worked with a local architect who drew up plans for a single-storey extension with a vaulted ceiling. This involved knocking out the back wall of the scullery, removing the old


buildings to create a new kitchen that faced south west to capture as much daylight throughout the day as possible. The renovation work was carried out by local builders and tradesmen and took six months to complete. The homeowners could use their original kitchen during the work but the washing machine was kept outside plugged in to the greenhouse – luckily, the project was complete before the cold weather started. To provide the kitchen with as much daylight ventilation as possible, Penny installed two VELUX INTEGRA® white-painted roof windows with the remote controls providing easy opening and closing of the roof windows and the blinds.

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Maximise daylight and space in extensions Improve your home with VELUX® roof windows For over 75 years, VELUX has led the way in designing innovative roof windows, developing an outstanding market-leading product range that has helped fill millions of homes with more daylight and fresh air. Which means when it comes to your project, you can perfectly tailor your roof windows to suit your home and your family’s needs.

She said: “I always wanted VELUX roof windows to bring natural light in to the space. I don’t like extractor fans so as well as all the beautiful daylight, they also help to circulate fresh air and ventilate the kitchen by getting rid of the heat and cooking smells. We love sitting at our big wooden table as a family and looking up to the sky to see the clouds and the stars and to bask in the sunlight – it’s such a lovely way to spend the day.” To help keep heat in, provide a cosy atmosphere at night and to control the sunlight on particularly bright days, Penny also installed blue/grey coloured electronic blinds to the roof windows. Tri-fold doors were added to allow the family to access their beautiful garden easily. Inspired by the leafy view outside and the lovely garden, the owners have styled the space with oak wood worktops and kept it modern yet traditional to give it a homely, informal farmhouse feel in keeping with the space and style of the rest of the house. Penny said: “Adding a single-storey extension to create a big open-plan kitchen has been a wonderful experience and something we are very proud of. The space feels a million miles from what it was like when we had our old small kitchen and now it really reflects our personalities and functions as a practical family home that leads out to the garden.”

Single storey extensions are becoming increasingly popular ways of expanding the home. Whether it’s to add extra living space, or to provide a larger kitchen, more and more homeowners are choosing to make improvements instead of moving house. Natural daylight is the perfect ingredient for extensions and once added, has the ability to make extra space look and feel even bigger. It can impact all aspects of interior design from making a room come to life by bringing the outdoors in, to providing a healthy environment to work and play in. The best way of achieving more natural daylight in your home is by adding VELUX roof windows as they provide up to twice as much daylight as vertical

windows of the same size, and reduce the need for artificial lighting. VELUX INTEGRA® remote controlled roof windows are perfect for those out-of-reach spots making ventilating your new space smarter and easier thanks to the innovative control pad that lets you operate your windows at the touch of a button. This range is also available in a white polyurethane finish that’s recommended for rooms prone to humidity like kitchens and bathrooms as the windows have no visible joints, ensuring a clean and moisture resistant finish. More possibilities. With 75 years of quality and innovation built-in, you can do more with VELUX roof windows. • Huge range of sizes and features • Create stunning interiors with different combinations • VELUX INTEGRA® automatic roof windows mean better ventilation and are ideal for hard-to-reach spots • Not only roof windows – sun tunnels, blinds and more

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P C Henderson’s Husky sliding door hardware specified for luxury villa renovation in Veluwezoom nature reserve Bloot Architecture, a concept-driven architectural practice located in the Netherlands, has recently specified P C Henderson’s popular Husky 100 sliding door system for the renovation of a luxury villa in Velp. fter falling in love with the beautiful and picturesque surroundings of the National Park Veluwezoom in Holland, the architecture firm’s client purchased a dilapidated 1950’s villa in order to live in their dream location.


What ensued was a sustainable refurbishment and extension project – key features included the creation of a large open plan living area, full of natural light, with the inclusion of a flexible office space built on via an extension. The client also required an entresol space on the upper floor which could be opened up or closed off to be used as a guest room when necessary. The architectural practice’s solution was to install large sliding partition doors in both areas which, when combined with large windows and passageways, would allow natural light to penetrate through the building freely. Tjeerd Bloothofd, owner at Bloot Architecture commented “Creating a large open space full of natural light was a key feature of the project brief. Sliding partition doors not only complemented the modern interior design but also allow the wall openings to be fully opened up, fulfilling the project brief exactly.

“The design included two large oak veneer doors in both areas so it was also important that we specified sliding door hardware which could cater for such heavy doors – whilst also ensuring optimal performance and minimal maintenance. We had specified P C Henderson for a previous project so I didn’t hesitate in recommending the brand to our client”.

With a weight capacity of 100kg, P C Henderson’s Husky 100 sliding door hardware was identified as the best solution for the project. The sliding door hardware was used in both the living area and the entresol – when open the doors let natural light flow freely through the building and when closed create smaller private areas which retain their own individual atmosphere. Andrew Royle, Sales and Marketing Director at P C Henderson commented “Creating flexible living areas with functional use of space is certainly a rising trend at the moment. As a result we’ve noticed a significant increase in the specification of partition sliding doors as they’re a great way to create such spaces – the village project by Bloot Architecture is a fantastic example of this”. •16•

Catering for doors weighing up to 50kg and 100kg, Husky Sliding is the company’s flagship product for interior, wooden sliding door systems. A number of accessories are available to enhance the performance of this premium product, including an integrated soft stop system and a simultaneous action kit for bi-parting doors.

Eco2Solar partner with Sunamp on

“Homes of the Future” • Solar panels experts Eco2Solar partner with world leading heat battery developer Sunamp on pilot homes of the future in Bishopton • Technologies offer new efficient cost-saving energy solutions for homeowners • Part of Taylor Wimpey’s ground-breaking 2020 project constructing cutting-edge prototype homes •18•

what we do at Eco2Solar. We are delighted to align ourselves with Sunamp and Taylor Wimpey who have similar ambitions to apply technologies which will save homeowners money on their energy bills and protect the environment.” Andrew Bissell, Sunamp’s CEO, said; “We work with housebuilders across the UK on incorporating renewable energy systems into housing projects. We are delighted to be included in the 2020 House, our first installation with a national housebuilder. For Taylor Wimpey to choose our compact, high energy density, high power density heat batteries is a huge vote of confidence. We hope to see the partnership with Eco2Solar replicated on many other developments in the future.” Graeme Oswald, Design & Planning Manager from Taylor Wimpey comments; “The 2020 project reflects Taylor Wimpey’s ambition to be at the forefront of truly sustainable and energy efficient homes. We are pleased to be working with suppliers like Eco2Solar and Sunamp who can help us deliver the best energy solutions in these visionary homes.”

Eco2Solar is delighted to announce a new partnership with heat battery specialist Sunamp. The two companies are working together to install innovative renewable power solutions on homes within Taylor Wimpey’s development in Dargavel, Bishopton. The homes will have Eco2Solar’s photovoltaic solar panels connected to Sunamp’s UniQ range of heat batteries, allowing homeowners to capture and store energy from the sun, into the heat battery for later generation of hot water. This greatly reduces the use of the gas boiler, saving money and significantly reducing carbon emissions. The homes in the Dargavel development are part of Taylor Wimpey’s ground-breaking 2020 project, which has prototype buildings constructed using new build methodologies and technologies, as well as sustainable materials, to meet innovative design, functional and technical requirements. Paul Hutchens, CEO of Eco2Solar comments; “Innovative renewable technological solutions are at the very heart of

Eco2Solar is a Midlands-based solar PV panel, EV chargers and energy storage supplier founded in 2007. Over the years, Eco2Solar has grown to become one of the UK’s leading solar installers, and now work with 11 of the top 12 UK housebuilders. On average, Eco2Solar installs solar PV on 750 plots per month across the UK. Based near Edinburgh, Sunamp delivers market leading thermal energy storage to homes, businesses and communities around the world. Heat represents around 80% of household energy usage - Sunamp Heat Batteries are the most compact thermal energy stores available on the market today, saving space in your home and delivering cascades of hot water with highly responsive space heating. Sunamp heat batteries can interface with electrical and thermal energy sources. For more information, visit and •19•

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Shhh, the heat pump revolution is coming As heat pumps become more common as the primary source of heating for homes, Max Halliwell explores why it’s not just performance you need to look at The government has recognised how important air source heat pumps will be for the future of low carbon heating in the UK and is forecasting one million sales a year by 2030. At the same time a recent report from the Committee on Climate Change called ‘UK housing: Fit for the future?’ is demanding that from 2025, new homes should not be connected to the gas grid, with gas boilers being banned in all new-build within the next six years. One of the key areas that will affect adoption of renewable, energy-saving air source heat pumps though is noise,


to ensure neighbours aren’t disturbed, which is why permitted development exists. In the residential environment, sound is important because low sound increases the flexibility of where a heat pump can be positioned. Permitted Development requires sound levels to meet certain limitations, with the sound pressure level not exceeding 42 decibels, dB(A) when measured at a point one metre away from the neighbour’s nearest door or window. “That is exactly why we as a manufacturer have looked beyond performance and focused heavily on developing some of the quietest units ever available,” explains Max Halliwell, communications manager for renewable heating at Mitsubishi Electric. The company’s innovative and stylish Ultra Quiet Ecodan has just been awarded the

Heating & Ventilation

‘Domestic HVAC Product of the Year – Heating Units’ at the H&V News Awards. According to the judges, the focus on low noise levels coupled with the attention to design and performance were key factors in Ecodan’s success. This industry recognition joins the recent win at the ACR News Awards, being Highly Commended in the ACR Journal & Heat Pump Awards and shortlisted in two other industry awards. Ultra Quiet Ecodan is the latest market-leading air source heat pump from Mitsubishi Electric, and provides reliable, renewable heating and hot water production for a wide range of installations. The system is available in

8.5kW and 11.2kW sizes with marketleading sound levels that are three times quieter than previous models. With a sound pressure level of just 45 dB(A), Ultra Quiet Ecodan makes passing Permitted Development requirements much easier. “As heat pumps are adopted in more homes to help meet the government’s target of one million installations a year by 2030, noise will become an increasingly important factor,” adds Halliwell. Sound power can be thought of as the cause of a noise or the total sound energy emitted by a source in all directions,

whereas sound pressure is the effect or the sound we hear and this is determined by the environment and by the distance from the source of sound. We think of this as the intensity or loudness of a sound. An ambulance registers 120 dB(A) whereas a vacuum cleaner registers around 73 dB(A) and typical room conversation comes in at around 60 dB(A). “With a sound pressure level of just 45 dB(A), the new Ecodan is whisper-quiet, with levels just above that of a library, meaning it will pass the Permitted Development requirements easily and can be installed almost anywhere to suit the home,” explains Halliwell. “This is a result of a decade of manufacturing Ecodan in Scotland and we have used this knowledge and experience to refine Ecodan and design it specifically for UK residential use.” Innovations in fan and compressor design have enabled the units to achieve such low levels of sound whilst increasing performance and efficiency. Both models in the range (PUHZ-W85VAA and PUHZ112VAA) are A++ ErP rated and also available with coastal protection for areas where they can be exposed to saline.

Architect and TV presenter George Clarke is Ecodan Ambassador and has made dedicated videos looking at air source heat pumps, which can be viewed on the company’s YouTube channel

Further details on the performance of the units including a short animation on the importance of sound levels in achieving Permitted Development can be found at the dedicated website


Heating & Ventilation Vectaire has three new models in their vertical whole house heat recovery range. To ensure a comfortable user experience, the Midi, Maxi and Maxi Plus are now available with advanced acoustic attenuation. They are lined with superior sound deadening materials for really low sound levels (the sound pressure levels are down to 14.4, 13.2 and 14.4 dBA respectively). Efficiency, performance and economy remain the same as the standard model. All these “AT-BY” models are complete with summer bypass and frost protection, and are commissioned via an integral LCD. Functions, including trickle, purge and boost speeds for each motor, boost speed over-run time, adjusting the time delay before the boost speed kicks in, holiday mode and night-time boost - all easily adjusted. Products are SAP PCDB Listed and manufactured in our own factory in the UK to ISO 9001. Vectaire offers a design service to ensure that units are installed is the best possible way to provide efficient, effective, low energy and low running cost ventilation. Vectaire can also organise installation, commissioning and maintenance of these products and can supply all necessary accessories. All Vectaire’s residential ventilation is detailed in the latest Low Energy Catalogue.


You can have it all with Speedheat Creating an airy, open space for living calls for clean lines and minimum fuss – but you also need to keep cosy. Speedheat electric underfloor heating can help to achieve it all. Installed with minimum disruption and no noticeable build up in floor height, Speedheat’s system is invisible under your choice of final floor finish. It is ideal for new build, renovation and redesign projects and comes complete with state of the art, unobtrusive controls. Speedheat spells the end to ugly radiators or trailing cables, with nothing to spoil the view.

‘the UK government announced plans to ban gas boilers in all new homes by 2025’

In a recent spring statement, the UK government announced plans to ban gas boilers in all new homes by 2025, forcing property developers, architects, and contractors to choose alternative means of heating future projects. The days of central heating systems are numbered and in today’s environmentally conscious world, a new breed of versatile, efficient, electric systems is ready to take their place… Electric Heating for New Homes

‘setting a new standard that effectively ends our dependency on fossil fuel heating systems’

The proposed 2025 gas boiler ban is set to deliver low-carbon heating for future homes throughout the UK, setting a new standard that effectively ends our dependency on fossil fuel heating systems. In the wake of this game-changing development, what are your options going forward? Intelligent & Versatile The government suggests that electric radiators used in conjunction with renewable energy provide an optimised, efficient means of creating heat, without wasting our planet’s limited resources. This setup offers controllable, independent heating that can be used in domestic and commercial spaces, large and small. Whatever your requirements, stock electric radiators in a range of sizes, shapes, outputs, and designs to suit any project. Whether you’re keen to keep ahead of the curve or you’re simply fed up with the constraints of central heating, you’ll find everything you need at Electric Radiators Direct: the UK’s number one supplier of electric heating systems that can be used throughout the home as a direct competitor to antiquated central heating.

‘uses an integrated motion sensor to detect movement throughout the home’ The Haverland SmartWave (seen above), is in a league of its own when it comes to energy-saving and intelligent heating. Boasting innovative self-learning technology, the SmartWave uses an integrated motion sensor to detect movement throughout the home, creating its own heating schedule that economises when it knows you’re absent. Featuring a digital thermostat that accurately monitors temperatures to within fractions of a degree, the SmartWave manages your heating with absolute precision – ensuring your spaces are always heated to perfection, without wasting energy. WiFi controllable when purchased with the SmartBox WiFi Hub, the SmartWave can be adjusted with ease from a compatible smart device, allowing you or your clients to access their heating with a simple swipe and tap from anywhere in the world. This sophisticated electric heating system can even be used with Amazon’s assistant Alexa for hands-free heating that integrates with other smart technology. Suitable for DIY installation wherever there’s an available socket, the SmartWave simply plugs into the wall and hangs like a TV – allowing you the freedom to choose exactly where to position your heating without the need to reroute plumbing or damage your décor. Electric radiators come as separate, independent units – allowing you to consider their placement without rerouting pipework or tearing up floorboards.

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UK Spares: your one-stop-shop for domestic and commercial electrical spares Call or email our friendly team TODAY... or email Tel: 01454 620500 Twitter: @UKSpares Unit 1155, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TF

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MySense App to Control Your i-Sense WiFI Electric Radiators My-Sense is a user-friendly, intuitive wi-fi control for your Smart Electric Heating.

With the new My-Sense Free App for electric radiators, you can control your Intelli Heat wi-fi Electric Heating remotely using your smartphone, laptop or tablet. Online Intelligent Electric Heating Control for 1,000 Rooms.


Managing the heating controls for Homes, large office buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, and Care Homes, is currently a manual task; in partnership with signs educating the occupants to turn down the heating at the end of each day, not to leave windows open, and encouraging them to save energy. The problem with this is that the occupants of each room, office, school, bedroom, and hospital ward are not concerned about the heating bill that you need to pay. Reducing the energy use of any commercial building with up to 1,000 rooms currently means monitoring temperature zones for groups of rooms or floors, and one fresh-air enthusiast can blow the budget of the whole area. MySense is the intuitive wifi smart control App for your entire home, the MySense app is easy to use and gives you complete control over every aspect of your electric heating:

• Set the date and time by the minute to remotely manage your electric heating schedule. • Programme up to 1000 electric radiators, 100 Zones. • Turn on or off the electric radiators and adjust the current temperature mode to your preference. • Set the exact temperature level (0.1 degrees) for comfort and economy mode in different rooms. • Choose your heating priority for self-learning mode to adjust to your lifestyle. • Smart ambient temperature sensor adjustment with automatic compensation.

The My-sense perfectly meets all your needs, through the linking of your i-Sense electric radiators to an app, performing tasks according to your schedules and taking into account such things as your location, the weather and if anyone is at home. As the first truly “smart” Wi-Fi electric radiator on the UK market, the I-Sense works with the user to optimise their heating schedule by suggesting energy efficient modifications to the room specific programs tailored according to when the areas are detected to be in occupation. All Intelli Heat smart radiator are Fully LOT 20 ECO_DESIGN compliant.

• Warning alerts of an event directly delivered to your mobile device for prompt intervention. • Detailed energy consumption reporting, analyse to achieve performance optimisation. • Hot water Opti sensor to program and adjust accordingly Hot water settings.


Heating & Ventilation

New Dwellings, Hitcham on site of old garage Gaia’s customer on this project was M & S Contractors of Ipswich, who specialise in carpentry and joinery and are established as one of the largest contractors in the South Eastern region of the UK.


aving worked on many projects from Retail, Hotel, Local Authority this New Build residential was completed mid 2018.

The new 4 bedroomed properties built in Hitcham, Suffolk now stand on the former site of a garage in a central village location. Both properties have been finished to a high standard and the ground floors are warmed by our wet underfloor heating solution. 124m² of pipe was installed into a screed finish across both homes, the pipe work was clipped directly into insulation, once the pipe work had been pressure tested, it was covered with a sand cement screed. The system featured separate pipe runs to each room ‘zone’. This provides the home owner the opportunity to control the temperature and timing of each zone to suit their needs. For example, the living room may need to be warm throughout the evening while the dining room and utility only as required. The system is controlled by dial thermostats and timer clocks, enabling the owners to programme the heating to maximise efficiency. Concealed within the floor, underfloor heating does not impact on the interior design of the house leaving the walls free of unsightly radiators. It distributes an even heat throughout the room/space, meaning no cold spots, making for a very comfortable living environment. The installation was completed in 2 days ensuring the project remained on track. For further information, please contact Gaia on 01359 242 400 or visit


Heating & Ventilation


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Easy building blocks to create a chimney


Made from volcanic pumice | Lightweight A natural insulator | Easy to install Isokern is made from natural pumice sourced from the Hekla Volcano in Iceland. Lightweight, simple to install and highly resistant to temperature change, Isokern reduces the possibility of cracking and structural damage due to expansion and contraction. What's more, as a natural insulator, pumice is highly effective at keeping flue gases warm, while not transmitting heat to the outside.

Why not see what it could do for your next project?

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No.1 Choice Electric Radiator Collection 2 Year Controller 5 Year Main Body Warranty

2 Year Controller 10 Year Main Body Warranty

DSR Solaris Aluminium Convector Heater with ceramic blocks. Four outputs available, 500, 1000, 1500 & 2000watts.

DSR Edge Traditional Column Convector Heater with a large ceramic core. Four outputs available, 500, 1000, 1500 & 2000watts.

Available for Android & Apple devices Control your heaters wirelessly via our free APP Anywhere, Anytime 24/7

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STAFFORD LAUNDERETTE AWASH IN COST SAVINGS Rinnai has just completed the installation of two HDC1500i continuous flow hot water heating units at a busy laundrette serving businesses and the public in Stafford. Rinnai were chosen on the recommendation of another laundrette owner, in Lancashire, who praised the efficiency and major cost savings because of switching to cascaded continuous flow hot water units as they guarantee almost unlimited supplies of hot water at peak demand whilst savings on fuel costs. ord of mouth is the best possible marketing and a site survey was duly arranged and completed to confirm the best solution in controlling operational costs and efficiencies. The existing system was a heated stored water system – this meant that the site was paying to heat water it was not instantly using.


It was clear from the site survey that Rinnai units configured to maximise both space and energy efficiency – and critically – the system’s reliability – would yield seriously large cost savings to the owner. Given that the Rinnai units were being wall mounted and externally flued, this gave extra storage space to the premises as there was no need for a dedicated plant room. Comments Ray Gallimore, proprietor of the Weston Road Launderette, “The old storage system had become completely impractical, inefficient and needlessly expensive to run.



“For example, the washers tend to be used sporadically. During a busy weekend there could be a demand for eight to ten people battling to use the machines at once, during the week there might be one or two. That meant we had to store a decent volume of hot water ‘just in case’ in the form of a storage water heater. Needless to say, keeping the stored volume at optimum temperature 24/7 was often wasted energy, a really bad, expensive idea all round.” Clearly the site needed to change the system to one that could cater for these fluctuations without running up huge energy bills and the solution wasn’t hard to find. “I was made aware of Infinity water heaters installed in similar applications to mine and in general their experiences with their products and their personnel, such as the local Rinnai sales consultant, were consistently positive and professional.” “The beauty of working with Rinnai is the service they offer. We presented the project to Rinnai’s Technical Sales team who came up with the design, configured the sizes of unit required and delivered the system complete and to a very tight timescale – this was key as the existing water heater had developed a leak and I was extremely mindful that the business had to remain operational to satisfy local demand. We are very happy with Rinnai and will be spreading the word,” adds Ray Gallimore. Now two HDC1500i internal mounted water heaters with secondary circulation provide hot water for 12 commercial machines, plus a sink and a wash hand basin. “The Rinnai system has resulted in an energy reduction and gas saving due to higher efficiencies and because we are no longer maintaining large amounts of stored hot water. It’s not rocket science to work that out!” “In terms of gas usage running costs compared to the old wasteful storage system, our bills have virtually been halved since the Rinnai system went live five months ago which is absolutely tremendous,” says Gallimore. Rinnai’s heavy-duty condensing range uses two heat exchangers to capture residual heat from flue gases to pre-heat incoming water, with the HDC1500i turning in 105% net efficiencies*. These figures add up


to considerable on-going energy savings when compared with traditional gas fired stored water systems. With a Rinnai condensing unit, temperature is regulated to within +/-1ºC via ‘smart’ internal controls without any variation of temperature at the outlet even when water is drawn off elsewhere. All models have full electronic ignition, no pilot light and operate on demand only, so there is no gas consumption when the unit is idle. The units are easily configured in a manifold arrangement, ensuring there will never be a shortfall of instant hot water whatever the demand. Rinnai, the UK’s leading manufacturer of the ErP A-rated Infinity range of continuous flow condensing gas-fired water heaters, supplies the best energy efficient range of low-NoX water heating units currently on the market. Advanced condensing heat exchangers combined with innovative burner technology ensures that every cubic metre of gas is used to the maximum on HDC 1500i. Legionella proliferation is answered by Rinnai: the company has developed additional ‘SMART’ controls for secondary return DHW systems in the form of an advanced temperature control system which allows for safe running of water at 42°C core temperature during the day and 60°C at a time when the building is closed. By the time the building reopens, core temperature is 42°C for safe use. Another Rinnai innovation addresses an age-old industry problem with hot water delivery - lime scale build-up. The company’s integrated scale control system is an innovative solution and comes in the form of an LC (lime check) code on the display of the controller.

Almost all water-fed appliances, including plate heat exchangers, boilers and water heaters will accumulate scale deposits when used within hard water areas over time. Lime scale consists of calcium carbonate (calcite) with lesser amounts of other calcium salts such as the sulphate. Sometimes lime scale deposits contain corrosion debris and this scale build-up can affect the water heaters by reducing their efficiency and overall performance. Ultimately, ongoing use with hard water may shorten the lifespan of conventional water heating appliances and systems. To safeguard against this Rinnai units continually self-monitor for lime scale deposits around the heat exchanger. If a lime scale build up has being identified, a message is sent to the built-in interface panel on the front of the appliance. The message is displayed as ‘LC’, which alerts the end user that it is time to call a Rinnai service agent to perform a lime scale flush to clear the potentially harmful deposits. This avoids and eliminates the adverse effects associated with lime scale build up, including lower energy efficiencies and rapid product de-generation. Rinnai’s HDC range offers condensing technology with up to 107% gross efficiency, ultra-low-Nox of less than 20 ppm, a widely expansive modulation range of 54kW-4kW and high flow rates of 37/ ltr/min. Add to these benefits are the peace of mind of an extended warranty, a top A-rating exceeding the demands of eco-labelling legislation, the flexibility of external wall mounting and delivery to site with all relevant accessories and the knowledge that the HDC range is futureproofed against future regulatory and legislative changes. * Tested and certificated by Technigas to EN 26.



Rinnai, the UK leader in continuous flow hot water heating units and systems, is now offering FREE training courses to any installer or contractor who wants to extend their business and offer service and maintenance to their customers. he FREE courses will include comprehensive training on Best Practise of system design, sizing, installation, service, maintenance, regulations and legislation both current and pending.


There is an end user expectation of being offered Service & Maintenance plans largely as a result of the domestic boiler market and other consumer appliances. Rinnai has seen enquiries and demand increase in recent years. “We believe we make the best products in the continuous flow arena and we strive to offer the very best in customer service excellence. We are committed to the installer and contractor as the route to the end user. Offering training absolutely FREE of any charge is also part of that commitment”, says Phil Nolan (Training officer) for Rinnai. “We will be offering selected Service Plans to include Call Outs, Planned Maintenance & Safety checks in order to give specific customers a total solution. We will be, as always, working with our installer and contractor customers to enhance and add value to their business offering.“ adds Tony Gittings, MD. Rinnai produces over 12 million gas appliances every year and the products are distributed globally to all parts of the world. All units are ISO 9001 and ISO 1400I certified (International standard for environmental management systems). Supported by many optional extras including extensive warranties and fully qualified technical after sales service teams, Rinnai is the first choice for continuous flow hot water. Rinnai hot water systems fulfil all possible requirements on new or existing projects, providing the optimum solution by using individual or multiple appliances in a cascade system. “Rinnai employ innovative manufacturing and testing techniques to deliver unparalleled levels of safety, comfort and efficiency for the end user.” says Tony Gittings FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.RINNAIUK.COM


Following the successful launch of the Black Edition towel rails, and the addition of a further 3 rails, we have now further committed to the Ouse 400mm wide in the Black Edition Range. In answer to the current market demand for matt black finish towel rails, we have decided to introduce the Black Edition by JIS Europe. What stands the Black Edition Towel Rail apart from the competition is that it is, as always, manufactured from 100% stainless steel. The rail is then powder coated matt black. We recently added to the range; the Beacon standing at 1650mm high and 520mm wide, and a further two widths in the Ashdown, 400mm wide and 620mm wide.  The Ashdown is 1250mm high. And are now adding the Ouse 400 which is 700mm high and 400mm wide the existing Ouse rail is 700mm by 520mm wide. As the rail is manufactured from stainless steel rather than the standard, more common mild


steel, the rail will not rust, flake or corrode. Stainless steel is the durable, sustainable choice, manufactured from over 90% recycled material and 100% recyclable in itself. In order to maintain the ethical sustainability of all of our products across the range, we chose to powder coat the stainless steel. Powder coating is highly protective of the environment, it contains no solvents and emits negligible, if any, polluting VOCs into the atmosphere. Powder coating is a clean process, allowing exhaust air from the coating booth to be returned to the plant.  Powder overspray can be retrieved and reused and there is no costly waste disposal equipment as unused powder can be reclaimed and returned to a hopper.

The Black Edition now consists of the following: • • • • • • • • • • • • •

The Ashdown Black Edition 1250mm x520mm £298.90 The Ashdown 400 Black Edition1250mm x 400mm £278.50 The Ashdown 620 Black Edition 1250mm x 620mm £348.20 The Ouse  Black Edition  700mm x 520mm £204.90 The Ouse 400 Black Edition 700mm x 400mm £197.50 The Lindfield Black Edition 1275mm x 520mm £293.00 The Pevensey Black Edition 975mm x 520mm £247.00 The Ardingly Black Edition 1580mm x 520mm £358.50 The Rusper Black Edition 700mm x 520mm £178.95 The Rye Black Edition tilting rail 1800mm x 520mm £448.00 The Alfriston Black Edition 1250mmx 520mm £494.50 The Beacon Black Edition 1650mm x 520mm £538.60 Black Edition Complementary Element Cable Cover £38.90

All prices are for Central Heating format and do not include VAT, the rails are all available in Duel Fuel, Central Heating and Electric Only Format and are available from stock. Please visit for further details or call us on 01825 722988

Black Edition Stainless Steel Towel Rails by JIS Europe 100% stainless steel towel rails 01825 722988

Find out how to add an extra level of enjoyment to your house at the Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show The South has seen a rise in the creation of games rooms, as pub closures continue to increase following the enforcement of the smoking ban. As a result, the market is seeing a growing demand for home entertainment spaces, smart technology and recreational experiences. For those who wish to delve into the domain of at-home recreation, the Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show, sponsored by Idealcombi, the Danish contemporary window company, and Self-Build Zone, specialist supplier of site insurance packages and structural warranties, is returning to Surrey between 29-30 June at Sandown Park, with practical advice, products and services to help homeowners get closer to achieving the fun follies they desire. •34•

Gary Drage, managing director of SAM Leisure, says: ‘Within the Southern region, games rooms are an understood concept that people want. More than 60 per cent of our sales go to homes within this area. The South of the UK is where the average spend tends to be high, which may be attributed to the fact that, in this region, people are more willing to invest in their homes, properties tend to be bigger, as do budgets.’ Sian Astley, interior and renovation expert, adds: ‘The relentless rise of social media and cultural influences means displaying how well you are doing is becoming the norm for many people. A little like the flashy 80’s, outward and bought displays of wealth are on the up, with homeowners showing off their properties and interiors in their feeds. In the Victorian era, affluence was commonly displayed through the construction of ‘follies’ - garden pavilions built purely for extravagance.

‘Modern day follies include large garden rooms outside but inside is getting the splash the cash treatment too. More and more homeowners are specifying innovative entertainment and media rooms within the home to have fun, glamorous and technologically advanced spaces for friends and family to get together.’ Providing a wealth of industry knowledge from more than 220 exhibitors and 20 plus free daily seminars and masterclasses, the Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show is an informative showcase of innovative products and services by specialist companies from a range of industries including kitchens; bathrooms; doors and windows; extensions and conversions; eco and heating; architecture; design; financial services; planning permissions, and many more. The Advice Centre, is a drop-in clinic for tailored, impartial guidance, and is open to people who wish to share their project ideas with industry-leading specialists with extensive experience across all self-build and renovating sectors. The Ask the Builder area is set to be a show highlight again this year, where members of the Federation of Master Builders will offer advice on hiring accredited, highly skilled construction workers.

its talented designers to discuss their building plans for kitchens, bathrooms and home offices; with the added option of scheduling a more in-depth complimentary consultation at its showroom. For those seeking inspiration on making their dream kitchen a reality, Wood Living will be offering personal consultations with members of its specialist design team, with a 10 per cent discount to all guests who place an order following a consultation. Taking care of everything from build to budget, Easy Bathrooms’ team of bathroom specialists have the expertise to assist attendees in planning and designing their bathroom projects from start to finish. Attendees who are interested in these sessions can pre-book their entry in advance via the event website. One Day tickets are £8 in advance or £12 on the door (children under 16 go free.) For further information visit or call the ticket hotline on 0871 230 1086 (calls cost 13p per minute plus network extras). A £1.50 transaction fee applies.

For hands-on knowledge on all phases of the design, building and construction process and guidance on taking plans from start to finish, visitors are encouraged to stop by the Ask the Architect area, located within The Advice Centre, where chartered specialists from RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) will provide personalised advice through one-on-one sessions. The Advice Centre will also offer visitors the chance to refine their ideas, plans and projects via free 15-minute consultations with the UK’s leading property experts at the Ask the Expert zone. Specialists available to confer on all aspects of homebuilding and renovation include property experts Michael Holmes and Jason Orme; self-build expert Allan Corfield; finance expert Tom McSherry; eco expert David Hilton; building expert Bob Branscombe and planning expert Sally Tagg. For visitors whose projects are in the initial stages, Anthony Mullan Furniture will be offering visitors a chance to meet with


Residents move into £1m+ Wynyard Park custom-built property The owners of a custom-built property on a prestigious Tees Valley development have been handed the keys to their exclusive new home. 

“The £1.1m home boasts stand-out features such as a tailormade kitchen hand crafted by a local company, suspended oak beams, double sided open fire with exposed brick chimney breasts, double height glazing, dropped ceilings with recessed lighting and a range of other high end fixtures and fittings.” In some European countries 80% of homes are custom-built, compared to less than 10% in the UK – but that figure is expected to rise with Mr Cochrane pointing to an existing register of 90,000 people in the UK currently interested in such projects at a New Build and Housing Delivery seminar. Joseph added: “As well as the outstanding results custombuilding can provide, the Wynyard Park location is also a big draw with stunning landscaping, round the clock security, a bourgeoning community and outstanding local schools including Wynyard Church of England Primary.”


evelopments by Joseph Homes is now set to start work on its fourth custom-built and bespoke property at Wynyard Park in just over 12 months, with housing experts predicting the rise to prominence of custom-built homes this year. Lloyds Banking Group head of housing development, Douglas Cochrane, recently predicted the Government will heavily advocate custom-build housing as a way of increasing the UK housing supply in 2019. Joseph Musgrave, director of Developments by Joseph Homes, believes more and more people are seeing the benefits of choosing to have their homes custom-built and being able to have such an input into the build of their new homes. He said: “We are thrilled we were able to give these clients the home of their dreams at Wynyard Park and hope they enjoy their new home Meadow Cottage. “Custom-build properties – in which we specialise – are increasingly popular with house buyers as it gives them the benefits of a self-build property whilst freeing those with busy lives of everything from planning and surveys, through to design and project management. “We work through every stage of the house build with the owners, giving them the different options to customise their homes and inject creativity, then we look after the whole process. “Meadow Cottage is a testament to the kind of property we can custom-build for house buyers.


Developments by Joseph Homes offers a selection of designs for customers to choose from, or works with purchasers to produce bespoke designs to create the home of their dreams within their budget. The purchaser has the opportunity to make individual changes to match their particular requirements, while it project manages the custom-build on behalf of the customer. For more information about a custom-build project with Developments by Joseph Homes – or to view Poppy Cottage, the Developments by Joseph Homes show home - contact the Developments By Joseph Homes Sales Suite on 01740 618 888 or email



• • • • • • •

Copes Sills Mullions Dormers Chimneys Unique Architectural features Cladding and mouldings for interior and exterior design


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Waterproofing What is the difference between “virgin” and “recycled” plastics? Virgin: is the direct resin produced from a petrochemical feedstock, such as natural gas or crude oil, which has never been used or processed before. Recycled: Post-consumer is a material that has been reclaimed after it has left the hands of the consumer. For example, a plastic milk container, detergent bottle or oil bottles. Once used, the plastic container is taken to a facility where it is washed, reground and pelletized into a new post-consumer material.

Virgin Plastic or Recycled Plastic Which is best suited for the Waterproof Membrane Industry? Society today has an immense focus on sustainability and renewable resources making it hard to understand why any products are made from virgin material.

Post-Industrial, is recycled plastic that never left the manufacturing floor. For efficiency, manufacturers try to achieve zero waste during the production process.

Which process is the cleanest for manufacturing waterproof membranes? Neither post-consumer nor postindustrial recycled materials can achieve 100% of the mechanical properties of virgin materials. The quality of these recycled materials has a direct long-term life prediction (with some membranes made from recycled material only having a 5-year life prediction (according to EN 13252)). Delta MS 500, MS 20, PT and FM are made from virgin High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), our tested service life is over 100 years! Membranes made from recycled materials will also have a lower safety and strength rating. Virgin HDPE membranes also offer a higher resistance to oxidation. The presence of virgin resin significantly improves the durability of dimpled membrane sheets with observed ratios in the range of 2 to 20 (depending on the tested materials). Plastic has a memory - plastic memory is the ability of some plastics to return to their original form when heated or hot.


Waterproofing The sustainability equation It is tempting to believe that if something is recycled it is more sustainable than something made from virgin material. Sometimes this is true, but not in all cases.

Manufacturing Every manufacturer should manufacture products through economically-sound processes that minimize negative environmental impacts whilst conserving energy and natural resources. Energy efficiency: Despite growing production volumes, we have achieved a steady efficiency coefficient:


Surprisingly, post-consumer is the least “clean” of the three methods listed above for manufacturing waterproof membranes, because of the variability of the feedstock. Not to say, recycled plastics cannot be used in various other applications, but does give an explanation as to why recycled materials have lower safety & strength ratings and life prediction. 01992 523 523

2014 2015 2016 2017

MWh/d 1,01 0,96 0,90 0,90

Material efficiency: Year on Year, we manage to keep our material efficiency below our target of 1,05 t/d. Waste efficiency: Year on Year we have managed a constant reduction of waste (special programmes such as our “lean office” campaign).

Delta MS 500, MS 20, PT and FM are made from virgin High-Density Polyethylene (HDPE), our tested service life is over 100 years! When a recycled resin that can achieve the same quality of life prediction is available - we’ll be first in line. Until then, we’ll continue following the EMAS (EU Eco-Management and Audit Scheme) to evaluate, report, and improve our environmental performance, whilst choosing the right resin to achieve the most minimal and robust design with the least amount of material waste.

MANUFACTURER | DESIGN | SOLUTION Waterproofing Types A,B & C Ground Gas Protection Inspiration & Innovation Flood Resilience Pumps, Sumps & Drainage Sustainability CPD Provider Training

Delta Membrane Systems Limited provides a full range of waterproofing solutions suitable for all new, retrofit and refurbishment construction. With over 125 years of manufacturing experience Delta is an impeccable partner on every project. Our skills have been mastered through experience in the waterproofing industry. Delta’s trusted Technical Team will offer assistance from concept to completion. Our hands on approach and knowledge is what sets us apart.


Summer trends to make your garden stand out

Now that the weather is getting better, many of us are turning our attention to getting the garden ready for the summer months. hile general garden maintenance such as cutting the lawn and trimming back the hedges can make the garden look presentable, here are some of this year’s top trends to make your garden stand out from the crowd.


Garden specialists have compiled some of their top garden trends for 2019 to help you make the most out of your garden.

Grow your own vegetables Veganism is one of the fastest growing lifestyle choices in the UK, with the number of people choosing a plant-based diet rising over 300 per cent over the


past five years. This, combined with higher food prices and a move towards organic produce means that growing your own vegetables is one of the top trends this year. Easy to grow vegetables such as potatoes, tomatoes, salad leaves and herbs are all suitable for growing in small spaces using grow bags and planters, while vegetables such as tomatoes and cucumbers will benefit from the heat and protection a greenhouse offers. It is important to choose the right area of your garden when growing vegetables; it does not need to be a large space, but an area that is level and gets a good amount of sunlight each day.

Garden Zones Much like you have dedicated spaces within your home, creating zones within your garden allows you to tailor the space to the activities you’ll be doing. When creating garden zones, it is important to consider what you need from the space as well as what you want. Storage - Storage areas allow you to keep all of your maintenance tools and accessories in one place and within easy reach. Something like a garden shed or a secure garden box also allows these tools to be safe and out of site. Play areas - If you have children, then creating a play space which they can call their own is a great way of getting them involved in the garden. Playground structures such as slides, swings and sand pits are all family favourites while planting

flowers and trees with your children can inspire them to look after the space. Chill out areas – Creating a space away from the main garden where you can chill out and relax is a great way to create a sanctuary in the garden. By using comfortable outdoor furniture like padded chairs and hammocks, you can create a space to read, listen to music or get away from it all.

Outdoor entertaining Despite the unpredictable weather we have here in the UK, we embrace a Mediterranean lifestyle during the summer with lots of time spent outside, so why not create the perfect entertaining space. Outdoor entertaining and cooking areas will continue to become a key trend this year and are perfect for those who lack the space to entertain in their kitchens and dining rooms. Comfortable furniture, mood lighting and fire pit will be popular editions to the garden this year, as will BBQs and pizza oven as people move their entertaining outside.



1 Swimming Pool … 4 PoolLock Automatic Covers To cover the pool surface on this very particular design of pool, PoolLock supplied one automatic slatted cover and three automatic safety covers, including a customized V4XXL safety cover system spanning an 11m width. Thanks to its many years of experience designing and producing automatic covers, PoolLock is able to work with customers and architects to create tailored solutions to cover almost any kind of pool.


oolLock’s unique hydraulic-drive system means that you do not need any electrical components near your pool. The electrical power pack used to operate the cover and drive the two hydraulic motors can be placed as far from the pool as required. Opening and closing the pool is as easy as turning a key switch, which means that the cover (and the pool) are actually used once installed. PoolLock safety covers provide a solid barrier between the water and surrounding area, effectively preventing any access to the water and making them the safest covers on the market.


outdoor Living

In addition, all PoolLock covers will reduce the amount of heat, water and chemicals lost through evaporation, which means pool owners can save money on electricity and chemical usage. In addition to the standard fabric options, PoolLock also offers HeatLock Thermofoam canvas with enhanced insulation properties. Thanks to the foamed insulation layer applied to one side of the canvas, heat transfer across the membrane is reduced by a factor of 3 when compared to standard fabrics for similar applications. HeatLock’s closed-cell foam structure ensure

PoolLock Safety Covers

that PoolLock covers are not only the safest, but also the most energy-efficient available on the market. PoolLock Automatic Covers offer you the safest, most convenient, most reliable and energy-efficient way to cover your pool. With over 30 years of experience, and installations in over 20 countries, PoolLock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of automatic safety and slatted covers for swimming pools.

PoolLock Slatted Covers

With over 30 years of experience, PoolLock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic and manual safety covers, automatic slatted covers and heat pumps for swimming pools. Thousands of satisfied customers in Britain over the past 10 years bear testament to the quality, service and reliability of PoolLock products. In 2013, PoolLock opened its first UK production facility in Gatwick, London, with installation teams that are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The result: even better service and faster delivery times for our UK customers.

For more information on our complete range of products, please contact us at


illboard decking can be seen everywhere, from stately homes to beach boardwalks and boutique hotels. Architects embrace it as a solution to the inherent shortcomings of real timber – demanding maintenance and ongoing safety issues. Millboard decking presents an opportunity to create a refreshingly low-maintenance deck, but the boards also lend themselves to an incredible range of uses. Its slip-resistance has seen it win out over stone, plastic or tiles for aquariums, pool surrounds and water gardens. Its durability has seen it used as wall cladding on award-winning gardens, bridges and iconic stadia. It also quietly takes the place of wood in office complexes, luxury apartment balconies and tourist attractions – anywhere where raw timber would fail to endure the elements and the footfall.


Design-Led Decking, From Millboard Millboard decking is inspired by the beauty of nature but is built to outperform it. Unlike conventional composite decking, it is moulded from selected timbers and hand-coloured in authentic tones. As a result, it looks exceptionally like real wood, but doesn’t rot and retains high slip-resistance even when wet. It also requires little maintenance other than a simple wipe clean.

Millboard’s range includes three distinctive styles – Enhanced Grain, Weathered Oak and Lasta-Grip® – available in a range of colour options to suit any deck or cladding arrangement. Millboard’s Product Development team keeps a keen eye on the latest trends to ensure that they stay truly ahead of the curve. The company’s recent additions of the contemporary Brushed Basalt colour and the Bullnose Board were both design-led innovations. The Bullnose Board, in particular, has been received with enthusiasm by architects and homeowners alike. Its bullnose profile gives a stylish finish without the need for separate edging, opening up a whole new range of possibilities – from under-lip lighting to coping for planters and seating. In-spite of its highly engineered composition, Millboard decking is easy to work with and can be cut with standard woodworking tools. No pre-drilling is required for fixings, and Millboard’s unique Lastane™ surface even flexes itself back over the heads of the company’s Durafix® screws, leaving a virtually indistinguishable mark. All the decking is made in the UK to rigorous ISO standards and Millboard is the only premium outdoor flooring company to have had its carbon footprint independently verified and UKAS accredited. For more information and samples, please visit

We don’t take design flexibility sitting down Millboard decking. Innovatively designed and developed to have the look of natural timber, whilst out-performing it in every way. Our 150mm Bullnose Board is no different. Like our decking, it’s beautiful to look at, yet its curved edge gives you more design freedom than ever before. Ideal for seating, planters or as a finishing touch for decks and steps; its wider profile providing the perfect space for lighting. Resistant to moisture, stains and algae, it won’t rot, warp or splinter. And, like our decking, it’s easy to fit, saving on installation time and cost. Millboard: Live. Life. Outside.

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edrow, a leading UK housebuilder, is enhancing its customers’ home buying experience with the launch of online reservation. The service, accessed via Redrow’s award winning online members’ area, gives buyers the opportunity to complete the reservation of their new home online.


Redrow’s online reservation has already been rolled out across a number of the housebuilder’s developments in Lancashire, the South Midlands, South East and Southern Counties. The latest Redrow figures show that 90% of customers chose to reserve their property in their own time and in the comfort of their chosen surroundings, whether that’s relaxing at home or taking advantage of the convenience of accessing their personal account on the move. More than 30% of buyers completed the reservation when the sales centres are closed. The user-friendly design guides the buyer at their own pace through each step, from the consumer code and warranty information through a series of prereservation legal declarations, including plans and drawings, for their chosen plot. Previously, this would have been discussed during a three-hour meeting with the Redrow sales team. Buyers now have more time to consider the documentation at their leisure and consult Redrow’s sales team and / or their legal adviser if they wish. Dave Bexon, Group Sales & Marketing Director at Redrow, comments: “We’re very excited to be announcing the latest innovation of My Redrow, and delighted to be the first housebuilder to offer our


Redrow launches online reservation to

enhance customer journey First housebuilder to offer buyers the ability to legally complete the reservation of a new home online customers the opportunity to fully, legally complete the reservation of a new home online. We’re confident it will significantly enhance our customers’ home buying experience. “Purchasing a property is an important milestone for any buyer and can take time. We know everyone’s time is precious and we understand the need for customers reserving a new home to be able to read detailed documents at their own pace and when it’s most convenient for them. The sales teams are still on hand to answer any questions or guide the buyer through the process if required but we’re finding that most customers are enjoying the freedom and the clear step-by-step guide the new service provides.” My Redrow is an online members’ area, designed and developed in-house by Redrow to provide support to buyers from their initial search to moving into their new Redrow home. As well as operating as a platform to reserve a home, it also offers a unique opportunity for members to see the build progress of their home, access and store important documents, and style their homes from an extensive range of choices and optional extras or upgrades.

Barbara Richmond, Group Finance Director at Redrow, comments: “Since My Redrow launched in 2013, we’ve invested heavily to deliver the best possible digital experience for our customers. As we all become increasingly digital focussed, consumers’ property searching and buying habits are evolving as well, particularly amongst millennial and Gen Z buyers. We’ve ensured My Redrow is as comprehensive as possible and provides an excellent service from the very beginning to the end of the buying process.” Online reservation will be available to My Redrow members on the majority of Redrow’s latest developments by the end of June 2019. Redrow is committed to providing an excellent service to its customers and was this year awarded the top Five Star rating by the Home Builders Federation (HBF), increasing its customer satisfaction scores year-on-year since the launch of its ‘Customer First’ strategy in 2015. It also became the first top ten housebuilder to join the Institute of Customer Services and this year was nominated for ‘Best Customer Satisfaction Strategy’ at the UK Customer Satisfaction awards.


Cromwell Walling Walling suitable for any housing scheme Marshalls’ Cromwell Walling is manufactured using Yorkstone aggregates to closely replicate the visual and textured characteristics of natural stone. Available in four colours, four sizes and three different pitch faces, Cromwell walling is the ideal solution for any residential or commercial scheme.

Find out more at

Marshalls Cromwell Walling, Miller Homes – Lindley Marshalls may be better known as the UK’s leading hard landscaping manufacturer having supplied product to some of the most prestigious landmarks in the UK but most recently the walling division has been making the headlines following the acquisition of Britain’s largest independent brick manufacturer, Edenhall. The addition of concrete facing bricks has bolstered Marshalls’ range of vertical products, sitting alongside the already popular reconstituted walling offering. he reconstituted concrete walling range consists of three ranges suitable for a wide range of project types including both residential and commercial schemes. Cromwell, Thistlestone and Epoch walling all offer subtle differences aesthetically, and all are produced to the highest technical standards ensuring products stand up to the test of time. The popular Cromwell range is available



in three finish types across three course heights and four colours allowing the customer greater creativity when designing a scheme. Marshalls Cromwell reconstituted walling range was recently selected to be used on a housing scheme in West Yorkshire. The Lindley Park development near Huddersfield, is now a well-recognised landmark in the local landscape. The scheme wanted to incorporate materials that would provide a sympathetic addition to the surrounding open countryside and wide horizons and given the area’s preference for a weathered sandstone aesthetic, Marshalls’ Cromwell reconstituted walling product was the natural choice.

The product was selected in the Weathered colourway which gives the buff block a slightly darker tone to ensure it blends into the surrounding Yorkshire landscape. The pitched face also offers the naturally split sandstone look that is so common in the region. Manufactured using locally quarried sandstone aggregates ensures the block closely replicates the visual and textured

characteristics of natural stone, and is wetpressed for a smoother and more realistic finish. The complementary neutral toned mortar that was used on the scheme creates a beautifully muted blend with the units to allow the characteristic exposed aggregates of the stone to be the focal point. The use of buff sandstone aggregates ensure the base colour is intrinsically maintained, replicating the appearance of natural stone at an affordable price, and as Cromwell is manufactured using a hydraulic press, it has low water absorption which guarantees a long-term, high quality face appearance.

The pressing process also ensures that each unit is of a very high density, which maintains accuracy when the product is split during secondary processing which ultimately results in a more accurate block which is easier to lay. The overall scheme includes a superb selection of attractive, high quality modern houses and apartments into a popular residential neighbourhood. The combination of the reliability and consistency of contemporary production methods with a traditional natural stone product has created a modern yet characterful housing scheme in a delightfully rural environment.

For more information, visit: •49•

Platform Lifts Our range of platform lifts includes the MC2000 lift (right) - a high quality enclosed platform lift with a unique chain drive, and the option of glazing on all 4 shaft sides. With a fantastic guarantee, and small footprints available, this is a premier platform lift. We also offer stair platform lifts and a range of platform lifts for both internal and external use.

The Platform Lift Experts

Tel: 0845 4682543 Web:

Platform Lift Serves the Local Community Brownhills Community Centre, located five miles North of Walsall, provides support, education, recreation and leisure facilities for the local community. The centre is based in an old school building, dating back to 1893, built in the Queen Ann style with orange brick and stone dressings. nvalifts were contacted to visit the site and recommend a solution for external access to a higher level, with just over a metre of travel. They suggested their Inva Euro platform lift as the perfect solution for this requirement, as it comes with a self supporting shaft whilst still offering a Part M compliant platform size of 1100mm x 1400mm.


The Inva Euro lift is enclosed within a self supporting shaft, but was specified with a half height structure at the top level, to reduce the overall vertical height of the

unit. A ramp was utilised at the bottom of the lift to facilitate access, meaning that there was no requirement for a pit to be dug, or any additional supporting walls to be built.

centre. For peace of mind, the client also chose to take out a service contract with Invalifts to ensure that regular maintenance will keep the lift running smoothly for years to come.

The lift shaft was supplied in a tough grey powder coated finish. To give some contrast the platform carriage console was supplied with contrasting anthracite and pearl white panels. Whilst, on the lift platform, an autodialer was included as a means of emergency communication.

Brownhills Community Centre were thrilled with the finished lift, and look forward to offering full access to their services to the whole community in the future.

Installation was completed in just two days, with minimal disruption to the community

If you would like to know more about the Inva Euro Platform Lift or other access solutions, please contact the Invalifts team on 0845 468 2543 or alternatively, email


Screwfix introduces brand new Erbauer landscaping collection Hot on the heels of the new Erbauer Power launch, Screwfix is proud to introduce the exciting Erbauer Outdoor range featured in their new spring catalogue that’s out now. The high quality, competitively priced Erbauer landscaping tools are perfect for Spring season outdoor projects and feature the same innovative 18V Keep Cool Erbauer EXT battery technology that have made their latest range of power tools the popular choice for many.

Key Products • Erbauer Li-ion Lawn Mower

• Erbauer Cordless 18V Grass Trimmer

Featuring the very latest battery-powered and brushless technology, the Erbauer Lawn Mower provides easy mobility that is perfect for medium sized gardens. Capable of collecting up to 50 litres of grass, the Erbauer Lawn Mower includes six different cutting heights between 25 and 75mm. Supplied with two 18V Li-Lion batteries, tradespeople can expect a complete charge in just one hour. Available at just £319.99.


The 18V battery-powered, brushless grass trimmer is ideal for smaller sized gardens. With a soft-grip handle designed for comfort, it has a trimming width of 30cm making it easy to use with the inclusion of a bump-feed line. Priced at only £63.99.

The 5.0ah-18V Li-ion EXT battery platform gives tradespeople the freedom to share batteries and chargers across the range, which also boosts run time by up to 25%, compared non-EXT batteries. The Erbauer’s Keep Cool Technology also means that the new landscaping range is engineered to reduce friction and heat build-up, ensuring tradespeople can work for longer, without the need to stop to charge or carry additional, costly batteries. With no restrictive power leads and being quieter than petrol equivalents, the tools in the new Erbauer landscaping collection are cheaper to run, do not give off exhaust emissions and most importantly, are safer to use by eliminating the need to handle petrol or risk cutting through cords.

• Erbauer Cordless 18V Brushcutter

The cordless 18V brushcutter includes a luxury harness for added hip protection. Featuring an adjustable bullhorn handle as well as line and blade heads, it offers a cutting width of 23cm for increased comfort and enhanced control when in use. Available at just £127.99.

The new range is supported by the Screwfix Click & Collect service, which allows tradespeople to pick-up goods in as little as one minute after ordering. The Screwfix next day delivery service, which is available every day, ensures that tradespeople can be certain they can get what they need, when they need it. Tradespeople can get hold of the brand new Erbauer landscaping collection online at, from one of over 620 Screwfix stores nationwide or via its 24/7 contact centre on 03330 112 112.

For more information on Screwfix’s range of products, visit or pick up a copy of the new catalogue at a local Screwfix store.

• Erbauer Cordless 18V Hedge Trimmer

Supplied with battery and charger, the brand new Erbauer cordless hedge trimmer is perfect for regular garden use. Featuring a dual-reciprocating blade and a smooth cutting capacity of 25mm, it also has an adjustable handle for added ease. Priced at only £79.99.

• Erbauer Cordless 18V Pole Hedge Trimmer This high performance pole hedge trimmer offers tradespeople smoother cutting thanks to its dualreciprocating blade. With a cutting capacity of 29mm, the 45cm bladed pole hedge trimmer is suitable for regular garden use. Available at just £111.99.


A Complete Spring Clean 2018 saw an uncharacteristic six week long heatwave. This hot spell led to a surge in subsidence claims from both homeowners and building owners. The Association of British Insurers (ABI) said the ‘357% increase in the value of claims was the highest quarterly jump since records started more than 25 years ago.’1

The heatwave conditions affected many building foundations as sustained warm weather caused water from subsoils to dry out, resulting in shrinkage. When shrinkage occurs the ground can no longer support the building, the foundations gradually move downwards, causing the property to sink in one area or across the entire foundation footprint; this is subsidence. Problematic wall cracks will typically start at windows, doorways or corners of buildings and if they are larger than 5mm then professional advice should be sought. In the event that 2019 proves to be another dry summer, homeowners should fix any outstanding subsidence issues their home is experiencing. There are some key considerations to keep in mind:

Drainage, Pipes and Guttering Poor drainage systems and leaky pipes can cause varying moisture levels in some clay soils which can shrink, or crack and shift during hot weather, and then expand during wetter seasons. Proper maintenance is essential; make sure drains are free-flowing and ensure guttering doesn’t become clogged-up, leak, or overflow.

Tree Roots and Shrubs Trees and shrubs need large amounts of water to survive. If there is a tree close to the property in question, the homeowners should make sure it is managed and maintained to ensure it does not become a problem. For those unsure whether a tree could be causing damage, seek professional advice. Ground engineering experts Mainmark urge those owners to look for the warning signs, act now, get ahead of the game and reduce the risk of subsidence this summer. By ensuring the above are addressed, a building’s risk of subsidence this summer can be greatly reduced. Should a property subside, it is important to know that there are more advanced solutions available besides traditional concrete underpinning.

•54• 1

To find out more about Mainmark and its award-winning solutions please visit:

Are your clients’ homes suffering from subsidence or cracking? You need effective and efficient innovative solutions. Our proprietary Teretek® and JOG Computer-Controlled Grouting solutions are the modern alternatives to traditional underpinning; they are non-invasive, like “key hole” surgery. We can solve problems quickly, cost effectively and most of all, provide peace of mind.

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0800 975 0507 | Leaders in Advanced Ground Engineering and Asset Preservation Technologies.

Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed01/03/2018 units. 17:04 Page 1 Shopspec_glazingexcellence-2018:Firman Based in Harold01/03/2018 Wood Essex within Shopspec_glazingexcellence-2018:Firman 17:04 Page 1

5 minutes of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading are ideally situated to service our ever independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing growing and customer Established in diverse 1975 Firman Glass isbase. one of the leading toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed

independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing Manufacturing all forms of processed units. toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed toughened glass, with comprehensive Based withinsatin, 5 minutes of junction units. inofHarold stocks clearWood float,Essex low iron, 28 of the M25 and half an hour from body tinted, mirrors, laminated Central glass, London we Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes of junction acoustic and fire are ideally laminated situated to service ourrated ever growing and 28 of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we glass. diverse customer base. are ideally situated to service our ever growing and

With some ofallthe most advancedtoughened glass, Manufacturing forms of processed diverse customer base. capabilities in place Firman Glass with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin, Manufacturing all forms of high processed toughened glass, is able to manufacture quality body tinted, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin, products for all markets sectors and fire rated glass. including retail, leisure body tinted,architectural, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated and domestic With some of the most advanced capabilities in place and fire rated glass.

Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products With some of the most advanced capabilities in place for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products and domestic for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure

Glass Excellence Glass Excellence


and domestic

Glass Excellence

• Toughened glass •Products Processing •• CNC shaping Toughened glass •• Laminated Processingglass •• Toughened and laminated CNC shaping • constructions Laminated glass •• EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays Toughened and laminated • Fabric and decorative interlays constructions •• Structural interlayscoloured interlays EVA and Vanceva

• • •• •• •• •• •• •• ••

Specialist insulating glass units Anti–slip glass Fire rated glass Specialist insulating glass units UV bonding Anti–slip glass Electric switchable glass Fire rated glass Heated glass UV bonding Decorative glass glass Electric switchable Sandblasting Heated glass TM Colorfirm Decorative back glass painted glass

• Sandblasting • ColorfirmTM back painted glass Staircases • Decoration Treads and stringers • Wall cladding Shower screens •• Splashbacks Staircases Decoration Shelving •• Privacy Treads and stringers Wall cladding Glass doors •• Technical Support Shower screens Splashbacks Acoustic •• Nationwide Coverage Shelving reduction Privacy Fire rated Glass doors • Technical Support Acoustic reduction • Nationwide Coverage Fire rated

• Fabric and decorative interlays

Applications • Structural interlays

• Structural glazing Glass floors •Applications •• Partitions Structural glazing •• Roof Glasslights floors •• Balustrades Partitions •• Full height Roof lightsbarriers •• Canopies Balustrades

• • •• •• •• •• ••

• Full height barriers • Canopies

• •

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit Firman Bates is Road, Haroldfrom Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJHoffices or visit FurtherGlass,19 information available our sales and technical Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email: Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email: In association with In association with

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