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Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading

juneindependent 2018 glass processors in the UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed units.

Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we are ideally situated to service our ever growing and diverse customer base.

Manufacturing all forms of processed toughened glass,

with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin,

body tinted, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire rated glass.

With some of the most advanced capabilities in place

Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products

for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure and domestic

Glass Excellence Products • • • • •

Toughened glass Processing CNC shaping Laminated glass Toughened and laminated constructions • EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays • Fabric and decorative interlays • Structural interlays

• • • • • • • • •

Specialist insulating glass units Anti–slip glass Fire rated glass UV bonding Electric switchable glass Heated glass Decorative glass Sandblasting ColorfirmTM back painted glass

Applications • • • • • • •

Structural glazing Glass floors Partitions Roof lights Balustrades Full height barriers Canopies

• • • • • • •

Staircases Treads and stringers Shower screens Shelving Glass doors Acoustic reduction Fire rated

• • • • • •

Decoration Wall cladding Splashbacks Privacy Technical Support Nationwide Coverage

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit www.firmanglass.com Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email: sales@firmanglass.com In association with


Heating, Ventilation & Insulation

New product design!


Forms a 25mm clear cavity Space for extra insulation Helps lower U-Values 100% recycled material


Suitable for all masonry finishes

Brick Stone Flint Slate

Heating, Ventilation & Insulation

Why build the old way like this?

When you can accomplish THIS with SureCav25! SureCav25 (25mm cavity)

Stone Backing block 50mm Cavity 75mm Insulation


Stone, brick or other masonry


75mm Insulation


Internal leaf

Internal leaf Reduces the wall width by 125mm!

This feature of SureCav25, in maintaining a perfectly consistent, clean and moisture-free clear cavity, opens the way for a brick outer leaf to be specified. Ordinarily, it would not be possible to keep the cavity clean with just a 25mm gap. However, with SureCav25 the wall can be built with full confidence as SureCav25 is the only building product permitted by LABC and NHBC that allows a 25mm residual cavity - the perfect solution with a brick ● Lowers U-Values by outer leaf! making room for more A reduction in wall thickness of 25mm will increase the insulation in the cavity internal dimensions of the property by 50mm in each ● Protects against winddirection and result in an average of 1.25% increased driven rain in any floor space over two storeys. Already an additional 5% exposure zone floor space will have been gained by removing the need for 100mm concrete backing blocks. This can rise ● Ensures clean cavities that are permanently to upwards of 6% or more additional floor-space in free from mortar cases where random stone is used in very severe contamination weather zones. ● Maintains a moistureNow drive down U-Values! SureCav25 allows for more free environment, room in the cavity for insulation, thus enhancing the protecting the envelope thermal performance of the wall. of the building ● Suitable for all masonry Consider this: finishes With just a 1.25% gain, this is equivalent to the floor-space of 1 extra house on an 80 house site! ● 100% recycled material


Open a Schueco sliding door and you’ll know straightaway Open a Schueco sliding door and the rigidity, effortless action and solid clunk as it closes proclaim one thing: quality. Systems include doors that slide, lift-and-slide and have hidden frames that deliver outstanding panoramic views. Also available: slender-profiled windows, slimline façades and super-secure entrance doors, all with the highest levels of insulation that can be up to Passive House standard. For German engineering made in Britain, there’s only one name.



Image: Schueco p44

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Kitchenaid presents the new cooling range at Eurocucina: perfectly preserved food and drink for gourmet dining experiences For nearly a century, KitchenAid has supported passionate makers with premium kitchen appliances that combine professional performance, artisan quality and iconic design. Their stylish range of major domestic appliances features carefully crafted, chef-inspired features that yield consistently professional results, inspiring those who are Serious About Food to express their culinary creativity. At Eurocucina, KitchenAid presented new appliances from its premium cooling range, including flagship products that offer a greater storage capacity than ever before. These combine advanced technology and versatile storage solutions to ensure your ingredients are freshly preserved and easy to find when culinary inspiration strikes. Designed with a bold blend of design and functionality, the range features built-in and free-standing models that are available in a wide range of configurations for seamless integration into your kitchen. The versatile interiors can be fully customised to the individual needs, tastes and gourmet lifestyles of passionate makers.

Excelling on design and performance KitchenAid’s fridge-freezers boast advanced cooling technology, taking food freshness to a new level. The appliances combine excellent performance with exquisite design. Seasoned oak accessories allow further customisation of the storage space. Soft-closing drawers, doors and lateral LED lights, which create enhanced sense of space take, the cooking experience to a new level.

Launching the new Combi Tall 400 The newest addition to the KitchenAid cooling range, the Tall 400 edition of the Combi Built-In, will be a highlight at EuroCucina. This flagship product, measuring 700 mm wide and standing at 1930 mm tall, combines the same high-quality preservation technology with the greatest storage capacity of the entire KitchenAid cooling range (400 litres net). KitchenAid’s most versatile cooling appliance yet is the ultimate kitchen centrepiece for those with a passion for good food Direct Cool and Sensor Fresh functions maintain food’s freshness and extend the lifespan of ingredients. Humidity control technology and antibacterial filters ensure an optimum cooling environment,


extending the keeping quality of the ingredients and fresh and bursting with flavour. The new fast cooling switch and fast freezing compartment make this product the perfect complement to a busy lifestyle. While its minimal, sleek, design makes it the perfect fit for any kitchen, this product stands out from the rest with its distinctive dimension. Accessories include a fine oak haute cuisine shelf and bottle rack, allowing the pairing of gourmet homemade dishes with perfectly preserved wines. With a drawer for more delicate fresh food items, a greater number of adjustable shelves and balconies than ever before, the appliance can fully customise the cooling conditions for a greater variety of ingredients.

“With the new cooling range, KitchenAid has truly tapped in to the customisation trend,” ex p l a i n s N o ve l l a Sardos Albertini, Head of Brand and Communication EMEA, KitchenAid SDA & MDA. “What makes this product really stand out is the way you can tailor it to your taste and preferences. There’s nothing that fuels my culinary inspiration more than a fridge full of colourful, perfectly preserved ingredients. The versatility, iconic design and impeccable performance of KitchenAid’s cooling range makes their products a cut above the rest.”

Call us

Learn more

01296 481220



BROCHURE OUT NOW! including the new Harfa Vintage!

ESCO FLOORING: Highest quality european oak flooring











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Modern indoor living can be bad for your health:

New yougov survey sheds light on risks of the “indoor generation” Should our homes carry health warnings or health labels? A new survey published today demonstrates that Brits are largely unaware of the significant health risks posed by spending too much time indoors in unhealthy homes. Whether we like it or not, we are the so-called “Indoor Generation”. On average, people spend 90% of their time indoors, yet many of us are not aware of the risks associated with our indoor environments. A new study by YouGov for the VELUX Group asked 16,000 members of the public in 14 countries across Europe and North America about their perceptions of indoor living. Firstly, we think we spend less time indoors than we actually do. The perception across those surveyed in Britain is that 78% of people believe they spend less than 21 hours indoors each day, with 53% thinking they actually spend less than 18 hours inside. The actual figure is people spend 90% of their time indoors (more than 21 hours). And, at a time when urban pollution is top of mind for many people, 62% are not aware that in actual fact, indoor air can be up to five times more polluted than outdoor air, with kids’ bedrooms often among the most polluted rooms in the house. Dr Hilary Jones GP & Health Broadcaster said: “The rapid change in our lifestyle from spending large amounts of time outdoors for work or relaxation to becoming an Indoor Generation carries with it several risks, not least when it comes to health in dark, poorly ventilated homes.

“Poor ventilation can lead to damp or mould in the home, and can trigger asthmatic symptoms – and it is worrying that the most polluted rooms tend to be the children’s – with asthma more common in younger people. “Right now, more than five million people in the UK have asthma, the majority of which are children, and more than 20 per cent of the UK will at one time in their life have a long-term lung condition, such as Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD).


“Equally we must make sure that we’re getting the light exposure that we need in order to protect our immune systems. Many of us do not realise that lack of light can affect our sleep patterns and in turn increase our risk of health problems such as diabetes, heart disease and depression. “We don’t want to alarm people – instead we want them to be aware of the impact our lifestyle choices are making and help them to make simple changes for the better. There are small steps to make the air inside your home or office healthier, such as opening windows to allow fresh air in, particularly when bathing or cooking and cleaning regularly to keep allergens – such as dust mites – in check. “And when it comes to daylight – the best tonic is to get outside and expose ourselves to natural daylight on a daily basis, if this isn’t possible then try to sit by the window when indoors. Not only will this lift your mood but it will also help you to sleep better, which leads to enhanced concentration and improved general health and immunity.”

Everyday home life activities, such as cooking, cleaning, showering, lighting candles, drying clothes – even sleeping and breathing, all contribute to polluted indoor air, which over time can cause the development of illnesses. Indeed, it is thought that more children will suffer from asthma or allergies in the coming years unless we act now to ensure that the design of our homes and public buildings is improved in order to tackle the problem we face with indoor pollution, and the amount of time the Indoor Generation spends inside. Dr Russell Foster, Head of the Nuffield Laboratory of Ophthalmology and the Sleep and Circadian Neuroscience Institute, University of Oxford, said: “From the year 1800 to 2000, we’ve gone from 90% of people working outside to less than 20%. In a very short space of time, we’ve gone from being an outdoor species to spending most of our time in dim, dark caves.”


Established 1982

We manufacture in Somerset and supply nationwide and overseas to Wholesalers, Local Authority and Contractors. Our dedicated staff ensure our quality and lead times are unbeatable and our service and after sales support is friendly and efficient.

The UK’s Best Solar & Mains LED Belisha Becons. We can now offer finance on our range of Solar LED Belisha Beacons and up to 5 years Warranty – please contact us for details.

Standard and Made to Specification Feeder Pillars for all purposes - Galvanized, Stainless Steel, Paint finish, GRP

Brackets in galvanized steel or aluminium

Digging & Ground Working tools

• Highways & Street Lighting • Leisure & Flood Lighting • Sign • Column • Wall • Pole • Keys & Accessories

• Electrical safety tested to BSEN60900 • 12 month guarantee

Bespoke work a speciality - contact us for your next project, we'd love to hear from you! Tel. 0333 666 2122 email: info@fisherandcompany.co.uk


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JAMES LATHAM BRINGS YOU THE NEXT DIMENSION IN SURFACE STRUCTURE As the exclusive distributor of HI-MACS® solid surface in the UK and Ireland, James Latham is seeing interest in the latest addition to its range - HI-MACS Structura® – increasing by the day, as interior designers and architects see the almost unlimited design possibilities which this stunning 3D textured surface offers.


vailable directly from stock and nationwide through James Latham’s 10-strong network of depots, HI-MACS Structura® can take on virtually any pattern – and do so with the utmost precision. This outstanding material takes solid surface opportunities to a new level with a variety of standard designs as well as bespoke, custom made creations to suit any project. The next dimension in surface structure, the collection is created using a new technology offered by LG Hausys - the manufacturers

of HI-MACS® - which produces a high performance, premium-quality, textured surface. It comes in a selection of colours and 10 standard surface designs – from the hexagonal print of Hive to the pebble-like feel of Zen or the raised relief detail of Dunes. Rob Goodman, HI-MACS® Group Product Manager, James Latham commented, “We are all really excited about this latest addition to the HI-MACS® portfolio and so is the market. Customer reaction both in the commercial and residential sectors has been really positive and we are already seeing specifications coming through from designers and architects looking to add form to their design either indoors or outside.”

HI-MACS Structura® is different because it provides a textured surface that can take on virtually any pattern, allowing designers and architects to create their own bespoke surface in a simple way, pushing the boundaries of design in a project. Precision made, it can be utilised as wall cladding in bathrooms, en-suites and spas as well as showers and wet-rooms. It can also be used as an exterior cladding or façade with large-scale patterns that create dramatic effect, even from a distance. This innovative textured material can also be used to enhance the finer details of a project with bespoke patterns, drawings, fonts and logos reproduced into its surface. HI-MACS Structura® can also be thermoformed, depending on the pattern and design selected. It creates a better finish and can be more costeffective than a CNC produced panel.


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RINNAI HOT WATER – instant, continuous, limitless and sensibly economic for all types of commercial sites - the solo stored range

Rinnai, the world-renowned innovator for every possible type of commercial site, has revolutionised the supply and delivery of hot water units and systems since the launch of its fully electronically controlled gas-fired continuous flow product ranges. One major part of the Rinnai Infinity condensing water heaters is the Solo range - a highly efficient Heavy-Duty gas-fired recirculatory water heater with a completely insulated stainless steel storage cylinder. The combination of continuous flow units with a storage cylinder for pre-heated hot water allows for periods of peak hour use. This is of importance at those sites where limited gas services may dictate the use and application of water heating systems. The Rinnai Solo answers this problem with system efficiency, ease of installation and end-user satisfaction. Rinnai’s Infinity Solo low NOX water heaters can be used for the ‘Direct to Outlet’ system, and secondary return systems. Infinity Solo will deliver a constant output temperature of 60°C or higher, ensuring stored water is at levels that significantly reduce any risk of legionella proliferation. The design parameters of this product - it is all in one compact footprint - empowering specifiers, designers, installers and engineers to benefit from unique Rinnai technology in applications it was once not previously possible.


For instance, the Infinity Solo has 35kW, 37kW and 54kW sized heat engines, ensuring sites with a smaller gas meter can readily use this technology. The larger Infinity Solo model will also act as a high-efficiency alternative to gas fired storage appliances that still exist in today’s market and can be easily installed on a ‘like for like’ basis where plant room services are concerned. The cylinder is stainless steel, and this reduces the weight compared to glass lined models, and it makes transportation and installation a lot easier. As well as the difference in weight, the cylinders also have extremely low heat loss figures (as low as 1.41kW/h day), so the user pays less to maintain the heat within the tank. One other benefit of the Infinity Solo using a stainless-steel cylinder is that the life expectancy of the material is far greater than that of a glass-lined equivalent as glass can suffer from thermal shock causing it to crack after a period of time. Certain Infinity Solo models are renewables compatible and supplied pre-fitted with a coil, meaning that the primary energy source will always be from renewable gains and the complementary Rinnai water

heater will only apply the precise amount of gas to boost the difference in temperature. Rinnai’s Infinity brand carries the widest range of condensing gas-fired water heating units and systems- and all are A rated on ErP - on the market today with the most impressive efficiencies in operation, leading the field in technological innovation. Key Features of the Solo range are: Stainless steel cylinder with high thermal efficiency and Ultra Low standing heat loss; Highly efficient continuous flow water heater is used as the heating booster; Rinnai Patented Lean-rich Low NOx burner (Solo20 & Solo32 only); Compatible with Renewable heating source through the renewable pipe in the cylinder (Solo20 & Solo32 only); Industry leading higher modulating ratio; Compact design for limited space; Inbuilt lime scale detector; Inbuilt immersion heater for the emergency backup; Easy read fault diagnostics via Status monitor; 10 years cylinder warranty (subject to terms & conditions). For more information on the RINNAI product range visit



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Discover kitchenaid’s elegant aesthetic with the extended black stainless steel range KitchenAid has revealed the 2018 edition of its stand-out Black Stainless Steel range at EuroCucina. This bold range offers KitchenAid’s premium built-in major appliances in pure brushed black stainless steel; a minimal yet dramatic range that provides a clean canvas for your culinary creativity.


ith its Black Stainless Steel range, KitchenAid has paired its dedication to professional performance with distinctive design, showing that it is a brand that is Serious about Food and serious about style. Hand-brushed black stainless steel offers a sleek and warmer alternative to traditional stainless steel. PrintShield anti-fingerprint technology ensures the appliances are smudge-free and always looking their best. The iconic brand’s flagship major appliances, including the Twelix Artisan Oven, with its 36 settings and the Combi Steam Oven, with its 10 sous-vide functions, are all available in this stunning new design. In 2018, the Lab Oven and Built-in Coffee Machine also join the KitchenAid appliances available in Black Stainless Steel.

FOR THE FIRST TIME IN BLACK The Lab Oven is one of the latest additions to the KitchenAid Black Stainless Steel range. With an impressive 73 litre capacity, 17 professional cooking functions, seven special functions and six traditional functions, this versatile appliance delivers restaurant-quality results, for whatever dish is being prepared. Also featuring in the Black Stainless Steel range for the first time is KitchenAid’s Built-in Coffee Machine. Boasting a range of functions, from a customisable coffee grinder to an automatic cappuccino function that pours just the right amount of milk directly from the jug, this appliance will impress even the finest baristas.

“Despite being one of KitchenAid’s most audacious designs, the simplicity and elegance of the Black Stainless Steel range gives it versatility,” explains Novella Sardos Albertini, Head of Brand and Communication EMEA, KitchenAid SDA & MDA. “The warm, opaque texture and chromed aluminium handles help integrate these statement pieces seamlessly into your kitchen.”


The extended Black Stainless Steel range provides even more opportunities to discover the audacity of black. The new additions to the Black Stainless Steel range are showcased at this year’s EuroCucina.


Shopspec_glazingexcellence-2018:Firman 01/03/2018 17:04 Page 1

Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading

independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed units.

Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we are ideally situated to service our ever growing and diverse customer base.

Manufacturing all forms of processed toughened glass,

with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin,

body tinted, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire rated glass.

With some of the most advanced capabilities in place

Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products

for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure and domestic

Glass Excellence Products • • • • •

Toughened glass Processing CNC shaping Laminated glass Toughened and laminated constructions • EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays • Fabric and decorative interlays • Structural interlays

• • • • • • • • •

Specialist insulating glass units Anti–slip glass Fire rated glass UV bonding Electric switchable glass Heated glass Decorative glass Sandblasting ColorfirmTM back painted glass

Applications • • • • • • •

Structural glazing Glass floors Partitions Roof lights Balustrades Full height barriers Canopies

• • • • • • •

Staircases Treads and stringers Shower screens Shelving Glass doors Acoustic reduction Fire rated

• • • • • •

Decoration Wall cladding Splashbacks Privacy Technical Support Nationwide Coverage

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit www.firmanglass.com Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email: sales@firmanglass.com In association with


Now in its fourth year, Vision has become an essential resource for thousands of Architects, Technologists, Designers, Specifiers and their clients The show provides an international focus for innovative products and building solutions, bringing together some of the best designs and leading figures from across Western Europe for two days of business, learning and networking.

Now in its fourth year, Vision has become an essential resource for thousands of Architects, Technologists, Designers, Specifiers and their clients working on live projects in health, education, retail and commercial building.

Some of the 2018 highlights will include; over 100 major brands and innovative start-ups, hundreds of cutting-edge products and building solutions, including research and development into the latest software and over 70 hours of free seminars providing a unique industry insight across five Theatres. Vision are also focusing on international conversations - an opportunity to meet and exchange ideas with our continental counterparts, presented through a collection of pavilions from Belgium, France, Italy, the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Latvia. Ambitious plans are in place to grow the exhibition and extend Vision’s Educational Programme, whose supporters include the RIBA, CIAT, BRE, New London Architecture & the London Festival of Architecture. Vision will play host to over 160 international industry experts to deliver another highly acclaimed seminar programme. The free Evening Drinks & Networking Reception at Vision will again be sponsored by Architecture Today. Alongside the reception, you will see PechaKucha sessions curated by NLA and International Conversations & Keynotes, delivered by the most innovative, admired and forward-thinking architects, engineers and consultancies from across the globe. You can find out more about Vision by calling 0203 409 0623, or visit www.visionlondon.com Alternatively, to book your stand click here.


the future of the built environment 21-22 june business design centre london

Events Kesterport is renowned for seeking out new materials. Constantly evolving their contemporary designs, they will be showing chic new styles in dining, living and upholstery, as well as new decorative accessories. After the highly successful launch of their Tetrad made sofas and chairs, Spink & Edgar will have several new models full of grandeur, pizazz and opulent fabrics on display. In the Main Hall new exhibitors include Siren, Slumberdream, Vogue Beds and La-Z-Boy with its own stand for the first time. Among the many frequent Manchester exhibitors and back with new models are Westbridge, Alpha Desgins, Seconique, Heartlands, VIDA Living and Furmanac among many others.

Hot New Brands and Hot New Styles at

The Manchester Furniture Show

It’s a new look and new brands at this summer’s biggest furniture and interiors event - the Manchester Furniture Show (15-17 July, Manchester Central). Partnering for the first time with the MidPoint Furniture Show, exclusive names will show their latest designs alongside best-loved Manchester regulars and new exhibitors. Italia Living, Kesterport, Chelsom, Harrison Spinks and Gala Collezione are just some of the new UK and International names that will welcome buyers in the MidPoint section of the show. Their collections will feature a variety of textures and finishes, mixed with colourful fabrics and futuristic designs. Extending its furniture division Chelsom will introduce new, exquisitely designed living furniture that compliments the current trends in upholstery and modern living. Over 150 sets of upholstery leave the Gala Collezione factories in Poland every day. New collections to be unveiled at Manchester include motion recliners and modular furniture in both soft and bright leathers, and contemporary fabrics.


Design house, importer and wholesaler Siren have a respected reputation for innovative designs and striking use of fabrics, they will be showing their latest collections of sofas and beds. La-Z-Boy have a lot to shout about - a new set of pedestal chairs and a new bed and mattress collection, as well as their new Urban Attitudes upholstery range featuring a unique reclining mechanism. Westbridge have a passion for design and source their fabrics and leather all over Europe and Asia. They are introducing 3 new shapes and 30 new leathers and fabrics in their Elements and Westbridge ranges. Furmanac, with their 5 recognisable brands is a mustsee. They will be showing dozens of new fabric choices and new mattresses in their Hestia’s Nature’s Comfort range, as well as new MiBed models. To see the full exhibitor list and to register go to www.manchesterfurnitureshow.com



REGISTER NOW FOR YOUR FREE TICKET manchesterfurnitureshow.com


Trim Acoustics

has for more than twenty five years been at the forefront of building acoustics, supplying quality acoustic products from the UK’s major manufacturers to the building industry and domestic market. Providing technical advice, site surveys and specifications to architects and developers, Trim Acoustics can assist with projects ranging from house conversions and new build properties to bespoke designs for customers who have specific requirements. Trim Acoustics offers solutions for floors, ceilings and walls that can achieve Document E standard and with a wide range of quality acoustics products stocked at their Godmanchester warehouse they are able to offer a prompt delivery service direct to site. Distributing a wide range of quality product for the UK’s major manufactures puts Trim Acoustics in a unique position when it comes to specifications, making it very easy to choose the most suitable product to meet both performance and cost criteria

High Density Mineral Wool

Resilient Bars Timber Stud

Trim Resound Board Peel Back Self Adhesive Strip

Board Overlap Joint

Standard Plasterboard Plaster skim

Suitable for wall and ceiling applications. The 22mm thick board provides high performance airborne noise reduction in an easy to handle size. The board incorporates a unique self adhesive jointing system.

With more than twenty five years technical expertise and practical experience Trim Acoustics can offer a wide range of solutions


sales@trimacoustics.co.uk www.trimacoustics.co.uk

With a wealth of technical expertise and practical experience Trim Acoustics can offer a wide range of solutions via the telephone and on site. See www.trimacoustics.co.uk for more details or call 020-8443-0099.

Resound Acoustic Board

Tel: 020-8443-0099

Another area of Trim Acoustic expertise is the design of studios, from conversion of a garage or out building to full professional recording studios. Trim Acoustics can also advise on the upgrade of existing home studio or home cinemas.

New from Trim Acoustics


The domestic market has for many years been one of Trim Acoustic’s areas of expertise, providing acoustic solutions to people whose quality of life has been effected by noise problems. Offering a suitable solution in plain English often means that the noise problem can be identified and resolved on the telephone and within a few days the materials can be delivered to site.

Acoustic Board System

The addition of their new production and warehouse facility in Godmanchester, Cambridgeshire which Trim Acoustics share with their sister company Coburn Sliding Systems has given them the ability to increase production and improve the quality of their range of acoustics products to satisfy increased demand.

What do the MHCLG, Bristol City Council, Shelter and RIBA have in common? They’re all speaking at Housing 2018. Hear from… Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP Secretary of state Housing, Communities and Local Government

Terrie Alafat CBE Chief executive CIH

Ben Derbyshire President RIBA

Rt Hon John Healey MP Shadow secretary of state for housing

Fiona MacGregor Executive director for regulation RSH

James Murray Deputy mayor, housing and residential development Greater London Authority

Marvin Rees Mayor Bristol

Joanne Roney OBE Chief executive Manchester City Council

Ruth Cooke Chief executive Midland Heart

Anthony Hilton Economist and broadcaster The Independent and Evening Standard

Polly Neate Chief executive Shelter

Sarah Weir Chief executive Design Council

BOOK YOUR EARLY BIRD PLACE AND SAVE £££ cihhousing.com/earlybird


NEW ‘CONTRACT FLOORING ZONE’ ON OFFER The team behind the UK’s largest flooring trade show in Harrogate is launching a new opportunity aimed at contract flooring suppliers. The new ‘Contract Flooring Zone’ will be part of the HOMES 2018 exhibition which runs at Olympia, London on 28 & 29 November 2018.

HOMES 2018 is run by Ocean Media Group, the new owners of The Flooring Show, as part of its highly successful portfolio of events and publications for the housing industry. HOMES has grown considerably in the past five years and is the UK’s only event dedicated to residential development, asset management and procurement. It attracts over 3,500 visitors.

“Our HOMES exhibition offers contract suppliers the opportunity to meet a mix of buyers, specifiers, designers and contractors who already attend the HOMES show,” confirms The Flooring Show event manager Kane Thomas. “And we’ll also be utilising our existing flooring database to invite along any South East based interior designers, buyers, architects and specifiers. “This affiliation with the HOMES show is a good opportunity for some of our Flooring Show exhibitors to grow awareness of their contract offer with a high-quality audience – we felt it was a connection worth developing and reaction so far has been very positive.” In this launch year space to exhibit within the new Contract Flooring Zone will be limited to just 10 suppliers. The area will include access to a communal Meeting Hub equipped with a range of round tables and high desks with plenty of power points and internet. Participating companies will each get a 9sqm shell scheme stand to exhibit in, which will include lighting and furniture and a hospitality package for two employees including lunch at the show and two hotel nights each. In addition, suppliers will be able to offer up to three hotel room nights to VIP clients and 10 VIP entry passes (worth over £1000).

“We are aiming to make this as easy as possible for those involved,” explains Kane. “Our all-in package means that our exhibitors should only need to bring a couple of sales representatives, marketing information and samples to the show to display.” Any company who decides to take part, who is also an exhibitor at The Flooring Show in Harrogate, will benefit from a significant discount for taking part in both shows and will be featured in a special ‘Contract Flooring Zone’ Preview stand at The Flooring Show in Harrogate which takes place 16-18 September. To find out more please contact Kane Thomas from The Flooring Show – details below. Kane Thomas, Event Manager, kane@theflooringshow.com 020 7772 8312 The 2018 Flooring Show will take place at the Harrogate Convention Centre from 16 – 18 September. The full exhibitor list to date can be viewed on the show website


Image courtesy of Moduleo

16-18 SEPTEMBER 2018



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Vision 2018 Vision 2018 - a two-day conference and exhibition aimed at architects, designers, specifiers and clients - takes place on 21st and 22nd June at Islington’s Business Design Centre. The event showcases the latest developments in materials, products and technology alongside a rolling programme of lectures, seminars and debates examining the key issues facing architecture and construction today

Vision 2018 has joined forces with Architecture Today to produce a high-profile conference programme where some of the biggest names in the industry discuss the challenges facing architecture and construction and suggest solutions and set out their thoughts as to how to adapt and thrive. Leading names in urbanism will be discussing contemporary theory and practice. Ben Rogers (pictured right), Director of think tank Centre for London, will be asking whether London can be both prosperous and fair. Sunand Prasad will present Penoyre & Prasad’s proposals for Himley Village, a highly sustainable scheme of 1,700 new homes which will form part of the 6,000 home NW Bicester eco-town. And Max Farrell will be talking about the principals of city making in a presentation ranging from international case studies to Farrells’ own designs for the Northern Gateway, a landmark scheme which will unlock the development potential of more than 300 acres of land to provide more than 10,000 new homes in a series of distinct yet clearly connected communities across northern Manchester. The architects behind some of the most celebrated sustainable housing projects will be reflecting on their most famous projects and their legacy and on subsequent developments in their work. Sarah Wigglesworth will discuss her seminal project Stock Orchard Street. Described by the Architect’s Journal as ‘the most influential house in a generation’ the building incorporates office space for Sarah Wigglesworth (pictured right) Architects and a private home with a sustainable features including straw bales, sandbags and loadbearing gabions, a composting toilet, green roof and rainwater storage. Pioneering eco-architect Bill Dunster will reflect on the legacy of BedZED, the UK’s first large-scale mixed use sustainable community, and the practice’s subsequent work including the ZEDlife plan, a toolkit to deliver a safer, more equitable society with reduced dependence on fossil fuel. Experts will be looking at the impact of new technologies on contemporary life. Architect Harbinder Singh Birdi of Hawkins Brown will ask how technology will transform the way we travel, Paul Foulkes from WAGO will be looking at the way building automation can contribute to health and well-being while smart building specialists Mapiq will present their data-driven behavioural approach to flexible, user-focused workplace design. Other speakers include Maria Smith, head of transdisciplinary architecture and engineering practice Interrobang, who will be discussing the practice’s conversion of the Hoover building, a Grade 2* listed art deco office building in Ealing, into 66 residential units, Patrick Schumacher (pictured right) , Principal of Zaha Hadid Architects, who sparked controversy by calling for social housing to be scrapped and public space to be abolished and a roster of Stirling Prize-winning architects...

Read More... For information about exhibiting at Vision 2018 or attending 100@Vision email adam.redmayne@visionlondon.com or call +44 (0)20 3409 0623. Visit www.visionlondon.com to register for your free ticket to the event.


Patrik Schumacher Principal - Zaha Hadid Architects Keynote talk on 22nd June 10.45

The future of the built environment

Business Design Centre

London 21-22 June

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Lush and Luxury How Foliage Prints from Posterlounge Transform Your Home into an Oasis Palm leaves sway in a lazy breeze, a large pink bird stalks through the thicket and the air is heavy and sweet with the taste of exotic fruit – doesn’t that just sound like the dream? Sadly, not all of us can just pop over to the next tropical island with the flick of a finger. However, nothing speaks against bringing the oasis home to you! We’ll show you how easily this can be done with stunning foliage prints from Posterlounge – almost like the flick of a finger. Sprucing up one’s home with large plants and bright colours to bring a bit of an exotic flair into the décor has been an ongoing trend since 2017 and has lost nothing of its popularity. Interior design departments display ceramic pineapples and flamingos and glossy magazines feature gigantic plants with thick, dark-green leaves that give the impression of a colonial conservatory à la My Fair Lady. Sounds easy enough, yet not everybody has the space to accommodate large ferns and window leaves or even the occasional fake fruit or bird. Thankfully enough, the tropical trend does not confine itself to figurines and hothouse-greenery, but has conquered the walls as well with artwork featuring gigantic leaves and rich blossoms.

The Feel of Nature – Choosing the Perfect Finish ‘Texture’ is a topic that is on everybody’s lips this year and especially for pictures featuring foliage and flowers, choosing the right finish can mean the difference between just another print on the wall and an exciting eye-catcher. Wood print, for example, is a choice that one might consider close to home in this context. With its organic look and feel and the subtle grain, it turns every picture into the most unique piece of art. In contrast to the soft, vintage look of wood, acrylic glass offers vibrant colours that almost seem to shine from within, giving the impression of having preserved part of a tropical forest behind glass and taken it home. Aluminium prints in turn captivate due to a semi-matte, velvety finish in combination with bold colours, giving foliage motives a rich and luxurious finish. Thanks to the easy and secure mounting that is provided for all materials offered by Posterlounge, the possibilities in terms of wildly combining prints and finishes are only limited by one’s imagination.


Tropical Meets Meallic Just like the Tropical Trend, ‘Metallic Chic’ is not a new development in terms of interior designs, considering copper held a firm grasp on everything décor related throughout the entire year of 2017. Yet, 2018 saw a change in the colour palette, moving to cooler colours such as silver and brass but also celebrating gold and, most of all, the freedom to mix and match patterns and textures as boldly as one wishes. Hence it is no surprise that the trends are gradually seeping into each other,

bringing forth golden ferns and metallic leaf-veins that shimmer promisingly when catching the light.

Ready to venture forth into the jungle of ideas? Find all the inspiration you need in the Posterlounge online shop! Enter the code OASIS10 and save 10% on all prints and wall pictures at www.posterlounge.co.uk Valid until 31/08/2018.

Thursday 13 September South of England Event Centre, nr Haywards Heath, Sussex 8.30am - 4.30pm

FREE Conference and Exhibition

The leading construction event for the South East attracting over 3,000 visitors and 200 exhibitors Don’t miss meeting thousands of construction professionals in one day What you can look forward to … •

Find out how to take advantage of £billions of projects

Major developments and regeneration projects update

Building a digital future for construction

FREE Meet the Buyer with over 600 FREE appointments

New Innovations in the construction industry

Building a more sustainable future for construction

How much of the £750 billion procurement spend do you want?

Social media in construction

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THREE masterclasses with Google

South East Construction Expo is in a more central location in Sussex with better and more flexible facilities (40 mins from Kent/40 mins from Surrey/40 mins from Brighton)

Join us for the ‘BIG Construction Networking Breakfast’ with Kevin Byrne, founder of Checkatrade.com and

www.constructionexpouk.co.uk Showcase your business

Anne Timpany, Co Founder & Director, On Tap Plumbers.

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91% of senior decision makers attend trade shows to source purchasing information (Source: Simmons Market Research)

Big Construction Dinner With Gyles Brendreth. Both of which will offer even more networking opportunities with some brilliant guest speakers and delicious food.

We have some great speakers lined up including...

New for 2018 The ‘Construction Village’ You name it we can exhibit it both inside or out! Making this one of the most exciting construction events in the UK

Wayne Hemingway MBE Design Council Trustee Board London Resort Company Holdings Digital Garage Google More speakers at constructionexpouk.co.uk

Sponsors and partners

“The build up to the event was very well organised and ran smoothly. We were celebrating 70 years in business and enjoyed meeting lots of people. There was a great range of construction related businesses attending; we spoke with new suppliers and sub-contractors as well as visiting architects and consultants on their stands to discuss upcoming projects. With a great stand location we enjoyed a very successful day.” Vivienne Gillings, Office Manager, Abbott Construction

Get in touch...

Construction Expo South East is supporting Registered charity number: 256789

constructionexpouk.co.uk info@constructionexpouk.co.uk 01732 758530 Interested in sponsorship opportunities? One of the best ways of getting your business and what you do consistently during 2018 in front of thousands of major businesses in the construction sector. Give us a call now to find out more

13 September, South of England Event Centre, Nr Haywards Heath, 8.30am - 4.30pm

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Milbank Concrete Products Launch Revolutionary ‘WarmFloor Pro’ Milbank Concrete Products based in Essex are one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of precast concrete products with a focus on exceptional customer service. Throughout the design, manufacturing, delivery and installation stages, Milbank offer one of the most comprehensive and professional service packages, providing a range of precast concrete products including: balconies, beam & block flooring, bespoke concrete products, ground beams, hollowcore flooring, helical stairs and stadia products.


ollowing on from market research and the identification of the need for an affordable, cost effective and efficient thermal floor arrangement, Milbank Concrete Products have recently launched their new and improved insulated concrete flooring solution, WarmFloor Pro. WarmFloor Pro offers construction professionals a cost-effective alternative to quickly constructing a thermally insulated concrete ground floor over the industry leading competitor brand, Jetfloor, by Forterra (Bison). Reduced initial construction costs and an increase


in energy savings make WarmFloor Pro a compelling alternative to a standard beam and block floor. In combination with its BBA certification and A+ Green Guide rating, WarmFloor Pro is proving to be a must have addition to any new, eco-friendly development where keeping heating costs low is paramount. WarmFloor Pro is suitable for almost any structure, but is most commonly used in housing, from single dwellings to complete housing developments. It offers a simple, cost effective, concrete insulated flooring solution to self-builders and construction professionals alike. Without the need for any specialist tools or

skills, installation of WarmFloor Pro is efficient and streamlined whilst minimising waste and emission rates. WarmFloor Pro works by combining rigid insulation modules (EPS blocks) manufactured from lightweight closed cell expanded polystyrene which is laid inbetween prestressed concrete beams (either 155mm or 225mm deep) with an EPS top sheet, membrane and concrete screed. If required, underfloor heating can be incorporated with the pipework attaching to the EPS panels before the concrete screed is applied. As every building is different, Milbank are well equipped to design your floor to achieve the specific targeted U-Values (reaching as low as 0.07W/m²K) together with the structural layout of the floor to suit. Milbank then manufacture the concrete components and supply the materials directly to you. WarmFloor Pro is currently available on a supply only or supply and installation basis using their vastly experienced installation teams. For more information on Milbank Concrete Products and or to enquire about their extensive range of products including WarmFloor Pro Insulated Flooring, please visit their website or call them on 01787 223 931.


WarmFloor Pro Benefits: • Easy to install – does not require any specialist tools or skills. • Quick to install – each EPS panel is the equivalent length of 5 standard concrete blocks. • Cost effective – WarmFloor Pro is designed to save you money. Faster installation speeds combined with reduced waste and excavation removal allow for an increase in overall savings. • Bespoke – a wide range of EPS panel depths and grades are available to provide the most economical solution for your development whilst maintaining the highest levels of thermal values.

• Sustainable – WarmFloor Pro will last the lifetime of the building whilst continuing to maintain its exceptional thermal performance values. • Clean, safe and easy to handle – lightweight EPS panels only weigh around 2Kg. • Underfloor heating compatible – heating pipework is simply held in place using plastic pegs that push into the EPS panels. • Proven Technology – now in use for over 10 years. • Industry compliant – Milbank WarmFloor Pro is BBA certified and has an A+ green guide rating.


ith the Government setting a target of up to 300,000 new homes to help ease the current housing crisis and committing to MMC in its 2017 Housing White Paper, there are many reasons why consideration of offsite building, modular, prefabricated and volumetric building is gaining ground. Shortages of both materials and skilled labour are also spurring a rethink on how to achieve these targets in a speedy and practical way without compromising on the quality of homes that are delivered.


When it comes to wood fibre insulation as part of these systems for internal or external panel or cladding insulation systems, there are more drivers that make it an attractive option. As a natural material, it is easier to dispose of and more likely to fit into circular economy goals and it minimises the risk of indoor air pollution, damp and condensation, all factors that can impact on the long-term performance and comfort of a building. It works perfectly with cross-laminated timber (CLT) and in higher density specifications can provide protection from heat or, at a lower density, act as a thermal conductor with potential applications in roofing, walls or as a flooring underlay, to help optimise the energy performance and comfort of the building. It can also be used as direct render boards or as an air-injected insulation. As a market-leading manufacturer of natural insulation, we have partnered with Ecomerchant, a distributor committed to sustainable and ethical sourcing, to invest in the landmark Protexion campaign. Protexion is promoting the considerable benefits of using wood fibre insulations on both refrofit, refurb and new build projects.

Wood fibre insulation ticks all the right boxes In every industry, from aerospace, to cars, to construction, designers and engineers are rethinking the materials they use. The quest for improving performance, efficiency, sustainability and reliability is becoming increasingly pressing as industry professionals look to maximise resources without compromising on quality. In Europe, both housebuilders and consumers are increasingly savvy about the use of sustainable materials and buildings that are constructed with the health of both habitants and the environment in mind. Adrian Judd, sales and operations director at STEICO UK explains how natural insulation fits into the rapidly-evolving modern methods (MMC) of construction market. Thanks to its versatility and flexibility, natural wood fibre products are increasingly being specified and can be easily sourced from a growing number of distribution partners. Sales are increasing and customer satisfaction is high. New initiatives from government can only help to accelerate the demand from consumers who want to invest in a healthy living environment and save money on energy costs at the same time. The Protexion campaign aims to ensure that all stakeholders involved in specifying insulation for new buildings, take advantage of the fact that today’s products do far more than just ‘keep the heat in’. Insulation delivers improved building performance in seven key areas beyond thermal control which it is traditionally associated with. Buildability Building projects are run to tight schedules and, the sooner they can be completed and occupied, the better but this should not mean compromising


1 ASTM E 241-77, Recommended Practices for Increasing Durability of Building Constructions Against Water-Induced Damage. Philadelphia, PA: American Society for Testing and Materials, 1977



on quality or long-term performance. This includes ease of installation. STEICO’s wood fibre insulation is simple and easy to fit (either packed or friction-fitted), eliminating installer error, keeping construction programmes, tight and costs, low. One award-winning company, Kithurst Builders in the south of England, is innovating with Naturally Insulated Passive Panels (NIPPs). These are fabricated on or off-site out of natural products, delivering a low environmental impact, high thermal efficiency and accelerating the construction process as prefabricated units that are low maintenance and are taped for airtightness. They can be designed either as a structural product (load bearing), as a ‘tea cosy’ system or just an insulation carrier (Cassette/caisson), all providing a high level of insulation up to Passiv Haus standard. Naturally Insulated Passive Panels (NIPPs) are made of Steico laminated veneer lumber (LVL), sole plate and plates, Steico I–Joists and filled with Wood Fibre insulation that is blown in. Durability Extreme weather is now an issue for the UK. The quality and type of materials used can have a long-term impact. For example, condensation is one of the costliest risks to buildings causing huge maintenance repairs and structural damage. Natural materials are better able to absorb and release water whilst remaining dry. That means it is better able to protect from and buffer moisture thereby becoming a key part of healthy living. Sustainability While all insulation is helping the environment by improving the energy performance of buildings, natural fibre insulation materials are comparatively more robust. This means that when it comes to disposal, they can be composted – ie no specialist waste facilities or landfill. Throughout their lifecycle they will additionally have a much lower and, often, negative carbon footprint. All STEICO products are sustainably sourced and certified to FSC or PEFC standards with full chain of custody paperwork. All STEICO insulation materials also have an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) which is an independently verified and communicates transparent and comparable information about the life-cycle environmental impact of products. Thermal Insulation is naturally associated with providing protection from the cold, particularly given the rise in energy costs and STEICO insulation is Passiv Haus approved. Compared with synthetic insulation materials, wood fibre insulation has a much higher density. This higher density means that natural insulation makes for a better heat buffer

as the high midday temperature will only reach the internal side and be lost at night when the temperature is already cooler.

health benefits thanks to its ability to control moisture, improve the building’s breathability and thereby reduce the risk of harmful moulds and mites.

Acoustic performance

With 90 per cent of all building construction problems associated with water in some way, breathability is essential in measuring a building’s performance and preventing the accumulation of harmful water within the building’s fabric1. These are fundamental in reducing health risks for those suffering from respiratory illnesses such as asthma and chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).

As a high density natural insulation, wood fibre is effective at reducing noise. Sounds external to the building - such as traffic or music - as well as those from within the building - through walls and ceilings - are attenuated better by wood fibre than synthetic equivalents. In providing better protection from Comfort acoustic pollutants, it provides better When a building is well-designed and well-built, comfort for occupants especially in occupants should be at their peak comfort. With urban settings. the average person spending approximately 80% Fire protection of their lives in enclosed rooms, an occupant’s wellbeing is imperative2. Therefore, when selecting All insulations will meet fire safety insulation for a building, wood fibre insulation standards but this is a minimum offers benefits for the health of the occupants, rating. The key differentiator the structure of the building, its impact on the between natural and synthetic is environment, its acoustic properties, durability that natural insulations will prevent and carbon footprint. the spread of fire and if burnt, will not give off toxic fumes such as cyanide as polyisocyanurates (PIR) To understand more about how might. It therefore plays a vital role natural wood fibre works as a high in helping to minimise the harmful performance insulation solution for effects of fire. Health With no harmful toxins, natural wood fibre insulation also offers significant

offsite construction projects, visit www.ecomerchant.co.uk/protexion or call 01793 847 445.


Kitchens, bathrooms & Washrooms

NEW BUILD OR REFURBISHMENT CHOOSE demista™ and Cosyfloor™ House builders, developers, the self build sector, and the public are looking forward to 2018 with a great deal of optimism. The property market appears to be well on the move, and one item is proving to be of great interest to those building or refurbishing houses and apartments. Added value at minimal cost to any new or refurbished bathroom must the be the inclusion of a demista™ heated mirror pad. This pad is easy to install, and will ensure a steam free mirror at all times, no matter how steamed up the bathroom. The heated mirror pads are available in a variety of sizes, to suit most mirrors and in the case of a particularly large surface,


they can be used in multiples. Running costs are minimal and ideally, once wired in to the lighting system, they will gently warm the mirror when the bathroom is in use. The pads can also be fitted in bathroom cabinets. The range of underfloor heating products, Cosyfloor™, Ecofloor and Ecomat are designed for specific areas of the home. Both Cosyfloor™ and Ecofloor can be used in every room in the house, including areas where the floor may get wet, bathrooms, shower rooms, kitchens and conservatories. Ecomat can be used in hallways, bedrooms and living areas. Underfloor heating means

no unsightly radiators, adding valuable space to smaller rooms, no hot surfaces for toddlers to touch especially in the nursery or playroom. The added space, especially wall space, enhances the aesthetic appearance of your reception and living areas. Whether under timber floors, tiles, slate, marble, vinyl or carpet, underfloor heating is safe, reliable, and offers gentle, comfort heating levels whenever and wherever it is needed. Temperature can be easily controlled via room thermostats to produce the most cost effective and efficient heating. The system is easy to install and maintenance free.

Made in UK



Internationally Approved • Low Energy Consumption 100% Efficient & Maintenance Free Various Sizes & Voltages • Bespoke To Order

A division of Aztec (Europe) Ltd

Telford Road Industrial Queensway Glenrothes Glenrothes, Fife Fife KY74NX 5QF KY7


TEL: +44 (0)1932 866600 • FAX: +44 (0)1932 866688 www.demista.co.uk • E. sales@demista.co.uk

Bathrooms, Washrooms & kitchens



MINIMALISM AND CLEAN LINES With a whole host of exciting product features, such as showering height of 2000mm, through to the minimal matt black, matt white of polished chrome profiling giving the enclosure a sleek and luxurious look. Coupled with the rise and fall door mechanism and the versatility to be installed on a shower tray or tiled floor, the Young collection gives you a multitude of showering options and fantastic value for money. Combine this with our Novosolid stone shower tray andfast flow with its anti-slip stone texture, stain and UV resistant, hiddenDesigned 90mm manufactured waste and can be cut down to size on site to fit difficult spaces. in MANTOVA

Designed and manufactured in MANTOVA




Bathrooms, Washrooms & Kitchens

JIS Europe ltd are proud to present the Sussex Range of Stainless Steel Towel Rails.

We first introduced the Sussex Range to the market in 1998 and at that time although there were ladder rails on the market we were unique in that the rails were manufactured from 100% Stainless Steel.


here we led, others followed, however being the forerunners, has given us the experience and ultimately quality control over this exceptional material. Stainless steel is 100% recyclable, and manufactured from over 90% recyclable material. It will not rust, flake or corrode. It is the ecological, durable choice and can be used in all systems including open systems. We offer 3 formats of rail throughout our Range : Electric, dual fuel and central heating only. We also able to offer both polished and satin finishes thereby giving you the ultimate flexibility within your heating as well as visual requirements.


The cornerstones of our business are quality, stock holding and ultimately customer service. The three work hand in hand. We offer an extensive range of sizes and accessories, and constantly strive to bring new and interesting product to the market, whilst always marrying practicality and durability with design aesthetic. We have always maintained a policy of stockholding and all orders are dispatched for next day delivery when ordered before midday. This added to our extensive product range, only goes to further improve the service we are able to offer.

Our staff are firstly and foremost friendly, polite and efficient. Furthermore they are knowledgeable and able to deal with your queries. We do not operate call waiting systems and there will always be a willing and friendly person on the other end of the line ready to assist you. We have a large sele ction of gallery shots, showing the visual diversity of our rails, on our website www.sussexrange.co.uk. Comfortable in both a modern and contemporary bathroom as well as the traditional. We think you will be impressed by the diversity of the images shown. Please do visit. We are confident you will be happy with your purchase and are pleased to offer a 25 year guarantee. Should you wish any further details, please do not hesitate to contact us on 01444 831200 or info@jiseurope.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0) 1444 831200 info@jiseurope.co.uk www.sussexrange.co.uk

Bathrooms, Washrooms & Kitchens

When it comes to terrazzo, nobody does it better.

London stone specialist Diespeker & Co has developed a range of standard and standard plus terrazzo along with stunning, bespoke handmade designs, with one particular terrazzo catching the imagination of clients with residential and retail projects.


ith its distinctive design available in cement or resin based terrazzo, TE007 – the so-called ‘Bond’ terrazzo has become an increasingly popular feature on the interiors circuit in the UK and overseas.

TE007 is a stand-out mix of black, browns, greys and white combining subtlety with statement, as smooth and sophisticated as James Bond himself. Equally at home in the kitchen and bathroom, it combines interest with neutrality to partner with any design choice. In one refurbished luxury London home, TE007 cement tile flooring graces the hallway and kitchen, where an island and worktop in Indian Black granite introduce a stark contrast to the highly polished speckled terrazzo finish. TE007 also features on the garden patio, bringing the outside in. The stunning shower room illustrates the versatility

of the terrazzo in resin terrazzo, with matching floor and wall cladding giving a warm contrast to modern white sanitaryware. Three terrazzo alcoves with lights are built in to the shower. Diespeker is a natural sto n e s p e c i a l i st , too, and the family bathroom harks back to the glory days of marble. High quality Tuscan Carrara marble with a hint of bookmatching that uses diagonal lines to create a sense of space and a classic sense of opulence. In perfect contrast to Carrara’s white stone with dark grey veins, the Spanish marble Nero Marquina floor is a striking black with white veins. There is further drama in the ensuite shower room with eye-catching red marble, Rosso Levante taking centre stage. Dark red with white veins and the occasional hint of green and black, this Italian marble creates a stunning visual impact and has been used carefully with an abundance of stark white to contrast its dramatic tones. Samples of standard and bespoke terrazzo or natural stone are available to order online www.diespeker.co.uk


See it. Feel it. Stunning natural stone and terrazzo at your fingertips. Explore our extensive range and order your free samples online.

+44 (0)20 7358 0160 • www.diespeker.co.uk • sales@diespeker.co.uk


Case Study: Dee Road, Richmond Dee Road, Richmond is the latest venture for Chartered Accountant and property developer, Jay Shah. This redevelopment project saw a mixed use building converted into 4 luxury flats, 1 exquisite penthouse apartment and a modern ground floor office for Mr Shah’s accountancy firm. The open-plan luxurious living spaces, aimed at young professionals working in the city, demanded the very best interior design, “The project is in an affluent area in Surrey and required a high-end finish. Graefe doors looked aesthetically great and give a modern flat a great finish.” A great deal of care and attention to detail has been given to every area of the development, creating the perfect balance between modern and traditional. Mr Shah chose Graefe’s Classic door in American Black Walnut with contrasting white painted stepped architrave and matching skirting to feature throughout, “The doors gave a rich finish and complemented to the colours of the interiors, giving a good mix of contemporary finishes with traditional looks.” Mr Shah is delighted with the doors, joinery and overall service Graefe supplied, “The doors were of great quality and remarkable finish. The service received from start to finish was simply super. Emma was very polite and prompt in her service.” On to the next project, Mr Shah is already planning on working with Graefe again, “We are looking forward to working with Graefe in our future project as preferred partner.”

The Residential collection

The Commercial collection

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Windows, Doors & Architectural Hardware When Schueco UK launched the ASS 77 PD series of ‘panoramic’ sliding doors in early 2012, the move was widely welcomed by architects looking for a door offering maximum transparency that could span very wide openings and yet still operate effortlessly.


Today, a brand new development of these doors – designated Schueco ASE 67 PD – is set to prove equally impressive. It provides the same minimal sightlines with an outer frame that remains concealed in the building structure, resulting in a huge ‘panoramic’ area of clear glass.

System development is an integral part of Schue benefits for architects and end-users. The new Sc

The door can be configured in a variety of opening combinations utilising two, three or four leaves, each up to 3.2 metres wide and 3.5 metres high. Depending upon the particular specification and the level of insulation required, the moving vent can be double- or triple-glazed. Using a simplified method of construction which makes it easier to manufacture, the Schueco ASE 67 PD door is available in two options with different outer frames. The slimmer of the two options, which has a 57 mm frame, is especially suitable for use in renovation projects; it offers a lower overall frame cost but without impacting on excellent levels of sound insulation (up to 46 dB). A completely flat threshold is designed to eliminate the possibility of accidents, while still allowing the door to deliver watertightness to 300 Pa and wind resistance to Class C3. The deeper 90 mm option caters for even greater weather performance as it delivers watertightness to 600 Pa whilst maintaining the aesthetics and sound insulation of the 57 mm system. Both versions offer a very slim central mullion width of 31 mm and can accommodate glass widths ranging from 36 mm to 49.6 mm. A choice of two locking options, one in the centre and one on the side, ensure that this new system offers architects considerable design flexibility and security. For further information on the Schueco ASE 67 PD sliding door, please email mkinfobox@schueco.com or visit www.schueco.co.uk



eco’s corporate DNA and the urge to improve can lead to new solutions that provide chueco ASE 67 PD sliding door is a typical example of this.


Walkability: The 11th step Variation on a theme - following in James Speck’s footsteps: “Walkable City - How downtown can save America, one step at a time” Curiously, this experience is shared by most of us in the modern era. We are travelling the world, “expecting” to find our way, with some obvious mundane difficulties. In an ideal world, it shouldn’t really go unnoticed. But it is. In my view, walkability should incorporate better common rules for outdoors wayfinding signage so that the average person may expect better orientation even in unfamiliar urban spaces.

Lancaster - the most walkable city in Pennsylvania

alkability, a relatively new term in modern Architecture and sustainable urban design, measuring how friendly an urban area is to walking. It pertains to health, environment, and economic benefits and discusses, among other things, the presence or absence and quality of footpaths, sidewalks or other pedestrian rights-of-way, traffic and road conditions, land use patterns, building accessibility, and safety.


In Walkable City: How Downtown Can Save America, One Step at a Time (public library), city planner Jeff Speck argues that walkable cities would improve lives for American urban dwellers to greater extent than any attempts to create “greener” living conditions in the personal space. I found Kaid Benfield summary of Speck’s ten steps of walkability quite comprehensive for my further argument, and although I somewhat do


not agree with Benfield’s latter analysis, I think that one more important step is required. I am talking about wayfinding signage. One may argue that this is included in the entire concept of attractive building faces, traffic and road conditions or “comfort”. Yet it is often noticed only by its absence. Good wayfinding signage may encourage people to walk the city, to a greater extent than realized by many. Imagine that: You travel to a foreign country, unfamiliar with the language, trying to get from A to B using a somewhat inferior city map supplied by your hotel or local tourist office and simply cannot locate your current location and direction you need to go to. Sounds familiar? Wouldn’t better wayfinding signage (including street names, visible numbers, traffic signs, directions and building names) improve your orientation and comfort? Wouldn’t you give anything to be able to easily locate and read the signs?

Not only in America, but worldwide, inadequate wayfinding signage is often emanating from budget considerations, without realizing the human aspects of the issue. A beautiful building, complex, shopping mall or neighborhood is being built in the urban sphere - but around it and inside structures, people get lost. I challenge you to read Speck’s work with a fresh look at his previously suggested 10 good steps, thinking how wayfinding signage fits the overall scheme of things. Written by Pnina Kedar Feldman, International Business Development and Sales Manager at Vista System

For further information, visit www.vistasystem.co.uk or contact Client Service at Vista System Ltd., Tel: 080-0051-8885, Email: info@vistasystem.co.uk

Two Floor Lift for Statfold Barn Railway Home to one of the largest collections of narrow gauge locomotives in the UK, Statfold Barn Railway near Tamworth in Staffordshire is a special place for railway enthusiasts.


tatfold Barn Railway hold a number of ‘enthusiast days’ every year where attendees can enjoy seeing classic locomotive machines at these special events. To aid access to both floors of the building, the organisation recently contacted Invalifts to speak with one of their platform lift experts and get a recommendation for a suitable lift. Invalifts were able to supply and install a bespoke MC2000 platform lift which was customised to exactly meet the customer’s requirements. Due to the placing of the lift, an open through configuration was decided on, so that the doors on each floor open on opposite sides of the lift shaft. Fully glazed doors and shaft were chosen to maximise light through the lift whilst giving users a great view as they travel between floors.


The lift shaft size was kept to a minimum, with a footprint of just 1250mm x 1560mm, whilst still delivering a Part M compliant platform size of 1120mm x 1480mm. To match the building environment, the shaft was colour matched to a beautiful ivory colour, whilst the platform itself has a chequer plate, hard wearing floor. Finally, to minimise building disruption, no 60mm recess was required under the shaft, as the lift was supplied with a small ramp at the lower level, with the unit being fixed securely to the concrete floor. Statfold Barn Railway looks forward to many years of enabling access to all floors with their beautiful new lift. To find out more about the MC2000 platform lift, you can give Invalifts a call on 0845 468 2543 and speak to one of their friendly experts.

Platform Lifts Our range of platform lifts includes the MC2000 lift (right) - a high quality enclosed platform lift with a unique chain drive, and the option of glazing on all 4 shaft sides. With a fantastic guarantee, and small footprints available, this is a premier platform lift. We also offer stair platform lifts and a range of platform lifts for both internal and external use.

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Smooth performance and stunning design:

kitchenaid’s gourmet kitchen induction hob is the new must-have major appliance KitchenAid believes that exceptional food starts with excellent appliances. The Gourmet Kitchen induction hob is no exception, guaranteeing outstanding results for every dish being prepared, from deliciously tender meat stews to perfectly fried fish. Part of the premium major kitchen appliances range, the new hob is one of the highly-sought products presented by KitchenAid at this year’s EuroCucina event. Your hob become a Gourmet Kitchen With the Gourmet Kitchen hob, KitchenAid is challenging the way we perceive appliances. This hob does more than melt, boil, simmer and fry. It supports passionate makers by suggesting the best setting and timing for cooking each element of your meal, acting as your very own chef.

Precision cooking that gives exquisite results Taking inspiration from their long history of collaboration with professional chefs, KitchenAid has developed a truly versatile induction hob that delivers restaurant-quality results. With a dynamic surface and a full-bridge, flexible cooking zone, the new Gourmet Kitchen hob accommodates for large cookware and makes it easy to manage multiple pots and pans. In line with KitchenAid’s mission to inspire passion for fine food, the Gourmet Kitchen hob empowers you to be bold and innovative in the kitchen. Combining precision, speed and energy efficiency, the hob


ensures that each element of the dish is cooked to perfection. The hob rapidly reaches the optimum cooking temperature, making it the perfect complement to a busy lifestyle. With dynamic cooking functions and a rear bridge zone, the new appliance provides maximum flexibility for even the most ambitious cooks. The range also features two new interfaces that allow smoother interaction and greater control. The Premium edition of the Gourmet Kitchen hob offers slide control interface, while the Super Premium boasts new touch control functions.

Artisan quality, premium design KitchenAid is renowned for the artisan quality of its appliances. The Gourmet Kitchen hob has the same outstanding features as previous induction ranges, with a premium iXelium cover for easy cleaning and durability, and an improved ‘Super Premium’ icon and text display. Its timeless and minimal design has been upgraded with premium glass features and a stainless steel frame. The Gourmet Kitchen induction hob is more than an appliance; it is a truly exquisite experience. Offering an enhanced level

of man-machine interaction, this appliance will bring cooking perfection to your very fingertips. Novella Sardos Albertini, Head of Brand and Communication EMEA, KitchenAid SDA & MDA explains: “Modern hobs need to do more than deliver on speed, safety and performance. They need to be fully adaptable to cooking styles and lifestyles. A hob needs to provide the highest degree of flexibility, whether you’re a novice cook or a confident chef. The Gourmet Kitchen induction hob delivers on all this. While its design is minimal and understated, the cooking experience it offers is truly thrilling.” For further information please visit: www.whirlpoolcorp-eurocucina2018.eu

The new Ignite Push-button thermostatic shower shown in a slimline square design. The three outlet valve is shown here teamed with an ultra thin fixed head, a square hand held shower kit and square tile body jets.

Ignite shower valve shown in the round design with two outlet flow control options. Pictured with a round fixed shower head and arm, and round body jets with swivel. There is a wide range of shower kits and accessories available from Hudson Reed to coordinate with the new valves.

Ignites the senses Hudson Reed, one of the UK’s leading bathroom specialists has launched a stunning range of precision engineered ‘Push-Button’ showers called IGNITE. The new intuitive shower valves are the ultimate in bathroom style and technology allowing complete controllability – ‘at the push of a button’. Functions such as start/ stop activation, on/off flow controls and, depending on model – single, twin or triple valve, the ability to direct flows from dedicated outlets such as overhead shower, body jets or hand-held shower. Available in round and square button chrome options, the IGNITE showers are a slimline design with all controls hidden behind the almost flush-mounted concealing plate and are built around the innovative in-house, UK manufactured, Valquest shower valve for thermostatic control, safety, performance and durability. As featured on the front cover of the new consumer brochure, the pushbutton showers complement Hudson Reed’s luxurious bathroom collection of ceramics, furniture, baths, enclosures, showers, brassware, heating and mirrors. For more information please contact us on Tel: 01422 417100 / www.hudsonreed.co.uk

Ignite round push control thermostatic shower valve with two outlets. All Ignite valves work from as low as 1-bar pressure.


Growth of manufacturer recognised at national design impact awards Sealant and adhesive manufacturer Polyseam has achieved the ultimate design accolade for the rebrand of its GRAFT product range. Aston Martin; Josh Berger, president and managing director of Warner Bros; and renowned entrepreneur Deborah Meaden.

The Yorkshire-headquartered company and its branding agency The Engine Room were both presented with a gold design impact trophy at the glittering DBA Design Effectiveness Awards in London. But the GRAFT project also went on to scoop the ultimate recognition of the evening when it was announced as the Grand Prix winner of winners at the end of the night. Since GRAFT’s launch in 2014, annual sales have increased by a staggering 744% and export levels have risen by more than £1million. In fact, this transformational business exercise has played a significant part in Polyseam now building a 50,000sqm factory which is expected to create a further 50 jobs by 2020. It was this bottom line impact that impressed the line-up of high-profile judges, which included Andy Palmer, CEO of


Commenting on the win, Polyseam’s marketing manager Olando Salina said: “The evolving challenges in the manufacturing market mean we must continually innovate to drive growth. We therefore focused on the development of an environmentally friendly, all-in-one adhesive and sealant created using our own in-house expertise. “This high-performance technology was already award-winning in its own right. But it didn’t achieve the traction we sought, which is why we engaged The Engine Room to help clarify our market position, overhaul the branding of this product range, and craft the communication materials we’d need moving forward. The Engine Room team has specific expertise in this field, and we were therefore delighted

when GRAFT was ‘born’. The project success is a testament to the collaboration of these forward-thinking business and design brains.” The Engine Room’s managing director Lesley Gulliver added: “The building, construction and manufacturing sectors are perhaps not renowned for their design prowess. But this project goes to show that strategic creative thinking is about much more than just what looks good. The overhaul of this product range and the development of the GRAFT brand has helped to revolutionise Polyseam’s entire business.” Polyseam has been independently manufacturing first-class brands for the majority of the world’s leading suppliers since 1993. The company manufactures more than 150 different products, and exports to 21 countries globally.

For more details visit www.graft.co.uk

NEW Emission Free, Fire Retardant paint for walls, ceilings and wood.



01484 421036 l www.graft.co.uk l

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Developed & manufactured in the UK by POLYSEAM LTD.


Innovative Solar PV Secondary Heating Trials Successfully Completed by EHC Innovative Electric Heating and Hot Water experts The Electric Heating Company have successfully completed 12 month Trials of their Solar PV Secondary Heating Solution. These Trials have proven this Solution can increase PV self-consumption by an average of 42%, increase the base temperature of rooms by 3°C and provide significant cost and CO2 savings. Consumer feedback on the Solution has also been extremely positive. In early 2016 EHC were approached by several RSL customers who installed Solar PV arrays across their housing stock, however feedback from their Tenants indicated that they would like to increase their utilisation of the Solar PV generation to achieve greater cost savings as the Tenants do not receive the Feed in Tariff for the PV generation. The RSLs asked if EHC could provide a cost effective solution which could increase PV self-consumption and provide ‘free’ heating for their Tenants. Specifically, some RSLs would like to provide additional ‘free’ heating for Tenants who are elderly or fuel poor. Technology Used by This Innovative Solution To assist these RSLs, EHC designed a Solution that utilised Solar PV Ready Radiators working in conjunction with an Intelligent Controller. This ensured that the Tenant is using all of the Solar PV energy being generated and minimising what generation is sent back to the Grid. The system will operate in a manner that the feed in tariff received for generation is not affected and can still be received by the appropriate party. The Solar PV Ready Radiators have a ceramic core which benefit from partial storage and can operate from as low as a small trickle of current being fed to them up to the full current required to heat the radiator to its maximum output. The Intelligent Controller ensures that the Tenants power demand e.g. for the kettle, vacuum cleaner, television etc. is met first by the Solar PV generation and only the excess PV generation not otherwise utilised is sent to the Solar PV Ready Radiators. The system can be programmed for up to three appliances to suit the Tenants wishes, for example to operate with three ceramic radiators or two ceramic radiators and a hot water cylinder. The priority order of the appliances can also be programmed to suit the Tenants wishes and changed seasonly. The intention of these Solar PV Ready Radiators is not to provide a whole heating system for a property but to provide a background heat during the day until the main central heating system in the property is required. Where


heating during peak times is unaffordable for the Tenant, this solution will be beneficial for both comfort and cost. Comprehensive Trials Independently Analysed As EHC were approached by several RSL customers to develop this solution, these customers agreed to provide a minimum number of trial participants to prove the solution is effective and provides a benefit. The participants identified included a wide range of Tenant spread across the UK; fuel poor, elderly, low income families or Tenants who had previously expressed a desire to increase the self-consumption of their PV generation. EHC chose an independent third party specialist, Delta EE, to monitor and analyse the Trial results over a 12 month period. EHC believe that it is vital an independent third party like Delta EE supported the analysis and evaluation of the trial results. Final Trial Results The final Trial results proved to be significantly better than any prior predictions made by Delta EE. The Trial results achieved were: •

The Solution increased PV selfconsumption on average by 42%

Average estimated Annual Bill Savings of £42 for properties with Gas Central Heating and £185 for properties with all Electric Heating

Average estimated CO2 Savings of 199kg for properties with Gas Central Heating and 868kg for properties with all Electric Heating

Average room temperature increase of 3°C in rooms fitted

The stand out result, however, has been the Tenant feedback received. All Tenants who participated in the Trials found the Solution a benefit and that it ‘makes sense for others to use.’ Specifically, some Tenants commented the difference in room temperatures was noticeable and rooms not previously heated were now ‘a pleasant temperature.’ Some Tenants also commented that the financial savings ‘will continue to increase if Energy Tariffs continue to rise.’ With these great results and positive Tenant feedback, EHC hope this Solution will be given credence by the UK Government in the Standard Assessment Procedure (SAP) Regulations. Recognition in SAP would hopefully allow this Solution to be supported by ECO or Warm Homes Funding and, specifically, provide a real benefit to those living in Fuel Poverty. If you would like to find out more about this innovative Secondary Heating Solution and discuss the Trial results in detail, please do not hesitate to contact EHC on 01698 820 533 or email info@electric-heatingcompany.co.uk.


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EHC’s unique DSR Electric Combination Radiators are available in multiple controls, outputs and colours – you choose we deliver. • 100% energy efficient • Open window sensor saves energy and money • Quick and easy installation • Fully controllable through manual, digital time and temperature or Smart APP control options • Simple replacement for storage heaters • Wall hung, castors or feet stands



For more detailed information visit our website www.electric-heatingcompany.co.uk Blantyre Industrial Estate, Blantyre G72 0UP | Tel: 01698 820533 Fax: 01698 825697 | Email: info@electric-heatingcompany.co.uk