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January 2014


Plus Interiors Focus, Lighting & Heating and Architect Essentials including Nansulate

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THE ENGLISH WARDOBE COMPANY Creating beautiful, functional storage solutions designed with classically inspired styling in mind, The English Wardrobe Company prides itself upon English manufacture for a discerning clientele. The English Wardrobe Company brings together stunning design and functionality with a comprehensive collection of wardrobe designs. Inspired by classic periods of English history: including Regency, Revival, Edwardian, Deco and a soft interpretation of Victorian styling, they would suit any taste and style of home. Designed and built in England, you can view all the wardrobe door designs at their showroom in Ripley, Surrey. The business owners have over storage projects for designers and architects whose clients own contemporary and traditional homes.

as shoe shelves, hanging rails, shirt shelves, drawers, and tie / belt racks. They also give the interior options a great amount of consideration, ensuring that the client’s storage needs are always made as custom made as possible.

To discover more about The English Wardrobe Company simply visit their inspiring website to designer.


01483 22 55 00 The English Wardrobe Company To view our online brochure & find your nearest designer Unit B, Polesden Lane, Send, Ripley, Surrey, GU23 6JX 01483 22 55 00 Brighton Bristol Cardiff Cobham Guildford London Marlow Milton Keynes Notting Hill

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Manchester Yorkshire


01483 22 55 00 To view our online brochure & find your nearest designer Brighton


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Architect Essentials

XPDRAINAGE is ECOcentric drainage for designers There is a revolution going on in stormwater management. Nowadays, we expect to use rainwater on site for the common good to increase the value of properties, rather than piping it away as quickly as possible. We want to biodiversity. To support this approach, new design tools are needed. At XP Solutions, we are enthusiastic about sustainable stormwater management and we have produced XPDRAINAGE to allow you to design Sustainable full professional rigor. It is a unique product that draws on our years of experience in supporting environmental and engineering solutions. How does XPDRAINAGE help you? Given the large choice of drainage systems and controls that can be used, green infrastructure design can be complex. user through the entire process, from conceptual design to drainage system sizing to treatment train analysis for both of the treatment train is as realistic as possible to give a real feel for how the design will look and work in practice. Users can import or create a full range of site data to inform referenced images. "Deluge" analyses 2D surfaces to Storage Estimate and Water Quality calculators provide sizing indicators for detention volume. Users can create templates for typical drainage elements in XPDRAINAGE to reduce setup time and ensure consistency, storing local information for pollutants, rainfall, drainage can easily be located on the site plan and connected up in the treatment train. The site and drainage design can be The Dynamic Analysis in XPDRAINAGE supports design storms and time series rainfall for detailed hydrologic is complete, it can be exported to CAD or other corporate systems. This easy to use tool has been developed for Architects, Designers and Engineers for developing ecocentric drainage designs. For your chance to experience this powerful new tool contact XP Solutions today and request your free evaluation copy.


Visit or call +44 (0)1635 582 555

New SuDS Software

From the makers of the UK’s #1 Drainage Design Software - Micro Drainage “This is what the industry has been calling for: SuDS design made simple.” “A fantastic tool to show my clients exactly how we will incorporate Sustainable Drainage within their development.”

xpdrainage: ECOcentric Design Software xpdrainage is a new software suite that helps landscape architects, planners and

engineers to design SuDS visually, intuitively and to good engineering standards. You can lay-out SuDS across your site, size the treatment train, then see how well your design will manage flows, volumes and pollution removal. Make the most of stormwater on site with xpdrainage.

FREE evaluation of NEW xpdrainage Scan this code or visit to request your free 30 day evaluation copy of xpdrainage today. Give your business the edge with this advanced tool to handle a range of worldwide green infrastructure standards including: SuDS, WSUD, LID and BMP. +44 (0) 1635 582 555 wspg

Jacobs Well, West Street Newbury Berkshire RG14 1BD United Kingdom




Buildings Get New Life and Improved Energy Efficiency with 21st Century Insulating Coatings Just as phones and computers have been updated over the years to improve the way we work and communicate, the science of nanotechnology has upgraded the way we insulate through an advanced, patented thermal barrier coating line called Nansulate®. When architects Bleck & Bleck near Chicago, Illinois were renovating an 1800’s building for commercial office space, they were challenged with keeping the look of the original brickwork while upgrading the energy efficiency. Nansulate® coatings provided an easy, sprayable application over the brick walls, which improved the building’s thermal envelope. Additionally, the coatings are resistant to infiltration by moisture, dirt, and other contaminants, which typically degrade fibrous insulation over time. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of materials at a smaller scale than was previously possible. By manipulating matter at the nanoscale, materials have the ability to be built from the atomic level up with much less waste and can take on different attributes, such as silver taking on anti-microbial properties, or the ability to insulate in a much thinner layer. Nansulate® technology, in use since 2004, has been used everywhere from the Bangkok, Thailand International Airport to historical sites to buildings around the world. The technology uses a key ingredient that is micro-sized with a nano-sized internal architecture that inhibits heat transfer. This component is incorporated into a proprietary, high quality, clear, water-based coating, which provides a way to effectively apply the insulating component to a variety of surfaces. In testing, the coating has been shown to reduce heat transfer by 34.8%, and customers report between 20%-40% reduction in energy costs. Nansulate® was approved in terms of the European Energy Performance of Buildings Directive certification for building construction standards in the European Union from the UNI EN ISO 8990:1999 tests, in relation to building insulation specifications. Nanotech Coatings UK Ltd has also been provided with a contract with the British Board of Agrement, (“BBA”) for tests for the specified use of the product being coating for use on internal walls and ceilings, and external walls in residential dwellings for application over internal plaster and external render.


For more information, please call +44 (0) 20 3287 0557 visit, or contact Nanotech Coatings UK Limited at

Architect Essentials

Nansulate® Energy Saving and Asset Protection Coatings are

powered by the science of nanotechnology, they offer a highly effective combination of benefits which include thermal insulation, corrosion resistance, mold resistance, moisture resistance, UV resistance, chemical resistance, flame resistance, and lead encapsulation. This patented technology, sold only under the Nansulate® brand name, has been available since 2004 and has been providing dramatic energy saving and protective solutions for industrial, commercial, government and residential customers around the world. Nansulate® Coatings are a technology by Industrial Nanotech, Inc.

Nanotech Coatings UK Limited Phone: +44 (0) 20 3287 0557

In Testing By


Editors Choice

WE ARE PROUD TO BE ONE OF THE FEW TRULY ENGLISH TILE PRODUCERS BASED IN THE UK Our glazed wall tiles are all designed, crafted and made here in Wiltshire at our factory on the bank of the river. Kennet in the idyllic market town of Marlborough. Our factory produces most tiles to order, through a carefully monitored process ensuring consistent quality of finish and design.


In 2000, Jamie Robb, took over as MD from his father Alastair, changing the hallmark to ‘MT’ (Marlborough Tiles) to mark the millennium. And so it is that, unique to Marlborough Tiles, the hallmark enables our tiles to be dated to the period in which they were painted, thereby contributing to their intrinsic value over the years as ‘collector’s items’. We constantly look at ways of maintaining and improving our wall tile manufacture, from the clay to delivery. You can be assured we always strive to deliver a high quality product right through the manufacturing process. All tiles are individually hand checked for quality and are selected for seconds if they do not meet our stingent standards. t10t

Using only the very finest of materials to create beautifully crafted English tiles, when you choose Marlborough you are assured of buying the very best.

Call or visit our website to receive our FREE brochure.

01672 515287

NEW 254page Wall Tile e-brochure NEW 56page Floor Tile e-brochure visit




19 3 6



INDUSTRY Essentials


Editors Choice

Signs of the Times are well practised in making commemorative plaques cast in polyurethane and bronze. Our expert artists can accurately reproduce coats of arms and a likeness of a person or animal to be cast in relief. Plaques for war memorials and public buildings cast in bronze always convey the importance and prestige of the site, and blue plaques cast in polyurethane are both durable and economic, whilst maintaining the quality associated with all of Signs of the Times work. To order, or to find out more, contact us Call 01525 874185 | Email | Visit our NEW Website t13t

Editors Choice

Are you looking for ingenuity and innovation in your kitchen designs? If so the Krushr Household Recycling Compactor may just give you the edge you need. A unique and design-led take on a well-established US concept, a Krushr answers many of the demands of today’s image conscious consumer. Novel and Neat Although compactors have been around in the States for many years the Krushr is the first such appliance to integrate seamlessly into today’s modern kitchen structure. A Krushr compactor enables all household recyclables to be stored in one convenient place. Plastics, card, food packaging waste, plastic bottles and paper are compacted to a fifth of their size, food tins and drinks cans are separately crushed and there is even storage for non-crush items such as glass. Environmental Conscience A compactor provides a real incentive to maximise the proportion of household waste that is recycled. For those wishing to embrace the Code for Sustainable Homes (Storage of Non-recyclable and Recyclable Household Waste) (WAS1) a Krushr offers up to 4 credits towards compliance with Category 5 of the Code. Convenience The compaction function of the Krushr increases capacity by as much as 300% when compared with a conventional sorter bin arrangement and thereby reduces trips to outside bins. Krushr is the only company in the UK catering for the compactor market and, with management of recycling waste being a major growth area, is seeing an increase in sales month on month. The range comprises three different sized appliances intended to address individual household demands as well as catering for the various waste segregation requirements of Local Authorities. All models are designed to be quiet and energy efficient in operation. Whether you have a spacious kitchen or where space is at a premium there is a model to suit. Designed and built in the UK – Definitely worth investigating.

For further information Email | t14t


Isabella from £850

Designer furniture without the designer price tag. We’d love to hear from you, call 01483 410007

Jake from £1836

Jasper from £1768

The pure feel of Planika’s interview with Tom Cornwell


n this month’s case study, meet Tom Cornwell, managing partner of The Oakridge Partnership, and the owner of an absolutely amazing Villa Escarpa in Portugal. The video examines Tom’s overall philosophy on design and Escarpa Project.

This is probably one of the largest development we have taken on”, said Tom - the owner of the Villa Escarpa, “it was inherent from a building that we bought a long time ago and it was in a fantastic position overlooking the bay of Praia da Luz in Portugal.

” “

The house is pure white”, he added, “so there are very few products that would work well with it, without automatically changing the feel of the minimal, white, clear, clean line feel. So,

stainless steel is one of the items that I have used quite extensively. But it doesn’t change the soul of the house. And creates this luxury feel.

To access the full case study, click here


GIVING ARCHITECTS AND DESIGNERS NEW OPTIONS FOR COMMERCIAL ENVIRONMENTS Beaded Curtains and Chain Mail curtains ‘new’ INHERENTLY FLAMEPROOF FRINGE CURTAINS IN NINE STUNNING COLOURS House Couturier has an exquisite new range of Custom Made Beaded curtains and Chain Mail curtains available to order in two different diameters – from satin nickel to brass and antiqued brass - e-mail dimensions and specification for quotation

Inherently flameproof fringe curtains for utilisation in contract use. The new range is made from Trevira and is washable making it reusable time after time. Colour choices of red, white, black, red, bronze, burgundy, green, ivory, blue, yellow gold. Whether you specify for a contemporary hotel, event, store or boutique and spa or require a wall separation for an office or theatre, House Couturier’s new collection of Fringe curtains can suit any contract application. These inherently flameproof fringe curtains are available in standard widths to order of 210cms with a drop of 310cms – for specified projects they can be made to up to 20 metres in length to order – large installations only. Allow 3 weeks minimum Samples available


INDUSTRY Essentials

For exhibition requirements – minimum 2 weeks lead time.

Price: From £198.00 plus VAT fringe curtains Stockist: House Couturier www. Tel: 0207 371 9255 By appointment only



Ecobuild 2014 The countdown to Ecobuild 2014 ( has begun - the world’s biggest event for sustainable design, construction and the built environment which takes place 4th to 6th March 2014 at London’s ExCeL. Perfect for eco-conscious home designers and architects or those seeking some fresh initiatives, Ecobuild 2014 will bring together thousands of green products as well as expert education and advice under one roof. Ecobuild will feature an unrivalled information programme, attracting over 600 speakers. At the heart of the programme is debate, learning and information exchange led by internationally renowned academics, ministers, industry leaders and celebrity speakers. All speakers will now appear on the show floor and the 2014 Ecobuild experience will be easier to navigate than ever before, thanks to the introduction of three core areas to the event, each with its own key themes and seminar streams. Sustainable Design and Construction will focus on the latest design ideas, future construction materials, lighting and technical solutions to sustainable construction challenges. New and existing innovations, such as the role of Building Information Modelling (BIM) will be a central feature of the 2014 show. The Energy zone is set to host the most comprehensive showcase of sustainable building products in the world and will also include a range of features on renewable energy, resource management and energy efficiency. Connecting Future Cities will incorporate a range of topics from biodiversity and greening cities, water and designing out waste, technology and transport – all of which are crucial to creating a sustainable future for an ever changing global population. More reasons to visit Ecobuild 2014: t See, touch, play with and compare thousands of products all under one roof t Keep up-to-date with the latest news, legislation and training t Meet current and potential investors and ensure you're getting the best deal. To register for your free ticket, or to view the programme in full, visit





The most comprehensive showcase of sustainable construction products anywhere Inspiration meets innovation – the latest building techniques, trends and materials Unrivalled information programme – two conference arenas bringing over 600 industry leaders, ministers and global academics to the heart of the exhibition floor Meeting and networking opportunities with industry experts


Case studies and examples of best practice Find out what’s happening in the UK market and abroad Register for your free ticket:







INDUSTRY Essentials

Millboard’s new generation of innovative anti-slip and maintenance-free external

Esterno External Porcelain Paving environmentally friendly alternative to

Millboard does not stain from food or


INDUSTRY Essentials

Tel: 02476 439 943 Website: Email: t25t




• • • •

The UKʼs leading manufacturer of quality alternative composite to hardwood decking The UKʼs only wood-free composite, also meets anti slip rating to BS 79.76 Beautiful stain and fade resistant decking that is maintenance free

Tel: 02476 439 943 for samples and a quote


Leak Free Shower Enclosures Most Leaks happen at the back of the shower tray or through the grout. Our Envirotec Bathing Shower Enclosure has no joins at the back of the tray as the walls are integrated into the design at the mould stage, so... THERE'S NOWHERE TO LEAK! The concept has been used extensively around the world, especially in the US. We've redesigned it and brought it to the European market with sizes and shapes The product is now manufactured in the UK and set to all UK and European standards. The craftsmen in our factory have many years of experience in the industry. for the modern bathroom. Materials used are similar to those used in Ocean-Going yachts and will give a lifetime of trouble-free usage.

GET IN TOUCH Engine Lane, Shafton, Barnsley, S72 8SP 01226 719790/1 07760 758688 (Mobile) 01226 719799



t4t Award winning consulting engineers, The Stilwell Partnership recently celebrated 20 years in business. We have built a successful track record of finding affordable solutions to apparently insurmountable challenges facing building developments: t t

Our contribution saves our client’s valuable time and money We have the necessary determination and perseverance to reach a solution with the Local Authority and Statutory Agencies We promise: t A personal contact dedicated to dealing with your project t Proven experience in finding least cost solutions t The ability to deliver solutions to a deadline Working closely with Architects and Planning Consultants, the practice specialises in resolving Local Councils’ highways, traffic and road safety concerns related to proposed building developments. Quality accredited to ISO 9001:2008, the practice also designs and negotiates sustainable solutions to the drainage and flood risk objections of the Environment Agency to building developments. These developments may range from a single property to an estate numbering hundreds of houses. Based in Ash Vale, near Guildford, the company recently celebrated a number of high profile projects amongst their many successes: Cheltenham Racecourse: At a projected £45 million, the development will be The Jockey Club’s largest single investment in facilities at the racecourse. The Stilwell Partnership was appointed to provide Highway Engineering consultancy services, to support the passage of the Planning Application for this prestigious project. This support contributed to a successful conclusion, when Cheltenham Borough Council awarded Planning Consent in July 2013 The Stage, Shoreditch EC2: A disused site in East London required extensive investment to recover and restore a Shakespearian theatre, buried 3m below ground level. The solution involved a multimillion pound regeneration scheme, spread over the 2.5 acres site. Amongst other services, The Stilwell Partnership provided Transportation and Highways advice and a Car Park Justification report. By arguing special circumstances the practice persuaded the London Borough of Hackney to agree an enhanced car parking provision. Full details of these and other project examples demonstrating the practice’s experience are available on: Contact the Stilwell Partnership Director for Sustainability Philip Sheppard on 01276 700400, if you would like to discuss the technical challenges of your project.


We have a track record of finding an aямАordable solution to your technical issues: t t




Lighting FW Lighting represents a collection of European manufacturers of high quality designed products. Our range is diverse but selective, focusing on new and innovative products for interior designers, architects lighting designers, hospitality and domestic property developers and urban space creators. Baulmann Leuchten is a German manufacturer of high quality bespoke decorative lighting. Their products can be found in 5 star plus hotels, in particular, public areas, private rooms and Spas. as large public area feature lights.

AVE (Italy) manufactures a complete domotic automation control system for hotels including, lighting and HVAC controls, door entry systems, data and power sockets,

Biopietra is a range of engineered stone veneers (wall cladding). These stone veneers can be supplied in a bespoke form with clients choosing everything from the design, shape, pattern and In the images you will see tiles with an integrated LED light system and versions with a luminescent powder impregnated into the stone that allows them to absorb light throughout the day, releasing it at night as light!


Visualize, Design, Create German engineering

Vintage British design….

Online retailer Skinflint deals in vintage reclaimed lighting from the 20th century (predominantly 1900-1960), with an emphasis on classic industrial fixtures. Husband and wife team, Chris and Sophie Miller, personally source every product in Skinflint’s range and are fascinated by the history of their products. ‘Skinflint was born of a mutual passion for the environment and our love of beautiful objects’ says Sophie, ‘Chris’s background as a lighting designer and mine as an Art-Director for commercials and pop promos made working with salvaged lighting a natural progression for us both.’ Specialising in products of a simple and clean lined nature, predominantly from 1900-1960, Skinflint are particularly strong on unusual one-off finds and sourcing good runs of rare lights. Sophie and Chris individually source every item in Skinflint’s diverse and everchanging catalogue from the UK and across Europe. Each light they salvage is sensitively restored by the Skinflint team in their workshops, bringing them in line with modern safety and environmental standards while retaining their individual character “Designs from the 1920s-60’s were based around performance,” explains Chris. “We’re drawn to the well-engineered design of the products from this time. These lights were made in a period where the term ‘planned obsolescence’ did not exist. The fact they’re still in existence nearly 100 years later is testament to their quality – good design will always stand the test of time, as well as the rigours of its intended purpose.” The Skinflint team believe that a lot of design and production from the mid-20th century appears as fresh and modern today as when it was first conceived, making it ideal for both contemporary and period interiors.





lighting needs Tegral Lighting offers low energy solutions for the hotel sector .  ##"(%"*) %$( . $* ")($(%'%&) %$( . ") #)$'-(+ $

Stockists nationwide

Neptune LED

Available in 8W

12 W

18 W


Surface versions also available.

Orbit LED

Available in 14 W

16 W

Higher output versions to special order.

For further details about our products please contact us: T: F: E:

01279 461888/897/898/908 01279 460115 $%)'"" ) $%#

,,,)'"" ) $%#


HEATEC EV INCREASES PRODUCT RANGE Heatec can trace its origins back more than 25 years to a group of designers and engineers who set about solving the then difficult problem of heating sensitive areas whilst ensuring that the young and the elderly where not put at risk. A control unit was developed and patented which gained wide acceptance with local councils responsible for care homes, colleges for student lodgings, the heating of public places and for areas requiring maintained environments such as National Trust buildings and similar.

RC12 Thermostatic Control

The Heatec range of Cast Iron Radiators has been enhanced by the inclusion of three new models to Heatec’s European manufactured ranges of Cast Iron. The Imperial Victorian range now includes heights of 430mm, 580mm, and 980mm as standard, as well as the original 680mm high model. Additionally 5 column, 3 column and 2 column Cast Iron Victorian Radiators are available on request. The very popular Bohemia range has seen the new 990mm high Radiator added to the standard range. Imperial Victorian Electric radiator

BUT offered for the first time is the NEW Designer range of BOHEMIA RETRO Cast Iron Radiators at 640mm high with traditionally patterned cast iron surface suitable for traditional buildings and very modern designer homes The development of refurbishment projects bringing new life to old warehouses and other traditional buildings covered by Class1 and Class 2 preservation orders has been helped by the use of Heatec electric radiators thus minimising the damage to buildings infrastructure. Bohemia Retro

Heatec continues to develop with its latest ranges of Radiators which now include Chrome Plated Radiators and Towel Rails, a new range of designer Cast Aluminium Radiators and Traditional European Cast Iron Radiators.

Slimline Electric Radiator & Remote Programmer

Recent additions include the EV range of Electric Radiators and Panel Heaters manufactured by our Spanish partner and available with both oil filled types and with dry elements. These Radiators can be remotely controlled and offer up to 40% energy saving.

Many Heatec Radiators are also available for use in wet systems - oil and gas fired – together with accessories. A conversion service is also offered for customers own radiators (subject to quality – not second-hand). PROJECTS have included – The Scottish Parliament, Chartwell (home of Winston Churchill), Fountains Abbey, The Argory (in Northern Ireland), Stonehill Manor (Worcestershire), The Vine, Ightham Moat, MOD Cat.3 Buildings, St.Giles Cathedral, Portsmouth Boys School, Snows Hill Manor Broadway, and many others. (NB. Heatec EV is a registered Brand Name licensed to Heating Direct Limited) Digitally Controlled Towel Rails with 7 day timers

Heatec EV, 279, Eastbourne Avenue, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE8 4NN Tel:0845 8726667 Fax:0845 8726668


Heatec EV Specialist in supplying Heritage Properties and Traditional Homes

Suppliers to the National Trust -

Chartwell (Home of Sir Winston Churchill), Fountains Abbey etc..

High Quality Cast Iron – Only from European Manufacturers Room Temperature Thermostatic Controls or Fixed Temperature controls Painted to blend with the Radiators Electric outputs available from 550– 3000 Watts (1877 - 10236 BTUs) Perfect for Renovation and Refurbishment of Historical Properties Modern & Traditional designs with any RAL colour available Heating Direct Ltd, 279, Eastbourne Ave, Gateshead, NE8 4NN Tel:0845 8726667 Fax:0845 8726668 Email:sales@heatecev.Com

The UK's Leading Experts in Draught Excluders and Windows George Culley has over 38 years of experience in selling his draught excluders to solve a variety of

Need a Draught Excluder? Industrial Seals Silicone Extrusions Brush Seals Brush Strip Door Seals Plastic Extrusions EPDM Extrusions and encourage you to investigate our product listing Neoprene

Why Choose The Hairy Worm for your draught excluders? 0800 756 3071 t38t

A Brush Pile Draught Seal, Perfect for your Doors and Windows At last, a breakthrough in technical sealing; a British made product that works! This brush pile draught excluder serves a variety of purposes, whether you’re interested in wipe sealing or compression sealing. Suitable for any doors or windows, from timber sliding sash windows to applying an extra seal on failed PVCU windows, this versatile draught seal is our most popular product. With the ability to seal gaps ranging from 2.5 mm to 25 mm, thehairyworm is a top notch draught stopper which also helps

Thehairyworm is also available as a plain product for replacing existing failed sections in aluminium windows and doors.



Rubber Extrusions t t t t t t t t t t t 0161 622 0020 t

INDUSTRY Essentials

Gorgeous Geometrics With bold geometric patterns and monochrome colours continuing to be big trends for 2014, nothing packs a more powerful punch than this statement print united with black and white.

Decorating with geometrics create a crisp and opulent ambiance. Sally Chamley, Owner and Founder of Black Orchid Interiors gives her expert advice; “The beauty with using geometrics is that you can be as bold or subtle as you wish. For full on room transformation opt for a daring design on a feature wall. For those of you that are a bit more wary then liven up your space with a geometric rug or accent cushions.” Monochrome is an interior design trend that really stands the test of time. Sally says “This classic colour combination remains popular for 2014 and is the perfect colour palette to add a touch of art-deco chic to your home Products are available to buy online at or House of Fraser flagship stores in Manchester & London. For these images and many more from Black Orchid Interiors please visit the Picture Bank. For Product Loans and Expert Advice and Quotes please contact t4t


From House to Home: The Sofa & Chair Company Branch Out The UK’s leading manufacturer of luxury and bespoke furniture, The Sofa & Chair Company, are no strangers to change. Since founding in 2002 the company has grown tenfold, sharing their iconic creations with a wealth of prestigious trade and retail clients and gaining international acclaim amongst the design community. Now over a decade later, the company has taken their commitment to quality and inspired British craftsmanship to the next level with the introduction of their extensive homeware range. Sourced from the very finest suppliers in Europe, they have amassed a fabulous selection of luxurious home accessories; including ornaments, lighting, cabinets and more. From sophisticated display units to dazzling chandeliers, The Sofa & Chair Company now offer you the chance to stylise the interior of your dreams from floor to ceiling with London luxury. Visit The Sofa & Chair Company’s stunning showroom at 4-5 Roslin Road, London W3 8DH A. Copper Pendant Cluster of Six: £2600.00; Bronze Drum Side Table: £995.00 B. Alicien Chandelier: £2395.00 C. Helen Vase: £110.00 T: 0208 993 4415


INDUSTRY Essentials

Alan Snell King Classics I’ve been photographing classic cars, hot rods and period locations in my spare time for nearly 30 years. Most of my 35mm black and white shots were taken on long road trips around the USA, shooting old motors still in regular daily use, some abandoned by the roadside, many dozing in the back lots and wrecking yards of America’s Southwest. Many of these locations, motels and cars are long gone.

My negatives and darkroom equipment have sat in the loft for years so this year I spent months digitising my 35mm negatives with a view to finally doing something with them. Now technology has moved on I’ve replicated the print quality from the old school methods using digital print. A small selection of my image archive along with some of my more recent digital and digital montage work I’ve made available in various formats on my web site at; I can supply images from an A4 print up to an entire wall, my photographs particularly suit mid century modernist and industrial style interiors.



Mylands unveil their Spring colour picks as they celebrate 130 years of colour in 2014

WICKER Colour trends come and go but Mylands colours have stood the test of time and remain as relevant today as they were over 100 years ago. This spring, colour is set to make a real statement – think simple schemes but big impact. Colours are fresh, warm and happy, reminiscent of the season itself and all it represents. Bold yet unassuming, clean but uplifting, Spring 2014 colour brings a promise of new beginning and is perfectly suited to freshening up interior spaces. As Mylands prepares to celebrate 130 years of trading in 2014, they reveal their key colour picks for Spring’s decorating palette. It‘s set to be a colourful year! |


British fine fabric company Fermoie is set to launch, in Spring 2014, ‘Wicker’, a subtle modernist design. A medium sized pattern reminiscent of hand woven wicker work, beautifully printed on a strong 100% linen. Wicker is the vision of The Fermoie Studio working alongside the printers in the Fermoie factory. The combination of hand drawn innovative design and traditional printing techniques results in a collection that fits uniquely well with Fermoie’s offering, yet with new colours and a more robust design. Available in all the Fermoie colour families of Reds, Yellows, Greens, Blues and Neutrals and edited to create infallible combinations across the Fermoie catalogue. Wicker is ideal for either classic or contemporary schemes and can be used for all soft furnishings and curtains.

Wicker. £96.00 per metre, printed width 134cm


Wicker, like all Fermoie’s fabrics, is printed in our Wiltshire factory where every metre is produced with love and care. All orders are despatched within five working days.


Modern Day Design Classics in Delicious Colours: Chairs by Verner Panton and Charles & Ray Eames CHAIRS BY CHARLES & RAY EAMES Charles & Ray Eames presented their designs for the Plastic Chair Group for the first time at the International Competition for Low-Cost Furniture Design sponsored by the Museum of Modern Art in New York. In 1950, the Plastic Side Chair and the Plastic Armchair were the very first industrially produced plastic chairs to hit the market. From the very start, the Eameses designed different bases for a range of applications – and the Plastic Chair became an icon of furniture design. In addition to domestic living spaces, millions of them are used in offices, health care institutions, restaurants, lecture halls, airports and sports stadiums. Charles & Ray Eames feature among

the most important figures of twentieth century design. Vitra is the only authorised manufacturer of Eames products for Europe and the Middle East. The Vitra brand guarantees that you own an original Charles & Ray Eames product. Plastic Chair became an icon of furniture design. In addition to domestic living spaces, millions of them are used in offices, health care institutions, restaurants, lecture halls, airports and sports stadiums. Charles & Ray Eames feature among the most important figures of twentieth century design. Vitra is the only authorised manufacturer of Eames products for Europe and the Middle East. The Vitra brand guarantees that you own an original Charles & Ray Eames product.

PANTON CHAIR The Panton Chair is a design classic. Verner Panton created it back in 1960 and together with Vitra he developed a version that was ready for production in 1967. It was the very first single mould all plastic chair. The chair offers great sitting comfort thanks to its cantilever base, flexible materials and shape, which is shaped to the human form. Its sculptural shape means that it looks good by itself or grouped together and can be used both indoors and out. The Panton Chair has won various design prizes worldwide and graces the collections of numerous renowned museums, its expressive shape makes it a true 20th-century design icon. Verner Panton was one of the most influential designers of the 1960s and 70s. Born in Denmark but relocated to Switzerland in the early 1960s, he became known for his original and imaginative designs in the fields of furniture, lighting and textiles. Installations such as the legendary ’Visiona’ exhibition demonstrated Panton’s masterful use of colour, which is a hallmark of his work.


Interiors Statement Stunning Lighting

Designer lighting from DesResDesign can make the world of difference to the ambience of your home. Check out these bright ideas for making an impact with pendants, lamps and chandeliers.

Lighting can change the whole feel of your home and is a great way to give a room a quick and easy update. DesResDesign offer a truly upmarket look with glamorous lamps, elegant pendant lights and a show stopping new range of chandeliers. DesResDesign select exclusive designer lights that are both desirable, affordable and perhaps most importantly different!

With some clever tricks of the light you can create a whole new look without spending a fortune. Tables can be spruced up with a striking lamp and dark and dingy corners can be given a new lease of life with funky floor lamps.

Take a look at for a great source of inspiration.

Mogg – the new furniture brand blurring art & design Established in Italy last year and brand new to the UK, Mogg is the hot Italian furniture and accessories company founded by architect Nicola Galbiati. The company works with a range of award-winning designers, or as they put it, ‘partners with vision – crazy dreamers’ and a philosophy of ‘creating pieces that limit the boundaries between art and design’. The name Mogg is derived from MO (MObili = furniture) and OGG (OGGetti = objects) and was born from the belief that the world of commercial furniture is becoming saturated. Galbiati describes the Mogg collection as ‘democratic – able to satisfy the tastes, needs and budgets of all, where exclusivity does not describe the cost but the originality of a piece, and is unlike any other product on the market’.

Highlights from the Mogg collection include: Mogg Rooms Cabinet Designed as a piece of furniture that won’t ‘blend in’! With real door handles on the cupboards and painted in four different RAL colour palettes - oyster white, water blue, ocean blue and beige grey - on an American solid ash wood base. Designed by award winning Diego Grandi (inspired for this by the film ‘Being John Malkovich’). 150cm x 45cm x 145 cm high. £2,950.00 t: 020 7731 9540 t46t

Sir Stirling Moss’s Bathroom Is A Star In Silver And White Sir Stirling Moss OBE is often described as the greatest competitor never to win the Fi world title and is widely regarded as the greatest all-round racing driver of all time. His high tech house in London’s Mayfair is almost as celebrated, the bomb damaged plot having been acquired by Moss for just £5,000 in 1961 and transformed into a stylish 5-storey structure full of computerised and robotised gadgets, including a remote-operated bathtub, automated dumbwaiters and a one-of-a-

the home makeover experts got involved in this interesting project, which centres

F1 team. Now, Moss is 84 and still lives in the same townhouse, currently estimated to be worth at least £10 million.

Stirling, Granite Transformations proposed its Polar Ice quartz agglomerate in tile and

So when Sir Stirling invited Granite Transformations to upgrade his 3rd-storey bathroom, as part of what Moss terms his extensive ‘Project 46’ refurbishment, the home makeover company leapt at the chance to showcase its elegant glass mosaic tiles, in such a futuristic setting. The result is a spectacular transformation in clean, crisp, contemporary polar white and silver, a metallic tone that is drove the legendary Mercedes-Benz ‘Silver Arrows’ almost sixty years ago. Once the work was complete and Sir Stirling had expressed himself delighted an unexpected connection was revealed between Moss and the place where his Granite Transformations materials were made.

area surrounding a central panelled-in wallcoverings, surrounds, vanities, a large walk-in shower, panelled bath and curved feature wall, the installation required hardwearing, water-resistant, low set off the unusual layout to best effect.

panels, shower liner and integrated seat, with Trend Vitreo 160 white 2cm square semi-transparent glass mosaic tiles chosen where the textured surface and frequent grout lines provide extra slip resistance. Around the room at window ledge height, there is a slim accent line, which is crafted from four runs of precious 1cm square Aureo 026 white gold tiles, made with 24 carat gold leaf sandwiched between thin layers of blown glass. This silver accent is taken up dramatically by Trend’s inimitable Liberty Diamond designer mosaic, its characteristic irregular handcut shapes, contrasting textures and shimmering diamond brilliance giving the room a distinctive contemporary look. Curved around the wall surrounding the central spiral staircase and gracing the rear of the shower enclosure, Liberty Diamond

his Project 46, Moss had seen Trend’s Italian-made, handcrafted glass mosaic Granite Transformations is part of the Trend Group and its showrooms now retail and install its high grade mosaic products,

heating adding a pleasantly warm feel

touches include an electronic toilet seat, modern remote control bath and powered downlighters set into the ceiling. sheets was also extended to the outside used for an adjoining window balcony and an upstairs roof terrace. The property’s relatively narrow spiral staircase and 2-person lift created something of a physical challenge, tiles having to come up on the elevator in small batches and the larger sheets being hoisted up on an outside winch, gusts of wind precluding the use of full-sized 3m long slabs. Coincidentally, Granite Transformations’ agglomerate slabs are produced in the Trend Group’s highly automated plant in Sebring, Florida, directly across from the celebrated Sebring International Raceway. This was the very track where Moss had one of his most celebrated giant-killing wins in the 1954 Sebring 12 Hours race, of drivers that included Juan Manuel Fangio, Alberto Ascari, Peter Collins and American race stars Phil Hill, Carroll Shelby and Briggs Cunningham. Part of his prize, gained in an unfancied 1500cc OSCA MT4, was a small plot of land alongside the racetrack, which was then virtually scrubland! Granite Transformations next plans to celebrate the Moss connection and demonstrate Trend’s computeraided custom mosaic capability, by commissioning mosaic wall panels of Sir Stirling’s most famous race win, in the 1955 Mille Miglia. He will be depicted at the wheel of the legendary number 722 Mercedes-Benz 300SLR sports car, in silver of course.


A new generation of faรงade systems

Qbiss One is a design and technological breakthrough; a metal faรงade system that offers a true alternative to a conventional rain screen. Qbiss One is an incomparable, engineered, total wall solution with a unique rounded corner.

Ultimate aesthetic

Total wall solutions

Maximum Safety

Rounded corners without cuts, folds or welds

Fully prefabricated and selfsupporting system

Non-combustible core, air and water tightness Fire resistance class: EL 120 | Water tightness: 900 Pa

Contact details Trimo UK Ltd, Unit 4 Williaston House Business Centre, Williaston, Cheshire, CW5 6NE T: 01270 665303 | W: |

Home Designer & Architect - January 2014  
Home Designer & Architect - January 2014