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Glazing Excellence

For more information contact or visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534

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rainline | sustainable rainwater systems in STEEL

Click and fit rainwater control technology only from Lindab Rainline is becoming the system of choice for those who want an eco friendly, cost effective, high performance rain drainage system and a practical alternative to plastic. Quick and easy to install, Rainline is precision engineered to simply click together for a perfect watertight fit - just click, fit and forget it. Rainline totally outperforms plastic and aluminum systems, offering minimal thermal movement and UV stability - it will not crack, fade or leak, is highly resistant to corrosion and virtually maintenance free. It is also lighter and MUCH less expensive than cast iron drainage.

NEW! Rainline in Silver Metallic

Available in 10 high build polyester colours, plain galvanised, natural copper and Aluzinc, Rainline is supported by a range of comprehensive guarantees to offer total peace of mind. For an information pack contact Lindab at the address below: Lindab Ltd | Building Products Division | Shenstone Trading Estate | Halesowen | West Midlands | B63 3XB Telephone: +44 121 585 2780 | Facsimile: +44 121 585 2782 | Email: |


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At S & A Kilcoyne Renewables we offer a complete service: design, supply, installation, commissioning and maintenance in our Biomass package. Our range of biomass boilers offers lower ETAtouch - accessible anytime, anywhere:

send you an email. A complete boiler room in the boiler:

3 attractive front panel upgrades.

The domestic phase of the Renewable Heat Incentive begins in the spring of 2014

Editors choice - Top companies 2013


PelletsUnit ETA PU 7 to 350 kW The Small "Smart" Pellet Boiler

S&A Kilcoyne Limited, Woodhead Road, Chryston, Glasgow G69 9HZ - Tel: 0141 530 5565 Fax: 0845 299 1445

Editors choice - Top companies 2013

Choosing outdoor LED lighting ing can now be replaced with the lowest energy option. Why on earth are we still seeing so many old-style lights using CFL, and public buildings? There is no excuse when LED lighting is so widely available, with the initial, opportunist glut of low cost and often unreliable imports proving to be a short-lived market phenomenon, the trusted reliable brands are holding their own. One of the names you are most likely to hear when you enquire about replacing outdoor lighting with LEDs, is NIGHTeye from Timeguard, who have led the way in both innovative design and superior quality in this emerging market sector. Here is their advice of what to look for: Light quality the quality of light emitted is important too, especially now the techstand how to measure, or describe, the performance. We all started out by quoting power ratings: 8W, 16W etc. These are numbers that everyone thinks they understand, but they do not tell the full story. Of more relevance with LED lighting is the measure of here you have to be a bit careful, because some products give the

false impression. Of course, at the end of the day, the end user just wants to know how the light will look and feel in situ. The quality of light emitted by LEDs can vary between the stark glare of a light which is no more than an array of LED ‘dots’ and units with lenses designed to create a more gentle, diffused light. As a rule of thumb if the dots that are the LEDs are not obscured by lenses, and concentrated together, you are going to get a sharper narrower directional spot of light. If the LED’s are

Design quality in outdoor lighting design. Small and remarkably powerful, these effective security lighting or attractive welcome and safety lighting. There is a choice between automatic LED lights, with built in PIR detectors, and a basic on/off design that can also be controlled by a time-switch. Available in black or white, there are single, twin and quad versions, and even the quad version has a head no bigger than an iPAD, while delivering 2000 limens (equivalent to approx 230V of t6t

Timeguard understands completely that nothing is ever going to designed new LED bulkhead lights with lens diffusers to emit an even light. Check out the new range at

Editors choice - Top companies 2013

Energy Saving LED Bulkhead Lights Save Money, Save Energy, Compact & Robust, Big on Brightness, Small on Size.



on energy!

Up to

70W* of

light using max 5W of LED power!

For our complete Ener g y S av ing L ED P IR L ighting Range. V i c to r y P a r k , 4 0 0 E d g w a r e Ro a d , L o n d o n N W 2 6 N D

S a l e s O f f i c e D i r e c t L i n e: 0 2 0 8 4 5 2 1112

Email: csc

Editors choice - Top companies 2013

MODIFIED AND ENGINEERED TIMBER PROVIDES THE ANSWER Increasingly, the joinery and construction sectors are looking to specify products which are not only dimensionally stable and durable but also legal and sustainable and both Accoya速 and WoodEx速 - which are supplied by James Latham - offer an attractive solution.

Editors choice - Top companies 2013 Accoya® One of the most advanced wood products on the market, Accoya® is a

proprietary wood

Guaranteed for 50 years in exterior use and 25 years

hardwoods, Accoya® is a

Accoya® is a fantastic

had a fantastic reaction construction sectors due

and species and provides


numerous features and

Editors Choice - Top Companies 2013


mongst Jaymart’s vast portfolio of specialist

Plaza Vinyl Flooring Range From Jaymart

Matting Specialists Since 1967

make an entrance With over 40 years of experience and one of the UK’s largest range of entrance mats, we can fulfil all your matting needs.

For further information please phone:

01373 864926


Editors choice - Top companies 2013

White Glove Logistics for the Interior Design Community Established in 1966, AirSea Packing Group (ASPG) provides the Interior Design community with specialist white glove logistical services from fully managed storage through handling, packing, shipping, delivery and installation of bespoke furniture and unique items to worldwide projects. ASPG have a wide range of cliental from Interior Designers, Design Furniture Manufacturers, Antique & Art Dealers, Galleries, Private Individuals to Auction Houses and Museums.

contact details follow: Storage: Secure facilities where items can be held whilst an inventory for a project grows towards completion and installation. across the range are stored in an appropriate environment. For full visibility, photographic inventory is standard, with stringent in-house quality control procedures to keep items safe and organised. Specialist Handling: In-house training give staff the knowledge and skills required to handle Fine Art, Antiques, bespoke Design Furniture and any other object which may be unique, fragile, oversized and/or valuable. Packing and Shipping: The biggest potential problem for all domestic and international projects is transit damage. It may sound obvious, but, this is why it is essential that all items are packed correctly. With over 40 years’ experience in the industry, ASPG has specialist solutions and methods to pack every conceivable item or object for transit to any destination discrete partners and agents, delivery and installation can be arranged for any destination. Installation and Delivery: Depending on a client’s requirements, ASPG will deliver items to a project jobsite, and, in addition to unpacking the items and placing them in the client’s desired location, specialist teams will assemble furniture, hang mirrors, install art work and remove all packaging. ASPG are Industry Partners of both the Society of British Interior Design (SBID) and the British Institute of Interior Design (BIID)

Contact Information To see how AirSea Packing could assist you with future via any of the below options:

(t) +44 (0)208 8933 303 (e) (w)

Assisting Interior Designers on projects since 1966 with Storage, Transportation, Packing, Shipping, Installation & White Glove Delivery of Design Furniture, Art, Antiques & FF&E throughout the World. London Office t + 44 20 8893 3303 e


London Paris New York Los Angeles Miami Worldwide

Editors choice - Top companies 2013

LOFTZONE: INVENTION OF THE YEAR 2013 Loft insulation stops heat going out your loft, right? Wrong. Because recent research has shown that loft insulation isn’t working in 80% of homes. This is because householders use the loft for storage and access, and squash the insulation with boxes and boards. The research (by the National Physical Laboratory and Carbon Trust) showed that this halves the insulation’s thermal performance, and wastes a power station’s worth of energy across the UK. It’s also an eyesore, and the loft becomes a dusty, unpleasant, untidy, zone.

Editors choice - Top companies 2013

But pioneering British company, LoftZone, is on a mission to change that. To protect insulation from compression, and to provide safe access, LoftZone has brought to market a raised deck, called StoreFloor. It is popular Best New Invention at the Ideal Home Show, but has also been designed for the trade, being fast to install and also very strong. Moreover, LoftZone is the only solution on the market that complies with Building Regulations Parts K, L and P,Working at Height and CDM Regulations, and so it is no surprise that it is


LoftZone StoreFloor 01483 600304

One recent adopter was the Guinness Partnership, who installed the system in 65 properties in London. Chris Wait, Head of Programme and Planning, was pleased that the LoftZone product had come on to the market. out there about the importance of protecting squashed. The LoftZone platforms provide that protection and they also provide safe access routes to components that need repairing, such as water tanks. We intend to continue using the systems when replacing roof coverings.�

For further information about LoftZone StoreFloor, visit, email or call 01483 600304.

Started 11 years ago Nomad Ideas is a family business which sources unique and beautiful Kilim from Turkey. Using the rugs we create bespoke furniture, home accessories, shoes, handbags and other accessories. We also sell the Kilims to use as rugs, which are incredibly popular as they look stunning and brighten up any room, whilst also adding a warm homely feel. An added bonus is they are the ultimate in hard wearing and robust floor covering. Right from the beginning our Kilim expert in Istanbul helped us find the best rugs for each design and he is now also a great friend. Then in 2007 Victoria my middle daughter joined the business after she gained a distinction on a three-year course from The Association of Master Upholsterers. Victoria was trained in and works using the traditional method to ensure these beautiful old Kilims have a new lease of life that will also last many generations. Being fortunate enough to have Victoria on hand, we are happy to discuss any design ideas you may have which are not already on our website When needed we use a local craftsman to make the wooden bases for all our furniture products, they are designed to be very strong and made to last. The metal framework for the Fender seats is also sourced locally (see photo), they are brushed steel, can have twisted or straight uprights, curved or square openings and would obviously be the height of your choice.

Our shoes, handbags and accessories are made to a very high standard in Turkey, with great care taken by us to provide fun colours and up to date styles. The sofas and chairs we find in the UK are stripped back to their original wooden frame which is then treated and re-upholstered before the Kilim is put on. There is no point putting a precious rug on a piece of furniture which will not stand the test of time. We run a very personal service, every detail is carefully thought through and for the larger items like the fender seats we will come and measure your fireplace, so there is no room for error. We have made furniture for people all over England and Scotland as well as sending pieces to Greece, France, Germany and America. Every product is lovingly wrapped and put in a crate before arriving in tip top condition. We pride ourselves in going the extra mile to create a much loved piece that will be passed down with happy family memories to your grandchildren, we feel this is no less than these beautiful Kilims deserve.

FURNISHINGS - top 3 of 2013

The Original Geochron

The Geochron World clock allows any observer to determine what time it is anywhere in the world. Physically the Geochron looks like a framed world map, about 2×3 ft. in size. The colourful map itself is an endless belt that is driven slowly from left to right by an electric clock motor in synchronism with the rotation of the earth. All known legal time zone boundaries are delineated on the map by dark blue lines which in most cases, converge on lettered pointers on the top edge of the map. These letters identify the standard time zones and also represent the short wave radio

Sun’s equation of time Degrees of latitude and longitude Four Models of The Geochron World the same, however the surround of the clocks are different. The map runs the same, the seasons change the same and both include a minute analogue dial in the top right hand corner of the front panel. This dial allows for more accurate time keeping because hour and runs in unison with the map.


Legal time zones Greenwich Mean time Greenwich Apparent time Local Apparent time Moment of sunrise Moment of sunset Duration of daylight Sun’s meridian passage

The major differences are aesthetic. The Original Kilburg – available with a vinyl surround in a number of different popular by far is black.

The Contemporary Model – this is the best selling model, and as the name suggests works well in any modern environment. The surrounds for the Contemporary Models include; 1. Stainless Steel - Polished like a 2.

Powder Coats – White, Silver or the range and is proving a winner, particularly the White Powder Coat, as it matched your Apple


Anodized Aluminium - Gold, Silver

choice of 6 Natural Wood veneers a special “cove moulding” on their natural wood


These handmade moving masterpieces, have adorned the offices of the world’s largest organisations, as well as the homes of discerning individuals who need to know more than just local time. At a glance it shows you the current time across the world, as well the mesmerising progression of daylight and darkness around the Earth.

Tel: +44 (0) 1923 777477 Email: HDA10.13

Furnishings - top 3 of 2013

Inside Out Contracts Inside Out Contracts are one of the UK's leading suppliers of commercial furniture in the UK, with a proud reputation for offering the latest designs, attention to detail, quality furniture and great customer care within the hospitality & leisure industry. This is supported by their impressive clientele list which includes Fortnum & Mason’s, Pizza Express, Servisair Lounges at 6 main UK airports and Candy & Candy for One Hyde Park Apartments. With over fourteen years of trading, Inside Out are perfectly set up to assist with all your furniture requirements in a one stop service. Offering sound product knowledge, the latest furniture designs & a great customer experience which extends post project.

Inside Out provide an exceptional bespoke seating service that allows you to work with their in-house design team to create your own

your requirements, all of which are traditionally handmade in the UK. In addition their in-house design team offer a FREE space planning and bespoke seating design service. This service enables you to maximise the space within your venue and can help you avoid costly mistakes. It removes the guesswork from furniture buying by giving you a clear indication of the right furniture sizes and quantities required. Their design team also offer inspiring 3D images of your furniture in selected areas within your location, this enables you to see your project in near-photorealistic quality giving you

a good idea of the design themes and colours you've planned bringing your project to life. This combined with over 5000 pieces of furniture on their website www. offers an impressive portfolio of products, A visit to the Inside Out London furniture showroom in Greenwich is recommended, to “try before you buy” and view many of the best-selling pieces, as well as a range of fabric and Out library. To contact Inside Out and discuss your latest project call: 020 8305 3130 or email:

inside out

HEATING - Top 3 of 2013 Storage heating is dead! Long live efficient electric central heating!


HEATING - Top 3 of 2013

HEATEC EV INCREASES PRODUCT RANGE Heatec can trace its origins back more than 25 years to a group of designers and engineers who set about solving the then difficult problem of heating sensitive areas whilst ensuring that the young and the elderly where not put at risk. A control unit was developed and patented which gained wide acceptance with local councils responsible for care homes, colleges for student lodgings, the heating of public places and for areas requiring maintained environments such as National Trust buildings and similar.

RC12 Thermostatic Control

The Heatec range of Cast Iron Radiators has been enhanced by the inclusion of three new models to Heatec’s European manufactured ranges of Cast Iron. The Imperial Victorian range now includes heights of 430mm, 580mm, and 980mm as standard, as well as the original 680mm high model. Additionally 5 column, 3 column and 2 column Cast Iron Victorian Radiators are available on request. The very popular Bohemia range has seen the new 990mm high Radiator added to the standard range. Imperial Victorian Electric radiator

BUT offered for the first time is the NEW Designer range of BOHEMIA RETRO Cast Iron Radiators at 640mm high with traditionally patterned cast iron surface suitable for traditional buildings and very modern designer homes The development of refurbishment projects bringing new life to old warehouses and other traditional buildings covered by Class1 and Class 2 preservation orders has been helped by the use of Heatec electric radiators thus minimising the damage to buildings infrastructure. Bohemia Retro

Heatec continues to develop with its latest ranges of Radiators which now include Chrome Plated Radiators and Towel Rails, a new range of designer Cast Aluminium Radiators and Traditional European Cast Iron Radiators.

Slimline Electric Radiator & Remote Programmer

Recent additions include the EV range of Electric Radiators and Panel Heaters manufactured by our Spanish partner and available with both oil filled types and with dry elements. These Radiators can be remotely controlled and offer up to 40% energy saving.

Many Heatec Radiators are also available for use in wet systems - oil and gas fired – together with accessories. A conversion service is also offered for customers own radiators (subject to quality – not second-hand). PROJECTS have included – The Scottish Parliament, Chartwell (home of Winston Churchill), Fountains Abbey, The Argory (in Northern Ireland), Stonehill Manor (Worcestershire), The Vine, Ightham Moat, MOD Cat.3 Buildings, St.Giles Cathedral, Portsmouth Boys School, Snows Hill Manor Broadway, and many others. (NB. Heatec EV is a registered Brand Name licensed to Heating Direct Limited) Digitally Controlled Towel Rails with 7 day timers

Heatec EV, 279, Eastbourne Avenue, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE8 4NN Tel:0845 8726667 Fax:0845 8726668


Heatec EV Specialist in supplying Heritage Properties and Traditional Homes

Suppliers to the National Trust -

Chartwell (Home of Sir Winston Churchill), Fountains Abbey etc..

High Quality Cast Iron – Only from European Manufacturers Room Temperature Thermostatic Controls or Fixed Temperature controls Painted to blend with the Radiators Electric outputs available from 550– 3000 Watts (1877 - 10236 BTUs) Perfect for Renovation and Refurbishment of Historical Properties Modern & Traditional designs with any RAL colour available Heating Direct Ltd, 279, Eastbourne Ave, Gateshead, NE8 4NN Tel:0845 8726667 Fax:0845 8726668 Email:sales@heatecev.Com

HEATING - Top 3 of 2013 Radiating Style Ltd. Call us now on 020 8577 9111

Building and Facilities News is proud to present Radiating Style Ltd as its selected Heating Components Company of the Month. Established in 1990, Radiating Style Ltd is renowned for producing unique radiators and towel rails in traditional and contemporary designs. The company, which is based in Twickenham, has built a strong reputation of delivering affordable, high quality products nationwide, to retail and trade customers alike. Radiating Style specialise in highlighting and providing the latest designed products within the UK market. Bal Seira, Director at Radiating Style Ltd, commented: “Our product spectrum is vast, ranging from the conventional and traditional styles through to our designer radiators which are modern masterpieces! product offering. We are proud to say that the majority of our designs are exclusive to us and our product portfolio offers maximum variety, both in size and colour including a selection of distinctive metallic shades. “Originality is paramount. We ensure that our designs are full of imagination and always practical, We offer outstanding quality and expert advice and a comprehensive aftercare service. Although we do not install our products ourselves, we do offer additional services and heat calculation requirements for our customers during the supply process. “To sum up, Radiating Style provides the best products at the best prices, with the best service. Our with us and hope that buying from us takes the stress out of the buying.”

heat areas of the home. With dual heating options they are a great option for supplementing existing stylish and available in either single or double panel.

Radiating Style Ltd. Call us now on 020 8577 9111 Established for over twenty years, at Radiating Style we have a reputation for producing unique radiators and towel rails in traditional and contemporary designs. Our product spectrum is vast, ranging from the conventional and traditional styles through to our designer radiators which are modern masterpieces! We are always thinking ahead in terms of both design and functionality which is reflected in our product offering. We are proud to say that the majority of our designs are exclusive to us and our product portfolio offers maximum variety, both in size and colour including a selection of distinctive metalic shades. Originality is paramount. We ensure that our designs are full of imagination and always practical, providing high thermal efficiency whilst allowing plenty of scope for customisation. We offer outstanding quality and expert advice and a comprehensive aftercare service.





RS Victorian


Trade Prices Available 01322 222474

Handsie Display is a recognisable name at many of the UK’s leading outdoor events and exhibitions. We supply equipment annually to the British Open Golf Championships, Goodwood Festival of Speed, Goodwood Revival, Chelsea Flower Show, Henley Regatta, Hampton Court Flower Shows, Burleigh Horse Trials and a host of other prestigious events throughout the year. We also regularly work at some of the UK’s leading venues, including Ascot Racecourse, Newmarket Racecourse, Wentworth Golf Club, Earls Court, Excel and Olympia. Such is our reputation that we appointed to provide bespoke catering outlets for London 2012 and 2010 Winter Olympics in Vancouver. Whether you require bars, catering outlets and equipment, exhibition stands or a bespoke design and build service, our experienced and highly professional team, will work with you to ensure the success of your event. Handsie Display has been awarded accreditation from safe contractor for its commitment to achieving excellence in health and safety. “2014 is set to be an exciting and progressive year in advanced machinery including a CNC machine to broaden our service offering. Clients are looking for more sophisticated designs as standard without stretching their budgets; this machinery allows us to achieve that – whether we are working with an interior designer, set builder or event producer we can help bring their vision to life in a physical and 3D way”. Dan Hands, Managing Director, Handsie Display

CUTTING EDGE Handsie Display’s in-house CNC, Edge banding and Panel Saw services offer our customers unlimited manufacturing options; using computer aided designs (CAD) we cut and finish sophisticated designs from a range of sheet materials at very competitive prices.

CNC PRECISION CUTTING Computer numerical cutting operates on a 3 axis system, so not only does it cut sophisticated designs on large format sheet materials accurately it can control the depth of cut for carving, engraving and inlaying to create 3D images and designs.

EDGE BANDING By pre-milling, corner rounding and sealing cut materials we ensure a premium finish, durability and extended product life. Using a range of low cost materials we can create superior looks such as solid wood, high gloss and decorative chipboard.

PANEL SAW Our premium machinery is a cost effective method of cutting high volumes of large format materials. By providing cutting lists directly we use our inventory of stocked materials for fast delivery or work with you for bespoke services.

HANDSIE DISPLAY Your dedicated point of contact will work with you to ensure the highest standards in design, manufacture and installation. If you have a defined cutting list upload your requirements here or if you are looking to create CAD plans please contact us and we will find an effective solution for you.

Contact Steve Jewett on T: 01322 222474 M: 07961 496987 email: t4t

Special Reader Offer

Katheleys - A Unique Place to be Different !

(London) (London) PARIS

Battersea Park Battersea Park

THE ENGLISH WARDOBE COMPANY Creating beautiful, functional storage solutions designed with classically inspired styling in mind, The English Wardrobe Company prides itself upon English manufacture for a discerning clientele. The English Wardrobe Company brings together stunning design and functionality with a comprehensive collection of wardrobe designs. Inspired by classic periods of English history: including Regency, Revival, Edwardian, Deco and a soft interpretation of Victorian styling, they would suit any taste and style of home. Designed and built in England, you can view all the wardrobe door designs at their showroom in Ripley, Surrey. The business owners have over storage projects for designers and architects whose clients own contemporary and traditional homes.

as shoe shelves, hanging rails, shirt shelves, drawers, and tie / belt racks. They also give the interior options a great amount of consideration, ensuring that the client’s storage needs are always made as custom made as possible.

To discover more about The English Wardrobe Company simply visit their inspiring website to designer.


01483 22 55 00 The English Wardrobe Company To view our online brochure & find your nearest designer Unit B, Polesden Lane, Send, Ripley, Surrey, GU23 6JX 01483 22 55 00 Brighton Bristol Cardiff Cobham Guildford London Marlow Milton Keynes Notting Hill

t12t t28t







Manchester Yorkshire


01483 22 55 00 To view our online brochure & find your nearest designer Brighton


Notting Hill





Guildford Wandsworth

London Wiltshire


Milton Keynes



Manchester Yorkshire

t13t t29t

Roofing & Drainage - Top 3 of 2013


his house was designed by Armstron Achitects

a contemporary feel and yet surrounds in leafy Prestbury (a Culde sac with mainly 60s & 70s From the front the house bungalow, but on entering the building a spectacular double-

this space accessing a glass rear garden centred on a piece rear courtyard is at the same inside and what is outside when the numerous foldingsliding doors open from the public

The materials chosen externally are natural slates, coloured render and facing brickwork, with

The juggling of all the sub-contractors has been a logistical feat which has been masterfully

RAINWATER SYSTEMS Excellence in service

Aluminium Guttering The new ROYALTY range from Stormguard Rainwater Systems gives Architects and Designers innovative and exciting options on guttering.


ith our ROYALTY range you can transform guttering into an attractive main feature - enhancing the appearance of any property and increasing its value.

Fascias & Soffits

The aesthetic beauty of the king and queen brackets complete with Tudor Rose Emblem, together with our new ClipFit Aluminium guttering has the following benefits:

Anti-climb 0IPES


Bespoke & standard Wall Capping

Clip fit Gutters


Easy fit Box Gutters Bespoke Gutters & Flashing

For more information, phone us on 01625 665096

COMPANY Roofing & Drainage - Top 3PROFILE: of 2013 PERMAROOF UK LTD

roof systems, trims and associated roofing components. From its head office distribution centre in Derby, Permaroof (UK) Ltd has earned an enviable reputation for the supply of Firestone Rubbercover. Reliability of service and a bespoke training facility has led to a month by month increase of its stockist network. As authorised importer and distributor, Permaroof's mission is to make Rubbercover widely available across the UK. Permaroof (UK) Ltd was founded in 2000. It was at this time that Firestone Building Products was looking at entering the residential market with its superior flat roof system. Back then, it was difficult to persuade the public to try something new to solve the age old problem of leaking flat roofs. Now Permaroof UK is one of the UK's largest suppliers to the UK residential market.

A cold applied system, requiring no heat, no flames, and no trouble obviously a unique selling point to tradesmen - it is easy to install, making it attractive to both trade and DIY.

Training centre Permaroof has its own national Rubbercover training centre and holds one day introductory training courses twice a week, giving full hands on experience of installing the range of products. Attendees go away with a full understanding of the products and system, as well as a numbered certificate, presenter, brochures, samples, tools, and sample roof. Partly subsidised by Permaroof as proof of its commitment to the growing popularity of the product, this facility is available to all Permaroof customers and stockist network customers.

Permaroof Trim速 To complement the Firestone Rubbercover system, Permaroof also offers its patented uPVC trim system, providing a perfect finish for a roof.



The unique gutter edge design eliminates the need for any fixings to penetrate the membrane, the only system on the market to offer this. Eighteen months in its design, the finished article is now distributed through Permaroof's national network of stockists, and is soon to be launched into Europe.

Dedicated support team Each member of the fourteen strong Permaroof support team is fully trained on the full product range and responsible for a particular area of the business, serving and supporting the stockist network. Internal and external sales teams, customer liaison staff, warehouse staff, accounts department, and an in house technical department make up the winning team. Opportunities Permaroof is inviting interested stockist outlets to join its ever growing network. An excellent package is on offer, including point of sale material, display boards, sample roofs, open days, and full training for staff members.

Green Roof Systems Permaroof also offers a green roof system, with a full specification service for customers. Deliveries can be made directly to site, thus eliminating the need for stock holding. The green roof system comes as bespoke, or as an established modular system, giving end users a completed green roof system almost straight away.

The Product Firestone Rubbercover is a single sheet of EPDM rubber, available in sizes up to 15m wide by 61m long, meaning most residential applications come in one piece with no joints. It's totally UV stable with an expected lifespan in excess of fifty years, as already proven by the Trade Association of the German Rubber Industry, Frankfurt, and SKZ - TeConA GmbH, Wurburg.

As from June 1st 2010, Permaroof is launching its Green Roof awareness days for customers, giving them an insight into what green roofs are, how they work, and guidance on installations.

Existing stockists are seeing sales grow monthly. The popularity of the product continues to soar as the public greets this product with open arms: a solution to flat roofs that's been a long time coming! Permaroof would be particularly pleased to hear from Scottish branches. Managing director, Adrian Buttress, says: "For the last ten years we have been involved with this product and enjoyed watching the sales literally grow every month. As yet, we have done very little in the Scottish areas, and are keen to meet with key interested companies. There are several options for them to get involved, with a market ready to be discovered." Permaroof is urging merchants to act as soon as possible, as once the stockist network has been created, the company will be working on national advertising to help and support them. Further Information Further information is available by email, by visiting the company website, or by calling the number below. The friendly sales team are always happy to discuss requirements. For those already involved with EPDM, Permaroof is offering some fantastic deals as a result of its bulk buying power directly from the manufacturer.

New fo Permarr 2013 Green R oof oo System f

Who we are:

and it continued to develop under its own steam. And so it began - Roy handed in his resignation as MD of

Dr Roy Jenkins BSc. PhD. Managing Director - Krete Sustain Systems Ltd BSc . Hons. Science (University of Glasgow) Ph.D. Chemistry (University of Glasgow sponsored by United States Air Force)

began planning his vision for taking RoofKrete / Krete forwards into a building industry where the growing need for Sustainable High Performance products and systems are

Roy primarily is involved with the day to day running of the company and ensures the vision and drive to meet the company’s high standards are met or exceeded on a daily placed to deal with all projects. History Headed Management ‘Buy-Out’ of Thermalite Ltd (Aerated Concrete Blocks) in 1984 and persuaded Neil Armstrong to come to the UK to re-launch the Thermalite brand. - Quite an achievement as Neil Armstrong has never been involved with any business publicity since his historic Moon Landing! Headed Management ‘Buy-Out’ of Quiligotti Ltd (Terrazo Flooring - UK and USA) 1990 - 1992 Managing Director of Icopal Ltd UK (Largest manufacturer

connected with consultants who were already working on advanced systems for both MMC and MMR. MMC - modern methods of construction MMR - modern methods of refurbishment

The Company has been relaunched as Krete Sustain Systems the company has partnered with Blackdown Horticultural Consultants Limited who are based in the south west of England and offer a national service. They have many years experience in commercial horticulture and at the Royal Horticultural Society working with temperate and tropical plants. The managing director Alan Williams has a PhD in They are passionate about plants and the vital role they will play in our increasingly urbanised environment.

Background to Roy’s Equity Purchase of RoofKrete installation and maintenance of lightweight roof planting in this country with regard to roof planting in that: any that could add to the future business of Icopal in new areas.

tested by the Icopal Research & Development Development

All the components are sourced in the UK. Blackdown grow all their own plant material including the exclusive NatureMat® instant greening system. The schemes are tailored to the UK climate. ONE STOP GREEN ROOFING the Partnership of both companies allows for a complete service from installation of the GreenKrete


design and installation of the green roof/ soil system and a maintenance

Icopal looked to purchase RoofKrete to grow the innovative and high performing system and make into a National and

few years with a green roof

Gridshell Building

Buro Happold Consulting Engineer

Edward Cullinan Architect

Why RoofKrete? RoofKrete Waterproofing was specified instead of conventional Sustainability Factors RoofKrete Single Ply PVC or Single Ply PVC or TPO because of sustainability. Single Ply TPO

Architects Journal Award Durability

75/100 Years

20 Years

Embodied Energy


47,000 kWh/m3

Transport Embodied Energy

Very Small

Huge 2MJ/Ton Km



Difficult + Pollution


Identical installed cost

Millennium Award 2000

Eco House Award 2009

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design truly affordable lighting of the highest quality, delivered and simple self assembly.


From their beautiful Silvia and Conia shades VITA UK Showroom

pure light in white

to the softest of shades, the EOS made from purest white feathers,

VITA Conia

VITA Silvia



Lighting - top 3 of 2013

A Window of Opportunity UK manufacturer of electrical accessories, Focus SB, played a part in preserving the Baroque interior of the Queen’s State Apartments at Hampton Court Palace. When the: Wild, The Beautiful and The

“The amount of work that went into this simple job is incredible. Focus SB were good to us; they were patient and empathetic to our requirements. This was a very particular job and they never promised more than they could deliver.” Damned, exhibition at ended in September 2012, The Historic Royal Places, the charity that looks after Hampton Court Palace, saw a rare window of opportunity to undertake some much needed re-wiring in the Queens State Apartments.

Court Palace meant the refurbishment had to be completed with minimal to no impact on the interior. “You simply cannot drill through walls here,” Harry Brimmel, the project manager explained. If there were any changes to the external face, then these had to match the rest of the interior and go unnoticed. When preserving a historical treasure, time is not of the essence, but rather patience. So time was taken to thread cable from one room to the next by going up three stories and down again so not to make any fresh insertions into the walls. Pre-existing pathways were followed from lamp to socket to switch.


The electrical plates, the face of the rewiring, were all made bespoke, in order to match the old, by Focus SB. The plates had to be approved by English Heritage. This planning process took around six weeks and Focus SB had to be prepared to make the alterations, which they were and did. Harry commented: “The amount of work that went into this simple job is incredible. Focus SB were good to us; they were patient and empathetic to our requirements. This was a very particular job and they never promised more than they could deliver.” Roger Kemp, managing director of the UK manufacturing company Focus SB, commented on what it was like to manufacturer it is really satisfying to be working on historic UK properties in conjunction with English Heritage in order to maintain the integrity of the building for future generations.” Focus SB has worked on interiors from the grand to the humble, and from the ultra modern to the classical. They have worked closely with interior designers to create beautiful electrical accessories that adorn a room, feel luxurious and at a price that doesn’t bust the budget. If you are working on a refurbishment and are looking for electrical accessories, please visit their website: or call: 01424 858060 The palace plates used were: The Bronze Antique, The Focus Floor Plates with Flip Lip were primed so they could then be painted the same colour of the walls and blend in.

Lighting - top 3 of 2013

D R E A M I N G O F A M AT T W H I T E C H R I S T M A S ?


hen look no further than the Ambassador flat

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers past and present

plate range from Focus SB, available in a subtle but stylish Matt White finish. Plus get exactly the plates you wish for with our Bespoke service.

No long lead times

No minimum order

Complete bespoke service

Tel: 01424 858060



Lighting - top 3 of 2013

“We installed a LiteTile colour-changing splashback and the effect was nothing short of stunning”.

LiteTile Ltd LiteTile Ltd have been designing, manufacturing and installing bespoke illuminated glass splashbacks since 2011.

colour or be completely colourchanging – giving total versatility in the kitchen. A small easy to use remote control unit is supplied with every LiteTile installation. A LiteTile splashback combines If more control of the LEDs is excellent task lighting with required alternative control units a decorative feature which are available, ranging from wallcompliments any kitchen. LiteTiles mounted units with a memory are unique to each kitchen – each facility to units controlled via a splashback is built individually to smart phone. The glass front to the LiteTile LiteTile splashbacks are very splashbacks means that cleaning is easy – just a wipe with a soft behind a worktop or hob and damp cloth. A brushed stainless are very easy to install, however steel frame comes as standard an installation service is available on all splashbacks – however, the if requried. They are also energy frames can be painted to match a

both impressive and unique. We installed a LiteTile colour-changing splashback and the effect was nothing short of stunning”. However, a LiteTile doesn’t just have to be limited to a kitchen – it can be used in a bathroom or bedroom, or anywhere where slimline task lighting or feature lighting is requried. In addition to offering an illuminated splashback, LiteTile Ltd also offer an architectural lighting service for architects and interiors designers for commercial projects etc.

very latest high output LEDs. Each unit is sealed and the LEDs are fully IP-rated and temperature controlled to prolong longevity of the LEDs. A single splashback can be up to 3m in length and up to 1.5m high and can either be single

LiteTile splashbacks don’t just look good behind a worktop – they look great behind a hob or kitchen in a new light, visit underneath a breakfast bar as well. Tel: +44 (0)1225 833696 “With lighting and atmosphere an Email: integral part of my design brief, I

Bespoke LED illuminated colour changing splashbacks

Tel: 01225 833696 Email:

Architects News “the superior steel Rainwater system”

Icds Arch Ltd Announces X House – The First Flat Packed Green Home


Architects News

Gainsborough Specialist Bathing Launches New Range Of Modular Shower Units For Care Environments Gainsborough Specialist Bathing, Europe’s leading choice in hi-lo assisted baths, has launched a new range of assistive showers to complement its popular baths and recently introduced patient hoists.

As part of the Care in Bathing group Gainsborough Specialist Bathing (http://www. has manufactured in the UK for over 25 years and the launch of These modular shower units, with integrated folding seats, encompass the same high levels of quality, safety and comfort associated with Gainsborough baths. Ideal for showering solutions are exceptionally durable and remarkably versatile. The ability to shower safely and in complete comfort has been carefully considered throughout the product development process. This has resulted in showering solutions that incorporate Gainsborough’s innovative MicroGuard antimicrobial protection. This greatly reduces the risk of cross-infection and TMV2/3 thermostatically controlled shower units prevent any risk of scalding. Gordon Farmiloe, Care in Bathing Managing Director commented: “2013 has already proven to be highly successful for Gainsborough Specialist Bathing and this latest launch will further strengthen our product portfolio. We take pride in now being able to offer customers a more comprehensive package of solutions. We are regarded as true pioneers in the assisted bathing market and have employed all our expertise in developing this new showering range. These exciting new solutions are the result of intensive R&D that will ensure the range meets all the demands of the modern care environment.” Available in three modular sizes to accommodate various room layouts, the new assistive showers from Gainsborough maximise

padded seat or mobile shower chair to assist with client transfers in and out of the bathroom.

Stunning Pair of Grand Marble Lion Statues Delivered to Country Estate by Regent Antiques Leading antiques dealer Regent Antiques recently made a special delivery to one British country estate. Leading antiques dealer Regent Antiques recently made a special delivery to one British country estate. This highly unusual pair of roaring lion statues have impression wherever their new owner chooses to place them. Lions have long been an important cultural symbol throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, with their usage dating back thousands of years. These incredible creatures sit near the top of the food chain within the animal kingdom, and there have been many incidents of lions attacking humans throughout history. However, lions retain a positive reputation in popular culture, thanks to their demeanour which is seen as a strong, but gentle, giant. The most popular depiction of the lion throughout history and culture is symbolic of their image as “king of the jungle.” Lions are typically used as a symbol of stateliness and bravery, hence why they are often used in relation to royalty, and have just delivered. Leading UK antiques specialists Regent Antiques have a fantastic collection of beautiful antiques, spanning various different historical periods. From grand cabinets and banquet tables, made from the highest quality woods, to more intricate items such as Sterling silver dining sets; Regent Antiques has one of the most extensive collections of antique around. or garden, including more pieces similar to these grand pink marble lion statues, visit the Regent Antiques website at


Design News Decorate for Christmas with Stuff of Dreams By: Stuff of Dreams

Fill your home with beautiful and original Christmas decorations this year, with the help of Stuff of Dreams. Handpicked from various sources around the globe, they offer a sustainable and original alternative to conventional decorations. From distressed tea lights and lanterns to shimmering hanging glass baubles, there is something here for every area of the home! Prices: Daya Lanterns, £6.95 Silver Tea Lights, £3.95 Can Star Lantern, £6.70 Bird Hook, £3.50 6 Rustic Glass Baubles, £8.75 Glass Heart Baubles, £5.50 African Star Christmas Decoration, £4.95 African Dove Christmas Decoration, £5.95 Stuff of Dreams 01280820533

New wave Rococo at Living It Up Living It Up’s electrifying new range puts an unexpected vibrant spin on majestic Siècle des Lumières era furniture. Classic cabinets, consoles, and writing desks have been reimagined in the perfect mix of bold contemporary colours and classic vintage design. No detail has been spared in true 19th Century Style, from elegant tapered legs to the ornate brass handles. The chests and tables are sure to draw envious glances from anyone who catches a glimpse. All the furniture has been constructed out of mahogany for durability as well as being hand painted to give each piece a true sense of individuality Marie Chest Of Drawers (Height: 86, Width: 131, Depth: 54): £1,999.000 Knightsbridge Console (Height: 81, Width: 121, Depth: 45): £499 Sienna Nightstand (Height: 75, Width: 60, Depth: 40): £299 Beatrix Bureau (Height: 91, Width: 69, Depth: 46): £399 Shelley Bureau (Height: 114, Width: 114, Depth: 50): £599 Victoria Chest Of Drawers (Height: 91, Width: 120, Depth: 51): £649 Living It Up 0116 269 5960


Design News Monochrome Kitchen Must-Haves from Doris & Boris By: Doris & Boris

Keep your kitchen looking sleek and stylish with these black and white kitchen accessories from Doris & Boris. From novel tea towels and mugs to slate cake stands and memo boards, these items are sure to make your kitchen look fresh and contemporary. Invite your favourite celebrity chef in to your kitchen with these humorous tea towels and mugs now available at Doris & Boris. Whether you have a penchant for Gordon and Delia, or know someone who is a budding Jamie or Nigella, these black and white tea towels and mugs would make a great gift and are perfect for a monochrome styled diner. If you fancy yourself as a bit of a baker, show off your sweet treats in style with the slate cake stand. With a simple elegant design, this two tier stand would be the perfect accessory for a spot of afternoon tea! Never forget the butter again with these gorgeous slate memo boards. Practical and stylish, they can be written on with chalk and are ideal for writing your shopping list or leaving messages for the family.

Doris & Boris | 0207 384 3355

New Monochrome Patchwork Tiles take the UK by Storm By: Alhambra Home & Garden

We are proud to announce our newest line of tiles fabulous monochrome patchworks from Spain, exclusive to Alhambra! The new porcelain series comes in unglazed 29.7cm x and 20cm x 20cm glazed tiles for the wall. The tiles come in random packs in a truly fantastic array of patterns, unlike anything we’ve seen in the UK before! Doubleshelves into the arms of some of our top Interior Design companies. There are also coloured versions of the same designs.

We also stock encaustic cement tiles from Spain in over 80 designs and unlimited colourways, via our interactive tile chooser References available, or check out our case studies For more information please contact us at or via our website www.



have been importing natural products from all parts of the world for over 30 years, designed by Nick Smyth the Managing Director with emphasis on colour, texture and shape he has succeeded in giving his ranges a natural balance. "In these days of machine made goods it is a real pleasure to handle beautifully a pleasure to own them, whether it be a Hazel Hurdle, an Ethnic Bag, or a hand woven basket made with care and attention in remote parts of the world". New Products for 2013 There are many new products and product ranges available in our Garden Products, Metal Garden Products, Baskets and Bags sections, including Product Catalogue

Home Designer & Architect - December 2013