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Technogym offers complimentary CPD training in Wellness Design Designed to help professionals in architecture and design to create stunning and effective Wellness spaces for clients; both commercial and private. Whether you’re designing a home gym, hotel spa or installing into a yacht, Technogym’s Wellness Design CPD will give you the grounding you need to understand better your clients’ needs, and deliver a more accurate solution. Technogym’s in house Wellness Design specialists are on hand to help you with more complex projects, particularly where clients have specific fitness goals. We can support with 2D and 3D renders, walkthroughs and share years of experience in overcoming challenges in design and installation.

Book your CPD Training Call us FREE on: 0808 250 1354

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Specialists in sliding and folding door hardware solutions Henderson is constantly building on over 90 years’ experience of developing innovative sliding and folding door hardware systems. Our UK based manufacturing facilities and technical team ensure Henderson provide you with the high quality solution for every application.

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Automation Glass Specialist

discuss your contact our technical team on 0191 377 7345. To discuss yourproject projectneeds, needs, contact our technical team on 0191 377 7345 To request a brochure please email and quote HEND01 t3t

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HOME COMFORTS Spring has sprung once again, and with it we can look forward to an injection of colour and warmth after what has inarguably been a dark and dreary winter. We caught up with lord of home interior design Laurence LlewelynBowen at The Ideal Home Show. He spoke about a recent change in the direction of interior decoration, and what we can do to introduce light into our homes in advance of the changing of the clocks. “At the moment it’s all about the excitement of fashionability in interior decorating,” Llewelyn-Bowen imparts. “I think that’s lovely; it shows that as a nation we’ve become much more confident as interior decorators.” It seems that the clouds over Britain have finally parted, and our interiors are taking note. “You know, we are all wanting to bring a sense of that gorgeous British 'outdooriness' into our homes to celebrate the fact that the days are getting longer, the weather is getting sunnier, the floods are receding – finally! I was on the verge of actually growing my own rice at one point!” “There’s a real feeling of the year having moved on now; let’s indulge ourselves in bright, light optimistic decorating.” Llewelyn-Bowen notes a certain move away from the emphasis on modernity and technology that has dominated the interiors scene for the past couple of years. If this is the case, will we be seeing more classic British interiors in the following months?

challenging place so they wanted their interiors to be a real sensual overload that allowed them to forget about the drudgery of day to day living. But I think now it’s like someone has opened the curtain,” he offers. “Someone’s opened the windows and there is a fresh breeze blowing in. It’s much less dark, things are much less cocooning, things now are much more engaging, much more confident, much more hopeful.” If you, too, want to embrace this more hopeful outlook within your home, one sure-fire way to embrace this lightening of mood is perhaps the easiest one of all; by making the most of your windows. “One of the most efficient things you can ever do with the amount of light that comes into any room, is to have them cleaned.” Llewelyn-Bowen informs us. “It was something I didn’t realise until quite recently! But actually it’s really straightforward. You can increase the amount of light coming into a room by about 30 per cent when you have your windows cleaned... which is just crazy.” The energy and light that Llewelyn-Bowen speaks of can be clearly felt in the air at The Ideal Home Show. “There’s a sense that the nation is about to start on one giant spring clean and get ready for a very exciting year… I feel that The Ideal Home Show is really The Chelsea Flower Show for the British home. It’s a defining moment of the year where everybody comes together and is incredibly nice to each other. There’s no barging in the queues or disgruntled behaviour, everybody is going ‘oh, no, you go first…’ It’s a really nice thing to be part of.”

“One of the things I find very interesting is that technology is looking much more retro. And as an interior designer, I really like that. I really like the fact that everything from a light switch to a digital radio now looks good in one of my interiors, rather than my interiors having to live up to these big black lumps of technology that we had a few years ago.” This move towards the retro is terms of both design and decoration should be viewed in a positive light. “I think that actually as a nation we are using retro in a very intelligent way. We are not doing it to run away from the future, we are actually taking the past with us into the present and then into the future. And I think that is an important distinction – interiors a few years ago were very introspective. And I loved that, I think people found the outside world a scary place, a very

Laurence Llewelyn-Bowen is an ambassador for The Ideal Home Show Scotland, SECC May 23-26,

Sample and design services

Sample and design services

Sample Sample andservice design services

Sample service

Johnson Tiles have a wide-ranging set of sample wallets, hand boards and Sample service other support materials availableset to architects, and specifiers Johnson Tiles have a wide-ranging of sampledesigners wallets, hand boards and Most of our ranges are available as 10cm x 10cm samples for specifiers use on other Johnson support materials available to architects, designers and have a wide-ranging setsize ofsamples sample mood boards Tiles or colour / texture assessment*. Full arewallets, available MostJohnson of our ranges are available as 10cm x 10cm samples for use ontoand Tiles have a wide-ranging set of sample wallets, hand boards hand boards other support materials available but please contact and the office to arrange delivery. mood boards or colour / texture assessment*. size samples are available other support materials available to architects,Full designers and specifiers but please contact the office to arrange delivery. Most of our ranges are available as 10cm x 10cm samples for use Our includes all the information required forfor detailed areliterature available as 10cm x 10cm samples use specifications ononmood mood boards or colour / texture assessment*. Full size samples are available such as technical conformance charts, slip resistance values, in addition to boards or colour / texture assessment*. Full size samples Ourbut literature includes all the information required for detailed specifications please contact the office to arrange delivery. comprehensive and detailed colour notation and Light Reflectance suchreferencing. as technical conformance charts, slip resistance values, in addition to Our literatureand includes all the information for Reflectance detailed specifications delivery. comprehensive detailed colour notationrequired and Light such as technical conformance charts, slip resistance in addition to referencing. For specific hand boards or sample wallets please callvalues, us on 01782 524043 comprehensive and detailed colour notation and Light Reflectance or email: Our literature includes all the information required for referencing. For specific hand boards or sample wallets please call us on 01782 524043 *Bespoke ranges such as Artile are not available due to their made to order or email: charts, values, addition For specific slip handresistance boards or sample walletsinplease call usto on 01782 524043 status. and detailed colour notation and Light orcomprehensive email:

Sample service

*Bespoke ranges such as Artile are not available due to their made to order status. *Bespoke ranges such as Artile are not available due to their made to order

Design services status.

on 01782 524043 or email: Design and product development is the heart of Johnson Tiles; our in Design services house design and development team travels thenot world seeking out newto *Bespoke ranges such as Artile are available due

Design services trends and materials. Our knowledge and expertise is enhanced further by our

their made to order status. Design and product development is at the heartleading of Johnson Tiles;resource our in intimate connection with Material Lab, a world materials Design andand product development at the of Johnson Tiles; ininspire house design teamis travels the world seeking outour new centre based indevelopment London was established byheart Johnson Tiles to advise and house and travels thetrends. world seeking out new by our trends anddesign materials. Our knowledge and expertise is enhanced further professionals and development consumers onteam current interior trends and materials. knowledge expertise is enhanced by our intimate connection withOur Material Lab, aand world leading materialsfurther resource intimate with Material Lab, by a world leading materials resource Design Johnson Tiles inservices house design are available to offer advice onadvise design schemes, centre basedconnection in London was established Johnson Tiles to and inspire centre based in London was established by Johnson Tiles to advise and inspire layouts and bespoke installations all of which is accompanied by a free of professionals and consumers on current interior trends.

We have a wide range of sample wallets and other support material available for architects and specifiers.

We have a wide range of sample wallets and other support

material available architects andand specifiers. We have ofofsample other support We haveaawide widerange rangefor samplewallets wallets and other support material available for architects and specifiers.

professionals andvisualisation consumersdevelopment on current charge CADand and service for interior all commercial WeJohnson use the Design product istrends. at theprojects. heart of Tiles; our in house design and latest Autocad software which is compatible with most CAD systems viatrends . Johnson Tiles in houseteam designtravels are available to offerseeking advice onout design schemes, development the world new and materials. Our knowledge and Johnson Tiles file in house design are available to offer advice on design schemes, DWG or bespoke .DXF formats. layouts and installations all of which is accompanied by a free of expertise is enhanced further by our intimate connection layouts and bespoke installations all of which is accompanied by a free of with Material Lab, a world leading charge CAD and visualisation service for all commercial projects. We use usethe the by Johnson Tiles to advise and inspire materials resource based inorLondon was established charge and visualisation service for3000 all commercial We To find CAD out more please callcentre 0845 210 email projects. latest Autocad software which is compatible with most CAD systems via . latest Autocad software is compatible most interior CAD systems via . professionals andwhich consumers on with current trends. DWG or .DXF file file formats. DWG or .DXF formats. All designs created in house are Johnson Tiles copyright however designs created To find out more please call 0845 210 3000 ororemail To find out more please call 0845 210 3000 emailwould create any design right using clients drawings only the tiles design elements bespoke installations all of which is accompanied by a free of charge CAD and visualisation service for Johnson Tiles but not full copyright.

for all commercial projects. We use the latest Autocad software which is compatible with most CAD

All designs created in house JohnsonTiles Tilescopyright copyrighthowever however designs All designs created in house areare Johnson designscreated created clients drawings only tiles designelements elementswould would create create any usingusing clients drawings only thethe tiles design anydesign designright right for Johnson Tiles but not full copyright. for Johnson Tiles but not full copyright.0845 210 3000 or email All designs created in house are Johnson Tiles copyright however designs created using clients drawings only the tiles design elements would create any design right for Johnson Tiles but not full copyright.


Johnson Tiles is a division of Norcros Group (Holdings) Limited, Registered Office: Ladyfield House, Station Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 1BU. Registered in England number 566694. Johnson Tiles, Johnson, Absolute, Arabesque, Durundum, Material Lab, Minton Hollins, Prismafit and Prismatics are registered trademarks and together with Kerastar and the product names are the trademarks of H&R Johnson Tiles Limited and licensed to Norcros Group (Holdings) Limited, trading as Johnson Tiles. © 2013 Johnson Tiles. All rights reserved.


Johnson Tiles is a division of Norcros Group (Holdings) Limited, Registered Office: Ladyfield House, Station Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 1BU. Registered in England number 566694. Johnson Tiles, Johnson, Absolute, Arabesque, Durundum, Material Lab, Minton Hollins, Prismafit and Prismatics are registered trademarks and together with Kerastar and the product names are the trademarks of H&R Johnson Tiles Limited and licensed to Norcros Group (Holdings) Limited, trading as Johnson Tiles. © 2013 Johnson Tiles. All rights reserved.

Johnson Tiles is a division of Norcros Group (Holdings) Limited, Registered Office: Ladyfield House, Station Road, Wilmslow, Cheshire, SK9 1BU. Registered in England number 566694.

Johnson Tiles, Johnson,

Providing the perfect architectural palette of soft tones, muted shades and subtle textures, Johnson Tiles new Modern and Savoy ranges offer the complete on trend wall and floor solution for contemporary design projects.

Savoy is a stylish ceramic wall tile designed with a subtle surface effect, contemporary colour palette and a textured co-ordinating feature tile. Savoy is available in seven colours, two slim format sizes and one finish. Each tonal colour within the Savoy range combines perfectly, allowing for endless creative possibilities within any interior space.

Modern is a range of contemporary porcelain floor and wall tiles. Choose from seven calming neutral shades, two finishes - natural and polished, plus a selection of stylish co-ordinating large format mosaics. Combine the colours, sizes and mosaics within the Modern range for stunning effects.

For more information simply go to www.johnson-tiles. com or call 01782575575 About Us AM Intelligent Homes brings the convenience and advanced security of intelligent touch technology into UK homes, transforming every house into a self-regulating mechanism, which will make the lives of all members of the household easier and more comfortable. We fundamentally believe that creating an "intelligent home" is more than just adding gizmos, giant screens, and loud speakers to a home. We believe it should be an artful mix of architecture, furnishings, lighting, and acoustics that creates an unmistakable environment. The suite of products we recommend has been carefully selected for its international reputation for high end design and top quality engineering. We also provide intelligent home systems to developers, builders and individual home owners.

Lighting Control Intelligent Lighting With intelligent lighting you can compose your perfect living spaces with preset lighting scenes, soft dimming and automated shading. Well-considered lighting not only brings out the absolute best in your interiors but also provides greater comfort, security and saves energy. Now imagine the added convenience of being able to turn off any light in the house from the hallway before rushing out the front door. Audio Visual - Iintelligent Audio Video And Home Cinema Imagine... you enter the living room and your favorite music starts playing. You walk into the kitchen, a sensor detects your presence and the kitchen radio starts playing the same kind of music. But there's more... In an emergency situation (such as a fire) all the audio devices will play a special announcement to protect your family. The possibilities are endless and therefore we listen to your needs and offer the best system and the one most suitable for you. Technology - Home Automation AM Intelligent Homes will transform every house into a self-regulating mechanism, which will simplify life for all the members of the household. Thanks to our systems, electrical devices in your house can communicate with each other, providing you with a wide range of solutions and applications. Our intelligent home technology takes care of the little tasks that can make a big difference to day-to-day life, whether you are after high quality multi-room audio and video throughout your home, a home cinema, sophisticated energy conscious lighting control or electronic security.


STONE & Stonework

Tristone is a high quality solid surface product which has proven to show outstanding performance. Tristone can be joined seamlessly, thermoformed and polished to various finishes, which allows you to be innovative with designs and concepts. The versatility of Tristone offers a new and unlimited dimension to play with ideas, sketch ideas into drawings and see it take form. Tristone is not only a great choice to exercise the creative mind; it is also practical in many aspects. It is non porous, hygienic, resistant to heat/moisture/bacteria and easy to maintain. The colour is consistent throughout the material so any scratches or surface damage can be sanded and polished to reveal a good-as-new surface. The certifications achieved by Tristone, which support the Support/Services quality of the product, include Exova Warrington Class — Sample support 0 & 1 Certification, European Fire Class B1 achieved — Brochure/Literature support according to DIN4102-1:1998-05 and Greenguard — Technical support — Data sheet & technical information certification. — Product certificates Tristone UK Limited is the sole distributor of Tristone solid surface in UK and Ireland. We also offer other great products, such as Max-Top and Fortis, which are pre-finished worktops available in various sizes for easy installation. We firmly believe that we offer the best quality products at competitive prices. We aim to work closely with clients, offering full support through the supply of samples, literature, technical assistance, customer care, project support, as well as offering practical advice to fulfill every requirement for the solid surface market.



Nationwide network of fabricators

Tristone UK Products — — — — — — — — — — —

36 Tristone colours available in UK stock (12mm & 6mm only) Over 60 colour available from Korea Customized colours development for large projects Thicknesses available – 21mm, 12mm, 6mm, 4mm Wider sheets available* (930mm to 1350mm) Translucent & marbled colours available* UV resistant sheets available* Max-Top – light weight quartz factory finished worktop Fortis – solid surface preformed worktop Colour matched thermoformed sink/bowl Cast sink/bowl

If you would like any additional information on any of our products or services please don’t hesitate to call us on +44 (0)1642 616880 or email us Alternatively, you can visit our website on

Stone and Stonework

Sand Blasting

Greenleaf Contractors Ltd was formed in 2000, initially as a ‘Farrow System’ franchise.

We specialise in surface preparation and cleaning services, which include blast cleaning, sand blasting, pressure washing, chemical cleaning and steam cleaning services. We also offer post blast cleaning services such as priming and painting including on-site Galvanising using Zinga and stone and brick sealing using Silane products. If you are looking for a local contractor specialising in surface preparation including blast and sand blasting services, pressure washing, chemical stripping and steam cleaning we can help. We cover a wide geographic area including the whole of Yorkshire, Lincolnshire, Nottinghamshire and Derbyshire, regularly working in northern cities and towns such as Leeds, Bradford, Newcastle, Sheffield, Hull, York & Lincoln. In the past year we have also travelled as far as Edinburgh, London and deepest Cornwall! As members of the Ashrose Group nationwide coverage can be arranged. In 2002, along with three other exfranchisees, we split with the ‘Farrow System’ and formed the Ashrose Group, a co-operative of companies offering similar

low pressure sand jet cleaning services across the United Kingdom. Since the placing of Farrow System Ltd in Administration on 22nd January 2008 we have been contacted by a number of users and suppliers looking for a source and outlet for Machines & Parts. We can find parts, second hand machines, and can price similar machines as well. We can also (and have done!) provide advice and training in the art of setting up and using these machines. We can run specialist training courses in these machines, either at our premises, at yours, or even on site - this can be tailored to suit the applications you have for your machine. While we specialise in damp sand blasting and other sand or grit blasting applications there are applications where other techniques might be more suitable, not only will we admit this (!) but where possible we will try to find you an alternative and solve your challenge. In 2002 we started to use Zinga as a suitable primer for slurry blasted steel, this product provides a similar (or improved) protection as Hot Dip Galvanising effectively

For a free no obligation quote call our offices or send us an email - click here

t14t allowing On Site Galvanising. In early 2004 Greenleaf Contractors was approved as a Zinga UK Applicator. Since the formation of the Ashrose Group, there has been some diversification, and additional services are now offered by Greenleaf Contractors and more details can be found within this, our Company Specific, website.



100% Acrylic Solid Surface

TRISTONE. is composed of high-performance acrylic resins and natural minerals to enhance its appearance and performance.

The consistent colours and patterns, which run all the way through the material cannot wear away, giving TRISTONE the timeless beauty which can be restored to its original condition. TRISTONE is non-porous and NSF-5 I certified for Food preparation area. t13t

Stone and Stonework

Caithness Flagstone Ltd Whatever your building plans, internal or external, Caithness Flagstone comes up looking good.

C of Scotland.

aithness Flagstone Limited, the world’s premier producer of Caithness Stone is based in Spittal, Caithness in the north

Full scale commercial quarrying in Caithness began almost 200 years ago. Today, Caithness Stone is a dynamic industry mixing traditional techniques with new technology. The production of the stone is fast, clean and efficient. We pride ourselves on quality and steadfast dedication in producing to any specification within the material’s capabilities.


Caithness flagstone is a remarkable and unique natural material, which combines strength with beauty. Our stone can be used for paving, walling, worktops, shower trays, hearths, signage, furniture and gardens. In fact, we can design almost anything to your specifications, guaranteeing you a totally unique product to suit your lifestyle To be able to provide a comprehensive product range that complements the natural characteristics of the stone, the company has acquired the latest machinery and technology. This includes state of the art water-jet cutting, CNC machining and calibration

for precision manufacturing. As well as laser etching and sand blasting to produce a wide variety of bespoke products from signage to memorials These machines provide precise engineering. Combining this with traditional craftsmanship enables us to create quality products, that we are proud to put our name on. Using our custom planning and design service and advanced machinery we produce products of outstanding beauty and above all else... quality. A lot more information can be found on our website at Or you can get touch with us:

Tel: 01955 605472 Fax: 01955 605907

Surface Cleaning and Preparation by the Ashrose Group since 2001 Freephone 0800 849 9115 We’ll find and use the most appropriate method to clean your surfaces, be they Stone, Brick, Wood, Steel or Plastic. Painted or just Dirty - including fire damage. Low Consumption Damp (low dust) Sand Jetting. Particularly good for low surface damage and maintaining character - or blending new with old with minimal damage to pointing. Excellent for dealing with Lead based paints - the damp slurry captures the Lead and the low consumption and run off avoid costly waste disposal problems.

Sand Jet - Before and After

Traditional Sand and Bead Blasting. Including a modified blast system that works at low pressures and has a low consumption- works well on internal wood - including listed buildings. Dry Ice Blasting No abrasive - very good for fire damage restoration. Pressure Washing (including Hot Water / Steam) Augmented by chemical strippers as required. On site Galvanising and Painting. Zinga approved applicators - galvanise iron columns etc! Listed Buildings a Speciality Nationwide Coverage

Dry Ice Blasting - safe near glass!

Freephone 0800 849 9115

May Design Series


Iain James Furniture's

woodlands and forests within the United Kingdom at the expansive collection of furniture spans four centuries, forefront of its interests. Timber materials are also from William and Mary to purchased from suppliers the Art Deco period taking that source from legal and influence from designers sustainable managed forests. and makers of traditional furniture, such as Adam, Iain James will be displaying Chippendale, Hepplewhite collections of both Elegant and Sheraton. Burr Walnut and Art Deco   Styled Furniture in the Respectful of its environmental responsibilities ‘Furniture Show’ section at May Design Series. Iain James Furniture is   a founder member of Illustrated our new Breakfast Woodland Heritage, an Table in Japanese Ash with organisation with the Ebony inset model W205. long-term sustainment of


MAy Design Series




OR VISIT WWW.RETROTOUCH.CO.UK Introducing the latest trend setting product in interior design; glass switches and sockets. The company behind the innovative range of glass products is Retrotouch. Their unique, stylish and classic design brings something new and innovative to the electrical market. The high quality and functionality make this an attractive addition to any home. The range of switches and sockets all have a glass finish, setting them apart from the everyday metal and plastic switches we see in most homes and offices. The glass finish creates that little extra touch of class in the home. The seamless full glass models looks at home in the chicest interiors and the chrome trim models set off the timeless classic black and white glass finish to create a sophisticated product range. >>continued on page 20 t17t

May Design Series

KOZMO FURNITURE Your home reflects who you are. It is fun, classy, inviting, sophisticated, genuine and comfortable. At Kozmo Furniture, we take pride in helping our customers find quality furniture and home accessories at an affordable price. We are your one stop shop for living room furniture, bedroom furniture, dining room furniture and patio furniture. At Furniture Find, we know you’re not just furnishing a house, you’re creating a home. Our Certified Home Furnishings Advisors are here to help you pick furniture to fit your needs. It’s why we’ve been in business for over 50 years. t18t


Iain James Furniture

Iain James invites you to view an expansive collection of furniture spanning four centuries, from William and Mary (1694), to the Art Deco period (1910-1939).

Home Office and Desk

Bedroom Furniture

Art Deco Furniture

from designers and makers of traditional furniture from these periods, such as Adam, Chippendale, Hepplewhite and Sheraton, diversifying into the Deco era through hints of Ruhlman.

Television Stand

May Design Series <<continued from page 17 Choose Retrotouch and add heart and soul to your homes. As well as being attractive, they are easy to fit – could we ask for more! Simply replace any existing switch or socket with a Retrotouch product in minutes. There is no need to re-wire or pull your home apart to achieve a touch on glass in your interiors. The high quality range consists of, rocker light switches, touch and remote switches, Plug sockets, a full range of wiring accessories, thermostats and in wall audio systems all designed to compliment each other and it’s surroundings to create a premium designer look for any interior. With glass increasingly featuring in today kitchens, bathrooms and living spaces RetroTouch deliver a unique, seamless look to complete the look. Manufactured using the highest quality materials, Retrotouch designers beautifully engineers products with function and design being considered throughout the meticulous design process. From the easy clean and hygienic glass panels, illuminated indicators to locate your switches and sockets easily in the dark, hidden screws, large buttons to the effortlessly easy to fit design, every detail is considered. With prices starting from £14.49 inc. VAT quality, design and value combine to deliver the most innovative a desirable range of home electrical products on the market. Add a touch of glass to your interiors with Retrotouch. Web: Email: Telephone: +44 (0) 1293 279426





remium light switch range Berker has been launched in the UK by leading electrical solutions company Hager. The Berker range includes some of the most ornate and technically advanced wiring accessories on the market, targeted at people looking to embellish even the most intricate details in their homes. The range includes switches and sensors designed with high-grade materials such as aluminium, glass, and CRYSTALLIZEDTM Swarovski Elements for the more extravagant interiors. A number of which are built to accompany sophisticated building automation systems within intelligent homes to control things like lighting and heating at the touch of a very stylish button. The glimmering attention grabber in the range is the TS Crystal Ball. At the heart of the switch is a multi-faceted, polished CRYSTALLIZED™ - Swarovski Elements crystal under which a touch-sensitive optical reflection sensor is concealed. A gentle touch – and the Crystal Ball operates lights, blinds, shutters, and much more. Prices start at: £623.00 The range also includes the TS Sensor which is available in Black, Aluminium and Polar White, and has a combination of up to eight functions, with a room thermostat and display which are concealed under a smooth surface that can be custom-labelled on request. Actions such as lighting, heating or motors can be controlled with a single touch offering a variety of possibilities through activation. Prices start at: £199.00 The B.IQ is another prestige switch in the range which is also available in glass, stainless steel and aluminium, with up to four functional elements. As part of a building automation system many functions can be combined in a single control unit: a temperature controller, information display, tactile sensor and timer. Lighting scenarios and other applications can be adapted to changing needs easily and without any software. Prices start at: £135.00 Steve York, Building Automation Market Manager for Hager said: “Building automation is quickly taking over direct functions in the home and it’s the little things that make a difference. Hager is proud to incorporate the Berker design expertise as part of its portfolio and for more than five decades we have attached the greatest importance to the functionality and reliability of our systems, reflected also in the form of our products. Berker by Hager switches are therefore the ultimate wiring accessories for intelligent homes that get the job done whilst making a strong aesthetic statement.”


Whatever your lighting design, Focus SB have the switches and sockets to match

Prism Clear Acrylic - allows wallpaper to shine through

Prism II Screwless Clear Acrylic

True Edge - flat plate with guillotined edges

Sheraton stepped plate design

Plates can be supplied primed or sprayed to match your walls

Dorchester - luxury raised plate design

Morpheus Srewless range

Bespoke switches and sockets are our speciality

Ambassador Square Corners Bespoke

See us at Hotelympia ExCel London 28 April - 1May No long lead times

No minimum order

Complete bespoke service

Tel: 01424 858060




High performance LED lighting panels are the latest addition to the Greenstock range and can provide 40 per cent energy savings over their 10 year lifetime. with changing fluorescent tubes”. Greenstock’s LED light panels are an ultra slim design with high quality surround to give a clean integrated look. As well as the 600 x 600 LED panel, Greenstock also offers a 1200 x 600 LED panel producing 3600 lumens and rated at 54W. Both panels have a rated life of 50,000 hours equivalent to around ten years of normal daily usage, and the panels are available in warm white, cool white and daylight colour temperatures. Supplied with a five year warranty from Greenstock as standard, dimmable and emergency versions of the LED panels are also available. he new LED flat panels are the ideal replacement for the less efficient traditional fluorescent fittings, commonly seen in modular suspended ceilings. They are the perfect solution for offices, hospitals, schools and many other applications.


The 600mm x 600mm LED light panel from Greenstock is a 36W unit providing a light output of 2700 lumens, equivalent to the traditional fluorescent light fitting that it replaces, yet the LED panel does not flicker and starts instantly providing an even light distribution. Designed as a replacement for existing fluorescent fittings, the LED panels are easy to install and are t24t

supplied with remote driver and inline connectors for rapid installation. One of Greenstock’s customers, OrderWise has recently installed 74 LED light panels at its Lincoln offices. Replacing the existing 4 x 18W fluorescent fittings, the energy per fitting has reduced from 79.2W to 36.6W to gain an annual energy saving of £1,864. The payback period is just two years and the savings across the 10-year lifetime of the panels is some £13,460. David Hallam, managing director of OrderWise, commented, ‘We are delighted with the energy savings achieved with the new LED lighting and now that the LED panels are completely maintenance free, we will also benefit from no future maintenance or disruption as before

Further information on Greenstock’s LED light panels is available from Greenstock on 0845 2570 444, email or by visiting the company’s website at

CARPETS | RUNNERS | RUGS t.01562 701 456


Multiwood has launched its latest edition of bespoke painted kitchen ranges; Rivington Oak. The solid oak shaker door range is now the third in their portfolio which is available in their 12 painted colours. The colour palette consists of soft pastel hues and a variety of greys which complement each other and also suit standing alone as a single colour. The option to have a kitchen painted in a bespoke colour is something which certainly increasing in popularity as a result this opens up the freedom for designers to be more creative, producing stand out kitchens tailored to the customerâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s needs.



Solid Surface Worktops


There’s a revolution in your kitchen. There’s a revolution in your kitchen. If you’re planning the perfect kitchen, you need to know about the latest innovation in work surfaces. Pietra work surface is a

How do you want it?

It looks even better in real life. A Pietra work surface can be formed into voluptuous curves, framed breakfast bars, even sink modules. Cool to the touch it has none of the drawbacks of natural stone – it’s easy to clean and remarkably stainresistant. What do you want to do with it? Like our guarantee, the potential just goes on and on...


Your perfect kitchen starts with the best ingredients. The Pietra work surface is easily worked on site to No need to worry about treating or polishing your work surface – from the moment it’s delivered, Pietra is supremely low-maintenance!


Doors & Fittings

Let the light in for Spring With summer soon approaching, exterior sliding doors can help open up the home to increase light and to answer the demand for the growing interior/exterior trend. P C Henderson sliding door gear systems allow end users to enjoy the comfort of their home’s interior, whilst having a large opening to the outside allows sun to light up the home and provides an enhanced view of the exterior. This is particularly useful for entertaining or keeping an eye on children enjoying the garden at weekends and summer holidays, whilst also being able to interact when preparing food or tending to the interior.

Architect Adam Penton designed his own family home and place of work situated on the outskirts of Groombridge village in Kent. This family dwelling is constructed from timber framing, clad in larch and roofed with zinc which complements its natural surroundings. The property replaces a former cottage on the site. Adam Penton commented: “The large sliding doors to the central dining space utilise P C Henderson’s Lift and Slide Base System which was specified for its performance and ability to be housed into a bespoke glazed timber screen and sill system.” The dining room doors open up the side of the house and are used daily during the summer months for ventilation and access to external terracing to create an indoor / outdoor

experience for the family to enjoy. This external sliding system was ideal for the project as it is designed to accommodate large door leaves of up to 3m x 3m. The hardware system also provides superior weather resistance due to its bottom pad and anti-derail plate which provides a secure seal between the central meeting point stiles and the threshold.

This system has been cleverly designed to provide an additional layer of security using enhanced security components making it one of the most secure systems on the market. It is thought to be the only folding door system on the market which has passed both the European BS EN 1627 and British PAS 24 standards An alternative to Lift and Slide is Securefold, with Secured by Design accreditation. designed to maximise the room’s living space by removing barriers and by fully opening up exterior This stainless steel system provides walls. The system operates with effortless ease excellent corrosion and weather and combines the benefits of folding doors with resistance. uncompromising security, weather resistance and the durability of stainless steel. To answer aesthetic demand, a black Where security is priority, P C Henderson’s finish to components has now been Securefold Ultra system offers enhanced added to the range which already security components. includes brushed satin, polished stainless steel and titanium gold. The new finish is ideal for a multitude of applications including rustic farmhouse renovations or sleek contemporary developments. With the growing trend in the use of triple glazed doors, Securefold Ultra has also been tested to 100kg to accommodate project requirements. With varied considerations for projects such as low headroom, weight of doors, style, reliability and security, P C Henderson will have a solution to enhance the outcome. t4t


Door Collection Made to measure Kitchen, Bedroom and Bathroom Doors

Natural Wood Collection


Door Collection STIRLING

Ney Ireland Stonebridge Trading Estate Sibree Road Coventry West Midlands CV3 4FD


Altona Rd Stirling


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Working With Nature:

Is the UK kitchen door market turning its back on gloss? Whilst the idea may seem farfetched to some, there has been a definite trend shift following this year’s KBB. With the emphasis on natural beauty, Ney has taken its inspiration for its timber door collection from nature and the environment. Following on from the success of its 3D embossed vinyl finishes, which include a selection of heavily embossed grains, saw marks and horizontal textures, designers are keener than ever to blend texture, colour and materials in the kitchen. The Natural Wood Collection, which is madeto-measure on a lead-time of four to five weeks, comes in 16 timeless designs– 10 of which are available as in-frame options. Each design is available in one of five species White Oak, Character Oak, American Walnut and painted Maple and Ash – and is available in a Patina, Distressed or Antiqued finish to create a kitchen that is perfectly styled around the customer. And, with no minimum order quantity, doors can be ordered quickly and efficiently.

This in-frame painted Ivory design takes its inspiration from nature, capturing the subtle variations inherent in natural materials.

Painted Ash and Maple also play an important role in the range. Maple is much harder than its common rival, tulipwood, while Ash - a popular choice for many money-savvy designers offers a consistent grain at a competitive price point - offering affordable style for all. “No door is exactly the same. Just like we all have unique fingerprints, wood offers an exclusive design that is virtually impossible to replicate. It is this slight variation that gives the Natural Wood Collection its character,” explains Gerd. “Why work against nature when you can work with it?” To order a free brochure please call 024 7630 8100 or visit

The White and Character Oak – which is sourced directly from Slovenia - is known for its unpredictable grain structure. To create a kitchen design that offers both fluidity and structure - something many of us take for Pictured, Cairns granted after years of vinyl door Character Oak with designs - each pre-planed solid natural finish. centre panel and board is hand picked so colour, knot and size consistency exists across a full set of doors. Other, less rebellious species, such as the American Walnut can be preselected based on the customer’s requirements, with grains offering an all black Each design is available in one of five species - White Oak, or textured finish.

Character Oak, American Walnut and painted Maple and Ash – and is available in a Patina, Distressed or Antiqued finish.


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Are bespoke bi-fold doors or sliding patio doors the better choice for my customers?

Your customers want to open your home to the garden with a piece of bespoke glazing that’s stylish yet flexible enough to meet practical needs. The choice between sliding patio doors or high quality bi-fold doors depends upon what kind of access your customers want, says Reynaers at Home Head Hugh Moss. “A simple but key consideration is garden they sit. The leaves fold back against access. Bi-folds can be installed with double doors or a single traffic a single wall or split and stack on both door, allowing people to nip quickly in and out of the garden.” sides, helping to create a seamless transition between home and garden. Reynaers at Home offer both bi-fold and sliding patio doors up to three metres in height and its ultra slim-framed Hi-Finity door can even Reynaers at Home is a premium stretch to 3.5m. brand dedicated to offering the very best architectural glazing products Hugh Moss says: “As bi-folds are made from several glazed door leaves, and service to the discerning a certain amount of their aluminium frame will be on show. Sliding patio householder. doors, such as our CP130 model, can support vast panes of glass and wide unobstructed views. We can even offer a corner solution whereby two sliding doors set at right angles meet in the corner without a fixed For more information see the post, so when the doors are open the ceiling over the corner appears website: to float.”, email or Adaptability is a key advantage of sliding doors, but bi-fold openings call 0121 421 9707. offer the luxury of being able to fold back the whole wall. Bi-folds concertina to reveal an aperture of around 90% of the space in which


The sliding and folding door range with all the answers

For expert advice and installation of all Schueco systems: 9 9 9 9

Bi-Fold Doors Sliding Doors Conservatories Winter Gardens

9 9 9 9

Curtain-walling Structural Glazing Windows Glass Sky Lights

T 0844 358 2227 E W

Green Technology for the Blue Planet Clean Energy from Solar and Windows

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Button-fix— the secret fixing for panels and more…

to make fitting the Button-fix more accurate, easy and safe as well as its own in-house technical team to answer any queries you may have. If you haven’t seen Button-fix for yourself then request a FREE sample pack today by visiting

From Washrooms and fit-outs to exhibition and display stands, this innovative, secret fixing is a must have for fitters, designers and architects alike! What is Button-fix and how does it work? The concept is simple: the Button is attached to one surface and the Fix to the other. When the two parts are brought together they fit with a satisfying click. Button-fix is designed to be incredibly strong and has been tested and certified by independent test house ‘Sandberg.’ Easy to fix as well allowing the panels to be removable and reconfigurable at a later date. There are two types of Fix depending on your specific application. The Type 1 Fix can be either surface-mounted or rebated and engages with a vertical or sideways sliding action. This version is ideal for applications where load


bearing is paramount. The Type 2 Fix connects panels at 90˚ with a simple push/pull assembly and is ideal for applications where the emphasis is on ease of fit rather than strength. To better understand which type is best for your application, please visit . On our blog page you will fine photography, videos and references for real projects where Button-fix has actually been used. Button-fix now have distributors throughout the UK as well as, Canada, USA, Germany, New Zealand and Australia. Button-fix also offers a number of marker tools and other accessories


Specialists in sliding and folding door hardware solutions

Henderson is constantly building on over 90 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience of developing innovative sliding and folding door hardware systems. Our UK based manufacturing facilities and technical team ensure Henderson

! Industrial ! Commercial ! Residential

provide you with the high quality solution for every application. To discuss your project needs, contact our technical team on 0191 377 7345.

! Automation ! Glass ! Specialist


Health centre refurbishment sees vinyl replace carpet flooring Eos Interiors changed the flooring specification at a health centre to make sure it was a hygienic as possible. When Eos Interiors was commissioned to refurbish Northbrook Health Centre in Solihull, the company was faced with not only modernising the building but also ensuring infection prevention and CQC compliance, as well addressing shortfalls in disabled access and Building Regulation compliance. Many aspects of the building and its services were outdated and needed replacing including the flooring, which had carpets throughout. Each room was designed alongside the infection prevention team, and finishes were chosen for their east of cleaning, aesthetics and longevity. Vinyl offers alternative solution Carpet tiles had again been specified for the flooring before Eos Interiors got involved with the project, but when the team came on board they suggested another system that would be more appropriate for the newly refurbished building. “It was more expensive than using carpet tiles, but it will last at least twice as long and has many benefits” Peter Leach, Eos Interiors “The specification was changed to Polyflor Forest FX vinyl flooring, which was installed as cap and cove flooring using a cove former and capping strip to give a neat finish and ensure it was permanently sealed to the wall,” says Eos Interiors director Peter Leach. There were a number of reasons this system was chosen over using traditional carpet tiles, as Mr Leach explains. “The vinyl is extremely hard wearing and easy to clean,” he says. “This, together with the fact that it was installed as cap and cove flooring, makes it even easier to clean and ensures that it complies with HTM (Health Technical Memorandum) and infection prevention guidelines.”


Quality trumps cost Although the system was more expensive than using carpet tiles, the health benefits and longevity of using this particular system meant the client was happy to make the switch. “It was significantly more expensive than using carpet tiles, but it will last at least twice as long and has many benefits, especially in a healthcare setting,” Mr Leach says. In order to make sure the final look of the flooring was appropriate for the health centre, the team created a bespoke finish. “We didn’t feel that the black plastic capping that was available to buy off the shelf was suitable for the welcoming and attractive look we wanted to create in the health centre,” says Mr Leach. “To answer this problem, Eos Interiors fabricated our own wooden capping and finished it in white.”


Area Rugs Announce Clerkenwell Exhibition From Tuesday the 6th of May until Saturday 10th of May Area Rugs will be exhibiting at Craft Central in Clerkenwell as a precursor to the Clerkenwell Design Week. The exhibition will be a showcase of innovative hand tufting in rugs, wall hangings and inspiring installations.

As well as the exhibition they are running a hand tufting demonstration so that Wou can see how the rugs are created at their studio in Mirfield, West Yorkshire by bringing a little bit of their studio with them so that you can see how the rugs are made… and maybe even have a go yourself! See for further details.

Gerflor Is Family Favourite! Independent electrical goods retailer HBH Woolacotts specified international vinyl flooring specialist Gerflor’s Creation Luxury Vinyl Tile & Plank (LVT) range for its new 18,000 sq ft store. Working with design, shopfitting and management consultancy AM System Ltd, the client chose four styles from the Creation range to define spaces, without obvious walkways, which would showcase the goods in similar settings to customers’ homes and create a cafe and cookery demonstration area. t40t

Usually specified for public and commercial areas needing a sophisticated look while coping with high footfall, Creation LVT range has 89 realistic wood and mineral finishes in an array of formats, grains and colours. The application of Gerflor’s unique PUR+ surface tretment as standard allows for easy cleaning and improved resistance to scratching, making it a popular choice for the retail sector and many other busy environments. Design concepts made real! For information contact

• • • •

The UKʼs leading manufacturer of quality alternative composite to hardwood decking The UKʼs only wood-free composite, also meets anti slip rating to BS 79.76 Beautiful stain and fade resistant decking that is maintenance free

Tel: 02476 439 943 for samples and a quote

Win tickets to The Scottish Homebuilding & Renovating and Home Improvement Show We have 12 pairs of tickets to The Scottish Homebuilding & Renovating and Home Improvement Show, to give away. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a popular event with both consumers and professionals who can hear about a range of innovative solutions to help improve profitability, whilst managing projects efficiently. The Show will be full of informative features, hundreds of plots and renovation opportunities and thousands of products and services from over 140 exhibitors ranging from heating, ventilation, insulation to Eco homes, home automation and timber frame structures. As well as all the latest products and services experts will be on hand to provide free guidance and support to visitors for

every project from first home alterations to a full scale self build, at 16 free seminars, 24 masterclasses. There will also be thousands of dream home ideas, hundreds of plots and renovation opportunities and The Dulux Design Service, where Duluxâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s interior design team will offer personal consultations, will be back. Visitors who would prefer a one-to-one consultation, can visit the Ask the Architects and Ask the Experts Advice Areas where they can explore their individual questions with the experts. The Show is taking place at the SECC, Glasgow on 17 - 18 May 2014. Opening hours: Saturday 10am - 5pm; Sunday 10am - 4.30pm. For more information call 0844 581 1377 or visit

12 Pairs of Tickets to Be Won! t42t

Turn your plans into reality Whether you’re adding an extension, updating your kitchen or bathroom, or building your own home from scratch - we’ll help you get there!


HDAuote for d MA isco G

tick unted fro ets

Bathroom image by BC Designs.


• Over 140 specialist companies • FREE one-to-one expert consultations • Daily seminars and masterclasses • Ask the Experts feature • NEW! Renewable Heat Incentive Roadshow

To book tickets call 0844 395 4000 or visit *A £1 per ticket administration fee applies on all ticket purchases and an additional £2.30 transaction fulfilment fee will apply to customers who opt for tickets to be delivered by post. e-tickets printed at home do not incur a transaction fulfilment fee. This advance offer is valid until 3pm 16 May 2014. Children under 16 enter for free.

Home Building & Renovating Show

e t e



Tailored, energy New Kit Homes Designed efficient homes at Countryside Living affordable prices

Exclusively For

design your own

ny options

ES.COM t44t

We provide the canvas, you paint the picture



Tailored, energy efficient homes at affordable prices

Choose one of our 37 cottages or design your own

One concept, many, many options



Make your bed a design statement One of the things you notice about many of the modern upmarket spa and boutique hotels is the minimalistic approach to design. Not for these contemporary venues is the design clutter and colour density associated with the more traditional, dare we say, stuffy hotels. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not just hotels doing this because interior designers are also moving towards plain simple decors allowing items like pictures and ornaments to add just enough tone and colour to any room. You may well have noticed how beds are also being used to add that splash of colour and design? At King of Cotton we have been quietly adding to our ranges with bed coverings that allow the designer to use the bed as a major factor in colouring and colour coordination. For instance the Diamond Weave range of runners, throws and cushion covers shown, in their 6 statement colours, can bring any room to life and add a focal dimension to any understated bedroom. The Santorini bedding collection in 300 thread count pure Egyptian cotton bedding has a duvet cover featuring â&#x20AC;&#x2DC;polka dotâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; design which can be matched or contrasted with the plain grey coloured coordinated sheets. The retro-buttoned pillowcases are available in plain grey and in the polka-dot design with a contrasting grey edge. The key is that the plainly decorated bedroom can accommodate both traditional and contemporary styled bedding and look smart, modern and desirable as shown by the more ostentatious Excelsior bedspread and cushion covers. All the designs mentioned in this article are shown on the page but there is a whole website full of ideas at



The Headboard Workshop launches an inches from the floor. It has beautifully sculpted impressive, statement bed on to the market. corners, an inset centre panel and a distinctive border, which frames the bed by 6 inches all Chepstow: 31 March, 2014: In some cases, the way around. Customers can select light when it comes to interior design, less is most or dark hardwood legs for the foot end of the definitely more. Understated and subtle can be bed and have the additional option of contrast just as aesthetically pleasing and impactful as piping in Pure Cotton Snow. To ensure a restful overstated and obvious. and relaxing snooze, the Rona has a slatted mattress support system for extra comfort. When choosing a bed or headboard, small and perfectly formed is sometimes the order of the Chief Sleep Superintendant Euan says, “The day, but on occasions, size really does matter in Rona is the definition of a statement bed. It the bedroom. appeals to those who want to create a grand focal point in their bedroom and who yearn For those who want to make a grand statement for that sumptuous and swanky boutique feel. with their bed, look no further than The When it comes to the Rona, bigger is definitely Headboard Workshop’s resplendent Rona. better!” The Rona bed stands at an impressive 75 For more information, visit or you can speak to a member of The Headboard Workshop team by calling 01291 628216. t48t

Coatings & PAints

Mylands Paints SS14 Key Colours This summer, colour is in abundance; clashing kaleidoscopes of bright, bold colours, primary accents and pretty pastels are all key looks. Offset neutrals and soft pastel tones with unexpected flashes of colour for a lively feel, or simply mix striking colours with pattern, texture and shape for added drama. For a more classic summer look, use fresh fondant or candy colours for a playful scheme. With 120 timeless colours, each available in a comprehensive range of interior and exterior paint finishes, Mylands highlights two key looks and shares their top colour picks for a perfect summer palette: The look: Colour Blocking – a powerful combination of bold, simple shapes and strong contrasting or coordinating colours. Key Colours: t t t t t

Lolly Pop No. 275, Arts Club No.281, Indian Lake No. 288, Mayfair Dark No 218, Bond Street No. 219,

t t t t

Primrose Hill No 201, Brompton Road No.205, Verdure Yellow No. 148, Golden Square No.131

The look: Pretty in Pink – soft, versatile and subtle, pink is a natural partner to greys and off-whites. Key Colours: Rose Blush 1884, Mid Wedgwood No.113, The Boltons No. 28, Stonelime No.14 Spring/Summer 2014 Key Colours: Lolly Pop No.275 A fiery, bright orange that’s perfectly on-trend. Clash with bold pattern for a dramatic look where anything goes! Alternatively, use as an accent colour to lift an earthy, sunbaked scheme. Notting Hill No.213 Icy and bright yet delicate in tone, this pastel blue is the perfect summer shade. Team with other pastels for a cute look or use to lift a classic nautical scheme. French Green No.187 Fresh and uplifting, this zesty green has a subtle vibrancy and works wonderfully with crisp white and metallic accessories. Early Lavender No.260 This delicate grey-toned lavender is muted in appearance and calming in feel; it comes alive when partnered with rich plum colours and gentle hints of pink Lemon Salts No.43 Refreshing and pure, this yellow-tinted white makes a fabulous addition to any summer palette As Mylands celebrates 130 years of colour this year (1884-2014), they have specially created two Limited Edition colours which are key to this summer’s palette: Rose Blush 1884 A delightful blush pink; dusky, delicate and pure. Team with soft greys or grey toned neutrals for a classic, effortless scheme or mix with fondant colours for a colourful pop Vintage 1884 A warm, regal off-white which is soft and suave. Effortlessly versatile, it works with almost any other colour in the Mylands palette.


Available throughout 2014, Rose Blush 1884 and Vintage 1884 can be ordered direct from Mylands in the full range of Mylands paint finishes. 10% of profits from the sale of these colours will benefit Centrepoint, the youth homeless charity, Mylands’ dedicated charity of the year. Beautiful to look at as well as easy to use, Mylands paints are renowned for their thick, rich coverage and excellent durability. All paints are water-based, eco-friendly formulations with low VOC’s (Volatile Organic Compounds yet high-performance and easyto-use. +44 (0)20 8670 916



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coatings & paints


Owatrol Deco is an all-in-one product which serves as a rust inhibiting primer and decorative multi surface paint. It provides a high quality decorative finish, enhanced corrosion protection and exceptional resistance to weathering, moisture and pollution WHY SHOULD I USE IT? Owatrol Deco is a truly multi-surface paint, adhering strongly to all surfaces including plastic, wood, ferrous and non-ferrous metals. It gives a high gloss finish which is extremely flexible and so will not peel or flake making it perfect for use on flexible surfaces like plastics and uPVC. Owatrol Deco delivers an exceptional oil-based finish whilst maintaining very low VOC levels and is suitable for interior and exterior use including in confined spaces as it doesn’t emit harmful fumes. It is available in 6 different finishes and it’s easy to use. It can be applied without any priming or undercoating, even on rusted surfaces as it penetrates to the sound metal below to provide long-lasting protection against the elements. WHAT CAN I USE OWATROL DECO FOR? The uses for Owatrol Deco are almost limitless but it’s perfect for jobs like these: — — — — — —

Reviving plastic guttering and drainpipes without having to replace them Painting your uPVC window and door frames for a fresh new look Protecting pipe work and machinery parts from corrosion Finishing agricultural or industrial buildings Protecting and re-painting rusted gates and metal railings Re-painting radiators (as Owatrol Deco can withstand temperatures up to 175˚C)

WHAT OUR CUSTOMERS SAY ABOUT IT An Owatrol Pro customer B Richardson Decorating recently completed a renovation of the exterior of a bungalow. The project included windows, doors, a garage door and upstands for a car port and it included lots of rusted metal surfaces. He used Owatrol Deco in white to protect, prime and finish the surfaces and was very impressed with the results. He contacted us to say:

“It flows really well, especially the first coat. The opacity level after the first coat was very good too. Once dry it had a nice feel to it. Impressed with the finish, I’ll definitely use it again and for railings, gates, etc. it is now my go-to product.” By using Owatrol Deco, you can be sure that the rust has not just been covered up, it has been isolated and the sound metal has been protected from further corrosion. HOW CAN I GET OWATROL DECO? You can order Owatrol Deco easily direct from us through our website at with next working day delivery on all orders placed before 3pm. If you have any questions or are not sure if Owatrol Deco is right for your project then get in touch and we will be more than happy to advise you. Remember it’s suitable for use on all surfaces and protects, primes and finishes all in one! t52t


Technical, history of key manufacture and printing. British Engineering

We are a precision sub-contract turned part engineering company and our father and his brother started their company in the 1940´s. My brother has continued to mfg precision turned parts for commercial and aerospace industries. The key was established during the 1980´s depression, as we were looking for new ideas having design and manufacuring abilities we realised the need for a quality key on the market. The design came about by proto types being taken home as practically using it and being engineers we think we got the size just about right, easy and sturdy. The printing idea happened by luck, when a local plumber came into our factory and saw us printing the tensile strength on the top of large bolts so asked why couldn´t he have his name on his keys. High tensile plate and barrel machined to ISO 9001:2008 Protective zinc and barrel plate clear passivation Dimensions — 2mm thick — 40mm wide — 30mm high Metal meter box standard depth for meter box doors Metal / plastic collared meter key standard depth for meter box doors Asst. colours Red/Grey/ Black Seasonal Promotion Exhibition - Marketing Local Authority /Housing Association Contact Numbers Building Support And Maintenance Giveaway To Best Customers Web Site and Email Address Where Possible t54t

Web: E-mail: Tel: 01628 484202 - Wilton Farm - Marlow Road - Little Marlow - Buckinghamshire - SL7 3RR - UK Tel: 01628 484202 - Fax: 01628 484526 - E-mail: Printed Radiator Keys - Promotional Meter Box Key - Printed Electric Meter Box Keys Berkshire - Surrey - Middlesex - London - Buckinghamshire - Hertfordshire Birmingham - Midlands - Kent - South East - UK


INTELLI HEAT© Advanced Heating Solutions Featured on Brand New Series 60 Minute Makeover ITV1 Voted 'Best Heating Product' - Build It Awards 2012

NEEDO best design brands for RADIATORS in Archiproducts. T: 0845 163 0055 F: 0845 163 0045 E: W:

NO LONGER THE LAST RESORT NEEDO ELECTRIC HEATING IS THE FUTURE For many years, electric heating has been seen as the last resort for homeowners and specifiers alike. It was seen as expensive, uncontrollable and, more often than not, very ugly! Thanks to companies like us this preconception is finally changing. Our advanced electric heating systems offer a cost effective – and incredibly attractive - alternative to ‘traditional’ electric storage heating. The major benefits of these radiators are their efficiency, simplicity of control and ease of installation. And with the advanced programming and monitoring systems – either built in or remote controlled – a minimal amount of energy is used to ensure comfortable heating when and where is it needed. Gone are the days of an entire system being controlled by one set of on-and-off times and temperatures, now each individual room can have its own program – after all, why heat the bedrooms at a time when everyone is in the lounge of an evening? I would welcome the opportunity to visit you to demonstrate the various ranges we offer and to discuss any existing or forthcoming projects where our products would be the perfect option for you and your client and to explain to you the commission structure we have in place for specifiers such as yourselves.


Mitsubishi Electric Ecodan Heat Pumps As a market leader in commercial and domestic renewable solutions, Mitsubishi Electric is a pioneer in the development of renewable heat pump technology that offers improved energy efficiency and meets tough legislation. Heat pump technology has been used around the world for decades and Mitsubishi Electric have developed this technology to produce Ecodan - one of the most advanced, efficient heating systems available today.



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Glass Processing Specialist Glass Processing Specialists Firman Glass is a leading specialist glass manufacturer and supplier of glass, with an unrivalled reputation for Firman Glass is a leading specialist glass manufacturer fast, flexible & high quality glass processing. We offer a and supplier of glass, with an unrivalled reputation for wide range of standard and bespoke, decorative and fast, flexible & high quality glass processing. We offer a structural glass ofsolutions industry sectorsand with wide range standard to andallbespoke, decorative somestructural of the largest glass sizes glass solutions to all available. industry sectors with some of the largest glass sizes available.

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit our information website Further is available from our sales and technical offices or visit our website Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 Fax: Road, 01708Harold 340511 Email: Firman 374534 Glass,19 Bates Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email: In association with In association with

Kaldewei Conopool:

individual bathing in new dimensions

Kaldewei pushes the limits of steel enamel manufacturing and demonstrates competence in generous dimensions St. Ives, March 2014. – Exclusive bathroom architecture in international luxury hotels is defined primarily by quality, individuality and ultimate comfort. As the leading premium manufacturer of baths, shower trays and enamelled shower surfaces Kaldewei now adds Conopool as a new dimension to bathing: Never before have baths and whirlpools made of steel enamel been available in such generous formats. This latest pioneering achievement once more underscores Kaldewei’s innovative capacity in the development of exclusive product solutions for the high-end luxury bathroom. Large, larger, Conopool: the perfect blend of luxury and comfort Be it in the luxury suite or the exclusive spa area – the new Conopool bath made of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm offers relaxation and comfortable bathing in the hotel. Styled in a linear, puristic design, it presents itself with a generously dimensioned interior complete with flush enamelled waste cover. The Conopool is manufactured to individual requests at the Kaldewei production facilities and can be produced in sizes up to a maximum of 200cm length x 140cm width using


advanced welding techniques which are finished and perfected by hand. As a recent example, “The Chedi”, a high-end hotel recently opened in the Swiss town of Andermatt, features Conopool baths in three different sizes up to 200 x 130 cm. Wellness experience for all the senses To meet even the highest standards of guests seeking relaxation, the Conopool can be fitted with the Kaldewei Vivo Turbo or Vivo Turbo Plus whirl system. Thanks to their special turbine jets, the whirl systems operate without the usual piping and pump. They are therefore extra quiet, with exceptional hygiene properties that make them ideal for use in the hotel. Illuminated turbojets additionally create a special ambiance in the whirl bath. Intelligent optional extras further enhance the bathing comfort. The Kaldewei Comfort Select electronic controls allow aspects such as precise setting of the water temperature and regulate the water inlet and outflow. The new Sound Wave bath audio system from Kaldewei optionally adds a sound experience of unparalleled proportions: Sound Wave receives audio files from almost any Bluetooth-enabled device using the bath made of Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm to act as a sound box. It literally allows guests to immerse in their favourite tunes and – alone or with a partner – enjoy the bath with all the senses.

Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm: for superlative standards in luxury hotels “The new Conopool bath is yet another case in point of Kaldewei pushing the limits of manufacturing baths and shower trays made of steel enamel. Kaldewei is now able to produce entirely new dimensions made of this superior material,” Kaldewei’s head of Marketing Arndt Papenfuß states as he underlines the company’s innovation capacity. “It means Kaldewei measures up to the superlative standards of individual and flexible bathroom design in luxury hotels. With Conopool we are emphasising quite particularly the value of a high-end bath.” As all baths, shower trays and enamelled shower surfaces from Kaldewei, the Conopool is made of superior Kaldewei steel enamel 3.5 mm. The material defines itself by superior surface qualities: enamel looks as good as new even after years of daily use, it is exceptionally hygienic and very easy to clean. For additional safety underfoot, the surface can be finished with Kaldewei’s special anti-slip coating. Products made by Kaldewei therefore are an eminently safe, but also clean choice for hotels and their guests – guaranteed for 30 years.

â&#x20AC;&#x153;Conceal-A-Tapâ&#x20AC;? Telescopic 15 mm Hose Union Tap Ideal for schools and public buildings > Flush when closed > Minimises risk of injury Applications: > Vandal-proof > Filling buckets e.g. campsites> Frost resistant > Filling watering cans e.g. cemetaries > Recesses into any > Vehicle washdown areas thickness of wall > Garden centres > Special key > Gardens extends assembly UK Water Regulations KIWA approved

To view the range of external taps visit our website

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Arrow Valves Fundraising Dance-a-thon raises over £2,000 for Cancer Research UK On the 1st February 2014, Arrow Valves Marketing Director and qualified Zumba Instructor Laura Hockley Grace hosted a Charity Zumba ‘Dance-a-thon’ in aid of Cancer Research UK at Berkhamsted’s Espinosa Chute Centre. The event was a huge success, giving some of the Arrow team members an opportunity to make their Zumba debuts and raising in excess of the £2,000 target. The local press were also in attendance and recently published the following article. Recently qualified zumba instructor Laura Hockley Grace gave her first lesson during a fundraising dance-a-thon at Berkhamsted’s Espinosa Chute Centre. Guests at the function paid £6 per dance session and also got the chance to learn salsa, buy cake and take part in a raffle. There was also a street dance lesson for the children there. Laura siad: “It was my first class and I loved it. I qualified because I want to donate all my fees whenever I teach to charity.” “More than 30 people turned up and helped raise in excess of £2,000 for The Peter Andre Foundation in aid of Cancer Research”. “It was a great fun event and despite a few aching muscles some people signed up to future classes.” “I couldn’t have got this event off the ground t60t

without the help, support and infectious enthusiasm of Lisa Sproat”. She also thanked fellow Zumba instructor Laura Thompson for her help and James Espinosa of The Espinosa Chute Centre, who provided the facilities for the event. She added: “Local businesses have been very generous, donating raffle prizes for the event.”

Wetrooms made easy with Wetroom Innovations With wet rooms becoming the new ‘must have’, Wetroom Innovations provide top tips for creating a cheap yet effective bathroom alternative.


he latest trend in bathroom design is the wet room. With today’s hectic lifestyle more and more people are looking for opportunities to relax and unwind within the comfort of their own homes. Investment in the restyling of a bathroom is a popular idea for homeowners making their own private hideaway, a style statement. Demand is often driven by women who love the open, fresh, minimal, glossy ambience of a wet room, which adds value to the home as well as making a stunning focal point. A wet room is a waterproof room equipped with a shower and drain, inset into a gently sloping floor covered with tiling or occasionally vinyl. By removing the boxy shower cubical it is open- plan and airy allowing an illusion of maximised physical space and visual sight lines. With the provision of a framless shower screen there is no visual obstruction, the shower area flows into the bathroom giving and illusion of space through its open plan nature. A world of inspiration and ideas for wet rooms and walk-in showers is found at Installers Made Easy 1-4 Page bathroom Advert 2 A-W_Layout 1 07/12/2012 12:33 Page 1 can now source the products to express limitless creativity in the contemporary environment. wetrooms



wetrooms made easy A winning combination for wetrooms













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The Maxxus Kit is a third generation deck that takes the wetroom dream to a new level, answering all the deficiencies of existing products. It is the strongest deck on the market, sustaining a 470kg load over joists without any under-boarding, or alternatively set into concrete.






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A wet room can take 3-7 days to complete, meaning the installer needs fewer jobs. Having these higher value jobs can result in a more personal relationship with the customer and more recommendations.



Wetroom Innovations provide simple kits with detailed instructions, brochures and training so that anybody can effectively install a beautiful and practical wet room with no problems. This high quality informative literature is geared to educate simply on how to install correctly to satisfy the customer: There is no reason to ever turn down business.



Wetroom Innovations is a convenient one-stop shop that sells everything needed for an attractive, leak-free wetroom. It is the only company offering this convenient range of top quality, easy to use, cutting edge products all under one roof, next day delivery. Previously it had been expensive and beyond the finances of most people to install a wet room. Wetroom Innovations supplies the trade with wholesale, value for money prices allowing ordinary homeowners access on a low budget. The company ethos is to supply simple, budget, decorative and practical products with strong customer care.The wetroom has come a long way in recent years, but by using the latest products the company ensures a leak-free installation, thereby dealing with a primary concern for worry. A life of tiling warranty gives total peace of mind.

DYNAMIC DIGITAL LIVE SHOP WINDOW AND IN-STORE DISPLAYS ARE DEFINITELY HERE TO STAY! A dynamic new high-tech digital window display, designed and installed for a world famous Department Store in Knightsbridge, London, has established an exciting new level of retail presentation. Alchemy Expoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s specialist Digital Live division, integrated the latest MicroTile state-of-the-art digital modular technology with a unique freestanding 3D display The result was a continuously running 24/7 live video display, intriguingly melded with transparent see-through POS shelving that housed branded cosmetic products. The uniquely creative window display caught the imagination of the passing

audience and store visitors. It was nominated for a prestigious international design award in November 2013 and according to retail industry feedback, the design initiative moves shop window and in-store display to a higher plane, signalling a new era in digitally-centred bespoke presentation. As appointed resellers of Christiesâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; remarkable world-renowned digital modular technology, Alchemy hold substantial stocks of the unique MicroTile modules, which are available for purchase or rental. Similar in size to a building block, they can be designed and constructed into any shape and configuration, including back-wall or partition displays, freestanding walls, pillars or split-screen applications. Each modular/screen is individually programmable and displays stunning vivid, vibrant high-definition imagery.

Alchemy are recognised as pioneers and innovators in the design and application of advanced technologies, encompassing architectural systembuild exhibitions and conference sets, MicroTile modular video screens, the latest large-format HD-branded fabric walls, partitions and overheads; interwall illumination and bespoke fabric modular displays for lightweight economic transportation. Alchemy offers a complete design, installation and content management solution for all types of retail, showroom and corporate environment. Alchemy Expo will be demonstrating their remarkable digital presentations and full services live on Stand B3 at the 2014 VM & Display Show on 8th - 10th April. For full information visit:


The Visual Merchandising and Display Show is a magical explosion of light and colour tailor-made to dazzle and inspire. Don’t miss your chance for early registration today. 29th April – 1st May 2014 Business Design Centre, London T: 01945 420 068 E:

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