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Procter and Matthews/Mecanoo releases new regeneration plans for Thamesmead in London A London housing estate is set to be regenerated by Peabody housing association as part of £1.5 bn facelift A design team led by Proctor and Matthews alongside Mecanoo are lined up to transform Thamesmead in south east London. When the estate was completed in the 1970’s it was hailed as the town of the future by the Greater London Council but since then it has been plagued by crime and violence. It also suffers from the negative perceptions created by the film a Clockwork Orange. However, London housing association Peabody has submitted ambitious plans for the regeneration of the area. Making use of the possibilities the improved transport links that Crossrail will bring, Mecanoo Architecten and Proctor and Matthews Architects, alongside landscape architects Turkington Martin, developed a masterplan with over 1,500 housing units. The plan will deliver a coherent community with affordable homes, new jobs, and around 10,000 sq m of commercial, retail and leisure space, at close travel distance to the City of London. Detailed proposals have also been unveiled for a new civic quarter as the first development phase of the masterplan. This will contain 525 homes alongside community, retail and leisure facilities around a public square, shifting perceptions of Thamesmead through a step change in the quality of the built environment and public realm. Thamesmead was built in the 1970s on former marshland. Elevated walkways were used to connect tower blocks while the ground floor was reserved for car parking. The development was considered an innovate approach to housing, but quickly gained a reputation for being unpleasant and unsafe. The masterplan proposes a radical change, focusing on connectivity, community and character. From Abbey Wood station in the south to Southmere Lake in the north, the plan provides an enlivened sequence of streets and squares to create an improved sense of place. Active frontages for commercial, retail and leisure spaces create a mixed use area with a high quality public realm, activating the lakeside and improving the experience of the surrounding landscape. The mix of uses, different types of dwellings and public space enrich the community, bringing a distinct character to each of the four development areas of the masterplan. - Southmere Lane, which runs parallel to Harrow Manorway, meandering across the urban grid and offering a safe and logical route for cyclists and pedestrians. - The grouping of apartment buildings and terraced houses around raised shared courtyards to create smaller communities within the neighbourhood, resulting in clusters that form a contemporary reinterpretation of late 19th century Peabody buildings. - Squares that acts as neighbourhood focal points and Specials landmark buildings that will be visible from a wide area, accentuating specific townscape moments. - Linking the larger landscape elements surrounding South Thamesmead, and, on a smaller scale, creating new connections that reinforce the main pedestrian routes. The new Thamesmead Civic Quarter occupies a large site on the edge of Southmere Lake. A new Civic Square will act as the focal point for local residents and visitors, and restore community


facilities to the area. A double height colonnade encloses the square on ground level, activating the plinth with shop frontages and building entrances. Opening towards Southmere Lake, it creates an attractive environment that allows street life to thrive. Building ensembles new Civic Square define the edges of the square. While each of the ensembles have their own distinctive character and style, they are tied together through a uniform articulation in building height and rhythm. The predominant material is brick, adding a warmer feel to the existing concrete buildings that are carefully integrated into the new scheme. The development contains a broad range of dwelling sizes from one bedroom units to four bedroom townhouses. The majority of apartments have dual aspect, with private balconies designed to maximize views and exposure to natural light. The units are grouped around raised shared gardens and recessed ground level courtyards that form the green heart of each building ensemble. The development will be built in four phases, with Phase One (the Civic Quarter) due to commence in early 2017 and the final phase completing in 2021. Stephen Howlett, Chief Executive at Peabody, said: “Thamesmead is a special part of London with huge potential for the future. The creation of 1,500 new homes and a new high street as part of the Abbey Wood and South Thamesmead Housing Zone, together with the arrival of Crossrail means we also have the opportunity to create hundreds of new jobs and attract new business.” Crossrail arriving in nearby Abbey Wood will mean Canary Wharf is only 11 mins away and TCR just 20 mins, this has led to house prices in Abbey Wood increasing by 35% in 12 months. Francine Houben, Creative Director at Mecanoo Architecten, said: “Using our 30 years’ experience in creating pleasant urban neighbourhoods, the plan for Thamesmead that aims to reinstate a strong sense of community and introduces what Thamesmead needs first of all: good public space that is accessible for all. A new spine is created; a route connecting Abbey Wood’s future Crossrail station, Southmere Lake, the surrounding landscape, and the existing neighbourhoods. The new buildings and squares that define the new route will give Thamesmead the right human scale and identity.”


Troll Hus - Mork-Ulnes Architects Norden, California Site size: 17,500 sf Project size: 3,330 sf Program: The owners, a retired couple in their 70s, commissioned Mork-Ulnes Architects to design a vacation house for them, their children, and grandchildren: three ski-loving generations whose older members have been skiing in the area since the 1940s. Location: Sugar Bowl, Norden, California

is clad in 2-by-4 solid timber coated in black tar, which helps protect the wood from the weather and insects—a traditional Norwegian technique dating back to medieval stave churches. Warm wood wraps the interiors, extending to the floors, ceilings, and furniture—including the the dining table, bench, and bar stools that Lexie Mork-Ulnes designed specifically for the project.

by Yvonne Mouser (in the dining room & kitchen) Four Austrian-inspired barstools: Custom designed (by Lexie Mork-Ulnes) built by Yvonne Mouser (in the dining room & kitchen) Two Bensen U-Turn Chairs in light grey maharam divina melange (in the living room)

Antique Draw Leaf Table: Family owned, french country draw leaf. Sleuth Antiques Structural System: Wood framing over (owner’s former antique business) (in the concrete slab and walls at ground level dining room & kitchen) Exterior cladding: Douglas fir Brent Comber shattered coffee table in douglas fir (in the living room) Exterior wall treatment: Tar Completion date: January 2016

Solution: Inspired by the idea of a tree house that is suspended between treetops, the Troll Hus is tucked away in the mountains. The design responds to the owners’ desire for a modernist, secluded refuge with constant Furnishings: Tyrolean dining chairs: Imported visual reference to nature. Rather than from Europe and refinished with Lye (in the expansive vistas, the house offers filtered dining room & kitchen) views of the surrounding landscape. One Austrian-inspired Bench: Custom Construction and materials: The exterior designed by Lexie Mork-Ulnes AND built

One antique cricket table refinished in lye (in the living room) Upholstery: B&B Italia Tufty Too Sofa by Patricia Urquiola in dark grey cashmere (in the living room)

Small companies being left behind by “BIM divide” Government action to make BIM compulsory on larger projects is creating a divide which is causing smaller construction firms to miss out on the benefits of computer modelling.

engagement there still remains a significant gap in the understanding and use of BIM, especially in smaller value projects and those outside of government influence.

“MSPS has been using 3D design on all levels of projects for over 15 years, and we know from experience that BIM can work on any project size or type.

BIM has been mandatory on public sector projects over £5m since last month.

“By making BIM mandatory on lower level projects we would see firms of all sizes benefitting from the time and cost savings BIM brings.

“It can be reconfigured as projects evolve, leading to significant efficiencies, ultimately reducing capital and life cycle costs.

But Morgan Sindall Professional Services (MSPS) experts are warning that the deadline has created a technological divide in the industry. Brendan Patchell, BIM Strategy Manager for MSPS said: “Although the government mandate for larger projects has increased

“The construction industry as a whole is late in adopting 3D modelling practices. If you look at the aerospace and automotive industries they have been using it for 20 years plus, whilst construction has only recently recognised the benefits.

“By making the use of this technology mandatory across all projects, regardless of size, we as an industry would not only be ensuring best practice is followed, but we will be looking after our smaller businesses where the benefits BIM brings will really be felt.”



Saint-gobain weber ewi render brick colour created to match aesthetics for rotherham renovation project A new red brick colour has been created for the Saint-Gobain Weber External Wall Insulation (EWI) system chosen by Rotherham Metropolitan Borough Council (RMBC) for their property upgrade programme in the Dinnington area. The weber.therm XM EWI system, finished with weber.rend RB Render Brick in the new Georgian Red colour, has been created to accurately match the established red brick Georgian properties in the area. The senior Building Surveyor for RMBC required that the properties being thermally improved should match the traditional aesthetics, as far as reasonably practical, and the Saint-Gobain Weber laboratory at Flitwick, Bedfordshire, subsequently developed the new colour to add to the existing palette. Additionally, a distressed finish has been achieved by artistic application of weber. sil P, a silicone enhanced masonry paint, to create an even more natural, aged brick effect. This process has been enthusiastically welcomed by both RMBC and the residents in maintaining the traditional colours of the now thermally enhanced properties. The 88 properties in this project were built in the 1930s and were identified as hard to treat, some with solid walls and some with narrow cavities of varied dimensions. To achieve a target u-value of 0.28W/m²K from 1.48 W/m²K, 80mm of expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation has been fixed to the outer walls as part of the weber.therm XM system and finished with the weber.rend RB Render Brick finish, a combination of two coloured mortars used

together to create the brick effect finish. Once the insulation material has been fixed to the structure, an initial coat of weber.rend LAC render is applied over the insulation with a meshcloth reinforcement laid into it. A second pass of weber.rend LAC is then applied which is finished with a lightly comb-scratched surface to encourage the bond with the weber.rend RBB base coat which acts as the mortar line in the brick effect. This is applied at 7-8mm thick and ruled to achieve a flat, in-plane surface. When this has taken-up a 2-3mm coat of weber.rend RBF face coat is applied and the surface lightly textured with a soft bristle brush to create the brick face. When this coat has taken up the brick pattern is marked carefully and cuts are made through the face coat render to expose the base coat to achieve an authentic, bonded brickwork appearance. The weber.rend RB system is a cost effective and attractive finish giving excellent weather protection for varying climatic conditions. Residents of the Dinnington properties welcomed the greatly improved appearance of the properties and are enjoying the high performance benefits of good thermal insulation.

The Safety Letterbox Company completes university project A company that provides high tech, bespoke and secure letterboxes throughout the UK and worldwide for high profile projects such as the Burj Khalifa in Dubai, has completed a substantial student accommodation project in London.

said: “This project was quite different from any we have done before. Instead of fitting mailboxes into a wall, we were tasked with creating multiple banks of free-standing, brightly coloured post boxes to fit in with branding requirements.

The Safety Letterbox Company, the UK’s leading manufacturer and installer of secure mailboxes, was tasked with providing a series of post boxes that were visually appealing for the reception area of The SCAPE Student Living complex on Corsham Street in London.

“It was a great project to work on and the results are outstanding.”

The reception now houses multiple colourful banks of free-standing post boxes that feature ECOM Horizontal mailboxes, which provide a secure mail storage solution. The mailboxes took over a month to design, manufacture and install. Staff from The Safety Letterbox Company worked very closely with SCAPE project architects to design a bespoke collection for the exciting development, matching the colours of SCAPE Student Living. Alison Orrells, managing director of The Safety Letterbox Company,


Tom Devaney, managing director of SCAPE, said: “The Safety Letterbox Company produced a high quality and visually interesting back to back arrangement of mailboxes for our reception area at SCAPE – optimising the use of space and providing an stimulating and functional mailbox arrangement. “Each double-sided bank housed multiple engraved mailboxes in a wide variety of colours, in keeping with the window decals and other internal features. “The banks were clad by The Safety Letterbox Company to provide a white featureless edge with oversized legs to give a strong impact to the mail area. They certainly met the brief and I would not hesitate to work with them on future projects.”


Sika Sarnafil membrane

In a complex new build roofing project that was deemed almost impossible, Contour Roofing stepped up to the challenge with a Sika Sarnafil membrane to achieve truly stunning results. 32 Ewart Grove, a Paul Simon Homes residential development, required a high-performance roof with a striking aesthetic result to match the contemporary luxury flats within. With its extremely intricate design, including two barrel roofs and a large, unique triangulated tower at the front, the project presented a real challenge. The installation was very challenging, with various shapes, details, upstands and intricate sections to cover. Sikalastic was used for the guttering when the space was just too tight for single ply, demonstrating the compatibility between Sika’s various roofing products. Both the Sika Sarnafil and Sika Liquid Plastics systems were awarded a 20 year guarantee. The project impressed the judges of the upcoming NFRC UK Roofing Awards and has been shortlisted in the Single Ply category. The winners will be announced in May.

Mapei Elastocolor protection Mapei Elastocolor Paint is an elastomeric, crack-bridging, permanently flexible protective coating, ideal for painting cracked facades and concrete structures subject to deformation. It also provides excellent resistance to ageing, freezing weather and de-icing salts. Elastocolor Paint forms a flexible finishing coat, which is impermeable to water and aggressive atmospheric agents (CO2 and SO2) whilst remaining permeable to vapour. This product can be used to protect concrete structures subject to small deformation when under load against carbonation. It is suitable for protecting and decorating render with micro-cracks and for protecting thin, pre-fabricated structures subject to cracking. Elastocolor Paint provides long lasting flexibility and meets CE EN1504-2 © classification, principles PI-MC-IR for ingress protection, moisture control and increasing resistivity. It is available as a white base paint and can also be tinted in a wide range of colours with Mapei’s dedicated ColorMap tinting system.

A new design remodels existing buildings within distinctive Soho Conservation Area in London SODA has won planning consent for the substantial renovation and rooftop extension of three adjacent buildings on a key corner site in Soho, central London. Designed for client Metrus (on behalf of Benesco Charity ltd.) the project is located at the junction of Frith Street and Bateman Street and includes a spectacular sculptural roof pavilion with a folded, Cross-Laminated Timber (CLT) roof. SODA’s design remodels and upgrades the existing buildings while retaining and enhancing the distinctive character of the Soho Conservation Area context. The three buildings had gradually expanded and merged over the years, resulting in a rabbit warren of inefficiently connected rooms. A new structural and servicing strategy rationalises circulation with the addition of a new core and the reconfiguration of two internal lightwells. This creates larger, more efficient floorplates for four floors of offices, three residential units and upgraded basement and ground floor retail and restaurant space. New terraces with living walls will be introduced into the west lightwell, providing external amenity space for workers. New lifts provide improved access throughout and a new entrance core is created for the upgraded residences. The copper-clad rooftop extension is designed to unify the disparate and muddled roofscape across the site. The new pavilion is stepped back from the building edge to minimise impact on the roofscape and is configured to respect Rights of Light constraints. Internally, the CLT structure is exposed and combined with white plaster walls, polished concrete floor, and bespoke metalwork and detailing throughout. The redesign will provide an additional 414.5 sq m of Net Internal Area (NIA) within the existing site boundary. Improvements to lighting, mechanical and electrical designs and enhanced thermal performance are expected to yield a 52.6% reduction in regulated carbon emissions. The planning consultant on this project has been Treanor Consulting.


Editor's choice

Vicaima turn on design flair at Electricity House

Electricity House, Bristol City Centre featuring Vicaima doors

Vicaima innovative door designs have been featured prominently in a landmark city centre project for Crest Nicholson, which sees a modern apartment complex created in a former 1930’s iconic utility building.


lectricity House has sto o d at the very heart of Bristol City centre since its construction in the late 1930’s and was perhaps best known as the home of the South West Electricity Board. Designed by architect Sir Giles Gilbert Scott, who also famously created the much loved red telephone box, this building has commanded attention for generations. With its Portland stone façade and magnificent curved frontage, the building embodies the grace of the Art Deco era. Now this bygone treasure has taken on a new lease of life following its lovingly re-imagined and inspired regeneration by Quality developer Crest Nicholson. They have created luxury living space by blending period charm with contemporary interior design.


Of course inspired design requires inspirational products and so Crest chose Vicaima to enhance the apartment entrance doors with Dekordor 3D Portaro matching door and frame systems. This was further augmented by a surrounding and matching wall panelling which incorporated distinctive back lit apartment numbering. Performance was to client requirements which included certified FD30 fire doors with a roller lock and eye viewer. Dekordor 3D provides a horizontal and highly tactile grain effect and Crest selected 3D Grey finish to provide the perfect tonal contrast to the wall and floor covering. 3D Grey was also chosen for the communal areas, including the striking and visually dominating atrium area, where occupants enjoy a panoramic view of multiple floor levels, displaying Vicaima doors at every level.

Apartment interiors showing Vicaima grooved Satin White in Easi-Fit door kit Atrium showing Vicaima Dekordor 3D entrance doors on every floor

Inside the apartments and penthouses themselves, Vicaima Satin White doors with Easi-Fit frames were selected. These ultrasmooth white lacquered doors provide a luxurious look and feel at every turn and fit perfectly with the superior build quality synonymous with this project. The design has been further embellished with the addition of a refined groove pattern, which was also carried through onto the architraves to add yet another design element. Overall the project is a fine example of regeneration at its best and Vicaima products are sure to grace this reincarnation for generations to come. Vicaima offer an extensive range of innovative design options, with fire, acoustic and security performance for luxury housing and modern apartment living space. For further details about these and other products from the many Vicaima collections, visit the Vicaima website alternatively, call 01793 532333 for additional information.


We Build It Ltd are based in the heart of some of Shropshire's most outstanding countryside. As one of the UK's largest manufacturers of domestic sewage treatment plants, we focus on high quality, affordable products. All of our sewage treatment plants are based on the successful and simple extended aeration method. We design, manufacture, install and service the BioPure sewage treatment plant for single houses, small developments up to 55 pe and larger off mains FlowPath treatment plants for rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, offices, barn conversions and commercial applications. Our products can also be used after an existing septic tank to enable the effluent to be discharged directly to a water causeway, if your existing soakaway has failed. We offer straight forward, easy to follow advice for your

Our BioPure Range of Sewage Treatment Plant 1-55 pe

sewage treatment needs. All of our sewage treatment plants come with easy to follow installation and service manuals, as well as free telephone assistance by specialist installers. We can also offer full or assisted installations at very competitive rates. We pride ourselves on offering the best GRP products on the market backed up by proper good old-fashioned customer service - (dial straight through and speak to our specialists, no automated service or queuing system) buying a sewage treatment plant can be quite daunting, which plant is best for my situation?? What are the regulations?? What about the Environment agency?? Etc. but be assured we will be with you every step of the way, making sure you have the right solution designed around your requirements. You deal direct with the manufacturer, with over 25 years waste water experience, 24-7-365 days of the year

125 PE Treatment Plant, up to 300 PE available as standard other sizes available on request.

We also offer service agreements, our service agreements not only provide excellent maintenance for our systems, but we also service a variety of our competitor’s treatment plants.

For more information contact us at or Or Email us at Telephone 01746 781782 or 0800 7319421

Kitchen design considerations to create Many people believe that creating a luxury kitchen is out of their budget, but it doesn’t need to be expensive; with the right planning and execution you too can create a luxury space that the whole family can enjoy while adding value to your home in the process.


he kitchen design team at Mayfair Granite have put together their top considerations for planning and designing the perfect kitchen:

Kitchen Layout The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, a place where great food is prepared, a space for entertaining friends and family and somewhere to relax in at the end of a hard day, so creating a space that is both functional and comfortable is key. The L-shaped kitchen is one of the most popular layouts for kitchens because of its adaptability, and when combined with


an island can create a great space for entertaining. An island bench can create a dramatic focal point in the room whilst providing extra storage space and a social hub for the whole family to gather round.

U-shaped kitchen designs usually feature integrated appliances which are great for keeping a uniform style, but standalone appliances can be used to provide a stand out feature or touch of colour to the design.

An L-shaped kitchen design is a great option for open plan kitchens where the room opens out into a dining room or living room; it also maximises the floor space for families and couples to cook together without getting into each other’s way.

Material Choice

If space is an issue, try opting for a U-shaped kitchen design; this type of design can maximise the cabinet and worktop space in the room without compromising on design or style.

With a vast array of exciting and exotic materials to choose from when designing a kitchen, it can be a bit daunting when planning the perfect space. The classic combination of natural stone and traditional timber cabinetry is still seen as the pinnacle of luxury by many, but with the advances in technology pushing the boundaries of design there is now a range of metallic materials to choose from including brass, copper and zinc to

a luxury space provide that extra wow factor. For worktops, Mayfair Granite recommends traditional materials such as granite, quartz and marble, which provide a durable and low maintenance option that will last a lifetime. These materials can be cut into an array of shapes and sizes providing a perfect fit in any room. Cabinetry is the most important investment in any kitchen design, so choosing the right materials is key to creating a kitchen that will stand the test of time. Luxury kitchen cabinets often feature high quality woods such as cherry, mahogany or walnut which are stained with rich, dark colours to bring out the natural beauty of the

wood grain. However, specialty painted and glazed finishes can also make for a luxurious kitchen.

isn’t suitable for every kitchen. However, if the kitchen lacks natural light there are lots of options out there.

Appliances can make or break a kitchen so it is important that these are taken into consideration at the same time as the rest of the design. Choose products that match the style you are going for and always shop around for the best prices.

Pendant lights can add that wow factor to the kitchen and can create a relaxing ambience, whereas under cabinet lighting is perfect for food preparation in low light situations. For something a bit different, LED light strips are a good choice for creating dynamic lighting effects in the kitchen.

Lighting Lighting is also an important consideration for creating the right balance of ambience and function in the kitchen. Natural light makes the space look bigger and brings the outside in, but having large windows and doors

Creating the perfect kitchen is all about planning, if done right you’ll have a functional and comfortable space that will last for many years and can add thousands to the value of your home. •11•

New improvements for Reynaers’ stylish Hi-Finity door system

Leading provider of aluminium architectural glazing systems Reynaers has further enhanced its highly successful slimline sliding door Hi-Finity – making it one of the best available on the market. he new features mean that architects can benefit from a huge increase in glass surface, with maximum transparency and minimal sight lines. The latest version of the Hi-Finity system means that there can now be fixed panels of glass up to 1200kg and motorised vents up to 750kg. Where thermal performance is key, even larger triple glass units can be accommodated.


Reynaers’ Marketing Manager Rebecca Cope said: “The architectural trend of huge dimensions together with triple glazing has led to very heavy vent weights. “For improved ease of operation for the end user, we’ve developed a new solid and fully concealed motor for Hi-Finity, in combination with a secure, automatic spring loaded pen lock. The powerful motor can easily slide vent weights up to 750kg at the touch of a button.” With a minimised visible frame of just 35mm for a maximised panoramic view, the Reynaers Hi-Finity slim frame doors offer the ultimate in contemporary design and cutting-edge performance and allow a vent height of up to 3.5 metres. The new system also means that homeowners can now link their


Hi-Finity door to their home automation system. Elegant Hi-Finity aluminium doors are available with double and triple glazing and ensure optimum performance, safety, and comfort. What’s more, the improved Hi-Finity sliding system with triple glazing has achieved the Minergie® sustainability label – a quality indicator for high insulation systems. The Minergie® component label for windows and doors requires a minimum level of performance and ensures that the building components contribute to low energy consumption buildings. It is now also possible to combine two Hi-Finity doors on adjoining walls using one of a new range of innovative corner solutions. They allow architects to create a wall of glass to let panoramic views flood into homes and – thanks to the unique design of the multi-wheel carriages – even the heaviest of these doors will glide open and closed with minimal effort. All Hi-Finity doors incorporate a state-of-the-art electronic locking system concealed in the outer frame and if automated, operate via a wall-mounted button, remote control or home automation system. Further details are available from: Reynaers Limited, Tel: 0121 421 1999, or email:, website:


Special feature - Fabrics

Outdoor and Contract Fabrics for the Creative Designer Kayospruce have been established for 33 Years on the South Coast, starting as a marine technical fabric supplier it quickly became apparent that materials proven in their adaptability and in this harsh environment made them ideally suited to structures, typically Awnings, Walkways, Partitions, Umbrellas etc, and the versatility of Flame Retardant, very high U/V resistance, with 5 & 10 year guarantees against fading and rotting, water resistancy made these fabrics compulsory for any commercial or domestic project or ‘Al Fresco’ Dining. Kayospruce are the UK distributor for Sunbrella Upholstery fabrics, used for shading and garden furniture. These are specialist fabrics designed not to rot or fade, 100% solution dyed acrylic, they combine resistance, comfort and ease of maintenance. Sunbrella quality is renowned in the professional world of furniture, where it has many different applications. DURABLE: Sunbrella superior pigments are added during the production of fade resistant Sunbrella fibre. The final result is Sunbrella yarn and fabric with colour throughout that won’t wash or fade away.


EASY TO CLEAN: Sunbrella fabrics can be cleaned with mild soap and water. For tough stains, bleach can be used without fear of damaging the fabrics or removing the colour. Additionally a topical finish is applied to all Sunbrella fabrics to help them repel liquids making it even easier to maintain. The Sunbrella Renaissance collection compliments the Main Outdoor Collection of fabrics. Constructed from 50% recycled fibres, available in three styles with a wide range of colours and designs. The recycled fibres are taken directly from the factories where the fabric remnants are divided by colour batches, reconditioned as fibres and woven together with fresh, new Sunbrella fibres. This collection provides a vintage feel with a modern twist for an eye-catching, comfortable, environmentallyfriendly outdoor setting. Awnings and canopies to cover those outdoor areas can also be catered for by Kayospruce who are the UK Distributor for Sauleda Outdoor Fabrics, these fabrics rise to meet the challenges of industrial sectors with extremely high technical standards. Sauleda fabrics provide solar protection and high resistance to UV radiation, while taking care of the visual environment and obtaining controlled luminosity.

maximum dimensional stability, quick drying, high grade of thermal and visual comfort are in high demand for sail shades, playground shading, restaurant and hotel awning and shading, together with the Sauleda warranty of 10 years coverage for normal exposure to the sun and atmospheric agents you can rest assured you have made the right choice.

These easy to clean 100% solution dyed acrylics with exceptional colour resistance and durability,

Visit or call 01489 581696 email

Upholstery Fabrics

A Comprehensive Range of Superior Fabrics for the Interior Designer

Contract Outdoor Indoor

+44 (0)1489 581696

Cubbyhole is the UK’s newest online property website which entered the marketplace in May with a fresh and innovative idea for the housing market – to provide all the tools you need to buy or sell a property locally or nationally from just £60 (inc. VAT) per week. With marketing campaigns taking place across the UK through several media platforms Cubbyhole is sure to get your property noticed! As the UK market battles the ever-growing pressures on first-time buyers, interest rates and Stamp Duty, everyone is looking for ways to save money. On a typical house sale, could save people thousands, by not having to pay the traditional estate agency fees you can control your move and control your costs. is one of the first consumer property portal where buyers and sellers can connect and communicate online – without an actual estate agent. The new property portal allows sellers to upload their images, input their own details and most importantly, describe and showcase their home in their own words. In turn, the portal then allows potential buyers to browse the market by location and have direct contact with the seller prior to viewing the property. The portal also features “Useful Tips” and “How To Guides” as well as a “Find a Pro” section which lists services and trades in local areas helping people with every aspect of the purchase or sale. Cubbyhole has entered the market with an introductory offer where sellers can receive 30 days of advertising for just £1! For further information email or call 01304 614631.


Buying and Selling property has moved on A new and innovative nationwide property portal designed to make moving affordable.

Sell your property from just ÂŁ60 inc. VAT

Ten of the top innovations at VISION LONDON Bio-responsive facades, ceramic-hybrid textiles and the world’s smartest office building are among the top innovations that will be featuring at VISION at Olympia London on 7 and 8 June. The two-day event for Architects, Specifiers and their Clients combines an exhibition, 2 day seminar programme and networking events, and is free to attend when you register in advance. Here are some highlights not to be missed:


Find out what makes the smartest building in Europe so smart - Ron Bakker, founding partner of PLP Architecture, will talk about the design of The Edge – Deloitte’s new Amsterdam HQ - and its smart technologies.


Hear about innovations in textiles - The latest innovations in textiles and hybrid materials for use in the built environment will be outlined by experts from Central Saint Martins, University of the Arts London.


Get an insight into carbon nanomaterials - Nanomaterials present a wealth of design possibilities, as Dr Bojan Boskovic, chief executive of innovation consultant Cambridge Nanomaterials Technology, will explain.


Get the lowdown on building higher with CLT modules in Finland - The eight storey Puukuokka apartment scheme is Finland’s tallest cross laminated timber (CLT) building. Ansi Lassila, director of architect OOPEAA will be outlining the lessons from the project.


Explore 3D BIM at Crossrail’s Tottenham Court Road Station - Harbinder Singh Birdi, partner with architect Hawkins\Brown, will outline the role of 3D BIM for design and collaboration on this key project.


See how Cullinan Studio put the fab into prefab at Holy Cross School - Alex Abbey, partner at architect Cullinan Studio will outline how research collaboration produced a school that met cost constraints, while offering generous, flexible teaching space and elegance in design.


Switch on to the Internet of Things - Antonio Pisano, co-founder and director of Marcel Mauer Architecture, will give a lesson on the Internet of Things and its implications for the built environment.

Gaze into the future of biodesigned buildings - Biotechnology and biomaterials are changing architecture and design. Find out how from futorologist, design scientist and transformational change strategist Melissa Sterry.


Learn about ways of literally putting life into buildings Rachel Armstrong, professor of experimental architecture at Newcastle University and Emma Flynn, associate and R&D lead at architect Astudio will look at the potential for bio-responsive facades.


the view from The Shard… 10 See virtually - TruVision VR will offer show visitors the chance to experience the view from The Shard, via an Oculus Rift virtual reality headset.

Image credit: Paul Raftery

7-8 JUNE 2016


To check out the full VISION programme and register for a free visitor ticket, go to: •18•

7-8 JUNE 2016



ATTEND VISION AND ACCESS: • Exhibition of hundreds of innovative solutions for the built environment • International Meeting Programme • Interactive Show Features • Vision Late Night - join us for our special evening programme and networking drinks on 7 June

• 100+ CPD Accredited seminar sessions covering: - Future Materials & Systems - Building Health & Wellness - Offsite Construction - Technology Talks - Innovation in Architecture & Design - Smart Buildings - Building Information Modelling (BIM)

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Opening Hours: 7 June 10.00-21.00, 8 June 09.00-16.30

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Specifying Rooflights to meet the requirements of Part Q Recent changes to Building Regulations Approved Document Q: Security in Dwellings means that anyone wishing to install rooflights in ‘easily accessible areas’ will need to ensure that they specify a product which is compliant with Part Q. The document explains ‘easily accessible’ as: A window or doorway, any part of which is within 2m vertically of an accessible level surface such as ground or basement level, or an access balcony, or A window within 2m vertically of a flat or sloping roof (with a pitch of less than 30 degrees) that is within 3.5m of ground level. These changes are most likely to affect domestic dwellings with flat roof single storey extensions featuring rooflights that fall within the criteria described above, although each project should be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Glazing Vision’s Secure and Secure+ rooflights have been tested to the latest LPS 2081:1 2015 standard, which is designed to replicate a typical stealth attack commonly carried out in residential areas. The range is accredited by the Loss Prevention Certification Board issued by the BRE.


Secure and Secure+ rooflights are the first in the UK to be backed by the official police security initiative Secured by Design to LPS2081:1 2015. Rooflights designated with the ‘Secure’ rating have been tested to LPS2081 security rating A, which identifies them as being able to withstand a sustained attack for up to one minute. Any rooflight designated as ‘Secure+’ has passed the higher LPS2081 security rating B, identifying it as being able to withstand an attack of up to three minutes. Compliant products include the fixed Flushglaze rooflight range, which includes solo, modular and wall abutted variants. The hinged ventilation rooflight ‘ VisionVent’ is also available in the ‘Secure’ range. Both Secure and Secure+ ranges are fully compliant with Approved Document Q and will be supplied with upgraded laminated glass as standard.

To find out more read: Glazing Vision’s Secured by Design rooflights or, download the Whitepaper for more information on specifying rooflights to meet the requirements of Part Q.

stronger than you’d think

secured by design part q compliant glass rooflights by glazing vision

LPS 2081: Issue 1 Cert/LPCB ref: 1347a

secure secure


01379 658300

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Touch Ironmongery LTd 210 Fulham road, chelsea London SW10 9PJ

The PerFecT Touch


stablished 33 years ago in October 1982, Touch Ironmongery is one of London’s leading ironmongers. Originally called “A Touch of Brass”, the firm changed their name in 2003 in reaction to slowly advancing market changes in architectural ironmongery which is no longer supplied solely in brass, and to also reflect the broader range of products and finishes that they sell. In fact today, Touch can supply a wide range of finishes including Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Copper, Bronze -solid and plated, BMA, Antique Brass, Black, Pewter, Ceramic, Leather, Stainless Steel, Satin Stainless Steel, Gun Metal, and the list keeps growing. Whatever finish you require, Touch can help you get the right look. Touch occupy their recently refurbished showroom at 210 Fulham Road, Chelsea, where they display a vast range of their 5,000 products. With a customer base including Interior Designers, Builders and individuals who are interested in the top end of the

Ironmongery market, Touch mainly supply to residential premises but hotel and office properties also contribute to their vast clientele. The company also have a healthy export market to all corners of the world, namely the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Touch’s owner and founder, Bill Benham, has 33 years’ experience in the ironmongery trade, as do his colleagues Jim Haselup and Alan Blanchard. Saleem Qureshi is the newest member of our team and has 10 years’ experience, meaning their knowledge is unrivalled in this industry. The range of products supplied by Touch date from circa 1640 French (Louise XIV) and cover all subsequent periods (Georgian, Edwardian & Victorian), art deco and contemporary pieces also make up the product ranges. In addition, Touch showcases the very best of British manufacturing; the best ranges are still produced in the Midlands by craftsmen in factories dating back 200 years or more. Touch also sell European manufactured goods

which is considered to be of a very good quality and in recent years they have introduced some of the far eastern made products, albeit in a limited range but cost effective. With trends continuously evolving, new innovative products are constantly under development. Touch understand that keeping up with the fashion-shifts is imperative in order to provide every customer with the best solution for their requirements. Ironmongery can be a difficult and complicated aspect of a building project, as a result Touch aim to take this awkward aspect and make it user friendly and clear to understand by offering an onsite service where they carry out a detailed door by door, window by window, room by room Ironmongery schedule, highlighting all requirements and identifying any items that can be refurbished. Refurbishment is a large part of the business; Touch will undertake complete ironmongery refurbishment projects, and can restore old paint covered door furniture to their former glory, looking as new, at a fraction of the cost to replace.

For more information about Touch Ironmongery or to arrange a showroom visit please call 0207 351 2255 or alternatively visit •22•

OLARIA BARCELONA has now come to London Olaria full range is now available from Touch Ironmongery. Olaria are manufacturers based in Barcelona. Est.1934. Suppliers of luxury hardware to the most emblematic buildings of Barcelona such as Casa Berenguer and Casa Mila of Architect Gaudi, Old Hotel Ritz, Hotel Avenida Palace, Hotel Majestic and many commercial and luxury buildings.

COASTAL MARKET BOOM The ever popular coastal housing market is booming, as the trend for seaside living continues in the UK. The market demands the best in design technology, with many buyers insisting upon a high quality specification, even down to the smallest aspects. After all, the beauty is in the detail. Reddiseals, the sash and casement window specialists, have developed a stainless steel sash range just for this purpose; to provide high quality products perfect for use with seaside renovations and new builds. Their range is ideal for coastal regions due to its high resilience to salt spray and sea air. Manufactured from marine grade 316 stainless steel, the products are strong, durable and highly resistant to corrosion – making them the perfect choice.

“A high proportion of our trade customers enquire about this range as they are doing jobs in coastal regions and need something that’s not going to deteriorate quickly,” says Reddiseals Technical Specialist, Steve Maddock. “We’ve been developing our range to offer more stainless steel options and because they are backed by our 20 year guarantee, they’re very popular.”

The beauty of the Reddiseals produced stainless steel sash furniture collection is that it is highly polished and has a shiny, decorative finish which offers a timeless look for both traditional and modern looking buildings – making it the ideal choice for your next project.





Established in 1989, Reddiseals has long been the only port of call for joiners across the country who value the wide range of timber window components and accessories the company has to offer with the added convenience of next day delivery. Providing both casement and sash furniture - not only does Reddiseals provide the products - it also provides the support needed to make your project a success. The stainless steel sash furniture is also the perfect choice for use with Accoya timber beading, as the chemicals in this prestigious wood can often react with metals other than stainless steel. When bringing in their new Accoya wood beading range earlier this year, it was essential to Reddiseals that their stainless steel offering was up to scratch to meet demand.

For more information on the stainless steel furniture range, including a sample, or for more information on the company itself – just visit

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Glass Excellence Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed units. Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we are ideally situated to service our ever growing and diverse customer base. Manufacturing all forms of processed toughened glass, with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin, body tinted, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire rated glass. With some of the most advanced capabilities in place Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure and domestic.

Products • • • • •

Toughened glass Processing CNC shaping Laminated glass Toughened and laminated constructions • EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays • Fabric and decorative interlays • Saflex DG41 structural interlay

• • • • • • • • •

Specialist insulating glass units Anti–slip glass Fire rated glass UV bonding FIRMALITE electric switchable glass Heated glass Decorative glass Sandblasting ColorfirmTM back painted glass

• • • • • • •

Staircases Treads and stringers Shower screens Shelving Glass doors Acoustic reduction Fire rated

Applications • • • • • • •

Structural glazing Glass floors Partitions Roof lights Balustrades Full height barriers Canopies

• • • • • •

Decoration Wall cladding Splashbacks Privacy Technical Support Nationwide Coverage

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

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Whether you are refurbishing, renovating or self-building, Todd Doors has a style to complement your home. From the classic white panelled or traditional Victorian Oak to contemporary Charcoal Oak, Todd Doors has something for everyone and every project. If you would like your house to have greater “kerb appeal” consider changing your existing front door. Now is the ideal time of year to do this and as well as making your house look instantly stylish and inviting, a new front door will keep you and your family warm and dry. Todd Doors has a full range of door furniture and accessories too. Door handles can really make a statement and enhance your door, whilst frames, architraves and skirting can be used to blend or highlight your door. At the forefront of design, with an average stock in excess of 25,000 doors and with every type of timber door imaginable; including glazed doors, fire doors, folding doors, bi-fold patio doors, sliding doors, French doors, double doors, external doors and door sets; Todd Doors really is a one-stop destination for all your door needs.

Todd Doors is the UK’s leading supplier of quality timber doors. A family run business for more than 60 years, Todd Doors boasts an industry leading range of over 450 original designs manufactured using the very best timber components from around the world. Todd Doors also offers a fully bespoke service which is particularly useful for those projects requiring oversized doors or specific finishes. Door Experts are always on hand to give advice and can even work with you on a particular design you have of your own. Todd Doors is so confident in the quality and value of its doors that it is offering a price match guarantee* across all product ranges. For a full range of products and services available please visit or call 0800 633 5050 and speak to a Door Expert who will be happy to help.

•26• *terms & conditions apply, see website for details:

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The Telguard range of telephone, GSM, and soon to be released, SIP based intercom systems are suitable for new build or retro fit. Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK since 1992 we have provided entry solutions for thousands of projects nationally and overseas. The telephone based system plugs in to a standard analogue telephone socket or phone system extension and the GSM system requires a SIM card. The SIP product requires a Broadband connection and a link to the LAN or local Wi-Fi. The only other requirement is for local power and the intercom can be installed. Installation is not disruptive as the installation takes place at the entrance to be controlled and there is no need to put handsets into flats or houses as they are already in place – their own telephone or mobile. The telephone numbers of the apartments/ houses/businesses are programmed into the intercom system with any access codes required and the system is ready for use. A visitor enters the flat or house number into the intercom via the keypad and then presses the ‘CALL’ button. The receiver of the call picks the telephone and can speak to the visitor and allow access by pressing a digit on their telephone keypad. This sends a signal to the intercom that activates the door lock or entrance gate and the visitor is able to gain access. If the receiver of the call does not want to grant access they simply put their phone down to end the call. If the resident is out, the system is able to divert the call to up to 8 follow on numbers. This could be to a mobile phone or even a Call Centre where access may be granted from. Telguard benefits from an internal battery backed time clock which enables timed access PINs, timed number divert, disable the system to prevent unsociable calls, timed trade access via a ‘Trade’ button or PIN and a number of other timed features. This facility also updates from BST to GMT as required, again removing the need for a site visit. Any alterations required to telephone numbers or PIN codes can be actioned by the system installer and can be carried out remotely reducing the need for on-site attendance.


The Activity Logs provide a record of every function that the system performs backed up with accurate time and date information. The Logs also provide a ‘Dashboard’ to the installer providing operational information ie. Voltage, temperature. The Telguard system is not only quick to install compared with hard-wired systems but also extremely flexible. Calls can be answered on cordless telephones making it possible for users to answer entrance requests while going about day to day business or it is possible for a mobile phone to be called for access requests. We are able to provide systems with backlit keypads and buttons, integrated proximity access and video. The video picture can go to a dedicated monitor or into the communal TV aerial for viewing on any television in the premise. DDA systems are available with large halo illuminated Braille buttons with big letter, easy to read displays and audio and visual call progress indication. Bespoke applications are also undertaken making it possible to provide almost any style or shape of system. It may be that we have to provide a system to replace an existing installation so we are able to manufacture our panel to fit the aperture of an old, non functional system. We are able to manufacture systems in different finishes and colour schemes, we powder coat stainless steel so as to not impact on the vandal resistance of the panel.. As advances in technology arrive in to the public domain, we are always in a prime position to make the most of these advances thanks to our in-house development team. We are also able to engineer modifications to software and hardware should a specific requirement be requested. Our systems carry a 2 year return to manufacturer warranty which can also be extended.


Tel : + 44(0)1306 710120 F ax : + 44(0)1306 713769 E m ai l : s al es @t el guard. c o. uk

Telephone based entry systems using your existing phone. .

www. doorent ry . c o. uk

The ABS T-Bespoke is a high gloss black finish with a backlit silicone keypad. The backlight colour can be changed on site and remotely to 7 different colours! It looks contemporary and is extremely low profile and durable. This system is available with 1 call button and a keypad for coded access with 400 codes. The surface back box is matt black and the system connects to a Hub via a single CAT5. The platform can either be GSM or Landline, whichever suits you best! This product benefits from all of the standard features – well we call them standard! This includes forward dialling up to 8 numbers, a battery backed time clock, 9 timed profiles allowing calls to be sent elsewhere at a certain time and date, automatic daylight saving (BST/GMT) and automatic dimming of the keypad. You can even receive a text from the Telguard to inform you that a door has been opened or somebody has activated a passive device at night! (GSM Only) This product will certainly set you apart from the rest of the houses in the your area! And as ever you benefit from proven Telguard reliability and quality associated with British engineering.

S ui t e 2 , S t anl e y Ho us e , K e l v i n W ay , C r awl e y , W . S us s e x R H1 0 9 S E

Thousands of walkers and tourists have already taken a walk on the wild side and loved it. With an ever growing number of travel reviews and blogs singing its praises the Paiva Walkway, constructed from around 3,000 cubic metres of timber treated with Celcure ® supplied by Koppers Performance Chemicals, snakes along the left bank of the River Paiva providing visitors with a safe and secure way of navigating through the impressive flora, fauna, geology and archaeology of the area. The route extends from the river beach of Areinho to the beach at Espiunca, taking in the Vau beach along the way in a region recognised by UNESCO as a Geological

Heritage of Humanity. Work started on the project in May 2014 with the final touches applied in June 2015 before the inauguration ceremony. The total cost of the project was €1.9 million with 85% of the funding coming from the European Union. Municipal funding made up the shortfall with running and maintenance costs expected to be around €40,000 annually. Ivo Brandao, Press Officer for the Arouca Geopark, explained: “The President of the municipality came up with the idea with local government technicians involved in the planning and checking process. “The project was delivered by a private corporation under our strict guidelines with glued, laminated timber supplied by CARMO. “We expect somewhere between 700,000 and one million people to use the walkway every year and initial feedback has been very positive. We are already impressed with the positive impact that this walkway has had all around the country. We have received enquiries from lots of tourists looking for a specific kind of experience with close contact to nature. This kind of natural tourism is proving to be very popular all around the world.” Caroline Lauro, Marketing Manager at CARMO, added: “The contract for the path not only included supply of the treated timber but also the assembly, maintenance and inspection.” “It has so many twists and bends and relies on many creative and technical solutions to attach the path to the rocky scarps. Some parts of the walkway were inaccessible by foot which meant we had to call in climbers to help with the assembly.”

Matthew Hempson Business Development Director at Koppers Performance Chemicals said: “We are seeing a growing interest in these sorts of naturebased walkways. They offer an excellent way of experiencing nature up close and personal. “We have just been involved with a similar project in the Cuilcagh Mountain Park in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland with a 1.6 km boardwalk treated with MicroPro. The 8km Paiva Walkway is, however, on a wholly different scale. “Celcurised Timber is the industry- recognised term for timber that has been preserved with a Koppers Performance Chemicals Celcure® brand preservative system, based on an effective combination of copper and organic co-biocides. In use for more than 25 years in locations throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Japan, Celcure ® preservatives have a proven track record of performance. “Pressure treated to force the preservative deep into the wood structure; it provides protection where it matters. Timber treated using this system is suitable for Use Classes UC1, UC2, UC3 and UC4, including fencing, timber decking, landscaping timbers and construction timbers. “Celcurised Timber will initially have a green appearance that highlights the natural variations of the wood. This will weather to an attractive natural honey brown colour before finally fading to a driftwood grey after long- term exposure to the sun. Celcure® treated wood products can be painted or stained to match any outdoor colour scheme. “In the case of the Paiva Walkway, the timber was treated

at Carmo Wood’s treatment facility in Portugal.” The final word belongs to one of the many walkers who are helping to turn this boardwalk into a well-worn path. “Even though we didn’t manage the full walk this time around, we were all most impressed and will return for more,” wrote English tourist Julie Fox in her blog at “The scenery is gorgeous and although the walkway stands out in its newness, it will soon fade in colour and blend into the background. “With the Celcure preservative, this wonderful area of natural beauty, on Europe’s periphery, will now be accessible for visitors for generations to come.” A real walk on the wild side, Portuguese style.

Italian giants Camel Group join the Show from their North-East Italian manufacturing base. They are bringing a selection of their dining and bedroom cabinet collections, together with samples from their leather and fabric sofa and chair collections. All full of Italian chic and sharp edged design. Also from Europe are Nolte Mobel and Rauch Mobelwereke, both are experts at producing highend and highly engineered wardrobe systems and bedroom cabinets. Showing a wide selection of their glossy veneered, glass and formed synthetic finishes in a myriad of colours, their stands are sure to be busy.

INTERNATIONAL TREATS AT MANCHESTER SHOW International exhibitors feature in upholstery, cabinet and accessories at this year’s Manchester Furniture Show, (17-19 July, Manchester Central). From high design Italian leather sofas to rustic Indian hard wood, the Manchester show will be a tour around the globe.

Not so far from home and also with highly contemporary designs are VIDA Living. This Irish company has been designing and supplying cleanlined furniture for 33 years. From marble dining collections, sofabeds and office chairs they offer a comprehensive approach to interior furnishing. Also from Ireland and of a similar age are Derry’s. Showing at Manchester for the first time they will show a selection of their comprehensive furniture and accessory collections for retail and contract sectors. With a focus on furniture and accessories for the hotel and leisure industry their stand will feature a huge variety of items and styles. From much further afield come Chinese Skyline and Hydeline. Both design and manufacture leather and fabric upholstery in styles from traditional to modern. Skyline, export their sofas, chairs, recliners and sofabeds globally. Using hides from Australia and North America, and plain and highly patterned fabrics, they produce models specific to the UK market. Hydeline who specialise in engineered leather sofas and chairs with multi reclining movements exhibit for the first time. Also from the Far East come Global Home and Indian Hub. Global Home are launching new cabinet collections in a variety of woods and finishes, simply styled and with plenty of choice in sizes they will show furniture for every size of space. In a completely different style Indian Hub will show some of their unique Indian rosewood, mango and teak collections. From their base in Jodhpur their funky, rustic furniture is eyecatching and different. As well as a great international designs on show there will be new designs launched by some of the best UK suppliers and manufacturers including, Westbridge, Baker, Wade, Morris, Lebus, Mark Webster Designs, Devonshire Pine & Oak, Whitemeadow, Corndell, Buoyant and Ashley Manor. Come and see the best new international and UK designs at The Manchester Furniture Show. To register for your free entry and see the full list of exhibitors visit:




July 2 9 1 7 1 L A R T N E CHESTER C

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Inclusive bathroom designs by Ponte Giulio Accessible bathroom designer Nick Gontar of Ponte Giulio explains why he believes inclusive design should underpin the development and creation of all bathroom safety solutions. It’s not unusual for manufacturers of bathroom products to cater towards the wants and needs of specific users, but this thought process can be very limiting when designing inclusive products that are suitable for anyone’s needs. Inclusive design is considered by the British Standards Institute (2005) to be “the design of mainstream products and/ or services that are accessible to, and usable by, as many people as reasonably possible…without the need for special adaptation or specialised design.” When it comes to inclusive design, there are three key points to consider - user diversity, capabilities and satisfaction. User diversity is a crucial aspect to understand and get right for inclusive design, as different user groups will undoubtedly have different individual experiences and needs. Carrying out market research amongst a diverse range of people is imperative to ensuring that as many criteria can be fulfilled as possible. Designers should take the wide spectrum of user capabilities into account - for instance, one may assume that a product user is either fully able or disabled;, however, it isn’t always as straightforward as that. Accessible bathroom designers should always aim to create products that offer any user the independence and comfort they need. The needs and desires of users should also be understood in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction. Providing customers with accessible and safe solutions for their bathrooms also means considering how they will navigate around the room - for example, grab rails are recommended for optimum support. Crucially, to succeed in the marketplace today, it is important to also create designs that are aesthetically pleasing. Bathrooms ought to be accessible, inclusive and somewhere customers can enjoy being.


In addition, most Ponte Giulio bathroom products also have Biocote antimicrobial technology applied to ensure optimum hygiene around the clock. With this technology, within 15 minutes, 80 percent of surface bacteria is reduced. Ponte Giulio believes inclusive bathroom design should be a crucial part of the development process when designing accessible bathrooms to ensure a functional, expertly crafted space and, most importantly, user satisfaction.

Ponte Giulio has launched a new Wellbeing Solutions catalogue to showcase its inclusive design safety solutions, available for nursing homes, hotels, and public and commercial buildings. This new catalogue showcases Ponte Giulio’s functional user friendly designs, including an insight into the Italian brand’s product portfolio, including sanitary ware, seats and stools, shower room accessories and three different types of grab rails - the Family, Prestigio and Prestigio+. The company has also designed Doc-M

packages suitable for smaller businesses and offices, which are introduced in the catalogue to assist with current compliance legislation requirements. Ponte Giulio’s helpful catalogue aims to assist industry buyers with choosing the most suitable safety solution by highlighting the key design and safety features of the products, as well as showcasing the matching accessories available to enhance bathroom aesthetics. The Wellbeing Solutions catalogue can be downloaded from

Stylish, accessible bathroom products


Ponte Giulio is one of Europe’s largest manufacturers of safety solutions for bathrooms and has developed a range of products suitable for all to use, without substituting style for practicality. Our bathroom solutions are designed with safety and comfort in mind, helping to provide functional, accessible bathrooms that are aesthetically pleasing, with a range of products, including grab bars, shower and bath seats and accessible bathroom accessories.

01273 735 005



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Parlour Farm Kitchen’s host an evening with John Burton-Race This July, well known celebrity chef and reality TV star, John Burton-Race, will be hosting a cooking demonstration at Parlour Farm Kitchens in Cirencester.


n Friday the 1st of July, using one of Parlour Farm’s stunning bespoke fully working kitchen design concepts, he will cook in their showroom in front of an audience of invited guests, who can expect an evening of good food, and plenty of hints and tips for the kitchen! Owner of Parlour Farm Kitchens, Dino Mussell, is an experienced hotelier, having owned and run The Wild Duck Inn near Cirencester for a number of years, and is delighted that John will be there, “It is a great honour to be welcoming John into our showroom. We are very much looking forward to the evening and are thrilled to be combining our kitchens with the food of such a talented and respected chef.” For Mussell, Parlour Farm was a step away from the comfort of the hospitality industry, but never-the-less, an exciting and challenging new venture.


Mussell explains further, “The move was also motivated by more than just good business-sense; it was a promise to my dear friend, Nick Grunfeld, who had made the business the success it is today. Facing terminal cancer, Nick had feared the demise of Parlour Farm after his death, so had turned to his friends in the hope that someone would be in a position to invest and continue his legacy.” With Mussell’s experience and passion for Front of House, he knew that whilst the product might be different, the customer service is still vital, which is something John Burton-Race knows all too well being in the hospitality industry, and one of the reasons he wanted to collaborate with Parlour Farm. The reception will take place from 6.30pm, with the demonstration beginning at 7.30pm on Friday the 1st of July. Canapés and refreshments will be served throughout the evening event.

Parlour Farm Beautiful Bespoke Kitchens Handmade in Cirencester

We have been creating beautiful handmade kitchens in the Cotswolds for over 20 years and our business flourishes on personal recommendations. Our own team of local craftsmen are passionate about making your dream kitchen a reality. Please call us to arrange your free personal design consultation | | 01285 885336 Parlour Farm | 12 Wilkinson Road | Love Lane | Cirencester | GL7 1YT

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Young Bathscreens Based in Mantova, Italy, Novellini is now the World’s largest independent producer and manufacturer of shower enclosures, trays, wet-rooms, steam cabins, baths, whirlpools and accessories. All of the Novellini products are designed and manufactured with the world renowned Italian flair and passion.



in partnership with some of the World’s leading designers and architects, developed the Young bath screen to be ideally suited to the developer market for residential apartments, all domestic dwellings and hotels. Novellini Young screens include the following specifications: 1500mm high 6mm safety glass treated with Crystal clear Polished chrome profiles, with rise and fall hinges and a 180⁰ pivoting door section Twin seal technology designed by Novellini running the full length of the wall profile Supplied as standard, 2 options of bath to glass seals and optional chrome anti-splash trim, providing a secondary and final barrier against possible water leakage.


All of the above will provide you with and increased water tightness and a bath screen that will not leak. The Young bath screen will save time and money with reduced remedial visits to leaking screens. One less snagging issue to worry about. Novellini Young, a screen you can truly fit and forget whilst maintaining the modern frameless design expected by today’s demanding customer. We supply our products within 72hr nationwide via our merchant partners; please visit our website for more details: for brochures and advice email:


New YOUNG bath screen collection from Novellini. Designed and manufactured in Italy. All Young bath screens are fitted with rise and fall metal hinges, double seals and chrome optional anti-splash trim for a secondary seal. Available nation wide.

Kitchens, Bedrooms, Bathrooms

5 More Remodelling Tips from Hayley Fenn, UK head of Granite Transformations The latest home improvement report from Barclays indicates that over half (53%) of UK homeowners would choose to remodel their existing properties, rather than move to a new house. The most desirable home improvement is a designer kitchen, with an ensuite bathroom also high on the wish list. Remodelling homes is my business, particularly kitchens and bathrooms, so here are 5 more affordable tips for enhancing your living space and adding value to your property. Add an ensuite – demand for ensuite facilities is on the rise, so you could turn an adjoining room or underutilised space into a walk-in bathroom adjacent to a bedroom. Slimline agglomerate granite, quartz, recycled glass or porcelain waterrepellent finishes and modern spacesaving suites will enable remodelling even a compact room, with large floor tiles visually linking the adjoining areas. Explore magical mosaics – modern tile laying systems mean that genuine Italian glass mosaics are quicker and easier to fit, adding an unmistakeable touch of luxury in the kitchen, bathroom or dining room. Choose classic subway styles, mix’n’match ‘mosaics on a mattress’, exclusive designer patterns, even stained glass


effects, all non-porous, wipe clean, durable and beautifully textured. There’s even the option of your own custom mosaic design. Go island style – in the kitchen or as a room divider in a kitchen-diner, a standalone island unit offers extra storage and casual dining. The island countertop, with down-to-the-floor waterfall ends, can either show off your main worktop finish or add a splash of colour with a contrasting, bold finish. A ‘dining island’, with cantilevered top and stylish stools, helps focus the kitchen area as the hub of the home and family living generally.

convivial use, even complete wetrooms. Modern, water-resistant and virtually seamless shower liners, floor-to-ceiling wall cladding and feature floor tiles are all options in your makeover palette, together with large glass panels and shower enclosures, china and acrylic base trays, and modern user-friendly fixtures like hydromassage columns.

Pimp a downstairs loo – you can transform a humble downstairs loo or closet into an eyecatching visitor cloakroom, wowing guests and letting your creativity run wild. Quality glass mosaic wallpaper can add drama, especially with downlighters picking out reflective highlights, while lighter agglomerate floor tiles help create an illusion of space. Modern corner sinks and close-coupled WCs maximise the use of floorspace, while presenting a clean, clinical look.

Perhaps the best thing about my remodelling tips is that they can be mostly carried out within your existing room layouts, without re-siting the plumbing and electrical connections, and by simply overlaying the worktops, tiles and bathroom surfaces that you want to replace. That means less ripping out, less dust and debris, and less household disruption. If I tell you also that most of our finishes are eco-friendly, made from recycled materials, then you’ll be happy that you won’t be damaging the environment or contributing to unwanted landfill. What’s more, our Granite Transformations showrooms have all the experts and installers to help plan your remodelling project and do all the work for you. Can’t be bad.

What a shower – there’s definitely a trend toward bigger, better showers, such as walk-in enclosures, double showers for

For your nearest showroom, visit or ring our hotline on 0800 044 5393.

Specified & fitted by hotels & developments worldwide for new build & refurbishment.

• demista The Innovator of Steam Free Mirrors • Proven with a faultless track record of over 23years • Universally accepted by Architects, Interior Designers and Specifiers as The Number 1 Mirror Defogger. • Internationally Approved • Simple to Fit • Low Energy Consumption • 100% Efficient and Maintenance Free Various Sizes and Voltages • Bespoke to Order • • 10 Year Warranty • Manufactured in the UK TM

Manufactured in the UK

Simple to install Internationally Approved 10 Year Warranty



A division of Aztec (Europe) Ltd

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JIS Europe is pleased to present within its Sussex Range of Towel Rails and Feature Radiators, the Arun feature radiator. The Arun is a range of flat panel feature radiators. With sleek, modern, minimal styling, these feature radiators are available in three formats: electric only, plumbed in central heating and duel fuel. As always they are also available in either a brushed satin or highly polished finish.

Widely featured within both kitchens and bathrooms, and indeed other rooms within the home, these rails are available in two heights – 1460mm high and 1960mm high. Within each height category there are 3 width categories, 275mm wide, 360mm wide and 535mm wide. The pricing structure is as follows: 1460mm x 275mm - £695.95, 1460mm x 360mm - £795.95, 1460mm x 535mm - £1049.95, 1960mm x 275mm - £945.95, 1960mm x 360mm - £1095.95, 1960mm x 535mm - £1195.95. The above prices are for central heating only. Should you wish to have a standard electric only towel rail then the price will be an additional £79.95. Manufactured from 100% stainless steel they are elegant and practical, as well as ecologically sound. Stainless Steel is 100% recyclable, and manufactured from over 90% recyclable material. Over its lifetime it will not rust, flake or corrode and is


able to be utilised in all systems including open systems. We are confident in our products and are happy to offer a 25 year full guarantee across the range. Available to further enhance both the appearance and versatility of these radiators are optional towel hangers, so they are thoroughly at home in kitchens and bathrooms, although they add a smart addition to any modern interior. We maintain a policy of stockholding and all orders placed before midday are dispatched that day for a next day delivery. Should you require any further information please contact the office on 01444 831200 to speak to our friendly team of staff, or alternately by email at info@ Please do visit our website,, where you will find a large selection of gallery shots, showing the visual diversity of our rails to gain further inspiration.


RMIG perforated, embossed or indented materials provide a wealth of design possibilities and practical benefits for refurbishment projects of any size. Perforation can achieve unique decorative designs and aesthetic effects that are suitable for almost any type of building interior or exterior in almost any sector.

Chateau de Cange

While perforations involve the complete penetration of a material, patterns can also be embossed or indented, either instead of or in combination with perforation. In some cases, the embossing or indenting process and the choice of pattern can also add rigidity to the materials providing further enhancements for the building. Aluminium, stainless steel, mild steel and hot dipped galvanised steel are typically the materials of choice for perforation. RMIG offer a range of finishing techniques such as bending, rolling, forming, coating or anodising that enhance the natural properties of the metal and in some cases can be used to create a completely individual look that meets the project’s exact design requirements. In Paris, for example, perforated panels played a vital role in giving a new identity and character to the Maison du Portugal, ageing student accommodation which is one of 39 buildings within the City of Paris International University. The brief was to give a new identity to the building by improving the character of the original structure from 1967 and making it more prominent in relation to its surroundings.


Chateau de Cange

To achieve this goal, the building was cladded in precision perforated aluminium sheets, which recreated the design of existing paving panels at the architect’s request. The panels were used to explore the properties of reflected light, making it possible to design a facade that creates a translucent veil around the building. A facade of this kind filters the sun’s rays during the day and produces a subtle shimmering effect when the building is lit up at night. Each of the 250 perforated panels were given a painted gold finish to enhance this effect even more. A complex sequence of perforations, using patterns with the same pitch but different hole sizes, creates a geometric design which runs through the entire facade. As the Maison du Portugal demonstrates, modern perforation isn’t limited to punching round holes. In fact, advances in computer aided design and tooling production as well as the creative capability of perforation specialists mean that the design possibilities of precision perforated shapes and patterns is broader than ever before. Complex geometric shapes, patterns and representations of photographic images can be accurately rendered, a process known as ‘picture perforation’. In most projects, images are split across a large number of panels, which

perforated Maison du Portugal


are then assembled on site to an installation template to create the final photographic effect. This may be used for dramatic effect or to reflect a design theme, an aspect of a building’s use or its surrounding environment. For the music department of the Skansevejens School in Denmark, picture perforation has been used to stunning effect. The 200m² building for music classes features a detailed hot dipped galvanised mild steel façade showing life-like imagery of children singing, dancing and playing music to beautifully illustrate the purpose of the structure. However, the perforation doesn’t always need to be this complex in design. In addition to graphic and picture perforation, a range of standard perforation patterns, hole shapes and configurations can also be selected. Perforated metal can also be used for variety of practical building applications. As part of a lightweight cladding system and using the correct shape of hole and ratio of open area, perforated materials can significantly enhance a building’s energy efficiency for example. Certain open areas and hole specifications can act as effective sun shields, controlling the levels of UV light entering a building and providing a more pleasant internal environment.

This in turn, can help to reduce the need for high specification windows, allow natural ventilation and can decrease the need for air conditioning, saving both energy use and cost. For the Château de Cangé in Saint Avertin, France, sun screens made from decorated perforated corten steel bring a contemporary and modern twist to the architecture of an ancient monument. The screens were used as part of a restoration project on the castle, which houses a library and media centre. Featuring a rust patina, the sun shields effectively reduce the amount of direct sunlight to the open areas of the building without compromising the beauty of castle. The applications for perforated metal in enhancing an architectural environment are vast – from the simple and functional to the complex and show-stopping. However, despite the beauty that can be achieved and the benefits that can be experienced from perforation, the process and products are much more cost effective than one might imagine. By consulting with an experienced perforation specialist such as RMIG, architects can use perforation to bring their design ideas to life. Tel: 01925 839610



picture hanging systems ltd




YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID. 0845 500 70 35

Flow Switches

for Domestic/Residential Sprinkler Systems • Simple and swift installation • Compact, lightweight, reliable and cost effective design • No spring fatigue due to sealed magnet paddle resetting - tested to over 1,000,000 cycles • Manufactured with 40 years of ow switch experience



A smarter way to save you more energy ControlZAPP is the new energy saving lighting controls range with Bluetooth ‘Smart’ interface (Android 4.3 or later). ControlZAPP can be used to remotely set-up, adjust or override settings such as occupancy detection, time lag, short visit mode, respond to daylight, override ON or OFF etc at different times of day to an accurate schedule, even different holiday and shut down settings. ControlZAPP is easy to install and configure and is ideal for flexible energy saving and end user comfort.


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Brochures for each product immediately available Technical Sheets and Installation Procedure Online downloads Please call Stuart on 07889048571 or Francisco on 0034669805985 Factory brochure hotline:- 01423 339163 or email

Ideatec—The very best Acoustic Décor and Acoustic Absorption We now Distribute and Supply all Ideatec Products:-

Ecotex - Ideacustic - Ideafoam - Ideamovil - Ideaperfo - Ideawave - Ideawood NOW readily available from: SOUND SOLUTION, Unit 2, Carr House Farm Ind. Est, Pool Lane, Nun Monkton, York YO23 2SY

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Heating & Ventilation

RINNAI OFFERS END-USERS AN INFINITY OF RELIABILITY ON HOT WATER HEATING Rinnai, designer and manufacturer of the ErP labelled A-rated Infinity range of continuous flow gas fired hot water heaters, is not only supplying the UK with the most reliable individual units* on the market, it offers end-users the peace of mind that comes with having chosen the most efficient, cost effective and reliable total hot water systems, too. The ErP A-rating** applies over the complete Infinity range – from small domestic models to XXL sized industrial units. Rinnai is the only manufacturer that can field a complete range of gas fired water heaters that more than complies with the demands of new legislation on fuel efficiencies and offers outstanding reliability throughout the life of the appliance. Building owners and business operators, public and private sector, from hairdressers and launderettes to hospitality, healthcare, education and on to heavy industrial users are all looking for a hot water system they can rely on, now and in the future. One of the biggest downsides to a hot water storage system – it may be gas fired, electric or heated via a coil from a boiler – is the size of the storage vessels themselves. Where do you put a bank of large cylinders in today’s world where every inch of space in a commercial setting equates to money? Those precious square metres could well be put to better use rather than housing a bank of archaic hot water cylinders better consigned to the pages of plumbing history. This size issue and cost, not only in wasted space but also capital expense, restricts the amount of cylinders that can be installed as there is only a finite amount of space. Plus, the kW rating tends to be higher and the higher the kW rating, the higher the cost of purchasing single units. Another problem with stored hot water systems is the downtime incurred by servicing. Cylinders have to be drained down for inspection. If a business is running on just one cylinder, the hot water system would have to be shut down to allow it to be drained and inspected as part of the service and the business may have to cease operating for a few hours while the work is carried out. Break down is another problematic area associated with storage systems. If the only

source of hot water fails, then there is no means to provide hot water until the fault is rectified. If we take the worst-case scenario of a cylinder failure the whole thing needs to be replaced and this is no easy task especially when you consider the weight. You are now looking at multiple problems: a) You have lost all hot water capability. b) You need to pay for a replacement (if it isn’t covered by warranty). c) You have to pay for engineers to remove the faulty one and replace it, which can take days to change. If we then look at a Rinnai Infinity water heater or multiples thereof, the down time would be reduced to around 30 minutes or, in the case of multiple units, putting up with reduced capacity for a very short period of time. Servicing not only reduces the down cost of the business but can also reduce the servicing cost as a Rinnai water heater can be fully serviced and back operating within one hour. If a unit fails and needs replacing, this can be done in a couple of hours and a bank of heaters maintains the facility to provide hot water, albeit at a slightly reduced capacity, while one of the heaters is down. According to Rinnai UK Associate Director Chris Goggin: “Because a Rinnai Infinity hot water system draws water directly from the mains and only heats the water needed at the time there is no need to incorporate a storage vessel in the system.

* With regards to the reliability of the units themselves a comparison of unit sales from 2013 until April 2016 against Rinnai UK’s warranty database shows 0.003% first year failure rate. (2013 is when the new database was set up.)

“The configuration of the Rinnai system is supportive of reliability, as it incorporates built-in redundancy, multiple heat engines therefore a percentage of the system is always in operation ensuring no downtime. Conversely, if you have a cylinder and you need to service it, or it breaks down, you are left with nothing but a standing body of water. And Legionella can breed in a standing body of water. “Rinnai gives large consumers of water the added benefit of maintaining operation by using multiple heaters; let’s say three so the total system is made up 33.3% by each heater. If one breaks down or needs servicing there is still 66.66% of the system operational so there is no downtime for the hotel, restaurant or any other facility that uses hot water as a criteria feature. “Some facilities even opt to buy an additional heater so that the system will always operate at full capacity even during servicing.” Goggin concludes: “Business and building owners need to talk to the growing body of installers who have come to realise the advantages of the Rinnai system. Significant apex and opex saving can be achieved by considering continuous flow over stored hot water systems while at the same time offering built-in reliability and peace of mind that their businesses won’t grind to a halt due to a lack of hot water – ever.” For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

** All water-heating products sold in the UK need to meet minimum energy performance criteria in order to be legally placed on the market, and require an energy label.


Heating & Ventilation

As the UK’s leader in far infrared heating, Herschel is helping to change the way people and buildings are heated. Paul Morey, CEO, explains how Herschel’s far infrared technology is leading the way in smart, sustainable, and efficient heating.


illiam Herschel discovered infrared in 1800 and, today, Herschel is building on his legacy by pioneering the use of infrared to provide heat in more efficient, effective, stylish and comfortable ways than many traditional forms of heating. Far infrared heating works on the basis of gentle, long-wave infrared which penetrates the air and heats solids, providing the same feeling of warmth as the winter sun on your face or the heat from a coal fire. Herschel provides infrared heating solutions for many different environments and buildings including commercial premises, new housing and retrofits and, through its extensive experience, has a deep understanding of the very different needs of each application. Paul Morey, Herschel’s CEO, outlines:

“Infrared heating has huge potential because of its ability to reduce energy use – greatly - while providing comfortable heat. We see infrared as not only a stylish heating solution but one that can help fight fuel poverty and harness the potential of solar power.” “With the growing choice of new heating technologies available on the market, it’s difficult to comprehend the different pros and cons of each one and how they compare to traditional systems. As well as key factors like ease of installation and control, together with the increasing world focus on sustainable solutions, ultimately, the primary consideration for the property owner is cost.” “There is now a huge choice of alternative heating systems to gas on the market, but it is very difficult for the consumer to compare the costs of the various solutions available to them”. “Rather than just looking at running costs, Herschel Far Infrared has reviewed all elements of the purchase decision and created a total annual cost of ownership. This combines


purchase cost, installation, running and maintenance costs.” “It is important consumers take into account costs over the lifetime of the heating system. Research shows that Herschel Far Infrared is the cheapest solution even beating new, low energy ‘eco’ solutions such as air source heat pumps by up to 20%, 40% on efficient digital electrical radiators and a staggering 50-60% on underfloor and electric night storage heaters”. “The UK is rapidly moving towards decarbonisation of the grid with homeowners also generating their own supplies of renewable electricity. This electricity needs to be used incredibly efficiently and, as a result, we have no doubt that Herschel Far Infrared will emerge as the ideal heating solution for most households given its winning combination of efficiency and overall lifetime cost”. Real-life example of cost and energy savings Second only to gas central heating in total annual cost of ownership, Herschel Far infrared heating emerges as the more compelling long-term package that provides an energyefficient, comfortable and simple to install electric heating solution that is changing the way homes are heated. Rather than just looking at running costs, Herschel Far Infrared has reviewed all elements of the purchase decision and created a total annual cost of ownership. This combines purchase cost, installation, running and maintenance costs. Comparisons with other forms of heating speak for themselves (see below spreadsheet and diagram). The total cost of Herschel infrared heating when employed in a three-bedroom semi-detached 89m2 house in central England is £804 per year. This compares with gas at £608 but is less than half the £1,734 cost of owning modern electric storage heaters with automatic controls. For the same size house,

electric underfloor heating with zone controls is expensive at £1,508 while using high efficiency electric convertor heaters with unit thermostatic controls is £1,322. When compared with the ‘eco’ options of biomass central heating and air-water heat pump central heating at £1,209 and £977 respectively, Herschel Far Infrared heating is still a far more economical choice. This makes it ideal when an energy-efficient solution is required in areas that are off the mains gas grid. Conclusion The company couples unrivalled knowledge of infrared heating technology with the most comprehensive range of infrared heaters for the widest range of applications. These products are backed by an unbeatable combination of price, ease of installation and the many benefits of infrared heating. At Herschel, we have a strong pedigree and an incredibly authoritative team which can maximise the potential of infrared by working with individual specifiers and through our own accredited dealer network. For further information, please call 01473 760 059 or visit To set up an interview with Paul Morey, please email

Heating & Ventilation

tesa mirrors success for Hammonds Furniture When Hammonds Furniture Limited was looking to streamline its production processes, the company looked to tesa® for its industry knowledge and expertise. Manufacturers of fitted bedroom, home office furniture for private individuals, new homes and retail, the Hinckleybased company felt that tesa products could play a major role in implementing process improvements and cost savings. tesapeople Applying the principles from its tesacohesion customer care programme, tesa’s customer team met with relevant departments to ascertain Hammonds’ specific objectives and initially identified the need to offer a proven method of fixing mirrors to painted and laminated board. The tape had to take the weight and strain of handling on various board substrates right through the manufacturing process to final assembly and the finished item would need to stay intact and functional for +10 years.



Graham Dales, Hammonds’ Quality Engineer, is delighted with the results. “As well as seeing a cost saving of £6.5K per annum, we have improved the manufacturing process, mainly by using less tape in an improved pattern, which has led to a reduction in process time and streamlined our operation. We are also now using tesa products in other areas of the business, including sliding door applications, framed mirror doors and even in our packaging process.”

tesa’s Mat Lord summarises – “Following the detailed series of laboratory tests that we conducted, Hammonds now has renewed confidence in a ‘tape-only’ method and tesa® 4952 is approved for all mirror & deco glass mounting applications. They have a solution with proven and tangible results and we have also helped with the lamination process that has been adopted in the factory.”

tesaproducts The tesacohesion team conducted a series of tests using its double-sided PE foam backed tapes to prove product performance and durability on all the substrates involved in the required operating conditions. The initial tests focused on creating data showing peel adhesion and static shear strength under various conditions and the results were excellent. This led to more detailed tests to determine how tesa® 4952 performed when exposed to high temperature and humidity and the tesa product passed with flying colours. In addition to addressing mirror mounting applications, tesa also identified other areas where improvements could be made, including the use of tesa® 4965 for bonding and building door assemblies, which the company has now adopted.


APOLLO radiators is one of the leading independent distributors of radiators and towel rails in the UK. At APOLLO radiators the emphasis is on quality, and availability from stock. APOLLO radiators distribute throughout the UK to a wide range of independent merchants, as well as the national merchant groups.

APOLLO roma classic steel column radiators come in a wide range of sizes. Fusion welded sections manufactured in Italy with the latest technology and a 10 year guarantee. Over 150 sizes are available in white within 3 working days and a selection of 46 different colours are available in just 7 working days.

roma classic vertical and horizontal wall mounted and freestanding steel column radiators

APOLLO monza is a modern contemporary design of column radiator available in over 80 sizes, both vertical and horizontal. Delivery to merchants is within 3 days. Like all apollo radiators it is manufactured in europe, in this case Italy. The monza is ideally suited to low temperature renewable systems, incorporating heat pumps and underfloor heating. Unlike most aluminium radiators it relies on waterways to conduct heat, and the design and technology is patented, and also suited to high pressure systems. The monza is less than half the weight of steel column radiators, and available at a similar price. There are 46 colour options available within 7 days, the standard colour being ral 9016 white, available in 3 days.

modern aluminium radiators suitable for low temperature renewable systems

Bob Jennings made of the European Fencing Founder of the ‘European Fencing Industry Association’ (EFIA), Bob Jennings, has been made an honorary life member by the trade association. Turning 90 years old this May and with a career spanning more than 60 years in the Fencing Industry, Bob Jennings has been at the forefront of industry standards and progression.

The founder of both the European Fencing Industry Association and ‘Fencing and Landscaping News’ magazine, Bob has enjoyed an illustrious career, having worked in the industry for more than two thirds of his life. He attended Loughborough Technical College from 1944-1945 and went on to set up his own company, PAWEC, based in Birmingham. After PAWEC was bought out by Peerless Fencing, Bob stayed on at the organisation as the Managing Director. Following a number of years at Peerless Fencing, he once again founded his own company, Security Fencing, which expanded to open several branches across the UK. It was whilst attending a fencing trade show in the USA in the 1980s however, that Bob came up with the novel idea for a new trade magazine across the pond:

“He saw a magazine in the United States that was purely for the fencing industry.” explains his son-in-law, Paul Carter. “Bob returned to the UK and decided to set up his own publication for the trade. That’s when the magazine, ‘Fencing News’ (later to be renamed ‘Fencing and Landscaping News’), became a reality.” Initially, the magazine distributed quarterly issues, but interest from the trade was encouraging, resulting in monthly issues. It was the only magazine available for the fencing industry at that time, later to be joined by additional trade publication ‘Perimeter Systems’. In addition to founding the very first publication for the trade, Bob can also be credited with founding the industry’s first inclusive trade association. When setting up Security Fencing, the only trade association available to the industry at that time was the ‘Fencing Contractors Association’ (FCA), but their criteria of a certain level of turnover to join, rendered many smaller businesses unable to become members.


‘Honorary Life Member’ Industry Association (EFIA) “There was a gap in the market for a trade association for smaller fencing businesses and more inclusive in nature.” continues Paul. “Bob’s principal ethos was to offer his members good value for money, and to encourage and support smaller businesses to grow. His vast industry and business knowledge, covering all aspects including health and safety, employment and company law became indispensable to members.” Bob set up ‘Fencing Industry Association’ (FIA) in the late 1980s, which in the early 1990s became the ‘European Fencing Industry Association’ (EFIA). It enabled smaller companies to be represented alongside major manufacturers and suppliers of fencing systems and equipment. Today, EFIA continues to provide manufacturers, suppliers, contractors, installers and all organisations with a professional interest in the fencing industry, access to the contractors/ installers and has therefore, been a direct link to the evolution of the fencing industry. Although a UK organisation, EFIA has served European, Icelandic, Malaysian and Chinese members. “EFIA continues to operate as a hands-on organisation for a hands-on industry, offering real and practical benefits for sensible money” says current EFIA Chairman, Bernard KilBride, who took over the running of the organisation from Bob in 2010. Through the EFIA, Bob was also extremely pro-active within the BSI, providing significant input for the development of BS1722 fencing standards, in addition to playing an active role in other industry trade associations and industry bodies for the development and implementation of quality standards, training and regulation for the fencing industry. He was also instrumental in the founding of the EFA (Electric Fence Association) as a separate section within the EFIA, to provide a trade association and voice for manufacturers and suppliers of electric fence systems in developing National and International Electric Fence standards.

“It’s certainly fair to say that the industry would not be at the stage it is today without Bob.” adds Bernard. “He’s made it inclusive as opposed to exclusive and progressed standards, training and regulation across the entire industry. Despite holding traditional values, Bob was also an innovator and something of an IT pioneer; he had one of the very first internet web servers in the UK, and consequently, EFIA was one of the first associations to be able to offer affordable email and website hosting to its members, at a time when this was largely the domain of universities, scientific communities and large businesses. Today, EFIA continues Bob’s legacy in leading the industry in the use of IT, social media, website services, and cyber security.”

Despite holding traditional values, Bob was also an innovator and something of an IT pioneer; he had one of the very first internet web servers in the UK

At almost 90 years old, he is still involved. He served as a director at EFIA until 2015 and is now an honorary member for life. A consummate professional, leader and Chairman, Bob brought together some of the most respected names in the fencing industry over the years.

“We are so grateful for the invaluable contribution he has made and I am personally honoured to continue the all-important work that he started,” concludes Bernard


interior design

Technogym Personal Line Design meets tomorrow’s technology to ensure wellness, wherever and whenever. The Personal Line is the result of research for a new iconic product family dedicated to Wellness in the home and marks the beginning of a new approach to pursuing physical activity in all environments suited to wellness. The award-winning line of interior design equipment is made using refined materials and top-level craftsmanship, built for places where people live in total harmony with the Wellness Lifestyle. Taking inspiration from nature and science, the Personal line’s stylish designs are born from a collaboration between Technogym, with its threedecades of research experience in developing fitness and wellness products, and world-renowned furniture designer and architect Antonio Citterio.

Rack Personal is the free weight training machine that combines sturdiness, efficiency and a compact design allowing barbells and plates to be supported safely and in style thanks to the ingenious Smart Lock and Precision Glide systems. Like the other elements in the same collection, Power Personal can be used alongside the Technogym App which acts like your own personal virtual trainer containing a rich library of over 300 exercises and multiple training programmes.

Kinesis Personal

Personal goes back to our origins where man is at the centre of our attention. Cross Personal is the ideal piece of training equipment, suitable for everyone from beginners to professional athletes. The elliptical movement is smooth and well-suited for burning calories thanks to the combined movement of upper and lower limbs. Run Personal is a revolutionary treadmill blending state-of-the-art technology with functional design. Highly innovative, it reveals close attention to the use of elegant and prestigious materials. Both performance and functional features are the result of 30 years of experience that Technogym has acquired by helping 35 million people train across the world, each and every day. Recline Personal received the 2012 “Best of the Best” Red Dot Design Award in the product category and represents the perfect combination of premium design and functionality. Ergonomically, the seat on Recline Personal is highly innovative with both seat and backrest designed together with Vitra and Antonio Citterio to replicate the style and features of Vitra’s new ID Chair. A blend of ergonomics and design makes Recline Personal the ideal solution for both the home environment and the office.

*NEW* Power Personal

200 Exercises in one square UNITY meter of Design

Technogym® Kinesis Personal is the C u t t i n g - e d g e start of “gentle gymnastics” taking t e c h n o l o g i c fitness and wellness at home into a interface new era.

In the wake of the current hi-performance workout and professional training trend, Technogym has created their latest addition to the collection with Power Personal, consisting of two chic elements: Bench Personal and Rack Personal. Bench Personal is the adjustable professional bench designed to carry out strengthening and toning exercises, characterised by a sophisticated design and top class materials.


As a design object or simply a work of art, Kinesis Personal is an eloquent expression and original piece of design. Perfectly suited to the home environment as well as office spaces, hotels or spas, Kinesis Personal offers 200 exercise possibilities in less than one square metre, to move your body and mind. Designed to enable coordinated movements based on resistance techniques, the graceful, compact Kinesis Personal is specially conceived for strength, flexibility and balance training.

Recline, Run and Cross Personal are now equipped with UNITY, the latest existing swipe-screen interface. When connecting to UNITY, users can access to a totally customised training experience including their own training programmes data and content, apps, websites and favourite TV channels directly from the Personal line. Thanks to WELLNESS ON THE GO, users can also access their personal data from their smartphones or from the web to keep track of their progress. UNITY and mywellness Thanks to the “Fullgravity” international cloud are compatible with third-party content apps (social patent, it stands out as a clear example networks, news, books, games) and movement tracking of innovation made in Italy. Kinesis apps (Run Keeper, Mapmyfitness, etc.).

Enjoy your wellness experience

Run Personal Designed by Antonio Citterio

PERSONAL LINE heralds the day of a more personal and connected wellness experience thanks to the new tablet-like UNITY™ console. RUN PERSONAL, the new generation of running.

Step into the future, visit

interior design

Crest Leather is a multinational producer of high quality finished leather Through our various operations across 4 continents, we use a combination of the latest technology and traditional artisanal techniques to ensure our range of leathers meet even those most demanding of requirements. We currently own and operate tanneries in Brazil, Italy and Thailand and have further operations in London, Manchester and the USA with a total workforce well-over over 800 personnel. Every year Crest Leather processes over 1,000,000 hides, sells over 58,000,000 square feet of finished leather, and moves thousands of containers across 6 continents. And we a growing…


attention to reducing our environmental impact by maintaining strictly regulated procedures to ensure all our operations adhere to the highest level of standards in the industry. CRESTJMT Our facility in Manchester, CrestJMT, offers a wide range of finished leather in stock for order to predominantly UK customers. Currently we hold over 3 million square feet in stock at our warehouse in Rochdale in some 311 different colours across 22 different types of leather. We have recently expanded our range with 62 brand new colours using high quality European pigmented leathers produced at our tannery in Arzignano, Veneto.

QUALITY Maintaining quality is of utmost importance to us, and that is why we tan our leather in an ISO 9001 environment. However, we are very conscious of the fact that quality leather products are only part of what we provide, so we also work hard to make sure that we give the highest levels of customer service.

Our new brochure showcasing these leathers will be available soon and we will gladly send you send a copy upon request; we will also have a pdf version available to be sent over email.

Our sales teams are knowledgeable in all aspects of leather and production, and are always happy and ready to help with any of your professional requirements, however challenging. We are committed to improving our environmental stance, and are continually devoting a lot of

CONTACT For more information please contact us on: Crest Leather Head Office: +44 208 457 7129 CresJMT: +44 170 664 3121

Along with our existing range, we also offer a bespoke option to customers who wish to madeto-order finished leather.

Product information GlassTech Europes stock distressed antique mirror is generally 4, 5 & 6mm thick & the sheet sizes are 2440mm x 1830mm & 2400mm x 1200mm Our mirrors can be supplied as full sheets or cut to size & processed with polished edges, bevelled edges, drilled holes, cut outs & safety backing.

Stockists & suppliers of antique & distressed sheet mirror.

A packaging & transportation service is also available for UK, EU & Worldwide deliveries. If you would like to discuss your project requirements please email or Tel +44 (0) 1298 25338.

Africa Roofing UK have been designing, developing, manufacturing and installing high quality timber and thatch outdoor structures for over ten years, and have gained a reputation for quality, professionalism, safety and success. Offering both natural and simulated thatch options, our project range includes covered walkways, shelters, gazebos and thatched umbrellas, as well as a thatching system which can be installed on to existing roof structures, transforming their appearance. Our thatch solutions have been used in many commercial settings, including zoos, airports, theme parks, hotels, restaurants and schools, as well as residential properties. We are delighted to have installed the largest simulated-thatch roof in Europe; technically groundbreaking, the roof is aesthetically in keeping with a natural thatched roof, whilst boasting all the benefits of a simulated


product including fire retardency, zero maintenance and a long life span. With a multitude of materials and techniques at our disposal, we can produce thatch styles from the Caribbean, the Pacific Ocean and Africa. We can also supply various accompanying theming products, including eucalyptus fencing and handrails, decorative ropes and eucalyptus log flooring, resulting in an authentic overall look and finish. At Africa Roofing UK we pride ourselves on the premium quality of our products and services. The craftsmen who construct our products are highly skilled

and knowledgeable, enabling us to be adaptable in the solutions we create for our clients. No project is too large or too small: we are happy to manage projects from start to finish, however we also supply a wide range of roofing products and natural timbers for self-installation projects, and offer a number of kit-form, DIY structures. We strive to be as flexible as our clients’ requirements are individual. To find out more about Africa Roofing UK and our products, please call 01538 398488 or email

The first choice for thatch shade and shelter solutions.

Offering both natural and simulated thatch options, our product range includes thatched umbrellas, covered walkways, shelters and gazebos, as well as a thatching system which can be installed on to existing roof structures, transforming their appearance. Our thatch solutions have been used in many commercial settings including zoos, airports, theme parks, hotels and restaurants, as well residential properties.

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The Role of Wall Directory Signs In

Interior Design By P. Kedar Feldman, Vista System International,,


ny Interior decorator or architect designing a commercial / public space, be it a store, office building, show room of sorts, hospital, etc. cannot help but incorporating signage into the overall design. No commercial space, welcoming walk-ins, clients or patients, can do without a proper wayfinding signage system to guide visitors through the maze of offices, cubicles or stores. Often quite invisible to a mere bystander, wall directory signs are key to the understanding of any commercial space, especially when several stories are involved, each containing a large number of rooms, corridors, elevators and the like. Vista System’s 20 years’ seniority in the wayfinding business, contributed immensely to this important feature in design. Currently Vista range of products extends to encompass its various solutions, i.e. Vista System classic modular curved frames, Vista Square Flat signs, Vista Nova innovative and sleek, slight curved modular frames and Vista Light illuminated signs. Each solution is especially designed to give a comprehensive design complementing a vision shared by both client and architect, attempting to blend-in the signs with the grand plan of design. Several wall directories can be created from all above various sigange systems offered by Vista. •

One single poster frame which features the various directions merely by use of graphics, is a common practice among designers. The advantage is obvious, graphic design can go to many lengths to present a beautiful, yet informative sign, that goes with the office

décor. Its downside is having to replace the entire graphic design, if any change is required. •

A single poster frame, internally divided by separation strips is the most common wall directory in use. For a good reason! It enables change of graphics to just one strip. Vista has done more than just that, by keeping separation strips moveable inside the signs (rather than fixed to place), changing the quantity of separations and playing with the modularity of sign, ensures instant changes can be done gracefully and effortlessly.

The last option, more challenging to implement, is several wall mounted signs, combined to look like a wall directory. Designwise, some architects have this idea in mind, ensuring further flexibility and wall space usage. Graphics changes can be done in any individual sign at will.

The multi-panel wall directory is an elegant, yet functional solution for large buildings, offices and shopping malls. A few wall directories are mounted under a single title. Individual slots are often done using aluminum strips to give a special “space age” look to the signs. This feature enables engraving to become the option of choice in terms of graphics.

It is evidently clear that Vista’s wall directories are the most versatile, elegant and cost effective solutions in today’s design environment. Architects should be aware of the wide range of solutions, that combine the modular with bespoke - adapting to any design aspirations, without giving up functionality and aesthetics.

Pnina Kedar Feldman is International Sales and Business Development Manager for Vista System International, For more information, ideas and inspiration visit



Vista's diverse product series provide a perfect signage solution for each project.

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Ways to Personalise Your

Platform Lift

So, you’ve decided that you’d like a lift in your home or property. Whilst the very purpose of a lift is highly functional, it can also be a great addition to the design of a property. Let’s take a look at 9 different ways a platform lift can be personalised to blend in, or stand out from its surroundings. 1. The most obvious way to make a dramatic change to the look of your lift is through glazing. You can choose either clear or frosted glass, to let light through the shaft and lighten the ambiance of the area. 2. In addition to glazing, you can also choose the colour of your lift shaft. A huge range of colours are available to complement the surrounding area. 3. It’s also possible to choose the flooring of the platform lift. You can use patterns, textures and even your own designs. 4. The lift console is available in different finishes, for example an oak effect, or stainless steel finish may work best with the environment. 5. Shaft walls can have design elements added through the use of printed stick on panels 6. LED coloured lighting recessed in the pit and shaft can be an effective and interesting effect, especially on glass panels. 7. You can choose the style of door design too, with a choice of glazed door, or solid door with vision panels. 8. As well as the visual design of your lift, you can personalise the use of your lift by choosing a manual or automatic door closure 9. You can also add restricted access to your lift. This is useful where the building is used by others, but the lift is for the use of a specified individual


Hopefully, that has inspired you with ways you can truly make the lift your own. If there’s anything else you like to know, please give us a call at Invalifts on 0845 4682543 and our friendly experts can guide you through the process of personalising your lift. Alternatively, find us at

Platform Lifts Our range of platform lifts includes the MC2000 lift (right) - a high quality enclosed platform lift with a unique chain drive, and the option of glazing on all 4 shaft sides. With a fantastic guarantee, and small footprints available, this is a premier platform lift. We also offer stair platform lifts and a range of platform lifts for both internal and external use.

The Platform Lift Experts

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Lifts, Stairs & BalustradEs

Out With the Old, In With the Contemporary: Steel and glass wine rooms are on-trend Spiral Cellars, the UK market-leader in cellaring solutions, is seeing an uplift in demand for wine rooms with a contemporary look and feel as more people want bespoke wine storage which is in keeping the design of their homes. Recent commissions include wine rooms featuring stainless steel and glass, dramatic glass wall displays and even requests for hi-tech options such as locks with finger-print technology and glass which turns opaque at the flick of a switch.

Commenting on the trend, Lucy Hargreaves, Managing Director and owner of Spiral Cellars, said: “We are seeing a growing interest in wine rooms which not only provide the best conditions for wine but are also a unique design feature in the home. We see this as a trend that is set to continue as wine cellaring becomes a key feature of up-market priorities.” This is echoed by Sam Sproston, Partner and Office Head, at Knight Frank, Wandsworth, who said: “Wine cellars are becoming an increasingly important feature in homes at the higher end of the property market. Fine wine collections are seen as both a good investment but also a source of pride, meaning that cellars need to provide a space where it can be both stored and admired. As a result, we are currently seeing wine rooms of all shapes and sizes being designed for high end homes, particularly in recent refurbishments and new developments.” Where possible, Spiral Cellars employs a policy of sourcing from British manufacturers and works closely with UK suppliers to source materials, fixtures and fittings to ensure the highest quality end product. Spiral Cellars is uniquely positioned because it understands the complexities of cellaring wine to create the perfect climate and environment to keep it in optimum condition. It also has the experience and capability to design and install the right cellaring solution to meet clients’ needs, depending on capacity requirements, their personal taste and style, space and budget. It works closely with local artisans and small engineering companies to provide a beautiful, high quality finish to all of its products. Spiral Cellars’ range of products include: • Spiral Cellars – fitted into the ground under any ground floor room to provide perfect cellaring conditions and a stunning design feature. • Bespoke Wine Rooms – highly personalised for each client, enabling wine collections to be artfully displayed and kept in the best possible conditions. The wine rooms are temperature and humidity controlled environments and maintain optimum cellar conditions for both bottle aging and ready to drink wines. • Wine wardrobes and wine walls – made-to-measure cellaring for smaller spaces or feature walls. Again, highly tailored to suits individual capacity needs and taste. Price range • The price of the Spiral Cellar starts from £19,140 (incl. VAT) • Wine Room prices start from £30,000 (incl. VAT) • Wine Wall prices start from £20,000 (incl. VAT) • Wine Wardrobe prices start from £12,000 (incl. VAT)


For more information about Spiral Cellars’ range of products, visit

How to Make a Home Accessible Without Compromising on Style Accessibility of the home is an important consideration in any building project. A home lift provides an easy and stylish solution for those who struggle with the stairs. our typical self-build client will invest their heart and soul in their project to realise their dream home, so accessibility should be a major consideration to ensure the lifetime value of the project. Design criteria such as Lifetime Homes are growing in importance, helping to ensure that homes are fit for the less mobile. There are many considerations; from access into the house, the layout inside, the width of the hallways and doorways and of course, the stairs.


Finding the right home lift for your client’s needs Incorporating a home lift into the original plans will give your clients the means to future proof their dream home, allowing them to stay put well into retirement and add value to their property. But how do you choose the perfect home lift for your project and your client’s needs? Space is an important consideration, and so is the design of the lift and its safety features. The Terry Lifestyle Home Lift is a spacesaving, unobtrusive option which provides first-class safety features. Independently tested and certificated by a Fire Research Centre, the Lifestyle Home Lift provides the same fire integrity the house had before the aperture is cut – whether the lift is parked upstairs or downstairs. Designed and manufactured in Britain to the requirements of BS5900:2012, the Lifestyle Home Lift provides the best of comforts in living and is a design element your customer will be proud of. For more information on Terry Lifts’ full range of home lifts, call 0800 247 1229, e-mail or visit the website at

DESIGNER CONTRACTS LAUNCHES NEW RANGES Designer Contracts – the UK’s largest flooring contractor has launched new ranges into its extensive product portfolio. As carpet remains a staple flooring option for the home in 2016, the company has unveiled a number of new flooring collections. The exciting new products include Castle Twist, an affordable and great looking wool-rich range crafted from 50% wool and 50% polypropylene that comes in six traditional colourways. Made from 100% stain resistant polypropylene are Symphony, Elements and Riviera. All of these ranges are naturally stain resistant and bleach cleanable, making them an ideal choice for family living and pet owners. Symphony is an affordable structured loop pile range in four neutral shades and Elements, a traditional twist with a wool look and feel, comes in 10 stylish colours. Saxony carpets continue to grow in popularity and as the long luxurious pile ranges take the retail market by storm, huge volumes are now being sold when offered in the new build market. As a result, the company has updated and relaunched New Sumptuous, which now comes in seven exciting contemporary tones including more greys which are more popular than ever. A flooring range without a selection of greys is almost considered outdated!


Also available is Riviera, another plush Saxony which is available in eight modern shades. With a luxurious feeling underfoot and distinctive styling these highly fashionable luxury pile ranges are an ideal choice for all around the home. Peter Kelsey, md of Designer Contracts said: “We have established relationships with most major flooring manufacturers. This means we have access to the most up to date ranges and are always aware of new and innovative products, often in advance of them being introduced to the industry.“ Meanwhile, in high traffic areas, such as hallways and kitchens, luxury vinyl tiles, fashionable laminates and vinyl continue to grow in popularity. Recently relaunched and re-coloured is Jupiter, an affordable domestic sheet vinyl range. With an R10 slip resistant rating, it comes in 15 matt designs, including wood effect, traditional classic tiles and modern plain and linear patterns. The company’s Hometex range is an exclusive within the UK. This slip resistant, entry level, felt-back sheet vinyl features a mixed collection of 11 colourways in a natural look and feel, including mosaic and plain embossed designs.

Also new to the company’s portfolio are various ranges from the Gerflor collection including Griptex, a warm and comfortable vinyl flooring with a unique GFT polyester textile backing, specifically designed for housing and renovation. This range also meets HSE guidelines for installations that require additional criteria to be met. Designer Contract’s felt-back vinyl ranges are more tolerant of minor subfloor imperfections and more resistant to moisture. They are less likely to bubble which means that service issues can be greatly reduced which contributes towards the five star rating that builders are striving to achieve and maintain. Ideal for use in healthcare, education, corporate, hospitality and retail environments, the company offers Concept Décor and Woods, a range of practical commercial vinyls that are available in two designs. Décor includes 12 colours and Woods 15. Said Peter: “As the leading supplier of floorcoverings to the new build sector, it is important that we stay in touch with changing consumer trends in order to ensure that we, in turn, provide our customers with the very latest products.”


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IT’S NOT HARD, WITH This easy to use, flexible sealant and adhesive is the one product you need for applications inside your home. It seals and bonds, is easy to use, flexible after cure and has a 25 year mould free guarantee.

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Home Designer and Architect - June 2016  
Home Designer and Architect - June 2016