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MAGAZINE Annual Review 2015

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Francois gilles: Unique Morrocan Rugs

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Man and Machine specialise in Autodesk training for Manufacturers, Engineers, Architects & Product Designers. All courses are taught with the official Autodesk courseware and includes one month’s free post training support. Autodesk AutoCAD courses include: • AutoCAD Essentials • AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals • AutoCAD Advanced • AutoCAD 3D Drawing & Modelling • AutoCAD Mechanical Essentials

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Industry News

Villa K

Villa K, located in Thüringen, is the first German project for Paul de Ruiter Architects. The realization of a sustainable villa, discrete and integrated in the natural environment, was the wish of the client. The result is a straightforward, but innovative residence built from only glass, steel and concrete. Living space The sustainable house is oriented towards the south, this is where the living- and bedrooms are situated. A glass façade, stretching from roof to floor, demarcates the living areas. The glass façade, without disruptions such as windows or outdoor sun blinds, reflects nothing but the air and offers amazing views over the valley. Around the living area a U-shaped terrace is situated. The middle of the terrace is crossed by a partly indoor patio and a pool that seems to float above the hill. Through the addition of a lifting platform across the pool, the terrace visually appears to continue. This platform can be pulled up when deciding to go for a swim. Around the terrace a garden is arranged with vegetable crops and fruit trees, through which the owner is able to harvest his own yield on this special location up in the mountains. Unity with the mountain scenery The entrance, technical areas, pantry, hunting room and garage with room for six cars are located on the north side, moved into the slope of the mountain. The complete roof structure of the villa is covered with moss and sedum. This reduces the cooling load and seen from a higher situated area, this green roof makes the villa to blend into the natural environment due. Above the garage and the entrance solar cells are placed, directed to the south to provide the villa with energy. Energy efficient A climatologically interesting and sustainable situation is created through the orientation towards the south and by placing a large part of the house into the mountain slope. The south side receives large amounts of sunlight and warmth, while the ‘subterranean’ part of the house contains cold air. A heat exchanger implemented in the villa collects this warm and cold air and transports it to the heat pump. The heat pump stores cold air to cool in the summer and saves warm air to heat the house during winter times. This system is connected to a cooling ceiling and underfloor heating, which guarantees a comfortable living climate every day of the year. A delicate and completely computerized computer system steers these stainable heating and cooling systems.


Via 57West Manhattan is not quite a stranger to offbeat typological experiments: Pyramidal multi-use buildings and sprawling indoor– outdoor complexes were quite popular 40 or so years ago, before developers lost their nerve and started going for anodyne context-iness. So BIG’s West 57th is, in a sense, a return to form— and a big, jagged, twisting V of a form, at that. Rising from a simple rectangular base, each of the 1.003-millionsquare-foot building’s four elevations appears entirely different from the next, the effect of carefully contrived cutaways that bring light and views (the Hudson River to the west, the skyline to south and east) to all of the 700 apartments within. This visual dynamism is complemented by a programmatic complexity unusual in a residential high-rise: Public-facing street-level storefronts, art displays, and an improved pedestrian streetscape bring a little action to what has long been a very dull enclave of West Midtown. A grand staircase connects these to a verdant central courtyard on the third floor that echoes the proportions of nearby Central Park, with some apartments opening directly onto the courtyard. The overall sense of a private building with a public dimension— and one in which the boundary between the two spheres is deliberately blurred—seems in keeping with the Copenhagenand New York–based designers’ avowed “Scandimericanism,” a blending of their open, socially minded Danish outlook with a rougher Gothamite edge. This hybridization is also expressed in a materials palette that mixes natural elements like cork and oak with decidedly urban ones like blackened steel and exposed brick. Project Credits Project: West 57th, New York Client: Durst Fetner Residential Architect: Bjarke Ingels Group (BIG), New York and Copenhagen . Bjarke Ingels, Thomas Christoffersen (partners in charge); Beat Schenk, AIA (project manager); David Brown, AIA, Sören Grünert (project designers); Aleksander Tokarz, Assoc. AIA, Alessandro Ronfini, Alessio Valmori, Alvaro Garcia Mendive, Benjamin Schulte, Birk Daugaard, Celine Jeanne, Christoffer Gotfredsen, Daniel Sundlin, Dominyka Mineikyte, Eivor Davidsen, Felicia Guldberg, Florian Oberschneider, Gabrielle Nadeau, Gül Ertekin, Ho Kyung Lee, Hongyi Jin, Julian Liang, Julianne Gola, Laura Youf, Lucian Racovitan, Marcella Martinez, Maria Nikolova, Maya Shopova, Mitesh Dixit, Nicklas Rasch, Ola Hariri, Riccardo Mariano, Steffan Heath, Stanley Lung, Tara Hagan, Thilani Rajarathna, Tyler Polich, Valentina Mele, Valerie Lechene, Xu Li, Yi Li (core and shell project team); David Brown, AIA (interior designer); Aaron Hales, Alessandro Ronfini, Brian Foster, Christoffer Gotfredsen, Ho Kyung Lee, Hongyi Jin, Ivy Hume, Jenny Chang, Lauren Turner, Mina Rafiee, Rakel Karlsdottir, Tara Hagan, Thomas Fagan, Tiago Barros, Valentina Mele (interiors project team) Architect of Record: SLCE Architects Landscape Architect: Starr Whitehouse Structural Engineer: Thornton Tomasetti Size: 1.003 million square feet Cost: Withheld


3651 Inglewood Blvd. This two story family house though spiritually existing somewhere between Italy and Mexico is actually high on Mar Vista Hill just ten minutes from Venice beach. Designed around an internal courtyard of quartzite and a sparkling lap pool, the house is designed to accommodate an inside/outside living situation and take advantage of natural cross ventilation. Walking in off the street, one is immediately struck by the quiet in this light filled private family sanctuary, with floor to ceiling glass doors and a drought tolerant garden.

Upstairs, there are four bedrooms including a master, which boasts views all the way downtown. The rooms, joined by an outside walkway, are intimate but have a sense of privacy. Go up one more flight and the immense roof deck with outdoor kitchen improves these views, encompassing a panorama of the entire city from the Hollywood sign all the way to the beach. Built from the ground up by the designer/builder, this one of a kind dwelling blends glamour, down home charm and impeccable detailing, and comes up with a new paradigm for California living.

The cherry wood flooring and built in cherry cabinets create a sense of rustic warmth, while the highly polished downstairs concrete floors emanate modern urban sophistication and clean radiant heat. The kitchen features Versailles marble counters, vintage steel windows and lots of room to work. Tinted wood ceilings and specially made tiles add vibrant color to this three dimensional picture. A guest casita has a bedroom/office, a bathroom and a spacious steam shower all adjacent to the pool.

Hualien Residences Hualien Residences, designed by BIG-Bjarke Ingels Group, kick off sales with a complete model unit on Taiwan’s East Coast. The 1000 m2 show home offers a glimpse into the lifestyle and amenities of the development, including a new furniture line designed exclusively for the Hualien Residences by KiBiSi. Located 5 km south of Hualien City, the new Hualien Residences, totaling 120,000 m2, are developed by Taiwan Land Development Corporation. The project seeks to preserve and enhance the beauty of the surrounding nature while creating a dense neighborhood of holiday homes that offer the future residents an active and social lifestyle outside the city. The first phase is expected to begin construction in 2016 and be completed by 2018. BIG’s design for the Hualien Residences evokes Taiwan’s spine of mountains to the west, appearing like a stylized landscape of hills, valleys and canyons. The floor plates are broken down into slim landscape stripes, covered by green vegetation. The volumes are shifted to ensure that daylight and views reach deep into the residences – and dip down to form lush pedestrian canyons and shortcuts between the buildings. “The Hualien Hills are a pragmatic utopian attempt at rural densification where the ecological qualities of nature aren’t

consumed by the urban development, but rather extended and amplified. Where the Spaniards found ways to drill homes and cities into the porous rocks of the local mountains in Guadix, the Taiwanese are now building cityscapes of inhabited hillsides in Hualien.” Bjarke Ingels, Founding Partner, BIG. On a backbone of efficient layouts and rational circulation, the undulating roofs of the buildings provide the neighborhood with a great variation in residence types and communal spaces. Inside, the apartments inherit attributes from the angled silhouettes to add an almost traditional vernacular feeling of attics and porches in the middle of the dense modern development. KiBiSi’s exclusive furniture series compliments the architecture of the residences. A collection of 8 different typologies is inspired by Scandinavian design and the folding hill structure of the building. The series includes lounge seating and sunbeds with corded welt edging that combines craft and comfort. This is accompanied by a wooden dining table, LED lamp, drawer unit, coffee table and technical shelf system with a flexible parallelogram construction that adapts to the tilting wall angles of the building.


Industry News

AIA Chicago Announces 2015 Design Excellence Awards In its 60th year running, the Chicago-area chapter honored 36 awards in four different categories. The Chicago chapter of the American Institute of Architects (AIA Chicago) announced their 60th iteration of their annual Design Excellence Awards. Thirty-six projects were honored for their design ingenuity in four different categories, which include Distinguished Building, Interior Architecture, Divine Detail, and the 10-year award—a newly added category recognizing a decade-old building for its lasting performance. Four separate juries comprised of architects from across the country judged a total of 283 entries. Twenty of the winning projects can be found in Chicago. During the awards presentation, which took place on Friday, Oct. 23, at Navy Pier’s Grand Ballroom in Chicago, the local chapter presented ten Honor Awards—the highest distinction within the program.

They also awarded 23 Citation of Merit awards in each category, and one Special Recognition for Design Excellence. The 10-Year Award was given to The Joan W. and Irving B. Harris Theater for Music and Dance, located in Millennium Park.

Vila Matilde House In 2011, a young man reached out to us about the possibility of designing a house for his mother, a person of few belongings, who lived in a house with severe structural and sanitary problems. Ms. Dalva has lived for decades in Vila Matilde, an outlying neighbourhood in São Paulo, Brazil. Close to her are cousins, uncles, brothers and friends. The first option would be to sell the house, and with her lifetime savings acquire a small apartment, even further away and most likely without access to an elevator. A troublesome situation, considering her advanced age. Before long, it was glaringly obvious to resist displacement and isolation. To not move away. With this in mind, it was up to us and a network of collaborators to make it work. Once the process commenced, there was no going back and everything had to work until the end. The project’s design and construction work had to be suitable to the family’s constrained finances. In early 2014, the house showed clear signs of deterioration and began to collapse. Ms. Dalva went on to live on rent at a relative’s house. The new house had to be built as fast as possible, else her expenses would completely consume all savings.


We used our recent experiences in exposed, structural wall blocks to erect a low-cost building, with great control and agility. The biggest challenge appeared at the first stage of construction. Careful demolition of the old house took four months, at the same time that we executed the foundation and reinforced retaining walls which supported neighbouring buildings. The house was completed six months after masonry work was set forth. The house is laid out in a 4.8m by 25m urban lot. On the ground floor, it features a living room, lavatory, kitchen, laundry and suite, to attend the needs of the homeowner. An articulation between lavatory, kitchen, laundry and an inner courtyard connects the living room at the front to the bedroom in the back. At the center, the green courtyard provides for light and ventilation. This area also serves as an extensions of the kitchen and laundry. The second floor accommodates a guest room, rendering a total area of 95m2. A vegetable garden grows on top of the living room’s concrete slab ceiling, and can be covered later to accommodate future demands of the family. A simple solution, result of a long, complex and gratifying process.


Product Spec: Improving Insulation Energy codes, material enhancements, and a systems approach to the building envelope are helping drive the commercial market. Increasingly stringent energy codes and an industry-wide push for greener materials are motivating insulation manufacturers and building scientists alike to rethink the product’s role in the wall system. Meanwhile, sales of the material across the residential and commercial supply chains, driven by the market recovery as well as the broader adoption of the updated codes that call for more insulation, are forecast to rise 6.6 percent annually through 2019 to roughly $10.3 billion in 2019, reports Cleveland-based market research firm The Freedonia Group. The following three factors build on these themes and are poised to change how the product is made, sold, and installed. The 2012 and 2015 versions of the International Energy Conservation Code include climate zone–specific requirements for insulating and sealing commercial and residential buildings. Though these two versions are largely identical, they depart significantly from the 2009 code with regards to wall-cavity insulation. For metal- or wood-framed walls, projects must now achieve a minimal thermal resistance of R-13 in the cavity and have a continuous exterior insulation layer with a minimum R-value of 3.8 in the warmest climate zones to 17.5 in the coldest, says Ryan Meres, a senior code-compliance specialist at the Institute for Market Transformation, a Washington, D.C.–based nonprofit. Alternatively, woodframed projects can opt to have just an R-20 cavity.

pairing that has architects and engineers reworking the math on their approach to wall systems. Climate zones as defined by the 2012 International Energy Conservation Code. “We want these continuous insulations, but in their use we’re violating the rules we were taught,” says Lucas Hamilton, a building-science applications manager at Malvern, Pa.–based building-products manufacturer CertainTeed. Adding continuous insulation to the outside of the wall cavity changes how air and water move through it, potentially trapping moisture in the wall and requiring versatile air and vapor barriers to keep the cavity dry as temperature and humidity change year-round. The change is also requiring new kinds of product testing. Typically air and water barriers are combustible, as is continuous insulation, which lately is specified often as plastic foam, says Herbert Slone, manager of commercial building systems at Toledo, Ohio–based building-products maker Owens Corning. As a result, he continues, “you have this dichotomy where the code says these types [of installations] need non-combustible walls but the energy code says to wrap those

in materials that are combustible.” One result is the National Fire Protection Association’s standard 285, which now tests new combustible materials for use in typically non-combustible wall applications. Better Materials Insulation’s ingredients are also becoming more efficient. Spray-foam makers, such as Canadian manufacturer Icynene, are adding low-VOC insulation to their lineups to cut re-occupancy times down to a few hours following installation. The addition of compatible through-wall flashing and sealant details to create water-resistive barriers are allowing spray foam to be used as continuous insulation, says Paul Duffy, vice president of engineering for the company. According to Freedonia, fiberglass has long led the industry as the prominent insulation type, with foamed plastic (both spray and rigid) not too far behind it. Foamed plastic is expected to overtake fiberglass within a decade as some of the largest-volume producers in the category—Owens Corning, Dow, and Johns Manville among them—report roughly equal sales of the two materials, the research firm found.

“Cavity insulation insulates between the framing members, but continuous insulation insulates over [them], preventing thermal bridging through the much lower R-value framing material,” Meres explains. While fiberglass batts, cellulose, and spray foams are common for the cavity, rigid foam board is typically used for the continuous portion, a



Contemporary home design brings you the best of German produced products at the most affordable prices. When you know it’s made in Germany you know its quality, German engineering is unbeatable and lasts for a life time. At CHD we have cherry picked our German brands to ensure we provide our customers a high end quality product with a great price. Luxury living doesn’t have to be expensive with CHD, you can still have the extravagance of luxury home interior at a reasonable price. Our huge range of German kitchen brands include:- Schuller, Next125, Ballerina, Beckermann, Rational and Kuhlmann. You will not find any Kitchen studio in UK to have more than two German kitchen Brands under one roof – this is what makes CHD stand out from the rest. A German kitchen is a kitchen for life, with a warranty provided by the kitchen manufacturer you have will have nothing to worry about. We are all different, and live in different ways, we have different tastes, ways of life, our personalities, our family, work, our friends… Therefore, each person, each couple and each family needs their own space, their own kitchen.

Each of our projects is therefore different, for people with their own perspectives and specific requirements. That is the reason why, instead of showing you collections from which to choose from, we show you an endless number of design and technical solutions to inspire you to create your own space, your own kitchen. CHD also offers exclusive bespoke made furniture for bedrooms and living rooms; part of the bedroom and living room range we have our Italian designer brand SMA Mobili. SMA Mobili is a leader in the furniture industry that uses the most advanced technology and qualified Italian and foreign designers. Why not visit our website or follow us on social media for the latest news and updates on Contemporary home design. 0208 472 1144 120 WOODGRANGE ROAD, LONDON E7 0EW

Why You Need a Telephone Answering Service How many times have you rushed a conversation due to being busy, answered the phone when driving or rushing to a meeting or even simply missed a call all together! In today’s fast paced world business moves quickly and it is vital to make a good impression every time…


he reality is that when you are in a meeting, out of the office - or even on the phone already - managing calls can become a modern day nightmare!

So how do we juggle the balance of service and productivity? A Virtual Assistant is certainly a solid starting point.

How does a Virtual Assistant service work? First and foremost, a virtual service provides you with your own business telephone number. This not only increases your business presence but increases your client’s confidence and helps you to keep you private life private - without the necessity of issuing your mobile number. You can choose from any type of number for your business (0161, 0202 etc) and use this on all of your marketing literature, business cards, website etc. Your assistant will get to know you & your clients and will become an invaluable extension of your business. All of your calls will be professionally answered in your company name and callers will either be transferred through to you or the team will take a message and e-mail it to you so that you can return the call at a more convenient time. Your assistant can even field those annoying sales calls!

What Does it Cost? The answer may surprise you. We are here to help make your work life easier to manage and therefore Ava charges one monthly fee of just £80.00 per month which includes an unlimited amount of calls so that you can rest assured that everything is taken care of. The service is even offered on a flexible monthly basis with no lengthy contracts.


So Why Do You Need The Service? Because nothing is more precious than your time Ava will not only help to keep your customers happy but it will help boost your productivity by answering the calls that you cannot. Our customers range from independent businesses who are simply missing calls to office based teams who simply need the extra support that Ava provides. We are devoted to consistently maintaining high levels of customer satisfaction and we are proud to provide the affordable and invaluable service that our team of dedicated call handlers offer. We would love to speak to you about your business to see how we could help you do more. For more information get in touch with Ava on 0800 043 3777 or e-mail

Self Build Insurance

If you’re taking on the exciting challenge of building your own home, you’ve got a lot to think about, but one issue you can’t afford to overlook is that of insurance. A self-build comes with a number of inherent risks and in this feature Steve Mansour, Group CEO of structural defects insurers CRL, takes you through the process of obtaining the correct structural insurance for your self-build project and why it is so important to do so.

While you’ll undoubtedly be trying to conduct the build process in as safe a manner as possible, there’s always a chance of unforeseen circumstances arising or unfortunate accidents occurring – the potential financial consequences of which can be damaging.

include injury to workers, injury to trespassers that enter the site without permission, injury to members of the public visiting the site, theft or vandalism of tools and building materials, defects and accidental damage.

Additionally, lenders are increasingly risk averse, with many requiring evidence of sufficient cover before committing funds to self-builders. Some types of insurance are a legal requirement when undertaking projects of this type – which means you won’t be able to proceed without having cover in place.

Self-build projects can take a number of forms and route you take will define the types of cover you’ll need in place.

Given the time, effort and money self-builders put into their homes – it’s highly advisable to acknowledge and account for the potential risks that can take place during construction. Some of the most common risks posed by this type of project t12t

Types of Cover

While not exhaustive, some of the most commonly-sought self-build insurance cover includes: Structural defects insurance: Structural Insurance policies for residential properties will indemnify you against any defect in the design, workmanship, materials or components of a property within the 10 year cover period. Cover begins on the day of completion of construction of the property. UK mortgage lenders require structural defects insurance from a recognised provider before they release funds for a property purchase, both when the property is brand new and if it’s less than 10 years old. Given that it costs £42,000 on average to repair a structural claim it pays to be protected. Employer’s Liability: If you’ve taken on the project manager’s role, then the running of the site is up to you. In this case, the law classes you as the employer and as such, you could face potential legal action if anything happens to your ‘employees’ while on site. If you’re employing a general contractor, then the work may be covered, or at least mitigated, by their own policy. However, you shouldn’t leave this to chance and should make sure you’re aware of their level of cover and any additions you might need to procure well in advance of the project’s start.

For instance, if you’re responsible for project management, you are liable to provide adequate cover. However, if you’re utilising a main contractor, you’ll need to discuss insurance with them beforehand.

Contract works or All Risk: This type of policy ensures you’re covered should the theft of materials or vehicles take place while on site. It’ll also provide cover in case of structural or fire damage and most policies have a degree of customisation available, enabling you to nominate specific risks you’re concerned about.

Even if the contractor has a good level of cover in place – it might still be a good idea to invest in certain types of insurance yourself, as taking the reins is the only way you can be sure you’re covered for every eventuality.

Public Liability: Once you own a plot of land, you’ll be held responsible for any injuries that occur on it – even if those who are injured didn’t have permission to be on it. This is one of the most important types of cover as injury claims are notoriously high value.

Steve Mansour, group CEO of structural defects insurers CRL.

Miscellaneous: Insurers have started rolling out specialised policies that offer a range of additional options, specifically geared towards this type of project. These tend to include cover for plant and other equipment (whether you lease or own it), contractors equipment, personal injury, mortgage payment protection, building and contents insurance, cover for any extant or surrounding structures and legal expenses. When it comes to self-build insurance, you’re essentially taking on the role of a small developer. Given the potential scope of such projects - self-build insurers tend to offer a great deal of flexibility.

Insurers tend to set out their charges as a single premium, or over a pre-defined term until the project is completed. It’s vital to understand the terms and conditions of different policies when conducting comparisons, paying particular attention to any exclusions and excesses - as these can differ greatly and could radically alter how the policy wvorks. Policies tend to run for 18 months rather than the standard year, and many offer extensions should the project overrun.

Final Word Constructing your own home is an exciting, and a highly rewarding, project but it pays to ensure you have the correct structural insurance in place. If you’re looking for self-build structural insurance that’s tailored to your needs or simply need some advice from the experts then please get in touch with CRL: Contact details Visit: Email: Call: 0800 772 3200 t13t

Experience a new look in veneers

with Vicaima Stained Doors Real wood veneer, with its natural grain configuration is loved by all and adds beauty and sophistication to interiors the world over. Sometimes however, mother-nature needs a little help to stretch colour combinations and allow designers to explore new trends and original ideas for interior dĂŠcor. Now with the new Vicaima stained veneer range all that and more is possible.

Room featuring Vicaima Dark Champagne stained Ash sliding door and panels


vailable in 6 new and contemporary shades, Vicaima Stained doors combine a high performance stain finish with a real crown cut Ash veneer base. The tonal spectrum in this latest range includes everything from Pastel Cream to Deep Brown offering plenty of choice and is supplied with a lacquered finish to complete the look. Of course creating a room design need not end with the doors. Vicaima are also able to supply matching frames, architraves, wall panels and even skirting for a coordinated apartment, hotel or commercial project should the scheme demand. Vicaima are innovation leaders when it comes to interior door design, constantly in-tune with changing trends, fashions and movements in the built environment, particularly in respect to interior design. Since their early introduction, Vicaima stained doors have proved increasingly popular, offering as they do Vicaima quality veneers with an enhanced stain finish that compliments the natural properties of wood grain. Now the new Vicaima Stained range takes things to a higher level with even greater scope for tonal and grain combinations.

Room featuring Vicaima Marina Grey stained Ash door and wall panels

Vicaima Stained are made on a to order basis and are available in a full range of performance options including; FD30 and FD 60 Fire rated, Security; including SBD entrance systems and acoustic solutions. Configuration possibilities make specification easy, with glazed options, pairs, over height dimensions, mobility widths and completely matching door and frame kits and sets, to ensure that individual requirements can be appropriately satisfied. For further details about Vicaima Stained visit the Vicaima website, alternatively call 01793 532333 for a copy of the new literature or face samples.


Bedroom featuring Vicaima Pastel Cream stained Ash wardrobe doors


The complete design & build solution for covered walkways & canopies U High quality, UV protected solid and multiwall polycarbonate sheet or laminated glass U Aluminium, steel, or sustainably sourced timber structures U Wide range of glazing systems available to suit different requirements U Excellent aesthetics U Low maintenance U Proven track record in the education, retail, commercial and custodial sectors U A trusted family business offering outstanding service, attention to detail and integrity since 2002

See us at ArchitEx2015 stand D4

Call us today on 01395 516001 or visit

The manufacturing process at Chantelle

Exquisite lighting to colour your home Chantelle Lighting is shaping the industry in terms of creating and manufacturing stunning bespoke lighting products. The company was born some two and a half decades ago, as Anthony Holly, managing director, focused on a vision to offer a personal service from inception, through to implementation and completion. Chantelle Lighting is approached regularly with requests for the relatively straightforward, to the weird and wonderful and every project undertaken is done so with commitment, creativity and a desire to produce the very best product for every customer. Manufacturing bespoke products from its home in Lancashire is at the forefront of the business; an eclectic mix of materials make up the Aladdin’s Cave that is Chantelle Lighting’s workshop. Finely cut glass crystals, antique jars and jewels from around the world nestle closely against rustic restored cart wheels such is the mix of wants and needs. It appears that the mix of traditional ironmongery and modern works well, with Chantelle boasting a number of its own ranges, including the Sulphur and Lumiere, which emphasise this combination. The factory floor is a wealth of creative knowledge, boasting craftsmen and artisans, who understand exactly how to create high end, innovative products for customers. Chantelle is regularly approached by homeowners to design and deliver high end products such as beautiful, mesmerising chandeliers. A recent project was undertaken with Liverpool football player Jamie Carragher and his wife Nicola, who were looking to refresh the interior design of their home. Chantelle created a 12ft draping chandelier made up of some 50,000 crystals to create a dramatic focal point in the sweeping staircase. Alongside the show-stopping chandeliers, Chantelle has created a number of ranges which are perfect for domestic use, complementing any bespoke piece perfectly. Ranges such as Industrial and Manor work really well in the home, adding to the interior and décor of a property. And when you are responsible for the creation of sculptures and ranges of such magnitude and beauty, it’s no wonder that the company wants to share them. Anthony said: “At Chantelle, we create some breathtaking pieces of art; we want people to enjoy them, be t16t inspired and share them.”

The Sulphur Range The Lumiere Range

A chandelier at The Greenbank Hotel, Falmouth, designed by Dynargh Design

TOUCH IRONMONGERY LTD 210 Fulham Road, Chelsea London SW10 9PJ



stablished 33 years ago in October 1982, Touch Ironmongery is one of London’s leading ironmongers. Originally called

Ironmongery market, Touch mainly supply to residential

changed their name in 2003 in reaction to slowly advancing market changes in architectural ironmongery which is no longer supplied solely in brass, and to

The company also have a healthy export market to all corners of the world, namely the Middle East, Europe and the Americas. Touch’s owner and founder, Bill Benham, has 33 years’ experience in the ironmongery trade, as do his colleagues Jim Haselup and Alan Blanchard. Saleem Qureshi is the newest member of our team and has 10 years’ experience, meaning their knowledge is unrivalled in this industry.

they sell. In fact today, Touch can including Brass, Satin Brass, Polished Chrome, Satin Chrome, Polished Nickel, Satin Nickel, Copper, Bronze -solid and plated, BMA, Antique Brass, Black, Pewter, Ceramic, Leather, Stainless Steel, Satin Stainless Steel, Gun Metal, and the list you require, Touch can help you get the right look. Touch occupy their recently refurbished showroom at 210 Fulham Road, Chelsea, where they display a vast range of their 5,000 products. With a customer base including Interior Designers, Builders and individuals who are interested in the top end of the

properties also contribute to their vast clientele.

The range of products supplied by Touch date from circa 1640 French (Louise XIV) and cover all subsequent periods (Georgian, Edwardian & Victorian), art deco and contemporary pieces also make up the product ranges. In addition, Touch showcases the very best of British manufacturing; the best ranges are still produced in the Midlands by craftsmen in factories dating back 200 years or more. Touch also sell European manufactured goods

which is considered to be of a very good quality and in recent years they have introduced some of the far eastern made products, albeit in a limited range but cost effective. With trends continuously evolving, new innovative products are constantly under development. Touch understand that keeping up with the fashion-shifts is imperative in order to provide every customer with the best solution for their requirements. and complicated aspect of a building project, as a result Touch aim to take this awkward aspect and make it user friendly and clear to understand by offering an onsite service where they carry out a detailed door by door, window by window, room by room Ironmongery schedule, highlighting all requirements and identifying any items that can be refurbished. Refurbishment is a large part of the business; Touch will undertake complete ironmongery refurbishment projects, and can restore old paint covered door furniture to their former glory, looking as new, at a fraction of the cost to replace.

For more information about Touch Ironmongery or to arrange a showroom visit please call 0207 351 2255 or alternatively visit

Section Name 01

OLARIA BARCELONA has now come to London Olaria full range is now available from Touch Ironmongery. Olaria are manufacturers based in Barcelona. Est.1934. Suppliers of luxury hardware to the most emblematic buildings of Barcelona such as Casa Berenguer and Casa Mila of Architect Gaudi, Old Hotel Ritz, Hotel Avenida Palace, Hotel Majestic and many commercial and luxury buildings.

Amendoeira Golf Resort:

One of the Algarve’s finest resorts where golf is just one of its many attractions The award-winning resort is set in an area of outstanding natural beauty presenting a diverse landscape from rolling hills to verdant valleys of almond, olive and carob trees and is home to an abundance of flora and fauna. The resort that opened in 2011 is rated as one of Continental Europe’s most desirable golf and leisure destinations, providing the perfect spot for those looking to escape to the Algarve sunshine.


Guests at Amendoeira Golf Resort are always spoilt for choice both on and off the course as the resort offers amenities and activities to cater to golfers and non-golfers alike. The top 100 European ranked Oceânico Faldo Course is hugely popular amongst golfers from the UK and further afield. Designed by Sir Nick Faldo the course is certainly a challenging par 72. The course is

trimmed by cacti and ancient olive trees ensuring that you need to position your ball carefully to have a chance of scoring well. Its neighbouring O’Connor Jnr course is another testing 18 hole layout. Not as tricky as the Faldo course but still its high number of water features require a skilled approach in order to get round with a score you would be happy with. Even if you do end up in the water or

amendoeira golf resort review

Oce창nico Group Oce창nico Group, the leading Algarve-based resort and golf owner-operator, proudly boasts some of the finest resorts in the Algarve with one of their flagship properties; Amendoeira Golf Resort located in central Algarve near the historic town of Silves just 45km from Faro airport.

amendoeira golf resort review

every camp runs smoothly, with a designated organiser on hand to cater to the team’s needs and the exclusive use of the immaculately maintained grass pitch has seen a number of European clubs train at the resort as well as the French and Irish national sides. The 6 tennis courts and 1km jogging path provide a great source of fitness with teams using the games room and sports bar in the main building as a base for meetings.

woodlands, you will still enjoy getting round this course due to its layout and peaceful nature. Amendoeira’s other golf offering is the Oceanico Academy Course, the par 3 floodlit 9 hole course offers up a fun challenge that can be completed in around half an hour. People of all ages and ability can enjoy getting round the course, whilst it is easy to see why pros use it to perfect their vital short game. In addition to golf it is fair to say that the all-encompassing resort is a haven for sports enthusiasts with another jewel in the Amendoeira crown being their Sports Club, complete with gymnasium, tennis courts, 5-a-side football pitches and the hugely impressive 11 a side pitch that has one of the best playing surfaces around!

But visitors aren’t just flocking to Amendoeira for its sporting prowess; some consumers are so taken by the resort’s location, facilities and level of service that they purchase second homes within the resort. The residential complex comprises spacious two bedroom apartments, two bedroom apartments with mezzanine and luxurious three, four and five bedroom villas. The influence of Moorish architecture with cool, tiled courtyards, graceful arches and secluded terraces is allied to a comprehensive range of modern amenities, including quality finishes, fully fitted kitchen, air conditioning, under floor heating, electric shutters on the windows and a security system. Plus there is underground parking with lift access from the basement to each floor.

The apartment villages are surrounded by luxuriant landscaped gardens each served by a communal pool, while In fact it is the Amendoeira Sports Club villas boast generous sized plots, lush and its array of world class facilities and landscaping and a private swimming privacy that has attracted an increase pool. The majority of all properties in professional sports teams in recent enjoy fabulous views over the golf years. Amendoeira’s staff ensure that courses.


Owners can make use of the two championship golf courses, as well as the Amendoeira Sports Club and club house with restaurant, bar and golf shop. Price for a two bedroom apartment of 108 sqm with 23 sqm of terraces start from €250,100 whilst a four bedroom villa of 432sqm with 265sqm of terraces starts at €1,267,500. Guests and home owners alike can use Amendoeira Resort as a base to explore one of Europe’s most delightful locations, the Algarve region of Portugal that is blessed by a superb climate, a spectacular coastline with miles of sandy beaches, intimate coves and rocky headlands. It offers a lifestyle like no other, where bustling cosmopolitan resorts contrast with the leisurely pace of a land where life is unhurried. The district of Silves in which Amendoeira is based is a town steeped in history, as it was the capital of the Algarve during Moorish times and became a prosperous town, rivalling Lisbon as a centre of culture. The resort is also in close proximity to Armação de Pêra beach, a popular town with many bars, restaurants and other amenities. Whilst in the Algarve you will be treated to some of the finest seafood in Europe – be certain to make space for a traditional seafood platter with plates and plates of shell fish cooked every which way adjourning the dining table over the course of a long and enjoyable dinner. But to really have a true taste of the Algarve is to enjoy their famous cataplana. This seafood dish is also the name of the special cookware used to prepare it, which is traditionally made of copper and shaped like two clamshells hinged at one end, sealed using a clamp on either side of the assembly. Better still don’t just taste it, attend a workshop such as at Tertulia Algarvia that gives you the opportunity to cook the famous dish under the watchful eye of the lovely Margarita,


before sitting down to enjoy the fruits of your labour amongst friends. Easy to cook the recipe sees a host of fresh vegetables, herbs and an array of fish steam in the cataplana over the course of approximately half an hour – a great Algarve experience not to be missed. The food is washed down tremendously by Algarve wine, a region that’s wine has had its criticism in the past but is now certainly bucking that trend picking up international awards the world over with wines such as João Clara leading the way. In fact whilst staying at Amendoeira


a trip to Quinta João Clara located in Vale de Lousas, Alcantarilha is well worth it, to learn more about their glorious wines from the manageress of the estate the passionate and knowledgeable Edite Alves. Back at Amendoeira the impressive club house that stands proudly above the two championship golf courses offers its own plentiful a la carte menu across its lounge, bar and restaurant with large outdoor terraces overlooking the golf courses. The Garden Deck also serves breakfast daily and is an ideal location for standalone events.

Due to its stunning accommodation, array of facilities and high level of service Amendoeira Golf Resort is perfectly suited for a holiday with the entire family whether you are a golfer or not. The resort can cater for all interests and with so many great attractions and amenities on its door step Amendoeira is the perfect spot to soak up all the Algarve has to offer.

amendoeira golf resort review


A Rich Feast at the Jan


nuary Furniture Show Hall 1 Will feature high-end upholstery and cabinet furniture, with brands including, Duresta, Parker Knoll, Ercol, Collins & Hayes, Baker Furniture, Wade, Bentley Designs, Furniture Origins, Mark Webster Designs, Westbridge, G Plan Upholstery, Tetrad, and Jansen International. The current trend for upholstery with a mix of leather and fabric will be at it’s best on the Tetrad and Carlton Furniture stands. Both will have wonderfully aged leather and woven fabric upholstered sofas and chairs. Tetrad’s Harris Tweeds have been made exclusively for them and are rich in heritage colours and traditional designs evoking the Scottish Highlands countryside. Furniture made from reclaimed materials will be big news at the Show. Baker will have additions to their Reclaimed series, turning tired wood into highly desirable and impeccably designed cabinet furniture. Another company skilled in the use of making discarded wood attractive and useful again is Rowico, their shabby chic reclaimed tables and cabinets have a unique style. Don’t miss the Fabric Pavillion in Hall 1, where Swaffer, Kobe, Essente, Titley & Marr, Barker & Barker and the The Isle Mill will be showing their latest pretty florals, crushed velvets, tartans and crisp stripes.

Hall 2 The British love-affair with soft Italian leather upholstery will be indulged in Hall 2. Soft and colourful Italian leather will be plentiful, with new designs from some of the best known companies including Italia Living, Contempo, Tomasella, Ego Italiano Max Divani and Marinelli, as well as new signing Peressini who are bringing their modern style dining tables and chairs. Other well know European brands will have major stands in Hall 2, Skovby from Denmark are bringing their uniquely engineered dining collections and FAMA from Portugal, and ROM from Belgium both will be displaying their latest colourful designs.


he newest trends will be in copious supply. Seventies inspired riotous colours and big florals will mix with the more sedate tlooks with hard edges and grey metals, texture combinations of wood mixed with leather, metal, glass, slate and marble will abound. Our expanding environmental awareness will be reflected in an increase in new products made from a wide variety of reclaimed materials, including wood, plastics and glass.

Greenapple always stand out at any Show with their pioneering glass designs. Their new Rimini range will be shown for the first time and has matching dining tables and chairs, and occasional tables. They will also show their Country Kitchen and Tusk collections. New for the 2016 Show is the Flooring Showcase, bringing together some of the best companies in the UK flooring industry, Axminster, Kenton Floors, Associated Weavers, Brockway, Edel Telenzo and Interfloor will all be showing their latest ranges. Kenton Flooring are exhibiting distressed oaks and contemporary grey washed boards, while Edel Telenzo is bringing it’s new striped loop pile carpet called Liberty, which which has a unique construction giving it a woven look.


Hall 3 This is the all action hall for gifts, accessories and home furnishings of every kind. The list of exhibitors is a Who’s Who in gift and accessories - Gallery Direct, Libra, Pacific Lifestyle, Culinary Concepts, Stone the Crows!, PD Global, Lovelane, Mindy Brownes, Hill Interiors, Camelot, Dar Lighting, CIMC, Febland, Lifestyle Arts & Crafts and Artko. Many are launching their full catalogues for 2016 at the Show. Some of the highlights include Gallery Direct, another favourite of the 2015 Show who are bringing 150 new products in January. Their intention of offering ‘variety to suit all tastes and styles of room, from beautifully elegant to exquisitely modern’ will be fulfilled in style with a profusion of furniture, mirrors, lamps and decorative accessories. Another gifted trend interpreter is Pacific Lifestyle who are introducing 5 trends at the Show including Loft, an industrial inspired collection of lamps and objects, and Highland Retreat, which has a woodland colour pallet and uses natural materials. New exhibitor Stone the Crows! is introducing furniture collections in beautifully crafted acacia wood with metal as well as a host of unique furnishing accessories. Hill Interiors, CIMC and Mindy Brownes are all exhibiting designs picking up on the current fashion for blocks of vivid colour mixed with muted tones, natural textures and relaxed styling. Key exhibitor Libra will have a kaleidoscope of new collections, including Pearl, featuring inlays in earth colours, Darwin’s Study, a nod to past exploration, and Equestrian full of horsey flair and country exuberance.

They will also be showing their newest diverse collection of decorative accessories, including animal sculptures and heads, human form figures, and unique lighting and decorative glass pieces. New for the 2016 is the Lighting Showcase, major lighting brand Dar Lighting are bringing designs reflecting the current trends for edgy industrial, floral and the country retreat. Their comprehensive catalogue includes every kind of light from small bedside lamps to large hotel lobby style, crystal chandeliers.

Hall 4 A cabinet paradise is to be found in Hall 4. Some of the best imported and international furniture on the market will be on display. German cabinet giants, Rauch, Nolte and Weimann will all have large stands with bedroom ranges directed at the UK market. Weimann are introducing 8 models and 2 new finishes. Rauch are debuting 3 ranges as well as updates to some of their existing ranges. Forte the Polish giant, will have it’s largest ever stand at the Show and will introduce a new nursery collection to sit alongside it’s better known bedroom, lounge and dining collections. Keeping with the international theme, Ancient Mariner will have cabinet ranges made from mango, mahogany and teak on their stand. Julian Bowen a Show favourite will be introducing the Caymen dining collection, made from solid beech with a walnut finish. This range features a high-lacquer Princess Charlotte bed. Seconique, another show favourite will have new additions to its’ Corona pine range and Kettle will be making a big splash with 83 new oak, pine and painted furniture items. Upholstery won’t be overlooked in Hall 4 with TCS and VIDA Living both showing new designs for 2016. Mini Divani will be demonstrating how they have been successful for 50 years bringing their Tuscan sofa expertise to the UK market.

Hall 5 Added to the Show for 2016 is Hall 5. It will be dominated by some of the biggest names in the UK beds, upholstery and cabinet markets including Buoyant, Lebus, Kingstown, Serene, Sherborne, Furnico, Morris, Furmanac, Celebrity, Vogue, Breasley, and Sweet Dreams. New bed exhibitors Highgate, Kaydian and Bodyease join the stellar line-up. Beds and mattresses of every kind will be exhibited - foam, sprung, memory, storage and motion. Vogue are showcasing their new vacuum packed mattress range Swift, which has been designed for durability, comfort and affordability. Sweet Dreams will be exhibiting their latest British-made fabric upholstered bedframes, including the glamorous model Adventure, with diamante embellishment as an option. Successful UK giants Buoyant, Lebus and Celebrity all have new sofa and chair designs to launch in January. Celebrity are showing their new modern styled Melton recliner which has 5 action options and soft padded arms. Kingstown will exhibit it’s latest ranges including the Dalby dining collection and the Sophie bedroom collection. Serene’s newly launched, but already popular dining collection, will have new additions including pieces designed for large and petite spaces. This has just been a taster of the wonderful array of colours, textures and new designs that awaits buyers and visitors to the Show, make sure you attend to gorge on the full feast.

For a full exhibitor list and to register your attendance go to: January Furniture Show 2016. NEC Sun 24 - Weds 27 January


companies of the year





chueco stands for innovative window, door and facade systems that meet the highest requirements in terms of design, comfort and security and set new standards in energy efficiency.

Todd Doors


he UK’s leading supplier of quality timber doors with over 60 years of door knowledge. At the forefront of deign with an industry leading range of over 450 original designs, together with an average stock in excess of 25,000 doors plus a full range of door furniture and accessories, Todd Doors truly is a one stop destination. t30t

Button Fix


utton-fix is an easy to align, invisible panel fixing that safely locks home with a ‘click!’ Designed, developed and manufactured in the UK, this innovative new product works with a wide variety of panel materials and thicknesses. Button-fix is very versatile: it can be surface-mounted or rebated to save space and has many features to make it fitterfriendly.

companies of the year



ES OF THE YEAR Apollo Radiators

François Gilles SureSet

e are a UK Gloucester based radiator distributor and manufacturer, supplying high quality central heating radiators, towel warmers, heated towel rails and accessories.


Francois Gilles is the UK’s most respected importer of Moroccan rugs. He has over 30 years’ experience in Morocco and sources his rugs from all over the country.



ureSet specialise exclusively in Permeable Resin Bound Paving, manufaturing and installing high quality paving surfaces for residential & commercial applications.


companies of the year

LOOK FOR QUALITY WHEN CHOOSING RESIDENTIAL SYSTEMS However crowded the marketplace, real quality will always stand out according to Schueco UK who have increased the range of their Contemporary Living Collection of aluminium windows, doors and façades. Designed especially for the residential market, these products are examples of the quality engineering for which Schueco is renowned. Quality is particularly important with residential products such as sliding doors where inferior systems rapidly display their weaknesses. Fortunately, this is not a likely scenario with any Schueco door since the system will have been fully tested and the fabricator fully trained. This applies to both sliding doors and to the entrance doors which also feature heavily in the Contemporary Living Collection.

The windows in the Schueco Contemporary Living Collection are equally stylish and deliver impressive ‘U’ values. The many types available include inward- and outward-opening, side-hung, top-hung, tilt-turn and fixed light. All open and close smoothly and have tight, draught-proof weather seals. Other products in the range include stylish façades that are perfectly suited for more major refurbishment projects and for home extensions. Designed with minimal sightlines for maximum transparency, a Schueco façade is an elegantly engineered feature whose thermal performance can even reach Passive House standard if required.

Specifying Schueco therefore means peace of mind for both the enduser and the architect or home-improvement specialist. As it happens, the Collection’s range of maintenance-free, double-glazed sliding doors is comprehensive enough to provide a cost-effective solution for almost any specification. As well as straightforward sliding ‘patio’ doors, the choice includes folding/sliding doors, folding/tilting doors, lift-and-slide doors and panoramic doors. For home-owners looking to enjoy views with minimal visual interference from mullions, a sliding door such as Schueco’s ASS 70.HI door system may well be the best option. Available in single, double or triple track configurations, these 70 mm deep doors look superb and glide effortlessly on stainless steel tracks. The lift-slide action is facilitated by stylish ergonomic handles.


Form and function in perfect harmony Great design is not just about looking good, it’s about performance too. Windows and façades that are perfectly watertight; secure entrance doors; sliding, folding and panoramic doors that open and close effortlessly. Schueco UK’s range of aluminium residential systems has what your home needs. Superior quality, unmistakable style. Unbeatable levels of thermal and acoustic insulation. The Schueco Contemporary Living Collection: where everything works in perfect harmony.

companies of the year

Beautiful Doors Todd Doors’ quality timber doors can bring character and style to any home, development or office.

With a wide range of stylish standard and bespoke doors and countless options for design features, structure and character, Todd Doors are sure to provide the perfect door for your needs. The extremely robust design and quality of Todd Doors’ product brings aesthetic and functional values to your house that will endure throughout the years. Todd Doors is the UK’s leading supplier of quality timber doors. A family run business for more than 60 years, Todd Doors boasts an industry leading range of over 450 original designs manufactured using the very best timber components from around the world.


Todd Doors stock a full range of door furniture and accessories too. Door handles can really make a statement and enhance your door, whilst frames, architraves and skirting can be used to blend or highlight your door with your existing decor. At the forefront of design, with an average stock in excess of 25,000 doors and with every type of timber door imaginable; Todd Doors really is a one-stop destination for all your door needs.

The fully bespoke service offered by Todd Doors is particularly useful for those projects requiring oversized doors or specific finishes. Door Experts are always on-hand to offer advice and can even work with you on a particular design you have of your own. For a full range of products and services available please visit or call 0800 987 8667 and speak to a Door Expert who will be happy to help.



SINCE 1952

Inspirational doors for every home Todd Doors is the UK’s leading independent supplier of quality timber doors. With 450 designs and an average stock in excess of 25,000 doors, Todd Doors is at the forefront of the door design industry. Our fully bespoke service, specific finishes and vast range of door furniture and accessories, make Todd Doors truly a one-stop destination.





companies of the year

Award Winning Button-fix introduces two NEW Fixes! Button-fix is an extra strong, secret fixing for panels. It is already being used by furniture manufacturers, fit-out companies and bathroom installers. Now with the introduction of their latest Fixes, the NEW versions; Type 1 Bonded and Type 1 Flush can be used for even more projects. Button-fix are easy to align and fit with the Button part of the fixing safely locking home with a ‘click’! Which type of Button or Fix depends on your particular application!

To find out more see our website or contact us.

The Type 1 Flush is ideal for the 'no gap' fixing of panels, popular with furniture and exhibition stands.


Type 1 Bonded is for applications where screw fixing is not possible and bonding is the preferred option. This is perfectly suited to light weight decorative panels, boat interiors, interior signage, white boards and POS displays.

T: +44(0)20 8150 7190



APOLLO monza is a modern contemporary design of column radiator available in over 80 sizes, both vertical and horizontal. Delivery to merchants is within 3 days. Like all apollo radiators it is manufactured in europe, in this case Italy. The monza is ideally suited to low temperature renewable systems, incorporating heat pumps and underfloor heating. Unlike most aluminium radiators it relies on waterways to conduct heat, and the design and technology is patented, and also suited to high pressure systems. The monza is less than half the weight of steel column radiators, and available at a similar price. There are 46 colour options available within 7 days, the standard colour being ral 9016 white, available in 3 days.

modern aluminium radiators suitable for low temperature renewable systems




companies of the year

Beautiful Bespoke Blends from SureSet Permeable Paving BALI award winning, SureSet has been a market leader of resin bound paving since 1997. What SureSet brings to the resin bound market is its unique ability to combine outstanding attractiveness and creativity with practicality and sustainability; and this is how they do it:

Attractiveness The completely smooth finish of SureSet, with absolutely no loose stone, delivers an accessible, permeable, hardwearing, UV stable surface that is visually stunning.

Creativity SureSet’s recycled glass range, Spectrum®, is not only available in a huge choice of standard colours, but SureSet also offer bespoke colour blends; making it ideal for reproducing logos, emblems, names, welcome messages and themed areas.

Practicality By efficiently returning water to the ground, SureSet permeable paving not only contributes to flood prevention, but also provides a long list of other benefits including reducing puddles, minimising weeds and negating the need for planning permission.

Sustainability Manufactured in the UK and made only from natural aggregate, marble or recycled glass, SureSet is a low energy product that is cold mixed on site with high quality clear resin and laid by skilled Installers. SureSet also delivers other sustainable benefits including: — Providing natural water filtration — Compliant with SuDS — Reducing the ‘heat island’ effect Also setting SureSet apart from other resin bound companies is that they specialise only in resin bound surfacing and their 18 Year guarantee against: loose stone; cracking; oil damage; UV degradation; colour change; frost damage and workmanship. Whether your project is refurbishment or new-build and the style modern or traditional, SureSet will transform the appearance of: — — — — — — — —

Driveways and pathways Access roads and car parks Indoor and outdoor pool surrounds Tree pits and cycle shelters School playgrounds Housing developments Shopping centres Memorial gardens

For more information, samples or advice please visit, call 0800 612 2083, email or see SureSet at BRE in Watford, where they showcase their amazing rainbow pathway, and the SCIN Gallery in Clerkenwell.







Rodeca helps set a templat Cladding panels from Rodeca form the front façade of a new sixth form centre. Transparent rainscreen cladding from Rodeca has been used on an “innovative, sustainable and economical” template for new school buildings.

current guidelines.

architects Urban Projects Bureau for the front elevation of a £1.1million new

requested samples of the materials pro

innovative alternative that was a “grown the result of a positive collaboration between the

to the rear of the site, provides valuable extra events spaces ... and a positive contribution


an innovative, sustainable and economi new school buildings, achieving maximu means.”

te for new school buildings



With over 40 Years experience Novellini is the European and a World leader in the production and manufacture of Shower enclosures and trays, Baths, Whirlpools, Steam Enclosures and Wetroom solutions. In the last decade Novellini has made significant investments into environmentally friendly manufacturing processes and continues to strive towards ever more sustainable holistic production and distribution methods for the future.

Over the years Novellini has continually developed shower trays, being one of the first companies to offer fully engineered large format shower trays in a number of sizes and colours as either low profile or more conventional raised with legs trays - all from UK stock.

With the Olympic Plus shower tray - Novellini was one of the first manufacturers of large format shower trays to reintroduce the production of textured shower floor surfaces. For many years the Olympic shower tray by Novellini has been the only slip resistant (non- enamelled) product in the European bathroom market.

Novellini realised the importance of a more engineered shower tray from an early stage and pioneered the use of innovative materials and fabrication methods in the Olympic Plus shower tray, which today is still one of the strongest and most stable large format shower trays. The Metal reinforced composite construction, now also used in the new Custom tray, means that (unlike many low profile resin stone products), Novellini trays arrive On-site Flat and ready to install.

In recent years Novellini has developed the UK s leading Wetroom and tanking product, with solutions to suit both timber and concrete installations. The Novellini Wetroom systems allow designers to create uncluttered, lowmaintenance, spacious, level access & fully tiled shower spaces




IN OR ON THE FLOOR –The Novellini Custom Tray can be installed on the floor as a low level conventional shower tray or placed directly onto joists to achieve a flush level-access solution without the need for any further fixing frames. (in addition a raised tray with a void for plumbing including legs is available for surface plumbing)

UK STOCK COLOURS AND SIZES – The Novellini Custom Tray is available in White, Grey, Black & Beige from UK Stock and there are 18 basic sizes – in addition each Custom Tray can be adjusted in Length by up to 200mm offering many more sizes than the basic 18.

ANTI-SLIP – The Novellini Custom Tray is available with an optional Factory applied genuine European standard, Certificated, Anti-slip which is applied to the top surface of the tray - leaving a 10cm Border around the edge so that any Silicone beading is applied to an easily cleaned gloss surface. EASY 2 CLEAN – The Novellini Custom tray IS easy to clean! The materials used for the Custom shower tray are designed to be cleaned by conventional household bathroom cleaning products, including lime-scale cleaners and bleach. (The Anti-slip is a rough surface and will potentially hold grime and lime-scale – chemical cleaners will be required and unlike enamelled steel surfaces the materials used for the Custom Tray are not adversely affected.)

HIGH FLOW SHOWER WASTE – The Novellini Custom Tray has a specially designed shallow trap waste with a 50 litre/min flow rate. The Waste cover is completely flush with the surface of the shower tray, is easily removed for cleaning and is made from high grade stainless steel which, unlike a chromed waste cover, will not discolour or peel if in contact with bleach or lime-scale cleaning products. ROBUST

Novellini shower trays are built to last. Olympic and Custom shower trays arrive On-site in their own individual secure packaging which protects them from most handling accidents, avoiding chips and knocks, (a fairly common problem with enamelled steel products). The composite steel reinforced construction ensures that the trays arrive flat and ready to install; they are not subject to the warping, (which is quite likely with low profile resin-cast products).

CUT TO SHAPE – 200mm of one end of the Novellini Custom shower tray is designed so that if required the Custom tray can be cut to fit around a Soil Pipe Boxing for instance or perhaps an Out of True wall?.....

We supply our products within 72hr nationwide via our merchant partners; please visit our website for more details: for brochures and advice email:



Hayley Heads Home Improvement Franchise Granite Transformations’ Chief Operating Officer, Danny Hanlon, having taken up an equivalent post in the Group’s North American operation, General Manager, Hayley Fenn now assumes day-to-day responsibility for running the UK and Ireland retail franchise, renowned for its high quality kitchen and bathroom makeovers. She will manage the head office team, oversee business growth across the showroom network and provide franchise owners with effective marketing, technical and operational support. She is one of a growing number of women engaged in senior management and ownership roles within the UK franchise industry, far above the average proportion in other sectors. Rather more unusual in having a key executive position with the main franchisor, Hayley (41) lives in Tunbridge Wells, near to the company’s UK headquarters in Decimus Park. She joined the franchisor, RSG Europe, more than ten years ago and was latterly promoted to Financial Controller, before becoming General Manager, having previously worked for AXA PPP Healthcare as a Subscriptions & Claims Supervisor. She holds a National Diploma in Business & Finance and has completed the foundation level of the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants (CIMA) professional qualification, equipping her well for the exacting financial aspect of her role. As General Manager, Hayley will be pushing for year-on-year Granite Transformations network growth, keeping abreast of interior design market trends and franchise owner requirements, and ensuring the right staff are in place to support the expanding business. A key project will be implementing a major network rebranding programme, which will see the transition to a new Trend Transformations brand identity and an even more diverse product portfolio, in addition to its unique core offering ‘the top that fits on top’. “I enjoy the challenges of running a successful franchise network and becoming a leading brand in the home improvements sector,” says Hayley. “No two days are ever the same in this business, making my job diverse and interesting. This year we shall be focusing on our rebrand and supporting our pilot franchise showrooms through the transition programme, making it one of the most exciting periods in our corporate history.” Fittingly, for the head of a leading name in home makeovers, Hayley has already remodelled four different houses, enabling her to move up the property ladder, and she is always on the lookout for another new project. One of her latest installations was an Italian glass mosaic feature wall in the family kitchen-diner, using an exclusive design from the parent company’s Trend tile collection, which forms part of the extended product portfolio. “I love the ability to refresh and revitalise the look of your home, without having to move, enabling you to explore new décor trends and personalise the living environment to suit your family and lifestyle,” she comments. “That’s exactly what we offer to our customers, without the usual debris, dust and disruption, and having our parent company as our manufacturer and supplier means that our showrooms are always at the cutting edge of interior finishes.” Hayley Fenn and her husband Nick have two children, Willem (6) and Isaac (4), and Nick is regularly involved in the social side of the business, attending franchise conferences, awards dinners and other occasions. For further enquiries and details of nearest showroom, contact 0800 044 5393 or visit


Rieber, Great design, German quality and the timeless appeal of pure stainless steel Rieber products are designed by catering professionals to provide uncompromising high quality and value for money. Manufactured to the highest standards of German engineering by Rieber GmbH & Co. KG – the inventor of gastronorm (GN) cookware and also the world’s largest manufacturer – Rieber quality matches and even exceeds many of the major brand names, at more affordable prices. UK sales and customer support is provided by a dedicated team based in Wiltshire. Find out more at FREE T eppany aki Pan w purchas ith every Wate rstation ed befo Rieber Teppanyaki Pan. re Marc Round s h 2016! ink Thermoplate® stainless-steel teppanyaki. It seals food extremely quickly and

is perfect for quickly cooking meat, vegetables fish and shellfish with the minimum of oil, all the better for a healthy meal. Rieber cookware features highly efficient multilayer SWISSPLY® construction. An aluminium core is sandwiched between two stainless steel layers resulting in approximately 10-times greater energy conductivity (chilling and heating) than a conventional pan. Perfect for any type hob – from gas and electric to halogen and induction.

Round or Cubic Multi-Level Sinks Waterstation® Round has a diameter of 902 mm and provides an unusual, eyecatching, social and practical designer solution. Its 3-tier preparation area provides around 3 metres of work surface on just 0.8 m² of floor space.

Waterstation® Round can be set at different heights ranging from 920 to 1000 mm and can be situated inline, freestanding or in corners. Also available as a sink only. Rieber’s CUBIC sink also features multi-level preparation areas in the basin,

which save space and provide great flexibility. Cubic fits a 600mm base (540 x 332 x 180mm) and is beautifully manufactured featuring small radii corners for easy cleaning. Rieber’s Waterstation CUBIC 980 multi-functional workstation is manufactured in 1.25mm gauge brushed finish stainless steel. Dimensions: 980 x 517 x 175mm.

Bathrooms & washrooms


Trusted by Discerning Developments, Luxurious Hotels and Private Residences Around The World. Engineered in Birmingham by Marflow Engineering since 1968, The St James Collection is today one of the most comprehensive ranges of hand-crafted traditional bathroom taps, showers, accessories and luxury ceramics available. Providing magnificent presence, the St James Collection is trusted by discerning developments, luxurious hotels and private residences around the world. Presenting an extensive selection of special finishes, distinctive handle styles, aesthetic options and the unique capability to personalise ceramics and brassware with a clients’ branding, the superior quality of the St James Collection is second to none. Crafted with the highest specification materials including solid brass, the finest English porcelain and china clay, no compromise is made in the creation of these hand-finished pieces. These beautiful products allow the creation and development of bespoke bathrooms for clients, supported with unrivalled quality, durability and the reassurance of an industry-leading guarantee.


Recent projects include the spectacular 5-star Hotel Gotham in Manchester, for which Marflow supplied bespoke products from the St James Collection to reflect the Art-Deco design-theme throughout the venue. The individually designed bathrooms including the Sanctrum suite feature the St James Collection wall mounted toilet pans with soft-closing seat, inset wash basins, a range of complementary accessories and basin mixer taps with fine English porcelain London levers. This allowed the creation of a coordinated and tailor-made traditional bathroom in alignment with the uniqueness of Hotel Gotham’s design. In addition, the St James Collection traditional shower valves with overhead shower kit, including a luxurious 12” showerhead for a rainfall showering experience are also present in the hotels bathrooms. All the fine English porcelain levers, basins and showers fitted at Hotel Gotham were personalised to include the hotels branding. Richard Coe of Marflow Engineering Ltd, said “The design elements of Hotel Gotham immediately lent themselves towards the St James, Heligan pottery range. With its tight angles and open spaces, the design was easily complemented by the choice of porcelain handled mixers and showers, maintaining the angular theme throughout.” Richard added: “This prestigious development continues Marflow’s focus on growing contract and specification projects given our capabilities to fulfil the expectations of even the most discerning clientele.”

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BEAUTIFUL TRADITIONAL bathrooms since 1968

The St James Collection provides magnificent presence and is trusted by luxurious hotels and prestigious developments around the world. Sought and experienced by the most discerning clients and those seeking quality. +44 (0) 121 358 1555

Dear Industry Colleagues May we please introduce you to ArchitEx 2015, the Annual free-toattend 2 day Exhibition, Conference & Networking Reception for the UK Architecture & Building Design Industry. Whether you wish to exhibit with us to sell your products and services or establish new business contacts and relationships, visit to meet potential suppliers or partners, or attend the conference to discuss and debate the hot topics in UK Architecture & Building Design, ArchitEx 2015 offers something for everyone involved in the industry. 1. The Exhibition For exhibitors, ArchitEx 2015 will provide significant sales and business development opportunities whilst also offering an outstanding networking platform. An anticipated 1,500 Architecture & Building Design Industry professionals from around the UK will converge on Liverpool, and as such represents a rare opportunity not to be missed. Exhibitors and delegates from all the following sectors will include ... — Architects, Construction Companies, Surveyors & Structural Engineers — Town, City & County Councils — Local Planning Authorities, Town & City Planners — Housing Associations, House Builders, Suppliers & Contractors — Commercial, Industrial & Residential Property Developers — Banks & Financial Institutions


2. The Conference The full 2 day conference programme, with 24 speakers, will become the leading forum for the UK Architecture & Building Design Industry. It will bring delegates together with policy experts, real-life case studies and industry leaders, and will address the latest issues in policy and public affairs, consultation and legislation, campaigns and issues whilst at the same time, highlighting the key successes made in design, planning, building and housing. Availability at this uniquely free-to-attend conference is limited so early delegate registration is highly recommended. To receive further information about how you can take part, or to tell us what you would like to see on the programme, please contact us. 3. The Drinks Reception / Networking Evening Free–to–attend, complimentary 2 hour champagne drinks reception & networking evening with hundreds of industry colleagues. ArchitEx 2015 is your opportunity to join the UK’s leading Architecture & Building Design event. The ArchitEx 2015 Team 0845 467 3303

Architects, Specifiers, Building Designers, Surveyors & Engineers Commercial, Industrial & Residential Property Developers Town, City & County Councils, Local Planning Authorities, Town & City Planners Construction Companies, Builders & Contractors Products & Services Industry Suppliers

lifts, stairs & balustrades


We’ve installed our range of platform lifts in some great locations throughout the UK over 2015. Here, we’ve highlighted a couple of case studies to illustrate some of our work. Top: Invalifts MC2000 installation alongside the ‘Spry’ river boat at Ironbridge Right: Invalifts MC2000 installation at Liverpool Hope University

Ironbridge - New Exhibit for 2015

Liverpool Hope University Updates Lift

We were asked by a firm of architects to be involved in the development of a new home for the last remaining Severn Trow – The Spry. A completely new building was being designed that would give the visitors a close up and personal view of the river boat. The lift needed to fit in with the overall theme and not be a distraction. It was decided to have as much glass on the lift as possible in order to let light pass through and give the visitors a clear view of the exhibit. We arranged our MC2000 platform lift with a glazed shaft and an open adjacent door arrangement. We are proud to be part of the team that has helped share this wonderful boat with the public.

We were approached by a leading lift consultancy company to look at an old platform lift on the site to see whether we could provide a replacement that would fit within the existing footprint. After visiting the site, we identified that our MC2000 platform lift would fit the existing space with some minor building works at the thresholds. The lift has a footprint of 1250mm x 1560mm and provides a fully compliant Part M platform. The client wanted to keep the look of the previous platform lift and so the MC2000 was fitted with 1m high glass panels and exclusive oak panels on the platform console. This gives a more exclusive feel with a contemporary look. The lift is also fitted with automatic door openers for ease of use and an auto dialer for emergency communication.

To find out more about the MC2000 platform lift, visit or give one of our friendly staff a call on 0845 4682543 to see how we can help you.

Platform Lifts Our range of platform lifts includes the MC2000 lift (right) - a high quality enclosed platform lift with a unique chain drive, and the option of glazing on all 4 shaft sides. With a fantastic guarantee, and small footprints available, this is a premier platform lift. platform lifts for both internal and external use.

The Platform Lift Experts

Tel: 0845 4682543 Web:

Lifts, Stairs & BalustradEs We all love a little luxury in our homes: all the latest comforts; every electronic gadget to help us in our busy lives; so it’s no surprise that the trend for building high-specification luxury homes sees developers and owners sometimes include the convenience of a lift. It’s the ultimate statement, a lifestyle choice and a useful addition to high-end housing. A home with a lift (or two) really does stand out from the crowd, propelling a property into a highly- desirable ‘must-have’ category. At Stannah we have been providing lifts for generations, so it’s no surprise that our lift expertise can help families (like ours) enjoy the luxury of a domestic homelift.

Products For two or more floors, with a generous footprint Of course homes come in all shapes and sizes - and so do lifts for the home. For houses with two or more floors and generously-proportioned internal space a domestic platform lift may be the chosen product. With a footprint that meets regulations to ensure it can accommodate up to four people or a wheelchair user, this type of passenger lift will certainly serve the occupants of a large house well into the future. Platform lifts can be supplied in a wealth of designs; automatic single opening door, sliding doors for a more conventional passenger lift appearance - even with doors to match a house interior; entrances can be single or multiple giving flexibility on each landing; the operating shaft can be purpose-built, structuresupported, glass or clad and the lift finishes can be matched to the interior of the dwelling. At Stannah we recommend our Midilift range of platform lifts, meeting the requirements of BS 8300:2001 and giving specifiers a wealth of options to meet every technical and aesthetic requirement. Two floors and a small footprint When the lift requires only two stops a simpler throughthe-floor lift can provide a perfect solution. Installed very simply, with no shaft required, these types of lifts have a small footprint for just two standing passengers and fit discreetly into the corner of a room. At Stannah our through-the-floor Salise lift, that meets the requirements of BS5900:2012 is a popular choice and a luxurious addition to comfortable living.

One of Life’s Bigger Luxuries t56t

The invisible butler The trend for the convenience of a lift in luxury homes doesn’t end there. In grand home refurbishments the addition of a small service lift or ‘invisible butler’ adds both convenience and value to a property - and a little grandeur too. At Stannah our market-leader Microlift dumb waiter is perfect for the job. Supplied in its own small shaft and able to travel 30 metres, with up to three entrances available on each level, the Microlift really does provide an extra pair of safe hands in a busy home. For more information about the products in this article please go to or call Stannah on 01264 339090

Lifts for the home

Our homes come in all shapes and sizes and so do our Stannah lifts for domestic dwellings. For houses with two or more floors and generously-proportioned internal space a Midilift domestic platform lift may be the chosen product.

Stannah Midilift providing access in a multi-level home

Stannah Salise

Stannah Microlift

When the lift requires only two stops a simpler through-the- floor Salise lift can provide a perfect solution and fits discreetly into the corner of a room. A fashionable town house with multiple floors can mean bringing the groceries home involves many flights of stairs. That's why high-end developers and owners are building in a small service lift to take the strain. Microlift adds both convenience and value to a property.

t: 01264 339090

Kate Bingha Kate Bingham, founder of Kate Bingham Interior Design Ltd, is one of London’s most seasoned and talented interior designers. Over the past 20 years, Kate has orchestrated many varied (and exceptionally creative) interior design projects focusing primarily on residential as well as super yachts and leisure & hospitality – establishing a trusted reputation among architects, interior designers, property developers and private clients for creating smart, classic and contemporary design styles that are timeless and deliver on budget. Kate talks to Home Designer and Architect about her refusal to be swayed by fashions or trends, but instead allowing her instincts to inspire the creative.


am Design Where do you find inspiration? For me, inspiration can come from anywhere – I could be walking in the country, having drinks at a fabulous hotel, watching a movie or flicking through a magazine. Inspiration is something that immediately touches your heart and makes you think, that feels right.

How would you describe your approach to design? I always keep true to my core values of creating smart, classic and contemporary design. Most importantly, I am never swayed by fashions or trends – preferring to work instinctively and go for what feels right for both the client and the space. What’s more, when being commissioned for a new project, thorough research, the ability to listen very carefully to a client brief whilst always remembering to enjoy the process is very important. It can be quite a journey.

How easy is it to work with new architects and house builders? At Kate Bingham Design we have a small team of very talented architects and designers, but we are often asked to collaborate with architects on larger projects. Communication and transparency is key to ensure that everything happens when it should and that deadlines are always met and within budget. It’s also imperative that everyone in the team shares the same vision and ambition for the project in hand.

You have enjoyed some great success in the industry, completing beautiful and elegant projects for high-end clients. Tell us about some of your favourite and varied projects? I’ve been very fortunate to be commissioned to work on many varied and exciting projects from luxury town houses in Belgravia to country homes. Designing super yachts has also been great fun because you’re designing for a yacht, which is so different to homes, and of course very exciting and challenging in a very positive way.

How important is it to deliver client projects on budget? Very! Every project that I work on always comes in on budget. When you are spending on behalf of a client, you can’t afford to be irresponsible with the management of it.

Who/what has been the biggest influence on your work to date? Where do I start? So many people, so many styles and so many encounters have influenced me over the years, both in my creative approach but also the way I run my business and the special relationships I share with clients. I guess my greatest influence would be John Stefanidis, one of England’s, if not the world’s greatest designers, who I worked with for five years before starting my own business. His eclectic style and supreme knowledge and understanding of architecture, design and furniture were inspirational. We are still in touch today and occasionally collaborate on projects.

Is there a space in London which you find yourself continuously drawn to because of the beautiful interior? I particularly love The Arts Club on Dover Street - elegant and glamourous and evoking the style of early 20th century Europe.

Can you recommend a hotel you stayed in where the interior design really impressed and inspired you? I’m a great fan of Firmdale Hotels such as Ham Yard in London and Crosby Street in New York. Like me, the owners, Tim and Kit Kemp believe hotels should be living things not stuffy institutions and I’m a great fan of the way each hotel has been designed in a unique personal way which reflects a fresh, modern English style. In contrast I equally love Claridge’s – London’s art deco jewel mixed with modern influences of Cubism and Futurism. For me it has an unmistakable air of timeless elegance. I once designed a suite for them which was great fun to work on.

What advice would you give to new designer just starting out their practice? To fully understand and believe in your own design style. What’s more, listen to the client and observe how they live as the best interiors are those that take the client and their lifestyle into consideration.

What exciting new projects do you have on the horizon? We are currently working on an extension and renovation of a Grade 2 listed country house in Surrey. We are the interior designers and are working closely with an architect and project manager. The client and I have been enjoying researching kitchens, stone floors, fireplaces and furniture.

How can our readers contact you for potential collaborations? By visiting or emailing me at


Heating, Ventilation & Insulation Solarlux has exceeded the expectations of residents at The Prom Apartments New Brighton – a new luxury housing development in Merseyside. The luxury development has stunning, far reaching coastal views but as such is exposed to the elements, including very high wind speeds. The request by The Neptune Group was for a glazing solution which matched the high-end feel of the development, this meant secure systems which didn’t rattle, offered extensive noise reduction and also protected the building – and its residents – from the elements, whilst allowing full enjoyment of the spectacular views of the Mersey estuary. The SL 25 XXL glazing solution chosen for The Prom Apartments, Town Square, New Brighton is a further development of the SL 25. It is fitted with a carriage that can bear up to 65kg in weight, which mechanically secures tempered safety glass up to 15mm thick. This makes it ideal for use on balconies and highly exposed locations as it exceeds all the relevant increased wind loading requirements, whilst also providing a quiet living space due to its significant noise reduction. This frameless glazing system offers full protection against adverse weather conditions and when the glass panels are 100 percent open, they also offer a full outdoor experience. The SL 25 XXL was chosen to provide residents with full protection from the elements during inclement weather but to allow natural light to flood through the property on sunnier days, bringing a homely warmth to relax and unwind in.

Martijn Venema, Managing Sales Director at Solarlux, said: “The SL 25 XXL is specifically designed to welcome the atmosphere into buildings; this is obviously a particular selling point when the properties enjoy such stunning views of the Mersey Estuary. It is also able to exceed expectations for such a challenging and exposed location which can experience numerous weather fronts across short periods.” Solarlux also contributed significantly to the design manufacture and fitting of the bespoke balcony balustrades incorporating enhanced strength wind posts to support the substantial structural loadings, whilst remaining an elegant feature. The use of this bespoke SL 45 system offers added value to residents of The Prom Apartments, providing an exceptionally safe outdoor lifestyle and allowing true appreciation of the stunning coastal views. Daniel Hynd, Project Manager of the development, said: “The area has been transformed into a top leisure destination in the Wirral, enjoying superb local facilities, an easy commute to Liverpool and a truly cosmopolitan atmosphere, the addition of the brand new homes just shows what a great place New Brighton is to live and visit.” For further information about balcony glazing, call Solarlux on 01707 339 970 or email

Solarlux exceeds expectations at exceptional Mersey Estuary development




Increased stabilisation and thermal enhancement A+ green guide rating A product made of Neopor® backed by German engineering BASF Tested to comply with ETAG 004

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Heating, Ventilation & Insulation

HEATEC AND ELECTRIC HEATING The awareness in the UK of the damage that is said to have been caused to the environment by the indiscriminate burning of fossil fuel has led to a growing demand for electric heating. Electricity is seen to be cleaner than fossil fuels at the point of consumption.


eatec have been at the forefront of conversion of standard radiators to electric for over Thirty years and many of the original Tristat controllers are still in use to this day.

Designed for use both with and without thermostats the modern Heatec controllers are of electronic design and are unlike any imported competitors. This is because the thermostatic RC12 controller has its thermostat external to the radiator and measures the air temperature in the room. Imported controllers which are mechanically operated tend to have an internal thermostat which lies alongside the heating element and therefore measures only the temperature of the liquid and the heating element.

“Electricity is seen to be cleaner than fossil fuels at the point of consumption.” A fixed temperature controller, the RC11, designed for use with separate centralised or room thermostats is also available. The RC11 control can be factory set to a maximum temperature where this is required for use in old people’s homes, schools and other places where hazard is a problem. A heavy duty controller, the Rc10 has been developed for use in hazardous areas. Information about this controller is available on request.


Heatec controllers are designed and built in the North of England and are subject to rigorous testing during production. Modern designer radiators made of Aluminium are much more efficient than the traditional steel panel radiators which are the UK standard, Aluminium radiators hold up to 26% less liquid and because of their design can convect over 30% more warm air over their fins. This leads to the much more efficient use of electricity and, if properly controlled, much reduced heating bills.

Heatec is a leader in the conversion of Cast Iron radiators to electric and has built up considerable expertise in this specialised area. Many of the Cast Iron versions have been supplied to the National Trust and other stately homes throughout the UK. Heatec offers an advice service on the use and installation of its products during normal office hours. Heatec’ products can be seen on line at Tel: 0845 8726667



Supplying a wide range of Modern & Traditional Style Cast Iron Radiators for Electric installation or Central Heating Systems

Bohemia Retro


All Heatec Electric Radiators are Fitted with Room Temperature Thermostat Control or Fixed Temperature Controls

Imperial Victorian

Cast Iron Heights available from 430mm – 980mm. Outputs from 550 - 3000 Watts. All Radiators Manufactured in the EU

SUPPLIER TO THE NATIONAL TRUST Also supplying High Efficiency Aluminium Radiators and Towel Rails Electric Radiator Thermostatic Control Towel Rail

Forte Plus

Forte Plus Aluminium Radiators low liquid content and intelligent design give up to 40% energy savings against conventional Radiators. Available Heights 431mm – 881mm, Outputs 550 – 3000 Watts. Any RAL colours. Low level Finn (Trench) Radiators also available Full Catalogue available on request Heatec EV, Unit C2, Lympne Industrial Park, Hythe, Kent, CT21 4LR Tel: 0845 8726667

New DRU Maestro luxury gas fires with Eco Wa and smartphone or tablet controls. DRU is Europe’s leading manufacturer of contemporary gas fires and wood stoves. The Maestro range, which will become available in autumn 2015, is its most advanced selection of gas fires yet, featuring a sophisticated new integrated burner, log set and the company’s exclusive Eco Wave control system. The newly designed burner system creates the most authentic wood fire that DRU has ever produced, with high and dense flames dancing around the realistic logs.

Non reflective glass and choice of interiors In addition, the Maestro gas fires feature new Clear View nonreflective glass fronts, which further enhance the illusion of a real log fire. These glass windows have an easy release system, which means they can be easily accessed for routine cleaning and maintenance.

DRU Maestro 80 Corner


For the interiors of the Maestro gas fires, there is a choice of gloss black, classic brick or mirrored Ceraglass, which creates extra depth of vision and an even more spectacular fire display.

Eco Wave app smart controls The introduction of the Eco Wave app control system enables the owners of the fire to create their own flame picture, vary the heat output and gas consumption and set the timer controls, all done using a smartphone or tablet. The range of the heat output is between 2.2 and 9.6 kW, so the fires can be set for mild autumn or freezing cold midwinter days and all points in between. The Eco Wave system is also programmed to send vital information to the DRU dealer about service intervals and help to diagnose any technical issues that require attention.

Balanced flue system with ease of installation

ave. Featuring realistic flames, high efficiency DRU Maestro gas fires are balanced flue appliances. They can be installed in homes with or without a chimney, including the construction of a heat-resistant false chimneybreast if required. All approved DRU dealers are fully trained to install and maintain these highly advanced gas appliances.

Front, Corner and Triple versions Thanks to balanced flue technology, DRU gas fires no longer need to conform to a standard chimney location, and the new Maestro models are no exception. You can select from the standard Front model, with its large viewing window, or you can choose from the 2-sided Corner or 3-sided Triple versions, which provide more panoramic views of the fire and more options in terms of room location.

High efficiency and flexible location options

Thanks to sophisticated DRU gas fire technology, Maestro gas fires have an impressive energy efficiency rating of 84%, an exceptional performance that ensures significant savings on household fuel in comparison to ordinary gas fires. In addition, these fires are compatible with the exclusive DRU PowerVent速 system, an extended, motorised flue assembly that enables the fires to be installed in previously inaccessible locations. This includes high rise apartments, lofts, home extensions, hotels, restaurants and much more. Because of these kinds of innovations, DRU appliances are frequently specified by builders and architects for both domestic and commercial new developments. DRU Maestro gas fires with Eco Wave app controls are available from specialist fireplace retailers throughout the UK. For more information, visit:

DRU Maestro 75 Front

DRU Maestro 80 Triple t65t


Cavity Wall Protection By Design

SureCav®50 is a moulded, 100% recycled, polypropylene panel with spacer protrusions, forming a 50mm cavity, allowing a stone, slate, brick and flint outer leaf to be built without the need of an additional block leaf. It is fully certificated by the British Board of Agrément. This cavity protection system ensures clean and moisture free cavities with either timber frame or traditional construction.

SureCav®50 is 100% recycled polypropylene Instead of ending up as landfill or incineration material, SureCav®50 is manufactured by injection moulding to produce a building material that shows we care for the environment. By using 100% recycled polypropylene, SureCav®50 reduces the Embodied CO₂ (ECO₂) footprint in new buildings as well as being 100 times lighter than concrete blocks, making site management and movement of materials much easier.

SureCav®50 - a solution to the problem of wind driven rain One of the greatest threats to the integrity of the building structure come from water ingress. The incidence of wind driven rain is much more prevalent in properties closer to the western coast of Britain and any increase in moisture giving rise to wall saturation will require a managed construction. The increased effect of wind driven rain will be particularly relevant where external walls are not designed with a suitable cavity or rain screen. The specially formed panels of SureCav®50 provide a barrier that becomes a “wall” of plastic, shielding the cavity and inner leaf from water ingress, but at the same time proving to be an excellent surface for the construction of the outer masonry leaf. The unique shape of the SureCav®50 pods directs any moisture to the outside leaf, thus protecting the fabric of the building with an approved 50mm cavity instead of the usual 75mm required in high exposure zones. The barrier formed by the panels, locked together by the joining strips, will protect the structure in even the most exposed weather conditions.

Natural stone

Dry Wall appearance

SureCav®50 – a wise choice! Of course, you do not have to only build in high risk weather zones to experience the benefits of SureCav®50. The SureCav®50 Cavity Protection System is currently being used successfully throughout the entire country and is designed to maximise the protection of the cavity whilst providing an excellent surface on which to construct your outer masonry leaf, be it brick, stone, slate or flint.

For more information call us on 01963 34660 or see our website


Brick & Flint

INSULATE THE WALLS SureCav25 will help to drive down U-Values! Now there is more room in the cavity for insulation, thereby enhancing the thermal performance of the wall.

SureCav25 The best of both worlds! More space in the cavity for insulation

plus 25mm clear cavities in all exposure zones!

Announcing the release of SureCav25!

SureCav25 with block inner leaf

Order NOW through all builders merchants! All the properties of SureCav50 you’ve come to rely on… but now just 25mm deep, with a guaranteed 25mm clean and moisture free clear cavity space! SureCav25 is a moulded, 100% recycled, polypropylene panel with spacer protrusions, forming a 25mm clear cavity and providing the perfect backing board for the stone, slate, brick and flint outer leaf. It is fully BBA certificated. BBA and LABC approved - awaiting NHBC test build.

Insulation Options using SureCav25 Brick or stone outer leaf - lightweight block inner leaf (0.15) plus 3mm skim on 12mm plasterboard

Overall cavity (mm)

Insulation (mm)

Clear cavity with SureCav25 (mm)










125 145

100 120

25 25

0.15 0.14


Example: 100mm overall cavity width 75mm insulation 25mm SureCav25 (clear cavity) U-Value as low as 0.18 W/m2K

SureCav25 in 75mm overall cavity (25mm SureCav25 clear cavity + 50mm insulation)

SureCav25 with timber-frame

50/50 insulation option with timberframe could achieve 0.17 W/m2K

25mm clear cavity in any exposure zone SureCav25 25mm cavity board

Clean and moisture free cavities Suitable for all masonry finishes Protects from wind driven rain

75mm insulation Brick or other masonry

100% recycled polypropylene Shields the cavity from water ingress More room for insulation No backing block - wall width reduced

Suitable for all masonry finishes SureCav25 shown with block inner leaf

Lowers U-Values with extra insulation BBA approved certificate 04/4154 Unique pod shape for moisture protection Incorporated fold line for corners Ideal for traditional construction or timber-frame

CAVITY WALL PROTECTION BY DESIGN... SureCav® is a registered trademark of SureCav Limited Tel: 01963 34660

DESIGNER CONTRACTS CONTINUES TO EXPAND The UK’s largest flooring contractor, Designer Contracts has expanded its regional facilities in North London and Essex and the South West. Based in a new development in Romford, the North London and Essex depot will be the largest regional office at 15,000 square feet – almost double the size of the previous premises which were 8,500 square feet, offering a significant increase in the amount of storage capacity. The team in the South West has relocated from its original base in Exeter to a new unit in Topsham, which has excellent links to the M5, and has enabled the team to treble its storage capacity. It follows a successful year for the Chesterfieldbased business, which announced an annual turnover of £30 million in 2014 – a 16% increase on the previous year. Peter Kelsey, md, said: “The new depots allow us to cater for increased demand in the regions. From our 12 regional centres we service a diverse range of businesses and organisations, covering single rooms to entire developments.”


“With business continuing to grow, especially within the housebuilding, social housing and rental sectors, these expansions will allow us to continue to offer our customers an unrivalled selection of products – with the quickest of turnarounds.” Last year the company trebled its national distribution facility with a move to larger premises, increasing its size from 44,000 to 109,000 square feet, with a significant increase in height, offering three times the amount of storage capacity. Future plans for the company include relocating their North East regional depot and an additional facility in Scotland. Designer Contracts has fully staffed offices and warehousing in 12 regions across the UK. As well as flooring, the company supplies curtain, blind, furniture and lighting packs and has a full show home interior design service.

picture hanging systems ltd

Chateau Collection

Smooth in many wood styles


> Smooth treatment gives a special effect > Knots are filled with an ecological filler > Osmo Polyx-Oil adds the finishing touch > Available in many colours, widths and high-quality styles




Natural White


Stone Grey


Washy Grey



YOU’LL BE GLAD YOU DID. 0845 500 70 35

01296 481220



Designer Contracts – the UK’s largest flooring contractor - has strengthened its customer service support team with key new appointments.

property springs a leak after floorcoverings have been installed and any part of the floor is affected, replacement flooring can be installed very quickly.

Since the launch of the Home Builders Federation annual customer satisfaction survey, carried out by the HBF and NHBC each year, significant progress has been made by the industry to deliver exemplary levels of customer service, none more than Designer Contracts.

Said md, Peter Kelsey: “There have been many demands created since the launch of the survey in 2005 and as the largest floorcovering supplier to the new build sector, we have the size, stockholding and reputation to respond swiftly to those demands. We work with housebuilders not only to resolve issues but to try to identify and help eliminate the causes of these issues.”

The dedicated team of 20 now includes a number of customer service managers, fitters, co-ordinators and administrators across their 12 regions. The company has also bought an additional seven vehicles to enable swift inspection and remedial action. If for example a


All 12 of the Designer Contracts regions have dedicated customer service e-mail addresses to ensure single points of contact and speedy resolution.

5 YEAR <jVgVciZZ

Delivers high traffic performance, prevents peeling or flaking for 5 years

Works on new and weathered wood and for recoating old applications Protects against moisture damage, with excellent adhesion and flexibility

Available in a wide range of attractive colours to bring new life to any decking

contemporary home

Your guide to ‘Using The Tube’… at Harrogate! F. Ball and Co. Ltd., the UK’s leading manufacturer of flooring adhesives and flooring preparation solutions, will again be showcasing their extensive range of highspecification flooring products at the 2015 Flooring Show, Harrogate which this year will include their ALL-NEW STYCCO FLEX - Rapid Curing Flexible Adhesive.


elivering professional results every time, Stycco Flex is the perfect solution when you need to safely secure Stair nosings, Carpet gripper, PVC cladding, Skirting Boards, Architrave and Trims. It is already proving to be an essential product for the ‘serious’ flooring professional. Stycco Flex will be on show as part of F. Ball’s newly launched ‘Tube Products’ range, which includes Stycco Grip - a gap filling mastic adhesive; Stycco Seal – silicone sealant, and Stycco Bond PU – a rapid set polyurethane adhesive. Each of the updated ‘Tube’ range products are available in easily recognisable pack designs! Why not come to Harrogate and visit Stand B1 in Hall B at the Flooring Show… meet with the F. Ball team and have any flooring related question answered… expertly! You can also see the F. Ball products in action at the Demo Zone 1 in Hall B, being demonstrated by some of the flooring industry’s top installation experts. New Stycco Flex is so good, with its high initial grab and rapid strength gain, it will generally mean that no mechanical fixings are required to suitably sound substrates. So when working on a typical stair nosing installation, using Stycco Flex means you will complete the job much faster without compromising the quality and reliability of the finished job. Stycco Flex even delivers outstanding results when affixing metal stair nosings to metal substrates! Simply visit to access their Stycco Flex Product Data information or watch the video and see for yourself. If you’ve already embraced F Ball’s Professional range of flooring products, then you’ll appreciate the working advantage to be gained from using New Stycco Flex every day. Because when F. Ball launch a new product you just know… even before you’ve tried it, that it’s going to be good… very good! Yet another incentive to ‘Use the Tube’ and give Stycco Flex a try…




The founders of the property platform Haashim Rifai and Kamran Chaudhry hope to win early adopters by deploying a hard-hitting marketing campaign that starts early in the New Year when the property market traditionally picks up. However, early online traffic and listings in progress have demonstrated that there is an appetite for do-it-yourself selling. Haashim Rifai and Kamran Chaudhry (both 25) have spent the last year developing the EMOH platform and hope to educate the public on the merits of searching and selling on their online one stop shop. EMOH is not another online estate agent. It differentiates itself from the rest because it’s a marketplace similar to eBay, ASOS or Depop. EMOH places control in the hands of home owners who, the founders believe, are the best people to sell their properties and it cuts out the need for an estate agent, thus saving vendors thousands of pounds.

Rifai explains, “We have seen enormous activity on the site since we launched three weeks ago. By the spring we feel confident that we will have created a really active property marketplace followed by the achievement of sales.” The platform is simple to use, enabling home owners to upload their properties in ten easy steps, manage viewings and negotiate directly with the purchaser through to completion.


Pioneers of the DIY home selling revolution EMOH are determined to establish their new online property market place as the first choice for home sellers who want to go it alone.

With estate agents fees ranging from 1%-2.5% around the country, savings are not insignificant, especially in London where the average house price is around £500,000, meaning that a home owner would be charged fees of between £5,000 and £12,500 + VAT at 20% to move. EMOH guides home owners through the sales process providing tips and advice on how best to market their property as well as offering an affordable range of optional services including professional house photography (£99), valuations (£19.95), and an EPC, photos and floor plans for just £249– the maximum outlay. Haashim Rifai says, “The traditional method of selling houses through high street based estate agents is archaic. Since most people start their search online before getting in touch with an estate agent, it makes sense for the homeowner to sell his property himself.”

Kamran Chaudhry says, “The industry has been slow to change and although online estate agents have emerged in recent years, they have merely copied the existing business model and taken it online charging fixed fees of £400 £800 to sell a property. In my opinion, online agents also unnecessarily insert themselves between the home seller and home buyer and their arrival does not count as industry disruption.” Haashim Rifai concludes, “With the arrival of the Internet, people booking a holiday now go directly to the provider, and as a result, travel agents have largely disappeared from our high streets. I think the same will happen to estate agents in the near future. “When commissions are so high, would you rather sell your property yourself and spend the money on a holiday or a car, or give it to an estate agent? I know what I’d rather do!” Visit

With the rising refinement in the Self-Build and Refurbishment arena, the Brookhurst range of roof tiles by Sahtas offer unparalleled level of craftsmanship, quality and individuality. In today’s ‘One size fits all’ marketplace, our commitment to being independent enables us to offer a genuine and authentic handmade product at affordable prices. Our success is based on shunning mass production and remaining faithful to the time honoured methods of making a truly distinctive tile. We still use the traditional Hoffman kilns, in place of the contemporary gas ovens favoured by other manufacturers, which contribute towards producing the mature seasoned appearance of our tiles. This is merely one reason why our competitors can only aspire to replicate our tiles. The Brookhurst tile is available in a wide range of colourways – each tile having it’s own individual shade, with a variation in size and camber. This uniqueness is synonymous with handmade products and secures its continued position as a preferred choice, not only with Self-builders and Developers, but Local Authority Building Control, Conservation & Heritage bodies too. It’s this exceptional standard of traditional craftsmanship, which will unquestionably differentiate your home as a premium product, ensuring it’s admiration from onlookers and visitors alike. We are so confident of their performance and satisfied you will be happy with them for many years, our tiles actually carry a ‘no quibble’ 30 year guarantee. Should you decide the only products for you are Brookhurst, we can supply in quantities to suit from a small house, right up to a large mansion and everything in between. Why not visit our website for a more comprehensive and detailed overview: Sahtas UK Ltd, Galleon Wharf, Old Wolverton Road, Wolverton, Milton Keynes, MK12 5NL 01908 311411 - 05603 446470


Interior Design w

Latest Trends & St We’re always looking at new trends and themes, this month we’ve looked at internal door handles – we’ve seen some popular designs continue to show interest while some standard more average handle ranges have also become more ‘chic’! For me, choosing a door handle is the crowning moment of the door fitting process. Why shouldn’t it be as it’s normally the last thing fitters do before they finish fitting out usually one of many projects?! It’s also important as the handle lets us interact with our doors, helping us to open, close and in some cases lock our doors. Fitting handles is just the beginning of a long relationship we are about to have with our doors, so it is vitally important that those looking for a door set choose a good handle - the right one, not only regards to its looks, but also how it feels in our hand. Many door sets come with satin stainless steel ironmongery as standard. This includes the door hinges, locks and latches but many do not include the handles, so always worth remembering when thinking about cost and purchasing details, including ordering lead times. The handles come as an extra, with many choosing the handle in the same finish to match the door set ironmongery.

I Tesori Sata

Karcher Levers

Other finishes are usually available with polished stainless steel also being a popular finish at the current time – people like its metallic effect of classy modern mixed with contemporary. Satin stainless steel gives the whole door set that up to date, simplistic feel which is a trend that is not only prominent here in the UK but across the whole of Europe at the moment.

Morphos light handle on back plate


Morphos light handle on back plate

with Door Handles


Written by Tony Cope

Polished stainless steel, on the other hand, has a more traditional look and feel about it and is as equally popular as its satin stainless steel counterpart (the only thing is that it can be a little more expensive – which is worth remembering when taking into the cost of multiple door sets with all the handles to go with them!).

Karcher Karcher produces some very popular handles used on door sets, giving buyers the option of having handles on rose back-plates and matching turns and escutcheons. These are also competitively priced to buy from retail outlets, with prices averaging from around £40-£60. They also produce handles in the polished finish, which can be a little more expensive or a dual finish which is also popular, combining satin stainless steel and polished finishes on the one handle.

I Tesori Growing ever more popular I seem to find are the handles produced by I Tesori. These are Italian manufactured handles for properties wanting a more exclusive look. The styles and finishes of these handles vary greatly, whether one is looking for an ultra modern feel or the more classical and traditional look, the range is enormous and there are styles to suit all tastes. I am finding the two most popular I Tesori handles at the moment are the Morphos Lever on back-plate with a polished finish and the Sata Lever on Rose. Both of these handles I have been supplying in a number of our projects across the South of England, so it’s a popular range at the moment and very much a modern trend! The Morphos lever’s back-plate helps the handle stand out, especially on the larger doors – giving that prominent, grand look which emphasises the individuality of the handle. It also gives you the option of having the lever and locks combined together

Karcher Handle

I Tesori Manitla Plaza

on one plate instead of separately, when you have a lever on rose. The Sata handle on rose has sleek look giving the doors a modern twist whilst staying fairly natural. Hence the range is popular in rented developments or where less extravagant is preferred. Whatever handles seem to be popular, it is the diverse array of styles and finishes that seem to be constantly popping up, showing that there’s more appetite than ever to choose the perfect handle. Tony Cope is the Director of Solid Wood Doors (SWD). For further information please visit or call 01932 851081.

I Tesori Manitla Plaza


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Home Designer & Architect - Annual Review 2015  
Home Designer & Architect - Annual Review 2015