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004 Industry News Fitness & Beauty Professional

Get up, stand up, PHE-backed study tells office workers

Office workers should be on their feet for a minimum of two hours daily during working hours ‒ and ideally four ‒ to counter the impact of sedentary behaviour, according to a study co-commissioned by Public Health England (PHE).

The findings ‒ published in the British Journal of Sports Medicine ‒ evaluate and distill the available evidence to offer guidance on curbing the health risks of too much sitting. It was drawn up by a panel of international experts, having been co-commissioned by PHE and Active Working CIC ‒ the company behind the Get Britain Standing campaign. The authors point out that in the UK, sedentary behaviour now accounts for 60 per cent of people s waking hours, with office workers spending 65 to 75 per cent of their day sitting. The guidance advises breaking up prolonged periods of sitting with the use of sit-stand desks, standingbased work, and regular walkabouts. Sedentary behaviour is frequently dubbed the new smoking and the guidance aims to turn the tide on office workers idleness. Research has shown that every hour spent sitting cancels out 30 minutes of exercise, with sedentary behaviour also linked to heart disease, type 2 diabetes, cancers and poor mental health.

A five-minute walk every hour has been found to prevent arterial damage in the legs caused by prolonged periods of sitting, so advocates are urging employers to encourage regular activity and warn their staff about the potential dangers of too much time spent sitting down either at work or at home. There also calls for further research into whether facilities such as toilets should be moved further away from staff, some emails could be replaced by hand-delivered messages and whether workers could have alarms on their computers or activity trackers prompting them to move. The authors acknowledge that much of the evidence they draw on for their recommendations is based on observational and retrospective studies, making it difficult to prove direct cause and effect. Nevertheless, they write: While longer term intervention studies are required, the level of consistent evidence accumulated to date, and the public health context of rising chronic diseases, suggest initial guidelines are justified.

Sport England sets sights on tackling inactivity with £5.4m investment Schemes centred on overcoming physical inactivity across the country are to benefit from a £5.4m tranche of National Lottery funding from Sport England.

Sixteen projects nationwide have been awarded between £91,500 and £500,000 to help transform lives through the power of exercise. Among those to receive funding are the University of Hertfordshire s Inactive Adults programme, the Tottenham Hotspur Foundation s Weight Management service and Community Sports Trust CIC s scheme for inactive older adults with type 2 diabetes.

Overall, tens of thousands of people ‒ including over-65s, those with type 2 diabetes and people with drug and alcohol problems ‒ will get the chance to be more active as a result of the funding. Inactivity costs the economy £7.4bn a year, according to Public Health England figures, while evidence shows that if adults are physically active, it helps to prevent or manage more than 20 chronic health conditions, including heart disease, cancer and dementia. To coincide with the funding announcement, recentlyappointed sports minister Tracey Crouch visited the Active Norfolk county sports partnership in Norwich to see how its new project, Mobile Me, will benefit from the investment. The scheme, which is designed to make it easier for inactive older people living in sheltered housing or residential care homes to start being more physically active, follows an earlier project called Fun and Fit, aimed at younger adults. What s great about these projects is the fact that they are giving people opportunities to get moving in ways that suit them, said Crouch. It s so important people are active at every stage of their life, not just in terms of fitness, but it s also key to maintaining a healthy body and mind, as well as ensuring good quality of life.

XERCISE4LESS OPENS FIRST GYM IN THE CAPITAL Xercise4Less, the award-winning budget gym operator, has announced it is set to bring affordable fitness to London with the opening of its first gym in the capital. The new £1million state-of-the-art club, which will be based in Hounslow, is scheduled to open its doors in August and will offer memberships starting at just £14.99. Members who sign up before the official opening will be able to take advantage of the pre-sale membership offer of £9.99 per month which starts on 20th June, making it the best value for money gym in London. The local economy will also be given a boost as the new gym, which will span 30,000 feet and boast 400 pieces of equipment, will create 40 new jobs. Jon Wright, Xercise4Less chief executive officer, said: We re excited to be opening our first gym in London and to bring

affordable fitness to the capital. We ve ambitious expansion plans and we re set to open even more Xercise4Less gyms across London over the next year to meet the increasing demand for quality gyms at purse-friendly prices. The South-west London gym will feature a number of trademark fitness zones including cardio, free weights, combat and a ladies only area, plus a large fitness studio that will feature over 40 free classes per week. Regarded as the people s gym , Xercise4Less now boasts 28 clubs across the UK with 210,000 members and is set to launch up to 30 more clubs by the end of the year. The chain operates across the UK in regions including the North East, Yorkshire, North West and the Midlands. For more information or to register for pre-sale offers visit www.xercise4less., like on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Kate Excell, who runs fitness gym Boost in Dover, scoops third place at Miss Galaxy Universe 2015

Kate Excell is in super shape for the beach this summer ‒ and now has an award to prove it. The 30-year-old, who helps run fitness gym Boost in Whitfield won third place in the Beach Body category of this year s Miss Galaxy Universe 2015.

Miss Excell, who lives in Mill Road, Sturry, was among 40 girls aged between 18 to 32 who competed in the two-day event in Crawley. Kate Excell won third place at this year s Miss Galaxy Universe. Picture: Lowell Mason The former Sir Roger Manwood s student said: I didn t expect a place, I entered Miss Galaxy just for the process I didn t think about winning. So when they called my name out I was chuffed, I was really overwhelmed. This was her first competition, but she hopes to take part in more. But it s not just how good

Fitness & Beauty Professional Industry News 005

a shape you are in because the first day is a pretty tough fitness challenge which includes timed 800, 200 and 100 metre sprints, pulling a car and completing a 30kg sandbag shuttle and press-up challenge, she said. The second day included a bikini and glamorous evening wear round. She currently works for the Kent County Show but is planning a full time move to Boost later this year. Ms Excell channels her fitness interest into helping others at her classes in Napchester Road. For more information visit

HSE busts myth of need for repeat gym inductions

The bane of many experienced gym users and personal trainers alike, gym inductions are not necessarily required if a health club is taken over by a new provider, the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) has confirmed. There has long been confusion over the health and safety requirements ‒ particularly when it comes to sites taken over by new operators ‒ regarding inductions, causing gyms to err on the side of caution for fear of potential litigation. This has been compounded by recent media scrutiny of gym safety procedures in the wake of incidents like the death of tech executive Dave Goldberg.

Responding to a question on the HSE website over whether new inductions are necessary for all members when a gym is taken over, the Executive s Myth Busters Challenge Panel said this was an excessive measure.

While it is useful for new users, insisting that existing customers pay for induction training on equipment they are already familiar with is excessive, was the HSE s response. This appears to be about a fear of being sued rather than a decision based on real health and safety risks. The company should be honest about the reasons for insisting on the training rather than using health and safety regulations as an excuse. The clarification was welcomed by ukactive, which said gym operators frequently relay their frustrations of the time and money wasted on inducting members who are clearly already comfortable using the gym equipment. If we took all the time and money spent on inducting gym users on equipment they can already use safely and applied this to motivational support and guidance we would be able to make a lasting impact on the health of gym users by helping them reach their goals, said ukactive executive director Steven Ward. For people that have never been in a gym or used certain pieces of equipment, common sense will tell you that it is in their own and the gym s interests for them to have a full induction to ensure their safety. However, for those that have been inducted at a gym previously, or have a good knowledge of how to use the equipment, this myth busting guidance would suggest that it is unnecessary to be required to go through another full induction upon joining a new gym. HSE s position was also was supported by senior industry figures such as John Oxley ‒ the operations director of Places for People Leisure (PfPL). He said the clarification would enable PfPL fitness instructors to more appropriately engage with its customers and train focus on their long-term adherence to physical activity.

006 Industry News Fitness & Beauty Professional

Rise in UK gym members as Consumers seek out a fitness bargain! The UK fitness industry s leading annual survey names budget gym chains as a key factor in the rise of gym memberships

With the number of gym users reaching 7.6 million; an all-time high in the UK, consumers are waking up to a new way to work out on a budget. The 2012 State of the UK Fitness Industry Report reveals that whilst the economic climate continues to force the public to keep close eye on their spending, consumers are taking it upon themselves to seek out the most cost effective option to keep fit. Budget gyms have seen remarkable growth in the past 18 months, and The Gym Group, with 24 sites nationwide prides itself on being the most flexible and user-friendly gym offering around. Remarkably, 40% of the membership of The Gym sites have never been a gym member previously, with the most commonly named barriers to joining the gym being cost, long term contracts and flexibility. The Gym Group aims to provide a service that is affordable and fits around a hectic lifestyle.

The Gym Group offers a the most upto-date resistance and cardiovascular gym equipment, and 24 hour access, along with fully qualified and friendly staff to help members achieve the most from each and every visit. Gym memberships start at just £15.99 a month, with an initial registration fee of £20, and absolutely no nasty contract. John Treharne, CEO of The Gym Group said; We are delighted that we can offer a service that ticks every box for our members, and encourages more people to get active. Whilst we are the Top Budget Gym Chain in the UK, we work to ensure that our facilities are maintained to the highest standard, and that our member experience is the key to retaining members. We hope that our friendly staff, top range equipment, cleanliness and safety, along with incredibly affordable prices persuade consumers that The Gym Group is the No.1 choice for Budget Gyms. For more information The Gym Group, please

on visit

XERCISE4LESS INVESTS £1M IN NEW BUDGET GYM FOR BRADFORD Award-winning budget gym operator, Xercise4Less, is set to expand its portfolio, across its home county of West Yorkshire, with the opening of a new £1million state-of-the-art club in the heart of Bradford. Scheduled to open in August, the new site will be the sixth Xercise4Less gym to open in the Yorkshire region in just over two years, bringing the Group s total investment across the county to £6million. The city centre gym, which will span 29,850 sqft, will also give the local economy a boost by creating 40 new jobs for the people of Bradford. Jon Wright, Xercise4Less chief executive officer, said: West Yorkshire is the home of Xercise4Less, which makes our opening in Bradford even more special. The demand for affordable fitness across the county continues to increase which provides us with great opportunities to extend our fitness offering to Bradford and beyond. Our Leeds, Doncaster, Wakefield, Castleford and Rotherham

clubs have all done extremely well and I have no doubt that Bradford will be just as successful. The Preston Street club will boast a number of trademark fitness zones including cardio, free weights, combat and a ladies only area, plus a large fitness studio that will feature over 40 free classes per week. Those wanting to join can take advantage of the pre-sale membership offer of £9.99 per month which starts on Saturday 30th May. Regarded as the people s gym , Xercise4Less now boasts 28 clubs across the UK with 210,000 members and is set to launch up to 30 more clubs by the end of the year. The chain operates across the UK in regions including the North East, Yorkshire, North West and the Midlands. For more information or to register for pre-sale offers visit www.xercise4less., like on Facebook or follow on Twitter.

Brits twice as likely to workout than go to the pub

The country may be facing a physical inactivity crisis, but there is at least some cause for cheer(s) for the health and fitness sector: Brits are almost twice as likely to exercise than go the pub. A Breast Cancer Care survey of 2,005 UK adults showed that two-thirds (65 per cent) are now exercising on a weekly basis, compared to just a third (34 per cent) who head to the pub. The research also found that men have a greater than average appetite for both pastimes, with 67 per cent of males working out at least once a week and 44 per cent making it down to the pub. According to the study, fast walking was the most popular form of exercise ‒ being enjoyed by 38 per cent of respondents, followed in second and third place by swimming and cycling. While 65 per cent of Brits say they are exercising at least once a week, the nation is still falling well short of Public Health England guidelines to carry out 150 minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity each week. Despite this, research has shown that even short bursts of vigorous exercise can have an exponential impact on our health compared to doing nothing. Our results clearly show that we are a nation who prefers exercise rather than going to the pub, said Claire Pulford, head of events at Breast Cancer Care. Regular exercise can help reduce your risk of developing breast cancer, so it s fantastic news that 65 per cent of Brits are exercising on a weekly basis.



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Jodie Marsh Q&A

008 Protein & Supplement Fitness & Beauty Professional

1 Jodie, it is fantastic that you have formed both the glamour model industry & female bodybuilding industry into one. You have single handily made female bodybuilding sexy. What was your motivation for the transition from glamour model to bodybuilder? Thank you so much!! It was actually BECAUSE of modelling that I got into bodybuilding. As I got older I started to notice my body spreading and sagging. I knew I d have to work at keeping my body in good shape in order to carry on modelling (and the modelling was paying the bills so I needed to do it) so I joined a cheap gym. The harder I trained, the more I loved it and it s no coincidence that I also felt happier from the INSIDE. There were loads of bodybuilders in my gym and they kept encouraging me to compete as they too had seen my body change. The final catalyst was watching my good friend Anita Albrecht compete. When I saw her in a teeny tiny red bikini on stage sporting a six pack, I said I need to do this - I thought she looked so sexy and powerful. I ve just recently taken Anita on as a sponsored athlete for JST JODIE and she s just won her Pro card in bodybuilding. I feel like we ve both come full circle and that together her and I are going to change the world; one six pack at a time :-)

2 What is your inspiration whilst training, to give you that extra push we all need? I m one of those people who believes if you re going to do something you should do it properly. I don t see the point in doing something half-heartedly. It s a waste of my own time to only half do something. This logic applies to everything I do and the gym is no exception. If I m going to train I want to make it worth my while and therefore I ll train until I feel I ve done enough. I want to have the best body I can possibly have 5 What is in your kit bag? and I know that training and eating right will get me that. It s A JST JODIE protein shaker with a scoop of chocolate peanut butter a science. I stick to it and I achieve the end result that I desire. JWHEY in it for after my work out, a tub of SEMTEX for before my Anyone can achieve the same with the same mind set. It s ALL work out, weight lifting gloves, a bottle of water, about 25 lipsticks in your mind!!! and lip glosses, my iPod and headphones and a spare vest.

3 Do you have a set playlist or a specific type 6 On a cheat day, what do you treat yourself to? of music whilst training? I m not too fussy about what type of music I listen to but it has to be FAST!! Sometimes it s 50 s Rock n roll, other times it s 90 s house music. It has to be upbeat and happy - also I sometimes get obsessed with one or two songs and play them on repeat over and over for an hour while I m on the treadmill. When I competed for the first time I played The Bottle by Paul Weller over and over again. It fired me up. Currently I m listening to JD McPherson in the gym.

4 What is your favourite muscle group to train? And why? I love training chest and triceps. I smash my triceps so badly that most people can t keep up with me on a work out and chest I love because I really feel an instant burn and I love that feeling. The harder I train, the better I feel! I m not strong for a girl ; I m just STRONG!!! :-)

It s more a question of what DON T I treat myself to!! Haha. I m vegetarian so I basically just stuff myself silly with carbs: pizza, bread, garlic bread, chips, cakes etc. you name every bad food and I probably eat it!! I really love food and I feel it s important not to deny yourself treats. If you eat a massive piece of cake, you shouldn t feel guilty! I know I can just go for a long power walk or do an hour on the bike and burn it off. I m a big believer in women having their cake AND eating it! It upsets me when I see women stressing over food or too scared to eat. I would never promote being skinny, nor would I endorse being over weight. Ideally I d want everyone to be fit, strong and healthy. If you re morbidly obese yet feel happy in your own skin then great but the perfect body shape to me is a healthy one!! My aim is to make ALL women feel confident in their own skin but by way of knowing that they re taking care of themselves, they re going to live longer, they have no food guilt and they re in control. I don t advocate getting a beach body - I advocate getting a body that you re happy with. If your dream body involves a six pack then go for it. And let me tell you a little secret; it s not that hard to get one... Continues on page 12...

My secret to fitness 010 Protein & Supplements Fitness & Beauty Professional

Sophie Baldry, 24, is training for the Great North Run. Here she reveals some nutrition secrets, which will be helping her to cross the finish line.

I completed the 13.1 mile run in two hours 29 minutes last year, but this year I m aiming for under two hours. Nutrition will play a big part in making sure I am in the best possible condition in time for the run, and also during my training. I ve just moved to London and have a busy lifestyle working in the city. My working hours can be long and so it can be difficult to have the energy to run after work. My secret to more energy is a supplement called Bio-Quinone Active Q10. Coenzyme Q10 is needed by all of our cells to produce energy. Since taking the supplement my energy levels have improved. Now I am running most nights and well on my way to achieving my personal best in the summer. I m also relying on B vitamins and magnesium supplements as both have an important role in energy production.

Supplements to get you past the finish line Bio-Quinone Active Q10

Coenzyme Q10 is a vitamin-like substance which is responsible for 95 per cent of the body s energy output. It controls how much energy our cells are able to make. Although some Q10 is obtained through our diet, most is manufactured within the body. From the age of 25, the body s ability to manufacture the substance decreases. Intense physical exercise can also deplete Q10 levels. It is possible to refuel your cells with a Q10 supplement. Q10 can improve your endurance and also help with muscle repair and functioning. A starter pack (20 capsules) of the original Q10 formula from Pharma Nord is available at just £4.65 (RRP £14.65) for a limited time only. Visit or call 0800 591 756

B Vitamins B Vitamins are usually most effective when taken in combination as a vitamin B complex. Bio-Multi Vitamin and Mineral from Pharma Nord contains 18 essential vitamins and minerals, including vitamins B1, B2, B6 and B12. The multivitamin also contains vitamin E, which is an antioxidant protecting our cells from free radical damage, and zinc and magnesium for energy. 60 tablets £8.95.

Magnesium Despite magnesium s pivotal role in energy production, many coaches and athletes remain unaware of its vital importance in maintaining health and performance. If magnesium levels are depleted, energy production is inhibited, and the eventual outcome is fatigue and weakness. Magnesium also helps to regulate potassium levels and the function of the adrenal gland, which are both important for maintaining adequate energy levels. This mineral is also vital for normal muscle functioning. Factors such as stress, intense physical exercise, high intake of alcohol and caffeine and an unhealthy diet can all have an effect on magnesium levels. Try Bio-Magnesium, which includes three different forms of magnesium for best results. 60 tablets £6.45.

For free nutritional advice call Pharma Nord on 0800 591 756 or visit

012 Protein & Supplement Fitness & Beauty Professional

Jodie Marsh Q&A ...continued from page 8.

7 With female bodybuilding growing at a rapid rate in the UK, what advice would give any young lady wishing to take up the sport? It s a GREAT sport. Without competitions, we probably wouldn t have the drive to get that ripped!! That s how it works for me anyway. If I know I m stepping on stage in a bikini in a few weeks then I ll work harder to look my best. Without that goal I might cheat a bit and be slack with my diet. Do beware though, that like anything in life, bodybuilding is political. The judges and federations have their favourites or their poster girls who they want to see win. I ve seen judges being bribed on the day and all manner of other horrors backstage. That s why I went off to compete in the USA, because I didn t like the politics of the UK. My advice would be; do it, go ahead and compete because it ll be the best thing you ll ever do but don t be disappointed if you don t place where you want to. It s a small tight-knit community which is tough to break into. Treat the competition as a way to get in the best shape of your life. And compete against no one, just aim to be the best YOU can be!!

8 You must be very proud of JstJodie as it is it becoming a well-known & talked about brand in most gyms up & down the UK. (We here at Fitness & Beauty are certainly big fans of it) What made you decide to form your own supplement 10 What is your day to day supplement company? plan, using you own products? Yes I am very proud and thank you so much!! After I first competed I got offered sponsorship/endorsement from most of the big well known protein & supplement companies. Some of them offered me big money too but you know what? I couldn t do it; I couldn t take the money and stand there saying this protein is amazing when I didn t believe it was. I didn t like the taste and some of them were really poor quality or didn t have in them what they said they did (one company has been sued repeatedly for this very thing). I wasn t a nutrition expert back then but I knew enough to know that I definitely wouldn t have used the products myself and therefore I could never have told anyone else to use them. Honesty and integrity means more to me than money and I would never lie to my fans or endorse a product I didn t believe in. It became clear to me that there was a gap in the market for a extremely high quality product but that also tasted GREAT and so JST JODIE was born. Now I can honestly say hand on heart that I think my products are the highest quality on the market and also the best tasting!! I went on to use my own products to compete in America and I won so these really are the products of a champion and I have proven beyond doubt that they work!! No one else in bodybuilding actually used their own products to BECOME the champion, they simply brought out a range of products AFTER they became champ. That s the thing I m most proud of I think!!

9 I m PT with a mesomorph body type, I do a lot of core work using TRX, Hoops etc etc. What would a good day to day supplement plan, using your fantastic JSTjodie products be for me? Breakfast: Mid Morning: Lunch: Pre-Workout: Post-Workout: Mid Afternoon: Dinner: Bed Time:


I have a JBREK for breakfast, which is a protein porridge. Apple and cinnamon is my current favourite flavour. I might chop up a banana into it too. Mid morning I ll have a JDIET shake which is a high protein shake that also contains fat burners. Lunch would be a JMEAL - which is a full meal replacement with protein and vitamins and minerals. I m addicted to the blueberry muffin flavour at the moment! I might also have some berry fruits with this. Just before a work out I ll take 2 SEMTEX tablets for fat burning and energy and then after a work out I ll have a JWHEY shake which is essential for repairing muscle! It has 4 different types of protein in it and is what I use to get RIPPED!! Mid afternoon I ll have a JSOUP - which is my protein soup. I have this as snack, it s much better for you than biscuits or cake!! Haha Dinner will be a normal healthy meal like brown rice, broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, courgettes and either quorn fillets or an omelette. Every day I also take (usually with lunch) JFLEX (joint care), JGOLD (multivitamin), HEBEX (flawless skin & hair and nails) & TONEX (CLA - fat burner) and then just before bed I take NEPTOX (detox) and SLEEPEX (ZMA). My friends laugh at me for how any tablets I take but I have the last laugh when I sleep like a baby, I wake up feeling fresh, my skin is flawless, I never get ill, my immune system is great and my hair and nails grow faster than anyone else s! :-)

014 Protein & Supplement Fitness & Beauty Professional


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016 Body Power Fitness & Beauty Professional



Thousands of international visitors filled the NEC over the weekend at BodyPower Expo 2015 This year, a staggering number of visitors from across the globe made their way to BodyPower Expo in what has fast become a yearly pilgrimage to pay homage to their fitness idols, with the likes of Hulk Hogan, Steve Cook, Phil Heath, Lorraine Pascale, Brian Shaw, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler all topping the bill. Almost 80,000 people attended the event held at Birmingham NEC, which has continued to grow into one of the world s biggest highlights of the year for the fitness industry. The continued diversification of the event is strikingly evident in the visitor numbers, with new visitors being attracted year on year. With a live cooking kitchen, fitness model competition, kickboxing, Parkour, bodybuilding and strongman on offer amongst 600,000 square feet of occupied floor space, organisers are clearly pushing the boundaries on how much of the fitness spectrum can be showcased under one roof. Nick Orton, Founder and CEO of BodyPower said, There was such a buzz around the venue this year at BodyPower Expo, an amazing electric atmosphere. Our very excited VIP ticket holders were queueing before 8am in anticipation to get into the event! This is the biggest fitness convention on the industry calendar, we have a following of thousands who attend every year. But we also welcomed new visitors to The NEC across the weekend, and we hope they ll be back for another action-packed expo next time around. Since the inaugural BodyPower Expo in 2009 more than a quarter of a million people have experienced the unique, inspirational atmosphere that the event seems to generate, providing the public with a colossal spectacle of everything positive about fitness. In addition to the interactive theatres which held talks and Q&A sessions with athletes, BodyPower Expo also welcomed over 350 exhibitors to the event ‒ many of which brought along their sponsored athletes. From fitness apparel brands to nutritional supplements suppliers, much of the floorspace was covered with businesses offering free samples, running demos and running competitions for visitors to get involved in. As one of the best opportunities for brands to interact with the health and fitness community face to face, many exhibitors have already re-booked their Photo credits: Matthew Szwedowski booth for next year.

Over the weekend hundreds of professional athletes descended on BodyPower Expo including Flex Lewis, Steve Cook, Zoe Smith, Calum Van Moger, Shaun Stafford, Dana Linn Bailey, Kai Green and many, many more. Calum Best was meeting and greeting fans all weekend at his Best Life booth, and Lorraine Pascale fronted the Healthy Eating Kitchen, showing visitors the secret to healthy recipe success. Perhaps the most exciting day of the event was Saturday, when Hulk Hogan appeared in the Super Theatre and spent time in the VIP signing booth meeting fans who had queued for hours. 2015 has so far been yet another year of unimaginable development for BodyPower Ltd., a company at the fulcrum of international health, fitness and wellness. As well as the acquisition of Leisure Industry Week; the announcement of a BodyPower Expo in Ireland and the second instalment of BodyPower India, the domestic offering at Birmingham s NEC continues to set the standard as one of the world s premier fitness events. Marketing Director, Ollie Upton added, The event is just growing year after year ‒ after all the fitness industry is one of the fastest growing markets in the world. BodyPower Expo is the place to be for anyone interested in fitness, nutrition and sport. We can t wait to be back in 2016 with an even better line-up! For more information visit:

Fitness & Beauty Professional Section Name 017

Photo credits: Dean Perry

018 Fitness & Beauty Professional


Calling on volunteers, sponsors, suppliers, musicians, media partners, photographers, filmmakers and anyone else who think they may have something to contribute towards the festival. The Wheels and Fins Festival , is a three-day action packed music, extreme sport (Surf, Skate, SUP, Soapbox, Parkour) and family beach festival aimed at the local and wider community. The Festival is located on Joss Bay in Broadstairs, Kent and offers one of the finest sandy beaches within an easy commute from all over the South East. Over the summer the beach plays hosts to thousands of surfers and visitors soaking up the sun and the mellow vibes. We are now looking for volunteers, sponsors, suppliers, bands, media partners, photographers, filmmakers and anyone else who think they may have something to contribute towards the festival. Dates for this year s festival are 11th, 12th & 13th September. The Wheels and Fins Festival is a FREE event. Dave Melmoth Wheels and Fins Event Director say s: It has been incredible how the festival has been supported over the past few years. We ve had some fantastic crowds and showcased some really talented athletes and musicians. This year we hope to make it our best event yet and very much looking forward to the soapbox race under the lighthouse already

About the Wheel and Fins Festival Now in its 3rd year the Wheels and Fins team hope to continue providing a high quality event unlike any other in the South East. With our main aim to showcase Thanet as a fun, active and surprisingly amazing location to visit. To learn more visit: (currently being updated) or call us at 07812 991195 Facebook:

Wheel and Fins Festival





The Wheels and Fins Festival is currently supported by the Joss Bay Surf School and Shepherd Neame

Q&A with Shalini Bhalla

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Director and Founder of Just Jhoom!® Why did you decide to create Just Jhoom!?

I was aware that there were a lot of people out there teaching Bollywood dancing with no qualifications and I wanted to offer something that was accredited, authentic and to a very high standard. I also knew that Just Jhoom! would offer a great network to instructors who wanted to really learn excellent Bollywood and Bhangra inspired movement and teach people of all ages and abilities. Also, I had suffered from depression in my early 20s ‒ and it was this style of dance-fitness that really helped me through the worst times ‒ so I could see how powerful that was ‒ and so I wanted to share that with as many people as I could!

have a good ear for music and can move to the beat then we can show you how to teach Just Jhoom! Is Just Jhoom! accessible to a range of fitness levels and dance abilities? That is the beauty of Just Jhoom! In one class you can have a 17 year old Jhooming side-by-side with a 70 year old. They work at their own pace, to their own abilities. We show the Instructor how to tailor the class accordingly ‒ giving appropriate Adaptations, Modifications and Progressions.

Why is Just Jhoom! different to other dance-fitness styles out in the market? We are unique for so many reasons. Firstly we only accept qualified dance or fitness professionals onto our Just Jhoom! Instructor Training Courses. Secondly, Why become a Just Jhoom! Instructor? we literally exercise from our eyes to the What are the benefits? tips of our toes! Our unique selling point There are so many reasons why joining is the use of hand gestures that have an Just Jhoom! now is a good idea. We are aesthetic as well as functional purpose. a young, expanding company, which means you can really progress with us and Thirdly, from one course and one syllabus you can teach three different formats of as an Instructor the benefits include: classes ‒ enabling you to tailor the style to suit your class needs. Last, but definitely • Grow your dance and fitness not least, we care about each and every career ‒ offering more variety to one of our instructors. It is very much a your clients tight-knit family ‒ where we all know • Earn money ‒ more classes to and support each other. The ethos of the your repertoire means, more company is that people come first ‒ from people and more income. our instructors, staff and the Jhoomers • Become a much sought after Just who attend the classes. Jhoom! Instructor ‒ demand for classes are growing. You have just launched a new Online • Open doors to teaching different Training Course - tell us more about it? age groups ‒ ones that other We really think this is the way forward to dance-fitness programmes don t. train new instructors. Time and money • Become part of a network of are precious commodities in this day and enthusiastic, knowledgeable and age. By enrolling on the online instructor passionate teachers. training course you can study in your own • Get new, vibrant Bollywood time, at your own pace and in the comfort choreography ‒ authentic, true of your own home. No expensive travel Bollywood style informed by my and accommodation costs! vast training in Indian classical, folk and popular styles. There are 8 online-modules with • Learn a tried, tested, proven method of teaching a dance style a mixture of theory and practical with clear, colourful and informative that nourishes both mind and handouts, comprehensive video-clips body - you can t go wrong! to demonstrate the steps and routines and personalised SKYPE tutorials and Should instructors be put off training Q&A sessions. It really is a great way of as a Just Jhoom! Instructor if they don t learning. have a dance background? No. We have Instructors who come from all dance and fitness backgrounds. If you

For more information about Just Jhoom!® visit Facebook Twitter @JustJhoom Shalini Bhalla is the Founder and Director of Just Jhoom! She is a qualified Fitness Instructor, has an MA in South Asian Dance and is an accredited Mindfulness Teacher.

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SOSA Dance Fitness® the New Sensational Dance Fitness Workout Exclusively for Women

Elevate your professional profile with the hottest instructor training programme from SOSA Dance Fitness® created by professional dancer and choreographer, Katy Barrow. If you love to strut your stuff on the dancefloor then this is the ideal group exercise class for you! SOSA Dance Fitness® truly merges the dance and fitness worlds, bringing a fusion of steps from Latin American, Salsa and foot thumping Afro-Carribean moves through to elegant ballroom numbers…a fantastic way to keep fit and gain a skill for life. The classes are high energy and fast paced, ensuring you get a head to toe workout to shape and tone your whole body, increase your cardiovascular fitness, improve your posture, boost your confidence and work wonders for your happiness and wellbeing!

Each routine is specifically choreographed to be low impact on joints providing a safe and effective workout suitable for all shapes, sizes, ages and abilities, so everyone can get involved regardless of their fitness level.

Become an Instructor Fitpros can get involved with this exciting new trend by training to become a SOSA Dance Fitness instructor earning 12 REPs CPD points to add to your CV. The training days are all held at reputable dance studios and are limited to a maximum of 10 participants, ensuring that you receive a truly personal training experience. They offer a fantastic training and licence package with NO MONTHLY LICENCE FEE and no hidden costs. All instructors gain full access to SOSA® Training Academy with new choreography releases every month to keep your classes fresh and exciting.

SOSA Dance Fitness® Instructors must already have an ETM Level 2 or dance teaching qualification to apply, and financial support is available with EMD Academy Open Bursary Scheme, where ETM Level 2 Instructors can gain up to £100 towards the total cost of the training course. If you want to be the FIRST instructor in your area to teach this new and exciting dance fitness programme, you can find out more information at

Come and Meet Us SOSA Dance Fitness® will be at Fit Pro Live at London ExCel, where Katy will personally be on hand to meet you and answer any questions you may have. Come and join in with the free taster classes on the Live Zone Demo Stage on Thursday 9th July at 2.45pm and Friday 10th July at 10.30am to try out the moves for yourself, and visit the team on stand 46.

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BalletBeFit helps members plie their way to a better body BalletBeFit is a dance inspired body-toning class that combines core-strengthening moves with intense cardio exercise that will keep members coming back for more. Created by classically trained dancer, Rachel Withers, this 60mins class is guaranteed to help members define, strengthen and streamline muscles to build a stronger, leaner, fitter body. It’s even been designed to cater for different age groups. Start Young is for children aged 5-13, Stay Young is for adults and Feel Young is for older adults.


Originally launching in 2014 and with qualified BalletBeFit instructors across the UK, Rachel felt that it was time to concentrate

Not often seen on class timetables, BalletBeFit offers something

on gyms, leisure centers and fitness facilities to get this class add-

new and exciting to members who are looking for a workout that

ed to their timetable.

combines everything they’re looking for in one class.

“As a discipline, ballet has to be one of the hardest to conquer but

Minimal equipment is needed so set up and break down times are kept short and sweet to ensure

offers some of the best physical and mental benefits,” said ographer at BalletBeFit. “Ballet is often something that we try as a child but fail to fall


in love with, which is why I wanted to create a class that

Rachel, creator and lead chore-

would appeal to everyone of all ages, shapes and sizes. BalletBeFit provides just the right amount of poise, elegance and grace you’d expect from ballet but with a hit of cardio blasts to provide an effective full body workout.”

For further information visit: Or email:

your studio timetable flows from one class to the next with limited disruption to other in structors. Instructor training courses run throughout the UK, with the

next three taking place on the 17th April in Halifax, Yorkshire, 25th April in London and 17th May back in Halifax.

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Become a Hatton ABC Qualified Instructor

Hatton Academy is the number one boxing training provider in the UK. We are the only training course to be officially accredited by REP s and The British Boxing Board of Control.

What is Hatton ABC?

Become an Instructor

Hatton ABC is a boxing for fitness class designed to assist weight loss, muscle tone, increased fitness and all the fun of training like a boxer but without the physical contact. Hatton ABC teaches you the fundamentals of boxing in a great fun workout. This is real boxing combined with real fitness for anyone of any age and any level of fitness

To become an instructor you must qualify through the Hatton Academy. The courses go from level 1 - 3 covering everything from the basics right up to advanced level teaching.

A Hatton ABC session is no physical contact just a great all over body workout using focus pads. A mixture of 3 minute rounds consisting of boxing combinations, fantastic Abs, lower body routines and mind blowing cardio drills to help you reach your goals. Hatton ABC session can be found as a group session or PT so find an instructor near you today.

The Foundation course is designed to suit all levels of experience and ability. The course will give you the understanding and knowledge to structure safe and effective ‘Hatton ABC’ training sessions for your clients. The Advanced course has been designed to take personal trainers and group exercise instructors to another level of boxing for fitness. You will learn new combinations, routines and advanced techniques for your boxing sessions. The Elite trainer course is our the most advanced boxing course. Learn how to use modern techniques and advanced combination building like a professional boxing coach. This course is designed to give your sessions the wow factor. To find out how you can start your journey today and become a fully qualified Hatton Academy Instructor please visit the Hatton Academy website:





Halifax, London, 17th April 25th April 17th May

Perfect class to add to your portfolio !








01422 820124

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Five Steps to Set Up a Successful

It was Socrates, the Greek philosopher, who said "Employ your time in improving yourself by other men's writings, so that you shall gain easily what others have laboured hard for." I can tell you for a fact that I have laboured incredibly hard to get to where I am today. Thankfully though from this hard labour I can pass on what I've learnt from all of my experiences of being a business owner in the fitness industry to you in 5 simple steps so that you can get it right from the start!

1) Decide on your target market.

Having a target market is the foundation on which you build your business. If you don t know who you are trying to help then you will end up helping no one. Right now you might be thinking that you appeal to everyone and that you don t want to alienate any potential clients but let me ask you, if you had a problem with your vision would you go to a GP or an optician? Your target market have a common problem that you solve with your service. That common problem distinguishes them from the market at large enabling you to target your marketing to a certain type of person instead of having to market to everyone and having to spend lots of money shot-gunning advertising everywhere!

2) Create the best possible solution for that target market with a business name that touches on what your target market want. Once you have decided on who you are going to help, you have to come up with the best possible solution for their problem. Think about all of the aspects that are going to help your target market solve their problem. In my target market, women between 30-50 years old with a couple of stones to lose, I split their problem into 4 parts using my LENS system. That stands for Lifestyle, Exercise, Nutrition and Smash It Out, or motivation. We have a multitude of systems in place to help them overcome the problems they face in all of these aspects to get them as healthy as possible.

To find your target market, profile your current client base and see who the majority is then they you have it. If you are new to the industry or want to create something new ask yourself who do you want to help? Once you ve defined your target market then you need to start to understand them better. I recommend doing a market research exercise like creating what they re typical day looks like. This exercise gives you an insight into what what your customers feel on a daily basis and you can create marketing messages that speak to their daily lives.

As you are creating your target market s solution you will want to come up with a name for your business. I see and hear a lot of fitness business names and to be honest the majority of them don t mean anything to who they serve. Your business name has to be something the target market desires. So if your target market is to do with weight loss for the general public please don t have anything to do with a primal or paleo lifestyle within the name. People don t want to live like a caveman, even though it would benefit most people to do so, they want to lose their unwanted pounds of

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l Fitness Business From the Start body fat. All in all, market to what the customer wants and then give them what they need!

3) Have a no or low obligation marketing hook to get people through the door.

After you ve created the service that will change your target markets lives for the better, you have to get lots of those types of people through the door. Health and fitness is very personal and emotional for people so people need to try before they buy from you. Take Apple for instance, with their stores they have 100 s of their products out for people to try for free so they can have the Apple experience before they buy.

4) Make a sales system driven towards preventing objections and a plan to overcome objections that arise. Objections arise in any sales process but the best sales systems are designed to prevent those objections from coming up by dealing with them during the sales process. For example in my business we offer potential customers a free trial week to experience our service before the buy. It s a simple try before you buy process but it s important it s done right.

you can even have promotional videos to show potential customers. Once they see people like themselves have achieved success through your systems it s pretty much a no brainer for the customer. Unfortunately you will always have objections arise from time to time despite a slick sales system and the most common objection is money. The best response to this I ve found is I understand it seems expensive, but how much do you think you ve invested in being unhealthy? And for a small amount of that number you can get your health back with us.

5) Keep the client experience enjoyable, educational and entertaining to retain people for a long time!

The way to retain customers isn t by locking them into a 12 month contract, it s about creating an amazing experience that people will chase you up to pay for. The experience needs to be enjoyable, effective and educational. When an experience is enjoyable then customers will want to come back above all else. Secondly it has to be effective, that means that your system has a proven track record of lasting results. Finally, you need During your low obligation offer it s to educate your customers to improve their knowledge important that they speak or see other on how to live a healthy life. When you put all of these customers success stories through in place it s a sure fire way to have your customers either talking to other members or consistently and persistently stay with you and enrich with a success stories book you can their lives. show them. If you wanted to be flash

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Your SMS Campaign Our mobile phones are never far from our heads, or even our hearts, making this marketing channel a very personal one. For this reason it s essential to treat anyone who opts-in to your SMS list as a very loyal customer indeed. Whether you are building your database of phone numbers from scratch or growing your opt-in list, a great marketing campaign is the common denominator for success. An SMS campaign shouldn t stand alone, incorporate it into your overall marketing strategy to ensure goals are met and messages are consistent. To get the most out of your SMS marketing activity, we ve put together some top tips on how to build a good marketing campaign. Determine your goals Before you do anything else, decide what you want your campaign to achieve. Build your opt-in list? Increase your average order value? Direct eyeballs to your webpage? Tell them about a must-attend event happening on Friday? Once your goal is agreed, make sure your campaign is integrated with other marketing activity happening at the same time. Do your research Find out what makes your potential target audience(s) tick. What are their likes and dislikes? Clear call to action Make your call to action simple and clear. A valuable incentive Plan your offer well to ensure you have something tempting to dangle in front of customers by way of incentive. It has to be something that will tempt them to part with their phone number or take up your offer. Personalise We all like to feel special. If a marketing piece is at least topped and tailed with your name and is of relevance, the response rate is instantly improved.

Attention to detail pays off so make sure your database is well maintained and you spell names correctly! Timing of texts Due to the immediate nature of SMS marketing, timing is everything. If you want to draw attention to a special promotion happening at your shop on Thursday evening, sending out your SMS message on Monday morning will have little effect and a hundred new texts will have eclipsed it by the time your event is actually happening. Frequency of messaging The first rule is don t bombard people. The opt-in option is a delicate balance and people will very quickly opt right out again if they feel their phone or privacy is being invaded. But once you have your audience engaged, do keep gently reminding them you are there, by offering regular targeted, personalised, good-value offers. Play by the rules Don t forget that permission is required to send out SMS marketing messages. Text recipients must have knowingly opted in to receive your communications. Your messages must also comply with ICO legislation. Identify yourself as the sender in each message. Include a STOP option for every SMS you send. Measurement Measuring effectiveness is an essential element of an SMS campaign, as it is for any marketing or promotion you carry out. There is no one-size-fits all approach, what you measure depends on what your initial aims were. Monitoring your list growth rate each week (or as appropriate) is a basic indicator . GlobalMessaging have a great team on hand to help you start with SMS Marketing Get in touch on Tel: 01733 370439 Email: email@globalmessaging Twitter: @globalmessagin SMS Global to 88882

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WWW.YOURZONESTUDIO.CO.UK Your Zone, the motivating group personal fitness concept that will be sweeping the nation in 2015

I set up Your Zone because I was unhappy with the service that regular gyms were providing. Your Zone is the fat busting 55 minute group personal fitness workout designed to motivate, to be enjoyable and provide members with the results they want. - Founder- Chris Elms

Become a Your Zone Franchisee

t Low Start Up Costs compared to other gym franchises t The Concept •

The Brand

Our Customer Base


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Quarter of skin cells may have made first step towards cancer

More than a quarter of middle-aged people s skin cells may have already mutated into cancerous tissue, according to a new study published in the journal Science. Researchers from the Sanger Institute near Cambridge, UK, analysed samples from a group of 55 to 73year olds and found more than 100 DNA mutations linked to cancer in every 1sq cm (0.16sq in) of skin. Samples were taken from excess skin removed from the eyelids of patients. The researchers then drilled down into the skin s DNA. The most surprising thing is just the scale, Dr Peter Campbell, head of cancer genetics at Sanger, told the BBC. That a quarter to a third of cells had these cancerous mutations is way higher than we d expect, but these cells are functioning normally. It would take multiple mutations, however, to culminate in a tumour and no one is sure exactly how many. It drives home the message that these mutations accumulate throughout life and the best prevention is a lifetime of attention to the damage from sun exposure, added Campbell. Stating that prevention is the first line of defence, sunscreen lotions and protective clothing were highlighted by Campbell as the best protection. Recently, a consumer watchdog found certain well-known suncare brands did not meet sun protection safety requirements, highlighting the need for rigorous testing to ensure standards.

Music to match yoga poses to launch in Equinox classes

Derek Beres ‒ a yoga practitioner, DJ and music producer ‒ has created a class called Flow Play for fitness company Equinox. The class showcases choreographed playlists that have been designed to incorporate scientific research and understanding about how music and movement influence brain chemistry. Launching on 1 October at Equinox locations in New York, Los Angeles, Chicago and Dallas, the class was developed following Beres experience of yoga teachers unknowingly mismatching songs to poses. I had been in classes before where you re in a flow and they re playing classical Indian music, Beres told That kind of music has been shown to lower levels of cortisol in the blood, relaxing you. So, if you re in the middle of a physically challenging flow, it s sending confusing messages to the brain. Beres collaborated with musician-producer Philip Steir to create a 30-page manual that outlines the relevant science and how to apply it ‒ providing access to an accompanying resource archive of research, videos and books. The goal is to empower teachers with some of that research and knowledge so that they can make the best possible use of the music in class, said Beres. Mainstream music should be avoided because if people recognise it, they will be taken to places in their lives rather than there in the moment, according to Beres ‒ who prefers bass and percussion in his yoga playlists.

House of Elemis unveiled in central London British skincare brand Elemis has transformed its central London day spa into The House of Elemis ‒ a new flagship beauty house combining wellness with retail.

The menu has been designed to make sure every treatment is action-packed in the most relaxing way. It s all about flow, said Gabriel.

Launched yesterday (28 May) the opulent Mayfair townhouse was conceptualised by Elemis co-founder Oriele Frank in partnership with designers Virgile and Partners.

The treatments really the idea that you re giving your time. And we will always give back.

The design brief for The House of Elemis was to reflect the brand pillars ‒ the very best that science and nature can offer ‒ leading to natural materials being blended with textural lighting, artisanal glass, ceramic work and innovative design. With a view to increasing business threefold, The House of Elemis incorporates a ground floor retail/sensory experience, plus a healthy food and juice offering; a Speed Spa section for men and women; an area dedicated to Biotec facials; and one of the most luxurious penthouse treatment suites in the city. Treatment beds for the spa were supplied by Gharieni ‒ there are two quartz beds and two MO1 tables. Elemis co-founder and creator of Elemis therapies Noella Gabriel has personally crafted every new spa treatment on the emporium s menu.

The House of Elemis will serve as a potential concept for distributors to rollout in their own territories, with hopes of further flagships in prominent global locations. I am so excited to present the inaugural House of Elemis in the heart of Mayfair, the home of this incredible British brand, said Sean Harrington, president of Elemis. My vision is to see this global stand-alone concept rolled out in every major city around the world. A wonderful couture beauty space where you can learn, touch and experience the power of Elemis. Elemis, which celebrates its 25th anniversary in 2015, is a subsidiary of Steiner Leisure. It supplies products to four- and five-star resort spas around the world. Its products are also distributed in more than 120 department stores globally and via home TV shopping channels and e-commerce.

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Increase hydration in 15 minutes with Bee Good asks customers to vote for new lip balm flavour LloydsPharmacy s SKINeffect range Rehydrated skin in 15 minutes is the promise from LloydsPharmacy s new SKINeffect facial moisturiser range.

Bee Good has announced the three finalists in its hunt for a new lip balm flavour.

Consisting of nine products, the SKINeffect range uses the company s patented HydraMatrix formula, which combines hyaluronic acid, a molecular film to support the body s natural peeling process and atomised seawater.

The winning beauty blogger will have his or her flavour lip balm added to the Bee Good range in time for Christmas.

This three-in-one complex works cleverly with the skin s natural processes, and with its accessible price point, it s a great everyday range for people looking for a hydrating formula, said LloydsPharmacy s skin health expert, Joanne Carey. According to the company, one in six women in the UK describe their skin as dry with 52 per cent of consumers already using a facial moisturiser targeting dry skin. LloydsPharmacy in-store skin care advisors are offering a free skin analysis to evaluate the levels of hydration, elasticity and oiliness. The SKINeffect range is also available online at

Where does shea butter come from?

Shea butter is a must-have ingredient in moisturisers, but where does it come from?

Bettina Hunt s rose and honey was described by the judges as Deliciously fruity notes of British wild raspberry, combined with sweet hints of decadent white chocolate . While Joseph Harwood s raspberry and white chocolate was characterized as Combining the soothing aromas of an English rose garden with a swirl of British wild flower honey and Aarti Jonas lime blossom and honey as A fresh, zesty interpretation of beefriendly lime blossom, with delicate floral & sweet British wild flower honey notes The finalists were chosen by a panel of six judges for Bee Good and Waitrose, with the winner decided by visitors to Bee Good s website. Voting is open now on the Bee Good website and the winner will be announce Monday 29 June.

African women have been collecting and processing shea nuts for hundreds of years. Shea nuts are known as women s gold, because of their economic potential to local communities. According to the Global Shea Alliance more than 16 million women across Africa collect and sell shea nuts ‒ helping to support themselves and their families. Shea nuts are found on shea trees, which grow in the wild. They can be found in abundance across the semi-arid Sahel region known as the shea belt stretching from Senegal in West Africa to Uganda in East Africa. Shea nuts can be made more profitable by making them into shea butter. In Northern Ghana shea butter is used as a natural anti-inflammatory and to heal babies belly buttons. Voluntary Service Overseas (VSO) is highlighting the work of volunteers such as Steph Green, who gave up her management job in the UK to help women market and sell their natural shea butter cosmetics in Africa, and to help the women who pick the nuts receive a fair price. The organisation is concerned that women who collect shea nuts don t reap the financial benefits.

Skincare goes wearable

The first wearable that advises women on how to protect their skin from the sun, is now available at SpaceNK. June by Netatmo tracks UV rays received by the user s skin in real-time and sends personalised sun protection recommendations to allow effective skin protection from sun damage, a major cause of skin ageing. By allowing women to better understand their environment, how it affects their skin and how to act to enhance their beauty routine, June by Netatmo represents the future of beauty said Catherine Jolivet, head of strategic development for the brand. The bracelet communicates via Bluetooth to an app informing the wearer that they need to reapply sun lotion.

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Susie Ellis: Workplace wellness will be huge

Having gained steady momentum in recent years, workplace wellness is a trend that is about to explode, according to the president and CEO of the Global Wellness Summit, Susie Ellis. Writing in her latest blog post, Ellis said experience has taught her that it s important to champion an emerging trend at the earliest stage, so that those who want to benefit from seeing a trend before it gains huge momentum can come along for the ride. The global wellness industry ‒ now worth US$3.4tn (€2.6tn, £2.1tn) according to research by the Global Wellness Institute (GWI) ‒ has experienced strong growth in recent years and Ellis sees workplace wellness as a major opportunity to continue this success.

Susie Ellis, president and CEO of the Global Wellness Summit

Noting that we are just at the tip of the iceberg, Ellis predicted the scale of the trend will be huge. Ellis said her convictions had been strengthened by a range of encouraging developments. She cited early findings from research that will be presented at the 2015 Global Wellness Summit (GWS) in Mexico City this November, as well as conversations with a host of leading business and wellness institutions. As such, workplace wellness will be a standout subject on this year s Summit agenda, which carries the theme Building a Well World. Workplace wellness (or corporate wellness) has been on the Global Wellness Institute s radar for a while now and was the topic of a panel discussion at the organisation s 2012 Summit on how spas can play a leading role. Ellis recently outlined the challenges faced in making workplace wellness schemes the norm in an exclusive Thought Leader column for Spa Opportunities. Highlighting the hurdles to Building a well world , she wrote: We all have so many problems to solve ‒ from trying to create and support lifestyle change and more self-responsibility for hundreds of millions more people, to how we can envision truly healthier workplaces that think far beyond employee wellness programs that cost millions, but engage few. No one is going to build a well world alone ‒ not doctors, not governments and not the wellness industry. Everyone has to coordinate to find better solutions together.

Forum Hotel & Spa:

Integrative health resort with Native American ties to open in August

Alberto Apostoli of the eponymous international architecture company revealed the secret of how to create a profitable spa to attendees of the Forum Hotel & Spa in Paris today (28 May).

identified by Apostoli are as follows: first, the feasibility study, the concept, the preliminary design, the definitive design, the detailed design and site supervision.

A renovated integrative wellness resort called Sunrise Springs is set to open in August among 70 acres (28 hectares) of cottonwoods, spring-fed ponds and Native American heritage in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Apostoli punctuated his speech with examples of strictly-supervised spa projects that have reached a level of 'perfection', including The Four Seasons Moscow spa and a private residential 6,000sq m (64,583sq ft) spa project in Astana.

The resort blends eastern and western therapeutic practices with Native American teachings. At the centre of the property, therefore, is a medicine wheel that is used as a blueprint to assist guests in understanding and addressing special life circumstances .

How to create a profitable spa

The secret, he says, is integrated design. Integrated design is defined by Apostoli as controlling the whole process of spa design from beginning to end ‒ with all the players, including engineers, investors, architects and interior designers working together to create perfection. "It is also not possible to split the separate stages of the project if you want perfection," said Apostoli. In terms of the stages of a spa project, Apostoli is referring to the six pre-planning processes a development must go through before ground is broken. The stages

At the project in Astana, Apostoli noted that the feasibility stage took up 10 per cent of the time during the integrated design process. The same percentage of time was spent on the concept stage and the preliminary design phase. 20 per cent of time was spent on the definitive design and 25 per cent was used to complete both the detailed design and the site supervision phases.

The property houses 20 casitas with gas fireplaces and 32 guestrooms, a swimming pool, multiple art spaces, two dining rooms, a culinary classroom, a greenhouse, fitness studio and a 5,500sq ft (511sq m) Integrative Therapeutic Spa (ITSPA). The ITSPA offers a wellness evaluation, nutritional assessment, acupuncture, chiropractic care, psychotherapy, stress evaluation, spiritual counselling and a wide range of spa services. The spa will be run by medical doctors, nurses, psychiatrists, psychologists, mental health professionals, integrative care

specialists and massage therapists. There will be nine treatment rooms at the property, a 1,000sq ft (93sq m) private outdoor hydrotherapy area and a boutique filled with skincare products, books, journals and other wellness-oriented items. Programming at the resort is based on four guiding principles: Nature Bathing , Digital Detox , Learning Through Experience and Food as Medicine . Nature Bathing is designed to get guests in green spaces to improve their health by reducing stress. Digital Detox means guests are encouraged to unplug and actively engage in real life connection. Learning Through Experience is designed to help clients feel psychologically well via meditation, yoga, fitness, Native American teachings, expressive arts, cooking, therapeutic gardening, excursions and animal interactions. The resort will offer guests a chance to bond with dogs, chickens and perhaps even horses.

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The uber-cool Central Saint Martins, Granary Square, London, is set to play host to the much-anticipated 2015 Davines Hair on Stage. Held on 13 September 2015, the space will see more than 250 hairdressers, industry names and members of the trade press gather for a night of creativity at its finest from the sustainable, eco-friendly haircare brand and its affiliated guest artists. During the night, guests will be treated to show-stopping hair shows from some of the best in the business, including three-times British Hairdresser of the Year and Davines Artistic Director, Angelo Seminara. Renowned for his boundary-pushing creativity and innovation, Angelo will be presenting a stunning interpretation of Davines new collection, sharing his passion and creativity to encourage and inspire. Says Angelo: This UK gathering of hairdressers and creative minds gives us the chance to entertain and inspire, while sharing new trends and creative executions. The globally renowned Allilon Education team will also be presenting at the event. Taking inspiration from their latest collection ‒ a fusion of dramatic colour and dynamic shapes ‒ the team will showcase stunning cut and colour on their models, bringing their collection to life. Says Johnny Othona, Director, Allilon Education: Hair on Stage educates and informs, and we can t wait to showcase our inspirations to hairdressers at the event. The stage will also be given to the World Style Contest UK Finalists ‒ a global, annual event that offers hairdressers the ability to express their creativity and talent through photography and on-stage performance. The UK Finalists will battle it out in a bid to win their own show at Hair on Stage 2016. The night, and venue, will also play host to Allilon s The Craft. The event ‒ a gathering of like-minded crafts people from the worlds of art and hairdressing ‒ will see a stellar line up of names from a range of artistic genres to inspire and delight. Said Mike Beauchamp, Davines Country Manager, UK & Ireland: We are thrilled to be hosting the 2015 Davines UK Hair on Stage event again in London this September. With Angelo Seminara, Allilon Education, Blue Tit, the Davines World Style Contest and unique The Crafts event, we can look forward to an inspirationally creative community event to remember. To book tickets at this year s event please email Tickets are £99.00 + VAT.

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ith Harley Wax you can expect more than just a wax. You can expect a nourishing skin treatment that will remove hairs as short as 1mm. Expect quicker delivery times, better customer service and a more superior wax - So why not raise your expectations with Harley Wax? When it comes to unwanted hair removal Harley Wax comes highly recommended. Unlike other depilatory routines, Harley Wax almost has no sticky residue, it leaves skin soft with no irritation, removes hair from the root to reduce chances of ingrown hairs and leaves skin hair free for much longer. Harley wax was originally established in the UK, the driving force behind this company was to create a high quality professional waxing system that could also be sold at a reasonable price with excellent customer service.

Today Harley Wax is used by many high end Salons and Spas and currently available in over 19 countries across the globe. Harley Wax is always looking to expand its distribution territory, should you be interested in distributing our products please contact our head office. There is a range of excellent products to choose from, perfected over the years to suit different waxing needs. Harley Hot Waxes are designed for small intimate areas and are available in five blends; Aloe, Rose, Chocolate, Lavender and the Summer Fruits Wax which is our best seller. Strip waxes are for larger areas and are available in three flavours; Gold, Rose and the Summer Fruits. Harley has also developed a cartridge system that offers the same great results of strip waxes just in smaller quantities and they also come in the same strip wax flavors.

The Harley Film Wax is a hybrid wax that provides all the comforts and easy application of a traditional hot wax coupled with the thin spread-ability of a strip wax. This modern, new generation wax is fantastic for all intimate waxing from facial waxing to Brazilians making it a must have for professional Salon and Spas. For best results, use our before and after care oils to soften and condition the skin during and after each waxing treatment. For more information contact us on: 0845 6121944 Intl +44 1984623209

New Year. New start. New Career


2015 Enrolment for NVQ Level 2 & 3 in Beauty Therapy and VTCT Level 4 in Laser and IPL


24+Advanced Learning Loans and Under 19 year old funding available


20% off all short courses (excludes Gelish & LashFX)


New Holistic & Beauty courses available Gift vouchers now available

0203 384 8427 167 High Road, Loughton, IG10 4LF

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Spray Tanning Tips

We've put together some of the most common questions that we are asked about spray tanning and our answers. So here are your top tips for spray tans. Will I go orange or streaky?

How should I prepare?

Spray tanning products are now far better and with professional training in the application of these products these problems have been virtually eliminated. We only use Sienna X professional products and equipment that are trusted by celebs and used on TV shows, such as Strictly Come Dancing, Gladiators and How to Look Good Naked. As trained professionals our team make sure they match the correct solution to your skin tone, thus eliminating the risk of looking 'fake' or 'orange'. Sienna x provides a very natural colour, which will be the envy of all of your friends.

See our preparation guide for full details. in a nutshell: A full body exfoliation and shave/was the day before. Do not apply deodorants or perfumes as these can prevent the absorption of the tanning solution. Do not use moisturisers on the day of your tan as they can act as a barrier to the solution. Do apply nail polish to your nails as the tanning procedure may discolour your nails.

How long does it last? Your tan will last about 5 to 7 days and will fade naturally as the outer layer of your skin naturally sheds dead skin cells. To make the most of your tan follow the preparation guidelines to ensure your skin is a receptive as it can be. After your treatment we recommend you minimise the time you spend in chlorinated water such as swimming pools as chlorine will make your tan fade more quickly. We can supply you with Sienna X after care products that will help you keep your tan for longer. A 'top up tan' is available for £15 after 3-5 days of your last spray tan - to keep that 'sun kissed' look alive.

How long does it take? The actual spray tan misting process only take 10-15 minutes. It takes about 10 minutes to setup the spray tan booth and spray equipment and about the same to pack up. Your whole appointment should take around half an hour. How does it work? The Sienna X products work on the outer layer of your skin. The products contain DHA (Dihydroxyacetone) which reacts with the amino acids in your skin and the oxygen in the air causing your skin to turn brown. Different skin types react in different degrees to the solution, so we have a range of strengths that we can use to achieve different depths of tan. The tanning reaction takes about 6 to 8 hours to develop.

Who should not have a spray tan?

Is it safe?

If you have breathing difficulties or you have a reaction to self tanning products you should not have a spray tan. If you have any doubts then please call me before your appointment. Masks are available for anyone with mild breathing problems/pregnant ladies/etc.

Spray Tanning is much safer than risking prolonged over exposure to harmful UVA and UVB rays. The main component of the Sienna X product is DHA. This has been listed with the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) since 1973, and has been used in cosmetic preparations for almost 30 years. DHA is not absorbed through the skin into the body and it has no known toxicity. What should I wear? Your should wear whatever you feel comfortable in, most women go topless and wear a dark thong (We have disposable thongs available) However it is entirely up to you, many ladies feel more comfortable wearing a bikini. We recommend any clothing worn during the misting process should be dark, although the tanning solution will wash out it is more likely to stain lighter clothing.

What happens if the tanning spray gets in my eyes? Tanning spray has been used in literally millions of treatments with no adverse reactions being reported. What happens if I inhale the tanning spray? The active ingredient in the spray tan, DHA, is non-hazardous and should cause no adverse reaction in moderate quantities. DHA is even used as a diet supplement in sports nutrition and is noncarcinogenic. Testing indicates that DHA is actually less toxic than aspirin or caffeine. Will spray tan protect me from getting a sunburn? No. Your spray tan does not give any additional protection from the sun. You should take the usual precautions when going out into the sun after a spray tan. How dark will I get? How dark you skin goes will depend on your skin type and the strength of the solution we use during the treatment. We will advise you on this during your consultation. Also you skin will react more readily with repeat treatments, so top up tans on a regular basis will help you go darker more naturally. What should I wear after my treatment? You should wear loose dark clothing, avoid anything tight as it may produce a rub mark. Avoid wearing socks or tight shoes and if possible wear flip-flops for the developing period.

Fitness & Beauty Professional 013

Skinny Tan took the Dragons Den by storm in 2013 with their self-tanning creams. Now in 2015 Skinny Tan launch their salon professional spray solution. The same amazing combo of tanning and toning ingredients in one solution with the same delicious smell and the very best natural colours! Let your tanning clients discover the Skinny Tan difference... they will be back for more! Salons who register with us in June can benefit from our June trial offer. First, register your business at Then, add two of our miniskinny 250ml bronzing spray bottles to your cart. Enter the code 2FOR25 in the promo box at the checkout and get both for just £25 (Usual price £33.98) plus FREE POSTAGE! Skinny Tan solution is suitable to use in your HVLP spray machine as you would any other solution. However, we have teamed up with Australian brand TAN_EASY and we can supply their excellent light weight air brush gun with a 0.5 needle not widely available in the UK. Call Cathy on 07786246502 to find out more about this or any of our Skinny Tan products.

Salon profits set to soar with NEW Tanning launch!

AS SEEN ON DRAGONS DEN. Skinny Tan, the natural tanner with cellulite actives, is now available as a professional treatment.

If you witnessed Skinny Tan take the BBC s Dragons Den by storm you already have a taste of just how successful this new beauty treatment could be within your business. All five Dragons battled to invest resulting in a record nine funding offers. These shrewd millionaires knew that this natural tan and tone breakthrough product would have women rushing to stores to sample it. Skinny Tan fever is in full swing. It is now the time for Skinny Tan to release their new professional spray tan, allowing salons and tanning artist to share the wonder that is Skinny Tan with lots of new clients. For the first time ever - a tan made from natural seeds that provides a more natural colour, that doesn't dry or flake, and with no awful smell. Skinny Tan also uniquely contains high potency Guarana, the caffeine firming extra that helps instantly smooth skin and dissimulate cellulite.

Founders Louise and Kate with Lucy Watson (Made in Chelsea)

"It s the fact that we can offer the clients a 2-in-1 treatment that saw my bookings increase when I started offering Skinny Tan" commented Liverpool salon owner Joanne Dwyer (Intuition Spa) "But it is the colour, and the fact it isn t drying their skin, that keeps them coming back". Skinny Tan is backed by Celebrity Interior Designer Kelly Hoppen which creates marketing hype and column inches. The brand has already attracted celebrities such as Lucy Watson, Casey Batchelor, Sam Bailey, Leah Wright, Charlie King and many more. This summer Caroline Flack will host Love Island where all contestant will be Skinny Tan-ed. This will create great brand recognition and predictions that Skinny Tan will be the feel-good hit of the summer with all leading Salons.

Skinny Tan: BEFORE

If you want to ride the wave of Skinny Tan fever you can register your salon or mobile business and find out more at Skinny Tan: AFTER

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Tanning Guidelines

It is important to prevent UV over exposure and to protect the health of your skin whilst tanning. The tanning guidelines below will ensure you achieve the optimum colour results as well as ensuring you do not overexpose yourself when tanning: •

• •

• •

Ensure that you moisturise your skin with a gel or cream that has been specifically developed for indoor tanning. It's important to use moisturiser before and after a session, as moisturisers reduce the drying effects of UV exposure when tanning. Allow at least 24 hrs to pass before tanning again, whether it be indoors or outdoors. Industry and medical standards advise waiting 48 hours, which is the time it takes for skin to create melanin and to tan. When tanning naked, ensure that you protect sensitive areas of the body that normally are not exposed to UV light. Skin on the underarms, backs of legs, buttocks and genitalia can suffer severe sunburn from the same light intensity that only tans the rest of your body. You can expose the sensitive areas gradually by covering them halfway through tanning sessions for the first three or four times you tan naked. It is a good idea to protect your lips with a lip balm that blocks UV light; lips cannot produce melanin, so they are at risk from overexposure during a tanning session. If you are sunburned, soothe your skin with a moisturiser, and don't try to tan again until the redness completely subsides.

The most important thing to remember when using a sunbed is that there are limitations on how long your session should last. For a novice user or someone who is very fair skinned, freckled, burns easily and who doesn t naturally tan much in the sun the sessions should be kept very short. This is that a person s ability to tan is effected by the levels of melanin in their skin. A person with more melanin will find it easier to tan and will also be less at risk of the risks of using sunbeds, such as skin cancer, although it is still essential for them to use protective measures. Do not be tempted to exceed the recommended times or frequent the tanning salon too often in the mistaken belief that more time on the sunbed will automatically lead to a deeper tan. Not only can this be detrimental to your long term health, you are harming your skins ability to tan. Overexposure to UV can actually cause depletion of melanin levels and make it more difficult to tan in future sessions. As a rule, someone with low melanin levels in their skin should limit their session to a maximum of 5 minutes. People with an olive complexion can extend this time, but it is best not to stay on the sunbed beyond 15 minutes to minimise long term damage to your complexion and your health. The frequency of the sessions should be limited to 3 times a week or less, and once you have achieved the depth of tan you desire cut down your visits so that you are only visiting the tanning salon often enough to maintain the tan. The staff at the tanning salon should be able to advise you on how to tan safely and effective based on your personal skin type. Sunbed lotion is an essential part of the tanning experience. While its protection will not diminish all the risks associated with sunbeds it is safer to wear lotion than nothing at all. Sunbed lotion can minimise the length of sessions needed as they usually contain Tyrosine, which encourages the skin to produce melanin more quickly, or small amounts of the self tanning ingredient DHA, which bronzes the skin. So tan up to 60% faster with a cream such as Australian Gold or MyTan. Better skin...better tan!

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7 Secret Confessions Of A Spray Tan Business Owner! Have you ever thought of becoming a professional spray tanner but don't know where to start? Use the following as a guide to get you off to a quick start. 1.Increase Your Knowledge And Expertise In The Spray Tanning Industry. If you are just a beginner obviously you are going to need to increase your knowledge. Here are just a few questions you will need to know. What is spray tanning? How does the skin change colour? How long does the tan last? What are the Golden Rules to make sure the tan lasts as long as possible? What solution should you use? What type of machine should I purchase? What are the risks associated with tanning and what is the best technique to use. In my eBook I answer all these questions plus many more. 2.Determine What Type Of Spray Tanning Business You Want To Operate. Determine if you will operate as a mobile spray tanner, a home business or a fixed beauty salon. You can also consider operating as a home based business that offers mobile tanning. This ensures you are covering many client's needs and wants. There may be clients that don't drive or have children and can't leave the house. There are some things you need to consider for these types of businesses. 3. Understand The Correct Business Licenses And Business Registrations You Will Need. Your business will require different types of licenses and registrations to run successfully and legally. This may take time to register your business and obtain all the correct licenses. Once it is all set up you won't have to think about it ever again. Take your time and don't rush this process. You don't need a contractor or beauty license to operate a spray tanning business in most countries (please check your countries qualifications). You will need to decide on a business name and register the name with your local Department of Fair Trading. You will need to register an Business Number with the taxation office. 4. Develop A Business Plan To Start Your Road To Success. The most crucial part of any successful business is the planning stage and must not be overlooked. A business plan will be your road map to how you expect to succeed and how you will measure your success. Take time developing a business plan and write it down and refer back to it. This is not a race, it's a real business that you would like to profit from so take your time to plan your business. This is where small business go wrong. They don't take the time to develop a written business plan. The business plan is also very important if you need to borrow money from a bank, it shows the profitability of a business prior to committing to invest, it will address any issues of the business, it includes clear guidelines for the operation of the business, it shows clear direction of the business and how to maintain focus! 5. How To Develop Exceptional Customer Service Skills And Gain Credibility So You Stand Head And Shoulders Above Your Competitors. In spray tanning people are your business. Without people you wouldn't have a business. Customer service is essential to a successful business and should be taken very seriously. When customers are unhappy with your products or service, the person they speak to can make the difference between a happy customer, and an ex-customer. Word of mouth is one of the best forms of advertising as it is free. The spray tanning business relies heavily on word of mouth so developing exceptional customer service skills is paramount to your business!

6. Purchase The Right Equipment. When starting your own spray tanning business it is so important to have the good quality equipment suitable to the type of business you want to operate. It is important to purchase your equipment off a legitimate supplier who offers a warranty or guarantee. Let's investigate the different types of equipment you will need for your spray tanning business: • Spray tan machine: There are a few different types of machines. Some are large which means you cannot easily use them for a mobile business. Other machines are light weight suitable for a mobile operator or home based business. • Automatic Spray Machine: If you want to run a fixed spray tanning salon you will also need to consider whether you would offer automatic spray tanning booths for your clients. • Pop Up Tent: You will definitely need a spray tan tent even if you are tanning from home, going mobile or tanning in a fixed salon. The pop up tent will stop the overspray of solution going everywhere and there will be less solution to clean up. • Color/Solution: The solutions have come along way since the days when tanning would turn your skin orange. The solutions have advanced as there is more information and education about spray tanning. There is much more equipment to consider for example towels, spray tan remover, products to compliment tan, hair nets, g-strings, sticky feet, nose plugs, masks etc. 7. How To Advertise Your Business That Could Literally Make You Hundreds Of Profits. When starting a business, advertising and promoting is crucial to the success of your business. Advertising doesn't have to be expensive with a bit of work and creativity there are a number of ways you can advertise your business. Make sure you remember to budget for advertising and promoting in the business costs. • • • • • • •

Advertise A Grand Opening In The Local Paper With Special Offers To Good To Refuse. Create Your Own Flyers And Business Cards. (You can create free business cards at Design Your Own Business Website. Approach Local Modeling Agencies, Acting Schools And Casting Agents. Contact Your Local Photographers. Organise A Spray Tan Party. Advertise At Bridal Expos To Offer Spray Tanning Hens Parties Or Specials For The Bridal Party.

There are hundreds more ways to attract clients through advertising and most of it is FREE advertising you just have to get out there and approach other businesses and people. Find out more ways to advertise in my spray tanning eBook. You don't necessary need to go and pay thousands of dollars to learn how to spray tan at a private college. It doesn't have to cost a lot to get set up and start spray tanning. There are training manuals out there that will teach you everything you need to know and more. Learning how to spray tan has been fun, inexpensive and easy to do. I love my new all over brown glow that I can have anytime I want without having to go to the salon. I can get my tan in the privacy of my own home!

‘Best Tanning Supplier’ As voted in the 2014 Guilds Awards of Excellence

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Pennyhill Park, an Exclusive Hotel & Spa First impressions? Just 45 minutes from central London, Pennyhill Park, an Exclusive Hotel & Spa is a separate building in the grounds of the historic, ivy-clad manor house. The hotel also has a two-Michelin-starred restaurant and modern sporting facilities, all encompassed by 120 acres of Surrey parkland. The adults-only spa is modern with some beautifully luxurious touches and, as it covers 45,000 square feet, there is something for everyone. Take a dip in the eight different pools, relax in the many thermal experiences, work off lunch in the large gym, or have a massage in one of the 21 treatment rooms.

What's on offer? When you arrive at Pennyhill Park, hand your car keys over to valet parking and head straight to the spa. The Themis restaurant is on your left (probably the best spa food we've ever tasted) and a spacious and comfortable lounge on your right. A spa assistant will greet you, give you a card to access your locker, and show you around the spa facilities. The sense of space at Pennyhill is completely luxurious. The corridors are wide with marbled floors and lots of natural day light. The well equipped changing rooms have four or five different sections so you can have a little privacy while getting changed. The large showers are positively decadent with a main waterfall shower and body jets. Down a flight of stairs are the pools and thermal experiences. The 25-metre ozone-treated ballroom pool has underwater music, a Jacuzzi, many loungers, and doors which lead out to a set of hot tubs. The Greco-Roman style pool area is lined with limestone pillars and statues and marble floors, all lit by soft blue and pink lighting. There are magazines and papers aplenty and members of staff on hand to see if you need a new towel or to take your order for

drinks or snacks. If you venture outside, you'll find three hot tubs. Just remember to take your key card with you; we forgot ours and were left to the mercy of other spa-goers who kindly let us back in! Through another door is Thermal Heaven, with a host of experience rooms. The six mixed-sex rooms include a tepidarium, an ice cave, a schnapps (steam) room, laconium, plunge pool, four footbaths and experience showers. The tepidarium was by far our most popular. The heated beds are super-supportive and the perfect place to gradually fall asleep. The other thermal experiences are split into single sex areas. Each has three heated rooms and experience showers. In the ladies-only area, I loved the blue rooms: the turquoise laconium smelled just wonderful. Also in the thermal suite, steps lead to the indoor/ outdoor hot tub. Enter the water while inside the spa, and swim out to the large and beautifully warm hot tub. In the summer months, you might also want to go for a swim in the large outdoor pool, or lounge in the sun on the decked area. The treatment rooms are slightly separate from the pool and thermal area. You'll need to go back up to the changing rooms and walk to the pre-treatment waiting area, which is light and bright with plenty of seating, and infused waters and herbal tea to try.

enough to have this ultra-re ourselves.

Tell us about t treatments

I had the State of Equilibriu

My therapist, Lauren, met m lounge and took me throug We discussed my combinat have teenage skin!) and Lau different elements of the tr treatment bed and gave m comfortable. The heated be

Lauren started the treatme cleansing my face, neck and fragrant cloths before gent cleansing again. While my s massaged oils into my neck

Lauren applied a deep-clea perfectly prepped skin, and it worked its magic.

After some blissful relaxatio mask, cleansed and massag skin before gently saying th over. She gave me a few mo returning with a glass of wa recommendations.

After the treatment, Lauren room to continue my relaxa

As with so much of Pennyhill, the treatment rooms are thoughtfully furnished with gentle lighting and luxurious therapy beds.

My spa partner had a Thera minutes, £95). The healing revitalised and ready to tac

After your treatment, head upstairs to the candle-lit sensory room. There are six gel beds with cushions and duvets to keep you warm. We were lucky

Pennyhill also offers a rang scrubs and wraps and nail t created using natural brand

elaxing room entirely to


um facial (60 minutes, £95).

me in the pre-treatment gh to the treatment room. tion skin (yikes, I still uren told me about the reatment. She lowered the me a few minutes to get ed was wide and very soft.

ent by thoroughly d shoulders with warm, tly exfoliating and then skin breathed, she k, scalp and hair.

ansing mask to my d massaged my feet while

on, Lauren removed the ged moisturiser into my hat the treatment was oments to wake up before ater and a sheet of product

n took me to the sensory ation.

apeutic Massage (60 massage left him feeling ckle the swimming pool.

ge of facials, massages, treatments that have been d Elemental Herbology,

Fitness & Beauty Professional 051

and The Spa's in-house range of hand-made organic products. Some of their signature treatments sound positively blissful: the three-hour Spa Dreaming ritual includes a foot massage, scrub and wrap, massage and facial. The Spa also offers holistic therapies such as reflexology, reiki and Thai massage.

Food facts The Themis restaurant within the spa serves spa lunches, snacks, and freshly squeezed fruit juices. The delicious food is healthy and filling with salad, sandwiches and fish and meat options. The restaurant also caters for those with special diets including high-protein, low-carb options for sporty types. Although our lunch intentions were good, midafternoon we discovered that you can order snacks and pastries from the onsite bakery. We saw quite a few people lying around the pool enjoying some chocolate-chip cookies! The main hotel has two restaurants. You can choose between Michael Wignall at The Latymer, the glamorous fine-dining restaurant which has two Michelin stars, and The Brasserie which offers a less formal atmosphere, and a modern British menu and some traditional favourites.

We loved / We didn't love We loved the food. (Did I say how delicious lunch was?) We also loved the changing rooms. They epitomise the sense of luxury that this spa has carefully built. The spa journey is seamless. Some spas do individual things well, but Pennyhill Park does the whole experience well.

The spa's own brand products are made from local ingredients; they use the honey from Pennyhill bees in the spa treatments. We didn't love getting locked outside in the cold... Remember your key card if you venture to the hot tubs! Other than our own inefficiency, there wasn't anything that we didn't love. Pennyhill is firmly on our list of favourite spas.

Who do you think would like it? The Spa at Pennyhill Park is perfect for busy Londoners who want to escape for the weekend but don't have time to go far. It's only 45 minutes from central London to a world of luxury. Anyone who loves rugby... or has a partner who loves rugby. The England rugby team regularly visits Pennyhill to use the gym or indulge in the occasional ice bath. If it's good enough for them...

Why did you give the spa this rating? For the fourth time, we awarded Pennyhill Park, an Exclusive Hotel & Spa Good Spa Guide rating of 5 bubble luxury. In 2013, the spa won our Good Spa Award for Excellence and we stand by our decision. Pennyhill Park, an Exclusive Hotel & Spa is seamless and indulgent in its spa journey, and has a sense of breathing space that is not often found in UK spas.

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Brand leaders in professional beauty, Salon System, has just launched the innovative Marvelbrow Brow & Lash Tint to its extensive portfolio of Marvelbrow products. Brand leaders in professional beauty, Salon System, has just launched the innovative Marvelbrow Brow & Lash Tint to its extensive portfolio of Marvelbrow products. Offering professionals a completely unique and new way of tinting, the Marvelbrow Brow & Lash Tint is a super-fast, two step system that leaves the brows and lashes perfectly coloured for up to 6 weeks. Available in Dark Brown and Black, the tint also lasts up to five days on the skin, catering to those clients looking for the wow brow factor. Using a gentle peroxide free formulation that has been dermatologically and ophthalmologically tested for use around the eyes, the new Marvelbrow Brow & Lash Tint is based on natural plant extracts and can be used on even the most sensitive clients. The revolutionary two step system means there is no mixing; instead, the gel based tint and developer are applied one after the other for an instant result. Marvelbrow Brow & Lash Tint works by staining the hair and skin, whereas traditional oxidising tints are absorbed into the hair shaft. A simple step by step video that shows beauty professionals how to apply this unique gel based, two step tint and get the best results is available on Salon System s YouTube channel. Beauty professionals can view by clicking here It s like nothing else I ve ever experienced. No patch test is required and it s great for sensitive types as the tint is peroxide free. You simply apply the Marvelborw developer over the tint and the magic happens before your very eyes ‒ the colour also deepens for 24 hours after application. I love the skin staining option for creating a sharp brow shape. There are no more stingy eyes, just deep colour for up to 6 weeks. Ruth Atkins, Salon System Educator and Lash Expert To support the new Marvelbrow Brow & Lash Tint, the Salon System MarvelBrow Sculpt, Colour and Correct course is the perfect accompaniment and is ideal for both beginners and professionals. This hands-on one day course covers three specific procedures for a truly tailored brow treatment: diagnosis, correct brow shaping techniques and colour application. In addition, students are taught how to market and promote their brow services. SALON SYSTEM MARVELBROW BROW & LASH TINT AND DEVELOPER ARE PRICED AT £5.95+VAT EACH; 30 BROW & LASH TREATMENTS/60 BROW TREATMENTS AVAILABLE FROM WHOLESALERS NATIONWIDE FOR SALON SYSTEM S MARVELBROW, SCULPT, COLOUR AND CORRECT COURSE (£99+VAT INTRODUCTORY OFFER) CONTACT TRAINING SOLUTIONS DIRECTLY ON 0208 8454115 For further information on Salon System or to request images or samples, please contact Essence PR on 020 7739 2858 /


University, high school and college graduates looking for the next step in their career choice can enjoy a range of educational opportunities to take their skill set to the next level with the awardwinning HD Brows.

The two-day course from the UK s number one market-leading eyebrow treatment allows attendees the skills to master and perfect the unique signature HD Brows experience ‒ a premium treatment that uses a tailored approach involving techniques such as tinting, plucking, waxing, threading, trimming and make-up application to create a bespoke brow. The brand also offers a range of advanced training options for students to expand their beauty and business knowledge, including an intensive Professional Artistry Course, led by celebrity make-up artists who teach professional make-up skills, and an alternative Conversion Course for qualified Make-up Artists looking to learn the HD Brows ethos.

Students qualifying from any HD Brows course receive a start-up kit worth £395, including everything a stylist will need to know about offering HD Brows, a free refresher day, access to advanced courses, branded promotional and pointof-sale material, a free salon finder listing and access to the 80-strong Make Up by HD Brows retail range.

With this unique skill, accredited HD Brows Stylists can charge between £25-£45 for a single signature treatment, depending on location and expertise. This means that by offering just five treatments a day, Stylists can earn up to £32,500 per annum with minimal product outlay ‒ a higher figure than the average university graduate starting wage. Said Nilam Holmes-Patel, CEO and Founder of HD Brows: Every month we enjoy welcoming graduates from a wide range of educational establishments to our training academies in Yorkshire, Glasgow and Milton Keynes. We find that many graduates really relish the opportunity to train with us. Our the state-of the art academies provide the perfect learning environment and the small classes are taught by highly experienced professionals that are some of the best in the business. Courses consist of practical curriculums where attendees will gather a wealth of knowledge, and the fact that the HD Brows course is completed in two days, means that graduates can be up-andrunning HD Brows Stylists in no time.

Even if you re not a graduate or if you re already experienced in a completely different profession ‒ HD Brows is a great career choice for a multitude of people. As long as you have the drive to succeed and a creative spirit, you have the ability to do well.

All HD Brows training takes place at its state of the art academies in Yorkshire, Glasgow and Milton Keynes.

Yorkshire: Nouveau House, Barnsley Road, South Elmsall, Yorkshire Milton Keynes: Unit K Haybrook Barn, Newport Road, Broughton, Milton Keynes

Glasgow: 130-132 West Regent Street, Glasgow TWO-DAY TRAINING COURSE

A structured highly practical curriculum open to everyone offering attendees the skills required to master and perfect the unique HD Brows experience. Students will leave as a confident and accredited HD Brows Stylist. Time: Day one 9.30am ‒ 6pm; Day two 9.15am ‒ 6pm

Cost: 1st Stylist £995 + VAT (includes start-up kit worth more than £395 + VAT); 2nd Stylist £595 + VAT; 3rd Stylist £495 + VAT. Price also includes free place on Refresher Class plus a £25 pro product credit. VIRTUAL STOCKIST TRAINING

Virtual Stockist, the latest concept from HD Brows, allows industry professionals to recommend and receive commission on the full range of Make Up by HD Brows products. This course is only available to HD Brows Stylists. Cost: Start-up kits for Virtual Stockists begin at £195 + VAT and include training. THE REFRESHER CLASS

A one-day class that helps improve design skills through review, practice and in-depth guidance. To attend, Stylists must have passed the HD Brows two-day training course. Time: 9.45am ‒ 6pm

Cost: Free when booked with the HD Brows two-day training course. £95 + VAT when booked separately. Includes £25 product voucher on completion. THE PRO CLASS

A one-day class focusing on maximising business, plus advanced treatment techniques that allow attendees to become a true HD Brows Pro in every situation. To attend, Stylists must have passed the HD Brows two-day training course and Refresher Class. Time: 9.45am ‒ 6pm

Cost: £295 + VAT. Includes £25 product voucher on completion, plus Pro Stylist certificate and listing on the HD Brows Salon Finder:


A one-day intensive class focused on advanced hair removal and brow lightening techniques, along with new express treatment training. To attend, Stylists must have passed the HD Brows two-day training course, Refresher Class and Pro Class. Time: 9.45am ‒ 6pm

Cost: £495 + VAT. Includes Master Kit worth over £150, plus Master Stylist certificate and listing on Salon Finder. MAKE UP BY HD BROWS PROFESSIONAL ARTISTRY COURSE A four-day intensive make-up training course, led exclusively by celebrity make-up artists. This course, which is open to everyone, will teach and help attendees to master professional make-up techniques. Time: 9.30am ‒ 6pm (times may vary or run over depending on demonstrations) Cost: From £3,000 including full Make Up by HD Brows kit worth more than £1,500 RRP.


Educates qualified make-up artists on the HD Brows ethos, Make Up by HD Brows products and signature style. Once qualified, attendees will become part of the HD Brows team as a Professional Artist. Time: 9am ‒ 6pm

Cost: £1,250 + VAT. Includes a Make Up by HD Brows kit worth £1,500 RRP.

TRAINING: The HD Brows training academies are based in Yorkshire, Milton Keynes and Glasgow with official distributor academies in Edinburgh, and Newry, N. Ireland. To enquire about training, visit or call 0844 801 6810.

024 Fitness & Beauty Professional

Kayleigh is an advanced sports, thai and aromatherapy masseuse, well established make up artist, beautician and social buttery. From a young age Kayleigh has always been passionate about art and has combined this passion with her love for the wellness and spiritual side to beauty. Kayleigh trained as a beauty therapist in Canterbury, Kent, as well as additional masseuse training in London, Harrow and Make Up Artist academy London,Ealing. Then after developing a love for travel and art and beauty, her career has enabled her to be internationally trained, and given have great experience as a masseuse, working with top therapists in not only luxury land based spas but luxury super yachts, Cruise ships and local salons, and mobile therapy. Her main aim is to empower people and share her positive energy and passion with her clients in there treatments and advise them on skincare, colour match and relaxation methods. Kayleigh wants to give insight on everything from tanning to nail care to recommending spa days, meditation methods, and muscle tension.

Welcome to the team Kayleigh

We would like to give a very warm welcome to Kayleigh Fowler, our new Resident Beautician,Make-up & Advanced Masseuse.

In the future Kayleigh will train to teach local, young and aspiring beauticians to become the therapists of today. Miss Fowler is a massive asset to our dedicated team here at FnB Pro, with her many years experience & vast knowledge of the beauty industry. Kayleigh will be featuring monthly tips & advice on everything from make-up to massaging. Look out for the wedding season make-up tips & the brand new cold version of Lava shells, in the coming July & August issues If you have any questions for Kay or would like her to feature any beauty tips please contact one of the team. We re very happy to have you here Kayleigh

Non Surgical Liposuction

Drop a dress size lose cellulite... < $,$/ 1$8.$/6$ / < -4"-01-%-4,$/0'(.%/-+8  < ++$#( 1$/$02*10 < 2**1/ (,(,& ,#+ /)$1(,&02..-/1./-3(#$#

LipoLight has taken America by storm providing the latest in non-surgical liposuction. These revolutionary machines use scientifically proven 635nm red light therapy allowing you to offer inch loss, toning and cellulite reduction. See the results for yourselfâ&#x20AC;Ś

How it works When the body needs fuel, the brain sends signals to the adipose cells to break down stored fat to release energy, a process called lipolysis. The heat and light emitted from LipoLight simulates this release of energy. Exercise completes the process of burning the energy resulting in immediate slimming and toning â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 'in the areas you want'.

The science behind LIpoLight A chromophore is the part of a molecule responsible for its colour that absorb certain wavelengths of visible light. Red light (635nm) emitted from Lipo-Light causes the fat cell membranes to lose their round shape, changing the permeability of the cell. This alteration of the cell triggers the release of a lipase enzyme that breaks triglycerides (fat) down into monoglycerides and fatty acids, which releases energy, shrinking the cell.

Did you know? Lipo-Light is the best-selling machine in the USA

Find out more= **   -/3(0(1 ,"-+$! 0$#-, "*($,10.$/+-,1'2,#$/1 )(,& %2**"-2/0$-%1/$ 1+$,18 .$/0$00(-,

026 Spa Uniforms Fitness & Beauty Professional

Noel Asmar and Grahame Gardner team-up in UK

Grahame Gardner Ltd have introduced a stunning new range of salonwear from Noel Asmar, the internationally renowned and prestigious salon and spa wear brand. This exciting new partnership will be great news for salon owners and therapists who can now create an exclusive staff identity utilising the stylish and innovative collection. Noel Asmar offer salonwear of a quality and standard not seen before within the UK market. Their exclusive range was developed for prestigious beauty therapists and spas internationally and is sure to be a hit within the UK Beauty market. Noel Asmar, Founder, comments:The company is rooted in a design philosophy to make life better , this foundation has enabled us to develop cleverly designed pieces that make it easier to move, therefore easier to carry out treatments and duties. We understand that Grahame Gardner share our vision for workwear where function meets fashion , and we are confident that they are the ideal partner to bring our workwear concept to the UK market. The garments within the Noel Asmar collection capitalise on luxurious fabrics, so are soft to the touch and pleasing to wear. With a selection of over thirty tops and complementary trousers and skirts, the collection presents an exceptional range of flattering and stylish workwear solutions. Go to Grahame Gardner s new website, to explore the new range for yourself.

For more information please call 0116 255 6326.

5 STAR UNIFORMS Diamond Designs Uniforms have been creating luxury uniforms for the Spa Industry for over 25 years. They offer a wide range of fabrics and styles to suit all tastes. Their signature linen look fabric is particularly popular in hotel spas throughout the UK and to cater to this market they have introduced it in a number of colours: Brown, Beige, Moss Green, Grey, Black and Purple. This linen look fabric is durable and easy to care for making it a winner for therapists. It is a light weight fabric so very suitable for the humid spa environment. The company have many styles which can be tailored to suit larger Spas. For more information please call 0845 0800 576 or view the collection:


Grahame Gardner Ltd.

+44 (0)116 255 6326

030 Fitness & Beauty Professional

Your SMS Campaign Our mobile phones are never far from our heads, or even our hearts, making this marketing channel a very personal one. For this reason it s essential to treat anyone who opts-in to your SMS list as a very loyal customer indeed. Whether you are building your database of phone numbers from scratch or growing your opt-in list, a great marketing campaign is the common denominator for success. An SMS campaign shouldn t stand alone, incorporate it into your overall marketing strategy to ensure goals are met and messages are consistent. To get the most out of your SMS marketing activity, we ve put together some top tips on how to build a good marketing campaign. Determine your goals Before you do anything else, decide what you want your campaign to achieve. Build your opt-in list? Increase your average order value? Direct eyeballs to your webpage? Tell them about a must-attend event happening on Friday? Once your goal is agreed, make sure your campaign is integrated with other marketing activity happening at the same time. Do your research Find out what makes your potential target audience(s) tick. What are their likes and dislikes? Clear call to action Make your call to action simple and clear. A valuable incentive Plan your offer well to ensure you have something tempting to dangle in front of customers by way of incentive. It has to be something that will tempt them to part with their phone number or take up your offer. Personalise We all like to feel special. If a marketing piece is at least topped and tailed with your name and is of relevance, the response rate is instantly improved.

Attention to detail pays off so make sure your database is well maintained and you spell names correctly! Timing of texts Due to the immediate nature of SMS marketing, timing is everything. If you want to draw attention to a special promotion happening at your shop on Thursday evening, sending out your SMS message on Monday morning will have little effect and a hundred new texts will have eclipsed it by the time your event is actually happening. Frequency of messaging The first rule is don t bombard people. The opt-in option is a delicate balance and people will very quickly opt right out again if they feel their phone or privacy is being invaded. But once you have your audience engaged, do keep gently reminding them you are there, by offering regular targeted, personalised, good-value offers. Play by the rules Don t forget that permission is required to send out SMS marketing messages. Text recipients must have knowingly opted in to receive your communications. Your messages must also comply with ICO legislation. Identify yourself as the sender in each message. Include a STOP option for every SMS you send. Measurement Measuring effectiveness is an essential element of an SMS campaign, as it is for any marketing or promotion you carry out. There is no one-size-fits all approach, what you measure depends on what your initial aims were. Monitoring your list growth rate each week (or as appropriate) is a basic indicator . GlobalMessaging have a great team on hand to help you start with SMS Marketing Get in touch on Tel: 01733 370439 Email: email@globalmessaging Twitter: @globalmessagin SMS Global to 88882

Fitness and Beauty Professional - June 2015  
Fitness and Beauty Professional - June 2015