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July 2016


You can register NOW for your free tickets to BULKEX16. Sign up today to attend this autumn’s key industry event – set to be bigger and better than ever before. The two-day event is aimed at professionals, organisations and academics working in bulk materials handling. Registration to the event at the Harrogate International Centre on Wednesday 5 October and Thursday 6 October) is FREE. Reserve your place at The Materials Handling Engineers’ Association is delighted to announce its first three key speakers for BULKEX 2016: •

Philippe Frenay, Managing Director, UK and Overseas, Aggregate Industries Philippe joined Aggregate Industries in 2011 and has specific responsibility for the Aggregates Divisions in the UK and Overseas.

Martin is skilled in all aspects of bulk handling and port engineering. He is responsible for handling a variety of bulk cargoes including coal, biomass, stone, animal feed and grain from transhipment, unloading, storage to reloading. Highly experienced in the commercial logistics and demographics of the UK bulk market, Martin’s knowledge ranges across all areas of aggregates extraction, processing, distribution and marketing with further experience of coated materials, the recycling of secondary aggregates and land filling of waste. His experience includes managing several joint ventures, developing team relationships, motivating workforces and dealing with all levels of staff and executive personnel including those within other companies and external agencies such as local and central government. In Bristol, Martin is responsible for the purchase, maintenance and development of equipment for one of the world's most technically advanced ports.

Part of Aggregate Industries is Glensanda Quarry, a super quarry situated on the banks of Loch Linnhe on the West Coast of Scotland. Glensanda produces high quality crushed granite to markets all across Northern Europe, from washed sand through to off-shore armour material.

Philippe has extensive experience within the construction materials industry, having worked for Aggregate Industries’ parent company Holcim since 1990. Prior to that, he held various similar positions in Ready-Mix, Cement and Aggregates in Belgium, Netherlands and the North of France. His experience extends across executive and general management, mergers and acquisitions, business development, change management, marketing and sales and logistics in the construction industry in Europe.

As the sector expert with Group Business Development responsibility for the one of the UK’s largest port operators, Peel Ports Group, Chris heads the strategic development of bulks and energy, encompassing all dry and liquid bulks, in addition to the array of markets in the energy sector.

Follow on twitter at @BULKEX16.

Martin Downey, Bulk Terminal and Operational Engineering Director, The Bristol Port Company

Chris Griffin, Business Development Manager, Peel Ports

Chris Griffin is an experienced leader in the logistics sector, having held senior roles in global and international logistics and warehousing organisations.

Meanwhile, exhibitor stands for BULKEX16 are selling fast; don’t miss this opportunity to publicise essential products and services. Book a stand on 01787 226995.







COME AND EXHIBIT Showcase your products and services to key decision makers across the bulk materials handling industry. New for 2016 is Speaker’s Corner, bringing the programme of high profile speakers and presentations into the heart of the exhibition hall. Those wishing to make an extra impact can take advantage of a range of sponsorship opportunities to suit all budgets.

REGISTER NOW Tickets for BULKEX16 are free. Register to attend at:

To exhibit at the event, find out more about sponsorship or to register for your free ticket, contact the BULKEX events team. 01787 226995

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Schaefer Solutions –

Worldwide storage, handli



– As Individual as our Customers

ing and picking solutions

Man and Machine Training Academy Man and Machine offer an extensive range of Autodesk training courses

Man and Machine specialise in Autodesk training for Manufacturers, Engineers, Architects & Product Designers. All courses are taught with the official Autodesk courseware and includes one month’s free post training support. Autodeskcourses include: •AutoCAD Essentials •AutoEFTL *OWFOUPS*OUSPEVDUJPOUP4PMJE.PEFMMJOH •AVUPEFTL*OWFOUPS$BCMFBOE)BSOFTT%FTJHO •AutoCAD &MFDUSJDBM'VOEBNFOUBMT •AutoEFTL *OWFOUPS4IFFU.FUBM%FTJHO

E: W: T: 01844 263 700

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July 2016

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July 2016

Hydrostatic Level Measurement the ESI Technology Way….. What is Hydrostatic pressure and how does ESI’s Hydrostatic level measurement technology work?

What is Hydrostatic pressure? Hydrostatic pressure is commonly described “The pressure equivalent to that exerted on a surface by a column of water of a given height due to the force of gravity”. A liquid column above the pressure sensor creates hydrostatic pressure, which is a direct indicator for the liquid level. Generally, the standard unit of measurement is calibrated in metres of water gauge (mWG). This may sometimes be referred to as metres of water column (mWC), or metres of H2O (mH2O). Other countries may use different units of measurement, such as inches of water column (“WC).

How does an ESI Hydrostatic level transmitter work? The measuring cell of the pressure sensor detects small changes in hydrostatic pressure, which increases or decreases according to the filling level. The ESI sensor is powered by a vented cable and is submerged into the liquid to be monitored. The sensor converts the acting pressure into an electrical signal. Most users will typically require a 4-20mA output, enabling signals to be transmitted over long distances. Cable can be supplied in continuous lengths of up to 500m. In most applications the liquid is subjected to atmospheric pressure. To provide accurate electrical measurement it is important that readings are compensated to allow for any changes in atmospheric (barometric) pressure. This compensation is achieved by using a vented cable which the ESI sensor to “breathe” to the atmosphere. This is done through a small nylon tube that runs through the cable which ensures that the output


reading is relative to atmosphere. This is particularly important for the measurement of low levels of liquid, where changes in barometric pressure can significantly affect the true reading of level. For example, at high altitude where low atmospheric pressure is present. In order to calibrate the device, a factor is used to convert bar to mWG. This ensures the accuracy of the reading. The standard unit of measurement is calibrated in meters of water gauge (mWG). ESI can calibrate and label sensors in units of measure determined by particular applications. For example in a diesel tank application the sensor can be calibrated in meters of diesel.

changes in atmospheric pressure. ESI sensors are available with ATEX and IECEx certification and can therefore be used in similar circumstances where there is a risk of explosion. For example, monitoring the water levels in coal seam gas wells. ESI Hydrostatic Level sensors are also well suited to measuring the levels of fluids in storage tanks. The sensor is lowered to the bottom of the tank via an access hole in its top. The sensor cable is then connected back to a monitor, data logger, or PLC. Other areas where Hydrostatic level sensors can be effectively used are in the measuring of the level of water in rivers and reservoirs. Hydrostatic level sensors are typically manufactured from 316l stainless steel. This makes them suitable for immersion in most media. Other materials such as plastic, titanium and hastalloy C may be used to ensure compatibility with whatever medium is being measured, where stainless steel is not suitable. A polyurethane jacketed vented cable ensures excellent media compatibility, with oil for example. Other materials, such as nylon and PTFE may be used if the medium requires it.

In most applications the sensor can be connected to a system via a simple IP67 rated terminal box, with glands to prevent water ingress. In certain applications, where over a long period of time moisture from high humidity may enter the vented tube it is advisable to use a desiccant filter. The desiccant absorbs moist air, preventing any The advantages of using an ESI Hydrostatic moisture travelling to the sensing level measurement sensor are that the element and causing a short circuit. vessel does not need to be disturbed or adapted to fit a level sensor. There is no need to install tank wells or sight What types of applications glasses, etc. It allows levels to be are they useful for? measured under difficult conditions, Hydrostatic level sensors can be such as down a deep shaft. The probe permanently immersed in boreholes is easily extracted for cleaning and for measuring the depth of the water maintenance purposes. It is a highly table for example. The water table reliable and robust solution. is the underground depth at which the ground is totally saturated. Deep boreholes with an average diameter of 25mm are drilled and left to fill to the level of the water table. A small diameter submersible pressure sensor is lowered down To find out more about our range the borehole to accurately measure of depth and level pressure the level. In this type of application transmitters visit the control system would normally or contact us: +44(0)1978 262255/ incorporate a barometric sensor, which is used to compensate for


July 2016

Engineering Utilities exclusively offers industry-leading Loewer metal finishing machines in the UK Whether a company in the engineering industry uses laser, plasma, water jet or punching technology for its metal cutting solutions, all have an additional, frequent need for high-quality, consistent deburring and edge rounding. There is a host of equipment available on the market to meet with this requirement, which utilises varying processes and technologies in order to complete deburring and edge rounding tasks. However, many of them come with drawbacks, including high initial investment, expensive consumables and low build quality. Engineering Utilities, a leading supplier of metal finishing equipment, strives to avoid these disadvantages by providing the best-performing products on the market to its customers.

The company has more than 40 years’ experience in the industry, and it’s this knowledge and expertise that has enabled the team to offer metal finishing solutions to a varied mix of industries, including nuclear, filtration, oil and petrol, food and catering, transportation, pharmaceutical and construction. To effectively service these industries, Engineering Utilities offers to source and provide bespoke solutions based on a customer’s specific requirements, and it’s this dedication to supplying the most effective and revolutionary equipment on the market that has led the company to secure the exclusive UK distribution rights for the Loewer range of machines and consumables. Using its expertise, the Loewer team has developed one of the most innovative ranges of brush


and belt machines available in the industry. They have been designed to deliver three different processes – deburring, edge rounding and surface finishing – in one machine. In addition, the Loewer machines have been proven to be more energy efficient than competitor models on the market, as well being more compact, therefore saving on valuable factory floor space. By investing in a Loewer product, customers can be confident that they’re receiving a machine that will not only process both small and large metal parts efficiently, but will also offer a fast return on investment. This is demonstrable with the Loewer Discmaster 4TD, which is equipped with four separate disc units that move continuously over the full width of the machine’s feed belt. When compared to conventional

deburring machines, this Loewer machine offers a unique technology that provides greater advantages and more versatile processes. The results achieved when using a Loewer machine for deburring and edge rounding processes speak for themselves, with the manufacturing manager at precision machined component manufacturer, CE Turner, saying: “We couldn’t be more impressed with the Loewer machine that Engineering Utilities sourced for us – not only have we seen a marked increase in the number of jobs we can service each day, the machine has also enabled us to standardise the deburring process to provide an elevated level of consistency and quality to our clients.” More information about the products can be found at

Award-winning composite solutions for rail

UK Head Office +44 (0)1255 440297


Composite Platforms

Structural Stair Treads

Dura Platform Composite Station Platforms for New Builds and Refurbs

Dura Slab Composite Stair Treads & Landings with Built-in Riser for Rapid Install

 Spans up to 3.2m @ 5kN/m2  Concealed Fixing System  Fast Install Minimises Track Time

 Spans up to 2100mm  Available in 65mm or 90mm  Excellent slip resistance even when wet



Composite Structural Walkways

Lightweight FRP Fencing

Ballast Retention

Anti-slip flooring that’s lightweight, corrosion and chemical resistant

Boundary fencing ideal for electrified rail enviroments

Allows greater access to hidden critical parts of structures

Dura Composites’ solutions are the ideal replacement for traditional wood, metal and concrete products, and offer increased safety, reduced maintenance costs and shorter possession times on busy networks.

...designed for the future Industrial





FRP Ballast Retention System

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July 2016

Continuous Level Measurement in Harsh Environments Guided-wave level sensor from ifm electronic has extended functions The latest guided-wave level sensor from ifm electronic is designed for hard work. Suitable for medium temperature up to 100 °C and in confined spaces the LR2050 will detect all manner of substances, with a coaxial pipe available for detection of oils. Suitable for medium temperature up to 100 °C and in confined spaces the LR2050 will detect all manner of substances, with a coaxial pipe available for detection of oils. Over a dozen probes of different lengths, between 15 cm and 200 cm, can be attached to the LR, which will automatically adjust to these different rods. The probes can even be cut down if required. Setting the LR is simple, and can even be done before installation. Sensor parameters are


accessible using the pushbuttons on the device, or remotely over IO-Link. The LR even includes a simulation function to facilitate testing. Standard output functions available are two programmable switched outputs, or one switched output and one scalable analogue (4...20 mA). Alternatively, the true value can be transmitted over IO-Link. ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm products. For further information, contact Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HD. Telephone: 020 8213-0000. Fax: 020 8213-2234. E-mail – gemma.

July 2016

UNCAGING YOUR ROBOT Collaborative robots - or cobots as most are affectionately known - are bringing the fences down in manufacturing and production facilities all over the world. Unlike early industrial robots that had to be isolated behind a protective cage, this new wave of robots comes equipped with sensors, vision and, in most cases, plenty of programmed self-control, enabling people and robots to work safely sideby-side. Always ahead of the curve, FANUC has recently launched the world’s first collaborative robot with an impressive payload capacity of up to 35 kg (exceeding all current competitor robots by 24kg). Compared to its yellow cousins, the Kermit-green FANUC CR-35iA is a totally cage-free species of robot. Designed for tasks like heavy workpiece transfer and parts assembly, robot and human operator can work collaboratively alongside each other without a safety fence. A dexterous 6-axis arm with a reach of 1.813 metres, the CR-35iA also has a gentler side, including a soft green surface to reduce impact force and prevent a human operator being pinched. Certified to meet the requirements of international standard ISO 102181, if it comes in contact with a human co-worker or any object with a certain force, it stops or retracts immediately. In Japan, the robot has demonstrated its unique higher payload credentials, lifting and putting down a wheel. Thanks to the success of the 35kg payload collaborative robot, FANUC will shortly introduce another collaborative robot to their range - the CR-7iA with a payload of 7 kg with mechanics corresponding to that of the company’s LR Mate-series. This newest development represents a significant leap in addressing robotic safety hazards. Although it doesn’t eliminate the need for comprehensive workplace risk assessments, the increased adoption of peripheral safety devices is enabling robots and humans to work in close proximity of each other, eradicating the fear of interrupting production or worse, causing an accident.

Embedding greater control into automation operations


“Until recently, the mindset of most people was if you have a robotic hazard you banish humans from the robot working area with a physical guarding solution,” highlights Steve Capon, technical manager at FANUC UK. “That thought process for many is changing thanks to rapid advancements in sophisticated software control technology and integrated safety.” This now means that you can impose set limits on how fast your robot works and the operational areas it can and can’t enter, programme your robot to slow down as it approaches a hazard rather than coming to an abrupt standstill, and even introduce presence-sensing detection. Above all, the newest robotic software is enabling manufacturers to think more creatively around how automation equipment is deployed and how companies can boost production efficiencies whilst also saving space in valuable commercial real estate. “Safety risks vary depending on the selected robot and application,” emphasises Steve. “One of the key advantages of being able to embed more of the safety-related functions into the robot controller is you can design out the various safety hazards whilst also eliminating the need for external fixtures or mechanical devices to supply this functionality. FANUC recently demonstrated an example of a fenceless robot cell in collaboration with Rockwell Automation. In this showcase, Rockwell safety laser scanners were installed close to floor scanning horizontally for any approach to the system. As an intrusion got closer, these scanners informed the robot system to operate slower. Additional mini scanners were concealed under the FANUC robot system mounting, providing an invisible shield and initiating the robot to stop when the box of light is encroached.

Setting your safe limits Many of these developments, including FANUC’s Dual Check Safety (DCS) Position & Speed Check solutions, were initiated in the automotive sector on FANUC CNC robots. However, the trend for built in logic and safety motion is rapidly spilling into other markets, including packaging and palletising, claims Steve. In addition to meeting the safety requirements for electronic control systems, DCS Speed and Position Check offers significant benefits to applications where the travel of the robot needs to be restricted due to floor space or process limits that are less than the full reach of the robot. Restricting

the robot motion in Cartesian space means the robot can be restrained to exactly designated safe area in which it works; something that is not possible with systems that limit robot motion externally using limit switches. What’s more, this software works across the whole robot model, not just a single point. For example, Position Check can identify multiple areas of the robot, including any attached end effectors. The safe zones around the robot arm and its end effector can be modelled within the software, using geometric shapes of up to eight vertical lines each. These areas can be adapted – enabled and disabled to change the areas that the robot is not allowed to enter – depending on the task it is undertaking and the changing conditions within the defined area. “This is a useful feature for applications that require an operator to load parts into a fixture, for example,” says Steve. “An operator can safely walk into the area because the robot will stop the task it is performing. And when the operator leaves the defined area, the robot is able to continue with its task.” The DCS Speed Check functionality makes it possible to define the maximum speed that the robot can travel during normal operation. Speed can also be changed in reaction to a defined event, in addition to ensuring that the robot holds a position when necessary. This can be used for zero speed monitoring, explains Steve “Often, there are rotary fixtures within a cell which must not move while the operator is undertaking a loading procedure. The DCS Speed Check functionality allows the speed of the fixture to be monitored, and ensures it remains motionless when required. There are also process safety benefits to this, for example if the robot is working with delicate products that need to be moved at low speeds.” Ultimately, the onus on safety still rests with humans. Even with all these technology advancements and comprehensive workforce training you can’t risk becoming risk complacent. Deep within our human genetic makeup is that niggling desire to test the boundaries and ‘see what happens’. Every intentional and unintentional scenario when interacting with robots should be factored in when conducting regular risk assessments. With safety, getting it mostly right isn’t an option!

Schwer Fittings lead the way in stainless steel connection technology. Manufacturers and suppliers of high precision stainless steel tube components and hose fittings, with a technically trained sales team and a BFPA authorised training centre.

fittings in single and twin ferrule; LP and HP valves. Schwer enjoys an enviable reputation in the stainless steel industry for unrivalled service levels, components built for longevity and guaranteed 100% traceability across all products. In addition to holding German Lloyds classification for more than ten years, Schwer also holds DNV, ABS, GOST and RINA certification.

With most products available from stock in Warrington, Schwer can supply a next day service throughout the UK. Threads available include BSPP, BSPT, NPT, Metric and JIC; hose tails include standard and interlock; DNV certified compression

Schwer Fittings Ltd, Warrington Tel: 01925 639006 Fax: 01925 639007 Email:

July 2016

Rf-Lite Carton Coder Saves Dough At The Celtic Bakers The RF-Lite has replaced a labour intensive hand-gun labelling operation at The Celtic Bakers


he Celtic Bakers supplies outstanding artisan wares to the most dynamic and discerning establishments in London, including top restaurants, hotels, delicatessens and food halls, as well as producing for premium labels . To maintain its scrupulous attention to detail, all of its beautiful pastries, cakes and sourdoughs are made fresh each day on site, with authentic methodology. However, adhering to artisan production principles does not preclude the bakery from embracing technology in its packaging processes, particularly where this can enhance product appearance. So when The Celtic Bakers heard about Rotech’s new RF-Lite as a potential replacement for its hand-gun labelling operation, the company was keen to trial the offline date marking system for applying production codes and best before dates to cartons. “We were using a hand gun to apply pre-printed labels to the end-flaps of the cartons but this was slow going, and repetitive work for staff. We were on the look-out for a better way of coding these products, so the launch of the RF-Lite was perfectly timed for us,” says The Celtic Bakers. Launched at the start of this year with a baseline price tag of £5000, Rotech’s RF-Lite is pitched as an affordable coding model for artisan operations and other small food companies looking to automate their offline date marking process for the first time. “In developing the RF-Lite, we were effectively fulfilling our company mission to get the right quality code, in the right place at a cost that is right for the customer. We wanted to bring the benefits of automated marking within the reach of smaller food manufacturers for the first time,” says Richard Pether, director of Rotech.


The Celtic Bakers, a north London baker of hand-crafted breads, cakes and patisserie, has become one of the first users of Rotech’s new RF-Lite sleeve and carton coder. The entry-level offline coding system is demonstrating labour and label cost savings as well as improved aesthetics versus the hand labelling method that the bakery has historically used to mark cartons of sourdough crispbreads. The RF-Lite takes flat cardboard sleeves or cartons from a hopper, feeds them through a printer so they can be coded, and stacks them again ready for use. The RF-Lite can handle pack shapes and sizes ranging anywhere from 40x70mm to 300x200mm and can be easily adjusted to swap between sizes. The machine’s linear speed is 60m/s, which means it can typically handle 200300 sleeves per minute depending on sleeve size. Rotech delivered an RFLite system to the bakery The Celtic Bakers has become one of the first users of Rotech’s new entry-level RF-Lite sleeve and carton coder at the beginning of March. This has enabled The Celtic Bakers to print batches of “With premium goods, producers can’t cartons offline on-demand at much afford to risk poor quality coding that higher speeds than could be done detracts from the overall appearance manually. and image of the product. High resolution TIJ gives crisp, clear, well defined codes “Using our label gun method, we were and at a cheaper cost-per-print than, say doing a box of 300 cartons in five continuous ink jet,” explains Richard. to ten minutes, whereas the Rotech machine will run off 300 sleeves in “Applying the codes in this way improves a minute. This means we can bake the overall pack appearance and it saves a batch of crispbreads, run off the money, as we can do away with the corresponding number of cartons labels altogether,” he says. “We’ve not and get them packed straightaway. had the RF-Lite on-site for long, but it It makes the coding element of the has certainly made its presence felt. This process quicker and far less painful,” compact little coder has made a huge says The Celtic Bakers. difference to our packaging operation by dramatically reducing the time taken to The RF-Lite can be integrated with code cartons. It has shown us that small any coding engine, but given that changes can yield big improvements the bakery is producing luxury food without costing the earth” concludes The items, Rotech recommended the Celtic Bakers. correspondingly high quality thermal inkjet (TIJ) technology.

Don’t over do it!

Where ever you are working we won’t over stress the installation. By limiting test over-voltages to 2%, rather than the usual 10-20%, the NEW MIT400/2 series sets a new standard for insulation testing! „ Insulation testing up to 1000 V and 200 GΩ range „ Single range, faster continuity testing from 0.01 Ω to 1 MΩ „ User variable insulation test voltage from 100V to 1000V „ Test result storage and Bluetooth® downloading „ Rechargeable options for mains and car charging

For more information call 01304 502 101 or visit our website at Megger Ltd, Archcliffe Road, Dover, CT17 9EN

July 2016


apply for infocus funding award

Women with potential to be successful entrepreneurs and leaders in innovation can apply for support and funding to help them to succeed.


nnovate UK has up to £200,000 and a package of tailored support to award to businesswomen who have exciting ideas and the potential to become leaders in innovation and deliver significant economic growth. This is the first women only Innovate UK competition and is part of a new ‘infocus’ initiative to encourage diversity in innovation. Each of the 12 finalists in the competition will receive a package of support tailored to their needs, and the four winners will each receive £50,000 to support their innovation project or activities. Several well-known business leaders have agreed to act as ambassadors and mentors including: • • •

• •

Facebook vice-president for Europe, the Middle East and Africa Nicola Mendelsohn Money&Co chief executive Nicola Horlick president of the Royal Academy of Engineering and deputy vicechancellor of the University of Cambridge Ann Dowling WS Atkins chairman and Department for Business, Innovation and Skills board member Allan Cook Cambridge Wireless former founder CEO Soraya Jones Genius Gluten Free founder Lucinda Bruce-Gardyne.

The package of support includes introductions to investors, communications training, advice on intellectual property, training on business models, access to the RAEng Enterprise Hub, guidance on funding programmes, advice on market opportunities and introductions to contacts in relevant industrial sectors.

Women entrepreneurs could enhance growth


• •

• •

have real potential to become leaders in business innovation and/or successful entrepreneurs have exciting ideas that promise significant economic value to the UK are comfortable taking on the position of role model

are willing to engage in activities to encourage and inspire other women to get involved have a clear vision for their future and area of innovation they plan to focus on have a plan to use the award money and support to progress that plan have relevant experience of making innovation happen have the capability and personal drive to achieve success

Competition information

We are looking for women who: •

• Recent reports show men are three times more likely to own a business with employees (Women entrepreneurs in the OECD 2013) and that women are half as likely to start a business (RBS Inspiring women in enterprise).

Awards will be spread across the four sector areas supported by Innovate UK: manufacturing and materials infrastructure systems emerging and enabling technologies health and life sciences

Harnessing the talent of women entrepreneurs could significantly enhance UK economic growth.

Finalists will get package of business support

• • •

the competition opens on 1 June 2016 and the deadline for registration is noon on 24 August 2016 the awards are open to any woman in the UK working in business innovation in any of Innovate UK’s four sectors applicants can be a company owner, employee or sole trader in any size of business and must be legally and contractually able to use the grant funding on offer a briefing for potential applicants will be held on 20 June 2016

Find out more about this competition and apply.

July 2016

The benefits of fiber laser technology As the internationally recognised leading manufacturer of computer controlled laser machines for laser marking, cutting* and engraving, Trotec Laser are pleased to offer a range of fibre laser machines.


A further benefit of using a fiber laser is the ability to anneal metals, a process that extracts carbon from the material to create highly detailed black engraving, providing no structural change to the surface. The annealing process is beneficial to numerous industries including medical for instrument and implant identification, military for guns and ammunition traceability and any component serialisation to name a few. Trotec’s range of fiber lasers start with the compact entry level Speedy 100 Fiber. The Speedy 100 (610x305) is a pulsebed fiber laser and the fastest laser plotter in its class, marking up to 2 meters per second. We regularly hold free, no obligation demonstrations at our showrooms throughout the UK and Ireland, an ideal way of seeing the benefits of owning a laser machine first hand. Pre demo test samples are available on request. *please note that our lasers cannot cut metal.

To discover more about the benefits of owning a Trotec laser, or to book your free demonstration, call us on 0191 580 1182 or email quoting reference number 6453.


July 2016

Schmersal offers protection for man and machine Safety in system: Protection for man and machine - under this motto, the Schmersal Group develops and produces safety switching appliances and systems for the entire machinery and plant construction for decennia. In some industries, special and additional requirements are applicable. As a customer-focussed company, who intensively deals with the wishes of the manufacturers and users of machines, Schmersal has taken up these challenges from the start. As a result, specific products and solutions were developed for many industries and for some of them, a complete portfolio has been developed.

Various requirements Harvesting, washing, drying, filleting, heating, shredding, mixing, filling, packing: the foodstuff production process has many process steps, which are generally taken over by machine automation. During these processes, the Machinery Safety directives and standards have to be observed. In addition to that, the foodstuff industry also has other fields of activity, which must be taken into account when selecting safety switchgear or command devices for the man-machine interface.

Hygiene Hygiene is a key issue in the foodprocessing industry. Four hygienic zones can be distinguished, for which strictly defined constructive details of the “hygienic design” are applicable: • Dry zone (non-contact area; protection against soiling required) • Splashing zone (foodstuff can splash, the operators touch the foodstuff and the machines; risk of contamination or cross-contamination) • Wet zone (high risk of bacterial contaminations; low-pressure cleaning with chemicals or hot cleaning) • Aggressive zone (even higher risk of contamination; frequent hot steam cleaning or high-pressure cleaning with aggressive detergents)


The Hygienic Design also influences the choice of safety switchgear. For example: the food-processing industry was the first branch which used safety sensors instead of the conventional electromechanical safety switches. These non-contact operating safety switchgears can be smoothly cleaned due to the smooth surfaces of the sensor and the actuator and therefore provide for concealed mounting.

Humidity, moisture and detergents Stringent hygienic standards are applicable to those components or periphery of foodprocessing machinery, which are in contact with the product; as a result, the safety switchgear and actuating elements must meet the highest requirements as their protection class is regarded. Many series therefore are IP69K. These switchgears must be able to withstand a water jet of at least 80 bar with a temperature of 80°C.

Temperature resistance In frozen storage or in case of shock freezing - to name two examples automated processes take place at temperatures below the freezing point. Even more frequent are the processes, for which high temperatures are inevitable, e.g. evaporation, homogenisation, drying, condensation, distillation. Switchgear, which are used for these processes, must be accordingly high and low-temperature resistant.

Branch-specific certifications The specific characteristics to be featured by machinery and plants destined to the food-processing industry are laid down in different regulations, which also concern the individual machinery and plant components and which are in part very demanding. This includes, amongst others, the following norms and certification to the following standards: • • • •

EN 1672-1 and EN 1672-2 Ecolab EHEDG FDA

Long lifetime and availability In food production, machinery and plants often operate with short cycles and in a three-shift operation in interlinked plants. The expected availability is accordingly high. Schmersal switchgear meet these requirements. They stand the test in various applications, even under unfavourable ambient conditions.

Explosion protection Organic dusts can present an explosive danger if the dust/air ratio falls within explosive limits. Therefore, the regulations of the dust explosion directive must be observed e.g. when filling/bottling and storing powdered food products and their primary products (flour, baking mixtures, pudding powder, coffee and cocoa powder). The Schmersal Group offers a comprehensive range of switchgear for automation and machine safety, which is approved and certified to the ATEX and IECEx Directives.

Services Machine safety is a complex theme. The Schmersal Group offers its customers comprehensive support for the implementation of standards and guidelines in high-productive machinery and plants. Included in the service portfolio are for example: seminars and the individual consultancy of the design engineers and safety engineers in more than 20 nations by certified Safety Consultants.

Branch-related knowledge on call The Schmersal Group aims at establishing good contacts and exchanging experiences with food-processing machinery builders, so that new safety solutions are developed and the individual consultancy is provided with the highest level of practice-orientation. To that effect, Schmersal is, amongst others, member of the “Packaging Excellence Centre” (PEC) in Waiblingen. This Centre of Competence for packaging and automation technology reuniting many companies manufacturing machinery and plants for the food packaging industry.

Safe solutions for your industry Schmersal offers its customers the largest range of safety switching appliances and systems worldwide for the protection of human life and machines.

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July 2016

Female Millennials Drive Up Percentage of WOMEN IN ENGINEERING • Jobsite findings show higher percentages of younger women choosing engineering • Female engineers anticipate higher pay increases in next 12 months compared to male counterparts The lack of female talent in engineering is still dramatic, however latest findings show that a younger generation of women are making positive steps to close the sector’s gender gap. Research by online job board Jobsite into the engineering sector found that the percentage of female engineers in the 20-24 age bracket (16%) is nearly three times higher than within the 40-44 age bracket (6%). While the overall figures back up the huge industry-wide gender gap*, showing that just 9% of the UK’s engineering workforce is female, the statistics provide hope that the gap is slowly closing. The survey of over 1000 engineers in the UK also found that the proportion of women in lower level roles compared to men is significant, with 40% of female engineers in junior positions, compared to just 23% of their male counterparts. By contrast, there is an average of 13% more men in the mid and senior level roles. Participants were asked to state what percentage of salary increase they anticipated in the next 12 months, which interestingly


showed women to be far more optimistic about their salary development. 22% of females expect a pay increase of 11-20% in the coming year, an expectation shared with only 10% of males. Half of men (50%) anticipated no or little increase (0-2%) in their salary, compared to just one third of women (33%). Anna Skelton, Senior HR Business Partner at Jobsite commented, “The gender gap issue in engineering is welldocumented, but our research shows the sector is gradually starting to attract more interest from younger generations, indicating a more balanced future for the industry. There’s a clearly recognised skill shortage in this sector, and women are opening their eyes to the wealth of lucrative career opportunities engineering can offer. In light of the increasing female workforce, engineering firms should ensure their workplace policies are inclusive and relevant to both sexes to ensure they attract and retain the best talent the industry has to offer.”

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!




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Monitoring the world

July 2016

Appeal for more female engineers to have their work published On National Women in Engineering Day 2016, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is calling for more female engineers to capitalise on their knowledge and expertise by having their work published in its world-renowned publications and information services.


he IET publishes a range of widely respected publications and information services for engineers and technicians, and is making the appeal due to the worryingly low number of female engineers contributing to its publications. For example, only 1% of the 800 editorial board members serving across the IET’s journal portfolio are female.

a problem for the economy as well as for diversity. It is therefore important that leading engineering publishers like the IET ensure gender diversity in their approach to publishing. That’s why we are appealing to female engineers to share their expertise and experiences with their peers, not only as a way of boosting their own career progression but also to inspire the next generation of female engineers.”

The annual IET Skills and Demand in Industry survey shows that women have represented less than 10% of the engineering workforce in the UK for over a decade, so ensuring the work of outstanding female engineers is better represented in the world of engineering publishing has never been so important.

Esther Dudek, who is a Senior Consultant at EA Technology Ltd, recently spoke about energy storage at an IET event and has contributed to the IET’s E&T Reference, which includes a collection of multidisciplinary, technical articles and case studies.

Naomi Climer, IET President, said: “Women are woefully underrepresented in engineering. In a profession with a serious skills shortage, this represents


Esther explained: “It’s important to have visible diversity within engineering to show the wide range of areas that women are working in. Too often the important roles that women have in the profession aren’t reflected

at events or in technical journals. It’s also important to have visible female role models for more outward facing things, such as on TV, as it influences the next generation and their career choices. “If we want to have more visible role models then we need to be prepared to volunteer for things, and talk about our work. I was delighted to get involved with the IET’s E&T reference – it’s a good way of promoting your company and the skills and knowledge you have.” If you would like to find out more about the IET’s publishing resources, please visit the authors’ section of the IET’s Resources webpage. The IET also has an authors’ community on its Engineering Communities website.

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July 2016

Velden boosts output with SSI Schaefer’s Autocruiser SSI Schaefer is pleased to announce a contract agreement with Velden Engineering (UK) Limited to supply and install its recently developed Autocruiser internal transport system at Velden‘s Columbia Mill manufacturing site in Bolton. Established in 1973, Velden supplies many industry sectors with high quality, competitively priced, on-time machined components and assemblies in a wide variety of materials from prototype to volume production. Velden’s engineering services include production of copper work and busbars for the power generation and distribution industries. These components can be punched and folded to many varied specifications and then manufactured as one- offs through to large production runs on a 24-7 service. Increased demand, coupled with a requirement to maintain rapid response, was the catalyst in SSI Schaefer automating a significant part of the process to increase output, while still managing the diverse requirements of busbar specification.


SSI Schaefer‘s Autocruiser, which represents a less expensive and more flexible alternative to a conventional conveyor system, consists of transport carriers operating on rail structures which are easy to extend and modify, making this a versatile and scalable solution. Diverters send components carried by the Autocruiser off a central loop to be modified then back to the loop to complete the production process before transportation to packing and despatch to Velden’s continually growing client base. The system, due to be delivered in July, is easy to assemble and build and will be installed by Velden’s own maintenance team before being finally commissioned by SSI Schaefer. This adopted approach will help Velden save money on the installation costs of the system. SSI Schaefer was selected as a result of their experience in the design and supply of advanced technology and automation systems and high quality products.


"Simple to program, reliable, and very affordable; what more could you want?" Patrick Elam, Vapor Systems Technologies, Inc. Testing equipment for gas pumps


Classic Panel

Vision350™ PLC+HMI Supports up to 1000 I/Os

Options for high-speed, temperature and weight measurement Variety of communication options


Flat Panel On-Board I/Os Digital , analog and temperature

CANbus (Optional)

RS232/RS485 programming port in 3.5” model (USB in 4.3” model)

Software & Support included at no extra cost! Optional - 3.5” and 4.3” with a flat panel

Ethernet (Optional)

Epsom 2 Keys Business Village. Keys Park Road, Hednesford, Staffordshire, WS12 2HA Tel: +44(0) 1543 271899

Unitronics is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of PLCs with integrated HMI and on-board I/Os - rugged PLC product lines that meet a diverse range of requirements. You program your entire application in a single, intuitive software environment, and benefit from premier technical support, both provided at no extra cost.

July 2016

The inverter PLC calculates the service interval based on an algorithm – which was thoroughly checked against actual lab measurements and fine-tuned accordingly

Drive technology at Hannover Messe:

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance


rives with advanced condition monitoring capabilities that support predictive maintenance were showcased by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at this year’s Hannover Messe exhibition. NORD employs frequency inverters with an integrated PLC to monitor the complete drive system, evaluate sensor data, and assess the system state by means of intelligent algorithms. An industrial gear unit demonstrates the condition monitoring approach based on sensors and dedicated evaluation technology. Vibration and oil sensors provide crucial live data about the wear and tear. Vibration analysis then enables conclusions about the state of the bearings as well as the gearing, and oil analysis can help determine when the lubricant needs changing. As the “virtual sensing” model demonstrated, predictive maintenance is also possible without external sensors and the accompanying higher costs: in this showcase, the inverter assembles the drive system’s process data and calculates the maintenance time using an algorithm that also incorporates product data and application know-how acquired through decades of experience. The functionality is based on the fieldbus-independent reference architecture for condition monitoring in factory automation defined by the German Engineering Federation in technical rule VDMA 24582. In order to represent the real drive state as closely as possible, NORD has thoroughly verified calculated values against true laboratory measurements to further optimize the algorithm. These software diagnostics are a particularly efficient solution which is also suitable for small drive sizes. Customers achieve a longer product life, enhanced availability, and lower maintenance costs with this new inverter function.



"For a first-time user, I had a great experience. I look forward to incorporating Unitronics on future jobs." Jeremy Charles Keene, Controls Manager at General Broach Company

In the picture – Packaging Machine controlled by Unitronics V1210™ and SAMBA 4.3™. Bimetec BV, Netherlands.


Vision1210™ Advanced PLC with an integrated HMI USB programming port

Unitronics is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of PLCs with integrated HMI and on-board I/Os - rugged PLC product lines that meet a diverse range of requirements. You program your entire application in a single, intuitive software environment, and benefit from premier technical support, both provided at no extra cost.

SD card


Supports up to 1000 I/Os

SNAP I/O Module (optional ) Digital, analog and temperature

RS232/RS485 Ethernet

Options for high-speed, temperature and weight measurement Variety of communication options Software & Support included at no extra cost!

I/O Expansion port

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July 2016

National Women in Engineering Day: How do we close the gender gap? The great debate over the significant lack of women in engineering is one that has remained in the spotlight. National Women in Engineering Day, held on June 23rd, aims to change the industry for the better, by challenging perceptions of engineering, and showing why the world needs more women in this particular field. The theme for this year’s day is ‘Raising Profiles’; aiming to bring to light the incredible work that is already being done by industryleading women. To mark the day, leading supplier of industrial components and engineering services Neutronic Technologies has produced its own in-depth report. Entitled ‘Women in Engineering: What can be done to fix the gender gap?’, the report examines the state of the industry at present, what the future has in store and, most importantly, what work is being done by women already working in engineering. Advice from women in engineering In order for more women to enter engineering fields, change needs to happen both inside the industry and out. The report from Neutronic gains a unique insight into the current situation by speaking to four women from across different disciplines of engineering and manufacturing. After studying, working and teaching in the industry for years, these women are able to give their own recommendations on what needs to be done to fix the gender gap, and how more young girls can be encouraged to take up STEM subjects. Changing perceptions of the industry Although research has shown that people’s perceptions of the industry appear to be becoming more diverse, with a survey by Neutronic showing that 60% of people believe that engineering and manufacturing have become more attractive


fields to women in the past 10 years, a great deal of work still needs to be done. Lucy Ackland, a Project Manager who started her career through an apprenticeship, believes that the first thing that needs to change is people’s outside perceptions of engineering: “The industry should make an effort to dismiss common misconceptions about engineering workplaces. Nowadays, engineering facilities are clean, modern and interesting places to work. However, many people still think of them as the dirty, unattractive manufacturing facilities from decades ago.” Educating parents early As children and young adults come to choose the subjects they will study, the main influencer is often cited as schools and teachers. But those with the most influence are actually the parents. Elena Rodriguez-Falcon, Professor of Enterprise and Engineering Education at the University of Sheffield, believes that more needs to be done to educate parents, and only then will youngsters feel inspired to take up engineering. “I think a lot has been done to encourage young girls to take up sciences at an early age. But by the time they are encouraged it’s too late. “Mum and dad are the first influences of what we perceive to be a boy’s job or a girl’s job; what it means to be a girl and what it means to be a boy. Mum and dad tend to not know what an engineer or scientist is. “What we need to do is train mum and dad, so that they can train the little ones.”

Simple to program, reliable, and very affordable; what more could you want?


Patrick Elam, Vapor Systems Technologies, Inc.

15.6” PLC+HMI

10.4” PLC+HMI

In the picture - mobile, portable, crush and recycle plants. Controller by UniStream CAMS Srl, Italy.


All include Audio & Video support, USB programming port + 2 USB host ports, 2 Ethernet ports – dozens of sockets Choose an HMI touch panel: 7", 10.4" or 15.6"

Add a CPU: snap it on the back of the panel

Select Uni-I/O™ and Uni-COM™ modules: snap next to the CPU

Create a single, compact PLC with an integrated HMI panel and on-board I/O that fits your specific requirements.

Epsom 2 Keys Business Village. Keys Park Road, Hednesford, Staffordshire, WS12 2HA Tel: +44(0) 1543 271899

Unitronics is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of PLCs with integrated HMI and on-board I/Os - rugged PLC product lines that meet a diverse range of requirements. You program your entire application in a single, intuitive software environment, and benet from premier technical support, both provided at no extra cost.

July 2016

SSI Schaefer Sponsors Youth Football Team SSI Schaefer Ltd shows continuous support for youth organisations local to its Andover head office, by announcing that it’s the new kit sponsor of Upper Clatford Youth FC.

Dan Griffiths (Manager) & Connor Walsh (Assistant Manager) with the UCYFC under 11’s Team The football club was founded in 1995 by two dads looking to provide football for their sons, starting out originally as an off-shoot of the Upper Clatford men’s team. Such was the popularity that more youth teams were formed and there are currently eight teams ranging in age from 9 – 16 years. Since the club’s formation, it is estimated that over 800 boys and girls have played for the club, the teams have won the Hants Cup, numerous league championships and countless cups and tournaments. With eight team kits and training equipment to provide, the club is dependent upon the generosity of corporate sponsors to keep subs to a minimum and make it affordable for all to enjoy. SSI Schaefer has sponsored the playing kit for the Under 11 team. Club Secretary, Jennie Handford said: “A huge Thank You to SSI Schaefer for their very generous


donation. Without such sponsorship help we simply could not survive”. This is the third youth football team to receive SSI Schaefer sponsorship, with Andover Town Whites Under 11’s and CK Andover Under 13’s also being supported. SSI Schaefer Group – Company Profile The SSI Schaefer Group is the world’s leading provider of modular warehousing and logistics solutions. It employs over 8,500 people at its group headquarters in Neunkirchen, Germany, at its domestic and international production sites, and at its 60 foreign subsidiaries. Across six continents, SSI Schaefer develops and implements innovative industry-specific answers to its customers’ unique challenges. As a result, it plays a key role in shaping the future of intralogistics.

SSI Schaefer designs, develops and manufactures systems for warehouses, industrial plants, workshops and offices. Its portfolio includes manual and automated solutions for warehousing, conveying, picking and sorting, plus technologies for waste management and recycling. In addition, SSI Schaefer is now a leading provider of modular, regularly updated software for inhouse material flows. Its IT team, with a headcount in excess of 900, develops high-performance applications, and provides customers with in-depth advice on the intelligent combination of software with intralogistics equipment. SSI Schaefer’s broad IT offering, including its own WAMAS® and SAP products, delivers seamless support for all warehouse and material flow management processes. Solutions from SSI Schaefer improve the productivity and efficiency of customer organisations – not least through the highly precise monitoring, visualisation and analysis of operational metrics for proactive intralogistics management. SSI Schaefer offers highly sophisticated, turnkey systems. As an international player, it can deliver one-stop solutions to all four corners of the earth. Its comprehensive portfolio encompasses design, planning, consulting, and customerspecific aftersales services and maintenance. For further information: SSI Schaefer – 01264 386600, Email: solutions@,

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Fluid Carrying

Articulated Pipework


Swivel Joints

Torsion In Hoses

Swivel joints allow pipework to rotate whilst carrying fluid under pressure 1/4â&#x20AC;? to 20â&#x20AC;? and beyond.

Rotating Cylinders

Vacuum to over 6000psi. CE marked where applicable. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001.

Designed and manufactured in the UK for a healthier working environment. All products are independently tested and proven 99% effective in the removal of fumes, odours, paint and glue overspray and dust particles in an enclosed environment. Speak to the experts on 01423 790039 to find our more about BenchVent and how they can help your workspace work for you.

Tel: Rotaflow FV Limited | Rotec House Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY

01663 735003


The PROton Range Are you COSHH compliant or are you breaking the law?

The PROton range is the latest range of modular Embedded Control systems from Cambridge Microprocessor Systems designed by engineers for engineers, designed to be low in cost and extremely flexible to use. They are based around an ARM Cortex-M microcontroller.

Workplace Dust & Fume Extraction Specialists

PROton PR25

PROton PR40

PROton PR60

Extraction Products - System Design & Installation - Testing - Monitoring

Call now for a FREE workplace extraction assessment...

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New Brochure:

Precision Motion Control for Fiber Optics and Silicon Photonics Precision Motion Control for Fiber Optics and Silicon Photonics includes Aerotechâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s latest precision mechanics, state-of-the-art controls, customized motion subsystems, and intuitive software for fiberoptic alignment, bonding and laser welding, pickand-place assembly, waveguide and fiber Bragg grating manufacture, and more. Products including the FiberMaxHP three-to-six axis fiber alignment platform and Q Series piezo nanopositioners, alignment optimization and first-light algorithms, as well as additional components and systems for fiber alignment, Bragg grating and waveguide forming, pick-and-place, device assembly, die and lens bonding, laser welding, and device packaging motion systems. 30|

Precision marketing for engineers The landscape of marketing is changing and the digital age is making it easier than ever for engineers to reach their audiences and achieve real growth. The Product Marketing Company are experts in marketing technical products to technical audiences and we have produced a series of valuable and insightful FREE guides to help engineers elevate their brands and increase sales.

How to reach technical audiences through

Issue 1: How to reach technical audiences through PR explains why PR is one of the most powerful and cost effective ways to reach technical audiences, create inbound traffic via your website and help you to gain valuable data and quality sales leads, plus:


● Reach large groups of subscribed technical audiences ● Differentiate your brand ● Build business and product credibility ● Promote highly technical information ● Drive high traffic to your website ● Increase sales ● Obtain email addresses for targeted e-shots ● Help to win you awards ● Promote seminars and events ● Promote technical videos ● And much more

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Issue 1


The Product Marketing Company 01462 432303

Cable Management

July 2016

Not always cheap and cheerful Sometimes buying cheap can cost you double

GreenBrook’s Sales Director, Peter Ratcliffe, issues a word of caution against low prices and claims that if things seem too good to be true, they probably are… The quality of electrical products used is vital to the safety and reliability of any electrical installation. However, despite a tradition of loyalty and a routine of buying products from a name they can trust, too many specifiers and contractors are starting to prioritise cost over quality as the industry battles to offer better value to its customers. Most manufacturers are working hard to serve their customers by keeping prices as low as possible, but if a product is significantly cheaper it is for a reason – it may be made using lower quality materials or follow an unproven design and, in some cases, it will not have undergone the kind of rigorous health and safety testing that the UK market expects. Therefore the product could potentially fail or even more seriously, be hazardous to the end user. Quality standards such as CE marking and the European WEEE, REACH and RoHS directives are designed to safeguard against faulty or substandard products and they certainly have their value. However, no-one polices them and, as a result, they have no teeth. CE marking relies entirely on self-certification with absolutely

no requirement for third party checks, which leaves suppliers free to safety test their products as rigorously, or as lackadaisically as they see fit. In addition, as Trading Standards lack the manpower to act in the rare event that concerns are raised over European standards not being met; these ostensibly third party endorsements are also little more than a logo on the packaging. The Case of Conduit The humble cast iron conduit fitting provides an excellent example of why buying decisions made based entirely on price are risky and short sighted. Conduit fittings can vary significantly in quality because there are varying grades available on the market.Malleable cast iron fittings can be bent, shaped or drawn by hammers or rollers because they undergo a lengthy annealing heat treatments process when manufactured, which gives them their unique properties and, as a result they cost a little more. Non-malleable fittings, on the other hand, may look the same but they are far cheaper to produce because they don’t go through this process. As a result they often shatter when being installed because the different process and completely inferior grade of material used to produce them results in a product that is simply too brittle.

Typically, an electrical contractor may install hundreds or even thousands of conduit boxes in a single installation, so opting for non-malleable conduit boxes is not a cheap and cheerful option – it’s a costly mistake! It’s just one example of how the costs of the simplest installation can increase dramatically because of an attempt to save money on electrical products. The focus is now so clearly directed towards cost saving that contractors may feel pressurised into looking for a bargain, and some wholesalers have become complicit in their single track strategy for reducing costs. Often contractors will spend valuable time shopping around to save a penny per unit on a simple commodity product. However, surely these modest cost savings are not worth the additional time, effort and cost of replacing the sub-standard products, not to mention the increased time on site or all that time researching and negotiating the best price deal. The Value Strategy Instead of looking for cost savings, it pays to trust a reputable brand with years of experience of developing products that are truly fit for purpose and a clear commitment to customer service, after sales support and a reliable supply chain with plentiful availability.It’s not surprising during these tough economic times that cost has become the number one priority right across the supply chain. However, safety and reliability should always come first, otherwise how can the industry expect to hold on to the professional reputation it deserves? It’s a principle that needs to be held sacred by all manufacturers and, unfortunately, it’s the isolated few that make it difficult to be sure which brands to trust. Only by concentrating on delivering quality and being prepared to pay for it can the industry stem the tide of sub-standard products, otherwise it will end up counting the cost of its complacency.


Serving the market since 1973

The diverse & comprehensive brand...

...of electrical installation & cable management accessories

•Junction Boxes •Connection Boxes •Malleable Conduit Accessories •PVC Conduit Accessories •Boxes and Enclosures •Cable Glands / Kits •Cable Saddles •Cable Clips / Ties •PVC Sleeving •Fixings, Accessories & Consumables

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Cable Management

July 2016

Cable Entry Systems from Murrplastik The new KDL/H 24 cable entry system by Murrplastik meets the very high protection rating of IP69K. The KDL/H 24 is produced as a zinc die casting and is very suitable for feed-through of preconfigured lines in rugged outdoor environments, while being exposed to high mechanical stress at the same time. In addition, the KDL/H 24 is equipped with a grommet block made of TPE, which fixes the sleeves behind the metal frame and locks each feed-in cable extra tightly with its built-in strain relief. It is virtually impossible for the grommets to be torn out, even under extremely high mechanical stresses. Extreme weather conditions and environmental circumstances of moisture, acids, alkalis, alcohols, mineral oils, cleaning agents, grease, and dust cannot harm the KDL/H 24 in any way. Murrplastik is represented in the UK by Murrelektronik. For further information or to request a catalogue call 0161 728 3133 or email Read more online here


Perfectly Compatible Our plastic technology and your applications

System solutions for cables and control cabinets from Murrplastik. Research, believe in visions, improve... From the “problems” of our customers, Murrplastik engineers develop solutions. Since the company was founded in 1963, more than 100 patents have found their way into the difficult world of day-to-day operations, whether for industrial labelling systems, cable drag chains, cable entry systems, cable protection conduits or fittings. That’s why we continue to develop - for even greater durability, improved robustness, ease of installation and economical use. In a word, “Made by Murrplastik”.

Cable drag chains

Cable protection conduits and fittings

Cable entry systems and holders

Labelling Murrplastik is represented in the UK by Murrelektronik • phone: 0161 728 3133 •

Your preferred partner in the global supply of level and flow control solutions â&#x20AC;˘ (0)1444 871313 â&#x20AC;˘

Fluid Control

July 2016

Advantages of a Thermal Dispersion Switch For Pump Protection Running pumps in a dry state can damage parts or cause cavitation in centrifugal pumps. Replacement parts can add up to thousands of dollars. These costs do not include inefficiencies in pump operation or downtime that affects production or operation. Technologies Used for Pump Protection There are many technologies that can perform the function of pump protection. Flow meters can be used, but a continuous flow measurement is not always needed and flow meters typically cost more than switches. Mechanical flow switches use a mechanical operation to actuate a relay; however, moving parts can be subject to wear and increased maintenance over time, and if a viscous liquid or build-up is present, reliability of the switch may be adversely affected. Tuning forks and ultrasonic gap switches are a few other technologies that are used for pump protection. It is inherent in the technologies that the fork or gap must be wet or dry for detection. Therefore, they cannot detect decreasing flow rates and the opening creates room for possible plugging.

Why Choose a Thermal Dispersion Switch? A thermal dispersion switch can be ideally suited for pump protection applications. Thermal dispersion switches use similar principles as thermal mass flow meters. Fluid carries heat away from the probe tip reducing the temperature difference between a heated resistance temperature detector (RTD) and a reference RTD. As the temperature difference increases or decreases due to heat transfer, the set point is reached and the relay de-energizes. Manufacturers will refer to the switch being in “alarm” at set point. How the relay is wired (NC-CO or NO-CO) depends on the needs of the application. High or low flows can both be detected by a thermal dispersion switch.

With thermal dispersion, the user gets the most robust feature set and flexibility. The technology’s advantages include: • No moving parts, requiring less maintenance • Many probe types for water or more viscous liquids • Installation in horizontal or vertical lines, removing need to be installed top dead center • Optional remote mount electronics

• Hot tap options available • Low flow detection as opposed to dry pipe • Current output for trending and fault indication • Temperature compensation to reduce set point drift under varying operating temperatures

Magnetrol® has produced a white paper about the pros and cons of various liquid flow technologies compared to thermal dispersion switches, including details about probe types, installation options, and probe electronics. Download the white paper to learn more.


Fluid Control

July 2016

Flowmeter for Metering Viscous Fluids Built for metering viscous fluids, such as hydraulic oils used in heavy machinery, at pressures of up to 700 bar and temperatures up to 150°C, the Titan Enterprises OG2-700 bar flowmeter is designed to be fully IP67 / NEMA 4 compliant. With a standard flow range from 0.03 to 4.0 litres / minute on 30Cstk oil the flowmeter is able to routinely achieve outstanding accuracy (0.5%) and repeatability (0.1%).  Combining robust 316 stainless steel design, durable construction materials and proven technology ensures the OG2-700 bar flowmeter will  provide reliable, accurate operation  over an extended product lifetime. To download full technical specifications for this durable, high performance flowmeter please visit or for further information contact Titan Enterprises Ltd. now on +44-1935-812790 /

Informative Flow Measurement Bulletin Titan Enterprises has published the Spring 2016 edition of its quarterly fLowdown ebulletin which contains a wealth of hints and tips, technological developments, interesting applications advances and breaking news from the field of flow measurement. Available for download from flowdown8a.html the popular Technical Tip column looks at the challenges of metering fixed volumes of liquid into a process and offers a 7-point plan to eliminate errors and improve reproducibility. In each issue of fLowdown, the editors review a particular flow metering technique, its benefits, shortfalls and the applications to which it is best suited. The Spring 2016 issue looks at Coriolis flow meters and provides an informative introduction to this accurate flow metering technology. Bulletin board previews and gives access to a soon-to-be published article that examines increasing industrial demand for liquid flow measurement systems operating at low flow rates and discusses the technological advances in novel ultrasonic flowmeters that are enabling better measurements to be made. Also in the Spring 2016 issue is a feature on low cost flowmeter technology development for beverage dispensing, a case study on semi-automated additive application and details of several new product introductions from Titan Enterprises. To download a copy of the newsletter please visit www.flowmeters. or contact Titan Enterprises Ltd. now on +44-1935-812790 /


July 2016

Fluid Control Oval gear flow meters

innovative flow measurement solutions

Atrato Ultrasonic flow meters Turbine flow meters Insertion turbine flow meters Flow meter instrumentation


A broad range of sectors, including medical, industrial, food/drink, laboratory and pharmaceutical.

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July 2016

“Engineering is a great choice for girls” says Hanovia’s Gugu Moyo Gugu Moyo is a Quality and Planning Engineer at British UV water disinfection specialist Hanovia. With National Women in Engineering Day coming up on June 23, she reflects on the challenges and opportunities of a profession where only 6% of professional engineers are women. Like many teenagers I considered many career options. Growing up in Zimbabwe, the challenges facing girls wanting to go into engineering were much the same as in the UK, with widespread misunderstanding about what engineers do. The image of spending the day in a boiler suit, covered in grease and wielding a wrench is hard to shift, despite the fact that in my career my tools are typically computers, software and statistics. I considered other possible careers using my abilities with maths and science, such as medicine and pharmacy, but decided to stick to my guns with engineering and I have found that, in the UK, people judge you by your ability as an engineer, not on your gender. I came to the UK in 2007 to study Mechanical Engineering at the University of Greenwich, followed by a Masters in Mechanical Manufacturing and Engineering. During both qualifications there was significant practical experience in secondments to companies. During my first degree I undertook a ‘Year in Industry’ with Npower CoGen in Aylesford and during my Masters was seconded to lighting specialists Heathfield and Company. These experiences showed me what working life is really like made me realise how important work experience is – and how more girls might come into engineering if they could see engineering at first hand while still at school. It gave me a real insight into what to expect in an engineering career after university, and the skills I learned have constantly come into play. “More girls might come into engineering if they could see engineering at first hand while still at school.” I would advise any girls considering GSCE and ‘A’ Level choices to consider engineering


very carefully. If you can do some work experience in an engineering environment it will enable you to see for yourself that there are lots of silly myths about what engineers do. I would also say don’t be influenced by what your friends are choosing. Your future is your own, so pick subjects you enjoy and if that leads to engineering, give it a try. I have certainly found engineering a great career so far. “Your future is your own, so pick subjects you enjoy and if that leads to engineering, give it a try.” My present job for Hanovia is as a Quality and Planning Engineer, involving quality assurance and internal process improvement, driven from statistical monitoring. It’s as far from the boiler suit and grease image as you can possibly get. In many ways it’s more like being an engineering detective, looking at evidence and making important decisions based on that evidence. I hope more girls will take an engineering career more seriously and I also hope more companies will start offering work experience to younger people – and to girls in particular. All sizes of companies can help with this, ensuring that pupils at school understand more about engineering and that there are more experienced graduates out there when it comes to recruitment. I know that

some companies are wary of putting resource into this type of activity, but with experienced partners like the charity Engineering Development Trust, who run a number of schemes, the complexity is less than might be imagined. Providing work experience is a great investment in the future of the engineering sector where we must ensure that the number of women in engineering careers increases many times over to ensure that the industry has the skills it needs in the future. Commenting on Gugu’s role at Hanovia, the company’s Managing Director John Ryan says: ““Ethnic and Gender diversity in our team makes us stronger and better able to respond positively to the needs of our diverse, global customer base. We’re delighted to have engineers such as Gugu in our team and I hope her story encourages more female students to consider a career in engineering. Unfortunately when we recruit we see very few female applicants and this can only change by offering a much more engaging perspective of what it means to be an engineer, so students can make an informed choice, not one based on an outdated notion that actually was never really true.”

Winners communicate in every language! Small control systems PNOZmulti.

1:0 to you because our safety systems support all globally installed communication systems. 2:0 to you because you rely on the global safety standard for all machine types and automation environments, that is cost effective and sustainable. 3:0 to you because readymade software blocks and universal diagnostics reduce your commissioning and operating costs. 4:0 to you with the safe, complete solution comprising sensor technology, control technology and drive technology. Small control systems PNOZmulti: many functions â&#x20AC;&#x201C; one solution!

For further information on small control systems PNOZmulti:

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July 2016

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Manufacturer of High Quality

C R Onsrud ­ A leading USA manufacturer of 3, 4 and 5 axis CNC routers

Anti Vibration Products

• Single or twin tables for dual or pendulum process • All steel construc!on provides rigidity and precision combined with the speed and work envelope of a router • Machining non ferrous metals, composites and plas!cs

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July 2016

nanoDAQ The Ultimately Miniaturised Pressure Scanner

Equally at home in a wind-tunnel model or aboard the real thing, nanoDaq provides the solution for accurate correlation of scale or CFD with full size data. The difficulties of predicting the effects of scale on wind tunnel pressure measurements are now swept away by a pressure scanner that is suited to model or on-vehicle applications. Similar systems are also available for flight test. Acquisition parameters are configured on nanoDaqâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s embedded web server, which gives the user complete control over the chosen measurement strategy.

32 Channel Scanner

Engineering Unit Output

Up To 5kHz Per Channel Measurements Sealed & Vibration Tested To D0160F Complete With IEEE 1588 PTP V2

User Configured Absolute Or Differential

Output Over Ethernet (100Mbit TCP/UDP) & CAN Chell Instruments Ltd +44 (0) 1692 500555

DIXON GROUP EUROPE LTD Providing you with "The Right Connection" for all your Hygienic processes

Dixon Group Europe Limited 350 Walton Summit Centre, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 8AS Telephone: +44 (0)1772 323529 Fax: +44 (0)1772 314664

For further information please contact us now on:

01772 323 529

We are exhibiting at The PPMA show 2016. Come and visit us at stand J44.


July 2016

Mobile Surface Roughness Measuring Instruments for precise everyday use Lightweight, flexible and easy to handle, our range of portable, mobile, surface roughness testers ensure precise measurement wherever they are used. As useful in the laboratory as they are on the shop floor, our mobile units are using to measure milling and turning parts, processing functions and for incoming good inspections. They are suitable for use on small or large machines. The range of highly precise and cost effective models offer: • Built in printer options (M300 – M400) • Variable resolution length • Range of up to 350 µm • Pocket sized versions • USB data transmission options • For the more complex tasks our M400 model provides skid less tracing with Bluetooth connection to display units

New Product Lounge! We are happy to present to you the New Mobile Roughness Measuring Unit

MARSURF – PS 10 MOBILE This device is the perfect entry into the world of Surface Metrology from Mahr and will convince you with its comprehensible and intuitive operation. The 4.3”TFT touch screen display can be rotated in any direction. MarSurf PS10 can be used flexibly with the removable drive unit. The new feature is the integrated but removable calibration standard.

Product Features: • Small and lightweight; ideal as mobile surface roughness measuring instruments • Direct access to your customized functions • 31 parameters: offer the same range of functions as a laboratory instrument • Data is saved in the device, e.g. TXT, X3P, CSV and PDF file • Evaluation of most common parameters conforming to standards and in accordance to ISO/JIS as well as parameter lists • Select standards (DIN-ISO/JIS/ASME/MOTIF) • Automatic cut-off selection (patented) to ensure correct measuring results


• Individual sampling lengths and shortened cut-off can be selected • Phase-correct profile filter (Gaussian filter) acc. To DIN EN ISO 16610-21 (before DIN EN ISO 11562), special filter acc. to DIN EN ISO 13565-1, ls-filter acc. to DIN EN ISO 3274 (disengage able) • Tolerance monitoring • Lock settings and/or password protection • Date and/or time of measurement • Integrated memory to store approx. 500000 results, 3900 profiles and 1500 pdf-files • Data transmission via the USB interface to a PC or via microSD-Card • MarConnect interface, to connect e.g. a PC via the MarCom Software • Main free operation: the built-in rechargeable battery can used for up to 1200 measurements before being recharged

Application: • On-site surface roughness measurement • Measuring during the production process • Universal use on processing machinery • For incoming goods inspection

We provide solutions for: • Automotive industry: for measurements on crankshafts, camshafts and transmission components. • Electronics industry: for reliable quality measurements for wafer surfaces in semi-conductor manufacture. • Mechanical Engineering: for precision radii and minimum form deviation on ball races ensuring smooth running and long service life. • Medical Technology: for highly accurate manufacture of ball and socket joints for biomedical science. For more details you can visit our website and for product information to can email at or call directly on 01908 563700







YOUR PARTNER IN MODERN METROLOGY We are happy to present to you the New Mobile Roughness Measuring Unit

This device is the perfect entry into the world of Surface Metrology from Mahr and will convince you with its comprehensible and intuitive operation. The 4.3”TFT touch screen display can be rotated in any direction. MarSurf PS10 can be used flexibly with the removable drive unit. The new feature is the integrated but removable calibration standard. PRODUCT FEATURES ◼ Small and lightweight; ideal as mobile surface roughness measuring instruments ◼ Direct access to your customized functions ◼ 31 parameters: offer the same range of functions as a laboratory instrument ◼ Data is saved in the device, e.g. TXT, X3P, CSV and PDF file ◼ Evaluation of most common parameters conforming to standards and in accordance to ISO/JIS as well as parameter lists ◼ Select standards (DIN-ISO/JIS/ASME/MOTIF) ◼ Automatic cutoff selection (patented) to ensure correct measuring results


MarShaft Scope Robot MarForm MFK Range ◼ Individual sampling lengths and shortened cutoff can be selected ◼ Phase-correct profile filter (Gaussian filter) acc. To DIN EN ISO 16610-21 (before DIN EN ISO 11562), special filter acc. to DIN EN ISO 13565-1, ls-filter acc. to DIN EN ISO 3274 (disengageable) APPLICATIONS ◼ On-Site Surface roughness measurment ◼ Measuring during the production process ◼ Universal use on processing machinery ◼ For incoming goods inspection

19 Drakes Mews, Crownhill, Milton Keynes, MK8 0ER, United Kingdom

Email: Website: Tel: 01908 563700

July 2016

Fischer Rugged Flash Drive now five times faster with USB 3.0 Fischer Connectors, the worldwide innovator in push-pull circular connectors and cable assembly solutions, today launched the USB 3.0 version of its ultra-portable, miniature, lightweight and extremely tough Fischer Rugged Flash Drive. This memory stick has been specially designed for the safe transportation and storage of sensitive data in harsh environments. The USB 3.0 Fischer Rugged Flash Drive is even faster, smaller and more user-friendly than the USB 2.0 product introduced to the market in 2011. The read speed is now up to five times faster; standard memory sizes are 32, 64 or 128 GB; the body is shorter; and, in order to guarantee secure access, it is now available not only with the Fischer UltiMateTM Series interface, but also with the Fischer MiniMaxTM Series interface. The activity LED is a further feature of the new product to improve usability. Miniature – the size of a key ring – and lightweight, the Fischer Rugged Flash Drive has proven to be the durable solution for people on the go who need to download and securely transfer confidential data, images or videos from devices used in extreme environmental conditions or in hard-to-reach areas. It is perfectly adapted for applications where data security and confidentiality are critical, such as the defense and security, financial, medical, industrial, energy, underwater, motor and extreme sport sectors, e.g. for civil or military UAVs, ROVs, test & measure equipment or rugged computers.

Main technical specifications • IP68 sealed even unmated • Unique Fischer UltiMate (size 07) and MiniMax (size 08) interfaces • Up to 100 MB/s read speed • High speed USB 3.0 • Memory sizes: 32, 64, 128 GB • Resists corrosion, vibration, shock and extreme temperatures

Safe AND secure The Fischer Rugged Flash Drive is both safe and secure. Its rugged casing provides full protection against extreme environmental conditions. The flash drive is waterproof down to 120 meters and is resistant to extreme operating temperatures (-40°C to +85°C). Thanks to the unique proprietary Fischer Connectors’ circular connector interface combined with a durable encapsulation technique, it guarantees data security in case of loss or theft.

performance and flexibility are required when designing high-speed applications using video. The new Rugged Flash Drive increases data transfer speed by five, and its flexible modular design, which includes a large selection of body styles, sizes, contact configurations and memory capacities, offers high customization.” Showcased as world premiere at Eurosatory tradeshow

“Performance and flexibility” “At times when privacy and confidentiality are of paramount importance, you need the right product to protect your critical information against the elements and the potential risk of loss or theft,” explains Wim Vanheertum, Product Manager at Fischer Connectors. “Technology moves fast, and both

The new Fischer Rugged Flash Drive is showcased for the first time, along with the company’s new electrical and optical connectivity solutions, at the Eurosatory tradeshow in Paris from 13 to 17 June 2016, at Fischer Connectors’ booth no. G 497, Hall 6. The Fischer Rugged Flash Drive will be commercially available in July.

More information: • Web page: • How to contact us:


Insulation Monitoring Residual Current Monitoring Insulation Fault Location Power Quality Management ATICS Changeover Devices

BENDER UK Low Mill Business Park, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 9EE

Tel: 44(0) 1229 480123

July 2016

FANUC ROBOTS COLLABORATE WITH EACH OTHER! PPMA Total Exhibition, NEC Birmingham, 27-29 September 2016, Stand C50 At the PPMA Total Exhibition, on the FANUC stand (C50), FANUC is taking robotic safety a further leap into the future. A collaborative robot, or cobot, designed for working safely with human colleagues, will be challenged to work alongside a caged cell containing a conventional robot. Over the last couple of years, the first generation of collaborative robot has been revolutionising the way in which robots and humans work together. In contrast to traditional robots, which cannot operate in an operator-occupied workspace without safety fencing, these cage-free robots can work side by side with humans on shared or separate tasks. In the conventional cell, which is completely open on two sides, FANUCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Dual Check Safety (DCS) technology is combined with a safety scanner and safety camera. The robot will slow down to a safe speed as humans approach the cell, but will only stop when a hand moves into the cell itself. This allows them to maximise productivity and not spend unnecessary time ramping back up to full production speed. Now, just as when a human intruder penetrates the safety system, the robot in the cell will likewise react if the collaborative robot gets too close. The game-changing human safe CR-35iA robot has an impressive 35kg payload â&#x20AC;&#x201C; higher than any other collaborative robot on the market, opening up applications that have previously been off-limits for both traditional industrial robots and lighter duty collaborative robots. Key target areas include automation assembly lines, metalworking and packaging.


TECHNOLOGY INSIDE POWER & MOVEMENT Many solutions ... just one partner Megadyne, Premium brand Product engineering and quality of materials

Our staff and our branches are close to you with 41 company premises worldwide

V-Belts and conveyors for more than 45 industrial applications




July 2016

Omron acquires Adept’s classy robots for fast-moving automation At the PPMA Total Show 2016, Omron will formally announce its acquisition of Adept Technologies, an established US-based manufacturer and global supplier of industrial robots. The takeover has added 49 best-in-class robots to Omron’s portfolio and enables the company to offer all three primary classes of robots together with an established global service infrastructure. Critically, the deal has broadened Omron’s portfolio with the addition of six axis articulated robots. The new brand, named Omron Adept Technologies, can now offer a larger range of robots across all three primary classes SCARA, delta and six axis. This fits perfectly into Omron’s automation strategy, and means that the firm is well positioned to support manufacturers of high technology fastmoving consumer goods (FMCG). The robots are fully integrated into Omron’s Sysmac automation platform and programming environment. Both new and existing product lines will benefit from utilising the established Adept global service infrastructure. Omron has seamlessly integrated all 49 robots into the machine control environment managed by Omron’s Sysmac automation platform and programming system. Amongst the brightest new stars in the Omron Adept Technologies range is the Quattro s650H Delta (or ‘parallel’) robot. Claimed to be the world’s fastest industrial robot, it is specifically designed for high-speed applications in packaging, manufacturing, assembly and material handling. It is the only parallel robot in the world that features a patented fourarm design (rather than the usual three), advanced control algorithms, and large working envelope. This makes it an ideal, overhead-mounted robot for smooth motion, high-throughput applications. Omron’s existing two lines of SCARA and delta robots will continue to be offered alongside the new range. “Despite the Adept range being the larger of the two, the ranges are also complementary - for example, by providing a mini-Delta robotic solution to complement the models in the Adept range. Also, while Omron’s existing SCARA robots can carry higher payloads, albeit at slower speeds, the more compact Adept solutions provide expanded flexibility with regard to application compatibility,” says Omron’s Marketing Manager Dan Rossek.


Omron will display all three primary classes of robot on stand B34 at the PPMA Total Show held at the NEC Birmingham 27-29 September 2016.

July 2016

New Vibration Core Products Catalogue from ACE Fabreeka UK

ACE and Fabreeka have come together to become the new ACE Fabreeka UK. Both of these well recognised, market leading brands are available from one highly experienced team focused on the UK motion and vibration control market. A new 104-page Fabreeka Vibration Control core products catalogue is now available, giving designers, architects and structural engineers a comprehensive, technical overview of products to solve vibration and isolation problems.

Since 1936, Fabreeka has been providing these solutions to a diverse customer base across numerous end-markets, such as test and measurement, industrial machinery, building and construction, oil and gas, power generation, steel, automotive, precision equipment, aerospace and defence. The original fabric reinforced, elastomeric Fabreeka Pad and the nitrile rubber Fabcel Pad are the two core Fabreeka branded products supported by a wide array of other supporting vibration and isolation materials, shock mounts, mounting feet and levelling mounts.

of products, ACE Fabreeka UK will also be able to offer access to added value design and customer support services when more than just a product is necessary and a total vibration control solution is required. To get your copy of this new catalogue contact ACE Fabreeka UK on 01942 727440 or email: info@ ACE Fabreeka UK, Unit 404, Easter Park, Haydock Lane Haydock WA11 9TH. Tel: 01942 727440. Fax: 01942 717273. E-mail: Web: and

In addition to a very extensive range



July 2016

Industry Leaders line up to join The Manufacturer Smart Factory Expo

B&R Automation are the latest company to join the line-up of exhibitors for The Manufacturer Smart Factory Expo, the only exhibition focussing on the UK’s response to Industry 4.0. Other exhibitors recently confirmed include Autodesk, Bluefin, Bytronic, Cimlogic, Fast Technologies, Harting, K3, Netsuite. TM Smart Factory Expo has also gained the support from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), The Manufacturers’ Organisation EEF, and GAMBICA the UK’s leading trade association focussing on Automation, Instrumentation and Control. Adrian Sell, Business Development Manager at The Manufacturer Smart Factory Expo said: “There is enormous interest from both exhibitors and visitors that wish to engage in a face to face experience to discover what the UK’s response to industry 4.0 can offer. The expo will cover everything from new embedded technology; artificial intelligence, the industrial internet of things, automation and robotics, machine to machine


technologies, additive manufacturing, servitization and mass customisation. It is our clear goal to make our manufacturers as efficient, sustainable and profitable as possible - we need to act now to remain competitive.”

tion; data exchange; technology, and wider supply chain communications provides both huge opportunities and threats to UK manufacturing, there remains a ‘gaping hole’ in the education and understanding of Industry 4.0.

Nicholas Temple, Marketing Manager UK&I, B&R Industrial Automation said “B&R stands for innovation in industrial manufacturing. Through our involvement at The Manufacturer Smart Factory Expo, we aim to define the role of technology in building the future of UK manufacturing. We are delighted to be involved and look forward to sharing our experiences and solutions with the participants as they look to increase the productivity, flexibility and competitiveness of their factories.”

The Manufacturer’s Annual Leaders Conference (TMALC) has announced the programme for the two day event that runs alongside The Manufacturer Smart Factory Expo.

Only 8% of UK manufacturers have a significant understanding of Industry 4.0 processes, despite 59% recognising that it will have a big impact on the sector, according to a new report published 16 June by accountancy and business advisory firm, BDO LLP, in association with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. As the increasing use of automa-

TMALC 2016 sets the stage to answer all of UK manufacturing’s questions about the 4th Industrial Revolution. This revolution will fundamentally change the industrial landscape, so early adopters will gain the most from embracing this new paradigm. Much uncertainty surrounds this technology; what will it mean for the manufacturing community and how can we ensure we remain competitive globally? The event takes place on the exhibition floor of TM Smart Factory Expo, but separate registration is required. Visit for more information.

In partnership with

2-3 November 2016 | The NEC, Birmingham TMSMARTFACTORYEXPO.COM

The smart factory is no longer the ‘factory of the future’ – it is the factory of TODAY. TM Smart Factory Expo is the only showcase event to focus solely on the very latest advances in Industry 4.0 in the UK.


1-3 NOVEMBER 2016

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July 2016

Measurement in Manufacturing 2016 Metrology, testing,sensors,instrumentation and controls in Manufacturing as a business tool


his year the GTMA is holding its popular Make Measurement Matter event in association with the British Measurement and Testing Association (BMTA) and Gambica representing Sensors, Instrumentation and Controls We are working together to launch the Measurement in Manufacturing Road Show on Thursday, 13th October 2016, at the Concord Sports Centre in Sheffield. This excellent event provides an excellent event venue and facilities. The venue provides free parking for visitors and free Wi-Fi. A key focus of the event will be over 50 stands providing a unique insight into metrology and measurement services available to support the manufacturing industries in Aerospace, Automotive, Rail, Marine, Medical and Energy markets. The event will provide an extensive networking opportunity in an environment set to nurture strong business links. Demonstrating the very latest technology, these companies are active participants in creating successful engineering solutions for the current and future demands of all manufacturing industry sectors. Visitors will also benefit from free parking and free refreshments. So please register to attend at


This event provides a focal point for the transfer of technology from the science of measurement into the most demanding manufacturing environments, MIM 2016 will deliver an opportunity for attendees to learn more about the very latest measurement and inspection technologies and services available. “Knowledge gained here could provide a vital competitive business edge,” states GTMA chief executive, Julia Moore. “With keynote speakers from industry-leading ‘blue chip’ manufacturing companies, it is a must to attend, to learn about the latest leading edge technology in this field in the UK.” Within a manufacturing company the role of metrology, first and foremost, must be as a business tool. “Metrology adds value and reduces costs, which ultimately improves the relationship with customers. Metrology can bring to manufacturing a real confidence in any measurement results, allowing management to make decisions with a greater degree of assurance. It will also tell you how well you are performing, and becomes an essential tool to help improve business to outperform global competition” quoted Trevor Troman Head of Metrology for Coventry University Chair of the MMM Roadshow 2015. Good measurement systems equate to better business decisions, and MIM 2016 will provide the ideal opportunity for visitors to find out about how our exhibitors can influence and improve their businesses.

What you will find at MIM 2016 Calibration Services CMM Services Inspection Equipment Optical Systems Surface & Form Measurement Process Instrumentation Controls & Sensors

And much more

Thursday 13th October 2016

8:30am - 4pm Concord Sports Centre Shire Green Lane She eld South Yorkshire S5 6AE 7^a\^aRW]S^a\McW^]M]Qc^aRUWbcRaS^acVRbV^f͜ _ZRMbReWbWcfff͙\RMbdaR\R]cW]\M]dSMPcdaW]U͙P^͙dY

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July 2016

Manufacturing skills gap and food waste top the bill at PPMA Total Show 2016 The PPMA Total Show 2016, running from 27-29 September 2016, at the NEC Birmingham, will once again play host to an extensive seminar programme. Visitors will be invited to join and engage with industry experts from Mondelez International, Nampak Plastics and the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), who will speak about the latest industry trends and hottest issues impacting processing and packaging professionals including hygiene compliance, food waste and the ongoing skills gap. Headlining the 2016 seminar programme will be The Rt Hon Lord Francis Maude of Horsham, who previously served as the Minister of State for Trade and Investment. Lord Maude will present the opening address at the show, that will include a focus on the outlook of British manufacturing in the wake of the EU referendum. As a major proponent of the government led ‘Exporting is Great’ campaign, Lord Maude will also speak about a series of events set up across the UK in 2016, to ensure small and medium businesses get the support they need with exporting goods. Addressing one of the most important industry issues, the skills gap, Emma Mcleod, Principal Engineer for Process Solutions Global


Chocolate R&D Team at Mondelez International, will be taking to the stage to give an inspiring, accurate and upto-date insight into the opportunities in engineering, the largest industry in the UK. As well as addressing the impact of the skills gap, Emma will explore how apprenticeships and graduate training schemes can help young people build a successful career in the UK food and drink manufacturing industry. Also speaking at the PPMA Total Show 2016, Claire Shrewsbury, Packing Programme Area Manager for WRAP, the circular economy and resource efficiency experts, will reveal how the charity is at the forefront of helping governments and businesses to achieve sustainability targets and improve resource efficiency. Claire is currently responsible for a number of government programmes that promote both environmental improvements and cost benefits to industry, including current projects with GlassRite Wine, and developing recycled food grade PP processing. Also joining the line-up, Emma De-Alwis, Hygiene Specialist at Campden BRI will highlight how contaminated food products and food hygiene problems that go undetected along the supply chain have a serious negative impact on the UK manufacturing industry. She will

discuss the importance of equipment and factory design on hygiene compliance in the pharmaceutical sector as well as the food and drink industry. Emma’s session will cover industry requirements in relation to hygiene compliance for both equipment manufacturers and end users. Addressing the need to excite consumers and the role of packaging in increasing sales, Ashwin Moorthy, Head of Engineering & Innovation at Nampak Plastics, will discuss the latest packaging innovations in the FMCG world, and how packaging can both protect products and extend shelf life whilst being environmentally friendly. Additional speakers confirmed for the 2016 exhibition include Neil Farmer of the Neil Farmer Associates; Ben Clarke, Training & Education Manager at GS1; and Nick Kesterton of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE). To register your attendance at the show please visit: For more information on the PPMA Total Show 2016, please visit or join the conversation on twitter @PPMATotalShow#PPMATotalShowor the PPMA Total Show LinkedIn page


July 2016

THINK OUT OF THE FENCE. COMAU AT AUTOMATICA 2016 – applied on a Maserati Ghibli and in a second demo through which a completely collaborative system offers Italy’s renowned coffee to the visitors of the fair, integrating Amico (the Comau humanoid concept), Racer5 in AURA configuration and, moreover, a collaborative rotary table and gripper. AURA robots are powered by a special covering, equipped with sensitive areas which can simultaneously perceive the proximity and the contact with a person, or any other automation component. Comau introduces two new Racer robots and the SCARA robot family along with a preview of their high payload collaborative robots . Munich, 21 June 2016 – From June 21-24, Comau, a member of FCA Group, will have a prominent exhibit at Automatica 2016, one of the major international trade fairs for robotics and mechatronics, with a display area – Hall B5, Booth 329 – showcasing a large number of new products and robotics solutions. “Think out of the fence” is Comau’s motto at the fair, expressing the company’s ability to think outside the conventions of the robotics industry and break the barriers which have so far come between man and machine in industrial plants. The motto also represents Comau’s concrete way to extend its product range, which has been characterized by articulated robots. Comau introduces two new Racer models: Racer5-0.63 and Racer5-0.80. Both robots are built on the Racer3 technological platform, offering different solutions which share the same components and parts, in a strategy aimed at expanding the range. In detail, the two new robots expand the capacity of Racer3 in terms of payload and reach. Racer5-0.63 features a reach of 630mm and payload of 5kg. Rac-


er5-0.80 is also rated for a payload of 5kg, but has an extended reach of 809mm. The ambition to “think out of the fence” is also embodied by 5 new models of SCARA robots. The Rebel-S family - a name which evokes the spirit required to break barriers – represents Comau’s entrance into new segments of the market, and the aim to offer to customers an extended range of robots for handling and pick & place applications. Rebel-S can be considered “rebels” because they enhance the Comau portfolio of articulated robots; they offer all 3 mounting positions and provide 3 different reaches (450, 600, 750mm) thanks to an extension kit composed of cables and spacers (modules which enable the robot to extend its radius of action). From “rebels” to collaborators. At Automatica, Comau introduces the AURA – Advanced Use Robotic Arm – upcoming product, an innovative solution for the collaborative robotics industry. For the first time, a real cooperation between high payload robots and man is possible. AURA will be showcased by two automotive applications – with robots handling payloads of both 60 and 110kg, the highest payloads on the market

Additionally, the system features: perception of tactile pulses, the ability to modify its trajectory accordingly to a contact, manual guidance, an integrated vision system which enables it to predict the movements of a person in the area of action, and the use of laser scanners which monitor the people it interacts with. The combined use of control, perception and predictive systems allows the machine to cooperate with man in any process or sector and without compromise: there is no need, for instance, to control vibrations. Comau will also be present in other areas of the fair, not just at its own stand. Indeed, our partners will be showcasing 12 robots, including the openROBOTICS version of the SCARA robot, Rebel-S at the B&R booth, and an application using Racer5 in its collaborative configuration at the Schunk booth.

Unique Partnership of organizers:


Bavaria, strong industrial region for composites

Meet them at Experience Composites 2016! To exhibit: In Paris: Guillaume Vouioux | T + 33 (1)5836-1507 | In Augsburg: Philip Häußler | T +49 (0)821-2572-106 |

To visit:


July 2016

Exhibition For Industrial Vision And Factory Automation VISION UK is dedicated to vision in the factory, on the production line, in science and includes applications, components, instruments and systems and all things utilising cameras. It is integrated within the PHOTONEX exhibition where the wider subject of “light technologies” can be viewed.. What’s at these events for the engineer? With a broad light technologies remit, PHOTONEX/VISION UK provides industry with the unique opportunity to meet the UK’s top supplier companies, to attend educational seminars and presentations. At VACUUM EXPO attendees can attend the Vacuum Symposium and take part in Training Courses. Vision technologies features strongly at this Vision UK event - for vision/ imaging technology for industry | machine vision | factory automation. Vision UK is a place to solve your problems, learn how to utilise vision in your factory - amongst the exhibitors there is someone to answer any vision, sensing, remote sensing or light based


technology question and to explain what technique will be suitable for your application. The UKIVA (UK Industrial Vision Association) underpins Vision UK with a strong technical and application orientated programme “Industrial Vision Works! – techniques and the application of imaging technologies”. Learn how to adopt industrial vision solutions for your process – increase reliability and product quality at this day-long meeting. Keynote Speakers highlight advances in their presentations. There will be two keynote presentations, each will explore the functionality of imaging in space technology from different perspectives and reflects the increased interest in the space

program in the UK following Major Tim Peake’s launch to the International Space Station in December 2105. The keynotes will be delivered by Jason Gow, Centre for Electronic Imaging, The Open University and Dr Stuart Green, an industrial technical manager, in his capacity as an amateur astronomer. Jason’s talk is entitled: ‘The Challenges Associated with Imaging Technology in Space’, and Stuart’s presentation will cover ‘Machine Vision Cameras for Solar Imaging’. Readers of this article are encouraged to visit the event websites to register to attend, to register to receive enewsletter updates and to find out more. More details at,,

FREE TO ATTEND Industrial | Machine Vision | Factory Automation 12TH & 13TH OCTOBER 2016 · RICOH ARENA · COVENTRY


Presenting their seminar programme:

“Industrial Vision Works! - techniques and the application of imaging technologies” For more details, visit the website

The Technology of Light

Industrial | Machine Vision | Factory Automation

Vison UK is an integrated event within Photonex. Subscribe to receive newsletters





July 2016

IChemE announces Adrian Chiles as Global Awards host British TV and radio broadcaster, Adrian Chiles, will host the Institution of Chemical Engineers (IChemE) Global Awards on 3 November 2016. The TV host spent four years on BBC’s The One Show with Christine Bleakley, before moving to ITV to host the football coverage. Adrian recently presented My Mediterranean, a documentary series for BBC Two, and Living in ’66 for BBC One. Chiles also presents BBC Radio 5’s popular 5 Live Daily show, every Monday and Tuesday. Chiles started his career in business journalism, getting his first presenting job on BBC Two’s Working Lunch covering world business, finance and consumer news. He had also written and starred in a number of documentaries for the BBC, before fronting The One Show in 2006. Born in Birmingham, UK, Chiles is West Bromwich Albion season-ticket holder and presented ITV’s football reporting from 2010 to 2015 including the channel’s coverage of the 2014 World Cup. The IChemE Global Awards celebrate innovation and excellence in the chemical, process, and biochemical industries. Two new categories have been added for 2016, Team of the Year and the Biotechnology Award. Chiles will welcome over 400 guests to the event, held at The Palace Hotel in Manchester, UK and will present 17 awards in total. This includes the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Chemical and Process Engineering, an accolade recognising the overall winner on the night. It was won last year by Pacific Northwest Laboratory for their green fracking technology. The event is sponsored by ABB Consulting, AstraZeneca, Bouygues Energy and Services, Costain, ExxonMobil, GSK, Jacobs, Morgan Sindall, NES Global Talent, Otto Simon, PM


Group, Reliance Industries, Rolls-Royce, Shell, and Simon Carves Engineering. Additional sponsorship opportunities are available, and those interested should download the sponsorship brochure. Entries for the IChemE Global Awards close on Friday 8 July at 24:00 BST. Those interested in applying for any of the 17 categories should visit

LiftEx Industry Conference on Day 1 BOOK YOUR SEAT NOW!

REGISTRATION IS NOW LIVE Engineering Update members get 15% off conference entry – quote EU15 when booking!

23–24 NOVEMBER 2016 ABERDEEN EXHIBITION AND CONFERENCE CENTRE visit to book your place ! Now in its 12th year, LiftEx has grown to become the UK’s leading exhibition for the lifting industry, returning to its successful stand-alone format over 2 full days.

EXHIBITORS INCLUDE: AJT Equipment + Atlas Winch & Hoist + Brindley Chains + Cabletrail + Caldwell Group / Renfroe + Carl Stahl Evita + Checkmate + Columbus McKinnon + CoreRFID + Crosby + Diamond H Lifting + Dynamic Load Monitoring + EMM Corp + First Integrated + Fisher Offshore + Gunnebo Industries + Hendrik Veder + Hird + Intercomp + Interlift + J D Neuhaus + JCM Load Monitoring + Jergens + Lift Turn Move + Lift-Rite + Modulift + Motion Software + Petersen Stainless Rigging + PMS Industries + Powerjacks + Probst Handling Equipment + Red Rooster + Reid Lifting + Rope Assemblies + RUD Chains + Sahm Splice + Scotload + Sensor Technology + Spanset + Straightpoint + Talurit (UK) + Teeside Rigging & Lifting + Thern Winches & Cranes + Tiger Lifting + Tractel + Unique Group + Unitex + Van Beest + Waterweights + William Hackett + Worlifts + Yoke Industrial Corp

LESS THAN 20% OF STAND SPACE REMAINING – DON’T MISS OUT! to secure a stand or one of our few remaining sponsorship opportunities Contact Leah Phelps on +44 (0)7795 110646 or email





July 2016

Accelerating 3D Technology - The 2016 TCT Show opens for registration 28th - 29th September, NEC, Birmingham Highlights for the 2016 TCT Show will include:

Rapid News Publications Ltd, organisers of the TCT Show, where tomorrow’s 3D manufacturing technology is brought to life, has today announced that registration is open for its 21st show, which will run 28th - 29th September, NEC, Birmingham. After a successful 2015 show, more than 220 exhibitors will participate in this years’ event, which will boast the largest concentration of additive manufacturing machines, 3D printers and complementary and competing technology in the UK. More than 8,000 attendees including manufacturers, designers, business leaders, early adopters, innovators and investors from over 60 countries are also set to attend. “The TCT Show sets the agenda for the industry giving visitors the opportunity to gain insight, education, see innovation in action and most importantly to do business.” Said Duncan Wood, COO Rapid News Communications Group. “Visitors can expect to see a mix of expert speakers, real world applications as well as product launches, live demonstrations and other exciting features – the TCT Show is an event that buzzes with energy.” Added Wood. For 2016, the conference will see perhaps the biggest changes to the format and focus since its inception. While a number of traditional presentations from users of 3D technologies will be retained, they will be complemented by live debate and discussion, interactive sessions and addresses from speakers whose expertise lies on the fringes of the TCT realm. A visit to TCT Show promises a mix of expert speakers from companies such as Sutrue, AP Works, Caterpillar Inc., and ALSTOM plus many more.


TOUCH IT. TEST IT – over 300 machines on display covering all aspects of 3D printing and additive manufacturing as well as complementary, supporting and competing technologies.

MAIN STAGE @TCT - speakers from a range of industries talk about real-life industry applications.

KEYNOTE PRESENTATIONS – leading industry commentators focus on digital manufacturing — find out what’s new and discover the must see technologies.

BEGINNERS GUIDE TO ADDITIVE MANUFACTURING – led by expert Graham Tromans this seminar is a must attend session for all those new to additive manufacturing or needing a refresher.

INSPEX @TCT – providers of metrology and inspection hardware, software and services will be given enhanced visibility on the show floor alongside a dedicated seminar session.

SOFTWARE INSIGHTS – a dedicated seminar addressing emerging trends and new technology for design; prototyping and visualization; file manipulation and management; and machine/process management.

START UP ZONE - 16 brand new and dynamic start-up companies will present their businesses and products to the market.

New for 2016 the TCT START UP AWARD - recognising and honouring innovative new technologies from the Start Up Zone.

Visitors can register for the free-to-attend TCT Show 2016 at and via social networks; Twitter @TCTEvents, LinkedIn or Facebook.


28 SEPT - 29 SEPT 2016


Save 90% On Cooling Costs With EcoCooling Energy Efficient Cooling Ventilation and Evaporative Cooling Use outside air most of the year in the UK | Energy efficient natural cooling for the warmer days | No refrigerants | 3500 installations worldwide | UK based

Industrial and Commercial Cooling Utilises free cooling up to 90% | Energy efficient natural cooling | No refrigerants | 3000 installations worldwide | Warehouses | Stores | Bakeries | Laundries | Gyms | Manufacturing | Telecoms |

Data Centre and IT Cooling Achieve PUE of <1.1 | ASHRAE Compliant | ROI in 1 year | Telecoms | Data centres | IT and server rooms | UPS rooms | New build and retrofit

Low Cost, Resilient Control Systems Remote monitoring | Versatile connections to BMS and fire systems | In-built resilience| Touch screen interface | Energy monitoring | Email alarm options

Proven Savings Energy savings calculator available | Relevant case studies and testimonials | Clients include Net-a-Porter, BT, TK Maxx, Cummins, Unum, CGG, S3, Talk Talk, Aberdeen University, Cambridge University and Cap Gemini

EcoCooling Ltd, IP28 6RE | 01284 810586 | | T@EcoCooling1 |

July 2016


July 2016

Automation for high-hygiene machinery:

Kollmorgen’s new ERD series IP69K linear actuator Recently announced by Kollmorgen and available from Heason Technology, its UK Gold Partner, the new ERD series stainless steel linear actuators combine the well proven AKMH™ series servo motors with long life ballscrew driven transmissions as IP69K-rated fully housed packages that are ready-to-install in food produce or pharmaceutical machinery and other high-hygiene applications. Designed for use with Kollmorgen AKD or AKD-N series centralised and decentralised servo drives, the ERD actuators benefit from the motion control innovator’s single-cable technology – a single cable for power and feedback which offers substantially less cabling and installation work. A choice of encoder feedback includes digital resolver SFD3 and Hiperface DSL. The 316 stainless steel housed AKMH series servo motor has a torque derating of under 20% which, when compared to typical competitive stainless motor thermal performance at around 30%, offers better servo performance. Aimed at precision positioning tasks such as lifting units, closing or feed axes, or for machine format adjustments, the actuators are available with inline or reverse (parallel) motor mount configurations. A choice of four AKMH servo motors (72,5 to 132 mm diameter), allows the ERD a thrust force of up to 20 kN with feed speeds to over 1 m/sec over a stroke length of up to 600 mm. For compact and convenient installation the actuator screw section diameter ranges from 42 to 132 mm across the four frame-sizes.


The ERD’s all stainless steel construction and IP69K rated protection facilitates easy and rapid cleaning with no need for additional protective housings, which are cumbersome necessities on many high-hygiene automation machines. With faster cleaning possible, and use even where high pressure and high temperature cycles are called for, the smooth surfaces of the actuator avoid dirt and bacteria build-up. The fully sealed unit is lubricated with food grade grease and is certified for USDA, 3A, NSF requirements. For installation flexibility a wide choice of mounting versions include foot, flange, trunnion and clevis pin, with the actuator rod supplied with internal or external threads and an optional support bracket. A pressure compensation feature prevents condensation from forming inside the motor. Heason Technology provides full support for Kollmorgen’s new ERD series actuators and its full line of motion components and systems with a GOLD Partnership agreement within the global manufacturer’s Premier Partner programme. Heason’s in-house design and build system integration service combines such components as part of bespoke integrated motion systems for high precision positioning and automation applications across industry and research. Further information is available at Heason Technology’s website at .

HARTING IIC MICA The modular industry computer that provides intelligence to devices

Data Processing

Track & Trace

Integrated Industry

Modular Open Platform

Introducing MICA...Modular Industry Computing Architecture MICA makes it possible to temporarily save, evaluate and process data directly on the machine Functions as a small, robust computing unit between physical devices and the higher-level IT system IP 67 rated, MICA has eight freely configurable GPIOs, with either PoE or 12 â&#x20AC;&#x201C; 24VDC power supply Open source approach using Linux-based containers allows you to customise for each application Download the whitepapers now at For more information on MICA, phone +44 (0) 1604 827500 or e-mail


T&D Corporation Mr Minoru Ito European Sales Office Gronauer Straße 1 61194 Niddatal Germany 0049 (0)6034 930970

ECi Software Solutions Si One, St Ives Business Park, Parsons Green, St Ives, PE27 4AA Tel: +44 (0) 333 123 0333   Website:     Email:

Man and Machine Ltd Unit 8 Thame 40 Jane Morbey Road Thame Oxfordshire OX9 3RR

Weber Marking Systems UK Macmerry Industrial Estate, Tranent, East Lothian EH33 1HD, United Kingdom Tel: +44.18.7561.1111 E-mail: 70|

July 2016

Quantum Controls 6a Dukes Way Low Prudhoe Northumberland NE42 69Q 0330 9000 247  

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd Scotts Business Park Bampton, Devon EX16 9DN +44 (0)1398331114

Hone-All Cherrycourt Way, Leighton Buzzard. LU7 4UH. Tel: 0845 5555 111 E-mail:

Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd Unit 4, Ridgeway, Crendon Industrial Area, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9BF Tel: +44 1844204420

High Precision MEMS Inertial Sensors and Systems Silicon Sensing offers a flexible toolkit for the discerning system designer â&#x20AC;&#x201C; high precision MEMS IMUs, gyroscopes and accelerometers for all points on the price/performance curve.

Low output noise High accuracy Robust and reliable Excellent bias instability Evaluation kits, breakout boards and expert support available Silicon Sensing Systems Limited Clittaford Road, Southway, Plymouth, Devon PL6 6DE United Kingdom T +44 (0)1752 723330 F +44 (0)1752 723331

New TC Model t 500 - 2000kg/hr t Touch control screen t Full modulation feature 50-100% firing t Natural Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel t Automatic facility option t PM5 Facility option t Pressure range up to 32 barG t >98% Efficiency * t Remote compatible with Profibus/ CANbus etc. t Steam in 3 minutes t Compact construction t Lightweight t Suitable for mezzanine floors t Factory tested prior to dispatch to site t NOx Gas reduction option t Dual fuel option

SC Range t 80 - 2000kg/hr t Natural Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel t Automatic facility option t PM5 Facility option t Pressure range up to 32 barG t >98% Efficiency * t Steam in 3 minutes t Compact construction t Lightweight t Suitable for mezzanine floors t Factory tested prior to dispatch to site t NOx Gas reduction option

Electrical Range t Compact t 8 - 160kg/hr Steam output t Modulating ouput t Skid mountable t Steam in 3 minutes t Automatic facility option

CERTUSS (UK) Limited Unit 45 Gravelly Industrial Park Tyburn Road Birmingham B24 8TG

Tel: 0121 327 5362 Fax: 0121 328 2934

Duty Standby with CVE Package Plant

CVE Package Plant t compact t Pre-pied, Pre-Wired t Skid mounted t Fully factory tested t Lightweight t Easily maintained

Containerised Plant t Easily relocated t Self contained plant room t Full lighting and heating t Fast site connection

Engineering Update - July 2016  
Engineering Update - July 2016