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Man and Machine offer an extensive range of Autodesk 2014 training courses

Man and Machine specialise in Autodesk training for Manufacturers, Engineers, Architects & Product Designers. All courses are taught with the official Autodesk courseware and includes one month’s free post training support. Autodesk AutoCAD courses include: • • • • •

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September 2014

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Housing an ever expanding variety of products Offering ‘Same Day’ dispatch One of the UK’s largest stockists Commitment to quality and customer service 25 Years industry experience 31 Hainge Road, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 2NY T: +44 (0)121 557 9000 F: +44 (0)121 557 9092 E:


September 2014

to the ever-changing Research & Development (R&D). Here, Gill Research & Development Ltd R&D has always been essential to cutting-edge engineering development and has been responsible for advances in technology on land, sea and air that are in use today. These technologies have cascaded down into mainstream applications, providing specialist engineering and, in many cases, becoming so ubiquitous that the technology has become disconnected from its origins. However, R&D now needs to take on an even greater role, as the pace of new technologies; new competitive threats and ever increasing budget

Create and Develop New Products To deliver an optimum solution, an R&D company needs to have a clear understanding of its customers’ needs and the market(s) in which they operate.

organisations to exploit the latest advances in new and established technologies. This is emphasised by the fact that solutions can employ

Being technical in nature, some R&D companies may want to exploit the latest technologies to solve the demand. Whilst this approach may meet performance targets, the budget and market need will invariably not. The customer must be provided with appropriate solutions that meet the commercial need as well as the technical.

associated with it.

is clear that available spending will Increase Flexibility need to work harder, faster and Commercial advantage and produce greater value. operational requirements mean that a quick response is needed to R&D is the key to unlocking solutions introduce new products and services to these-high pressure demands to market. Outsourcing R&D enables and outsourcing could provide the organisations to react much more knowledge and resources required. quickly than would otherwise be possible. By outsourcing work to a consensus that core activities should proven company, organisations can never be outsourced, as this could immediately call upon a resource potentially create a new competitor. pool with the skills to deliver the appropriate solution. frontier of outsourcing, as it is seen Additionally, outsourcing R&D allows as the source of innovation. organisations to manage multiple projects simultaneously without increasing headcount. opinion, as outlined below:


and that each one will invariably

By outsourcing R&D, organisations previously




the linking of technology, rapidprototyping and product development processes, regardless of sector. Reduce Development Times The costs associated with new product development mean that it is vital to keep the project tightly focused, minimising costs and development times. This also gets the product to market as soon as possible and optimises competitor advantage.

works in the applied research stage of the technology development cycle, they are able to bridge the gap between academic research and technology development. Combine this with fasttrack product development processes and the R&D supplier will not only have the technical capability to develop the appropriate solution, but will also Exploit Technology deliver in compressed timescales and With the rate of technological change to budget.

Creators in Technology Innovation


September 2014 safe areas, and the robot can be locked out of areas where it might cause a hazard. Position Check can identify multiple areas of the robot, The safe zones can be modelled within the software using geometric shapes of up to eight vertical lines each. These areas can be adapted – enabled and disabled to change the areas that the robot is not allowed to enter – depending on the task it is undertaking and the changing of these adaptive zones allows for a more compact cell layout and allows humans and robots to safely share a common space in a controlled way. The DCS Speed Check functionality

Ensuring worker safety should be the prime consideration in all robot applications, especially when humans and robots may need to share the same workspace. “Robot safety is an issue that transcends sectors or applications,” says Darren Whittall, technical manager at FANUC UK. “In addition to regulatory requirements, there is also a moral obligation to ensure that the workforce is properly protected. If overlooked, robot-related accidents can have

package of software-based safety options integrated into FANUC’s R30iA and R30iB robot controllers, ensuring safe monitoring of robot position and speed. It allows safety zones to be quickly and easily designed, and removes the need for hardware such as limit switches and zone switches. FANUC’s safety technology is well-proven, being based on a design that has been employed for many years in its CNC products. The software functions are

implications too,” he warns. Unlike more predictable automated operations, robots can produce powerful and rapid movements through a large operational space, and the path of a robot and/or its arm predict. Most robot-related accidents occur during non-routine operating conditions. For example, when an operator temporarily enters the robot’s working envelope to complete programming, maintenance, testing, setup, or adjustment tasks. Until recently, the only acceptable way to make a robot safe was to banish humans from the robot working area using physical guarding solutions. However, the development of software-enabled safety technology has changed this. Software-enabled safety is now becoming accepted practice. Dual Check Safety (DCS) Position & Speed Check software, for example, is a


of a software-based safety solution when compared to hardware-based solutions: “Having less hardware means that safety can be integrated it has been necessary to bolt a number of sensors onto a robot to determine where the robot and its arm are positioned within the cell at any time. This can cost several thousand pounds, depending on the application and the number of sensors needed. With a software-based solution these sensors are not required, reducing hardware costs, not to mention the physical time it takes to install the sensors.” Darren estimates that it is possible to achieve a 50% cost reduction for a small single robot system with multiple safety devices, just in terms of the hardware savings versus a software-based safety solution. DCS Position Check features ensure that the robot stays inside designated

maximum robot speed. Speed can also be changed in reaction to a that the robot holds a position must not move while the operator is undertaking a loading procedure,” Darren explains.

the robot controller to manage the enabling/disabling of position and speed functions of other equipment in the designated area due to an external event – such as an operator stepping into a set zone. It supports DeviceNet Safety, EtherNet/IP Safety

includes the optional Safety PMC (programmable machine control). An addition to the standard PMC, it allows the robot to control the entire cell, including the safety functionality, negating the need for additional dedicated safety hardware, such as a There are many features available within FANUC’s DCS Position & Speed Check to ensure worker safety in robot applications. In addition to achieving it also has the potential to enhance productivity by allowing humans and robots to inhabit the same space in a controlled and safe manner.

Editors Choice

September 2014

Internet of Things set to Revolutionise Manufacturing US business growth consultants, Frost and Sullivan, have recognised the disruptive power of Forcam’s Smart Factory technology and awarded it their ‘New Product Innovation Leadership Award’ for 2014. World-wide, Forcam has more than 50,000 machine tools and processes under the control of its Factory Framework shop floor manufacturing execution system (MES). Weir Minerals is one of the first UK companies to adopt Factory Framework. Their Todmorden factory recorded a 12 per cent increase in output in the six months following the installation and continues to see incremental improvement. Aerospace component suppliers Hyde Group has also applied the system with beneficial outcomes. “We are all aware of the Internet of things (IoT). The discussion so far has centred on smart homes, building management, intelligent cars and systems that can monitor our fitness and health, but the major breakthrough is in manufacturing. Machine-to-machine (M2M) communication will allow UK manufacturers to improve productivity, quality and the pace of innovation to become leaders in the new industrial revolution,” explained Charlie Walker, Forcam’s UK manager Forcam, are pioneers of smart factory technology in Germany. The German government has also recognised the importance of this to manufacturing with Industry 4, an initiative to encourage industry to integrate shop-floor processes using


intelligent networking to achieve greater efficiency and competitiveness. Auto manufacturers Audi, BMW and Daimler, fastening specialist Hilti and aero-engine maker MTU are all early adopters, some achieving efficiency improvements of 20 per cent or more in the first year. Worldwide Daimler has over 15,000 machines linked via Factory Framework. All these companies are using the system within their continuous improvement programmes (CIP) to achieve still higher year-on-year productivity, keeping them competitive against lower cost overseas manufacturers. There are other advantages. Product yield and quality are improved because the tighter control loop means more rapid remediation of problems. Innovation and new product development cycles are reduced and production of small batch and bespoke products becomes viable. In large companies networking the supply chain makes for better integration between company owned plants and with outside supply partners, even when these are on different continents. The internet-of-things means far more than controlling the central heating from your smart phone or your fridge reordering the tomatoes. Forcam UK is working to ensure it will have a major beneficial effect on industry that will bolster the revival of manufacturing in an advanced economy such as the UK’s.


Editors Choice

September 2014 responsible for quality control or a plastics manufacturer,” “we have solutions that will ensure end-to-end color perfection and the ability to seamlessly communicate color data throughout the supply chain. Our lighting products, including our Judge II light booth, will also ensure that color is viewed and measured under optimum lighting conditions. We encourage visitors to stop by our stand at one or more of these shows to see how these solutions can take the guesswork out of the color management process, saving precious time and money.”

X-Rite Pantone to Bring Color Consistency to Autumn Plastics Trade Shows

existing program;

Closed-loop color measurement and management brings operating costs; X-Rite Incorporated, a global leader in color science


“Whether you are a master batcher/compounder,


SAFETY is for life.


Safety Solutions for the Oil + Gas Industry REMBE速 GmbH Safety+Control Gallbergweg 21| 59929 Brilon, Germany T +49 2961 7405-0 | |


September 2014

Step on Safety is a GRP fabrications company with a multimillion-pound turnover, it is a major supplier to the rail industry and has the experience and ability to produce creative and bespoke products The announcement of the Northern Hub, Network Rail’s plan to create better connections between key towns and cities in the North, is good news for companies

Southern Railway’s permanent access platforms at its Selhurst depot

excellent opportunity to showcase its creativity. ‘The Rail Industry has always been important to us and never more so since the unveiling of Network Rail’s visionary Northern Hub and the opportunities it creates for the future of rail travel and companies like ours,’ said Sue Rudland, Step on Safety group marketing manager. GRP products have been used in the rail industry for years but demand for the material is at an all-time high. The Essex- based company is currently working on a project for Southern Railway in greater London where it is installing two GRP (glass reinforced plastic) platforms. The platforms are the longest and, at double the height, the tallest that the company have ever built and will be used by the Toc for future train maintenance. Listed below are three case studies that detail work with major clients, which demonstrate Step on Safety’s expertise in using GRP on rail-related projects. Project: Selhurst depot Client: Southern Railway Date: Summer 2014 The brief/objectives: The installation of two permanent access platforms that enable rail engineers to safely maintain the HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) units on top of the 377-type carriages, while also allowing the switchgear inside the door wells to be maintained at the same time. The solution: Design a GRP double-height walkway platform that doorway and HVAC units are situated, covering a three, For the roof access, Step on Safety created a GRP self-closing safety barrier system that allows the maintenance team to work safely from within an enclosed space while working on the carriage roof.

The company was able to design, supply and install the solution within ten weeks of receiving Southern’s approval. Phil Somers, Southern Railway this size. In the past we would have probably used steel for such a large structure but this was a project that required to be completed within a tight timescale and GRP ticked all the boxes. Operationally, it went smoothly and we are impressed with the results and the time it has taken to complete.’ Project: Signal access ladders, Folkestone terminal Client: Eurotunnel Date: Autumn 2013 The brief/objectives: Eurotunnel’s Folkestone depot operates a number of signal lights of the lights at varying heights, safe access was required for the maintenance teams. The solution:

maintenance-free solution with a very quick turnaround, this was crucial so it did not disturb Eurotunnel’s train activities and the dayused materials. Two key examples are that the materials and-night shift that helps it meet its track possession times. are completely non-conductive, meaning that there are Step on Safety designed an access solution for each signal light no live-rail issues, and that they are lightweight (around and installed all 60 structures during September. Signal lights in the depot are now equipped with ladders and, where necessary, 65 per cent lighter than steel), meaning that existing platforms for the maintenance teams to safely perform their maintenance platform walkways are not overloaded. activities.


September 2014 Pierre Bartolo, Eurotunnel infrastructure project manager ‘Eurotunnel had a project to install access ladders and walkway platforms, providing safe access to all UK terminal signals. After a rigorous tender process it was my pleasure to award the contract to Step on Safety who promptly produced and method statements covering some 60 installations. ‘Due to the work being in a railway zone and at various heights there were thoughts that the work, if not executed promptly in the given track possession times, could potentially drag on for several weeks or even months, which could incur extra costs. But this was far from the case. Installation technicians worked in a safe, clean and methodical manner completing all installations within the given possession times.’ Project: Inspection pit ladders Client: London Underground Date: Spring 2011 The brief/objectives: Safety concerns with traditional wooden pit ladders that are used on the London Underground prompted the TfL network to look into replacing them. Led by London Underground’s and usable alternative. The solution: Burleigh, working with depot teams and managers, trade unions and Step on Safety, found GRP to be a safe and usable alternative; being non-conductive, non- corrosive, anti and metal, it proved the ideal choice. Step on Safety’s team of GRP fabricators built 120 inspection pit ladders, with the majority in high vis yellow. David Burleigh, London Underground depot plant engineer ‘It was mostly worked out on site in the depots, where we could look at what was needed. Andy Leigh from Step on Safety was exceptionally accommodating and I really appreciated

Eurotunnel signal access ladder

Tel: 01206 396446 Email: Visit



September 2014

Small World Beers in Yorkshire

Small World Beers is a brand new brewery in the heart of "Last of Summer Wine" country which uses water drawn from a natural spring deep in the heart of Yorkshire to produce the beer.

any cross contamination. Altrocrete PU HD, heavy duty, All process rooms were to be housed in bunded areas where block walls were built and protected with a polyurethane render to fully protect them from the brewing sugars, with Altrocove to ensure a completely hygienic working environment.

In a small world, ACC Flooring, situated less than 12 miles solution at a tired old site.

Even Spike the Hedgehog - the company logo - got in on the act being incorporated into the Brewery Entrance, to

The unit had seen many uses and indeed changes throughout its long life. The site was a bare shell with Dave Hill, was going to realise the plans for his brewery business.

allow all the systems to fully cure prior to installation of the heavy brewing equipment.

ACC Flooring listened carefully to the client's needs to fully understand his requirements, the business and the

Due to all the drain excavation works and the need to

of Altro Floors, utilising no less than twelve products, to meet all the varying needs of the operation.

waste was produced, but ACC’s recycling initiative meant that 98% of all the waste was recycled on this project,

Stainless steel drains were cut into the existing concrete

that will provide many years of service. 14|


September 2014



s0UMADUR 0UMAmORAND0UMATHANE Specialist Resin Flooring Systems s3EALANTSAND#OATINGS Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations Impact, abrasion and point load resistance Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warranties…

Call 01952

740400 or visit us online.

RESPOL - innovative flooring solutions GUARANTEED!


RESDEV LTD, Pumaflor House, Ainleys Industrial Estate Elland, West Yorkshire, HX5 9JP Tel: 01422 379131 Fax: 01422 370943 Email:

Bradshaw Delivers Waste/ Recycling Solution at New Nottingham Development Bradshaw Electric Vehicles are pleased to to tackle the restricted environment safely. With have supplied a Tow Tractor T550 to House a tow load capacity of 5500kg, it was perfect for 2 Home Construction. moving 3 wheelie bins at a time. House 2 Home Construction is currently working on an exciting new development situated at St Mary’s Court, at Nottingham’s Lace Market, which boasts a mixture of one, two and three bedroom luxury apartments. The Bradshaw tow tractor T550 is being used to transport waste and recycling from the top of the new 10-storey development, to the bottom for collection. A four-wheel vehicle, the tow tractor T550 has both the maneuverability and stability 16| 01780 782621

September 2014

A Bright Future for Bifold Ambitious valve manufacturer Bifold continues to grow and has acquired new premises to accommodate an increase in business Bifold, on Greenside Way, Middleton have moved to larger premises on Broadgate, Oldham Broadway Business Park so they will be better placed to expand the business in the longer term. few years has enabled Bifold to implement plans of the business. The new premises have additionally productivity enhancements with the emphasis very engineered to order products over the mobile network and can be delivered within 24 hours. Bifold is the leading manufacturer of instrument valves and pumps for the oil and gas sector and its

Bifold are dedicated to maintaining the excellence commitment to shortening lead times and meeting customer demands. They would like to take the opportunity to thank all their customers for their continued support. The Bifold Group of Companies provides technical and engineering support together with a global network of agents and distributors. Bifold Group is a world class supplier of the widest range of switching instrument and piping valves and pumps for use in the oil and gas upstream and downstream sectors. with the customer in mind, have gained worldwide approvals and credibility for the onerous conditions corrosive and subsea environments. |17

Industry News

Figure 1. Flange corroded


Figure 3 & 4. Salt spray test showing no corrosion under the encapsulating system


Industry News

September 2014

Precise Flow Measurement at Elevated Temperatures


The specialist for materials and component testing!

Zwick Science Award 2014 Have you published an interesting scientific paper related to materials testing? Zwick rewards the most innovative use of a materials testing machine for ground-breaking research with 8,000 â‚Ź! More information: Zwick Testing Machines Ltd. Southern Avenue Leominster Herefordshire HR6 OQH United Kingdom Phone: ++44 1568-61 5201 E-Mail:


September 2014

Steam Infusion Challenge: Problem Products

Olympus Automation (OAL) is seeking production challenges for Steam Infusion, their revolutionary heating and mixing process. Steam Infusion has been found to make the impossible possible when processing heat sensitive products and hydrating grains, starches and polymers. We understand the problems and challenges

How are you going to do this? Steam Jacketed Vessel Scrape Surface Heat Exchanger Steam Infusion Further research and development is being undertaken in a £1million UK government funded Nutrition for Life project at the Steam Infusion Test Centre in the National Centre for Food Manufacturing, Holbeach.

and consistency but you can’t meet there demand on a consistent basis. Success stories so far include manufacturing the maize based drink Maheu in Africa. In Africa we are instantly malnourished children. contain at least 20% water and 15% other liquids. Current Challenge: 2” Particulates in a water and starch based sauce needs to be heated to 85 degrees at a rate of 2000kg/hr, +5°C above destroys product.


for Life project at the PPMA show 2014 running from 30th September to 2nd October 2014. As well as the OAL team, academics from the University of Lincoln will be on the stand to answer questions on Steam Infusion and the project. Register a meeting on our stand B40 to learn more. Follow us on Twitter, @OALgroup

Continuous growth and outstanding innovations on highest technical level will be presented at VALVE WORLD EXPO 2014 in Düsseldorf. Valves, the whole range of equipment as well as up- and downstream technologies will take center stage. The VALVE WORLD CONFERENCE as major event of the valve industry Düsseldorf turns it on !

9th Biennial Valve World Conference & Exhibition

Düsseldorf, Germany, 2 – 4 December 2014

Supported by:

Sponsored by: Messe Düsseldorf GmbH P.O. Box 10 10 06 _ 40001 Düsseldorf _ Germany Tel. + 49 (0)2 11/45 60-01 _ Fax + 49 (0)2 11/45 60-6 68

September 2014

Tesco Packaging Manager to discuss supply chain and overcoming barriers to collaboration at PPMA Show 2014 30 September – 2nd October 2014, NEC, Birmingham

Tesco Packaging Manager, Paul Earnshaw has been added to the extensive list of seminar presenters at this year’s PPMA Show, joining the likes of supermarket ombudsman Christine Tacon and former Cabinet Minister Michael Portillo. He will discuss the particularly pertinent topic of how the supermarket giant views its packaging supply chain and some of the barriers it has faced when trying to collaborate with manufacturers and processors, as well as how the company is approaching future packaging projects. designed packaging to improve sustainability and product shelf life. Paul will also discuss how Tesco is looking to increase engagement with the packaging industry. Grant Collier, head of marketing for the PPMA Group, said: “Paul’s presentation will provide additional insight and expertise to what we believe is an already stellar lineup of seminar presenters at this year’s exhibition, that interest.” “We can’t wait to return to the NEC and welcome our members and non-members to join us and discover the latest industry trends all under one roof.” Now in its 27th year, the PPMA show has been recognised as the only UK event that attracts hundreds of machinery manufacturers and component suppliers across a wide range of industries including food, drink, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, dairy, snacks, construction and electronics. Run over three days (30th Sept – 2nd Oct 2014) at the NEC, Birmingham, this year will see the event return to the sole ownership and management of the PPMA group of trade associations. For more information on the PPMA Show 2014, please visit or join the conversation on twitter (@PPMAshow #PPMA14) or the PPMA Show LinkedIn group. You can also like us on Facebook by visiting the PPMA Show page.




DIARY THESE DATES! 30 Sept – 2 Oct 2014, NEC, Birmingham “The complete production line event”


September 2014

Making it easier to find IT solutions You’ll know when it’s time to upgrade your manufacturing management software. You’ll be at your desk working well into the wee hours, copy and pasting data into complicated spreadsheets in an attempt to produce a management report that looks the part. You’ll be constantly frustrated by the fact that your business has moved on but your software functionality hasn’t and you’ll be wasting large sums of money trying to make a silk purse out of a sow’s ear. So, you know it’s time to upgrade, but do you assess the answers you get. For

has enough marketing budget to throw at


September 2014


September 2014

Training Want to ensure reliable and trouble-free PROFIBUS installation? Then make sure that your engineering team is fully

Who should attend the course?



September 2014

expanded, underlining its position as the leading UK event for the maintenance, plant and asset management industry.

Maintec 2015 which takes place from 24 - 26 March, 2015 at The NEC, Birmingham will be co-located with three other complementary shows including a brand new show – the Cleaning Expo 2015, which will include the Healthcare and Hygiene Expo and Street Cleaning Expo. This event allows the key industry decision makers from across the UK to meet, buy and network at the UK's biggest Cleaning Event. Its second co-location is Facilities Management – the UK’s only event for the facilities industry outside London

maintenance and engineering technologies, innovations and concepts being pitched to a panel of experts, in front of a live audience, in an attempt to be voted best of show. Maintec had a staggering 65% of 2014 exhibitors rebook stands for this year’s show whilst still on site. As a result Maintec 2015 already boasts a major array of exhibitors Waste Management, Keytracker, Idhammar and AV Technology.

remit. The Health & Safety Event, which is run by a leader in the health and safety sector, Western Business Exhibitions

company rebooked: “We were very happy and pleased with the volume and quality of leads generated at Maintec.”

co-locations. These compatible events highlight the dedication Maintec has to both its visitors and exhibitors, providing an educational and highly attended industry leading event.

Ashley Thomas, Marketing Manager of Probe Technical Recruitment agrees: “We have been exhibiting at Maintec for years and have always been impressed by the contacts we make and the business we receive.”

Visitors will have plenty of learning opportunities at Maintec 2015 too, including a return of the Business Strategy Forum, which will include sessions from expert speakers and major industry names. There will also be a return for The Exchange, a selection of free content-rich practical talks full of the latest research, new innovations and case studies exploring the hottest topics, challenges and trends.

Katie Morhen, Maintec Event Manager, comments: “Maintec is returning for its 40th year and it is going to be bigger

favourite, Lions’ Lair, which will once again be returning to Maintec allowing attendees to witness the newest


I can’t wait to feel that familiar buzz once the doors open and see what technologies, innovations and ideas are on show for 2015. With four complementary shows under one roof there really has never been a better moment to attend or exhibit at the show.” For further information about Maintec 2015 visit

NEC, Birmingham 24 - 26 March 2015

The UK’s leading event for maintenance, plant and asset management







BOOK YOUR STAND TODAY Maintec 2014 achieved the highest attendance in the event’s 39 year history! Celebrate our 40th year with us at Maintec 2015 and put your company in front of maintenance, plant and asset managers looking to source new products and suppliers. Secure your stand today by contacting or call +44 (0)20 8843 8823 or visit Co-located with

Principal media partner:

October 28, 29, 2014 Boston Convention & Exhibition Center



DAY 1 OCT, 28

10.00 am

2.00 pm

Changing perspectives in composites design

From behaviour simulation to product development Performance assessment Product optimization via predictive simulation Analytic decision making

Time gain in composite design Behavior checking and predictions



DAY 2 OCT, 29

9.00 am

1.00 pm

Outlook for carbon composites usage in Aerospace

Outlook for carbon composites usage in Automotive

Reducing fuel consumption by light-weighting Innovative wing designs Next generation jet-engines

Nano-composites Lightweight designs What are the new opportunities of the composite market?

Aerolia / Greene, Boeing, AIP, Convergent, Dassault Systemes, ESI Group, e-Xstream Engineering, General Motors, JEC Composites Magazine, NAFEMS, NIAR, Purdue University, Siemens PLM, TUM, Tweed & Co and more...

Book your seat:

September 2014

ROTARY TORQUE TRANSDUCERS Non-Contact Digital Technology High Resolution High Accuracy High Reliability Integral Electronics Voltage & Current Outputs USB, RS232 & CANbus Outputs Suitable for OEM applications

Torque Speed Power SAWS

WIRELESS LOAD SENSORS Wireless, easy to install/remove Transmits data up to a distance of 100M Transmits data at up to 10 times a second Internal Memory for up to 280 hours of data 11 to 28V external supply chargeable Connect to PC via USB Flexible automatic shutdown to conserve battery Dual ruggedised internal antennas FCC Part 15


Apollo Park, Ironstone Lane, Wroxton, Banbury, OX15 6AY. Tel: +44 (0)1869 238400 Fax: +44 (0)1869 238401 Email: Web:

It’s a fact! A portable data logger for electricity measurement

Portable Loggers

purchases you will ever make! Each time you use it, there’s a very good chance it will highlight

The Complete Energy Monitoring Solution from Elcomponent

So - before you invest in any other energy saving technology,

Looking for a Fixed Metering Solution?






Low cost Foolproof Hook-Up Large Memory 500A Range DTM Compatible




3 Phase Non-Invasive Logger Safe Hook-Up 2000A Range DTM Compatible Battery Backup


Ph2 Amps Ph3 Amps

GPRS Remote Data Transfer Full Support Packages available Compatible with all USB type SPC Loggers

PPP Software Features

Ultra-friendly to use Flexible graphing calculates Energy, Cost and Carbon Free to download Free Upgrades


email. tel. 01279 503173 Elcomponent Ltd, Unit 5 Southmill Trading Centre, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 3DY HALF-PAGE- loggers advert.indd 1


03/07/2014 11:34

champions of profile assemblies fast. versatile. simple.

free samples, design advice & design tools » machine guards » workstations » conveyors » customised enclosures » sports shelters

T: 01256 365 605 E:

see our solutions at:

September 2014







Scientific & Research Aerospace & Defence Medical & Pharmaceutical Energy & Nuclear Process & Packaging Other Applications

To arrange a visit and meet the team call:

+ 44 (0) 1256 365600 LG Motion Limited Unit 1A Telford Road, Houndmills Estate, Basingstoke, Hampshire RG21 6YU United Kingdom T // + 44 (0) 1256 365600 E //


INST-DEC10-008-APPENG_1/4 PG AD 05/01/2011 15:00 Page 1

September 2014

Editors Choice

May 20142014 June

ESI Technology Ltd

Sensor House, Wrexham Technology Park, Wrexham, LL13 7YP, UK T: +44 1978 262255 F: +44 1978 262233 E: W:

Hydrostatic Level Measurement There are many types of level measurement technology. For hydrographic surveys, water table and borehole measurement, hydrostatic pressure measurement is one of the most reliable. Hydrostatic pressure is described as being the pressure exerted by a fluid at equilibrium to a given point within the fluid, due to the force of gravity. A liquid column above the pressure sensor creates hydrostatic pressure, which is a direct indicator of the liquid level. In Europe the standard unit of measurement is metres of water gauge (mWG), also referred to as metres of water column (mWC), or metres


of H2O (mH2O). ESI Technology design and manufacture a range of pressure transmitters for hydrostatic level applications. They are available in a range of diameters and can be calibrated to any unit of measurement. It is also necessary to use a special vented cable so that barometric pressure does not aect the true hydrostatic pressure measurement. Also, a desiccant housing at surface level is required to prevent moisture ingress over time. Stilling tubes and weighted nose cones are also available.

ESI Technology can quote for individual sensors or complete systems to include cable, housing, display and other accessories.

Why the needRealtime for Cooling? Energy

September 2014

What is the True Cost of Static Control? Static electricity is not an exact science and many of the rules seem counter-intuitive to engineers. Some static problems may have an obvious solution, but most are more complicated and need experienced consideration. It always worth contacting specialist manufacturers for advice

Static problems during manufacturing can easily cost thousands, sometimes tens of thousands and in the case of one contact lens manufacturer, hundreds of thousands. These costs are driven up by the constant production stoppafges, increased product rejection, equipment downtimes, and

One of the worst things an engineer can do is The real cost of static control is not in the nothing at all. The initial cost of implementing purchased of the equipment, it’s in not purchasing a static control solution although relatively the equipment. to another quarter. That is a mistake...

Call Fraser Anti-Static Techniques today for a no obligation anti-static consultation. We are static control experts and we are here to hel with all your anti-static needs +44 (0) 1398 331114


September 2014

All-in-one laser displacement sensor high performance for a low price laser analog sensors suitable for use in industry, using visible red lasers and emitting power of less than 1 mW within the scope of laser protection class 1 or 2. These protection classes require no special protective measures for general use and paved for the safe and widespread use of laser sensors. The complex signal processing of modern laser measurement systems can meet the precision and speed required by automation technology. To meet the continuously rising demand for quality assurance, integrated measurement technology has become indispensable for industrial manufacturing. Laser measurement technology has due to its non-contact, fast and maintenance-free measurement process. This article describes the development trend in laser measurement technology and using a revolutionary all-in-one laser displacement sensor from Panasonic. Integrated measurement and quality-control technology play an important role in modern industrial manufacturing processes. To optimize these processes and improve product quality, inline quality control has become indispensable, e.g. measuring parameters such as distance, thickness, diameter and surface contours. The advancement in laser measurement technology over the past two decades has changed the evolution of industrial measurement technology. A main advantage of laser measurement technology lies in its precision, which could only previously be obtained by tactile measurement systems. The triangulation principle of measurement is the oldest and still most commonly used method for optical distance measurement in industrial sensor technology. The advancement of the semi-conductor lasers led to the development of


The three models available from the With the introduction of the HGC1000 series laser displacement sensors, Panasonic has set new standards for optically measuring distance in an extremely compact design. The series is characterized by high precision measurement and response times down to 1.5mS. The all-in-one concept laser measurement systems in this performance class. The sensor is keys present on device itself together with a built-in 4-digit display that also indicates measured distance in mm.

ranges of 305 mm, 5015 mm and 10035 mm, with a typical beam size of 50m for the 30mm-type. They all feature a visible red-light semi-conductor laser, of laser category class 2, housed in sturdy degree protection and outstanding temperature drift of only 0.03% F.S./째C. Its light and compact design cable) make a HG-C1000 laser displacement sensor well suited for mounting on moving parts. Thanks to the state-of-art manufacturing technology, the HG-C1000 series of laser exceptional value for money and their excellent performance opens up many new avenues in industrial automation. Typically they can be used in applications such as dynamic measurement control of material thickness and

Both a digital output signal and an analogue voltage output signal of 0 - 5V are available for integration into the process. Additional I/O functions are also included for triggering the device, laser output control, set-point teaching and zeropoint settings.

contours of various components. More demanding applications, e.g. measurement during manufacturing processes of vehicle tyre production (black rubber) or metal surfaces of various colors can be performed that are typically found in the automotive industry.

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September 2014



CEV58 MULTI-TURN ENCODER WITH INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET 58MM INDUSTRY STANDARD WITH DIRECT INDUSTRIAL ETHERNET CONNECTION: - Compact 58 mm housing - PROFINET, EtherCAT, Ethernet/IP, SERCOS3 - 15 bit resolution per turn, 4096 turns absolute - 3 x M12 connectors - IP 65 - 30 years of encoder innovation

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Socomec Modulys GP2.0 Socomec present the Modulys GP2. Critical buildings and facilities are challenged with constantly evolving demands on energy performance. The supply of which can be scaled to meet the rapidly changing demands of a Data Centre is a vital component of the overall performance of the data facility. Socomec’s Modulys Green Power UPS - designed for complete vertical and horizontal modularity and scalability - is ideal for use in the most demanding critical IT applications and Data Centres. ideal for unscheduled site upgrades or incremental power evolutions. Furthermore, the installed power of a single system can be increased For increased power and maximum

Achieving the desired power scaling is simple: the units feature a redundant architecture employing parallel Plug-In modules. module is plugged in, the system bring the new capacity online. Additional redundancy can be achieved by introducing one more battery and power module – so there is no need to duplicate the system hardware to achieve propogation – the Modulys is totally resilient and guarantees optimum power availability.” functionality, module maintenance is simple, fast and safe – avoiding


reduced to a minimum. The Modulys range has been engineered to be highly arrangements. Easy to integrate within existing IT infrastsructure, the Modulys is also easy to position independent modules. Socomec invests heavily in pioneering research and product design in order to deliver world-class innovations that solve our industry’s greatest challenges in terms and sustainability – whilst also minimizing Total Cost of Ownership.” For further information:


Your power, Our experience Availability, Control, Security and Management of low voltage electrical energy: each day we provide innovative solutions to our customers. For almost a hundred years we have been putting our power to use in helping you to control your energy requirements exactly where you need it. Switching: Load Break, Fuse Combinations, ATS and Changeover switches from 20 to 4000 A. Control & Protection: Multi-Function measurements & Metering, Energy Management & Efficiency, Network Protection and Insulation Monitoring. Systems: Enhanced solutions, Busbar Systems and Mounting & Cabling Accessories up tp 6000 A.

Solutions for Control & Power

SOCOMEC Ltd • Knowl Piece • Wilbury Way • Hitchin • Herts • SG4 0TY • Tel 01462 440033 • e-mail •

September 2014

Belden Adds Pre-Terminated Fiber Connectivity Products to Its Data Center Solutions Range New FiberExpress Pre-Terminated LSNH Assemblies and Ultra High-Density Rack-Mount Fiber Connectivity Systems Facilitate Easier Installation, Faster Deployment, and Greater Flexibility Venlo, The Netherlands - August 27, 2014 - Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for mission-critical applications, has extended its range of Data Center Solutions with a new line of Belden

FiberExpress pre-terminated LSNH assemblies are designed to meet a wide range of data center

cost of ownership. Products available in this range include:

10G to 40G and 100G.

FiberExpress Multi-Fiber Cable Assemblies are engineered

all in the same rack unit of space.


We now have over 1500 installations in the UK, with clients including Cummins Diesel, Premier Foods, Cott Beverages, Net-a-Porter, Unum, Cambridge University and Aberdeen University. View case studies online now!

@EcoCooling1 01284 810586 Symonds Farm Businesss Park, Newmarket Rd, Bury St Edmunds, IP28 6RE


September 2014

New Ceramic Actuator Switch - with Latching Action SCHURTER is expanding the MSM family of pushbutton switches with an additional version that features latching action: the MSM LA CS. The biocompatible ON/OFF metal switch can be backlit across its entire surface, making it both visually attractive and highly durable. The new MSM LA CS ON/OFF stainless steel pushbutton switch from SCHURTER is equipped with an actuator made of durable ceramic. The same ceramic is already being used to manufacture the previously introduced MSM CS momentary action switches. The material resists scratches and abrasive chemicals as well as impacts; it can also be labeled with highly endurable legends. The non-illuminated versions of the MSM LA CS black legends are applied directly into the ceramic material. Due to the base material and the labeling process, the inscription is scratch-proof and stands up to common cleaning agents. The illumination design provides a uniform glow across the entire surface in the desired illumination color (red, green, blue, white, orange). These versions can also be labeled with symbols. The positive labeling is black. Inverse labeling is also possible. The MSM LA CS pushbutton switch is available with mounting diameters of 19 and 22 mm. It is suited for use in a temperature range of -20 째C to +85 째C. With actuator travel greater than 5 mm, the MSM LA CS is ideal for applications where increased feedback of the switching status (ON/OFF) is required. In the OFF state, the actuator position protrudes from the housing; in the ON state, it is recessed to the housing. This makes for user-friendly actuation and also prevents inadvertent switching. Equipped with blade terminals, the MSM LA CS can be wired up very quickly: the pre-assembled cable set is plugged into the quick-connect terminals of the microswitch, which is then snapped into the housing.


MSM LA CS: robust metal pushbutton switch with ceramic actuator surface

Technical data: MSM LA CS pushbutton switch: switching voltage 250 VAC, switching current 12 A, 1 or 2 pole Actuator face made of scratch-proof ceramic, backlit along the entire face - Standard LED illumination colors: red, green, blue, white, orange Operating temperature: -20 째C to +85 째C Protection rating IP64, protection class IK07 Microswitch with UL, CSA and ENEC approvals Packaging unit 10 pieces

The sturdy stainless steel housing and the actuator made of scratch-proof ceramic make the MSM LA CS latching action and MSM CS momentary action switches especially well suited for use in equipment operating in harsh environments, or applications that require protection against vandalism. These include, for instance, vending machines, ticket machines, equipment in restaurant operations, public facilities, sanitary facilities as well as applications in hypoallergenic environments such as the medical sector.

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September 2014

Fault Prediction and Data Centre Power System Protection

with Bender Smart Monitoring Units

Data centre power distribution systems can be more

Visit us on Stand G78 at Data Centre World 2015 London ExCel


Insulation Monitoring Residual Current Monitoring Insulation Fault Location Power Quality Management ATICS Changeover Devices

BENDER UK Low Mill Business Park, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 9EE

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September 2014

Shaw Metal Solutions Grows by 30% Through Manufacturing Investment July 4, 2014 – Metal forming and spinning specialist Shaw Metal Solutions has increased turnover by 30 per cent for the second year running by investing in the latest state-ofthe-art manufacturing equipment. The company invested £35,000 in a new XYZ milling machine1 as part of ongoing expansion plans and is now planning for further growth with a new £150,000 CNC automatic lathe. Academy Leasing when the banks failed to deliver. The move will allow Shaw Metal to further increase turnover and to expand into new markets. "With capacity for large volume production or bespoke most comprehensive metal forming packages in the UK," said Shaw Metal Solutions Managing Director, Georgina St Hilaire. "By securing funding through Academy Leasing, we have now been able to invest in our own tool-making facility. This and gives us total control over both quality and turnaround times. “It’s also helped us to move into new sectors like oil and gas exploration. We now need an additional CNC automatic lathe to service the latest wave of new business growth.” As a funder and broker, Academy Leasing was able to facilitate the operation by taking advantage of its own funds and extensive funding lines with a panel of banks "We were able to see from the company's business model that the new equipment represented a sound investment," said Hazel Jacques, Sales Director, Academy Leasing. to achieve even greater success."


World Class Independent Valve & Actuator Training -%$!8training courses&1.,+%!$)-'industry professionals-$%/%-$%-3#.412%2.2!+%2/)3#( just quality3%#(-)#!+31!)-)-' (%2%#.412%2!1%!MUST&.13(.2%)-5.+5%$)-3(%%-')-%%1)-')-$423186(. -%%$3.*-.6!".435!+5%2!-$!#34!3.125!+5%#.412%2!1%$%+)5%1%$"8 .41+%#341%126(.(!5%31%,%-$.42*-.6+%$'%!-$%7/%1)%-#%.&3(%)-$42318 (%2%22).-2!+6!821%24+3)-#.,,%-32.&3(%()'(%23/1!)2%

BVAA Training Courses:#3."%1 Introduction to Valves.-$!83(#3."%1 Members Price: :  9Non Members Price: :   Introduction to Actuators4%2$!83(#3."%1 Members Price: :  9Non Members Price: :   Control Valves%$-%2$!83(#3."%1 Members Price: :  9Non Members Price: :   Safety Valves(412$!83(#3."%1 Members Price: :  9Non Members Price: :   Safety Integrity Levels (SILs)1)$!8 3(#3."%1 Members Price: :  9Non Members Price: :   Valve Metallurgy for the non-Metallurgist.-$!8

3(#3."%1 Members Price: :  9Non Members Price: :   Combating Corrosion4%2$!8 3(#3."%1 Members Price: :  9Non Members Price: :   Casting Processes%$-%2$!8 3(#3."%1 Members Price: :  9Non Members Price: :   PED/ATEX Directives(412$!8 3(#3."%1 Members Price: :  9Non Members Price: :   All prices exclude VAT

.1&4++$%3!)+2.-%!#(#.412%5)2)3 1)3)2(!+5%!-$#34!3.122.#)!3).-),)3%$;!-.1!1*;!-"418;7&.1$2()1%   Tel:     9 Fax:     9Email:%-04)18"5!!.1'4*9Web:666"5!!.1'4*

Did you know? Not only is the UK home to eight Formula One teams but there are around 2,350 component manufacturers actively involved in the UK Automotive supply chain. Man and Machine offer CAD solutions including training, consultancy, support and software for design engineers across the whole Automotive manufacturing industry.

Software includes: Alias


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Product Design Suite

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It’s National Distribution …… “But not as we know it” QCS & Flexequip - Trailer Components

Powerdrive Metal P.T. products

PIX Belts

Flexepulse & AG Flex - Hydraulic Hose Flexequip & Larga Fittings Neotech - Hose Assembly Machines

Flexepulse & AG Flex - Hydraulic Hose Flexequip & Larga Fittings

QCS - Cast, Forged & Machined Bespoke Parts

Powerdrive Metal P.T. products

Neotech - Hose Assembly Machines

QCS & Flexequip - Trailer Components

QCS - Cast, Forged & Machined Bespoke Parts

PIX Belts

Powerdrive Metal P.T. products

QCS & Flexequip - Trailer Components

PIX Belts

Flexepulse & AG Flex - Hydraulic Hose Flexequip & Larga Fittings Neotech - Hose Assembly Machines

The Power Transmission & Fluid Power Specialists

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Calibrations under control

Beamex provides the equipment, software and services needed for an efficient calibration process. The calibration process starts from the planning and scheduling of the calibration work and includes performing of calibrations as well as documentation of results. An efficient calibration process saves time, automates procedures, is cost-efficient and assures that the results are reliable. The best-in-class calibration processes are integrated, automated and paperless. Learn more and test how advanced and efficient your existing calibration process is at:


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TM Electronics (UK) Ltd - TME is a family run UK business, run by Tom Sensier with over 20 years experience of thermometry. TME has a range of thermometers ; Thermocouple PT100 PRT and Thermistor offering functional mechanical design together with accuracy and stability. We also have foldout thermocouple fast response Solo thermometer. Recently TM Electronics have developed logging thermometers with an integrated barcode reader and Bluetooth communication MM7000 or logging thermometer with Bluetooth MM7010. TME offer catering thermometers, HVAC temperature kits, food thermometers, catering probes, legionella Choose TMEkits for robust, UK-built temperature monitoring teperature and legionella thermometers with dual equipment – from budget, off-the-shelf pupose immersionand surface probes,solutions general to purpose bespoke designs, tailored to your specification. temperature kits. We offer robust waterproof thermometers as well as easy in to fast-response use food thermometers. thermometer We specialise waterproofOur thermometers, range a PT100 thermometer and a thermistor bench includes and wall mount instruments and an extensive range of fixed or handheldour probes and sensors. thermometer, alongside range of high accuracy thermocouple thermometers. Always at the forefront of technical innovation, TME offers exciting new products designed to transform temperature measurement and recording in all industries. Improve performance - drive down costs – visit our website today. +44 (0)1903 700651

Keighley Laboratories Limited Croft House South Street Keighley West Yorkshire BD21 1EG T: 01535 664211

RPS Health, Safety & Environmental 10 Queen Street, London, W1J 5PF T: 08000 858384

Bio-Bubble Ltd Unit L, Fishers Grove, Barlington, Portsmouth, PO6 1RN T: 023 9220 0669 F: 023 9238 7460

Chemviron Carbon Ltd Britannia has been servicing the commercial kitchen ventilation market since 1995. Our portfolio contains a long, long list of fully satisfied customers & end-users; a Data Loggers Ltd legacyGemini which provides us with a reputation(UK) that is second to none. From the largest to the smallest of projects, no effort is spared in finding the right solution to your kitchen Terminus Road ventilation problem.

Edgar House, Lockett Road, Wigan, WN4 8DE T: 01942 275400 F: 01942 275600


Since its inception, Britannia has built its reputation PO19most 8UJ upon a team of the industry’s experienced people, with a combined knowledge far surpassing that of our competitors. It is this intimate understanding of the product, the industry & our focus on customer service, which has seen us grow into the UK’s market leading supplier of Commercial & Institutional Kitchen Hoods.

+44 (0)1243 813000 Our ethos is simple: We provide a range of products of

the highest quality, at very affordable prices, whilst being mindful of the impact their manufacture & use has upon the environment.


Clyde Materials Handling Edgar House, Lockett Road, Wigan, WN4 8DE T: 01942 275400 F: 01942 275600

New TC Model t 500 - 2000kg/hr t Touch control screen t Full modulation feature 50-100% firing t Natural Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel t Automatic facility option t PM5 Facility option t Pressure range up to 32 barG t >98% Efficiency * t Remote compatible with Profibus/ CANbus etc. t Steam in 3 minutes t Compact construction t Lightweight t Suitable for mezzanine floors t Factory tested prior to dispatch to site t NOx Gas reduction option t Dual fuel option

SC Range t 80 - 2000kg/hr t Natural Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel t Automatic facility option t PM5 Facility option t Pressure range up to 32 barG t >98% Efficiency * t Steam in 3 minutes t Compact construction t Lightweight t Suitable for mezzanine floors t Factory tested prior to dispatch to site t NOx Gas reduction option

Electrical Range t Compact t 8 - 160kg/hr Steam output t Modulating ouput t Skid mountable t Steam in 3 minutes t Automatic facility option

CERTUSS (UK) Limited Unit 45 Gravelly Industrial Park Tyburn Road Birmingham B24 8TG

Tel: 0121 327 5362 Fax: 0121 328 2934

Duty Standby with CVE Package Plant

CVE Package Plant t compact t Pre-pied, Pre-Wired t Skid mounted t Fully factory tested t Lightweight t Easily maintained

Containerised Plant t Easily relocated t Self contained plant room t Full lighting and heating t Fast site connection

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