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October 2018

New injection moulding machine for faster outputs of precision parts A new, all-electric injection moulding machine by FANUC will provide precision parts manufacturers with faster, high-quality outputs when it is launched in Europe later this year.

The ROBOSHOT α-S450iA, which will be exhibited at Fakuma 2018 in Germany this October, is the seventh and largest CNCcontrolled injection moulding model produced by FANUC. It has been designed to increase production capacity for manufacturers in the medical and pharmaceutical device markets, whilst maintaining FANUC’s renowned accuracy, repeatability and reliability. The α-S450iA has a clamping force of 4,500kN, which can be increased to 5,000kN, allowing it to be used for both precision and large projected area components. Platen dimensions at 1300mm square, and tie bar spacing of 920mm, allows both large single component, or increased cavitation precision moulds to be accommodated. The 900mm opening stroke also allows customers to produce a variety of components using stack moulds. The α-S450iA is also available in two injection unit sizes, to provide a broad range of screw sizes from Ø56mm to Ø100mm. This gives customers the scope and flexibility to manage a wide range of shot volumes up to 2,827cm3. The expansion of the machine range will also open new opportunities for FANUC in its traditional markets. For example, the α-S450iA can facilitate larger mouldings for external and internal trim parts used across the

automotive industry, as well as enabling larger cavitation closure projects and containers requiring higher clamp tonnages for the packaging industry. It can also be used for general injection moulding applications which require larger surface areas and shot weight parts. “Complex geometries need high levels of precision, but as those precision capabilities increase, so too does the expectation for faster levels of output,” explains Andrew Armstrong, Sales and Marketing Manager at FANUC UK. “That’s where the a-S450iA comes in. Manufacturers of precision parts, such as those used in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, can benefit from the same efficiency, control and accuracy as they would with other ROBOSHOT models. In addition, however, they also get the ability to use bigger or higher cavitation moulds for higher production capacity. “It’s quality and quantity in one, combined with FANUC’s precision and reliability.” As well as using FANUC’s renowned CNC controls, the ROBOSHOT can also be upgraded with a range of intelligent add-ons to protect mould system components and increase the lifespan of the machine. Precise Metering Control (PMC) functions, for example, prevent any uncontrolled volume flow from occurring between the end of the plasticising process and the decompression of the mould.

“The AI Mould / Ejector Protection is another intelligent functionality that provides the best mould protection on the market,” Andrew adds. “By measuring clamp torque, the protective software can stop the machine in the event of an obstruction, without impacting clamp closing speeds. You can also programme clamp tolerances across the entire mould movement, maintaining optimum levels of control at every stage of the process.” The ROBOSHOT a-S450iA will be available to view at Fakuma from the 16th to the 20th October on stand B3-3211, where it will be manufacturing connection pieces for infusion components using a 32-cavity medical device mould provided by KEBO/Switzerland. “It’s really exciting to introduce this new ROBOSHOT model to the UK manufacturing community,” Andrew concludes. “The UK medical technology market has the highest number of skilled engineers and researchers in Europe and is worth around 7.6bn GBP, so there’s a huge amount of potential here for automated solutions like ROBOSHOT to make the UK one of the world-leaders in medical device manufacture.” For more information on FANUC’s range of all-electric injection moulding machines and accessories, please visit www.fanuc.eu/uk/en/roboshot.


Perfect automated injection moulding with the new FANUC ROBOSHOT α-S450iA


• • • • •

maximum precision proven reliability excellent repeatability optimum process control extremely short cycle times


BIM Training Courses Would you like BIM training specifically designed to suit your role? Our BIM Ready Training Program offers a range of courses specially designed for BIM Modellers, BIM Coordinators and BIM Management roles. Courses are a mix of theory, hands-on and practical demonstrations to bring the subject matter to life. Our training courses can be attended at one of our training centres or provided on your site. If you would like more information on training options please call our BIM experts on 01844 263700 or email marketing@manandmachine.co.uk

BIM Management

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BIM Modeller

Courses Available

Courses Available

Courses Available

BIM Fundamentals BIM for Project & Construction Professionals BIM for Product Manufacturers COBie and IFC Fundamentals

COBie and IFC Fundamentals Navisworks in a BIM Workflow Solibri Fundamentals Solibri Rules Based Workshop

http://www.manandmachine.co.uk/ training/bim-management/

http://www.manandmachine.co.uk/ training/bim-coordination/

Revit Architecture Fundamentals Revit Structure Fundamentals Revit MEP Fundamentals Revit Family & Template Creation Civil 3D Fundamentals COBie and IFC Fundamentals http://www.manandmachine.co.uk/ training/bim-modeller/

01844 263700 www.manandmachine.co.uk

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October 2018

CONTENTS Editorial Assistant Jenna Burridge 01843 448 443

October 2018 At the forefront of digital marketing, Engineering Update strives to bring its readers the latest in industrial engineering, in a format that provides the best usability and ease of use for it’s readers.

Publishing Director

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October 2018

Alarm management practitioner training courses from M.A.C. Solutions For those involved in the design, management or maintenance of alarms and alarm systems, M.A.C. Solutions, developer of the ProcessVue® suite of alarm management software, is running a two-day alarm management training course on 6-7th November 2018. Topics covered in the course include: • Fundamentals of alarm management and the alarm improvement process. • Benefits of alarm management with regard to your legislative and regulatory obligations and OEE improvements. • Creation of an Alarm Philosophy and associated documentation. • Alarm design principles. • Master Alarm Databases.


he course is aimed at providing all the information and guidance delegates require to successfully implement alarm management within their company, thus providing a basis for the ongoing safe and efficient operation of their plant. The course is strongly recommended for anyone responsible for leading improvements to the management of alarms within a process industry plant, particularly Upper and Lower Tier COMAH-regulated or FDA-regulated sites. These include oil & gas, petrochemicals, chemicals, pharmaceuticals, power stations, food processing and water companies.

Training and education are key For any site to be safe and operationally effective, there needs to be a robust system of governance, as well as comprehensive procedures and work practices that are rigorously enforced for alarm system(s). With an


appropriately designed, managed, operated and maintained alarm system, companies can be confident that when critical events occur, their operators will be able to respond appropriately. Managing alarms may sound simple, but there are many facets that must be considered and addressed, from the management and detailed design of alarms and alarm systems, through to the potential for cultural change. Ian Brown, Alarm Rationalisation and Services Manager at MAC Solutions (UK) comments: “Whether you’re starting an alarm management journey due to regulatory pressures, as part of a corporate Process Safety Management initiative, or simply through a commitment to continuous improvement, you need to acquire the skills and knowledge that are necessary to help you with your task.”

• Benchmarking, auditing and assessing your system. • Alarm rationalisation and implementation. • Nuisance alarm remediation and advanced alarm handling. On completion of the two-day training course, attendees should have learned everything they need to know about how to successfully implement alarm management on their site. The course will be taught by a knowledgeable, experienced alarm practitioner, so attendees will also learn many things they didn’t know they needed to know, and some of the pitfalls to avoid. For more information or to register to attend a training course, please visit www.processvue.com or telephone MAC Solutions on 01527 529774 or email sales@mac-solutions.co.uk

- Over 300 Industrial Protocols - HDMI Output - Customisable Output Resolution - Support For Industrial Touchscreens -

Lamonde Automation Ltd The Officers’ Mess | Coldstream Road | Caterham | Surrey CR3 5QX +44 (0)203 026 2670 | sales@lamonde.com

October 2018

Thermal Imaging Solution for “FurnaceSpection” Applications Special filters allow for accurate temperature measurement in high temperature furnaces This FurnaceSpection™ thermal imaging system by LumaSense Technologies is designed and developed for continuous temperature measurement inside high temperature furnaces in refining, metals, and glass production.

uniformity through streaming images documented by a powerful software for analysis and historical trending, outputs to automation and DCS, and a real-time web server to broadcast images on the plant’s local network.

The FurnaceSpection™ system provides users with a real-time tool for quickly and accurately identifying process abnormalities before they develop into problems that can lead to unplanned outages. This radiometrically calibrated imager accurately measures the temperature of product, refractory, and heat transfer surfaces inside natural gas fired furnaces.

The radiometrically calibrated imager accurately measures the temperature of product and refractory, inside natural gas fired furnaces. The user is also able to monitor flame condition, thereby reducing the production of NOX pollution, resulting in less environmental impact, whilst maximizing the lifetime of the furnace.

The new generation of this highgrade imaging system is equipped with a special borescope optics, which enables monitoring of the temperature distribution inside e.g. melting furnaces through the furnace wall. By utilizing high quality optics, a resolution of more than 300,000 pixels can be achieved, and the borescope lens system is available in a number of different lengths to suit virtually any application and need. FurnaceSpection™ helps operators monitor and control process temperature

At a cost of several thousands of dollars per furnace and re-tubing costs in the millions, a significant amount of capital can be lost, if a furnace failure goes unnoticed or if the refractory linings are retired too early or too late. With the addition of special spectral filters the negative influences caused by burner firing can be avoided. Alternatively, a different setup of the camera with another spectral filter can be implemented, whereby the flame image is visible.

Thermal Image of a furnace with temperature points documented with LumaSpec RT software

Dedicated Market Applications For glass melting tanks, this is a critical tool to ensure that refectories remain intact and that the melting process is working at its optimum efficiency. For petrochemical reformers, this is a critical tool to ensure tubes perform optimally for their longest possible life cycle. In metal annealing applications, FurnaceSpection™ cameras have allowed users to significantly reduce cycle times while at the same time improving quality and process repeatability. LumaSense Technologies has been developing industrial grade thermal imaging solutions for over 20 years, and have deployed custom systems around the globe to monitor critical processes and assets in power generation, refineries, steel, paper, and glass plants. LumaSense Technologies GmbH www.lumasenseinc.com info@lumasenseinc.com LumaSense FurnaceSpection system with borescope lens


October 2018

HARTING introduces Han® Configurator: an interactive tool to speed the selection of heavy-duty industrial connectors The HARTING Han® Configurator is a new interactive tool designed to speed the selection of heavy-duty industrial connectors by allowing engineers to quickly access all the necessary information and relevant data on the individual interface components prior to producing a design that can be viewed as a 3D model in real time.

The Han® Configurator is an advance in the digital transformation of product development. It helps generate the best solutions from an extensive portfolio, without the user having to be or become a component specialist himself. The Han® Configurator is geared towards real-world practice. It is designed so that a user can quickly put together all the interfaces necessary for a particular configuration. The designer starts by selecting three inputs (contacts, voltage and current) to generate the first possible solution. At each stage of the process the user can receive suggestions for alternative interfaces and via the “smart assistant” feature the configurator will only allow valid configurations to be implemented, saving valuable design time.


Despite increasingly complex requirements and a high level of product diversification, the smart configurator makes the connector selection process easily manageable. The current configuration can be viewed in real time in the form of a 3D model in a separate window, and the configurator will never display components that cannot be combined with a selection already made. By selecting “expert” mode, users who already know the product numbers or names they are looking for can set up their interfaces in the configurator, making them easily manageable for subsequent processing. The choice of housing (top/bottom) or insert (pin/socket) is all that is necessary to begin the configuration process.

The Han® Configurator allows users to quickly and intuitively arrive at the best interface solution without the need to search for components and their specifications. It is easy to add and remove alternative interface solutions that comply with the latest connector developments, all with the click of a mouse. Designers also benefit from the onscreen 3D visualisation of the current configuration, allowing the design to be viewed from a range of angles. Each configuration is assigned its own number, allowing it to be saved for revision at a later date. All documentation can be downloaded with a single click (including STP files) for saving, loading and sharing among members of a design team, including those working remotely. Click here to find out more information about the new HARTING Han® Configurator.

Distributor of Mean Well Power Supplies

Din Rail Power Supplies

Ecopac Power LTD

sales@ecopacpower.co.uk l www.ecopacpower.co.uk Sales: 01844 20 44 20 l Technical: 01844 20 44 30

October 2018

Bahco tool management system brings order and cuts stress As engineers come under pressure to deliver improved productivity, often with fewer skilled hands, the benefits of tool storage and management grow stronger. Bahco’s highly flexible Ergonomic Tool Management System enables engineers to know exactly where to find every tool they need, when they need it, saving time and reducing stress. Bahco’s Configurator software is the driving force, enabling customers to choose the size, style and colours of tool storage trolleys and judge how many drawers they will need to hold each tool group. Foam inlays in each drawer are then customised to provide the logical, easy access layout of tools and equipment which engineers require. It’s a tailor made system designed to help engineers deliver great performance and results. Also, it’s easy to see that a tool is missing from its designated place in a drawer, guarding against the risk of foreign object damage. Already in widespread use within the automotive, aerospace, aviation, oil and gas industries, Bahco’s tool


management system brings order to engineering workplaces. For engineers on the move Bahco design and manufacture a wide range of tough but highly portable toolkits and cases which take the knocks of heavy duty use in all weathers and workplaces. A good example is Bahco’s 4750 portable tool case, which is virtually indestructible and is ideal for international travel. Bahco’s extensive range of Solutions in Safety tools include: Insulated tools: screwdrivers, pliers and other electricians’ tools tested at 10,000V to ensure safe working at 1000V, all meeting IEC 60900 and many with VDE certification. Ergonomic tools: designed and manufactured to fit the contours of the hand, ergonomic tools pioneered by Bahco protect against the risk of hand or wrist muscle strain or injury. Non-sparking tools: Bahco NS tools are designed and manufactured for use

in potentially explosive environments, where conventional steel tools might create sparks in the presence of combustible or easily ignitable vapours, liquids and dust. Because they can’t match the hardness of conventional tools they must be used with great care. Bahco NS tools are manufactured in aluminum-bronze (Al-Br) or copperberyllium (Cu-Be), making them both safe and suitable for use in hazardous environments. Visit www.bahco.com or call 01709 - 731731 to arrange to meet a Bahco specialist to discuss your tool storage and management requirements or Bahco’s Solutions in Safety tools.

October 2018

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Southern Springs and Pressings see export sales soar South of England based spring manufacturer, Southern Springs and Pressings Ltd (SSP), has posted a record 52% increase in export sales in their 2017/18 accounts. The increase in exports contributed to the company’s increase in turnover of 35% in 2017/18, with pre-tax profits also up by 80%. Having secured more press work throughout the last 12 months, the business has continued to re-invest with a new tool design and production office. The new office will allow the team to design components using the latest CAD tool design technology which will also link directly through to the EDM and machining centre. Every single component is designed and manufactured individually at SSP to suit the requirements of their customers. The new dedicated ‘design space’ will enable the team to produce tailored designs in a modern and spacious area. The new area will also allow Production Manager Mike Hales to focus more on


the production process throughout the factory, as well as providing a dedicated hub to source materials that meet customer requirements. The air conditioning system which has recently been installed throughout the whole factory is now operational within the new office space. With the continued demand for press work, SSP purchased a further two CNC Power Presses in order to increase capacity and are planning on increasing the work space and machines in this area over the next year. There are also plans to purchase new ovens and deburring machines SSP also celebrated 70 successful years of trading having opened their doors for the first time in April 1948. The business has continued to thrive from designing and manufacturing specialist coiling machines for the production of products to its modern factory today which can design and manufacture bespoke springs and components.

Tim Page, Managing Director said “The business has continued to grow in the last 12 months particularly with demand for overseas exports and press work. We were delighted to celebrate 70 years of trading this year, the business has grown significantly since opening their doors in 1948. The last few years have seen some huge investment in the factory environment and purchasing of new machines, We are looking forward to developing the business further in 2018 and beyond”.


CBS ArcSafe’s remote

racking and remote switching solutions reduce arc-flash dangers and technician fatigue during dangerous operations. All CBS ArcSafe remote racking and remote actuation solutions are battery- or ACpowered portable units that do not require any modifications to your electrical equipment.

Remote Racking Solutions

Remote Switching Solutions

 CE mark–approved.

 CE mark–approved.

 Remote racking solutions reduce the need for full-body arc-flash hazard suits by taking technicians outside the arc-flash boundary.

 Remote switching solutions keep technicians outside the arc-flash boundary during dangerous operations.

 Universal remote racking solutions offer adjustable height settings.

 Remote switching solutions are available for virtually any style or piece of electrical equipment.

 No modifications required due to magnetic latching.

 No equipment modifications required.

+44 (0)1908 969 200 Mobile +44 (0)7770 500 577 Office


Providing Electrical Solutions Worldwide




October 2018

Adaptable building controls create best in class learning environment at South London school Multiple building services at a London free school are being managed from a single control system, following the use of modular I/O from WAGO. John Keats Primary School is a new free school occupying the first two floors of a new residential development in South Bermondsey, London. The school opens to reception pupils in September 2018, and will eventually accommodate up to 450 students up to year six. Neo System Automation Ltd, a WAGO Solution Partner, designed and installed all building controls, cabling and trunking. Four WAGO-I/O-SYSTEM 750 controllers are used, two of which are in mechanical plant rooms handling water heating and air handling. DALI and KNX controllers and I/O modules control all internal and external lighting from control cabinets accessed from the school corridors. The system is modular, allowing additional I/O slices to be easily added to the control node should the system need to be expanded. Traditionally controlling DALI lighting, underfloor heating and HVAC would use several disparate control systems, from different manufacturers. This approach can take time to install and configure, requiring highly skilled personnel with expertise in multiple platforms, and often from different installing companies. “The primary reason for using WAGO is its functionality,” says Carlton Reed of Neo System Automation Ltd. “No other manufacturer provides such a wide range of I/O, which allows us to use one system rather than three or four. This means reduced on-site configuration, and installation can be carried out in much less time.” Pupils at the school will benefit from an enhanced learning environment, with the control systems monitoring conditions to provide optimum lighting, temperature, humidity and CO2 levels, all of which have been shown to improve concentration and alertness. Room sensors and passive-infrared sensors detect occupancy in rooms and corridors and adapt the conditions accordingly. Certain controls can be manually overridden by school staff, for example to turn off lights to show a film or presentation. With automated building controls and features like daylight harvesting, the system can reduce lighting and heating levels in areas where they are not needed, reducing energy costs by up to 30 percent compared to manually controlled systems. WAGO supplied all cabling and trunking, which was prewired, tested and assembled in modular sections off-site at its facility in Rugby. Once delivered to site the trunking could be raised into position and plugged together with no additional wiring required. The ease of installation allowed Neo System Automation Ltd to de-skill on-site and reduce labour costs. The pluggable connectors used in the cabling


are maintenance-free for the life of the installation, which will reduce future maintenance costs for the school. “The WAGO controllers, I/O modules and wiring are all incredibly reliable. In all the years we’ve been using WAGO we’ve never had a single failure,” continues Reed. “We can also monitor and optimise the control system from off-site, which will practically eliminate the need for maintenance visits once the school opens.”

October 2018


PFC100 Controller: High performance packed into a smaller footprint

W: www.bsria.co.uk/instruments T: 0800 254 5566 (UK Free) +44 (0) 1344 459 314 (International)

• Extremely compact and maintenance-free design saves control panel space • 600 MHz processing power allows seamless automation of complex industrial systems • Cost-effective configuration via e!COCKPIT engineering software • Scalable modular system ready for future challenges • Comprehensive on-board data security packages • Two ETHERNET interfaces for extensive compatibility • Linux® operating system • CODESYS 3 runtime system Telephone E-Mail Internet Search for

01788 568 008 ukmarketing@wago.com www.wago.com “WAGO PFC100”


October 2018

Be in control of your Nitrogen supply! Paying for something that you don’t use is frustrating, whether at work or home. Sitting on inventory that won’t sell or buying more wallpaper than your room needs…waste and excess is never welcome. You might not realise it, but the same could be happening with your Nitrogen supply.


ngineering, manufacturing, packaging, laboratories; many industries factor in the cost of their Nitrogen replenishment into budgets and projections without a second thought, but what if you had better control of your Nitrogen supply? Paying for only the amount you use! Health and safety, operational and administrative, labour and infrastructure budgets all can be increased by choosing gas cylinders or bottles. Managers and staff alike may be unaware of the hidden costs of using this method, and how quickly they can mount up, increasing the overall operating expenses of an organisation. The man-hours involved in the management of gas cylinders is rarely budgeted for, but these products need to be received, handled, stored, inspected, maintained, changed, removed and recycled. Even the administration of gas cylinder supply can be time consuming. As well as the people power, there’s a physical cost of space – usually in the form of a special storage space with specific environmental and security requirements. Plus the additional electricity costs. Tanks of liquid Nitrogen can lose up to 2% of their volume per day in vented N2 gas. So how can you get the Nitrogen you need, at the purity your process requires, without paying for wasted product?


A Nitrogen Gas Generator allows you to generate only the amount of Nitrogen you need, customised for your flow rate and purity. Nitrogen is produced automatically and naturally from the surrounding air in line with the demand required. You never have to wait for Nitrogen to be delivered again! A generator can eliminate wasted money, and wasted gas, in addition to the many associated health and safety benefits that a generator provides over high pressure N2 cylinders. Generators operate at low pressures, storing only small volumes of pressurised gas. They don’t need to be moved or changed, removing injury risks.

Nitrogen delivery is automatic, reliable and inexpensive. They are unaffected by inflation and delivery problems. The only ongoing cost is for electricity, and the only raw material required is air.

The management costs are vastly reduced and any maintenance can be easily budgeted for. Find out more about our Nitrogen Generators and how we can provide the perfect tailored products for your needs at www.titan-N2.com

October 2018


October 2018

New Baumer encoders combine ultimate durability & precision The tough demands of industrial environments and challenging outdoor applications inevitably tests the durability and reliability of components such as sensors and encoders. Furthermore, for some applications the challenge is also for more sophisticated and specialised control, resulting in the need for components which offer the vital combination of robustness AND optimum precision.

The MAGRES range of ABSOLUTE ENCODERS from sensor experts BAUMER is proven around the world in the harshest environments and industrial applications, such as utility vehicles, cranes, wind energy plants, steel and metal processing plants. The new generation of Baumer encoders, such as the MAGRES EAM580 and EAM360, successfully combine proven robustness with ultimate precision. Their angular accuracy of up to ±0.15º ensures absolute reliability and precise positioning for process control applications which previously required optical sensing. For ultimate reliability, the MAGRES EAM encoder hardware has been developed on the EN 13849 standard which means they can be integrated as standard components with embedded software in overall certified systems up to PLd. They are also available with redundant sensing where the position is transmitted via 2 Node ID’s which have to be checked for plausibility in the control system. An integral part of the new generation of encoders is the R Series (EAM580R & EAM360R). These are designed to be E1compliant to ensure high electromagnetic compatibility, combined with IP67 protection and C5-M corrosion resistance. The result is uncompromising durability for the most demanding outdoor applications such as


mobile automation. Furthermore, their 0.5mm² wire core cross-section means they are fully compatible for the latest automotive connection technology. The EAM580 with PROFINET option supports the latest communication standards while OPC UA is ideally prepared to make IoT a reality. The broader Baumer range of encoders includes options in 58mm and 36mm sizes along with an extensive variety of mechanical designs, mounting and interface options which provide users with maximum flexibility so they can choose the best encoder for their application. Also, thanks to their compact size MAGRES encoders are ideal for applications where space is limited. Further details available, click here. Tel: +44 1793 783839 email: sales.uk@baumer.com www.baumer.com/ch/en

October 2018



World-Class Certification of Products, People, Systems and Sites ExVeritas is a 'Queens Award' winning certification company with a proven track record of delivering word class product and QMS certification together with CompEx training and 'Ex' consultancy. visit www.exveritas.com or email us at info@exveritas.com 'EX' PRODUCT CERTIFICATION


ATEX Notified Body, IECEx Certification Body and 'Ex' Test Laboratory. UKAS ISO9001 issuer.

UK: +44(0)845 8622447

Turnkey 'Ex' including Area Classification, Risk Assessment, Inspections and remedial work.

SINGAPORE: +65 6815 3628


CompEx, Specialist 'Ex' and QMS training delivered by the most experienced practitioners.

USA: +1 8776374322

DENMARK +45 4223 1509


October 2018

An Enduring Bond Inseto and DELO celebrate 20 years of partnership. Inseto, a leading technical distributor of equipment and materials, and DELO, a leading manufacturer of industrial adhesives, are celebrating 20 years of partnership during which meeting customers’ needs has, and remains, an unwavering top-priority. Celebrating 20 years of partnership. Robert Saller (left), Managing Director of DELO, presents Eamonn Redmond, Sales Manager of Inseto, with a plaque and certificate of appreciation in recognition of the distributor’s dedication.


nseto is DELO’s exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland and has extensive experience of supporting customers in high-tech engineering sectors - including electronics and microelectronics – and harsh environment industries including aerospace, automotive and oil & gas.

bonding of positional sensors in power assisted steering modules using a pre-activated cationic epoxy; the mechanical protection of large components in high-vibration environments using a lightcured epoxy; the encapsulation of electronic components in singleuse medical instruments using a two-part Polyurethane; and the protection of silicon die and wire bonds in multiple microelectronic applications.

Robert Saller, Managing Director of DELO, comments: “Since their appointment in 1998, Inseto has always impressed us with their knowledge of adhesives and the way in which they work tirelessly with customers to find fit-for-purpose solutions.”

Eamonn Redmond, Sales Manager of Inseto, comments: “It’s a privilege to be working with DELO, as the company has a very healthy attitude to R&D, and as the industry presents new bonding challenges, the company is quick to respond with not just new chemistries for adhesives but also the processes required to meet customers’ needs.”

In addition to advising customers on which standard products will best meet their requirements, Inseto has worked with DELO’s R&D chemists during the development of new adhesives needed for custom applications. One such example of this collaborative process resulted in the development and launch of a lightactivated adhesive and process; in that the components being bonded were nontransparent, so the light-curing had to be ‘triggered’ at a critical build stage.

Redmond’s observation is borne out by the fact that more than 40% of DELO’s revenue during its most recent financial year, came from adhesives developed in the last three years; proof-positive that the company is responding to industry’s emerging needs. Recent ground-breaking technologies include: dual-curing adhesives for use in multiple applications; low-temperature curing adhesives for temperature-sensitive substrates; and high temperature-resistant epoxies for the most demanding of applications.

Other success stories, and there are many, include the provision of adhesives for: the

For information on DELO’s products, available through Inseto’s Adhesives Division, please visit www.inseto.co.uk/adhesives.php.


Saller concludes: “Inseto has played a crucial role in strengthening our footprint in the UK and Ireland during the last 20 years and we’re very much looking forward to continuing the partnership.”

Printed from: Serif PagePlus 15,0,5,30 Copyright © 1991-2010 Serif (Europe) Ltd. All Rights Reserved Printed on: 29/02/2016 12:32:24 Publication name: Half_Page_Advert_Eng_Update_130x190, Page: 1

October 2018

SHEAR simplicity for drive protection…

Pin & Bush coupling

Gear Coupling Spacer

Chain coupling

DIN / SAE Spacer

Unique Wedge construction gives ZERO backlash FAST RESET - drive re-set in minutes Clamping screws give positive axial location so the shear neck cannot be displaced from the correct position between flanges. Multiple pins gives a very high torque capacity within compact dimensions. Shear necks are standardised and coded, giving safe, tamper proof repeatability and spares economy. 'Fail safe' under all conditions, the Wedgegard is not effected by changes in temperature or humidity. The ability to release is not dependent on mechanism lubrication.

Sprocket coupling

Rigid coupling

Email : sales@howdon.co.uk Web : www.howdon.co.uk Phone: 01453 750814

Fluid Carrying

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond. Vacuum to over 20,000psi. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.


Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK

+44(0)1663 735003



October 2018

Touchpath adds power-picking ‘control centre’ to its ‘Touch 3PL’ third party logistics system • Users report pick productivity increases of up to 50% • ‘Control Centre’ tracks pick status in real time; assigns picks on-screen; measures pickers’ performance • Users can scale Touch3PL software licenses in line with seasonal demand • Interfaces to leading carriers and e-commerce platforms

International supply chain solutions provider TouchPath is extending its peak-season-scalable ‘Touch3PL’ third party logistics solution with the addition of a “power picking” ‘Control Centre’ option, the company announced today. Control Centre delivers powerpicking productivity increases of up to 50% according to logistics users. Other benefits include the facility to assign picks to warehouse operatives on-screen, track pick status in real time and measure pickers’ performance by individual and by team, including time spent on ‘non-productive’ tasks such as cleaning or loading. Touch3PL is geared to the third party logistics market: the number of software licences can be increased and decreased in line with seasonal and other 3PL demands and its core functions can be run on desktop PCs or handheld radio terminals. Touch3PL is marketed in onpremise, hosted cloud and pay-as-you-go versions, with global 24/7 user support and integration with leading carriers and e-commerce platforms. It currently supports twelve languages in both user interfaces and shipping documents.


Touch3PL enables the full range of warehouse processes. The system supports different charge rates by customer, warehouse, item and process and informs customers when their stock moves or an order is fulfilled. Touch 3PL also includes bill of materials (BOM) maintenance to support kitting, re-labelling and component (re)assembly. Touch3PL can run stand-alone or integrated with all mainstream ERP and other supply chain and legacy systems. TouchPath systems’ technology captures more supply chain information for better business performance and faster ROI. Its unique custom-off-the-shelf (COTS) systems use building blocks that allow TouchPath software to be fully tailored with no limits, in line with user-defined business rules and processes, at a lower price and with faster deployment, according to the company. TouchPath has operations in the UK (Halifax HX1 5ER) and the USA (High Point, NC 27265).

Talk to the experts in oxygen gas analysis. Cambridge Sensotec has been specialising in the manufacture of oxygen gas analysis equipment for over 17 years. Dynamic and flexible, Cambridge Sensotec continues to expand with an established worldwide distribution network and ISO 9001 accreditation. Manufacturers of oxygen and multigas gas analysers means that Cambridge Sensotec can fulfil gas analysis requirements within a broad range of applications such as gloveboxes, welding, inert gas blanketing, solder reflow ovens, additive manufacturing, research and development industry and metal heat treatment. A range of servicing and support options are available such as calibration. This significantly increases the measurement, reliability and repeatability of gas analysis equipment. A full calibration service is available via state-of-the-art automated calibration stations, designed to calibrate Rapidox gas analysers accurately and efficiently. www.cambridge-sensotec.co.uk sales@cambridge-sensotec.co.uk Telephone: 01480 462142

October 2018

The new coded quick-release couplings from Eisele’s INOXLINE are ideal for use in food environments

New product: Coded quick-release couplings Eisele offers fool-proof INOXLINE push-in fittings The stainless steel fittings of the INOXLINE were developed by Eisele especially for use in hygiene-sensitive areas. Now the Waiblingen-based company has expanded the successful series to include coded quick-release couplings. With the new coded quick-release couplings Eisele offers fool-proof stainless steel connection components for compressed air. The connectors of the INOXLINE series consist of a coupling and a plug nipple of the product groups 4031 and 4034. They are manufactured from

stainless steel 1.4404, are equipped with FDA-compliant seals, and prevent the penetration of contamination through the outer contour in connected state. This makes them ideal for use in food environments. The durable connection elements are designed for operating pressures from 0.5 to 10 bar. Eisele offers the quick-release couplings in four versions: with round, triangular, hexagonal or octagonal plug coding. An optional shut-off on both sides offers even more safety.

For more information visit www.eisele.eu/en/products/inoxline/ 24|

October 2018

Low stress on pressure vessel for longer life Low NOx gas burner Fully matched Fulton burner Low outer surface temperature Compact design with minimal footprint Fully supported servicing and maintenance Fully wetted design - no refractory > 6:1 turndown capabilities (480 kg/h model)

World’s First Spiral Rib Tubeless Steam Boiler

> 10:1 turndown capabilities (960 kg/h model) > 82% gross efďŹ ciency > 99.5% steam quality at 8 bar

www.fulton.co.uk +44 (0)117 972 3322 Environmentally friendly k e y p o i n t s o f t h e V S RT

sales@fulton.co.uk www.fulton.co.uk/fulton-products/vsrt


October 2018

Resource Rags dazzle in engineering trial! Rotork/Flowco, the world’s leading designer and manufacturer of industrial valve actuators were asked to trial Northwood’s Resource Rag against the traditional bags of rags that they had traditionally used for their wiping needs

Gary Morton, the head engineer responsible for evaluating the performance, immediately noticed that with the well-designed dispenser they are much more portable on site and so much more convenient to use than the bags of mixed rags. The technicians love them because they no longer risk cutting their hands on the sharps that were occasionally to be found amongst the cloth rags and each wiper delivers exactly the same performance, every time. The purchasing department also carried out its own costing and found that Resource Rags are some 15% cheaper when compared with the bags of rags they were buying previously, and a box lasts much longer too. To quote Gary “The rags we used previously were, in my opinion, D grade wipers. Resource Rag is A grade, no question. We won’t be going back” One other seemingly small thing. In corporate image terms when the engineers arrive on site, they are justifiably regarded as being the go-to professionals. Smartly presented themselves, it looks so much better when the wipers they use are equally well presented and that well-earned reputation isn’t compromised by the use of unlovely multi coloured bags of rags. With “Resource Rags” being able to deal with virtually every daily requirement and completely free from contaminants perhaps now is the time to switch. For further information please contact Paul Mulready, Marketing Manager, Northwood Hygiene Products Ltd, e-mail paul.mulready@northwood.co.uk

The Industry 4.0 Summit & Expo makes a welcome return to Manchester on 10-11 April 2019. Now in its 3rd year the event promises to deliver more cutting edge technologies & solutions to make manufacturing smarter, in the age of the 4th industrial revolution. A combined conference & exhibition the organisers are aiming to deliver 400+ delegates, 100 exhibitors and 2,000 trade show visitors. Confirmed speakers include Stephen Phipson, CEO of the EFF, and Brain Holliday, Managing Director of Siemens Digital


Factory, with more experts and case studies to revealed over the coming months. Bosch Rexroth are confirmed as a headline sponsor for the 3rd year running, with Valuechain, IFM, Omron also confirming their sponsorship of the UK’s leading event for industry 4.0. For more details visit www.industry40summit.com

October 2018

Precise coolant filtration VDF vortex dynamic filter One-pass filtration: > 90% of 5µm particles One-pass filtration: > 99% of 25µm particles Filters both ferrous and non-ferrous Simple waste disposal options – automated operation available Wide range of sizes and capacities 9 models: flows from 10 lpm to 1,000 lpm Body materials: 9 in SUS13 & 3 in resin (PA6)

• • • •

VDF 70 - 70 lpm

No foaming, cleaner coolant, longer tool life Reduced running costs, low maintenance Element-free, no filter element replacement costs The environmentally friendly one-pass solution

Aeration&Mixing Ltd Sheffield UK T: +44 (0) 1302 215 156

Web: http://www.aerationmixing.co.uk E-mail: enquiries@aerationmixing.co.uk

VDF 1000 – 1,000 lpm

Fluid Carrying

• Vibration Sensors (IEPE + 4-20mA) • Test & Measurement Sensors • Hazardous Area Vibration Sensors • Seismic Sensors • Hydrophones • Vector Sensors • Proximity Probes • Vibration Switches


Certifications Including FM, CSA, ATEX and IECEx Offer Compliance to Customers Worldwide

Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

• Cable Assemblies • Enclosures • Vibration Transmitters • Supportive Instrumentation

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond. Vacuum to over 20,000psi. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

Stand 86 WORLD-CLASS SENSORS FOR INDUSTRY +44 (0)1767 651058



Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK

+44(0)1663 735003




October 2018

14th edition of leading UK rail show to return with revamped programme Railtex, the UK’s premier rail industry exhibition is returning for its 14th edition at Birmingham’s National Exhibition Centre from 14-16 May 2019 with a brand new programme of events lined up. of Railtex, where we look forward to welcoming back a mix of both national and international companies, as well as many new ones, to exhibit alongside an exciting and stimulating educational support programme. “The 2019 show will incorporate a mix of industry activity; discussions, forums and opportunities for organisations to do real business together.

The exhibition sees thousands of industry professionals come together to showcase the latest innovations in the infrastructure and rolling stock sectors. The last event, held in 2017, saw more than 10,000 industry professionals come together across three days, with a total of 475 exhibitors taking part, the most for more than a decade. Over 13% of visitors were non-UK nationals from 50 different countries, whilst almost 100 exhibiting companies came from 23 countries, highlighting the show’s importance in the international rail calendar. The 2019 edition of Railtex is ideally placed, with the face of UK rail changing, and a growing demand for modern and improved systems and


assets fuelling an overhaul of the country’s transport networks. Projects including the HS2 high-speed line, Crossrail 2, and Transport for the North’s £70bn masterplan, as well as the government’s in-depth plans for Network Rail’s CP6, lead the way for market growth, meaning the scope for new business opportunities is huge. Railtex 2019 will see the introduction of three new areas to its programme, including a new High Speed Rail Hub, focusing on the aims of adding capacity and connectivity to the UK’s network. A new Digital Rail Forum will also be present, enabling broad discussion on the future of this revolutionary programme, alongside a new Railway Industry Association Hub, bringing

the association’s members together in an environment that will offer a platform for SMEs as well as contain the Knowledge Hub with its traditional updates, briefings and keynote addresses present at Railtex since the show first began in 1993. Kirsten Whitehouse, Exhibition Manager for Railtex 2019, said: “We’re thrilled to be returning to the Midlands for the 14th edition

Exhibitor and visitor numbers have been at their highest for 20 years so be sure to book your stand space early to avoid the disappointment of missing out!” With a jam-packed programme of CPD-certified events to be confirmed in the near future, Railtex 2019 can rightly claim to be the perfect platform for companies serving all aspects of the rail industry to demonstrate their capabilities and meet their future customers. For information see www.railtex.co.uk

14th International Exhibition of Railway Equipment, Systems & Services

019 #Railtex2019



14 - 16 MAY 2019 NEC, BIRMINGHAM, UK

The show for everyone involved in shaping the future of UK rail


October 2018

How to get the best out of PROFIBUS, PROFINET and IO-Link – Oct 24, Coventry Taking place at the Advanced Manufacturing Technology Centre in Coventry, this free-to-attend seminar will address the key practical issues arising from the use of digital communications technologies in automated manufacturing and process industry applications, with particular attention being paid to network design, installation and commissioning through to functional safety & cybersecurity, Industry 4.0 and EMC. Keynote Address PI Chairman Karsten Schneider will be giving the keynote presentation covering the latest developments in Time Sensitive Networking (TSN), PROFINET in Process applications, Advanced Physical Layer (APL), OPC-UA and Industry 4.0 Other presentations will include: Design principles for successful PROFINET networks - Pietro Benfatti, Procentec The presenter will lead the audience through the basics of good network design, introducing some common issues that they will then be encouraged to work together to solve, applying what they have been taught. The format will be that of an interactive discussion using large screen schematics to help redesign the network until it is made to work properly. PROFIBUS and PROFINET device configuration tools - Phil Waterworth, Endress+Hauser A look at the available device configuration tools and their development including the move to unify the different types into one format – FDI. This will be followed by a live demonstration of PROFIBUS and PROFINET device configuration using an existing open platform and web browser option. How PROFIsafe and Cybersecurity enhance your PROFIBUS/PROFINET project This paper will firstly discuss PROFIsafe, why we have the solution, what should be planned out, elements to be aware of and what PROFIsafe does well. This paper will then spend a little time covering the basics of legislation and responsibilities for safety and functional safety. The paper will then go on to quickly consider basic Cybersecurity aspects for Industrial Automation in the UK market.


New PI Guidelines for Functional Bonding and Shielding of PROFIBUS and PROFINET – Peter Thomas, Control Specialists The ever-increasing use of high frequency switching devices in industrial automation can result in high frequency currents circulating in an equipotential bonding network that was not designed for this purpose. The absence of a proven lowimpedance bonding network can result in these currents taking alternative, and often undesirable routes. Occasionally these will be the shields of industrial network cables such as PROFIBUS and PROFINET that in turn can lead to intermittent communications problems. This presentation will discuss the issues in more detail and will explain the relevance of the recently released PI guidelines “Functional Bonding and Shielding for PROFIBUS and PROFINET”. IO-Link Technology – Adrian Sorsby, Balluff This presentation will be covering what a typical IO-Link solution consists of, how it interfaces to the control system and the benefits that can be derived from this increased level of communication with IO-Link devices. These include: easier handling of measurement signals, remote and automatic device parameterisation, smart sensor diagnostic functions, safety over IO-Link whilst also being an enabler for Industrial IoT and Industry 4.0 strategies. Time-Sensitive Networking in the context of PROFINET installations – Hirschmann, presenter TBA For real-time communication with hard, non-negotiable time boundaries for endto-end transmission latencies, all devices in this network need to have a common time reference and therefore, need to synchronize their clocks among each other. This is not only true for the end devices of a communication stream, such as an industrial controller and a manufacturing

robot, but also true for network components, such as Ethernet switches. Only through synchronized clocks, is it possible for all network devices to operate in unison and execute the required operation at exactly the required point in time. This is a subject that will be of interest to PROFINET network designers, installers and operators as the need for accurate time synchronisation, both within an individual network and across the whole enterprise, becomes paramount.

Who will benefit? The seminar will be of great value to Designers, Production/System Engineers, Instrument Technicians/Engineers and C&I Engineers involved in the design, operation and maintenance of modern automated factories and process plant. Covering key application areas such as mechanical handling and logistics, robotics, automotive engineering, electrical and electronics assembly, control systems and energy management, pulp & paper, chemical, utilities, pharmaceutical, packaging and printing, the event will be supported by an exhibition with demonstrations of actual tools used in design, configuration, fault finding and maintenance. Attendance is free of charge to preregistered delegates from the User community, i.e. companies that own, operate, design, build or maintain automated plant. The event will provide delegates with an excellent networking opportunity and the ability to speak to experts.

Places are limited so don’t delay – book today! More information and online Registration: https://goo.gl/tGnrxy In case of difficulty contact Ann on tel: 00 44 207 193 8018 or email admin@profibus.org.uk

11th International Valve Trade Fair & Conference

Make your business flow

Valves open up opportunities. Visit the world’s leading trade fair for valves and industrial valves: From 27 to 29 November 2018, VALVE WORLD EXPO will once again be an innovation platform, meeting point and trend barometer for international experts. Gather information on the latest processes and products and exchange ideas with other experts in your industry. At VALVE WORLD EXPO, VALVE WORLD CONFERENCE and PUMP SUMMIT in Düsseldorf. www.valveworldexpo.com

Supported by:

ting starts in Online ticke at August 2018 m/2130 orldexpo.co www.valvew

Sponsored by:

Messe Düsseldorf GmbH P.O. Box 10 10 06 40001 Düsseldorf _ Germany Tel. +49 211 4560-01 Fax +49 211 4560-668



October 2018

Easyfairs stands out as “Enterprise of the year®” finalist Event organiser and venue manager one of five finalists for prestigious Belgian award


asyfairs, the Brusselsbased event organiser and venue manager, has been nominated as one of five «Enterprise of the year® » finalists for 2018. Since 1996, this has been the most prestigious award “reserved exclusively for the absolute elite” of Belgian companies. On October 15, 2018 an independent jury of specialists will crown an enterprise that is distinguished by its will to create and innovate, but also by its sense of strategy and competition, its openness to the world and, of course, its exemplary management. The Award is sponsored by Ernst & Young in association with Belgium’s leading business newspaper, L’Echo, and BNP Paribas Fortis. “With our mission to enable communities to “Visit the Future” and our “Real Life Social Media” approach, Easyfairs stands out as the reference exhibitions organiser and venues manager in Belgium and beyond,” commented Easyfairs Founder and Group CEO, Eric Everard. “We are all thrilled and delighted to have been selected as a finalist for this hugely prestigious award and look forward to taking part at the award ceremony.” Since its creation 20 years ago, Easyfairs has been a veritable model of creative growth: 13% per annum, through the successful launch of new event brands, the development and geo-cloning of existing brands, and the acquisition of brands from other organisers. Easyfairs currently organises 218 events in 17 countries and manages exhibition halls in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden. It now has 750 employees. Easyfairs events give professional, industrial and consumer communities,


as well as communities of interest such as collectors of modern art or comic fans a vision of their future; they facilitate direct contacts between members of the same community and offer them a truly transformative experience. As is the case with many great entrepreneurial success stories, Easyfairs has identified and capitalised on an interesting trend that few expected. “The concept of Real Life Social Media has enabled us to push the live events business in new directions, and explore opportunities in a contemporary context,” explains Everard. “The need for direct, real life contact between economic actors has actually increased in line with the multiplication and globalisation of data and the rise of social media. But of course, the way in which people interact through these live events is constantly evolving.” Easyfairs stands out through its culture of innovation, both in terms of the events it organises and the technological innovations that support its events and venues. Easyfairs has also developed a highly customer-centric approach, with communities driving its product development. The Easyfairs Academy supports talent development among its teams, through a number of innovative live event programmes and e-learning. And last but not least, Easyfairs has achieved stand-out organisational agility through the geo-cloning of event concepts, and the industrialisation of core processes across the Easyfairs network of offices. “Events that bring communities together have, more than ever, a great future ahead of them, but only on condition that they put the customer at the centre of each decision and maximise the customer

experience, which must be easy, sociable, innovative and transformative. And the use of new technologies must, more than ever, serve to facilitate this experience,” concludes Everard. Easyfairs enables communities to “visit the future” at must-attend events that anticipate their needs and present solutions in the ideal format. The group currently organises 218 events in 17 countries (Algeria, Belgium, China, Denmark, Emirates, Finland, France, Germany, the Netherlands, Norway, Portugal, Singapore, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and the United States). Easyfairs also manages 10 events venues in Belgium, the Netherlands and Sweden (Ghent, Antwerp, Namur, Mechelen-Brussels North, Hardenberg, Gorinchem, Venray, Stockholm, Gothenburg and Malmö). The group employs more than 750 people and generated revenues exceeding €160 million for its financial year 2017-2018. Easyfairs strives to be the most adaptable, agile and effective player in the events industry by employing committed individuals, deploying the best marketing and technology tools and developing strong brands. Visit the future with Easyfairs. For more information, visit our website www.easyfairs.com








Register your interest to visit the UK’s largest engineering event, giving you access to: � 600+ exhibiting suppliers and partners � 200+ Continuing Professional Development certified presentations and case studies from OEMs, industry experts and government � Innovative and exciting feature exhibits showing the latest technologies in action � Enabling Innovation zone for SMEs and start-ups to present new inventions and idea

Register your interest to attend at:

www.advancedengineeringuk.com #AEUK18


October 2018

Heason Technology at the Engineering Design Show Ricoh Arena, Coventry – 17th & 18th October 2018 – Stand G74


eason Technology returns to the Engineering Design Show with a full line-up of motion control components from its distribution partners, as well as working demonstrations displaying some of the leading UK motion control suppliers, as well as system integrator’s capability for the complete design and build of customised motion systems. Their knowledgeable technical team welcome you to join them on stand G74 to discuss your application and demonstrate component level and complete multi –axis motion systems solutions from its comprehensive product range. The Slinfold - West Sussex based motion specialist combines its own design and build systems integration expertise with motion products, components and systems from a small but select group of globally recognised distribution partners. Heason Technology’s comprehensive range includes servo and stepper motors with associated drives and motion controls, linear and rotary positioning mechanics, linear and rotary encoders, ceramic servo motors and positioning stages, high precision gearboxes, rotary actuators and slip ring assemblies. 34|

Heason Technology will showcase a custom-designed Hexapod. It demonstrates its capability for mechatronic design and build with an EtherCAT controlled 6-axis hexapod (parallel robot) demonstration rig that comprises mechanical, electronic and software components from several of its distribution partners. As an exciting new addition to this years show, Heason Technology have added an ‘a-maze-ing’ challenge for you to complete! Come and visit stand G74 for your chance to take part…






17-18 OCTOBER 2018

www.engineeringdesignshow.co.uk HEADLINE SPONSORS


October 2018

Toyota - We’ve got your back at Health & Safety North Toyota Material Handling UK will be displaying a range of equipment aimed at reducing manual handling at Health and Safety North 9th & 10th October 2018 at Event City, Manchester.

Located on stand L20, Toyota Material Handling will be showcasing a range of hand pallet trucks, powered pallet trucks and towing tractors that reduce manual handling, and will be on hand to provide support and free safety resources to visitors to the stand who use materials handling equipment. On stand will be the BT Pro Lifter manual hand pallet truck (LHM230QP) and the BT Highlifter hand pallet truck (HHL100). The BT Pro Lifter features unique Pro Start technology that helps to get loads moving using 67% less effort than a standard hand pallet truck. The HHL100 can be used for moving goods quickly and easily and for raising loads to a comfortable working height up to 80cm. Also on


stand will be the BT Levio LWE130 lightweight powered pallet truck, designed to move loads safely and efficiently. A d d i t i o n a l l y , To y o t a w i l l b e showcasing the Toyota Tracto TWE080N pedestrian tow tractor with roll cage at the show; designed for easy movement of load carriers, it reduces the need to move roll cages by hand, avoiding injuries such as trapped hands and feet. The free safety resources include forklift safety guides, manual handling guides and a number of best practice posters. Toyota team members will be available to talk to visitors about their materials handling operations and

provide them with advice on which trucks may best suit their operation. Jon Buckley, Commercial Director at Toyota said “At Toyota we are focused on providing not only the safest trucks for our customers, but also industry leading advice and support. We are constantly looking at new and innovative solutions to increase safety in materials handling operations and we’re pleased that Health and Safety North provides us with a platform where we can showcase these.” Visit Toyota at Health and Safety North (Stand L20) on the 9th & 10th October 2018. To find out more call 0370 850 1409 or visit www.toyota-forklifts.co.uk


Industrial Vacuum & In-vacuum Technologies


Wednesday 10th & Thursday 11th October 2018 Ricoh Arena Coventry, UK

Behind Everything in Life, there’s Vacuum.









Don’t miss Europe’s premier vacuum technology event CO-LOCATED WITH


Vacuum in Food Manufacturing a forum for scientists, users in industry and technicians

This meeting will discuss a range of applications of vacuum in food manufacturing, for example vacuum cooling and drying, deodorization, aseptic processing and sterilization, storage and transport.

TRAINING COURSES A compelling selection of courses of unique educational content. For a full list of meetings visit


register to attend at www.vacuum-expo.com


October 2018

Latest in civil engineering solutions to be on display at firm’s first UK Trench Technology Day A subsidiary of a global engineering firm is inviting customers to attend its very first UK Trench Technology Day in October. thyssenkrupp Infrastructure, a leading supplier of civil, marine and foundation engineering solutions, is set to host the event on Thursday 11th October at the National Conference Centre in Solihull, Birmingham. Organised in collaboration with new and exclusive UK agent Shoring Solutions, the day will give customers within the construction industry a chance to learn more about the latest in trench technology. Presentations and Q&A sessions on latest concepts such as WBM-Liquid Soil, a discontinuously fluid, self-compacting and reconsolidating construction material, and the TIBATEK liquid soil bucket, both of which are widely recognised and used throughout Europe as conventional compaction substitutes, will feature during the event. What’s more, the event will include a hot buffet lunch and free entry to the famous UK National Motorcycle Museum.


latter of which ensures early solidification without forming a solid cement paste matrix. Both this and the TIBATEK liquid soil bucket will allow customers to, in combination with sliding rail linear shoring, minimise excavation and compaction time, neutralise contaminated soils, maximise labour efficiency and help reduce their carbon footprint. Eduard Mundt, Export Sales Manager for thyssenkrupp Infrastructure, said: “We are delighted to be holding our very first UK Trench Technology Day in Birmingham. “This event is absolutely essential for customers who are keen to be at the forefront of trench technology and would like to discover how our civil engineering and construction solutions can help their business to thrive and expand. “I would urge anyone who is interested in attending to register without delay.”

WBM-Liquid Soil comprises up to 95% sustainable natural soil or recycled, uncontaminated construction material and is formed by combining binder with water.

Registrations forms must be completed and returned via email to info@shoringsolutions. co.uk before Friday 28th September. Forms can alternatively be completed by visiting the Shoring Solutions website.

The specific added components consist of plasticizer and a cement-based stabiliser, the

Further information on thyssenkrupp (UK) is available at www.thyssenkrupp.com/en.





Shaping the future Exhibition • Technical Conference • Awards Dinner Nottingham 17-18 October

High profile speaker programme

• Raise your profile and take advantage of exhibition space and a range of sponsorship opportunities.

• Presentations and insights with a technical focus from eminent speakers on topical issues and key infrastructure projects.

• Celebrate the achievements in materials handling at the evening awards ceremony and network with industry colleagues.

To exhibit or sponsor 01787 226995 bulkex.co.uk

Delegates register free at



October 2018

2018 set for massive environmental monitoring event This year, two of the world’s largest environmental monitoring events will take place in the same place and at the same time – Telford, November 21st and 22nd. WWEM 2018 will be the eighth in a series that began in 2005, and AQE 2018 will be the tenth in a series that began in 2002. As specialist events focusing on the regulations, Standards, methods and technologies in environmental monitoring, enormous synergy is created by running them together. The WWEM (Water Wastewater & Environmental Monitoring) events have grown year on year, and AQE (Air Quality & Emissions) has expanded beyond recognition. “Many of the delegates for these events work in both emissions to air and wastewater, so this will be great news for them,” comments organiser Marcus Pattison. “However, and it’s a big however, these events are feverishly busy; each with a packed workshop programme running alongside a conference, all of which is CPD accredited, so the need for delegates to plan their visit is even greater than usual. “Visitors will need to study the conference and workshop programmes on the two event websites, and plan their time accordingly. In all likelihood, this will necessitate coming on both days to make the most of the conferences, workshops and both international exhibitions.” Anyone planning to attend should register at www.ilmexhibitions.com. By registering, visitors will be eligible for free parking and refreshments, as well as free entry to both exhibitions and all workshops. The exhibitions will feature over 230 companies representing more than 400 manufacturers, and there will be a total of over 140 free technical workshops to choose from. In addition to the updates on regulations that will be provided by many of the conference speakers, each exhibition will feature a ‘Regulators Stand’ providing help and advice from the regulators of England, Wales, Scotland, Northern and Southern Ireland.


The WWEM 2018 Conference programme is being developed and supported by leading associations including SWIG (Sensors for Water Interest Group), the Pump Centre, WRc, CIWEM, BMSS, PROFIBUS, CoGDEM, GAMBICA, WIPAC (Water Industry Process Automation and Control) and the RSC (Water Science Forum & Separation Science Groups). Consequently, conference delegates can be assured of high quality, topical content. With air quality experiencing extremely high levels of global political and media interest, and with Brexit looming at a time when the UK Government has suffered repeated losses in Court, the timing of AQE 2018 could not be better. Debate is intensifying around the measures that must be taken to address air pollution, and monitoring has a key role to play. The content of the AQE 2018 Conference is therefore being developed in association with the STA (Source testing Association), EPUK (Environmental Protection UK), the REA (Renewable Energy Association), the CEA (Combustion Engineering Association) and IAPSC (Investigation of Air Pollution Standing Conference). Both AQE 2018 and WWEM 2018 will take place at the Telford International Centre, (UK) which benefits from a number of local hotels. However, with a high proportion of visitors likely to attend over both days, the organisers are recommending early booking. Please visit www.ilmexhibitions.com for more information or email info@ilmexhibitions.com

WWEM 2018 The 8th International Conference and Exhibition on water, wastewater and environmental monitoring

21st - 22nd November

Network with Water Industry Experts...

Over 100 FREE workshops, over 140 Exhibitors and a focussed Conference. WWEM is the specialist event for monitoring, testing and analysis of water, wastewater and environmental samples.


Visitors to WWEM w have FREE admis ill a s i o ls the AQE S ho w n t o

wwem.uk.com Follow us:


Tel: +44 (0)1727 858840 email: info@wwem.uk.com Supporting Trade Associations


October 2018

The Air Quality and Emissions Show

Clic here k to regi ster AQE f SHO or W 201 8

November 21st & 22nd - 2018 AQE 2018, The 10th in the series of Air Quality & Emissions Events will focus on industrial air emissions and stack monitoring of (Part A) processes regulated by the Regulators of the United Kingdom and Northern Ireland, ambient air quality monitoring, the emissions to air of Part A2 and Part B processes controlled by local authorities and SEPA, MCERTS standards and all aspects of air quality monitoring, protection and Medium Combustion Plant Directive Monitoring, Manual Stack Monitoring, treatment. (MPCD) comes into force on 20th Abatement Technologies, Fugitive Event organiser Marcus Pattison states “The need to produce accurate, reliable monitoring data is the same whatever the industrial process,” he says. “Furthermore, the technologies are invariably the same and the people responsible for emissions are often also responsible for all aspects of environmental monitoring, including Workplace Monitoring, Ambient Air Monitoring, Leak Detection, Odour Monitoring and Treatment, Fugitive Emissions, Fence line Monitoring, Continuous Emissions Monitoring, Air Treatment etc. It therefore makes sense for all of this to be brought together under one umbrella at the AQE SHOW.” The


December 2018. This new regulation will affect over 30,000 plants in the UK and around 143,000 in the EU. AQE will address the monitoring requirements needed to address the new MCPD regulation. Subjects featured and discussed at AQE will include: AQE SHOW 2018Ambient Monitoring, CEMS, Dioxin Monitoring, Mercury and Metal analysis, MCERTS, Regulation, Medium Combustion Plant Directive, Bio Aerosols, Calibration, Air Treatment, Discontinuous Monitoring, Gas Analysis, Odour Monitoring & Treatment, Data Acquisition, Workplace Monitoring, Fence Line

Emissions, and Operator Monitoring Assessment. In 2018 the AQE show will now run alongside WWEM (The 8th International Conference and exhibition on Water, Wastewater and Environmental Monitoring). Visitors to AQE and WWEM will be able enter both these complementary events free of charge and will now benefit from attending two shows at one time under one roof showing a full range of products and services for air and water monitoring. Visitors to both shows will be Environmental managers, Process Operators, Local Authorities, Regulators, Consultancies and Scientists from across all industries.

2 1 st

v o e mber 20 N d n 2 2 1 8 o i t n a a n r l C e t e n I n tr rd e, UK


Conference, Exhibition & Seminars

Target audience includes:

Process Operators, Local Authorities, Regulators, Consultants and end users in all industrial operations

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October 2018

Reich Expand Product Offering With Reverse To Reset Torque Limiter Range Reich Drive Systems UK announce a further expansion of the company’s already comprehensive product portfolio with the addition of a new range of Torque Limiters. The new products complement Reich’s comprehensive range of drive couplings, and will open up new opportunities for Reich across several market sectors. Torque limiters provide overload protection to the mechanical drive-train, and are essential if significant damage and lengthy downtimes are to be avoided, in the event of a sudden increase in torque due to a mechanical failure or other event. The new “RR” torque limiter range, now available from Reich Drive Systems UK, immediately disconnects the input side and driven side of the drive-train when an overload occurs, dissipating the inertia within the rotating components. During normal operation the torque limiter transmits the torque from the input side to the driven flange through a series of balls. These are located within indentations on both halves of the unit, and retained in position by compression springs. In the case of an overload situation, when the torque demand exceeds the pre-set torque value, the balls are pushed out of their indentations. Both sides of the drive-train remain completely disconnected and can rotate independently and freely. Using a torque limiter improves safety and enhances the reliability of the machine to which it is connected. During normal use, if correctly installed and properly adjusted, the Reich torque limiter range does not require any ongoing routine maintenance. A key feature of the Reich “RR” range of torque limiters is the ability to re-engage the drive by reversing the direction of rotation, either under power at slow speed, or manually, saving valuable time and improving efficiencies and up-times. Designed to be freely interchangeable with other reverse to reset torque limiters currently available on the market, the new Reich range can be delivered by Reich Drive Systems UK within just 7-10 days from order.


Aftermarket customers seeking to reduce downtime when sourcing replacement parts will welcome the quick delivery times. The “RR” range is available in four sizes and with torque settings ranging from 4Nm to 2,600Nm, depending upon spring types and the number of springs specified. They can also be used at temperatures between -200C and + 900C. In addition to the reverse to reset range, Reich also offer a number of friction disc and traditional reset mechanical torque limiters. David Proud – General Manager for Reich Drive Systems UK commented: “ We are delighted to announce the introduction of the torque limiter products, which perfectly complement our range of drive couplings. Our expanded portfolio will definitely open up new opportunities for Reich here in the UK and Ireland.” With a history spanning over 70 years, Reich Kupplungen has built up unrivalled expertise in the design and manufacture of drive couplings for use across a wide range of industries and applications. Reich is always happy to assist customers with coupling or torque limiter selection process for any particular application. Reich Drive Systems UK 0161 714 4191 | www.reich-uk.com

Reich Drive Couplings

Keeping Industry Moving Competence In Power Transmission For Over 70 Years

Unit 4 Bankside Business Park, Coronation Street, Stockport, SK5 7PG T: Office + 00 44 161 714 4191 | info@reich-uk.com www.ReICh-UK.CoM

October 2018


ox’s Rocky chocolate biscuit bar brand is a household name in the UK, listed with all the major multiples and enjoying a loyal following of consumers. To keep supermarket shelves fully stocked, the biscuit manufacturer has four lines operating 24/7 at speeds of 600 bars per minute at its factory in Kirkham, Lancashire. With some of the equipment on these lines nearing the end of its lifespan, last year, Fox’s visited Interpack to research upgrade options. Ilapak’s US-built DSA Eagle flow wrapper was on display at the show, and Fox’s was impressed with its rare ability to wrap biscuit bars at speeds in excess of 1000ppm. “There are very few flow wrapper suppliers who can guarantee speeds in the region of 1000 ppm. A lot of companies we spoke to said they couldn’t get near this target,” says Paul Nolan, chief engineer at Fox’s Kirkham site.

Engineered for 24/7 production environments, the DSA Eagle incorporates features such as automatic splicing and expanded touchscreen diagnostics for efficiency excellence. Heavy duty construction and the design of its feeding system are also key to the flow wrapper’s exceptional performance at high speeds. “There is a lot of vibration when running at these kinds of speeds. The Eagle is based on a very heavy duty mechanical platform and 12.5mm thick plate frame construction. This ensures stability and smooth operation of the jaws at very high speeds,” explains Chris Gee, sales manager HFFS at Ilapak. The Eagle also deploys advanced sensor technology to perform a profile check of each biscuit just before it enters the flow wrapper, as uniformity is imperative at these high speeds. “The system checks length, height and weight of each bar and any products that fall outside of the programmed

parameters will be rejected before they enter the flow wrapper and cause jams or blockages,” says Chris. Before Fox’s had a chance to resume discussions with Ilapak, in August, one of its high speed flow wrappers broke down and due to obsolescence, couldn’t be fixed. With throughput down by 40%, Fox’s couldn’t afford to waste any time organising a replacement and Paul was on the phone to Ilapak to see if Fox’s could buy the DSA Eagle he had seen at Interpack. At the time, the flow wrapper was being shipped back across the Atlantic. Arrangements were made to get in on a return flight as soon as it landed on American soil and on arrival at London Heathrow airport, it was immediately transported to Kirkham for installation and in-situ trials. “We were losing a significant amount of money due to the reduction in throughput, the decision was taken to complete trials on site, instead of America, due to time constraints” recalls Paul. Installing the flow wrapper on the line was far from straightforward, as it had to be interfaced with upstream and downstream equipment that was operating on different and older control platforms.

When one of Fox’s high speed flow wrappers succumbed, Ilapak came to the rescue

ILAPAK HELPS FOX’S OUT OF CRUNCH SITUATION When one of Fox’s high speed flow wrappers succumbed, leaving the biscuit manufacturer with a financially crippling downtime situation on its Rocky bar line, Ilapak came to the rescue. One of the few flexible packaging equipment manufacturers with the capabilities to supply a 1000 biscuits per minute line, Ilapak reacted quickly when Fox’s wanted to purchase an exhibition model Delta Systems & Automation (DSA) Eagle flow wrapper. 46|

“A lot of equipment suppliers shy away from the challenge of integrating a new machine into an existing line where the control systems in use are old as it isn’t easy to get machines to communicate with one another when, essentially, they are talking in different languages. In this case, it was a lot of work to get the flow wrapper to interface with the upstream accumulation tower and feeding system and the downstream over-wrapper,” explains Chris. By December, the line was back up and running with the new flow wrapper in place. Fox’s is now looking at upgrading its other flow wrappers to DSA Eagle systems as well as future-proofing the rest of its plant – projects in which it says Ilapak will be heavily involved. “I value Ilapak’s openness, their readiness to provide solutions and the partnership we have. It’s a rare combination and I don’t think we have that with any other equipment supplier. The pace at which Ilapak moved and their willingness to help us out was admirable,” says Paul. For further infromation email marketing@ilapak.co.uk call 0208 797 2000 or visit www.ilapak.co.uk

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






RELIABILITY Tel : +44 (0)151 356 2322 Website: www.rotechsystems.co.uk Fax: +44 (0)151 356 2437 Email: sales@rotechsystems.co.uk

Monitoring the world

October 2018 always appreciating the complexities of their own processes,” notes David. There are so many different factors that factories and packhouses need to consider when examining their automation options. Cost is undoubtedly high on the agenda. While many OEMs imply that the prices of robots have fallen, for many food SMEs, particularly seasonal operations, the initial outlay can still be hard to justify. Evolution not revolution

Robot wars: Lessons learned from automation leaders and robot laggards Time and again we are reminded that we are in the age of automation. Annual statistics prepared by the International Federation of Robotics paints a positive picture for 2017, with a 31% increase in annual global shipments. However, the UK doesn’t make the top ten countries for investment. And despite an annual 19% increase, food and drink companies are still the smallest sector of all those listed globally for robotic investments . David Jahn, director at automation company Brillopak believes that using terminology interchangeably, particularly robotics, AI and automation, is part of the reason why UK food factories have dodged making big investments, particularly at the end of line packaging and case loading lines. But with the EU labour crisis continuing to plague UK fresh produce houses, David emphasises that now is the time to get back to basics and review the entire productivity picture and how automation, not just robots, will align to and support long-term strategies. “In the last decade robots, rightly or wrongly, have been positioned as a universal panacea to enhancing productivity,” claims David, believing that this is the root of the divergence. “While there are certain tasks, especially highly repetitive jobs, that robots can and do


perform efficiently and economically, putting a robot onto a food packing line isn’t always the best path to higher productivity.” Sometimes, automation efforts fail to improve productivity and performance. Is that the robot’s fault? No! “The issue rests with people being misinformed about the capabilities of robots in handling multiple variables and also not

Despite perceptions, driven in part by Internet of Things and Industry 4:0, tomorrow’s food factories don’t just need robots, they need better processes. That’s where lean manufacturing and cost efficiencies can be realised, claims David. “It’s not rocket science. Yet it does require production managers to step back and consider all the details. Just because Germany, the US and China consider robotics to be the universal answer, there are other automation routes that UK fresh produce firms can explore that are equally revolutionary and can be accomplished by taking evolutionary steps.” Read more.

October 2018


October 2018

Progressive cavity pumps overcome the toughest processing challenges By Lesley Eaton, Business Development and Marketing Manager, SEEPEX Challenge 4: Handling solid particles The PC pump is able to handle solid particles without compromising either the product or the pump efficiency, ideal in a wide range of applications, from waste water treatment to sauces containing vegetables and spices. They are used in any area where solid particles prove problematical for other pump designs, often causing check valves to stick resulting in failure and downtime. Challenge 5: Variable flow rates PC pumps are available with flow rates from 100 ml/hr to 500 m³/hr and variable frequency drives can regulate pump speeds to increase or decrease flow rates without the need for pulsation dampeners or complicated calibration systems. Challenge 6: Viscosity Process pumps are the world’s most popular piece of rotating equipment, outnumbering all other process equipment such as compressors, mixers, blowers – in some plants they can represent as much as 85% of rotating equipment. Industries as diverse as oil and gas, food and beverage, water and waste water treatment, pharmaceutical and chemical, all rely on pumps to move products around their processes. Despite pumps being essential to many processing operations, there remain challenges associated with choosing the correct pump for the job. These selection issues can be resolved thanks to developments in the technology deployed in progressive cavity (PC) pumps, which can now deliver superior pumping ability – overcoming some of the common pumping challenges found across all industries. Challenge 1: Maintaining product integrity The design of the PC pump moves the product through the pump in a series of cavities, which prevents slip from the discharge back through the pump. Slip creates shear, so compared to other pump designs, which have clearances between the lobes, screws or gears, PC pumps have a very low shear action, preserving the quality of shear-sensitive products, all of which are transferred without loss of integrity and functionality. Challenge 2: Lifting products

PC pumps can handle products with a wide range of viscosities – from water to over 1,000,000 cps. The pumping action means that variations in viscosity do not affect the flow rate, offering accuracy, process stability and reduced downtime compared to pumps that stall as viscosity increases. Challenge 7: Solids pumping There are some instances where products don’t free flow, hence the development of open hoppers and integral augers to constantly feed non-flowable media into the pumping elements. The auger is fabricated as part of the integral coupling rod between the drive and rotor, using the rotation produced by the drive to push forward viscous and even solid products. As a result, products that do not flow are pushed into the pumping elements and can then be moved through pipes (the alternative would have been to use a conveyor). This technique makes long distance transfer of high ds% products possible using PC pumps. Challenge 8: Design compatibility Corrosive and abrasive products, industry standards, hygiene requirements and operating temperature are all factors that need to be considered when configuring or choosing a pump, to ensure that the build materials are suitable for the product and processing conditions. PC pumps can be constructed – and the product feed mechanism adapted – in line with specific application requirements.

High suction lifts can be achieved by PC pumps, making them ideal for lifting products from IBC, barrels or mixing tanks. The ability to pump against almost a full vacuum also ensures the efficient use of degassing equipment. Furthermore, surface-mounted PC pumps can lift from wastewater sumps, removing the need for submersible equipment.

Challenge 9: Operating pressures

Challenge 3: Batch and continuous dosing

Challenge 10: Installation and operation

The cavities have a given chamber volume, ideal for both batch and continuous dosing applications where accuracy is important, such as batch dosing sauce directly onto pizza dough or the addition of chemicals to make up tanks. The flow has very low pulsation too, so dosing the correct amount into mixers or pipelines can be achieved with a smooth, continuous action, removing the need for complicated controls or lengthy calibration methods.

PC pumps are easy to operate and install. They can run both clockwise and counterclockwise, plus they can be installed horizontally or vertically if floor space is tight. Designs such as SEEPEX’s Smart Conveying Technology have smaller installation needs, plus inspection of the pumping elements, removal of blockages and planned maintenance can all be carried out without removing pipework, thus reducing downtime and maintenance costs.


Pumps have to overcome pressure when transferring products. PC pumps are able to generate pressures up to 48bar as standard, meaning that they can pump long distances – many km in some cases!

Penetrate the pool of patent information Harness the power of Intellectual Property with the Minesoft Patent Toolbox. • Search patents intuitively and comprehensively with PatBase • Explore the landscape and turn data into intelligence with Analytics V2 • Encourage innovation across the corporation with PatBase Express • Extract essential chemical information with Chemical Explorer Visit www.minesoft.com today! Minesoft offices worldwide: US +1 866 745 3621 UK +44 (0)20 8404 0651 DE +49 (0)211 7495 0930 JP +81 3 5403 9191

October 2018

Thermal Measurement Recording & Analysis Software FLIR Systems announces update version 4.40 of its popular thermal measurement, recording and analysis software - ResearchIR. ResearchIR 4.40 is a powerful, yet easy to-use thermal analysis software package for research grade uncooled and cooled cameras from FLIR Systems. The latest revision of this software suite provides highly intuitive advanced camera control, high-speed data recording, image analysis, and data sharing.


sers of ResearchIR software now have access to an unmatched array of useful features for detailed thermal analysis. This includes multiple analysis tools with user-defined settings for detailed data examination; flexible measurement modes: chart, graph and plot reporting; and statistical tables, allowing users to view detailed image quantitative data for the image analysis tools.

that captures a series of thermal images and combines the data into one new image using ResearchIR software. The result is a quadrupling of thermal-imaging pixels, including full radiometric measurement data. With this facility, images that are captured with a 640 x 480-resolution thermal-imaging camera can now be transformed into an ultra-sharp 1,280 x 960-resolution image using ResearchIR.

In the latest version of ResearchIR - many useful MatLab functions can now be directly accessed from within the software. ResearchIR 4.40 software also provides FLIR thermal camera users with UltraMax file support. UltraMax is a proprietary image enhancement technology

ResearchIR software connects directly to FLIR thermal cameras via USB, Firewire, Gigabit Ethernet, and Camera Link to acquire thermal snapshots or movie files. Users can easily customize recording options including start times, end times, and the number of frames to acquire.


For further information or to download a trial version of ResearchIR 4.40 please visit www.flir.co.uk/products/researchir/ or contact FLIR Systems in Europe on +32-3665-5100 or research@flir.com. Founded in 1978 and headquartered in Wilsonville, Oregon, FLIR Systems is a world-leading maker of sensor systems that enhance perception and heighten awareness, helping to save lives, improve productivity, and protect the environment. Through its nearly 3,500 employees, FLIR’s vision is to be “The World’s Sixth Sense” by leveraging thermal imaging and adjacent technologies to provide innovative, intelligent solutions for security and surveillance, environmental and condition monitoring, outdoor recreation, machine vision, navigation, and advanced threat detection. For more information, please visit www.flir.com and follow @flir

October 2018

ION SCIENCE OPENS OFFICE IN CHINA Gas detection instrumentation specialist set to further strengthen growth, customer support and brand awareness in China, Hong Kong & Macau In a key strategic move to strengthen global growth, customer support and brand awareness, Ion Science (www.ionscience.com) – leading manufacturer of advanced gas detection instrumentation for occupational health and environmental monitoring applications – has opened an office in China. Shanghai-based Ion Science China Ltd will be aiming its photoionisation detectors (PIDs) for monitoring volatile organic compounds (VOCs) at a range of markets across China, Hong Kong and Macau, including indoor and outdoor air quality, oil & gas, environmental, fire / hazmat (first responders), semi-conductor, manufacturing and automotive. Ion Science China Ltd is headed up by Peter Childs who comments: “Having a dedicated office in Shanghai will allow us to more easily restructure distribution channels in China by securing new sub distributors and OEM partners. “A new local service centre will also enable us to provide more efficient after sales support. We are extremely excited at being able to offer our full range of fixed and handheld portable gas detection instrumentation across the Chinese market.” Ion Science new office contact details are: Ion Science China Ltd 1101, Bldg B, Far East International Plazza No 317 Xianxia Road Shanghai P.R. China


October 2018


October 2018

BLH Nobel G5 Series:

Advanced Solutions for Industrial Weighing and Force Measurement The BLH Nobel G5 Series combine standard interfaces, a modular design, and onboard integral web servers to streamline commissioning and calibration functions, and reduce operation and maintenance costs. The G5 Series’ modern, robust platform provides extensive communication protocols, intuitive operation, easy calibration and advanced diagnostics.

Features: • Two mounting options: • Panel-mount for 24 VDC or 115/230 VAC operation • Rail-mount for 24 VDC operation • G5-PM (panel mount) offers easy-to-navigate menu screens via the soft keypad for parameter setup and calibration. The same menu function is available with the G5-RM (DIN rail mount) via the built-in web server facility, offering quick, easy operation and simplified parameter changes through any web-supporting device. Web pages display weight and status, plus parameters and diagnostics information. • S upports several industrial communication interfaces: PROFINET, Modbus/TCP, EtherCat, Ethernet/IP, FTP, HTTP, Profibus, DeviceNet, ControlNet, and Modbus RTU, as well as traditional RS485 and analog outputs • “Legal-for-trade” OIML-certification and fully CE marked • Factory Mutual (FM) approvals

• E asy parameter backup and restoration via the G5 USB port, SD card and internal memory • Flow rate (weight by rate) calculation capabilities • D iagnostic functionality, including scale info, showing (live) input signal; gross weight; zero correction value (in percentage and in actual scale unit); excitation voltage; and excitation current and sense voltage. Other diagnostics show Communication, Fieldbus, Digital I/O and Analog I/O. Analog and digital outputs can be controlled directly from the diagnostics menu. • E xcitation current measurement and supervision capabilities allow monitoring the excitation and sense directory from the diagnostics menu and automatic supervision of excitation current values to help detect whether a load cell cable is broken, shorted, or has other similar faults. • S tate-of-the-art Fieldbus data mapping allows easier integration of multiple G5 measurement amplifiers within a Fieldbus network.

Typical applications for the BLH Nobel G5 Series include process weighing and control, weighing force measurements, high-speed dynamic measurements, and factory automation. Expanded applications afforded by the “legal-for-trade” firmware include coil weighing, steel plate commercial weighing, offshore fish farm pellet weighing, fine-grained concentrates weighing for the mining industry, and virtually any other commercial weighing application requiring EN45501:2015 and OIML certifications. Coming soon, look for the new G5-RMD DIN rail mount version with an OLED graphical display and 4-button soft-touch keypad. With the flexibility of the BLH Nobel G5 devices, industrial plants easily can meet today’s complex application demands and adapt to tomorrow’s evolving requirements.


For more information on these and other product offerings, visit www.blhnobel.com.

October 2018

Are you using the right SD card? SD and microSD cards continue to be the removable storage device of choice given their small size and capacity to retain large amounts of data. With so many manufacturers in the market though, how do you differentiate between them all and select the right card for your application? Most will be driven by price and capacity, but what about performance and quality? Should these be the driving factor when choosing SD and microSD cards? The answer is that it really depends on what you want to use it for.

Industrial vs. Consumer On the surface they look the same; identical mechanical design, same capacity and size. However, there are significant differences between industrial and consumer-grade SD cards and flash devices in general. It is important to consider the impacts that these differences can have on reliability, endurance, compliance and total cost of ownership before selecting a device for your application.


Customisation One of the major differences between industrial and consumer products is that industrial cards are highly customisable. Through clever use of technology and algorithms, manufacturers can manipulate the NAND Flash to meet a variety of requirements, such as; wear levelling, which moves write cycles around the chip so that cells wear evenly; on-device duplication, which reduces the volumes of data written and so lowers wear; redundancy, which reserves a portion of the device’s capacity to replace cells as they fail; and write optimisation, which stores data writes so that they can be grouped together in large chunks, to reduce the number of write operations. To achieve this a far more effective controller than those used on consumer grade cards is needed. Companies such as Phison, Toshiba SMI and Hyperstone specialise in SD card controller technology.

October 2018

Expert support There are so many card manufacturers that understanding which is right for your application can seem daunting. At Simms, we help our customers by first understanding their requirements, for example what the card is being used for, what data is being written to it. Perhaps they may be experiencing challenges with performance where cards keep failing or data is being lost. We are often contacted by companies that have purchased cards, sometimes online, which keep failing. This is sometimes a result of price driving choice rather than the actual requirement.

Our experience has taught us that, if you understand the limitations of each technology and know the demands that are placed on the card (specific to the application they are paired with), you can avoid potentially costly failures and save on engineering resource. Visit Simms on stand F5 at the Engineering Design Show where we will be showcasing industrial grade SD/microSd cards from ATP Electronics. We will also be demonstrating the benefits of power protection. Free microSD samples are available for pre-qualified projects.


THE UK’s LEADING DISTRIBUTOR OF INDUSTRIAL GRADE SD & microSD CARDS Visit Simms International on stand F5 at the Engineering Design Show and get free ATP industrial grade microSD card* (*for qualified projects only)

Our services include Controlled BOM | Content Upload | Customisation | Just in Time | Obsolescence Management Project Registration | Risk Mitigation | Technical Support | Technology Configuration

+44 (0)1622 852800 | sales@simms.co.uk | www.simms.co.uk


October 2018

Single-Lens Macro Inspection of PCBA Components FLIR Systems announces that its T500 Series thermal camera with new Macro mode facility provides a unique solution for electronics inspection applications such as finding hot spots on printed circuit board assemblies (PCBAs) and ensuring that various components are working within their design limits. Traditional macro lenses are often challenged by their short working distance. And with the tall components on some PCBAs it can be difficult to physically position a thermal camera close enough to focus on shorter components. FLIR’s Macro Mode allows users to place their T500 Series thermal camera at a workable distance while still providing a small spot size.

71 µm — no lens change needed. At this tiny spot size, the T500 Series thermal camera can still accurately measure temperatures and thermally characterize 1.6 mm × 0.8 mm sized 0603 components. It can even detect hot or underperforming components as small as 0.6 mm × 0.3 mm. For more information about thermal imaging cameras or about this application, please visit www.flir.co.uk/science/t500Science/ or contact FLIR Systems in Europe on +32-3665-5100 or research@flir.com.

Macro Mode works by adjusting the thermal camera’s detector position during the calibration process, which provides additional working distance between the sensor and lens. Macro Mode allows you to capture accurate temperature measurements of small targets without incurring the cost or inconvenience of switching between additional lenses. Using a FLIR T500 Series thermal camera with a standard 24° lens and Macro Mode enabled – users can acquire data from a spot size as small as

Non-Destructive Testing of Advanced Materials Thermal imaging is a valuable tool for detecting defects and points of failure in composites, solar cells, bridges, and electronics. It is also a great tool for thermal mapping of stress when performing materials testing. The FLIR A6750sc SLS incorporates a cooled Strained Layer Superlattice (SLS) detector that operates in the 7.5 to 10.5 µm waveband, to produce crisp, 640 x 512-pixel thermal imagery.

The FLIR A6750sc SLS thermal imaging camera range from FLIR Systems comes standard with LockIn, Transient, and Pulse capabilities enabling you to undertake meticulous Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) or stress mapping, resolving temperature differences as low as 1 mK. NDT is widely used to evaluate the properties of a material, component, or system without causing damage. Thermal Imaging cameras can detect internal defects through target excitation and the observation of thermal differences on a target’s surface.


These high-performance thermal cameras detect temperature differences smaller than 20mK (18mK typically). With FLIR Systems proprietary “lock-in” process temperature differences as small as 1mK will become clearly visible. The FLIR A6750sc SLS is a true plug-and-play thermal imaging camera, with a standard GigE Vision® interface to transmit full dynamic range digital video and GenICam for camera control. Additional interfaces include a BNC analog video output. The Gigabit Ethernet and analog video are simultaneously active yet independently controlled allowing greater flexibility for recording and display purposes.

Working seamlessly with FLIR ResearchIR Max software enables intuitive viewing, recording and advanced processing of the thermal data provided by the camera. A Software Developers Kit (SDK) is optionally available. Control the A6750sc SLS and capture data directly into MathWorks® MATLAB software for custom image analysis and enhancement For further information on the NDT and materials testing using thermal imaging please visit the FLIR website, or contact FLIR Systems in Europe on +32-3665-5100 or research@flir.com.

Efficiency matters. Reliability matters. Safety matters. In your world, it all matters.

This is why level matters. Rag layers, foam and mud tanks. Scrubbers, shakers and steam. There are no excuses when you need the toughest level measurements. That’s why Magnetrol® matters. We have the deepest experience in your applications and the broadest portfolio of level instruments for your industry. Our experts will help you identify efficiencies, lower costs, improve production and reduce downtime. It all matters. Because in your world, level matters.

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Connect with the level measurement experts at magnetrol.com

October 2018

See your name in steel

as Pryor laser mark 150,000 names

Pryor Marking Technology is proud to be using their portable laser marking machine to engrave 150,000 names on the ‘Heart of Steel’ which is set to become part of a widely anticipated Yorkshire landmark sculpture called ‘The Steel Man’. ‘The Heart of Steel’ will eventually sit inside‘The Steel Man’ - a 32 metre stainless steel sculpture which will act as a beacon for the Yorkshire region and become a landmark visitor attraction in an area that is steeped in industrial history. The Heart is 2.4m high and weighs 1138kg, and will be home to 150,000 names, all of which will be laser engraved using Pryor’s Portable Laser Marker. The Portable Laser product was the ideal choice to carry out such a project as it provides ultra-precise, high speed, permanent laser engraving on large, immobile metal objects. The Portable Laser will engrave 90 names in 50 seconds with each letter measuring 0.8mm in height. At this size, clarity is key and the Portable Laser Marker marks with abundant detail. Laser


marking is non-contact which means the engraving does not create any stress points or deformation to the material; an extremely important point in the case of the Heart of Steel.Future names will be engraved in front of the public at Meadowhall, Sheffield’s leading shopping centre, from October 2018. The heart is made of 136 curved panels and is a complex shape. Therefore, Pryor had to develop a custom mask specifically for the heart that enables the machine to mark on the Heart in a safe and secure way. The company also modified its standard software to enable complete traceability of up to 150,000 names. The software records the panel and column location of every name marked, so that each individual can locate the exact position of their inscription. Andy Hales, Project Sales Engineer at Pryor says, “The Heart of Steel project is one that fits Pryor perfectly. We were approached by the sculptor, Steve Mehdi, to laser engrave 150,000 names. As the only UK manufacturer of portable laser marking systems we are ideal to provide this service. In addition, as a Sheffield based company since 1849, we have a vested interest in the local area. The project began as a simple idea to create a landmark for the Yorkshire region and Steve was keen to create a sculpture that would embraces the past, present and the future of the region.


䐀伀圀一吀䤀䴀䔀 ℀

䌀刀伀䘀吀 䘀䤀䰀吀䔀刀匀 䰀吀䐀 ㈀ 䈀䔀䔀䌀䠀 䌀伀唀刀吀 吀䄀夀䰀伀刀 䈀唀匀䤀一䔀匀匀 倀䄀刀䬀 刀䤀匀䰀䔀夀Ⰰ 圀䄀刀刀䤀一䜀吀伀一 圀䄀㌀ 㘀䈀䰀 吀㨀  ㄀㤀㈀㔀 㜀㘀㘀㈀㘀㔀 䘀㨀  ㄀㤀㈀㔀 㜀㘀㔀 ㈀㤀 圀㨀 眀眀眀⸀昀椀氀琀攀爀猀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀 䔀㨀 猀愀氀攀猀䀀昀椀氀琀攀爀猀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀

䌀爀漀昀琀 䘀椀氀琀攀爀猀 挀愀渀 猀甀瀀瀀氀礀 栀椀最栀 焀甀愀氀椀琀礀 猀攀氀昀 挀氀攀愀渀椀渀最 昀椀氀琀攀爀猀 洀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀攀搀 戀礀 䠀椀䘀氀甀砀 䄀⼀匀 䐀攀渀洀愀爀欀Ⰰ  䌀爀漀昀琀 䘀椀氀琀攀爀猀 愀爀攀 琀栀攀 猀漀氀攀 唀䬀 䐀椀猀琀爀椀戀甀琀漀爀 愀渀搀 挀愀渀 漀昀昀攀爀 愀 瘀愀爀椀攀琀礀 漀昀 愀猀猀攀洀戀氀椀攀猀 琀漀 猀甀椀琀 愀渀礀 戀甀猀椀渀攀猀猀  猀攀挀琀漀爀⸀ 吀栀攀猀攀 昀椀氀琀攀爀猀 爀攀搀甀挀攀 琀栀攀 洀愀渀甀愀氀 挀氀攀愀渀椀渀最 瀀爀漀挀攀猀猀 愀渀搀 栀攀氀瀀 琀漀 攀氀椀洀椀渀愀琀攀 ✀搀漀眀渀琀椀洀攀✀ 攀渀猀甀爀椀渀最  礀漀甀爀 瀀爀漀搀甀挀琀椀漀渀 猀琀愀礀猀 攀昀昀椀挀椀攀渀琀⸀ 䠀椀䘀氀甀砀 䄀甀琀漀ⴀ氀椀渀攀 昀椀氀琀攀爀猀 愀爀攀 搀攀猀椀最渀攀搀 愀猀 挀漀洀瀀愀挀琀 猀攀氀昀ⴀ挀氀攀愀渀椀渀最  愀甀琀漀洀愀琀椀挀 昀椀氀琀攀爀猀 洀愀搀攀 昀爀漀洀 猀琀愀椀渀氀攀猀猀 愀挀椀搀ⴀ瀀爀漀漀昀 䔀一 ㄀⸀㐀㐀 㐀 猀琀攀攀氀 眀椀琀栀 愀 眀椀搀攀 爀愀渀最攀 漀昀 愀瀀瀀氀椀挀愀琀椀漀渀猀⸀  愀甀琀漀洀愀琀椀挀 昀椀氀琀攀爀猀 洀愀搀攀 昀 吀栀攀 爀漀戀甀猀琀 挀漀渀猀琀爀甀挀琀椀漀渀 漀昀 琀栀攀 昀椀氀琀攀爀 洀愀欀攀猀 椀琀 猀甀椀琀愀戀氀攀 昀漀爀 挀氀攀愀渀椀渀最 瀀爀愀挀琀椀挀愀氀氀礀 愀氀氀 氀椀焀甀椀搀猀Ⰰ 椀渀挀氀甀搀椀渀最  瀀愀椀渀琀Ⰰ 氀愀挀焀甀攀爀Ⰰ 氀甀戀爀椀挀愀琀椀渀最 漀椀氀Ⰰ 戀椀琀甀洀攀渀Ⰰ 䠀䘀伀Ⰰ 最爀攀愀猀攀Ⰰ 瀀愀椀渀琀Ⰰ 琀漀漀琀栀瀀愀猀琀攀Ⰰ 眀愀琀攀爀Ⰰ 昀攀爀洀攀渀琀愀琀椀漀渀 氀椀焀甀椀搀猀Ⰰ  瀀攀琀爀漀氀Ⰰ 猀礀爀甀瀀Ⰰ 挀漀渀搀攀渀猀愀琀攀Ⰰ 䌀䤀倀 氀椀焀甀椀搀猀Ⰰ 愀渀琀椀戀椀漀琀椀挀 猀甀猀瀀攀渀猀椀漀渀猀Ⰰ 洀愀渀礀 琀礀瀀攀猀 漀昀 眀愀猀琀攀 眀愀琀攀爀 攀琀挀⸀


October 2018

Assisting product development with new mini aseptic solution In today’s fast moving food and drink industry innovation is king. Everyone is looking for the next product to give their business the edge and food fashions and trends come and go with increasing speed. Food manufacturers often need to use seasonal ingredients, potentially offering limited edition flavours or varieties of key products: from herbal ice creams and summer berry drinks, to fruity condiments and vegetable smoothies. As a result, the life of innovative products is often shorter than has been seen previously and it can be hard for new product developers and marketers to pick which will survive in the market and which will fall away. All of these factors create challenges for operational factories and production lines. No business wants to invest in a fully-scaled line for a product that may have limited (albeit still successful) sales. The new HRS Asepticblock Mini Series allows manufacturers to produce new trial products with the minimum amount of product in a short time, reducing the unnecessary expense or wastage that can accompany full scale trials, and alleviating the need to suspend or interfere with the routine production of regular products. It allows the reproduction of a full scale final pack, but from as little as 20 to 50 kg of product. Matt Hale, International Sales & Marketing Director at HRS, explains the driver behind this concept: “The Aseptic Mini Block Series was born from the need of many of our small- and mediumsized customers to produce relatively small quantities of aseptic products, but who are prevented from doing so by high upfront capital costs and low return on investment. “Traditional aseptic processing lines consist of two sections; one section is the steriliser or pasteuriser (based on a suitable heat exchanger according to the product type), and the other is the aseptic filler. The HRS Asepticblock Mini Series is designed for such producers working with a range of


high value products including fruit and vegetable purees, fruit based products, condiments, sauces, soups, prepared foods and many others. “The design combines both the steriliser/pasteuriser and aseptic filler in one package, mounted on a single frame with a single control panel. As well as resulting in a compact and flexible unit which requires less space, the material and manufacturing costs are significantly reduced, meaning that prices for the Asepticblock Mini are up to half of those associated with conventional units. One of the first customers is a multinational food and beverage company, specialising in the production of ownlabel fruit products, juices, smoothies, drinks and ice cream. With just 20 to 50kg of product, the company can replicate their full industrial process, producing the end product in the same aseptic format as they would with the full industrial scale system,” explains HRS Heat

Exchangers’ Technical Manager Francisco Hernández Ortiz. “The Asepticblock Mini was installed in their Spanish production plant and linked to other equipment, such as blending tanks and homogenisers, so that they are now able to process a wide range of different products onsite without the need for any external processes. This has greatly increased the agility of their R&D process and facilitated new product development.” www.hrs-heatexchangers.com

October 2018


Fluid Carrying

Introducing the NEW CNC Routers This new range of affordable CNC Routers from ATA Engineering offers the same high quality build that you come to expect from a company that has been supplying CNC’s for over 20 years, along with support and technical back up. Standard sizes: 8 x 4, 10 x 5, 3m x 2m (Special sizes available on request) Call for more information or a demonstration, or visit www.atacam.co.uk

Introducing the NEW CNC Laser Cutters

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

The NEW ATACAM range of Laser Cutters includes models for both metalic and non-metalic materials. They are equiped with co2 laser tubes, which can be used for cutting metalsheet such as carbon steel, stainless steel and non-metalic materials such as acrylic, MDF, plywood, etc.

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond. Vacuum to over 20,000psi. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

Model AL1390 (pictured) for Non Metalic cutting and Model ALM1390 for Metalic and Non Metalic cutting. Call for more information or a demonstration, or visit www.atacam.co.uk ATA Engineering Processes Ltd ATA House, Unit B, Boundary Way, Hemel Hempstead, Herts, HP2 7SS t: 01442 264411 e: sales@ataeng.com www.ataeng.com


Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK

+44(0)1663 735003



October 2018

Improve the operational efficiency and infrastructure security of your pipelines Pipeline operators across all sectors of industry have an urgent need to improve operational efficiency and infrastructure security. Now, leveraging the technical revolutions across sensors/ electronics, power systems, communications, cloud/data analysis and visualisation technologies, a host of innovations are beginning to mature and meet industrial needs, as continuous, real-time asset performance monitoring is quickly becoming a reality.

The Dashboard Intelligent Pipeline Solution Dashboard’s Limpet pipeline collar solution is at the leading edge of providing a low-cost continuous monitoring system for pipelines. Being designed to be non-intrusive and easily retro-fitted, each Limpet collar employs a phased array of multiple ultrasonic transducers, multi-axis accelerometers and hydrocarbon molecule detection sensors, providing resilient monitoring capabilities supported by high-resolution flow-rate measurements through market-leading edge processing and digital signal-processing. By minimising communication overheads, the embedded systems conduct localised processing prior to compression/encryption, while communications operate on a reporting-by-exception basis to increase pipeline safety and efficiency. Dashboard’s high-performance cloud architecture is designed to scale exceptionally efficiently and facilitate complex data analysis in real-time which can then be reflected into intuitive dashboards customised for the specific category of end-user. To be delivered as part of an end-to-end solution, data collection, transmission, storage, analysis and visualisation systems, Dashboard is able to provide accurate modeling and process performance characteristics and fault detection on a variety of industrial processes and infrastructure. Further details available from Nick Search at nick.search@dashboard.net or call +44 1737 371704.


World Class Independent Valve & Actuator Training

Use Discount Code:


for a £20.00 Discount

One-day training courses from leading industry professionals. Independent courses. No sales pitch, just quality, technical training.

Autumn | 2018 Introduction to Valves | Monday, 1st October Introduction to Valve Actuators | Tuesday, 2nd October Control Valves (CPD Accredited) | Wednesday, 3rd October Safety Valves (CPD Accredited) | Thursday, 4th October Valves Advanced Level | Monday, 8th - 9th October Safety Integrity Levels (SILs) | Wednesday, 10th October PED/ATEX Directives | Thursday, 11th October Managing Commercial Risk | Tuesday, 30th October

Spring | 2019 Introduction to Valves | Monday, 1st April Introduction to Valve Actuators | Tuesday, 2nd April Control Valves (CPD Accredited) | Wednesday, 3rd April Safety Valves (CPD Accredited) | Thursday, 4th April Valves Advanced Level | Monday 29th April - 30th April PED/ATEX Directives | Wednesday, 1st May Safety Integrity Levels (SILs) | Thursday, 2nd May

Most Courses will take place at the Association’s offices in Banbury. Prices* start from £290 for Members | £475 for Non-Members plus VAT. Prefer to host at your premises? Give us a Call.

BOOK NOW Online: www.bvaa.org.uk/training_courses.asp Email: enquiry@bvaa.org.uk Tel: 01295 221270

October 2018

Wilkinson Star announce new partnership with Tecna SPA, Bologna Italy TECNA is a high quality Resistance Welding product which Wilkinson Star has distributed for over 30 years. From 1 August 2018, we are pleased to announce Wilkinson Star as the UK’s sole exclusive importer of TECNA Resistance Welding Equipment. TECNA S.p.A (Bologna, Italy) is a market leader in pioneering solutions for resistance welding design and technology. It was founded in 1972 by the late Ezio Amadori, who led the business with great passion for innovation in technology and design. The Company, still a family business to this day, is constantly moving forward with its welding knowledge and industry experience, and is pleased with the renewed partnership with Wilkinson Star. In the words of Mr Damiano Bergami, the present owner, “the company motto, -Never stop, that’s the secret- has been given a renewed vigour in order to assure TECNA’s success today and in the future.” Wilkinson Star, Manchester, is one of the largest UK independent Importers and Distributors of Industrial Equipment. Founder and Chairman, Dr. John A. Wilkinson, OBE, commented; “My Company is looking forward to a renewed exclusive agreement with TECNA S.p.A. We have enjoyed the last 33 years but now we will go in many new directions and fields to become number 1 in the provider of Resistance Welding Product in the UK”. Wilkinson Star have heavily invested in testing and repair facilities for this new partnership to be able to provide a complete support package to Wilkinson Star distributors as well as carrying substantial stock levels to support distributors and offer samples ex-works Manchester. www.wilkinsonstar.com


• armless • push-to-connect • low profile • positive locking system • interchangeable • low maintenance

Request a brochure today!

A Dixon innovation..... leaving the competition up in arms.

+44 (0)1772 323529 sales@dixoneurope.co.uk www.dixoneurope.co.uk

October 2018

Weatherproof Flow Computer The Metra-Smart from Titan Enterprises is designed for computing and displaying flow rates and totals as well as giving an analogue output proportional to flow. Weatherproof to IP66 / IP67 (NEMA 4X) standards, and UV resistant, the Metra-Smart flow computer is suitable for operation (-20C to 80C) with flowmeters used in harsh industrial and marine environments. As well as computing flow rates and totals, this small, intrinsically safe device can also give two pre-set flow alarms and calculate differential rates from two input sensors. The battery powered Metra-Smart displays re-settable total, accumulated total and flow rate in engineering units as programmed by the user. Simple pin-protected flow chart programming with prompts are used to guide users through the entire programming routine. The battery life of the MetraSmart is 10 years + to provide you with long peace of mind. The pulse output of the Metra-Smart can be selected to act as an input pulse repeater serving as a signal conditioner module or may be programmed as a scaled pulse output for remote metering. For further information about the Metra-Smart flow computer or to discuss your application please contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 / sales@flowmeters.com.

Beverage Dispensing Flowmeters

Based upon a unique Pelton wheel design, Titan Enterprises beverage dispensing flowmeters are inherently reliable and proven in tens of thousands of installations around the world. At the heart of each beverage flowmeter is a precision Pelton wheel turbine that rotates freely on robust sapphire bearings and contains over-moulded magnets that are detected through the chamber wall by a Hall effect detector. The output from the beverage flowmeter is a stream of NPN pulses that are directly interfaced with the electronic display. This combination of materials and technology ensures a long-life product with reliable operation throughout.Constructed from totally nonmetallic wetted components and offering a flow range of up to 10 litres per minute - Titan’s NSF-accredited beverage dispensing flowmeters are the product of choice for precise metering of lower viscosity beverages including coffee, wine, beers, spirits and soft drinks.


For further information on flowmeters for your beverage dispensing application please click here or contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 / sales@flowmeters.co.uk. Click here to review a beverage industry case study on this topic.

October 2018


World-Class Certification of Products, People, Systems and Sites ExVeritas is a 'Queens Award' winning certification company with a proven track record of delivering word class product and QMS certification together with CompEx training and 'Ex' consultancy. visit www.exveritas.com or email us at info@exveritas.com 'EX' PRODUCT CERTIFICATION


ATEX Notified Body, IECEx Certification Body and 'Ex' Test Laboratory. UKAS ISO9001 issuer.

UK: +44(0)845 8622447


Turnkey 'Ex' including Area Classification, Risk Assessment, Inspections and remedial work.

SINGAPORE: +65 6815 3628

CompEx, Specialist 'Ex' and QMS training delivered by the most experienced practitioners.

USA: +1 8776374322

DENMARK +45 4223 1509

pressure sensors KELLER (UK) Ltd. Little Keep Gate, Barrack Road, Dorchester, DT1 1AH UK and Ireland: T. 0845 643 2855 F. 0845 643 2866 E-Mail: sales@keller-pressure.co.uk Web: www.keller-pressure.co.uk www.keller-druck.com



AND EMBEDDED SIGNAL CONDITIONING – No external components – Ranges 0…1 bar thru to 0…200 bar – Accuracy, error band +/- 0,5%, 0…50 °C – Sizes Ø 11 m, 15 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm bar – Very low power consumption

PRECISION PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 33 X – Ranges 0…0,2 bar thru to 0…1000 bar, adjustable – Output signals: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, RS485 Digital – Mathematical on-board error correction – Accuracy, error band 0,1 %FS, 10…40 °C – Optional enhanced precision to ± 0,01 %FS


October 2018

Precision Instrument for Dynamic & Static Light Scattering Measurements


he Bl-200SM Research Goniometer System from Testa Analytical Solutions e.K. is a precision instrument designed for exacting Static Light Scattering (SLS) and Dynamic Light Scattering (DLS) measurements. Based on a special turntable with precision ball bearings and stepping motor, the Bl200SM’s modern design and quality construction guarantee precise measurements due to the wobble-free movement of the detector. Field proven in leading laboratories around the world the BI-200SM is ideal for macro-molecular studies and submicron particle sizing. The BI-200SM’s modularity simplifies system expansion to suit almost any application. Featuring a standard optical rail, the BI-200SM can be used with neutral density filters, a polarizer, an analyser, and a reference detector. Special sample requirements can often be met by changing


the cell holder design or size. By adding an optical signal splitter to the beam of scattered light and a second detector it is possible to eliminate the traditional effects of very high-speed interference from light scattering detectors. As you would expect from a research grade system the BI-200SM can measure light scattering over a wide angular range (8° to 155° with 25 mm cells) and offers fine adjustment of measurement angles to 0.01° directly using a large, fine-control knob. Finescrew vertical adjustment makes centre of rotation measurement easier when aligning cells. Precise repeatable data is ensured by automated heating and cooling of the sample cell using and standard external recirculating system. The advanced BI-200SM Particle Explorer software suite enables fast and easy data collection and analysis. Features of the software

suite include an intuitive graphical user interface, built-in help guides / instructional video, high resolution DLS multimodal size distribution calculation, the ability to undertake simultaneous DLS & SLS experiments and much more.

For further information on the BI-200SM research goniometer system please click here or contact Testa Analytical Solutions on + 4 9 - 3 0 - 8 6 4 - 2 4 0 76 / info@testa-analytical.com.

伀甀爀 攀渀搀甀爀椀渀最 爀攀瀀甀琀愀琀椀漀渀 昀漀爀 瀀爀漀搀甀挀椀渀最 猀甀瀀攀爀椀漀爀 戀攀猀瀀漀欀攀  氀琀爀愀琀椀漀渀 瀀爀漀搀甀挀琀猀 琀栀爀漀甀最栀 洀漀搀攀爀渀   洀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀椀渀最 洀攀琀栀漀搀猀 栀愀猀 戀攀攀渀 瀀爀愀椀猀攀搀 戀礀 漀甀爀 挀氀椀攀渀琀猀 椀渀 愀氀氀 椀渀搀甀猀琀爀礀 猀攀挀琀漀爀猀 昀漀爀 ㌀  礀攀愀爀猀⸀ 吀栀攀猀攀 栀椀最栀 焀甀愀氀椀琀礀  氀琀攀爀猀 漀û攀爀 爀攀氀椀愀戀椀氀琀礀Ⰰ 愀爀攀 搀甀爀愀戀氀攀 愀渀搀 洀愀搀攀 琀漀 攀砀愀挀琀椀渀最 猀瀀攀挀椀椀挀愀琀椀漀渀猀 琀漀 猀甀椀琀  礀漀甀爀 愀瀀瀀氀椀挀愀琀椀漀渀 愀渀搀 挀愀渀 戀攀 洀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀攀搀 焀甀椀挀欀氀礀⸀ 圀栀礀 渀漀琀 氀漀漀欀 愀琀 漀甀爀 䘀䔀䔀䘀伀 爀攀瘀椀攀眀猀 愀琀㨀 栀琀琀瀀㨀⼀⼀眀眀㈀⸀昀攀攀昀漀⸀挀漀洀⼀攀渀ⴀ最戀⼀爀攀瘀椀攀眀猀⼀挀爀漀昀琀ⴀⴀ氀琀攀爀猀ⴀ氀琀搀

䄀刀䔀 夀伀唀 䠀䄀嘀䤀一䜀  䐀䤀䘀䘀䤀䌀唀䰀吀夀 䤀一 伀䈀吀䄀䤀一䤀一䜀  䄀 刀䔀倀䰀䄀䌀䔀䴀䔀一吀 䘀䤀䰀吀䔀刀㼀 伀䰀䐀 䘀䤀䰀吀䔀刀

一䔀圀 䘀䤀䰀吀䔀刀

圀䔀 䌀䄀一 刀䔀倀䰀䤀䌀䄀吀䔀 䤀吀℀

䌀刀伀䘀吀 䘀䤀䰀吀䔀刀匀 䰀吀䐀 簀 ㈀ 䈀䔀䔀䌀䠀 䌀伀唀刀吀 簀 吀䄀夀䰀伀刀 䈀唀匀䤀一䔀匀匀 倀䄀刀䬀 簀 刀䤀匀䰀䔀夀 簀 圀䄀刀刀䤀一䜀吀伀一 簀 䌀䠀䔀匀䠀䤀刀䔀 簀 圀䄀㌀ 㘀䈀䰀 琀㨀  ㄀㤀㈀㔀 㜀㘀㘀㈀㘀㔀 簀 昀㨀  ㄀㤀㈀㔀 㜀㘀㔀  ㈀㤀 簀 攀㨀 猀愀氀攀猀䀀䀀氀琀攀爀猀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀 簀 眀㨀 眀眀眀⸀⸀氀琀攀爀猀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀

October 2018

Decentralization at Its Finest Greater flexibility and modularity are major trends in machine and plant engineering. It is increasingly common for standard machines and optional additional units to be manufactured as separate mechanical and electronic units that are joined together only shortly before commissioning the full system. The installation hardware must live up to the modularity of the machine. The Murrelektronik Cube67 field bus system is exactly the right solution. With the combination of a Cube67 Diagnostics Gateway and the straightforward integration of IO-Link, Cube67 paves the way toward decentralization and digitalization in the cloud using OPC UA.

The Murrelektronik Cube67 system advances the trend toward flexibility and is designed for modularity – including even the finest details. Already used in well over 100,000 machines and plants in diverse industries and applications worldwide, the system can boast an impressively large number of different products.

Many of these are equipped with multifunctional ports that can be configured as inputs or outputs, enabling flexible installation concepts that are customized for number of IOs at the sensor/actuator level in order to meet the customer’s precise needs. This costefficient solution leaves practically no port unused to achieve decentralization at its finest. One major advantages of the Cube system is the “one cable strategy:” both communication and power are carried over just one system cable. This leaves cable channels and energy chains available meaning that they can be designed smaller from the start, or even eliminated entirely. The six-pole M12 connector also eliminates the possibility of wiring errors. Up to 32 modules can be connected to each bus node, using four lines within an installation radius of 60 m, making the Cube system perfectly suited for even extensive installations. Read more.


Compact. Modular. Flexible.


by Murrelektronik

The perfect I/O system for decentralized installation concepts Cube‘s flexibility creates the best solution for every application – all the way from the controls to the on-machine I/Os. Cube solutions offer the best value for your money during the engineering phase, commissioning phase and maintenance phase. Maximizing uptime and productivity.


October 2018

Expert Servicing, Direct from the Manufacturer The servicing and maintenance of enclosure climate control units is often an area that is overlooked in manufacturing.

Reduce Downtime Maximise Profit ENCLOSURES




October 2018

However, regular servicing has been shown to significantly reduce unit failures and thus prevent production downtime.

Production downtime is always expensive but it is particularly annoying when it’s preventable – for example, when a cooling unit fails because it needs servicing, thereby bringing everything to a standstill.

Rittal After Sales Service offers tailor-made, fast response, service packages, direct from the manufacturer, worldwide, and around the clock.

Regular maintenance of cooling units is important, especially for critical environmental conditions. Ambient air containing oil or dust can easily result in dirty filter mats; this results in reduced air throughput in the external circuit and decreased cooling output. If this causes a steep rise in temperature inside the enclosure then failure is simply a matter of time. And yet, in practically all cases, maintenance costs are significantly lower than those resulting from a system failure. If the servicing cannot be managed by the company’s own employees, Rittal offers customised solutions with its After Sales Service packages. Customers who sign up will be serviced by a single local engineering company, with the backing of the manufacturer’s expertise. “With Rittal After Sales Service, we are using central contacts, our own engineers and local presence to provide an expert service with short response times,” says Karl Lycett, Rittal’s Product Manager for Climate.

He adds: “Support is provided by our own service engineers and selected authorised regional service partners with a high level of expertise on Rittal products.” From Service Checks to Service Contracts Customers can agree a one-off service or an individual service contract and the contract package can be tailored to meet any customer requirements, including: availability, response times, service intervals and spare parts stocking. Quick response times If, in spite of regular servicing, a fault does occur, those signed up to the Service will benefit from the short response times from Rittal’s network of highly-trained service engineers across the UK and internationally, with over 1,000 service engineers in 150 locations worldwide guarantee very fast service. If required, a contract can be agreed to ensure a service engineer can be on-site within four hours – 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Find out more about Rittal After Sales Service at the following link: www.rittal.com/service Further information at www.rittal.co.uk and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com or on twitter @rittal_ltd.

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October 2018



t is easy to assume that labourintensive artisanal food operations do not benefit from automated or semi-automated solutions in the same way that a technology-heavy manufacturer might. But in fact, as Suffolk chocolate maker Pump Street Chocolate demonstrates, automating the process of manual date-coding by installing a RF Lite feeding system with iJet thermal inkjet (TIJ) coder makes a huge difference on production efficiency, freeing up skilled workers for core duties. While the team of six full-time workers in Pump Street’s chocolate room does use a certain amount of machinery, it is very much a hands-on operation. As one of the few UK producers going all the way from ‘bean to bar’, it requires maximum workforce availability for a range of processes, from roasting, winnowing, grinding and conching to tempering. That is before the team even starts to mould and pack the chocolate. So, when at the end of last year the Orford-based company began to produce smaller 20g bars to complement the existing range of 70g bars, it soon became clear that automated coding would be a necessity. The full-size bars use a zipper-resealable sachet printed inhouse with a batch code and bestbefore date, which also acts as a tamper-evident seal. The smaller tear-open sachets for the 20g bars, typically destined for the coffee-shop and hotel market, required a different solution. “We were literally writing the sell by date on to the sachet by hand,” says Sally Jones Customer Manager. “Every month we make batches of around 4,000 bars, and it was taking up hours of our time. Now, in 20 minutes or so, the Rotech machine prints what it would have taken us three days to write by hand.” Rotech’s RF Lite feeding system is ideal for small-scale food producers like Pump Street Chocolate which


are automating for the first time. It pulls individual packs from a hopper, positions them ready for coding with the iJet TIJ system, before transferring them to a stack of coded sachets. The feeding system has a linear speed of up to 60m per minute. “The speed and the efficiency of the system were both important, as well as its ability to adapt to other products further down the line,” says Sally. The company is developing packs of couverture chocolate and chocolate powders for supply to the foodservice sector. “From order to delivery and installation, it all happened very quickly,” she adds. “We were shown how to operate it, and it’s incredibly user-friendly. I can include additional information such as batch codes by making a simple change from my computer.”

Chocolate has a shelf-life. More and more farmers have been sending us their beans, to the point where we have a global export business.” So far, the chocolate brand is stocked by around 200 UK retailers of all sizes. Higher-profile names include Fortnum & Mason, Liberty and Harrods in London.

TIJ coding is often unjustly overlooked in favour of other coding technologies such as thermal transfer and continuous inkjet (CIJ). Rotech highlights the lower cost of TIJ, when compared with CIJ on the basis of cost per 1,000 codes. As a general rule, says the company, the cost with CIJ can be over one and a half times as much.

When the chocolate room team had made it clear that some sort of automated coding system was needed, Chris set about sourcing the right equipment for the job. Once he had visited Rotech at a trade show and seen the combination of RF Lite and iJet in action, it was not long before he acquired a system of his own in early spring.

At Pump Street Chocolate, the iJet TIJ coder is programmed to print a best-before date 14 months from production. “Because the machine automatically updates itself, we tend to use it as our point of reference when it comes to date coding,” Sally says.

The example of Pump Street demonstrates other benefits of TIJ over alternative print technologies, according to Rotech.

The chocolate business began as a spinoff from the Pump Street Bakery, which was founded in 2011. “The bakery very quickly gained recognition, but the products could only really be sold on the day, and only locally in Suffolk,” Sally explains. “The founder, Chris Brennan, started working on small-batch, handtempered chocolate, and really built this up around five years ago.

In particular, because it is an ondemand system, there is no cost or wastage when the coder is not in use. And because the entire printhead and ink supply system is replaced with each new cartridge, there are none of the maintenance requirements or mess associated with CIJ. Meanwhile, the quality and versatility of TIJ ink systems is great, providing high adhesion even on high-gloss surfaces and a wide range of shades all the way to high-contrast black. www.rotechmachines.com

October 2018

STARRAG MEETS METALEX’S BIG MACHINING PLANS WITH LARGE-SCALE SIX-AXIS DROOP + REIN PORTAL MACHINING CENTRE In a significant investment for the future, Metalex Manufacturing located in Cincinnati, Ohio, USA has selected Starrag to supply a large-capacity, multi-axis Droop+Rein portal-type machining centre for its new Center for Advanced Large Manufacturing. The machine – the largest ever installed by the contract manufacturer – will provide it with the ultimate in flexible production capacity to meet all foreseeable demands in terms of producing highlyaccurate milled and turned workpieces in a single set-up. Indeed, the six-axis Droop+Rein T Series machine is projected to not only satisfy existing projects but its extraordinary machining envelope of up to 19 metres table length, 9.5 metres between the columns and 7 metres under the spindle will certainly also attract new work – thus further ensuring Metalex’s success in the market of highquality manufacturing. The portal type milling and turning machine – which is being especially configured to meet Metalex’s current and future needs – offers an expansive 19 metres in the X axis and 9 metres in Y. The 7 metres vertical clearance is covered by the 3 metres of ram stroke (Z axis) and a continuously moveable crossrail of 5.5 metres (W axis). The C axis integrated in the ram with infinite rotation and the +/- 95 degrees swiveling B axis of the universal fork-type milling head complete the six axes. The impressive 100 kW main spindle transfers up to 7,500 Nm to the heavy vertical and horizontal milling head. A heavy-duty fork-type head, a spindle cartridge change fork-type head - both to enable five-axis operation - and a slim spindle extension round up the initial milling head configuration. All heads will be designed, built and tested by Droop+Rein in Bielefeld. Furthermore, the machine will be prepared for more heads to be fitted in the future as new jobs arrive. The versatile 400-pocket robot tool magazine ensures automatic loading of three different tooling systems into the selected milling and turning heads. A distinctive feature is the table design. The X bed carries two 6 by 8 metres tables that can be operated separately under the spindle while the other table is unloaded outside the machining area. Coupled ‘in tandem’ the tables can be extended to an enormous length of 18 metres for machining extra-long workpieces. In addition, each table holds an integrated 6 metres rotary table that utilises the two x 111 kW main drives to turn components weighing up to 200 tonnes (using one of the turning tool holders provided in addition to the milling heads) or to position as a C axis for high accuracy milling and drilling operations.


The six-axis Droop+Rein T Series machine ordered by Metalex has an extraordinary machining envelope of up to 19 metres table length, 9.5 metres between the columns and 7 metres under the spindle.

The result will be the ultimate one-stop precision machining source for extra-large components with complex geometry that require precision tolerances.

two rotary tables and the turning tool holders for in-cycle turning operations and expanded the horizontal and vertical clearances to suit.”

Established in 1971, Metalex is a performance-driven contract manufacturing company specialising in producing high-quality complex workpieces for a wide range of market leaders in the aerospace, energy, marine and consumer goods industries.

Mr Quack confirms: “With no comparative workpieces, from the outset we knew that Metalex wanted a machine that would meet all eventualities and, as always in such cases, Starrag applied the best worldclass technology solutions including Balluff tool identification, Renishaw probing, BLUM laser tool measuring, video monitoring of the work area using four cameras, ARTIS tool and process monitoring and Brankamp collision monitoring - all integrated via the machine’s Siemens 840 D SL CNC system.”

Metalex’s desire to source a machine that would not only satisfy current production needs but also meet all projected demands in the years ahead saw it make contact with a number of machine builders, including Starrag which in the past has supplied it with a number of machines (a Dörries vertical turning lathe and two Starrag STC horizontal five-axis machining centres). According to Droop+Rein Product Sales Manager, Heiko Quack: “We sat down with Metalex to discuss what was needed - in short, a very flexible, large-capacity and high-accuracy machine with multiaxis capability that would efficiently accommodate a variety of parts in a range of materials and produced to tight tolerances. “Applying our proven ‘Engineering precisely what you value’ philosophy, our relationship with Metalex evolved into looking at various solutions and machine types available under the Starrag portfolio and together we arrived at the Droop+Rein T Series - a portal milling machine that offers superb rigidity, essential for highlyaccurate machining. We added the

The machine is due for delivery in 2020 and production is scheduled to commence in 2021. Kevin Kummerle, CEO of Metalex, summarises the pre-order project phase: “We looked at other suppliers too, but Starrag was able to give us the best technology required for the current and future applications of our customers, which will give us the competitive edge in the market of high-quality contract manufacturing. “This, in combination with the professional work ethic and experience with the delivered machine, convinced us to choose Starrag for this significant investment into our company’s future.”



EVAPORATIVE COOLING • Requires 90% less energy than air conditioning • No harmful refrigerants • Energy Efficient Natural Cooling - low carbon footprint • New build and retrofit UK-based with over 3500 installations worldwide; with clients including BT, Cummins Diesel, Premier Foods, Marks & Spencer, Net-a-Porter, Cambridge University, Talk Talk and CGG Veritas. Case studies online!

EcoCooling internal and external ranges Industrial Cooling: Provides 35kW of cooling for only 1.5kW of electricty. 14,000m3/hr of cool air for less than 12p per hour. ROI in under 3 years. Data Centre Cooling: Acheive PUEs lower than 1.1 with ASHRAE compliant conditions. ROI in under 1 year. New CloudCooler© range of internal Plug & Play, rapid deployment High Performance Computing (HPC) equipment coolers. Large UK wide network of installers ready to quote on a solution to fit your needs.

sales@ecocooling.co.uk | T: 01284 810586 www.ecocooling.co.uk | www.cloudcooler.co.uk


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Automation and process technology in a single system: with PC-based Control

www.beckhoff.co.uk/process With a comprehensive range of components for explosion protection and the common interfaces in TwinCAT, Beckhoff offers the possibility to integrate automation and process technology in a system without barriers into Zone 0/20. The range extends from the narrow, intrinsically safe EtherCAT Terminals from the ELX series and the high-grade Control Panels and Panel PCs from the CPX series through to EtherCAT, the fast process technology fieldbus, and the TwinCAT control software with specific process technology interfaces. This allows users to directly connect intrinsically safe field devices and to realise integrated control architectures with barrier-free process technology.

TwinCAT 3: with process technology interfaces

Complete EX range: from Panels and Panel PCs to the I/Os

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Engineering Update - October 2018  

Engineering Update - October 2018