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November 2019

BIM for Product Manufacturers Training Course



This course is specifically designed for product manufacturers who need to create BIM models and components for the architectural and construction industry. You will get a thorough understanding of the BIM process and what level of information is required in BIM Level 2 contracts. You will also get exposed to how BIM projects run and how product information gets used by the asset owner, post project handover’


If you’re interested in the course or would like to book your place, please contact us on 01844 263700 or email



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November 2019

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Tapeswitch: Bespoke Switch and Sensor Design

Sliding doors. Security systems. Machinery safety and conveyor belt cushioning.


hatever the application, Tapeswitch can create a switch or sensor product that improves safety, protects products, boosts efficiency or even creates a ‘wow’ factor. When a Spanish shopping centre wanted to encourage its customers to use the stairs, it decided to turn one stairwell into a giant piano keyboard. Tapeswitch created the interactive switch mat that was key to the success of the project. When a specialist in the conversion of regular road vehicles into bulletproof security vans needed pressure sensitive mats as part of its security portfolio, they chose Tapeswitch. And when one service engineer in Greater Manchester needs photoelectric guards or safety edges to complete his repairs, there’s just one number he calls.

Potter visitor attraction in Watford the next - there is nothing ‘off the shelf’ about any of Tapeswitch’s work.

end of the next day to collect – that’s a really impressive turnaround. It’s the same story with safety mats.”

“Every project offers something new,” explains Gary Davies, Business Development Manager at Tapeswitch, “and therefore every product is bespoke, designed and created to fit the specific needs of the customer.”

Edging it

Totally customised

Bespoke as a matter of course

Tim Howells of Teejay Tronics has been working with Tapeswitch for two decades. An independent service engineer for the printing and metalworking industries, he needs the support of a supplier able to respond to the variability of his job. “Sometimes we’re working with new installations,” he explains. “Sometimes a machine may come in from overseas and doesn’t meet UK safety standards. It’s our job to ensure it does.”

Tapeswitch is a global business, with its origins in the USA in 1957. The UK company launched in 1991 and has established itself as the go-to source of sensing edges and safety mats – products that ensure, for example, that forklifts don’t bump into things they shouldn’t, or that stairlifts stop when they should. Because of the breadth of projects the company is involved in – a production line conveyor belt one day, the Harry

Product quality, availability and turnaround are all important for Tim, but what really makes the difference is Tapeswitch’s ability to respond to the niche and novel. “Recently a client needed a safety edge for a hand-fed platen which had broken down,” he explains. “Now this is a manufactured part - totally customised – and it was a 3m piece which is quite large for a platen. Yet I was able to phone Tapeswitch and it was ready at the


The breadth of customisation potential is evident in every product. The TS6 sensing edge, for example, is a low profile mini-edge designed for pinch point applications which require the features of a pressuresensitive switch but with added cushioning. Yet from housing material to mounting options, colours to configurations, customers can tailor virtually every element to their individual requirements. The same is true of the company’s panic switches and safety mats, ribbon switches and safety bumpers. Easy to work with Tapeswitch may be global, but for its customers, being wholly selfsufficient within the UK conveys lots of advantages. “Our customers have security of supply when they work with us,” explains Gary. “We don’t subcontract, so there are no issues over protecting IP and we retain control over our own timescales – so working with us is easy.” “Tapeswitch are my number one choice,” says Tim Howells. “I wouldn’t use anyone else.”



5 Comm ports inc. ethernet | Easy PID | Free no-limit programming | Hot-swappable I/O Built-in data logging | Integrated web-server | Motion made easy

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Engineering reliability and compliance The engineering industry is under increasing pressure from the government and society to comply with a number of regulations relating to the environment, health and safety and quality. These regulations, combined with toughening economic conditions means it is vital that machines work at peak operational efficiency and are regularly checked for flaws. Engineering inspection has been a vital part of industrial life for over 150yrs. An entirely separate but still integral part of any sound maintenance regime, engineering inspection is the mechanism that ensures both employee and public safety and guards against business interruption and damage. It is also an essential element of meeting statutory, regulatory and operational requirements. The industrial revolution was responsible for laying the foundations of the procedures, regulations and organisations that protect so many today. Victorian steam boilers were notoriously unreliable and failure usually involved a catastrophic explosion, leading to loss of both life and facilities. The solution was to employ someone who really knew boilers and was competent to check that the equipment was up to scratch, leading to the birth of the engineer surveyor. Today the UK has several thousand highly skilled engineer surveyors, whose practical experience and technical expertise make them


qualified to carry out these vital checks. Many of these engineer surveyors work for companies that have been accredited by The United Kingdom Accreditation Service (UKAS), and are members of national engineering inspection associations such as the Safety Assessment Federation (SAFed). Modern machinery is far more advanced and used in a much wider range of processes than originally envisioned. Consequently engineering inspection is now a far more sophisticated process and has developed to cover a wider range of industries and processes: from manufacturing plant, lifting and pressure equipment, to energy installations, gas pipelines and offshore installations, to the carriage of dangerous goods, cargo and pre-shipment inspection. Just as the purpose of the engineer-surveyor is to ensure that the equipment is fit for purpose and working at its best, the role of UKAS accreditation is to offer assurance that the engineer surveyor is competent

to deliver reliable inspection results. Accreditation continues to ensure that industry can have confidence in the inspection services they procure. Using accredited inspection services helps to minimise risk, reduce costs, demonstrate credibility and maintain a hard-earned reputation. The principles and benefits of accreditation extend into the wider engineering field; from the accreditation of laboratories that test materials used in engineering products to those that calibrate machinery to ensure accurate measurements are used in the production process. UKAS also accredits Notified Bodies operating in a wide range of industries, as well as Certification Bodies that asses schemes covering the management of quality, environmental impact, business continuity, energy, supply chain and occupational health and safety, all of which play a crucial part in modern engineering processes. UKAS accredited services ensure that customers, suppliers, end users and regulators can have confidence in the quality and safety of goods, and in the provision of services throughout the supply chain. It demonstrates that all aspects of this process can be evaluated, ensuring public safety and providing assurance that engineering processes are carried out safely. In an uncertain post Brexit landscape, the international recognition of UKAS accreditation could prove to be vital for facilitating trade, both in the UK and abroad.


Highly accurate, wide bandwidth, fully isolated and affordable current sensors are now available from ACEINNA All in One, Easy to Integrate Current Sensors for Inverters and Motor Control, Industrial Robots and Manufacturing Systems, Telecom and Server Farm Power Supplies, Automotive EV Charging Stations, IoT Appliance, Home Automation and many other tech applications


CEINNA’s new MCx1101 family of ±5A, ±20A, and ±50A Current Sensors for industrial and power supply applications are the first high accuracy wide bandwidth AMR-based current sensors on the market. These integrated, AMR based Current Sensor family provides the best performance for the price in the industry. The fully integrated 3.3V and 5V MCX1101 current sensors provide industry benchmark performance for accuracy, bandwidth, and output step response time. With total error as low as 0.6% (typ), 3dB bandwidth of 1.5MHz with low phase delay, and <300ns transient response, these current sensors have 4.8kV of isolation. They are available in fixed gain output ("MCA") and ratiometric output ("MCR") options. These new current sensors also guarantee an offset of ±60mA, or ±0.3% of FSR (max) over temperature, which means that high accuracy can be achieved over a roughly 10:1 range of currents. This is a roughly 10x improvement in dynamic range vs. leading Hall-sensor-based devices. These devices deliver a unique combination of high accuracy, 1.5MHz signal bandwidth with industry benchmark phase shift vs. frequency and 4.8kV isolation making them ideal for high- and low-side sensing in fast current control loops for high performance power supplies, inverters and motor control applications.

AMR technology has significant advantages vs. other approaches such as Hall, CT (current transformer), and shunt resistors. Compared to Hall-based current sensors, AMR provides significantly higher bandwidth and dynamic range; Compared with CT’s, AMR offers reduced size and cost, as well as response to dc; in comparison with a shunt resistor, AMR provides a fully integrated solution, eliminating the external amplifier and related circuitry required for high voltage isolation, which is a significant challenge at high frequencies. In addition, shunt resistors require enough IR drop to achieve accuracy goals at the low end of the current range, which often means they are dissipating undesirable levels of power at nominal currents. By contrast, the AMR device only measures the magnetic field generated by the current, so the I2R losses can be minimized. For additional technical details and data sheets, please visit Order the part from Mouser HERE










+44 (0) 1844 204420 Email us at

Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd, Unit 4, Ridgeway, Crendon Industrial Area, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9BF


Southco Access Hardware Design Solutions at your Fingertip Think you know Southco? We’re more than just a hardware supplier! Southco understands that when designing a product, it’s the smallest touch points that have the power to make the greatest impact on the person using it. Discover why Southco’s latches, locks, fasteners and hinges have been essential to creating positive and lasting first impressions for over 70 years and have helped the world’s most recognised brands create value for their customers with innovative access solutions designed to enhance the touch points of their products in transportation and industrial applications, medical equipment, data centers and more. Southco adds value to your design with engineering excellence, superior service, premium quality and global alignment. Visit our Resource Center, which hosts Southco’s industry-leading engineering support resources. The Southco Resource Center is designed to help engineering professionals worldwide solve their access hardware design challenges. The Southco Resource Center features a streamlined user experience that allows visitors to quickly and easily find relevant content to suit their needs – in one seamless search. Southco materials are searchable by industry, product solution and resource type, and include the following: product selection guides and industry brochures, case studies and white papers, thought leadership articles written by Southco experts and multimedia content, including video and product animations . The Southco Resource Center can be accessed directly at via the following link:


Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






RELIABILITY Tel : +44 (0)151 356 2322 Website: Fax: +44 (0)151 356 2437 Email:

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Accurate Flow Rate Measurement of Viscous Liquids Titan Enterprises’ OG range of Oval Gear flowmeters provide the perfect solution for accurate measurement of the flow of viscous liquids and lubricating fluids. Unlike other flowmeters, measurement accuracy with oval gear devices actually improves as the liquid viscosity increases, from a nominal 1% to around 0.1% of flow rate at higher viscosities. The OG range of oval gear flowmeters are compact, rugged and deliver unprecedented performance at a low cost of ownership. Available as standard with stainless steel or aluminium bodies, OG flowmeters are bidirectional and available in sizes from 1/4 to 2-inches (6 to 50 mm), for flows between 1ml/min and 500l/min. For applications

involving measurement of corrosive or caustic fluids, versions of OG flowmeters with completely non-metallic wetted components (ceramic, PEEK™ and a choice of elastomer) are available. Over recent years, Titan Enterprises has expanded its OG flowmeter range and has supplied special application optimised OEM versions for use at elevated temperatures (200°C) or high pressure (950Bar). Models are also available certified as suitable for use in hazardous areas. The standard inlet and outlet options for OG flowmeters are BSP or NPT, though alternative versions are

available with flanges and female threads. The electronic pulse output signal is transmitted via TTL or contact closure. Each OG flowmeter supplied by Titan Enterprises is individually flow calibrated and supplied with a traceable flow test certificate. For further information on the oval gear flowmeters please click here or contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935812790 or

Flow Measurement in F1 Racing Cars High pressure flowmeters from Titan Enterprises have, over the last decade, been widely used in the hydraulic test systems of F1 racing cars to measure fluid flow. A high-performance engine company also uses Titan flow meters to monitor the oil flow lubricating its turbo units on the test bench. Formula 1 engines typically have no cooling fans and therefore need to reliably run at temperatures in excess of 200°C. Measuring the high flow of coolant water at these elevated temperatures, without causing an undue pressure drop in the system, is another example of an automotive flow measurement development undertaken by Titan. Using the inherent very low pressure drop of their Oval gear flow meter design – Titan produced a 200°C, 50 L/minute flow meter with a pressure drop of less than 100mBar to solve this challenging application. A few years ago, one racing team turned to Titan as it did not trust the fuel flow figures being returned from their engine suppliers fuel management systems. For this


application a very lightweight oval gear flowmeter was designed to be installed safely in the fuel tank of the racing car. Designed to be immune to immersion in fuel and the very noisy electrical environment of a racing car. this flowmeter has provided accurate flow measurement over an extended period of time. In addition, a growing number of engine and car manufacturing companies have benefited from using Titan's Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter for both diesel and petrol measurement on test stands and in engine development. Because the Atrato does not have a contorted flow path. and fuel passes straight through the flowmeter. it can uniquely operate at the same bore as the fuel lines. This

reduces the pressure loss and keeps “dead” fuel volume to a minimum. For further information on optimised flowmeters for high performance Formula 1 racing cars and for other automotive applications please contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935812790 or


pressure sensors KELLER (UK) Ltd. Little Keep Gate, Barrack Road, Dorchester, DT1 1AH UK and Ireland: T. 0845 643 2855 F. 0845 643 2866 E-Mail: Web:



AND EMBEDDED SIGNAL CONDITIONING – No external components – Ranges 0…1 bar thru to 0…200 bar – Accuracy, error band +/- 0,5%, 0…50 °C – Sizes Ø 11 m, 15 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm bar – Very low power consumption

PRECISION PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 33 X – Ranges 0…0,2 bar thru to 0…1000 bar, adjustable – Output signals: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, RS485 Digital – Mathematical on-board error correction – Accuracy, error band 0,1 %FS, 10…40 °C – Optional enhanced precision to ± 0,01 %FS



Konecranes launches three new lifting products Konecranes has announced the launch of three new lifting products to reinforce its comprehensive range of material handling equipment. The new products are aimed at industrial customers in a broad range of sectors, including general manufacturing, automotive and various process industries. The S-, C- and M-series represent the next generation of Konecranes’ products, bringing new technology and innovation to areas including motor drives, rope, reeving systems, clutches and brakes to deliver safer equipment which performs better, lasts longer and delivers greater operational savings. All new S- and M-series cranes are equipped with sensors and the capability to collect and send data. Every customer purchasing an S- or M-series crane will have access to the yourKONECRANES portal, which is a digital service for operators, technicians and management, allowing customers to take full advantage of their crane. Konecranes has a total of 20 patents, either awarded or pending, for the three new series of products.

These capabilities reflect Konecranes’ investment in the growing opportunities of data. The company has established a data science laboratory in Lyon, France, as part of its continuing drive to digitalise products, services, and operations. Konecranes has 21,500 connected cranes across the world and digital lifecycle records from over 1.1 million customer assets. The new products feature improved component design and materials, in keeping with Konecranes’ goal of significantly reducing the environmental impact of products throughout their life span. A strong focus on component durability and predictive maintenance reflects the company’s commitment to helping customers achieve the highest lifecycle value of their equipment.

KONECRANES’ S-SERIES The S-series overhead crane sets new standards with innovative features, including variable speed control for all movements and adaptive speed range, which adjusts the maximum lifting speed to the weight of the load for safer and more productive use, A new synthetic rope, with a revolutionary reeving arrangement, reduces wheel load impact by up to 45%. It also incorporates Konecranes’ smart features, such as ‘follow me’, ‘hook centre’ and ‘snag prevention’, which improve operational safety. The S-series also has access to the yourKONECRANES customer portal and value-added digital services, including Konecranes’ leading crane usage and operating data platform, TRUCONNECT. KONECRANES’ M-SERIES The M-series crane represents a new dimension in heavy lifting, featuring Konecranes’ most compact and modular heavy-duty winch. With highperforming and reliable ‘core of lifting’ components and modular design, it can easily be configured to meet the needs of various production processes. A new approach to the winch’s component layout and machinery support system also eliminates alignment errors that may occur in traditional winches. Smart features and state-of-the-art user interfaces, including ‘remote operating station’ are available to increase productivity and maximise safety. KONECRANES’ C-SERIES ELECTRIC CHAIN HOIST The new C-series is Konecranes’ most advanced electrical chain hoist to date. Built with robust, precise and reliable ‘core of lifting’ components, the hoist now features a redesigned motor cooling system, which offers up to 50% longer runtime versus the previous generation and a brake designed for over a million operations. Safety features such as operating limit switch and safety clutch have been enhanced for improved performance and reliability.




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BSRIA Instrument Solutions Sales | Hire | Calibration

We specialise in the supply of equipment when you need it.



Tel: 0208 339 7370

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Manufacturers include: FLIR, ChaUvIn aRnoUx, SInERgy, RotRonIC, tESto, ELComponEnt, KatRonIC, FLExIm, FLUKE, vaISaLa, KImo, CIRRUS, dp mEaSUREmEntS.

Same day delivery service available Fully tested and calibarted

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The valve technology by Schubert &

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Salzer Control Systems offers you the perfect solution for your individual control applications.

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Production Control Software –

What to consider.

There’s certainly no lack of choice of software vendors in the market when it comes to Production Control Software. These range from free apps through to systems with an upfront investment in the tens of thousands of pounds. So how do businesses go about selecting a potential system. The first consideration is, does the system contain the key elements of a robust system, which may include: CRM, Job costing/control, purchasing, stock control, Works Order control, Shop floor data capture, planning & scheduling, delivering and invoicing the job. Although not all these will be important front end it is important to consider the software has the ability to accommodate these facets for future proofing the choice. Another major factor is for the system is to be as simple as it can be, getting employees to adopt a new method of working is no easy task. The system needs to be flexible, spending half a day quoting a project isn’t always a luxury to be had. Changing how the business has done things for the past decade is also not feasible so the system needs to be pliable. The business owner has usually recognised there needs to be a change but has to see a benefit against the disruption of change. Statii don’t just offer experienced staff behind the product but people who really understand engineering. The two founders of the business are both seasoned Engineering business owners who have a controlling influence in how their system looks, feels and works with a smart team of developers behind them to realise these ideas. What this means for its users, is a software that offers a simple interface that can manage complex tasks such as setting multi level BOM’s and detailed stock control but is in turn very simple where it needs to be. Complicated user experience, internal IT infrastructure and large up front costs are some of the barriers to smaller businesses implementing a system, although they may


realise such a system could enable them to be productive and more profitable. Statii offers an alternative. Collecting data from the shop floor can be another onerous task, but the benefits to be had are huge. Statii tackle this via inexpensive tablets on the shop floor that are presented in a very ‘user friendly’ way. Having proved hundreds of times this part of the implementation process to be relatively simple and adopted by shop floor personnel very positively. Seeing ‘live’ at what stage the operations are and who is working on them, not only collects the labour cost but also reflects on the planning/scheduling element of the system. The sophisticated drag and drop planning board is a recent product development, where the system predicts in real time when a process will be complete, advising if any processes have exceeded the time estimated. Statii offers a low cost, cloud based, all inclusive solution. Visit to find out more

Humidifiers from Humidity Solutions

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Steam Humidifiers

• Exclusive distributor • The only British made steam humidifier • UK stocked spares & units • Design, supply & installation services • Full after sales backup, technical support & maintenance 01372 571200


Chell Celebrate Three of the Best Despite economic uncertainty across the UK, North-Walsham based Chell Instruments are celebrating the three best years in their 40-year history. The manufacturers of gas pressure, vacuum and flow measurement devices have attributed their success to their innovative product range and the support of a new marketing agency. “We’ve been working hard to expand our range to include more affordable solutions for specific sectors and applications” says Nick Broadly, Managing Director. “Since working with Full Mix Marketing we’ve experienced much greater results than we used to attending trade shows” Chell Instruments began providing highprecision equipment in the 1970’s. They design, manufacture and calibrate gas flow, pressure and vacuum equipment used in industries including aircraft design, pharmaceuticals and even Formula One racing. A significant exporter, their products are bought by customers from across the UK, Europe, North America and Asia.


In recent years, Chell have created lower-cost and more specific versions of their industry-leading products to broaden their appeal in specific sectors. Recent innovations include a streamlined version of their nanoDAQ for use in motorsport and their CalCube terminal enabling customers to calibrate their own vacuum instrumentation on site. Eager to find marketing support that understood their products, Chell approached Full Mix Marketing in 2017 for help to raise their profile. As results were positive, the marketing experts subsequently took on responsibility for marketing including social media, public relations and print advertising. “Chell’s success is the result of great products and great service” says Sarah West, Managing Director of Full Mix Marketing. “They truly live and breathe

what they do, so it’s so rewarding to see them growing in part as a result of the effective marketing we’ve delivered.” “We recognised that marketing was increasingly important but lacked the time and had struggled to find an agency that could relate to our industry.” states Nick Broadly. “Full Mix have proactively and independently delivered what they said and created opportunities. They understand our products and make them sound great to the people that count.” Full Mix Marketing provide strategic, digital and creative marketing for businesses in sectors including engineering, IT and business services. Their services include single elements like social media and SEO through to becoming their clients entire outsourced marketing department.

For more information visit or



Fast re-set solutions for maximum drive protection We design engineer and manufacture all of our torque limiter couplings in-house guaranteeing quality and performance.

Execellence in TORQUE LIMITER Engineering since 1977

Steel Production

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Agricultural machines

Tel: +44 (0)1453 750814

RMIG is the world's largest manufacturer and supplier of perforated metal and its related products. We know our customers’ requirements for price and quality and meet their demands with uncompromising service. Not only do we offer standard and bespoke perforated metal sheets, we are able to offer you a range of secondary operations as detailed below. Complete solutions With a continued investment in the latest equipment and a network of professional partners we are able to produce prime quality products and solutions – from a simple perforated sheet to the fully formed and coated custom made part.

Levelling For some applications a high degree of flatness is required, we have processes in place to ensure our perforated coils and sheets meet with your most demanding requirements. Rolling and forming We can roll, bend and form perforated sheets to match your design. Aesthetic finishes and protective coating We can offer powder coating and hot dip galvanizing solutions to meet your specifications. For more information please contact us email: Tel: 01925 839610

Cutting We can cut and shape perforated sheet to meet the needs of your final application.



The colder months are now here and everyone at Stainless Band is gearing up for further busy times ahead. There is an air of excitement at Stainless Band with regard to recent and planned future investments in machinery coming to fruition. The investments allow us to provide Stainless Steel Coil to our customers in shorter delivery times and with an even further assurance on quality. Our ethos at Stainless Band is that the customer comes first and over the last ten years we have honoured that commitment.


his September saw the commission of our new wide slitting line. We are already impressed with how this line has made our production more efficient while offering customers more product choice. The new slitting line will give Stainless Band the capability to slit up to 1250mm wide coil x 0.20 – 3.00mm thick on site in grades 304 (1.4301), 316L (1.4404), 321 (1.4541) and 430 (1.4016). We can also offer our wide coil up to 1250mm wide material with a PE or PVC coating one side or both sides depending on customer requirements 200kg to 4000kg coils. We have also purchased a new 8 tonne Linde fork truck that will handle the large coils that our new machinery can process. The additional truck allows us to move heavier raw and finished product too and from lorries and move it between goods inward, goods outward and processing lines at our site in Bingley with ease and confidence. That is not the end of our investments. Due to the high demand for our oscillated product we are installing a third oscillating winding line with inline TIG welding, which joins the coils. This unique line will have the capacity to produce 50kg to 600kg coils - this continuous wound coil machine will increase our capacity by 40 tonnes per month. The benefit for customers are longer production runs when processing material and overall efficiency. Installation of a new Brace 1A slitting line will increase our capacity for narrow, precision processing even further to a total of four machines of this size. This will be the twelfth slitting line to be installed on site in Bingley providing our clients with ever shorter delivery times to meet their requirements. The overall investments of £250,000 has really provided Stainless Band with the “cutting edge” regarding service, quality and price for our customers as we head into 2020 and beyond. To read more about Stainless Band visit or telephone +44 (0) 1274 566 831



Fluid Carrying



Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond.

Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations

Vacuum to over 20,000psi.

Impact, abrasion and point load resistance

Stock and bespoke production.

Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two

Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warranties…

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740400 or visit us online.

RESPOL - innovative flooring solutions GUARANTEED! Tel:

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Accredited Contractor




LEMO opens a new facility in Netherlands to strengthens its services To support the unprecedented growth of its Benelux business, LEMO has invested in a new, purpose-built, hi-tech and eco-friendly facility near Amsterdam. LEMO opened its Dutch subsidiary in 2005 initially to cover the Benelux market. Meanwhile, its staff grew from 2 to over 50 people. Today, LEMO Netherlands has a cable assembly department as well and is home to the LEMO European Distribution Centre, supplying several European companies. It also hosts the European stock of LEMO’s Northwire Cable. Located in Haarlem, the new, pure contemporary style 3-storey building has been designed for efficiency. Expert support was provided to the architects in order to optimise the flow of goods and people. The facility also offers expanded inventory and expedited delivery services. "With 2,500 m2 (doubled in size), we have plenty of growing room to triple assembly and double office staff," says Niels Zonneveld Managing Director of LEMO Benelux. LEMO Netherlands is moving to its new location on 16th September 2019.





The intelligent path to customer-specific connections: ODU-MAC – our versatile modular connector solution enables the transmission of power, high current, high voltage, coax, high-speed data, fiber optics and other media such as air or fluid. For your made-to-measure connection.

COMPLETE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS ODU provides pre-assembled component solutions. Our development and manufacturing expertise, combined with our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and the USA, enable us to offer our customers outstanding assemblies and a full range of logistics services.


ODU-UK Ltd. Phone: +44 03301509 002 266433 0640



OPTIMISED SWIR IMAGING CAMERA The FLIR A6260 camera sets a new standard for research grade Short Wave Infrared (SWIR) imaging cameras.


ombining high-speed performance with fully customizable features, the FLIR A6260 offers improved sensitivity and linearity across the full dynamic range, making it ideal for radiometry

and temperature calibrated applications. The FLIR A6260 records full-frame data at 180 fps and can be synchronized with other instruments enabling precision stop-action recording of high-speed events. The camera is equipped with a high-performance Indium Gallium Arsenide (InGaAs) detector optimized to the 0.9 – 1.7 µm or 0.6 – 1.7 µm SWIR wavebands, which produces crisp 640 x 512- pixel images. The A6260 sensor includes three user selectable gain states offering a 75x gain factor, making it an exceptionally flexible tool for imaging both bright objects and low light scenes. Additional features of the FLIR A6260 include adjustable frame rates and triggering as well as user or factory calibration to measure temperatures above 400°C. For further information on the FLIR A6260 camera please visit or contact FLIR Systems on +32-3665-5100 /

OGI Camera for Hazardous Locations The FLIR GFx320 Optical Gas Imaging (OGI) camera offers unmatched technology for visualizing fugitive hydrocarbon leaks at natural gas well sites, off-shore platforms, liquid natural gas terminals, and more. To allow surveyors to work more confidently and safely, the GFx320 is certified to visualize small hydrocarbon leaks with the sensitivity required to meet the US EPA's OOOOa methane rule. With its superior resolution, thermal sensitivity, and the option of a High Sensitivity Mode, the FLIR GFx320 allows surveyors to visualize leaks which can pinpoint the exact source of the emissions and begin repairs immediately. The GFx320 can also accurately measure temperatures including temperature differentials and better visual contrast for improved gas plume detection. In addition, FLIR designed the GFx320 with ergonomic features such as the articulating LCD screen to help surveyors avoid fatigue even during all-day surveys.


To learn more about using the GFx320 in hazardous locations watch the video or contact FLIR Systems on +32-3665-5100 /


October 2019




LEMO launches a 1000 Base T1- Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Push-Pull connector

Based on transmission standards (IEEE 802.3), single-pair Ethernet (also called SPE or 1000Base-T1) is integrated into new generations of automobiles. 1000Base-T1 is designed to operate over a single twistedpair copper cable supporting an effective datarate of 1 Gbit/sec in each direction simultaneously. LEMO provides two types of insulators 0B.511(2 contacts) and 1B.512 (4 contacts +

screen) compatible with Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Shielded Twisted Pairs (STP). The new product is available in the B series and also in a watertight version - the T series connector. The connectors are initially designed for automotive and industrial datatransfer. The role of SPE is also to gain space and weight (with a more simple cable) and can be used in other markets such as machine, robotics and rail technology.


Custom-made, metrology-tested lenses, mirrors, filters, infrared optics for optimum precision, plus, stock of over 3000 components. Contact us for a no-obligation quote and guidance on your specification.

(UK & ROW) +44 1622 859 444 (USA & Canada) +1 401 583 7846


Designed for Optical Innovation, Engineered to Last


NSK to show new housed bearings units and custom rolling bearings at Agritechnica 2019 At Agritechnica 2019 (10-16 November, Hanover, Germany), NSK will present rolling bearing series that have been developed from the ground up for use in agriculture machinery. These products will include the robust housing bearings of the new J-Line series, ready-to-install Agri Disc Hub housings for soil tillage machinery, and numerous examples of custom rolling bearings developed in collaboration with OEMs serving the agriculture sector. Machinery for agriculture is one of NSK's traditional core industries. Rolling bearings used in such applications are exposed to extreme stress, where dust, moisture, corrosive fertilisers and high mechanical loads are commonplace. NSK bearings for this sector have been developed accordingly, based on decades of knowledge and experience. At this year’s Agritechnica exhibition, the spotlight will fall on the J-Line series, which was introduced earlier in 2019. These Self-Lube® housed bearing units comply with the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) standard and are available in the six most common housing types with bore diameters from 12 to 90 mm. Due to their robust construction and excellent sealing characteristics, J-Line bearings are being used by an increasing number of agriculture machinery manufacturers. Another focus at the show will be NSK’s Agri Disc Hubs: double-row angular contact ball bearings with a split inner ring that can absorb high axial and tilting forces. Agri Disc Hubs are housed in a ready-to-assemble, robust housing unit with customer-specific connection dimensions. Special seals to withstand the harsh operating conditions also feature. The main field of application is machines for soil tillage work, such as short disc harrows, as well as sowing and fertilising machinery. In addition, NSK will use the exhibition to present its production capabilities. The NSK plant in Munderkingen, Germany was founded in 1954 as the rolling bearing production facility for a leading manufacturer of agriculture machinery. Following the plant’s takeover by NSK in 1990, highly flexible production facilities have been introduced that create the necessary conditions to manufacture even small batches of customer-specific rolling bearings with high efficiency. Example of these special bearings will be on show.


The booth will also feature machines equipped with NSK bearings, or exhibits that highlight the installation of the bearings in, for example, short disc harrows. NSK at Agritechnica: Hall 15, Stand E44.

Power Security & Back-Up

Instruments Ltd


CBI Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Battery Chargers CB Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Power Supplies

FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


h r A

Multifunction Meters | CTs, VTs and Shunts | Transducers | Energy Meters - MID Bargraphs | Earth Leakage Relays | Protection Relays | Battery Chargers | Power Supplies DC UPS | Generator Controllers | Remote Monitoring | Ventilation Control


Instruments Ltd

TVR Instruments Limited 143 Butt Road, Colchester CO3 3DP Essex United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1206 575755 Email:



Delta Launches New 100kW DC City Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger An EV fast-charging solution with efficient charging

Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today announced the launch of its brand-new 100kW DC City EV Charger, a solution featuring leading 94% efficiency and a high availability modular design to offer EV drivers a 100km driving range with roughly 15 minutes of charging. This new product, which is also capable of charging two EVs simultaneously, and Delta’s own EV Charging Infrastructure Management System, create the proper ecosystem to address the current increasing demand for fast EV charging in metropolitan areas. The 100kW DC City EV Charger is expected to reach the market in Q4 2019 To enable fast charging, the Delta DC City EV Charger provides high power conversion and high power output by leveraging Delta’s industryleading expertise in high-efficiency


power electronics technology. Thus, the system is supported by Delta’s own power modules which allow for high AC-DC energy conversion efficiency up to 94%, a level that favors electricity savings. The 100kW high power output can deliver up to 100km of travel distance with just 15 minutes of charging. The system also offers dynamic load distribution, network connectivity, IP55-rated enclosure protection, built-in RFID reader, and easy back-end integration to optimize the operational efficiency of charging services. These capabilities make it a highly versatile and viable EV fast-charging solution for public charging stations, parking lots, shopping malls, commercial offices, hotels as well as fleets.

Other key features of the DC EV Charger include:

The DC City Charger’s modular design enables high availability of charging services by making power module replacement easy and ensuring continued operation in the event of power module failure. This means that when a single module fails, other modules will continue to supply power without the overall operation being affected. Furthermore, operators only need to replace failed modules during maintenance, which significantly reduces maintenance times and downtime costs while ensuring high availability for charging stations. As a result, high availability and efficient performance contribute to the optimization of operational benefits.

• OCPP communication protocols with Ethernet, wireless, mobile and Bluetooth connectivity options. This means that charging status information can be integrated with any back-end management system that supports the OCPP data format. Both front-end and back-end integration are thus very easy for operators, regardless of whether they select Delta’s EV Charging Infrastructure Management System, use their existing system, or integrate data into smart building and energy management platforms.

The DC City EV Charger can be equipped with CCS1, CCS2, CHAdeMO and GB/T charging interfaces to make it suitable to most EVs on the market. It can conduct simultaneous charging of two EVs with its dynamic load distribution, ensuring that the appropriate output is automatically distributed according to the actual power demand. This optimizes charging efficiency when two EVs are charged at the same time, thus improving the utilization and parking space turnover at charging stations.

• A relatively compact size (590 x 1500 x 800 mm) to make it suitable for space-constrained areas where land cost and population density are high. • A sturdy and durable enclosure protection against dust and water (IP55) and external mechanical impacts (IK10), thus, suitable for outdoor or basement environments. • Built-in RFID reader compliant with ISO 15118 for user identification and easily integrated to member management and payment systems.

Delta’s 100kW DC City EV Charger not only meets fast-charging demand in metropolitan areas, but it also offers the benefits of operational optimization and flexibility for extended applications. A 50kW model is also available. Delta will be demonstrating the new DC City EV Charger at eMove360° Europe, to be held at Munich Messe, Hall A5, stand 403, from 15 to 17 October. For more information, please contact your local Delta sales representative or visit

Rapidox 2100-OEM-RSB Small but mighty. Effortless integration into products and processes. The compact design (4.5� x 3.0�) allows integration into the tightest of spaces yet comes with the same performance specifications and features of our exisiting OEM analysers. The board is fitted with a robust cabled zirconia sensor, which is ideal for providing fast and accurate remote in-situ gas analysis over the the full oxygen range 10-20ppm to 30% O2. Zirconia oxygen sensors are extremely rugged and particularly suitable for monitoring inert atmospheres and aggressive industrial applications directly within manufacturing processes such as metal 3D printers, soldering ovens and furnaces.

Contact us today: + 44 (0)1480 462142


A new dimension of decentralized power supply The Mico channels for monitoring the two 24 VDC load circuits can be adjusted to different current values, either by pressing a button directly on the device or via a communication interface. The tripping process of the Mico channels has been patented and applies the principle of “as late as possible, as early as necessary.” Once a share of 90 percent of the adjusted current value has been reached, an early warning will be triggered that enables steps to be taken before an error occurs. Disconnected channels can be activated at the press of a button or via a signal. If, for reasons of maintenance, a service person disconnects a channel by pressing a button on the device, it can only be reactivated manually by the service person. In this case, the remote switch-on option is deactivated during this process. The innovative Emparro67 Hybrid power supply is an all-rounder with many powerful features: it not only relocates power supply from the control cabinet to the industrial field, but it also monitors currents using two integrated channels for 24 VDC load circuit monitoring, to ensure high operational reliability. An IOLink interface permits extensive and transparent communication. IP67 power supply units of the Emparro line are designed for applications outside the control cabinet. All components are protected from mechanical stress. The compact and robust metal housing is fully potted and protected from dirt, humidity and cooling lubricants in the rough industrial field. Their high energy efficiency – up to 93.8 percent of the energy applied is used – allows the units to be touched, even when under full load owing to their low surface temperature. This makes the power supply units a real all-rounder for many different applications. The great advantage of this decentralized solution: The voltage conversion from 230 VAC to 24 VDC


no longer takes place in the cabinet, but directly in the field and thus right at the load. Power loss is kept to a minimum and energy costs are reduced. Smaller cabinets can be used, and in some applications it may even be possible to completely get rid of them.

Electronic current monitoring for high operational reliability The new Emparro67 Hybrid power supply has two integrated MICO channels for electronic current monitoring of, for example, separate system components, sensors, actuators, or in particular of fieldbus modules. In this way, both sensor and module voltage and actuator voltage of the connected fieldbus systems can be monitored separately. This guarantees the desired selectivity, which would not be possible with common monitoring of both input voltages, and provides maximum operational reliability. If the actuator supply is interrupted, for example due to short-circuit, overload or cable break, the fieldbus continues to be supplied via the sensor and module voltage. This means that error messages and diagnostic information can still be sent to the PLC.

Extensive communication The Emparro67 Hybrid is equipped with an IO-Link interface (M12 connection) and is able to communicate as a device with a superior IO-Link master. It is thus possible to use the Emparro67 Hybrid in fully-networked intelligent applications transporting comprehensive diagnostic data and operating characteristics. A concrete application is the monitoring of the device's life span: the Emparro67 Hybrid provides precise information on the status of the device. If a status defined by the operator is reached, an order can be initiated directly and the device can be replaced during the next maintenance period without considerable additional efforts or downtimes. Companies in the plant construction and mechanical engineering sector can use such predictive maintenance functions for the development of new business models. Tel: 0161 728 3133 email:

Zero Cabinet – on-machine power!

Power supply

by Murrelektronik

Move your power supply out of the cabinet and onto the machine We help our customers move components from the control cabinet onto the machine. This concept makes applications transparent, user friendly and cost-efficient. Customer advantages: Use smaller control cabinets (or no cabinet at all!). Reduce power loss, energy costs and wiring by converting the voltage from 230 V AC to 24 V DC directly next to the load. IP67 approval rating ensures the power supply can stand up to all the on-machine demands.




n the complex world of industry 4.0, the digitalisation of processes is a chance for enterprises to streamline procedures and improve efficiency and quality. To reach high levels of accuracy, quality and traceability, automated data capture, sensor and machine vision technologies play a key role. The addition of the sensor series S5N with IO-link V1.1, the vision processor MX-E90 and the imager MatrixTM 300N 2MP to the existing Datalogic portfolio, brings users new solutions to easily integrate into their industry 4.0 environments. With IO-Link V1.1 and a smart sensor profile, the S5N sensor series enables easy connection from the machine to the cloud. The tubular sensors combine all IOLink standard sensor and actuator connections with the advantages of OPC UA technology and fieldbus interfaces such as Ethernet, IP, Profinet and Modbus. It allows multiple technologies to be used simultaneously and eliminates the need for another PLC to monitor and control a system, saving both hardware and software costs. For complex vision applications the new MX-E90 offers ease of use and high flexibility. It combines up to eight GigE cameras simultaneously and hence simplifies integration, set-up and maintenance. This means space, power, cables, and I / O


Datalogic launches new products for Industry 4.0: Matrix 300N 2MP, MXE-90 and S5N With new product lines of smart sensors, imagebased scanners, vision technology and robot guidance, Datalogic is offering new solutions for digital automation. The new systems have been developed to support industry 4.0 concepts and are helping users to automatically control, process and track their operations along their production lines.

blocks are reduced automatically. Combined with the easy-to-use IMPACT software, users can now calibrate and set up simple pick and place applications right from the robot teach pendant. The latest version, IMPACT 12.2, comes with an IMPACT 2D Robot Guidance UR Cap Plugin ready for download. When installed on the production line, the new high performance imager Matrix 300N 2MP automatically captures quickly and reliably barcodes on parts, products and packed items.

Equipped with a 2 megapixel sensor, it captures 1D and 2D codes as well as DPM marks on different surfaces. Even lowcontrast codes are easily read. To help users respond quickly to production line changes, the imager features liquid lens technology that provides automatic focus adjustment. More information on new Datalogic products at

hygienic furniture & equipment

ENJOY TEKNOMEXCELLENCE Adjective: to save you time and money by designing and making intelligent, outstanding hygienic furniture and equipment.

Reduced dirt traps

Easy access from both sides

Diamond bracing doesn’t collect dirt

Higher tie bar position for easier cleaning

Central tie bar, rear rail or undershelf option

For more information get in touch today Quality



W: T: +44 (0) 1603 788 833


Rittal’s RiMatrix Containerised Data Centre Delivers Turn-Key Solution for Envision AESC UK Envision AESC UK required a new data centre to support its newly acquired office and production site at their newly acquired Sunderland site. While there was a requirement for additional rack space, the primary driver was space and location. The client chose to relocate an internally based data centre (potentially consuming office or warehouse room), placing it instead externally. Rittal was able to provide a solution consistent with the previous system, in terms of both design and technology. Rittal engineers specified the RiMatrix S, a containerised data centre with a pre-configured design, which meant that no additional design input was required by the customer. Within the RiMatrix S, Rittal supplied 6 x server racks, 1 x networking rack, a fan-based cooling supply, an ABB UPS, a distribution board, fire suppression and 2 x free-cooling chillers.

36 |

Rittal partnered with an M&E partner to manage the installation, meaning that Envision AESC received a wholly managed, turn-key solution. The result is a complete data centre with a small site footprint, with no need for any building work on-site. Envision AESC UK’s Andy Dixon commented “Rittal’s ability to deliver a turn-key solution using a standardised product was a major consideration for us. We are very impressed with the quality of the RiMatrix S product and the associated chiller units. The solution has provided us with the environment we needed to host our critical IT infrastructure". Further information at and or on twitter @rittal_ltd.

Indexing Chain Conveyor System Interlink machining stations cost efficiently Sturdy system, total load capacity of up to 700 kg Flexible modular designs, variable lengths & widths possible

mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group


PushPull offers a secure fit with just one click There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable connector for panels or control cabinets. Robustness, reliability and adaptability are all high on the list, but as businesses embrace more flexible production processes, simple handling and ease of use are becoming increasingly important. Control cabinets often contain a myriad of switches and connections, so the ability to quickly and efficiently disconnect and reconnect the industrial lifelines of data, signals and power are vital if expensive machine downtime is to be avoided. That’s where HARTING’s PushPull technology comes into its own. Developed with the user in mind, the PushPull family is available in a range of materials to suit your requirements. From the robust V4 Industrial with a housing that protects from aggressive industrial chemicals to the sleek M12 with its capacity to deliver data transfer rates of up to 10GBit/s, the entire ranges relies on a simple yet effective connection method. As its name suggests, PushPull incorporates an uncomplicated connection and termination technique that ensures absolute dependency and reliability. The intuitive, tool-free method guarantees an error-free connection as the two sections click into place, the audible feedback indicating the connection is secure. The sturdy housing is also inscribed with


pronounced contours, which gives the operator a firm grip on the connector. To further simplify the process and eliminate the possibility of incorrect connections, HARTING has fitted the PushPull range with colour-coded marks. The first is a yellow triangle which appears on both the plug and socket, meaning it’s incredibly easy to ensure both connections are orientated correctly before they are mated. Secondly, the user has the option to allocate colour codes to each PushPull plug and socket in an installation. For example, they could easily colour code data, signal and power lines to ensure each line can be easily identified; a simple system to help reduce cabling errors. In addition to the audible click, the PushPull range also comes with a spin-lock which firmly secures the connecter in a mated condition, preventing any inadvertent disconnection. Simply plug in the PushPull then rotate the ring oneeighth of a turn clockwise to lock and secure the connection. Finally, when it comes to variety, the PushPull range can handle all your requirements. Whether you’re looking to transmit data via an RJ45 or 690V / 16A of power via 5 poles, HARTING’s range

of interfaces, inserts and housing materials can provide universal solutions for your specific applications. Click here to learn more about HARTING’s PushPull range.

[Click & Safe]

PushPull is completely safe for installation and application.

The robust connection in mechanical engineering.  Fast and simple plugging and unplugging for time savings of up to 60%.  Tool-free, simple installation even in tighter spaces thanks to tried-and-tested PushPull mechanism.  Acoustic plug-in feedback ensures process safety even in the most unfavourable working conditions.  Thanks to IP65/67, dust and water don’t stand a chance.  Shock and vibration-resistant for maximum availability around the clock. Find out more on our website:



TCT Show 2019 Closes to Great Acclaim Another successful TCT Show! Yesterday saw the conclusion of a fantastic show, full of exciting product launches, inspiring show features, engaging presentations across four stages with an array of world-leading speakers plus over 250 cutting-edge exhibitors.

Over on the TCT Tech Stage – we had captivating sessions from industry professionals such as Women in 3D Printing alongside Cyant hosting a #3DTalk on software. Plus, a gorgeous dress that was entirely 3D printed by Modeclix. Incredibly, the dress can be altered to any shape and is recyclable. "An inspirational and energising show that brought the entire additive manufacturing community together to share the latest knowledge and technology. There was a real buzz on the show floor with a broad range of applications represented from some of the industry's biggest names. An outstanding show." Jane Hughes, Group Marketing Manager at Rapid News Group.

TCT Awards

TCT Show is the leading UK event in the drive to increase awareness and adoption of additive manufacturing and 3D printing technology. This year's show has been a superb platform for inspiration and innovation supporting that drive. The show floor accommodated over 250 exhibitors showcasing a myriad of innovative applications. Mark Tyrtania, Sales Director at Laser Lines said of the show "What's unique about TCT is that it's a focused 3D event. Really concentrating the market all in one place... We've been really busy on the stand, so lots of new leads and hopefully new customers." "We've launched a couple of new products including the exact metals 3D printer that we hope is going to be a bit of a game changer in the metal space. TCT is a great platform to launch that program" he added. Across the 3 days, this dynamic event connected attendees from around the globe, and it provided them with the opportunity to see an exciting and diverse range of businesses who were launching new products and services, including Ultimaker, Makerbot, 3D Systems, T3DMC, Matsuura, and Zortrax. This year's show had an incredible display of cutting-edge, design-to-manufacturing technologies on the show floor. "I was here last year and found it fascinating, so I wanted to come back this year to see what's new. I've had some experience with 3d printers over the past


year and want to see what developments are happening in the industry... The breadth of exhibitors from last year made me want to come back this year, and I haven't been disappointed!" said Chris Fall, Product Design Engineer at JC Moulding. This year's TCT show had a number of exciting new features, including its new 1-2-1 meetings programme TCT Connect (sponsored this year by HP) which held 230 meetings across the 3 days in its own dedicated meetings lounge. Both visitors and exhibitors were able to use the service and identify contacts by sector and interest, and then schedule meetings with them. Matt Forrester, Additive Manufacturing Manager at L'Oréal was invited to connect and commented "Awesome idea, spurring some great meetings. Thanks to the team!" Alongside the vibrant show floor, there was a full panoply of inspiring and intriguing conference sessions giving a first-class learning opportunity. The TCT Summit Stage featured high profile keynote presentations including, Martin Stevens, Mechanical Engineering Manager at DB ESG (part of Deutsche Bahn) and James Brown, Data and Performance Engineer at Angel Trains, who explored how a recent additive manufacturing collaboration had resulted in the UK’s first AM solution for the rail industry, and the first in-service 3D printed parts on the UK’s railways.

On 25th September, TCT held its third annual TCT Awards ceremony, at the National Conference Centre in Birmingham. Hosted by Georgie Barrat, a technology journalist and presenter of Channel 5’s The Gadget Show, the almost 250 guests celebrated into the early hours, after a night of well-deserved wins and commendations.15 competitive award categories, including the TCT Rising Star Award and the new TCT Women in 3D Printing Innovator Award, were presented. The TCT Group also inducted another industry giant of additive manufacturing into its distinguished TCT Hall of Fame; Gideon Levy – an early pioneer in the AM industry, with his contributions beginning in 1997 as the originator and head of the iRPD (Institute for Rapid Product Development). He is currently active at Technology Turn Around (TTA), consulting major players in industry education and research on AM. See the full list of winners here > TCT Awards Winners "We are already working on our 2020 event, which will have a new enhanced mission; a comprehensive 360-degree look at AM and 3D printing. It is set to be an exciting and engaging show providing real value to exhibitors and visitors alike.” Duncan Wood, CEO at Rapid News Group.

Join us in 2020!

REGISTER NOW Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes – 13-14 November 2019 The 15th LiftEx is the unmissable global exhibition for the lifting equipment industry, bringing together 100 vendors, over 1000 industry professionals and 2 days of educational content. LiftEx 2019 brings exciting new content in addition to the existing features: The Exhibition – showcasing over 100 lifting equipment vendors during the 2 days The Innovation Award Showcase – a dedicated and interactive demonstration area featuring the very latest products and services on the market The Open Learning Zone – register for free to attend TEAM card assessment sessions and technical updates by LEEA. Gain your certificate of CPD attendance and be the first to grab the latest edition of COPSULE! Business Support Sessions – get free industry-specific advice on IT, GDPR, legislation, HR issues, and more... The LEEA Awards – the unmissable evening of food and entertainment celebrating successes in the lifting industry, hosted by celebrity speaker Rachel Riley (LEEA members only)

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4Sight impresses visitors at PPMA Total Show 2019 AutoCoding Systems’ automatic print inspection solution, 4Sight, proved a great success with visitors to the recent PPMA Total Show.

Demonstrations were held on the SICK stand where visitors could experience the speed of set-up and simplicity of use of the application. Visitors to the SICK stand were interested to see how they could cost effectively incorporate a print inspection solution into their existing packaging line set-up to check presence, legibility and location of printed codes. Products not displaying legible codes in the correct location can quite often be subjected to expensive reworks, assuming they are spotted prior to leaving the factory. Obviously, the cost is considerably higher if the problem isn’t identified and the product actually makes it to our supermarket shelves. The 4Sight solution checks every product, even on high speed lines, to ensure the printed code meets the requirements expected. The application offers full flexibility allowing users to determine acceptable print quality tolerances and define what is considered a good read, bad read or no read on a per product basis.


The 4Sight software communicates directly with any brand of printer, with no requirement to “teach” the camera what to look for. All the processing is undertaken onboard the SICK camera where the 4Sight software resides meaning that no line-side PC is needed. The system can be set to differing levels of inspection, from print presence through to full OCR. There is a simple set-up process for camera position, set-up, focus, illumination and exposure time, with no requirement for operators to configure features or regions of interest. The software automatically adjusts to accommodate real-time message changes, such as date code and clock time. Visitors were impressed with the speed of the application and how quickly it responded to changes in print quality, stopping the line immediately the quality dropped below the prescribed threshold.



Celebrating 10 years of Sensors & Instrumentation Live The UK’s only dedicated sensors exhibition, Sensors & Instrumentation Live, celebrated its 10th anniversary in style with a triumphant return to the NEC in Birmingham this September. The event, sponsored by industry giant Mouser Electronics, brought together the leading innovators and professionals from across the fields of sensors, test, measurement and control to explore solutions, discuss applications and do business, face-to-face. With a wide selection of industry heavyweights exhibiting at the event, there were a plethora of products, services and solutions on offer for visitors to explore and discuss how their businesses could benefit from the sector’s leading applications with the experts in attendance. The likes of LIMAB UK used the opportunity to highlight some of their leading products, showcasing its range of infrared thermometers, thermal imagers and Fluoroptic fibre optic temperature sensors. Commenting on the event, LIMAB’s Kevin Goodison and Jack Miller said: “Exhibitions such as Sensors & Instrumentation Live really do have an impact on the sector. It gives you a broad range of opportunities to interact with others in the marketplace and it brings like-minded individuals and industries together, which [we] think is wonderful!” While at the Sensor Technology stand, visitors could experience torque measurement solutions and wireless load sensors. Sensor Technology’s Tony Ingham commented: “There are big exhibitions in Germany, the US and India, so it is important that Sensors & Instrumentation Live continues to give people in the UK market somewhere to go for information on sensing and the supporting instrumentation.” Reflecting on the event, a visitor from Load Monitoring Systems commented: “It is a really great place to pick up new technology. As you can imagine, it is always a priority to look for new applications and this is the perfect platform to look out for something better”. While a representative from Seaspeed Marine Consultant said, “it is a great opportunity to meet companies that I didn’t know that have a potential of

being useful to our needs. It is an eyeopening show”. To celebrate the show’s landmark occasion, some exciting new feature areas were introduced to provide visitors with even more opportunities to gain vital knowledge on some of the key issues on the top of the industry agenda. Sensors & Instrumentation Live teamed up with DJB Instruments to deliver CPD-accredited training to help delegates improve their products and develop their understanding of sensors and instruments to improve the quality of data. With an agenda of speakers that included the likes of John Tyrrell of TTS Systems and Jim Flanagan of Centrateq, the sessions comprehensively addressed sensor innovation and the very latest trends in engineering. While over at the Enterprise Hub, another new feature for 2019, visitors could learn how to grow their businesses from the experts delivering presentations. Representatives from some of the UK’s top organisations and institutions talked about a variety of topics including funding opportunities and how best to access the top technology available within the sector.

The final addition was the Innovation In Action demonstration zone. Sponsored by PCB Piezotronics, Innovation in Action provided a truly unique way for visitors to gain a better insight into the latest products directly from the source. The likes of Kistler Instruments, Powelectrics and AquaConnex took to the floor to discuss their top innovations and offer potential applications and solutions to visitors that attended. While the ever-popular Innovation Showcase, sponsored by Bronkhorst, successfully returned to Sensors & Instrumentation Live. With so much to be seen on the lively exhibition floor, the Innovation Showcase provided a ‘snapshot’ of what was on offer. Products on display included Keller’s LEO Record and Mantracourt’s Bluetooth Telemetry Transmitter. Bronkhorst also displayed its Mini CORI-FLOW, EL-FLOW Prestige and ES-FLOW. As the dust settles on another successful year, the Sensors & Instrumentation Live team would like to thank all of the visitors, speakers, exhibitors and sponsors that helped to make the event a success.

Details about the next Sensors & Instrumentation Live exhibition will be announced soon on the dedicated event website: |43




f you’re looking to innovate, think long-term. There’s no value in a good idea if there isn’t also a framework in place to enable development beyond the idea phase. However, the framework only pays dividends if a company also fosters a supportive staff culture. In real terms, this means: • Having an open mind – If staff feel their suggestions will be ignored or laughed at, they won’t speak up. Communicate that all ideas are welcome. • Being patient – Take time to reflect on new ideas and improve upon them. • Learning from your experiences – If your idea isn’t perfect, use the knowledge you’ve gained to improve things further. • Collective ownership – A teambased approach to innovation allows individuals and departments to freely explore new ideas. • Collaboration – Work with colleagues, end-users and the wider industry to discover what the market needs, and develop solutions to real problems.

Once a supportive culture is in place and a framework to support the development of any new ideas has been established, consider how your company can truly innovate. Rather than a single ‘Eureka!’ moment, think of innovation as an ongoing process.

The same but different Innovation can be as simple as using the same product in a different application. For example, a brewery approached us for a solution to pump their viscous spent grain product. We already had experience of using open hopper pumps for viscous materials in the wastewater industry. Following a successful trial, our open hopper pumps are now widely used in breweries and distilleries – innovation, even though this ‘novel’ solution was already in use elsewhere.

Doing things better Think about how you can make your existing product range even better. Our BCFH range­ ­– the first pump range to be certified under the new EHEDG testing regime ­– came about following customer feedback for a pump to meet the food industry’s stringent hygiene standards, without compromising product quality.


Subtle or disruptive

_ which tactic best innovates the food industry? Lesley Eaton, Marketing Executive for progressive cavity (PC) pump specialist SEEPEX UK, explains why fostering an ongoing supportive climate is more valuable than a single great idea when it comes to encouraging innovation.

Exploring alternative solutions Don’t be afraid to explore other options to find a solution to your customer’s problems. We were approached by Natures Way Foods for a solution to pump their mixed waste containing mango stones, vines and other tough products. Horizontal grinders proved unsuitable, and relying on gravity to pass the product through caused ‘bridging’; so, we developed a system

incorporating a vertical grinder to ensure that everything, including stones, was pushed through into the pump. Rather than spending time, money and effort trying to hit upon the next big thing, companies should instead consider focusing on the cornerstones of innovation: listening to customers, collaborating with industry and fostering a supportive staff culture.


Smart Rotor

Smart Seal Housing Smart Rotor Technology

ENERGY EFFICIENCY Very energy efficient – lower running costs SCT


Not energy efficient – higher running costs

Smart Conveying Technology (SCT) provides quick maintenance, significantly reduced life cycle costs and the shortest downtime. Smart Seal Housing, the newest innovation for SCT pumps, removes the need to dismantle the suction or discharge pipework for inspection and replacement of the mechanical seal. YOUR BENEFITS  Adjustable stator restores pump efficiency  Reduced maintenance time by up to 85%  Up to 200% longer stator life  Increased energy savings compared to conventional progressive cavity pumps


 Rapid removal and reassembly of mechanical seal  Easy retrofit onto your existing SEEPEX pumps


Linkam highlights Optical DSC450 at AAPS 2019 Pharmsci 360 Market leader in temperature controlled microscopy, Linkam Scientific Instruments, will be showcasing its Optical Differential Scanning Calorimeter for the simultaneous measurement visualisation of thermal transition experiments for improved materials characterisation. The Optical DSC450 enables the user to measure melting behaviour and glass transitions of a wide range of substances whilst providing simultaneous image capture with the optional LINK Digital Imaging module. The image data provides information of colour or morphological changes that can be correlated with temperature and phase transitions. Combining image and thermal analysis data can provide additional insights into the properties of the materials. The temperature of the DSC450 can be accurately controlled from -150 °C (with the optional LNP96) to +450 °C and the atmosphere of the stage can also be gas purged. TASC (Thermal Analysis by Surface Characterisation) is a new image analysis technique which enables localised structural changes in samples to be tracked and quantified optically, with temperature. It has the unique ability to measure local transition temperatures allowing different points on a sample to be identified. Combining the DSC450 with imaging and TASC provides a unique solution for the characterisation of the thermal properties of materials. Peter Grocutt, R&D Director, commented: “Nearly all DSCs are large benchtop devices and are not primarily suited to microscope imaging. In addition, if cooling is required to lower temperatures (-150°C), large Dewars and complex cooling systems are required. The DSC450’s compact size lends itself to performing fast experiments and can be setup for cooling or heating


in minutes. For cooling, it uses a small pump unit and a 3 litre Dewar, which once filled, can be used to cool the DSC450 immediately at the preset rate. “The Thermal Analysis Sample Characterization software can reveal transitions that are difficult or impossible to measure easily by DSC alone, as smaller samples do not result in reduced sensitivity.” The Optical DSC450 has recently been used to study phase transitions in pharmaceuticals, where the power of the complementary technique is particularly evident. The combination of optical microscopy and differential scanning calorimetry

delivers increased sensitivity for detecting subtle characteristics such as solid-solid transitions. Combining the DSC450 with spectroscopic techniques such as Raman and FTIR provides an ideal solution for the study of molecular changes such as Polymorphism. To learn more about Linkam and its approach to the development of temperature stages for sample characterisation, please visit or, if you are attending AAPS come to booth 1054 to talk to one of our specialists.


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International exhibition and conference on the next generation of manufacturing technologies

Frankfurt, Germany, 19 – 22 November 2019

The entire world of additive manufacturing Design and software

R&D Metrology


Post-processing Services

Manufacturing solutions Pre-processing

Additive manufacturing surrounds a whole world of processes. Instead of a world tour you only need one ticket – for Formnext!

Where ideas take shape.

Tel: 0208 339 7370

Fax: 0208 339 7371 Unit 5 Russell House, Molesey Road Email: Walton-on-Thames, Surrey KT12 3PE

Offical event hashtag #formnext



Tel: 0121 520 2444 |47


Multinational food producer reaps benefits of HRS corrugated heat exchanger HRS Heat Exchangers has installed a multi-tube, corrugated heat exchanger from its K Series at a food plant in the northern Malaysian province of Seberang Perai, in the state of Penang, helping the company to cut both its energy use and running costs.


The plant is owned by a major multinational food producer responsible for well-known food brands, as well as enzymes and bioproducts for food manufacturers, and pharmaceutical-grade formulation products. The factory has a history of using smooth-tube heat exchangers for a range of cooling, heating and condensation applications, but is now enjoying the benefits of switching to corrugated tube exchangers, including increased energy efficiency, reduced maintenance and cleaning requirements, and lower operational costs.

However, as Remus Lim, HRS Heat Exchangers’ General Manager in Malaysia, explains, HRS had to work hard to demonstrate the value of switching before sealing the deal: “Despite the benefits of corrugated tube heat exchangers, some clients can be initially reluctant to switch from the smooth-tube technology with which they are familiar. In this case, the client’s engineers were sceptical about the ability of the HRS unit to deliver the claimed energy efficiency and heat transfer coefficients, as well as its ability to reduce fouling, and questioned if would create any issues in terms of cleaning. To overcome these reservations, we held a number of meetings with the client in the months preceding the placement of their order to put their minds at rest.” Once the client was convinced of the ability of the corrugated tube design


The HRS K Series of corrugated tube heat exchangers uses steam to raise the product temperature from 90°C to 235°C

to create turbulence in order to break down any fouling layer as it forms – thus preventing any cleaning issues – they placed an order for a HRS K Series heat exchanger to replace an existing smooth tube unit on a line producing powdered food emulsifier. The emulsifier has a wide range of applications in food processing, such as stabilising emulsions, and is used to help overcome variations in raw material quality and properties, as well as extending shelf life in products from baked goods, dairy products and frozen desserts, to meal solutions, snacks, and oils and fats. The new K Series exchanger uses steam to heat 1,300 kg/hr of fatty acid esters from 90°C to 235°C and has been designed to withstand up to 50 bar(g) of steam pressure. It has been configured as a TEMA BEU-type with a removable tube bundle in a U-configuration to assist cleaning and maintenance, which was an issue with the previous smooth-tube BEM-type unit with fixed tubes. HRS delivered the unit in May 2018. It was fully commissioned in September last year and has been operating without any issues ever since. Current steam consumption is around 310 kg/hr – significantly less than was

The plant, owned by a major multinational food company, produces enzymes and bioproducts for food manufacturers

previously used for the process, resulting in financial savings and reduced energy use for the business. Commenting on the success of the HRS K Series unit at the factory, a representative said: “The unit is very robust and I’m pleased with its performance. It has certainly reduced our steam consumption.” As a result, HRS Heat Exchangers is now in discussion with the company about replacing a second smooth-tube heat exchanger used for the same application elsewhere in the factory. Remus adds: “From the initial discussion which began two years ago, it is great to see that a year of successful operation has convinced our client of the benefits of HRS’s corrugated tube technology. They are seeing real benefits in terms of running costs and energy use and are now looking at replacing additional smoothtube units to increase these benefits across their business.”


ARCH GRAPHIC Partnership with FELIXprinters Drives 3D Printing Applications in UAE Region Arch Graphic is a 3D printing service company based in Sharjah, United Arab Emirates. Founded in 2010, the company specializes in 3D printing architectural models and models for interior design, but has evolved over the last decade to offer its clients a full range of prototype and small volume production services. The foundation of the company’s service offering is based on high quality models provided at competitive prices. To enable this core company principle of high quality with accessible prices, Arch Graphic has partnered with FELIXprinters as its key 3D printing technology supplier since 2015, when the company invested in the FELIX Pro 1 system. The quality and reliability of the machine quickly became apparent and the company has continued to build its 3D printer capacity based on FELIX Pro systems. 3DP & ARCHITECTURE Architects have long used physical 3D scale models of their building designs to visually convey their vision. However, traditional scale models were often painstakingly built by hand, using fragile materials, such as paper and cardboard, that were barely fit for purpose, particularly in humid weather conditions such as those in the UAE region. It is not surprising, then, that the advent of 3D printing found a natural home within the architectural sector or that the demand for Arch Graphic’s services in the UAE was high. Architectural models and 3D printing are a natural fit. Indeed, this is an application area that evolved quickly, particularly as the technology matured, for producing stronger and more accurate demonstration models of an architect’s vision. In this regard, 3D printing offers a relatively fast, easy and economically viable method of producing detailed models directly from 3D CAD, BIM or other digital data that architects use. Many successful architectural firms, now commonly use 3D printing as a critical part of their workflow for increased innovation and improved communication. This latter point is a particularly critical factor for Arch Graphic as architectural design models help communicate ideas to clients, planners and stakeholders more widely. Since its inception, the goal of Arch Graphic has been to grow its Architectural Practice by providing its clients with


stunning 3D printed visual models, custom designed components, with the ability to offer fast design iterations as required. To this end, the company has successfully built its 3D Print Hub in UAE supplying clients with architectural models that not only reduce the overall process time compared with handmade models, but also offer a precise finish and superior quality, with options for safe lighting systems that can avoid heating. Arch Graphic also offers a comprehensive model making service for interior designers, making it a onestop-service. Here too, the benefits of 3D printing can be maximized in reducing the time and expense of producing 3D models that often require highly delicate details. Arch Graphic has continued to build its brand through the talent and vision of its leadership, including distinguished architects Alaa Younis and Rula Kaddoura, who have worked at the state level producing superior performance 3D printed architectural scaled models for a range of prestigious projects. Arch Graphic & FELIXprinters In 2015 Arch Graphic was searching for a distinctive 3D printer that would meet its demanding requirements as the company continued to grow in size and reputation across the UAE. Its introduction to FELIXprinters at this time proved to be the beginning of an ongoing partnership that has been mutually beneficial. According to Alaa Younis: “The investment into the first, wonderful Felix Pro 1 was a revelation. It was exactly what we needed. Working with Wilgo [Feliksdal], who worked closely with us through installation and growth, was also a key reason for us selecting FELIXprinters as a technology partner. The introduction of the FELIX Pro systems

have certainly contributed to Arch Graphic becoming distinguished in the creation of architectural models produced by 3D printing in the United Arab Emirates and the GCC as well. We have completed many 3D printed projects at the local and regional level using our Pro Series 3D printers from FELIX.” One of the earlier 3D printing projects that Arch Graphic undertook on its FELIX Pro 3D printers at this level was the first scaled model of a new mosque that was to be built in the UAE, which was designed by the Arch Graphic team. The FELIX printers were essential to this model, in terms of the precise details involved and the quality output. The project also involved some manual assembly of the 3D printed parts — a total of 755 individual pieces were printed and assembled to produce the completed model with overall dimensions of 85 x 85 X 75 cm. Younis states that: “The accuracy and precision of the FELIX 3D printers ensured that we were able to assemble the parts of the model easily and without errors to get the end result painlessly. At first we were surprised, but quickly appreciated the capabilities of the system we were using, and the model was a huge success whereby we received many positive responses from government authorities and non-governmental companies in the UAE as a result. It’s also why we invested in more FELIX 3D printers.”


API pump applications? KTR manufacture a range of couplings to meet the special requirements of pump applications in the oil & gas industry, in particular API 610, 671 and 685. Furthermore, KTR offers ATEX approved products - including jaw couplings, gear couplings, steel laminae couplings and oil/air coolers - for hazardous operating conditions. For more info visit us at SPE Offshore Europe 2019 - stand 3G80

3-6 SEPT 2019



GOT MODBUS? GET INSTANT REMOTE MONITORING & INTERNET OF THINGS! Adding connectivity from your devices to a cloud based IOT portal to manage your assets has never been easier! Using products and the IOT platform from Caption Data Ltd in Worcester provides an “out of the box” or “plug and play” solution with immediate access.. Watch the video at Once their NanoULTRA Edge product is connected to your target device (RS232 or RS485) and powered up, all of the configuration work is then done via the SmartHub. There is no need to connect to the device directly with a PC to configure Modbus communications. This can all be achieved, securely via any browser using any Smart Device. So no software to buy or load!

What exactly can you do via the SmartHub in terms of Modbus configuration? • Quickly chose controllers from a drop down menu • Add new controllers with a list of Modbus registers • Set baud rates, stop bits etc. • Save Controllers which can be recalled at any point in the future with new NanoULTRA systems • Configure registers for both read and write functions • Add up to four different slave devices to any


one NanoULTRA e.g. Power meter, flow meter, environmental sensor all communicating to one NanoULTRA • Configure what Users (as opposed to administrators) can view • Select which registers you wish to monitor at high frequency • Apply bit masks to data strings and associate to alarm messages

And what could this mean to your business? • Improved customer service levels • A helicopter view of your assets with single click drill down to individual units to manage them • Faster, less onerous commissioning, with less time on site • Better resolution of customer issues • Improved spares & maintenance sales All of which adds up to improved competitive advantage, improved profits and reduced risks!! Caption Data supply a host of global engineering businesses with their IOT solutions, and provide a one stop shop. You can contact them on +44 (0)1905 754078 or at and find lots more information at


Lee Spring Die Springs – strong, resilient, low-cost – a different approach Lee Spring’s Heavy Duty Die Springs are not like an average spring, they’re made from different shaped wire from traditional die springs for starters, and they work in slightly different ways. But different is a good thing and as a result these springs offer a number of benefits for typical applications such as die presses, engineering machinery, brakes, clutches, soft drive mechanisms, agricultural equipment.

In an independent test conducted by the Institute of Spring Technology, Lee Spring's Heavy Duty Die Springs demonstrated a life-expectancy at least equal to traditional rectangular wire Die Springs, but they are up to 50% cheaper than the rectangle coil versions – offering a serious saving! Heavy Duty Die Springs from Lee Spring are manufactured using round wire with very tight wound diameters so they store more energy and in less stress instead of the traditional rectangular wire, and they are specifically designed for heavy duty applications, making them up to 30% stronger than their rectangular wired cousins. Lee Spring offers five different types of Hefty Die Springs, based on Load, for applications requiring Medium Duty up through Extra Heavy duty Die Springs and are colour coded for ease of identification, ranging from the palest grey for light loads to a bold orange for extra heavy duties.


High quality production processes involved in die spring production feature: shot-peening for extended life, presetting to prevent length loss in operations, plus grinding of closed ends to provide squareness and adequate large bearing surface appropriate for use in applications where heavy duty compressions are called for. They are available in Music Wire or Chrome Silicon alloy, and powder coated for general corrosion resistance. Clear cataloguing presents all the options from free length, dia., coil number, deflection, solid height, material, nominal rate, cost band etc. Further information on Lee Spring products can be found on their website - or by following them on Twitter -


Automated Systems UK Wood is a leading global supplier of bespoke manufacturing and control solutions for industrial automation. Our solutions drive the production lines and supply chains of many leading companies, allowing our clients to: • • • • • •

Reduce investment risk Increase productivity Improve resource utilisation Optimise stock levels Reduce energy consumption Build competitive advantage

Services: • • • • • • • • •

Medical Technology Ireland 25-26 September 2019 PPMA Total Show 1-3 October 2019 Robotics & Automation 29-30 October 2019 Wood Automated Systems UK Tenter Road Moulton Park Industrial Estate Northampton NN3 6AX

Simulation Proof - of - principle Bespoke turnkey system design Robotics and vision integration CE marking Manufacturing Commissioning Installation After sales service and support

pressure sensors KELLER (UK) Ltd. Little Keep Gate, Barrack Road, Dorchester, DT1 1AH UK and Ireland: T. 0845 643 2855 F. 0845 643 2866 E-Mail: Web:



AND EMBEDDED SIGNAL CONDITIONING – No external components – Ranges 0…1 bar thru to 0…200 bar – Accuracy, error band +/- 0,5%, 0…50 °C – Sizes Ø 11 m, 15 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm bar – Very low power consumption

PRECISION PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 33 X – Ranges 0…0,2 bar thru to 0…1000 bar, adjustable – Output signals: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, RS485 Digital – Mathematical on-board error correction – Accuracy, error band 0,1 %FS, 10…40 °C – Optional enhanced precision to ± 0,01 %FS




SPS Nuremberg: KOLLMORGEN with a fresh drive for solutions SPS Nuremberg represents KOLLMORGEN as a sign of complete drive solutions, including for the growing demand for collaborative robots and automated guided vehicles. The AKM2G-series servo motors were therefore also expanded for applications in the low-voltage sector. Also a topic at the three-day automation trade fair: the second-generation functional safety technology, which has found its way into the AKD2G series servo inverters Fast Forward to the Future is the trade fair motto of KOLLMORGEN during SPS from November 26 to November 28, 2019 in hall 3, stand 250. For the second generation of servo motors, the control arm is at full throttle. The high power density with greater torque per engine size opens up new ways to construct machinery since a smaller overall size is often sufficient to handle the AKM2G. Small with maximum performance: Above all, it is compact applications with a high functional density that benefit from this feature; for example, in the design of collaborative robot kinematics and automated guided vehicles (AGV). The new safety functions within the second generation of drive control systems by KOLLMORGEN also have what it takes to make factory automation smarter. Under the heading of Safe Motion, the new AKD2G series servo drives are available with a range of solutions that make it possible to simply integrate even complex safety functions using intelligent engineering. Secure encoders, connection with just one cable, and the loss of additional I/O modules open up more free space and buy time in the installation. In 2019, the specialists for servo drive technology and motion control will once again be demonstrating how such solutions could look in reality with real exhibits in action.


About Kollmorgen Kollmorgen is a leading provider of integrated automation and drive systems along with corresponding components for machine builders all over the world. With more than 70 years of Motion Control Design and application experience and profound knowledge of constructing standard and special solutions, Kollmorgen supplies solutions time and again that stand out in terms of performance, quality, reliability, and ease of use. As a result customers can achieve a market advantage which is beyond question. For further information please contact or visit our website



NEW FP400 A LOW PULSATION DIAPHRAGM PUMP • Five diaphragm technology • Delivers up to 4.6 l/min • Low pulsation and low vibration • Great linearity and controllability

• Long life time • Robust and durable design • IP65

To discuss your application further contact our dedicated team of experienced technical pump engineers. KNF Neuberger UK Ltd Ave 2, Station Lane Ind Est, Witney, Oxon, OX28 4FA Tel: 01993 778373



PC-based software framework handles offline generation of ISO part programs for CNC machine tools • Allows creation and testing of part programs without needing access to target CNC machine • Helps maximise shop floor productivity by allowing uninterrupted machining operations NUM has launched a powerful new software framework tool that enables users of CNC machine tools to generate and test ISO part programs offline. The tool looks set to win across-the-board approval in busy machine shops, where an uninterrupted workflow can provide a key productivity advantage. NUM’s new Flexium Office framework software runs under Windows 7/8 or 10 on any standard PC. It allows any of NUM’s technology HMIs (Human-Machine Interfaces) to be used for specific projects – without requiring access to the target CNC machine tool. The corresponding ISO part program can be created offline, and can also then be tested offline using NUM’s Flexium 3D simulation software, before being transferred to the target machine. NUM’s application-specific technology HMIs form part of the company’s Flexium CAM (Computer-Aided Manufacturing) software suite. The HMIs cover every type of CNC machining operation, including hobbing, shaping, milling, threaded wheel grinding and cylindrical grinding. After selecting the most appropriate technology HMI for the task, the user simply carries out basic data definition tasks for the project in hand, using the highly intuitive tools and workflow commands provided by Flexium Office. Multiple projects can be started and saved at any time – allowing collaborative team development if desired – and the framework software provides support for 14 languages. As soon as the user is satisfied with the process and workflow of a project it can be used to generate the corresponding CNC part program – entirely automatically. The CNC program can either be transferred directly to a nominated machine in the production plant, usually via a TCP/IP network, or input to NUM’s Flexium 3D simulation software for thorough evaluation before being issued for production purposes. The key advantage of simulation


is that it enables users to optimise any ISO-code part program offline, further helping to maximise productivity by leaving the CNC machine tool free for manufacturing purposes. NUM’s simulation software is extremely powerful. It provides full visualisation of the tool centre point path and workpiece material removal, backed by automatic checking for collisions between machine components, the tool and the workpiece. The software creates a dynamic colour image, showing the workpiece as a 3D volume than can be rotated and viewed from any perspective. Flexium Office framework software runs on any standard PC and has no special graphics handling requirements. It needs approximately 30 MB of free space on the PC’s hard disk or SSD, and a minimum of 4 GB of RAM due to the Flexium 3D simulation software. For maximum performance, an i3 or i5 dual core processor configuration is recommended.;

Global specialist in the design, engineering, manufacture and distribution of industrial fastenings and Cat C products

Enclosure Hardware Our Enclosure Hardware range includes:

Locking Systems


Lock Components








Key Industries


Energy, Oil & Gas

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Let girls power female recruitment in engineering, urges Arrowsmith boss An aerospace manufacturing boss believes the key to attracting more female talent into industry lies by tapping into girl power when it comes to marketing the sector. Jason Aldridge, Managing Director of Arrowsmith Engineering in Coventry, is urging academia and business to change the way they collectively promote engineering by finding out from women what actually interests and motivates them and, importantly, putting them in charge of designing the marketing and routes of engagement. He also feels there is an argument that Government could be more creative in offering specific initiatives to get girls into industry, creating more real-life ambassadors that, over time, become the ‘recruiters’ of the future. “Despite numerous best-intentioned efforts to increase the number of women on engineering courses, apprenticeships and other entry programmes into industry, there is still a worrying lack of female employees coming through the ranks,” explained Jason. “And it’s not a case of simply blaming the Government we are all to blame in our own way. Education, with just an average of 10% of females on their engineering courses, needs to stop being so arrogant and consider new ways of recruitment, whilst manufacturers - both small, medium, large and multi-national - have to make a much better effort to create design studios, quality departments, sales offices and shop floors that are more welcoming and encouraging.” He continued: “The real eureka moment for me came during a recent industry awards ceremony where I was highly impressed, some would say buzzing, after watching a high-octane engineering film set to a dramatic soundtrack. “I turned to my wife, who is a University Professor, to gauge her opinion, expecting a similar reaction. Instead, I got a very different response. She said the film actually turned her off as it was very ‘James Bond’ with ‘boyish’ images. “It was only then that the ‘penny dropped’ and it dawned on me that we are promoting an image of engineering that is attractive to men. Perhaps we should actually find out from women what interests them and give them the power to drive the marketing and engagement of our sector. After all, it can’t be any worse than the numbers we are currently producing with the same ‘tried and tested’ approach?”

Jason continued: “Firstly, we started to offer engineering placements to local schools and colleges, with the ratio of girls taking us up on the opportunity outstripping boys for the first time this year. “We are also continuing to employ apprentices from the Manufacturing Technology Centre and interns from Coventry University, with a very pro-active approach to recruiting females whenever possible. “This has led to women playing a crucial role in Quality, Commercial, Finance, Inspection, Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) and CNC Machining.” The latter is a very interesting story. Misha Patel, Arrowsmith Engineering’s first ever female machinist apprentice, has recently started and the company has asked Sue Elton, its longest-standing female machinist, to mentor her. This decision has been taken for two reasons. Firstly, so she can access Sue’s outstanding skills and, secondly, so she can benefit from someone who understands what it is like to be working in industry and the huge advice and guidance this brings. Jason concluded: “As a SME, I have to be honest and say we needed to do a bit of work on making sure our facilities were acceptable to cope with the growing number of female staff we were employing. The offices were always fine, but the shop floor required upgrading in a number of areas and we have done this, providing a much better factory environment for all of our employees, regardless of gender. “A more balanced workforce is a great thing and adds positively to the operational and financial performance of Arrowsmith Engineering. It’s not about doing the right thing to feel good about yourself or to tick the ‘CSR’ box, it simply makes good business sense.” For further information, please visit

Arrowsmith Engineering, a specialist in precision turning, milling, thread rolling and grinding, is practicing what its boss preaches. The company is a critical supplier of precision components to the aerospace sector so traditionally has been a business that has a high percentage of men working for it. However, the management team wanted to look at attracting more women engineers so that it could benefit from a lot of the skills and solution-seeking expertise they bring to the workplace.


Sue Elton and Misha Patel (both Arrowsmith Engineering)


Mobile Solution for Configuration and Parameterization of Field Devices in the Process Industry Endress+Hauser is now offering its Field Xpert together with Softing’s mobiLink interface as a practical bundle for parameterizing and commissioning field devices.


he combination of Softing’s mobiLink interface with the Field Xpert SMT70 or SMT77 Tablet PC from Endress+Hauser offers users a simple and safe system solution for configuring and parameterizing field devices for the most important process automation protocols - HART, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus. The bundle includes a Field Xpert SMT70 or SMT77 tablet with pre-installed CommDTMs (HART, PROFIBUS PA and FOUNDATION Fieldbus), a mobiLink interface that The combination of Softing's mobiLink interface with the Field establishes the connection to the tablet via Bluetooth, and Xpert SMT70 or SMT77 Tablet PC from Endress+Hauser offers optionally a license to use users a simple and safe system solution for configuring and mobiLink for the configuration parameterizing field devices. of FOUNDATION Fieldbus and PROFIBUS PA field devices. mobiLink a long-standing partnership with Endress+Hauser. is now available from We already offer a range of interface products that Endress+Hauser under the name FieldPort SFP50. connect to the Field Xpert SMT70 or SMT77 tablet for device configuration and to Endress+Hauser’s Dr. Rolf Birkhofer, CEO of Endress+Hauser Digital FieldCare SFE500 Plant Asset Management Solutions: “mobiLink is seamlessly integrated into our Software. With mobiLink we simplify mobile access Field Xpert, which can be used as a powerful Tablet to field devices for plant operators, system integrators, PC for device configuration in Zone 2, Zone 1 or in device developers and other users in the process non-explosive areas. It provides easy access to all industry. Together with the Ex-certified tablets from field instruments and is a simple, touchable tool that Endress+Hauser, we now have a cost-effective and allows field instruments to be managed throughout easy-to-use all-in-one solution.” their lifecycle.” Peter Juengling, Key Account Manager at Softing Industrial: “We are proud to be able to look back on

More information about connectivity solutions with Endress+Hauser can be found on the Softing Website



Walter taps into solid carbide for superb threading of hardened steels Tooling expert Walter GB has announced a range of two new solid carbide taps and a thread milling cutter targeted specifically at producing threads in hardened steel. TC388 Supreme and TC389 Supreme solid carbide taps are for 50–58 HRC and 55–65 HRC materials, respectively, while the TC685 Supreme thread mill is for workpieces up to 44 HRC hardness levels. The TC388 and TC389 Supreme taps have special cutting geometries that fully shear off the root of the chip when reversing, minimising torque peaks that are common with blind hole machining; for example, when the reversing of the tap can result in fractures.

Generating maximum process reliability and long tool life, the TC685 Supreme orbital drill thread mill produces the core hole and thread (and chamfer, if required) in a single operation. Its face milling geometry produces stabilising forces in the axial direction to improve stability and reduce deflection – with the result of fewer radius corrections and reduced wear. In addition, its 15° helix angle and internal coolant guarantee chip evacuation.

In addition, the new geometries also prolong the tool life and increase process reliability, and the need for oil lubrication has been replaced by the use of emulsion.

Walter’s new TC388 Supreme tap (above) and TC685 Supreme thread mill (below) for threading in hardened steels


For more information please call 01527 839450 or visit


Dixon’s Marine Water Strainers & Accessories Range

DNV Approved Hose Assemblies Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel Strainers Thru Hull Fittings Ball Valves 01772 323 529 • • • DE S IG N • C U S TOM E R S ERVICE • INNO VATIO N • M ANUFAC T U R I N G • Q U AL I T Y • T EC H N I C AL EXPERT I SE • U N C O MMO N EXCEL L ENCE • DE


In-Comm Training chosen to help deliver new Apprenticeship Levy Transfer fund

In-Comm Training has been named as one of the training providers for a new skills fund launched by the West Midlands Combined Authority (WMCA). The Aldridge-based firm, which operates three technical academies in the Black Country and Shropshire, will be galvanising SMEs and larger firms to make the most of unspent Levy money currently available in the region. The aim is to encourage employers to take on more young people in advanced manufacturing, digital skills and STEM-related apprenticeships as the area looks to cement its position as a global leader in engineering. In-Comm Training’s employer-led approach to skills was one of the main reasons it has been chosen, with its team of expert advisers and trainers now responsible for supporting potential users of the fund to meet the criteria and recruit the right young people. Bekki Phillips, Managing Director at In-Comm Training, commented: “Any new programme that encourages greater adoption of vocational


learning is welcomed, especially one that specifically targets STEM courses.

and Solihull, the Black Country, Coventry and Warwickshire and the Marches LEPs.

“We have to raise the region’s productivity and using unspent Levy money to offer apprenticeships to 16-18 year-olds is a great, long-term way of ensuring we are growing our workforces of the future.”

In-Comm Training’s proven track record in delivering apprenticeships, combined with a £7m investment in its three academies in Aldridge, Bridgnorth and Shrewsbury, has given it the perfect platform to be a crucial partner to the Apprenticeship Levy Transfer Fund.

She continued: “More than 146 standards are available, covering science, technology, engineering, manufacturing, construction and digital - all the skills we are going to need if we are going to exploit the UK’s strengths. “The new fund will essentially remove the 5% fee that SMEs normally have to pay to take on an apprentice, making it easier to invest in young people.” The West Midlands Combined Authority covers a population of 4.2 million across Greater Birmingham

For further information, please visit or follow @incomm_training on twitter.

ENGINEERING PDATE November 2019 The demand for stainless steel clamps is especially high for the bottling, packaging and processing technology as well as for outdoor appliances and equipment bearing thermal loads. We work constantly and with great dedication on innovative products and solutions for our customers. The range of linear, lifting column, profile and connecting technology products include catalogue as well as tailor-made products, system solutions such as platforms, work stations and special projects. We are happy to advise you in choosing a product or to develop a tailor-made system solution with you from our extensive modular product range. RK Rose+Krieger 26 Faraday Road Aylesbury

API pump applications?

Buckinghamshire KTR manufacture a range of couplings to meet the special requirements of HP19 8RY applications in the oil & gas industry, in particular API 610, 671 and 685. pump Furthermore, KTR offers ATEX approved products - including jaw couplings, gear 01296 611660 couplings, steel laminae couplings and oil/air coolers - for hazardous operating conditions. For more info visit us at SPE Offshore Europe 2019 - stand 3G80

3-6 SEPT 2019



Delta Launches New 22kW AC MAX Electric Vehicle (EV) Charger An aesthetically designed EV charger with high performance and adaptability Delta, a global leader in power and thermal management solutions, today announced it is launching a new product to further support the e-mobility revolution, the 22kW AC MAX EV Charger. This innovative wall-mount EV charger boasts leading power output. In addition, Delta’s AC MAX offers extremely low stand-by power, over-the-air remote upgrade capability, lightweight design (about 3.8kg), networking capabilities, OCPP protocol support for back-end integration, as well as RFID reader for user identification. The aforementioned features provide a valuable proposition to charging point operators (CPO) in office buildings, retail facilities, hotels, parking lots and residential communities. The high power output of the 22kW AC MAX helps EV drivers to enjoy reduced charging time by up to 70%(1) when compared to the common 7kW AC chargers in the market. Its remarkably low stand-by power consumption also contributes to energy conservation. In addition, its overthe-air remote upgrade capabilities allow CPOs to improve the charger’s firmware, eliminating the need for on-site maintenance and thus, improving management efficiency. Integrating peripheral devices and back-end systems is easy thanks to the design of the AC MAX. The CPOs can choose to identify EV owners by using either an RFID reader or ISO 15118 user identification mechanism. The certified meter, integrated with AC MAX Charger, is able to accurately calculate the amount of charge and provide data for the payment system as a basis for billing. The AC MAX Charger’s support of the OCPP communication protocol and wireless networking communications allows the device to transmit related information to a back-end management system or Delta’s EV Charging Infrastructure Management System. This means that charging point operators can remotely manage chargers and view their on-site charging status via a dashboard in a central control room. The AC MAX Charger supports SAE J1772, IEC 62196-2, and GB/T 20234 charging interfaces, making it compatible with charging standards employed in most countries. The device is compact (218 x 371 x 167 mm), lightweight (about 3.8 kg), and provides wall/pedestal installation, bottom-fed and rear-fed wiring options, IP55 protection against dust and water, and IK08 protection against impact. The hardware design makes it convenient for users to configure the charger to suit either indoor or outdoor conditions. Delta’s 22-kW AC MAX Charger not only maximizes the value of its functions, but it also comes in three versions for different usage requirements—a basic version for standalone use, a smart version for distributed networking management, and a premium version with an attached certified meter for payment applications. Delta will be demonstrating the new AC MAX Charger at eMove360° Europe, to be held at Munich Messe, Hall A5, stand 403, from 15 to 17 October. For more information, please contact your local Delta sales representative or visit



Everything you need to know about

explosion safety

Explosion safety covers a broad range of applications. This article gives you brief but comprehensive information about the basics of explosion safety and the available protective systems for this purpose. The first part you can find below and the second part will be published in December. Assessing the explosion hazard Whether it is screens, dryers, mills or filters in the food, chemical or plastics industry, whenever a production process generates dust, the relevant plant is potentially at risk of a dust explosion. This means that preventative and protective measures are needed in order to reduce such a hazard.

Probability of occurrence

To decide whether and to what extent precautions are required, you would first conduct a systematic risk assessment. The first stage is to gauge the probability that an explosive atmosphere might be created and whether there are any potential sources of ignition After that, you need to classify the effect that an explosion might have.



































Severity of damage Fig. 1: Stage 3 in a risk assessment: Based on the first two stages, you can now set up a matrix showing the potential risks of individual elements at the plant.


As a third step, both assessments can be merged into a matrix (see Fig. 1). The resulting indicators tell you whether and to what extent you need to protect the plant or parts of it. A green box means that no precautions are necessary. A red box, on the other hand, indicates that precautions are urgent. The higher the numerical rating, the more extensive your precautions should be.

On the side: How do explosions arise? An explosion is based on the availability of oxygen from the air, a source of ignition and a combustible substance. In the event of a dust explosion, the distribution of dust is another factor. However, not every dust-air mixture is explosive. What matters is the mixing ratio. Specific explosion limits have been identified for every common type of dust, and within those limits you can expect an explosive mixing ratio. The lower explosion limit is the minimum concentration required to create an explosive atmosphere. The upper explosion limit specifies the point from which the mix is too rich, so that the atmosphere is no longer explosive. There also needs to be an effective source of ignition: “An effective source of ignition is one where the relevant explosive atmosphere can cause an explosion.” [TRBS 2152 Part 3, “Hazardous explosive atmosphere – avoiding the ignition of a hazardous explosive atmosphere”, page 2]


T +49 2961 7405-0 T +44 1234 783366

T +1 704 716 7022 T +39 02 62033057

Your Specialist for

EXPLOSION SAFETY and © REMBE® | All rights reserved

PRESSURE RELIEF SOLUTIONS Consulting. Engineering. Products. Service.




About REMBE - the REMBE Alliance introduces itself REMBE is mostly associated with REMBE GmbH Safety and Control - the specialists for explosion safety and pressure relief worldwide. The company offers customers cross-industry safety concepts for systems and equipment. All products are manufactured in Germany and meet the demands of national and international regulations. The customers who purchase REMBE products are among the market leaders of various industries, including the food, chemical, pharmaceutical oil and gas as well as wood industries. The technical engineering expertise is based on more than 45 years of application and project experience. As an independent, owner-managed family company, REMBE combines expertise with highest degree of quality, and is also actively engaged in various professional bodies worldwide. Short alignment routes enable the achievement of quick responses and customerspecific solutions for any kind of application: from standard products, all the way up to high-tech special designs.

Fig. 2: An explosive pentagon: elements of a dust explosion

Common sources of ignition are hot surfaces, electric sparks and glowing embers, created in the process.

In addition to REMBE GmbH Safety + Control with approx. 250 employees worldwide, headquarter in Brilon (Germany) and numerous subsidiaries worldwide (Italy, England, Finland, Brazil, USA, China, Dubai, Singapore, South Africa, Japan), four other companies are also engaged under the REMBE family brand: • REMBE Research & Technology Center GmbH • REMBE Advanced Services + Solutions GmbH • REMBE Kersting GmbH • REMBE FibreForce GmbH



Leading diagnostic engineer warns against recent claims that the future of predictive maintenance should be led by data science… and not engineers! THE opening keynote speaker at the 2019 Condition Monitoring and Diagnostic Engineering Conference (COMADEM) warned against recent claims that the future of predictive maintenance should be led by data science, and not engineers.


rofessor Andrew Ball, a renowned expert in the field of diagnostic engineering, delivered the first of the keynote presentations at the COMADEM Congress, which was attended by over 180 delegates and held at the University of Huddersfield in the UK. Professor Ball, who also co-chaired the conference, told delegates that the separate techniques of detecting, diagnosing, assessing the severity and prognosis of machine faults require engineering expertise and context to achieve the accuracy and timely results demanded in the field of predictive maintenance. “I have attended conferences recently where speakers have talked about purely datadriven approaches to predictive maintenance, with no concept of what engineering really needs,” he told his audience. Professor Ball stressed that successful interventions could only be achieved by engineers and data scientists working together. “Data-driven methods are truly excellent for identifying patterns and anomalies in large, complex data sets, and warn us when to undertake fault diagnosis, location and severity assessments,” he said, “but the latter steps cannot be achieved using data-driven methods alone. Predictive maintenance is an engineering discipline. One that can be


significantly assisted by data science, but only if they work together.” COMADEM, now in its 32nd year, made its second visit to the University of Huddersfield, previously coming to the campus in 2012. Designed as a leading international forum for industrialists, engineers and exhibitors, the conference attracted a worldwide audience with papers presented by speakers

from as far away as China, Australia and the United States. Under the theme of Digital Enabled Asset Management, conference papers covered all areas of condition monitoring and maintenance, including signal and image processing, pattern recognition, finite modelling and simulation, as well as root cause analysis, sensors and actuators, asset management, and education and training.



NSK linear roller guides with enhanced seals offer high performance even in challenging environments NSK used the recent EMO 2019 exhibition to introduce its optimised RA series of recirculating roller bearing guides with enhanced sealing technology. RA linear roller guides are equipped with new V1 seals and an improved cover, thus helping to increase the service life and reliability of machine tools.

Separate protective systems such as bellows cannot reliably eliminate this risk. Instead, the guides themselves must be equipped with a highly effective seal, which is why NSK has optimised the roller guides of its RA series.

V1 seals are located at each end of the guide carriage. NSK also introduced a further seal on the underside of the guide carriage during the course of its optimisation work. This second seal prevents dirt from getting into the slider when passing through particle accumulations in the machine, for example. Since machine axes are often mounted upside down or at an angle, the improved lower seal makes a significant contribution to preventing contamination from entering the slider.

The sliders can now be equipped with high-performance V1 seals that reliably protect against contamination entering the recirculating roller area. Featuring a special profile and material with high abrasion resistance, the seals simultaneously provide highly effective sealing and, at the same time, low friction. In turn, the repeatable and accurate guidance of spindles, portals or slides in machine tools, is assured.

As an option, RA linear roller bearing and guideway assemblies can be ordered with sealing caps or a cover strip for the mounting holes – a sensible choice for contaminated environment applications. A further option is the integration of the compact K1 lubrication unit into the carriage, thus ensuring permanent lubrication of the raceway.

In the machine tool industry, roller guides often work in contaminated environments. Depending on the application, guides can be exposed to aluminium chips, metal particles and graphite dust. If these contaminants enter the interior of the slider, service life will be impaired.




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(° M C) 12 M in: ax 1 :1 0:5 : 6 .1º .2 C 2 ºC / t 15 / t od /1 a od y 0/ 16 ay @ 8.0 @ 10 6.0 11 :51 :3 :1 4.0 2:4 2 2.0 5 V

2. 4º

electronics 10 :3 0:0 0


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15 /1


Commander Drives:

Now With Free Five-Year Warranty Control Techniques has launched a free, five-year warranty for its Commander range of general-purpose drives


nyone who purchases a drive from the Commander range will now be able to register to extend the products’ warranty from two years to five, at no extra cost. The new offer relates to the Commander C200 and C300 – general purpose drives designed for ease of setup and installation. The firm states the move to extend the warranty from two to five years is testimony to the products’ exceptional track record for reliability and durability. Users can now buy with confidence, safe in the knowledge that their purchase comes with the security a five-year warranty offers.

Due to an on-board PLC, both devices have embedded intelligence – removing the need for an external controller – and a 0.25kW to 132kW power range makes the products suitable for lower and high-power applications. Noted for its robust design and resilience to harsh environments, the Commander range has the smallest footprint in its class, making it is ideal for machine and original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). For more complex applications, both models are compatible with Control Techniques’ plug-in option modules. The Commander family of drives was reintroduced to the company’s portfolio at the end of 2018.

Anthony Pickering, president of Control Techniques said: “To increase the warranty period for our Commander range signals our confidence in the product and gives drive users added security. We are particularly proud to be in a position where we can offer this.” Control Techniques, a Nidec company, is a world leader in the design and production of electronic variable speed drives for the control of electric motors. Founded in 1973, the company has headquarters in Newtown, Wales. It has dedicated production and R&D sites globally, along with Automation Centres in 45 locations around the world.

For more information, visit



Mobile commissioning and maintenance interface for field devices Single interface for the major process automation protocols: HART / Foundation fieldbus / PROFIBUS PA Ideal for handheld host devices with battery powered Bluetooth operation Compatible with FDT Frame Applications Approved for use in hazardous areas PRO


















024 7669 2066


Advantech Opens New Japan Service Center in Nohgata to drive Industry 4.0 Growth Advantech (stock code: 2395), a leader in intelligent systems officially opens its new Japan Service Center located in Fukuoka Prefecture. With the completed acquisition of OMRON Nohgata shares in February 2019, now known as Advantech Technologies Japan (ATJ), and it has the largest campus in Advantech group. The Advantech Japan Service center will embrace OMRON Nohgata’s quality of excellence, own fully enough expandable size of its warehouse and see production capacity nearly tripled, helping Advantech drive regional growth and meet customers’ growing Industry 4.0 needs through “Configured Order to Service (CTOS)”.

According to Mike Koike, President of Advantech Japan “The Advantech Japan service center in Nohgata leverages the CTOS know-how and Advantech brand for the same global standard of excellence offered in other regions like the U.S. and EU under Advantech in-house operation.”

In the production area of the plant, Advantech practices Industry 4.0 with highly customized CTOS Manufacturing Execution System (iCTOS MES), with real-time data monitoring, to help managers take action, speed improvement cycles and support a high degree of product customization. This new CTOS production plant will enable Advantech to offer custom assembly of equipment ranging from an industrial-grade small edge, desktop, panel, and rack-mounted PCs, up to server assembly. Advantech will also provide


custom assembly including GPU cards required for acceleration of AI and computing processing and FA/ industrial applications, frame grabber card for camera input, AI/IoT, selection of sensor input and output cards needed to suit customer needs in the IoT era. In addition to the new CTOS production plant, the logistics warehouse will also be integrated into this plant, and the Advantech Group will operate as a production and logistics base in Japan, out of 27 countries around the world. In this way, we will provide the world-class technology of Advantech, a global brand, with the fine quality of Made in Japan. In addition, by having logistics functions, it will be possible to quickly respond to the needs and demands of Japanese customers.

WH Series New Compact Transit Escalator Drives

Renold is renowned for the supply of heavy-duty Transit Escalator Drives designed to meet the demanding requirements of the world’s largest underground and subway authorities. We have now extended our offering with the launch of a new range of WH Series Compact Transit Escalator Drives.


Superior Gear & Chain Technology

> Interchangeable with other manufacturers > Low oil level design increases operational life > Compact design for in-truss installation > Low noise and high efficiency




ElectroCraft, Inc. Expands the CompletePower™ Plus Family of DC Motor Drives ElectroCraft, Inc., the global fractional horsepower motor and motion solutions provider, has expanded its DC motor drive lineup for the CompletePower™ Plus Universal Drive and PRO-Series. The CompletePower™ Plus Universal Drive combined with ElectroCraft CompleteArchitect™ configuration software takes performance, efficiency and flexibility to the next level, utilizing state-of-the-art digital drive technology combined with an intuitive and highly configurable user interface. Perfect for a wide range of applications, the Universal Drive offers multiple control methods including analog velocity, analog torque, or step & direction positioning, and is fully compatible with a wide range of motor architectures, including Brushless DC motors, PMDC Brush Motors, Open-Loop and Closed-Loop Stepper Motors. There are now four standard capacities in the model lineup, supporting 12 to 80 VDC motor windings and providing up to 24A continuous and 60A peak output current, while customized versions are also offered to meet large volume OEM requirements.


For applications that require more advanced control capabilities, ElectroCraft’s PRO Series is the answer. The PRO Series drives incorporate a fully programmable motion controller with built-in networking and are available in a variety of hardware configurations including stand-alone, PCB mount or as part of an integrated motor drive solution. Whether you are controlling a single drive or multiple drives in a networked system, configuration and programming is easy using ElectroCraft’s powerful MotionPRO Suite software. “ElectroCraft provides customers with some of the most powerful, flexible and easy to use DC motor drives available in the marketplace today”, said Scott Rohlfs, Global Director of Product Marketing. “Combined with our extensive range of motors, gear motors and linear actuators, ElectroCraft offers complete motion solutions for virtually any fractional horsepower application.”


EVAPORATIVE COOLING • Requires 90% less energy than air conditioning • No harmful refrigerants • Energy Efficient Natural Cooling - low carbon footprint • New build and retrofit UK-based with over 3500 installations worldwide; with clients including BT, Cummins Diesel, Premier Foods, Marks & Spencer, Net-a-Porter, Cambridge University, Talk Talk and CGG Veritas. Case studies online!

EcoCooling internal and external ranges Industrial Cooling: Provides 35kW of cooling for only 1.5kW of electricty. 14,000m3/hr of cool air for less than 12p per hour. ROI in under 3 years. Data Centre Cooling: Acheive PUEs lower than 1.1 with ASHRAE compliant conditions. ROI in under 1 year. New CloudCooler© range of internal Plug & Play, rapid deployment High Performance Computing (HPC) equipment coolers. Large UK wide network of installers ready to quote on a solution to fit your needs. | T: 01284 810586 |


Master Controllers ZUB Motion Control maxon are known for producing controllers, the ESCON, which is a 4-quadrant speed controller and the EPOS, a digital positioning controller. With the acquisition of ZUB Machine Control AG in 2017, the portfolio of products has now expanded to include master controllers. The ESCON is a speed and current controller that is commanded by analog and digital signals, and the EPOS is a CANOpen slave, that requires a master controller via a variety of communication protocols, including CAN, EtherCAT, USB and RS232. Both models require some form of communication, whether it be a simple 24v enable signal for the ESCON, or data exchange from a higher-level controller such as a PLC for the EPOS. This can all be achieved with the use of a master control system from ZUB. The core of the ZUB product range are master control solutions which offer the following: • Single & Multi-Axis Positioning Systems • Drive Synchronisation • CAN & EtherCAT Networking (as standard. Various fieldbus interfaces available on request) • Standard & OEM Solutions in Drive Technology • Cost Effective Solutions.

Key Facts • Controls up to 6 axes • Offers CANOpen and EtherCAT Master/Slave functionality • Offers expandable memory with use of SD-Card • Integrated amplifier available which can run the following: • 6 DC / 4 EC (BLDC) / 3 Stepper Motors • Max output currents of 8A (continuous) and 30A (intermittent) • PWM Frequency of 48kHz • Offers up to 6 encoder inputs • 6 Digital Incremental • 3 SSI Absolute • 3 Analog Incremental (SIN/ COS) • DIN Rail and mounting flange versions available


The three main ZUB products are:

The MasterMACS offers the highest computing power and offers a range of bus interfaces as standard, typically used in highly sophisticated and dynamic motion control applications.


Key Facts

The MiniMACS is a compact controller which is fully programmable and is suited for less complex applications.

Key Facts • Controls up to 3 axes • O f f e r s C A N O p e n m a s t e r functionality as its standard fieldbus interface, for drives, frequency converters, and I/Os • USB and Ethernet available for PC, PLC or visualisation • Offers an analog option, can control up to 3 servo controllers with a 10v signal, such as the ESCON servo controller • Features an encoder input (incremental) • DIN Rail and mounting flange versions available

MACS5 The MACS5 is a flexible product range offering high performance, with various add-ons being available, such as up to 6 encoder inputs and integrated amplifiers.


• Supports up to 32 axes • C A N O p e n Master/Slave, EtherCAT Mater, EtherCAT Slave, Standalone with APOSS win, all offered as standard bus interfaces • Profinet available on request • Offers expandable memory with use of SD-Card • Sampling rate of 1kHz for PID positioning controller with speed and acceleration feed-forward control • O f f e r s 1 e n c o d e r i n p u t (Incremental) • DIN Rail and mounting flange versions available

Motion Features The MACS controller range offer a sophisticated range of motion features, including the following: • • • • • •

Trapezoidal Jerk Limited CAM Synchronous Travel Defined Path Kinematics

Programming APOSS-IDE The APOSS IDE is a windows-based tool for programming and networking for a range of fieldbus interfaces and is also used for testing with its integrated functionality and analysing existing solutions.

Features • • • • •

Editor (with syntax highlighting) State machine support Debugging Advanced help Interactive editors for ease of use – including CAM, Array, Path Editor • Oscilloscope functionality to allow a wide range of data to be recorded for analysis • Advanced firmware management

APOSS® win The APOSS® win allows easy implementation of highly complex motion control applications. The programming language is similar to that of a high-level language, such as C, however it is more suited towards motion control with an extended range of commands.

Typical Applications The following are typical applications which are suited towards the MACS product range: • Positioning • Synchronous Feeding • Sawing • Labelling

• • • • •

Path Control Storage Winding Pipetting and Dosing Measuring Machines

Training The ZUB team, located in Rothenburg, Switzerland consist of highly experienced application engineers who are more than happy to develop an application for you based on your requirements, this is subject to a feasibility study and NRE costs. In addition to this, the team offer introductory training courses for customers who are looking to understand more about: Connectivity, initialisation, parameter configuration, oscilloscope functionality, APOSS programming, state machine programming, CAN/ EtherCAT integration, and additional features such as CAM editor, path editor, WebServer etc.

Summary The integration of ZUB Machine Control AG within the maxon group has helped to expand our capabilities to now include master control systems. If you have any enquiries or applications you wish to discuss, please feel free to contact Amir Janjua on 01189 733337 or

Surface Technologies

Increasing life and performance of critical components Surface treatment or modification can improve and extend the operating life of components and structures, optimising performance to its maximum potential.

Range of Surface Treatments Our wide range of surface finishing services and products include: l

Controlled Shot Peening


Laser Peening


Engineered Coatings, including:


On-site Shot and Laser Peening



Thermal Spray – HVOF (High Velocity Oxy Fuel), Plasma, Arc Wire and Flame Spray


Everlube® Dry Film Lubricants


PROCOAT 100™ Corrosion Protection


Parylene – ultra high biocompatible conformal coating with moisture and barrier protection – USP Class V1, ISO 10993 tested and MAF 1176 on file with FDA


Organic and inorganic overlay and diffusion coatings suited to the gas turbine and aerospace industries

Material Analytical Services

For more information and full worldwide contact details: or contact 01635 279621


Finalists for the LEEA Awards 2019 announced The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association (LEEA) is proud to announce the finalists for The LEEA Awards 2019.


s the largest trade association in the Lifting Industry, LEEA wants to reward members who have done the most to raise standards. The high volume and quantity of entries for this year’s awards gave the independent panel of industry experts judging the entries a real challenge. The shortlisted finalists are as follows:

The Customer Service Award, sponsored by Certex, recognises organisations that are leading the way in delivering exceptional service to customers in the Lifting Industry. The finalists are: QISC (Qatar International Safety Centre) – Hashim Mohammed • Street CraneXpress – STEP • A Nobles & Sons – Industry First Customer Promise • TRE (Technical Royal Excellence Consultancy) – Customer Service Excellence

Innovative Product of the Year, sponsored by Industrial Training International (ITI), recognises truly innovative products and services that contribute to improvement of the Lifting Equipment Industry. The finalists are: • C heckmate – Infinity Lanyard • Probst – Probst SH 2500 Greenline vacuum lifting device • A Nobles & Sons – Australian Defence Force Lightweight Recovery and Lifting Blocks • William Hackett Lifting Products – SSL5 QP - specialist lever hoist • Dynamic Load Monitoring – DL-3.0 Data Logger • PEWAG Austria GmbH – Levo Clamp LC - vertical lifting clamp • S traightpoint UK– HHP App and Bluetooth product range • Liftal – Dynamic Test Device for motordriven hoists and winches • IMES International – Bespoke design by James McEvoy

The Kevin Holmes Award has been developed to honour the memory of the late Kevin Holmes, previous chairman of LEEA’s Learning and Development Committee. This award recognises excellence in developing people in the Lifting Equipment


Industry. The finalists are: • • • • • • • • • •

Street CraneXpress Ranger Lifting GEO Taylor Certex LEEA - Apprenticeship Trailblazer LEEA / Guy Harris of LHI magazine Straightpoint Carl Wright Training / MHI Vestas (NM) Simples Lifting Cookes NZ

The Safety Award, sponsored by Rigging Services, recognises organisations that demonstrate products and/or services that provide innovative protection to people from the risk of injury. The finalists are: • L loyds British a Speedy Business Height Safety • Probst - Transmobil Carrier • Straightpoint – Know the Load • Briggs Defence – Mental Health • Tollmans – KPIs • Reflex Marine – Storm Work

Sustainable Solution of the Year, sponsored by Straightpoint, celebrates organisations committed to maintaining profitability while considering the impact on the environment. The finalists are: • C heckmate – CheckBack • Guy Harris of LHI magazine – Think Lifting • LEEA – Apprenticeship Trailblazer The winners of the following awards will be announced at the Awards Dinner:

Manager of the Year recognises the outstanding achievements of managers who are shaping the future of our industry. Apprentice of the Year, sponsored by Bridger Howes, is aimed at LEEA members who want to recognise the contribution and individual effort made by an apprentice in the academic year 2018/19. The Unsung Hero Award, sponsored by LHI magazine, is aimed at LEEA members who want to recognise those individuals whose support, hard work, dedication and commitment often goes unnoticed.

All the winners will be announced and presented with their awards during the LiftEx 2019 Awards Dinner by guest speaker, TV presenter Rachel Riley. Ross Moloney, LEEA CEO, said: “The LEEA Awards 2019 will be a memorable and prestigious event, helping the association to commemorate our 75th anniversary and celebrate the excellence of our members and the Lifting Industry. The nominations clearly demonstrate the positive and innovative progress our industry is making. I congratulate all of the finalists in reaching this stage and wish them the best of luck for the big night on 13 November 2019, which will be a truly prestigious event to look forward to. I would also like to take this opportunity to thank our award category sponsors in addition to the event’s gold sponsor Rope and Sling Specialists, silver sponsor Van Beest and badge & lanyard sponsor Jtagz® Pty Ltd.” The 2nd Annual LEEA Awards take place during LiftEx 2019 on the evening of Wednesday 13 November at the DoubleTree by Hilton, Milton Keynes.

For more information on attending the LEEA Awards 2019, contact Leah Phelps on +44 (0) 20 3488 2865 or email: or visit


Rose & Krieger RK Rose+Krieger have been manufacturing components for automation and machine building for over 40 years. Our extensive range of products in the fields of linear adjustment, profile technology, connecting and module technology are renowned and respected for their reliability and performance.


One of our most recent new products is the Monoline Linear Unit. Initially released in sizes 40, 80 and 120, the range will soon be extended to include size 60 and will therefore be available in sizes 40, 60, 80 and 120 – either with a timing-belt drive (Z) or without a drive as anti-vibration torque support (R). The size 40 timing belt driven version can withstand loads of up to 1100 N, the size 60 up to 2800 N, the size 80 can up to 4367 N and the 120 version can withstand loads of up to 9400 N. All units can reach travel speeds of up to 10 m/s, with permissible accelerations of up to 20 ms².

ENGINEERING PDATE November 2019 this means minimal effort required in construction, reduced assembly costs and quicker assembly. Special tapered lubrication nipples on the side of the carriage facilitate lubrication of the linear units in any carriage position. It is not necessary to move the units into a particular maintenance position or to disassemble any fittings. Central lubrication speeds up maintenance and also makes it safer and simpler. The new linear actuators impress due to their smooth running and high precision when subjected to medium dynamic loads. At R+K we work constantly and with great dedication on innovative products and solutions for our customers.

As with other timing-belt-driven linear units, the RK MonoLine Z also features a variable mounting system for almost all motors available on the market. The motor position no longer needs to be specified when placing an order and can be changed at a later stage. The new actuators are fitted with a timing-belt guidance system as standard. The optional clamping and slot stone bars

reduce the amount of engineering required and make customisation easier. The profile slots enable maximum flexibility for the fixation of customer-specific accessories, such as drag chains and tube holders, as well as limit or proximity switches for limit switching. The payload is fixed securely using the slot stones with tapped holes available as accessories. For users

The range of linear, lifting column, profile and connecting technology products include catalogue as well as tailor-made products, system solutions such as platforms, work stations and special projects. We are happy to advise you in choosing a product or to develop a tailor-made system solution with you from our extensive modular product range. RK Rose+Krieger 26 Faraday Road Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP19 8RY 01296 611660



Custom Motion Control Systems for Exacting Applications For nearly 20 years, ALIO Industries has been working at the bleeding-edge of nanometer-level motion control. The company has set the standard for ultraprecise and repeatable motion control solutions, including the Hybrid Hexapod® which has less than 100 nm 3-Dimensional 6 axis Point Precision® repeatability, making it an essential technology for mission critical applications in the laser processing, optical inspection, photonics, semiconductor, metrology, and medical device sectors, and indeed all micro-machining projects. However, it is the company’s ability to truly customize its core motion control solutions that sets it apart from alternative solution providers, offering significant value added by exactly matching OEM customers’ needs as well as pushing the envelope for new world nano-precision applications. ALIO’s on-going focus on exceeding OEM requirements helps its customers become leaders in their respective industry sectors. Customers approach ALIO for unique applications due to the company’s long track record of successfully delivering complex prototypes that meet or exceed specifications the first time. The company’s unwavering focus on honesty and integrity help customers understand the complex nature of precision applications. ALIO informs the customer of what they need to know and not just what they want to hear.

and is capable of micron-level path accuracy. In this Hybrid Hexapod® system the nozzle proximity is kept to within 5 microns of surface and was designed for a 24/7 production environment. (See video of ALIO smart phone antenna printing: VIDEO) — Figure 2.

Optical Camera Module Assembly/Test. ALIO's MINI Hybrid Hexapod® is ideal for automated lens alignment/bonding to CCD arrays. It has been helpful in building camera array modules, translational OIS, telescopic integrated lenses for miniature cameras used in every day products like cell phone cameras and drones. Any application requiring 6- degrees of freedom positioning with nanometer/arc-sec levels of incremental motion and repeatability is a good fit for this product where product sensor resolution improvements are driving the need for higher precision. (See video of ALIO Mini Hybrid Hexapod in action: VIDEO) — Figure 3.

CUSTOMIZED SOLUTIONS FOR SPECIFIC APPLICATIONS WITH VIDEO Laser Gimbal® Five-Axis Positioning Workstation. ALIO's Laser Gimbal® Five Axis Positioning Workstation is the world’s only positioning system with 5-D vector path laser triggering. The system provides a novel solution for engineers and manufacturers that are using additive and subtractive laser processing techniques on cutting-edge materials to produce a variety of next generation products. (See video of workstation in action: VIDEO) — Figure 1. Sensor Metrology. ALIO has experience providing systems to many of the world’s largest metrology companies for their internal measurement systems. The company can provide solutions for even the most precise targets. (See video of ALIO Nano precision 6-Axis Nano Metrology® System: VIDEO) — Figure 4.

Hybrid Hexapod® For Wafer Metrology. ALIO has supplied a 5-axis, open frame Hybrid Hexapod® design for wafer metrology. It's precision comes from precision crossedroller bearings, and integrated frameless DC servo motors driving ballscrews. It has a cubic travel range of 350mm “X” x 350mm “Y” x 75mm “Z” and tip/tilt travel ± 2 degrees. ALIO was able to provide ± 0.1 micron bidirectional XYZ repeatability. (See video of ALIO's Hybrid Hexapod® Large Open Center 5-Axis Platform in action: VIDEO) — Figure 5 Wafer Metrology Low-Profile XY-Theta With Large Open Aperture. ALIO’s vacuum expertise and broad selection of stages allowed the opportunity to couple four HV (10-7 Torr) stages to provide a nanoprecision® solution. This R-XY-Z stack once again uses a pure linear based Z solution vs. the legacy Z-wedge design. (See video of ALIO’s semiconductor metrology XYR 300 mm open center system in action: VIDEO) — Figure 6 Application: Fiber/Optical Assembly (Private Label). ALIO’s metrology grade XY stage is the foundation for an exceptional threeaxis alignment platform. ALIO’s unique design of the Z axis provides a completely linear based vertical solution with near air bearing performance. The Z stage with a high force linear motor, linear encoder, linear high-precision crossed roller bearings and integrated linear air counterbalance exceeds any mechanical based vertical axis on the market as well as some air bearing options. One major advantage to this unique solution allows for the customer’s payload to be mounted directly on the top of the stage in-line with the motor, encoder, bearings, and counterbalance thus minimizing overhanging brackets and greatly reducing potential Abbé errors. ALIO’s linear Z axis is 5 times order of magnitude more precise than old school z-wedge solutions. — Figure 7 Application: Nano Metrology. ALIO has taken its industry-leading, near air-bearing performance open center metrology stages, to the next level. This crossed roller bearing 300mm XY Nano Metrology® stage is DC Servo linear motor driven with 300mm open center, has unmatched motion performance with 3-Sigma, 6-D (linear, straightness, flatness, pitch, yaw and roll) and bi-directional repeatability of less than +/- 250nm. In other words, the volumetric bi-directional repeatability of any XY point is within a sphere of 500nm or less. — Figure 8 Additive Manufacturing - Phone Antenna Direct Printing. ALIO is capable of programmable path and contour control using its novel forward and inverse kinematic algorithms. This Hybrid Hexapod® operates at 100mm/sec 3D path velocity



Red Lion Controls Announces Crimson® 3.1 Enhanced Features New functionality optimizes data intelligence and drives greater efficiencies on the plant floor

Red Lion Controls, global experts in communication, monitoring and control for industrial automation and networking, today announced updates to their Crimson® development environment, including dynamic filtering of SQL queries and the release of a German language version of their award-winning software.

operators to pull a subset of data from a SQL database based on dynamic search criteria. This new feature can deliver greater efficiencies and process control, shortening response time by accessing the right data faster – which is critical when troubleshooting production or operations workflow.

The increase in global use of Crimson-based products is a testament Crimson’s ability to play a key part in delivering on the promise of the IIoT. “We’re pleased to now offer a localized user experience for our Germanspeaking customers who are leveraging Crimson as part of their own Industrie 4.0 initiatives,” said Kevin Good, VP of Sales for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

“This can dramatically improve an operator’s ability to make process improvement decisions in real-time.” said Jeff Thornton, product manager for automation products at Red Lion Controls.

In an effort to further optimize data intelligence, the latest version of Crimson has the ability to use expressions in filters for SQL queries. This allows

Click here to view Red Lion’s Tech Note and see how simple it is to use this new dynamic filtering functionality.

To download Crimson 3.1 today, visit



Environmentally friendly and fieldproven drives for agricultural machinest Baumüller presents its efficient electric and hybrid drive solutions at Agritechnica in Hanover Baumüller will be participating in Agritechnica in Hanover from November 10 to 16, 2019. The Nuremberg-based drive and automation specialist will be presenting its motors and systems in Hall 17 at stand H05a. At the trade fair, experts will present their achievements in the conception, engineering and development of individual drive concepts for agricultural technology. Baumüller is making use of its many decades of experience in developing motors and producing electric engines, supplying energy-efficient components and comprehensive solutions for hybrid and fully electric drive systems. The lownoise, low-emission drive solutions are used in tractors, semi-trailers, plowing machines as well as yard and wheel loaders. Environmentally friendly and powerful alternative to diesel Electric agricultural machines are a real alternative to diesel-powered vehicles. With their dynamic and powerful driving behavior, electric vehicles master the usual tasks with flying colors and they do this with long operating durations, flexible charging options and minimum noise pollution. Baumüller's engineering company, Baumüller Anlagen-Systemtechnik, designs and implements innovative drive concepts for mobile machines and implements them comprehensively, i.e. from battery management and the control system to the user-friendly user interface. Baumüller equips both main drives and auxiliary drives, e.g. the hydraulic system in the bucket of a wheel loader, with its components and offers the option of integrating the BAUDIS IoT diagnostic and remote maintenance tool in addition to the electric drive system. In this way, necessary service measures can be planned in advance in a targeted way and operating times and loads can be optimally monitored and evaluated. This saves costs and enhances efficiency. Intelligent drive solutions for agricultural machines The powerMELA® drive concept, which Baumüller developed especially for mobile use in collaboration with SensorTechnik Wiedemann GmbH, meets all the requirements for e-mobility thanks to its high power density, its compact


and robust construction and its recovery capabilities. It consists of a combination of a permanent magnet synchronous reluctance motor, assisted by embedded magnets and an integrated four-quadrant converter. The compact design is firstly due to the integration of the converter, and secondly the compact construction of the electric motor. The drive’s innovative cooling concept enables an extremely high power density. The drive system thus requires minimum installation space and only weighs around 300 kg for the highest power category, including the motor, converter and transmission. The power density is thereby double that for motors using standard water cooling. With a degree of protection up to IP6k9k and a permissible temperature range from - 40 °C to 85 °C, the drive is especially robust. The motor design is also characterized by a broad speed control range, due to its excellent field weakening capacity. The motor is available in the 50 kW to 140 kW nominal power classes. Alongside direct use in vehicles, the powerMELA® is also ideal for other applications, such as for trailers. In the higher power categories, a choice can be made between internal and external electronics. The drive can be used as a motor or a generator. Thanks to the extensive decoupling of the operating modes, it is possible to store excess energy, which improves the system’s energy efficiency as well as offering greater flexibility when designing innovative drive concepts. The powerMELA® duo 280 is the latest drive package. The summation gearbox is designed for commercial vehicles with a power of 160 to 280 kW. It consists of two identical powerMELA C140 synchronous machines, a summation gearbox with speed and temperature sensors and a control unit. Easy to integrate into existing vehicles and easy to swap with a combustion engine, the drive package is the perfect retrofit solution. Smart innovations for efficient drives The powerMELA® drive concept with internally toothed shaft is an absolute innovation. This interface version does not require any other costly transmission elements, such as couplings or pump supports. This cuts down on costs and optimizes the installation space. For the powerMELA® drive system, this is offered for power ratings of 50 - 140 kW.

One of the major challenges for drive technology is the peak power required, for example, when starting up heavy commercial vehicles or moving heavy work loads and occurring at peak times. In such cases, enormous maximum torques are required to generate the required power and, if necessary, to maintain it. This is why Baumüller's latest solution combines the powerMELA® drive concept with an internally toothed shaft and a hydraulic pump. Peak power can also be achieved by adding a smaller motor to the hydraulic pump, making it more cost-effective. The hydraulic pump provides a further advantage. In addition to providing support for the drive, it can also be used for steering and working hydraulics. This ensures that the high power for starting, high speeds and movement of high work loads are implemented efficiently. The complete powerMELA® system with internally toothed shaft and hydraulic pump can be seen live at Baumüller's Agritechnica stand and is ideally suited for wheel and telescopic loaders. Product Highlights Another highlight at Agritechnica 2019 will be the drive solutions for small mobile applications. The b maXX mobil is designed with an IP66 or IP20 degree of protection for four-quadrant operation and can not only supply power but also brake in both directions and feed back energy. For mobile use, the water-cooled controller is shock- and vibration-resistant. It can also be used at temperatures between - 25° and +65° Celsius. In combination with compact water-cooled servomotors of type DSP1 and DSD2 with degree of protection IP65, which impress with their high power density and a broad speed control range, they can be used even under extreme temperatures – ideal for mobile machines such as wheel loaders or agricultural machines. Agritechnica, 10 - 16 November 2019 Hall 17, stand H05a – Hanover

4 types of interface. 16 process streams. 150,000 barrels per day. Zero margin for error.

This is why level matters. Reliable interface level measurement keeps poduction flowing. If water and oil are not separated effectively, you face processing problems, equipment failures, production loss, fines and shutdowns. That’s why Magnetrol® matters. Our technologies are proven to accurately measure total level and emulsion layers, from upstream gun barrel tanks to downstream boots. So you get effective separation and true process optimization. That’s critical. Because when it comes to interface, level matters.

©2019 Magnetrol International

Download the new Interface White Paper at


REMOTE MONITORING PROVIDES A VALUABLE SERVICE FOR COMPANIES WHERE HUMIDITY CONTROL IS CRITICAL. Remote monitoring for humidification and dehumidification equipment is being offered by Humidity Solutions as part of its planned maintenance contracts. The independent humidification specialist says the service is proving valuable for remote sites and for production processes where environmental conditions are critical. After sales director Rob Luddington says: “A key driver is that remote monitoring allows you to schedule services when the equipment needs it, adjusting timing of visits based on the hours the unit has actually run.” He adds that another driver is the data that is produced. “We’re finding customers want data,” he says. “If a problem arises with their process they can refer back and see what the humidifier was doing at the time in question.” Pharmaceutical processes, for example, may need to be able to validate that production took place within a specified humidity range. An example application is a malt store – a grain silo in Elgin, Moray. The company’s engineering manager is responsible for a number of sites of which this is the only one in Scotland. A 100% relative humidity fog is maintained at the base of the silo. If the process goes out of specification a whole batch of valuable grain could be lost. In the past, if any problem arose the engineer would have to go to Scotland to rectify it. With remote monitoring the system “can give complete visibility of what’s going on,” says Mr Luddington.

A router is attached to the unit’s controller which connects to the internet. Staff at Humidity Solutions’ service desk can log on at any time to interrogate the unit. If a fault arises an alert appears on screen immediately. “Often we can resolve the issue remotely, and the machine will then continue to operate normally.” If a site visit is needed, it is usually possible to diagnose what is wrong and make sure the engineer takes the right part, avoiding having to make multiple visits. Parameters including supply air temperature, relative humidity, return air temperature and unit status can be viewed and logged. The communication is made via Modbus protocol and a graphic displays the data. Other applications, says service engineer Eddie Capraro, include a medical supplies firm making indicator strips for urine analysis, and a printing firm, where the humidity is controlled to optimise ink setting and to prevent the paper curling through being too dry. Humidity has to be kept within tolerance or the presses stop automatically. “With remote monitoring we can pick up on anything that’s wrong and warn the customer that production is in danger of going out of specification,” Mr Capraro says.



Questions To Ask When Planning Your Humidity Control System You might think that when it comes to humidity control it’s all out of the box machines installed into different buildings. Sure, there are some complications, but mostly it’s pretty straightforward, right? Wrong. The system required depends on the type of business, location, products or services being provided, and even the type of building. Each element needs to be carefully assessed to match the needs of the client, which is why some specific questions need to be asked at the outset. 1.

What Level Of Humidity Is Required, And How Much Can It Fluctuate?

An office environment requires relative humidity of between 40% and 60% to keep people comfortable and reduce static. But in manufacturing plants, cleanrooms, or libraries for example, much closer control may be required. By understanding the level of humidification and fluctuations needed, a system that has higher or lower speed responses, or tighter controls can be specified. 2.

How Long Will The System Be Running, And When Can It Be Shut Down

Some systems only run during set times of the day, while others operate 24/7. This affects the number, type and location of humidifiers needed. Some critical applications must deliver a consistent, stable level of humidity with long running times; standby humidifiers may be required to take over the load when the main unit needs to be shut down for maintenance. 3.

How Important Are Running Costs?

Understanding your budget and your environmental influences is important when choosing the right system. Initial purchase and installation charges need to be balanced against ongoing running and maintenance costs and these can vary considerably between steam, gas or evaporative systems. 4.

What Quality Water Is Being Used?

When it comes to humidity, water quality and maintenance requirements are heavily linked. In areas with low-quality water, then a water treatment solution might also need to be included in the spec to help reduce mineral build-up in the system. 5.

What Evaporation Distance Is Required?

For humidifiers providing moisture to ducts or to AHU systems, the humidifier needs to be able to evaporate the moisture into the air stream before it meets any physical obstacles, like duct corners, or a build-up of condensation in pipes will occur. Depending on the distance evaporation is needed to travel, you may need to have specialist steam lances installed, or opt for a humidifier model with instant evaporation. 6.

Where Do The Humidifiers Need To Be?

The positioning of the humidifiers within your building is also an important factor in deciding the spec. RH requirements may vary throughout different parts of the building, units may be installed externally or in-room. Some systems may need to be retro-fitted around existing machinery. Humidity Solutions is the UK’s leading independent specialist in humidity control designing, installing and maintaining systems for industrial manufacturing, food & beverage, health & leisure, conservation, and even residential applications.

For more information contact or visit




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