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July 2017


Stainless Steel Metric Fasteners • Stock range from M1.0 to M36 • A2 & A4 materials available • Large stocks, fast delivery

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Get BIMREADY with Man and Machine Training Academy

Newly launched BIM Manager training program from Man and Machine is unique in content and exclusive to the UK. The course covers managing the BIM process, workflow and co-ordination specificially aimed at non-modellers. It fuses technology best practice demonstration with understanding the BIM management process.

Belfast BIM Manager Part 1 - 14/03/2017 BIM Manager Part 2 - 22/03/2017 Scotland BIM Manager Part 1 - 16/05/2017 BIM Manager Part 2 - 24/05/2017 Visit our website or contact one of the team to find out about more course locations and dates.

Who Should Attend? The course is aimed at BIM Managers, co-ordinators, champions and project managers Course Overview Part 1 - BIM Introduction Part 2 - BIM Organisational Management Part 3 - BIM Project Operations Part 4 - BIM Management

Contact one of the team for more information Call 01844 263700, email or visit

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July 2017

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At the forefront of digital marketing, Engineering Update strives to bring its readers the latest in industrial engineering, in a format that provides the best usability and ease of use for it’s readers. Every monthly issue of the publication brings the latest in news, event information, as well as extensive features that encompass every aspect of the engineering industry.

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July 2017

Vacuum Conveying Expands to include Wet-In-Place (WIP) Functionality. Ensuring a safer working environment in food and pharmaceutical processing plants, Wet-In-Place (WIP) functionality has been added to Piab’s popular piFLOW®p vacuum conveyors. WIP spray nozzles are now available for inclusion/retrofitting in new and existing piFLOW®p conveying systems.

The water sprayed by the WIP nozzles will wet any dust from food or pharmaceutical materials left in conveyors, stopping it from escaping into the air where it can be inhaled by processing staff during maintenance or cleaning procedures. By wetting potentially harmful leftover material before the equipment is opened for cleaning, the spray nozzles ensure that any such dust stays Wet-InPlace until it can be safely removed. For maximum performance and coverage, and to make sure as much material as possible is captured as quickly as possible, up to three spray nozzles can be fitted to each conveyor. The configurable design of the piFLOW®p conveyor also allows simple retrofitting of WIP


units, including extra air filters, in existing conveying systems. Piab’s sterile Ultra Low Penetration Air (ULPA, class U15-17) filters provide greater filtration than High Efficiency Particulate Air (HEPA) filters, and are offered as standard accessories for piFLOW®p.

will guarantee segregation-free conveying. Maximising the safety of the processing staff, piFLOW®p is available in ATEX dust and gas approved designs, in which all plastic or rubber parts, including filters and seals, are made of antistatic nitrile butadiene rubber (NBR).

The piFLOW®p conveyor for powder and bulk materials is designed to perfectly match the stringent demands for operational safety and hygiene within the food and pharmaceutical industries. Made from materials that comply with the US FDA and EU 1935/2004 regulations, Piab’s conveyors can be used to safely transport large volumes of powder/bulk materials, and their advanced technology

Regardless of the application, piFLOW® vacuum conveyors from Piab meet the demands of the global food and pharmaceutical industriesd. Offering low noise and contained conveying, ATEX certification, compliance with FDA and EU regulations, as well as fulfilling current Good Manufacturing Practice, the conveyors ensure a safe working environment and problemfree, highly productive operations.

July 2017

cMT solution - record and synchronise factory data with MySQL... ensuring data cMT solution - record and integrity & continuity.



synchronise factory data with MySQL... ensuring data integrity & continuity.

Lamonde Automation Ltd +44 1883 333054 The OďŹƒcers Mess, Coldstream Road, Caterham, Surrey CR3 5QX UK

Lamonde Automation Ltd +44 1883 333054 The OďŹƒcers Mess, |5 Coldstream Road, Caterham, Surrey CR3 5QX UK

July 2017

Genesis Celebrates Ten Years of Technical Marketing From humble beginnings with just one client in June of 2007, Genesis quickly gained a reputation for its ability to produce quality technical PR, Editorial and Case Study material. This led to the rapid acquisition of new clients across the laser, robotics, special purpose machine, ultrasonics, engineering and machine vision sectors. Company founder Tom Pettit comments, “Having spent over 25 years within the automation and robotics sectors, it was clear that there was a niche for a marketing company with specialist knowledge of the industry. Our detailed understanding of the different technologies means that our clients don’t have to spend time trying to educate us about their products or the markets which they serve, saving them valuable time and cost”.


Today, Genesis’ clients include a number of the UK’s leading automation technology suppliers, both homegrown businesses and UK subsidiaries of international companies. The range of services offered by the company has also expanded to include Digital Marketing, Creative Design and Strategy etc. The company has also refreshed its website to coincide with this milestone. For more information please contact: Tom Pettit Managing Director Genesis Sales & Marketing Limited 14 Maytree Court Adlington Lancashire PR6 9SL Tel - +44(0)1257 475 527 E-mail – Web –

July 2017

Murrelektronik’s Cube fieldbus system offers extensive diagnostic options. A new diagnostics gateway makes access to this data even easier. This solution is easy to implement, provides clear information in case of failure and speeds up troubleshooting, resulting in maximum availability of machines and systems. The Cube system from Murrelektronik is a high-performance, decentralized fieldbus system that is used in many machines and systems. It has a modular structure and customized installation concepts can be realized with a large variety of input modules, output modules, mixed modules, and a wide range of function modules (e.g. IO-Link, RS 485, etc.). A one cable system transfers both communication data and supply voltages, whereby up to 32 modules can be connected to the four branches of each bus node. The major plus points of the Cube system are the one cable system, fully molded modules, multifunctional channels and comprehensive diagnostic options. Evaluation and use of diagnostic data were only possible with timeconsuming programming. Very often, the same steps had to be completed for each new system, because different controls require different diagnostic concepts. So it has not been possible until today to reach maximum utilization of the diagnostic functions of various controls. The resulting problem: Errors could not be identified quickly enough, leading to long downtimes in the worst case. This costs time, money, and nerves.

No more of that! The new Cube67 Diagnostics Gateway is a practical module that provides an


Diagnostics Made Easy

easy and fast method to read diagnostic data from the Cube system and to make this data available to the user. Its robust design and the tried and tested fully molded modules make the Diagnostics Gateway suitable for use in rugged industrial conditions. It is integrated in the cable between the Cube fieldbus node and the (maximum) four branches. A standard Ethernet interface connects the Diagnostics Gateway to the communication level.

Complete topology view When starting the Cube system, the Diagnostics Gateway reads the complete topology and also the entire process communication and all diagnostic messages. The module visually prepares this data and displays all information,

independently of the control and without additional software, in each browser and, regardless of the platform, in the same way. Any user with access authorization to the communication network may access this data, for example via the HMI, a tablet or the locally installed computer in the control station. The arrangement of the modules is automatically displayed as a clear topology and in tabular form on the screen. There the complete process data is output, for example the switching states of the individual inputs and outputs. The system’s diagnostic messages are displayed in the topology as well as in a clear tabular form. Continue reading on the engineering-update website

DIAGNOSTICS MADE EASY The Cube67 Diagnostics Gateway is the tool that speaks your language!

FROM DIAGNOSTICS TO A SOLUTION Diagnostics and topology detection without additional programming Fieldbus and controls independent Browser and platform independent Easy embedding of the gateway Functions with all Cube bus nodes Diagnostic memory (logbook) Module designations and error messages in plain text Phone 0161 728 3133

July 2017

For real time environmental data collection from inside a pack! By Jonathan Hirst, EMCO Packaging The status of foods, medicines, vegetables and many other products are critically dependent on the environmental conditions (temperature, pressure, relative humidity) and oxygen levels inside any pack in which they are stored. Between them, these conditions control the product’s shelf-life, freshness, crispness, viability and the scope of any bioactive decay.

EMCO Packaging has just developed and is currently introducing, a new smart-technology way of achieving this from the inside an actual pack! The new device measures the oxygen content, temperature, relative humidity and pressure inside the pack in real time. So at last, it is possible to monitor and analyse the critical changes in all these properties as they are simultaneously interacting with and being changed by the contents. Previously the process has usually been simulated in the laboratory with packs being torn open at each stage to measure the conditions inside. Now they can be continuously measured across the entire supply chain - from packing through to storage, transport and right on to display - even when this is in a frozen, chilled or normal cabinet. The instrument combines advanced sensing with data logging and communications, all within a tiny unit. It can communicate wirelessly as well as having the ability to store up to 300,000 measurements in memory for later USB download.


By accurately monitoring the environmental conditions inside the pack, the system provides the data necessary to analyse the changes, trends and conditions that affect the contents – enabling users to optimise each stage of the process - from the packaging materials, through to storage, temperature, transport and display conditions. As a result, product freshness, quality gains and extended shelf-life can all be delivered direct to the consumer. The device produces more accurate and realistic results throughout the supply chain than can be gained by traditional measurements – and it is far less destructive as well! EMCO is in the prototyping stage of introducing an advanced

NDIR carbon dioxide sensor into the instrument as well which will provide additional data. This is desiged to be particularly useful to manufacturers, packers, suppliers and distribution companies that work with MAP (Modified Atmosphere Packaging) companies. The data logger is just 65 mm x 50 mm x 37 mm and is manufactured to a particularly high and robust engineering standard. Oxygen and humidity are measured to a resolution of 0.05% and 0.04% respectively, temperature to a resolution of 0.01% and pressure to 16 bit resolution over a range of 10 – 1200 mbar. Contact information email: web:

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






RELIABILITY Tel : +44 (0)151 356 2322 Website: Fax: +44 (0)151 356 2437 Email:

Monitoring the world

July 2017

Innovative platform changes landscape of machinery management The Machinery Management People (TMMP), founders of the award-winning machinery auction site, CNC Online, has introduced the UK’s first total machinery management support service, providing the engineering sector with a highly cost effective route to all aspects of machinery trading, management and care. With over 35 years’ experience working with leading OEM’s, machine tool agents and end users, TMMP recognised the need for a far more efficient, personal service that allows customers to trade, buy, maintain, relocate and care for machinery all in one single place. TMMP delivers a unique, and much needed machinery service which truly caters for the full life cycle of engineering equipment, allowing customers to buy, sell and benefit from a full range of support services. The TMMP website allows those with unused or unwanted equipment to upload their machinery details online and sell for free using a simple, user-friendly platform and, because the equipment is marketed directly to the end user, they will receive a far more realistic value for their equipment as opposed to selling through an auction, a trade dealer or from part-exchange. The unique online platform also allows users to immediately buy, reserve an item, buy or make an offer, all of which is completely managed by the TMMP team, ensuring a swift negotiation and a far more efficient buying process. In addition to the customer-friendly online trade platform, TMMP also offer a valuable range of support services which include equipment valuations, relocation services, commissioning services, full aftersales service and maintenance options, PUWER assessments and repair services for all types of mechanical equipment. The Company also offer leasing options on new equipment from leading manufacturers, allowing customers to spread the cost when purchasing capital items. TMMP is also an official distributor for a number of leading OEM’s and they have recently been appointed by KNUTH Machine Tools, a leading German brand of CNC machine tools. Paul Bursnell, CNC Machine Tools Director said “The Machinery Management People have a huge market presence and are renowned in the machine sales sector for delivering a first class customer service. This mirrors our philosophy and was an extremely important factor when making this appointment”. TMMP’s Managing Director, Paul Lee, a mechanical engineer with a background in CNC machine tools for over 35 years, originally founded CNC Machine Tools Ltd


in 1990 and went on to develop the award-winning CNC Online Auctions platform before creating and building The Machinery Management People. On why he set up TMMP, now the UK’s leading, independent service support company, Lee says, “Having succeeded with CNC Online by offering a unique approach to buying and selling, I still felt that a more personal and comprehensive solution was needed to fully support end users, where they could access all of their machinery needs in just one place”. Lee went on to say, “Existing routes to market failed to return the asset’s true market value for the seller, whilst the buyer was met with premium purchasing fees and often faced the challenge of collecting and relocating the asset once acquired, whereas with our model we simply take a small service commission on items sold, allowing the seller and buyer to achieve a best value service. Having paid out large fees myself during my 35 year career in the engineering sector, I felt it was time for a fundamental change in order to offer a modern, truly customer-centric approach to quality machinery management”. For more information on the full range of products and services, or if you would like any free advice, please visit or telephone +44 (0)333 202 0850. Industrial Marketing Specialists tel: 01462 432 303 | e:

July 2017

Electrical Testing Stages from Linkam Linkam have developed key sample characterisation solutions for the electronics industry for many years. They have created a series of temperature controlled stages, designed with electrical connectors and probes to measure the desired properties of samples whilst making microscopic or spectroscopic observations.


he study of 2D materials has been growing since the discovery of graphene in 2004. The remarkable properties of these single layer materials make them very attractive for a number of different applications including biomedical research, semiconductors, photovoltaics and water purification. For example, the HFS600E-PB4 has been used by many research groups to test the electrical properties of 2D materials and their suitability in applications. The stage is fitted with BNC/Lemo connections which enable electrical measurements to be carried out on the sample. The gold-tipped tungsten probes have excellent positional resolution enabling precise contact points to be made with the sample. Temperature is precisely controlled from -196 째C to 600 째C. A group from the Nanyang Technological University investigated the shear modes in graphene with in situ Raman spectroscopy. Their work provided insight into the mechanical and physical properties of their materials. The LTS420E-PB4 is a large area electrical stage with a temperature range of -196 째C to 420 째C. The stage can be supplied with up to eight positional gold tipped, tungsten probes. The stage consists of a


large temperature controlled element with a platinum resistor sensor embedded close to the surface for accurate temperature measurements. It is also popular amongst those conducting liquid crystal and polymer research. Over the years Linkam has developed a number of custom characterisation solutions. The Technical University of Denmark used a custom built LTS probe stage to analyse the resistance of 2D materials to oxidation in an acute and prolonged temperature controlled environment. Rare-earth Perovskite materials have shown great potential for semi-conductor devices and in particular as high efficiency solar cells. Linkam stages are being used to characterise their electrical properties. These materials are also highly sensitive to moisture. Combining the Linkam HFS600E-PB4 Probe Stage with their RH95 Humidity Controller has allowed the detailed study of the effects of temperature and humidity on the efficiency, manufacturability, storage and usability of these exciting new materials. Linkam manufactures multiple systems for characterising materials. Visit the web site and learn how Linkam might be able to assist you in your development, manufacturing and quality control processes.

July 2017

SMALLER JUST GOT STRONGER PFC100 Controller: High performance packed into a smaller footprint

Instrument Solutions

• Extremely compact and maintenance-free design saves control panel space • 600 MHz processing power allows seamless automation of complex industrial systems • Cost-effective configuration via e!COCKPIT engineering software • Scalable modular system ready for future challenges • Comprehensive on-board data security packages • Two ETHERNET interfaces for extensive compatibility • Linux® operating system • CODESYS 3 runtime system Telephone E-Mail Internet Search for

01788 568 008 “WAGO PFC100”


July 2017

New Reich RCT Coupling Drives Product Range Expansion Reich-Kupplungen have further expanded their already comprehensive product portfolio with the introduction of the new RCT series of torsionally stiff flange couplings, targeted at diesel engine drive systems. Reich is widely recognised for their core competence in rubber flexible products and the new RCT coupling draws on this expertise, with wellproven material pairings being used for this new coupling type. The metalelastomer combination not only gives the RCT high torsional stiffness but also effectively dampens shocks and peak torques. The system, which is axially pluggable via the elastomer elements, makes for easy mounting of the RCT coupling, without the need for expensive alignment tools. The virtually backlash-free elastomer profile is designed for high torque transmission whilst minimising the wear rate and preventing potential noise emissions. (The New RCT Coupling from Reich is ideally suited to diesel engine drive system applications)


This coupling, when combined with a bell-housing flange matched to the specific application, and also available from Reich-Kupplungen, is particularly suited as a connection to hydraulic pumps. The RCT is therefore the ideal solution for use in construction and agricultural machinery with hydrostatic drives, where expectations of a long service life and high versatility are taken for granted. The connecting flange is made of aluminium offering high mechanical strength and dimensional stability. The RCT is available either with a clamping hub or with a backlashfree, splined taper bush. With its extremely compact size, it is particularly suited to applications where mounting space is narrow

or limited, meaning the RCT has the flexibility to be matched to existing mounting configurations. As is the case for all its other products, Reich-Kupplungen also offers optimum solutions based upon the RCT coupling in line with the “Designed to Customer” ‘D2C’ philosophy for specific applications. For more information please contact: Mr David Proud General Manager Reich Drive Systems UK Limited Unit 4, Bankside Business Park Coronation Street Stockport Cheshire SK5 7PG Telephone +44(0) 161 714 4191 Website -

July 2017

眀眀眀⸀挀漀渀渀攀挀琀㈀挀氀攀愀渀爀漀漀洀猀⸀挀漀洀 ⬀㐀㐀⠀ ⤀㄀㔀㈀㐀 㠀㄀㌀ ㈀  椀渀昀漀䀀挀漀渀渀攀挀琀㈀挀氀攀愀渀爀漀漀洀猀⸀挀漀洀

䴀漀搀甀氀愀爀 挀氀攀愀渀爀漀漀洀 猀瀀攀挀椀愀氀椀猀琀猀 

䐀攀猀椀最渀 䴀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀攀 䤀渀猀琀愀氀氀愀琀椀漀渀 嘀愀氀椀搀愀琀椀漀渀 䌀漀渀猀甀洀愀戀氀攀猀

吀攀氀氀 甀猀 礀漀甀ᤠ瘀攀 猀攀攀渀 甀猀 椀渀 䔀渀最椀渀攀攀爀椀渀最 唀瀀搀愀琀攀


THAT FIT Once just a boiler manufacturer, Fulton now specialises in ready-to-ship skid mounted and fully packaged boiler plant rooms that meet the current demand for off-site fabrication. We put great emphasis in providing sales and application advice and a full commissioning and after sales service for hospital, food and beverage processing, petrochemical and other installations. Our steam, hot water and thermal oil solutions are delivered as fully-prefabricated plant rooms or complete skid-mounted units, built to fit a prepared location and connect direct to your services.

TO BUY BRITISH, VISIT FULTON.CO.UK EMAIL SALES@FULTON.CO.UK OR CALL +44 (0)117 972 3322 FBW111 - Skid Solutions Advertisement - IPE.indd 1


17/11/2015 12:51

July 2017

Sophisticated monitoring options – not just for industrial surroundings Thermocouple data loggers are the first choice when it comes to high precision wide-range temperature measurements. The small but very robust sensors offer huge flexibility combined with easy handling. This makes the devices ideal for industrial tasks such as those required in the fields of power generation, pharma, biotech, cement, paper and pulp. T&D Corporation, Japanese market leader for wireless data logging solutions, understands the challenges its customers face, so has designed a new line up for its successful TR-7wf/nw series data loggers. The new models – TR-75 wf for WLAN and TR-75 nw for wired LAN connection – support six different kinds of thermocouples (K, J, T, E, S, R). Depending on the particular sensor chosen, the loggers can cover measurements from -199 to 1760°C. Focusing on lean processes and saving manpower while ensuring results are absolutely error free, both TR-75 loggers are designed for cloud computing. This means they are easily accessible, independent of place or time, by mobile devices. Users can monitor and store data, change settings and receive alert warnings via T&D’s cloud, the WebStorage Service. Recorded data automatically uploads at arbitrary


intervals and is stored in easy to read graphs and tables. Should records deviate from defined settings, alert warnings are released instantly. USB connection allows direct data download to a PC as well as the use of an AC adaptor and – in the case of the TR-75nw – PoE. Alternatively, if cloud monitoring is not an option for the user, free of charge software is available. T&D Data Server is a program for the PC that receives and stores data recorded by TR-7wf/nw series loggers. It also enables users to monitor current readings via a

web browser. Each logger operates with two AA batteries, which have a life of up to 18 months. Because thermocouple loggers can be used as economical standalone solutions for temperature monitoring, they are also becoming more and more popular for everyday appliances. In facilities management and healthcare businesses, the devices reliably safeguard climatic conditions in buildings, freezers and refrigerators.

July 2017



The intelligent path to customer-specific connections: ODU-MAC – our versatile modular connector solution enables the transmission of power, high current, high voltage, coax, high-speed data, fiber optics and other media such as air or fluid. For your made-to-measure connection.

COMPLETE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS ODU provides pre-assembled component solutions. Our development and manufacturing expertise, combined with our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and the USA, enable us to offer our customers outstanding assemblies and a full range of logistics services.


ODU-UK Ltd. Phone: +44 03301509 002 266433 0640


July 2017


ne part of their process that has been a constant throughout is their demand for steam, and with an aging boiler running on heavy fuel oil the need to consider a replacement had been a key concern. The old boiler was a coal fired unit that had been converted to heavy oil, and had definitely served it’s time. For efficiency and environmental reasons management was also keen to get away from heavy fuel oil and had established that it would now be possible to install a gas supply to the site. It was known that the de-rated boiler was well on top of its job and a steam meter was installed to establish actual site load. Once the site load was known, options for the future were considered including purchase, lease and hire. Byworth Boilers was able to offer all three options, and after some deliberation a long term hire boiler was selected as the preferred option. The final specification was a purpose built containerised boiler house complete with a Yorkshireman 2 3000kg/hr boiler and their latest option for a Unity boiler house control system to enable remote monitoring of the boiler. This new control system has been developed by the specialist Byworth Boilers research and development team to improve customers’ ability to operate steam plant more efficiently and provides unprecedented level of visibility for everything in the boiler house. The Unity hire option is a bespoke version of the full package and enables site engineers to view boiler operating condition remotely as well as to share this information with Byworth. Unity is a DCS based control system which logs faults and control parameters which facilitate early diagnosis of potential failure within the system. The goal was to have the new plant installed prior to the NTD inspection of the old boiler. The old boiler was switched off as planned and a trailerised hire boiler was supplied to cover the short changeover prior to the installation and commissioning of the newly built containerised boiler. In the first nine months Mars Horsecare Uk Ltd has established fuel savings of over 47% in steam production cost.


Long Term Boiler Hire Pays Dividends For Specialist Feed Mill Mars Horsecare Uk Ltd is based at Milton Keynes on a site that has been producing high quality feeds for the equine industry for over 55 years, and has developed both its products and the plant to meet ever changing demands.

The Byworth Boilers Yorkshireman2 Hire Boiler

Eddie Lear the Site Engineer said: “The accepted criteria for this project were to provide a cost effective, reliable, efficient and environmentally compliant system to ensure continuous supply to meet our every changing customer requirements. Having looked at various options to replace the aging boiler asset, the leased option offered by Byworth boilers met with all the requirements. Byworth Boilers was able to provide expert knowledge during the design phase of the project to ensure the correct sized unit was recommended and then followed this through to build, installation and commissioning ensuring the Mars Horsecare was able to continue production at all times.” He added: “The new containerised

boiler has proven to be very cost effective. It complies with environmental regulations and provides a great deal of flexibility in line with operational demands.” Byworth Boilers is the country’s leading independent provider of steam and hot water boiler services and was the first company in the UK to recognise the potential need for a mobile boiler hire service. All boilers are built in the company’s Yorkshire factory combining the very latest manufacturing techniques with time-honoured boiler making skills to produce unrivalled build quality and precision control capability. Today Byworth has a fleet of over 100 hire boilers ready, at a moments notice, to be delivered and hooked up to existing services.

July 2017

Manufacturer of High Quality

Anti Vibration Products

Email: Visit: | Tel: 01282 878200

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22/07/2015 14:27

Data Acquisition in all weathers

Fluid Carrying

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to rotate whilst carrying fluid under pressure 1/4� to 20� and beyond.

EtherCAT Protocol - single cable Thermocouple at 100Hz - all types Voltage & Strain at 20KHz sampling Shock & VibraCon 100g - rugged 100m between loggers - powered Includes DeweSoH-X SoHware

Vacuum to over 6000psi. Stock and bespoke production.

Unique bearing/seal design for longer life.

ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

Rotaflow FV Limited | Rotec House Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY


01663 735003


Tel. 01367 871000 |21

July 2017

Pasteuriser helps Muntons reduce utility bills by £2.5m Two years ago, malted ingredients company Muntons (Stowmarket, Suffolk) commissioned a novel £5.4m on-site anaerobic digestion (AD) plant. Since then, it has treated almost 150,000 cubic meters (150 megalitres) of effluent, preventing almost 800 tonnes of CO2 emissions and saving the company more than £2.5 million in energy and disposal costs.

HRS 3 Tank Batch Sludge Pasteuriser System is 70% more efficient helping Muntons save £2.5m to date.

A vital part of this operation, which combines anaerobic and aerobic waste treatment, is a 3 Tank Batch Sludge Pasteuriser System with Energy Recovery from HRS Heat Exchangers. Pasteurisation has been a key element in the project’s overall success, both in the certification of the resulting material, which is used as a biofertiliser, and in reassuring farmers of its quality.

Closing the loop As a company, Muntons has sustainability at its heart. It first became interested in AD after analysis showed that 60% of the carbon footprint of its supply chain came from the artificial fertiliser used by its growers, who supply the company with 250,000 tonnes of barley each year. Muntons appreciated that if a proportion of the liquid waste from the 180,000 tonnes of malt it produces every year could be treated through AD, it could produce a high quality organic biofertiliser for its farmers to use instead: closing the loop between farm and fork and significantly reducing its carbon footprint. Not only has this been achieved, but there have been other benefits, too: the AD plant prevents 3,000 tanker movements per year and generates around 12% of the site’s electricity demand. Plus, the company has saved an estimated £27,000 through TRIAD avoidance tactics – by loading up the digester and storing biogas throughout the day Muntons can run the CHP engine at full speed during TRIAD warning periods to avoid higher priced electricity.

Working towards End of Waste Muntons’ AD plant treats around 200m3 (200,000 litres) of high COD liquid waste a day. The resulting digestate is then blended with low COD effluent before being treated with Dissolved Air Flotation (DAF) in Muntons’ existing Activated Sludge plant. This stabilises the digestate and removes further


HRS pasteuriser helped Muntons reduce their co2 emissions by 800 tonnes pa.

COD, nitrates and phosphorus, prior to the effluent being discharged to local waterways in accordance with an EA permit. The remaining sludge is then pasteurised in the HRS 3 Tank unit, and used as biofertiliser. Because the Muntons’ technique uses a mixture of both anaerobic and aerobic treatment processes, this sludge cannot be certified as meeting the standards of either PAS100 or PAS110. However, it is treated in accordance with the requirements of the PAS110 standard for anaerobic digestate, based on conventional HACCP principles. According to Ryland Cairns, Muntons’ Environment Manager, this is where the HRS pasteurisation process is crucial: “We want our biofertiliser to compete in the agricultural market with the likes of PAS110 digestate and other biosolids which have undergone pasteurisation. Even though we are considered low risk and all our feedstock is from traceable, food grade grains, we felt that pasteurising our material is the best way to help us get End of Waste Certification. It also reassures local farmers that we will not contaminate their land with ergot or plant pathogens.”

The benefits of pasteurisation The HRS system works on a three tank principle; while one tank is being filled, the second tank holds the sludge at 70°C, at the same time as the third tank is being emptied (each process lasts one hour). Waste cooling water from the CHP engine is used to heat the sludge in corrugated tube-in-tube heat exchangers, which is more efficient than heating an entire tank of digestate. HRS has also incorporated an energy recovery section into the process to make it even more efficient: energy is transferred from the hotter (pasteurised) sludge to the colder (unpasteurised) sludge, reducing energy consumption by up to 70% compared to normal systems and using heat which would otherwise be wasted. It also has the advantage of being able to run at a half flow rate, should the

volume of digestate stock reduce, and the equipment’s monitoring features ensure that every batch of digestate can be traced back to the feedstock from which it was produced Once pasteurised, the biofertiliser can be dewatered if required; it can be supplied for application either as a liquid for soil injection or a solid for muck spreading. Analysis by Muntons has shown that their biofertiliser is higher in nitrogen, potash and sulphur than most biosolids , as well as being a good source of phosphate and magnesium. The biofertiliser is used on local land from which the company sources its malting barley, but the company is also keen to stimulate the wider biofertiliser market. It is currently working with Lincoln University, with funding from WasteFoodNet, on a project to document the composition and effectiveness of its biofertiliser. This has initially demonstrated that lettuces grown with Muntons’ biofertiliser demonstrate quality and growth benefits over artificial fertilisers of similar nutrient concentration. A further collaboration with UCL revealed that the digestate yields a type of bacteria that produces an antibiotic which kills multi-drug resistant E. coli bacteria.

Learning from the best As a company which is setting the standard in agri-food sustainability, Muntons is keen to share its experiences with the wider industry and has worked with the Anaerobic Digestion and Bioresources Association (ADBA) on the production of its Industry Best Practice Guidance. Matt Hale, International Sales Manager at HRS comments: “Working with a company like Muntons to deliver a truly revolutionary waste treatment plant shows exactly what is possible in terms of implementing the circular economy. The results that the biofertiliser is providing in trials and in the fields show just what a valuable resource it is.”

DC & AC Uninterruptible Power Solutions for Telecomms, IT & Industrial Applications PFD Series AC-DC UPS • • • • • •

240VAC or Universal Input 12V, 24V or 48V DC outputs 150W or 300W power rating 1U rack mounting chassis External batteries for long hold up time Intelligent battery monitoring with low voltage shutdown

WM800 to WM4000 Series Wall Mount UPS • • • • • • • •

Models from 800VA to 4kVA ratings Wide 140-310VAC input (115VAC also available) Smart Automatic Voltage Regulation function Line interactive with 3mS transfer time Smart battery management, high power charger External batteries for long hold up periods LED or LCD display with audible alarm Optional solar charger input

PKR Series Online AC UPS

• Ideal for IT or Telecomms Applications • 2U to 5U 19” rack mounting or free standing • Five models from 1kVA to 10kVA • Online with pure sine wave output • 230V or 115VAC output • Automatic Bypass as standard • Intelligent RS232 comms port • UPS management software • SNMP, USB or Dry Contacts optional • LED & LCD display shows battery parameters

Xi Series Online AC UPS

• Ideal for industrial applications • Available in either 230V or 115VAC version • Models from1kVA to 6kVA • 19” rack mounting or free standing • Dual AC feeds with auto switch over if one feed fails • Hot swap batteries can be changed without power down • Remote emergency power shut down • Digital display input/output V and Hz, battery voltage and load • Supplied with Xprotect software • Monitoring via RS232 or Network Email: Tel: 44-1635-521858

July 2017

Güdel Components Build Confidence In Bespoke Automation Güdel is a name widely recognised across many manufacturing sectors, and invariably associated with the company’s range of Gantry Robot systems and modules. Less well known however, is the fact that every Güdel Gantry is built upon the company’s own in-house manufactured range of precision linear and drive components. Many of these components are also available to machine builders for use in their own machine designs, giving them the Güdel advantage of components designed and manufactured with Swiss quality, for ultimate durability and reliability. In this article, Güdel UK’s Tom Smith explains the benefits that these field proven components bring to machine builders.


pecial purpose machine builders are often faced with unique and sometimes difficult challenges in demanding applications. Minimising risk across all areas of this type of project is essential for all parties if the end user is to have a system which meets all of their productivity, quality and reliability expectations and the machine builder is to make a profit. Specifying machine components which are not only field proven in their own right, but trusted by the original manufacturer to build their own modules and gantry robots, provides unique levels of confidence for special purpose machine designers. With a comprehensive product range covering linear guide-ways, rack & pinions and gearboxes, the individual products within the Güdel range complement each other perfectly and can be easily combined to form highly efficient drive chains. A range of high-performance angle gearboxes is available in five different


sizes. These can be specified in a wide choice of gear ratios – thirteen in total, ranging from 2 to 60, covering the most common areas of application, and are ideally suited to harsh working environments. They are dirtresistant, can cope with applications that require very high duty cycles, and the integral cooling fins optimise heat dissipation. A complementary range of longitudinal precision guides and drivetrain components enable a mass weighing anywhere between ten kilos and several tons to be positioned at high speeds and accelerations with the utmost accuracy. Güdel’s modular system comprises of guide rollers, tracks (with or without inbuilt racks), pinions and beams. These assemblies can be used anywhere and offer several advantages over traditional recirculating ball systems, the most important of which are resistance to harsh environments, low friction, quiet operations and high speed capabilities.

There is also a linear guide-way system for heavy-duty applications, based on standard roller supports with three integrated roller bearings, guideways with or without racks, drive units and tubular steel profiles with guideways. This system is especially suited for applications where there are high axial and radial loads, high moment ratings, high rigidity and the need for quiet operation. Although the Güdel name is obvious on the many Gantry robot systems installed across multiple market sectors, there are many bespoke automation systems in operation which rely on Güdel technology to provide the performance and durability required in today’s competitive manufacturing environment. For more information, please contact: Tom Smith Component Sales Tel: +44(0)24 76 695 444 E-Mail: Web:

Crystal-Tech Electronics Ltd Office 5, Slington House, Rankine Road, Basingstoke, RG24 8PH Yeebo have now introduced a wide range of IPS TFT modules with built in OLG capacitive touch panels as standard. These are readily available and without tooling charge.

2.4inch 2.8inch 5.0inch 7.0inch 7.0inch 7.0inch 10.1inch

YB-TG240320S25A-C-A0 YB-TG240320S26A-C-A0 YB-TG800480S25A-C-A0 YB-TG800480C10A-C-A0 YB-TG800480S21A-C-A0 YB-YG800480S12A-C-A0 YB-TG1280800S06B-C-A0

For the first time, Crystal-Tech now offers AMOLED's for industrial use! Imagine brilliant colours and contrast as well as low power consumption in all your Mobile Apps, Machine Controllers, Vending Machines and Virtual Reality products. All that, starting at a MOQ of 500! 1.2” round – 1.45” 5.5” HD 5.5” FHD – all available with Oncell CTP.

Contact us: Colin Saunders Managing Director 7780 553 155 +44 7880 155 Skype: colin.saunders8

Kristina Stoner Sales Manager +44 7584 302 940 Skype: kris-hill8 Official agent/distributor for Yeebo Display Ltd, Visionox and GVO.

July 2017

Comau Presents Innovative Lhyte Technology at Laser World of Photonics At this year’s Laser World of Photonics in Munich, the international trade fair for Photonics Components, Systems and Applications, Comau presents its new laser technology for the first time to the German audience in Hall A3 Booth 151. LHYTE (Laser HYbrid Technology) is Comau’s new technology developed in collaboration with Prima Electro and designed for industrial laser applications. The cutting-edge modular system, which is intended for both the automotive and general industry sectors, allows its end users to choose a fiber, diode or hybrid laser source. With this innovative technology, Comau hereby reacts to the growing demands of the market and meets the increasingly varied and flexible needs of the industrial sector.


“Our new laser source offers high flexibility to the end customers due to the use of only one laser source for different laser applications such as cutting, welding and brazing”, says Tobias Daniel, Head of Sales and Marketing at Comau Robotics and Automation Products. With LHYTE, Comau offers a unique, patented solution that is able to combine the potential of direct and fiber laser sources through a modular and flexible structure. The system is adaptable to any industrial application and enables Comau to meet the needs

of a market in continuous evolution, in which manufacturers and system integrators are constantly in search of high-performance, versatile technologies. This innovative system is also an expression of high-quality Italian design as well as the result of the development skills of one of the world’s leading global automation companies, Comau, and of Prima Electro, a company of international importance in the design of electronic components and laser technologies

July 2017

Book, Second


Form of

Contract Reimbursable Book The Green


rks Minor Wo k nge Boo The Ora

Minor Works,

Contract Lump Sum Book The Red

The Orange

Contract Forms of

Contract Target Cost Book The Burgundy SubcontractBook The Yellow

Engineering for Civil SubcontractBook The Brown


Second 2003

Minor WorksBook The Orange Rules Adjudication Book The Grey


Rules Arbitration Book The Pink Expert Determination Rules for Book The White Boards Review Dispute Rules for Book The Beige

of Chemical Institution Davis Building Terrace Railway Rugby Warwickshire UK CV21 3HQ,


578214 (0)1788 rg/shop www.icheme.o 452 2 0 85295 ISBN 978

Tel: +44





IChemE Forms of Contract 1343_15

The Red Book – Lump Sum Contract The Green Book – Reimbursable Contract The Burgundy Book – Target Cost Contract The Yellow Book – Subcontract


book cover.indd


The Brown Book – Subcontract for Civil Engineering Works The Orange Book – Minor Works NEW The Silver Book – Professional Services Agreement

Available in hard copy, printable PDF, view only PDF and editable word document formats. For more information please contact: +44(0)1788 534470 or Are you are getting ready to prepare, tender or manage a contract using one of these forms? Don’t miss out on our in-depth course about how to use them - 22–23 June, London, UK 1325_15 FOC HP tce_may17.indd 1

20/04/2017 16:39

Global engineering, manufacturer and distributor of industrial fastenings and Cat C products.

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More Data The go-to place for Engineers, Designers & Buyers T: 08454 811 800 | E:


July 2017

Protecting Industrial Engines & Equipment From the “Start” In today’s economy, the skyrocketing costs of industrial equipment purchase, maintenance and repair makes the case for maximizing the life of capital machinery investment. Couple high cost with the stresses of continuousduty industry and the importance of equipment performance is paramount when time is money and money is time!

Protecting your engine from the “start” is key. Because serious damage can occur prior to cranking of an engine at “dry start” and at start up; industrial prelube and starting systems are the first and most important aspects to effective preventative maintenance helping to ensure the life of your investment. All large engines can benefit from engine oil prelube. Adding a prelube system to an industrial engine can prevent engine failure and critical wear by moving oil from the sump up into the bearing lubrication channels before the engine turns at startup; ensuring the bearings never see movement without critical oil protection. It has been scientifically proven that 90% of the wear an engine sees during its lifetime is between the time the engine begins to turn at startup and the time when fresh oil from the sump reaches moving parts. Before the critical parts of an engine begin to move, a prelube pump puts the oil where it is needed reducing this high-wear period!


At start up, a quality starter can increase engine performance and provide the all-important peace of mind relying on the engine turning over the first crank! It’s important to have a starter that is preengaged, gas sealed with vanes made of high-tech material reducing wear and allowing operation with or without lubrication, built with non-ferrous cylinders that will not corrode and freeze up like cast iron, have separate drive inserts, are easy to maintain/repair and are designed for maximum mounting flexibility. ESE is distributor for both VARNA Products prelube/ control systems and POW-R-Quik heavy-duty engine starters. ESE has over 30 years experience in industrial fluid and gas systems. For a discussion and quote on a prelube control and starting system for your industrial equipment, contact ESE today at or

July 2017

New rotary vane vacuum pumps from Atlas Copco up to 15% more efficient Atlas Copco has launched the GVS A range of oil-sealed rotary vane vacuum pumps, which is cooler, quieter and up to 15 per cent more efficient than the previous GVS range. The new pumps are extremely reliable and have a more compact design, making them suitable for use in both research and industrial production applications, such as packaging, wood processing, rubber, plastics, paper and printing and material handling environments. GVS A pumps provide flow rates from 16 to 700 m3/h, up from 20 to 305 m3/h for the previous range, have motor ratings between 0.75 and 15 kW and offer ultimate working pressures between 0.1 and 0.5 mbar.

Richard Oxley, Vacuum Product Manager for Atlas Copco in the UK commented: “With the GVS A range we’ve applied yet more innovation to tried-and-tested rotary vane pump technology. Right from the start, we’ve added models that offer significantly higher capacities, less noise and take up a reduced amount of space. All of these improvements have conspired to help us produce a range of pumps that provide energy consumption levels about 15 per cent lower than the previous generation; but at the same volumetric flow.” GVS A vacuum pumps have been designed to minimise total operating expenses. The new units have a smaller footprint than their predecessors, making them easier to build into machines or install within a workplace. They also offer lower vibrations and are about 3 to 5 dB(A) quieter. Crucially, the pumps operate at optimised shaft speeds and the lowest temperatures in the market, which reduces wear and protects the pumps’ oil consistency as well as extending their service life and maintenance intervals. To ensure reliability, GVS A pumps provide very high oil retention levels at all operating pressures. The pumps operate with internal injection channels, reducing the number of gaskets and the amount of external piping required. In total, the number of components has been


reduced by 20 per cent and the risk of leakage and failures has been further minimised. In addition, GVS A pumps can handle higher inlet pressures than other rotary vane pumps. At coarse pressures other pumps can be prone to overheating or oil spills, whereas the GVS A range is suitable for a much wider range of applications. For added peace of mind, the inlet non-return valve protects the vacuum pump against counter-rotation in the event of it stopping without venting. This device also prevents back-sucking of oil. Additionally, the oil separation circuit of the GVS A has been optimised to minimise oil vapours in the exhaust gas. The larger models in the series, the GVS 470 A and GVS 630 A, benefit from extra design improvements. For instance, their ball bearings feature permanent lubrication, which prevents bearing contamination and extends service intervals. A special lubrication system also ensures homogeneous temperatures of the rotors. This avoids the risk of local overheating and provides better conditions for the oil. Additionally, the inclusion of guided rotary vanes helps reduce noise levels further and allows higher intake flows at lower pressures, reducing cycle times and improving productivity.



e rnitur u f c i n hygie r u o h y. wit othly iency is ke o m s n fic ons ru pment - Ef k i t e a r m e Op qui ekno and e ail@t

833 | 8 8 7 03 T: 016

| E: m k u . o c ek. knom e t : W


July 2017

Hitex Develops, Hitex Delivers. Got a great new idea? Got an old idea that’s still great, but needs updating? Having an interesting and innovative project is just the start. Not having the time, resources or expertise available to realise that project, could potentially be the end of a success story before it has the chance to start. However, it doesn’t have to be that way! Hitex Design Services are a dedicated team of highly skilled and qualified engineers who will not only help you develop that idea, but will also make sure it is delivered on time and in budget. Our design team has a full and comprehensive full range of capabilities from hardware schematic


and layout design to software development. This encompasses everything from simple £50 microprocessor boards right through to highly complex FPGA-based microprocessor simulators costing over £10k. We also do all levels of embedded software on a large variety of architectures; from bit-bashed drivers and middleware, to WinCE, Linux, Windows and even Android apps - we cover almost anything you can imagine. Our in-depth and expert knowledge combined with our design expertise, puts us in an unrivalled position to be able to assist you with taking your

product or idea to the next level. In fact, we can take it from the first idea scribbled on the back of an envelope right through to the finished article heading off to production. We are proud of our unique range of capabilities in the UK which include extensive AURIX and ARM expertise which enhance the depth and breadth our hardware and software services. You can find out more about these services at, or alternatively get in touch directly to start a conversation about how we can help make your development dreams a reality.

14,000 different standard c-class components in stock...

...INCLUDINg METAL & PLASTIC fASTENErS, ENCLOSUrES, CAbLE, CAbLE MANAgEMENT & fINIShINg PrODUCTS Optimas Components is a leading global supplier of C-class components, with a huge range of standard parts available from our online store. With nearly 50 years’ experience of industrial markets, we also have the in-depth technical knowledge to help you specify the correct solution for your application, based on materials, technologies and standards. To learn more visit OPTIMAS SOLUTIONS LTD - COMPONENTS DIVISION

July 2017

VIBRATION SENSING SOLUTIONS WITH TRANSMITTER INTERFACE Machine Protection and Condition monitoring specialists SENSONICS has developed its range of 4-20mA sensing devices to a level which now represents one of the most comprehensive sets of vibration sensing solutions available for critical items of plant and equipment, such as motors, fans, pumps and compressors. The sensor range includes the PZDC piezoelectric and VEL/ GDC electrodynamic, absolute velocity vibration transmitters and the DNX80 relative shaft vibration, thrust position and speed proximity probe transmitters. The VEL/GDC has been introduced to compliment the widely used PZDC velocity vibration transmitter to ensure the Sensonics product line can cater for all machine types and industrial environments. Whilst the PZDC piezoelectric based sensor meets with the requirements of ISO 10816 for absolute vibration measurements there is recognition for the need for a sensor which can meet heavy industrial demands and be utilised on a wide range of plant; particularly where the earth regimes are not ideal and high immunity to interference from auxiliary systems is key. The electro dynamic VEL/GDC sensor provides a 4-20mA loop powered output proportional to velocity vibration and offers the advantage of dual case isolation in conjunction with a low impedance circuit, so is ideal for high noise environments. Due to the electro dynamic nature of the sensor assembly, both high and low frequency events are filtered mechanically and since no integration (from acceleration to velocity) is required the arrangement is immune to the saturation that can be seen in piezoelectric devices. Absolute bearing vibration is only part of the requirement for measuring the dynamic behaviour of a machine and shaft vibration measurements in fluid film bearings are equally critical. The cost effective Sensonics solution for this requirement is the DNX80 series of processed output drivers used in conjunction with the Senturion X range of proximity probes. The DNX80 not only provides peak to peak vibration measurements but also shaft position, thrust wear and speed measurement options through a straightforward 4 to 20mA loop.


Industrial fans, pumps and compressors will particularly benefit from the DN803X series. When combined with Sensonics range of compact machine mounted housings it provides a particularly cost effective solution for critical operational measurements, with a straightforward interface that requires no local power supply. Ideal for OEM applications, the driver also provides a raw buffered output of the vibration signal that can be utilised through portable analysis equipment for a more detailed picture of the dynamic performance of the machine. The 4-20mA loop powered modules provide easy integration with either the local machine PLC or a plant wide DCS since it is powered through the safety barrier measurement loop. All signal processing is carried out within the unit providing an output current proportional to either peak-to-peak shaft vibration or relative position or speed. Sensonics can provide expert advice on sensor selection based on your specific application and have over 40 years of experience in providing effective condition monitoring solutions. Further details from: Jason Kingdom, Sensonics Ltd, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK. +44 (0) 1442 876833

July 2017


July 2017

Mecmesin Taking it to the Next Level at Control 2017 with the Launch of the OmniTest-5.0™ Universal Testing Machine Mecmesin, is pleased to announce the launch of the new OmniTest-5.0™ Universal Testing Machine at the Control 2017 Exhibition. Designed to meet the diverse needs of both R&D laboratories and quality assurance environments, this new generation of universal testing machines offers enhanced performance and capability making it ideal for both Product and Materials testing applications alike up to a capacity of 5kN. The mechanical construction of the frame and drive system offers excellent rigidity with negligible frame deflection. The OmniTest-5.0™ frame takes up a relatively small bench space has an integrated cable management system and extended throat depth for testing of samples up to 200mm in diameter. The OmniTest-5.0™ has a simple-to-use front panel for selection of test parameters live load and length readings and precise manual crosshead positioning using the multifunction controller. Mecmesin’s new generation of electronics gives active load control and improved motor performance giving a speed range from 0.01 mm/min to 1200 mm/min with a positional resolution of 0.001 mm. The OmniTest-5.0™ incorporates state of the art electronics and a new Enhanced Load Sensor (ELS). Load accuracy is 0.5% rdg with a resolution of 1:25000 allowing a wider range of tests to be performed without the need to select a different load sensor. Flexible, reliable, and offering excellent value for money, the OmniTest-5.0™ is supplied with Mecmesin’s new VectorPro™ MT material analysis software enabling testing to many internationally recognised standards to be carried out. The system can be supplied with or without an extensometer depending on the customer’s actual testing requirement. Powerful, intuitive and touch screen friendly, Vector Pro™ MT has been designed with ease of use at the forefront through an intuitive drag & drop test


builder, icon driven graphing tools and highly configurable reporting options. VectorPro™ MT is built around a database that logs user permissions, test parameters, test versions and results. This database architecture provides an audit trail and e-signature functionality delivering compliance with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements. The OmniTest-5.0 can test a wide range of materials, including metals, polymers, composites, fabrics, glass and ceramics using the extensive selection of grips and fixtures, around which Mecmesin’s renowned application solving capability is based.

Mecmesin Ltd Managing Director John Page said: “We are delighted to be able to introduce the OmniTest-5.0 + VectorPro™ MT at the Control 2017 Exhibition, it delivers many of the features and functionality that we have been consistently asked for by our customers over a number of years. This new product is the first of many that will benefit from the new hardware /software technology platform we have developed and so announces a new exciting chapter for the Mecmesin Group. To find out more about the new OmniTest-5.0 UTM, please visit Mecmesin at the Control 2017 exhibition in Hall 4 on stand 4518 from the 9th to 12th May 2017.

Designed to Meet Your Needs, at Your Convenience Zero-cost valve industry updates at your premises Find new suppliers, products, technical solutions Hassle free, no down time

For more information and to register your interest please contact:

July 2017


Safety is for life: To protect the lives of customers, so that the employees of industrial companies can safely return to their families after work. That is the mission of the family-owned company REMBE. “Without the right products there is not much that can be achieved as with regard to Explosion Safety. Preventative measures are often unable to safely avoid explosions. However, if a manufacturer basis its actions by focussing just on its own products, then customer requirements will not be adequately fulfilled.” says Dr.-Ing. Johannes Lottermann, Director Explosion Safety at REMBE. This year, REMBE will once again exhibit the entire range of its products - Made in Germany. But that’s not what the focus is on. With “Consulting. Engineering. Products. Service.” as a truly practiced distinguishing characteristic, the team of Dr.-Ing. Johannes Lottermann visits industrial plants around the world, tests the safety concept within the scope of safety scans and, if desired, creates a safety concept which accommodates all applicable regulations, and also provides full compliance. The complete product portfolio allows the engineers to offer an Explosion Safety which is optimized for the respective application, and ranges from preventive all the way up to protective measures.

Fig. 1: REMBE scope of performance – much more than just products

“We are constantly working on the further development of our products, which is why we are the first choice for our customers,” says Roland Bunse, who has been with REMBE since the early 90s, and has recently been promoted as Managing Director of REMBE Research + Technology Center GmbH (RTC). RTC’s services have so far been offered by REMBE GmbH Safety + Control, but the demand for strength tests, proof of appropriate design and pressure tests has become so high that a separate company has been established. Due to confidentiality constraints, Mr. Bunse can not really say much about the tests carried out so far: “Our customers are from a wide range of industries. In most cases, the work concerns completely new media for which of the common key figures do not exist yet, or new applications that are not yet covered in the standards. In order to maintain a proven reliable but also economic Explosion Safety in such cases, it is recommended to conduct tests under controlled conditions, which are also accompanied by professionals. That is precisely what the customers will receive from us. And anyone who is aware of the turnaround time of the designated entities, of which there are unfortunately too few, should preferably come to RTC.”


At the REMBE booth, the engineers will demonstrate how their products are used in practice: On filters, silos and elevators. Three typical plant components of the bulk material industry. And because standstill is equal to backlog, there are also some new developments, among others in the field of flameless venting devices. This technology has already been invented by REMBE with the Q-Rohr in the 80s. Significantly involved: Roland Bunse. “At POWTECH, we are introducing a product that will set new standards. You will be absolutely amazed.” Says the explosion safety professional, who has been a permanent member of a wide range of specialist committees and standardization committees for Explosion Safety.

Fig. 2: with a new product which will be launched at POWTECH, REMBE will enlarge the family of flameless venting devices. Here: Q-Rohr and Q-Box.

As in previous years, the team around Roland Bunse will be demonstrating what is important for the Explosion Safety of industrial plants during the hosted live demonstrations. You will find REMBE GmbH Safety + Control in Hall 3, booth 3-244, and the REMBE Research + Technology Center directly opposite at booth 3-146. REMBE Kersting GmbH will also be exhibiting its range of samplers and measuring technology at booth 3-246. Contact: +49 2961 74050

July 2017

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SHEAR simplicity for drive protection‌

Gear Coupling Spacer

DIN / SAE Spacer

Pin & Bush coupling

Chain coupling

Unique Wedge construction gives ZERO backlash FAST RESET - drive re-set in minutes Clamping screws give positive axial location so the shear neck cannot be displaced from the correct position between flanges. Multiple pins gives a very high torque capacity within compact dimensions. Shear necks are standardised and coded, giving safe, tamper proof repeatability and spares economy. 'Fail safe' under all conditions, the Wedgegard is not effected by changes in temperature or humidity. The ability to release is not dependent on mechanism lubrication.

Sprocket coupling

Rigid coupling

Email : Web : Phone: 01453 750814 |39

Pumps & Valves Feature

July 2017

New greener GAST pump ranges provide greater flow and deeper vacuum


the leading designer and manufacturer of precision air products and member of the IDEX Corporation – is introducing a new range of vacuum pumps and compressors to its extensive portfolio. These new products are simple in operation, robust and an effective source of compressed air. The three pump and compressor ranges include sixteen oil-free and oil-lubricated rotary vane models and, in a first for the organisation, four claw pump models.

Announcing the new ranges, Gast Group’s Andrew Lidington explains that the company has extensive knowledge of the pneumatic industry and its customers’ needs continually drive the development and introduction of new and innovative products. “GAST is already renowned as a worldclass manufacturer of vacuum pumps and compressors and these additions to our portfolio will provide customers with products that, compared to our traditional offering, can deliver even greater flow and deeper vacuum. The addition of claw pumps also perfectly complements our portfolio and opens up new industries and sectors that we haven’t been able to participate in previously.” says Andrew. “Using simulation software and the latest manufacturing techniques, we believe that the performance of our new rotary vane and claw pump models are class-leading. The range is also more environmentallyfriendly than ever and, thanks to extended maintenance schedules, total cost of ownership is also significantly improved.” he says.

GAST Claw Pumps Claw pumps are an often-overlooked technology due to a slightly higher initial cost. However, compared to oil-free rotary vane, claw pumps use significantly less horsepower to provide similar vacuum capability. They also provide 100% duty cycle and, with no carbon vanes and significantly less gear lubricant to replace, are quicker, easier and cheaper to maintain. With only moderate energy consumption and very high efficiency, GAST’s four new claw pump models – PA.155, PA.315, VA.155 and VA.315 – use contactless rotors that are synchronised by gears without any lubrication in the pumping chamber. This frictionless operation avoids any residue (generated by rubbing during rotation) from


contaminating the air supply; and means lower maintenance and operating costs, longer lasting performance and improved total cost of ownership. With nominal capacities from 155 to 250m3/h at 50Hz, vacuum capability to 150mbar(abs) and pressures up to 2bar, the GAST claw pump range is ideal for numerous vacuum, compression, aeration, extraction and drying applications in sectors including printing, environmental, medical, bulk material handling, CNC machining and vacuum hold-down.

GAST Oil-Free Rotary Vane Pumps Adding to an already impressive portfolio of rotary vane pumps, two new oil-free models – SB.16 and SB.40 – being introduced feature an industrial Monobloc design with the rotor assembled directly on the motor shaft. This direct-drive design means fewer moving parts, making these new dry vacuum pumps extremely compact, reliable and easy to maintain. Additionally, a rear centrifugal fan ensures optimal cooling of the pump and each model is equipped with protective filters at the inlet and silencers at the outlet. Both models are also suitable for use as compressors. A third model, the SC.100, has the rotor installed on the shaft and fixed by two bearings, with the motor being connected by a flexible coupling. The fan is installed between the pump housing and motor to ensure optimal cooling; and a robust and compact housing provides protection and keeps noise levels extremely low. GAST’s new oil-free rotary vane models offer nominal capacities from 16 to 100m3/h at 50Hz. All models provide vacuum in excess of 120mbar(abs) and are ideal for applications including printing, conveying, wood/plastic presses,

automated packaging and pick and place operations.

GAST Oil-Lubricated Rotary Vane Pumps Ideal for applications as diverse as laboratory conditioning/refrigeration appliances, mass spectrometry, packaging, medical equipment, thermoforming machines and glass and marble machining, GAST’s new ten-model range of oillubricated rotary vane pumps – including the LB.8, LC.12, LC20, LC.25, LC40, LC60, LC106, LC151, LC.205 and LC.305 – are ideal where the intake flow may require higher flow and deeper vacuum. Additionally, and for applications where intake vapour is considerable, a WR version also features an integral system that separates oil and water condensate, which is then expelled when the pump is stopped. All six oil-lubricated models offer nominal capacities from 8 to 305m3/h at 50Hz and total final pressures between 2 and 0.1mbar(abs). Summarising, Andrew Lidington says that, thanks to their advanced performance, durability and ease of maintenance and serviceability, GAST products are trusted globally to operate in critical applications. “The introduction of these new pumps now provides us with a comprehensive product line, which will allow OEMs to minimise their product development timeline and investment and get to market faster than their competitors.” he says. For further information contact: Gast Group Limited Phone: +44 (0) 1527 504040, Fax: +44 (0) 1527 525262 Email: Web: /

July 2017

Pumps & Valves Feature

Whatever your product, our flagship HDM Rotary Valve will keep you flowing Call now for a FREE Assessment Made in Britain

+44 (0) 1249 651138

Rota Val Ltd., Bumpers Way, Bumpers Farm Ind. Est., Chippenham, Wiltshire SN14 6LH

Rota Val Launch New Web Site UK manufacturer of Rotary & Diverter Valves, Rota Val have just launched a new website. With the user experience in mind, the site focuses on easy navigation. To help customers work out what size valve they need, an app has been developed which when populated by industry, throughput and cleaning method, it will indicate what is needed. For customers more aware of their requirements there is a search by industry, where the search results will show the options available. There is a section clearly showing the accreditations that Rota Val have for their valves which include ATEX, ISO 9001 and the latest EHEDG certification which ensures that Rota Val can support food manufacturers with the strictest hygienic requirements to enable safe food production

Rota Val supply products around the world and there is a handy section showing agents and partners in different countries for when a local contact is sought. The product pages offer concise information which includes brochure downloads, ability to print the page or email the page to a colleague, the ATEX accreditation and a video in action where available.

For quick help and advice we have direct links to our engineers and customers can also keep up to date with recent news and social media links. For more details, please contact T: +44 1249 651138 E: W:


Pumps & Valves Feature

July 2017

How much oil is in your compressed air or gas mix? In food or pharmaceutical production where compressed air can be in contact with the product, any oil contamination in the air could ruin the batch, cause harm to consumers and result in expensive litigation if not detected. Breathing air systems also require monitoring whether directly fed from compressed air or using bottled gas as inhalation of oil can damage the operators lungs. This can affect welders, paint sprayers, fire fighters, recreational divers and other users just as contaminated O2 or mixed air supplies can harm pilots, commercial divers and medical patients. Oil can be present in air streams in liquid, aerosol and vapour states with vapour being the most difficult to remove through filtration. Vapour will always be present if the other two states are and it can also be present when liquid and aerosols are completely removed, making it an excellent indicator of air quality and filtration effectiveness. Conventional detection of oil vapour (according to ISO 8573-5) requires testing a sample extracted from a charcoal pack by solvents, with analysis through gas chromatography and mass spectroscopy methods which are very accurate but not convenient or cost effective for regular use unless there is a suitable laboratory to hand. This method is impractical for continuous monitoring. Modern advances in electronics have led to sensors that can detect and measure gas and VOC (Volatile Organic Compounds) concentrations with each having a tailored response according to the target chemical composition. These sensors can be very sensitive to minute changes and offer reliable and stable results making them ideal for both periodic and continuous monitoring.


The allowable lower limits for oil vapour that a sensor would be required to measure to would be defined by specific international standards. For example: Breathing apparatus (EN12021): 0.5mg/m³ Medical applications (EAB 407/1238): 0.1mg/m³ Compressed air class 1 (EN ISO 8573-1): 0.01mg/m³ With a long history of innovation in compressed air measurement, SUTO iTEC GmbH developed a range of PID sensor based solutions for measuring oil vapour from 0.003mg/m³ to 10.000mg/m³. In the current range there is a basic sensor for continuous measurement, a unit with inbuilt display and data logger for fixed or portable testing, and a combined unit that offers oil vapour with particle concentration, pressure and dew point measurement in a hand portable or panel mounted format.

In practice these devices provide accurate measurement of oil vapour that is reliable and also respond quickly to changes so that the user can take action before oil contamination levels become high enough to cause concern.

Red Dragon Limited 01443 772500

Pumps & Valves Feature

July 2017

...more than just pumps supplying quality products and service since 1975 UK Official Distributor


Dual Pumps Manufacturing offers a range of pumping equipment; from engine driven pressure washers to centrifugal pumps & high pressure pumping modules up to 500 Bar.

Pumps & Pumping Equipment Cleaning Equipment Cleaning Components Hose, Hose Reels & Accessories Fittings - Connectors - Filters Fluid Handling Components Spraying & Watering Engines - Motors - Generators - Frames


over 7,000 products online

High Pressure Plunger Pumps




Flows up to 41 Lpm Pressures up to 500 Bar





250 Bar 29 Lpm

200 Bar 41 Lpm

400 Bar 18 Lpm

500 Bar 15 Lpm

Request a copy NOW

Call 01664 567226 for more information

Entry Level Heating Block Starter Kit Asynt has introduced a new attractively priced starter kit based upon its DrySyn Classic heating blocks which are used in thousands of laboratories worldwide. The DrySyn Classic Starter Kit gives you a great opportunity to try the outstanding performance of this popular laboratory heating block which is compatible with the most commonly used round bottomed flask sizes (50, 100, 250, 500 and 1000ml). Included also in the starter kit are Asynt heat resistant handles which enable fast, easy and safe lifting of your heated reaction flask. Used in combination with a standard hotplate stirrer, DrySyn Classic units are widely proven to outperform the heat-conducting properties of oil baths. They pose a far lower fire risk and eliminate the messy and timeconsuming need to remove residual oil contamination from the outside of your glassware.

In addition to accelerating your chemical reactions - DrySyn Classic heating blocks ensure a safer, cleaner, healthier working environment. The DrySyn Classic also provides a superior alternative to heating mantles. The solid anodised aluminium construction of the DrySyn Classic delivers outstanding thermal and magnetic transfer efficiency and the durability suitable for use in any laboratory environment. Designed by chemists for chemists, the DrySyn Classic provides full unhindered visibility of your reaction For further information about the attractively priced DrySyn Classic starter kit please click here or contact Asynt on +44-1638-781709 /


LEEA events are open to all, non-members are always welcome to attend.*

LEEA Events Calendar 2017 21 February LEEA Technical Seminar | Marriott Hotel Doha | Qatar 18-20 April CERTX | Ritz Carlton Hotel | Riyadh Exhibiting in ballroom A, stand C2

LEEA head office

1–4 May Offshore Technology Conference | NRG Park | Houston Exhibiting on stand I339-D 8 May Members meeting | Holiday Inn | Perth City Centre Members only* 10 May Committee meeting | Holiday Inn | Potts Point | SydneyMembers only* 11 May Members Meeting | Holiday Inn | Potts Point | SydneyMembers only* 16 May EIC connect oil & gas UAE | Dusit Thani | Abu Dhabi Exhibiting on stand 13 16–17 May LEEA Seminar Nigeria | Hotel Presidential | Port Harcourt | Nigeria 17 May LEEA members meeting | Yas Rotana Island | Abu Dhabi Members only* 6–8 June Offshore Wind Energy | London Excel Exhibiting on stand S-M02 21–22 June | TBC Rail Live | Long Marston | Warwickshire 13–16 September OGI | Jakarta International Expo | Kemayoran Exhibiting on stand 436

LEEA 2017 ROADSHOWS 21 March Tankersley Manor | Tankersley | Nr. Sheffield 27 June Ramada Plaza | Belfast 29 June Red Cow | Moran | Dublin 20 September Holiday Inn Bristol | Filton | Bristol

3–6 October ICHCA | Las Palmas Exhibiting 29–30 November LiftEx 2017 | Telford International Centre | Telford Exhibiting

Book now at















VISION UK is dedicated to vision in the factory, on the production line and in the science field. Subjects include applications, components, instruments and systems.

VACUUM EXPO is the premier event in the UK bringing together all aspects of industry and research, helping visitors develop strong business relationships, research solutions, examine technologies for academia, research and technology for manufacturing.



Attend one, or multiple talks, or spend the whole day or days in a specific meeting - all offered free-of-charge - The Vacuum Symposium (all free except training courses) and free - Vacuum Technology Tutorials.

This event is THE place to solve your technology problems, come and learn how to utilise vision in your factory; amongst the exhibitors there will be someone to answer any vision, sensing, remote sensing or light based

technology questions and explain what techniques will be suitable for your application. VISION UK is a technology focus within a wider PHOTONEX exhibition and is co-located with VACUUM EXPO.


Every day, photonics finds ever more uses in research, industry and the consumer environment. Photonics technologies are of increasing importance to scientific research and for industry. Its use is growing... as is the PHOTONEX exhibition. PHOTONEX will feature every light-based technology imaginable. The event provides researchers and industry


engineers the unique opportunity to meet the UK’s top supplier companies, innovators & leading science groups and attend an in-depth Enlighten Conference covering applications, technology advances, innovations and emerging technologies in photonics based technologies.

THE ENLIGHTEN CONFERENCE In addition to the exhibition, the Enlighten Conference is a must-attend. This free event covers application and technology advances, innovations and emerging technologies, comprising of one and two-day programmes and educational tutorials.

With so much on show at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry on 11th & 12th October 2017, we are sure that you will want to attend. To receive up-to-date event news and join our mailing list, please subscribe here Click here if you are Interested in exhibiting? For Further Information, please contact Laurence Devereux of Xmark Media, Organisers of Photonex, Vision UK, Enlighten Conference and Vacuum Expo.

Contact Details: Xmark Media Ltd Old Village Hall, The Street, Effingham, Surrey KT24 5JS T: +44(0)1372 750555

SMART EXPO The Digital Manufacturing Show

15–16 November 2017 Exhibition Centre Liverpool

Is your business prepared for a revolution in manufacturing agility, innovation and thinking? Technology Zones - Smart Factory, Industrial Automation, Industrial Internet and Digital Transformation Mentor Clinics - Drop-in 15-minute consultations Innovation Alley - Showcasing manufacturing innovation Discover - The latest innovation in your industry Network - With over 4,000 of your peers Generate - Quality leads Source - Cutting edge products & services

Industry 4.0 is the future of our business: we have a good understanding of where we are going, but implementation will be difficult, and we know we have a long way to go.

Chairman, sub-£10 million engineering company

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July 2017

Endoline slashes 40% width off case erector to further egg industry success - PPMA, Stand H85 Endoline Machinery, the UK’s leading end of line systems manufacturer, will launch a brand new slimline Case Erector at PPMA 2017 – which is almost HALF the width of current case erecting systems and the narrowest on the market. Image 2: Sales of Endoline systems within the egg industry reached over a million pounds in the last 12 months alone

Image 1: Endoline’s new 251 Case Erector is almost half the width of a standard case erector

Initially designed to work with grading, packing and processing machines within the egg industry, where Endoline have seen sales boom for their kit, the new, compact 251 Case Erector is suitable for ANY food manufacturer where space is at a premium. Endoline designed the 251 Case Erector to be integrated into the egg grading, packing and processing equipment of globally renowned machinery manufacture, Moba. The launch of the new case erector also follows news that global sales of Endoline systems within the egg industry reached over a million pounds in the last 12 months alone, which is largely due to the company’s ongoing alliance with Moba. “For many years our case erectors have worked well alongside egg packing equipment.” Explains Andrew Yates, Sales Director for Endoline Machinery. “However, with 34 million eggs


consumed in the UK each day*, the egg industry is booming and, to fully capitalise on this, we recognised the need to create a universally recognised system which would meet egg packing machinery specifications exactly.”

minute, the machine has been fitted with Endoline’s unique, dual opposing vacuum system to ensure heavy cases are opened positively from both sides, eliminating tearing or issues associated with glue migration on new cases.

Integral to the design are technical components engineered to connect directly with Moba equipment and Endoline have synchronized several key features, including the control and alarm panels. The 251 Case Erector can be seamlessly integrated to work with all egg packing systems, for an inline, fully automated turnkey operation, enhancing the customer experience while enabling them to become even more efficient.

The 251 case erector is also ideal for customers with space constraints, an issue which is particularly common in the UK as there are a lot of companies who want to automate, but simply don’t have the space.

With an approximate 40% width reduction on Endoline’s standard case erectors, the 251 Case Erector measures just 1m wide by 2m long. With the ability to handle any of the required case size ranges, at a speed of up to 10 cases per

For further information on any of Endoline’s extensive range of machines, please contact Endoline on Tel: + 44 (0) 1767 316422, Fax: 01767 318033, email: or visit the website at


To see the 251 Case Erector, along with other systems from Endoline’s end of line machinery range, visit stand H85 at the forthcoming PPMA Show.





July 2017

SIGN UP TO ATTEND THE PREMIER BULK MATERIALS HANDLING EVENT OF THE YEAR It may only be the start of summer, but diaries are starting to fill for the autumn months so make sure yours has a visit to BULKEX17 firmly ‘inked’ in for 18 and 19 October. In the words of one repeat exhibitor: “BULKEX is where business gets done.” This two-day conference is entitled Bulk Handling Today and Tomorrow. With the change in traditional markets that have served the industry for over 70 years BULKEX, together with its organisers the Materials Handling Engineers Association (MHEA), gives inspiration by pointing the way to the future. A line-up of high quality seminars for BULKEX makes it an invaluable occasion to hear about current and impending opportunities and technical achievements in the bulk materials handling industry. The content and format will appeal to professionals not only from bulk materials but also related industries such as power, cement, quarrying, transport and ports. BULKEX17 is being held at Eastwood Hall in Nottingham, an attractive and central location, easy to reach from most parts of the country. Delegates can register for one or two days with the option of booking overnight accommodation and a ticket to the awards dinner. An online booking form is available via Supporting the conference is an informative exhibition of more than 50 stands representing the full spectrum of the sector’s businesses including components supply, rollers and motorised pulleys, bespoke design and manufacture, belt conveyors, valves, screens and drive technology. The busy exhibition hall with break out areas plus the dinner offer opportunities for networking further with speakers, delegates and exhibitors. Tickets to BULKEX are £60 (+VAT) for one day and £100 (+VAT) for two days.



26 – 28 September 2017


NEC, Birmingham


See the latest machinery in action

Network with industry peers

Gain valuable insights at seminars

“A day at the show gives you a year of vision” PPMA Show 2016 Visitor

Organised by

July 2017

SSI Schaefer’s Warehouse Management System WAMAS cited in Gartner Inc. Magic Quadrant and Market Guide WMS Reports SSI Schaefer, one of the few global material handling automation vendors to establish its warehouse management solution as a core competency, is proud to be cited by Gartner Inc. in two WMS reports. The company received a Notable Mention for its warehouse management system, WAMAS, in both the January 2016 Magic Quadrant for Warehouse Management Systems and the June 2016 Market Guide for European Warehouse Management Systems, which “provides European company heads of logistics an overview of the market for regionally centric WMS solutions.“ The WAMAS warehouse management system’s functional breadth and depth is based on SSI Schaefer’s profound intralogistics process know-how. SSI Schaefer’s long-term IT experience can be found in user-friendly setup and customisation options such as the 3D warehouse modeling tool, the graphical flow of goods configuration and a variety of predefined however customisable process variants. This allows customers to quickly adapt WAMAS to their process needs. Stateof-the-art platform technologies as well as a wide selection of supported devices, ranging from mobile and voice terminals to cell phones, tablets and wearables (e.g. pick-by-watch) ensure future-proof investments. When it comes to automated warehouses, WAMAS provides integrated warehouse control, which also supports a wide variety of devices from third party MHE vendors. Gartner does not endorse any vendor, product or service depicted in its research publications, and does not advise technology users to select only those vendors with the highest ratings or other designation. Gartner research publications consist of the opinions of Gartner’s research organization and should not be construed as statements of fact. Gartner disclaims all warranties, expressed or implied, with respect to this research, including any warranties of merchantability or fitness for a particular purpose.


LINE FEED SYSTEMS Plastic Containers, Carton Live Storage, Conveyors and simple Pick-by-Light functionality combine in one smoothly integrated system to simplify and expedite your production line operation. Talk to SSI Schaefer about your Storage and Automation requirements today

July 2017

The Fulton name has been synonymous with steam since the company first introduced the vertical tubeless steam boiler in 1949 and Fulton was established in Bristol in 1966. Fulton is still one of the world’s leading manufacturers, producing an unrivalled range of heat transfer solutions, including steam and thermal fluid systems, but increasingly these are ordered by customers as part of bespoke turnkey systems designed to meet exacting specifications.


oday Fulton Limited is an important design and manufacturing base in Fulton’s global network that also includes production facilities in the USA and China. The company’s UK facility makes it possible to manufacture products more efficiently and assemble completed units for whenever and wherever they are needed throughout the UK and in export markets. Once just a steam boiler manufacturer, Fulton now specialises in ready-to-ship skid mounted and fully packaged boiler plant rooms to meet the current demand for off-site fabrication. The company puts great emphasis in providing sales and application advice and a full commissioning and after sales service to a growing customer base in hospital and healthcare facilities, food and beverage processing, laundries and other applications. Design and manufacturing resources are shared and coordinated around the world, but no matter where your product originates, it will always be produced to the highest quality in a facility that is wholly owned and managed by the Fulton Group, which remains a privately owned family business. Fulton’s heat transfer solutions can be delivered as fully-prefabricated plant rooms or complete skid-mounted units, built to fit a prepared location and connect direct to your services. Using the latest CAD equipment its design team can accommodate the most sophisticated engineering specifications in surprisingly compact spaces, locating components in the best possible position to suit the installation.


In every sense, today’s Fulton heat transfer systems are solutions that fit the requirements of the modern age.

Revolutionary Technologies Fulton’s VSRT is claimed to be the most radical change to vertical steam boiler design since the company pioneered the vertical tubeless boiler in 1949! By adopting a systems-engineering approach to design and using its own ‘PURE’ technology, Fulton’s VSRT challenges the traditional heat transfer and mechanical design principles of vertical boilers. It also boasts industryleading performance with a 93.5% Net thermal efficiency from a fully-water-backed design with no refractory. With 30+ worldwide patents pending, the spiral-rib tubeless design is a world first and creates a compact boiler with the industry’s smallest footprint (40% smaller than Fulton’s equivalent 30hp J Series). Its ‘PURE Optimised’ architecture makes it durable and reliable, with up to 6:1 turndown through its fullymodulating burner. It is CE marked and complies with anticipated EU regulations, with its combustion technology being reconfigured and the mesh burner and furnace designed as a single component, resulting in NOx emissions of <40mg/kWh.

Further information on the products and services available from Fulton can be found at, by emailing or by calling +44 (0)117 972 3322.



The Technology of Light


Applications & solutions for industry |

Industrial Imaging, Machine Vision, Inspection, Factory Automation

Discover the difference between suppliers & products |

Technology in a Vacuum

Industrial Applications and Scientific Vacuum Technologies LED LIGHTING








PLUS Experience Innovations! You will have full and uninterrupted access to the Vacuum Symposium which comprises: RGA 13 - Advances in Mass Spectrometry for RGA TPW 2017 – Technological Plasma Workshop Thin Film and Coating Technologies for Science and Industry Surface Analysis

PLUS Application Workshops!

Behind everything in life, there’s vacuum |

July 2017

Who can? Kaizen


he Japanese word ‘Kaizen’ means continuous improvement, as a business philosophy it has gained traction globally over the past 70 years. At Teknomek, we are great believers in this and our own factory works on this principle. Flexibility is intrinsic to this approach and that may mean changing your thinking on how a facility is designed.

How a Japanese word is shaping how factories are designed Sue Springett, commercial manager at Teknomek

Designing a manufacturing facility is a highly involved undertaking with significant capex sign-off. While some businesses may have a very clear sense of exactly what they need to achieve and opt for a fully bespoke design, it generally pays not to be too dogmatic when it comes to the design principle. After all, market conditions can dictate that a facility may not always manufacture the same products. For many businesses, including our own, the output can change on a daily basis in line with the orders that have come in. Equally, new research on lean manufacturing processes (for example) can put even the most high-tech facility at a disadvantage if your competitors find they can cut their comparative operating costs. As such, it makes good commercial sense to build in a degree of flexibility, modular design is ‘futureproofed’ in that users will be able to flex where the furniture and equipment is placed. So, how do you go about building in flexibility? A sensible starting point is to decide what the must-have components are and to arrange these within a 2D room layout to scale. Develop the specification in collaboration with colleagues and end users from across the business from the


outset. By accessing your staff’s collective experience, there is a practical user consensus on where improvements can be made on the previous set up. It’s also advisable to bring in suppliers as early as possible during in the planning stage, you can call on their expertise to help define the optimal products and manage lead times required ahead of the facility going live. The next stage should be to produce CAD drawings to support the flat layout plan. This helps all

involved to visualise the facility in a more tangible form - what it will look like, how it will flow and function. To take this a step further you may even wish to consider a partial set-up. This helps to test the plan in a way no document can, and allows for the inevitable changes and tweaks required to deliver real operational efficiencies. From an operations perspective a modular approach just makes sense: Users aren’t stuck with an inflexible system if a design doesn’t work out and iterative improvements can be made to maximise ROI.



e rnitur u f c i n hygie r u o h y. wit othly iency is ke o m s n fic ons ru pment - Ef k i t e a r m e Op qui ekno and e ail@t

833 | 8 8 7 03 T: 016

| E: m k u . o c ek. knom e t : W


July 2017

Why you should always buy storage from an authorised distributor. Counterfeit storage technology has been around for many years and with the convenience of the internet this presents a golden opportunity for unscrupulous sellers to pedal their wares to unsuspecting purchasers. SD and microSD cards are arguably tow of the most common storage devices to be counterfeited but now we are seeing more and more SSD technology being touted at heavily discounted prices. Sites like eBay have a lot to answer for as they claim they do not allow counterfeits but they do not notify buyers they purchased a counterfeit item that could damage their equipment. Scammers are offering microSD cards on eBay at heavily discounted prices from companies like Sony, Samsung, Kingston, SanDisk, Toshiba plus some other lesser known brands. Convincing in looks these cards often have the lowest quality NAND Flash with way less capacity than actually advertised and it is not uncommon for these cards to actually fail. When the cards reach their maximum capacity they then start to overwrite and erase existing data. Consumers cannot determine the actual memory capacity of a counterfeit memory card by simply viewing the capacity displayed on their computer, phone or camera. The counterfeiters are too smart for that and simply overwrite the real memory capacity with a false capacity to match any capacity they print on the counterfeit packaging and card. The fake cards may tout certification from the FCC, CE, VCCI, and NATA leading you to believe that the card meets certification standards but they do not. And, there is no manufacturer to honour any warranty. The removable microSD card is an amazing, convenient and troublefree storage device. When it works, it is unnoticed. When you get a fake, it will be the very core of your frustration, despair and pain â&#x20AC;&#x201C; and your data may be gone.


If you are going to trust your data to a storage device, be sure to buy authentic memory cards from authorized distributors or retailers. It still amazes us here at Simms how many people still buy â&#x20AC;&#x153;trademarkedâ&#x20AC;? items on eBay from Chinese sellers given that manufacturers do not authorise sales on these kind of websites. We are often contacted by companies that have sourced storage technology from the internet even through reputable retailer sites. Although the items are not counterfeit they are often not suitable for the performance required of them. Price and capacity are the two driving factors rather than quality and performance. In the long term paying for quality will outstrip price. Storage technology can also be customised to ensure maximum longevity and performance. Technical expertise is available on how to customise these kinds of devices.

those offered by open market sources but purchased through approved distributors and resellers is usually more cost effective in the long term. OEM devices will have far superior quality and reliability levels, have 100% traceability and carry full factory warranties. Some distributors also offer a sample programme to

If you are going to trust your data to a storage device, be sure to buy authentic memory cards from authorized distributors or retailers.

The only way to ensure that storage components are authentic, have optimal quality and reliability levels, is to buy them exclusively through authorized sources. The upfront costs are sometimes higher than

ensure correct fit form and function, what you test is what you get with the same full services as listed above. In addition the BOM can be fixed, product registration is also an option to fix part numbers and secure fixed pricing. Some companies, including Simms issue End of Life and Part Change notifications as standard and work with the customer to offer suitable replacements to ensure supply longevity over the length of a programme.




July 2017

SG Transmission’s magnetic clutch saves military vehicle SG Transmission has designed and manufactured a magnetic clutch for a military vehicle.

SG Transmission was approached when the existing clutches in the vehicle became damaged and the same clutch design no longer existed anywhere else in the world. The engineering team designed the clutch to fit in the same space as the existing part, without any modifications to the vehicle and with comparable performance. Andy Collinson, CEO at SG Transmission, said: “We have a lot of experience in the design and manufacture of high precision, electromagnetic clutches. This special military sector project was particularly interesting due to the extreme conditions in which these vehicles operate.


“The experience, skills and knowledge of our in-house design engineers is world class and I am very proud that we could supply a solution to extend the life of the vehicles.” SG Transmission was established in 1972 and is a British manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches and brakes based in County Durham. +44 (0)1388 770 360

July 2017


July 2017

EL3751 multi-function terminal High-end measurement technology in the standard I/O system

Reliable and high-precision acquisition of measurement data offers tremendous potential to optimise machine efficiency and production quality. This can also be achieved for demanding measurement technology tasks with the integrated EL3751 solution from Beckhoff, which combines automation and measurement technology on one universal hardware and software platform. The EL3751 1-channel EtherCAT Terminal for analog measurement technology combines high measurement accuracy – ±0.01 % of the full scale value for most interfaces, at 25 °C (±5 °C) – with a high sampling rate of up to 10,000 samples per second and 24 bit resolution (incl. sign). Other important factors include long-term hardware stability through pre-aging, as well as extensive configuration options for the nominal measuring range of the input channel. The XFC technology (eXtreme Fast Control) functions are likewise available in the EL3751. Optionally, the measured data can be transmitted to higher-level automation devices with oversampling. The integrated distributed clocks ensure precisely synchronised sampling across the EtherCAT system. The “Extended Range” feature enables effective measurement even beyond the nominal measuring range, with possible extension up to 107 percent. To suppress aliasing effects, the input channel features two configurable numeric software filters up to 39th order FIR / 6th order IIR. The filters can be preselected or freely defined, so that a band stop or a band pass can be implemented.


The universal and integrated measurement solution Each EL3751 has a unique serial number and is available with a factory calibration certificate on request. Since the input channel can be parameterised comprehensively, both electrically and on the Software side, the measurement terminal can be used universally: The integrated supply and the switchable auxiliary resistors enable direct connection of: a resistor bridge (strain gauge) or a load cell, a fixed ohmic resistor, a PTC or a potentiometer. Universal use of the EL3751 is supported in large part by its full integration within the standard control system. This significantly reduces engineering effort and costs when integrating high-precision measurement technology, optimises production processes and opens the door to many new applications. Moreover, extremely highperformance software tools are available in the TwinCAT 3 automation suite from Beckhoff, which is integrated in Visual Studio®. The software platform includes valuable tools such as TwinCAT Analytics and Scope for advanced analysis of measurement data. Additionally, integration with MATLAB®/Simulink® enables the optional use of corresponding simulation models in TwinCAT 3.

July 2017

Untitled-1 1

12/05/2017 14:11


July 2017

THERMASET REPORTS SUCCESSFUL SUBCON SHOW Exhibiting at Subcon for the first time, powder coatings specialist Thermaset Limited reported a number of significant leads thanks to its problem solving capability and visitor interest in fluorescent coatings. The Staffordshire-based family owned business has grown into a small to medium sized enterprise with more than 30 employees - able to fulfil any order size or bespoke requirement, but small enough to provide a friendly and efficient service. Sales & Marketing Manager Ben Jennens commented: “We pride ourselves on our ethos of ‘challenge us to find a solution’ – whether it be colour, finish or application issues. Through early consultation we can ensure that not only is the right type of coating selected for a particular application, but also recommend what preparatory work needs to be


undertaken beforehand. “A number of end users of our powder coatings were also exhibiting at Subcon and we took the opportunity to get some honest and up-to-date feedback from them. The response was very positive about the quality of our finishes and performance.” Commercial Manager Nigel Crane added: “As a company we accommodate a wide range of customer requirements and, whilst price is almost certainly a factor, reputation is vitally important. Many of our customers have been with us for a decade or more, others dip in and out depending on their needs. “However, we believe that the level of customer service we offer, together with our in-depth technical expertise, is a major reason for our excellent customer retention record.”

Thermaset offers customers a choice of more than 600 stock items with next day delivery. The recognisable powder coatings expert boasts more than 30 years of industry experience and has acquired the status as of one of the largest manufacturers of its kind trading within the UK. The impressive and all-encompassing range features powder coatings in speciality, antibacterial, polyester, architectural, nylon modified, epoxy, post forming and epoxy polyester variations, and all products are sold direct by telephone, email and online. For further information please contact us on Tel: 01827 55777. Fax: 01827 53713. Email: Website:

July 2017


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July 2017

Additional size of aluminium profile to MiniTec range opens new doors

A different kind of Interconnect Solutions Provider

Custom RF Connectors

The Art of Simplicity Basingstoke based MiniTec has made a significant addition to its range of modular aluminium profile systems. A new intermediate size of profile, 90mm x 135mm is an important addition to the range as the very sturdy and stiff profile will open the door to new application areas where the standard smaller size profile is not suitable.

‘From drawing to delivery in just seven weeks’ – not a claim that many manufacturers of custom RF connectors can make, but by using locally sourced components and UK manufacture, IntelliConnect are able to offer this exceptional service – and at very competitive prices. Products include:

n Standard range RF connectors n Waterproof (Pisces range) n MMWave products n Cable assemblies n Multipin & Triaxial n Dustcaps For further information, please call us on +44 (0) 1245 247145, email or visit our website.

wing From dra in ry to delive ! ! k 7 wee s

THE UK’S ONLY MAJOR MANUFACTURER OF 50Ω COAXIAL CONNECTORS ABMS • BMA • C • N • SMA • TNC • Dustcaps Waterproof RF Connectors • Cable Assemblies

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03/04/2017 17:59

The central bore of the new profile size has a diameter of 32mm and is suitable for radial ball bearings sizes 6201 or 6002, or it can accommodate compressed air piping or an additional guide for hydraulic cylinders. MiniTec’s modular aluminium profile system has a contemporary design and is ideal for a wide range of industrial and lifestyle applications from assembly lines and workbenches to mobile sports seating areas and point of sale installations.

Keeping it simple, from design to installation Easy to assemble and disassemble, the profile system using standard M8 fasteners so all you need to is an Allen key to get started. You can design your product with the online iCAD tool which helps you select dimensions/shape and design. For more information about the MiniTec range contact Tel: 01256 365605


July 2017 PPMA Preview Atlas Copco to showcase latest advances in compressed air and vacuum technology at PPMA 2017

Atlas Copco is to exhibit its latest super-efficient air compressors and industrial vacuum pumps at The PPMA Show 2017, which takes place on 26-28 September at the NEC in Birmingham.

Visitors to stand F44 will have the opportunity to speak to the company’s packaging specialists and learn about its recently introduced GHS VSD+ rotary screw and DZM multiple dry claw vacuum pump systems, as well as the GA VSD+ oil-injected compressor range, which offer industry leading energy savings and are suitable for use in a variety of packaging and processing applications. The company will also be exhibiting nitrogen and oxygen generators and high-pressure oil-free compressors for PET blow moulding operations. Richard Oxley, Vacuum Product Manager at Atlas Copco commented, “Compressed air and vacuum are vital in numerous production processes within the packaging industry, from pneumatic conveying to thermoforming plastics and vacuum sealing meat and cheese products. With our latest vacuum pump systems and compressors, we’re able to offer companies in these sectors a wide range of different options to suit their specific application needs, and help them reduce energy and operating costs in the process.” Atlas Copco has recently extended its GHS VSD+ range of variable speed driven oil-sealed rotary screw pumps with the addition of three new models offering flow rates up to 5004 m3/h. The new GHS 3800-5400 VSD+ rotary screw pumps are particularly suited for large industrial vacuum users in the UK’s glass, plastics,


canning and food packaging industries. Companies in these sectors stand to reduce their energy consumption by up to 50 per cent if they upgrade their existing centralised vacuum systems or switch from using multiple, decentralised pointof-use pumps to a central vacuum system based on one or two super-efficient GHS VSD+ machines. The new pumps complement the existing GHS VSD+ range, launched in 2015, which incorporates state-of-the-art VSD technology and enables users to precisely adapt their vacuum generation requirements to match the demands of their process. Coupled with an innovative motor design and inlet control valve, the range has set new standards in terms of energy efficiency, noise levels and oilretention in industrial vacuum pumps. Typical applications include lifting and handling, forming and shaping, vacuum packing, preservation, freeze drying, pick and place and pneumatic conveying. Companies operating in dry working environments will be able to learn about the advantages of the recently launched DZM multiple vacuum pump system. Combining between two and four singlestage oil-free DZS claw vacuum pumps in a single compact housing, the new DZM system offers a high degree of performance and reliability. It is suitable for a wide variety of dry pumping applications – from packaging lines, pneumatic conveyors and clamping

systems for CNC machines, to moulding machines and drying processes. Dry claw vacuum pumps use two claw-shaped rotors running in opposite directions which do not touch each other or the pump chamber. Despite the very tight clearances between the rotors and casing, there is no contact between these components and the pumps are therefore virtually free from wear. Visitors seeking both a reliable source of compressed air and a reduction in their total cost of ownership are advised to drop by stand F44 and learn about the benefits of the GA VSD+ oil-injected compressor range. Specifically designed to help industrial air users reduce their energy consumption, GA VSD+ compressors are ideally suited for a range of processing applications in the packaging sector, ranging from operating diaphragm pumps for moving liquids to forming bottles and filling packaging. Delivering unsurpassed efficiency in a space-saving upright format, the compressors feature variable speed drive and a patented IP66, oilcooled, iPM motor, which is IE4 certified to the highest levels of motor efficiency. This combines to provide average energy savings of 50 per cent compared with fixed-speed alternatives. Thanks in part to an innovative cooling fan, GA VSD+ compressors produce only 67 dB(A), one of the lowest noise levels in the industry; meaning they can be installed on the work floor rather than having to be housed in a separate room.

July 2017

PPMA Preview

New multi-lane metal detector beats food waste challenge At PPMA 2017, stand A42, Fortress Technology will unveil how metal detection sensitivity accomplished by its multiaperture innovation can deliver optimal food safety whilst helping to eradicate false product rejects. Factory food waste is a huge issue. Yet, choices about production equipment, including metal detection and other quality control, can impact the 1.9 million tonnes* wasted annually by the UK food supply chain. WRAP estimates 1.1 million tonnes of this is avoidable, valuing it at £1.9 billion and attributing almost 90% to manufacturing.

Image 1: Avoidable UK manufacturing food waste is around 1.1 million tonnes p.a., much higher than retail waste.

Image 2: When multiple products pass side by side down a conveyor and through a single metal detector, reject rates for good product are high.

Forming the centrepiece of the Fortress display is the first UK live demonstration of the company’s new waste-reducing, triple-lane, multiaperture metal detector. Rather than channelling multiple lanes through a single metal detector, one Stealth metal detector is mounted across three conveyor lines. Each conveyor has its own BRC-approved reject system. This puts a stop to an entire row of good product being rejected and wasted if a contaminated product is identified on one line.

Image 3: With a multi-aperture metal detector, like the twin-lane installed by Dutch bakery Borgesius, potential contaminated products can be isolated by lane, reducing false rejects.

“In a 5-lane configuration this technically equates to an 400% reduction in false reject waste,” highlights Phil Brown, Fortress European Sales Director. Reliable industry estimates put the annual cost per production conveyor line of false rejects at up to £14,000, depending on the scale of the problem. Combining the physical waste with repeat machine stoppages, Phil asserts that this is a conservative figure. Having a dedicated aperture on each lane, measuring 175mmx75mm, also means it can detect even smaller metal particles, of all types, down 0.7 mm ferrous, 0.7 mm non ferrous and 1.4 mm stainless steel. What’s more, the smaller apertures cope better with orientation and product effect, again reducing the likelihood of false product rejects whilst safeguarding a food manufacturers brand reputation.

Image 4: The triple lane configuration on show at PPMA features Contact data software and a mobile App for remote interrogation.

Featuring Contact data software for remote interrogation, the multi-lane unit also optimises factory floor

space. This was the case with a twin lane version recently installed by Dutch bakery Borgesius where the closeness of conveyors made it logistically impossible to insert two metal detectors. Inspecting 3,600 loaves p/h, Borgesius Plant Manager Mr. Boneschansker comments: “Our twin-lane metal detector enables us to meet the stringent retailer Codes of Practice throughout Europe and have proven reliable and easy to operate.” End-users can save up to 50% of the space required by individual metal detectors, plus around 17% of the installation cost. With just one system to maintain and manage, longer term, the multi-aperture device improves total cost of ownership (TCO) by over 65%, taking into account reduced maintenance and parts requirements. Alongside the triple-lane system, Fortress will showcase three other key applications on its PPMA stand. They include a Stealth pipeline metal detector equipped with new Halo2 automatic test technology, an incline feed gravity metal detector, plus a horizontal Interceptor conveyor system that uses simultaneous multi-frequency technology to optimise sensitivity and inspection performance on notoriously difficult wet and conductive products like meat, dairy, ready meal and bakery items. For a full demonstration, visit Fortress Technology, Stand A42.


PPMA Preview

July 2017

New RF Auto codes troublesome ‘lift-the-flap’ sleeves with ease


esponding to the coding and handling challenges of the latest ‘lift-the-flap’ style luxury pack sleeve, Rotech will launch its new off-line RF Auto sleeve and carton friction feeder at PPMA 2017 (stand A37). This offline sleeve coding solution for overprinting essential information, such as batch numbers and use-by dates, accurately handles the latest cardboard watch sleeves which vary in thickness due to the new addition of an informational flap incorporated into the sleeve. Without any human intervention, the system’s patented auto-gate feature automatically adjusts to accommodate the varying thickness of each flat pack to boost coding productivity and eliminate set-up time and sleeve waste, which could amount to £20k per annum alone. The new lift-the-flap sleeve style is being used by premium brands looking to impart additional value-add product information for consumer benefit. The luxury packaging market is growing globally at a rate of 5% per annum which far exceeds that of general consumer goods packaging, explains Neil Farmer Associates: “Forecasts predict the market to be worth $17.6 billion by 2019, compared to 14.2 billion in 2014, which adds to the pressure for manufacturers to maximise the versatility of their coding operations. Rising demand for added value packaging and the introduction of new technology and innovations is driving this growth – Rotech has quickly responded with the launch of the RF Auto to facilitate this fast-paced market.” The RF Auto’s new auto-gate function targets manufacturers who find that increasingly varied packaging styles can present a challenge for conventional coding systems. The RF Auto stack-tostack feeder works using a noncontact thermal inkjet coder offering a complete offline overprinting solution. For the first time, the new


auto-gate function eliminates the need to make manual adjustments to handle cartons of different thicknesses, minimising set-up downtime in coding operations and eliminating waste packaging. With some manufacturers experiencing 10 product changeovers a day, this prevents wasting costly packaging sleeves or cartons which can cost up to 79p per sleeve comments Steve Ryan, Sales Director Rotech: “It’s quite possible that manufactures having to manually set-up and test a sleeve feeder could see waste amounting to £395 per week alone - the RF Auto is designed to eliminate this waste.” Conventional stack-to-stack carton and sleeve feeders ensure that the packs feed through the printer correctly by manually setting a separation finger to allow one pack through at a time. That setting varies depending on the thickness of the carton and making adjustments can add several minutes to the set-up each time. In contrast, the RF Auto’s auto-gate function eliminates these delays. In addition, simple controls and the use of quick-set hopper guides also help keep downtime to a minimum.

Rotech Machines Stand A37

The new lift-the-flap sleeve style is being used by premium brands looking to impart additional value-add product information for consumer benefit

Its small footprint allows the RF Auto to be moved easily between production lines. It offers high throughput speeds, with the high torque of its friction feed system retaining control over the cartons as they are automatically separated and dispensed. Offline coding is an increasingly attractive option for companies in industries such as food and pharmaceuticals, especially since unusual pack designs and the need to maintain a high-end finish can prove challenging for online solutions on today’s fast-paced production lines. To discover more about the RF Auto and Rotech’s other offline coding solutions, visit us on stand A37.

The latest ‘lift-the-flap’ style luxury pack sleeve with informational flap incorporated into the sleeve.

PPMA Preview

July 2017

Live palletising time trials showcase new Pallet+ technology

Pacepacker Services, PPMA 2017, Stand C50 Reprogramming the way a pallet is stacked using the usual robot teach pendants can be a laborious, time consuming, trial and error process. At PPMA 2017, stand C50, automation specialist Pacepacker Services unveils its NEW Pallet+ technology, which, thanks to time saving features including off-line programming, slashes set-up of a new pallet stack layout from around one hour to several minutes. Live palletising time trials will demonstrate how to modify a stacking recipe using Pallet+ versus using a robot teach pendant. Thanks to graphical elements and value-entry boxes, the Pallet+ interface can be operated without users understanding complex programming language, cutting recipe programming times by up to 800%! “Pallet+ is especially beneficial when handling rigid boxes where there is very little stacking tolerance, 5mm in some instances,” reports Pacepacker’s Technical Director Richard Gladwin. Could this be the end of engineer programming visits? Pacepacker believes so, giving packers more machine uptime, faster turnaround and greater production capacity. Compared to the previous steps of modifying a palletising stack format, which could involve multiple robot jogging and coordinated recording steps, Pallet+ users can perform programme changes on a control panel local to the machine or off-line via a separate computer. Pacepacker can even create new palletising recipes and email them to customers, or login remotely and upload. Pallet+ is being installed on all Pacepacker’s new robot palletising systems as standard. It can also be retrofitted to existing robots supplied by Pacepacker, including case loading, from all food and bulk sectors. Operation requires little or no programming knowledge, which given today’s in-house engineering skills shortages is proving a real benefit. As testimony, one longstanding customer is converting its entire robot programming systems after trialling Pallet+. Ideal for manufacturers and contract packers reliant on machine uptime to meet contract delivery schedules, Pallet+ enables factories to rapidly adjust to changing product formats, shapes and pack sizes, creating fast yet stable delivery pallets. It virtually eliminates any need for operatives to touch the robot pendant and cuts out all the time-consuming programming steps.

For palletising boxes, Pallet+ can adjust profiles to accommodate tight tolerances

Pallet+ will appear on a fully automated case erection, loading, closing and palletising line up, which forms the centrepiece of Pacepacker’s PPMA 2017 display.


PPMA Preview

July 2017

Omron debuts world’s fastest and first 4 arm Delta robot

Stand B34, PPMA Total Show, NEC*

With a pick rate of 300 per minute, Omron will debut the world’s fastest and most flexible Delta pick and place robot on stand B34 at PPMA 2017. The only Delta on the market with four arms, the Omron Quattro also offers a larger working envelope and a degree of manipulation not achievable elsewhere. Furthermore, the Quattro is also the only Delta robot which is USDA certified and constructed with materials that are safe for primary food handling, making it more hygienicallyadvanced than existing robots on the market.

traditional three arm Delta robots. The fourth arm allows the robot to reach up to 30% further than traditional designs, facilitating a larger operational area, including the ability to access wider conveyors. The extra arm also allows the robot to tilt, meaning the load can be placed at a different angle than it is picked – a real game changer for packaging and other automation applications. The powerful combination of speed, manipulation, reach and a 15kg payload will ensure the Omron Quattro Delta is ideal for any general automation application.

The key to the advanced performance of the Quattro Delta robot is a unique, patented, four arm rotational platform, which offers significant advantages over

Dan Rossek, Omron Marketing Manager comments: “PPMA members go out of their way to exhibit the latest cutting-edge technology to attract UK brand

owners from the food, pharma and FMCG industries. This year, Omron will debut the only 4 arm Delta robot in the world – the Quattro, which is also the fastest Delta robot on the market and the only system that’s USDA hygiene-certified. It’s a feat of engineering for all to see.” Complementing the Quattro Delta on stand B34, will be a preview of Omron’s futuristic OKAO software. The demonstration will show powerful gesture control over the production process, as well as how facial recognition can be used to unlock different levels of access to control functions and information. Omron will also demonstrate a new 4.0 ready visualization platform, giving a complete visual representation of critical machine and production data.



26 – 28 September 2017


NEC, Birmingham


See the latest machinery in action

Network with industry peers

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“A day at the show gives you a year of vision” PPMA Show 2016 Visitor

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July 2017

New range of geared motors is available off the shelf Renold Gears has announced the launch of a new range of geared motors, that is suitable for most industrial applications, and is available off-the-shelf for fast delivery. They are designed with an oil tight gear head to keep motor replacement free from oil spills, and feature cast iron cases with an epoxy-polyester, powdercoated finish for strength and durability. All the units in the new range are available as motorised, motor ready or as reducers with a keyed input shaft.

The new range includes the F Series shaft mounted, the K Series bevel helical, the R Series inline helical, and the S Series helical worm gear units. They have been designed with interchangeable Euro dimensions and accept standard IEC motors for fast and easy replacement.

The K Series bevel helical gear units are suitable for power ratings up to 160kW, with ratios up to 160:1, in three stages, and 35,000:1 in combined form. They can be supplied as triple and quintuple reduction units, and can be foot, flange or shaft mounted.

The F Series units are suitable for power ratings up to 110kW, with ratios up to 100:1 in double reduction and up to 5,600:1 in combined form. They can be supplied as double, triple and quintuple reduction units and may be either flange or shaft mounted.

The R Series inline helical gear units are suitable for power ratings up to 160kW, with ratios up to 58:1, in two stages, and 16,200:1 in combined form. They can be supplied as double, triple, quadruple and quintuple reduction units, and either foot or flange mounted.


The S Series helical worm gear units are suitable for power ratings up to 45kW, with ratios up to 250:1, in two stages, and 60,000:1 in combined form. They can be supplied as double, triple, quadruple and quintuple reduction units and may be either foot, flange or shaft mounted. Output torque is up to 16,500Nm on the F Series range, 33,000Nm on the K Series bevel helical range, up to 20,000Nm on the R Series inline helical range, and up to 10,000Nm on the S Series helical worm gear range, providing low cost per Nm. Detailed technical information is available on the new range as PDF downloads from

July 2017


at the University of Waterloo use MapleSim in New Approach to Tire Modeling Tires are a critical component in vehicle design. To save time and money in the design and development of new vehicles, automotive manufacturers typically use models to simulate the dynamic relationship between tires and road surfaces. Ideally, a tire model must accurately simulate the dynamics of the system and allow designers to vary its parameters, and simulations must also execute quickly.


xisting tire models have inherent drawbacks. Some existing tire models, such as the Pacejka magic formula tire model, are based solely on experimental data. Alternatives, such as finite element models, are extremely resource intensive, while other tire models represent the tire with a physical object, such as a string or brush. None of these models achieve an ideal balance of accuracy and efficiency. However, researchers at the University of Waterloo are taking a new approach to tire modeling with the ultimate goal of achieving this ideal balance. The research team, led by Dr. John McPhee, Professor of Systems Design Engineering, and Dr. Joydeep Banerjee, Lead Researcher, used Maplesoft’s system-leveling modeling tool, MapleSim, to develop and test a volumetric tire model. “The volumetric tire model developed in MapleSim


offers two distinct advantages over existing tire models,” said Dr. Banerjee. “Since the moments are calculated using kinematic data only, the model can be easily programmed for numerical simulations. In addition, the resistive torques are evaluated as functions of both normal load and angular speed of the wheel.” Using Maple, Maplesoft’s advanced computation engine, the symbolic expressions for the normal force and rolling resistance were derived as a function of the position and orientation of the tire. The distributed friction forces were symbolically integrated over the tire contact patch to calculate the traction forces and self-aligning moments. The researchers then used MapleSim to develop the model using custom components derived from the Maple expressions. To test the accuracy of the volumetric tire model, the model was used in a simulated drop test. An actual drop

test was performed on a MICHELIN® 195/65 R15 summer tire inflated to 33 psi. The tire model was assembled to undergo the same motion as the actual drop test. Using MapleSim, the drop and rebound of the tire were simulated. Another commercially available tire model, selected from MapleSim’s extensive Tire Library, was also used to compare the results. When comparing the results of the two models, the MapleSim volumetric tire model provided a slightly more accurate estimate for the position of the wheel. Initial results indicate that the MapleSim volumetric tire model is promising for use, not only for automobile tires, but for tires with higher camber angles, such as bicycle and motorcycle tires. To increase the fidelity of the model, the researchers plan on further testing of the volumetric tire model using data obtained from a Vehicle Measurement System (VMS). The VMS will provide information on the position, orientation and loads placed on the tire during actual driving tests of a vehicle. “While the initial results from the model look promising, the data from the VMS can be used to further fine tune the parameters of the tire model,” said Dr. McPhee. “Using MapleSim, we can take the analysis further by easily incorporating the tire model into detailed vehicle models for complete vehicle systems simulations.” *At the time of this research study, Dr. Joydeep Banerjee was a member of Dr. McPhee’s research team at the University of Waterloo. He is now employed with Maplesoft as an Application Engineer.

14,000 different standard c-class components in stock...

...INCLUDINg METAL & PLASTIC fASTENErS, ENCLOSUrES, CAbLE, CAbLE MANAgEMENT & fINIShINg PrODUCTS Optimas Components is a leading global supplier of C-class components, with a huge range of standard parts available from our online store. With nearly 50 yearsâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; experience of industrial markets, we also have the in-depth technical knowledge to help you specify the correct solution for your application, based on materials, technologies and standards. To learn more visit OPTIMAS SOLUTIONS LTD - COMPONENTS DIVISION

July 2017

Street Crane has partnered with Hayward Tyler to supply and install six new overhead cranes for its newly extended production facility, which is one of the most advanced of its kind in the world. Hayward Tyler designs, engineers and manufactures specialist motors and pumps for the most demanding environments across the global energy sector. Following a £20m investment it has turned its Lutonbased factory into a ‘Centre of Excellence’, including a 30,000 sq ft extension, which has more than doubled production capacity. Street has supplied and installed two 40-tonne double girder cranes in the newly extended part of the facility and replaced cranes in the existing part of the building with two 40-tonne and two 25-tonne double girder cranes. All new cranes operate between the existing and new part of the factory. Larry Redmond, Special Projects Director for Hayward Tyler explained: “We view our assembly and test

area as one big machine system and the cranes form a vital part of that machine, providing the appropriate lifting capability for the large motors and pumps we manufacture. The crane equipment is essential for all stages of the process including loading machines, as well as the assembly and testing of our products. “As the cranes will be in operation for a considerable time period, one of our key selection criteria was maintainability. The modular design approach used by Street gave us confidence in the future availability of appropriate parts and service levels.” The cranes feature heavy duty Street ZX hoists and have been designed to optimise space in the new part of the facility, providing a high tophook position. They are all operated by radio remote control equipment,

which improves safety and ease of operation as it allows the operator to take the optimum position for viewing and controlling lifting. All cranes also feature an infrared anticollision system to maximise crane safety. Larry continued: “Street’s ability to work in partnership with us was key to the success of this project. “The team worked closely with us throughout the design process to ensure the cranes would be fit for purpose and that there was minimal impact on production when the replacement cranes were installed in the existing part of the factory. “This required careful co-ordination with the main building contractor regarding removal and installation, including removing parts of the factory’s roof sheeting several times.”

Street partners with Hayward Tyler to help develop centre of excellence



July 2017

Titanium Stockists Ltd is a complete metals stockist and manufacturing company drawing on well over 50 years of steel industry experience. We carry a large range of stocks with further access to a wider range of metals and production processes to suit every task â&#x20AC;&#x201C; large or small. Titanium Stockists Ltd steel grades include titanium grades 2 and 5, nickel based alloys such as 718, 625, Alloys 400, K500 and other special grades such as A286 and Alloy 80A. Our product range includes bar, sheet, plate, tubes, rings, flanges, forgings, billets and finished products supplied in accordance to your specific requirements.

Our close working relationships with a number of Forges, from Open Die, Closed Die, Drop Stamping or GFM Pressing, all with ISO and / or Aerospace approvals, enables us to operate with complete flexibility and have manufacturing control when converting and processing ingot and billet stocks for further working. This allows us to allocate the most suitable start stock for fit for purpose alloy product, plan the best process route and achieve the most competitive price and delivery. Titanium Stockists Ltd are committed to offering the highest quality alloy product from stock or providing you with a first class manufacturing service from concept and design to final black forged or finished machined component. Our rapid and competitive response to your enquiries ensures that you remain one step ahead of your competitors. We look forward to speaking with you either for commercial enquiries or technical advice.

Titanium Stockists Ltd is an ISO Approved Company UNIT 1, 35 CATLEY RD, SHEFFIELD, S9 5JF TEL: +44( 0)114 2444616

FAX: + 44 (0)1144 388066

MOBILE: +44(0)7802 368589

Email: Company Registration No. 8987024 VAT No. GB 190 9388 68 sales


July 2017

Advanced Titanium Materials LTD Offshore & Onshore Products

52 |

specialises in the sourcing, stocking and supply of TITANIUM, Nickel Alloys and Duplex products

Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd has been a recognized name in the Sheffield metals and manufacturing industry for over 11 years. Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd carry a large range of materials and have access to metals and manufacturing processes to suite every task great or small. Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd range include titanium grades 2,5 including surgical grades, nickel based alloys such as A286, 718, 625, monel 400, K500, Nimonic 80 to name but a few. Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd can also supply a range of bar, sheet, plate, tubes, rings, flanges, forgings, billets and finished products to supply needs. We also stock a wide range of duplex products.

We have immediate access to variety of Forges, from Open Die, Closed Die, Drop Stamping or GMF Pressing all with ISO and Aerospace approvals. This gives us absolute flexibility and control when allocating Ingot stock for further working, as we can decide which company to use for the process route that gives the best price, delivery and fit for purpose alloy product We are ISO approved.

VAT Registration NO: 944 8664 77 Registered NO: 675 3869

Advanced Titanium Materials Ltd Unit 1 35 Catley rd, Darnall Sheffield S9 5Jf Tel.: +44 (0) 1142 395771 â&#x20AC;˘ Fax: +44 (0) 1142 768596




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July 2017

Hone-All Cherrycourt Way, Leighton Buzzard. LU7 4UH. Tel: 0845 5555 111 E-mail:

Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd Unit 4, Ridgeway, Crendon Industrial Area, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9BF Tel: +44 1844204420

Your Right Connection For Hygienic Process Systems Dixonâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s extensive hygienic and pharmaceutical range of products includes: fittings, tubing, hygienic unions, manual and automated valves, pumps, hose assemblies and a range of accessories.

Mixproof Valves

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Dixon offers a full range of FDA approved hose and hose assemblies offering odourless and taste free properties suitable for the transfer of liquid foodstuffs.

Food Grade Rubber



Dixon Group Europe Limited Tel: +44 (0)1772 323529 Email:

Engineering Update - July 2017  
Engineering Update - July 2017