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April 2019

April 2019

FASTEN ON TO FAST LIVE! Need to reduce costs? Keen to speed up production? Want your joints to resist vibration? Seeking a way to join dissimilar materials? Looking for lightweighting solutions? All of these challenges can be addressed at the FAST Live exhibition, the UK’s only specialist fastening, bonding and assembly event for design engineers, production professionals, manufacturers and fastener buyers.

The show is a great opportunity to meet with a host of experts in fastening and bonding. And it’s about much more than simply saving project or production time and money – it can also open up new and rewarding opportunities that businesses may not otherwise have considered. Staged twice yearly, the next FAST Live event is fast approaching. It will be held at The Silverstone Wing, Silverstone Circuit, Northamptonshire, on 9 May. Registration is now open and the show is free to attend.

REASONS TO BE THERE Here are a few more reasons why anyone seeking a fastening solution might want to attend FAST Live:

Find an innovative solution – discover lighter, cheaper and better alternatives to traditional fasteners; see new joining processes Live product demos – many exhibitors will be launching products, embracing adhesives, bonding, surface preparation, nut and bolt assembly and more Learn from technical seminars – the seminars focus on a variety of problem-solving solutions covering many engineering applications and design needs, including structural adhesives, lightweight fasteners, multimaterials joining and bonding.

Network – if you have a special requirement that needs a specific solution, this is the place to be Time-efficient – with an early opening time of 8:30am, attendees can tour the show, spec the right solutions and be back at work with the minimum of fuss Everything is free – FAST Live is free to attend, with free parking, free breakfast roll (before 10:30am) and free wifi. For more information, go to:











Silverstone, Northamptonshire


V I S I T W W W. F A S T L I V E . C O . U K

Man vs Machine Product Design & Manufacturing Showcase



With the future of the product design and manufacturing industries uncertain, now is the perfect time to ensure you are fully prepared to embrace technology to ensure your efficiency is maximised. This free event at The Birmingham Botanical Gardens on the 1st May 2019 will showcase the latest features and tips and tricks to make sure you are getting the most out of your investment. We will be looking at the newly released 2020 products and focusing on making the most out of the raft of products now included into your subscription. The event is focused on helping you become more efficient in Designing, Testing and Manufacturing.


If you’re interested in the event or would like to book your place, please contact us on 01844 263700 or email

April 2019

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April 2019

At the forefront of digital marketing, Engineering Update strives to bring its readers the latest in industrial engineering, in a format that provides the best usability and ease of use for it’s readers.

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April 2019

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Also featured this issue:

April 2019


he Mega_Link telemetry & control system, (which is enhanced and partnered with the Mega_Bridge IP communicator), is a low-cost and versatile telemetry communication system for passing two-way instrumentation, measurement and control data between industrial plant and equipment which can be distributed over wide geographical areas and remote locations. Our telemetry & control systems typically concentrate on point to point or point to multi-point communications for the "relay" of signals from one location to another. Simply put, digital and analogue inputs go in one end and they come out as outputs at the other location, and this works in both directions. Units are fully configurable so that for example; a multi-point system can be set up as required to "steer" input/output signals in any order and combination between units. Further input and output expansion modules are available to handle all the I/O you will ever need. The system can also interface with 3rd party PLCs and SCADA systems at either or both the basestation and outstation ends, using industry standard serial interfaces like Modbus, Allen Bradley and Mitsubishi protocols. For a typical radio system, our service often starts with a radio path site survey to check signal strengths in order to specify aerial requirements, cabling and pole lengths etc. as needed for our quotation. On receipt of an end customer's I/O requirements and your order we perform factory set up, test and supply of equipment, aerials and all necessary hardware. We can also offer optional on-site commissioning support if required for more complex systems and first time customers. While licensed and licence free UHF low power radio in the 458/869 MHz bands has been the mainstay of our telemetry communications through multiple generations of equipment, the product range has continuously evolved to also include 2G/3G/4G and Internet Protocol (IP) based solutions with IOT architecture.



Telemetry &

Control At Churchill Controls, we are the UK’s leading manufacturer of low power radio telemetry & control equipment. Founded in 1976 and based in Crowthorne, Berkshire, we supply cost effective solutions to the problems of monitoring and control of remote industrial plant and processes.

Our latest product, "Mega_Bridge" adds flexible and fully featured internet protocol (IP) connectivity to the wellestablished Mega_Link family of telemetry & control units used to pass two-way instrumentation, measurement and control data between equipment and industrial plant. IP connection scenarios range from simple selfcontained Local Area Networks (LAN), Wide Area Networks (WAN) to multiple networks anywhere across the internet for even wider distributed geographical areas and remote locations. Security is addressed by the incorporation AES-256 Bit encryption which is the widely accepted industry standard for data protection, along with a VPN capability.

Churchill Controls proudly supply telemetry products to water companies, utilities and their electrical contractors all over the UK and Ireland. We pride ourselves on the high level of customer technical support and spares/repairs backup we provide to our customers and their ICA Engineers, including previous generation and legacy products. Our long established pedigree and knowledge create flexible, versatile, self-contained, easy to install and ready to go out of the box products that do exactly what’s required. Telephone: +44 (0)1344 750233 Email: Website:



5 Comm ports inc. ethernet | Easy PID | Free no-limit programming | Hot-swappable I/O Built-in data logging | Integrated web-server | Motion made easy

Quality products, expert advice

020 3026 2670

April 2019


Custom Filters

– Made in Britain

Croft Filters Ltd, based in Warrington England, have been supplying custom filtration and separation solutions for over 32 years. Throughout this time Croft has developed a reputation for their quality, bespoke service through manufacturing a variety of products for a range of different industries including: Chemical, Oil, Gas, Energy, Pharmaceutical, Food and Beverage amongst many others worldwide.

Bespoke Filtration Solutions Croft specialises in custom filtration solutions, these are manufactured specifically to the Customer’s unique requirements and can be ordered as ‘one-off’s’ to small batches. Typical filter designs include: basket strainers, duplex filters, cone filters, cylinder filters and screen filters in perforated plate, wedge wire and woven wire mesh. Croft’s experience within the market alongside their drive for innovation allows the company to solve unique filtration problems that Customers are faced with. Croft can design and manufacture specific filtration solutions for Customers in order to maximise the potential of Customer’s filtration processes.

Self Cleaning Filters Croft Filters are a distributer for HiFlux Filtration A/S, a manufacture who


specialised in Self-Cleaning filtration units. As a result of this Croft has already supplied a range of different industries with Self-Cleaning filters designed to reduce downtime and operating costs for the user.

Additive Manufacturing – Metal 3D Printing In 2013 Croft invested into Additive Manufacturing, specifically Selective Laser Melting (SLM) in order to develop new innovative filtration solutions. Additive Manufacturing (AM), also known as metal 3D printing, is the process of creating a 3 dimensional component through a series of layers. Benefits of the Additive Manufacturing process, such as: part weight reduction, multi-part to single component and expanded design capabilities, allow Croft’s customers to re-think their approach to their designs in order to

improve the efficiency and utility of their parts or to deliver other supply chain advantages. Croft can advise on how to get the most out of the AM technology in order for Customers to achieve their desired advantages. Whether that means to improve the function of a filtration solution or to develop a new solution all together. Quality of both product and service has been the key to Croft’s success; the Company takes great pride in understanding their customer’s needs, quickly supplying them with a high quality product that exceeds Customer’s expectations. For more information about Croft’s filtration solutions or Croft’s Additive Manufacturing services: Call: 01925 766265 Email: Visit:

April 2019


Ecopac Power now have available the MEAN WELL EPP-500 series a 500 watt 5” by 3” open frame power supply

To increase their range of open frame power supplies MEAN WELL has developed the EPP-500 series a 500 watt high power density 5” x 3” open frame power supply. Key features of the EPP-500 series include: 500 watts of output power with 25CFM forced air and 320 watts with cooling by free air convection. This compact open frame can operate from -30℃ to +70℃ temperature with a no load power consumption of less than 0.5W. Manufactured with high efficiency of 94% and a 5 Volt and 12 Volt dc/0.5A auxiliary power this MEAN WELL open frame power supple is able to operate at an altitude of up to 5000 meters. The EPP-500 series is compatible for both Class I (with FG) and Class II (no FG) installations, making the power supply suitable for installations in both plastic and metal enclosures. Supplied with universal inputs of 80 – 264VAC and voltages from 12v to 54v. MEAN


WELL have designed this open frame 5” by 3” EPP-500 series with short circuit, overload, over voltage and over temperature protections with built in power good and power fail signals and remote sense. With international safety regulations such as TUV EN62368-1, UL62368-1 and IEC62368-1 CUL/EAC/ CB and CE ITE the EPP-500 series comes with a 3 year warranty and is suitable for all types of industrial electronics equipment, electromechanical instrument, factory automation systems, and applications that require low standby power consumption. Please call 01844 204430 or email for more information









+44 (0) 1844 204420 Email us at

Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd, Unit 4, Ridgeway, Crendon Industrial Area, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9BF

April 2019


Modular solutions for automated pallet conveyance Based on its successful Modular Conveyor Platform (MCP), Interroll is now introducing a modular platform for driven pallet conveyance onto the market. The Modular Pallet Conveyor Platform (MPP) system makes use of a number of components, including technical products that have been tried and tested hundreds of thousands of times by users. The new conveyor platform is an ideal addition to the Interroll Pallet & Carton Flow flow storage system. Reliable and efficient pallet handling is becoming increasingly important in modern goods flows. In many cases, this hinges primarily on keeping the transport times between goods receipt and goods dispatch, or between storage, production and commissioning facilities in a business to a minimum and ensuring that these transport processes are highly efficient by means of automation— and keeping planning processes streamlined, assembly requirements low and expansion options flexible.

Ideal for automated pallet transport Interroll's new solution for system integrators and plant constructors offers all this and more. The MPP is an exceptionally versatile pallet conveyor system, distinguished by its highly flexible modular design. In conjunction with Interroll's tried-and-tested Pallet & Carton Flow flow storage system, the new pallet conveying platform is an ideal foundation on which to build comprehensive pallet storage and conveying solutions of any type and for any application. Unlike the flow storage system, in which pallets are buffered in intermediate storage areas on inclined belts due to the force of gravity, the MPP is a driven conveying system for pallets. Depending on the application scenario, the drive is powered by gear or drum motors, which even enables the creation of zero-pressure-accumulation conveyors.

Simple planning, flexible design The fully modular system can be planned and arranged extremely simply and conveniently using Interroll's popular Layouter tool.


The MPP consists of chain or roller conveyors, as well as additional modules such as transfers and turntables. Unique modules for special functions are also available on request. The modules are optimally coordinated and fully preassembled on delivery in order to make installation as easy as possible. Additionally, the system can be modified or expanded incredibly easily and cost-effectively at a later date. Depending on the conveyor design and the chosen modules, pallets weighing up to 1,200 kg can be transported at a top speed of 0.5 metres per second. The elements in the system are guaranteed to function perfectly within a temperature range of -28 to +40° C., meaning that the MPP can also be used in low-temperature applications. Depending on the control system used, the system can be designed differently—for different weights, with a variable speed or with an integrated positioning function, for instance.

Pallet inspection stations can also be installed along the conveyor upon request. These enable the dimensions, weight, intactness or suitability of the pallets on the conveyor to be checked. Optionally, further inspections can be carried out: for example, in order to guarantee that only complete pallets with intact goods are transported on the conveyor. In all of this, however, Interroll has placed great importance on optimum workplace safety and a healthy work environment. The new MPP was extensively tested and subjected to extreme endurance tests and load tests before being introduced onto the market. It complies with all applicable safety regulations and generates a noise level of just 68 dB(A) during operation.

Protecting Your Plant Before

Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






RELIABILITY Tel : +44 (0)151 356 2322 Website: Fax: +44 (0)151 356 2437 Email:

Monitoring the world

April 2019

Linkam launches new addition to their humidity control system with support for nitrogen gas.


Market leaders in temperaturecontrolled microscopy, Linkam Scientific Instruments, announce the launch of a new insert gas regulator for the relative humidity controller, the RH95, to use with their range of temperature stages used in the characterization of materials, pharmaceuticals and foods.

The RH95 Relative Humidity Controller provides precise environmental sample control to Linkam’s range of temperature stages. Since its introduction, there have been many applications found ranging from testing and characterizing new photovoltaic materials, research into new battery technologies to the characterisation of pharmaceuticals. The RH95 can be used to control humidity inside one of Linkam’s many temperature stages or other sealed chamber up to a volume of 2000 ml from 5 to 90% RH. Unlike other humidity control systems, no costly dry air supply is required. Ambient air is dried through a specially designed automatic recycling desiccant system and so can be left controlling humidity for months at a time. Rather than simply monitoring the humidity of the air supplied to the chamber, a sensor is mounted inside the chamber to create a feedback loop to the controller, ensuring precise control. Humidity can have a significant effect on the properties of a material. These include cosmetic surface effects to changes in a sample’s mechanical properties and chemical changes such as creating polymorphs. Such experiments can be performed with the RH95 and Linkam heating cooling stages such as the LTS420 and THMS600 or the TST350 tensile stage.


Linkam have introduced a custom-designed gas regulator for the RH95 controller. As well as drawing air through the chamber, users now have the option to use nitrogen as the carrier gas for the water vapour The regulator allows the use of bottled or piped nitrogen gas with up to 5Bar input, which is automatically regulated down to a safe level for use with the RH95.The use of nitrogen as a carrier gas is important for studies where researchers want to remove the effects of oxidation and corrosion that may be caused by oxygen in ambient air. This opens up a whole new range of applications and experiments for the RH95 such as isolation studies. For information on Linkam's range of materials characterisation products including temperature stages and environmental control solutions, click here to visit the website.

April 2019

Protect your people, plant and processes Stay SAFE from STATIC Working in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical or food and beverage industries? From manual handling to industrial processing, the risk of generating static electricity is ever present. Transferring or mixing gases, liquids or solids, particularly in hazardous areas, could see a spark discharge, causing an explosion in your plant. Let Newson Gale help you mitigate such risks, using certified grounding and bonding clamps, visual verification systems and interlocking control units.

Are you protected? Don't compromise on safety, discuss your installation and arrange a FREE SITE VISIT: call +44 (0)115 940 7500 today!

Leading the way in hazardous area static control

Engineering Update 190x130mm Process advert 10-18 16 October 2018 14:49:37

pressure sensors KELLER (UK) Ltd. Little Keep Gate, Barrack Road, Dorchester, DT1 1AH UK and Ireland: T. 0845 643 2855 F. 0845 643 2866 E-Mail: Web:



AND EMBEDDED SIGNAL CONDITIONING – No external components – Ranges 0…1 bar thru to 0…200 bar – Accuracy, error band +/- 0,5%, 0…50 °C – Sizes Ø 11 m, 15 mm, 17 mm, 19 mm bar – Very low power consumption

PRECISION PRESSURE TRANSMITTER 33 X – Ranges 0…0,2 bar thru to 0…1000 bar, adjustable – Output signals: 4…20 mA, 0…10 V, RS485 Digital – Mathematical on-board error correction – Accuracy, error band 0,1 %FS, 10…40 °C – Optional enhanced precision to ± 0,01 %FS


April 2019

BSRIA Instrument Solutions Sales Manager Dan Higgins says “Protecting workers is of paramount importance to employers, personal monitors play an important role in monitoring their exposure to dangerous substances including respirable dust and aerosols. In some industries, the challenges of hazardous environments dictate the type of equipment that can be used, for example potentially volatile atmospheres requiring intrinsically safe equipment.

BSRIA Instrument Solutions gets personal for worker safety in hazardous environments

We are very excited to offer for purchase the TSI SidePak AM520i personal aerosol monitor, the industryleading intrinsically safe unit that provides worker protection in many challenging environments. We also supply the AM520 version of a monitor for general industrial applications”. The TSI SidePak AM520i is a small, lightweight, single-channel, portable, battery operated, data logging, lightscattering laser photometer that provides real-time aerosol mass concentration readings of dust, fumes, mists, smoke and fog within a workers’ breathing zone. The innovatively designed inlet conditioners increase the mass concentration capability and provide size fraction cut points including PM10, PM4 (Respirable), PM2.5 and PM1 by using the various interchangeable impactors supplied with the kit. Traditional gravimetric personal dust sampling provides a single data point, is expensive and requires waiting for samples to be analysed in a laboratory, an exercise which can often take several days. Gravimetric



sampling is often a requirement to achieve compliance, however realtime monitoring data provided by the AM520i means being able to take immediate corrective action. The AM520i is IECEx and ATEX certified and combined with its robust design, intuitive controls and long battery life (up to 20 hours) it can help achieve continuous compliance for worker protection in a variety of volatile environments. It is ideal for use in a range of industrial applications, including but not limited to aerospace, bulk material handling, chemical manufacturing and processing, confined spaces, mining, oil and gas, petrochemical and pharmaceutical. With a large easily readable screen, the AM520i displays real-time readings and has data logging capabilities for additional, offsite reporting. The user-friendly TrakPro software allows the operator to download logged data and quickly analyse the findings, allowing for the identification of source problems and corrective action to be taken in less time, helping to improve safety and comply with regulations.

Where more immediate monitoring information is required there is also an alarm function (both audible and visual) that can be triggered if a threshold concentration is breached, paramount for worker protection when personnel are operating potentially hazardous processes. BSRIA Instrument Solutions is a leading supplier of specialist test and measurement instruments since 1990 and can assist engineers from all industries in selecting instruments that meet and exceed their expectations. It has built its reputation by providing the most reliable and advanced test equipment from leading manufacturers supporting it with a high level of customer service they can offer a choice of thermal imaging solutions with products from the leading instrument manufacturers. For further details of the Instrument Solutions equipment hire, sales and calibration capabilities visit or call our team on freephone 0800 254 5566 (UK) or +44 (0) 1344 459 314.

April 2019

BSRIA Instrument Solutions Sales | Hire | Calibration

A true one-stop-shop with thousands of instruments ready for delivery

Fluid Carrying

Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond. Vacuum to over 20,000psi. Stock and bespoke production. Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.







Manufacturers include: FLIR, ChauvIn aRnoux, SIneRgy, RotRonIC, teSto, eLComponent, KatRonIC, FLexIm, FLuKe, vaISaLa, KImo, CIRRuS, dp meaSuRementS.

Same day delivery service available Order online Competitive prices Extensive product range

Contact us 0800 254 5566 (uK FRee) or +44 (0) 1344 459314


Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK

+44(0)1663 735003



April 2019


TOUCHPATH TO INSTALL WMS SYSTEM IN GLOBAL MANUFACTURER RENOLD’S NEW CHINA OPERATION • China will be the fifth WMS in TouchPath’s 12-country, 23-site Renold roll out for the global chain and gear manufacturer • Integrated ‘TouchWMS’ and ERP systems to manage all factory processes in Renold’s new 40,000 square metre, 300-employee China operation • “There is a great deal of raw material movement in our business and we need to know where our inventory is at any time” says Renold group business systems director Sarah Cobb As the latest stage of its 12-country, 23-site ‘TouchWMS’ system rollout for global chain and gear manufacturer Renold plc, international supply chain solutions provider TouchPath is installing its multi-lingual warehouse management system in Renold’s new 39,600 square metre, 300-employee China manufacturing plant. TouchWMS is already live in four Renold plants worldwide. Renold has a turnover of £183.4* million per annum and employs more than 2,000 people worldwide. (*Renold plc 2017 annual report) In Renold’s China chain manufacturing operation TouchWMS will integrate in real time with the company’s ‘Infor M3’ ERP system to manage all Renold’s factory processes.


Commenting on the company’s global WMS-ERP, new technology investment strategy Renold group business systems director Sarah Cobb says: “There is a great deal of raw material movement in our business and we need to know where our inventory is at any time - it boosts efficiency when you know exactly where the inventory is located that you need for a given operation. Our breadth and diversity demand good systems to underpin the business”. TouchWMS supports the full range of warehouse processes from goods receipt, guided put-away, task management, stock allocation and multi-zone wave picking, single order pick and pack or bulk order picking. Other processes that can be supported include automatic replenishment, load management, the generation of multi-lingual dispatch notes, and pallet manifests, plus integration with a range of carrier consignment systems. TouchWMS can run stand-alone or integrated with all mainstream ERP and other supply chain and legacy systems. It is currently available in 11 languages. TouchPath has operations in the UK (Halifax HX1 5ER) and the USA (High Point, NC 27265). “TouchPath brings clarity and insight to company business processes. With a single touch organisations can capture essential shop floor data, manage warehouse processes and better control the whereabouts of their assets” says TouchPath International CEO David Myers.

April 2019


Engine manufacturer Gibson Technology chooses Datalogic to drive traceability ambitions Datalogic, a global leader in automatic data capture and industrial automation markets, has announced that its Ulyxe laser marking system has been chosen by Gibson Technology to enable consistent and reliable marking of components used in its high-performance race engines.

Once the need was identified, Gibson Technology worked closely with specialist supplier Laser Lines, to understand more about the different laser marking systems that were available. “Performance and reliability are critically important attributes in the class of racing engines that we design and manufacture here at Gibson Technology”, explains Operations Director, John Manchester. “In case there ever is a problem with a component, we need to individually mark each part used in each engine with a unique manufacturing batch number to provide full traceability of when a part was produced, the material specification that was used and the engines that the components have been fitted in.” Gibson Technology needed to be able to mark anything from carbon fiber, titanium and steel, through to aluminum and plastic in a variety of shapes and sizes. “The consistency and accuracy of the marks across different parts was a very important consideration for us,” states Manchester. “However, the speed and ease of marking was also extremely important to ensure that other areas of the manufacturing process were not delayed.” Gibson Technology had previously used


dot peen technology to mark parts, however the system proved to be extremely time-consuming and was difficult to use, making the whole process inefficient.

is in use. Training was also delivered by the Laser Lines engineer on the same day that the system was installed and calibrated to ensure the client was up and running as soon as possible.                            

“To help Gibson Technology feel assured that they were choosing a solution that would best meet their requirements, we arranged an onsite demonstration,” comments Chris Ogden, Industrial & Scientific Laser Division Manager at Laser Lines. “During this consultative meeting, we were able mark a range of different materials for Gibson so they could see the quality and consistency of the marks first-hand and evaluate the ease of use.”

“Being able to mark parts in the manner we do now has already had a big impact on our operations,” Manchester surmises. “Reducing the process time from the shop floor through to inspection to actual assembly has been a big advantage to us. It was always really important for us to identify a machine that we knew would be accurate, consistent and reliable and certainly with the Datalogic solution we have met all those requirements.”  

Manchester comments “The Datalogic Ulyxe laser marking system came out on top. While there were many different systems out there, the speed and accuracy of the marks produced by the Datalogic system was far superior to the other competitors.”

Kamran Farooq, UK & Ireland Sales Manager, Manufacturing at Datalogic concludes, “We have worked in partnership with Laser Lines for 20 years and are thrilled to have been involved in delivering this exciting laser marking application for Gibson Technology. With such a diverse range of materials to mark, we are pleased to see the Ulyxe system excelling to provide enhanced traceability for these high-performance engines.” sible.                            

In addition to supplying the laser marker itself, Laser Lines also provided an appropriate sized workstation to Gibson Technology that would enable them to mark both small and large parts and provide the required levels of safety for operators when the machine

Click here to see the full interview and solution

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SHEAR simplicity for drive protection…

Gear Coupling Spacer

DIN / SAE Spacer

Pin & Bush coupling

Chain coupling

Unique Wedge construction gives ZERO backlash FAST RESET - drive re-set in minutes Clamping screws give positive axial location so the shear neck cannot be displaced from the correct position between flanges. Multiple pins gives a very high torque capacity within compact dimensions. Shear necks are standardised and coded, giving safe, tamper proof repeatability and spares economy. 'Fail safe' under all conditions, the Wedgegard is not effected by changes in temperature or humidity. The ability to release is not dependent on mechanism lubrication.

Sprocket coupling

Rigid coupling

Email : Web : Phone: 01453 750814

Precise coolant filtration VDF vortex dynamic filter One-pass filtration: > 90% of 5µm particles One-pass filtration: > 99% of 25µm particles Filters both ferrous and non-ferrous Simple waste disposal options – automated operation available Wide range of sizes and capacities 9 models: flows from 10 lpm to 1,000 lpm Body materials: 9 in SUS13 & 3 in resin (PA6)

• • • •

VDF 70 - 70 lpm

No foaming, cleaner coolant, longer tool life Reduced running costs, low maintenance Element-free, no filter element replacement costs The environmentally friendly one-pass solution

Aeration&Mixing Ltd Sheffield UK T: +44 (0) 1302 215 156

Web: E-mail:

VDF 1000 – 1,000 lpm


April 2019



Offering you a portfolio of solutions for your process instrumentation requirements Status Instruments brings cost effective and reliable process instrumentation to an unlimited variety of process engineering industries and as a result, puts new product development at the heart of its business. See our full range of British-made products which include temperature transmitters, signal conditioners, signal isolators, splitters, panel meters, loop powered indicators, pressure and humidity transmitters as well as temperature probes on-line at or via our 2018 Product Guide. We understand the importance of diverse applications and supply products with wireless capabilities, battery powered solutions and, in challenging environments, our hazardous-area products will provide peace of mind. Our Product Support Engineer is on hand to discuss applications and to offer help and advice. Cost effective solutions that provide more benefits to users Status Instruments are seeing continued success in versatile process instrumentation design with their DIN rail SEM1700 universal signal conditioner. This British designed and manufactured high-accuracy smart signal conditioner is finding applications in a wide range of process and OEM installations across a broad range of industries from food to petrochemical. In addition to standard 13 thermocouple and 8 RTD inputs, process inputs can include voltage, current and potentiometer which all have user programmable ranges. For example, the current input can be programmed to any value between -30 to 30mA and the voltage input for any value between -10 to 10 V DC. Signal inversion is also possible. The SEM1700 can also cope with active and passive current loops on both the input and output. So can easily power a wide range of loop powered transmitters. This range also includes the programmable SEM1720 and SEM1750 as dual channel process signal input conditioners which also double up as signal splitters.


The importance of product development “It has always been our aim to stay ahead of the market with new ideas or to provide more effective alternatives to products already available. Our team of experienced designers have come up with a terrific range of products, all with ease of use and low cost of ownership as standard benefits,� explains Ian Pullin, Managing Director at Status Instruments.

We have many innovative product solutions in the pipeline, with a range of new products becoming available soon. We actively encourage our customers to get in touch with us to see how our custom design team can support their future requirements.

April 2019

Fluid Carrying



Flexibility Articulated Torsion Pipework In Hoses Rotating Cylinders

Swivel Joints Swivel joints allow pipework to pressure 1/4” to 40” and beyond.

Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations

Vacuum to over 20,000psi.

Impact, abrasion and point load resistance

Stock and bespoke production.

Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two

Unique bearing/seal design for longer life. ISO 9001 CE marked where applicable.

Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warranties…

Call 01952

740400 or visit us online.

RESPOL - innovative flooring solutions GUARANTEED! Tel:

Bingswood Trading Estate Whaley Bridge | High Peak | SK23 7LY | UK

+44(0)1663 735003



Accredited Contractor


April 2019


First WRAS ‘certified’ submersible level sensor VEGA Controls is proud to announce another innovative first for the water sector. They have achieved the first ever WRAS approval of a submersible pressure sensor as a whole device. This means a full product certificate number registration and listing on the WRAS approved product list. The VEGAWELL submersible pressure sensor is the first and only transmitter of this type to be fully WRAS certified and meets the requirements of Regulation 31 (4)(b). The WRAS certification means it will not contaminate or harbour microbial growth when used in potable or drinking water. This enables it to be deployed anywhere on the water supply chain: from the heart of a water treatment facility, to monitoring in the network or measurement of drinking water on a business premises. as standard, PE cable lengths up to 1000m, as well as an optional PT100 output for water temperature measurement.

WRAS explained

Laboratory tested Uniquely for this type of sensor, it has been fully laboratory tested and assessed as a compete device/assembly. This was on top of the materials of the individual components, which included testing and scrutiny of their composition, design and surface finishes. A newly certified material has also been added, the 99.9% pure CERTEC® Sapphire ceramic that makes up the sensor diaphragm of the sensor. This is what makes the measurement of these devices so highly accurate and repeatable with almost zero-drift, yet extremely robust, pressureshock and overload resistant. The VEGAWELL WRAS certified transmitter is now capable of cost effective, safe level and pressure measurement of drinking water throughout the supply chain. With ranges from 0.1 Bar to 60 Bar, it is extremely versatile, and suitable applications include clean water reservoirs, pump control, storage or small header tanks and associated pipework, found either in the water company supply or end users on- site storage or ‘towns water’ buffer tanks. Additionally, it features integrated lightning protection


What is WRAS ? It is the Water Regulations Advisory Scheme and it is a conformance mark that demonstrates that an item complies with high standards set out in the UK water regulations established in 1999. It is enforced by the UK water supply companies. It covers all plumbing systems, water fittings, and equipment supplied, or to be supplied, with water from the public water supply. The Water Regulations 1999 (and within those Regulation 31) are enforced by the UK water supply companies (who essentially act as appointed/ authorised enforcement for the UK Government) and this is the fundamental legal requirement. A WRAS approval number is a way of proving that the item meets a part of the above legislation. Of course it needs to be used in an appropriate way to meet those regulations too. Ray Tregale, Managing Director of VEGA Controls said, “This is an important first for us and our customers who want to use submersible pressure sensors in drinking water supply. We want to distinguish the difference of this certification - we put in a lot of time and effort to achieve it - as many manufacturers designate sensors as ‘approved’, but in reality they are not WRAS certified or listed on the WRAS website.” He added, “The certification of the VEGAWELL 52 also gives water supply companies peace of mind as it also conforms to Regulation 31 (4) (b)” from the DWI.“ For further information or a demonstration about the product, certification and its capabilities, contact VEGA Controls Ltd. E-Mail: Web: Tel +44 1444 870055

April 2019



The intelligent path to customer-specific connections: ODU-MAC – our versatile modular connector solution enables the transmission of power, high current, high voltage, coax, high-speed data, fiber optics and other media such as air or fluid. For your made-to-measure connection.

COMPLETE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS ODU provides pre-assembled component solutions. Our development and manufacturing expertise, combined with our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and the USA, enable us to offer our customers outstanding assemblies and a full range of logistics services.


ODU-UK Ltd. Phone: +44 03301509 002 266433 0640


April 2019

Engineering the future of asset maintenance – byte by byte Civil and structural engineers at Lanes Group plc are helping clients move from an old world of inadequate asset information to a new one of precision knowledge that pays dividends in cost control and programme efficiency.

“Rail is one of the most complex and regulated industries in the UK,” says Andrew McQueen. “If we can do a good job there, we feel that we can be of significant help to clients elsewhere.”

Deployment of new digital technologies to support asset surveying is transforming the type, amount and quality of data that can be quickly captured to define structures and how they need to be maintained.

In most cases, remote-access digital capture systems remove the need to gain access to the exterior of sites, so expensive scaffolding or other access systems are not needed, and safety is greatly enhanced.

The new approaches embraced by Lanes Group Professional Services are allowing clients to much more accurately and confidently assess a wide range of assets, including buildings, transport infrastructure and drainage systems.

However, as important as the process of recording data is, the expertise and insight needed to manipulate and share it with clients, so they can quickly make informed maintenance decisions is equally essential.

In turn, this will lead to the development of more robust and better-coordinated maintenance and development programmes, allowing budgets to be planned and controlled with greater assurance.

Andrew McQueen says: “It is important to use the correct technology in the correct circumstance to gather the data and then present it in a way that is as helpful and userfriendly as possible.

Lanes Group, the UK’s largest independent drainage specialist, has expanded its offer to include professional engineering services because customers increasingly want more and better data about their assets.

“Our approach is collaborative and customer-focussed. We’re looking at ways to use The Cloud to store and present data, so the reliance on client hardware and data storage systems is minimised.

Andrew McQueen, Head of Lanes Group Professional Services, says: “New digital technologies for capturing, manipulating and analysing data amount to nothing less than a revolution in asset management.

“The ability to interrogate data through virtual reality will soon become commonplace. Presenting data and reports in different ways best-suited for different audiences in decision-making units is also important.

“Asset surveys using more traditional techniques based primarily on visual inspection, often from distance due to access costs and restrictions can often provide an incomplete data set.

“Our clients have multiple uses for asset data. It will be useful for engineers to plan structural maintenance and site development, with all elements recorded with digital asset tags to assess asset condition, control and value over time.

“This can lead to further issues being discovered during work phases, resulting in the need for difficult decisions about prioritising maintenance or budget overruns.

“Equally, it could be also used by soft FM service providers, like pest control specialists, to develop more effective site control activities. In the world of the Internet of Everything, recording the position, condition and performance of assets will become vital. That’s what we are all about.”

“New ways of capturing digital data, though what we call preproject scoping surveys, allow us to obtain a complete visual understanding of a structure’s condition. “This means our clients have a more precise understanding from the outset of the condition of their asset, even large and complex ones, and can precisely plan maintenance and refurbishment activities and budgets from the start.” Digital data capture systems being used by Lanes Group Professional Services include UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) with HD stills and video cameras, 360-degree imaging cameras and 3D laser scanning systems. Its teams are based within Lanes Group’s Rail Division, where they work with Network Rail and Transport for London to survey and help maintain rail infrastructure and associated assets. They are also working with increasing numbers of clients outside the rail industry, including utilities, construction, propertydevelopment and facilities management.


April 2019


April 2019


British Company helps Polish Students in US Aircraft Building Competition The aircraft designers of tomorrow use Fir Tree Buttons from JET PRESS When a student aerospace design team were given a very challenging brief for the 2019 Aero Design competition they turned to JET PRESS for a solution. The team from the Warsaw University of Technology have won more awards in the SAE Aero Design competition than anyone else, but the latest brief for the Micro class significantly raised the bar.

A light aircraft assembled in 3 minutes Lightweight unmanned aircraft are increasingly being used in humanitarian operations and the criteria for the competition reflect the needs of this area. For 2019 the students have to design an aircraft that not only fits into a small cardboard box but can be removed and assembled in less than 3 minutes. Then it has to be hand launched and take a payload to a specific location. The students will take the aircraft they are designing to the US in April where they will demonstrate the capabilities of the aircraft and discuss the design process with the judges. The judges decided that the payload this year would be low density PVC pipes. The team had to find a very strong and light weight way to attach the payload


The buttons are very light, strong and assembly is quick and fool proof. JET PRESS was happy to donate Double-Ended FTB086 and FTB056 Fir Tree Buttons. At the time of writing we don’t know how Warsaw University of Technology will get on but everyone at JET PRESS is certainly rooting for them. to the aircraft and hold the pipes together. And the fixing has to be done quickly and easily. This is where JET PRESS came in.

Fastenings that meet the strictest criteria The team came up with the idea of using large Fir Tree Buttons to attach the payload to the aircraft wings and double ended Fir Tree Buttons to hold the pipes together. Urszula Golyska, a member of the student design team, was asked why they approached JET PRESS. “We were looking around for a clever way to attach the pipes to the aircraft and we stumbled upon a similar kind of fasteners on another company's website. We ordered a sample, but they turned out to be too loose and didn't hold the payload in place. We started to look for other options and we found Fir Tree Fasteners on the JET PRESS website. We decided to approach JET PRESS, and here we are now.”

The Warsaw University of Technology In the 2018 SAE Aero Design competition the 12 strong Warsaw University of Technology team took third place in the general classification in the Advanced class, 1st place for the technical presentation in this class and third place for the accuracy of the drop. They are hoping for even better results in 2019. The team is from the Interdepartmental Scientific Organisation in the Faculty of Power and Aeronautical Engineering. The University is widely considered to be the best technical university in Poland and has a global reputation for its graduates and scientific and technical achievements.

SAE Aero Design The SAE Aero Design competition is a real‐world design challenge designed to compress a typical aircraft development program into one calendar year. This takes participants through the system engineering process of breaking down requirements. It exposes participants to the nuances of conceptual design, manufacturing, system integration, test, and sell‐off through demonstration. +44 1623 551800

April 2019



Experts in metal & plastic engineered fasteners • Extensive stocks available for rapid delivery! • Vast range of proven solutions to choose from • First class technical support & customer service • Bespoke design, development & manufacturing

Find your solution at • 01623 551 800


April 2019

RK Rose + Krieger RK Rose+Krieger have been

making them ideal for height,

manufacturing components

width and length adjustment of

for automation and machine

packing machines in the food

building for over 40 years. Our


extensive range of products in the fields of linear adjustment, profile technology, connecting and module technology are renowned and respected for their reliability and performance. As a company we are always striving to look for new ways to advance our products. For example, we have recently introduced a new 100% corrosion resistant unit to our popular range of E type tubular linear units within our linear technology range of products. These units available in sizes 30 and 40 have stainless steel trapezoidal threads which are self-locking and have an

stainless steel ball bearings and have drain holes. The range of guide carriages made from 1.4308 grade stainless steel, have a guide bush as standard and additional stainless steel slot covers can be added to protect from dust or limit the stroke. Within our range of connecting elements, we have our robust clamps. These are made from corrosion resistant 1.4308 grade stainless steel. They are extremely strong, vibration proof with good impact

upgraded working temperature

and shock loading.

range of -30 to +80 degrees

Stainless steel clamps are

C. They can operate with FDA approved lubricants and are suitable for wash down areas


The end elements incorporate

particularly important for users working in the fields of chemical and food technology.

April 2019 The demand for stainless steel clamps is especially high for the bottling, packaging and processing technology as well as for outdoor appliances and equipment bearing thermal loads. We work constantly and with great dedication on innovative products and solutions for our customers. The range of linear, lifting column, profile and connecting technology products include catalogue as well as tailor-made products, system solutions such as platforms, work stations and special projects. We are happy to advise you in choosing a product or to develop a tailor-made system solution with you from our extensive modular product range. RK Rose+Krieger 26 Faraday Road Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP19 8RY 01296 611660


April 2019

Industry 4.0 – Will the Revolution Lead to More Smart Patents The patent system is credited as the crucial legal foundation from which the first industrial revolution was built. Milestone inventions such as the steam engine, power looms, the Cotton Gin and many more were all granted patent protection and by providing manufacturers with legal rights to prevent copying, innovation and industry flourished. Paul Misselbrook


which have a technical effect on a specific manufacturing process. Standing now at the start of the fourth industrial revolution that is characterised by the significant modern developments in cyberphysical systems, we have moved into the age that manufacturers are calling Industry 4.0. Industry 4.0 promises to digitalise and optimise the manufacturing process. Using enabling technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Neural Networks, Blockchain, Industrial Internet of Things (IOT), and big data analytics; manufacturers are already moving towards the ‘smart factory’ where processes and supply chains are simulated and optimised with every machine connected and monitored for the mass customisation of products. Following the trend of the previous industrial ages, the patent system also faces challenges in providing the right environment to stimulate innovation. Innovations in AI/ML face challenges in falling within the ‘specific technical implementation’ test and patentability concepts will again need to evolve to cope with innovations in computer implemented simulation that may have a technical effect in a virtual world not existing outside the computer.

From the mechanised production of the first industrial revolution, innovation in the manufacturing industry shifted focus to mass production and electrification at the start of the second Industrial revolution, and again to advances in computerisation, robotics and automation during the third industrial revolution. Fundamental concepts defining patentability, the threshold at which innovation should be granted protection, were formulated from the hardware innovations of the first industrial revolution. As the third industrial revolution gathered pace, despite the existing concept


of patentability specifically excluding ‘software as such’ from protection, the UK and European patent systems have evolved a concept of ‘technical character’ to enable patents to be granted for computer implemented inventions to protect innovation in software. Technical character may be found in features of a computer implemented invention that improve the efficiency or security of a process, or which reduce the use of computer resources, or the rate of data transfer in a communication link. Notably for the manufacturing industry, technical character may also be found in features of a computer program

History suggests the patent system will evolve to provide protection for Industry 4.0 innovations. Indeed, Venner Shipley are actively engaged with law-makers in the development of new patentability guidelines for computer implemented inventions and are also handling an important appeal referral to the EPO Enlarged Board of Appeal, that could result in an important precedence in the patentability of computer implemented simulations. If you are innovating in Industry 4.0, please contact Venner Shipley’s team of attorneys to discuss how you might protect your investment with a ‘smart patent’. Paul Misselbrook is a dual-qualified patent and trade mark attorney and a qualified IP litigator. He heads up Venner Shipley’s Manchester office.

Rapidox 2100-OEM-RSB Small but mighty. Effortless integration into products and processes. The compact design (4.5� x 3.0�) allows integration into the tightest of spaces yet comes with the same performance specifications and features of our exisiting OEM analysers. The board is fitted with a robust cabled zirconia sensor, which is ideal for providing fast and accurate remote in-situ gas analysis over the the full oxygen range 10-20ppm to 30% O2. Zirconia oxygen sensors are extremely rugged and particularly suitable for monitoring inert atmospheres and aggressive industrial applications directly within manufacturing processes such as metal 3D printers, soldering ovens and furnaces.

Contact us today: + 44 (0)1480 462142

April 2019

Han-Eco® B offers the ability to rear mount inserts

HARTING has over 70 years’ experience of producing robust industrial connectors. From the very beginning, the focus was always on developing a product which would be easy to handle, durable and adaptable for a range of uses. Another important consideration was an ethos of continuous innovation, which gives users reliable solutions even as markets and industries evolve. For example, using connectors in control panels for production and manufacturing has always involved a complex and time-consuming installation process. What’s more, companies now need the ability to change the configuration of their connections quickly and efficiently in order to offer their customers the flexibility of modular manufacturing. As a result, HARTING have developed the Han-Eco® B, a new series of hoods and housings available in a range of designs including bulkhead, surface mount and cable-to-cable. They are manufactured from highperformance polyamide plastic, which offers IP65 protection and complies with standards IEC 61948 and EN 45545-2. In addition, the hoods and housings are suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, thanks to their resistance to environmental impacts. A big advantage of using Han-Eco® B in control panels is the time-savings that can be achieved, thanks mainly to the ability to rear mount inserts. Engineers no longer have to install cables through the bulkhead mounted


housing before assembling the contact inserts. Instead, pre-assembled inserts can be directly snapped into the housing from the rear, simplifying cabinet assembly and saving you time and money. This development also gives you the flexibility to pre-assemble the switch cabinet units and cable harnesses separately if you wish, further improving efficiency and time-savings. Both monobloc and modular inserts can be inserted into the Han-Eco® B housings, the latter in combination with the Han-Modular® hinged frame, giving you an unparalleled choice of data, signal and power options. Furthermore, the Han-Eco® B is entirely compatible with standard metal Han® B housings, meaning both variants can be integrated into your production equipment. Transportation is another industry which can benefit from the innovations offered by these new lightweight connectors. Manufacturers are striving to minimise energy consumption in order to improve efficiencies, and switching from metal connectors to Han-Eco® B allows you to achieve substantial weight savings of up to 50%. By using lightweight components, it’s possible to deliver cost savings by reducing the energy consumption per passenger-mile. Click here to learn more about the benefits of using Han-Eco® B Tel: 01604 827500 Email:

Smart ideas make work more straightforward and faster. Han-Eco速 B. Rear mounting option allows for a separate pre-assembly of entire cable harnesses.

The new connectors of the Han-Eco速 B series provide valuable time advantages for equipment using the Han速 B industry standard. Learn how! Han-Eco速 B. Thought differently. Done better.


April 2019


Add Vacuum Expo to your diary! Why? Because Vacuum Expo which will be held at Ricoh Arena, Coventry on the 9th & 10th October 2019. Two action-packed days of learning, networking and connecting of suppliers, trade groups, technology developers and consultants with users of vacuum technologies in manufacturing, R&D and machine building - it is a must-attend Vacuum technology is used in a multitude of situations it is a central commodity in the technology for manufacturing a host of products which are now part of everyday living, such as the glasses we wear, TV screens, photovoltaic panels and the chips in our PCs and this leads to our slogan: Behind Everything in Life, there’s Vacuum.

An enabling technology Vacuum is a goto technology for enabling a vast diversity of applications and processes. Leak detection is an example, at the core of a leak detector is a vacuum system. The number of components and systems which must be systematically checked for leaks is constantly rising around the world. This is because in many industries both the quality and the functionality of components and apparatus are closely connected with their tightness. Typical applications are; Pharmaceutical packaging, medical devices, automotive powertrain and fuel systems, HVAC manufacturers, aerospace and semiconductors.

Opportunity to view live demonstrations. In the exhibition there will be live demonstrations of equipment and every step of processes from factory handling to accelerator science will be covered. Alongside there is a selection of specialist meetings as part of the co-located 10th Vacuum Symposium. Vacuum Expo offers a unique vantage point for engineers to develop their knowledge in vacuum technology handling and attend a range of expertlead training sessions which will explore the usage, implications and challenges of such technology in the UK’s highly-demanding industry.


Speaking after the 2018 event about the Vacuum Symposium, Laurence Devereux, Event Director commented “Training places at the Vacuum Symposium were full very early in the year with the most popular training session being ‘Vacuum – the basic principles’. It just shows how important ongoing professional development is for engineers in industry and research” he added “Vacuum Expo has yet again increased its attendance and is firmly established as the No 1 meeting place for vacuum technologies.”

More information please visit Co-located event

Photonics devices and instruments; cameras, automotive imaging (CMOS/LIDAR), industrial imaging, machine vision, thermal vision | fibreoptics for optical communications and sensor technology (stress/strain) | Lasers for welding/ cutting | Probes and spectroscopy for online measurements | UV Curing. More information please visit

ANNOUNCING Industrial Applications and Scientific Vacuum Technologies



Europe’s largest vacuum technologies exhibition

Exhibition. Training. Conference. Connect with suppliers, attend training courses, see what’s new!

For applications in Accellerator Science, Analytical, R & D, Automotive, Coating, Solar, Wind, Metallurgy, Food and Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Process Industries, Space Technology, Utilities and many more.

Contact: +44 1372 750555 or email


What’s New in



18 – 19 September 2019 E V E RY T H I N G E L E C T R O N I C S : E M B E D D E D , E N G I N E E R I N G , D E S I G N A N D M A N U FA C T U R I N G

ANNOUNCING: Taking place in the heart of the midlands at the NAEC Stoneleigh, Warwickshire With manufacturing in the UK thriving, revel in the industry positivity by showcasing your company at WNIE Live 2019, the UK's longest running electronics, embedded and manufacturing event. WNIE LIve features a huge amount of unique content over the two days, including exhibitors, conferences, seminars, workshops and round-table debates. New for 2019 is the Marketplace, The UK Manufacturing and Automation Pavilion and the PCB Pavilion Marketplace. YOU WON’T FIND THIS CONTENT ANYWHERE ELSE, EVEN ONLINE!

To get a floorplan and pricing please call, visit or email


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BE AN EXHIBITOR... What’s New in Electronics Live delivers a comprehensive 2-day event covering the whole spectrum of the electronics, embedded, design, manufacturing and engineering industry. With an international exhibitor list of companies showing products and services to support this sector, plus conferences, workshops, discussion panels and live features, WNIE Live IS the unmissable event of 2019.

An inclusive exhibitor marketing package worth up to £2,500 Lunch on us – included in stand booking FREE parking and Wi-Fi for you and your visitors Improved service charges Exclusive exhibitor lounge New interactive features & sessions



+ 44 (0)1428 609 382




April 2019


PASS Software Suite Presentation and Free Training Seminar in Nigeria, Abuja Affordable, Smart Simulation & Sizing Tools for Every Piping and Equipment Engineer/Designer PASS Software Suite team and it’s Nigerian distributor Authur-Imperium Global Energy (A.I.G.E) Limited, are pleased to announce their decision to exhibit PASS Software Suite at the 18 th Nigerian Oil & Gas Conference & Exhibition which will be held at the International Conference Center in Abuja, Nigeria from July 1-4, 2019. Look for PASS at Booth #E156 at July 2-4. The PASS Team and AIGE will also be hosting a fullday software seminar and training on July 5, 2019. A completion certificate will be offered for all attenders. Please contact AIGE to register for the seminar/ training and get your completion certificate: • WEBSITE: • MOBILE: +234(0)8066306719 • E-MAIL: TRAINING@AIGE.INFO “We are happy to propose our PASS software at service of Nigerian community of process and piping engineers”, said Leonid Korelstein, VP of Research & Development at PSRE Co – developer of PASS. Authur-Imperium Global Energy (AIGE) is an authorized reseller of the PASS Software Suite in Nigeria, Ghana, Togo, and Equatorial Guinea. AIGE is an ICT/CAD training company well known for excellent results for software training with industrial examples. Since its incorporation in 2016, AIGE has executed multiple industrial CAD training sessions across different disciplines. The PASS Software seminar and training will allow for a deeper dive into the PASS Software Suite which offers smart, easy-to-use analysis, simulation, and code compliant sizing tools for every piping and equipment engineer/designer. PASS/START-PROF provides comprehensive pipe stress, flexibility, stability, and fatigue strength analysis with related sizing calculations according to international codes and standards.


PASS/HYDROSYSTEM provides diameter selection, heat and hydraulic and flow assurance analysis of steady state and transient flow in piping systems of any complexity, including multiphase flow in networks with loops according to international practice. PASS/EQUIP provides strength and stability analysis for horizontal and vertical vessels, columns, storage tanks, as well as shell, tube, and air-cooled heat exchangers, nozzles under static and seismic loads according to international codes and standards. The PASS Software Suite has proven its usefulness helping more than 2000 customers around the globe to successfully and efficiently design complex piping systems and related equipment. • Website: • Youtube: • Facebook: • LinkedIn: Visit the PASS contact page to learn more about the existing distributors of PASS Software Suite and contact PSRE Co if you are interested in becoming a PASS Software Suite distributor. About PASS. The PASS Software Suite from PSRE Co offers smart, easy-to-use analysis, simulation, and code compliant sizing tools for every piping and equipment engineer/designer enabling new users to perform piping and related equipment analysis in days rather than months. The PASS software tools combine embedded intelligence with powerful capabilities and unsurpassed usability.

1-3 OCTOBER 2019 NEC, BiRmiNgham






April 2019


More top exhibitors sign up for Sensors & Instrumentation Live Sensors & Instrumentation Live 2019 is shaping up to be the biggest in the show's history. Taking place in Hall 2 at the NEC, Birmingham on Wednesday 25 and Thursday 26 September 2019, the show’s already impressive exhibitor line-up continues to grow. Charcroft Electronics is one of many companies that has confirmed its place at the exhibition. Charcroft is a specialist manufacturer and distributor of commercial, BS/CECC and Mil-Std Passive, Interconnect, Emech, Power and Hi-Rel Semi’s product lines. Charcroft is also a franchised distributor, including several major international franchises. With full franchises and approved distributor status for broadline and specialist manufacturers, Charcroft combines inventories of products for RoHS compliant and RoHS exempt applications. Commenting on exhibiting at the exhibition, Kathryn Stevenson, Charcroft Electronics, says: “Charcroft Electronics will be exhibiting at Sensors and Instrumentation 2019 together with Sensata and TT Electronics. You will find us showcasing the latest products and technologies and be able to meet our product specialists on stand 49.” SIKA will also be displaying its products at Sensors & Instrumentation Live. The company is active in the development, production and sale of measuring, monitoring and calibration devices. Visitors can pop along to the SIKA stand to find equipment for the measurement of temperature, pressure, flow, humidity and level. Rheintacho is another company that is returning to exhibit at the event. The company specialises in the manufacture of products used to detect, measure and control rotational speed and linear movement. The company’s product range includes multi-functional rotational speed sensors, rotational speed sensors and many specially customised rotational speed sensors for specific customer applications. Other companies who have already confirmed their presence at the 2019 exhibition include Shawcity, DSL, LPRS, Blubug, Bronkhorst, Measurement Solutions Limited, Keller, Kistler, BINDER,


Mantracourt Electronics, DEWESoft and Trafag. As well as seeing the latest products from market-leading companies at Sensors & Instrumentation Live, visitors can also attend free training at the event in two new feature areas - the Engineering Symposium and the Enterprise Hub. Engineering Symposium DJB Instruments is working with Sensors & Instrumentation Live to present CPDaccredited training that is driven by sensor innovation and the very latest in engineering. DJB will bring together a team of speakers from some of the UK’s leading technology and engineering companies to present a two day programme which provides a combination of technical training sessions. The Enterprise Hub The Enterprise Hub will explore the different opportunities that are available to manufacturers to help grow businesses. Representatives from key engineering institutions and organisations will give a series of invaluable presentations, giving visitors an insight into topics including training, funding, apprenticeships and standards. Attending the Enterprise Hub and Engineering Symposium is free so let the experts provide you with the guidance you need to expand your business.

Innovation Showcase The Innovation Showcase provides an assembly of the most cutting-edge products and solutions available from exhibitors. Visitors can get hands-on with devices and make sure they do not miss out on a single thing at the busy exhibition. Colocation The 2019 exhibition is colocated with the TCT Show and IMHX providing more opportunities to network than ever before. The one ticket policy for Sensors & Instrumentation Live means that visitors only need to register once to get access to the event and TCT. As a platform dedicated to showcasing the latest technology in the fields of test, measurement and control, the Sensors & Instrumentation attracts influencers and key decision makers that are looking to source the latest products and solutions and stay up to date with the latest developments. If you would like to find out more information about the exhibition, please visit the Sensors & Instrumentation Live website. Alternatively, if you would like to find out more about exhibiting at the event, please contact event director Louise Pudney (

Join us and more to celebrate 10 years of

Headline Sponsor

25 & 26 September 2019 Hall 2, NEC Birmingham

To find out more visit


April 2019


Registration is open now for the biggest and best ever Robotics and Automation exhibition Due to its phenomenal success and rapid growth, the Robotics & Automation exhibition is moving to the Ricoh Arena, Coventry UK on the 29th and 30th October 2019.

The exhibition will be a comprehensive display of robot manufacturers, stem integrators, and experts in automation and machine vision - demonstrating the latest equipment and services available. The event will be a platform for key industry players to share the latest innovation with the industry. The exhibition will be packed with live demonstrations of the latest technology – there’s no better was to assess the latest solutions than to see them perform before your eyes. Many of our exhibitors use the event as a platform for launching their latest solutions – make sure you are one of the first to see the latest innovation and use this knowledge to stay one step ahead of the competition.


The completely free Robotics and Automation Conference will also be taking place which will boast a comprehensive line up of topics and industry leading speakers covering hot topics and discussing key issues facing the industry at the moment. Passes are completely free for end-users at making this an unmissable opportunity in 2019 to meet and chat face to face with the companies transforming the logistics and manufacturing industries. For more information please contact: Email: Telephone: 07429429462

9 1 20

e n J o t 1 s -2 r 9 e 1 t v i l Si ircu C Y L U


7,500+ ATTENDEES 4,000+ STUDENTS 130




Get up close and personal with over 100 teams as they compete to build, test and race the best combustion engines and electric single-seater racing cars. Built entirely by student teams from around the world, check out all the action with the engineers of the future who might just go on to design, build and race the F1 cars of the future. Plus, check out the first teams to compete in the new FS-AI competition where teams run an autonomous vehicle!




April 2019


MHEA announces stellar speaker programme for


The Materials Handling Engineers Association has begun to announce its stellar speaker programme for BULKEX 2019. The thoughtleading programme for the annual technical conference includes speakers from: Network Rail; Lynemouth Power Station; Immingham Bulk Terminal; Atex Explosions; Compass Minerals; Thames Tideway; and The Wolfson Centre. The annual conference and exhibition takes place between 16 -17 October at the Eastwood Hall Hotel, Nottingham, and is a must-attend event for anyone involved in the bulk materials handling industry or those contracting services from the sector. As well as a full speaker programme, BULKEX also includes an exhibition and industry awards dinner on the evening of 16 October. Entries for the Excellence Awards will open soon with full details available on the website. With nearly 75% of stands already sold, businesses interested in attending BULKEX are encouraged to contact the MHEA Secretary, Teresa Glen on There are also an exciting range of sponsorship packages available for the event and businesses should enquire as soon as possible if they are interested.


John Connolly, President of the MHEA, said: “The high calibre of businesses we have attracted to speak at this year’s BULKEX is again impressive and exciting. It demonstrates, once again, what an excellent forum BULKEX is to meet colleagues and peers; to listen and share the latest news, innovative ideas and good practice; as well as hear from leading industry experts. The bulk materials handling industry is in great form as we look to 2020 and beyond. We are proud to be showcasing both its thought leadership and commercial innovation once again.” For more information about exhibiting or attending BULKEX 2019 please go to or contact Teresa Glen by emailing or call the MHEA on 01787 226995.

Tomorrow’s World Exhibition • Technical Conference • Awards Dinner Nottingham, 16-17 October 2019

High profile speaker programme

• Raise your profile and take advantage of exhibition space and a range of sponsorship opportunities • Presentations and insights with a technical focus on topical issues and key infrastructure projects • Celebrate the achievements in materials handling at the evening awards ceremony and network with industry colleagues

To exhibit or sponsor 01787 226995 Register free at AF






April 2019


Subcon Extends Launchpad Deadline London, 18th March 2019, Subcon, the UK's premier subcontract manufacturing supply chain show, today announced that due to high levels of competitor and entrant interest, it has extended the deadline for entries into the inaugural Subcon Launchpad and Launchpad Awards to Friday 26th April. The Launchpad and Awards will be held at Subcon throughout the 4-6 June 2019, at the NEC. The new initiatives will showcase cutting-edge innovations from across the industry to exhibition visitors.

• Subcon – the UK's premier manufacturing supply chain show - returns 4-6 June 2019 at the NEC • Subcon Launchpad set to deliver unrivalled platform for eight engineering start-ups with £10,000 prize package to winner • Deadline extended to 26th April 2019

The Launchpad aims to propel manufacturing and engineering-based start-ups by giving them a platform to share their innovations with thousands of professionals with the power to guide them to success. Eight entrepreneurs will be given a free stand in the Launchpad area, as well as entered into the inaugural Subcon Launchpad Awards. Each exhibitor will be asked to present their innovation on stage to a panel of expert judges. The winner will receive a £10,000 package including a free stand on the main floor at Subcon 2020 as well as comprehensive PR and marketing support. To qualify, businesses must be under three years old with a product or service that relates to engineering and/or manufacturing. The successful applicants will receive a free stand, expert advice and marketing support, valuable industry exposure, plus entry into the Awards.  “This deadline extension is all about ensuring we get the very best of UK businesses that exemplify not only cutting-edge engineering but also the entrepreneurial drive that will propel our manufacturing and engineering forward,” said Subcon event director Gordon Kirk.  “With a judging panel headed by The Engineer editor Jon Excell, we remain on the hunt for the very best British engineering and manufacturing start-ups have to offer!”  For further details on the Subcon Launchpad or to submit your entry, please see










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April 2019

Cyber Security – Secure Architecture Challenges for Real Businesses Introducing a further gripping presentation to be given by Cliff Martin, Principal Engineer, BAE Systems Submarines, at our “Smart way to Industry 4.0 with PROFINET Based Technologies” series of seminars to be held in Coventry and London this March.


n 2015, approximately 225,000 Ukrainians suddenly found themselves with no electricity at Christmas as a result of a successful phishing email. It is widely believed that Russian operators were responsible for this in support of their hybrid warfare strategy in Ukraine; further to this, they were also successful in slowing remote remediation efforts (between 3 & 6 hours). These attackers are some of the most capable and well-funded in the world, yet they carried out the powerdown segments of their attacks with shocking simplicity; they logged into HMIs and pressed soft-buttons using valid user credentials. There has been much reporting around the Ukraine cyber-attacks, particularly in the Operational Technology space, however, it is important to draw attention away from the Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, and towards those aspects that can help us learn and better model threats. One lesson we can learn of the Ukraine attacks – that attackers, whilst focussed on effectiveness, will invariably follow the path of least resistance. Operational Technology



security has always required a different approach to traditional IT, and whilst technically, OT security improves technically, year on year, it is important that security programmes continue to take account of the architecture and people/ process aspects that influence their risks; in a complex space of multiple suppliers, contractors, customers and sites, evaluating the path of least resistance can be difficult, and the mobile and reactive nature of third-party support can further compound these issues. This talk will draw on the path-of-leastresistance considering lessons from the Ukraine and similar types of attacks, discussing, from an introductory level, good practice secure architecture models and the challenges posed to their implementation by emerging technology and support requirements. Attention will be paid to the way real-world support & operations solutions can unintentionally, or invisibly bridge security enforcement zones, and what this means for your threat model. Click here for more information about the seminars and how to register

14th International Exhibition of Railway Equipment, Systems & Services

@railtex #Railtex2019

14 - 16 MAY 2019 NEC, BIRMINGHAM, UK

The show for everyone involved in shaping the future of UK rail

April 2019


Bahco tool management system brings order and reduces stress Bahco’s Ergonomic Tool Management System enables engineers to know exactly where to find every tool they need, when they need it, saving time and reducing stress.

Using Bahco’s Configurator software you can choose the size, style and colour of tool storage trolleys and decide how many drawers you need to hold each tool group. Lubricant resistant foam inlays in each drawer are then profiled to provide the layout of tools and equipment you require. It’s a bespoke system designed to help engineers work more efficiently. Also, being able to see at a glance that a tool is missing from its designated place helps engineers combat the risk of foreign object debris and the damage it can cause.

For engineers on the move Bahco design and manufacture a wide range of tough but highly portable toolkits and cases which take the knocks of use in all weathers and workplaces. A good example is Bahco’s 4750 portable tool case, which is virtually indestructible and is ideal for international travel. Bahco’s extensive range of Solutions in Safety tools also includes: Insulated tools: screwdrivers, pliers and other electricians’ tools tested at 10,000V to ensure safe working at 1000V, all meeting IEC 60900 and many with VDE certification. Ergonomic tools: designed and manufactured to fit the contours of the hand, ergonomic tools pioneered by Bahco protect against the risk of hand or wrist muscle strain or injury.


Non-sparking tools: Bahco NS tools are designed and manufactured for use in potentially explosive environments, where conventional steel tools might create sparks in the presence of combustible or easily ignitable vapours, liquids and dust. They are manufactured in aluminumbronze (Al-Br) or copper-beryllium (CuBe), making them both safe and suitable for use in hazardous environments. Torque tools: synonymous with accuracy and quality, Bahco torque measurement tools are tested and certified to withstand the toughest working conditions. They are ideal for use by engineers who demand absolute precision. Visit for further details or call 01709 - 731731 to arrange to discuss your tool storage and management needs with a Bahco adviser.


Measure metal thickness without removing coatings Accurate, extremely rugged and simple to use CYGNUS 1 INTRINSICALLY SAFE Certified Intrinsically Safe to: ATEX Marking Group I & Group II CSA Class 1 Group A, B, C & D Division 1 For use in Zone 0, Zone 1 hazardous areas No plant shutdown or hot work permit necessary Also approved for use in mines.

CYGNUS 6+ PRO Multiple-Echo measuring mode for accurate and reliable readings through coatings up to 20mm thick Single-Echo and Echo-Echo measuring modes with twin crystal probes for extreme corrosion and back wall pitting Live A-scan and real time B-scan Comprehensive data logging for easy reporting Large front and end-mounted LCD displays for all viewing conditions Environmental sealing to IP67 - US MIL STD 810G.

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April 2019


Following the Fukushima incident in 2011 industry has placed a renewed focus on risk mitigation from extraordinary events caused by nature. The various regulatory bodies around the world have gone back to basics to consider not only the design basis for operational sites but also revisit the risk analysis, the accident management strategy and the periodic safety review policy. Considering that many nuclear power stations, oil and gas terminals and critical facilities are located on the coast, particularly true for the UK, the risk of flooding from both seismic events and severe weather has been put in to particular focus. Of significant importance has been the review of methodology used to derive the seismic hazard and how that hazard has been mitigated through the design process and present day operational systems. The operational monitoring of seismic vibration for both structures and equipment plays an important role in providing automatic shutdown protection and the recording of seismic events for post analysis. This article discusses the latest trends in seismic monitoring and protection systems, technologies adopted and current best practice driven by these enhanced risk management demands.


ondition Monitoring Specialists SENSONICS experience suggests no two facilities are the same in terms of their approach to seismic monitoring and protection. Some sites utilise data from the national network of geophysical instruments, whilst others implement independent monitoring and shutdown on each critical plant item. In each case, the derivation of the required seismic monitoring and protection strategy must meet with the safety case and provide appropriate risk mitigation.


The structural effects to be expected at a site from an earthquake result from the vibration induced by the event, classified in terms of seismic response spectra. This defines the ground acceleration magnitude versus frequency, typically over a range of 0.1Hz to 100Hz. Two such types of spectra are specified, the Operational Basis Earthquake (OBE) and the Design Basis Earthquake (DBE), based on a predicted worst case seismic event within a specified period of time (for example OBE may be specified

within 100 years). Secondary response spectra are derived from the ground accelerations through modelling to predict the response of each structure and each level within that structure. Typically a plant will allocate several seismic categories for specifying the design requirements and assess according to the safety class. For example the highest or most stringent category will demand the equipment or process be tested to the DBE level plus a margin (for example +40% is recommended in IEEE- 344, Standard for Seismic Qualification

April 2019

of Equipment for Nuclear power generating Stations), since the process must still remain operable to the design basis even if other less critical plant processes may have failed above the OBE level. Any earthquake above the OBE level may result in the plant being shutdown and to remain shutdown until post analysis / inspection has determined the plant is safe to continue operations. The challenge is to design and construct in a cost effective manner to meet with the seismic

categorisation and to provide sufficient design margin. It may not be possible for all equipment or processes through either analysis or testing to meet with its categorisation fully and this is where independent seismic monitoring systems can be utilised to provide detection of the OBE event and to bring the process to a safe state. Not only must these monitoring systems be robust to seismic events but they also need to exhibit high levels of availability beyond the DBE magnitude event to maintain a valid alarm function. In combination with

the seismic requirements various safety standards are applied to obtain a stated availability, with EN IEC 61508 being the most common approach. Adherence to such a standard provides a stated system reliability and availability whilst at the same time providing an understanding of the systematic failures and ensuring compliance with the 61508 life cycle model. The starting point with any seismic monitoring design is the sensor. And it is important to recognise there is a clear technical difference


April 2019

between the types of sensors that are used for seismic protection and those used for geophysical earthquake monitoring. Geophysical seismic monitoring utilise broadband magnet & moving coil (electrodynamic) sensor arrangements capable of measuring micro g acceleration events with sinusoidal periods of over 100 seconds. Strong motion sensors on the other hand for seismic protection applications only need to provide a resolution down to 1mg and a response to 10 seconds; whilst historically electrodynamic sensors have been used, nowadays for these


applications piezoelectric based accelerometers are preferred as they match the technical requirement closely and provide higher reliability as they have no moving parts. A trend in vibration monitoring is the adoption of MEMS (Micro ElectroMechanical Systems) devices in a wide range of sensing applications. These devices offer an excellent low frequency response and exhibit the required dynamic range for strong motion seismic monitoring. MEMS devices have been widely used in civil engineering applications since the 1990’s, their relative low cost and small size suite applications where

many measurement points are required on structures for a limited period of time. However, adoption of this technology has been slow for the seismic protection market, where stated reliability and maintainability are the key requirements. MEMS are a fast moving technology and with limited application experience, selection of a specific sensor may prove difficult to maintain in future years as a result of obsolescence. Significant earthquake events are few and far between, so how do we verify an installed strong motion sensor is working correctly, when for most of the time there is

April 2019 nothing to measure? This situation is exacerbated by the sensor installation which is normally difficult to access. With broadband seismometers it is common to have a secondary coil arrangement which can be excited and therefore stimulate movement of the mass to verify calibration without physical shaking. Sensonics have incorporated a similar mechanism in to its piezo electric based seismic sensors to ensure the measuring element is operating to the correct sensitivity. This self-test feature is a critical requirement which will become apparent when we look at the overall system design. It is common to utilise redundant sensor configurations in the overall monitoring system concept; refer to figure 1 for a detailed functional block diagram of a modern day seismic monitoring and protection system. Three separate physical locations are monitored with triaxial sensors capable of measuring acceleration in the three orthogonal axes. The acceleration of each sensor is processed by a trip amplifier with the overall triaxial unit performing a one out of three (1oo3) logic operation to derive the location OBE alarm. The trip alarms from each location are fed back to the central control panel which performs a subsequent two out of three logic operation to determine the final trip result. In this example the voting logic is also redundant to enhance reliability and maintainability. The final element of the system is connected to the specific plant circuit breakers or to the emergency shutdown system to complete the safety loop.

whilst the 2oo3 option on channel failure can revert to either 2oo2 or 1oo2, both of which are preferred over 1oo1, making the 2oo3 system the norm for critical protection applications.

redundancy tends to be the industrial norm for modern day applications; with self-testing features and spurious trip performance being of particular importance in relation to the automatic shutdown systems.

Combine these channels with dual voting arrangements and the sensor inbuilt test function results in a system design that can be fully proof tested whilst on line, maximizing the availability of the system. Each voting circuit can be isolated and tested in turn through signal injection of each sensor, a critical aspect of the system performance being the sensor will still respond to an real seismic event even whilst under test.

Adopting this best practice has become standard for new installations and should also be considered for obsolete seismic monitoring equipment on existing sites. A stated and demonstrated reliability, minimal spurious trip occurrence, full measurement loop proof testing, maximum design life and maintainability combined with a low demand and high integrity shutdown system is now the expected norm. Typical nuclear industry applications include, fuel handling, reactor structural monitoring, waste processing and the monitoring of crane equipment, while for the oil and gas industry applications include LNG processing, extraction platforms and gas shutoff valves.

The avoidance of SMART devices within the protection loop also eases the analysis burden to meet with the safety requirements and is the preferred solution for most clients. Separating the protection and event recording functions is a logical step which enables the latest technologies and features to be utilised for the seismic waveform recording without impacting on the protection safety case. Use of proven technologies in combination with measurement

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For redundancy, a simple one out of two (1oo2) system will usually meet with the reliability requirements, in fact demonstrating a higher reliability than the 2oo3 system. However, this system configuration offers no protection against spurious trips which can result from mechanical interference or sensor failure. Two out of two (2oo2) is an alternative option that can be considered, however on failure of a channel the system defaults to a 1oo1 system,


April 2019


Ace Your Next Display Project with PanelPilot The PanelPilot range from Lascar Electronics is a unique series of smart graphic displays that enable the creation of fully bespoke interfaces without writing a single line of code. From e-paper to full colour high resolution touch screens, they are perfect for simple applications or even as full process-controlling HMIs. The top of the range PanelPilot ACE is a unique platform ideal for rapid development of touchscreen machine interfaces and system monitoring displays. Available in 4.3” and 7” versions, ACE uses Lascar’s own Design Studio software that allows app development using an intuitive drag and drop interface. ACE display units accept inputs including 4-20 mA analogue, direct digital I/O, RS485, CANBUS and MODBUS. There are also digital alarm outputs and a built-in PWM generator. The Design Studio software contains powerful tools such as PID, maths and logic builders, multi-channel data logging and graphing. Lascar’s online PanelPilotACE University shares templates and graphics to use in your display project as well video tutorials for basic and advanced users.


Next in the PanelPilot line-up is the M series, versatile units available in 2.4”, 2.8” and 3.5” models. This range includes versions that are suitable for voltage or current inputs, and also products that are sealed to IP67. The M series are programmable panel meters featuring dual analogue inputs, alarm outputs and colour touchscreen displays. Configured using the free PanelPilot M Software, there over 50 app templates available including bargraph, tank level, analogue style and trend graphs. Users can customise colours, text labels, units and input scaling before uploading to the display. The newest addition to the PanelPilot range is the SGD 21-B - a low cost, low power, sunlight readable, single channel voltmeter with a sleek monochrome e-paper display. The unit is configured with the free PanelPilot B software. The software provides six templates

to choose from, and users can customise labels, scaling and alarms. Modest power requirements make this display ideal for use in battery-powered handheld instruments. Lascar Electronics has a team of sales engineers that can help you with any queries that you have about your display project, just call 01794 884567 or visit our website at If you would like your display product designed for you, we also offer a ‘one-stop’ Custom Design service, so please call us to discuss your requirements. All PanelPilot software is free to download from our website.


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Smart graphic displays. Without writing code.














April 2019

Digital condition monitoring system for overhead conveyors


ARTING’s MICA Edge computer is key to reduction in unplanned downtime and unnecessary maintenance effort

A condition monitoring system based on HARTING’s MICA Edge computer system is being used for the early detection of wear in the overhead conveyor systems used in production lines in the automotive and other industries. The failure of individual support frames in these conveyors can lead to the stoppage of entire production lines, but the MICA-based system detects wear at an early stage and thus prevents unplanned downtime. Overhead conveyor systems in production lines transport components or subassemblies through individual assembly sections. Worn rollers or damage to drives can lead to the failure of individual support frames, which inevitably leads to a bottleneck of the entire production line due to the serial guidance of the overhead conveyor. To prevent failures, the HARTING monitoring system offers a solution for digital condition monitoring of the supporting frames. Here, creeping wear is detected and a warning of a potential failure is issued in good time. The system helps reduce unplanned failure of the overhead conveyor. Maintenance costs can also be significantly reduced by condition-based maintenance. The goal is to achieve higher overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) of the suspended conveyor. Since the condition-monitoring


solution is designed to retrofit to existing systems, it is also possible to extend the lifetime of legacy systems. The system consists of two highly sensitive sensor boxes and a MICA Edge computer which directly evaluates the sensor values and transmits them to the control system via an integrated Wi-Fi function. The sensors continuously detect vibrations on the rotors, the frequency of the motor current, the motor current, and the temperature of the drives. If a threshold value is exceeded, the movingstate monitoring set sends a message to the operating equipment via the control system. Affected supporting racks are taken out of service in a targeted manner and serviced. The condition monitoring set can be retrofitted for all types of transport systems with slow moving components, such as escalators, elevators and conveyor belts. Thanks to the IP 65/67 protection class of the sensor boxes and the MICA, the system can be operated without problem in numerous ambient conditions. The monitoring solution was developed in close cooperation with an automobile manufacturer and FormsMedia, a company in the partner network. For further information visit

April 2019


4-in-1 Emergency Exit Sign GreenBrook Electrical has launched a stylish new range of Emergency Lighting, the Phoenix Range, offering indoor, outdoor, maintained and non-maintained fittings – in various styles including this unique hanging sign that gives you the option of using different fixings methods e.g. hanging, side wall mounted, semirecessed and flagpole to maximise flexibility in your installation. This slim fitting offers a double sided, edge lit, acrylic blade with interchangeable legends. All our fittings conform to the latest British Standards with emergency operation duration at a minimum of 3 hours. Contact GreenBrook for more details of this new exciting range. GreenBrook are delighted to present their new LED Fire Rated Downlight, the Vela Switch – a colour changing downlight that can be switched from 3,000k to 4,000k. The switch to change the colour temperature is conveniently placed on the side of the product (not the back of the can). This product has an integrated driver and loop-in and loop-out terminals to assist in a quick and easy installation. Supplied with either a frosted or a clear lens - this range is available in three different bezel colours; white, polished chrome & satin chrome. GreenBrook has tested this range to ensure they are suitably fire rated for use in 30, 60 & 90 minute ceilings and that they conform to EN 60598 and to Building Regulations Part B, C, E & L. For further information about these products and our other Vela products please see our website or call for a brochure.


Vela Switch – colour changing LED Fire Rated Downlight

April 2019


World-Class Certification of Products, People, Systems and Sites ExVeritas is a 'Queens Award' winning certification company with a proven track record of delivering word class product and QMS certification together with CompEx training and 'Ex' consultancy. visit or email us at 'EX' PRODUCT CERTIFICATION


ATEX Notified Body, IECEx Certification Body and 'Ex' Test Laboratory. UKAS ISO9001 issuer.

UK: +44(0)845 8622447

Turnkey 'Ex' including Area Classification, Risk Assessment, Inspections and remedial work.

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CompEx, Specialist 'Ex' and QMS training delivered by the most experienced practitioners.

USA: +1 8776374322

DENMARK +45 4223 1509

The Right Connection For Your Hygienic Process • Hose Assemblies • Fittings & Accessories • Ball & Butterfly Valves • Filters & Strainers

• Actuated Valves • Pumps • Bespoke Fabrication • Asset Management

Hose Assemblies certified to PED 2014/68/EU Module D1 by Lloyds Register Quality Assurance. (Notified Body 0038)

Contact us now on:

01772 323 529 Engineered Products

01772 323 529 • •

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April 2019



– still the forefront of RCD Technology GreenBrook have noticed an upturn in their Powerbreaker RCD business with the changes to the 18th Edition increasing the use of RCDs in all public areas. With this amendment, together with the increased safety requirements discussed in the recent government Hackitt Report, there is more call for using RCDs to detect and isolate products at the point of use to help prevent electrical fires, as well as helping to protect the main circuit and the consumer unit (point of supply). Socket RCD’s are a perfect opportunity for wholesalers to make an additional sale, whilst ensuring that their customers adhere to the latest safety regulations. PowerBreaker socket RCDs are available in both 30mA and 10mA trip currents in a selection of Passive and Active designs. The super sensitive 10mA versions are suitable for use in areas where you would find children or vulnerable people – such as hospitals or care homes. There are many other PowerBreaker products available - we offer a selection of spurs, in-line RCD’s and weatherproof RCDs. Contact GreenBrook for more details or look on the website below


ULTRASONIC THICKNESS GAUGES Accurate and Reliable Measurements Through-Coatings up to 20mm Thick

CYGNUS 4+ GENERAL PURPOSE 3 measuring modes to suit a wide variety of material testing applications and extreme corrosion Truly simple to use with an intuitive menu in a large bright colour LCD screen Sequential data logging for easy reporting A-scan display helps verify measurements MSI™ (Measurement Stability Indicator) signals stable readings.

CYGNUS 2+ HANDS FREE Also features 3 measuring modes for use in various applications and corrosion levels Equipped with an end-mounted rotatable display to suit climbing and rope access operations.

*Quote EU032019 for a 10% discount +44 (0) 1305 265533

April 2019



Transtherm overcome on-site restrictions

and distributing 70 lorry loads of soft drinks per day.”

be creating performance problems for our own equipment."

With a portfolio of original equipment manufacturers serving a variety of large-scale commercial sectors, leading innovator of cooling technologies, Transtherm Cooling Industries, is known for its ‘out of the box’ thinking when it comes to complex specifications.

Overcoming performance inhibiting on-site restrictions

A bespoke product solution and a consultative approach

Attending on-site meetings in order to consult each client on their cooling requirements, Transtherm quickly established that the intended plant arrangement would mean that the four flat bed engine coolers, being supplied to cool the CHP system, would create performance inhibiting conditions for the two adiabatic V coolers, dissipating heat from absorption chiller plant.

Whilst the available space for all cooling equipment was limited, it was to be sited on a raised open mezzanine meaning that the air inlet requirements posed no problem.

But when two of its most longstanding clients, Edina, a leading supplier and installer of energy efficient gas and diesel power generation systems, and SES Engineering Services, a specialist provider of civil, mechanical and electrical engineering solutions, both requested detailed quotations for a soft drinks manufacturing facility extension in Rugby, the team were right to question whether this could, in fact, be one and the same. A little digging later the team learned that there was only one such facility, and it was the home of one of the UK’s largest soft drinks manufacturers, filling an impressive 90,000 cans per hour


Tim explains: “With four flat bed engine coolers located next to but lower than the two adiabatic V coolers, the hot air emitted from the top of the flat bed coolers, which can be circa 70°C, would have entered the air inlet stream of the adiabatic V coolers, which require an air inlet temperature of around 23°C. “With both sets of plant coming from Transtherm, we found ourselves in a position whereby, if left unresolved, we’d

However, to avoid the hot air from the engine coolers entering the air inlet of the absorption chiller coolers, Transtherm firstly addressed the height difference between the flatbed coolers and the V-type coolers. Amending the design of their flatbed coolers to incorporate extended braced legs allowing the air outlet deck height of both sets of plant to sit at equal height. Secondly, as the gaps between the coolers were small, Transtherm recommended that they be blanked off with some basic sheet metal at air outlet/fan deck height to further avoid the possibility of warm air recirculation.


April 2019

HD Optical Gas Imaging Camera Improves Inspection Safety Designed for oil and gas industry professionals, the FLIR GF620 high-definition (HD) optical gas imaging (OGI) camera sets a new standard for detecting and visualizing invisible leaks of hydrocarbons, such as methane, and common volatile organic compounds (VOCs). With four times the pixels of previous models, the HD resolution GF620 helps inspectors survey for fugitive hydrocarbon emissions from further, safer distances than possible with lowerresolution OGI cameras. The new GF620 is FLIR’s highest resolution OGI camera. Equipped with a 640x480 infrared detector, the camera is calibrated to measure temperature, allowing the user to assess the thermal contrast between the gas and the background scene, and adjust it to improve visibility. The FLIR GF620 also features the company’s unique high sensitivity mode, which accentuates plume movement to improve detectability in low-contrast scenes.

Further Information:

Detecting SF6 Leaks from Electrical Circuit Breakers FLIR Systems GF306 optical gas imaging camera has been designed to address the challenge that electrical power stations face in detecting gas leaks from their Sulfur hexafluoride (SF6) circuit breakers. The longer a leak from a SF6 circuit breaker is left undetected and not repaired, the more revenue is lost, and the greater the impact on the environment from the electrical power station. By using a portable, non-contact FLIR GF306 optical gas imaging camera - electrical power engineers can remotely visualize SF6 leaks from a safe distance without the need to shut down operations.

Further Information: |67

April 2019

Cost-effective, high performance solut flare monitoring in the petrochemical Safe flare operation and environmental protection require reliable and accurate flare pilot monitoring. Flaring systems are commonplace across many industries, perhaps none more so than in oil and gas, and are used to burn gases before they enter the atmosphere. Safe operation of a flaring system requires the continuous monitoring of pilot flames and flared gases to ensure that vented gases are ignited. Efficient flare stack operation requires pilot monitoring to ensure there is a pilot presence 100% of the time for safe operation, environmental assurance and governmental compliance. Pilot thermocouple failures are common, so secondary redundant monitoring methods are often installed in new applications or as aftermarket installations to enhance a failing thermocouple issue. Alternative flare monitoring technologies are provided by infrared pyrometers and imaging pilot monitoring systems. These can range from basic solutions that provide the pilot status, to more advanced solutions that detect the different flame sizes and can differentiate between pilot flames, flare flames, and multiple flare tip. For example, pyrometry could be used in single flare tip applications to detect if the pilot flame is on or off. Likewise, pyrometry or thermal imaging can be used to provide stage level indication in staged flare applications or for monitoring gas-assist flaring applications to maintain accurate flaring levels. And when monitoring multiple flare tips that are in close proximity, advanced solutions can be used that integrate both Pyrometer systems and Thermal Imaging systems to differentiate between each flare and pilot flame for more accurate flare monitoring.


Site requirements also demand that flare monitoring technologies be sensitive to small flames to allow flaring detection from further distances, and to be packaged into a compatible housing for harsh environmental conditions and hazardous areas. A range of infrared technologies are available in the market, including the new pyrometer-based product that was recently released by LumaSense Technologies– E2T Quasar 2. This development of specialized enclosures, electronics, and optics specific to a flare monitoring application has the highest performance and capabilities available to the flare market and allows for pilot monitoring from greater distances than previously possible. The scalability of the new flare monitoring systems and their ability to integrate multiple monitoring technologies through software, allows for a flare monitoring solution for all the market flare monitoring needs. LumaSense has made a large investment into the development of customized flare monitoring solutions. This includes the upgrade of the current Quasar pyrometer system with the release of the new Quasar 2 system. The Quasar 2 is a pyrometer-

based technology, adding higher-end capabilities to monitor staged flares and gas-assist flares. The E2T Quasar 2 series of monitoring and detection instruments are designed for continuous duty monitoring of pilot flames and flared gases from flares. The base system provides low-cost basic flare pilot monitoring capabilities. The advanced model has an intensity mA output that allow for a setpoint mA level to be set in a client’s DCS for both the pilot and flaring status signals levels from a single unit. Additional add-on features are also available for configuring the Quasar 2 system to meet a wide range of client flare types, monitoring requirements, and budgets.

April 2019

tion designed for l industry

This product offers a new stainless-steel enclosure for reduced corrosion and increased suitability for marine applications. Two models are available: Quasar 2 M8100EXP and Quasar 2 M8100-EXP Advanced. Scalable options are available with the advanced version including continuous 4-20 mA, peak hold and decay, and power supply with 24V DC, and 85 to 265V AC input. High-resolution optics and selection of various spot sizes enables the Quasar 2 to be positioned as far as 400 meters from the flare stack being monitored and ensure the highest flame signal detection. Alignment on the target is accomplished through the targeting port and the signal

intensity LED bar displays amplitude in combination with a stable M-4 Heavy Duty Swivel Mount. Custom electronics adapt to target movement, varying luminosity, and most climate conditions. The alarm delay circuit can be adjusted for a specific location or application, eliminating false alarms from temporary loss of signal due to intermittent flames, adverse weather, and wind. The set point feature of the advanced unit can also be used for staged flares and will provide feedback on the staged flare status. Typical Applications for the use of Quasar 2 systems include: • Elevated Flares (either steam- air- or gas- assisted) • Ground Flares (burn pit-flares, ground

• •

flare arrays) Off-Shore Flares Staged Flares

LumaSense Technologies owns 25 years of experience in offering our Quasar Flare Stack monitoring pyrometer solution. With proven technology, reliable instrumentation and installations at over 550 petrochemical facilities worldwide, customers know they can trust the LumaSense E²T line of petrochemical infrared sensors. Contact: LumaSense Technologies GmbH– An Advanced Energy Company


April 2019


Metering Grease Lubrication Flow in a Wind Turbine Used in hundreds of wind turbine installations, the Titan Enterprises OG2700 flowmeter is a well-established monitoring device that provides valuable data helping to ensure safe and reliable operation.

be tripped and the rotation stopped should the grease flow be insufficient. In addition, if the lubricant supply line became blocked the flowmeter should be able to withstand pressure that could potentially

Although China leads the world in the amount of power generated from wind, Denmark has the highest generation rate per capita by a long way. In 2015, this small country was generating over 2 megawatt hours per person well ahead of China’s 0.26. This relatively high generation rate has resulted in a local industry which produces large numbers of wind turbines for the rest of the world. One of the fundamental requirements of ensuring reliable and efficient wind turbine operation is to keep the heavily loaded main bearings fully lubricated in all operating conditions.

rise to several hundred Bar. An extra requirement for the required flow measurement device was for a low power system as the backup system was battery powered.

Titan Enterprises were approached to supply a small flowmeter to monitor the grease being supplied into a wind turbine main bearing mechanism. For simplicity the grease mechanism is mechanically driven from the blade rotation and therefore the flow rate is potentially very low if the blades are barely rotating. This grease flow is crucial and an alarm must

Drawing upon its proven OG2 flowmeter that fulfilled the low flow measurement specifications on lubricating viscous fluids, Titan Enterprises redesigned this meter to operate at 700 Bar in a small body and fitted a miniature reed switch detector to keep the power requirements to a minimum. Fully IP67 / NEMA 4 compliant, the OG2-700 flowmeter is optimised for measuring the flow of viscous fluids and liquids at pressures of up to 700 bar and temperatures up to 150°C. With a standard flow range from 0.03 to 4.0 litres / minute on 30Cstk oil the OG2700 can routinely achieve outstanding accuracy (0.5%) and repeatability (0.1%). Combining robust 316 stainless steel construction and proven technology

Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Process Measurement & Monitoring Using patented ultrasonic flow meter technology, that enables it to operate accurately over wide flow ranges, the Process Atrato from Titan Enterprises incorporates advanced signal processing system permitting both viscous and non-

viscous fluids to be metered. The Process Atrato is a compact flow meter designed to provide fast response time, high sensitivity and wide flow range linearity all in an IP65 (NEMA 4X) enclosure. With no moving parts the highly reliable Process Atrato flow meter is a costeffective device for engineers looking to monitor the flow of liquids in industrial processes. Features of the Process Atrato include an IP65 sealed enclosure, two frequency outputs of PNP and NPN, two multicolour LED light indicators (for pulse outputs, power malfunctions, and signal strength), and standard M12 four pin sensor connector for electrical connections. Rated for use up to 65°C and 20Bar, the compact Process Atrato is available in 4


ensures that OG2-700 flowmeter provides reliable, accurate operation over an extended product lifetime. At the heart of the OG2-700 flowmeter are a pair of toothed oval gears one of which contains chemically resistant magnets, the gears rotate freely on robust bearings. Rotation is detected through the chamber wall by a Hall effect detector or a reed switch giving approximately 1100 pulses per litre passed. The output is an NPN pulse or a voltage free contact closure either of which is readily interfaced with most electronic display or recording devices. This combination of materials and technology ensures a long-life product with reliable, accurate operation throughout. For further information on the OG2-700 flowmeter please visit or contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 / models operating over flow ranges from 2ml / min to 15 litres / min, featuring an accuracy of ±1% over the whole flow range. Each Process Atrato is calibrated with a pre-set 'K' factor so all meters of the same flow range are fully interchangeable simplifying assembly and set-up procedures for OEM manufacturers looking to integrate the flowmeter into their process and control set-up. Process Atrato ultrasonic flowmeters include a USB interface which permits users to directly monitor the rate and total on a computer while also altering some of the operating parameters, such as the pulse resolution and units. For further information please visit or contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 /


Mobile commissioning and maintenance interface for field devices Single interface for the major process automation protocols: HART / Foundation fieldbus / PROFIBUS PA Ideal for handheld host devices with battery powered Bluetooth operation Compatible with FDT Frame Applications Approved for use in hazardous areas PRO


















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April 2019


Efficient, plug and play, fresh air-cooling for IT and industrial facilities of all sizes

EcoCooling’s 17 years’ continuing expertise in warehouse and industrial space cooling twinned with over 250 telecommunications and data centre installations see them ideally positioned to meet the challenges of Industry 4.0. Fresh air-cooling technology is at the forefront of efficient data centre design and EcoCooling are leading the charge in responsible, pioneering and lowest ‘Total Cost of Ownership’ solutions for IT infrastructure. Their flexible product range includes both internal and external solutions allowing facilities the opportunity to cater their design to their specific requirements. Fresh air (free cooling) and evaporative cooling are simple, safe and natural alternatives to refrigeration which can result in up to 90% reduction in operational cooling costs. The modular, Plug & Play CloudCooler® range is UK manufactured and designed for rapid deployment to facilities as standalone units or 'Groups' consisting of coolers, containment, power supply and racking for IT equipment. The ECV ‘3 CloudCooler® Group’ was engineered to be simple and scalable. The complete installation including containment takes 2 untrained workers just 2hrs to assemble from flat pack. Check out the time-lapse of this extreme engineering feat at


The CloudCooler® range has been developed in collaboration with awardwinning data centre specialists, in response to and in preparation for the shifting requirements of data centre infrastructure. Equipment cooling and energy consumption are increasingly critical factors in data centre build and retrofit, ensuring environmental and economic metrics are met and surpassed. The fans that drive air flow are the most significant energy consumer in the system, and the use of efficient electronically commutated motors is instrumental in minimising energy use. Exploiting EC fan technology can reduce the power required further, meaning PUEs of 1.05 are now achievable in optimum environments. Consistent temperatures and airflow tuned by EcoCooling’s application engineers are crucial parts of achieving industry-leading efficiency results as well as EcoCooling’s CREC control system built into the coolers. Remote deployment and monitoring provide a hands-off approach for clients, letting EcoCooling take the strain of saving

energy costs, the environment and, of course, critical data. It’s not only large data centres in remote locations that can benefit from this new wave of technologies. EcoCooling’s scalable products can offer efficient fresh air-cooling solutions for facilities of all sizes, whether that be small public sector server rooms, modular edge data centres or standard colocation and cloud facilities. The EcoCooling range has been designed to cover all bases with minimum complexity and impact on day to day running of the facility it will serve. Clients include Talk Talk, Co-op, BT, Cambridge University and more. EcoCooling have a network of certified installers across Europe, contact us today for more details. We’re also attending both EDIE Live (21-22 May, NEC) and The Energyst (1-2 May, National Motorcycle Museum, Birmingham). | | |  01284 810586 |


April 2019 2018


REDUCE PREMATURE CHAIN WEAR WITH LUBRICATION The initial lubrication of chain is its most vital. Premature chain wear can often be attributed to poor lubrication and maintenance. So how do chain manufacturers provide optimum lubrication of new chain? The most effective lubrication is one that has a high viscosity (thickness) which resists fling that is caused by the rotary motion of the drive. The problem with a high viscosity lubricant is that it doesn’t reach the bearing areas in the centre of the chain around the pin and bush. Hot-Dipped Lubrication Provides Optimal Protection In Donghua Limited’s UK workshop, we use a process called hot-dipped lubrication where we dip chain into a vat of hot lubrication. Heating the lubrication lowers the viscosity allowing full penetration into the bearing areas. When the lubrication cools, it returns to its high viscosity and remains in the bearing areas for long periods thereby providing optimum protection for the chain. New is our Hot Wax Chain Lubrication. We have added a separate vat in our workshop for hot wax lubrication which leaves a quasi-dry finish on the chain that is undetectable by touch. Improving the wear-life of chain by up to five times, our hot wax lubrication is ideal for chain used in dusty and gritty conditions.

solvent resulting in a low viscosity (thinness) that does not prevent fling. Anti-Fling Chain Lubrication Sprays To counter this, Donghua has developed a range of anti-fling Chain Lubrication Sprays to enhance the performance of our chain even further. Our chain lube sprays are used to top-up or replace the lubrication lost during use. Industrial Chain Lube Spray – designed for regular use or in between routine maintenance schedules, leaving a fine film of

P.T.F.E. eliminating the need for cleaning of chains prior to safety inspections. Extreme Chain Lube Spray – designed for extreme conditions with added agents including P.T.F.E. to provide high salt water and corrosion protection. Food Grade Lube Spray – the latest in our range of lubrication sprays and aimed specifically at the food processing sector.

However, hot-dipping can only be applied when the chain is newly assembled and before fitting.

The new H1 grade chain lube is formulated using FDA listed ingredients, is odourless and tasteless and is ideal for use in food machinery as the nondrip and anti-fling properties reduce the potential risk of contamination on production lines.

After-market chain lubrication can be used to fitted chain, but these are often mixed with a

Find your nearest stockist at /locate-a-supplier


April 2019

Technifast NonStandard Dowel Pin Service


echnifast provides a specialist dowelpin service, now offering dowels with longer lengths up to 120mm on diameters below 5mm. Their machining capabilities allow for the production of dowels up to 32mm diameter, giving the option to add features such as flats and Circlip grooves, or internal /external threads. The company specialises in production of stainless steel dowels to grades A2 and A4, and also has vast experience working with through-hardened steel and mild steel unhardened. Not all standard dowel pins are appropriate for demanding applications or specialist projects, and it can be difficult to source the exact dowel for specific applications. Technifast recognise this and their custom-made dowels have already formed an integral part of diverse products from toy trains and surgical instruments, through to audio visual technology and marine leisure appliances.


Managing Director Louis Speed comments, “The ability to provide our customers with a custom-made dowel pin solution is one of the reasons we consider ourselves to be at the forefront of this specialist service. There is no ‘fit-all’ solution for fasteners, so it is important we are able to offer our customers a product tailored to their unique requirements. The continued investment in our machining capabilities is allowing us to produce a greater field of dowel pin solutions.” Technifast is an ISO:9001 registered company, underpinning their reliability to monitor and manage quality across all their operations. For more information:

Custom Solutions Renold Gears provides customers the opportunity to benefit from unique industry experience in developing specific application solutions. Our global application and engineering expertise allows our skilled engineers to work closely with our customers to develop a solution that meets their exact specification without the need to compromise. n n n n n

Package Drives Custom Design Critical Applications Replacement Units Custom Gears

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April 2019

Sweet Relief! – Protecting low pressure storage tanks in the food industry Edible oils such as palm, soy and coconut oils are frequently used in the manufacturing of processed foods. Cookies, chocolate and ice-cream are only a few examples in a long list of such foodstuffs. Almost every processed and packaged food that we eat nowadays contains some form of edible oil. One of the main challenges for the use of such oil in food production is maintaining quality and shelf-life. Oxidation is a chemical reaction caused by exposing the oil to oxygen and which causes the oil to turn rancid, changing its colour, flavour and aroma. This can occur during processing such as deep fat frying or during the normal storage of such oils. There are a number of methods to avoid oxidation of edible oils but blanketing storage vessels with an inert gas like nitrogen is a popular choice to prevent the oil being exposed to oxygen and avoiding the use of chemical antioxidants. Nitrogen blanketing systems work under a low level of pressure and therefore require pressure protection. The REMBE ELEVENT is a pressure and vacuum relief valve which provides optimum protection against overpressure and vacuum for storage tanks with low design pressures. The extremely low leak-rate (1x 10-2 mbar x l/sec) guarantees a controlled level of pressure in the tank and prevents both the loss of nitrogen and air getting entering the system. High quality materials of construction (316 Stainless Steel as a minimum) mean that it is ideal for sanitary and food grade applications. The ELEVENT can be installed via tri-clamp connections and the modular construction facilitates easy dismantling for cleaning.


April 2019

Fig. 1: Protection of a storage tank with ELEVENT

The ELEVENT is used to protect storage tanks of leading global producers of milk products, chocolate and soft drinks as well as in other industries with high product purity and stringent quality requirements such as the pharmaceutical industry

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April 2019

BÜLTE LAUNCHES A NEW RANGE OF ADJUSTABLE FEET: THE « SF » RANGE Our range of levelling/adjustable feet has recently been extended with the “adjustable feet SF” range. The product is composed of a round base (various diameter available) and a hexagon shaped base above the foot. These new adjustable feet have been introduced to the market beginning of February 2019. This new range of adjustable feet is fully in Nylon, both the threaded part and the feet, contrary to the levelling feet usually available on the market that are more a mix between metal and plastic. In comparison with the metal-plastic combined products, Nylon offers various advantages; it is lighter, cheaper, and easier to recycle. It does not conduct electricity and is also not subject to corrosion. Polyamide thus allows the use of our “adjustable feet SF” in areas subject to corrosion which, for reasons of hygiene or for specific regulations, require materials resistant to it. The hex end in the base allows fastening with a spanner. The nylon base, available in 4 different diameters, provides a smooth non-abrasive surface that protects floors. Our adjustable feet then allow adjustment under load. This item is ideal for spanner height adjustable when the product is in application. Our adjustable feet with hex end are an excellent solution for the levelling and height adjustment of a piece of furniture, machinery or general appliance. The hexagon which can be found


at the top of the thread can be used for adjusting the height of the feet from above the foot, without having to remove it from the application they are attached to. They are easy to install without specific tools and make sure your work surfaces are both even and secure. In term of design, the standard colour of our “adjustable feet SF” is black nylon. But as Polyamide can be coloured as one’s wished, according to the RAL chart, our “adjustable feet SF” range will be in line with every kind of industrial application, whatever their colour might be. Our account managers will be at your side from product design to completion. Quotation and free samples under request. BÜLTE GmbH Kunststofferzeugnisse Carl-Sonnenschein-Straße 22 D-59348 LÜDINGHAUSEN – Germany Tel. : (+49) 02591 / 91 94-0 Fax : (+49) 02591 / 91 94 -34 - The Bülte GmbH is certified ISO 9001: 2015

Efficiency matters. Reliability matters. Safety matters. In your world, it all matters.

This is why level matters. Rag layers, foam and mud tanks. Scrubbers, shakers and steam. There are no excuses when you need the toughest level measurements. That’s why Magnetrol® matters. We have the deepest experience in your applications and the broadest portfolio of level instruments for your industry. Our experts will help you identif y ef ficiencies, lower costs, improve production and reduce downtime. It all mat ters. Because in your world, level matters.

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April 2019


In addition, legacy LabShop functionality has been included to ensure that all existing capabilities are covered during the transition to BK Connect.

Customisable interface and tailored workflows

BK Connect™ – Sound and vibration analysis designed around your workflow Created around the needs, tasks and workflow of different users, BK Connect provides you with product measurement and analysis across many industries, such as aerospace, automotive, industrial and many more.


his highly innovative software platform, from Brüel & Kjær, is a fully integrated user-centric software solution for multi‐channel data acquisition - with industry‐leading LAN‐XI hardware - data processing, data management and reporting.

a comprehensive set of tools for real‐ time measurement and data processing with the flexibility to deal with a wide range of engineering scenarios - from repetitive, standardised testing to complex troubleshooting investigations.

The BK Connect structure and concept are based on user-configurable workflows that provide users exactly what they need when they need it. This reduces the risk of error and the need for customer-specific development – while maintaining the full feature richness of a modern analysis platform.

Specialised applications

General-purpose sound and vibration engineering The BK Connect core applications are designed for general-purpose sound and vibration engineering. Together, they provide

BK Connect also offers a wide range of specialized modules for structural dynamics, noise source location and angle domain analysis.

The user interface is easily configured, so it can be adapted to the needs of different users within organisations, enabling operators/ test engineers, specialists, managers and requesters to work together with maximal efficiency and productivity. Each of the applications is designed as a self‐ contained solution for a typical task or set of tasks within a more detailed test and analysis workflow. Users can then select the module or modules that will help them perform the task or combine applications to increase functionality and create tailored workflows for quick and easy completion of multiple steps in a sound and vibration test process.

Ensuring full access to all your data The BK Connect data concept is open, enabling full access to data - regardless of its original format, from legacy LabShop data to third-party, universal and fine element model formats.

For more information about BK Connect or to request a demo, visit: 82|


April 2019



BK CONNECT™ – A FLEXIBLE SOFTWARE PLATFORM DESIGNED AROUND YOUR NEEDS AND TASKS Full of innovative features and functions, BK Connect – the new sound and vibration analysis platform from Brüel & Kjær – is designed around user workflows, tasks and needs, so you get access to what you need, when you need it. This user-friendly platform streamlines testing and analysis processes, which means you work smarter, with a high degree of flexibility and greatly reduced risk of error. Now introducing BK Connect Applets – specific tools for specific tasks at a price that works for you. See more at


Bruel & Kjaer UK Ltd Jarman Way · Royston · Herts · SG8 5BQ · UK Telephone: +44 (0) 1223 389 800 Email:

Surface Technologies l Controlled Shot Peening l Laser Shock Peening l Thermal Spray Coatings l Dry Film Lubricants l Organic and Inorganic Coatings l Parylene Ultra-thin Conformal Coatings l Superfinishing l On-site Processing l Material Testing and Analysis l NADCAP, ISO 9001:2008, ISO 13485, AS9100 Rev C

Improving component life and performance |83

April 2019



Exciting new products as EnviroTech Europe extends range of vapour degreasing solvents and industrial cleaning products Aquus WATER BASED CLEANERS The Aquus range offers solutions for cleaning all types of oil, grease and soils on any substrates including mixed metals and for general cleaning. Aquus CL-One a concentrated formulation is diluted with water, the ratio dependent on the contamination or soil to be removed. The most effective water-based cleaner it is also the most economical. EnSolv THE PRECISION VAPOUR DEGREASING SOLVENT Approved and used throughout the world by industries where critical cleaning of manufactured items in metal and other substrates is vitally important. EnSolv is safe for operators and the environment with low operating costs and short process times. Parts are clean and dry for inspection, further processing or painting. NEW EnSolv CC-A and EnSolv CC-B vapour degreasing solvents both usable in conventional machines. Lower solvent usage, stability and lower costs while compliant with all current environmental and user


safety protocols. Use in applications where precision cleaning to remove cutting oils or water-based emulsions, inorganic solids and soils, fingerprints, polishing compounds and grinding paste from finely finished and polished surfaces such as stainless steel, and optics. No staining of yellow metals such as copper, brass and bronze. EnSolv CC-B adds even greater flexibility to the range with increased solvency to remove marking inks and other organic surface contaminants.

environmental profiles low or zero GWP or ODP and safe for operators.



Cleaning parts for electronics, mechanical and electrical assemblies, medical equipment and optical assemblies where combinations of metals and plastic with glass, adhesives etc need special vapour degreasing solvents compatible with these materials in all combinations. ProSolv meets the needs of these industries. Used in vapour degreasing or liquid cleaning tanks with ultrasonics, immersed sprays and or vertical agitation. ProSolv solvents are based on fluorocarbons with excellent

SuperCORR A complies with MIL-87177 an ultra-thin film, water displacing coating with lubricant and corrosion protective compound. Approved by the military major OEMs, and utilities worldwide to prevent corrosion in avionics, electronics, electrical systems including connectors, switches, plugs as well as preventing dissimilar metal corrosion.

Clarea CLEANING SOLVENTS Items too large for immersion or spray tanks or which need to be cleaned in situ. These are cleaned by hand wiping, brushing or spray. Clarea cleaning solvents are based on aliphatic solvents safe for users and the environment. Slow drying allows time to ensure proper cleaning and coverage of large areas with minimal solvent use.

For more information visit:

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...or the obscured Ê


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analyticsV2 Visit for more information global patent solutions


April 2019

Automation specialist Simmatic has been appointed as a UK distributor for Airwork “mini hands” pneumatic grippers. This versatile and comprehensive range of grippers offers attractive and cost-effective solutions for product manipulation and pick-and-place applications, particularly where space is at a premium, and where vacuum grippers are not suitable. Airwork grippers from Simmatic are available in a variety of configurations: angular, angular with 180° opening, long-stroke parallel, guided parallel and threejaw parallel. The angular pneumatic grippers feature ergonomic and compact design and can be assembled in multiple ways, to exactly meet the needs of the application. To further extend their versatility, they can be fitted with magnetic switches in any of their four sides. They are complemented by angular grippers with a 180° opening, which are an ideal option where space is limited or where fully retractable jaws are required to avoid possible impact with other

machine components. Grippers with 180º opening can be fitted with magnetic switches on their two principal surfaces. Long-stroke parallel grippers in the range are used to move larger components and, with three different stroke options for each size, they cover multiple application areas. Thanks to an internal rack-andpinion arrangement, the opening and closing movement of gripping jaws is always synchronized, w h i c h guarantees centring of the item being gripped. M a g n e t i c switches can be added in premachined slots. Designed for precise h a n d l i n g and excellent repeatability, guided parallel grippers provide an optimum combination of compact size and gripping force. They incorporate a roller system to minimise friction


ENGINEERING UPDATE and can be mounted in any orientation. Magnetic switches can be added on all four faces. Three-jaw parallel grippers are primarily intended to be used for manipulating round components. They achieve precise operation thanks to the synchronised closure of the jaws and the prismatic guides system, which makes them ideal for demanding applications such as pick-and-place machines and tool interlocking. Simmatic’s experienced engineers provide expert support on all aspects of vacuum and pneumatic systems and applications, including advice on the selection and use of products in the Airworks “mini hands” pneumatic gripper range. The company also offers fast delivery and competitive pricing on both standard and customised products for vacuum and pneumatic applications.


April 2019

Rugged sensors for smallscale process technology Detect temperatures using direct media contact

Balluff is expanding their range of sensors for mediacontacting temperature detection, in hydraulic power units for example. New are a temperature sensor with display, a temperature transmitter as well as a PT1000 sensor .The version without display is especially compact and vibrationresistant, whereas the versions with the turnable and highly readable display offers high operating convenience and flexible installation


Depending on the version, the BFT sensors provide PNP switching outputs, analog signals 0...10V /4...20mA or work as a PT1000 sensor. They are simple to install by threading into the process using a standard process connection with Gand NPT threads. Integrating them requires just a 4-pin M12 plug on the sensor. Continuous monitoring of process media on machines and equipment contributes greatly to process security. Values that need to be maintained are pressure, level and temperature. When for example in a hydraulic

system you need to monitor the temperature of the hydraulic fluid, you can do this reliably using our BFT media-contacting temperature sensors. Monitoring the temperature within the hydraulic loop guarantees correct fluid viscosity and thereby the best performance of a machine. Critical process conditions such as a temperature limit can be controlled directly via the switching output. An analog output provides continuous measurement results. The BFT temperature sensors also stand out when it comes to monitoring the cooling water, lubricants and compressed air, making them ideal for a variety of applications.


April 2019


Amazon Filters Introduce Replacements for Resin-Bonded Filters Amazon Filters has introduced a new variant of its VisClear spun bonded cartridge as a superior alternative filter solution for manufacturing processes using resin bonded filter cartridges. While resin-bonded filters have traditionally been a product of choice because they can withstand high differential pressure and temperatures, increasingly health and safety considerations are driving users to look for alternatives. Whatever the operating conditions of your production processes, Amazon Filters can offer different configurations of its VisClear cartridge filter to protect your processes without needing to change your existing filter housings. VisClear spun bonded filter cartridges have been specifically designed to operate in the chemical processing and manufacturing industries. Manufactured using Amazon Filters unique fibre processing system, they offer controlled performance and minimal fibre shed – an absolute

requirement in the world of high-tech chemistry. Offering a high void volume and integral support core for maximum strength, VisClear filters show excellent performance in terms of life and cost effectiveness. The superior structure of VisClear filters is ideal for high temperature, high viscosity applications, and will remain integral even under severe operating conditions and is not prone to fibre shed. filter-cartridges-and-capsules/depthfilters/visclear/ or contact Amazon Filters on +44-(0)1276-670600 /

Amazon Filters is not only able to provide existing users of resin-bonded filter cartridges with full technical assistance to choose the best replacement product from its portfolio but is also able to look at manufacturing quickly new product variants for specific problems. For further information on the VisClear spun bonded filter range please visit

Monomer Filtration Critical for Soft Contact Lens Production Amazon Filters reports on how implementation of its SupaPore PCG capsule filters at one of the world’s leading manufacturers of soft contact lenses, has improved lead times and security of supply thereby reducing potential risks to the company's monomer production. polypropylene capsule filters, rated at 1.2µm, 2.5µm and 5µm.

Monomer production is a critical part of the contact lens manufacturing process. To ensure their monomer was free of any impurities before being used in the lens manufacturing process, the company employed pleated


Following an extensive technical review of the monomer manufacturing process, Amazon Filters offered a high performance SupaPore PCG capsule filter to replace the filters the company had traditionally used. The SupaPore PCG capsule filters were subjected to a rigorous validation process which involved testing to demonstrate equivalent filtration performance to the previous capsules and to ensure the change did not impact on the filtration time which is

critical for this batch process. In addition to improved lead times and security of supply, switching to Amazon Filter SupaPore PCG capsule filters has generated cost savings and improved technical support for the soft contact lens manufacturer. For further information on SupaPore PCG capsule filters please visit filter-cartridges-and-capsules/ capsule-filters/ or contact Amazon Filters on +44-(0)1276-670600 /

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March 2019




February 2019 DATE.CO.U K




Engineering Update announce 7th year price freeze!


ODU-MAC® Modular Co

ultimate pick’n’mix r variants provide the Connectors - three majo speed data, ODU-MAC ® Modular data/signals, coax, highvoltage & high-current], highted. [inc pora r incor powe be her - whet and fluids – all can air as such a medi fibre-optics and other different dockingautomatic docking - six highe - the all-rounder for modules including 30 ODU-MAC Silver-Lin lengths, with multiple ble miza custo in docking-frame frame types, each rted no failures in the e customers have repo s. cycle g matin n speed data options. Som millio even after more than one rversion of the ODU-MAC ical performance as Silve al mating - the same techn le or lever locking. e - the option for manu ings, with snap-in, spind ODU-MAC White-Lin metal and plastic hous of e choic ple multi a Line, but in mbly, with – ideal for on-site asse Theounte 320ic Ladbc MP - tool-free and clip-m and faulty Y. Embly prafter even ODU-MAC Blue-Line o isasse possible al a hi AMIL crimp contactsth gh the of ic g. ding ly 5 codin unloa l EL Faccurate 5 and 4 visua 2 l and loading m 15:5 anica om mecher REB gh , po EMP eter 18 throu E nted rtable digita L preve /Wlo /11/20 HOgger rs/ clipping-in of modules fo ex l r E metro29logy actin odula TH r-connecto ns/m 235ic cts-s g T olutio la P U bo rodu M an ratory and E d other BO RN A industria See more at: http://www LEA

Labcal Pro High Precision T hermomet er




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We know the importance of consistent pricing when planning your marketing strategies. That's why at Engineering Update we have made sure that all existing clients receive the same prices up until December 2020. | 01843 448 443 |


April 2019

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Improve Safety & Climate Conditions in Cold Stores Ice, frost and fog in cold storage can create slippery, dangerous conditions. Munters IceDry® is a specially designed desiccant dehumidifier that targets moisture in manufacturing facilities, cold stores and process freezers to: • Reduce & prevent ice, frost and fog build up on floors, walls and ceilings • Lower maintenance costs • Improve safety for staff & forklifts • Increase productivity • Improve evaporator efficiency

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Engineering Update - April 2019  

Engineering Update - April 2019  

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