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Customised solutions for Plug & Play connectivity

High Speed Metal Marking Galvos and Flatbed laser Cutters

The optimum material for each application

Trotec materials for laser and rotary engraving First class materials for easy processing

t t Colour and quality consistency t Highly durable materials

t Reduced residue produced during engraving t No sticky edges after laser cutting t Minimised post production cleaning

See the range at:

High Speed Metal Marking Galvos and Flatbed Laser Cutters Mark up to 900 characters per second with a high speed galvo from Trotec Laser. With in size, Trotec offers the optimum solution for your precision marking, cutting and engraving requirements.

Visit our galvo demonstration suite Book a demonstration at our recently launched galvo demonstration area where you can see four of our precision marking lasers including the brand new SpeedMarker 1300, boasting a working area of 1120 x 635mm.

Making customers more profitable UK wide

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路 Join us at one of our 7 showrooms throughout the UK and Ireland 路 Request a material sample 路 Send a sample material for testing on our laser machines

Man and Machine Training Academy

Man and Machine offer an extensive range of Autodesk  training courses

Man and Machine specialise in Autodesk training for Manufacturers, Engineers, Architects & Product Designers. All courses are taught with the official Autodesk courseware and includes one month’s free post training support. Autodesk AutoCAD courses include: • • • • •

AutoCAD Essentials AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals AutoCAD Advanced AutoCAD 3D Drawing & Modelling AutoCAD Mechanical Essentials

E: W: T: 01844 263 700

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November 2015

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At the forefront of digital marketing, Engineering Update strives to bring its readers the latest in industrial engineering, in a format that provides the best usability and ease of use for it’s readers. Every monthly issue of the publication brings the latest in news, event information, as well as extensive features that encompass every aspect of the engineering industry.

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Electric Motor failure costs £12000 per hour in production downtime!

Enrol on our ‘18 Weeks to Motor Mastery’ course today! Includes a FREE Bonus DVD Worth £19.95

WA S £49 7

NOW £97 +VA T

November 2015

Innovative mixed tray solution Winner of the PPMA’s Most Innovative Processing/ Packaging Machine title 2015, Pacepacker continues to demonstrate that it’s on the case of automation trends. Answering retailer calls for space-saving mixed product Mixed Tray Loader (MTL).

alone**, the initial MTL system paid for itself in less than six months. As a standalone operation, the MTL is compact - measuring 1.2 metres in length and 1 metre wide. A pair of in-feed conveyors is located to one side. This means it can easily

for mixed product trays has quadrupled, and Pacepacker capacity to 60 pots per minute. incorporating Festo mechatronics, the automated MTL sits reversing the process to swap items. For a demonstration Ideal for mixed trays of pots, packs, jars, punnets etc. the MTL can also help manage stock control and reduce the risk of stock going out of date, effecting waste

whichever makes more sense from a space and product-

trials, slower-moving lines, seasonal and limited editions. Pacepacker Business Development Manager Paul Wilkinson says: “By stocking mixed trays of product, a larger supermarket can hold a wider range of product types, which may previously have had to drop lines to make way

grocers are latching onto is presenting ingredients together. Only last week Tesco announced plans to adjust their store such as tinned tomatoes with pasta, cake making ingredients and sauces. Again, the MTL caters to these simple initiatives that make the shopping experience more convenient. Pacepacker’s engineers, who upon visiting the dip performing the manual ‘product swap’ operation. They suggested automating the operation. Because most retail orders for mixed product trays are placed retrospectively once products are processed, packed and in chilled storage,


“A large part of our approach at Pacepacker is to keep automation can solve a particular challenge or overcome ‘product swap’ development is a classic example of what


November 2015

J D Neuhaus Offers Proven Performance

Based On 270 Years Of Experience 9 September 2015 marks 270 years of manufacturing for the German based hoist and crane manufacturer J D Neuhaus, and after seven generations, the company is still managed by a descendant of the original owner.

Load handling equipment supplied by J D Neuhaus is now utilised throughout the world, from small engineering workshops up to large organisations and including some of the heaviest and most demanding handling operations, even under extreme operating conditions. Their world market leader status is backed-up with a service and supply organisation established in more than 90 countries together with over 70 branches. Lifting equipment has been the backbone of the manufacturing shaft winch being produced in 1745. Winches were also initially produced for waterway locks, controlling a on the Ruhr river. Business developed to include lifting and handling of railway carriages, the general loading of goods and a widespread use of


JDN products in the coal mines of the German Ruhr. Over time their winches became progressively more powerful so that by the 1880’s they had the capability of moving individual loads of up to 7,500kg. Improvements in the quality of materials, coupled to an ongoing development program meant that JDN products became progressively more compact as well as providing enhanced safety and performance capacities. A major step was also taken by the company with the introduction in 1952 of hoists powered by compressed air, which operated a rugged vane motor encapsulated within each hoist. This proved to be a positive advance for their principal customers at that time, being the coal mining industry, enabling them to economy and at higher levels of safety when working underground in

dust laden, explosive conditions. In for applications outside underground mining were launched into the market, covering lift capacities of 250 to 1000kg. Further product developments also ensured that JDN hoists were equally successful in other potentially dangerous working conditions as typically experienced in tunnelling, foundries, the chemicals industries, cement manufacture, steelworks and shipbuilding, together with oil and gas industries both on land where heavy loads and potentially dangerous working conditions and explosive atmospheres exist. For further information please contact: e-mail:

November 2015








































November 2015

In2Connect UK Ltd are the UK distributor for ept of Germany who have just re-launched their website ept stands for electronic precision technology at the highest level. As a family owned

With ex works deliveries at an average 3 to 5 weeks on all the following, what are you waiting for? Colibri 5Gbps HS connectors

Com Express PICMG

Micro TCA connectors Advanced TCA connectors Velox connectors


DIN 41612 - 2 part PCB connectors

IEC 60603-2

Flexlink board to board jumpers VarPol pin headers and sockets PC/104 connectors for embedded computing hm 2.0 Hardmetric connectors PCB Power terminals


PC/104 - Plus

November 2015

BPMA & EMA to develop better pump understanding The BPMA is delighted to announce that it will be working with the Energy Managers Association (EMA) on the production


“The BPMA’s attendance at EMEX shows the

understanding of the potential energy savings that are available within their

added “We are thrilled to be working with EMA

the EMA’s annual event EMEX (Energy

and to ensuring that all those individuals with

and their business credentials at the heart of good

technologies for energy reduction


For more information on EMEX, please contact or visit the website

at & r 1 us rn g e he rin s ste 6 Se ort tu ic he d M N fac ron nc tan a S u ct an le , M M E ity ct 1 tC O en 0 & Ev t 3 p Se

Leaders in temperature measurement

Thermocouple Sensors and Fittings Manufactured by Labfacility thermocouple cables thermocouple connectors PRT sensors temperature instrumentation

Buy on-line

Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446

November 2015

Beijer electronics guarantees availaBility, support and delivery of

e1000 operator panels Following the Mitsubishi Electric end-of-life announcement, Beijer Electronics is proud to inform that the popular E1000 panels are still in full production and will continue to be available through Beijer Electronics directly and via Beijer Electronics’ distributor network.



he E1000 series operator panels have been manufactured by Beijer Electronics for many years and there are no actual EOL plans regarding the E1000 panels from Beijer Electronics, who conduct

The E1000 panels, as well as Beijer are now available from Beijer Electronics directly and via Beijer Electronics’

To guarantee a continued successful use of the panels, Beijer Electronics are operator panels and the software, except for the labelling, which now will wear the Beijer Electronics


technical and logistical services through their presence globally and via Beijer

T +49 2961 7405-0 T +44 1234 783366

Made in Germany

Your Specialist for

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November 2015

Customised solutions for Plug & Play connectivity Introduction: the risks of hard wiring Traditionally, electrical equipment has been designed and built with the wiring hard-wired straight to an electrical circuit. While presenting a satisfactory solution during normal operation, hard-wiring presents a number of challenges: not least the question of what happens if the product breaks down and the problem is traced to an electrical fault. Under



the product is hard-wired. The customer may be losing money as the product is no longer functioning, problem, resulting in loss of time and consequently, loss of money.

include maintenance shutdowns at the plant where the products are based and product relocation. When the wiring of a product is permanently connected to an electrical circuit these associated risks of additional time and costs always have to be taken into account.

The Plug & Play solution By wiring the product through connectors, it becomes possible to connect to and disconnect from the electrical circuit with ease. Whether the problem is an electrical fault, a factory shutdown or product relocation, the “Plug & Play” connector solution will substantially reduce the associated risks of increased time and cost. This Plug & Play approach can be applied to any industrial, electrical and mechanical application at either the design or the production stage. With this thought in mind, HARTING has launched HARTING Customised Solutions

power, control signals, embedded processor I/O, Ethernet communications, and data pulses. cable assemblies; multicore or single core cables; modular assemblies; and conduit systems.

with electrical assembly. This covers bulkhead mounting, custom built to users’ requirements with the support of a

advanced equipment including AC/DC testing, pull interconnection solutions. optic processing services.

Customised cable assemblies A key part of this operation is the production of customised cable assemblies, combining the company’s

The customised Plug & Play approach to interconnectivity reduced installation time. Other advantages are reduced

production capabilities. This includes taking advantage of the company’s Northampton based production facilities as well as the global presence. As a result, HARTING is able to produce assemblies carrying any combination of


HARTING Customised Solutions Kitting, Cable Assemblies, Box Builds and Product Modification


Cable Assemblies

Box Builds

Product Modification

HARTING Customised Solutions - bringing together market leading connectors with expert local and global production capabilities. Capabilties include; Kitting, Cable Assemblies, Box Builds and Product Modification UK and Global production facilities In-house CAD Engineers to help design your customised solution Quality Assurance team to ensure the highest quality throughout Transmit any combination of power, signal, data embedded processor I/O Ethernet communications and fibre-optics To discuss your requirements phone +44 (0) 1604 827500 or e-mail

November 2015

BSRIA STUDY REVEALS CHANGING TECHNOLOGY FOR DATA CENTRE COOLING A newly published market study from BSRIA shows that – with the CISCO Cloud Index

mostly large units. The use of water also raises

23 per cent CAGR, reaching 8.6 zettabytes by


Big data companies – industry game changers heart of this growing trend, however, it is not retain enterprise data centres on their premises. overhead terminal units. These are intended to densities racks. cooling is taking the water or other source of

Figure 1 cooling structure




to maximise the use of free cooling.

costs a variety of technologies to cool their data

UK example: data centre costs breakdown Cooling within the data centre is a fundamental

use of technology?

How cold is your data?

of the cost within the CAPEX outlay. and rising energy costs have resulted in consuming electricity while not being used or accessed in any way. The study concluded servers inside the data centres.

Main types of precision cooling used in data centres

It is the market with the largest share of the the total market.

Following amendments in the ASHRAE 2011 redundant and rarely accessed data in the the cooling segment of the data centre market is the old data into the Cold storage can be of inactive data that an organisation or an water as a natural coolant when warm and dry


be necessary for the servers in data centres to

information. It is also divided into direct (direct external air external air does not mix with the internal air

based association, providing specialist services in construction and building services. More information at


November 2015

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12/05/2015 12:14


November 2015

Variohm EuroSensor adds 8 mm D-shaft option to motorsports-proven Hall Effect angle sensor range Variohm EuroSensor has increased the

with repeatability to better than 0.2%. The new D-shaft sensor joins the Euro XP family with completely contactless technology and a mechanical of 50 million movements.

The D-shaft with its integral magnet makes for easier installation, particularly for throttle position sensing, without the need for a separate coupling. With the optimal magnet to sensing-element gap maintained within the assembly, and with competitive models is made easy. The coupling-free sensor is also convenient for direct connection on other motorsport position sensing applications such as steering angle, suspension and gearbox. The comprehensive 28 mm diameter Euro XP family, also available with Form ‘U’, spring coupling or separate ‘Puck+Magnet versions features the motorsports industry preferred 5 VDC ratiometric output and includes a redundant dual-track 360 degree measuring range for safety-critical use. With two factory programmable angles from 30 to 360 degrees for both measurement range and characteristic gearbox applications. The position output covers 5% to 95% of the 5 VDC supply voltage and being absolute, does not lose position after power loss. The precision of the Euro XP family combines an independent linearity of +/- 0.5% of each signal range


The fully encapsulated sensor element ensures complete environmental protection – rated to IP68, in addition to IEC 60068-2-6 protection against shock and vibration - making it a perfect choice for challenging race track conditions. plastic with threaded inserts and a reinforced mountingdurability. The D-shaft material is moulded nylon 66 and the 32 or 38 mm PCD mounting for two M4 screws includes slots for radial adjustment. connection for the standard model is Raychem 55 cable and DR-25 sleeving at 500mm length, with connector options available on request. Variohm EuroSensor hold large stocks of the complete Euro XP product range which can be shipped, fully programmed within 24 hours of order receipt. Variohm manufactures and supplies the motorsports industry with a wide range of sensors and transducers including rotary and linear position sensors in contacting and non-contacting technologies, in a range of mounting styles and environmental ratings with wide choice of analogue and digital outputs.

11th & 12th November 2015 | Exhibition Centre Liverpool

VISITOR REGISTRATION IS NOW LIVE go to to register! Now in its 11th year, LiftEx has grown to become the UK’s leading exhibition for the lifting industry, returning to its successful stand-alone format over 2 full days.

Ian Simpson, HM Principal Specialist Inspector of Health & Safety, Mechanical Engineering, Health & Safety Executive (HSE) Group Leader of the Handling Engineering group within the Engineering Department at the Accelerator and Technology Sector, CERN Operations Director, Zip World / Treetop Trek and Ropes Course Developments Ltd. Managing Director, DT Engineering North West Ltd

Gerry Weston, Electrical Operations Director, DT Engineering North West Ltd Bryan Cronie, Industry Expert Technical Committee Chairman / Vice Chairman, and E&Q Committee Chairman, Working at Height Safety Association (WAHSA) / LEEA John Jones, Managing Director, Lift Turn Move Director, Adlib Lighting Director, Hoist UK Richard Howes, Director, Bridger Howes Limited Chief Executive, LEEA

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November 2015

Networked, Panel-Mount Piezo Drive for Coordinated Motion between Piezo Stages and Servo Axes Networkable with any Ensemble drive to control up to ten axes of piezo and/or servomotor stages. Single or multi-axis Position Synchronized Output (PSO) for real-time triggering of events. High-precision (to 20bit) sensor resolution for capacitive sensor feedback. Advanced control features such as learning control, harmonic cancellation, and command shaping. Aerotech’s Ensemble QLe™ panel-mount nanopositioning piezo drive is designed for seamless use with the Ensemble family of drives and controllers. The QLe connects to any Ensemble controller network enabling coordinated motion between piezo stages and servo axes at much higher rates than other controller or drive products. It is ideal for OEM machine systems. and multiple integrators coupled with the QLe drives provide extreme processing power over a wide variety of applications including point-to-point motion, linear and circular interpolation, multi-axis error correction, and autofocusing. High-speed interrupts and data logging capabilities provide a real-time link to external

user with all necessary tools needed to optimize motion performance. Additional software options such as Aerotech’s

multi-axis position synchronized output (PSO) for generation of pulses to data acquisition system triggering.

of advanced, yet easy-to-use, tools that can improve tracking errors and provide faster step-and-settle times.

converters, the QLe enables sub-nanometer positioning resolution at high bandwidths. Capacitive sensor feedback circuitry provides ultra-low noise performance over the full travel range with industry-leading thermal stability and exceptional long-term holding stability. Linearity is better than 0.01% over the full travel range in closed-loop mode.

These tools include Learning Control, Harmonic Cancellation, Command Shaping, and Cross-Axis Feedforward. Advanced tuning utilities minimize startup time by allowing easy optimization of motion axes.

In addition to the four optically-isolated digital inputs, two high-speed Pre-coded LabVIEW® VIs, AeroBasic™ digital inputs, and four optically-isolated digital outputs, the Ensemble QLe programming functionality, MATLAB® is equipped with analog inputs and outputs. For ultra-precise applications, library, .NET tools for C#, VB.NET and C++/CLI or C make the Ensemble even easier to use. controlled directly by an external low-level analog input. Also, the QLe

For further information, please contact

position or voltage monitoring at very high resolutions.

via e-mail at . In addition, more information is available by clicking here




Murrelektronik's Emparro family has a new member. The newly developed Emparro 3-phase power supplies for 24 V applications are important components in quality power management systems. They are extremely reliable, extraordinarily efficient and they don't require much space in the cabinet.

EMPARRO® 3~ MEANS… Maximum reliability t MTBF of 1,000,000 hours tIntegrated gas discharge valve protects from interference pulses t Up to 95 % efficiency rating


Optimum performance t Permanently overload protected – up to 20 % t Power and hyper boost functions for starting high loads

Continuous 2-phase operation

Space saving (Width = 65 mm max.)

Alarm contact & LED

Parallel operation (Connect up to five units to each other)

Derating from 60 °C

PUSH-IN TERMINALS The vibration resistant push-in terminals make installation tool free so connection maintenance becomes a thing of the past. Emparro power supplies are UL listed and UR recognized.

The information contained herein has been compiled with the utmost care. Liability for the correctness, completeness and topicality of the information is restricted to gross negligence.

November 2015

EPLAN’s Pro Panel cuts wiring time by 75% The Pro Panel engineering software from EPLAN enables companies to achieve savings of up to 75% on wiring time, 50% time savings on layout and mounting and up to 50% increase in overall productivity. With EPLAN Pro Panel, engineers can design and construct three-dimensional control cabinets and switchgear systems easily and without expensive errors and rework. The software features include 3D mounting layout, wiring and design, busbars. Panel allows the user to choose their preferred approach whether it is based on equipment lists, connection lists, or circuit diagrams. All necessary components can be easily entered and positioned on the 3D layout, thanks to the innovative eTouch technology. The virtual 3D model of the control cabinet switchgear system helps designers make best use of the valuable control panel space available. Integrated planning aids such as collision testing, adherence to manufacturer installation guidelines, minimum clearances and bending radii, allow quick and optimum positioning and installation. other aspects of consistent quality control thus speeding time to market.

For correct wiring of control systems, EPLAN’s new software utilises 3D mounting layout and schematic. Based on a combination of the exact position of the component in the mounting layout and the connection information from the schematic, the control cabinet can be wired virtually. The system works out the optimum conductor and cable routing and all the resulting connection lengths at the touch of a button. The result of the optimised wiring can then be used to optimise the schematic. Another functionality of Pro Panel is production and mounting, as well as data required for machine control, can be generated directly from the software. The copper extension module allows individual busbar systems, including the copper rails that are to be bent and the and adapted to the installation. All the necessary data on drill holes, punching, bending angles and radiuses is provided in the form of drawings and machine data for NC-based production – the new dimension in design, production and mounting.

Your Gateway to Greater Efficiency EPLAN Software & Service · &1-"/$PNQFUFODF$FOUSF · 3JUUBM-UEr#SBJUIXFMM8BZr )FMMBCZ*OEVTUSJBM&TUBUFr)FMMBCZr3PUIFSIBN42: +4(0)· info@eplanexperience.coVL · www.eplanexperience.coVL


EPLAN Pro Panel is part of EPLAN’s CAE software platform that enables engineers to conform to international standards and directives and get consistent, quality designs that suit customer requirements. Web page Pro Panel video Recorded webinar EPLAN 01709 704 100

Can’t find the right d sub connector? In2Connect stock a wide range of high quality d-sub connectors from ITW McMurdo and other manufacturers for the PC, communications, instrumentation and military sectors, including: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■

Solder bucket dee Straight PCB dee Right angled PCB dee IP 67 water proof dee Filter dee Mixed layout (combo) dee Machined contact dee Stamped and formed contact dee D-sub hoods and accessories


PO Box 66, Alresford, Hampshire, SO24 0WX Tel: +44 1962 773004 Fax: +44 1962 773104

November 2015 Fitted with Omron’s new NA HMI, operators watch nstructional videos and use wizards to aid quick and simple system operation

System programming was completed in just 6 weeks thanks to Omron’s Sysmac Studio software

Control technology drives innovation in gantry robot palletiser design New Motion has provided belt conveyors, modular belt conveyors, bottle chain conveyors, pallet conveyors and related equipment to companies within the food and drink sector for over ten years. The company’s solutions transport products from and to machines such They then take full pallets from palletisers to pallet wrappers. The palletiser itself, then, was a machine missing from New Motion’s portfolio. So it is no surprise that the company should consider developments in this area when Motion could develop a new palletiser current machine.

When conveyor and handling specialist New Motion looked to expand its product range with a new design of gantry robot palletiser, it turned to Omron for control technology and technical support. The result is reliable machine that promises for users, while providing New Motion with exciting opportunities for growth.

were, variously, too large, too slow, operators complaining of downtime combined with lengthy procedures to restart the machine after a stoppage. Looking at how it could address these shortcomings, New Motion set about developing a new type of palletiser – a gantry robot design that line layouts, which would be robust, reliable and compact, and which above all would drive towards zero downtime. The new design was built around a slim H-bridge for the gantry motion, ensuring the gantry could be kept as light as possible, and with a design that minimises the overall footprint.

footprint, height and weight issues of both conventional gantry designs and articulated robot designs. Two servo motors drive the belts of the H-bridge, while a linear servo motor is gripper arm provides 360° rotation. conceptually simple yet technically sophisticated palletiser seemed elusive, until New Motion turned to Omron through engineering services specialist Denissen Engineering. Ronald Dekker, responsible for engineering at New a direct drive motor because due to ensures there are no oil or grease reduces the overall weight, making the

instance to research the market, and what it found was a litany of complaints and dissatisfaction with


the end. Use of a telescopic mast ensures that overall height of the palletiser is minimised. Thus the machine addresses many of the

ultimately reduces cycle times.” For more information, visit Omron’s website at

November 2015



November 2015

Conveniently Calibrate Plant Vacuum Gauges Why do vacuum gauges need to be calibrated? The largest uncertainty when using vacuum gauges on a process plant is knowing when the process has caused drift or shifts of calibration. Many processes handle vapours and, if any condensation or deposition happens, the chances are it will also happen in the vacuum gauge. Many such gauges - Pirani, cold cathose and ion gauges - use thermal or ionisation cross-section measurements to infer the level of vacuum being experienced and they

calibrating vacuum in-situ out in-situ vacuum calibrations due to the amount of hardware needed to establish a suitable level of vacuum in a situation where a calibration standard gauge may be compared. Not the least of concerns is the possible cross-contamination of the standard by a contaminated sensor access to many on-plant gauges. So it has become tradition for gauges to be removed regularly from the plant and shipped to an external calibration laboratory for re-calibration and, in many cases, adjustment to compensate for

hardware, all of which may be coated with by-products from the process.


particulates because any deposition will have mass and the gauge will weigh it, especially if it has a low range and therefore a very thin diaphragm.

With the development of Chell’s onsite UKAS calibration service, they have developed CalCube both as a portable vacuum calibration system with which

This is too late! If the process is sensitive to the level of vacuum being achieved, then the cost of losing a batch could be astronomical - many times the cost of maintaining the plant properly in many cases. With the inherent lack of ruggedness of many vacuum gauges, it is imperative that plant gauges are regularly calibrated and that the operator has spare, calibrated gauges ready to substitute as soon as he fears the process may have






Chell CMF valves.

CalCube showing its useful vacuum coupling storage

As processes move away from their design parameter due to gauge “drift”, little about the quality of the process can be inferred from the instrumentation readings, so diagnosis is down to a skilled operator recognising when a batch of product does not conform.


a 13A mains plug yet containing dry diaphragm backing and turbomolecular pumps with high vacuum isolation valves. Over 40 year’s experience of calibrating vacuum gauges have gone into CalCube’s design, which includes such capabilities as calibrating both rising and falling

Even more rugged gauges such as capacitance manometers will

Chell’s CalCube is a convenient solution to vacuum gauge calibration

CalCube comparing two manufacturer’s Capacitance Manometers

customers who would prefer their own facility, a convenient, tried and tested system. CalCube complies with BS ISO3567:2011 use of vacuum calibration systems and incorporates an ISO/Dis stainless steel calibration chamber with geometry optimised to ensure that all gauges connected see the same level of vacuum so that comparisons may be made.

technique Having its own ISO IEC 17025:2005 accredited UKAS laboratory with the lowest uncertainties for Vacuum in the UK, Chell are well placed to prepare CalCube for on-site gauge calibrations. are calibrated in the laboratory both before and after an on-site calibration calibration is the highest possible.

Fitting easily into almost any estate car, CalCube comes with lifting handles to aid safe removal from a vehicle or lifting up steps, etc. A removable side panel is foam lined with cut-outs to hold all the common mating vacuum connector systems of course, custom connectors may be purchased Choice of vacuum Transfer Standards will be an important decision, which is aided by Chell’s years of experience. These standards, when not

calibration lab. for scheduled UKAS calibration. Chell’s in-house vacuum standards consist of three high-accuracy capacitance manometers having 20 years of continuous calibration history at national Standard level and these are monitored on a daily basis by a Spinning Rotor Gauge whose at National Standard level. At the atmospheric pressure end of the scale, the vacuum straight line generated by the capacitance manometers is calibrated against our 32” Schwien Merco-Master manometer giving us the lowest uncertainties in that pressure regime. Chell’s customers thus enjoy the accumulated vacuum calibration skills of over 40 years and, Chell has the skills to customise CalCube to suit.

Implementing a calibration system?

Our calibration and IT expertise helps you face calibration process improvement projects that are typically complex and consume a lot of time and resources. Only 20% to 30% of a calibration system upgrade is tools and technology, the rest is business culture and process. Therefore, the success of a new calibration system depends especially on the implementation of the system and the ability to define and adopt a new calibration process. We are the experts in both technology and implementation, so you can focus on the opportunities, while we support and guide you in the evolution of your calibration system and successful implementation of the calibration process change. Learn more at:

November 2015

Trio of Top Awards for Yorkshire Engineering Firm top organisations in the region.

South Yorkshire based Palmer Construction Ltd scooped the top award of the night at the Barnsley & Rotherham Business Awards, winning the prestigious Business of the Year

partner of choice.

fantastic to be recognised for our

Judges praised Palmer by saying: presented with the awards on behalf demonstrated the ability to quickly

for the Company it was also highly commended for Business Growth and

changes, showing outstanding

people whose dedication and commitment has built Palmer’s into

was named Business Person of the Year in recognition of his exceptional generation opportunities to learn through apprenticeship schemes. Palmer Construction is a leading our future.” utilities and infrastructure sectors, working with the nation’s leading

‘winner of winners’.” Judges explained their decision: “Simon’s business acumen, along

standing partnerships with many high for quality, reliability and client focused solutions has positioned


made him the perfect winner of Business Person of the Year.”

Awards saw 55 companies shortlisted across 10 categories winners were announced at a ceremony hosted by Look North presenter Clare Frisby at the Barnsley Metrodome on Friday 23rd October.

Because safety means the world to you Colour your way to an improved workplace

New Safety Sign Printers Create signs and labels in any colour or shape on-site and on demand. Watch the video & request your brochure BRADY UK Wildmere Industrial Estate, Banbury, Oxon OX16 3JU

T: +44 (0) 1295 228 288 F: +44 (0) 1295 228 219 E:


November 2015



tracking greatly increases manufacturing and logistics productivity, often paying for itself in three to six months. By increasing visibility it can also double the level of supply chain intelligence, according to software application and engineering company Red Ledge (, which is launching an advisory service to help manufacturing, logistics and retail companies who have yet to use RFID decide whether it is a viable technology for them, now or in the future. The free ‘Red Ledge RFID Readiness’ service uses two hours of face-to-face discovery consulting to explore the viability of RFID for the client company, examining its commercial impact and ROI, deployment and timescales. Red Ledge is a globally recognised expert in RFID, barcode, voice The global RFID market is forecast to grow at 22.4% per “The RFID market has grown thanks to greater user awareness and lower cost of deployment – but its power needs to be better understood” comments Red Ledge managing director Andy O’Donnell. “Companies often keep that power to themselves, recognising its competitive edge, with the result that other users are not fully aware of it. It is one of technology’s best kept secrets. But RFID is not for everyone and companies are advised to assess the technology carefully before making any investment.”

Backgrounder ( Headquartered in West Yorkshire, UK, Red Ledge was founded in 1996 and has over 150 clients worldwide. The company is a globally recognised specialist in RFID, barcode, voice and sensor technologies and uses its unique blend of application software and engineering skills to improve business processes in commerce, industry and government.

Red Ledge

New ‘red ledge RFID readiness’ advisory service will help manufacturing, logistics and retail companies decide whether

--Free service provides two hours of discovery consulting to measure the viability of RFID for a company --RFID tracking greatly increases manufacturing and logistics productivity and visibility, can double supply chain intelligence and often pays for itself in 3-6 months say Red Ledge – but it is not suitable for all 30|








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Utility Week Live is the UK’s only exhibition dedicated to the UK’s gas, electricity and water industries, connecting Britain’s utilities to their suppliers, contractors and partners. Taking place 17th - 18th May 2016 at the NEC, Birmingham, it will bring the vibrant multi-billion pound utility industry to life though an exhibition, seminar programmes and show innovations. New show features include an interactive ‘pumping station’ and ‘streetwork village’ bringing the sights and sounds of are also new for 2016 and will highlight the complementary nature of the content and exhibitors. They will enhance the visitor experience by creating meaningful connections between visitors and exhibitors and will include smart grids, energy storage and DSR, smart metering, pumping stations and streetworks. Workshops will bring the topic trails to life and will provide interactions heart of the event. Utility Week Live will also feature an innovation zone where exhibitors will have the chance to give technical pitches directly to the visitors as well as practical demonstrations and product launches. There will also be the opportunity to meet major end-users of water and energy at the colocated exhibition - edie2016 (formerly Sustainability Live). The substantial CPD-accredited seminar programme which runs alongside the exhibition, and is free to attend - will feature more than 40 seminar sessions organised around six content streams: Innovation, skills, data & analytics, Totex, customers and resilience. Speakers will be experts from both inside and outside the UK utility industry,


with sessions running across both days of the show. The programme of seminars, workshops, technical demonstrations and innovative show features are all commissioned and developed by the award-winning Utility Week, Water and Wastewater Treatment (WWT) and WET News editorial teams. Show content will be relevant, insightful, valuable and completely unique. Several thousand industry professionals will attend Utility Week Live, drawn from the business, operational and engineering divisions of Britain’s electricity, gas and water utilities, plus representatives from the organisations who advise the industry, plus the key policy and regulatory organisations. Find out more at To place your brand at the heart of the multi-billion pound utilities industry, book your exhibition stand today. Contact Rachael Lyon, Business Development Director email or call 01342 332097 Utility Week Live 2016 is completely free to attend. Register your interest today at

om an the t d W ea at m b er eh & behind i Tr team From the ea Wa nd W t Utility Week,mWETstNews E en ew T N at ew t and Water & Wastewater e s Treatmentr

Connecting Britain’s utilities to their suppliers, contractors and partners A unique opportunity to meet decision-makers from across the gas, electricity and water industries. Download the brochure today from or contact: Rachael Lyon Business Development Director, Utility Week Live 2016 T +44 (0)1342 332097 M +44 (0)7968 301370 E


November 2015

National Electronics Week

2016 National Electronics Week is returning to Birmingham next year to take part in the largest gathering of electronics and manufacturing professionals in the UK. Running alongside MACH, Drives & Controls and another 4 associated events, National Electronics Week will be taking up residency in Hall 2 at the NEC from 12th-14th April 2016. Covering four key areas of the industry in colour coded exhibition space; visitors can meet companies, source new suppliers and services plus attend free seminars in Components & Power, Design & Test, Embedded & Software and Production & EMS. Historically the show has hosted over 100 exhibiting companies and the technical content has always been at the forefront of the experience for every visitor. From live demonstrations and experiences to expert speakers and the Hand Soldering Competition, each of the three days is jampacked with a free program for all to attend.

global brands and products so make sure you visit our website to keep updated on what will our exhibitors will be featuring. The NEC is a great location to visit an exhibition and with the co-located events in 2016 it is a must attend event. Network with key industry professionals in a centrally located venue with ample parking, onsite international train station and airport plus

newly opened Resorts World at the NEC, meaning more onsite hotels, bars, shopping, restaurants and even a casino make those invaluable networking opportunities more plentiful and the opportunity to make business more social and enjoyable for everyone.

National Electronics Week has always had huge support from the industry and once again will be working with companies and associations such as The SMART Group, NPL, Electronic Product Design & Test Magazine, Engineering Update,

Visiting is free of charge and registration will be live soon at - if you are interested in exhibiting and taking

technical content together, promote the event to their readers, members and associates and to be on hand throughout the 3 days to provide insight and assistance to everyone involved.

pricing and show your products alongside you piers you can book a stand or get more information by contacting one of the team now on: +44 (0) 1483 420 229.

The show provides a good mix of exhibitors across the four sectors with some that have been exhibiting for years and some that are new to the show each year. Many companies represent


This is event is brought to you by New Events Ltd, experts in exhibitions for professionals.





D A T E S – 14


April 2016






Join us and see the best of UK Electronics. Find out more and pre-register free of charge at

Interested in showcasing your products and services at National Electronics Week? Contact the team now on + 44 1483 420 229 or email



November 2015

Infrastructure shows boosted by government plans

The timing of the CITE - Civil Infrastructure & Technology Exhibition 2016 and the Infrarail 2016 rail industry show coincides well with a strengthening focus by the UK government on the long-term development of vital infrastructure networks. In October the Chancellor of the Exchequer George Osborne announced the creation of an independent National Infrastructure Commission (NIC) charged with

focusing on:

meet future demand

future spending of ÂŁ411 billion on 265 programmes and 299 projects.


CITE 2016 will build on the success of the well-received launch of the first CITE in 2014 and again form an important part of the UK’s largest infrastructure exhibition. CITE will focus on infrastructure, civil engineering, energy, geotechnical, tunnelling, waste, water and utilities, whilst Infrarail will again shine the industry spotlight on rail infrastructure.

Harness the power of face to face interaction – the top sales driver Supported by:

 Live product demonstrations  Education and Training  Networking  Innovation  The Yard machinery display area  The Recruitment Wall

12-14 April 2016 ExCeL, London CITE - where people from throughout the supply chain meet face to face, make connections and do business. For more information:

Tel:+44 (0)1727 814400

Media Partners: CITE will be co-located with Infrarail 2016 – the 11th edition of this successful and well-established Rail Infrastructure exhibition.


November 2015


ExCeL London has been chosen as the venue for Infrarail 2016. The UK’s showcase event for railway infrastructure equipment, products and services will take place at the capital’s premier exhibition centre from 12 to 14 April next year, again bringing together leading suppliers and the industry’s decision makers and buyers.

access from London Underground’s Jubilee Line and London City Airport. Parking is available for 3,700 cars, and there are six onsite hotels and numerous bars and restaurants. ExCeL recently won the coveted ‘Best UK Conference Venue’ and ‘Exhibition Venue of the Year’ awards for an unprecedented third time.

London is served by main line and urban rail networks that rank among the world’s densest and busiest. Continuing high levels of investment in these systems by Transport for London and by government at a national level add to a strong case for staging this eleventh Infrarail in the capital, according to show organiser Mack Brooks Exhibitions.

Infrarail will again provide a valuable opportunity to develop new business contacts. The show will be colocated with CITE - the Civil Infrastructure & Technology Exhibition. CITE 2016 will shine the spotlight on wider transport, utilities and communications networks to form a perfect partner event for Infrarail. Together the two shows will form the UK’s largest exhibition dedicated to public infrastructure.

“Locating Infrarail in London provides a good balance with Railtex at the NEC in Birmingham”, says Kirsten Whitehouse, exhibition manager at Mack Brooks for both events. “It will enable exhibitors to introduce their products and capabilities to the widest range of potential customers in the capital and the south of the country, as well as to visiting industry professionals from the rest of the UK and beyond.” Situated in a stunning waterfront location, ExCeL London now hosts many of the UK’s leading consumer and trade shows. Located in the capital’s Royal Docks and within easy reach of central London, the venue is served by three Docklands Light Railway stations and has easy


together Infrarail and CITE attracted some 6,600 visitors and more than 200 top rail infrastructure companies took part in the rail show. Next year’s Infrarail will incorporate the features that have contributed to the continuing success of the show – the latest in rail infrastructure technology plus keynote presentations from industry CITE Awards, and much more. Regular visits to www. will keep you up to date with the latest plans for the show. Contact kirsten.whitehouse@mackbrooks. for further information.


Where the industry meets… Where the industry does business


www .infr arai


Supporting Organisations:


November 2015

Innovate 2015 points Exporting is the surest path to successful, sustainable longterm growth. It is proven that companies that export become more productive and innovative, and they are much more resilient than those that don’t. Today, it has never been easier for companies to export and there has never been more opportunity. secure business in international markets. Innovate 2015, the UK’s biggest innovation event will be uniting the world of innovation on the 9th and 10th November in London and is a stepping stone for companies looking to expand.

The global market for integrated urban solutions is estimated to reach £200 billion by 2030 and UK innovators are well positioned to take advantage of this opportunity with leading British infrastructure companies like Foster & Partners pioneering the smart cities of the future in places like Masdar City in the UAE where they transportation systems. Other sectors are growing like never before. Agriculture is thriving - food and drink is now the UK’s fourth largest exporting sector. Contrary to popular belief, the UK’s agritech research rivals the world’s best, with cutting edge technologies coming out of the UK having a global impact. Examples include the design and installation of the world’s (Fullwood Ltd based in Shropshire) to Exosect, a novel biopesticide for the protection of stored grain, established in 2001 as a spin-out from the University of Southampton, now out-licensing its grain protectants and seed treatment platform technologies to multi-national companies throughout Europe, North America and the Far East.

in demand all over the world. None of this is happening by accident. UK companies are competitive and supported by a system that helps businesses grow faster, get funding, make connections and go global. Home-grown companies, supported by dedicated agencies like Innovate UK, are being enabled to go international and access new markets with the help of experts working at the UKTI. So how is the UK placed in key sectors? Let’s return to cities. The number of city-dwellers is predicted to double globally by 2050 and urban housing supplies are already straining worldwide with 54% of the global population of 7.2 billion living in cities . Built environment challenges are becoming more acute.

Equally there is transport. The UK Aerospace industry has a 17% global market share, making the UK globally second only to the USA . Britain is at the forefront of a new era of “smart mobility’’ where travellers and goods will and environmental impact. With this expertise there are global reputation as leaders in the design, development and deployment of integrated transport systems. Pharmaceuticals are also a major export for the UK. High key export. Similarly, the UK has long considered itself a pioneer in technological innovation, leading in emerging technologies such as non-animal testing and Quantum, which are building the foundations of exportable skills that also secure lucrative contracts abroad. The UK also boasts a developing space industry.


November 2015


the way to growth In tech, hubs and incubators are growing up not just around Silicon Fen and Silicon Roundabout but all across the country. Our tech community is has deep ties to the biggest across the world, from Palo Alto to Bangalore. The UK has become the undisputed home of tech ‘unicorns’ in Europe, with half of Europe’s billion dollar companies, founded in the UK according to research conducted by investment bank GP Bullhound. The UK’s tech billion dollar plus success stories range from SkyScanner, FanDuel, PokerStars to ASOS, JustEat, Skrill, Wonga, Zoopla, Farfetch, Transferwise, Shazam, Funding Circle, Markit Group and Rightmove. All this success is happening for many reasons, not least because of the innovative, entrepreneurial spirit of the UK’s exceptional talent base. But it is also happening because of support services which are delivered through a network of industry experts in the UK and across the world, that have helped thousands of companies achieve success in hundreds of markets Success takes the hard work of everyone from those with original ideas to the businesses that grow up around them to the investors that believe in them and the government that supports them. All of these come together in one annual event – the biggest celebration of innovation in the UK – Innovate 2015. This year it is being held at the same time as UKTI’s Export Week. UK companies can get all the advice they need to win business abroad. This one event brings together high-growth, high potential businesses, international investors and buyers, leading academic institutions and global corporates – to act as a springboard for UK companies to become truly international.

For more information, click here |41

November 2015

Hinge d e every ap sign for plication

# conti nuous # lift-o ff # butt a nd bac kfl # speci al purp ap ose # heavy -duty Quality hinges for over 200 years

01827 63391

NEW TCE JOBS BOARD The best place to look for vacancies in the process engineering sector    

industry vacancies at your fingertips upload your CV set up job alerts within seconds advice for process engineers at any point of their career


Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

November 2015


High Precision MEMS Inertial Sensors and Systems Recent developments mean that Silicon Sensing can now provide high precision MEMS IMUs, gyroscopes and accelerometers with low output noise and bias instability able to meet the accuracy requirements for all applications.

High accuracy

Excellent bias stability

Low output noise

Robust and reliable

November 2015

High Speed Metal Marking Galvos and Flatbed Laser Cutters

Visit our galvo demonstration suite

Mark up to 900 characters per second with a high speed galvo from Trotec Laser. With flatbed lasers from A3 to 2.2m x 3.2m in size, Trotec offers the optimum solution for your precision marking, cutting and engraving requirements.

Book a demonstration at our recently launched galvo demonstration suite where you can see four of our precision marking lasers including the brand new SpeedMarker 1300, boasting a working area of 1120 x 635mm.

Process metal, plastics, glass, acrylic, wood, textiles plus more. Call 0191 580 1182 or email to join us at one of our 7 showrooms throughout the UK and Ireland.


November 2015


Reduce spring height by 50% Contact TFC: +44 (0)1435 866011

Specialists in Design and Analysis Software for Electromagnetics Recently announced, MagNet for SOLIDWORKS is a new type of product from Infolytica. It is an Add-In to the industry leading CAD software SOLIDWORKS, and is based on the foremost 3D electromagnetic field simulator, MagNet (*). ! Intuitive to use ! Single design environment ! No data conversions

Ideal for any EM device: MRI, power transformers, actuators, sensors, and much more. (*) MagNet is a general purpose 2D/3D FEM software for electromechanical design. ! Import CAD files ! Include full 6-axis motion ! Scripting

Infolytica Europe +44 (0)1327 810383


Oil & Gas

November 2015

Spotlight on the future of the world’s nuclear power industry An expert commentary from Charles Ferreira, Business Development Manager, and Kris Narasimhan, Nuclear Products Manager, at Fine Tubes and Superior Tube


Continues on Page 50...

High performance tubing for critical offshore applications Coils

Chemical injection


Fine Tubes and Superior Tube each offer over 70 years expertise in supplying high quality tubes. We work closely range of stainless steel, nickel and titanium alloys. Increasingly hostile environments coupled with demanding offshore and onshore operations requires ever greater material specialisation and extended product service life.

High pressure

Control lines

Straight lengths

performance alloys such as 6Mo, 904L, 825, 625 and Super Duplex come into use - for less maintenance, less downtime and big cost savings.

Contact Us


tel: +44 (0) 1752 876416

tel: +1 610.489.5200

Oil & Gas

November 2015

clean-up/decommissioning projects, and, moving beyond Fukushima, Japan plans for nuclear power to contribute between 20 and 22% of its electric power generation in 2030. How well-placed are Fine Tubes and Superior Tube to take advantage of these nuclear opportunities? For a start, Fine Tubes and Superior Tube have integrated focus on nuclear projects worldwide, including new build and maintenance programs. Looking at both emerging and mature markets, the Superior Tube and Fine Tubes nuclear team plans to concentrate on the best approaches to take in individual regions, working to build good relationships with governments and key players in those countries where nuclear power continues to grow. Superior Tube and Fine Tubes both have strong track records with in-core consumable items, such as instrumentation, fuel cans, control rods and grid sleeves. The company also supplies into the Nuclear Island, Turbine Island and Balance of Plant for heat exchangers, steam condensers and structural tubes. markets. In India, for example, there are applications expertise working with such high-end materials as the Hastelloy速 family of alloys or 6 Moly in stainless steel or, in nickel, Inconel速 600 and 625. Engineering companies and plant operators therefore have sought out companies like Fine Tubes and Superior Tube to support them.

Nuclear fuel element with fuel cans.

Energy Corporation, has invested heavily in developing its own model reactors and power plants, therefore, the focus is on building relationships with distributors and other organisations already well-established as part of the supply base. Whatever the approach is taken, the opportunities are there, and Fine Tubes and Superior Tube are in excellent positions to take advantage of them. The two companies each have more than 70 years of experience in meeting the most-demanding tubing requirements with innovative products and, leading-edge metallurgy.

And, because of the safety-critical nature of tubular nuclear components, top-level contractors and plant operators have insisted upon using suppliers with extensive nuclear experience and proven track records in the nuclear industry.

The synergy created by the partnership between the two companies places them not only at the forefront of technological expertise in the marketplace but also

the main nuclear plant operator, Rosatom State Atomic

deliver the very best solutions to end users, operators and original equipment operators around the globe. The recent acquisition of UK-based Fine Tubes and US-based Superior Tube by AMETEK, Inc., a leading global manufacturer of electronic instruments and electromechanical devices, further enhances their ability to support customers worldwide. AMETEK already has a strong nuclear instruments presence and is excited to collaborate on bringing additional comprehensive solutions to the market. In summary, the philosophy underlying the approach of Superior Tube and Fine Tubes to the nuclear market is not based on the pursuit of short-term transactional relationships but on shared expertise and long-term partnerships.


Fuel Can Tubes

New products out now achievable

November 2015

Electromagnetic Simulation Infolytica have provided state-of-the-art Electromagnetic simulation software for magnetic, electric, and thermal analyses since 1978. Engineers from a wide range of industries use the software to design and analyse applications including electromechanical devices, non-destructive testing, induction heating, and industrial transformers. Full feature scripting and parameterisation (including Optimisation)


analysis (FEA) software, two products have -


processing. MagNet for SOLIDWORKS




electric insulator boundary condition, surface force versatile analysis tool that can be used to solve any


Robust power supplies

Perfect for machine building The new generation of the TRIO POWER range of power supplies is perfect for use in machine building. All functions and the space-saving design are tailored to the high requirements in this field. The power supply units, which feature an extremely robust electrical and mechanical design, ensure the reliable supply of all loads even under harsh ambient conditions. For additional information call 0845 881 2222 or visit

PS 02-15.002.L1


November 2015

MK Extend Their Conveyor Range

Belt Conveyor with Back Lighting

Chain Conveyor with Immersion Bath

Belt Conveyor with Metal Detector



Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Providing solutions for demanding material handling applications. 20 different modular conveying systems available Ideal for material handling & automation Solutions available as standard modules or systems Conveyor modules include flat-belt, twin-belt, timing belt, chain, flat top chain & roller Compatible with our profile technology, factory equipment & linear motion

mk Profile Systems Ltd. Unit 2, Wolds Farm Business Park, Kinoulton Lane, Kinoulton Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ t: 01949 823751路 f: 01949 81270

November 2015

Torque Wrench Calibration The purpose of a torque wrench is used to apply the correct amount of force when tightening a fastener such as a nut or bolt. A torque wrench allows the operator to measure the torque cations for a particular use.

during the manufacturing processes, a calibration programme is essential. form calibration services across the UK from the Mobile provides on-site calibration.

There are several types of torque wrenches and each type service to and from the calibration laboratory in Horsham,

common with this style of torque wrench due to the fact torque is reached.

This limits the amount of torque applied.

E1000 operator panels

E1000 operator panels Available through Beijer Electronics

je r Bei t c a t cs C o n c t r o ni n d E l e e rs a rt! o rd for sup p o l l fu

Beijer Electronics is proud to announce that the classic E1000 operator panels are in full production and will be sold through us. We manufactured the E1000 series for many years, and it remains popular thanks to ease-of-use, solid functionality and reliable operation. Contact Beijer Electronics for full commercial, technical and logistical services – globally and locally near you. For further information: +44 (0)845 519 5430 or


Time to upgrade? Try Beijer Electronics iX HMI panels! Choose from industrial, rugged or marine panels, as well as panels with integrated soft control.

Limited availability An

Book today!


3 December The Brewery London

Discover the latest technologies, critical for the deployment of IoT systems CONFERENCE SPEAKERS

Learn from and network with the world’s most respected IoT specialists: Gary Atkinson, director, emerging technologies, ARM Keynote - The secret ingredient: IoT SoC

Joerg Koepp, head of wireless market segment, Rohde & Schwarz Test and certification of IoT devices operating in unlicensed ISM bands

Kevin McDermott, director of strategic marketing, Imagination Technology Securing SoCs in the IoT era: A new multi-domain paradigm

John Jones, innovation director, Avnet Visible Things - an evaluation and development platform for edge to enterprise IoT projects

Jean-Michel Goiran, corporate business development, CEA-Leti Disruptive semiconductor technologies are key to the IoT revolution

Hugo Fiennes, CEO, Electric Imp Securing the cloud

Martin Woolley, technical programme manager, Bluetooth Special Interest Group Designing and Implementing Bluetooth Smart Profiles with Bluetooth Developer Studio

Niall Cooling, chief executive, Feabhas How can we avoid sleepwalking into an IoT security nightmare?

Mr. Ross Yu, marketing manager, Dust Networks product range at Linear Technology Designing with Low Power, Reliable Wireless Sensor Networks

Nick O’Leary, IBM, emerging technology specialist Wiring together cloud services for IoT device development platforms


Plus, meet leading suppliers of components and electronic technology for IoT systems all under one roof:

Avnet Memec Feabhas Golledge Electronics

Inex Microtechnology Linear Technology Corporation Rohde & Schwarz

Silica Zuhlke Engineering

Book your place at Organised by:


Headline Sponsor:

Main Sponsors:

November 2015

Mass Flow metering of compressed air and gases. Compressed air is the most expensive form of energy in production plants ! Many companies are not aware of the fact that the generation of compressed air can account for up to 2O % of their overall energy costs. Measurement of compressed expensive compressed air. Detailed knowledge of the actual compressed air

means of measuring consumption in compressed air networks. They operate in

most applications;

EE771 Inline Flowmeter for DN15 to DN50

where space is at a premium.

EE772 Inline Flowmeter for DN40 to DN80

totalise the consumption of air or gases in the system.

EE776 Inline Flowmeter for DN50 to DN700



November 2015

Dewpoint Monitoring of Compressed Air Reliable dewpoint monitoring also plays an important part in avoiding unnecessary costs from compressed air systems with a refrigeration dryer. The EE354 dew point transmitter from E+E Elektronik has been designed spaces. The measurement range of the EE354 is -20 to +50 Deg C Td, and the unit is pressure tight Analog outputs, or MODBUS RTU digital interface. Drying processes and air pressure pipelines can have a requirement for precise dew point measurement. More exact monitoring is increasingly requested in many industrial applications, and for these purposes the multifunctional EE35 user-friendly, housing concept. A specially developed autocalibration process enables measurements in a measurement range of -60...+60 degC Td with a Td measurement accuracy of for the two measurement values (Td, T). An optional hygrostat output, which can be set by means of a potentiometer, provides an alarm signal in a simple way when a threshold of the permitted dewpoint is exceeded. An optional display for the measurement values and the associated MIN/ MAX values allows a quick overview of the current situation. |59


For further information, please email


November 2015

Fortress receives two top nods at packaging industry ‘Oscars’ Known as the Oscars of the processing, packing, manufacturing and robotics

Sarah Ketchin, managing director, Fortress Technology, reinforces the

The Fortress UK team earned two high commendations in this year’s

Celebrating the best in British manufacturing, Fortress’s ‘Never Obsolete’ proposition earned high acclaim in the award’s Sustainability category. What’s more, the company’s market growth and dedication to innovation also won a high commendation from those judging the Processing and Packaging Machinery Manufacturer of the Year class.

categories by an independent panel of industry experts is testament that our overall proposition is innovative, and our equipment lifecycle promise

“Right now manufacturers are trying

This has been a record-breaking year for the company, which at the start of

“To get one commendation is an honour, receiving two is a great accomplishment and it’s all credit to our

on the success of this year’s PPMA Show, Sarah comments: “Over the three days the footfall was steady. We spoke to a number of big company names and senior decision

know, Fortress is the only known UK equipment manufacturer to guarantee that our inspection equipment will never become obsolete before the end of its natural lifespan, which with good maintenance can exceed 20+ years. It means that perfectly good kit doesn’t need to be scrapped prematurely when new technology developments come out or because it doesn’t comply with the latest retail

Sarah Ketchin. “We’ve come a long -

ever. And the UK company is going

productive and competitive with investing in more sustainable line equipment with a faster return on

exhibition has become for showcascustom build our systems. Fortress has quickly cemented our reputation for building robust, sustainable and glimpse of the new Interceptor, which processors better metal detection sensitivities. Much our success is down to the fact we stick to what we are best at and keep it simple for our Over 40% of Fortress machines in the last 12-months were ordered by new customers, including a number of global blue chip names. “Receiving this endorsement in two PPMA award


wet and conductive food products, such as meat, dairy and ready meals. Fortress has also created a multi-lane single head system, enabling customers to inspect and independently auto-reject packs across multiple lines without having to purchase individual detector heads or conveyor systems for each line.

Representing the cream of the manufacturing crop, the annual PPMA Group Industry Awards 2015 honoured a total of 14 companies and individuals, recognising technological innovation, robotics and automation, packaging solutions, sustainability, business growth and personal accomplishments. “Many of the developments entered this year were inspired by customer requests Gail Hunt, judge and editor of Machinery Update.

November 2015

Adaptsys, a leading provider of programming and taping solutions for electronics and precision mechanical manufacturing, announces the availability of ProgWorx ISP, a programming system for the parallel programming of panels containing multiple boards as an aid to optimising the manufacturing process.


rogWorx ISP uses Adaptsys’ ProgWorx software, proven programmers such as the SMH FlashRunner family and their proprietary multiplexing technology to speed the programming of multiple boards on a panel. Using ProgWorx provides the best balance of cost, In



is often performed by the ATE system, tying up this expensive and expensive manual programming. ProgWorx ISP allows manufacturers


to improve the capacity of their production lines by freeing up the ATE system, and to reduce the programming time by using optimised programmers. ProgWorx ISP is particularly beneficial for systems with larger memory sizes, where the improvement in programming time and production line throughput is particularly apparent.

systems through APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). The user can see the progress of the programming process, including which boards pass and fail, through the ProgWorx GUI. LEDs positioned on the cassette below each board can also be illuminated to give a clear visual indication of which boards pass or fail the programming process.

The programming hardware is connected to the panel of boards using an interchangeable “bed of nails� cassette, which is customised for the particular system. The ProgWorx software supports barcode scanners, label printers and automatic serial numbering, and integrates with manufacturing

A particular advantage of using ProgWorx ISP is the high level of traceability. Customers can use this functionality for many purposes from statistical process control to monitoring throughput rates. ProgWorx ISP is available now from Adaptsys (

New TC Model t 500 - 2000kg/hr t Touch control screen t Full modulation feature 50-100% firing t Natural Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel t Automatic facility option t PM5 Facility option t Pressure range up to 32 barG t >98% Efficiency * t Remote compatible with Profibus/ CANbus etc. t Steam in 3 minutes t Compact construction t Lightweight t Suitable for mezzanine floors t Factory tested prior to dispatch to site t NOx Gas reduction option t Dual fuel option

SC Range t 80 - 2000kg/hr t Natural Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel t Automatic facility option t PM5 Facility option t Pressure range up to 32 barG t >98% Efficiency * t Steam in 3 minutes t Compact construction t Lightweight t Suitable for mezzanine floors t Factory tested prior to dispatch to site t NOx Gas reduction option

Electrical Range t Compact t 8 - 160kg/hr Steam output t Modulating ouput t Skid mountable t Steam in 3 minutes t Automatic facility option

CERTUSS (UK) Limited Unit 45 Gravelly Industrial Park Tyburn Road Birmingham B24 8TG

Tel: 0121 327 5362 Fax: 0121 328 2934

Duty Standby with CVE Package Plant

CVE Package Plant t compact t Pre-pied, Pre-Wired t Skid mounted t Fully factory tested t Lightweight t Easily maintained

Containerised Plant t Easily relocated t Self contained plant room t Full lighting and heating t Fast site connection

November 2015

A successful combination

The new miniature photocells from ifm for wet areas now include IO-Link Successfully combining the latest technologies, ifm’s newest O6 photocells will not only survive harsh environments, but also feature extra functionality via IO-Link. IO-Link, supported by a consortium of the major automation companies, is rapidly establishing itself across industry, allowing communication down to sensor level without any extra wiring.

develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical ifm products. For further information, contact Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business Park,

In the O6 sensors many functions are accessible via IOLink, such as range and sensitivity, light/dark switching ty to add time delays to the signal. Timers in such a small housing would be almost impossible without IO-Link.

The wet area versions of the O6 with IO-Link are constructed with a stainless steel housing, protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K, with optical performance optimised for the environment found in food production.

IO-Link, supported by a consortium of the major automation companies, is rapidly establishing itself across industry, allowing communication down to sensor level without any extra wiring.


In the O6 sensors many functions are accessible via IOLink, such as range and sensitivity, light/dark switching ty to add time delays to the signal. Timers in such a small housing would be almost impossible without IO-Link.

backgrounds second to none. The O6 housing is industry standard, with 1” hole centres, The stainless steel O6 is also available as through-beam mance.

Successfully combining the latest technologies, ifm’s newest O6 photocells will not only survive harsh environments, but also feature extra functionality via IO-Link.

The wet area versions of the O6 with IO-Link are constructed with a stainless steel housing, protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K, with optical performance optimised for the environment found in food production. -

Combining such an excellent sensor with IO-Link gives the user the edge. ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to

backgrounds second to none. The O6 housing is industry standard, with 1” hole centres, The stainless steel O6 is also available as through-beam mance. Combining such an excellent sensor with IO-Link gives the user the edge. ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical ifm products. For further information, contact Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business


All in one! The fail-safe SmartPLC from ifm Two separate plc’s in one compact housing: one for safety-related applications, the other as a standard plc or platform for other operations. Both plc’s communicate with each other so that complete machine control, including safety functions and visualisations can be carried out with just one Smartplc, AS-i offers unbeatably simple and flexible wiring of standard and safety-related signals. /uk/ smartplc ifm telephone: (020) 8213 2222

November 2015 AMP’s new NEMA 23 frame hollow shaft stepper motor with concept direct ballscrew drive – available from Mclennan

New hollow shaft stepper motor range offers machine builders simplified design options Mclennan, the motion component and systems specialist, further expands its range of stepper motors with the new competitively priced HH series hollow shaft motors from its USA distribution partner Applied Motion Products Inc. (AMP).


ith high-torque NEMA 17 and 23 motor frame options in a choice of stack lengths, the hollow shaft facilitates direct assembly of a lead screw without the need for a coupling - keeping hardware to a minimum and simplifying design for machine builders. The hollow shaft also allows customised shafts or other power transmission components to be quickly added to the motor without the often-long lead times that specials may take and also enables small quantities of specials to be produced at reasonable cost. .

8 mm respectively. The holding torque across the 2-phase HH series ranges from 0.45 to 2.3 Nm with current ratings from 2 to 3 A per phase (series). The motors are supplied with a detachable lead/connector pigtail for straightforward installation in the customer’s application. The 200/step/rev motors can be used with stepper drives across the AMP range, including the microstepping

The internal shaft diameter for the 17 and 23 frame motors is 5 mm and

current control and multiple motion control options from simple


AMP’s new NEMA 17 and 23 frame hollow shaft stepper motors – available from Mclennan

streaming commands to EtherNet/IP communication. For technical information please contact Jon Bentley at Email: jon.

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