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Man and Machine Training Academy Man and Machine offer an extensive range of Autodesk 2016 training courses

Man and Machine specialise in Autodesk training for Manufacturers, Engineers, Architects & Product Designers. All courses are taught with the official Autodesk courseware and includes one month’s free post training support. Autodesk AutoCAD courses include: •AutoCAD Essentials •AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals •AutoCAD Advanced •AutoCAD 3D Drawing & Modelling •AutoCAD Mechanical Essentials

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January 2016

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January 2016


innovations from business for the energy sector Businesses new to energy and with expertise in inspection, big data and customer engagement can win funding to help deliver radical change. Small businesses with innovative ideas that could be adapted to the energy sector are invited to apply for a share of £1.5 million to support feasibility studies. Innovate UK is seeking businesses operating primarily outside the energy sector to lead projects that tackle challenges in the oil and gas, nuclear or energy systems. We expect businesses working in inspection, ICT, digital, sensors, virtual reality, gaming, robotics, autonomous systems, advanced materials and manufacturing will have ideas of interest to the energy industry. Existing defence, aerospace, automotive, telecommunications, forensics, medical, space and creative industries technologies could also be relevant.


The challenges are in 3 key areas: • inspecting buildings, vessels and components, including identifying defects without human entry and repairing corrosion • dealing with and analysing the large volumes of data delivered by the energy industry • finding innovative new ways to get users involved in reducing their energy bills

Competition information • this competition opens on 28 March 2016, and the deadline for registration is at noon on 4 May 2016 • projects must be led by a small or medium-sized business mainly operating outside the energy sector

• the lead business can work alone or with partners of any size from any sector • we expect total project costs to range between £25,000 and £100,000 and for projects to last 6 to 12 months • small businesses could receive up to 70% of their project costs, medium-sized businesses up to 60% and large businesses up to 50% • there will be an information webinar on 11 December 2015 and consortium-building workshops in early 2016. A briefing event for potential applicants takes place in London on 6 April 2016. Find out more about this Energy game-changer competition and apply.



January 2016

Three outstanding women celebrated as

Young Woman Engineers of the Year Recognising their ground-breaking work in engineering, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) has presented its prestigious Young Woman Engineer of the Year awards to three brilliant young women. All will play an ambassadorial role for the engineering and technology professions in the forthcoming months, promoting engineering careers to girls and young people.

currently losing out on an interesting and rewarding career – engineering is a hugely exciting and diverse career with the opportunity to do something life- or world-changing.

IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year: Audio Engineer Orla Murphy from Jaguar Land Rover, aged 25.

“And our failure to attract enough women into engineering is also contributing to the national skills shortage.”

IET Mary George Prize for Apprentices: Controls Engineer Emma Goulding from Siemens, aged 23.

Orla Murphy

Women’s Engineering Society (WES) Award: Process Improvement Manager Helen Cavill from M&H Plastics, aged 31.

Orla works as an acoustic and audio engineer at Jaguar Land Rover (JLR), where her small team in the infotainment department is tasked with improving the vehicles’ listening experience.

The IET Young Woman Engineer of the Year Awards celebrate today’s most successful female engineers, encouraging them to become role models to inspire more girls to become engineers and help address the gender imbalance in engineering and science. Recognising and celebrating outstanding female engineers has never been so important. Recent statistics from the IET’s Skills and Demand in Industry survey showed that women represent only 9% of the engineering workforce. Naomi Climer, IET President, said: “I’d like to congratulate the three winners who have been recognised and rewarded for their talent. They are a real credit to the engineering profession. “But let’s not forget that these women will also help to champion engineering careers to the next generation, particularly girls, who may need a bit of encouragement to consider a career in engineering and technology. “This is crucial because women are


As well as having a keen interest in science, maths and engineering from a young age, Orla has always had a passion for music. Having grown up playing in orchestras, when it came to thinking about her future career she was torn between studying a STEM subject at university or focusing on becoming a professional musician. “While I was looking into both avenues I came across a course where the first year was a third physics, a third maths and a third music,” she says. “It was all the things I liked and straight away I knew it was perfect for me!”

Emma Goulding Emma is due to complete her technical apprenticeship at Siemens Aeroderivative Gas Turbines (AGT) after spending three years rotating around the business gaining experience in everything from technical support and documentation through to equipment health monitoring and sales. Having now assumed a full-time role within the controls department, her

Young Woman Engineer of the Year winner, Orla Murphy, with TV presenter, Sarah Cruddas, who hosted last night’s ceremony.

current focus is providing technical support to customers. “I’m doing what I love,” she says. “This is the most technical department we have and I get a lot of satisfaction from discovering and solving issues as they arise.”

Helen Cavill Helen Cavill is a process improvement manager at M&H Plastics. Working across the business’ five manufacturing areas, she’s involved in both long-term improvement projects and troubleshooting in production as soon as issues arise. “I enjoy solving real-world problems and often describe myself as an ‘engineering detective’,” she says. As a child she was very practical and had a passion for maths, so at 14 years old it wasn’t a surprise that her career advisor suggested the engineering sector as a possible option for her. “I did a work placement at 15 and loved it. I thought this is definitely the path I’m going to go down,” she says.

January 2016

Dura Grating Ind ad 210x148mm_Layout 1 21/10/2015 13:00 Page 1

Dura Grating Fibreglass Anti-Slip Flooring AVY DUTY HE

High load capacity


















+44 (0)1255 440290

Gritted surface prevents slips, trips & falls Quick & easy to lift and install Corrosion resistant and maintenance free


The Dura Composites range of GRP flooring & structures is ideal for industrial projects thanks to its strength, durability & resistance to impact, corrosion & fire. Flooring, trench covers, lift risers or stair treads - the applications are endless‌

...designed for the future Industrial





Dura Platform 190x130mm ad Oct15_Layout 1 08/10/2015 13:27 Page 1

Dura Platform CO N









Concealed Fixing System






Spans up to 3.4m @ 5kN/m2




Composite Structural Station Platforms

+44 (0)1255 440291

Fast Install Minimises Track Time Incorporates Fall for Drainage




Best New Track or Infrastructure Product Install by Hammond (ECS) Ltd at Needham Market


Dura Platform is the award-winning precision engineered composite platform which complies with National Rail specifications and offers significant improvements over traditional alternatives – including a dramatic reduction in possession time and sizeable overall project cost savings. Discover Dura Platform today.

...designed for the future Industrial






Editor’s Choice

January 2016

Battery Chargers for a wide range of chemistries from Ideal Power Power conversion specialists Ideal Power offer a wide and versatile range of battery chargers for the most popular battery chemistries used in industrial applications and consumer products.

The major battery types supported by Ideal Power chargers include Lithium-ion (Li-on), Nickel-Metal Hydride (NiMH), Nickel-Cadmium (NiCad), Lead-Acid and Lead-Crystal. Using intelligent and smart charging technologies Ideal Power can ensure Li-ion, NiMH, Lead-Acid and NiCad battery types can be fully charged while ensuring that optimum levels of performance and maximum life-cycle is achieved from the battery. Ideal Power battery chargers are capable of being customised or configured for any application and are available as advanced 3-Stage, 4-Stage & 7-Stage chargers. Every charger offered is “design engineer friendly” and has been specified to meet not only the specified technical requirements but also to make it as simple as possible to design-in the battery charger at the initial product design stage. This ensures customer’s core engineering effort can be focused on the development of the end product, ensuring fastest time to market. Primary application areas for Ideal Power battery chargers include industrial, consumer and purpose built or application specific battery chargers, including leisure and mobility applications. Recent growth in “wild caravanning” sees caravans and motor homes being used more frequently away from purpose-built camp sites in locations where no mains power is available to re-charge the on-board batteries. Ideal Power has responded to this requirement with their recently introduced 25 amp output FC 2512-BHF high current


battery charger developed for applications which require longer autonomy times from battery packs. Jon Vallis, Sales Manager at Ideal Power, comments. “High power battery charging applications will continue to grow as mobile applications, both commercial and military, use increasing amounts of power to run entertainment, lighting, IT and instrumentation systems. For any non-standard applications our UK based Ideal Power IP Support Engineering Team is available to create bespoke power solutions to meet individual requirements.” For more information on battery chargers from Ideal Power or their wide range of open frame power supplies and DC/ DC Converters please call +44 (0)845 260 3400, email or visit

Ideal product, Ideal Price, Ideal Delivery, Ideal Power – who else! Delivering Ideal Power solutions for your business, from stocked to bespoke products that meet your technical and commercial needs. INTERCHANGEABLE AC DC PLUG TOP POWER SUPPLIES Over 30 models delivering 5V to 24V and from 6W to 30W which can be used in either Desk Top or Plug-in applications and compliant to ErP 2 requirements

 See part nos: PW02986 to PW03011 & PW02032 to PW02046

ErP 2

✓ 40 years of combined expertise ✓ Huge reserves of stock ✓ UK customer service centre LEAD ACID BATTERY CHARGERS

friendly power supplies (LOWEST STAND-BY CURRENT)

3-stage Automatic charging control (Fast/Normal/Float) for 3AH500AH Lead Acid 12V or 24V Batteries. Full protection against short circuit and reverse polarity connection. LED Charge Status Indicators. Compliant to RoHS and Safety Standards including CE

 See part nos: BT03794 to BT03809

eco friendly power supplies


eco friendly power supplies


EXTERNAL DESK TOP POWER SUPPLIES 100% Burn-in Universal input 90~264V AC 50/60Hz Over Voltage & Short Circuit Protected Approvals to UL, TUV, CB, CE, RoHS & CEC V/ErP 2 compliant 0~40°C Operating Temperature range

 See part nos: PW01485, PW02416 to PW02434

ErP 2 Available with a wide variety of output connectors

HIGH EFFICIENCY DC/DC CONVERTER MODULES Industry Standard 2”x1” package and Pin-Out • I/P Voltage: 2:1 and 4:1 • Max Output Power: 40W/50Win³ • Max Output Current: 10A • Remote On/Off • Positive or Negative enable options • EN55022 Class B • Highest Efficiency 93% • MTBF>7.6Mhrs • Operating Temperature: -40°C to +110°C

 To discuss your power requirements call us on

0845 260 3400 or visit

IDEAL POWER LTD Ideal House, Tree Beech Enterprise Park, Gunn, Barnstaple, Devon, ENGLAND EX32 7NZ

January 2016

New Chocking Compound Keeps Vibrations at Bay At a port operator in the UK, an extremely durable chocking system was required to ensure a new boiler would remain secure and protected, even when subjected to aggressive vibration activity.

Belzona’s Technical Service Engineer, Henry Smith, who assisted with the application said, “Located on a dredger, the boiler was situated just next to the engine room. Due to this proximity, the operator required the chocking system to exhibit exceptional impact resistance in order to withstand constant vibration attack caused by the engine machinery. A further requirement was for the application to be carried out as quickly as possible, ensuring minimal downtime was incurred and therefore minimal profit loss.”

1. Boiler set in place

2. Pouring Belzona 7111 into the prepared area

3. Product curing around bolts

4. Completed application with dams removed

Bad Vibrations The long-term success of any chocking installation is determined by how well the machinery system is joined to the foundation. The base plate of the machinery system must become a monolithic member of the foundation system in order to ensure minimal vibration activity is achieved. If this system is insufficient, excessive vibration can lead to machinery failure; bolts can become slack, and in more severe cases, equipment can become misaligned. A conventional chocking solution commonly employed to combat vibrations is metal shimming. However this technique can often be difficult to install and can loosen over time. Another option involves cement grouting, but not only does cement have poor mechanical properties, this method can incur significant cure time and will therefore require longer downtime.

Belzona Specification Following a Belzona inspection, the operator decided to chock the boiler into place using Belzona 7111 (Marine Grade). This two-component material is specially designed for use as a chocking or grouting compound to endure the physical and thermal shock common to marine environments. DNV GL approved and certified by major classification bodies including Lloyd’s Register Marine and the American Bureau of Shipping,


Belzona 7111 is the ideal solution to withstand the damaging vibrations on the dredger. The simple pouring method enables the application to be carried out with minimal downtime, while the high impact properties of the material will ensure the boiler will remain secure for the long term. In fact, when the impact resistance was tested using Izod Pendulum impact testing in accordance with ASTM D256, Belzona 7111 achieved 0.75 J/cm (unnotched). This indicates that when the chocking material is subjected to impact forces, the material will successfully absorb the shock, thus minimising the impact damage.

Simple Application Method The boiler was set into place using jacking bolts, and dams were built around each of the individual bolts in order to ensure a restricted chocking area. Belzona 7111 was then poured into the prepared areas. Due to the way in which the boiler sat inside the engine room, there was limited access underneath which made it difficult to pour the product directly from the mixed unit into the chock area. A small curved steel section was therefore used

as a channel to funnel the product, with a thickness of just over 2 inches, into the correct area. Once the application was completed and the system had cured, the dams were removed.

Fast Application and Cure Ensures Minimal Downtime Dredgers are an important part of the world’s commerce system as much of the world’s goods travel by ship, and therefore need to access harbours or seas via channels. Thus the requirement of a fast-curing chocking material that incurs minimal downtime is critical in insuring this transport method does not become impaired or hindered. In this situation, as Belzona 7111 took just two hours to apply and only 48 hours to cure, this enabled the dredger to successfully continue its operation with minimum downtime and disruption. Furthermore, as Belzona had fully trained the operator and their application team on Belzona chocking applications, this enabled the application to be carried out on site without the need for an external representative; saving the operator unnecessary capital expenditure.

at & r 1 us rn g e he rin s ste 6 Se ort tu ic he d M N fac ron nc tan a S u ct an le , M M E ity ct 1 tC O en 0 & Ev t 3 p Se

Leaders in temperature measurement

Thermocouple Sensors and Fittings Manufactured by Labfacility thermocouple cables thermocouple connectors PRT sensors temperature instrumentation

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January 2016

BPMA announces new Presidents Mr Peter Reynolds, Managing Director of Grundfos Pumps Ltd is announced as the new President of the British Pump Manufacturers Association (BPMA). The role was officially passed on at the recent BPMA Annual General Meeting, where Andy Ratcliffe, Managing Director of KSB Pumps, completed his two-year tenure and graciously handed the baton onto his successor. Steve Schofield, Director and Chief Executive of the BPMA commented, “This is a great accolade and one that reflects the continuing efforts that Peter makes to raise the profile of the industry in general and to tackle the tough issues that it faces today. The BPMA has enjoyed the support and engagement of some very talented people at its helm over the years, including of course Andy Ratcliffe, and we are delighted to have Peter join that impressive line-up. I look forward to working with him as we continue to drive the association forward”. Peter’s presidency coincides with the 75th Anniversary of the BPMA, and when asked to comment, Peter said, “Being elected as President of the BPMA is a great honour; one which has been heightened by the added good fortune of my term in office coinciding with its 75th Anniversary”. He added, “We have a number of activities planned to mark our 75 years of endeavour on behalf of the UK pump industry, and I look forward to an exciting and productive year ahead”. Email : Web :

The newly appointed President (left) presented a token of thanks to Mr Andy Ratcliffe (right), for his services during his presidency.


Peter Reynolds, Managing Director, Grundfos Pumps Ltd and BPMA President

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January 2016

Atlas Copco VSD compressor saves energy, running time and space for Yorkshire-based precision engineers When Calderdale Engineering Services (CES) moved from their premises in Pellon, Halifax to a new base in Boothtown, they chose to replace their existing 15-year old fixedspeed compressor with an Atlas Copco VSD installation, supplied by Pennine Pneumatic Services, that has since reduced energy costs by 50%, running time by 80% and occupies a substantially smaller workshop footprint. A family owned and run company specialising in precision engineering, CES offers traditional manual turning, milling, boring and machining capability as well as fabrication and engineering services, from one-off welded assemblies to batch component manufacturing.

The new compressor is a considerable improvement over our previous system due to the reduction of worksite noise levels and its more advanced design that provides significant efficiency savings. The move prompted a review of the operational efficiency of the existing compressor installation that has required continuous running in order to supply air for workshop assembly tools, instrumentation and blow-down cleaning procedures. The conclusion was that it was no longer fit for purpose and should be replaced with a new compressor system and AIRnet® pipework within the company’s new premises. As a long-term customer of Atlas Copco Compressors’ premier distributor, Pennine Pneumatic Services (PPS) – also based in Halifax, CES called on


their expertise to recommend the optimum unit for the company’s specific needs. As a result, a new Atlas Copco GA11VSD+ rotary screw compressor was supplied and installed to provide greater efficiency and help make substantial energy savings. Ian Harrison, Director at PPS, commented: “We have a mutually beneficial and long-standing relationship with CES going back 15 years and we were glad to be able to assist with this upgrade. Our priority is introducing energysaving initiatives that also save our customers money and we look forward to continuing to work closely with CES in the future.” In contrast to the old, continuous running, fixed-speed compressor, the GA compressor’s variable speed drive matches compressed air supply to demand thereby reducing run time and corresponding energy costs by as much as 50%. When combined with the compressor’s innovative, in-house designed iPM permanent magnet motor, this results in an average 37% reduction in lifecycle costs compared to that of a conventional fixed-speed compressor. As an additional point of use benefit, instead of the conventional horizontal design, the GA machine has an upright, vertical, low footprint layout designed to save floor and work space while improving maintenance access – and thanks to the silent motor and fully-enclosed drive train, the compressor runs as quietly as 62dB(A),

A further cost-saving feature is the system’s air ring main, constructed from Atlas Copco’s AIRnet modular air piping system. Readily adaptable, it is made from robust, lightweight, powder-coated aluminium tube and designed for easy, low-cost installation with a large selection of engineered polymer fittings. AIRnet’s low friction, seamless pipework is corrosion free and thus minimises pressure drop in the system and contributes to energy efficiency. According to Chris Pateman, CES Technical Director: “The new compressor is a considerable improvement over our previous system due to the reduction of worksite noise levels and its more advanced design that provides significant efficiency savings.” CES company owner, John Pateman, commenting on the system’s performance said: “We have been logging the number of running hours on the new machine since our move in. For comparison, when we reached a figure of 300 hours, we estimated that the equivalent running time on our old system, which operated constantly during working hours, would have been in excess of 1,600 hours for the same period – and would have been less efficient in its operation. The new system includes useful features such as weekly runtime scheduling for normal working hours together with a useful one-button manual override, and the system comes up to pressure within minutes from standby.”

January 2016

Cut TUBE from the bottom up! The revolutionary new KASTOwin Tube A 5.0 cuts UPWARDS and not from the top down, as with traditional bandsaws. For the first time it allows tungsten carbide tipped blades to saw tube, as the teeth are not damaged, greatly speeding the cutting cycle. Come and see it at MACH 2016 - Stand 4638 KASTO is the world’s leading manufacturer of high productivity sawing machines. Visit for more.

New dimensions in sawing technology KASTO Ltd


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✓ ✓



THINK lowest cost per pick We manufacture the widest range of computer controlled storage and retrieval systems for bar, tube, profile, sheet and other materials. See us at MACH 2016 - Stand 4638. Systems may be interlinked with saws, including ours, other machine tools, robotic sorting systems, MRP and ERP systems, and more. If you are running out of space in your warehouse or factory, KASTO has the perfect solution for you.





New dimensions in automated storage KASTO Ltd

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January 2016


Pallet Transfer Systems Always the right system

Divided according to three weight and size classes, the right system is always available for any application. The versatile pallet sizes and the choice of different conveyor types make VersaMove extremely flexible. Fast cycle times with high precision is ensured with timing belt conveyors. Accumulating roller conveyors are especially well-suited for accumulating operation and for heavily loaded applications. The flat top chain conveyor also offers accumulation capability and in addition enables direction changes using curved frames.

Modular. The modular design of VersaMove ensures fast, transparent planning and project development. VersaMove can be flexibly expanded and excellently adapted to your specific requirements. Compatible. When developing the system, particular attention was paid to compatibility to systems already available on the market. And that means, for example, pallets of other manufacturers can also be used on the VersaMoveStandard. This enables existing systems to be easily expanded with VersaMove.


Versatile. „Versa“ stands for Versatility. VersaMove can be used in virtually all areas of automation and material flow. Whether it‘s individual modules or turnkey solutions – with VersaMove we offer complete allaround service, including control, commissioning and maintenance. For more information please visit or email


Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Providing solutions for demanding material handling applications. 20 different modular conveying systems available Ideal for material handling & automation Solutions available as standard modules or systems Conveyor modules include flat-belt, twin-belt, timing belt, chain, flat top chain & roller Compatible with our profile technology, factory equipment & linear motion

mk Profile Systems Ltd. Unit 2, Wolds Farm Business Park, Kinoulton Lane, Kinoulton Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ t: 01949 823751路 f: 01949 81270

January 2016

Mass Flow Metering of Compressed Air and Gases Compressed air is the most expensive form of energy in production plants! Many companies are not aware of the fact that the generation of compressed air can account for up to 2O % of their overall energy costs Measurement of compressed air consumption is the first important step towards cost conscious handling of expensive compressed air. Detailed knowledge of the actual compressed air consumption can make a significant contribution to reducing energy costs.

Thermal Mass Flow Meters manufactured by E+E Elektronik GmbH, provide the best means of measuring consumption in compressed air networks. They operate in accordance with the principles of hot wire anemometry and measure mass flow or standard volumetric flow irrespective of temperature or pressure. Gases like oxygen, nitrogen, CO2, or helium , can also be measured.

A range of three instruments cover most applications

EE771 Inline Flowmeter for DN15 to DN50 • For maximum pressures of 16 BAR, and sensor exchange under pressure with short flow interruption. • Compact and flexible, the unit is ideal for installations where space is at a premium. • High measurement accuracy through exact and reproducible positioning in the pipe.

EE772 Inline Flowmeter for DN40 to DN80 • For maximum pressures of 40 BAR, and sensor exchange under pressure without flow interruption. • Onboard counter offers the user the facility to totalise the consumption of air or gases in the system. • Switched, analogue, or digital outputs available.

EE776 Inline Flowmeter for DN50 to DN700 • For pressure range up to 16 BAR. • Patented non-return protection for probe. • Accuracy from 1.5% of reading. • Range up to 0.2 to 200 Nm/s


January 2016

Dewpoint Monitoring of Compressed Air Reliable dewpoint monitoring also plays an important part in avoiding unnecessary costs from compressed air systems with a refrigeration dryer. The EE354 dew point transmitter from E+E Elektronik has been designed specifically for monitoring the dewpoint of refrigeration dryers. The EE354 has a very small and compact design, and can be easily installed in tight confined spaces.

EE354 Miniature Dew Point Transmitter The measurement range of the EE354 is -20 to +50 Deg C Td, and the unit is pressure tight up to 20 BAR. We can also offer 4 to 20mA Analog outputs, or MODBUS RTU digital interface.

The EE35 transmitter series Drying processes and air pressure pipelines can have a requirement for precise dew point measurement. More exact monitoring is increasingly requested in many industrial applications, and for these purposes the multifunctional EE35 transmitter series offers the ideal features. The EE35 Series has a functional, user-friendly, housing concept. A specially developed autocalibration process enables measurements in a measurement range of -60...+60 degC Td with a Td measurement accuracy of Âą2 degC. Two freely configurable and scaleable analogue outputs are available for the two measurement values (Td, T). An optional hygrostat output, which can be set by means of a potentiometer, provides an alarm signal in a simple way when a threshold of the permitted dewpoint is exceeded. An optional display for the measurement values and the associated MIN/MAX values allows a quick overview of the current situation.

Omni Sensors and Transmitters Ltd. 01926 614263.


January 2016

The Story of the Forgetful Driver costing you £££! By Ike Topselvi Hygienic Product Manager for Dixon Group Europe Ltd In September the 2015 PPMA show was held at the Birmingham NEC. The show provided us with great opportunities to talk to people from the entire spectrum of the Food and Beverage industry. On the second day of the show I was talking to a couple of engineers from a well-known UK Dairy company. I say talking but the reality was that they had come to look at some equipment and whilst passing, our display had caught their eye and they had paused for a millisecond. This was just enough for me to introduce myself and ask “Can I help you?” They were “just browsing”, a term I am familiar with whenever I am out shopping with my wife. “Just browsing” is something we all do and it basically means “I am here not because I want to be”. All I wanted were some trousers. This took me 5 minutes to pick as I knew exactly what I wanted and where from. Now I am dragged around against my will. “No, I do not want to know about your special prices, nor am I interested in a membership that will save me 15% on my next purchase of high fashion” Anyway, back to the engineers; they had no requirements for hygienic process valves, no upcoming installation (other than the equipment they were there to see). Basically there was nothing Dixon Europe, with the most comprehensive hygienic proposition in the UK, could offer to them…Until I asked a simple question… • Me: Have you ever had a Milk Tanker drive away from your loading bay without disconnecting the delivery hose first? o Engineer : Ummm, yes it happened last week… • Me: Did it cause any damage to your pipeline? o Engineer: Yes, yes it did! It ripped the piping and we had to re-install at a cost of thousands. It took us 4 days. • Me: What if I told you we have a product that could have allowed you to be back operational within 10 minutes and costs a fraction of what it cost you to repair the pipeline? o Engineer: Ok tell me more (No longer browsing)!! The product I proposed was the Dixon Hygienic Breakaway Coupling, a solution to a problem that has existed ever since


tankers have delivered goods to process plants. In the unfortunate incident where a tanker is still attached to the loading pipe/ arm and drives off, it will take with it the majority of the pipes and cause damage measured in the thousands. In such instance the Dixon Hygienic Breakaway Coupling will break in two, separating the tanker from the loading bay. The 13kN break load bolts are the only items that will need replacing after such incident. As the Hygienic Breakaway couplings are designed with hygienic processing in mind you can be assured that they conform to FDA standards and are CIP capable. Once I had explained how Dixon can be “The Right Connection”, I had two new friends in the form of these engineers at the Dairy. In the following weeks our Sales Manager visited the site and demonstrated the product benefits to the entire team at the UK Dairy company. Everyone was happy with the solution and willing to place orders. Now this is where most success stories end and it would have if it was not for a simple comment; “It would have been better if it also shut off the flow.” As a matter of fact these do exist but due to their intricate inner workings, they cannot be certified as hygienic although they are manufactured in accordance to FDA guidelines for material. Cost is another restriction as they can be thousands of pounds for a single unit. Dixon has a long established history in listening to its clients. Our founder Mr Goodall almost 100 years ago was walking through construction sites at Hoover Dam asking everyone what challenges they had with their couplings. Household names such as Boss couplings have been developed by listening to those engineers at Hoover Dam. When we are challenged with a request like the one we got from the Dairy company, it is in our DNA to ask

ourselves “How can we do this?” rather than “Sorry, this is what we’ve got.” It does not matter if we have an innovative product that is already a solution to a problem in a Breakaway. Can we design and produce one that will also eliminate product loss?

Let us introduce you to the DIXON HYGIENIC BREAK AWAY CHECK VALVE! An innovative solution that incorporates the Dixon Hygienic Breakaway Coupling and Hygienic Check Valve. It acts as a single unit that has a diverted breaking point which will break at a determined break-load. Then the check valve will close therefore protecting the loading bay pipe system AND avoiding product spillage. Dairy Case Study-Accidental Drive away at loading bay 2.5” Hygienic Union Connection

Without Dixon Break Away Check Valve • £9,500 in pipeline damage • Loading bay out of commission for 4 days • Unspecified product loss

With Dixon Break Away Check Valve • Small initial outlay for DHBAC • £0 in pipeline damage only costs associated are for breakaway bolts • Loading bay out of commission for only 10min • Very minimal product loss

Considering the information, can you afford to not install Dixon Hygienic Breakaway Check valve to your loading bays? I did not think so… Next time you see a Dixon member come and talk to us, you never know how quickly we can become your “Right Connection.”

Because safety means the world to you Colour your way to an improved workplace

New Safety Sign Printers Create signs and labels in any colour or shape on-site and on demand. Want to create a lean and safe workplace? Request our free guide “Create a Visual Workplace”. Watch the BBP37 video & Get the 5S Plus Guide BRADY UK Wildmere Industrial Estate, Banbury, Oxon OX16 3JU

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January 2016

Low cost, high performance line scan camera range extended A 16k resolution CameraLink model and an 8k resolution GigE version with TurboDrive have been added to the Linea range of mono line scan cameras from Teledyne DALSA. Linea cameras provide exceptional performance at very low cost, and the new models make use of the CameraLink interface or TurboDrive-enabled GigE Vision to deliver outstanding line rates. Ideally suited to postal and parcel inspection, materials grading, food and web inspection, transportation safety and pharmaceutical inspection, as well sorting applications in the recycling and postal industries, Linea cameras utilise DALSA’s single line CMOS technology to provide high sensitivity with low noise in both the visible and NIR regions of the spectrum. This opens up possibilities for applications that make use of subsurface imaging using NIR wavelengths. Linea cameras are compact, light weight and robust with a range of features normally found only in Teledyne DALSA’s high-end line scan cameras, bringing impressive versatility. The choice of resolutions and data transmission interfaces offers great flexibility to end users, OEMs and systems integrators alike. Fully-fledged flat-field correction ensures that the high sensitivity performance is uniform across the entire sensor for accurate image intensity measurements. Multiple Regions of Interest allow a reduction in data transfer and processing load. This both boosts performance and reduces system costs. The cameras can also accommodate multiple user configuration sets for a variety of different inspection requirements, and they can be set up with different calibration coefficients for various lighting conditions, again meaning that it is easy to change between different inspections. The introduction of the 16k Linea extends the range of camera resolutions available from 2k right up to 16k. Designed to bring high levels of performance to higher resolution cost-sensitive applications requiring high throughput, the 16k mono CameraLink model can run at line rates up to 48 kHz. This new camera matches well with Teledyne DALSA’s range of Xtium frame grabbers to allow transmission of data over distances up to 10 metres.

throughput, by capturing images in high speed bursts and buffering them for transfer during times when the system is not capturing images. The ‘cycling’ mode of the GigE Linea cameras brings an unparalleled level of flexibility, potentially making the camera 5 cameras in one. Users can choose up to five different user-controlled line configurations. This enables each line to be set for different operating conditions such as a different light source, lighting angle, exposure time, gain, and more. For example, alternating long and short exposure times on successive lines greatly extends the camera’s dynamic range. By obtaining more information from a single pass with a single camera, Linea can replace more expensive and multiple camera sets, or camera and frame grabber combinations, reducing overall system cost and complexity.

The 8k GigE version of Linea allows inspection applications demanding higher resolution to be accommodated using traditional Ethernet networks, with data transmission possible over distances up to 100 metres. Like all GigE Linea cameras, the 8k model benefits from DALSA’s patent pending TurboDrive technology which allows data transmission at rates greater than standard GigE, with no change to the network, yet still benefit from the long transmission distances. TurboDrive can boost the maximum line rate of 13 kHz for the 8k model up to 45 kHz, depending on the image itself. For extremely fast processes, the camera’s ‘burst’ mode maximises system data


High Precision low cost MEMS IMUs DMU10 & DMU30 DMU10 Silicon Sensing Systems’ latest precision MEMS IMU offering class-leading accuracy, in a small and affordable, yet powerful 6 DoF inertial engine. OEM and Module options. DMU30 Cutting edge MEMS IMU alternative to more costly FOG-grade IMUs for use in exacting motion sensing applications.

January 2016

Tinytag Data Loggers: robust environmental monitoring solutions Tinytag data loggers accurately and reliably monitor environmental conditions including temperature, relative humidity, power usage, CO2, voltage, current and count. Tinytags range from compact units for indoor use to rugged, waterproof devices for industrial and outdoor applications. Manufactured in the UK, Tinytags help ensure that conditions can be measured, recorded, analysed and validated. Data loggers with displays can be supplied which show current readings as well as recording data. For additional flexibility, external sensors in the form of probes offer easy access to awkward areas a logger cannot reach, such as pipework; or can be used for monitoring extremes of temperature such as those in manufacturing processes and cryogenic areas. Stand-alone Tinytags record data which is downloaded via a USB cable to a PC for analysis. Recorded data is presented initially in graphs and tables in the Tinytag Explorer Software. It can easily be exported to popular software packages and results from separate logging runs can be combined for comparison and analysis. The Tinytag Radio System is an effective solution in sites with a larger number of monitoring points. Data is gathered automatically using wireless communications and sent via a receiver for direct viewing on a PC, across a LAN, or remotely across the internet.

Gemini Data Loggers has been designing and manufacturing the Tinytag range of data loggers in the UK since 1992 and trades globally with a network of over 40 distributors. Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd T: +44 (0)1243 813000

IFSEC International at ExCeL The global stage for security innovation and expertise, IFSEC International, will converge again at ExCeL London from 2123 June 2016. It is your chance to speak to the suppliers of the world’s leading security solutions, learn best-practice from industry experts and set up new business through the various networking opportunities available to you over the three days. You will see products from all key areas of security; access control, surveillance and detections, deterrence and perimeter security. Not to be missed at IFSEC 2016 will be the Smart Security Zone, where products and solutions that support home, buildings and cities will be demonstrated and discussed. The zone will explore how traditional security solutions can be interconnected and interoperable to play a vital role in the advanced security architectures of the world around us, providing stronger resilience, greater security and a safer future.


January 2016

The PROton Range

Ecotile interlocking PVC floor tiles are a heavy-duty flooring solution

The PROton range is the latest range of modular Embedded Control systems from Cambridge Microprocessor Systems designed by engineers for engineers, designed to be low in cost and extremely flexible to use. They are based around an ARM Cortex-M microcontroller.

for use in industrial, commercial and domestic applications.

• Fast installation: minimal downtime • Durable and easy to maintain • Made in the UK • 100% recyclable Full quality ratings including: ISO9001 / 14001, CE Mark, BFI S1 Fire Rating and the R10 anti-slip rating.

PROton PR25

PROton PR40

PROton PR60

Telephone 01582 788 232 or email

Unit 17 Zone D, Chelmsford Road Industrial Estate, Great Dunmow, CM6 1XG Call:+44 (0) 1371 60 60 50

ecotile.indd 1

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January 2016

Improving handling efficiency within the coal industry With use of coal still growing not only as an energy source but also as a key element in the manufacture of countless materials, products and chemicals, so efficient transportation of this vital resource is becoming evermore important. Tony Ingham of Sensor Technology discusses the new technology that is helping to boost transportation and handling efficiency, reduce downtime and minimise costs.

When the conveyor is empty, it requires very little power from the driveshaft to keep it moving smoothly. As coal is added and the conveyor load increases, so more power is needed. Similarly, if the conveyor is run at a higher speed, more power is needed. Controlling conveyor speed accurately helps to minimise shock loads, and so leads to both increased reliability and increased efficiency.

Formed from the remains of plants buried hundreds of millions of years ago and subjected to aeons of heat and pressure, coal is the world’s most plentiful fossil fuel. Even today, when fossil fuel has become something of a dirty word, global consumption of coal continues to increase.

Accurate control of the conveyor comes from the ability to monitor accurately the power being used to drive the conveyor. This information can then be fed into computerised control systems to ensure the conveyor is always moving at optimum speed. Real-time data from the conveyor is collected by having sensors monitoring the critical variables – in this case the torque on the driveshaft, the speed of the motor, and the drive power – and fed back to the control system.

Since 2000, global consumption of coal has grown faster than any other fuel, and last year around 8 billion tonnes of coal were used worldwide, with the biggest users – perhaps unsurprisingly – being China, the US, India, Russia and Japan. As of 2013, coal provided approximately 40% of the world’s electricity. That might seem to fly in the face of efforts to reduce CO2 emissions globally, with fossil fuels seen as a major culprit. But while coal may not be the cleanest source of energy in absolute terms, modern ultra-clean coal-fired power stations have shown that countries can have coal within their energy mix and still meet emissions’ targets. It’s not just about energy, however. Coking coal is vital to steel production, and coal is also a key element in cement manufacturing. It is also used in the manufacture of numerous chemicals, pharmaceutical products and paper, while many household products have either coal or coal by-products as components. According to the World Coal Association, coal is mined in over 50 countries. And while most coal is used in the country in which it is produced, it is traded all over the world, meeting the needs of countries that do not have sufficient resources to cover their own energy and manufacturing requirements. As with every other industry, there are constant pressures within the coal sector to drive down costs, boost uptime and optimise efficiency, with key areas to look at being handling and transportation. Applications such as conveying of coal or agitation of coal slurry present an extremely harsh environment where breakdowns lead to excessive downtime and reductions in efficiency. With the coal industry being increasingly global, there are pressures to attain evergreater efficiency standards. One of the technologies that is helping to drive this improved productivity is non-contact digital torque monitoring. For example, in coal conveying, torque monitoring technology is helping to transform an activity where downtime due to mechanical failure has previously been regarded as a fact of life. Coal conveyors are, by nature of the product being handled, heavyduty electro-mechanical systems operating in highly challenging environmental conditions. Starting and stopping under heavy loads, problems with dust and debris, and the nature of electromechanical technology all have implications for long-term reliability, availability and maintenance. When the goal is simply to keep the conveyor running, there may be little time to consider optimisation of the conveyor control system. And yet, with the application of digital torque sensing technology, the control system can be transformed and the whole conveying process can be made more reliable.


However, torque data can be hard to collect, with traditional technologies introducing as many problems as they solve. Because the shaft is rotating, wires attached to it would wind up and snap, so a special way of monitoring it is required. The traditional solution is to use slip rings, but these are expensive, difficult to s e t up and far too delicate in use for most coal transportation applications. Sensor Technology is at the forefront of an important enabling technology. Its TorqSense transducer is based on the patented technology of measuring the resonant frequency change of surface acoustic wave (SAW) devices. TorqSense torque sensors use two tiny SAW devices or SAWs made of ceramic piezoelectric material containing frequency resonating combs. These are glued onto the driveshaft at 90 degrees to one another. As the torque increases, the combs expand or contract proportionally to the torque being applied. In effect, the combs act similarly to strain gauges but measure changes in resonant frequency. The adjacent RF pickup emits radio waves towards the SAWs, which are then reflected back. The change in frequency of the reflected waves identifies the current torque. This arrangement means there is no need to supply power to the SAWs, so the sensor is non-contact and wireless. This innovative method of measuring torque can bring distinct advantages to coal conveying, whether in extracting coal from the mine, or transporting it for processing, or as part of subsequent shipping operations. A process that was once regarded as very difficult to monitor can now reap the same benefits as many other industrial processes. TorqSense technology can also improve on the torque limiters that are traditionally relied on to prevent mechanical damage in the event of a coal conveyor jam. Continually monitoring the torque, the transducer can identify the gradual increases that are indicative of an impending jam condition, so enabling preventive maintenance. This key technology can deliver significantly reduced downtime that might have been caused by breakages to conveyor chain, paddle attachments, or the drive gearbox. With coal still an important global resource, crucial not only as part of the energy supply mix but also in the manufacture of numerous other products, so the pressure is on to increase the efficiency of handling and transportation, and to drive down costs. In this context, accurate, non-contact, digital torque monitoring technology has an important role to play.


December 2015









From quote to fulfillment and beyond, ECi M1 ERP Software helps manage your business-critical processes with greater ease and efficiency, allowing you to focus less on day-today tasks and more on growing your manufacturing business.


© 2015 ECi Software Solutions Ltd. ECi, M1 and the ECi “red box” logo are trademarks of ECi Software Solutions, Inc. or its affiliates. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.


January 2016

Professional Multimeter Calibration from Hitek A multimeter is an electrical measuring instrument which is perfect for measuring current (AC and DC in amperes), resistance (in ohms) and voltage (AC and DC in volts) on electrical circuits. Typically, a multimeter is a combination of a DC voltmeter, an AC voltmeter, an ammeter and an ohmmeter. Hitek offer both standard traceable calibrations and UKAS accredited calibrations on a range of on DC and Low Frequency multimeters (bench multimeters, handheld multimeters and high precision multimeters). Multimeter Calibration The performance of a multimeter will be affected by its calibration period. As with all circuits, it will drift with time and therefore the multimeter will need to be periodically re-calibrated to ensure that it is operating within its specification.The calibration period will form part of the specification for the multimeter. Hitek recommend an annual calibration for most common multimeters. Hitek technicians are highly trained and competent to perform calibration services Hitek also offer a 100 mile radius collection across the UK from the Mobile Calibration Laboratory which goes direct to premises and provides effective on- and delivery service to and from the calibration laboratory in Horsham, West site calibration. Sussex. UKAS accredited calibration services are available from 01403 243 535 | the Hitek calibration house in West Sussex.


January 2016


January 2016

Narrow success for

solids radar level sensor Unique solution provided with contactless radar level sensor

A non contact bulk solids radar sensor with 120m range? You think this would be featuring an application with measurement over many tens of metres. However, one of the first successful applications for the new VEGAPULS 69 - the latest generation of bulk solids level sensors demonstrates its great versatility. At a UK Waste processing facility a device is now installed and working in a difficult application over a very short range of just over 2 metres - down a very tall nozzle, through a valve and into a confined vessel. The application is in a high temperature ash outlet from a gasification process where, via a screw conveyor, the hot waste, at around 400°C and under a vacuum, is deposited into a metal barrel container inside sealed cabinet. The barrel level needs to be monitored for changeover - when this is required, the process vacuum is protected by a valve, which closes while the cabinet is door is open. This valve is also the portal that the level measurement must be made through and, of course the sensor has to be contactless to measure through it. Weighing was not an option, as the ash density varies too much, and the very high temperatures would cause issues for most other technologies considered. Other measurement challenges include; very high levels of dust and fumes, vacuum, changing particle size and density, no ‘air purging or cooling’ allowed due to the combustion method, as well as the falling waste stream as it drops through the same valve into the barrel. The original radar level sensors used have worked well with no signal loss, but ash build up and sublimation of vapours, in the narrow confines of the mounting tube and around the valve aperture, have caused periodic


Waste Ash in the barrel problems for the operators over the long term. This was because the radar sensors, although carefully installed and set up with ‘false signal suppression’, did not have a narrow enough beam angle to avoid the build up, which was causing intermittent high/full barrel levels. Cleaning the internal structures cured these issues, but it was not an easy task, was time consuming and it interrupted the process. A new VEGAPULS 69 radar is now installed in its place. It has much narrower focussing (3.5°), the device therefore has no interfering echoes from the nozzle or the 6”/150mm diameter slide valve, which is approximately 0.8m away from the sensor. The set up was quick and simple, virtually no ‘false signal

VEGAPULS 69 Radar on waste collector, suppression’ required and it is able to measure directly right down into the barrel, with no loss of signal from the prevailing process conditions. This increased reliability means that the process is now more productive and change-overs only called for when needed. Because the measurements are more accurate and the high levels can be more confidently anticipated, the operators can coordinate more efficient change over sequences,

January 2016

Bulk solids level it’s time to focus VEGAPULS 69: The best just got better VEGA have utilised the latest high frequency radar technology to create a non-contact level sensor focused and sensitive enough to measure the most difficult of bulk solids products in the most challenging environments. ▪ All applications: from short ranges up to 120m

installed high above the valve and barrel cabinet saving time and increasing safety. While this new radar has shown excellent near range performance – remember it has a range of up to 120m, enough for the largest of silos, and it also has a fast responsive output, which means it can be used on conveyors and object monitoring applications too. This new radar technology takes yet another big step closer to a universal solution for solids level measurement. ATEX dust and Gas certified with Profibus and FF outputs are among the available options. Contact VEGA for a demonstration with a battery powered device or to arrange a trial in your application.

▪ Excellent focusing: simplifies set up ▪ Encapsulated antenna: reduces build up

For an application demo:


January 2016

Digital Panel-Mount Piezo Drive for Coordinated Motion between Piezo Stages and Servo Axes • Real-time distributed control architecture allows synchronized motion control on up to 32 axes of piezo and/or servomotor stages • Deterministic FireWire high-speed serial communication protocol • Single or multi-axis Position Synchronized Output (PSO) for real-time triggering of events • High-precision (to 20-bit) sensor resolution for capacitive sensor feedback • Advanced control features (Learning Control, Harmonic Cancellation, Command Shaping) improve tracking error and throughput The Ndrive QLe is a family of digital, panelmount, nanopositioning piezo drives for use with the Aerotech Automation 3200 (A3200) motion controller. The A3200 is the controller of choice in semiconductor, data storage, medical device manufacturing, laser processing, and metrology applications. The Ndrive QLe drives enable coordinated motion between piezo stages and servo axes at much higher rates than other controller/ drive products. Featuring a dual-core 456 MHz, doubleprecision, floating-point DSP, the QLe drives provide extreme processing power in applications including pointto-point motion, linear and circular interpolation, multi-axis error correction, and autofocusing. High-speed interrupts and data logging provide a real-time link to external systems. High-speed positioning latching and single-axis or multi-axis position synchronized output (PSO) generate pulses based on actual position feedback for applications ranging from laser firing to data acquisition system triggering. Using the latest technology and high-resolution A/D and D/A converters, the QLe enables sub-nanometer positioning resolution at high bandwidths. Capacitive sensor feedback circuitry provides ultra-low noise performance over the full travel range. A proprietary capacitive sensor feedback circuit results in industryleading thermal stability and exceptional long-term holding stability. Linearity

is better than 0.01% over the full travel range in closed-loop mode. In addition to the four optically-isolated digital inputs, two high-speed digital inputs, and four optically-isolated digital outputs, the Ndrive QLe is equipped with two analog inputs and two analog outputs. The QLe offers an 18-bit analog input that can be programmatically configured to accept an external feedback sensor or position command. This analog input also allows the high-voltage power amplifier to be controlled directly by an external low-level analog input. Also, the QLe has one 20-bit analog output that can be programmatically configured for position or voltage monitoring at very high resolutions. The A3200 software uses PID servo loops with advanced feedforward and multiple integrators coupled with eight programmable filters to supply the user with all necessary tools needed to optimize motion performance. Additional software options such as the Dynamic Controls Toolbox and Motion Designer packages make available a host of advanced, yet easy-to-use, tools such as Learning Control, Harmonic Cancellation, Command Shaping, and Cross-Axis Feedforward to improve tracking errors and to provide faster step-and-settle times.

Forfurtherinformation,pleasecontactSteveMcLaneat412-967-6854(direct),, more information is available at:



January 2016


Events Preview

January 2016

Photonics and Light Technologies 4 You! EVENT REPORT

Photonex 2015 attracted its largest audience to date with a visitors coming to what has proven to be an excellent venue - the centrally located Ricoh Arena in Coventry. Visitors were greeted by the broadest event in 10 years, the biggest in terms of exhibiting area, number of rooms required to host the seven parallel meetings and the subject matter covered. It was a challenge to fit in everything in just two days.

At PHOTONEX you can learn what vision achieve in terms of improved quality control and product quality.

Entering the exhibition hall, the first company to be noticed with their impressive stand and display was Hamamatsu, supplier of sensors and camera technology, who have been a supporter of the event for all of its 24 years. And then there were a further 110 photonics-focused companies around the hall buzzing with activity and discussions. Regular exhibitor, Helmut Kessler of Manx Precision Optics said, “PHOTONEX just gets better and better. We have spoken with many visitors with some bringing drawings with them ready for us to discuss and to give them a quotation after the show”.

What it is all about: For the engineer PHOTONEX is all about applications for light on the production line, in QA, technologies such as component thickness, laser machining, machine diagnostics, metrology, process analytical technology and vision.


The International Year of Light Display 2015 was particularly interesting with it being the International Year of Light, although the exhibition was only able to play a small part in the overall UNESCO remit of education and awareness of light technologies, it has nevertheless had a positive impact on the show. In the International Year of Light Display area were examples of early photonics technologies including pre-war camera technology, and here in the foreground, possibly the largest PMT ever made, on loan from Hamamatsu Photonics. At PHOTONEX you can learn what vision achieve in terms of improved quality control and product quality.

VISION IN ACTION The co-located/co-branded event Vision UK brings together companies selling and integrating industrial and machine vision equipment. The event is supported by the UKIVA,, who run a two-day meeting ‘Vision in Action’. With PHOTONEX/Vision UK is co-located another complementary and equally fast-growing event, Vacuum Expo and this makes Coventry an exciting place to visit each mid-October.

MARK YOUR DIARY TODAY Announcing the event: The 25th Anniversary event of Photonex will run on the 12th & 13th of October 2016. MORE:


The Technology of Light


12th & 13th October 2016 · Ricoh Arena Coventry, UK PHOTONEX EXHIBITION

145 exhibitors


with Vision in Action Seminars


with training


Hyperspecrtral Imaging for Remote Sensing


11 FREE meetings


Industrial | Machine Vision | Factory Automation

Industrial and Scientific Conference & Exhibition

• Discover the difference – in suppliers and technologies • Learn how to adopt vision solutions – increase reliability and product quality • Solve your vision problem – with the numerous specialists at the event ALSO: DON’T MISS THIS FREE MEETING! “Vision in Action: Advances in Vision and Imaging Technologies”

• Attend free meetings • Free training from basic to advanced UK’S PREMIER VACUUM TECHNOLOGIES EVENT




For more details and to register, visit

Events Preview

January 2016

ALL EYES ON PPMA TOTAL 2016 Three months have elapsed since the 2015 PPMA Show reached its successful crescendo, and the events industry is already buzzing about the first PPMA Total under the sole ownership of the PPMA following the end of the joint venture with Reed Exhibitions.

PPMA Total takes place every third year of the annual PPMA Show. The exhibition incorporates three Shows all owned by the PPMA, i.e. PPMA Show, Interphex & Pakex. Having ran previously in June, the PPMA Group have now made PPMA Total run in September. PPMA Group Marketing Executive Tom Fisher said: “Now that the Show is back in-house, we thought it made sense to have PPMA Total Show running in September to align with other years. It’s certainly a lot easier to remember and we believe this will strengthen link between the two Shows!”. Over 250 exhibitors are already confirmed for the event taking place 27-29 September 2016 which specialises in: processing & packaging machinery, containers, materials & innovations in packaging design. This includes the likes of ABB, Bosch Packaging Technology, Endoline, Fristam Pumps and many more! The PPMA team were inundated with compliments regarding 2015’s Show: “The best PPMA show that I can remember and I’ve been exhibiting for over 15 years. It’s great to see so many existing customers looking for more equipment and new contracts.” Bryan Greenaway, MD, Kecol Pumping Systems “It’s a good show. We’re a first time exhibitor having visited for two years. There has been a great buzz and footfall at the show. We were finalists for the PPMA Group Industry Awards, which were fantastic. The quality of leads has been excellent and we’re talking with decision makers.” - Sean Fryers, Marketing Manager, Connect2Cleanrooms


“It was a really good and extremely busy show – one of the busiest in eight years. Not all visitors are UK based creating more export links which is good. There has been a good quality of visitors and a chance to deal with existing customers too. It’s a great way to promote the company and meet new people and decision makers. It’s a good show to exhibit at to maintain brand visibility.” - Andrew Yates, Sales Director, Endoline Just this week the brand new website has officially been revealed, with plenty of content including highlights from 2015’s Show. Just take a look at the below video to see the Show in action! For more information simply contact PPMA Total Show 2016, see you in September!



27 – 29 Sept 2016 · NEC, Birmingham, UK

“The total processing and packaging production line event from design, containers and material to machinery, automation and industrial vision”


Where the industry meets… Where the industry does business


www .infr arai


Supporting Organisations:

Events Preview

January 2016

Editorial for Engineering Update: 30th November 2015

National Electronics Week will be running this year from 12th-14th April back at the NEC, this year alongside 5 of the bigger electronic, engineering and manufacturing shows in the UK including but not limited to MACH and Drives & Controls. The 3 day format will be back in 2016 to coincide with the biggest gathering of engineers in the UK all year. A now with Resorts World open the networking opportunities are plentiful (not to mention the shops, restaurants, cinema, bars and hotel!) The four sectors of the show will all be running with their own exclusive layouts and programmes happening simultaneously throughout the show to ensure each visitor can tailor their visit to their individual needs. Design & Test - The start point for just about every electronics idea. This area gives exhibitors the chance to showcase their most innovative products and capabilities to help improve the business process. Embedded & Software – Here you will find the progressive community that focuses on building more in so you get more out. Whether it’s about low power needs, next-gen wireless, advanced programming or hardware platforms, these experts are where it’s at and this year the Embedded & Software sector will be mainly focused on technical content, exploring a range of current topics and issues within the sector. Components & Power – The essential building blocks for every electronics project and product, with every increasing demands on products being smaller, faster and more productive this area of the event will help you find new business partners to supply your demands. Arguably taking up more than its fair share of the floor space, this sector is booming with companies waiting to talk to engineers, technicians and of course, the all powerful Purchasing Directors. Production & EMS - Where ideas become reality. The equipment and products that build and assemble the printed circuit board, the final link of the electronics chain. This is the only event where you can view live equipment and processes. The annual Hand Soldering Competition has also become very popular, will Phillip Smith from CIL-UK be back to defend his title? Watch this space to find out. So put it in the diary now, 12th-14th April in Hall 2 at the NEC, pre-registration will be opening in December and tickets are free, with in hall catering, free wifi and a central hub to conduct meetings, or catch up on emails there is no reason not to visit.






D A T E S – 14


April 2016






Join us and see the best of UK Electronics. Find out more and pre-register free of charge at

Interested in showcasing your products and services at National Electronics Week? Contact the team now on + 44 1483 420 229 or email


Events Preview

January 2016

Growing PDM Event Diversifies into Composites An all-encompassing exhibition and conference for plastics design, moulding, packaging and recycling, the next PDM Event will for the first time also feature composites when it takes place at the Telford International Centre from 14 to 15 June 2016. Established for more than a decade as the leading event for the design and moulding sectors of the plastics industry, PDM Event has expanded in recent years to include recycling and packaging. The addition of a composites element for 2016 represents a new stage in its evolution. Reinforced thermoplastics are playing an ever-increasing role in

innovation and evolution in the automotive sector. Valued for their strength and light weight, composite materials are driving new standards in design, helping car makers to reduce fuel consumption and carbon emissions. As well as diversifying its exhibitor base, PDM Event continues to attract growing numbers of visitors and has secured its place as the key event in the plastics industry calendar. Jaguar Land Rover, BT, Dyson, Ford, Honda, Panasonic, Proctor & Gamble and Bentley were among the many companies who sent delegates to the 2015 event. The PDM event also features a wealth of conference sessions over its two days. Strategic conference streams unite specialists from de-


sign and manufacturing, brand owners from the packaging, automotive, medical and consumer goods sectors, as well as all sides of the plastics recycling industry, to network, learn and do business. The multi-million pound Telford International Centre, where PDM Event will be staged provides more room for large machinery and access to a brand new conference area. Biffa Polymers, BPI Recycled Products, Erema, Hasco, Motan Colortronic, Negri Bossi, Piovan, Plasgran, Plastribution and Romi are among leading industry names that have already booked stands. Other exhibitors include product design companies, rotational and blow moulding machinery suppliers, toolmakers, 3D printers and rapid prototyping specialists, moulders and

mouldmakers, masterbatch specialists, software suppliers and materials testing specialists. PDM Event enjoys the support of all the major plastics and moulding associations including Composites UK, Institute of Engineering Designers (IED), Society of Plastics Engineers UK & Ireland (SPE), Rubber & Plastics Research Association (RAPRA), British Plastics Federation (BPF), the Gauge & Toolmakers Association (GTMA), IOM3, Polymer Training and Innovation Centre and the Polymer Machinery Manufacturers and Distributors Association (PMMDA), Polymer Society, RECOUP, LARAC and WRAP. PDM Event is free for visitors to attend.

Events Preview

January 2016

IFSEC International adds Smart Zone for 2016 event With the rise of the Internet of Things (IoT) and Smart Buildings the traditional fire and security systems are rapidly evolving. Systems within buildings and cities are now able to communicate without human intervention; this presents both opportunities and risks for the fire and security industries. Smart Buildings can hear, watch, breathe, respond and collect millions piece of data collected from IoT. The data collected is vital in the management and sustainable output of the building in question, helping to reduce costs and more importantly, increase efficiency. It doesn’t just stop at buildings either. On a macro scale, the data outputs of Smart Buildings can be aggregated onto a city level where networked systems can provide critical intelligence for sustainable transport, public utilities and emergency services, in turn, creating a Smart City. IFSEC International has recently announced a new Smart Zone exhibition and feature area for its 2016 show, which takes place at London’s ExCeL from 21-23 June. Security systems and services are playing increasingly vital roles in building automation which makes IFSEC a strategically significant platform to present current technologies and research to the market. The IFSEC Smart Zone will concentrate on the burgeoning home automation sector which will provide installers, integrators, housebuilders, housing professionals and architects with an opportunity to see and experience the latest in home automation technologies from leading suppliers such as Texecom,Y3K, Paxton Access, Yale and LILIN.

Gerry Dunphy, Event Director- IFSEC & FIREX International said: ‘’The IFSEC Smart Zone is an important part of the show’s continuing evolution as we look to present new and diverse applications of security products and services as vital aspects of building management systems. #ifsecsmarthome will promote exciting developments in home automation that will be of direct interest to installers looking to supplement their range of services. #ifsecsmartbuildings will present integrators, consultants, architects, facilities directors, civic authorities and building owners with key solutions to make their assets more sustainable, productive and cost effective.’’ In addition to the IFSEC Smart Zone feature areas, will be the Smart Zone Theatre which will provide free learning and development seminars focused on home automation and smart buildings. The programme will be delivered by a range of leading experts and will concentrate on key areas such as the Internet Of Things, systems integration, business intelligence, building information management, cyber security and a series of relevant case studies.


m an the t d W ea at m b er eh & behind i Tr team From the ea Wa nd W t Utility Week,mWETstNews E en ew T N a t and Water & Wastewater te ew Treatmentr

Connecting Britain’s utilities to their suppliers, contractors and partners A unique opportunity to meet decision-makers from across the gas, electricity and water industries. Download the brochure today from or contact: Rachael Lyon Business Development Director, Utility Week Live 2016 T +44 (0)1342 332097 M +44 (0)7968 301370 E

Events Preview

January 2016

Tarsus Launches

Additive Manufacturing Shows for vertical markets Trade show organizer, Tarsus Group, will run two new B2B events for the additive manufacturing industry (commonly referred to as 3D printing) in 2016. Additive Manufacturing Europe and Additive Manufacturing Americas will focus on the fastest growing vertical sectors – healthcare, aerospace and automotive. Tarsus already runs several shows in these sectors, the most prominent of which is the Dubai Airshow (aerospace), AAITF (automotive) and A4M (medical) The new events will incorporate 3D Printshow, which Tarsus acquired in 2014. This follows exhibitor requests for larger, consolidated events with an international business-to-business focus. As part of the new shows, there will also be a 3D Printshow pavilion, focusing on design and prototyping. This will continue to attract the designers and innovators that are driving development and innovation in the industry. While much of the growing media coverage of additive technologies has focused on abstract concepts or very niche usage, the Additive Manufacturing Shows will focus on the mainstream applications that are revolutionizing these sectors. Additive manufacturing can produce complex, customized solutions that

increase functionality, while reducing lead time and waste. The entire spectrum of 3D printing and additive manufacturing equipment will be on show, with live demonstrations of working machinery a cornerstone of the events. Conferences will run alongside the trade shows, with dedicated streams for the vertical sectors. Additive Manufacturing Europe will be held on 28-30 June 2016, at RAI Amsterdam. This will be then followed by Additive Manufacturing Americas on 7-9 December 2016 at the Pasadena Convention Center. Lisa Milburn, Managing Director, commented: “Additive manufacturing is an exciting growth area and recent developments in equipment and software are providing plenty of opportunities for real world applications. 3D Printshow has been the leader in dedicated 3D printing events and, combined with Tarsus’s experience of running large, industrial shows around the world, we look forward to working with our partners to deliver the largest events for this sector.” 46|

Learn from the best in the industry at the leading security exhibition and conference The global stage for security innovation and expertise 3 Free education sessions provided for you to learn from the industry’s best and brightest 3 Find the right security solution provider for your business amongst the 600 exhibitors 3 Get hands on experience with the latest gadgets in security technology 3 You can save time by pre-booking meetings with your preferred suppliers


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January 2016

Foodex 2016 to bring UK food and drink manufacturing sectors The NEC, Birmingham, 18 - 20 April 2016

Foodex 2016, the UK’s premier trade event for the food and drink processing, packaging, ingredients and logistics industries, will return to the NEC Birmingham in April 2016. The show provides a business platform for professionals across full industry spectrum including bakery, beverage, dairy, fresh, ingredients, logistics, meat and seafood. Run over three days (18–20 April 2016), the show will focus upon the buoyancy of the British food and drink manufacturing sector, discussing the trends that are shaping the industry, whilst showcasing the technologies allowing manufacturers to work more efficiently and productively. Visitors can discover the latest new ingredients and super foods to make an impression on the industry as well as discovering how to improve traceability, consumer trust and transform productivity. With more than 300 exhibitors expected at the 2016 show, the latest technologies and product launches from across the UK’s manufacturing industries will be on display. Returning for the 2016 show, exhibitors including Multivac UK, ULMA Packaging, Reiser UK and Handtmann will join a raft of new exhibitors to showcase the latest innovations. Darren Turrell, Managing Director, EFAFLEX UK Limited, commented on his decision to exhibit at the show: “Foodex 2016 is a first for EFAFLEX. We feel that the show will provide EFAFLEX with an excellent opportunity for us to demonstrate the quality and operational benefits of our products, while directly engaging with the individual needs of users within this key market. We’re excited to be a part of this exhibition and look forward to April 2016.” Features at this year’s show include The National Meat Products and The Premier Young Butcher competitions. The National Meat Products Competition, hosted by the National Federation of Meat & Food Traders (NFMFT), will be returning to the event for the sixth consecutive occasion. Aside from exploring the show floor and frequenting the lively debates, plenary sessions and interactive master classes, visitors The competition, the biggest and best yet, will comprise of 20 can head to the Engage @ Foodex zone. This is an interactive visitor categories and will see for the first time the inclusion of charcuterie in destination, highlighting all sectors of the industry and offering addition to the standard favourites of sausages, bacon, burgers, ready visitors and exhibitors the chance to meet, interact and relax whilst meals and pies. sourcing industry information. In addition, the Premier Young Butcher event will see talented 18 to 23-year-old apprentice butchers compete to produce and display the most innovative Ready to Eat, Stuffed Roast, Seam Butchery, Barbecue and Kitchen Ready products.

Dan Dixon, Event Director, said: “Foodex 2016 represents an ideal environment for decision makers from across a wide range of industries to network with key figures in the food industry, all set against a backdrop of innovation and industry expertise.”

Meanwhile, the centre stage will host a comprehensive programme Foodex is co-located with Food & Drink Expo, National Convenience of demonstrations, interactive debates and seminars across all three Show and Farm Shop & Deli Show. days. To register for free, receiving entry to all co-located shows, visit: Speakers at last year’s event included presentations from the likes of The Fabulous Baker Brothers, representatives from Campden BRI, Lord Rooker, former chairman of the Food Standards Agency, and Follow Foodex on Twitter: #Foodex2016 representatives from the National Skills Academy for Food and Drink Join us on LinkedIn and the Institute of Food Science and Technology. Watch us on YouTube


CITE 2016 will build on the success of the well-received launch of the first CITE in 2014 and again form an important part of the UK’s largest infrastructure exhibition. CITE will focus on infrastructure, civil engineering, energy, geotechnical, tunnelling, waste, water and utilities, whilst Infrarail will again shine the industry spotlight on rail infrastructure.

Harness the power of face to face interaction – the top sales driver Supported by:

• Live product demonstrations • Education and Training • Networking • Innovation • The Yard machinery display area • The Recruitment Wall

12-14 April 2016 ExCeL, London CITE - where people from throughout the supply chain meet face to face, make connections and do business. For more information:

Tel:+44 (0)1727 814400

Media Partners: CITE will be co-located with Infrarail 2016 – the 11th edition of this successful and well-established Rail Infrastructure exhibition.

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January 2016

HS2 Ltd adds its support to London infrastructure shows HS2 Ltd, the government company developing the high-speed rail network between London, the West Midlands and the North of England, is the latest organisation to become a Show Partner at Infrarail 2016. It joins other bodies supporting the UK’s leading rail infrastructure event, including Network Rail and Transport for London’s Crossrail, while the accompanying CITE - Civil Infrastructure & Technology Exhibition 2016 is endorsed by the Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE). By mid-December some 150 companies had signed up to exhibit at the combined show, which will open its doors to visitors at ExCeL London in the capital’s Docklands from 12 to 14 April. Among firms taking part in Infrarail will leading suppliers of products and services for track construction and maintenance, signalling and communications, electrification, and installations such as stations and maintenance depots.

Business sectors covered by exhibitors at CITE, which focuses on vital networks such as rail, highways, utilities and communications, will include civil engineering, construction services and products, plant and equipment, geotechnical, tunnelling, consultancy and project management. Online registration for free entry to both exhibitions will be open soon via the respective show websites – and This will also provide visitors with access to a broad range of informative supporting activities including daily keynote speeches by leading figures, industry seminars, project briefings and discussion groups – all free to attend and aimed at providing valuable insights into technology and policy. The first keynote speaker has recently been confirmed as Sir Peter Hendy CBE, chairman of Network Rail. For more information contact the Infrarail and CITE team at


January 2016

Professional test and measurement technology From sensor to software: The complete measurement chain from HBM The requirements placed on sensors, electronics and software in terms of operation, acquisition and analysis are continuously increasing. Optimal matching of all components in the entire measuring chain is crucial. We at HBM place special emphasis on this aspect. Worldwide, in all branches of industry: Automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, weighing technology and many more. For maximum quality and precision. ■

Strain gauges

Load cells, mounting aids and accessories

Force, pressure, torque and displacement transducers

Amplifier systems for test and process measurement technology

Precision measuring instruments

Software for acquisition, analysis and prediction

Further information:

■ Tel. ■ 803-9100 ■ United Kingdom 0208■ 515 ■ Tel. +Ltd ■ ■ HBM Test and HBM Measurement 49 6151 803-0 Fax 6000 +49 6151


January 2016

Take the heat off next sum on cooling so “Prepare your panels now and be ready for next summer”. That’s the message from leading international panel manufacturer and climate solutions specialists, Rittal. By getting expert advice, and planning and putting in solutions now, managers can get ahead of the game and safeguard their production processes – and not find they are caught out by rising ambient temperatures. “Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security because the temperatures are dropping,” advises Christian Westwood Rittal’s Product Manager for Climate offers advice on designing effective climate control systems. “Instead why not use this time to consider your best options?“Rittal’s expert team can provide you with free advice as to which cooling product is suited to your particular application, or arrange a survey, so we can propose the best solution. “We always consider options with users from the perspective of functionality, energy efficiency, ease of installation, service and maintenance, based on real life data measured on site. “I cannot underline how important it is to choose the right product. Climate control is not a one size fits all solution, and its success depends greatly on the local environment,” adds Christian. Enclosures which are located in a cool and clean environment, may find fan-and-filter units are adequate, given a single device provides more than 4 kW of cooling in ideal conditions. If the air is dirty, it is still possible to take full advantage of low ambient temperatures by using energy efficient airto-air heat exchangers to provide any necessary cooling. For applications that require the temperature inside the enclosure to be lower than that outside it, a refrigerant based solution may be the best option. The new Blue e+ cooling unit range from Rittal, with capacities up to 6 kW, can operate in ambient temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius yet also provide free cooling when the external air is cooler due to the innovative use of hybrid technology. Air-to-water heat exchangers may be used in even hotter conditions and the water delivered to a remote location in which the heat, up to 10 kW from one unit, may be dissipated more effectively and with less effect on the temperature of the surroundings. For more information: contact 01709 704 000 or email

Box smarter with Rittal „ „ „ „ „


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Heavy-Duty Connectors for Every Application Heavycon complete heavy-duty connectors from Phoenix Contact offer a reliable seal up to degree of protection IP69K. There are matching plug-in connections for every requirement with housings from three series types and matching contact inserts which can be combined. The standard series offers a wide range of robust metal housings with various different cable outlet directions and locking mechanisms. The flexible, swiveling bayonet locking of the EVO series allows the cable outlet direction to be freely selected and reduces the number of versions and thereby the warehousing costs by up to 70%. Not only does the direct screw locking without

panel mounting base result in cost savings, it also means that the Advance housings are particularly durable and robust. All components can be individually combined and flexibly modified, extended or exchanged. The three Heavycon Series: Standard, Advanced and EVO are all compatible with the DIN standard. The Heavycon metal housing is “EMC-ready� thanks to conductive surfaces and seals. Combined with shielded cable glands, they offer you reliable protection in electromagnetic surroundings. All housing series fit standard panel cut-outs. For more information, please visit


The right connector for every application

HEAVYCON complete heavy-duty connectors You can always create the right connection for your requirements with the combinable, robust housings from our three series, and matching contact inserts: For flexible combinations and compatible plug-ins. For additional information call 0845 881 2222 or visit

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