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Man and Machine Training Academy Man and Machine offer an extensive range of Autodesk 2016 training courses

Man and Machine specialise in Autodesk training for Manufacturers, Engineers, Architects & Product Designers. All courses are taught with the official Autodesk courseware and includes one month’s free post training support. Autodesk AutoCAD courses include: •AutoCAD Essentials •AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals •AutoCAD Advanced •AutoCAD 3D Drawing & Modelling •AutoCAD Mechanical Essentials

E: marketing@manandmachine.co.uk W: www.manandmachine.co.uk T: 01844 263 700

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February 2016

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February 2016

Fast Payback from Laser Process Gas Analysers Quantitech has launched a range of process gas analysers based on tuneable diode laser absorption spectroscopy (TDLAS). “Over 8,000 instruments have been installed around the world, but the manufacturer Focused Photonics Inc (FPi) is new to the UK,” says Quantitech MD Keith Golding. “By utilising ‘single-line’ spectroscopy, the Laser Gas Analyser (LGA) range can be configured for continuous analysis of a number of key compounds, with an enormous dynamic range from single figure ppm to % levels, without interference from other process components. Maintenance requirements are minimal so there is a fast payback,” he adds. Typical applications include waste to energy, incineration, ammonia slip control, HCl measurement for sorbent injection optimisation, furnace oxygen, flue gas monitoring in FCC catalyst regeneration, trace H2S and H2O in natural gas, H2S measurements in sulphur recovery, cross-duct CO monitoring for electrostatic precipitator safety, and many others.

“The LGA range of process gas analysers delivers the well-established benefits of TDLAS technology - high specificity, fast response, super-low maintenance, with proven reliability in harsh operating environments and very low ownership costs,” comments Keith. “Developed out of Stanford University California, the cradle of TDLAS commercialisation, FPi was established in China in 2002 and now employs over 3,000 staff. We have visited a number of LGA installations and were very impressed by the standards of quality and reliability being delivered by these instruments.” Further information on the FPi LGA range is available from www.Quantitech.co.uk.

New Analysers for Part B Solvent Emissions Quantitech, the Milton Keynes based instrumentation specialist, has been appointed exclusive distributor in the UK and Ireland for ErsaTec GmbH, a leading German manufacturer of gas analysers for the measurement of organic gases (TOC) such as solvents and fuels. Designed and developed by former employees of Bernath Atomic (manufacturer of the well-known Bernath 3006 FID), the ErsaTec analysers employ Flame Ionisation Detectors (FIDs) to measure total organic carbon. The product range includes both continuous and semicontinuous analysers for use in a wide variety of industrial applications. “We are delighted to be given this opportunity,” says Sales Director Dominic Duggan. “Quantitech has been selling FID instruments for around 20 years and we are very excited to be able to offer a choice of fixed and transportable versions.


“The ErsaTec products are ideal for Part B Processes and Test Houses; offering advanced FID technology at highly competitive prices. The range offers a number of very attractive advantages; for example, the SmartFID instruments have internal dataloggers and are very easy to set up and run with an intuitive touchscreen.” FID analysers require a fuel source and with dual range capability (low range to 10ppm and high range to 100,000ppm) the ErsaTec FIDs can operate on either hydrogen or a hydrogen/helium mix. However, hydrogen consumption is very low and this is the most economical choice.


TOC analysers:

for Part B solvent emissions



Portable and Fixed VOC analysers Continuous or semicontinuous monitoring Proven FID technology SmartFIDs have internal dataloggers Competitively priced

Supplying and servicing environmental & process monitoring instrumentation for over 30 years

t: 01908 227722

e: sales@quantitech.co.uk



February 2016

Dura Grating Ind ad 210x148mm_Layout 1 21/10/2015 13:00 Page 1

Dura Grating Fibreglass Anti-Slip Flooring AVY DUTY HE

High load capacity


















+44 (0)1255 440290 enquiries@duracomposites.com www.duracomposites.com

Gritted surface prevents slips, trips & falls Quick & easy to lift and install Corrosion resistant and maintenance free


The Dura Composites range of GRP flooring & structures is ideal for industrial projects thanks to its strength, durability & resistance to impact, corrosion & fire. Flooring, trench covers, lift risers or stair treads - the applications are endless‌

...designed for the future Industrial





Dura Platform 190x130mm ad Oct15_Layout 1 08/10/2015 13:27 Page 1

Dura Platform CO N









Concealed Fixing System






Spans up to 3.4m @ 5kN/m2




Composite Structural Station Platforms

+44 (0)1255 440291 enquiries@duracomposites.com www.duracomposites.com

Fast Install Minimises Track Time Incorporates Fall for Drainage




Best New Track or Infrastructure Product Install by Hammond (ECS) Ltd at Needham Market


Dura Platform is the award-winning precision engineered composite platform which complies with National Rail specifications and offers significant improvements over traditional alternatives – including a dramatic reduction in possession time and sizeable overall project cost savings. Discover Dura Platform today.

...designed for the future Industrial






Editor’s Choice

February 2016

The new Blue Photon Advanced Workholding System is designed to simplify workholding with clamp-free fixtures, holding delicate parts with minimal distortion. The system, offered by TYROLIT in a joint cooperation with NCMT consists of a UV curable adhesive and light source. It easily lends itself to automation and allows for simple fixture loading of complex part shapes. No-stress gripping allows for placement of holding devices without the fear of part distortion and allows simple workholding of ferrous, non-ferrous, ceramic and composite materials. In addition, gripping the part on one side only allows access to the part that would be almost inconceivable using conventional fixturing devices. So how does it work? The system uses a bonding station that has a zero point chuck and part specific datums and is the means by which the part is accurately located. A simple transfer tool is loaded into the bonding station equipped with grippers, these are placed where needed to support the workpiece during machining. Using special UV sensitive adhesives the part is applied to the grippers faces. The UV light source is then activated for 30-60 seconds depending on the adhesive joint thickness and required holding strength A major benefit is that the workpiece itself does not need to be flat as the uncured gel-like adhesive conforms to the workpiece shape. After bonding, the transfer tool is then removed from the bond station and is immediately ready for machining. Once machining is finished, the bond can be removed with the simple application of hot water and the system is ready to use again.

The strength of the system in operation is such that all types of conventional grinding, milling and drilling can take place without fear of breaking the bond between fixture and part, giving unrivalled access to machine a number of features in a single set up. With fast set-up and lower costs the revolutionary Blue Photon system is on course to revolutionise workholding. For more information, contact TYROLIT on 0845 6868 200.

New system revolutionises workholding A new workholding system has been developed that can dramatically reduce fixturing costs and setup times for difficult to hold parts.


February 2016

Paul Mitchell, managing director of Bowman International, says the ongoing battle between engineers and procurement departments to balance cost, performance and availability of components is forcing suppliers to innovate – which will deliver additional benefits for OEMs. He said: “Purchasing departments are under constant pressure to lower costs and are looking to engineers to find more cost effective alternatives wherever possible. This can often lead to a redesign which in many cases can ultimately be more expensive” “Increasingly, engineers are turning to specialist suppliers to find suitable components such as bearings, which is why availability will continue to be such an important word in 2016. Manufacturers and suppliers that can guarantee availability - however specialist the requirement – will be the most valuable to their customers. We are also seeing the importance of rapid prototyping to reduce start-up costs and time to market.” Bowman International also predicts continued innovation in new materials to improve the performance, capabilities and durability of bearings. Paul Mitchell adds: “Bearing manufacturers have invested heavily in research and development in recent years and we are really starting to see the benefit as an industry. New alloys have been introduced, along with new techniques for manufacturing, testing and fault analysis. “This level of innovation will increase long-term performance and help to deliver a cost-effective overall solution– both of which will


remain critical for any OEM of course. Our new BowMet® range is a perfect example, manufactured from the unique ToughMet® alloy developed in USA to provide enhanced capabilities with reduced wastage.” Finally, another big shift that will become more evident in 2016, says Paul Mitchell, is the way in which suppliers are expanding their service to streamline the supply chain for OEMs. He concludes: “It has long been a requirement in the automotive industry that a component manufacturer ensure the highest levels of quality, price and on-time delivery alongside the parts. Now we are seeing a growing demand for this level of service from other manufacturing industries including construction equipment, commercial vehicles and marine, amongst others. It will be suppliers who are able to offer these levels of service to all customers who will be the most successful in 2016”.

This level of innovation will increase long-term performance and help to deliver a cost-effective overall solution

at & r 1 us rn g e he rin s ste 6 Se ort tu ic he d M N fac ron nc tan a S u ct an le , M M E ity ct 1 tC O en 0 & Ev t 3 p Se

Leaders in temperature measurement

Thermocouple Sensors and Fittings Manufactured by Labfacility thermocouple cables thermocouple connectors PRT sensors temperature instrumentation

Buy on-line

www.labfacility.com info@labfacility.com

Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446

February 2016

Industrial Ethernet cables and connectors for a Highly Diverse Range of Applications and Industries Murrelektronik offers the widest range of Industrial Ethernet connectors on the market. No matter if they’re used in IP20 cabinet wiring, in a harsh industrial IP67 environment, or from the cabinet or the office world into the field - Murrelektronik has the connection technology for you. The cables are designed to meet industrial requirements in a variety of ways. They can be produced in almost any length, with your choice of connector style (0°, 90°, 45°), and connector angle (left, right, up or down). And any of these combinations can be ordered in quantities as small as one piece. The cables feature 360° shielding to ensure reliable data transfer. The compact housing saves space while the RJ45 connector clip has been refined to be easier to work with and install. Murrelektronik’s Industrial Ethernet connectors are available to meet Cat. 5, Cat. 5e, Cat. 6 and Cat. 6A specifications. All Murrelektronik Industrial Ethernet connectors are 100% tested before they leave the factory. This means they are electrically tested for: high voltage, function, pinning and short circuits, as well as visually inspected to guarantee you always receive Murrelektronik’s high standard of quality. To dive deeper into Murrelektronik’s entire connection technology range and see their production first hand, check out the video We Live Connectors: https://youtu.be/JVybEgeJ-vc


T +49 2961 7405-0 T +44 1234 783366

Made in Germany

Your Specialist for

Š REMBE | All rights reserved


Consulting. Engineering. Products. Service.

Ltd. Gallbergweg 21 | 59929 Brilon, Germany F +49 2961 50714 | info@rembe.de | www.rembe.de

Colworth Science Park | Sharnbrook | Bedfordshire | MK44 1LQ, United Kingdom F +44 1234 783367 | info@rembe.co.uk | www.rembe.co.uk

February 2016

NEW LABFACILITY BROCHURE Thermocouple and Resistance Thermometer Sensors

Thermocouple & Resistance Thermometer Sensors A new, comprehensive brochure from Labfacility features detailed product information and technical guidance on a wide range of temperature sensors and probe assemblies & installation fittings. Thermocouple configurations range from fine wire, high sensitivity types to heavy duty industrial assemblies and include special designs for plastics machinery, surface & air temperature sensing and furnaces. Mineral insulated and fabricated constructions are offered. The comprehensive selection of mineral insulated thermocouples features 0.5mm sheath diameter versions in addition to 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 6.0mm. The 0.5mm diameter thermocouples combine low thermal mass and fast response to temperature changes with durable construction; they are highly flexible and their use minimizes process intrusion. The range of high accuracy, high quality Type K, handheld thermocouple probes suit various surface and penetration applications. 14|

Probe and tip configurations include high sensitivity surface contact sensors with straight and right angled probes for alternative process access and a rugged, heavy duty penetration probe. Applications include machinery and packaging temperature sensing, frozen product temperature sensing and any requirement for accurate surface temperature measurement up to 900 oC. The 1.5m coiled cable is terminated in a “moulded on� miniature connector; cable and connector are IEC colour coded. The type K thermocouples comply with IEC584. Platinum Resistance Thermometer configurations include mineral insulated and fabricated assemblies for scientific and industrial applications, special designs for air and surface temperature sensing and high precision sensors.

The Labfacility Collection

Buy online


LabfacilitySensorsBrochAW.indd 1

20/04/2015 11:35

A wide range of Platinum Resistance thin film and wirewound sensing elements are offered in Pt100 and Pt1000 versions and with a comprehensive choice of tolerance classes. The brochure includes thermocouple wire colour codes and a short-form catalogue of the entire Labfacility product range. Labfacility is an ISO 9001 company. The brochure can be downloaded via https://www.labfacility. com/temperature-processtechnology-downloads/ Labfacility Ltd Bognor Regis Tel: +44(0)1243 871280 Sheffield Tel: +44(0)1909 569446 info@labfacility.com

February 2016

Think Foam. Think...

Foam & Case Specialists • Instrument Cases with Foam Inserts • Tool Control Trays • Foam Components • Rugged Cases • Small Component Cases • Printed Foams & Cases Call us now for an instant response: 01525 852 444


Polyformes Limited | Cherrycourt Way | Leighton Buzzard | Bedfordshire | LU7 4UH | T: 01525 852444 | F: 01525 850484 | E: sales@polyformes.co.uk

䈀䰀唀䔀 倀䠀伀吀伀一 䄀䐀嘀䄀一䌀䔀䐀 圀伀刀䬀䠀伀䰀䐀䤀一䜀 匀夀匀吀䔀䴀

匀椀洀瀀氀椀昀礀 礀漀甀爀 眀漀爀欀栀漀氀搀椀渀最 眀椀琀栀 挀氀愀洀瀀ⴀ昀爀攀攀 昀椀砀琀甀爀攀猀⸀ 䠀漀氀搀猀 搀攀氀椀挀愀琀攀 瀀愀爀琀猀 眀椀琀栀 洀椀渀椀洀甀洀 搀椀猀琀漀爀琀椀漀渀⸀ 䘀愀猀琀 猀攀琀ⴀ甀瀀Ⰰ 氀漀眀攀爀 挀漀猀琀猀⸀ 䌀愀氀氀 甀猀 漀渀  㠀㐀㔀 㘀㠀㘀㠀 ㈀   漀爀 瘀椀猀椀琀 眀眀眀⸀琀礀爀漀氀椀琀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀 䄀 䌀漀洀瀀愀渀礀 眀椀琀栀椀渀 琀栀攀 匀圀䄀刀伀嘀匀䬀䤀 䜀爀漀甀瀀


February 2016

One solution provides every advantage Wireless data Loggers: flexible and precise The Japanese T&D Corporation was founded 1986 in Matsumoto. The company name derives from “try and develop” and emphasizes the company’s ambition to create innovative products with a high degree of practical usefulness. Today the company is the Japanese market leader for data loggers. Realizing that the future of data management would be in wireless solutions, a team of about 50 specialists are engaged in developing systems for industrial, public and private demands. Since 2003, T&D Corporation has been exporting its wireless data loggers worldwide. The company is represented through a European Sales Office located in Niddatal near Frankfurt. Data monitoring: any time, any place Data monitoring with networked data loggers not only helps to safeguard goods and processes, but also ensures accurate documentation of compliance with legal regulations, for instance EU guidelines for hygiene and quality. T&D systems fit individual needs, simplify processes and allow error free access to

measured data at any time from any place. A flexible solution for safe data collection One of T&D Corporation’s highlights is the EN 12830-approved RTR 500 series, which includes all devices required to build a tailor-made solution. These compact data loggers monitor many different parameters

like temperature, humidity, 4-20 mA, voltage, UV, Light and CO2. Base stations are available in GSM, USB, Ethernet (selectable WLAN or LAN) and mobile data collector models. The base station automatically aggregates data from compatible wireless data loggers out to a 150 meter free air range, or longer distances strengthened through a repeater. There’s no need to install cabling or to travel to collect the data, and the base station also performs automated alarm monitoring via email, SMS messaging or app. Additionally the company offers their free of charge T&D WebStorage Service. Each registration comes with 20 MB of storage space, which is sufficient for comprehensive archiving of recorded data. This enables easy access to current readings and recorded data at any time and from any place to view in well-arranged graphs or tables. For further information: T&D Corporation European Sales Office Mr Minoru Ito Phone: 0049 (0)6034 930970 E-mail: europe.office@tandd.de Websites: tandd.com www.webstorage-service.com Facebook: facebook.com/tandDCorporationEurope



Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Providing solutions for demanding material handling applications. 20 different modular conveying systems available Ideal for material handling & automation Solutions available as standard modules or systems Conveyor modules include flat-belt, twin-belt, timing belt, chain, flat top chain & roller Compatible with our profile technology, factory equipment & linear motion

mk Profile Systems Ltd. Unit 2, Wolds Farm Business Park, Kinoulton Lane, Kinoulton Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ t: 01949 823751路 f: 01949 81270 www.mkprofiles.co.uk info@mkprofiles.co.uk

February 2016

Ashtead Technology fully integrated equipment solutions

Calibration Our state of the art calibration laboratories in Aberdeen and Singapore are equipped with the latest instrumentation for the calibration and verification of a variety of sensors. Survey, positioning and oceanographic sensors with the following parameters: temperature, pressure, conductivity, salinity, speed of sound, heading and inclination can be calibrated. In addition, we can calibrate the following NDT instruments: gas monitors, CP systems, MPI systems, UT gauges, thickness gauges and FMD systems. All calibrations are carried out by qualified, trained engineers in accordance with equipment manufacturers specifications.

Cable moulding and connectors Ashtead Technology now offer a full cable moulding and connector service, as part of our integrated equipment solutions offering. We supply the following products and services: Cable moulding and services • • • • • •

Cable splicing Multi way breakout moulding Connector moulding Sensor encapsulation Cable supplies Connector supplies

Connectors • Moulded, oil-filled and pressure balanced • Significant inventory of O.E.M connectors - Seacon, Burton, Teledyne • Strain bearing connector assemblies - 4 to 19 way contacts • Mechanical terminations to various strain members • Designed to suit customer’s requirements, subject to cable spec

Electrical penetrators • • • •

Dive bell Decompression chamber Instrumentation NPT and UNF as standard

Fibre optic connectors • Single and multi mode versions • Oil-filled assembly as standard • BCR or FCR mounting • In-line or right angle

Fibre optic penetrators • Single and multi mode

www.ashtead-technology.com 18|

February 2016

Engineering Inspection Equipment Rental Visual Inspection

Materials Testing

Material Identification

Health & Safety Monitoring

Thermal Cameras, Videoprobes, CCTV Inspection

Flaw Detection, Thickness Measurement, Hardness Testing

Positive Material Identification, Quality Control

Air Quality, Emissions Monitoring, Noise, Vibration

Find out more: www.ashtead-technology.com Can we help you with anything?

If you've got an application coming up which would benefit from rental equipment, please call 0845 270 2707 or email london@ashtead-technology.com to discuss your requirements.

High Speed Metal Marking Galvos and Flatbed Laser Cutters

Visit our galvo demonstration suite

Mark up to 900 characters per second with a high speed galvo from Trotec Laser. With flatbed lasers from A3 to 2.2m x 3.2m in size, Trotec offers the optimum solution for your precision marking, cutting and engraving requirements.

Book a demonstration at our recently launched galvo demonstration suite where you can see four of our precision marking lasers including the brand new SpeedMarker 1300, boasting a working area of 1120 x 635mm.

Process metal, plastics, glass, acrylic, wood, textiles plus more. Call 0191 580 1182 or email sales@troteclaser.co.uk to join us at one of our 7 showrooms throughout the UK and Ireland. www.troteclaser.co.uk



February 2016

Ultrasonic Flowmeter for Laboratory Testing Designed to handle low flows from laminar to turbulent, and largely immune from viscosity, the Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter from Titan Enterprises is a perfect tool for laboratory testing applications. The Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter is a true inline noninvasive flowmeter without the contorted flow path and disadvantages of alternative designs. Available in 60°C and 110°C temperature versions and a 30 bar higher pressure model - Atrato flowmeters use ‘time-of-flight’ ultrasonic technology that enable them to operate over wide flow ranges with accuracy better than ±1.0% of reading. Rugged, clean bore PEEK construction makes the Atrato ideal for a wide range of low flow laboratory applications and very easy to clean between experiments.

www.flowmeters.co.uk 20|

Atrato flowmeter software enables data recording via an external computer. With features that provide monitoring, reporting and management of flow data - the Atrato flow software delivers a continuous picture of your experiment and a reliable alternative to restrictive and costly manual metering. Users can select from a wide variety of functions and time periods over which to store their results. Flow data sets are saved as .csv files which can then be imported directly to a wide range of programmes for later manipulation and analysis. With over 40 years' experience in flowmeter innovation and manufacture, Titan Enterprises philosophy of "pushing the envelope by trying to do things a little different and better" has resulted in sales of over 250,000 products into 40 countries worldwide and a repeat purchase rate of 95%. Today Titan supplies innovative flow measurement solutions to a broad range of market sectors, including medical, chemical, petrochemical, food and drink, laboratory and pharmaceutical. All flow meters produced by Titan are designed and manufactured to ISO9001 and calibrated to an uncertainty of ±0.25%. For further information on the Atrato ultrasonic flowmeter please visit www.flowmeters.co.uk/ or contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 / sales@flowmeters.co.uk.


Because safety means the world to you Colour your way to an improved workplace

New Safety Sign Printers Create signs and labels in any colour or shape on-site and on demand. Want to create a lean and safe workplace? Request our free guide “Create a Visual Workplace”. Watch the BBP37 video & Get the 5S Plus Guide

www.bradyeurope.com/bbp37 BRADY UK Wildmere Industrial Estate, Banbury, Oxon OX16 3JU

T: +44 (0) 1295 228 288 F: +44 (0) 1295 228 219 E: emea_request@bradycorp.com

February 2016

www.autocodingsystems.com T: +44 (0)1928 790 444

Packaging Line Automation Solutions Incorrectly coded or packaged goods can result not only in financial losses, but also product and packaging waste, as well as the less tangible damage it may cause to a company’s brand and reputation. It is crucial, therefore, that food and drink companies invest in costeffective packaging line automation solutions to reduce downtime across all packaging lines, as well as eliminate the risk of coding and packaging errors. AutoCoding Systems offer factorywide control automation solutions for a broad range of industries, including food and beverage. The company operates in a niche market predominantly concentrating on coding and packaging verification solutions. The new entry level, web-based AutoCoding product can be used to set-up and control a single device, such as a coder or barcode scanner, extending to multiple devices on multiple lines. The centralised application deploys secure setup and message data to one or more packaging line devices. The resulting business benefits include increased speed and reliability of line set-up, reduced job changeover time, reduced risk of human error and the ability to manage complex packaging formats.


2015 was an exciting time for AutoCoding Systems with expansion into the US and Australian markets. Following the introduction to the US market at the Pack Expo exhibition in 2013 and, more recently, our successful attendance at the Pack Expo 2015, interest in our world-class coding and packaging verification solution has soared. US Director of Operations, Sam Vail, commented, “The opportunity to introduce AutoCoding Systems to new customers and Partners in the US is an exciting personal challenge. The packaging line often lacks proper systems integration, and can be prone to human error and inaccessible data. The AutoCoding solution, when integrated with existing equipment, leads to a seamless end-to-end solution with considerable business benefits. I look forward to solving these challenges while ensuring the UK’s top-notch customer service and support is replicated here in the US.”

On the other side of the world, our packaging line automation and control solutions are available through AutoCoding Systems Pty. Building on our extensive experience in the food and beverage sector in the UK, we have already made our debut into the Australian market. Working with our partners, Spectrum Automation and mQ Intelligence Pty, we now have multiple lines installed at two major food processing plants, with a number of pending orders and exciting invitations to support some of Australia’s leading manufacturers. Mike Hughes, Managing Director, said, “This is a very exciting time for us all at AutoCoding Systems. The US and Australia are both equally important markets for us and we will continue to develop strong partner relationships with both OEMs and System Integrators who can work with AutoCoding Systems LLC and Pty assisting them in their integration and implementation projects.”


"Unitronics offers the most cost-effective answers" Rick Gallimore, Innovative Automation and Controls, Inc.

In the picture – Packaging Machine controlled by Unitronics V1210™ and SAMBA 4.3™. Bimetec BV, Netherlands.




Unitronics is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of PLCs with integrated HMI and on-board I/Os - rugged PLC product lines that meet a diverse range of requirements. You program your entire application in a single, intuitive software environment, and benefit from premier technical support, both provided at no extra cost.

SAMBA - Unbeatable price - performance ratio CANbus (Optional)

Microcontroller with onboard I/Os 3.5", 4.3" or 7" integrated color-touch HMI Serial, Ethernet and Modbus communications Software & Support included at no extra cost!

On-Board I/Os Digital and analog RS232/RS485 programming port in 3.5” model (USB in 4.3” model) Ethernet (Optional)

Epsom 2 Keys Business Village. Keys Park Road, Hednesford, Staffordshire, WS12 2HA Tel: +44(0) 1543 271899 sales@alldrivesandcontrols.co.uk www.alldrivesandcontrols.co.uk


February 2016

HARTING Technology Group

embarks on new business year from a strong position Sales rise by just under 4% to EUR 567 million / Passing of the baton at the helm marks continuity / 180 new jobs created worldwide / Industrie 4.0 solutions very well received on the markets / New production location in Mexico The HARTING Technology Group, headquartered in Espelkamp (Minden-Lübbecke district), has entered the new 2015/16 business year from a strong position (commencing on 1, October, 2015). Sales in the 2014/15 business year elapsed were up by 3.7 % to EUR 567 million (previous year: EUR 547 million), thereby marking the highest sales in the history of the company. “We are pleased with these developments. The result is in line with the forecast stated at our last annual press conference. We have delivered,“ stated Philip Harting, chairman and personally liable partner. At the beginning of December 2014, the HARTING management board had forecasted lower single digit sales gains. Business developments ran different courses in the individual regions in which HARTING is active. In Europe (without Germany) and the Near East (EMEA), sales were up by 4.6% to EUR 183 million (previous year: EUR 175 million). Business in the Americas region showed marked growth. The family owned and managed company headquartered in Espelkamp generated gratifying gains of 17,3% to EUR 61 million (previous year: EUR 52 million). Within two years HARTING has been able to boost sales in the Americas by a sound one third. “The reindustrialization of the USA is a growth driver, while the interest in our Industrie 4.0 solutions is also decidedly substantial. I am looking forward to the USA as our partner country at next year’s Hannover Messe,“ Philip Harting continued. HARTING announced that the partner country USA will hold particular significance at the upcoming trade fair appearance. In Asia, HARTING sales were up by EUR 3 million to EUR 129 million (previous year: EUR 126 million). In Germany, sales matched the previous year’s


figure of EUR 194 million. In the meantime, the HARTING Technology Group is achieving two thirds of total sales (66%) abroad. “In view of the positive developments in the Americas region, we will be stepping up our activities there“, as Philip Harting emphasized. Production The management board of the HARTING Technology Group: Margrit Harting, will soon be kicking Dr. Michael Pütz, Philip Harting, Andreas Conrad, Maresa Harting-Hertz, Dr. off at the Silao loca- Frank Brode und Dietmar Harting (from left to right). tion, in Mexico. The facility will produce small size switch key Integrated Industry trends (Custocabinets, as well as moulded cables misation, Miniaturisation, Identification, and wiring harnesses. The expansion Modularisation, Integration and Digitalactivities in Romania are more or less isation) and developed concrete soluconcluded. “We are expanding the tions. “Our two trade fair presentations worldwide HARTING manufacturing met with very positive response from network step by step,“ as Philip Hart- the markets. Especially the feedback from the professional associations ing added. ZVEI and VDMA spurs us on to conPhilip Harting emphasized that the tinue the course we are charting. I can passing of the baton in October, when already promise you that we will be he assumed the chairman position showcasing some genuine highlights from his father Dietmar Harting, set the at next year’s Hannover Messe,“ Philip course for the successful continuation Harting went on to say. of the company’s development. “This change at the helm stands for continu- Cautious view on the new year ity – and consequently for security and 2016 reliability for our suppliers, our customers and our employees“, Philip Harting HARTING takes a cautiously optimistic view of the 2015/16 business year emphasized. that has just begun. As current assessVery positive response to Industrie ments of relevant associations and the Federal Ministry of Economics confirm, 4.0 solutions the global business outlook has cloudIn the past business year too, HARTING ed further. “In this context I would like to succeeded in strengthening its market mention the weaker growth emanating position as a researching and innova- from China, or the growth slowdown in tive company with a consistent custom- the emerging nations. We should also er focus. At the world’s largest industri- consider the fact that the mechanical al trade fair, Hannover Messe, and the engineering sector is anticipating zero SPS IPC Drives trade fair in Nuremberg, growth in the upcoming 2016 calendar HARTING presented product novelties year,“ the Chairman stated. that provide customers with rapid and reliable Industry 4.0 based production. Clear commitment to the region Here, HARTING has picked up on the


Continues: www.HARTING.com/en/news/pressfolder/annualfinancialstatements/


"Rapid programming and a terrific feature set. Unitronics delivered more capability for less money." Matthew Cronin, MSI Tec, Inc. Natural gas engine well pumps


Flat Panel

Classic Panel

Vision570™ – advanced PLC with an integrated HMI Supports up to 1000 I/Os Options for high-speed, temperature and weight measurement Variety of communication options Software & Support included at no extra cost! Optional - 5.7” with a flat panel

SNAP I/O Module (optional ) Digital, analog and temperature

SD card

USB programming port

CANbus RS232/RS485 Ethernet I/O Expansion port

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Unitronics is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of PLCs with integrated HMI and on-board I/Os - rugged PLC product lines that meet a diverse range of requirements. You program your entire application in a single, intuitive software environment, and benefit from premier technical support, both provided at no extra cost.


February 2016

All drives & Controls A long standing authorised full technical service stocking distributor of Unitronics in the UK. Unitronics field proven combined PLC + HMI = OPLC Unitronics format, has stood the test of time since its inception in 1989, working in tens of thousands of installations in diverse fields, petrochemical (ATEX UL, CSA, & CE approved), automotive, food processing (IP66 for wash down), plastics, Textiles, energy & environment, Building management, water & waste water managementanywhere automated processes are required.


ith the release of the UniStream™ range, Motor drive control and automation became quicker and more cost effective to implement, using the efficient UniLogic™ studio programming environment, and, as is the norm with Unitronics, all of the software and UK support is free from Alldrives & Controls in conjunction with Unitronics global support network.

• 2 x A/I, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 14-bits, isolated (together with Temperature inputs)

To keep ahead in the challenging Drives & Controls and Automation markets, a new UniLogic™ feature for programmers, who like to code in “C”, has been added.

• 2 x DO, npn, 50mA per output, 250kHz, no short-circuit protection, not isolated

“MATLAB: create C code for UniStream”. By using MATLAB, you can create certain functions, generate C code, tweak it, and then paste it into UniLogic’s C editor. The UniStream™ range, from Alldrives & Controls, are stock items, and soon will include the latest introduction to the Unitronics expanding range of control I/O for the most discerning of control and automation systems, the Uni-I/ O™ for UniStream™ - UIS-WCB2. The UIS-WCB2 is a combo wide Uni-I/O™ comprising of, • 10 x DI, 24VDC, sink/source, isolated (4 DI out of the 10 will support 2 HSC channels, 10kHz 32-bit).


• 2 x RTD/TC, isolated (together with Analogue inputs) • 8 x DO, pnp, 0.5A per output, short-circuit protected, isolated

• 2 x A/O, 0-10V, +/-10V, 4-20mA, 13/14-bits, no short circuit detection, not isolated UniLogic™ version 1.16.44 supports the new hardware and software features specifically designed to boost your competiveness and margin, a new, cost-effective UniStream 7” panel, “wide” I/O module, new Web Server including Live Trends, serial MODBUS support over USB host port and COM modules, Print Project, Alarm Language Localization, new History widget, EtherNet/IP and explicit Messaging, greatly broadening the range of your potential applications. Unitronics authorised distributor, Alldrives & Controls, can provide design support and advice in the selection of the component parts, and control system integration.

Simple to program, reliable, and very affordable; what more could you want?


Patrick Elam, Vapor Systems Technologies, Inc.

15.6” PLC+HMI

10.4” PLC+HMI

In the picture - mobile, portable, crush and recycle plants. Controller by UniStream CAMS Srl, Italy.


All include Audio & Video support, USB programming port + 2 USB host ports, 2 Ethernet ports – dozens of sockets Choose an HMI touch panel: 7", 10.4" or 15.6"

Add a CPU: snap it on the back of the panel

Select Uni-I/O™ and Uni-COM™ modules: snap next to the CPU

Create a single, compact PLC with an integrated HMI panel and on-board I/O that fits your specific requirements.

Epsom 2 Keys Business Village. Keys Park Road, Hednesford, Staffordshire, WS12 2HA Tel: +44(0) 1543 271899 sales@alldrivesandcontrols.co.uk www.alldrivesandcontrols.co.uk

Unitronics is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of PLCs with integrated HMI and on-board I/Os - rugged PLC product lines that meet a diverse range of requirements. You program your entire application in a single, intuitive software environment, and benet from premier technical support, both provided at no extra cost.


February 2016

Variohm Precision Decisions

Linear position sensors provide high accuracy steering for agricultural vehicle guidance systems

Precision Decisions Ltd specialise in hardware and software solutions for agriculture that maximise yield potential through the use of Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS) automatic vehicle guidance. The Yorkshire based company are particularly strong in an area of agronomics known as controlled traffic farming (CTF) where satellite guidance is employed as a key element to reduce vehicle travel over the field to the very minimum. CTF essentially reduces overlaps and travelled ground in fields to provide farmers with significant benefits that include increased soil health, reduced tilling, seeding and fertilizer application costs, and overall increased efficiencies. For the highest precision systems, with accuracy to better than ±2cm, the GNSS is often complemented with additional ground-based signalling equipment which can be from field portable transmitters and receivers or via mobile telephone masts. Such systems also benefit from onvehicle wheel-angle position sensors (WAS) that provide steering position information to a guidance ECU as part of the hands-free steering servo loop. As an integral part of a newly developed high-accuracy CTF system that is easily adapted to a wide range of farming vehicles Precision Decisions has called upon Variohm EuroSensor to supply TX2 series potentiometric linear position sensors for wheel angle measurement. The highly durable IP67 rated linear sensor, from Variohm’s distribution partner Novotechnik, was selected as it offers many advantages over more traditionally specified rotary transducers that are externally mounted and require pushrods and associated linkages which contribute to increased backlash and linkage wear leading to inaccuracy and lost motion. The compact TX2 is directly fixed to the steering arm using its backlash-


The Novotechnik TX2 installed on a John Deere tractor

free pivot head mountings without the need for additional linkages and with a generous angle of free movement of up to +/- 12.5 degrees to compensate for misalignment, is easy to install and commission. With eight available standard measuring ranges from 25 mm to 300 mm, input voltage up to 42 VDC, independent linearity specification of 0.05% and positional repeatability to under 10 microns, the sensor provides the precision and the installation flexibility required to mechanically and electrically adapt to the steering systems of the widest possible range of vehicles. In this application the TX2 is typically powered with 5 VDC to derive a 0...5 V output to a sophisticated PVED computer controlled hydraulic steering system which is capable of providing millimetre level accuracy. The fully protected sensor is well suited for adverse environments where its use is aided with a double sealed actuating rod and metal mounting flanges for maximum protection against dirt, dust, oil and humidity. The TX2 series has a rated life of more than 50 million movements and employs Novotechnik’s unique conductive plastic resistance element technology and elastomer damped multi-fingered precious metal wipers to maintain complete contact under extreme shock conditions that are specified to 50g for 6 ms, with equally impressive vibration durability.

Precision Decisions’ After Sales Support Manager, David M. Hart, is very pleased with the performance of the TX2. “The accuracy and repeatability of vehicle position within the field is paramount in order to obtain correct machine placement for any operation, not least controlled traffic farming. Precision Decisions have chosen the Variohm EuroSensor TX2 linear transducer on the grounds of accuracy, robustness and simplicity of construction. It is also cost effective.” Hart continues his evaluation. “The unit has proven simple to fit to a broad range of tractors and has first class positional accuracy. On-line steering acquisition and position interpretation is rapid, smooth and without oscillation.” Variohm EuroSensor is a designer, manufacturer, distributor and supply chain partner providing complete sales and application support across a comprehensive range of position, load, force and temperature sensor technologies - for demanding measurement applications across industry, construction, agriculture, motorsports, research and more. For more information on Precision Decisions work in CTF and other services which include soil sampling, VRC mapping, bespoke IT software solutions and telemetry, please visit www.precisiondecisions.co.uk.

High Precision MEMS Inertial Sensors and Systems

Silicon Sensing offers a flexible toolkit for the discerning system designer – high precision MEMS IMUs, gyroscopes and accelerometers for all points on the price/performance curve.

Low output noise High accuracy Robust and reliable Excellent bias instability Evaluation kits, breakout boards and expert support available Silicon Sensing Systems Limited Clittaford Road, Southway, Plymouth, Devon PL6 6DE United Kingdom T +44 (0)1752 723330 F +44 (0)1752 723331

www.siliconsensing.com sales@siliconsensing.com


February 2016

New, Intelligent Products from wenglor:

weQube Series 2016 wenglor has enhanced its product range for industrial image processing with several attractive new products at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg. In addition to its code reading and image processing functions, wenglor’s well-known weQube Smart Camera has been expanded to include optical character recognition (OCR). The combination of these three function modules is also available as a further variant with C mount threaded connection for special applications. As a standard feature, all of the variants are additionally equipped with two standard protocols, namely PROFINET and EtherNet/IP™, which can be selected as required. And thus on the one hand, wenglor is providing previously unparalleled flexibility and, on the other hand, is proving that future factory automation in the spirit of Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory is long since a living reality. You need. weQube. This is the pledge of the modular product range which is intended to understand and meet all conceivable industrial needs. Whether it’s equipped with auto-focus or C mount threaded connection, two different image chips, three freely selectable types of light, several communications interfaces and much more: weQube provides a suitable solution as a platform for any requirement.

C Mount Threaded Connection The new weQube housing with standard threaded connection is compatible with all commercially available C mount camera lenses. The great diversity of usable optics permits precise adaptation of the image excerpt to the respective application – for flexible ranges of vision from greater distances as well. wenglor offers customers a selection of suitable lenses with a variety of focal lengths. And wenglor’s products are aligned to demanding quality requirements in all areas. In the described format, for example, weQube fulfills requirements for IP67 protection, and a protective tube designed especially for this purpose prevents erroneous mechanical adjustment of the lens.

Optical Character Recognition The OCR function makes it possible for weQubeOCR to read predefined OCR-A and OCR-B fonts over several lines in a single scanning operation. The teach-in function offers the additional option of teaching in new fonts in order to adapt weQubeOCR ideally to customer-specific applications. A total of six new product variants with OCR module are available. In addition to the above mentioned capabilities for code reading, image processing and optical character recognition, the user interface for the software can be set to a total of ten different languages.

New weQube options at a glance: • weQubeOCR software module – the character recognition package • C mount threaded connection for all weQube models • EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET can be selected as required in a single device • InoxSens protective housing with IP69K protection made of V4A stainless steel for the auto-focus variant • Extensive accessories (lenses, illumination devices, protective housings etc.)

A protective stainless steel housing is also available for Complete information covering all aspects of weQube use in hygienically sensitive industrial environments. It fulfills has been summarized and can be accessed via our portal requirements for IP69K protection. at www.wenglor.com/weQube.


February 2016


Professional test and measurement technology From sensor to software: The complete measurement chain from HBM The requirements placed on sensors, electronics and software in terms of operation, acquisition and analysis are continuously increasing. Optimal matching of all components in the entire measuring chain is crucial. We at HBM place special emphasis on this aspect. Worldwide, in all branches of industry: Automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, weighing technology and many more. For maximum quality and precision. ■

Strain gauges

Load cells, mounting aids and accessories

Force, pressure, torque and displacement transducers

Amplifier systems for test and process measurement technology

Precision measuring instruments

Software for acquisition, analysis and prediction

Further information: www.hbm.com/ee-tm

■ Tel. ■ 803-9100 ■ www.hbm.com United Kingdom 0208■ 515 info@uk.hbm.com ■ Tel. +Ltd ■ info@hbm.com ■ www.hbm.com HBM Test and HBM Measurement 49 6151 803-0 Fax 6000 +49 6151



February 2016

Measurement of Pouring Streams

Temperature monitoring of the pouring melt is a challenging task An undisturbed temperature measurement of the pouring stream can only be obtained by non-contact infrared pyrometers. Where castings are made of different alloys, conventional pyrometers and ratio pyrometers often cannot be used for the measurement of the pouring stream due to considerable differences in the measuring conditions and the characteristics of the metal. LumaSense Technologies offers specialized solutions to address these issues and to provide robust temperature measurement by using both a portable as well as a fixed measurement system. Our model IMPAC ISR 12-LO/GS incorporates a fixed system solution for measuring the exact casting temperature of each pouring process. This rugged, industrial pyrometer system was designed to overcome many of the issues that complicate the temperature measurement of the pouring steam such as changes in stream location and width, start and stop time variation, and slag interference. An accurate temperature of each pour is displayed online and corrective action can be taken immediately if defined limits are exceeded. In this way, the narrow process window for quality castings can be maintained. Especially for accurate measurement of pouring streams the IMPAC ISR 12-LO/GS provides special features and functionalities, based on these applications: By using armored fiber optics cables with high temperature precision optics lens head, this fixed Pyrometer can be used for non-contact measurement in difficult installation areas. Its line spot shape optical beam minimizes effects of pour


In most foundries, the temperature of the metal melt is usually measured by thermocouple immersion probes. These immersion measurements can only be made in the crucibles or the transfer ladles where the melt is stationary, but not in the pouring stream where insertion of a probe would disturb the flow into the cast. However, the direct temperature of the pouring stream is critical to the quality of the final casting. By continuous monitoring of the pouring stream temperature and pour quality for each cast, the foundry is able to better control of the casting process.

stream location variation. An integrated laser targeting function serves for ease of alignment. Via a short wavelength ratio detector the signal is maximized from low emissivity metals and systematic errors due to emissivity changes are minimized, as well as interference from dust and vapor. Moreover the Pyrometer provides an integrated lens contamination warning system. Pyrometer IMPAC ISR 12-LO/GS by The exact LumaSense pouring stream temperature is determined via an advanced algorithm. This robust tuning procedure includes start and stop pour signals, pouring time calculation and is immune to random slag events, and pre/post pour drips. By using LumaSense instrumentation for accurate temperature measurement of pouring streams, production engineers can assure the top level of process efficiency.


February 2016

Sensor-Technik UK Ltd. Mobile Controllers and Measurement Technologies

A08 Pressure Sensor

Sensor-Technik UK Pressure Sensors

Delivering An Integrated Solution

> Measuring up to 3,000 bar

> Sensor & Measuring Systems

> Versatile, low failure rates

> Controllers & HMIs

> Thin-film, ceramic or silicon available

> Complete Engineering Lifecycle

NGS2 Inclination/Gyrosensor

M01 Pressure Sensor

L03 Pressure Sensor

> Varied media compatibility

> Measuring Range ¹180°

> Off-highway vehicles

> Food Industry

> 0-1000 Bar Range

> CANopen Output Signal

> 0-800 Bar Range

> 0-20 bar range

www.sensor-technik.co.uk sales@sensor-technik.co.uk Sensor-Technik UK Unit 21M, Bedford Heights, Bedford, MK41 7PH Tel: 01234 270770 | Fax: 01234 348803

Your Ideas. Realised

Your Ideas. Realised

ROTARY TORQUE TRANSDUCERS Non-Contact Digital Technology High Resolution High Accuracy High Reliability Integral Electronics Voltage & Current Outputs USB, RS232 & CANbus Outputs Suitable for OEM applications


Torque Speed Power


Wireless, easy to install/remove Transmits data up to a distance of 100M Transmits data at up to 10 times a second Internal Memory for up to 280 hours of data 11 to 28V external supply chargeable Connect to PC via USB Flexible automatic shutdown to conserve battery Dual ruggedised internal antennas FCC Part 15


Apollo Park, Ironstone Lane, Wroxton, Banbury, OX15 6AY. Tel: +44 (0)1869 238400 Fax: +44 (0)1869 238401 Email: info@sensors.co.uk Web: www.sensors.co.uk/eu0914


February 2016

CE Marking of Machines

Have you overseen the supply, installation and modification of machines and production lines? Do you put CE marking to the back of your mind as a ‘hard to achieve’ and ‘nice to have’ due to the seemingly inevitable quagmire you have experienced in the past? Spiers Engineering Safety provide CE marking machinery services and we know that due to your past experiences you might nudge CE to the back of the list. However, this is a critical area of machine risk control where you can get ahead of the problem and avoid accepting unsafe machines in to your business and the additional costs for modifications and rework that follow. The key is to plan properly from the outset. Luckily, this is not as complicated as some people like to make out and using a few short explanations and diagrams we can prove it! Our years of experience in machinery safety and CE marking of machines combined with our commitment to defining systemised ways of working with our customers, makes us well equipped to explain this in simple matter of fact terms that everyone can make sense of.

Scenario: The customer is using an edge bander that must complete several operations on single workpiece. The workpiece is moved by hand from outfeed to infeed after each operation.


Issues: • Ergonomics and manual handling • High load time in proportion to short cycle time

Proposed Solution: Design and install a conveyor system to carry the workpiece from the outfeed to the infeed position ready for the next operation.

February 2016


Demystified CE Conformity Assessment Planning Step 1: Identify the major units of the final AOM and their interfaces a) Edge Bander b) Return Conveyor Step 2: Identify where those major units will require CE conformity assessment prior to considering the AOM as a whole

After questioning the supplier of the conveyor further we now know that conveyor modification will not be accompanied by any declaration. (Technically this should not happen but we don’t live in a perfect world). Note: Step 2 will identify the need for CE conformity assessment of machines where one of the units is carrying a Declaration of Incorporation as opposed to a Declaration of Conformity (DOI vs. DOC) OR where the unit has no CE declaration of any sort. Well done, you have defined the problem and can plan your resources and documentation so that when the time comes to apply your CE mark you can have confidence in the outcome. We acknowledge that further arrangements and competencies may be needed. We would love to help you with this. If you’d like to read more then try our full article on this link. Hungry for more simple talk or interested in our other services such as PUWER inspection and Machine Safety Training ? Give us a call on 0843 289 2624 or try check out our Machine Safety workshops. We had fantastic feedback from our last workshop on 21st January 2016 in Wolverhampton; “Superb – well related to the relevant HSE standards of which I’m interested in” David Brady, Greencore “Very friendly, relaxed and knowledgeable!” Ellison, Lueze Elctronic


“The knowledge I learnt from this workshop will help me get more involved in PUWER assessments and has given me a better understanding to challenge machine safety issues” Nathan Whitney, Kellogg Co. These sessions are Question and Answer led for guaranteed straight talk. Follow this link for more information.


February 2016

A GOOD TIME FOR UK EXPORTERS TO INVEST Ernst Wagner, managing director of Kasto UK, the sawing system and automated storage and retrieval system supplier, looks back at the last business year with satisfaction. Sawing machine sales were 25 per cent up on 2014, while two customers made strategic capital investments in automated warehousing systems, totalling £5 million, whereas in recent years only one was sold per year. Looking ahead to 2016, while there are various n e g a t i v e s currently in global finance and oil, there is also good news for UK manufacturers that export due to the pound having weakened against the Euro and other currencies. It means that goods are less expensive for overseas customers and are therefore easier to sell abroad. According to a recent report, only around one-fifth of UK manufacturing businesses export, a figure that Mr Wagner thinks should be higher. For this reason, he believes it is a good time for British manufacturers to keep investing in modernising their machine tool stock and in-house logistics procedures. He says, “2015 was the year of the KASTOwin, our series-built, modular bandsaw range launched in May 2014

that has dramatically lowered the price point for high quality sawing equipment. Our German parent company has enjoyed considerable success selling these machines around the world and this has been mirrored in the UK, including unexpected sales made directly from our Milton Keynes showroom during open house events. “The largest capacity KASTOwin bandsaws that we have sold so far are for cutting 560 mm stock, but at the turn of the year we had serious enquiries for the next larger model in the range, an A8.6, capable of cutting 860 mm bar. The largest model is a 1,060 mm capacity A10.6 and interest in these larger machines is definitely growing.” At the end of September last year, a


new model called KASTOwin Tube A 5.0 was launched, on which the blade cuts from the bottom upwards - the reverse of the action on other bandsaws. A demonstration model arrived in our Milton Keynes showroom towards the end of January 2016. It reduces wear on the band and avoids damage to its teeth that often occurs when a blade travels downwards into swarf that has accumulated inside the bottom of the tube. Until now, this problem made it virtually impossible to use a tungsten carbide tipped (TCT) blade for sawing tube efficiently, as the teeth were invariably damaged. A bimetal blade was the only option. This is a thing of the past with the KASTOwin tube, on which TCT blades may be used to raise productivity without fear of premature wear. In addition, a new KASTOrespond feature continuously records the force on the tool, without the need for additional sensor systems that are often fault-prone. An intelligent algorithm continually varies the feed rate so that the force on the blade is maintained, giving an optimised value and constant chip load. This is especially important when cutting tube, as the blade is presented with widely varying conditions throughout the cut, especially at material breakthrough. While KASTOwin was the star product of the year, sales of other types of saw also contributed to the strong sales performance. Top-end KASTOtec models remain popular for higher volume cutting, particularly of tough alloys. The company’s workshop range of smaller band, circular and hack saws also contributed well to the overall financial performance. Once again, 2015 saw the sale of a WAM9 production circular sawing machine, this time to a customer in Willenhall for sawing aluminium billet, which they form and press for the automotive supply chain. The machine is capable of production output ranging from 1,000 to 2,000 parts per hour, depending on bar diameter. Two important exhibitions will take place in the UK this year, each of which addresses the two key areas of KASTO’s business - sawing and storage.

First will be the machine tool show, MACH 2016, to be held at the NEC,

Birmingham from 11th to 15th April. On stand 4638, the company will show a representative model from the KASTOwin range as well as the dedicated tube saw, a KASTOtec with the company’s KPC performance cutting package ideal for high volume cutting applications using tungsten carbide tipped blades, and various models from the workshop range. Later in the year, from 13th to 16th September at the same venue, Kasto will exhibit on stand 10H37 at the three-yearly IMHX exhibition. It will provide the perfect opportunity to showcase the company’s extensive range of high-rise, computercontrolled warehousing and automated materials handling systems for storing long stock such as bar and tube, sheet metal and other flat materials, pallets, stillages and much else. It is this side of the business that Mr Wagner is convinced has the best potential for growth within Kasto UK. For British manufacturers to remain competitive, prompt delivery of material to saws and other production equipment is key. Automation makes this a reality and at the same time offers the benefit of virtually eliminating damage to the material being handled. Likewise in stockholding operations, efficiency of picking and consolidation of orders ready for delivery are paramount considerations. There is a further reason that these tower storage systems are gaining in popularity, namely the high cost of land and hence of industrial space in the UK. Saving floor area with vertical storage solutions, which allow more productive use of a building, means that there is more space for additional machines or storage. The approach can postpone or even avoid having to move premises as a company expands. www.kasto.com

THINK lowest cost per pick









New dimensions in automated storage We manufacture the widest range of computer controlled storage and retrieval systems for bar, tube, profile, sheet and other materials. Systems may be interlinked with saws, including ours, other machine tools, robotic sorting systems, MRP and ERP systems, and more. If you are running out of space in your warehouse or factory, KASTO has the perfect solution for you. www.kasto.com


01908 571590 sales@uk.kasto.com

Stand: 4638

Stand: 10H37


February 2016

Conveniently Calibrate Plant Vacuum Gauges Why do vacuum gauges need to be calibrated? The largest uncertainty when using vacuum gauges on a process plant is knowing when the process has caused drift or shifts of calibration. Many processes handle vapours and, if any condensation or deposition happens, the chances are it will also happen in the vacuum gauge. Many such gauges - Pirani, cold cathose and ion gauges - use thermal or ionisation cross-section measurements to infer the level of vacuum being experienced and they have filaments, cathodes and other hardware, all of which may be coated with by-products from the process.

The difficulties of calibrating vacuum in-situ Unfortunately, it is very difficult to carry out in-situ vacuum calibrations due to the amount of hardware needed to establish a suitable level of vacuum in a situation where a calibration standard gauge may be compared. Not the least of concerns is the possible cross-contamination of the standard by a contaminated sensor under test. Another is the difficulty of access to many on-plant gauges. So it has become tradition for gauges to be removed regularly from the plant and shipped to an external calibration laboratory for re-calibration and, in many cases, adjustment to compensate for the effects of contamination.

Even more rugged gauges such as capacitance manometers will be affected by depositions or particulates because any deposition will have mass and the gauge will weigh it, especially if it has a low range and therefore a very thin diaphragm.

CalCube showing its useful vacuum coupling storage

Chell’s CalCube is a convenient solution to vacuum gauge calibration

As processes move away from their design parameter due to gauge “drift”, little about the quality of the process can be inferred from the instrumentation readings, so diagnosis is down to a skilled operator recognising when a batch of product does not conform. This is too late! If the process is sensitive to the level of vacuum being achieved, then the cost of losing a batch could be astronomical - many times the cost of maintaining the plant properly in many cases. With the inherent lack of ruggedness of many vacuum gauges, it is imperative that plant gauges are regularly calibrated and that the operator has spare, calibrated gauges ready to substitute as soon as he fears the process may have drifted away from specification.


With the development of Chell’s onsite UKAS calibration service, they have developed CalCube both as a portable vacuum calibration system with which to offer an on-site service but, for customers who would prefer their own facility, a convenient, tried and tested system. CalCube complies with BS ISO3567:2011 which specifically covers the design and use of vacuum calibration systems and incorporates an ISO/Dis stainless steel calibration chamber with geometry optimised to ensure that all gauges connected see the same level of vacuum so that comparisons may be made.

The development of a technique Having its own ISO IEC 17025:2005 accredited UKAS laboratory with the lowest uncertainties for Vacuum in the UK, Chell are well placed to prepare CalCube for on-site gauge calibrations. The Transfer Standards fitted to CalCube are calibrated in the laboratory both before and after an on-site calibration job so that the confidence level of the calibration is the highest possible.

CalCube comparing two manufacturer’s Capacitance Manometers

CalCube is constructed within a rugged, wheeled flight-case type enclosure having just a 13A mains plug yet containing dry diaphragm backing and turbomolecular pumps with high vacuum isolation valves. Over 40 year’s experience of calibrating vacuum gauges have gone into CalCube’s design, which includes such capabilities as calibrating both rising and falling pressures very accurately using a pair of ultra-fine Chell CMF valves. Fitting easily into almost any estate car, CalCube comes with lifting handles to aid safe removal from a vehicle or lifting up steps, etc. A removable side panel is foam lined with cut-outs to hold all the common mating vacuum connector systems of course, custom connectors may be purchased and housed for specific applications. Choice of vacuum Transfer Standards will be an important decision, which is aided by Chell’s years of experience. These standards, when not fitted to CalCube are housed in another, matching flight-case, ready for convenient return to Chell’s calibration lab. for scheduled UKAS calibration. Chell’s in-house vacuum standards consist of three high-accuracy capacitance manometers having 20 years of continuous calibration history at national Standard level and these are monitored on a daily basis by a Spinning Rotor Gauge whose ball-flange assembly is also calibrated annually at National Standard level. At the atmospheric pressure end of the scale, the vacuum straight line generated by the capacitance manometers is calibrated against our 32” Schwien Merco-Master manometer giving us the lowest uncertainties in that pressure regime. Chell’s customers thus enjoy the accumulated vacuum calibration skills of over 40 years and, should they have specific different requirements, Chell has the skills to customise CalCube to suit.

For more information contact:Tel: 01692 500555 e-mail: info@chell.co.uk Website: www.chell.co.uk

Implementing a calibration system?

Our calibration and IT expertise helps you face calibration process improvement projects that are typically complex and consume a lot of time and resources. Only 20% to 30% of a calibration system upgrade is tools and technology, the rest is business culture and process. Therefore, the success of a new calibration system depends especially on the implementation of the system and the ability to define and adopt a new calibration process. We are the experts in both technology and implementation, so you can focus on the opportunities, while we support and guide you in the evolution of your calibration system and successful implementation of the calibration process change. Learn more at: beamex.com/CalibrationProcessImprovements

www.beamex.com info@beamex.com

Data Logging Systems

February 2016

Tinytag Data Loggers: robust environmental monitoring solutions Tinytag data loggers accurately monitor temperature, relative humidity, single and three phase power usage, CO2 and other environmental parameters across many applications. Tinytags range from compact units for building monitoring to rugged devices for harsh, industrial and outdoor applications. Tinytags help ensure that conditions can be measured, recorded, analysed and validated. The Tinytag range includes units that are ideal for use in manufacturing, process and engineering applications. These loggers have a rugged, waterproof and dustproof design, and if required, accompanying probes are available for measuring extremes of temperature such as product core temperatures, or for comparison of both ambient and process temperatures, as well as in cryogenic areas. Probes are also suitable for monitoring awkward to reach areas such as pipework. The range includes the Tinytag Energy Logger, a portable and easy to use device for recording single and three phase power usage. The non-invasive logger is useful for monitoring energy consumption in line with ESOS, ISO 50001, and other energy management requirements. It can monitor individual equipment, help build consumption profiles, monitor electrical distribution and help provide sub-metering information. As well as standalone Tinytags – which record data that is downloaded to a PC via a USB cable – a Radio Data Logging


System is also available which collects data automatically using wireless communications. The Radio System is an effective solution in sites with multiple monitoring points, enabling data to be viewed and the loggers configured without the need to collect and download them manually. The System consists of a receiver connected to a computer and a number of radio loggers which self-configure to form a robust mesh network. The loggers work together to send information to the receiver for viewing on a PC, across a LAN, or remotely across the internet. Recorded data is presented initially in graphs and tables in the Tinytag Explorer Software. It can easily be exported to popular software packages and results from separate logging runs can be combined for comparison and analysis. Gemini Data Loggers has been designing and manufacturing the Tinytag range of data loggers in the UK since 1992 and trades globally with a network of over 40 distributors. Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd Scientific House Terminus Road Chichester PO19 8UJ T: +44 (0)1243 813000 info@tinytag.info www.tinytag.info

Data Logging Systems

February 2016

Tinytag Data Loggers:

Tinytag Plus 2

Energy Logger

Rugged outdoor/industrial temperature/RH logger From £95 +VAT

Non-invasive single & three phase power monitoring Full kit £795 +VAT

Radio System

Tinytag Ultra 2

Temp/RH for larger or remote sites Bundles – 3 loggers/receiver/ software from £1000 +VAT

Indoor temperature & RH From £69 +VAT

Robust Environmental Monitoring Solutions Data loggers for indoor, outdoor and industrial/process applications • Rugged and compact • Easy to use • Dust, splash or waterproof • Data downloaded to PC

Manufactured in the UK

• Cost-effective Accompanying probes are available for monitoring extremes of temperature, and for awkward to reach areas such as pipework. For larger sites, the Tinytag Radio System automatically gathers data for viewing on a PC, across a LAN or remotely across the internet. temperature



Gemini Data Loggers (UK) Ltd Scientific House, Terminus Road, Chichester, West Sussex, PO19 8UJ, England


power usage









Telephone: +44 (0)1243 813000 email: info@tinytag.info www.geminidataloggers.com www.tinytag.info

Professional test and measurement technology From sensor to software: The complete measurement chain from HBM The requirements placed on sensors, electronics and software in terms of operation, acquisition and analysis are continuously increasing. Optimal matching of all components in the entire measuring chain is crucial. We at HBM place special emphasis on this aspect. Worldwide, in all branches of industry: Automotive, aerospace, mechanical engineering, weighing technology and many more. For maximum quality and precision. ■

Strain gauges

Load cells, mounting aids and accessories

Force, pressure, torque and displacement transducers

Amplifier systems for test and process measurement technology

Precision measuring instruments

Software for acquisition, analysis and prediction

Further information: www.hbm.com/ee-tm

■ Tel. ■ 803-9100 ■ www.hbm.com United Kingdom 0208■ 515 info@uk.hbm.com ■ Tel. +Ltd ■ info@hbm.com ■ www.hbm.com HBM Test and HBM Measurement 49 6151 803-0 Fax 6000 +49 6151


February 2016



Resurfacing of badly worn floors and new build installations Impact, abrasion and point load resistance Anti-static, anti-bacterial, slip resistant, chemical resistant & suitable for heavy traffic plus high bay category one and two Fast installation for minimum downtime Integrate corporate colour schemes, colour matching and corporate logos into the same hardwearing and durable flooring For a complete Nationwide service from FREE survey and recommendations, to preparation and installation with single source, uncomplicated warranties‌

Call 01952

740400 or visit us online.

RESPOL - innovative flooring solutions GUARANTEED!



February 2016

PROCESS EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR HYGIENIC APPLICATIONS • Hygienic Fittings & Adapters • Manual & Actuated Valves • Food & Brewery Hose Assemblies • Washdown & Steam Hose Assemblies • Bespoke Design and Fabrication • Full Hygienic Products Catalogue Available

Dixon Group Europe Limited 350 Walton Summit Centre, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 8AS Telephone: +44 (0)1772 323529 Fax: +44 (0)1772 314664 marketing@dixoneurope.co.uk



Storage Safety

February 2016

SSI Schaefer Solutions Boost Performance in

Automotive Parts Stores

As the global vehicle market continues to grow, SSI Schaefer supports the automotive industry with versatile storage solutions that maximise space utilisation and improve the efficiency of parts retrieval. Robins and Day

With the growth of the global vehicle market, the logistics operation needed to support the supply chain for spare parts and accessories becomes increasingly important. SSI Schaefer has versatile storage solutions that maximise space utilisation and improve the efficiency of parts retrieval.

With 34 locations throughout the UK, Robins and Day is Peugeot’s largest dealer group providing, as well as new and used sales, after sales facilities such as servicing and parts. Multi-order picking runs are accomplished using trolleys in a store containing around 4,500 SKU’s. In order to achieve a large increase in storage space, SSI Schaefer installed two-tier R3000 shelving, stairs and walkways.

Keltruck Ltd. As well as supplying new and used Scania vehicles, Keltruck provides round the clock operational support to more than 3,000 customers operating Scania trucks, buses and coaches across the UK. The warehouse stocks a full range of Scania spare parts and accessories, including used and recycled items. To maximise the storage capacity, SSI Schaefer installed a two-tier Regal 3000 system, complete with shelf-supported mesh walkways and access stairs and equipped with RK storage containers. The refurbishment meant that Keltruck’s Parts Department could effectively reduce the size required for their warehouse while creating the potential for further expansion. The ability to stock more parts allows Keltruck to enhance the service it provides to its customers.

As well as the increase in available storage space, product location is easier, making order picking quicker and more efficient.

Stafford Land Rover Part of the Swansway Group, Stafford Land Rover stores approximately 3,800 SKU’s, comprising small to medium sized spares as well as long length items such as roof rails and side steps. In equipping the new building, the Parts Department was looking to install storage systems that would be versatile enough to accommodate the different sizes of parts, while being easily accessible and


flexible in its configuration. SSI Schaefer installed a combination of Regal 2000 and 3000 shelving systems, allowing the flexibility to quickly configure shelf positions and extend the system to accommodate more parts as required. For small parts storage, RK storage containers complemented the installation.

For more information please visit: www.ssi-schaefer.co.uk

February 2016

Storage Safety

ch -s



w .s







re .





Schaefer Solutions – As Individual as our Customers

www.ssi-schaefer.com www.ssi-schaefer.com

THINK lowest cost per pick We manufacture the widest range of computer controlled storage and retrieval systems for bar, tube, profile, sheet and other materials. See us at MACH 2016 - Stand 4638. Systems may be interlinked with saws, including ours, other machine tools, robotic sorting systems, MRP and ERP systems, and more. If you are running out of space in your warehouse or factory, KASTO has the perfect solution for you. www.kasto.com





New dimensions in automated storage KASTO Ltd

01908 571590






Storage & Enclosures

Enclosures from the smallest to the largest. ENCLOSURES



Storage & Enclosures

Take the heat off next summer – get expert advice on cooling solutions now

“Prepare your panels now and be ready for next summer”. That’s the message from leading International panel manufacturer and climate solutions specialists, Rittal. By getting expert advice, and planning and putting in solutions now, managers can get ahead of the game and safeguard their production processes – and not find they are caught out by rising ambient temperatures. “Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security because the temperatures are dropping,” advises Christian Westwood Rittal’s Product Manager for Climate offers advice on designing effective climate control systems. “Instead why not use this time to consider your best options? “Rittal’s expert team can provide you with free advice as to which cooling product is suited to your particular application, or arrange a survey, so we can propose the best solution.

“We always consider options with users from the perspective of functionality, energy efficiency, ease of installation, service and maintenance, based on real life data measured on site. “I cannot underline how important it is to choose the right product. Climate control is not a one size fits all solution, and its success depends greatly on the local environment,” adds Christian.

refrigerant based solution may be the best option. The new Blue e+ cooling unit range from Rittal, with capacities up to 6 kW, can operate in ambient temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius yet also provide free cooling when the external air is cooler due to the innovative use of hybrid technology.

Enclosures which are located in a cool and clean environment, may find fan-and-filter units are adequate, given a single device provides more than 4 kW of cooling in ideal conditions.

Air-to-water heat exchangers may be used in even hotter conditions and the water delivered to a remote location in which the heat, up to 10 kW from one unit, may be dissipated more effectively and with less effect on the temperature of the surroundings.

If the air is dirty, it is still possible to take full advantage of low ambient temperatures by using energy efficient air-to-air heat exchangers to provide any necessary cooling.

For more information: contact 01709 704 000 or email cooling@rittal.co.uk www.rittal.co.uk

For applications that require the temperature inside the enclosure to be lower than that outside it, a


SOFTWARE & SERVICES www.rittal.co.uk

February 2016

Variable Speed Starter Eaton Presents the Next Configuration Level with CANopen

The PowerXL DE11 offers new application options for energy efficiency in mechanical engineering MANCHESTER … Eaton is expanding its range of PowerXL DE1 variable speed starters with the DE11. In addition to providing the Modbus interface as standard and the option for SmartWire DT, the new product range from the power management company also offers an option to directly connect to CANopen. This immediately opens up many additional fields of application within mechanical engineering, and meets the ErP Directive simply, efficiently and cost-effectively. The variable speed starter is a new device category that Eaton recently introduced to the market. Eaton wanted to provide customers with an alternative that allows them to reliably protect and switch their motors while running them in an energy-efficient way. When it comes to requirements for minimum degrees of efficiency, such as for pump and fan applications,

processes and equipment often require electronic variable speed control. In many cases, however, variable frequency drives are often excessive in terms of their functionality and too complex to operate, while motor starters are easy to use but have limited functionality. The variable speed starter bridges this gap and combines the advantages of both devices. Just like the DE1, the DE11 enables variable speed control for applications up to 7.5 kW, and is similar to a contactor or motor starter with the option of ‘out-of-the-box’ operation without needing to set parameters. In the new DE11 configuration level, plug-in control terminals enable preassembly, which saves time and effort for mechanical engineers and control cabinet builders - straight from batch production. The user can install the device either horizontally or

vertically. Since the width of the device corresponds to a standard motor starter, it can generally be replaced directly. This also means that retrofitting projects will be straightforward. Going from the factory settings, individual, application-specific adjustments can be made. As such the user can use a universal, plug-in configuration model and make essential custom adjustments to the factory settings using just a screwdriver – no keyboard, software or manual are needed. In practical comparisons with conventional solutions, this type of configuration reduced installation time by up to 70 per cent. Equipped with ‘trip-free design’, the variable speed starter provides the highest levels of availability. As well as these features, the device is able to detect regenerative energy recovery from motors and automatically monitor it; it has an automatic restart function, DC braking function, DC control in the event of imbalance, automatic switching frequency reduction at high load or at high ambient temperatures; internal motor and short-circuit protection and direct thermistor motor protection. The device is also ready for use without derating, at up to 60 °C. With its unique performance specification, the PowerXL DE1 variable speed starter won the Industriepreis 2015 [2015 German Industry Prize] in the Electrical Engineering category. Both the DE1 and the DE11 meet the requirements not just of pumps and fans, but of many other market applications for which there were previously no ideal solutions. These include cases where direct startup using star-delta or soft starter is not possible because the application does not allow a reduced start frequency and because direct start-up results in an extremely high, undesired starting current. In addition, the device offers a solution for a growing number of fixedspeed applications, where frequencies different to mains frequency are required. To learn more about Eaton, visit www.eaton.eu. For the latest news, follow us on Twitter (@Eaton_EMEA) or on LinkedIn (Eaton EMEA).


February 2016

Manufacturer of High Quality

Anti Vibration Products

Email: sales@fibet.co.uk Visit: www.fibet.co.uk | Tel: 01282 878200

|49 Fibet Advert v2.indd 1

22/07/2015 14:27

February 2016

MAINTEC 2016 HAS SHOW STOPPING EXHIBITOR LINE UP Maintec 2016, the UK’s leading maintenance, plant and asset management event, returns to Birmingham’s NEC on 22 - 24 March for its 41st edition, with more on offer than ever before. The exclusive three day event will offer visitors a brand new conference programme, an expanded show floor and a wealth of international exhibitors.

The show is dedicated to bringing maintenance professionals from across the country together to demonstrate the most advanced innovations, inspire new developments, network with likeminded professionals and witness the latest thinking within the market. With leading brands already signed up to exhibit at the 2016 show, including Fluke, Atlas Copco Compressors, Indysoft Europe, Keytracker, AV Technology, UE Systems Europe, and Technical Training Solutions, Maintec has reaffirmed its position as the leading event of its kind. Many suppliers will be using the show to present the latest solutions designed to cut costs, increase productivity, improve reliability and deliver ROI for businesses in the market. Shire Systems will be launching its new Pirana CMMS. Its fully integrated maintenance management system has cost saving and strategic decision making functionality. Plus, it has also introduced new mobile applications


for work orders, materials and data collection, which can be used both online or offline.

solution provides real-time information and resources to field based engineers directly to their mobile devices.

UE Systems will be presenting its new Ultraprobe 401 Digital Grease Caddy Pro, which has the ability to measure, data log and trend the amount of lubricant used in order to optimise equipment maintenance.

Keytracker Ltd will showcase its full range of products, including its original Peg in-Peg out board, its Electronic Key Management Systems, its Key Control Software and iLockerz Intelligent locker Systems.

Hansford Sensors will be showcasing its selection of market leading vibration monitoring solutions. This will include its HS-100 series – an AC industrial accelerometer that enables quick and easy measuring of vibrations in rotating machine components. Also on show will be its HS-620 Vibration Monitoring Kit, which enables maintenance technicians to measure bearing condition and levels of velocity, acceleration and displacement.

Daniel Gray, Maintec Event Manager commented: “This year might just be our most pioneering one yet. We are already bursting at the seams with exciting innovations and groundbreaking technologies covering the full maintenance spectrum. I can’t wait for the doors to open!”

Also using Maintec 2016 to present its latest innovation is Exel Computer Systems with its Eagle Field Service system. This mobile management

Registration is now open for Maintec 2016. Please visit the website or contact +44 (0)20 8843 8800 to register for free. For exhibiting opportunities at Maintec 2016 contact Daniel Gray on +44 (0)20 8843 8800 or email daniel.gray@easyfairs.com. For more information on the show, visit www.maintecuk.com.

The right connector for every application

HEAVYCON complete heavy-duty connectors You can always create the right connection for your requirements with the combinable, robust housings from our three series, and matching contact inserts: For flexible combinations and compatible plug-ins. For additional information call 0845 881 2222 or visit www.phoenixcontact.co.uk/heavycon

IC 07-15.000.L1



February 2016

MOTION CONTROL EXCELLENCE TO BE RECOGNISED The UK Motion Control AllianceTM Supports Engineering Endeavour through its 2016 Motion Control Industry Awards Programme Scheduled to take place on Tuesday 12th April 2016, at the National Conference Centre near Birmingham, the Gala Awards Dinner will bring together the entire motion control industry in a celebration of business and professional excellence. Recognising and rewarding the achievements of both individuals and companies operating within this important industry sector, personal endeavour, technical innovation, engineering advancement and commercial acumen will all be acknowledged and celebrated. Co-Located with major industry event The Awards dinner will be co-located with a group of relevant industry events at the near-by National Exhibition Centre (NEC) including, Fluid Power & Systems, Airtech and Drives & Controls exhibitions. Collectively these events provide an overriding focus on ‘motion control’, thus the Gala Awards Ceremony is both well placed and acutely well timed. The term ‘motion control’ is representative of both the current member activities in Fluid Power and those of related parties, such as organisations with a focus on drives and controls, mechatronics, sensors, automation and robotics – the target focus of the awards programme. Wide industry support Produced by Touchwave Media, in conjunction with Motion Control Alliance, (currently comprising of the British Fluid Power Association (BFPA), the British Fluid Power Distributors Association (BFPDA) and the British Compressed Air Society (BCAS)), the awards programme can claim widespread industry support. The dedicated awards website – http:// mci-awards.com – provides detailed information about the awards programme and practical advice on how to put forward an entry. The site also offers superb brand promotion and exposure for all those wishing to associate themselves with ‘excellence’. Sponsorship Opportunities Companies already engaged with the awards programme through sponsorship include the likes of Bosch Rexroth, Parker Hannifin, Beaumanor Engineering, BFPA, BFPDA and BCAS, with each one enjoying an impressive package of


promotion, designed to align their respective brands to excellence in motion control. Speaking about his decision to sponsor the ‘Contribution to Skills & Training’ award, Alastair Johnstone, Managing Director of Bosch Rexroth UK, said: “With many experienced engineers heading into retirement, we need to do all we can to address the historic shortfall in new engineers.

try professionals and highlighting the benefits of an engineering career.”

“The pace of change we’re currently seeing, whether in improved functionality, interconnectivity or increased automation, requires that we have an engineering workforce able to fully exploit and adapt to the many technological advantages on offer.

The website will also be the vehicle through which table bookings can be secured for the prestigious Awards Ceremony, which promised to be an evening of reward and celebration not to be missed.

“It is for this reason that Rexroth is investing in the development and promotion of training for young engineers, whether through this latest sponsorship, the installation of advanced training rigs at the Manufacturing Training Centre, or our own extensive in-house training and development programme.“ Adrian McGreevy, Managing Director of Beaumanor Engineering added: “Beaumanor is proud to announce its involvement in the Motion Control Industry Awards, especially in its launch year. By sponsoring the ‘Distributor of the Year’ award, we look forward to championing all distributors in our sector and throughout the UK. It’s great to see the affiliation of the three main bodies; we are proud to be associated with this positive platform for celebrating our industry”. Commenting on Parker’s sponsorship of the Young Engineer of the Year category, UK sales company general manager Martin Eldridge said: “These are exciting, yet challenging times. We need to encourage innovation and support young engineers in building their skills and experience; the future success of this industry depends on their contribution and imagination. “By sponsoring this category, we aim to showcase some of the excellent contributions already being made by talented engineers under 30 years of age. Alongside our graduate training programme and educational partnerships with partners such as The JCB Academy, this action reflects Parker’s ongoing commitment to nurturing young indus-

Sponsors, Finalists and the eventual winners will all be featured on the dedicated website, which will be the focal point for the initial ‘Call for Nominations’, the subsequent promotion of the ‘Finalists’ and the all-important presentation of the eventual ‘Winners’.

Nominations Entries are being sought for any company, product, application or individual within the motion control arena whether in Hydraulics, Pneumatics, Compressed Air or Electro-Mechanical Drives. Individuals can put forward entries for themselves and their own company, or they can nominate others that they know merit recognition. The online entry process couldn’t be easier, so anyone wishing to play their part in bringing engineering excellence to the fore, should visit the MCI Awards website - http:// mci-awards.com. Closing date for entries The closing date for all entries is rapidly approaching, so for those wanting industry-wide recognition for a job well done, be it for technical innovation or application know-how, for environmental consideration or distribution and supply, they should prepare and submit their entry(s) without delay. It is completely free of charge to enter the awards, but the promotional value associated with being selected as a finalist is worth many hundreds of pounds. And for those individuals and companies who become one of the eight winners, the promotional benefit is even greater. Further details For more information, visit the website mci-awards.com or call Andrew Castle at Touchwave Media on 07785 290034. (andrew@touchwavemedia.co.uk)


The Technology of Light


12th & 13th October 2016 · Ricoh Arena Coventry, UK PHOTONEX EXHIBITION

145 exhibitors


with Vision in Action Seminars


with training


Hyperspecrtral Imaging for Remote Sensing


11 FREE meetings


Industrial | Machine Vision | Factory Automation

Industrial and Scientific Conference & Exhibition

• Discover the difference – in suppliers and technologies • Learn how to adopt vision solutions – increase reliability and product quality • Solve your vision problem – with the numerous specialists at the event ALSO: DON’T MISS THIS FREE MEETING! “Vision in Action: Advances in Vision and Imaging Technologies”

• Attend free meetings • Free training from basic to advanced UK’S PREMIER VACUUM TECHNOLOGIES EVENT




For more details and to register, visit www.photonex.org


February 2016

New CEO reveals big ambitions for PPMA Group The Processing & Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) Group, has announced the appointment of Andrew Mint as its new chief executive officer. Andrew, who joins the PPMA from 1st February 2016, will bring extensive experience in production innovation, market development and international experience to the role. Speaking about the appointment PPMA Group chairman Grant Jamieson, commented, “We are very pleased that Dr Andrew Mint accepted the PPMA Group board’s offer to become chief executive officer. Andrew is a very capable individual whose interest in people, processes and business is ideal to take the lead role in steering the PPMA to deliver services that our members need. “As a creative individual who listens well and is enthusiastic to meet the members in their own environments, I’m sure he will quickly become a known presence amongst us all.” Andrew has established a successful career in the process industries developing cosmetics for major blue-chip companies as well as managing many significant large global businesses, helping to launch new products and novel technologies into the marketplace. He also has significant FMCG experience having undertaken various technical roles at Procter & Gamble amongst others. Commenting on his appointment, Mint expressed his delight to be joining the PPMA Group to lead its experienced executive team based in Wallington. Speaking about the role, Andrew added, “I am excited about the opportunity of making a difference through promoting the PPMA BEST initiative and British manufacturing industry in general. We need to find more young engineering talent, both men and


women, and I believe the PPMA can play a significant role in this. “I am also very much looking forward to working with all the PPMA team and to meeting our members throughout the rest of the year.” Andrew joins the PPMA Group ahead of the 2016 PPMA Total Show, which takes place in September for the first time in its history, moving from its usual June slot. The PPMA Total Show incorporates three major exhibition brands – PPMA, Pakex and Interphex – highlighting the latest innovations in materials, containers and packaging design, as well as the very latest processing and packaging machinery, industrial automation and vision innovations. The PPMA Total Show 2016, the first to be run under the sole ownership of the PPMA for over a decade welcomes back many exhibitors this year including Schubert, the automated packaging system specialist. Speaking about returning to the show in September, Mark Jocelyn, Sales Director for Schubert UK Ltd, commented, “Schubert feel that the TOTAL show is the perfect stage to not only exhibitor our latest technologies but also to launch our exciting new corporate image – Dear future, welcome to the present.” Tom Fisher, Group Marketing Executive for the PPMA Group of Associations added, “Floor space at the PPMA Total Show 2016 has been extended as we rapidly approach and overtake last year’s final show size. This has created a number of new stand options in prime positions within the exhibition. We look forward to returning to the NEC and welcome returning exhibitors as well as new businesses joining us for the first time in 2016.” For more information on the 2016 PPMA Total Show, or for details on exhibiting please visit www.ppmatotalshow.co.uk, call 020 8773 8111 or email totalshow@ppma.co.uk.



27 – 29 Sept 2016 · NEC, Birmingham, UK

“The total processing and packaging production line event from design, containers and material to machinery, automation and industrial vision”

www.ppmatotalshow.co.uk www.ppmatotalshow.co.uk


February 2016

Registration now open for London infrastructure shows Registration is now open for free entry to Infrarail 2016, the exhibition for equipment products and services for railway infrastructure, and the accompanying CITE - Civil Infrastructure & Technology Exhibition 2016. The two colocated events take place at ExCeL London in the capital’s Docklands from 12 to 14 April. The show websites – www.infrarail.com and www.cite-uk.com – feature links that provide the quickest way to register to attend both exhibitions plus the wide range of associated activities taking place as part of them. Online registration closes at midnight on 11 April. For visitors who register on arrival at ExCeL London, a £20 entry fee will be payable. Nearly 200 companies will now be exhibiting at the combined shows, making this the UK’s biggest infrastructure event this year. Many will be showcasing significant innovations and developments in technology, providing visiting engineers, managers and buyers with a great opportunity to explore the latest that suppliers have to offer. Infrarail will incorporate sections of track to display rail-related equipment and products, while The Yard is a feature area within the exhibition hall that will be shared by both events to present heavier items of plant. In addition, exhibitors will be publicising their skills needs on the Recruitment Wall, alerting those attending to possible future career opportunities. The wider scope of these two events is underlines by the extensive programmes of activities supporting them. Keynote speeches by leading figures, industry seminars and briefings, project updates and discussion groups are all aimed at providing valuable insights into technology and policy – and all will be free to attend. There will also new initiatives at this year’s show aimed at helping suppliers. The Rail Alliance will be presenting its Rail Mentoring Scheme for the Rail Supply Group, a programme aimed at assisting SMEs to join the industry’s supply chain, and a new Business Matching Service allows key buyers and decision makers to attend pre-booked meetings at exhibitors’ stands. Full details of all that will be happening at Infrarail and CITE can be found at the show websites, together with the latest lists of exhibitors. For additional information contact the organising team at infrarail@mackbrooks.co.uk.



Where the industry meets… Where the industry does business


www .infr arai



Supporting Organisations:


February 2016

National Electronics Week Coming back to The NEC The IPC Hand Soldering Competition in association with Advanced Rework Technology Ltd will return to National Electronics Week from 12th-14th April 2016. The exhibition will run alongside the bi-annual MACH exhibition, Drives and Controls and 5 other manufacturing shows, culminating in the largest gathering of professionals in this sector in the UK. This means that with the extra footfall at the NEC this year we will be expecting the level of competitors to this feature to be even higher. It is at present unconfirmed whether Phillip Smith from CIL-UK will be returning to defend his title for 2016, however this year National Electronics Week will be offering cash prizes and a ticket to SMT Nuremberg 2017 for the winner to pit their skills against an international pool of experts. Participants will compete against each other to build a functional electronics assembly within a 45-minute time limit. Assemblies will be judged on soldering in accordance with IPC-A-610F Class 3 criteria, the speed at which the assembly was produced and overall electrical functionality of the assembly.

‘This is a fantastic opportunity for those with the set of skills required for such a precise talent can come and compete and converse with their peers and provide an opportunity for the visitors to see them in action’ said Claire. ‘For the last 2 events winners have come from CIL-UK, I am sure they will be back with even more skill and speed – but can you beat them? Book your space now and find out. Claire adds ‘This is also a great PR opportunity for companies to display their products in a live environment and get people to use them first hand. If you would like to be a sponsor please give us a call at the office on + 44 1428 609 382. If you are interested in competing this year, please contact marketing@neweventsltd.com with your name and day and times which you will be attending the event so that you can be allocated a slot.

Debbie Wade and Mark Harvey both from Advanced Rework Technology Ltd will serve as the judges and the 2016 winners will be awarded on the last day of the expo (14th April) on the show floor by National Electronics Week DiNEW16-A5-horizontal.pdf 1 20/01/2016 06:25 rector, Claire Saunders.















Visit The Rework Experience Supported by


Enter the IPC Hand Soldering Competition in association with Full Technical Content Program including seminars hosted by


www.new-expo.co.uk/newuk/ Contact the team now on + 44 1428 609 382 or email claire@neweventsltd.com







D A T E S – 14


April 2016






Join us and see the best of UK Electronics. Find out more and pre-register free of charge at


Interested in showcasing your products and services at National Electronics Week? Contact the team now on + 44 1483 420 229 or email claire@neweventsltd.com

FREE ENTRY | FREE PARKING | REGISTER ONLINE NOW twitter.com/NEW_expo | facebook.com/NationalElectronicsWeek


February 2016

MACH 2016

Exceeds Space Sold For 2014 Exhibition MACH 2016 has hit a key mile stone. This week the space allocated for exhibitors at the exhibition, to be held at the NEC in Birmingham between 11th – 15th April, has exceeded the that allocated for the Double Award Winning 2014 edition of the exhibition. Total commercial space allocated has now tipped over the 22,247 square metres mark achieved in 2014. There is a huge interest in being part of the UK’s premier industrial trade show and exhibiting is a must for the UK’s manufacturing technology sector. James Selka DL, CEO of the Manufacturing Technologies Association, which organises MACH on behalf of the industry, said “MACH is a great barometer for judging the heath of the manufacturing industry in the UK. With six months to go before the exhibition takes place, reaching this mile stone shows that confidence in the health of the industry is high. MACH is the best place to see the latest technological developments in action and to get business done.” MACH is unique in the sense that it showcases live working machinery and brings together the industry’s finest manufacturers over a range of technologies including milling, turning, metrology, additive manufacturing and tooling, to name but a few. With live demonstrations and a packed seminar programme the 2016 exhibition will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of the year. 60|

The addition of Asquith Butler tipped MACH 2016 over 2014’s total, taking the exhibitor space allocated so far to 22,267. Paul Hinchcliffe MD of Asquith Butler, said “Due to the success we had at MACH 2014 and the demand for space at next year’s show, we decided to double our stand size for 2016 and capitalise on that success. We are planning on exhibiting one of our specialist “SAHOS” machines and we can’t wait to showcase our technology to all the visitors at the exhibition.” David Atkinson, Head of Manufacturing at Lloyds Bank SME Commercial Banking says: “Supporting manufacturing businesses is a pivotal part of our commitment to driving the UK economy, so we are really pleased to be headline sponsors of MACH 2016. The expansion of the show demonstrates confidence in the sector to invest in new technology to improve productivity, regardless of the headwinds in the worldwide economy that the sector faces into.”

February 2016

Utility Week Live May 2016 sees the return of Utility Week Live at Birmingham’s NEC. More than 100 speakers, 150 exhibitors and 3,000 delegates will attend the two-day show on 17 and 18 May. The headline theme of this year’s show is “Innovation”, with content focusing on the electricity, gas and water sectors, along with two new additions for 2016, heat and streetworks. Underneath the overarching theme are five further content streams which will help to shape the debate over the two days. These are: innovation, skills, data and analytics, totex, resilience, and customers. The keynote conference will give VIP delegates the opportunity to review and discuss the work going on within the sector to tackle the challenges facing utilities, and also to learn from those outside the sector, exposing them to new ideas and innovations. On the main exhibition floor, there will be three seminar theatres, developed by the team behind Utility Week. These will feature agenda-setting talks and panel discussions from industry leaders, regulators and policymakers. Joining the electricity, gas, and water seminars – which reappear this year – are seminars on heat, in the afternoon


of the first day, and streetworks, in the second half of day two. There are a number of other show features at Utility Week Live, including the new Streetworks Village, the Pumping Station, and the 2016 edition of the Drilling and Tapping competition (see box, facing page). Amanda Barnes, publisher of Utility Week magazine and Faversham House chief executive, said: “Utility Week Live 2016 builds on the success of the inaugural 2015 show. We’ve listened to our event stakeholders and have switched to a highly focused two-day format. “It offers professionals working in the utilities industries the chance to discover the latest innovations and product solutions, and exchange cutting-edge ideas on the strategic, operational and technical side of their businesses. “Visitors will meet peers, partners and suppliers, and gain invaluable knowledge from industry leaders in the CPD-accredited live content programmes, plus the pitching sessions, technical demonstrations and networking opportunities”. The Utility Week Live technical seminars and exhibition are free to attend, with paid VIP tickets granting access to the keynote conference and panel discussions. For more information, please visit www.utilityweeklive.co.uk

m an the t d W ea at m b er eh & behind i Tr team From the ea Wa nd W t Utility Week,mWETstNews E en ew T N a t and Water & Wastewater te ew Treatmentr

Connecting Britain’s utilities to their suppliers, contractors and partners www.utilityweeklive.co.uk A unique opportunity to meet decision-makers from across the gas, electricity and water industries. Download the brochure today from www.utilityweeklive.co.uk or contact: Rachael Lyon Business Development Director, Utility Week Live 2016 T +44 (0)1342 332097 M +44 (0)7968 301370 E rachael.lyon@fav-house.com


February 2016

The Engineering Testing Show – 6th April 2016, Derby Roundhouse The Engineering Testing Show 2016 will bring together professional engineers across a wide range of disciplines and industrial sectors who share a professional interest in the practice of engineering testing. The show will offer a unique opportunity for exhibitors to promote the technological developments across the engineering testing industry, including: • Instrumentation • Calibration • Sensors • Metrology • Data Acquisition • Test Rigs …and all other materials and testing disciplines Held at the award winning and spectacular Derby Roundhouse which is ideally located at the centre of the UK’s engineering industry, the event will attract visitors from across many of the UK’s most significant engineering supply chains from small consultancies through to engineering OEMs that have a significant involvement in the engineering testing field. It will provide a unique opportunity for organisations involved in the development of, practical application of, and training provision within the engineering testing industry to showcase their products and services to visitors.

The show will provide three core features: Exhibition Hall – The Roundhouse The Roundhouse exhibition hall which will be the main focal point allowing leading providers in the engineering testing sector to exhibit. This venue itself is steeped in engineering history and heritage being the oldest surviving rail roundhouse dating back to 1839 and is a unique/ award winning event space making it the perfect location to host an engineering orientated event. Conference Presentations Throughout the day there will be a series of eight presentations delivered by major organisations outlining their view on the challenges and opportunities within the engineering testing field over the next decade.


Workshop Classrooms There are seven workshop classrooms fully equipped with the latest AV. They are available for companies to hire for the whole day. The classrooms provide an excellent environment for companies to deliver presentations/ product launches/ training seminars. Should you be interested in receiving an information pack about the show to learn how to exhibit or to attend as visitor, please contact us: Email: david.reeks@theengineeringtestingshow.com Email: ken.davies@theengineeringtestingshow.com A full list of exhibitors will be released on the 1st July 2016. Entry for visitors is free. However, due to the expected demand, we recommend early registration for exhibitors in order to avoid disappointment. To receive full details on exhibiting stand costs, or sponsorship opportunities please contact: david.reeks@theengineeringtestingshow.co.uk ken.davies@theengineeringtestingshow.co.uk Tel: 01332 258317 Tel: 01332 258319 We believe this to be the foremost event of its type in the UK and we welcome relevant speakers and presenters relevant to our audience to contact us.

Get your hands on the latest technology that will change the security industry The global stage for security innovation and expertise 3 Free education sessions provided for you to learn from the industry’s best and brightest 3 Find the right security solution provider for your business amongst the 600 exhibitors 3 Get hands on experience with the latest gadgets in security technology 3 You can save time by pre-booking meetings with your preferred suppliers


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February 2016

ACE RENEWS SUPPORT FOR CIVIL INFRASTRUCTURE SHOW Association for Consultancy and Engineering (ACE) has pledged its support for next year’s Civil Infrastructure & Technology Exhibition (CITE) 2016 in London. ACE is the leading business association in the consultancy and engineering industry representing the interests of professional consultancies and engineering companies large and small in the UK. Many of its member companies have gained international recognition and acclaim and employ over 250,000 staff worldwide Taking place at ExCeL London in the capital’s Docklands from 12 to 14 April 2016, CITE 2016 is the UK’s principal showcase for companies constructing civil infrastructure networks for transport, utilities, communications and energy supplies. Exhibitors will include civil engineering companies, suppliers of construction services and products, plus firms specialising in plant and equipment, geotechnical products and services, tunnelling, consultancy and project management, as well as the many other requirements of this vital sector.


At the last CITE event in 2014, ACE was a principal Show Partner and played a key role in its success. Welcoming this agreement to renew its relationship with CITE, Exhibition Manager Kirsten Whitehouse said: “We are very pleased that ACE will be supporting next year’s exhibition, and that we can continue a partnership that we believe benefits both parties. ACE has a long history and is highly regarded throughout industry. Our own approach to CITE, as with all our exhibitions, is to provide a professional environment in which trends in technology, products and services can be shared for the benefit of everyone taking part.” Speaking on the announcement of ACE’s involvement Dr Nelson Ogunshakin OBE, CEO of ACE said: “ACE was extremely proud to have had such a leading partnership in the inaugural CITE exhibition in 2014, so did not hesitate to confirm its involvement in the second event this year. ACE members, regardless of

their size, are extremely interested in engaging with the exhibitors who are prominent companies involved in the supply chain for the UK’s transport, construction, utilities and communications infrastructure sector. CITE 2016 will provide them with an excellent opportunity to create new business relationships and consolidate existing ones.” CITE 2016 will share its ExCeL London venue with the Infrarail 2016 exhibition of railway infrastructure technology, products and services, which is supported by Network Rail. This is an appropriate pairing of events, given that many of the sectors covered by CITE are applicable to the rail market. Both exhibitions will be feature keynote speeches by leading figures, industry seminars, project briefings and discussion groups – all free to attend and aimed at providing valuable insights into technology and policy.

CITE 2016 will build on the success of the well-received launch of the first CITE in 2014 and again form an important part of the UK’s largest infrastructure exhibition. CITE will focus on infrastructure, civil engineering, energy, geotechnical, tunnelling, waste, water and utilities, whilst Infrarail will again shine the industry spotlight on rail infrastructure.

Harness the power of face to face interaction – the top sales driver Supported by:

• Live product demonstrations • Education and Training • Networking • Innovation • The Yard machinery display area • The Recruitment Wall

12-14 April 2016 ExCeL, London CITE - where people from throughout the supply chain meet face to face, make connections and do business. For more information:

Tel:+44 (0)1727 814400


Media Partners: CITE will be co-located with Infrarail 2016 – the 11th edition of this successful and well-established Rail Infrastructure exhibition.

February 2016

WOMEN HAVE ENGINEERING TALENT Finalists compete in Semta Skills Awards 2016


ore female engineers than ever before are leading the charge to be named the best in British engineering and advanced manufacturing. Hundreds of nominations from across the UK for the nine categories have been shortlisted to leave 27 finalists battling it out in the prestigious Semta Skills Awards. The winners will be revealed at a gala awards dinner in London’s Hilton Hotel on Park Lane, on February 10 2016 hosted by BBC journalist, presenter and engineering advocate Steph McGovern. For the first time each individual award category has at least one female engineer in the final.Ann Watson, CEO of Semta, the not-for-profit organisation tasked with skilling engineering and manufacturing in the UK said: “Women are under-represented in the industry so it is fantastic to see so many nominated and making it to the final. We need 800,000 engineers by 2020 and we will only get there if more women are inspired to take engineering up as a career. “Our finalists are role models who can send out the message loud and clear – women CAN be great British engineers. “The Semta Skills Awards celebrate the very best of British engineering, recognising the achievements of talented people and inspiring businesses across the engineering and advanced manufacturing sector. It is right that we should shout loud and proud about what the finalists are doing to make Britain great. “I would like to thank our sponsors for making the awards possible and wish all the finalists the very best of luck.” The categories are: • Apprentice of The Year sponsored by Atkins • Higher Apprentice of The Year sponsored by RollsRoyce • Graduate of The Year sponsored by Marshall • Skills Champion of The Year sponsored by BAE Systems • Skills Innovation of The Year sponsored by Siemens • Training Partner of The Year sponsored by GetMyFirstJob • SME Investment in Skills sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover • Technician of the Year sponsored by EngTechNow • Diversity in Engineering award sponsored by MBDA and Wise


The awards are judged by an expert industry led judging panel which will also select an overall winner of the Best of British Engineering Award from the winners of the categories above. For a full list of finalists see below and for more details log on to www.semta.org.uk/skillsawards Apprentice of the Year – sponsored by Atkins Marc Cotton of Mars Chocolate, Reading. Christopher Eckhert of Packaging Automation Ltd, Knutsford, Cheshire. Robyn Clark and Andy Smith of Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd, Derbyshire Higher Apprentice of the Year - sponsored by Rolls-Royce. Adam Davies of Airbus Operations Ltd, Wirral, Merseyside. Joanne Sharples of BAE Systems Ltd, London. Anna Schlautmann of MBDA UK Ltd, Bolton Graduate of the Year - sponsored by Marshall. Emma England of Airbus Operations Ltd, Filton, Gloucestershire. Alexander Godfrey of Lockheed Martin UK, Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Akshay Ogale of Rolls-Royce plc, Derby Skills Champion of the Year - sponsored by BAE Systems. Jason Andrews of Martin Manufacturing Ltd, Louth, Lincolnshire. Jenny Conlon of KMF, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Martin Ridgley MBE of Lindhurst Engineering, Nottingham. Skills Innovation of the Year - sponsored by Siemens. KMF, Newcastle-under-Lyme. Rolls-Royce plc, Derbyshire. Toyota Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd, Derby Training Partner of the Year - sponsored by Get MyFirstJob. Babcock International, Portsmouth. Glasgow Clyde College, Glasgow. EEF, Coventry. Award for SME Investment in Skills - sponsored by Jaguar Land Rover. Automotive Insulations, Rugby. Canal Engineering, Nottingham. Pentaxia Ltd, Derby. Technician of the Year - sponsored by EngTechNow. Jade Aspinall of MBDA UK Ltd, Bolton. Steve Green of Lockheed Martin UK, Ampthill, Bedfordshire. Charlotte HannabyFarmer of MBDA UK Ltd, Bolton Diversity in Engineering award - sponsored by MBDA UK Ltd and WISE. Dawn Bonfield of Women’s Engineering Society, Stevenage. Inspire Young People Ltd, Chalfont St Giles, Buckinghamshire. Marshall Aerospace and Defence Group, Cambridge

February 2016

Robotic automation delivers real ROI The modern food processing and packaging industry is becoming characterised by shorter production runs with higher numbers of product variants, resulting in lines handling more products than ever before and needing fast changeover times from one product to another. Throughput, quality, availability and the flexibility to work with different product variants or different pack sizes, without the traditional line changeover time, are all factors that impact on the bottom line.Robots have an important role to play, delivering the machine flexibility that food factories require, while boosting productivity through high speed operation, and improving availability. At the same time, end users have a clear focus on the need for robot ease of use, a fast return on investment and a low total cost of ownership.

to work with many different product sizes and forms without the need for reprogramming. It provides the ability to run multiple processes on the same line, and to work with complex shapes and/or delicate products. These systems have important roles to play within the food industry, helping to address throughput, quality, availability and the flexibility requirements. Offering a wide range of delta and SCARA robots, along with the ability to work with systems integrators to integrate these robots and develop high quality cost-effective Cartesian systems, machine builders can be confident in their ability to add robotic automation to packaging and processing machines.

There are many robotic solutions on the market, all promising to deliver very similar benefits. That can make it a challenge for the machine builders to distinguish between them. However, there are some very real distinguishing factors that can make the difference between a system which meets all the goals of the end user and offers the maximum return for the machine builder – both in terms of ease of integration of the robotic system and ongoing support. Leading industrial automation manufacturers address these requirements with a full range of SCARA and delta robots, along with automation systems that enable the simple construction of high performance Cartesian robots. In particular, these products offer ease of integration, enhanced flexibility, programming simplicity and the highest levels of functionality.

Using a Delta or parallel style robot system as the example, a system may comprise of not only the robot itself, but a controller, safety, vision, and very likely some other associated control requirements such as logic/safety I/O and additional axes of motion, for example, infeed and outfeed conveyors. If the machine builder has to take them from various vendors, using numerous separately developed technologies and communication protocols, then the user could potentially see a lot of risk in this scenario. Whereas these risks can be substantially reduced by using a single integrated control platform, which incorporates all of key components required to create a successful robotic pick and place system, including not only the robotics but the logic, motion, vision, safety and system I/O. Using two distinct open networks in every controller is greatly beneficial. The first being EtherNet/IP which is designed for transmitting larger amounts of data between controllers and to enterprise systems, as well as a link to local HMI stations.

The latest systems use a common control platform. A single controller encompasses machine control, drives, servos, HMIs and vision technology in addition to robots, with the whole suite of products networked over a single protocol – EtherCAT – and programmed, simulated, configured and tested through a single software package. This holds the key to ease of integration for machine builders, and significantly reduces machine design timescales. It also ensures ease of support. At the same time, the industry leading performance of all of these individual products delivers real performance benefits for end users, helping to guarantee the boost in productivity, flexibility and availability that will maximise profit and return on investment. Of particular importance is the integration with vision technology, which enables the robots to operate even more efficiently, more accurately and more effectively. Robot integrated vision delivers greater capability for high speed, high accuracy pick and place operations, giving robots the sight they need to detect the positions of multiple workpieces in the field of view in very short periods of time. Robots with vision technology enable food factories

Improving production whilst maintaining quality manufacturers


output food

The second being EtherCAT – which is used as the machine control network because of its fast and deterministic technology which is ideal for both motion and robotic applications. There are a wide range of controllers available permitting the user to choose the most suitable product – some models can control multiple robots with a total of 64 axes of servo available, as well as the aforementioned I/O, inverters, vision and safety. An increasingly crucial aspect of any pick and place application is the vision system. Whereby a system that is required to simply identify the position of a part to be picked from a conveyor, the use of a “smart camera’ vision sensor that not only sits directly on the EtherCAT network, but also has a direct input from the conveyor encoder delivers a truly integrated solution. More advanced requirements, can also be catered for by vision systems capable of controlling multiple camera inputs – which are also integrated on the same EtherCAT network – but offering higher speed, precision and flexibility. Productivity

improvements provide a continual challenge for machine designers and the need to integrate more than one robot into a project brings its own complications. To ease integration, system complexity and reduced footprint, single controllers can now handle up to ‘eight’ Delta robots, depending upon the model used, with throughputs in excess of 120 picks per minute achievable per robot. Furthermore, the latest software offers the user a single programming environment with integrated configuration, programming, monitoring and simulation of all project tasks. This not only dramatically reduces time and user risk, it helps achieve optimum output levels whilst keeping a tight control over product quality. Tomorrow’s world - Cutting-edge path tracing delta robot with freehand pattern recognition The latest innovative pattern recognition and path tracing robots highlight a host of applications for path-following where it is either not possible or not desirable to have the path generated within a CAD system. The ability to draw a closed shape freehand and have it accurately traced, saves time and could have important applications in areas such as food production and packaging, enabling new levels of customisation for short batch runs or even single products, with full flexibility for changes in the design. A vision system analyses the pattern and sends data to the controller which generates the profile for the robot to follow. Food industry applications might include laying down custom or short run icing patterns on cakes for decoration, or cutting cakes to specific shapes. In packaging applications, the robot could lay down custom glue patterns for short run promotional items. And there are many other applications where the ability to cut out a one-off shape into a material using nothing more than a hand drawn sketch could significantly reduce turnaround times. These systems show how the concept addresses key issues and trends across industries. The fast teaching time means minimal downtime on the production line, and eliminates the requirement for generating a CAD profile first, which can be a time consuming operation in itself. In particular pattern recognition and path tracing robots highlight how the use of integrated robotics and vision technology can enable more flexible production, offering huge potential to improve efficiency, reduce costs and improve throughput. Robot technology is as varied and fast-developing as the other elements contributing to improved, more streamlined automation: a multi-bit tool in a wider, ever-growing toolbox. There can be few other single components which offer reliability, consistent product quality, greater flexibility, reduced wastage, improved efficiency and safety – as well as the potential cost benefits of a redeployed workforce.


February 2016

SPOT PYROMETERS AMETEK Land has released two new high performance SPOT pyrometers which further extend its measurement capabilities and temperature ranges. The SPOT pyrometer family provides continuous on-line temperature measurements within the range 50°C to 1800°C (122°F to 3272°F), ensuring greater accuracy and quality for process industries.

These latest new products incorporate many advanced technologies and features that are combined in one easyto-use temperature sensor. SPOT R210 • multi-ratio pyrometer operating within the range of 1250C to 11000C (257oF to 2012oF); • features five selectable measurement modes, making it completely configurable to a wide range of different process applications; • users benefit from greater accuracy and improved product quality when measuring lower temperatures in challenging environments. SPOT M210, • single wavelength pyrometer utilising short wavelength 2.3 µm spectral response; • provides high accuracy readings within the range of 500C to 11000C (1220F to 20120F); • ideal for low and uncertain emissivity metals measurements. SPOT pyrometers from AMETEK Land are designed for simple installation, configuration and flexible design. They are easily interchangeable with older LAND pyrometers and with some from other manufacturers. All processing functions are integrated into a single sensor, making them suitable for use in a wide range of industrial applications from cement, steel production and metal forging to heat treating. For more details, visit: www.spotthermometer.com or email land.enquiry@ametek.co.uk



December 2015









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䠀愀瘀攀 礀漀甀 攀瘀攀爀 搀椀猀挀漀瘀攀爀攀搀 栀漀眀 洀攀琀愀氀 愀搀搀椀琀椀瘀攀 洀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀椀渀最 挀漀甀氀搀 栀攀氀瀀 搀攀瘀攀氀漀瀀 瀀愀爀琀猀  椀渀挀漀爀瀀漀爀愀琀椀渀最 昀攀愀琀甀爀攀猀 琀栀愀琀 挀漀甀氀搀 最椀瘀攀 礀漀甀 愀 猀椀最渀椀昀椀挀愀渀琀 挀漀洀瀀攀琀椀琀椀瘀攀 愀搀瘀愀渀琀愀最攀㼀 䄀爀攀 礀漀甀爀 搀攀猀椀最渀猀 氀椀洀椀琀攀搀 戀礀 眀栀愀琀 礀漀甀爀 猀甀瀀瀀氀礀 挀栀愀椀渀 挀愀渀 洀愀欀攀㼀 圀栀愀琀 椀昀 礀漀甀 挀漀甀氀搀 椀洀瀀爀漀瘀攀 琀栀攀 瀀愀爀琀 戀礀 洀愀欀椀渀最 椀琀 氀椀最栀琀攀爀 漀爀 猀琀爀漀渀最攀爀 漀渀氀礀 眀栀攀爀攀 椀琀 眀愀猀 爀攀焀甀椀爀攀搀㼀   圀栀愀琀 椀昀 礀漀甀 挀漀甀氀搀 椀渀挀漀爀瀀漀爀愀琀攀 昀攀愀琀甀爀攀猀 琀栀愀琀 礀漀甀爀 挀甀爀爀攀渀琀 猀甀瀀瀀氀礀 挀栀愀椀渀猀 愀爀攀 甀渀愀戀氀攀 琀漀 瀀爀漀瘀椀搀攀㼀 圀栀愀琀 眀漀甀氀搀 礀漀甀 搀漀㼀 䌀爀漀昀琀 䄀搀搀椀琀椀瘀攀 䴀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀椀渀最 栀愀猀 戀攀攀渀 猀攀琀 甀瀀 猀瀀攀挀椀昀椀挀愀氀氀礀 琀漀 瀀爀漀瘀椀搀攀 洀攀琀愀氀 愀搀搀椀琀椀瘀攀 洀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀攀搀  挀漀洀瀀漀渀攀渀琀猀 愀渀搀 愀猀猀攀洀戀氀攀猀 琀漀 椀渀搀甀猀琀爀礀 䌀爀漀昀琀 椀猀 渀漀眀 愀瀀瀀氀礀椀渀最 欀渀漀眀氀攀搀最攀 琀漀 瀀爀漀搀甀挀攀 瀀愀爀琀猀 渀攀瘀攀爀 戀攀昀漀爀攀 瀀漀猀猀椀戀氀攀⸀ 䐀漀 礀漀甀 栀愀瘀攀 愀渀 匀吀䰀 漀爀 匀吀倀 昀椀氀攀 漀昀 琀栀攀 瀀愀爀琀 礀漀甀 渀攀攀搀 愀渀搀  愀爀攀 椀渀琀攀爀攀猀琀攀搀 椀渀 昀椀渀搀椀渀最 漀甀琀 眀栀愀琀 挀愀渀 戀攀 搀漀渀攀㼀 吀栀攀渀 昀椀渀搀 漀甀琀 洀漀爀攀 愀琀 眀眀眀⸀挀爀漀昀琀愀洀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀 漀爀 挀漀渀琀愀挀琀 甀猀 愀琀 猀愀氀攀猀䀀挀爀漀昀琀愀洀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀

吀㄀ 吀䄀夀䰀伀刀 䈀唀匀䤀一䔀匀匀 倀䄀刀䬀 簀 刀䤀匀䰀䔀夀 簀 圀䄀刀刀䤀一䜀吀伀一 簀 䌀䠀䔀匀䠀䤀刀䔀 簀 圀䄀㌀ 㘀䈀䰀 吀㨀  ㄀㤀㈀㔀 㜀㘀㜀 㜀  簀 䘀㨀  ㄀㤀㈀㔀 㜀㘀㔀 ㈀㤀 簀 眀眀眀⸀挀爀漀昀琀愀洀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀 簀 猀愀氀攀猀䀀挀爀漀昀琀愀洀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀

匀瀀攀挀椀愀氀椀猀琀 洀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀攀爀Ⰰ 䌀爀漀昀琀 䄀搀搀椀琀椀瘀攀  䴀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀椀渀最 ⠀䌀䄀䴀⤀Ⰰ 愀渀搀 䔀匀刀 匀瀀愀挀攀 栀愀瘀攀  挀漀洀戀椀渀攀搀 攀砀瀀攀爀琀椀猀攀 琀漀 挀漀渀搀甀挀琀 愀 猀琀甀搀礀 椀渀琀漀 琀栀攀 甀猀攀 漀昀  愀搀搀椀琀椀瘀攀 洀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀椀渀最 ⠀䄀䴀⤀ 愀渀搀 甀猀攀 瀀爀漀琀漀琀礀瀀攀猀 琀漀  搀攀瘀攀氀漀瀀 戀攀猀瀀漀欀攀 猀瀀愀挀攀挀爀愀昀琀 洀攀挀栀愀渀椀猀洀猀⸀ 吀栀攀 爀攀猀攀愀爀挀栀Ⰰ 眀栀椀挀栀 眀愀猀 昀甀渀搀攀搀 戀礀 䌀攀渀琀爀攀 昀漀爀 䔀愀爀琀栀  伀戀猀攀爀瘀愀琀椀漀渀 䤀渀猀琀爀甀洀攀渀琀愀琀椀漀渀 愀渀搀 匀瀀愀挀攀 吀攀挀栀渀漀氀漀最礀  䌀䔀伀䤀ⴀ匀吀Ⰰ 愀椀洀攀搀 琀漀 攀砀瀀氀漀椀琀 爀攀挀攀渀琀 搀攀瘀攀氀漀瀀洀攀渀琀猀 椀渀  洀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀椀渀最 琀攀挀栀渀漀氀漀最礀 愀渀搀 挀爀攀愀琀攀 椀渀渀漀瘀愀琀椀瘀攀Ⰰ  栀椀最栀ⴀ瀀攀爀昀漀爀洀愀渀挀攀 挀漀洀瀀漀渀攀渀琀猀 昀漀爀 甀猀攀 椀渀 搀攀洀愀渀搀椀渀最  洀攀挀栀愀渀椀猀洀 愀瀀瀀氀椀挀愀琀椀漀渀猀⸀   圀栀椀氀攀 琀栀攀 洀愀椀渀 攀洀瀀栀愀猀椀猀 漀昀 琀栀攀 猀琀甀搀礀 眀愀猀 漀渀  猀瀀愀挀攀挀爀愀昀琀 愀瀀瀀氀椀挀愀琀椀漀渀猀Ⰰ 椀琀 愀氀猀漀 猀甀瀀瀀漀爀琀攀搀 琀栀攀  搀攀瘀攀氀漀瀀洀攀渀琀 漀昀 猀甀瀀瀀氀礀 挀栀愀椀渀 挀愀瀀愀戀椀氀椀琀礀 椀渀 䄀䴀 愀渀搀 琀栀攀  猀甀椀琀愀戀椀氀椀琀礀 漀昀 猀甀挀栀 瀀爀漀挀攀猀猀攀猀 椀渀 愀 爀愀渀最攀 漀昀 洀愀爀欀攀琀猀Ⰰ  椀渀挀氀甀搀椀渀最 琀攀氀攀挀漀洀洀甀渀椀挀愀琀椀漀渀猀Ⰰ 猀挀椀攀渀挀攀 愀渀搀 爀漀戀漀琀椀挀猀⸀ 䜀爀愀渀琀 䴀甀渀爀漀Ⰰ 瀀爀漀樀攀挀琀 洀愀渀愀最攀爀 愀琀 䔀匀刀 匀瀀愀挀攀Ⰰ  攀砀瀀氀愀椀渀攀搀 琀栀攀 瀀愀爀琀渀攀爀猀栀椀瀀 猀攀氀攀挀琀椀漀渀 瀀爀漀挀攀猀猀攀猀㨀  ᰠ䐀甀爀椀渀最 攀愀爀氀礀 搀椀猀挀甀猀猀椀漀渀猀 眀椀琀栀 䌀爀漀昀琀Ⰰ 眀攀 椀搀攀渀琀椀昀椀攀搀 愀  渀甀洀戀攀爀 漀昀 猀礀渀攀爀最椀攀猀 椀渀 琀栀攀 欀攀礀 猀欀椀氀氀猀 椀琀 栀愀猀 搀攀瘀攀氀漀瀀攀搀  愀猀 愀 戀甀猀椀渀攀猀猀⸀ 䤀琀 眀愀猀 愀渀 漀戀瘀椀漀甀猀 挀栀漀椀挀攀 琀漀 栀愀爀渀攀猀猀 琀栀攀  瀀爀漀挀攀猀猀 搀攀瘀攀氀漀瀀洀攀渀琀猀 椀渀 琀栀椀猀 瀀爀漀最爀愀洀洀攀 漀昀 眀漀爀欀  猀椀渀挀攀 䌀爀漀昀琀 椀猀 眀攀氀氀 愀氀椀最渀攀搀 眀椀琀栀 琀栀攀 琀攀挀栀渀椀挀愀氀  漀戀樀攀挀琀椀瘀攀猀 猀攀琀 漀甀琀 愀琀 琀栀攀 猀琀愀爀琀 漀昀 琀栀攀 瀀爀漀最爀愀洀洀攀⸀ᴠ 䤀渀 猀瀀愀挀攀 愀瀀瀀氀椀挀愀琀椀漀渀猀Ⰰ 琀栀攀爀攀 愀爀攀 愀 渀甀洀戀攀爀 漀昀  搀椀猀愀搀瘀愀渀琀愀最攀猀 琀漀 甀猀椀渀最 愀 氀椀焀甀椀搀 漀爀 最爀攀愀猀攀ⴀ戀愀猀攀搀  氀甀戀爀椀挀愀渀琀Ⰰ 猀甀挀栀 愀猀 氀漀眀 琀攀洀瀀攀爀愀琀甀爀攀 瘀椀猀挀漀猀椀琀礀Ⰰ  攀瘀愀瀀漀爀愀琀椀漀渀Ⰰ 氀漀猀猀 漀昀 氀甀戀爀椀挀愀渀琀 愀渀搀 挀漀渀琀愀洀椀渀愀琀椀漀渀 漀昀  漀琀栀攀爀 瀀愀爀琀猀 漀昀 琀栀攀 猀瀀愀挀攀挀爀愀昀琀⸀ 

吀漀 愀搀搀爀攀猀猀 琀栀攀猀攀 椀猀猀甀攀猀Ⰰ 琀眀漀 挀漀渀挀攀瀀琀 搀攀猀椀最渀猀  眀攀爀攀 搀攀瘀攀氀漀瀀攀搀 甀猀椀渀最 䌀爀漀昀琀ᤠ猀 刀攀愀氀椀猀攀爀 匀䰀䴀ⴀ㈀㔀   洀愀挀栀椀渀攀⸀ 吀栀攀猀攀 眀攀爀攀 戀漀琀栀 昀漀挀甀猀攀搀 漀渀 洀愀渀愀最椀渀最 琀栀攀  氀甀戀爀椀挀愀渀琀 眀椀琀栀椀渀 琀栀攀 戀攀愀爀椀渀最 猀礀猀琀攀洀 洀漀爀攀  攀昀昀攀挀琀椀瘀攀氀礀Ⰰ 眀椀琀栀 愀 瀀愀爀琀椀挀甀氀愀爀 攀洀瀀栀愀猀椀猀 漀渀 琀栀攀  挀栀愀氀氀攀渀最攀猀 漀昀 琀栀攀 猀瀀愀挀攀 攀渀瘀椀爀漀渀洀攀渀琀⸀   一攀椀氀 䈀甀爀渀猀Ⰰ 搀椀爀攀挀琀漀爀 愀琀 䌀爀漀昀琀 䄀搀搀椀琀椀瘀攀  䴀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀椀渀最Ⰰ 猀愀椀搀㨀 ᰠ䤀琀 椀猀 愀氀眀愀礀猀 愀搀瘀椀猀攀搀 琀漀 栀愀瘀攀  猀攀瘀攀爀愀氀 漀瀀琀椀漀渀猀 眀栀攀渀 猀攀攀欀椀渀最 琀漀 椀搀攀渀琀椀昀礀 愀 戀攀猀瀀漀欀攀  猀漀氀甀琀椀漀渀 甀猀椀渀最 椀渀渀漀瘀愀琀椀瘀攀 琀攀挀栀渀漀氀漀最椀攀猀⸀ 䘀漀氀氀漀眀椀渀最 琀栀攀  挀爀攀愀琀椀漀渀 愀渀搀 愀渀愀氀礀猀椀猀 漀昀 琀栀攀 琀眀漀 瀀爀漀琀漀琀礀瀀攀猀 椀渀 琀栀椀猀  椀渀猀琀愀渀挀攀Ⰰ 椀琀 眀愀猀 搀攀攀洀攀搀 洀漀爀攀 瘀愀氀甀愀戀氀攀 琀漀 搀攀瘀攀氀漀瀀 琀栀攀  氀甀戀爀椀挀愀渀琀 爀攀琀愀椀渀椀渀最 挀愀最攀 昀甀爀琀栀攀爀⸀ᴠ 䜀爀愀渀琀 挀漀渀琀椀渀甀攀搀㨀 ᰠ圀攀 氀攀愀爀渀琀 愀 渀甀洀戀攀爀 漀昀  瘀愀氀甀愀戀氀攀 氀攀猀猀漀渀猀 搀甀爀椀渀最 琀栀椀猀 猀琀甀搀礀Ⰰ 琀栀攀 洀漀猀琀  椀洀瀀漀爀琀愀渀琀 漀昀 眀栀椀挀栀 眀愀猀 椀渀 琀栀攀 搀攀猀椀最渀 瀀爀漀挀攀猀猀 ጠ 眀栀椀氀攀  䄀䴀 琀攀挀栀渀漀氀漀最礀 挀愀渀 最椀瘀攀 最爀攀愀琀攀爀 搀攀猀椀最渀 昀爀攀攀搀漀洀  爀攀氀愀琀椀瘀攀 琀漀 挀漀渀瘀攀渀琀椀漀渀愀氀 洀愀挀栀椀渀椀渀最Ⰰ 椀琀 椀猀 渀漀琀 眀椀琀栀漀甀琀  挀漀渀猀琀爀愀椀渀琀猀⸀ 䤀渀 琀攀爀洀猀 漀昀 渀攀砀琀 猀琀攀瀀猀Ⰰ 愀  爀漀愀搀洀愀瀀 栀愀猀 戀攀攀渀 挀爀攀愀琀攀搀 琀漀 猀栀漀眀 琀椀洀攀猀挀愀氀攀猀 昀漀爀  攀砀瀀氀漀椀琀愀琀椀漀渀 眀椀琀栀椀渀 琀栀攀 猀瀀愀挀攀 椀渀搀甀猀琀爀礀 愀渀搀 戀攀礀漀渀搀⸀ᴠ  一攀椀氀 挀漀渀挀氀甀搀攀搀㨀 ᰠ䄀氀氀 椀渀 愀氀氀Ⰰ 琀栀椀猀 瀀爀漀最爀愀洀洀攀 栀愀猀 戀攀攀渀  愀 栀甀最攀 猀甀挀挀攀猀猀 愀渀搀 栀愀猀 搀攀氀椀瘀攀爀攀搀 愀 渀甀洀戀攀爀 漀昀  瀀爀漀洀椀猀椀渀最 琀攀挀栀渀漀氀漀最椀攀猀 昀漀爀 昀甀爀琀栀攀爀 搀攀瘀攀氀漀瀀洀攀渀琀⸀ 䤀琀 栀愀猀  漀瀀攀渀攀搀 搀漀漀爀猀 昀漀爀 甀猀 琀漀 眀漀爀欀 椀渀 挀漀氀氀愀戀漀爀愀琀椀漀渀 眀椀琀栀 愀  渀攀眀 瀀愀爀琀渀攀爀 愀渀搀 椀渀琀爀漀搀甀挀攀 琀栀攀洀 琀漀 琀栀攀 瀀漀琀攀渀琀椀愀氀 漀昀  愀搀搀椀琀椀瘀攀 洀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀椀渀最Ⰰ 猀漀洀攀琀栀椀渀最 琀栀愀琀 眀攀ᤠ爀攀 愀氀眀愀礀猀  眀漀爀欀椀渀最 琀漀眀愀爀搀猀 愀琀 䌀爀漀昀琀⸀ᴠ  圀栀椀氀攀 椀琀 椀猀 氀椀欀攀氀礀 琀栀愀琀 琀栀攀 挀漀洀瀀漀渀攀渀琀 搀攀瘀攀氀漀瀀攀搀 眀椀氀氀 戀攀  椀渀椀琀椀愀氀氀礀 甀猀攀搀 昀漀爀 猀瀀愀挀攀挀爀愀昀琀 愀瀀瀀氀椀挀愀琀椀漀渀猀 愀氀漀渀攀Ⰰ 琀栀攀  甀猀攀 漀昀 琀栀攀 琀攀挀栀渀漀氀漀最礀 椀渀 漀琀栀攀爀 椀渀搀甀猀琀爀椀攀猀 猀甀挀栀 愀猀  渀甀挀氀攀愀爀Ⰰ 愀攀爀漀猀瀀愀挀攀 愀渀搀 洀攀搀椀挀愀氀 眀椀氀氀 戀攀 攀砀瀀氀漀爀攀搀 椀渀  瀀愀爀愀氀氀攀氀⸀ 

吀㄀ 吀䄀夀䰀伀刀 䈀唀匀䤀一䔀匀匀 倀䄀刀䬀 刀䤀匀䰀䔀夀Ⰰ 圀䄀刀刀䤀一䜀吀伀一 䌀䠀䔀匀䠀䤀刀䔀Ⰰ 圀䄀㌀ 㘀䈀䰀 吀㨀  ㄀㤀㈀㔀 㜀㘀㜀 㜀  䘀㨀  ㄀㤀㈀㔀 㜀㘀㔀 ㈀㤀 眀眀眀⸀挀爀漀昀琀愀洀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀 猀愀氀攀猀䀀挀爀漀昀琀愀洀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀


February 2016

316L Stainless Steel Filters – Custom-built, high specification, simple and easy to maintain Axium Process, filtration specialists, manufacture a comprehensive range of 316L stainless steel filters which are renowned for their robust construction, versatility, reliability and their ease and simplicity to maintain. The filters, which are manufactured to hygienic standards in accordance with ASME-BPE principles, are available with full materials certification, wedge-wire or sintered mesh elements and are designed for filtration levels from 5 micron up to 6000 micron as standard. Widely used across a broad range of industries for a diverse range of duties, Axium’s Standard range of filters include a 90º, in-line and straight through options as well as a Compact filter version designed for use in confined areas or where flow rates are low. Axium’s engineers specialise in customised hygienic stainless steel fabrication and filters are routinely manufactured to suit customer requirements. Engineers work closely with customers to fully understand their processing requirements so that the optimum filter is supplied for a given application. Customised options include stand-alone, duplex, triplex, multiplex, large capacity and jacketed filters. Sample valves, drain or vent valves can be integrated into any of the options as can isolation or back flush valves if required.


New TC Model • 500 - 2000kg/hr • Touch control screen • Full modulation feature 50-100% firing • Natural Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel • Automatic facility option • PM5 Facility option • Pressure range up to 32 barG • >98% Efficiency * • Remote compatible with Profibus/ CANbus etc. • Steam in 3 minutes • Compact construction • Lightweight • Suitable for mezzanine floors • Factory tested prior to dispatch to site • NOx Gas reduction option • Dual fuel option

SC Range • 80 - 2000kg/hr • Natural Gas, Light Oil, LPG and Bio Fuel • Automatic facility option • PM5 Facility option • Pressure range up to 32 barG • >98% Efficiency * • Steam in 3 minutes • Compact construction • Lightweight • Suitable for mezzanine floors • Factory tested prior to dispatch to site • NOx Gas reduction option

Electrical Range • Compact • 8 - 160kg/hr Steam output • Modulating ouput • Skid mountable • Steam in 3 minutes • Automatic facility option

CERTUSS (UK) Limited Unit 45 Gravelly Industrial Park Tyburn Road Birmingham B24 8TG

Tel: 0121 327 5362 Fax: 0121 328 2934 sales@certuss.co.uk www.certuss.co.uk

Duty Standby with CVE Package Plant

CVE Package Plant • compact • Pre-pied, Pre-Wired • Skid mounted • Fully factory tested • Lightweight • Easily maintained

Containerised Plant • Easily relocated • Self contained plant room • Full lighting and heating • Fast site connection

February 2016

Schwer enjoys an enviable reputation in the stainless steel industry for unrivalled service levels, components built for longevity and guaranteed 100% traceability across all products. In addition to holding German Lloyds classification for more than ten years, Schwer also holds DNV, ABS, GOST and RINA certification. Schwer Fittings lead the way in stainless steel connection technology.

Certification can be seen here

Manufacturers and suppliers of high precision stainless steel tube components and hose fittings, with a technically trained sales team and a BFPA authorised training centre.

Schwer Fittings Ltd, Warrington Tel: 01925 639006 Fax: 01925 639007 Email: Info @schwer.co.uk www.schwer.com

With most products available from stock in Warrington, Schwer can supply a next day service throughout the UK. Threads available include BSPP, BSPT, NPT, Metric and JIC; hose tails include standard and interlock; DNV certified compression fittings in single and twin ferrule; LP and HP valves. 76|

February 2016

High Speed Metal Marking Galvos and Flatbed Laser Cutters

Visit our galvo demonstration suite

Mark up to 900 characters per second with a high speed galvo from Trotec Laser. With flatbed lasers from A3 to 2.2m x 3.2m in size, Trotec offers the optimum solution for your precision marking, cutting and engraving requirements.

Book a demonstration at our recently launched galvo demonstration suite where you can see four of our precision marking lasers including the brand new SpeedMarker 1300, boasting a working area of 1120 x 635mm.

Process metal, plastics, glass, acrylic, wood, textiles plus more. Call 0191 580 1182 or email sales@troteclaser.co.uk to join us at one of our 7 showrooms throughout the UK and Ireland. www.troteclaser.co.uk



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T&D Corporation MrCrane MinoruCo ItoLtd Street European Sales Office Chapel-en-le-Frith Gronauer Straße 1 High Peak 61194 Niddatal SK23Germany 0PH

Tel: +44 (0)(0)6034 1298 812456 0049 930970 www.streetcrane.co.uk europe.office@tandd.de email: sales@streetcrane.co.uk tandd.com

ECi Software Solutions Si One, St Ives Business Park, Parsons Green, St Ives, PE27 4AA Tel: +44 (0) 333 123 0333   Website: www.eci.eu     Email: eu-sales@ecisolutions.com

Man and Machine Ltd Unit 8 Thame 40 Jane Morbey Road Thame Oxfordshire OX9 3RR www.manandmachine.co.uk marketing@manandmachine.co.uk

Weber Marking Systems UK Macmerry Industrial Estate, Tranent, East Lothian EH33 1HD, United Kingdom

78| 68|

Tel: +44.18.7561.1111 E-mail: sales@weber.co.uk www.weber.co.uk

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Quantum Controls 6a Dukes Way Low Prudhoe Northumberland NE42 69Q 0330 9000 247 sales@quantum-controls.co.uk  

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd Scotts Business Park Bampton, Devon EX16 9DN www.fraser-antistatic.co.uk sales@fraser-antistatic.co.uk +44 (0)1398331114

Hone-All Cherrycourt Way, Leighton Buzzard. LU7 4UH. Tel: 0845 5555 111 E-mail: sales@hone-all.co.uk www.hone-all.co.uk

Ecopac (UK) Power Ltd Unit 4, Ridgeway, Crendon Industrial Area, Long Crendon, Bucks, HP18 9BF Tel: +44 1844204420 www.ecopacpower.co.uk

bespoke and stock hinges from the UK’s No 1 specialist manufacturer


for every application

bespoke hinge design full range of standard hinges presswork and sub-assembly services

visit www.goldwassallhinges.co.uk quality hinges for over 200 years 01827 63391

Paris Nord Villepinte Exhibition Center

Profile for Jet Digital Media Ltd

Engineering Update - February 2016  

Engineering Update - February 2016