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April 2016


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_engineering update cover April 2016 - 277x190mm plus 20 mm trim.indd 1

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April 2016

Overseas mission: UK firms take ideas to Malaysia and Singapore Ten UK firms with an expertise in connected cities visited South East Asia to pitch their ideas to businesses, investors and government.


ome of the most exciting British businesses developing technologies to improve the way we live and work in cities have been to Malaysia and Singapore on a Mission organised by Innovate UK and UK Trade and Investment (UKTI). The businesses were able to showcase their technologies – ranging from smart street lighting to seamless ticketing, intelligent building management, mapping and security systems – and to speak to potential customers, investors and partners in South East Asia. Datuk Nik A Faizul Bin Abd Mallek, Managing Director, MIGHT Technology Nurturing, with representatives of Innovate UK, UKTI, and UK and Malaysian companies.

The 10 companies that took part in the Connected Cities Trade Mission between 14 and 18 March were: Aralia Systems Ltd Block Dox Ltd Bronze Software Labs Ltd The Carbon Trust Demand Logic Design for Social Change Ltd Multipass UK Ltd Ordnance Survey International Preliminal Limited Telensa Ltd

South East Asia a global leader in smart cities

Dr Viraj Perera, chief executive of PlaTCOM Ventures, an organisation that supports the commercialisation of innovative ideas in Malaysia, talks about the role of innovation and commercialisation in the development of smart cities.

South East Asia is at the forefront of global work on connected cities and is potentially a huge market for UK firms. A report by the Future Cities Catapult identified more than 32,000 UK companies providing innovative solutions for the connected cities market. Niraj Saraf, lead technologist for urban living at Innovate UK, said: These companies’ innovations are key to addressing the challenges that large cities face. These challenges include growing populations, increased demand for energy and the integration of technology into citizens’ everyday lives.

Multipass UK Ltd discussing its business model during an investor panel discussion, British High Commission in Singapore

We believe these companies have huge growth potential and could become a vital part of the global connected cities industry in the near future.

April 2016

Transferring technology: event promotes industry partnerships Innovate UK and Williams F1 have joined forces to accelerate UK innovation through transfer of technology and cross-industry collaboration.

Datuk Nik A Faizul Bin Abd Mallek, Managing Director, MIGHT Technology Nurturing, with representatives of Innovate UK, UKTI, and UK and Malaysian companies.

Highlights of the mission •

hearing how Cyberjaya, Putrajaya, Iskandar and Forest City in Malaysia are creating sustainable smart cities earning how the Malaysian government is investing heavily in supporting smart cities and smart city solutions through Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology, PlaTCOM Ventures, Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre and Iskandar Regional Development Authority

discovering how Singapore’s Smart Nation initiative is the country’s main focus

learning how the Singapore government is supporting the Smart Nation initiative through Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore, Housing Development Board, Agency for Science, Technology and Research, Urban Redevelopment Authority Singapore and Cyber Security Agency of Singapore

hearing about the smart city opportunities in Australia, Hong Kong, the Philippines and Thailand

John Carr, CleanTeQ Holdings, Graham Howes, BP Ventures, Fabrice Bienfait, Environmental Technologies Fund, and Tom Whitehouse, LEIF, talk at the Williams F1 and Innovate UK partnership event.

Innovate UK and the leading Formula One business Williams joined forces to promote crossindustry collaboration as a means to accelerate innovation and dramatically increase economic growth. Representatives from corporations, small businesses, start-ups and investors gathered at the Williams headquarters in Wantage, Oxfordshire. Among the speakers were Kevin Baughan, director of technology and innovation at Innovate UK, and Craig Wilson, managing director of Williams Advanced Engineering. Mr Baughan said: We are really interested in the highimpact innovation that comes when sectors and disciplines collide. When you have industry coming together in new partnerships, they can take on the global markets of the future and transform economies. Williams recently set up a new division, Technology Ventures, that focuses on transferring its Formula One technologies to other sectors.

Mr Wilson said: We are proud to be associated with Innovate UK and its mission to accelerate Britain’s economic growth through innovation. Today was an opportunity to get innovation professionals from a range of different industries together in one room to discuss and debate how we are each tackling important global issues. It’s through this open dialogue that we can learn from each other’s approaches and explore ways in which we can work together to achieve common goals. It’s not often that you get major corporates, SMEs, financiers and academia all together to share their experiences on the same topic and it has led to some fascinating insights and opportunities. Among the issues discussed were the future of the car and urban transportation, disruptive innovation in the energy sector, and raising private finance to support innovation. A number of small businesses exhibited at the event including Innovate UKsupported Mujo Mechanics Ltd, Oxehealth and Bindatex.

Man and Machine Training Academy Man and Machine offer an extensive range of Autodesk 2016 training courses

Man and Machine specialise in Autodesk training for Manufacturers, Engineers, Architects & Product Designers. All courses are taught with the official Autodesk courseware and includes one month’s free post training support. Autodesk AutoCAD courses include: •AutoCAD Essentials •AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals •AutoCAD Advanced •AutoCAD 3D Drawing & Modelling •AutoCAD Mechanical Essentials

E: W: T: 01844 263 700

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April 2016

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At the forefront of digital marketing, Engineering Update strives to bring its readers the latest in industrial engineering, in a format that provides the best usability and ease of use for it’s readers. Every monthly issue of the publication brings the latest in news, event information, as well as extensive features that encompass every aspect of the engineering industry.

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Editor’s Choice

April 2016

High integrity seismic protection of critical assets such as oil, gas, nuclear and hydro-electric installations, pharmaceutical and medical facilities, where accurate detection of structural vibration in conjunction with safe shutdown procedures is an essential requirement. SENSONICS, the leading supplier of seismic monitoring protection systems to the UK’s nuclear industry, offer a range of solutions which are ideally suited to most applications.



he SA safety seismic switch is a good example of Sensonics expertise in developing innovative seismic monitoring and protection systems which are trusted by the UK nuclear industry. The SA-3 seismic safety switch provides triaxial vibration detection and is ideal for protecting vulnerable structures from ground borne vibration events and incorporates a range of safe shutdown options, depending on the application. The SA-3 model features three high-integrity low-noise piezoelectric seismometers positioned at 90º to each other along with the associated alarm circuitry housed within a robust weatherproof painted steel enclosure. It is seismically qualified to IEEE-344 (Standard for Seismic Qualification of Equipment


for Nuclear Power Generating Stations) and utilises technology operationally proven in harsh environments. The switch operates on seismic events and when the signal from any axis exceeds the pre-set alarm level, the alarm relay is activated. The sensors consist of a unique system of matched piezoelectric elements arranged in a ‘reciprocal’ configuration providing a functional test capability. Application of a 1Hz signal to the calibration crystal element mechanically excites the measuring elements resulting in a defined signal output which can be used to perform a full loop check of the seismic switch. Such a facility is essential for applications where the switch is located in a hazardous area and requires full-proof testing on

a regular basis. As well as the usual seismic and EMC approvals the SA-3 switch is available for functional safety applications up to SIL2 and can also be provided in an explosive-proof housing for intrinsically safe applications. ENDS. For more information about the SA-3 seismic safety switch and the other seismic monitoring and protection products available from Sensonics contact: Russell King, Sensonics Ltd, Berkhamsted, Hertfordshire, UK. Tel: +44 (0) 1442 876833. Email:

Product Overview - 2016 Mild Steel

Stainless Steel






Out Door Cabinets



Junction Boxes



Suspension Arms

PC Cabinets

Suspension Arms

Out Door Cabinets

Standard | Modified | Special

Editor’s Choice

April 2016

New Product Innovation… Highly Engineered Lightweight Composite Trench Covers for Areas Imposing High Loads – Safe and Strong! UK Manufacturer Fibrelite can now provide the perfect lightweight alternative to traditionally used heavy concrete and metal access covers for areas imposing particularly high wheel loads such as aircraft pavements, taxiways of civil airports, shipping ports and dockyards. “Having re-configured the internal fibreglass architecture we can meet the permanent set and test load requirements of BS EN 124, Class F900 (when tested in accordance with the Air BP test footprint) explains David Holmes, Fibrelite’s Technical Director and Head of Product Development. “The biggest single benefit of using Fibrelite’s composite covers at the higher load ratings is their strength to weight ratio – very strong and still lifted by hand.” The request for Fibrelite to provide F900 heavy duty trench covers initially came from the UK’s largest container port in the South-East of England. Their work inspectors were exploring replacement options for extremely heavy and corroding steel covers that had been installed years earlier, these extremely heavy covers required a crane and dedicated lifting equipment, which incurred a financial cost with equipment and manpower to lift the covers every time the ships come into dock.

Bespoke, Retrofit Covers Designed to Fit into Existing Frames Deliver Cost and Time Savings The benefit of using a retrofit system is that costly and time consuming installation is eliminated. There are no break outs of existing structures and no curing time resetting structures into concrete. In critical high trafficked areas this is a major advantage. “These highly engineered composite trench covers have eliminated costly and time consuming procedures, as well as allowing for a load rating of up to 90 tonnes. The associated increase in productivity and significant reduction in costs were huge benefactors for the consulting engineers and customers alike” explains David Holmes.

Designed for Employee Safe Lifting and Replacement With recent statistics attributing over half of injuries (resulting in absence from work) to manual handling it’s already known that reducing hazards in this area is a priority on a global scale. Because of legislation restricting acceptable manual handling weights, we are seeing a global trend towards lighter weight composite manhole

and access cover materials, which also have the benefits of ease of handling and corrosion resistance. Lightweight composite covers that provide safe and easy access eliminating unsafe manual handling issues are replacing aging concrete and heavy cast iron access covers all over the world. By using lighter materials, operational injuries are prevented, work sites are made safer and ease of installation and maintenance is made available to utility workers and contractors.

Ergonomic Design The design of these lightweight covers incorporates up to two lifting points for specially designed lifting handles. These allow the operator to remove the cover without trapping fingers or bending over thus maximising the safety of the lifting technique. The weight is kept close to the body preventing back injury; one of the main causes of absence from work and personal injury claims. The chart below shows that the safest place to lift or pull a load is close to the body at waist height. The ergonomic representation of the Fibrelite lifting method More information can be found at the fibrelite website.


Award-winning composite solutions for rail

UK Head Office +44 (0)1255 440297


Composite Platforms

Structural Stair Treads

Dura Platform Composite Station Platforms for New Builds and Refurbs

Dura Slab Composite Stair Treads & Landings with Built-in Riser for Rapid Install

• Spans up to 3.2m @ 5kN/m2 • Concealed Fixing System • Fast Install Minimises Track Time

• Spans up to 2100mm • Available in 65mm or 90mm • Excellent slip resistance even when wet



Composite Structural Walkways

Lightweight FRP Fencing

Ballast Retention

Anti-slip flooring that’s lightweight, corrosion and chemical resistant

Boundary fencing ideal for electrified rail enviroments

Allows greater access to hidden critical parts of structures

Dura Composites’ solutions are the ideal replacement for traditional wood, metal and concrete products, and offer increased safety, reduced maintenance costs and shorter possession times on busy networks.

...designed for the future Industrial





FRP Ballast Retention System

The future of marketing for manufacturing Imagine, for a moment, that you found a really simple way to achieve your growth objectives. Imagine being able to expand, to invest in new machinery, new people, new markets or maybe even selling your business for a premium price. As a good business leader you know that to achieve any of these things you need to invest and to invest you need cash, and cash comes from increasing sales and to do this you need marketing.

‘But I need cash to invest in marketing!’ you think. Yes you do, so imagine that you could have an entire team of marketing professionals working for you who had around 50 years of experience in the engineering and manufacturing sectors and your team comprised of:

● An experienced marketing director

● A commercially focused copywriter

● A creative director

● A highly technical digital team

● A personal account manager

● A creative design team

● A press and media relations officer

● A social media team

Now, imagine that you could have all of this for the annual cost of just one marketing professional!

Sound too good to be true? Well in this case it is true and what’s more you can also benefit from: ● Value added consultancy and knowledge ● Customer focused communications ● Creativity designed specifically for technical products ● Competitiveness and differentiation ● Stronger brand identity and messaging ● Cost effective access to an entire set of marketing skillsets

For more information or an informal discussion please telephone 01462 432303 or email

The Product Marketing Company Experts in marketing for the manufacturing industry

The Product Marketing Company 01462 432303

April 2016

Compact high pressure flometers

Insertion turbine flowmeters

Based upon its proprietary oval gear design - Titan Enterprises OG-1 and OG-2 flowmeters are designed to give reliable, high performance in high pressure applications.

Titan Enterprise’s innovative insertion turbine combine proven robust technology with modern materials and design.

Constructed from durable materials including 316 Stainless Steel and PEEK™ - these compact meters are perfect for measuring flow at pressures up to 700 Barr and 150°C. Designed to be IP-67 / NEMA 4 compliant, Titan OG-1 and OG-2 high pressure flowmeters are available in standard and customer specified configurations. Unlike other flowmeters, the measurement accuracy of oval-gear flowmeters improves as liquid viscosity increases, from a nominal one per cent to around 0.1 per cent of flow rate at higher viscosities. In Titan high pressure OG-1 and OG-2 flowmeters, oval-shaped, gear-toothed rotors rotate within a chamber of specified geometry. As these rotors turn, they sweep out and trap a very precise volume of fluid between the outer oval shape of the gears and the inner chamber walls, with none of the fluid actually passing through the gear teeth. Ceramic magnets are embedded in the rotors, which then actuate a reed switch to provide a pulse output. Each pulse or switch closure then represents a precise increment of liquid volume that passes through the meter. The result is highly accurate flow measurement almost immune from the effects of varying fluid viscosity, density and temperature. For further information on high pressure OG-1 and OG-2 flowmeters visit or contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 /

Digital Rate & Totalising Flowmeter Titan Enterprises has announced the launch of the Pulsite Solo an affordable battery powered rate and total flowmeter. Offering the flexibility of panel, wall or surface mounting this new digital display instrument has been designed for use with switch, coil and magnetic sensor inputs. With housing constructed from durable polymer, and sealed to IP65 specifications, the Pulsite Solo can be used in a wide range of operating environments. Programming is simple using two push buttons and logical prompts in English on the LCD display. The replaceable battery life is estimated to be well in excess of 5 years when the Pulsite Solo is used as a totaliser. With rate readings the life of the Pulsite Solo will depend on the duty cycle but is still several years. The Pulsite Solo can also be externally dc powered if required. The meter will take frequencies from dc through to 2 KHz and scale them to display rate or total. The scaling factors are adjustable from 0.01 to 9999 and the time base is selectable as seconds, minutes or hours. For further information on the Pulsite Solo please contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 or


The Polyvinylidene Fluoride (PVDF) turbine on insertion turbines rotates freely on a 316 stainless steel shaft and has specially aerofoil shaped blades to extend the dynamic range of the meter. The specially contoured housing further improves the meters linearity particularly at lower fluid velocities. Each meter contains two sensors, one self-powered (for battery operated equipment) and the other an open collector transistor. A reed switch may be specified for hazardous areas were simple apparatus is acceptable. The body is manufactured from AISI316 stainless steel and as standard is supplied with three metres of five core screened instrument cable. These insertion turbines provide a cost effective and simple means to measure the flow of a wide range of low viscosity liquids. Installation is quick and inexpensive in pipes from 40 mm diameter up to 900 mm diameter. Due to the relatively small disturbance a Titan insertion flow meter head introduces to a pipe, pressure losses for this type of flowmeter are very low delivering significant energy savings by reducing pumping costs. For rate and total applications Titan offers self-powered instruments (MetraCount, MetraSmart) that can be mounted directly onto the insertion turbine meter to enable stand-alone measurement. For further information please visit or contact Titan Enterprises on +44-1935-812790 /

April 2016

Oval gear flow meters

innovative flow measurement solutions

Atrato Ultrasonic flow meters Turbine flow meters Insertion turbine flow meters Flow meter instrumentation

• OEM applications

A broad range of sectors, including medical, industrial, food/drink, laboratory and pharmaceutical.

Guide to Flowmeter Selection

Titan Enterprises Ltd. +44 1935 812790


April 2016

Packed in the guide is a showcase of Arbil Lifting’s substantial hire fleet covering lifting, jacking and materials handling product solutions, including products from the leading brands of Enerpac, Kuplex, Crosby, Yale, Dillon, Tractel, Green Pin and Tangye to name just a few.


ith hire product available in large quantities along with specialist lifting equipment for complex, more demanding jobs; Arbil is able to offer advice and a solution for any lifting application. Backed up by a nationwide hire distribution centre, Arbil is able to supply product nationwide from a fleet which has been expanding and developing for over 50 years. If you would like to receive a copy or enquire and seek advice about any hire solution, please simply email: and the dedicated Arbil Hire team will be happy to help. The Arbil team has a time proven history of finding the right solution for any given challenge. Alternatively copies can be downloaded from


April 2016

High Speed Metal Marking Galvos and Flatbed Laser Cutters

Visit our galvo demonstration suite

Mark up to 900 characters per second with a high speed galvo from Trotec Laser. With flatbed lasers from A3 to 2.2m x 3.2m in size, Trotec offers the optimum solution for your precision marking, cutting and engraving requirements.

Book a demonstration at our recently launched galvo demonstration suite where you can see four of our precision marking lasers including the brand new SpeedMarker 1300, boasting a working area of 1120 x 635mm.

Process metal, plastics, glass, acrylic, wood, textiles plus more. Call 0191 580 1182 or email to join us at one of our 7 showrooms throughout the UK and Ireland.


Machine Safety

April 2016

Go for zero with Lockout/Tagout Lockout/Tagout can save lives during machine maintenance and interventions in production facilities. 15-20% of workplace accidents can be avoided with Lockout/Tagout which is why the procedure should be part of any ambitious go for zero programme that bans accidents from the workplace.

Machine specific isolation In principle, Lockout/Tagout isolates machines from their energy supply during interventions, which prevents them from being reactivated prematurely. To implement Lockout/ Tagout in the workplace, machine specific procedures need to list the necessary steps to isolate every machine. Writing these specific procedures requires some expertise and a thorough knowledge of Lockout/Tagout principles. Brady Corporation supports companies in creating and writing safe machine specific procedures based on worldwide best practices.

Easily implement procedures Machine-specific procedures need to be evaluated by several stakeholders, often spread out over various sites. Brady proposes the LINK360™ software to easily introduce, approve or edit, scale and communicate machine-specific procedures for Lockout/Tagout.


Once approved, LINK360 enables users to upload on-site pictures of the machinery and its energy isolation points. Once finished, the cloud-based software can print the machine-specific procedure for communication near its machine.

Tools & devices To actively isolate a machine in line with the company-approved procedures, a number of lockout devices and padlocks are needed. For every energy isolation point, including handles, buttons, valves, levers and others, a Lockout/Tagout device exists that blocks them in the offposition. A padlock will lock the device itself in place so that machinery that is being serviced, cannot be re-energised accidentally. With best practice machine-specific procedures, software to easily create and evaluate them, and the tools to isolate any machine from its energy sources, companies can avoid accidents during machine interventions and push a go for zero programme to the next level. Request the Lockout/Tagout guide book ‘Safer machine interventions’ for more information about Lockout/Tagout via

Machinery safety

April 2016

Finding the appropriate transfer system is not an ‘off the shelf’ solution It takes considerable research for automation engineers to find the right automation system for a car manufacturer. Countless factors influence the assembly of a transfer system and a lot of hurdles have to be overcome Michael Frieß, Technical Director at Erhardt+Abt Automatisierungstechnik tells in the following report how the transfer system Versamove from the mk Technology Group is the ideal solution. Today, interlinking of machines with robotic automation is used to a significant extent for large-scale production. In addition to the optimal use of machine capacity, processing with maximum possible variants is also gaining more and more importance. Erhardt+Abt Automatisierungstechnik GmbH has been providing turnkey automation solutions in diverse industrial sectors for nearly 20 years. As part of the HEITEC group of companies it has a widespread network of engineers and technicians in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science and mechatronics. Erhardt+Abt has created a name for itself, particularly in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Good integration is required As experts in automation, it is extremely important for Erhardt+Abt that all of the components of a system match perfectly and are easy to integrate. As technical director, Michael Frieß is also responsible for the smooth functioning of a chain of machines. “It is ideal if the individual components directly meet the required specifications”.

Stringent requirements As an example, here is a case of a large project for one of the leading German car manufacturers: A transfer system was required for a machining system with minimum spread of swarf and washing machine residues. Environmental conditions in parts of the plant are quite challenging for materials and surfaces. In addition to the requirements of the materials, even the specific requirements governing operating equipment had to be fulfilled. For Erhardt+Abt merely meeting technical requirements is not all: “It is also important that we cooperate well with our suppliers and we work hand in hand in the project planning phase. We can thus assure our customers that the systems we produce meet the highest quality standards”.

The right partner There were certain conditions that both the conveyor system as well as the manufacturer had to comply with. Erhardt + Abt invited bids from several suppliers. However, the technical solutions they offered, were complex and their implementation would have involved heavy expenditure. With a few smaller jobs that were executed in the past, Erhardt+Abt already had a good experience of the conveyor technology supplied by the mk Technology Group. Michael Frieß turned to his customer advisor who finally recommended to him the right system. “We finally found the right partner in mk”.

Modular Compatible Versatile The systems belonging to mk’s Versamove series are versatile circulating workpiece carrier systems that can be used in practically all areas involving automation and flow of materials. Whatever the application may be, the right system is always available, thanks to the three standardized versions namely standard, plus and ultra. The modular design of the systems ensures quick and transparent project planning and designing.


Custom-design Despite their high degree of standardization, the Versamove s y s t e m s a r e ex t r e m e l y flexible: Due to the demanding environmental conditions to which the system is exposed, a special and particularly resistant workpiece carrier was necessary. “That was not at all a problem with mk”, says Michael Frieß. Engineers at Erhardt+Abt and mk working on this project have jointly d eve l o p e d a w o r k p i e c e carrier tailored to meet the requirements of this system

Discharge of pallets from the main line into two parallel transfer conveyor lines

mk could easily implement Lift and transfer conveyor with coupled even the car manufacturer’s drive and a central hub to bridge very short regulations that govern the crossway operating equipment. mk has already designed some systems for the automotive industry and experts are fully aware of the requirements for these systems. They have adjusted the individual components for the project so that the requirements are fulfilled. Customized pallet in corrosion-resistant “That was one of the main reasons design for a cleaning plant behind deciding in favour of the mk system”, says Michael Frieß. This simplifies integration into the entire project.

Complete project assistance mk assisted during the entire project right from the joint preliminary discussions with Erhardt+Abt and its customers through to installation and commissioning in the plant itself. During ongoing operations, the system meets absolutely all our expectations”, says Michael Frieß. Even the project managers of the car manufacturers are extremely satisfied with the way the entire project has been executed. After commissioning even mk continues to be a vital point of contact for Erhardt+Abt: “The colleagues have given us an excellent after-sales service. Adjustments to the system were implemented quickly and easily”. Generally speaking, the credit for the success of the project goes to the excellent team work of all those who were involved in the project. mk has made a very substantial contribution to the entire project. Michael Frieß is excited to see the human cooperation: “We felt very well cared for at all times”.

Further installations are planned There was good reason for Michael Frieß to rely on mk as a partner for installation of additional systems: After the success of the first project, a second plant is now in operation. “The price of the system is good, the cooperation was excellent and everything was entirely to our expectations. So why should we change?” The cooperation with mk was a real success story for Erhardt+Abt - A third large facility is currently being built for the car manufacturer. Michael Frieß is still impressed: “Our customer is satisfied. We are also a very satisfied customer and we will definitely contact mk for further projects too”.

Profile Technology

Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Modules and Much More

Pallet Handling Systems Modular. Compatible. Versatile.

mk Profile systems limited a company of the mk Technology Group Unit 2·Wolds Farm Business Park Kinoulton Lane·Kinoulton·Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ Phone +44 (0)1949 823751·Fax +44 (0)1949 81270·

April 2016

MHEA LAUNCHES EXCELLENCE AWARDS The Materials Handling Engineers Association is proud to announce the launch of the MHEA Excellence Awards – designed to celebrate the talent and creativity of its members and the world class capabilities of its member companies.


ree to enter, the awards are open to member companies or individual members who have made an outstanding contribution to the bulk materials handling industry - from ports, power and mining to steel and cement - during 2016. Application is easy. Applicants can simply complete the online awards entry form and submit before the closing date of 30 June 2016.

Applicants may enter more than one category, by submitting an online entry form for each award. To enter the awards, please complete the entry form and submit at no later than 30 June 2016.

The awards are divided into the following categories:

• Innovation Award An award for the introduction of new technology or improved solution in the bulk materials handling industry.

• Apprentice of the Year The Apprentice of the Year Award seeks to acknowledge and celebrate an apprentice’s exceptional occupational progress and their contribution to their workplace during their apprenticeship. To enter, applicants must be based in the UK and have completed or be in an apprenticeship scheme within the last 12 months.

• Project of the Year An award acknowledging a project which has achieved significant success through effective management and delivery approaches. Awards are considered for projects demonstrating excellence, regardless of size in the bulk materials handling industry.

• Supplier of the Year An award recognising exemplary service, performance and customer commitment by a supplier in the bulk materials handling industry.

• Harold Wright Award This is the outstanding achievement award. The special award will be presented to a company or individual who the judges consider has made an outstanding contribution to the bulk materials handling industry.


Winners will be announced at a gala awards dinner on Wednesday 5 October. The black tie event will be held at The Majestic Hotel in Harrogate. Michael Kaye, Chairman of the MHEA, said: “These new awards will celebrate and recognise the achievements and successes of those working across the bulk and materials handling industry. We are looking forward to seeing the entries and celebrating the huge amount of work which is taking place across the UK. Best of luck to you all. “It promises to be a fantastic event, bringing together a host of organisations and colleagues within bulk and materials handling. Those wishing to join us can book a place or a table by contacting the events team on 01787 226995.” The Materials Handling Engineers Association works to support the interests of companies supplying bulk materials handling equipment worldwide. The association is proud to support the technical and commercial interests of UK companies and offers businesses, suppliers and users of powder, bulk and handling equipment the opportunity to tap into a unique technical marketing knowledge base and share good practice.


"Rapid programming and a terrific feature set. Unitronics delivered more capability for less money." Matthew Cronin, MSI Tec, Inc. Natural gas engine well pumps


Flat Panel

Classic Panel

Vision570™ – advanced PLC with an integrated HMI Supports up to 1000 I/Os Options for high-speed, temperature and weight measurement Variety of communication options Software & Support included at no extra cost! Optional - 5.7” with a flat panel

SNAP I/O Module (optional ) Digital, analog and temperature

SD card

USB programming port

CANbus RS232/RS485 Ethernet I/O Expansion port

Epsom 2 Keys Business Village. Keys Park Road, Hednesford, Staffordshire, WS12 2HA Tel: +44(0) 1543 271899

Unitronics is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of PLCs with integrated HMI and on-board I/Os - rugged PLC product lines that meet a diverse range of requirements. You program your entire application in a single, intuitive software environment, and benefit from premier technical support, both provided at no extra cost.

April 2016

Innovation from SEEPEX - a new view on progressive cavity pumps The intrinsic characteristics of progressive cavity pumps are suited to many applications in food and beverage processing. A low shear action with no ‘slip’, the ability to handle soft solids, accurate metering and flow control of viscous and sticky products are just some of the properties that make SEEPEX pumps the first choice for many food processors. With expertise as diverse as yogurt and ice cream transfer, caramel dosing onto biscuits and even removal of waste from production areas, innovation has enabled SEEPEX to develop their pumps for ever more challenging applications. •

Hygienic pumps with a heated vertical hopper have a gravity assisted product feed. The pumping elements of rotor and stator together with the flexibility of the vertical hopper means that a variety of products can be conveyed using a single pump. Heating the hopper means that products such as jams, fruit sauces and syrups can be held at the ideal process temperature and the accurate flow rate with low pulsation ensures accurate metering of products. Wastage is reduced as the hopper can be completely emptied to ensure effective cleaning. The hygienic design of the pump is further enhanced by removal of product contact with the pump seal.

SEEPEX waste removal pumps have a patented design with integral cutting knives; these rotating knives chop the waste before the pumping elements transfer it over long distances to reception areas. Factories are kept clean by the automatic removal of waste, labour costs are reduced and utility costs are lower than alternative waste removal methods.

These are just two examples of how SEEPEX innovation improves product quality and hygiene for food processing operations. To learn more, or to find out how SEEPEX innovations may help you, contact us on +44 1935 472376 or email

Visit us at the NEC, Birmingham for:

FOODEX 2016 Hall 6, Stand L211


SEEPEX progressive cavity pumps handle thin to high viscosity products with a low shear action, soft solids are pumped without squashing and flow rates are accurately controlled with minimal pulsation. They are excellent at maintaining quality over a wide range of food and beverage products. You can reliably dose ingredients, pump fruit pie fillings, abrasive icings, shear sensitive sauces and emulsions, without damaging the product or the pump.


SEEPEX food grade pumps have a hygienic design and can be cleaned by CIP. Open hopper pumps for handling non-flowable products such as spent grain, soft cheese, vegetables and mashed potato can be supplied in hygienic designs. Whatever you want to pump, your food and beverage, fluid or paste handling problems can almost certainly be solved by SEEPEX.


Simple to program, reliable, and very affordable; what more could you want?


Patrick Elam, Vapor Systems Technologies, Inc.

15.6” PLC+HMI

10.4” PLC+HMI

In the picture - mobile, portable, crush and recycle plants. Controller by UniStream CAMS Srl, Italy.


All include Audio & Video support, USB programming port + 2 USB host ports, 2 Ethernet ports – dozens of sockets Choose an HMI touch panel: 7", 10.4" or 15.6"

Add a CPU: snap it on the back of the panel

Select Uni-I/O™ and Uni-COM™ modules: snap next to the CPU

Create a single, compact PLC with an integrated HMI panel and on-board I/O that fits your specific requirements.

Epsom 2 Keys Business Village. Keys Park Road, Hednesford, Staffordshire, WS12 2HA Tel: +44(0) 1543 271899

Unitronics is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of PLCs with integrated HMI and on-board I/Os - rugged PLC product lines that meet a diverse range of requirements. You program your entire application in a single, intuitive software environment, and benet from premier technical support, both provided at no extra cost.


April 2016

Chris Young joins Additive Manufacturing Shows Chris Young has joined exhibition organizer Tarsus as strategy consultant for its Additive Manufacturing Shows portfolio and allied information resources.

Chris Young was the co-founder of the first set of media products and events to cater for the European and North American additive manufacturing (AM) sector back in the early 1990s. As such, he has over 25 years’ experience in the sector and an innate understanding of how additive manufacturing and an array of advanced design and manufacturing solutions work for the betterment of manufacturing enterprises worldwide. As Joint Managing Director of Rapid News Communications Group (which launched the TCT portfolio of products in the United Kingdom and North America), Young cut his teeth in the sector back when additive manufacturing was referred to as “rapid prototyping”. As the sector has evolved, Young has been instrumental in bringing an array of versatile media products and events to market to service the burgeoning demand for practical information concerning the use of additive manufacturing, and information about the suppliers of technology and service solutions.


Since selling his holding in Rapid News Communications Group, Young has remained intimately connected with the additive manufacturing sector, and has been involved in strategic consultancy work on behalf of a number of OEMs using additive manufacturing technologies, and technology and service suppliers alike. “Chris’s knowledge and experience in the additive manufacturing sector gives him a unique insight in the future development of the industry,” explains Lisa Milburn, Managing Director. “We believe that most of the advantages of additive manufacturing (or 3D printing as it is sometimes called) are in business-to-business applications, but that AM is only one part of the design and manufacturing process. Our aim will be to represent the full range of technologies at our shows and we look forward to working with Chris to deliver relevant content to promote the optimization of these processes,” she adds.

Young explains the unique reach and focus of Tarsus’s AM shows. “Tarsus comes to the sector with an exciting vision and a depth of event organization, marketing muscle and success that is unparalleled. For the first time, the additive manufacturing sector will be presented with a pan-European and truly national North American event embracing the full ecosystem of additive manufacturing and allied technologies. Importantly, for the first time there is also a detailed focus in the conferences and exhibitions, specifically on the key industry verticals of healthcare, aerospace and automotive, where business opportunities are greatest.” Tarsus launched the Additive Manufacturing Shows last year following its acquisition of 3D Printshow in 2014. The first edition of Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016 will take place on 28-30 June at RAI Amsterdam, while Additive Manufacturing Americas 2016 will be held on 7-9 December at the Pasadena Convention Center.

The next industrial revolution is here Additive manufacturing is completely changing the production process. Moving beyond 3D printing’s benefits for design and prototyping, it is today a technology that also allows for the creation of complex new products with entirely new properties – lighter, stronger and less wasteful. Come to Additive Manufacturing Europe 2016 at RAI Amsterdam and see the latest technology in action, from full AM/3D printing systems, software solutions, scanning and imaging equipment, finishing solutions and material innovations. It’s the entire advanced design and manufacturing ecosystem in one place! Discover how even small changes can have a big impact on your manufacturing lead times and processes and hear practical case studies from the aerospace, automotive and healthcare sectors. 2 HALLS | 3 DAYS | UNLIMITED OPPORTUNITIES!

Book your tickets today at www.amshow- europe .com



he exhibition is the ideal place for the manufacturing industry to connect with new suppliers, meet new customers and discover the latest new product ranges. Visitors also benefit from face to face interactions with exhibitors and the chance to view new innovations as – or even before – they hit the market. A raft of big brands will return to the NEC to make the most of the opportunity to meet with buyers both from the UK and abroad. Equipment and packaging companies will also be there with Multivac UK, ULMA Packaging, Reiser UK and Handtmann joining the event to showcase their latest innovations. Over 100 sessions and 250 speakers deliver rich content for attendees A rich programme of content will be available to visitors both at the Foodex event as well as co-located shows Food & Drink Expo, Farm Shop & Deli Show and the National Convenience Show. With over 100 sessions and 250 speakers confirmed, visitors can hear from the industry’s leading experts on a wide range of topics including food and drink fraud, protecting supply chains and opportunities and threats in exporting. Highlighting one of the biggest, ongoing issues facing the industry, the skills gap will be addressed at the Foodex Future Skills Summit. A number of leading experts will gather to address the challenges facing the industry and what can be done to encourage fresh talent to climb the ranks. Key spokespersons will join the panel from the Institute of Food Science and Technology (IFST) and National Skills Academy with further keynote speakers set to be announced soon.


April 2016


returns to the NEC Foodex 2016, the UK’s premier trade event for the food and drink processing, packaging, ingredients and logistics industries, returns to the NEC in Birmingham from 18-20 April 2016. The biennial exhibition is set to showcase the latest trends across the food manufacturing sectors from traceability to new ingredients spanning the bakery, beverage, dairy, fresh, ingredients, logistics, meat and seafood sectors.

Great New Idea In addition to a wide range of free-to-attend demonstrations, interactive debates and seminars across the exhibition’s three days, the show will play host to the Great New Idea competition. Exhibitors will be asked to submit a new product/idea that has been launched within the sector for the opportunity to win the Best New Idea Award, which will presented in the show theatre. Foodex will also once again play host to the Premier Young Butcher competition in conjunction with the National Federation for Meat & Food Traders (NFMTF). It will welcome butchery apprentices from across the UK to compete producing and displaying innovative Ready to Eat, Stuffed Roast, Seam Butchery, Barbecue and Kitchen Ready products. In addition, NFMTF ‘s National Meat Product Competition 2016 will also return for the sixth consecutive event. Speaking about Foodex 2016, Event Director, Dan Dixon, said: “Face-toface events are important for most industries to demonstrate what they do. They present an opportunity for exhibiting companies to meet with potential and current buyers and demonstrate new products. The biennial timeline is to allow that innovation to grow. Face to face is obviously a key part of how people want to do business. This is a significant date in the food calendar for people to come along and see what is going on in the industry.” To register free of charge, receiving entry to all co-located shows, visit

Source new solutions at Foodex 2016 Whatever part of the industry you represent, at Foodex and its co-located shows you’ll find a show-floor full of ideas to enhance productivity, improve efficiency and boost your business. Held every two years, the shows bring together over 1200 suppliers plus over 100 informative sessions from more than 250 experts.

By registering for Foodex you’ll also gain free access to Food & Drink Expo, Farm Shop & Deli Show and National Convenience Show @foodex #FDX2016









This is a trade event. No under 16s will be admitted




April 2016

The Total Show returns to the PPMA

for all-new September line-up The UK’s premier processing and packaging machinery and packaging materials exhibition, The PPMA Total Show 2016, returns to the Birmingham NEC this September for the first time in its history, moving from its usual summer slot. The PPMA Total Show incorporates three major exhibition brands – PPMA, Pakex and Interphex – highlighting the latest innovations in materials, containers and packaging design, as well as the very latest processing and packaging machinery, industrial automation and vision innovations. The PPMA Total Show 2016, which runs over three days from 27-29 September 2016, will be the first under the sole ownership of the PPMA for over a decade. It will see the return of popular exhibitors including Festo Ltd, supplier of pneumatic and electrical automation technology, Reiser, supplier of processing, portioning and packaging equipment and solutions for a wide range of food processing industries and Schubert, the automated packaging system specialist.

non-members alike. Attended by thousands of quality buyers and industry experts, this event is not to be missed.”

With more than 250 exhibitors already confirmed, organisers are confident that the 2016 show will be bigger and better than ever. Speaking about its return, Grant Jamieson, Chairman, PPMA Group of Associations, said: “The PPMA Total Show brings together buyers and sellers at one of the most visually dynamic exhibitions of the latest processing and packaging machinery, materials, industrial automation and vision innovations. What’s more as a trade association we have been able to keep stand space pricing as competitive as possible, offering the very best value to members and

Expanding on the success achieved at the PPMA Show 2015, the Total 2016 exhibition will open its doors to a wide range of materials, containers and packaging design companies as well as playing host to companies specialising in pharmaceutical manufacturing equipment and engineering solutions. Incorporating Pakex and Interphex, the show aims to provide businesses across the packaging design and pharmaceutical sectors with an unrivalled opportunity to reach the right decision makers and showcase precisely how their solutions can address a number of particular


processing and packaging challenges. New PPMA Group CEO, Andrew Mint, who joined the association on the 1st February 2016, said: “I am delighted to join the PPMA Group ahead of The PPMA Total Show 2016. The show is a great opportunity for businesses to get their brand, products and equipment in front of a high profile audience and celebrate the innovation that the industry has to offer.” For more information on the 2016 PPMA Total Show, or for details on exhibiting please visit, call 020 8773 8111 or email


April 2016

Utility Week Live 2016 is back for another year as the UK’s only exhibition dedicated to the UK’s gas, electricity and water industries, connecting Britain’s utilities to their suppliers, contractors and partners.

Register for Utility Week Live 2016


ow taking place over two days instead of three at the NEC, Birmingham, it will bring the vibrant multi-billionpound utility industry to life though an exhibition, seminar programmes and show innovations giving all visitors the full experience. The exhibition has returned with brand new features for visitors to enjoy. These include an interactive ‘pumping station’, showcasing the latest technologies with practical knowhow, live case studies and handson workshops. Pumps will also be a major feature on the show floor, with a dedicated display area and workshop, where practical sessions will run throughout the day. In addition, a ‘streetwork village’ will bring the colour and energy of the street to the show floor, featuring a wide range of streetworks solution providers demonstrating their products and services in a ‘live’ environment.

The substantial CPD-accredited seminar programme - which runs alongside the exhibition, and is free to attend - will feature more than 40 seminar sessions organised around six content streams: Innovation, skills, data & analytics, Totex, customers and resilience. Speakers will be experts from both inside and outside the UK utility industry, with sessions running across both days of the show, providing visitors with excellent insight surrounding industry. The programme of seminars, workshops, technical demonstrations and innovative show features are all commissioned and developed by the award-winning Utility Week, Water and Wastewater Treatment (WWT) and WET News editorial teams. Show content will be relevant, insightful, valuable and completely unique. The exhibition will also feature the Utility Bar which sits at the heart of the exhibition, supplying premium refreshments and light meals from 9am until 5pm on both days of Utility Week Live 2016. Utility Week Live 2016 is completely free to attend. Register to visit here.


The essential show for essential services Explore the innovations that are transforming your industry, share knowledge with your peers, and discover what’s driving change in 2016.

Book your free ticket today

ESSENTIAL INFORMATION Hall 12, NEC Birmingham, B40 1NT 17th May 2016: 9.30 - 5.30pm 18th May 2016: 9.00 - 4.00pm


April 2016

We are pleased to announce that LiftEx 2016, the UK’s leading lifting exhibition, will be coming to Scotland for the first time in its history. The 12th edition of the event will take place at the Aberdeen Exhibition & Conference Centre on 23rd & 24th November 2016.


nown as the Energy Capital of Europe, and with over forty years experience in oil and gas operations, Aberdeen is established as one of the most influential, innovative and proactive energy cities in the world. LiftEx has become the go-to event for the lifting industry, comprising of the Exhibition, Industry Conference and Innovation Fast Pitch over the 2 days. Over 100 exhibitors will demo their latest lifting products and services, and 1,500 dedicated industry professionals and end users from a wide range of vertical markets are expected to attend, including oil & gas, energy, road & maritime transport, construction, utilities and manufacturing. For available stands - contact Leah Phelps on +44 (0)7795 110646 or email to reserve your preferred position. A few sponsorship opportunities still available - please contact to discuss how you can further promote your brand before, during and after the event.

Exhibitors include: Atlas Winch & Hoist * Brindley Chains * Caldwell Group / Renfroe * Carl Stahl Evita * Checkmate * Columbus McKinnon * CoreRFID * Crosby * Dynamic Load Monitoring * First Integrated * Fisher Offshore * Gunnebo * Hendrik Veder Group UK Ltd * Hird * Intercomp * JCM Load Monitoring * JD Neuhaus * Jergens * Lift Turn Move * Lift-Rite * Modulift * Motion Software * Power Jacks * Red Rooster Industrial * Reid Lifting * Rope Assemblies * RUD Chains * Sahm Splice * Scotload * Spanset * Speedy Services * Straightpoint * Sumner * Thern Winches & Cranes * Tiger Lifting * Unique Group * Unitex Group * USHA/EMM Corp * Van Beest * Water Weights * Worlifts * Yoke Industrial Corp 32|


April 2016

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National Electronics Week 2016 12th – 14th April Hall 2 NEC, Birmingham National Electronics Week will form part of the largest gathering of industry professionals in the manfacturing arena at The NEC in April. Running alongside 6 other industry events including MACH and Drives and Controls there will a vast array of products and services on display. National Electronics Week is the Uks only dedicated event for the electronics industry and therefore offers visitors the opportunity to see a host of world class exhibitors in one place at one time. There is no more cost effective use of your time than visiting an exhibition relevant to your industry sector, with 100s of companies represented ranging from components to contract manufacturing. With industry professionals onsite to share their knowledge with you this is a great opportunity to engage with new and existing contacts. The show has The Hub with catering and seating offering a great place to arrange meetings and catch up with industry colleagues.


You can touch and see products that you have researched online, see them working live and watch live demonstrations to improve your understanding of what they offer. You can learn and interact in our free technical seminars which have a range of themes touching on up to date topics. So if you are in the electronics industry then National Electronics Week is your must attend event. The NEC is easily accessible by road, rail and air with unlimited parking, onsite train station and airport. And if you are travelling by train you can get 25% off with Virgin Trains when visiting The NEC. There are also hotels onsite and with the opening of Resorts World there are also a great range of restaurants, bars, cinema and casino if you choose to stay overnight.

Registration is free and easy follow this link. Find out more about who is exhibiting follow this link. For full information on seminars, live features, opening times, how to get to us visit and what you can see at Your visitor ticket allows you access into all of the other co-located events onsite.

BIRMINGHAM NEC 12 – 14 April 2016




Birmingham NEC Train Station 25% off with Virgin Trains


Onsite Parking At the NEC!

Opening Times: Tuesday 0930-500 Wednesday 0930-500 Thursday 0930-400

Hall 2, The NEC Birmingham B40 1NT Contact the team now on + 44 1428 609 382 email


April 2016

Claire Perry MP, Parliamentary UnderSecretary of State at the Department for Transport, will formally open this year’s biggest UK infrastructure event, which takes place in London in April.


nfrarail 2016, the exhibition for equipment products and services for railway infrastructure, and the CITE - Civil Infrastructure & Technology Exhibition 2016, focusing on products and services needed for transport projects, utilities, communications and energy networks, will be welcoming engineers, managers and buyers at ExCeL London in the capital’s Docklands from 12 to 14 April.

Minister to open London infrastructure shows With more than 230 companies taking part in the combined shows and numerous technologies and products for many engineering disciplines on display, there will be plenty to see in the exhibition hall. Infrarail and CITE 2016 will also feature programmes of activities running over the three days of the event, all free to attend. Highlights will include keynote speeches as part of Infrarail by Claire Perry, Network Rail Chairman Sir Peter Hendy and David Waboso, Capital Programmes Director at London Underground. CITE keynotes will be delivered by Peter Antolik, Highways Director at the Office of Rail and Road, Roger Bailey, Asset Management Director at Thames Tideway, and a senior speaker from Highways England. Also taking part in the programme of industry seminars and briefings, project updates and discussion groups will be representatives of Crossrail, HS2 Ltd, the National Infrastructure Commission, the Rail Supply Group and Rail North. Full details of all these activities, plus lists of participating exhibitors, are available via the two show websites – and Entry to Infrarail and CITE 2016 is free for visitors who pre-register via the show websites. Registering for either of these shows provides unrestricted access to the other. Online registration closes at midnight on 11 April. For visitors who prefer to register on arrival at ExCeL London, a £20 entry fee will be payable. For additional information contact the organising team at infrarail@ or



April 2016

Countdown to Med-Tech EXPO 2016! Make a date for April 20-21st at the Ricoh Arena, Coventry. Colin Martin, show founder – previews the event. EXPO 2016 is the only UK med-tech show this year. Demand is therefore expected to be high. Now is the time to book your visit and – for last minute bookings – to make certain of reaching your market via a small number of remaining booths. From my perspective, one of the best things about EXPO 2016 is the level of new business done there. We have many testimonials that we will be releasing to the market over the coming weeks. Here is Steve Gibson for example, sales director at cleanroom supplier, NGS, talking about last year’s event. ‘We were extremely impressed at the professionalism of the event organisation and most importantly we were blown away by the quality of the visitors who attended our stand over the 2 days. As of now, only 6 months after the event, we have secured 2 large projects with companies we met there and we are at the advanced stages of negotiation with another contact made. We will definitely be exhibiting again in 2016.’ This exhibitor-networking is also part of the reason that an increasing number of Irish-based suppliers are joining the MTI EXPO experience. Andrea Cawley of Wicklow-based Automatic Plastics says that ‘we’re keen to work with more UK based companies and the Med-Tech Innovation Expo represents an opportunity to meet existing clients and also meet new clients and see the innovations in the medical market in the UK. I think what’s essential at trade shows like this is meeting quality, relevant people.’ Our MTI EXPO 2016 visitor registrations are now over 100% up on this point in the cycle last year. Part of the reason for the upturn, no doubt, is the fact that MTI EXPO 2016 is now indeed the only exhibition of its kind in the UK – our competition having closed its books last year. Another reason is the concentration

of a conference, national awards, informative seminars and exhibition into one lively event. The MTI EXPO conference, for example, grows from strength to strength. We have top-notch contributions from Johnson and Johnson, Phillips Healthcare, the UK Government and many others will headline our conference bill – many thanks to Dr Darren, Costa and all the team at Medilink East Midlands for helping make this happen. The MTI EXPO conference quality is also matched by the compelling issues in our seminar programme. Anyone company working in medtech, for example, will know that the business cannot travel far without obtaining ISO 13485 qualification. The new regulations for that standard have just been published – and our friends at BSI will be presenting a special seminar programme on all the nuances, challenges and arising issues. Don’t get caught out by the changes in legislation. This really is a must-see event for the whole sector. The evening of the 1st day of our show then sees excellence on show in the shape of the Medilink UK national awards. A total of five categories are represented at national level and winning med-tech technology from over forty med-tech companies will be vying for the prizes.

The forty finalists represent a good cross section of the technology at EXPO 2016 itself. Digital healthcare, hardware and software, is well represented among the contending candidates, as is the science of new medical materials and the developers of medical instruments. National broadcaster and medical raconteur Paul Sinha will be the guest speaker and presenter for the evening. In my view, this event alone is worth a visit to the exhibition. It promises to be a great and memorable night. All of these features and many more key EXPO exhibition contributors – in human resources, in product and corporate design; in key med-tech manufacturing services – will be previewed in a special App/Digital publication that we will be releasing for the first time this year. We will email you the links – and it will also be published via a special MTI EXPO App – available at Apple’s iStore. As I said very recently, a very small number of exhibition spaces still remain and I have no qualms in repeating that the MTI EXPO 2016 event will be your only opportunity to meet the Med-Tech Industries all in one place – April 20-21st. Please contact me directly for details. Many thanks again!.



April 2016

MACH 2016

plays host to the next generation of engineering talent With just under 4 weeks to go before the UK’s premier manufacturing technologies showcase kicks off, the MACH 2016 team have announced their full plans for Learning and Development Zone.

The Learning and Development Zone will serve as a base for student visitors, as well as housing some key exhibits and a showcase of apprentices and graduates at work. Over 2000 students from the age of 14 upwards have already registered to attend the exhibition. Students and their teachers are able to register to receive free guided tours of the MACH 2016 site, which will be led by apprentices from MTA member companies, enabling students to gain an in-depth insight into the industry. James Selka CEO of Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) said “As a trade association we are committed to encouraging the next generation of engineering talent into the manufacturing sector. MACH 2016 is a fantastic opportunity to showcase the wonderful work our members do in training new recruits and show potential apprentices the advantages of undertaking a career in a modern manufacturing company.” Apprentices and Graduates at Work Situated within the Learning and Development Zone will be the Apprentices and Graduates at Work area. This is made up of member companies of the MTA which organise the exhibition on behalf of the industry.


Companies who will contribute apprentices to the Learning and Development Zone at MACH 2016 include Delcam, Renishaw, Mazak, Sandvik and 600 UK. The Zone will also feature two of the UK’s High Value Manufacturing Catapult centres - The University of Sheffield’s Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre (AMRC) and the Manufacturing Technologies Centre, based at Ansty Park near Coventry. The AMRC are bringing with them MANTRA, their specially customised ‘MANufacturing TRAnsporter’. The 14m HGV is designed to give aspiring young engineers hands-on experience with the AMRC’s cutting-edge technologies. Jamie Smith, AMRC MANTRA Manager – University of Sheffield said “Anyone visiting us during the exhibition will get hands on experience of modern manufacturing, advanced modelling and assembly line technology. “They will be able to take part in manufacturing processes and competition activities related to science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) subjects; exploring some real life examples of research and components manufactured at the AMRC.”

Sandvik Coromant are once again sponsoring the Zone and showing their continued support for bringing young people into the industry. Kim Olander, Marketing Manager, commented “Sandvik Coromant are once again delighted to be sponsoring the Learning and Development Zone. We believe that young people and talent within the industry is just as key as showcasing innovative products and services. We believe the Zone is an important opportunity to display the work of our industry at such a high profile event”. The Zone is situated in Hall 4 and features other key exhibits from the Bloodhound Supersonic Car and The Ministry of Defence. So what are you waiting for? Go and find out how rewarding a career in engineering can be. To arrange a guided tour of MACH 2016 please contact the MTA’s Learning and Development Coordinator Laura Pickering for more details via email lpickering@mta. or by phone 020 7298 6450. To r e g i s t e r , a n d j o i n t h e thousands of people attending the UK’s premier manufacturing technologies event this April, just follow this link.








VISIT M1 AT MACH 2016 l 11–15 APRIL l NEC l BIRMINGHAM STAND 5695 l HALL 5 Visit to learn how you could win an iPad miniTM 4!* UK: +44 (0)333 123 0333

NL: +31 (0)88 6363 900

© 2016 ECi Software Solutions Ltd. All rights reserved. ECi, M1 and the ECi Red Box logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of ECi Software Solutions, Inc. *iPad mini is a trademark or registered trademark of Apple, Inc. Terms and conditions apply for the ECi M1 MACH 2016 iPad mini Giveaway. For details visit:


April 2016

Innovative Connector Designs Keep Safety and Reliability on Track Railways rely on rugged connectivity solutions. They are often built across challenging terrain and need to perform consistently and withstand extremes of temperature, humidity and other factors. Rolling stock and related infrastructure have to meet the highest safety and performance standards.

When performance and reliability are key, the pre-cabled Fischer FiberOptic Series ensures high-quality optics and efficient large data transfer. This makes it ideal for monitoring and testing the railway network, and quickly identifying where maintenance work is needed. It also helps meet passengers’ growing demands for high-quality infotainment and stable Internet connections. It offers a choice of fibre optic (with one, two or four optical channels) and fibre optic hybrid solutions (with two fibre channels and two electrical contacts). IP67 sealing (unmated (IP68 mated)) provides unmatched protection. Their ergonomic design makes these connectors easy to handle while their push-pull locking system and removable sleeve holder make them easy to connect, disconnect and clean. Ultra-resistance is especially important for applications outside the train. The durable Fischer UltiMateTM Series connectors are rugged, compact and lightweight. With extremely robust mechanical keying, IP68/IP69 or hermetic sealing, 360° EMC shielding


and a grounding contact ring, they offer exceptional shock, vibration and corrosion resistance. They also operate at temperatures from -55°C to +135°C. To enable easy configuration, they come with a choice of crimp, solder or PCB contacts, plus bend relief and colour over-moulding. Miniaturization is the key to packing more functionality into smaller devices. The high-density Fischer MiniMax™ Series is a unique miniature signal and power solution that provides 20 signal and four power connections in one connector, replacing multiple others. This saves space and weight, giving designers more flexibility and lowering the total cost of ownership. They are also rugged, with IP68 (2m/24h) sealing both mated and unmated, an unbreakable keying system that withstands over 4 Nm of torque, and over-moulded assemblies able to withstand 40 kg of pull (break-away) force. Push-pull and quick release locking systems make them easy to connect and disconnect. They are also particularly easy to operate, clean and maintain.

The Fischer Core Series line and cable assembly solutions fulfil any need in terms of size, configuration and application, with over 20,000 references. With waterproof sealing to IP68/IP69 (mated and unmated) and three independent sealing barriers, they resist wind, weather, dirt, immersion or extreme temperatures. This ensures long-term reliability. These secure push-pull connectors can easily be combined with Fischer Connectors’ new specialized product series. For 60 years Fischer Connectors has been partnering with the world’s transport suppliers and major players to co-create a vast range of versatile interconnection solutions with a proven track record in monitoring power supply, catenary position and wheel-track interaction, controlling wheel and track shape, maintaining telecom networks and providing on-board infotainment. Thanks to our innovations in fibre optic, ultraresistant and miniature connectors, we help keep the trains running punctually, efficiently and safely. Catch Fischer Connectors at Infrarail, 12–14 April, Stand H75.

April 2016


Catch our new SINGLE FIBER Connector at INFRARAIL, Stand H75 or call 0800 432 0301

Rugged fiber optic connectivity solutions for: power supply & catenary condition

Hall 5


Controlling Providing

Stand 5124

wheel and track shape

onboard infotainment

Master® precision grinding solutions Conventional grinding wheels | Coolant nozzles Dressing products | Grinding quills CBN & Diamond wheels THE RELIABLE EXPERT


MAX2 resin bonded wheels designed for dry grinding with cooler cutting and longer life Tel: +44 (0) 1327-703813 @MasterAbrasive Solutions for industry


April 2016

Easy Online Selection!

KTR manufacture a range of quality hydraulic components for power packs, inclduding ATEX approved coolers and couplings. For couplings, bellhousings, tank heaters and temperature switches, steel and aluminium tanks, oil/ail blast coolers and much more, check out our easy to use online selection tools!


MANUAL BENCH PRESSES From 400 kg to 2 t

IMPACTOR PRESSES From 600 kg to 6 t

PNEUMATIC PRESSES From 360 kg to 4,3 t


More than 22 models available www.emgpr www Email - • Lee Meir - 07792556068

01926 • LONG S.A. - PRESSESTelephone E.M.G. - Z.I.-des Grives842166 - F-74150 MARIGNY - FRANCE Tél. +33 4 50 01 11 58 - Fax. +33 4 50 01 14 85 - E-m E-mail :

April 2016

Comparing Open Loop and Closed Loop Stepper Systems: Applied Motion Products Stepservo™ White Paper Available from Mclennan Applied Motion Products Inc. (AMP), represented by Mclennan, has released a new white paper on its innovative StepSERVO™ closed-loop stepper technology that is available in a wide range of competitively priced integrated motors that combine NEMA 11, 17, 23 and 24 sized microstepping motors and drives with a feedback encoders and motion controllers and optional fieldbus communications. The 12-page resource, available as a download from Mclennan’s website at compares the technology with open loop stepper systems and demonstrates its capability for higher acceleration, faster machine cycles and greater productivity as well improved energy efficiency and quieter operation. The white paper, authored by Jeff Kordik, AMP’s CTO, principally poses the question - ‘What if…you could make a step motor faster? And quieter? While saving energy?’; and goes on to explore the benefits of StepSERVO by way of fully tested comparative torque curves, move profile and throughput rate graphs as well as motor heating, power consumption and positional accuracy illustrations. Also covered are noise level reduction as well as the all-important cost comparison between AMP’s technology and traditional open loop steppers. The comparison concludes that the StepSERVO is slightly more expensive, mainly due to the addition of the high resolution 20,000 count/rev encoder but this is more than made up by the benefits of higher performance and more efficient operation.

Box smarter with Rittal „ „ „ „ „


Superior quality Extensive size range Comprehensive product options Instant availability Competitive pricing




April 2016

AMP’s StepSERVO series integrated motors are offered in three product types that operate on 70 VDC with a smaller NEMA size 11 on 30 VDC. The all-in-one economic solution has multifunction control capability that includes individual pulse or analogue control (for example from third party controllers), as well as a choice of built-in Modbus/ RTU or CANopen multi-axis networking, or for pre-programmed stand-alone operation using AMP’s ‘Q’ motion software. EtherNet and EtherNet/IP is also available on some models. The Step-Servo closed loop capability provides high accuracy position and velocity control for the most demanding applications with robust servo loops that tolerate wide fluctuation in load inertia and frictional loading. Highly precise positioning to within +/- one encoder count is achievable. Using a high resolution 20,000 counts/rev encoder, this equates to 0.018°. Highly developed servo control algorithms ensure the drive stage uses only the current required by the application for maximum efficiency. At stand-still, the current can reach almost zero for extremely low heat operation and because the StepSERVO operates in full servo mode, all the available torque can be used to provide as much as 50% more torque in many applications, often eliminating the need for gear reduction. A torque boost function is also available to deliver as much as 50% more torque for fast dynamic response – perfect for short and quick moves.




April 2016

EPLAN enables Saint-Gobain’s machines to talk more easily EPLAN CAE software has been used to increase the efficiency and accuracy of design processes in many of the Saint-Gobain manufacturing facilities in the UK. It has most recently been adopted by Bristol-based Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics, High Performance Bearings Group to help with the interconnection of individual machines to form integrated production lines. This part of Saint-Gobain is a global division supplying high-volume international OEMs in markets that include automotive, leisure and industrial. The company delivers standard and custom solutions featuring RENCOL tolerance rings that provide a simple, reliable and inexpensive way of mechanically connecting many types of rotating components, and NORGLIDE plain bearings. “This Saint-Gobain division buys machines from various manufacturers, which it then needs to integrate into an effective and efficient production line�, explained Deep Nandhray, Regional Sales Manager at EPLAN. “With the help of Electric P8, the company is able to interconnect the machines with much less engineering effort. In addition, the datasheets and documentation are now much easier to maintain�.

Kyle Tansill, Automation and Control Project Engineer at SaintGobain, needed a software package to identify and formulate modifications and changes to the machines purchased by the company, so that they will work together efficiently when integrated into a production line. It was, therefore, essential that the CAE software should be able to import schematic diagrams and other engineering information provided by the machine suppliers. He found that EPLAN Electric P8 met this requirement perfectly and as a professional software package, also offered great functionality combined with ease of use. The EPLAN Data Portal, a global online component library, which is integrated into the software was another major benefit. It meant Kyle could quickly access accurate and comprehensive information for almost all of the

Your Gateway to Greater Efficiency EPLAN Software & Servicer&1-"/$PNQFUFODF$FOUSFr3JUUBM-UEr#SBJUIXFMM8BZr )FMMBCZ*OEVTUSJBM&TUBUFr)FMMBCZr3PUIFSIBNr42: Tel +4 (0) · info@eplanexperience.coVL · www.eplanexperience.coVL


April 2016 components used in the machines Saint-Gobain Bristol had purchased, even though these machines came from multiple suppliers. Using information from the Data Portal also ensured that the documentation generated for the project was based on the most up-to-date data for the components. EPLAN Electric P8 also offers users auto-referencing for component location within a project, automatic wire numbering, generation of reports – including terminal reports – and intelligent generation of PDF

documents. This saves a large amount of costly engineering time, as well as minimising the risk of errors. In addition, users can always access precisely the information they need quickly and easily. Based on HTML 5, EPLAN Electric P8 benefits from a help system that makes it even easier to work with. This includes text search (with a synonym function) and clearly structured help files containing basics, how-to and reference sections. “With our EPLAN software, we can quickly import data from our machine suppliers, review it, and then work with it to devise the modifications needed so that the individual machines can communicate and work with each other,” said Kyle Tansill. “This is much easier and faster than trying to sort out the modifications with our old manual processes, and another really big benefit is that we end up with comprehensive and accurate documentation.” In addition to supplying the software, EPLAN installed and set it up at the Saint-Gobain offices in Bristol. As part of this process, the EPLAN technical consultant configured the software to suit Saint-Gobain’s specific needs. This involved, for example, creating drawing templates and a numbering schemes for the wire schematics. An eight-day training course, delivered in two sessions (five days

and then three days), was also provided to complement the software. The training sessions are carefully designed to provide an indication of the capabilities of the software, and to explain additional features and facilities that can be added with costeffective upgrades. “Initially we didn’t know how to make the most of the software, but after just a few days’ training it became clear that it is easy to use and intuitive. After creating macros with the help of our EPLAN trainer, the automatic wire numbering feature was a particular benefit, saving us lots of time and effort! What’s more, the terminal schedules and the visual reports are invaluable, helping us to cut down the time spent commissioning.” After the implementation and training days, EPLAN has continued to support Saint Gobain, as it does with all of its customers. A dedicated helpline is available for troubleshooting and advice whenever needed. “We found the EPLAN employees to be very supportive and friendly – they always get back to you as quickly as possible”, said Kyle Tansill. “Another important aspect that we value greatly when working with EPLAN is that the company’s sales and support people take the time to listen to our challenges and assess our real needs. Their aim is not simply to sell us software, but to support us and to help us thrive through coherent and effective use of technology.”


April 2016

Conveniently Calibrate Plant Vacuum Gauges Why do vacuum gauges need to be calibrated? The largest uncertainty when using vacuum gauges on a process plant is knowing when the process has caused drift or shifts of calibration. Many processes handle vapours and, if any condensation or deposition happens, the chances are it will also happen in the vacuum gauge. Many such gauges - Pirani, cold cathose and ion gauges - use thermal or ionisation cross-section measurements to infer the level of vacuum being experienced and they have filaments, cathodes and other hardware, all of which may be coated with by-products from the process.

The difficulties of calibrating vacuum in-situ Unfortunately, it is very difficult to carry out in-situ vacuum calibrations due to the amount of hardware needed to establish a suitable level of vacuum in a situation where a calibration standard gauge may be compared. Not the least of concerns is the possible cross-contamination of the standard by a contaminated sensor under test. Another is the difficulty of access to many on-plant gauges. So it has become tradition for gauges to be removed regularly from the plant and shipped to an external calibration laboratory for re-calibration and, in many cases, adjustment to compensate for the effects of contamination.

Even more rugged gauges such as capacitance manometers will be affected by depositions or particulates because any deposition will have mass and the gauge will weigh it, especially if it has a low range and therefore a very thin diaphragm. CalCube showing its useful vacuum coupling storage

Chell’s CalCube is a convenient solution to vacuum gauge calibration

With the development of Chell’s onsite UKAS calibration service, they have developed CalCube both as a portable vacuum calibration system with which to offer an on-site service but, for customers who would prefer their own facility, a convenient, tried and tested system.

As processes move away from their design parameter due to gauge “drift”, little about the quality of the process can be inferred from the instrumentation readings, so diagnosis is down to a skilled operator recognising when a batch of product does not conform.

CalCube complies with BS ISO3567:2011 which specifically covers the design and use of vacuum calibration systems and incorporates an ISO/Dis stainless steel calibration chamber with geometry optimised to ensure that all gauges connected see the same level of vacuum so that comparisons may be made.

This is too late! If the process is sensitive to the level of vacuum being achieved, then the cost of losing a batch could be astronomical - many times the cost of maintaining the plant properly in many cases.

The development of a technique

With the inherent lack of ruggedness of many vacuum gauges, it is imperative that plant gauges are regularly calibrated and that the operator has spare, calibrated gauges ready to substitute as soon as he fears the process may have drifted away from specification.


Having its own ISO IEC 17025:2005 accredited UKAS laboratory with the lowest uncertainties for Vacuum in the UK, Chell are well placed to prepare CalCube for on-site gauge calibrations. The Transfer Standards fitted to CalCube are calibrated in the laboratory both before and after an on-site calibration job so that the confidence level of the calibration is the highest possible.

CalCube comparing two manufacturer’s Capacitance Manometers

CalCube is constructed within a rugged, wheeled flight-case type enclosure having just a 13A mains plug yet containing dry diaphragm backing and turbomolecular pumps with high vacuum isolation valves. Over 40 year’s experience of calibrating vacuum gauges have gone into CalCube’s design, which includes such capabilities as calibrating both rising and falling pressures very accurately using a pair of ultra-fine Chell CMF valves. Fitting easily into almost any estate car, CalCube comes with lifting handles to aid safe removal from a vehicle or lifting up steps, etc. A removable side panel is foam lined with cut-outs to hold all the common mating vacuum connector systems of course, custom connectors may be purchased and housed for specific applications. Choice of vacuum Transfer Standards will be an important decision, which is aided by Chell’s years of experience. These standards, when not fitted to CalCube are housed in another, matching flight-case, ready for convenient return to Chell’s calibration lab. for scheduled UKAS calibration. Chell’s in-house vacuum standards consist of three high-accuracy capacitance manometers having 20 years of continuous calibration history at national Standard level and these are monitored on a daily basis by a Spinning Rotor Gauge whose ball-flange assembly is also calibrated annually at National Standard level. At the atmospheric pressure end of the scale, the vacuum straight line generated by the capacitance manometers is calibrated against our 32” Schwien Merco-Master manometer giving us the lowest uncertainties in that pressure regime. Chell’s customers thus enjoy the accumulated vacuum calibration skills of over 40 years and, should they have specific different requirements, Chell has the skills to customise CalCube to suit.

For more information contact:Tel: 01692 500555 e-mail: Website:

April 2016


April 2016

Remote Detection and Localization of Gas Leaks in Large Industrial Facilities FLIR Systems announces a new article that describes the development of an innovative robot system for remote detection and localization of gas leaks in large industrial facilities. Developed as part of the German technology program AUTONOMIK, a consortium of nine companies and research institutes, the RoboGasInspector provides a safer, more efficient and more reliable detection solution for gas leaks in industrial facilities. Operators of industrial facilities including chemical plants, refineries and gas compression stations place great importance on the safety of their staff and their production facilities. Exercising the utmost care wherever toxic or explosive gases are used or manufactured is absolutely essential. Traditionally this has required preventive inspection programs where personnel perform time consuming routine inspection procedures on a daily basis. Incorporating a FLIR GF320 optical gas imaging camera, the RoboGasInspector is able to perform inspection tasks in industrial facilities without having to access hazardous areas directly - and without requiring any human presence. The robotic system can be used for routine inspection of facilities or for targeted inspection of specific parts of plants. The independent mobility of the system was achieved using various navigation sensors, while maintaining


the option of manual intervention via remote control at any time. The RoboGasInspector is also equipped with video and optical gas telemetry, which enables it to inspect system parts that were previously difficult to inspect due to restricted accessibility.

measuring devices. Leaks are shown as plumes of smoke in the thermal image. When a leak is found from a safe distance with the GF camera, a TVA can be used to quantify the gas concentration.

The RoboGasInspector consists of three modules: a chain-driven mobile platform, a navigation module and an inspection module. The chain-driven platform is equipped with an electric drive and conventional batteries.

The inspection module combines various metrological instruments on a pan-tilt unit, including a Remote Methane Leak Detector and a FLIR GF320 thermal imaging camera to visualize the gases. To ensure that the RoboGasInspector does not itself pose a risk, it is also equipped with a built-in gas sensor that shuts down the entire system from 10% of the lower explosion limit (LEL) onwards in order to prevent possible danger to a flammable atmosphere. Optical imaging with thermal imaging cameras such as the FLIR GF320 offers numerous advantages, as larger areas can be covered significantly faster than with conventional methods and detection also succeeds in sectors that are difficult to access with contact

To download the full article please visit For further information on the RoboGasInspector and the GF320 Optical Gas Imaging camera contact FLIR Systems on / +32-3665-5100. FLIR Systems, Inc. is a world leader in the design, manufacture, and marketing of sensor systems that enhance perception and awareness. FLIR’s advanced thermal imaging and threat detection systems are used for a wide variety of imaging, thermography, and security applications, including airborne and ground-based surveillance, condition monitoring, research and development, manufacturing process control, search and rescue, drug interdiction, navigation, transportation safety, border and maritime patrol, environmental monitoring, and chemical, biological, radiological, nuclear, and explosives (CBRNE) detection. For more information, go to FLIR’s web site at

April 2016

Porsche gets a lift with SSI Schaefer’s

Vertical Storage System The relocation of Swindon’s Porsche Centre to a new site at Blagrove provided a perfect opportunity for the Parts Department to explore new options for storing components and other materials in a confined area within the building. The new Porsche Centre opened last November and the fit out of the Parts Department commenced after the site was handed over. This department is a vital part of Porsche’s wider Aftersales Team. It ensures there is excellent availability of parts in order to deliver ‘first-time’ fixes for as many customers as possible, thus helping to deliver great customer satisfaction. The Parts Team is responsible for providing first class service, not only to ‘front-ofhouse’ retail customers, but also to trade customers and workshop technicians. To guarantee rapid access to all parts and accessories, Porsche chose SSI Schaefer’s LogiMat vertical lift machine, which occupies a small footprint of just 9.44 m² and uses the vertical height of the building to store product. More than 4000 small and medium-sized part SKUs are housed in the LogiMat, which effectively acts as a storage and retrieval system, with a broad range of components stowed in compartmentalised plastic containers on trays. Utilising a rack and pinion mechanism, the system is operated by a touchscreen and the trays are delivered on demand to an ergonomically positioned ‘window’, where the operator can immediately select the parts required for customer orders. Stock control and picking accuracy are ensured using LogiSoft inventory management software in combination with LogiPointer, a laser-guided pick by light system. SSI Schaefer also installed fully adjustable Regal R3000 shelving on an adjacent mezzanine to accommodate larger parts, promotional goods and clothing. Richard Glover, Parts Manager at Swindon commented, “The LogiMat machine enables us to store virtually all our spare parts within a small footprint. The confined space within the Parts Department presented no problems for the installation and commissioning of the machine, which was fully installed within a three-day build program. It is a very straightforward, easy to use piece of equipment.”


ch -s



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Schaefer Solutions – As Individual as our Customers Halve your footprint or double your storage capacity … and lower your utility bills with SSI Schaefer’s Mobile Pallet Racking System. Contact us now to find out how!



April 2016 LEFT: Agrigen - a 5MW farmer-owned AD plant in Suffolk have chosen an HRS 3-Tank Batch Sludge Pasteuriser to pasteurise its digestate.

The unit in question is an HRS 3-Tank Batch Sludge Pasteuriser which will treat the digestate between the main digester and storage. The use of a three-tank system means that while one tank is being heated and pasteurised, another is being emptied and the third is being filled, which results in a continuous operation.

Farmer consortium chooses HRS to pasteurise digestate A 5MW farmer-owned anaerobic digestion plant in Suffolk has chosen HRS Heat Exchangers to supply a new system to pasteurise its digestate; the valuable organic biofertiliser produced by the process.


gri-Gen, which is based near Woodbridge in Suffolk, is owned by a consortium of six local farmers who locally grow some 22,000 acres of arable and root crops, such as potatoes, carrots, parsnips and sugar beet. The anaerobic digestion plant is fed with a mixture of agricultural materials including rye, sugar beet, beet pulp, vegetable out-grades and maize, although the farms try to minimise the amount of maize grown. The energy produced by the plant is used, amongst other things, to dry and cold store crops such as potatoes and onions.

weeds across our land base. This is about making sure we don’t have problems. “We have been looking at pasteurisation, and have been talking to HRS about their different technologies, since the beginning. However, like all AD plants there is a limit to how much capital we have available, and our first priority was to grow the AD business and be sustainable. Now we are in a position where we can do some of the things we have always planned, such as adding a pasteurisation unit.”

Since it began producing biogas four years ago the company has focused on expanding and running the plant, but is now in a position to carry out a number of improvements to the process, including the additional of pasteurisation to improve the biosecurity of the digestate fertiliser which is returned to the farms’ fields. Graham Thorne of Agri-Gen explains: “The majority of material that feeds our plant is taken from our own land and the digestate goes back to our own land. However, we want to be absolutely certain that we protect our land base, so we do not want to transport crop diseases, pests or


HRS 3-Tank Batch Sludge Pasteuriser.

HRS International Sales Manager Matt Hale comments: “One of the reasons AgriGen selected the HRS system is that we were able to configure it to match the amount of heat that they had available from their system in a way which fitted in with their existing layout. Although the AD plant uses around 70,000 tonnes of feedstock a year, some of the digestate is recycled when it passes through the presses, and so the pasteuriser is specified to cope with treating 8085,000 tonnes of digestate each year.” Once treated the digestate fertiliser is separated into liquid and solid fractions before being applied to the farms’ fields using a number of techniques, such as injection and spreading of the solid fraction, where it acts as a valuable source of organic nutrients. It is anticipated that the new pasteuriser will be installed and fully commissioned by the end of March 2016.

Schwer Fittings lead the way in stainless steel connection technology. Manufacturers and suppliers of high precision stainless steel tube components and hose fittings, with a technically trained sales team and a BFPA authorised training centre.

fittings in single and twin ferrule; LP and HP valves. Schwer enjoys an enviable reputation in the stainless steel industry for unrivalled service levels, components built for longevity and guaranteed 100% traceability across all products. In addition to holding German Lloyds classification for more than ten years, Schwer also holds DNV, ABS, GOST and RINA certification.

With most products available from stock in Warrington, Schwer can supply a next day service throughout the UK. Threads available include BSPP, BSPT, NPT, Metric and JIC; hose tails include standard and interlock; DNV certified compression

Schwer Fittings Ltd, Warrington Tel: 01925 639006 Fax: 01925 639007 Email:


April 2016

Drives & Controls Show 2016 – Stand D526 Preview: Intelligent, adaptive drive control – Hybrid solutions for decentralised control concepts NORD DRIVESYSTEMS will demonstrate two smart control solutions for synchronous and asynchronous motors utilising SK 200E series frequency inverters, which are technological leaders in the field of decentralised drive electronics due to their integrated positioning function, high overload capacity and large power range (0.25 kW to 22 kW). The flexibility of these drive units is demonstrated in large systems with a central automation concept. They can be controlled via a field bus or Industrial Ethernet, but can also be disconnected from the central control system by means of a switch, for example for maintenance purposes. In this case, the PLC which is integrated in the frequency inverter takes over and carries out other functions such as positioning. In this way, even in case of an unscheduled, sudden disconnection from the higher level control system, an SK 200E can keep important process stages in operation autonomously in order to limit interruptions to production. Thanks to the PLC functionality, applications close to the drive unit, which are normally assigned to the central machine control system, including sequence control can be completely implemented in the drive unit. A second exhibit shows a drive unit which can, for example be used for pumps. This detects blockages and responds to these independently by attempting to free the blockage by changing the speed and direction of rotation. If the drive unit is able to free the blockage, it then resumes normal operation. Otherwise, it sends an error message to the control level. In customer applications this could for instance, enable a bypass. NORD Drivesystems will be also be showcasing a large fully functional conveyor technology demonstration rig that brings together a selection of its geared motors and decentralised frequency inverters and starters that are well proven for materials handling applications in packaging machinery and logistics industries such as baggage handling.


March 2016

Best-in-class sensors by HBM HBM is a world leader in developing and producing sensors and transducers to meet your specific needs. n■

Strain gauges are available for widely differing applications and at short notice


Load cells and force transducers measure static and dynamic tensile and compressive loads - with virtually no displacement


Torque sensors and transducers measure torque precisely


Pressure transducers can be used in hydraulic and pneumatic equipment


Displacement transducers measure precisely in the µm range and allow simple displacement monitoring


Strain transducers measure high forces


In addition: We develop and manufacture customized transducers that meet your specifications

Measure and predict with confidence. This is what we stand for. Further information:

n 6151 n KingdomnLtd 0208 515 n6000 n HBM TestHBM andUnited Measurement Tel. +n 49Tel. 6151 803-0 Fax +49 803-9100 n

Manufacturer of High Quality

Anti Vibration Products

Email: Visit: | Tel: 01282 878200

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22/07/2015 14:27

April 2016

IChemE Forms of Contract For over 45 years IChemE have partnered with experienced industry professionals to publish their acclaimed UK and international Forms of Contract. The Red Book – Lump Sum Contract The Green Book – Reimbursable Contract The Burgundy Book – Target Cost Contract The Yellow Book – Subcontract The Brown Book – Subcontract for Civil Engineering Works The Orange Book – Minor Works The Silver Book – Professional Services Agreement The contracts are available to purchase in hard copy, printable PDF, view only PDF and editable word document formats.

For more information or to make a purchase please contact our sales team on: +44(0)1788 534470 or

1325_15 FOC HP 125x178 .indd 1

08/01/2016 09:45

Compact designs for every application for the best price in the Online-Shop of Automation24

Unmanaged Ethernet Switches from Harting

9 50% less energy requirement thanks to Energy-Efficient Ethernet

9 Fast Full gigabit data transfer rate up to 1,000 Mbit/s


for example:

Full gigabit Ethernet Switch, unmanaged, 6-Ports Harting Ha-ViS eCon 3060gB-a item nr. 102034

gBP 206.05 plus VAT

Models available with Power over Ethernet for easy wiring

9 Up to 16 Ethernet ports possible

for example:

Fast Ethernet Switch, unmanaged, 4-Ports Harting Ha-ViS eCon 2040B-a item nr. 102019

gBP 63.76 plus VAT


B Mg




E FrHEiPPing

Order today! +44 178 489 5006




... AT


Preventing machine standstills The perfect team There is nothing costlier than a machine that is down. The TRIO POWER power supplies and the CBM multi-channel device circuit breakers work perfectly with each other when the availability of your system is important. Both products are perfectly matched to the requirements in machine building.

For additional information call 0845 881 2222 or visit

IE 02-15.000.L1 © PHOENIX CONTACT 2016

April 2016

Utilizing the advantages of sliding gate valve technology in highly corrosive applications Sliding gate valves also available now in special materials LEFT:Schubert & Salzer Control Systems sliding gate valves - in this case a DN150 valve with integrated positioner – are now also manufactured in special materials for critical applications.

Sliding gate valves provide accurate, fast, and economical control of liquid, steam, and gaseous media. The following are the main advantages of these control valves: • Compact design, minimal design space, and minimal weight • Lowest actuation forces • Favorable flow characteristics, variable Kvs values • Short stroke for fast and dynamic control, outstanding rangeability, excellent control accuracy, and low energy consumption • Extremely low leakage rate • Insensitivity to cavitation and reduced noise emission • Minimal wear • Maximal differential pressures • Can also be used at very high and very low temperatures Up to now, the bodies of the sliding gate valves were only manufactured in carbon steel 1.0570 or 1.0619 as well as stainless steel 1.4571 or 1.4581. Starting immediately, sliding gate valves are also manufactured in the following special materials: • • • • •

ABOVE: Size comparison between a normal seat valve and a Schubert & Salzer sliding gate valve. In the example, the nominal size of both is identical.

Hastelloy Monel Titanium 1.4539 stainless steel Duplex steel

This means the advantages of these control and stop valves can also be utilized for processes with critical, aggressive, and highly corrosive media. Sliding gate valves in these special materials are available in finely graduated nominal sizes ranging from DN15 to DN250.

barstock material, significantly less material is used, especially in the case of special materials, which is then naturally reflected in their price.

Valves built according to this design principle are extremely short and compact so that they have very low weights, it can be just 10% in comparison to traditional globe valves. Since the valve body is manufactured from

Altogether, sliding gate valves not only offer advantages for the process, but also an enormous potential for savings due to their low life cycle costs, and they can now be used in processes with very critical media as well.



"Unitronics offers the most cost-effective answers" Rick Gallimore, Innovative Automation and Controls, Inc.

In the picture – Packaging Machine controlled by Unitronics V1210™ and SAMBA 4.3™. Bimetec BV, Netherlands.




Unitronics is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of PLCs with integrated HMI and on-board I/Os - rugged PLC product lines that meet a diverse range of requirements. You program your entire application in a single, intuitive software environment, and benefit from premier technical support, both provided at no extra cost.

SAMBA - Unbeatable price - performance ratio CANbus (Optional)

Microcontroller with onboard I/Os 3.5", 4.3" or 7" integrated color-touch HMI Serial, Ethernet and Modbus communications Software & Support included at no extra cost!

On-Board I/Os Digital and analog RS232/RS485 programming port in 3.5” model (USB in 4.3” model) Ethernet (Optional)

Epsom 2 Keys Business Village. Keys Park Road, Hednesford, Staffordshire, WS12 2HA Tel: +44(0) 1543 271899

April 2016

New power supplies for machine production The new generation of the Trio Power power supply range from Phoenix Contact has been specially developed for use in machine production. All functions and the compact design have been tailored to the strict requirements in this area.

The electrically and mechanically robust power supply units ensure reliable supply to all consumers, even under adverse environmental conditions. For high system availability of all machines and systems, seven new power supply units provide the dynamic power boost of 150 percent of rated current for five seconds, making it possible to start even heavy loads. The robust design that offers high shock and vibration resistance and dielectric strength, MTBF (Mean Time Between Failure) values of over one million hours, and active function monitoring with DC-OK LED and a floating signal contact ensure a reliable supply of all connected 24V DC consumers. The range includes four single-phase and three three-phase power supply units with output currents of 3 to 20 amps. Toolfree wiring with push-in connection technology saves time during installation. The compact design means less space is required in the control cabinet, for instance, the three-phase 20A device is only 68 mm in width. The wide temperature range from -25 to +70°C and reliable starting of devices at -40°C guarantee a high level of versatility. The broad input voltage range for all conventional AC and DC networks and the comprehensive certification package mean that the devices can be used worldwide. Compensating for voltage drops is no problem with an adjustable output voltage (24-28V DC).

Multichannel electronic circuit breakers Phoenix Contact’s multichannel electronic CBM circuit breakers protect electrical systems against overloads and short circuit currents at a very compact component width of just 41 mm. The device’s built-in rated current assistant makes it significantly easier to configure the rated currents for the connected loads. In addition, the two new circuit breakers with four and eight channels, respectively provide electronic locking of the settings entered for the rated currents. This prevents accidental changes of the device settings. The rated current can be set stepwise from 0.5 A right up to 10 A for each channel, which makes it much easier to select suitable protection devices. A set of LED signals continuously indicates the status of the connected devices as well as the power supply to the circuit breaker itself. The circuit breaker is able to detect and signal under loads and overloads, and it can switch off the connected loads according to a predefined procedure. The signalling concept greatly simplifies the troubleshooting of downstream system components.


The current of each channel is actively limited to ensure the best possible load distribution, which makes it possible to use smaller power supplies. These electronic circuit breakers are particularly suitable for machine control, and plant systems, thanks to their wide temperature range, the use of push-in connections, and excellent shock and vibration resilience.

World Class Independent Valve & Actuator Training One-day training courses from leading industry professionals. Independent courses. No sales pitch, just quality, technical training. Introduction to Valves - Monday 11th April Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00 Introduction to Actuators - Tuesday 12th April Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00 Introduction to Hydraulics - Tuesday 12th April Held at The National Fluid Power Centre, Worksop Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00

Valves – Advanced Level (2 day course) Monday 18th & Tuesday 19th April Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00 PED / ATEX Directives - Wednesday 20th April Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00 Safety Integrity Levels (SILs) - Thursday 21st April Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00

Control Valves - Wednesday 13th April Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00

Combating Corrosion - Wednesday 27th April Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00

Introduction to Pneumatics - Wednesday 13th April Held at The National Fluid Power Centre, Worksop Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00

PED / ATEX Directives - Wednesday 11th May Held at Score Training, Peterhead Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00

Safety Valves - Thursday 14th April Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00

Safety Integrity Levels (SILs) - Thursday 12th May Held at Score Training, Peterhead Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00

Introduction to Electrics - Thursday 14th April Held at The National Fluid Power Centre, Worksop Members: £260.00 | Non Members: £390.00

For full details on each course, visit: British Valve and Actuator Association Limited 1A Banbury Office Village Noral Way Banbury OX16 2SB Tel: +44 (0)1295 221 270 | Fax: +44 (0)1295 258 893 Email: | Web:

All prices exclude VAT

BOOK NOW! 01295 221270

Temperature Measurement

April 2016

Glass Melt Tank Furnace Temperature Measurement and Imaging The latest thermal imager offering from AMETEK Land is designed for glass melt tank furnace temperature measurement and visual imaging for process control. AMETEK Land is proud to launch the Near Infrared Borescope (NIR-b) Glass variant, based on our proven NIR imaging technology. The NIR-b Glass provides a high resolution thermal image with real time continuous high accuracy temperature measurements of multiple user configured data sets that can be logged and trended over the lifetime of the melt furnace. Building on AMETEK Land’s long history with the high accuracy Cyclops portable pyrometer in the Glass industry, the NIR-b Glass thermal imager has been designed to provide real time continuous data monitoring of the reformer, improving data accuracy through automation and reducing personnel risk at the same time. The NIR-b uses the shortest wavelength possible to minimise errors associated with varying emissivity allowing highly accurate temperature measurement point data to be taken, stored and trended over the lifetime of melt tank furnace. The high resolution image, combined with the wide angle field of view (90o), allows a full view of all the critical temperature measurement points across the crown (and several more user defined points such as at the port arch) to be imaged and measured simultaneously. With advanced digital communications, the image and data can be viewed real time in the control room and in multiple other locations such as the engineering office. Working in partnership with leading Global Glass companies, AMETEK Land has developed the NIR-b Glass


to withstand the harsh operating conditions associated with imaging inside a glass melter, and has also designed an optional auto-retract unit that provides extra failsafe instrument protection in the event of cooling water, cooling air or power failure, or if the probe tip temperature alarms. The NIR-b Glass is proving an invaluable tool in providing high accuracy thermal data with visual images to identify cold spots, collapses, hot spots and weaknesses in the glass melter refractory lining. It is also being used to optimise production throughput and reduce energy consumption. An additional benefit to using fixed thermal imaging is the opportunity to improve plant safety by removing the need for an operator or technician to be in the extreme ambient environment on a regular basis.

Based on over 20 years’ experience in high accuracy process thermal imaging, AMETEK Land has a range of industry leading features in the image and data processing software platform that support long term data trending, allowing process optimisation to be achieved combined with extending the operational lifetime of the glass melt furnace.

Land Instruments International Dronfield, S18 1DJ United Kingdom

AMETEK Land - Americas Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, 15238 United States of America

Tel: +44 (0) 1246 417691 Email:

Tel: +1 (412) 826 4444 Email:

AMETEK Land China Service Waigaoqiao Free Trade Zone 200131 Shanghai, China

AMETEK Land India Service Whitefield, Bangalore- 560066 Karnataka, India

Tel: +86 21 5868 5111 ext 122 Email:

Tel: +91 - 80 67823240 Email:

Temperature Measurement

April 2016

Instrument Solutions gets Smart Available from Instrument Solutions as individual instruments or in multi functional kits are the new Testo range of Smart Probes. These compact low cost tools which link directly to a smart phone or tablet device via a Google or Apple App are ideal for taking quick on the spot measurements of temperature, humidity, air velocity and pressure. The instrument range comprises of eight instruments along with three kits and accessories specifically designed for heating, ventilation / air conditioning and refrigeration applications. Being pocket sized with many units costing less than ÂŁ50 each, a combination of probes quickly enables users to assess complex measurement issues with up to six probes reporting data simultaneously. The Smart Probe App additionally being able to calculate parameters such as volume flow, temperature dew point, superheating and sub cooling temperatures. Contact the Instrument Solutions now to discuss your application, equipment or calibration requirements. Telephone 01344 459314 or


Website links: Testo 115i Testo 405i thermal temperature clamp anemometer probe Testo 410i vane anemometer

Testo 510i differential pressure probe

Testo 549i high pressure probe

Testo 605i thermo hygrometer probe

Testo 805i IR temperature probe

Testo 905i air temperature probe

Testo smart probe heating set

Testo smart probe refrigeration set

Testo smart probe VAC set

Product engineering and quality of materials

Our staff and our branches are close to you with 41 company premises worldwide

V-Belts and conveyors for more than 45 industrial applications




April 2016

Foodex introduces Great New Idea Award competition at 2016 event equipment; IC Lighting with its Foodspace LED Tube; and AIB International with its Baking Process Kill Step Calculators. Dan Dixon, Event Director, said: “The Great New Idea competition gives exhibitors the chance to shout about their best recent innovations. Entries are already rolling in and we want to encourage visitors to review the products in the running for the prize and vote for their favourite before the exciting live presentation final at the show.” Aside from the competition, Foodex - the UK’s premier trade event for the food and drink processing, packaging, ingredients and logistics industries – will offer the ideal forum for members of the industry to network and gain insight and inspiration. Foodex, the UK’s premier trade event for the food and drink processing, packaging, ingredients and logistics industries, is calling for votes to find the inaugural winner of its Great New Idea Competition. It is open to all companies exhibiting at the show, which will run from 18 to 20 April at the NEC in Birmingham. Exhibitors are invited to put forward their best innovations of the last six months and, with more than a month to go before the show kicks off, around 60 products have already been entered. Foodex organisers are calling for visitors to the show, as well as other members of the industry, to vote for their favourite via the website ahead of the event. A shortlist of three finalists will be chosen in accordance with the voting, and invited to present their entry to a panel of judges live at the show, who will then pick the champion. Voting will be open until 15 April with voters in with a chance to win £250. Exhibitors who have entered for the Great New Idea competition include Zenith Contract Services with its seamless flooring; Mono Equipment with its Universal Confectionery Depositor; J&N Food Equipment with its food processing


The biennial exhibition is set to showcase the latest trends across the food manufacturing sectors from traceability to new ingredients spanning the bakery, beverage, dairy, fresh, ingredients, logistics, meat and seafood sectors. Foodex 2016 is co-located with the Farm Shop & Deli Show, National Convenience Show and Food & Drink Expo. To register for free, receiving entry to all co-located shows, visit: To vote, visit:

㌀䐀 䴀䔀吀䄀䰀 倀刀䤀一吀䤀一䜀 䤀吀ᤠ匀 伀唀吀 伀䘀 吀䠀䤀匀 圀伀刀䰀䐀℀

䠀愀瘀攀 礀漀甀 攀瘀攀爀 搀椀猀挀漀瘀攀爀攀搀 栀漀眀 洀攀琀愀氀 愀搀搀椀琀椀瘀攀 洀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀椀渀最 挀漀甀氀搀 栀攀氀瀀 搀攀瘀攀氀漀瀀 瀀愀爀琀猀  椀渀挀漀爀瀀漀爀愀琀椀渀最 昀攀愀琀甀爀攀猀 琀栀愀琀 挀漀甀氀搀 最椀瘀攀 礀漀甀 愀 猀椀最渀椀昀椀挀愀渀琀 挀漀洀瀀攀琀椀琀椀瘀攀 愀搀瘀愀渀琀愀最攀㼀 䄀爀攀 礀漀甀爀 搀攀猀椀最渀猀 氀椀洀椀琀攀搀 戀礀 眀栀愀琀 礀漀甀爀 猀甀瀀瀀氀礀 挀栀愀椀渀 挀愀渀 洀愀欀攀㼀 圀栀愀琀 椀昀 礀漀甀 挀漀甀氀搀 椀洀瀀爀漀瘀攀 琀栀攀 瀀愀爀琀 戀礀 洀愀欀椀渀最 椀琀 氀椀最栀琀攀爀 漀爀 猀琀爀漀渀最攀爀 漀渀氀礀 眀栀攀爀攀 椀琀 眀愀猀 爀攀焀甀椀爀攀搀㼀   圀栀愀琀 椀昀 礀漀甀 挀漀甀氀搀 椀渀挀漀爀瀀漀爀愀琀攀 昀攀愀琀甀爀攀猀 琀栀愀琀 礀漀甀爀 挀甀爀爀攀渀琀 猀甀瀀瀀氀礀 挀栀愀椀渀猀 愀爀攀 甀渀愀戀氀攀 琀漀 瀀爀漀瘀椀搀攀㼀 圀栀愀琀 眀漀甀氀搀 礀漀甀 搀漀㼀 䌀爀漀昀琀 䄀搀搀椀琀椀瘀攀 䴀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀椀渀最 栀愀猀 戀攀攀渀 猀攀琀 甀瀀 猀瀀攀挀椀昀椀挀愀氀氀礀 琀漀 瀀爀漀瘀椀搀攀 洀攀琀愀氀 愀搀搀椀琀椀瘀攀 洀愀渀甀昀愀挀琀甀爀攀搀  挀漀洀瀀漀渀攀渀琀猀 愀渀搀 愀猀猀攀洀戀氀攀猀 琀漀 椀渀搀甀猀琀爀礀 䌀爀漀昀琀 椀猀 渀漀眀 愀瀀瀀氀礀椀渀最 欀渀漀眀氀攀搀最攀 琀漀 瀀爀漀搀甀挀攀 瀀愀爀琀猀 渀攀瘀攀爀 戀攀昀漀爀攀 瀀漀猀猀椀戀氀攀⸀ 䐀漀 礀漀甀 栀愀瘀攀 愀渀 匀吀䰀 漀爀 匀吀倀 昀椀氀攀 漀昀 琀栀攀 瀀愀爀琀 礀漀甀 渀攀攀搀 愀渀搀  愀爀攀 椀渀琀攀爀攀猀琀攀搀 椀渀 昀椀渀搀椀渀最 漀甀琀 眀栀愀琀 挀愀渀 戀攀 搀漀渀攀㼀 吀栀攀渀 昀椀渀搀 漀甀琀 洀漀爀攀 愀琀 眀眀眀⸀挀爀漀昀琀愀洀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀 漀爀 挀漀渀琀愀挀琀 甀猀 愀琀 猀愀氀攀猀䀀挀爀漀昀琀愀洀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀

吀㄀ 吀䄀夀䰀伀刀 䈀唀匀䤀一䔀匀匀 倀䄀刀䬀 簀 刀䤀匀䰀䔀夀 簀 圀䄀刀刀䤀一䜀吀伀一 簀 䌀䠀䔀匀䠀䤀刀䔀 簀 圀䄀㌀ 㘀䈀䰀 吀㨀  ㄀㤀㈀㔀 㜀㘀㜀 㜀  簀 䘀㨀  ㄀㤀㈀㔀 㜀㘀㔀 ㈀㤀 簀 眀眀眀⸀挀爀漀昀琀愀洀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀 簀 猀愀氀攀猀䀀挀爀漀昀琀愀洀⸀挀漀⸀甀欀

April 2016

COMPACT ELECTROMAGNETIC CLUTCH FOR GEARBOX TAKE OFF AND FRONT ENGINE PTO APPLICATIONS IS NEW AT DRIVES AND CONTROLS SHOW Mechanical power transmissions experts Centa Transmissions provide a wide range of flexible couplings, clutches and shafts for all types of rotary power transmission. Either individually or in combination, Centa products overcome all types of misalignment, eliminate vibration, silence noise and reduce premature wear, resulting in quiet, smooth and cost-effective drives. New this year on Stand D18 will be Centa’s new Compact Electromagnetic Clutch (CEMC), an oil lubricated clutch, designed for either direct drive front engine PTO applications, or fitted to gearbox takeoffs. It encompasses a metal cast body with a range of input mounting flanges and input drive shafts, with an output normally arranged for direct mounting of hydraulic pumps. Its innovative design means that Centa can provide any flange or shaft, within reason, on request, thereby making this new compact clutch a highly versatile product that’s available in either 12v or 24v operation. Driven from the diesel engine electrics, connection is via an IP66 connector rather than having flying leads, which makes the CEMC very easy to install. For specifiers, the availability of this new clutch means that designers and engineers in industrial or marine sectors can now integrate this robust, compact unit into any environment where needs demand a hydraulic or electric clutching operation. On the stand you also will find Centa flexible couplings, including the highly versatile CENTAFLEX-A which overcomes axial, radial and angular misalignments simultaneously; the CENTAFLEX-B shaft coupling for combating compressive stress and CENTAFLEX-E for the safe transmission of high torques; as well as Centa’s HYFLEX coupling. For industrial drives, gearboxes at the show will include planetary and precision worm units, plus the FINE CYCLO zero backlash speed reducer. Additionally, there will also be the Centa Belt Box that is designed in various ratios for use in a variety of drive applications.


For more information, please visit stand D18 at the Drives and Controls Show, contact Centa’s technical team on +44 (0) 1274 531034 or email CENTA TRANSMISSIONS LIMITED Drives and Controls Show, Stand D18 Centa Transmissions Limited, Thackley Court, Thackley Old Road, Shipley, Bradford BD18 1BW Tel: 01274 531034 Email:

Hinge d esign fo r every ap plication

• conti nuous • lift-o ff • butt a nd bac kflap • speci al purp ose • heavy -duty Quality hinges for over 200 years

01827 63391

Trotec Laser Reports Record Sales in 2015

In 2015 the Upper Austrian laser manufacturer reported record earnings of more than 100 million euros. The positive annual results showed growth of 42% over the previous year. The exceptional growth was attributed to three areas: a solid increase in core markets, significant advances in new product development, and an acquisition for laminate production in the US. Two thirds of the sales increase resulted purely from organic growth. “This past year, we broke through the barrier of 100 million euros; a goal we set for ourselves in 2008. Trotec’s key factors for success are the ongoing expansion of our technological leadership and our consistent focus on customers and their needs. I am proud that we reached the target through the consistent implementation of our strategy,” explains President Andreas Penz.

The sales in Germany and the US were particularly strong in 2015; and the future expectations in these markets continue to look very positive. While, midterm growth is mainly expected in the Asian market. Trotec has more than 450 employees and production sites in Austria, Germany and the USA. To better support the growing Asian market, a plant in China is currently under construction. The technology leader is characterised by a direct sales organisation, that is rigorously trained through the company’s globally consistent in-house Academy. Headquartered in Wels, Trotec is a manufacturer of laser equipment for cutting, engraving, and marking as well as laser and rotary consumable materials. With 16 sales subsidiaries strategically located around the globe, 70% of the


Trotec team members are employed in locations outside Austria. Trotec’s export share is 97%, and the growth trend continues steadily with an average growth rate of 24% over the past 15 years. The entry into new product areas such as the in-house production of engraved materials through the acquisition of Innovative Laminations Company in 2015 and the development of the large format business ensure the company’s continued growth. Trotec has already set new goals now that the company has reached the 100 million euro revenue goal set in 2008. As the first and most valuable point of contact for all laser users worldwide, the company will continue to pursue a path of growth. For further information on Trotec’s laser machines or engravable materials visit, or call 0191 580 1184.

Implementing a calibration system?

Our calibration and IT expertise helps you face calibration process improvement projects that are typically complex and consume a lot of time and resources. Only 20% to 30% of a calibration system upgrade is tools and technology, the rest is business culture and process. Therefore, the success of a new calibration system depends especially on the implementation of the system and the ability to define and adopt a new calibration process. We are the experts in both technology and implementation, so you can focus on the opportunities, while we support and guide you in the evolution of your calibration system and successful implementation of the calibration process change. Learn more at:

April 2016

New benchmark in thermal flow measurement The latest flow meter from ifm electronic measures liquids or gases

The new benchmark in thermal flow measurement is the SA from ifm electronic. Quite simply the best and easiest to use, the SA is optimised for a range of media including water, oils, glycol and air. Not only will the SA measure the flow rate, but the device will also measure the temperature of the medium. The SA features a highly visible four-digit display, which the user can configure to show the flow rate or temperature and to alternate from red to green as required, and the housing can be aligned for optimum readability. As only a simple probe needs to be inserted into the pipe, the SA is easy to fit and versatile, covering a range of pipe sizes from and internal diameter of just 15mm up to a massive 400mm. The user merely selects the probe length from 45mm, 100mm or 200mm. Accuracy and speed of response are vital, and the SA performs on both counts. Switching outputs, analogue signals and IO-Link provide various options to further process the signals. That means that the user is all set for Industry 4.0. ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm products. For further information, contact Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HD. Telephone: 020 82130000. Fax: 020 8213-2234. E-mail –


New benchmark in thermal flow measurement The latest SA flow meter from ifm electronic for liquids and gases also measures temperature. Fast response. Easily readable LED display can be set to change between red and green and the whole unit can be rotated. Calibrated for water, oils and air. A clever solution from ifm / uk/ sa ifm Telephone 020 8213 2222

ONE NAME - A MULTITUDE OF POSSIBLITIES We supply a full range of new & pre-owned high speed presses Not only do we supply new and refurbished high speed presses, but also the ‘best of the rest’ with regards to press shop equipment and precision tooling components for press & plastic mould tools

▲ New BSTA 410

▲ Pre-owned BSTA 25H

▲ Pre-owned BSTA 30

▲ State of the art Servo Feeds

▲ Tooling and gas springs for press and plastic mould tools BRUDERER UK LTD | Cradock Road, Luton LU4 0JF Tel: 01582 560300 | Fax: 01582 570611 | Email: | Twitter: @Brudereruk

High Precision low cost MEMS IMUs DMU10 & DMU30 DMU10 Silicon Sensing Systems’ latest precision MEMS IMU offering class-leading accuracy, in a small and affordable, yet powerful 6 DoF inertial engine. OEM and Module options. DMU30 Cutting edge MEMS IMU alternative to more costly FOG-grade IMUs for use in exacting motion sensing applications. Silicon Sensing Systems Limited Clittaford Road, Southway, Plymouth, Devon PL6 6DE United Kingdom T +44 (0)1752 723330

April 2016

Eaton Explores How Drives Technology Can Support Overall Energy Efficiency at Drives & Controls 2016

MANCHESTER … Eaton will explore how manufacturers can achieve energy efficiency levels beyond the regulatory requirements by reviewing the individual components of the power chain at Drives & Controls 2016, 12-14 April, NEC Birmingham. On stand G160, experts from the power management company will be available to advise on how the latest drives technology can help manufacturers achieve their efficiency objectives and meet green initiatives, without compromising system reliability or safety. “Driven by tightening regulation, energy efficiency will soon no longer be just optional. However, simply complying to regulation is not enough – to achieve profitability and longterm growth companies will need to look beyond the basic requirements,” says Stephen Takhar, Drives Sales Manager UK, Eaton. “With the right mix of technology and investment, many industrial companies can significantly reduce the cost and environmental impact of their operations. It is easy to see that those companies that are successful in reducing their energy bills are also better positioned to increase their profitability and deliver consistent value to their customers.” Visitors to the Eaton stand can explore a fully functional version of the company’s PowerXL DG1 variable speed drive and find out how its features, including an optimised energy algorithm, robust design and extreme short-circuit current capability make it ideally suited for demanding industrial and building applications. Eaton will also have products including DE1 variable speed starters and two DA1 variable speed drives in master/slave configuration from the PowerXL series, SmartWire-DT connectivity solutions and HMIs, on its stand.


To learn more about Eaton, visit For the latest news, follow us on Twitter (@Eaton_EMEA) or on LinkedIn (Eaton EMEA).

About Eaton Eaton’s electrical business is a global leader with expertise in power distribution and circuit protection; backup power protection; control and automation; lighting and security; structural solutions and wiring devices; solutions for harsh and hazardous environments; and engineering services. Eaton is positioned through its global solutions to answer today’s most critical electrical power management challenges. Eaton is a power management company with 2015 sales of $20.9 billion. Eaton provides energy-efficient solutions that help our customers effectively manage electrical, hydraulic and mechanical power more efficiently, safely and sustainably. Eaton has approximately 97,000 employees and sells products to customers in more than 175 countries. For more information, visit


T&D Corporation Mr Minoru Ito European Sales Office Gronauer Straße 1 61194 Niddatal Germany 0049 (0)6034 930970

ECi Software Solutions Si One, St Ives Business Park, Parsons Green, St Ives, PE27 4AA Tel: +44 (0) 333 123 0333   Website:     Email:

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Weber Marking Systems UK Macmerry Industrial Estate, Tranent, East Lothian EH33 1HD, United Kingdom Tel: +44.18.7561.1111 E-mail: 80|

April 2016

Quantum Controls 6a Dukes Way Low Prudhoe Northumberland NE42 69Q 0330 9000 247  

Fraser Anti-Static Techniques Ltd Scotts Business Park Bampton, Devon EX16 9DN +44 (0)1398331114

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Leaders in temperature measurement

Thermocouple Sensors and Fittings Manufactured by Labfacility thermocouple cables thermocouple connectors PRT sensors temperature instrumentation

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When it must be accurate, it must be Zwick! When decisions on material quality and material selection are on the line, there is no room for error. Your work demands the best and Zwick delivers top quality materials testing systems that leverage our 160+ years of industry experience. Contact us for more information on how intelligent testing systems from Zwick can optimize throughput in your lab.

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Engineering Update - April 2016  
Engineering Update - April 2016