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Conveyorised Char-Broilers for Burgers, Steaks, Chicken, Fish, kebabs, vegetables for Multi-Product Menus Grab ‘n’ Go Hot Multi Decks 3, 4, or 5 level The Nieco JF64-2 is the equivalent model used by Burger Kings worldwide and by many other major operators,

Heated grab-and-go display warmer offers 5 presentation levels in a compact 60 cm width.

Proven * Reliable * Innovative Brands


The appealing design, clever lighting, and clean lines creates an outstanding product display, which is sure to boost impulse sales.

Just to give an idea of its versatility and efficiency, check out these images of char-broiled fresh tomatoes, and a Chicken & Pineapple Sandwich—all automatically cooked to perfection in this single unit.

The wider models MD100-5 and MD120-5 models also available, and the new Eye-Line offers 3 high level shelves.

EGGS WITH EVERYTHING! ESDZ1200 Dual Zone Egg Station 13amp Plug means Eggs Anytime Anywhere!

Plug & Play Countertop Rotisserie 13amp or 16amp Stylish and versatile this 4 spit or 4 basket model makes it easy to add popular whole chickens or chicken pieces , Ham Hocks, sausages & frankfurters, plus many other items to expand your menu

CHAR-BROILER AT WORK! Choice of feeder belts or push bar feeders free up staff for other tasks. Return flow or thru flow to suit site requirements, Gas or electric. Optional Incendalyst Catalytic converter for all models for cleaner extraction systems

Fri-Jado Rotisserie TDR 8 Auto-Clean

Steam from 1 up to 12 eggs in 2.5 Minutes!!

Simple & Safe for Staff to use. Consistent cooked product—hard or runny yokes, plain mini egg ‘puffs’ or load with precooked veggies, sausage, bacon bits—the choice is yours/your customers. Ideal way of maximising that very popular and profitable All-Day Breakfast offer. New with dual controls for busy/not so busy service times.

Self-Cleaning & Intelligent Controls • 250 programs with up to 9 cook stages per program * Easy-to-use: automatic cleaning * Unique time saver-accessories washed during cycle * No door seals *Efficient heat transfer reduces energy consumption • Cook correction saves 5% on energy *consumption and controls food safety

Egg Station MINI ESM-600 Designed for customers really short on counter space but want to serve from 1—6 freshly cracked eggs thru the day. This tiny footprint unit ticks all boxes and operates on a 13amp plyg—freshly cooked eggs in 2—2.30 minutes.

Nieco JF62C Countertop Gas or electric

Demonstrations are possible for most products in our extensively equipped Live Demonstration kitchen. Get ideas, or test your own products either primary cooking and/or hot holding and displaying to prove to yourself the benefit of making the investment.

Essential high speed contact toaster for muffins, burger buns, baguettes, crumpets, teacakes. Suitable for any volume operation.

FIELD SERVICE SUPPORT 7 day service provided by Tec Line is Gas Safe Registered and the Service Team operates Nationwide. The team consistently achieves 95+% First Time Fix Rate.

Single belt with two lane guiude providing the same quality build, versatility, consistency and ease of use as larger models.

Tel: 01895 272236

Pair your Egg Stations with this small footprint VCTM-2 Hi-Speed Vertical Toaster!

Book a Demonstration at the Equip Line Live Kitchen Conveniently located at Uxbridge

Responding to Kiosk and other low volume operators Nieco developed this compact footprint fully conveyorised char -broiler.

Used by Burger King worldwide as the companion Toaster for their Nieco Broilers


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Tel: 01895 272236


Spectacular Stone Hearth & Duck Ovens!

Counter Top

This exceptional Stainless Steel clad Oven is the first Ready Built model offered by Beech—can be painted with any RAL colour: this model is available in CE Electric only. This has expanded the established line-up of existing sized Round or Rectangular, or Custom shape stone hearth ovens. Regular Round, Rectangular or Custom ovens offer optional choices such as multiple access doors, viewing windows, internal spotlights, and the unique Spray Mister to provide a water barrier in the exhaust—stops particulates and grease from getting into the extract system.


Vertical—Up or Down! Beverage Cup Dispensers Mount Any Which Way you Choose! Two Models Suit Most Needs DAC-5 8-32oz or DAC-10 8-64oz. Change the aperture sizes at the twist of the dial! Almost any type of cup (specify if using plastic or polystyrene). Countertop versions available with sections to house lids & spoons etc

We at Equip Line have dubbed this unit ‘The Cheesemelter’ It pairs brilliantly with our Nieco Broilers—melts cheese in around 3 seconds (and boosts patty temperatures.) The

Antunes DFW-150 is actually an effective yet simple countertop steamer: its

super-heated steam system quickly steams or re-heats almost any foods often in just a few seconds. Units are either GN 1/2 or GN2/3 GN pan size, works on a 13amp plug, and has a manual fill water reservoir so no plumbing necessary.

Banquet Carts, and other heated cabinets, 13a Carving Stations Cook & Hold Ovens, 1,2,3 Heated Drawer Units .

Tel: 01895 272236


Wide selection of Buffet heat lamps and Carving Stations— some with Heated Base—single, double, w/various colour carving bases (double lamp in smoked copper with white base shown),

Optional freestanding (Heat Lamps shown left) or customer mountable Lamps available in Traditional shape (shown) or contemporary in Brass, Polished Chrome, Stainless Steel, Smoked Copper, or Black. finishes

Regular Round and Rectangular Stone Hearth Ovens are available in Gas, Gas/ Wood or Charcoal fired. Options on these models include in-built Char-Grill or Rotisserie Spit for whole piggy’s, chickens and lambs, Ovens supplied ‘Foundry Finish’ ready for your shopfitters to fit your own spectacular cladding.

Various shade styles—the most popular shape shown

Beech Duck Ovens This oven recreates the essence

Countertop Steamer

and unique cooking of a traditional Peking Duck Oven.

Small, Effective, Affordable

Magically this style of cooking produces succulent roast meats encased in delicious crisp skin.

Dual compartment. Sliding lids for easy access. Manual water fill approx. 6 litre capacity. Manual temperature dial, O-n-Off switch, variable temperature control. 13amp, front operated drain.

3 size of models can be Gas and/or charcoal fired with an adjustable oven door to ensure consistent temperature is maintained. Removable water drip trays facilitate easy cleaning and provide moisture in the oven allowing many other foods to be cooked.

Tel: 01895 272236

Fast heat up.. Steams or warms most foods—asparagus, sweet corn ears, pouched poached eggs, mange tout, frankfurters, either lose or in pouches, wilts spinach, hot holds. Chef’s Squeezy Sauce bottles at perfect serving temperatures


Tel: 01895 272236