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Annual Review 2014

Man and Machine Training Academy

Man and Machine offer an extensive range of Autodesk 2014 training courses

Man and Machine specialise in Autodesk training for Manufacturers, Engineers, Architects & Product Designers. All courses are taught with the official Autodesk courseware and includes one month’s free post training support. Autodesk AutoCAD courses include: • • • • •

AutoCAD Essentials AutoCAD Electrical Fundamentals AutoCAD Advanced AutoCAD 3D Drawing & Modelling AutoCAD Mechanical Essentials

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December 2014

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At the forefront of digital marketing, Engineering Update strives to bring its readers the latest in industrial engineering, in a format that provides the best usability and ease of use for it’s readers. Every monthly issue of the publication brings the latest in news, event information, as well as extensive features that encompass every aspect of the engineering industry.

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Housing an ever expanding variety of products Offering ‘Same Day’ dispatch One of the UK’s largest stockists Commitment to quality and customer service 25 Years industry experience 31 Hainge Road, Oldbury, West Midlands, B69 2NY T: +44 (0)121 557 9000 F: +44 (0)121 557 9092 E:

December 2014

Packaging manufacturer to save £60,000 on energy bill with ABB drives A manufacturer of cardboard packaging for the food and beverage industry is set to save £60,000 on energy costs following the installation of ABB variable speed drives (VSDs) on its shredder fans.

cardboard materials such as shelf ready packaging, trays and bottle carriers, designed to transport and display supermarket products such as beer bottles and tubs of butter. The products are stamped out of cardboard sheets and then printed. During this production process, the plant machinery creates thin strips of waste cardboard that are shredded into smaller particles by fans and then blown into the baler for packing and disposal. authorised value provider, to visit site to discuss the possibilities of energy saving on fan and pump applications, primarily to look at the processes at site

could save nearly £22,000 in energy costs on these fans alone.

clogging, so we demonstrated how the motor could be driven at full speed for two minutes on start up to clear the accumulated debris. It could then be operation.” The drive was wall mounted next to the fans in an

run the motor driven fans more slowly and thus cut down on energy use. The company was aware of the energy saving potential however they were concerned that the fans could not be run slower as they chop the waste as they blow it and running them slower would could control the process so that it would both save energy and continue with its normal operation.”

the initial demonstration, the two remaining shredder and the company intends to install drives on the various other fans used on its machines. Altogether, the company is set to save over £60,000 in annual energy costs by installing drives on all its fans, tonnes of CO2. ABB ( is a leader in power and automation technologies that enable utility and industry customers to improve performance while lowering environmental impact. The ABB Group of companies operates in around 100 countries and


December 2014

UKAS Accreditation is a Calibration Milestone Calibrating instruments, tools and meters ensures that they generate correct results, and calibration is best implemented by accordance with ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standards advocates Eddy Jones of

Traceable calibration

Electrical Test Equipment

For further information, please visit



December 2014

Introducing “EPLAN Experience” Engineers and designers are under increasing pressure to enhance costs and time to market. Ken Christie, Director of EPLAN UK,

and free product development resources for other value-added activities. The Challenge for Engineering selected design methods with the aim of reducing engineering The “internet of things” - in which everyday objects have network connectivity and can send and receive data – has bought a revolution to the world. In addition, never before have people been able to communicate so easily and smoothly with each other. The development. This will reduce errors, integrate data technology parts of the world now connected together in new, complex, exciting in processes and ensure consistency within engineering. and challenging ways. processes. This is achieved by exploiting additional potential engineering of plant and machine design. New technologies and and adjacent processes to the construction process (PDM/ new products are driving down the time to market – and companies ERP). need to respond agilely to stay ahead of the competition. All this has and plants.

Project Management – EPLAN Experience provides a project plan based on standardised processes.

On January 28th, EPLAN will be hosting an Industry 4.0 event at the National Space Centre, Leicester with our partners Rittal, Kiesling, B&R, Phoenix Contact, Omron, Weidmuller and Igus. your automation and control projects. In that respect EPLAN The educational event will include a variety of workshops have developed “EPLAN Experience” which is a new knowledgewhere you can learn more about Industry 4.0, what it means to driven international programme that aims to optimise engineering A key factor to meet the challenges of engineering is to make

how, standardisation and structure.

more about EPLAN Experience.

EPLAN Experience will help new and existing customers meet the many challenges in controls engineering they are facing in today’s fast evolving world, such as growing complexity, big data, and new types of connectivity. All these – and other – challenges can be EPLAN Experience is integrated with the existing EPLAN platform (Electric P8), is highly modular and consists of eight “Fields of Action” selected as and when companies require and include: IT Infrastructure – integrating a customer’s EPLAN software into their IT infrastructure to ensure it is high-performing.

Codes & Standards – enables companies to comply with all the necessary global standards for documentation for production. This You can register for tickets here includes the new IEC 81346 standard. Product Structure – provides a clear method for structuring machines For further information on EPLAN Experience visit and systems. or contact us on 01709 704100.


Editors Choice

December 2014

FORTRESS WIN 2014 INDUSTRY AWARD FOR COMPANY GROWTH Fortress Technology (Europe), walked away with the prestigious “2014 Exceptional Sales /Company Growth Award” at this year’s Process and Packaging Machinery Association (PPMA) Group Industry Awards held at the end of September. The annual awards dinner was held at the Motor PPMA Show which was taking place at the NEC. This event brings together industry suppliers and customers to recognise the contribution and achievements of the PPMA member companies. There were a record number nominations within this particularly hard fought category which is judged by an independent panel of industry based experts. The award was presented by Mr John Kehoe, Managing Director of TekPak, along with co-hosts for the evening Rory Bremner and Helen Fospero.

Fortress, who started manufacturing at their Banbury site at the end of 2010, manufacture and supply metal detection equipment for industrial use. The largest sector being that of the food industry where the use of metal detectors within the production process is an essential part of providing conformance and peace of mind when it comes to satisfying food safety audits. The judges concluded “Fortress Technology far exceeded their budgeted and forecast sales increase in 2013 which in itself is an exceptional achievement. The fact that this is being done from a UK based manufacturing base is also very heartening”. Sarah Ketchin, Managing Director, in challenging times. The increased sales, of over 35%, were not unique

split across both the home and export markets. The results were not luck either, but the result of a focused approach across all levels of the business which included establishing KPI’s and targets. The cornerstones of which included: UK Manufacture, Export Growth, Employee Development and Supplier and Customer Partnerships. Fortress Technology (Europe) Ltd is a wholly owned subsidiary of the privately owned Toronto based company Fortress Technology Inc. Over 1000 Phantom and Stealth metal detectors have now been manufactured and supplied to the home and export markets since January 2011. Fortress Technology is the only Metal Detection Manufacturer that, since its inception in 1996, custom manufactures their equipment to suit their customers’ needs, application metal detection for their customers Commitment. In addition to product manufacture the service and support services including training, preventative maintenance plans, spare parts and validation visits. For further product information please contact: Fortress Technology Tel: 01295 256266

“Fortress Technology far exceeded their budgeted and forecast sales increase in 2013 which in itself is an exceptional achievement. The fact that this is being done from a UK based manufacturing base is also very heartening”.


Email: or visit


December 2014

Don’t Be Unsettled By Vibrations: Non-Contacting Sensor for Electro-Hydraulic Actuators

As the exclusive UK distributor for Novotechnik, the German sensor and sensor systems specialist, Variohm EuroSensor presents the following application note on innovative noncontacting position sensor technology: Modern automation technology is relying on exact positional data for moving machinery parts. The measurement values are provided by linear and rotary sensors, which must be immune to temperature, vibrations, and other environmental regularly require fast movement cycles, high-frequency oscillations, and/or continuous mechanical rotation. For this reason, non-contacting processes, which are practically free of wear and tear, have become increasingly prevalent. They are employed in the electro-hydraulic actuators of pipeline ball valves, for instance.

A Robust Sensor for the Precise Capture of Real Values A good example is the RSC 2800 series magnetic rotary sensors (image #1) from the product range of sensor technology specialist Novotechnik (see box copy). Koso America, for example, utilizes the robust sensor for position sensing inside an electro-hydraulic actuator suitable for ball valves of varying nominal width. This application uses the sensor signal to control the precise adjustment of the ball valve within milliseconds (image #2). The electro-hydraulic actuator basically comprises two main components: the drive itself, consisting of hydraulic cylinder, control circuit, and power module, as well as a control unit. The drive is mounted directly atop the ball valve on the pipeline, while the control unit can be installed remotely. The power module includes an electric motor for the delivery of oil into the dual-action hydraulic cylinder. This cylinder can move in either direction, depending on requirements (image #3). The rotary sensor plays an important role the slide shaft and provides the current positional real value as a 4 ... 20 mA analogue signal to be sent to the control unit. The touchless measurements are occurring during pump or pipeline operation. What’s more, the sensor is impervious to contaminants and moisture. #4): A magnet is mounted on the rotational axis. Depending on the rotation

The magnetic rotary sensor (RSC 2800) is mounted directly onto the shaft and provides the current positional real value as a 4 ... 20 mA analogue signal to the control unit. (Photographic image: KOSO America)

Currently, the operating principles applied for non-contacting rotary sensing often include magnetic processes. They yield absolute measurements which are reliable even under tough environmental conditions. Their relatively low cost in comparison to other measurement technologies makes them suitable for countless applications in machine engineering and plant design. This allows for a large spectrum of applications. They are represented in assemblies ranging from wind direction measuring systems, over actuators, control valves, handling systems, and industrial robotics to mobile applications for utility vehicles, such as for tractors, harvesters, etc. And these possibilities for position measuring in pedals, seat positioning systems, or panel joysticks. They are now even utilized in hydroelectric power plants or pipelines.


changes, and with it the signal voltage of the sensor component. Within the sensor’s integrated circuits, this signal change is then converted into an analogue signal that is proportionally related to the rotation angle. And this sensor is very which corresponds to a positional resolution of .02% or an angular resolution of +/- 0,1 degree. The independent linearity amounts to approximately +/- 0.5%. Conserving Energy and Oil exceeds a certain value, adjustments are calculates the required pressure direction for clockwise or counter clockwise motion; then the actuator valves open, so that the drive is moved into the target the cylinder’s inlet and outlet, locking it in the resulting position. This method is highly economical, as there will be hardly any energy consumption after reaching circuit does not require a large oil reservoir, which also conserves resources.

Today, the operating principles employed for non-contacting rotary sensing often include magnetic processes. (Photographic image: Novotechnik)

The sensors were easily integrated into the application described. Their design allows for easy coupling and eliminates play. Elongated holes in the housing simplify mounting and adjustment. A shielded cable cast into the housing is used for the electrical connection; however, M12 connectors and other connector types are also optionally available. Depending on the application, the user can choose between input voltages of 5V and 24V. Ambient temperatures between -40 and +85° C, as well as between -25 and +85° C (with connector) are acceptable; models for up to +125° C are available. magnetic angle sensors provides for another attractive option for many applications for which angle sensors were previously not suitable (for instance because of space requirements or because the coupling of the shaft would to implement). These applications can be realized with a magnetic angle sensor, in which the sensor and position marker are designed as physically separate components. The magnetic position marker (position transducer) is installed on the rotating shaft. A marker indicates the correct alignment with the sensor component, which may be placed at a distance of up to 4mm from the position transducer. Using an available stronger magnet, even larger separation distances of up to approx. 10mm are possible. This dual-component design provides the user with the greatest possible freedom of installation for the neither shaft nor bearings are required, and because the sensing distance is variable, not a problem. Furthermore, transmissive measuring through other (non-magnetic) materials, such as plastics or aluminium, is an option. Hence, it appears that there may be further interesting applications in the magnetic rotary sensors’ future.

SAFETY is for life.


Safety Solutions for the Oil + Gas Industry REMBE速 GmbH Safety+Control Gallbergweg 21| 59929 Brilon, Germany T +49 2961 7405-0 | |


Combining breakthrough performance the Quadro K6000 GPU enables leadings organisations such as Pixar and Nissan to tackle visualisation and analysis workloads of unprecedented size and scope.

With Quadro K6000’s 12 GB of memory, I am now able to load nearly complete vehicle models in RTT Deltagen and have stunning photorealism almost instantly.

Dennis Malone, Associate Engineer, Nissan North America Elmtec is a distributor of NVIDIA graphics in the UK. Contact us now to find out where to buy


T: 01844 263750


Elmtec is a trading division of

Did you know? Not only is the UK home to eight Formula One teams but there are around 2,350 component manufacturers actively involved in the UK Automotive supply chain. Man and Machine offer CAD solutions including training, consultancy, support and software for design engineers across the whole Automotive manufacturing industry.

Software includes: Alias


Get in touch today for more information.




Product Design Suite

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If you have a competitors jacket that is up to three years of age, we will make a trade in offer against a new Inditherm System... start saving today! Heated Jackets

.0 0 * 5 9 6 £ e v sa a yeCaHreating IB on yo ur s t s ! Co

Inditherm FGS006 – Extra EEF Schutz Style Jacket

Our heated Jackets run at low voltage for ultimate safety. Using the most advanced of technologies we are able to deliver better heat transfer with our jackets at less then half the power of our nearest competitor. Using our patented carbon polymer material we produce high thermal transfer and uniform heating characteristics that mean we deliver unrivalled performance.

kWh usage -

3,888 Units

Unit cost -

14.9 pence

Annual Cost -


Longevity Inditherm heated jackets are constructed using extra thick, high thermally efficient materials. Lasting twice and three times as long as rival manufacturers. A cost comparison over 5 years...

Efficiency Our Jackets come with insulated lids as standard eliminating heat loss and maintaining high efficiency. Our heating elements offer 70% more surface area coverage.

Health & Safety Inditherm Heated Jackets comply with the 17th edition SELV regulations, providing a far superior safety advantage then a high voltage or mains fed equivalent.

Contact Sales T: E: W:

+44 (0)1709 766609

Nearest Competitors Schutz Style Jacket

kWh usage -

8,554 Units

Unit cost -

14.9 pence

Annual Cost -


Annual Saving of £695.00 a year on Energy

PROCESS EQUIPMENT FOR YOUR HYGIENIC APPLICATIONS U Hygienic Fittings & Adapters U Manual & Actuated Valves U Food & Brewery Hose Assemblies U Washdown & Steam Hose Assemblies U Bespoke Design and Fabrication U Full Hygienic Products Catalogue Available

Dixon Group Europe Limited 350 Walton Summit Centre, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 8AS Telephone: +44 (0)1772 323529 Fax: +44 (0)1772 314664

December 2014

Single wire connection? Passive distribution boxes? This question sparks intense discussions in the Fieldbus? electrical departments of many companies. the 360° yellow ring markings. This makes it easy for machine operators and maintenance personnel to clearly recognise the

short circuits of adjacent conductors, terminals and multi-pole

This approach has saved space, installation time and has proved Here Murrelektronik presents its approach to this question using to be error free. Germany company Schuster Maschinenbau GmbH to illustrate it’s system consultancy service – CONNECTIVITY. power strips have been pre-wired to the homerun cables of the Schuster has four main pillars: it produces vertical turning machines, impact cutting systems, automation solutions and custom machines. They deliver 35 machines and systems a year. The majority - about 30 machines - are vertical turning pre-tested. This is a huge relief especially for safety applications. vertical turning cells with integrated fast handling systems. Across the globe, Murrelektronik System Consultants create the best installation concepts by looking individually at each machine. Working together with customers, Murrelektronik analyse the entire process according to the TCO perspective, identifying the most suitable connectivity technology from more than 42,000 products. Products that have international approvals, have been pre-engineered and work perfectly together. And the best part is: our System Consultancy advice is completely free! Schuster is a mid-sized company with strong customer orientation: many machines are designed according to customer requirements. Murrelektronik worked closely with Herbert Assner, Manager of the electrical department at Schuster. One of his responsibilities is installing and connecting the I/O points on the machines into the control cabinet and connecting them to the controller.

I/O signals. If all connections are error-free, the test LED on the control component lights up and directly shows the signal status.

the cabinet we have a simple separation for transport that speeds up on-site commissioning. Additional connectors to separate the

Free System Consultation! Book an on- site visit and receive a bespoke technical report

conventional parallel wiring, passive distribution technology and

Outlines practical and cost saving solutions Compares range of different concepts Includes visualizations and technical data

installation concept is the relationship between the I/O points and their distance to the machine.

Call 0161 728 3133 Email: points is a typical number for a Schuster machine and they are

In the case of installations with a high I/O density that require

either a pre-made and pre-tested pluggable or over moulded homerun cables. These can be quickly installed and prevent solution. the status of each I/O point. The time required for installation, and support of our System Consultants who will design tailorthem to the system controller within the control cabinet.


Support and Customer Service Team, Murrelektronik combines the best technologies in automation with optimum service.

December 2014

Don’t slip up on safety

Accounting for 1.3 million lost working days annually, the HSE estimates Slips and Trips in the workplace cost UK employers £512 million per year - yet the simple act of implementing an effective cleaning regime can drastically reduce the risks, helping to protect both your employees and your business.

While many may envisage slip hazards as exclusively the realm of industrial environments such as oily workshops or greasy commercial kitchens, in reality over 40% of all workplace accidents reported are caused by slips

for example, is no bigger than a vacuum cleaner and just as agile - yet it achieves ten times higher contact pressure than manual cleaning whilst removing moisture in both

because contamination of any sort - from clean water to seemingly innocuous dust - greatly impairs a

range, the 30/4 is also available in a battery powered version, meaning the potential trip hazard of trailing cables

the following:

enabling businesses to claim 100% tax relief on their purchase under Wet cleaning is generally the preferred

Misuse of detergent is another common factor in overly slippery

suppresses dust and delivers better creating slip hazards and encouraging

cashback on all compact scrubber drier purchases*

Driers provide a safer, more consistent

With a comprehensive range of size Detergent) to supply a controlled mix

dry it by recovering the washing solution in a single pass – vastly reducing cleaning man-hours and crucially preventing slip hazards for those entering the area and the

the risk of costly slips and trips – your business, please contact us:

more thorough clean than a mop smallest scrubber drier, the BR 30/4,


December 2014

PS1 Personal Gas Monitor

GMI’s latest gas detector in the Personal Surveyor range

On/Off capability Field adjustable alarm settings Single gas monitor for H2S, O2, CO, SO2 Easy one button operation Datalogging as standard Audible, visual and vibrating alarms Rugged stainless steel alligator clip

Offices in the UK, France, Norway, USA, Saudi Arabia, Mexico and Shanghai

For further information, visit our website at or alternatively contact

Unleash the potential of your inspection system with e2v’s new UNiiQA+ CMOS line scan camera series ALRAD IMAGING is pleased to announce the introduction of a new range of high performance line scan cameras from machine vision imaging specialist e2v. The new UNiiQA+ *PoCL camera solutions to the automation world.

s0UMADUR 0UMAmORAND0UMATHANE Specialist Resin Flooring Systems

The UNiiQA+ camera series provides a line scan solution of solution at multiple price points in order to accommodate any


to stand as the most compact line scan camera on the market


additional investment.

s!NCILLARY-AINTENANCE0RODUCTS ALRAD IMAGING, Turnpike RESDEV LTD, Pumaflor House, Ainleys Industrial Estate Elland, West Yorkshire, HX5 9JP Tel: 01422 379131 Fax: 01422 370943 Email:


December 2014

Effective, economic corrosion protection: nsd tupH for aluminum drives Abingdon - UK – NORD DRIVESYSTEMS manufactures permanently corrosion-resistant drives by means of the nsd tupH sealed surface conversion system. Aluminum drives by blows or scratches. The drives are tested and proven in applications with a maritime atmosphere. Previous to that, they have proven their resilience against blistering per ASTM D714, corrosion per ASTM D610-08, and scribe per ASTM D1654-08 according to DIN EN ISO 2409. Additionally, ASTM D3170 Gravelometer test showed absolutely no loss of adhesion or chipping. The ASTM B117-09 salt spray test according to DIN EN ISO 9227 produced no corrosion even after 2,000 hours.

Illustration: nsd tupH from NORD DRIVESYSTEMS gives aluminum drives a smooth, permanently corrosionresistant surface

In demanding atmospheres, nsd tupH drives can be used much beyond the usual service life of and maintenance requirements placed on customers. In addition, the treatment ensures high process safety: since no coating is applied but the surface itself is hardened, there can be no pollution of products or process media as for instance with chipping paint. Even heavy impacts or scratches do not diminish the corrosion resistance. In contrast, scratches the protection useless. nsd tupH is approved for food applications according to FDA Title 21 CFR 175.300. Thus treated systems resist cleaning agents in the pH2 to pH12 range. nsd tupH is available for all aluminum-enclosed drives – four gearbox families, smooth-surface motors, and distributed drive electronics units. 18|

December 2014

Loss Prevention Bulletin s safety case studies The leading source of proces hive of lessons learnt with access to a 40 year arc e resource for from accidents. An invaluabl ety. anybody concerned with saf Company wide licences available to this valuable resource 0951_14

0951_14 LPB_HP.indd 1

27/06/2014 10:36

Realtime Energy Building Displays The Complete Energy Monitoring Solution from Elcomponent...

MeterRing RT presents your organisation’s energy and carbon performance, and renewables contribution in a high quality display designed to both captivate and inform through the use of hi-resolution internet-based graphics.

tel. 01279 503173

Elcomponent Ltd, Unit 5 Southmill Trading Centre, Bishop’s Stortford, Hertfordshire CM23 3DY

HALF-PAGE-HOR-REALTIME ADVERT other versions 2.indd 2

21/01/2014 14:46


December 2014

Right traceability systems reduce customer returns by up to 84%.

How Technology Improved Traceability Getting traceability right. Because the cost of getting it wrong is too high. Check out the “Importance of Traceability in Electronics Assembly” whitepaper. Right traceability systems reduce customer returns by up to 84%.

that can reduce the liability associated with electronics manufacturing.

When it comes to traceability, Brady has a long history of providing label

A traceability system can provide clear insight into the various steps in the manufacturing process that impact a

for electronic components. These materials are designed for highperformance environments that require durable, reliable, consistent and compliant solutions. Whether your manufacturing process incorporates hand assembly or automated assembly, Brady label materials are engineered to be a reliable element in What is Traceability? According to ISO 8402, traceability is the “ability to trace the history, application or location of an entity by Traceability also has ties to Six Sigma programs as it provides vital tools that help improve customer satisfaction by enhancing processes and protocols


then be used for a variety of purposes including: Process improvement Defect resolution Regulation compliance Brand integrity Direct & indirect cost savings within the electronics assembly industry have been familiar topics in research papers over the past few years. However, the risks associated with the increasingly complex nature of supply chains have made awareness on the topic more critical for manufacturers. The impact of product defects and regulatory conditions challenge all assemblers,

BRADY UK Wildmere Industrial Estate Banbury, Oxon OX16 3JU Tel: +44 (0) 1295 228 288 Fax: +44 (0) 1295 228 219

regardless of their size. When it comes to establishing a traceability system to meet customer expectations, improve production visibility and align with of options to consider, from simple batch or lot information all the way up to full view of process activities that serialize down to the component level. This paper will review the need, traceability and how it can be used to achieve a variety of business goals. Check out the Importance of Traceability in Electronics Assembly whitepaper to learn about: Costs of failed or poor traceability traceability Technology & Performance improvements And more! Request FREE download of the Whitepaper “Importance of Traceability

Think Safety. Think Brady!

Are you involved in managing Safety Signage? Imagine being able to implement, revise or refresh safety signs, pipemarking, accurate chemicals labelling, LEAN and 5S on-site and on demand! With a specialised Brady printer any signage can be printed when needed. Visit: Call: +44 (0) 1295 228 288 Email:

Handbook with 50 ways to increase your safety and productivity.

Learn all about our printing solutions and get the FREE Handbook!


December 2014

Maintec 2015 Leads Industry to the NEC Maintec, the leading UK event for the maintenance, plant and asset management industry, returns to the NEC, Birmingham on than ever before including a packed hall full of industry leading exhibitors, content rich seminars and three clever co-locations. Complementary Co-Locations Continuing the success of last year, show organisers, easyFairs, have announced three highly relevant complementary show, The Cleaning Expo 2015, which will include the Healthcare and Hygiene Expo and Street Cleaning Expo. This is being billed as the UK’s biggest cleaning event. Maintec 2015’s second co-location is Facilities Management – the UK’s only event for the facilities industry outside London. It debuted last year and quickly proved to be a triumph with the Maintec professionals, who now often have a wider FM remit. Engineers attending Maintec will also want to check out The Health & Safety Event. Run by a leader in the health and safety sector, Western Business Exhibitions, this also returns for roof.

Industry Leading Exhibitors Exhibitors at Maintec 2015 include all the major names and show regulars such as Hormann UK, Pruftechnik, whom will be using the show to launch new products to the market or unveil their very latest work. Returning exhibitor, KeyTracker be using Maintec 2015 to present its key and tool tracking systems, which allow organisations to secure, control, track, and maximise the usage of important equipment. Ryan Slaney, Business Development at KeyTracker explains why the company is returning to the show:

“Keytracker are excited to be exhibiting at Maintec once again. The incorporation of the Health & Safety Event and Facilities Management last year proved to be a resounding success for Keytracker, resulting in a decision to upgrade to the entrance stand for 2015.” First time exhibitor, IndySoft will also be using the show to promote its IndySoft Software and its Motion Tablet Computer. The Motion F5v has an integrated 1D and 2D barcode scanner built into the carry handle as well as an option for RFID tracking. It also comes with Gorilla® breakage resistance, perfect for real-world mobile work environments. Jake Bishop, Managing Director at IndySoft says: “This will were very impressed with the attendance, so decided this was the time to exhibit.”

Show Floor Entertainment Engineers and maintenance professionals visiting This will feature a selection of free content-rich practical talks exploring the critical subjects, challenges and trends. There will also be a return for The Business Strategy Forum, including expert sessions from major industry names. Show favourite, Lions’ Lair, will once again be returning to Maintec, where a host of brave exhibitors will present their new technologies, innovations and concepts to a panel of experts, in front of a live audience, in a bid to be voted best of show.

For further information about Maintec 2015 visit 22|


December 2014

Home to over 100 polymer-related companies, Telford has been known as “plastics valley� for over 20 years. Easily accessible from the M6 and M54 motorways, the Telford International Centre provides free parking for over 1,500 cars.

PDM Returns to Telford for 10th Anniversary in 2015

The Plastics Design and Moulding Exhibition and Conference (PDM15) returns to the Telford International Centre on 16 and 17 June 2015, where the event will celebrate its 10th anniversary as the UK’s premier annual event for the plastics industry. More than 60 exhibitors including major names from every part of the UK plastics community have already

of the event and will cover the latest in plastics design and manufacture impressed with the new materials see how the commercialisation of collected lots of information and have plenty of companies to follow up with




moulding and




the International Centre provides free

Telford International Centre with the and conference dedicated to plastics



December 2014

Why Visit National Electronics Week?

Why Exhibit at National Electronics Week?



December 2014

Innovate UK 2014: BIGGER and better than ever

It was a record-breaking 2 days with over 2,000 attendees from 30 countries and a stellar lineup of speakers. Some of the brightest and best innovators on the planet brought the wow factor to London last week at Innovate UK 2014. More than 2,000 attendees streamed through the doors on both days to network with speakers, exhibitors and each other. in our products. Some great ideas from fellow delegates about other applications for Loopwheels. Lots of good links made with Highlights of a diverse programme of speeches and seminars people. Our Twitter account has gone crazy! included: 4 ministers, a smoothie and a fashion show

Ringing endorsements of the importance of innovation to Steve Lindsay, CEO of Lontra added: UK plc - from no less than four government ministers We were far busier than we ever expected. Richard Reed’s story of how Innocent Smoothies went Lots of interest from potential investors, from start-up to one of the UK’s most recognisable brands partners and customers - not just from the The ‘high-tech meets high fashion’ show which brought UK but from around the world. We haven’t two exciting days to a stylish close had a moment’s peace, but that’s good. Bigger than Christmas The buzz was evident even outside the room. Live streaming Iain Gray, CEO of Innovate UK said: helped bring the event to people who couldn’t be there It’s been a triumph. More attendees themselves. At one point #InnovateUK2014 was the top and exhibitors than ever and a long trending Twitter hashtag in the UK - ahead of Christmas and list of inspiring speakers. The energy Benedict Cumberbatch’s engagement. and enthusiasm I’ve seen for making innovation happen is truly inspiring. Connect, connect, connect For some people Innovate UK 2014 was a chance to renew friendships, for others it was an opportunity to build new relationships with potential customers, partners and investors.

The common message from attendees was that the event surpassed their expectations. Exhibitors in particular praised the diversity and quality of the attendee mix - which led to many interesting dialogues about new markets and applications for their technologies. Gemma Pearce, co-founder of Loopwheels speaks for many: An incredible level of interest


October 28, 29, 2014 Boston Convention & Exhibition Center



DAY 1 OCT, 28

10.00 am

2.00 pm

Changing perspectives in composites design

From behaviour simulation to product development Performance assessment Product optimization via predictive simulation Analytic decision making

Time gain in composite design Behavior checking and predictions



DAY 2 OCT, 29

9.00 am

1.00 pm

Outlook for carbon composites usage in Aerospace

Outlook for carbon composites usage in Automotive

Reducing fuel consumption by light-weighting Innovative wing designs Next generation jet-engines

Nano-composites Lightweight designs What are the new opportunities of the composite market?

Aerolia / Greene, Boeing, AIP, Convergent, Dassault Systemes, ESI Group, e-Xstream Engineering, General Motors, JEC Composites Magazine, NAFEMS, NIAR, Purdue University, Siemens PLM, TUM, Tweed & Co and more...

Book your seat:


December 2014

The PPMA Show 2014 makes its triumphant return to the NEC The 2014 One to Watch

Showcasing a hotbed of innovation




25 & 26 February 2015 NEC Birmingham

TER S I G E R NOW with current and new suppliers · Meet face-to-face inspired by a wealth of machinery, · Be technology and equipment on show FOCUS AREAS – look out for · NEW drums, bulk containers for industrial packaging, logistical and transit packaging with the rise in e-retail

Official media partner

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Industry partners GAZETTE

Register for free:


December 2014

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To register, please visit With product development times constantly reducing, companies are looking to equip their organisations with limitless engineering resources enabling them to explore and products faster. They are, however, often constrained in their design exploration by limited access, scalability and/or usability of resources (hardware & software). Altair’s Cloud platform enables companies to integrate the entire simulation lifecycle process on the Cloud. Engineers are able to run larger scale jobs faster, providing better solutions and solving peaks in demand. Exploration’ Seminar on the 9th tackle the challenges of CAE on the Cloud and provide your CAE engineers with the freedom to truly explore their designs through:-

All attendees will get the unique opportunity to experience the Altair Cloud on their own models during and after the event, using free cloud cycles courtesy of Altair and our sponsors. About Altair

HyperWorks Unlimited - Private on Premises Cloud Appliance *NEW* HyperWorks Unlimited Cloud Appliance Built on Amazon Web Services (AWS) Simulation Cloud Suite Comprehensive Simulation Lifecycle Management on the Cloud See live presentations from Hieta, Vertu, University of Edinburgh and Zodiac Aerospace to see how others in the industry are doing it.


Altair is focused on the development and broad application of simulation technology to synthesise and optimise designs, processes and decisions for improved business performance. Privately held with is headquartered in Troy, Michigan, Today, Altair serves more than broad industry segments. To learn more, please visit:


The new exhibition dedicated to the UK’s water, electricity and gas utilities


Utility Week™ Live incorporating IWEX is the UK’s first and only exhibition dedicated to the business, operational and technical needs of the UK’s water, electricity and gas utilities. Building on the rich heritage of IWEX - Faversham House’s long-standing water and wastewater exhibition - Utility WeekTM Live incorporating IWEX will provide an important information exchange and market place for the UK’s multi-billion pound utility industries and an ideal environment for exhibitors to do business.


Whether your organisation is selling specialised equipment, technology or know-how into a specific segment of the market - or your expertise is equally relevant across utilities Utility WeekTM Live incorporating IWEX will deliver the audience you need to succeed.


Why you should exhibit: Extend your competitive advantage by exhibiting your products and services in an environment dedicated to the UK utility market, or engaging with the audience via sponsored features and networking opportunities; Do business and network with thousands of relevant, engaged buyers; Leverage your ROI further across Faversham House’s extensive portfolio of business information products.


To book your stand or request further information, please contact the sales team: Rachael Lyon – water sector +44 (0) 1342 332097 Gold Sponsors:

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Annual Review

December 2014 thermal image without the need to carry out a physical inspection. Maintenance Reporting An important aspect of any professional thermal imaging solution is the analysis and reporting package. Keeping track of inspections by downloading the images for cataloguing, distribution and analysis is very useful. Thermal analysis software allows the technician to make measurements on the captured thermal images and compare them with previous inspections. In this way anomalies can be seen, as the condition of equipment changes over time. Annotation can be added to images to instruct the maintenance team on what to repair, or brief management to assist with budgeting. Choosing a camera

Cost effective maintenance with thermal imaging One of the strengths of the technology is that it is noncontact, meaning inspection can take place even on live systems where there may normally be dangerous temperatures, electrical currents or high speed moving parts. In high value processes the cost of maintenance can be greatly reduced by predicting when repairs or routine maintenance are needed. This enables maintenance to be planned, which in turn can minimise costly down time. Mechanical wear and tear cannot always be detected until there is a catastrophic failure. For example, if a worn bearing is put under load it gets hot, which can be detected with a thermal imaging camera. Reducing Energy Costs Energy costs are a focus for most businesses and thermal imaging cameras are a great tool to assist with optimising energy consumption. Seals around cool room doors can be regularly checked with the thermal imager. Leaks will show up clearly as cool air escapes from the door or as warm air enters the cool room, if the image is taken from inside. Similarly, oven


door seals can be checked to ensure heat is not escaping. Maintenance Made Easy A large proportion of downtime is caused by electrical faults. Some of these down times can be avoided through regular thermal inspection of electrical wiring and distribution panels. It takes just minutes using a thermal imaging camera to see if electrical connections are getting too hot and need to be renewed. The potential costs of unscheduled down

probably the most important factor. As a general rule it This means look for the camera with the most pixels. The more pixels available, the more detail can be seen from the thermal images. Thermal sensitivity can also be an important factor. Many

High end features Thermography usually involves taking still images of the subject and analysing the temperatures. However, the ultimate solution for analysing dynamic temperature is to use a camera with Radiometric Video. This means it captures a thermal video which includes all of the measurement data. Another useful feature is Site Recognition which is This unique feature means the camera automatically recognises the object which is being inspected using a site recognition label. When the images are downloaded to computer they are automatically archived to a dedicated folder, speeding up the whole process. Conclusion

can be avoided. important to the smooth running of machinery and can be checked very quickly using a thermal imaging camera. The liquid either warms or cools the surface of the vessel, enabling the level to be seen with the

imaging camera to assist with maintenance of process, plant and equipment as well as buildings. Including thermal inspections in routine maintenance tasks can help predict faults before they occur. For more information either visit the website or call to speak to our technical sales team:

December 2014

Next Generation Automatic Transfer Switching From Socomec Optional Maintenance Bypass with Socomec’s latest Automatic Transfer Switch technology – ATyS.

Integrated power specialist, Socomec, launches next generation Automatic Transfer Switch (ATyS) which monitors the power supply to a critical system and – in case of failure – manages the transfer to the backup supply. Based on Socomec’s proven loadbreak switch technology, the ATyS provides a robust and easy to use solution to today’s safety and supply availability requirements: several building regulations now stipulate that backup power should be selected automatically. Andrew Wilkinson, Regional Managing Director, Socomec comments; “At Socomec, we work closely with our customers to better understand their challenges and

to design sustainable solutions. Our latest product evolution is an important development, enabling new and refurbished buildings and facilities to comply with the latest safety standards: BS 9999:2008 and BS 8519:2010. The ATS must be able to switch between a transformer and a generator, or two transformer supplies. It is also becoming increasingly important for the ATS to be integrated within the overall building management system to facilitate live monitoring of critical systems.” Socomec’s ATyS, available from 125A to 3200A, is supplied as a complete manufacturerwith additional variants, the ATyS has been developed

for transformer/transformer changeover applications as well as for transformer/generator applications. ATyS integrates test generator start signal. Designed with critical systems in mind – from Data Centres, to critical buildings and infrastructures such as hospitals, life safety systems and generator panels – the ATyS monitoring systems and can also accept current transformer inputs for metering functions. The latest Socomec ATyS also features optional volt-free contacts for source availability and RS485 MODBUS or Ethernet communications. ATyS also meets the requirements 8519:2010 Socomec.




buildings such as The Shard, 1 London Bridge and Vauxhall Tower, as well as Rathbone Market and Pulsant Data Centre, Socomec’s ATyS delivers the very latest in Power, Control and Safety. The new ATyS complements the existing ATyS M range available To understand how your facility Socomec team: Alex Metcalfe;


Your power, our experience Every day we provide innovative power solutions that guarantee the availability, efficiency, control and safety of low voltage electrical power for your critical buildings and infrastructure. Critical Power: Uninterruptible Power Supplies, Single Phase and Three Phase, Static Transfer Systems. Switching: Load Break, Fuse Combination, ATS and Changeover switches from 20 to 4000 A. Control & Protection: Multi-Function measurement & Metering, Energy Management & Efficiency, Network Protection and Insulation Monitoring. Systems: Enclosed solutions, Busbar Systems and Mounting & Cabling Accessories up to 6000 A.

Tel 01285 86 33 00 路 e-mail 路

Annual Review

December 2014

FMBC LL: Low leakage current SCHURTER expands its successful range of FMBC NEO Technical features


oday’s industrial

electrical installations

as machines used in an industrial


performance, they are still compact

devices (RCD) to ensure

also a requirement in certain countries for 3-phase systems, for example plugthe current to earth to a maximum the frequency inverters that control

service for an optimum adjustment

companies and partners to guarantee a high level of local service and

they increase the capacity to earth

Company SCHURTER manufacturer






products ensure safe and clean supply of standard products including circuit protection, connectors, EMC electronic



customers to meet their application


Contact Should you have any questions, please contact: Division Components


Profile Technology

Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Flexible modular solutions from mk! Compatible standard modules from mk simplify your production and maximise efficiency. Technology from mk provides the ideal solution for plant and special machinery engineering. mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group Unit 2· Wolds Farm Business Park Kinoulton Lane· Kinoulton· Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ Phone +44 (0)1949 823751· Fax +44 (0)1949 81270 ·

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December 2014

ACC Flooring Provide Sustainable

They needed a fast but effective makeover and ACC Flooring provided the ideal solution, with safety walkways and demarcation, including the corporate logo – in just one weekend.


The Specialists in Advanced Resin Floors

What ever your Industry! ...

... ACC has it COVERED

ACC Flooring Ltd

December 2014

bespoke and stock hinges from the UK’s No 1 specialist manufacturer


for every application

bespoke hinge design full range of standard hinges presswork and sub-assembly services

visit quality hinges for over 200 years 01827 63391

Greater cold store cost

How can you boost your cold store cost


– THE PLUS FOR ADDED FLEXIBILITY The next generation The innovative multi-protocol fieldbus system from Murrelektronik, which has radically simplified and modernized decentralized installation has taken a step further with a plus. The single bus node can support up to 20 I/O modules in a 30m circumference and with a reduced number of cables. The range of I/O modules continues to grow and includes digital and analogue ports, safe outputs, logic, counter, valve island, temperature, I/O link etc. Both IP67 or IP20 are available. Cube67+ : a truly flexible system. t.PSFPQUJPOT t.PSFGMFYJCJMJUZ t.PSFEJTUBODF t.PSFQFSGPSNBODF

Cube67 – the modular bus system

Murrelektronik Ltd 5 Albion St, Pendlebury Ind.Estate, Swinton, Manchester, GB M27 4FG

Phone 0161 728 3133

December 2014 Established in 1987, Klimate is one of the UK’s leading Rapid Roll Door designers and manufacturers. The High speed automatic opening and closing of the doors not only provides valuable energy saving by maintaining room temperature, but also reduces contamination due to airborne pollution and ingress of vermin. The working environment is also improved by controlling the

Compact M12 l Stainless stee . safety switch Specifically designed for g food processin machines.

Proud to be a carbon neutral manufacturer since 2010.

used doors and also helps to reduce noise levels.

up to

IP6K9K Protection class according to DIN EN 60529

elobau UK 3000 Aviator Way Manchester GB - M225TG +44 (0) 161 26 61 18 0

With Rapid Roll Fast Acting Doors, safety is of paramount importance. As standard, all our UK manufactured Rapid Roll Doors are supplied with two sets of safety photocells and an extremely sensitive electric safety edge – Both items are constantly monitored, providing an instantaneous stop/reverse feature, should there be an obstruction. The door’s high-speed is variable up to 2 meters per second, adjustable through the control panel and also enables soft acceleration/deceleration feature. Methods of actuation include: Induction loops, Radio, Infra-red transmitters and Radar. All Klimate Rapid Roll Fast Acting Doors are characterised by their low maintenance technology and low repair cost, highlighted by the ‘crash-out’ feature which minimises cost and downtime due to vehicle impact. Being a UK manufacturer, we can also guarantee reliability under high usage, with immediate accessibility to all replacement component parts. Klimate Fast Acting Rapid Roll Doors are tailorused in conjunction with conveyors and zoned areas. They can be manufactured from stainless steel and oversize doors are available.


Annual Review

December 2014

Croft Filters Ltd From concept to completion, products to keep the wheels of industry turning. For 27 years, Croft Filters use other metals, perforated Filters for a Finer Future Ltd has been creating and mesh. solutions based consultation industrial sector. The main Case Study – Self Cleaning to clients, starting at the concern for any manufacturer Filters R&D stage. The prototyping is loss of earnings caused by and testing phase enables production line ‘downtime’ Croft Filters and clients manufacturing challenge in mind the Croft Filters business model is setup to supply to these tight manufacturer had relied deadlines with almost twowhich would clog up during the customer within 6 days. the discharge procedure and require regular replacement. Strainers, Baskets, Screens, In addition to reducing the Cone Filters and Cylinders, needed, the Heco unit also can be made as low as 1µ (micron), form some of the popular products Croft manufacturers; with selfand cut its weekly operational popularity. The majority of costs by £1,725. Croft Filters are manufactured Croft are the sole UK there is the capability to also distributor for HECO products.



of installation. Croft Filters also has an in-house research and whose function is to challenge the market and impact on manufacturing. For more information please

01925 766265


We have over 27 years of experience for more information please visit 2 Beech Court - Taylor Business Park - Risley - Warrington - Cheshire - WA3 6BL t: 01295 766265 - f: 01925 765029 - e: - w:

Annual Review

December 2014

The Silicon Sensing road to precision MEMS IMUs for demanding engineering applications Silicon Sensing is an Anglo-Japanese joint venture company established established Coriolis VSG (Vibrating Structure Gyroscope) technology with the emergence of MEMS as a mass production process. British Aerospace way back in the 1980s and the sensor inside resembled a miniature ‘wine glass’ of piezo-ceramic machined from a solid bar billet.

BAe (UK) and Sumitomo Precision Products (Japan) teamed to sensor – VSG3. Since its formation Silicon Sensing has shipped 30 million MEMS

are in volume production. It now produces precision MEMS Capacitive

in certain market applications.

company’s foundry. Not so Silicon Sensing; SSS controls all the Japan. Gyroscopes and accelerometer die are packaged in the modules and assemblies before being calibrated by Silicon Sensing at its facilities either in the UK or Japan.

relentless striving to improve the sensors which will help keep Silicon Sensing at the forefront of this burgeoning industry.

VSG5 2010


Annual Review

December 2014

Find all product informatio

n here

ARTING w w w.eCatalogue.H


December 2014

The Internet Of Things Industry 4.0 The fourth industrial revolution By Peter Hannon, HARTING Ltd.


2014, HARTING has seen growth from its mix of market sectors, which include transportation, renewable energy, broadcasting and industrial automation as well as the traditional electronics and electrical markets. However as 2014 draws to a close there is a feeling of reduced optimism in the market compared to the beginning of the year. The major export markets for the UK appear to more of a challenge. Continued product innovation is important to refresh demand and satisfy customer needs, and in 2014 HARTING has continued to evolve from a component manufacturer into a technology solutions company developing total interconnect solutions for the “integrated industry” environment where systems, hardware, software and embedded electronics come together in an integrated smart network infrastructure. This concept, for which the term “Industry 4.0” has been coined, symbolises a fourth industrial revolution to follow the earlier examples of the steam engine, the

assembly line and electronic controls. In the Industry 4.0 environment, products will control their own production, and to accomplish this, they will depend on cyber physical systems (CPS). Although this is a describing a steady decentralisation that was initiated some 20 years ago and resulted in the formation of functional modules within the industrial environment. Two decades later, these systems boast greater computing power, more sensors, more software, and higher intelligence. But a comprehensive view makes it clear beyond doubt that we are witnessing a revolution here, because the product itself is telling the CPS what it has to do. Consequently, CPS is not merely a decentralised automation unit in an otherwise centralised system. There’s more to it than that: it works autonomously, has almost fully matured and provides services that in aggregate make the production In this context, the fact that key technologies such as RFID, Ethernet, SoA (Service oriented Architecture)

and OPC-UA (OLE for Process already exist is highly fortuitous. These technologies further these developments, while having made From where we stand today, it is now a matter of reaching the tipping point: in other words, the leap to the large-scale deployment of these technologies in industry – which will certainly not be long in arriving. Industry 4.0 means having a smart factory environment. HARTING’s latest generation of products like RFID transponders and readers, middleware, software and interconnection technologies will complement this integration. HARTING Limited Caswell Road Brackmills Industrial Estate Northampton NN4 7PW Fax: +44 (0) 1604 706777 Email:



ased in Milton Keynes, KASTO Ltd is best known for the supply of sawing machines and storage systems manufactured by its parent company in Germany.

One of its strengths is the design and project management of automated production centres, comprising CNC circular and band sawing machines, or indeed other machine tools such as lathes and sheet metal profilers, linked with computer-controlled storage and retrieval towers having very high storage capacity in a remarkably compact footprint. Often, KASTO supplies just the storage solution, as the production machinery already exists at the customer’s premises. Many manufacturers and stockholders use such systems to reduce labour costs, maximise machining uptime, and ensure short lead times through efficient store management and retrieval of stock. Raw material and workin-progress may be stored in the form of sheet, bar, tube, or profile. Material may be held on pallets as well as in stillages and boxes.

01908 571590

STORAGE KASTOlift is a new, compact storage system designed for workshops, trade and small to medium-sized industrial enterprises. The universal storage system can be configured to a maximum height of 4 metres. KASTOlift stores bars, plates, tools and boxes, as well as workin-progress and finished goods. UNIBLOC Stacking Cradle Systems are ideally suited to bar stock, sheet metal and other bulky material. It is the sensible solution where automatic bar storage systems are not economical. Often, small storage volumes and small to medium turnover dictate a transport device where easy access, small footprint and uncomplicated operation are most important. UNITOWER Storage System applications include buffer storage in steel and other service centres, as well as storing small quantities of raw material and parts in job shops and all types of manufacturing operation. The compact cassette storage system optimises material flow. and uses power more effectively because, unlike paternoster systems, only the required cassette is moved and not the entire storage volume. The design also saves space and rental and may even be installed externally. UNIPORTAL is of gantrytype, cassette design, allowing fast access to stored material. Due to its modular design, the

SOLUTIONS OF LONG STOCK AND SHEET METAL system can be easily extended at a later date. Only additional shelf blocks are needed plus extended crane rails. It is ideal for individual material flow in small to medium-sized businesses; or as a fast and economical buffer system near a manufacturing area, for example to supply lathes or an automatic saw. UNITOP automatic bar storage systems use an operating crane travelling on top of the shelf block. The enclosed, compact design ensures fast access to cassettes. Computer controlled, the UNITOP allows a perfect overview of the inventory at any time and is able to deliver the requested bar stock every 120 seconds - depending on system height - to the unloading station. Individually tailored input/output stations ensure easy adaptation to a company’s material flow requirements.

UNIGRIP is perfect for heights from 4 to 15m with loads of up to 3t, as it offers everything that an efficient storage system needs - and with low investment costs. The compact dimensions of the gantry crane allow good space utilisation and short cycle times.

UNIFLEX Longitudinal Storage Systems are designed as a single- or double-sided facility starting with around 200 singledeep storage locations for pallets of all sheet sizes. These systems can be built either as a rack-supported silo-construction up to 25 metres high with roof and wall cladding, or as a standalone storage unit in an existing building. UNILINE is a new single- or double-sided storage system from KASTO with from 200 to 800 locations for single-deep storage of sheet. It is the ideal way to streamline stock control and material flow through sheet metal machining facilities and distribution outlets, 24/7. Pallets have a usable load of 3t, although 5t or more is possible on request. All systems can accommodate small, medium and large (3m x 1.5 m) sheet.

Annual Review

December 2014

Measure & Control Static Electricity

In order to solve a problem,


Annual Review

December 2014

STATIC ELECTRICITY & THE FINISHING INDUSTRY Anyone who works in the Finishing Industry will be aware of the huge problems caused by dust and other airborne contaminants. If left unchecked, the costs in time and materials alone can run into the thousands. Typically this problem stems from an electric field and static charge build up, which causes dust, or other contaminants, to be attracted to the product. If a contaminant ends up being included in the coating, or other decoration, it often results in a blemish which can mean the rejection of the product. Static and Dust on Metal Parts Static and dust attraction is normally associated with plastics and non-conductive materials, but there are exceptions. The best-known of these is probably in the automotive sector. The bare chassis of a car is grounded metal and so incapable of holding much charge, but there is still an electrostatic dust attraction. The reason for this is that the static charge is in the airborne dust particles. These charged dust particles are attracted to the chassis because it is conductive and grounded. Some years ago an engineer at the Ford plant in Dagenham calculated that it probably cost over ÂŁ1000 whenever a Fiesta was found to have a painting blemish due to statically attracted dust. This included taking the chassis off-line, tacking off the blemish by hand, putting it back on-line and repainting it. The answer to this problem for most automotive plants is to install an ionised air gate immediately before the spray booths. This blows ionised air at high speed around the profile of the vehicle. The ionised air kills the static charge on the dust, allowing the speed of the air to remove it. This type of system can be operated with blown or compressed air. For large applications the greater purchase cost of a blown air system will be paid back quickly (typically within 6 months) due to its much lower running costs. Fraser Anti-Static have successfully installed ionised airgates such as the one shown opposite on car, coach and truck plants worldwide.

Gravity fallen dust is inevitable in many factories. Removing this dust from metal products isn’t always straightforward. If you use an ordinary compressed air blow-off gun, it could make the problem worse – the fast moving air can create a static charge when it impacts with the product. This may blow off the dust, but the now statically charged dust, is just floating around waiting to be re-attracted to the product. The solution is to use an ionised airgun which will remove dust without causing a static charge.

If you would like to discuss a Static Control Solution, call Fraser Anti-Static today on (UK) T: 01398 331 114 mention Engineering update and receive a discount on your first order. The only choice for Quality Static Control Solutions |55

Don’t slip up on safety, clean up with Kärcher! According to the world’s biggest professional health and safety organisation, IOSH, slips and trips are the most common causes of work accidents, accounting for over 40% of major injuries at work. More than 90% of slips occur when floors are wet or contaminated with food product. Kärcher floor cleaning machines are packed full of innovations to ensure maximum safety goes hand in hand with optimum cleaning results. Used in conjunction with the appropriate detergents, a diverse range of disc or roller brush types leaves all floor surfaces spotlessly clean and free from grease, whilst powerful vacuum motors and efficient squeegees ensure floors are left bone-dry in a single pass. What’s more, with battery versions available on many models, the potential trip hazard of trailing cables is eliminated. To give you a helping hand maintaining a clean, safe working environment, Kärcher is pleased to offer up to £200 cashback on compact scrubber driers purchased between 1st September and 31st December 2014. For further details and full terms and conditions, please visit

0 0 2 £


Annual Review

December 2014

ECi 2014 Roundup

Saas Solutions Since 1999 “We have seen Manufacturing output continue to increase positively in our customer base throughout 2014,� said Paola White, VP of Sales for Europe at ECi Software solutions. We serve over 1200 manufacturing businesses with our M1 ERP solution globally and have base. White believes that some of this is due to the evolving green energy projects and the new HS2 rail link since the M1 solution is


March of this year ECi incorporated into their business B&G Systems, the UK VAR for M1. Darren Toy, Managing Director of the business has over 13 years’ experience working and implementing M1 and has managed to retain and grow a healthy customer base over those years. All UK M1 customers are now Lincoln. M1 features prominently as part of our overall strategy for Europe and we are fully committed to developing a world- class software solution that will meet the current and future needs of the make-to-order, SME manufacturing sector. M1 has a comprehensive roadmap for M1 into 2015 and beyond. In 2014 we added new mobile CRM and project management tools together with Mobile that can be accessed by the end user to create a job straight in M1. This is part of our EasyOrder web solution and selfservice portal. M1 is also available as a Saas solutions since 1999 The desire for companies to improve their production output, reduce costs and better manage their business, is as strong as ever and we are pleased to be one of the companies leading that charge. We are looking forward to helping discrete manufacturing companies like you have a bigger and better 2015!


ERP Software for growing manufacturers

Does your manufacturing operation LOOK LIKE THIS?

Find out how to affordably streamline all of your business processes using one software solution

Make-to-order Engineer-to-order Custom & mixed mode Sub-contractors And more

CONTACT US TODAY TO ARRANGE A FREE DEMO! +44(0) 333 123 0333 +44(0) 333 123 0333

ECi, M1 and the ECi Red Box logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of eCommerce Industries, Inc. All rights reserved.


December 2014 T: +44 (0) 1903 700 651 F: +44 (0) 1903 244 307

TM Electronics (UK) Ltd - TME is a family run UK business, run by Tom Sensier with over 20 years experience of thermometry. TME has a range of thermometers ; Thermocouple PT100 PRT and Thermistor offering functional mechanical design together with accuracy and stability. We also have foldout thermocouple fast response Solo thermometer. Recently TM Electronics have developed logging thermometers with an integrated barcode reader and Bluetooth communication MM7000 or logging thermometer with Bluetooth MM7010. TME offer catering thermometers, HVAC temperature kits, food thermometers, catering probes, legionella Choose TME for robust, temperature monitoring equipment teperature kits andUK-built legionella thermometers with dual – from budget, off-the-shelf solutions bespoke general designs, tailored to pupose immersionand surface to probes, purpose your specification. temperature kits. We offer robust waterproof thermometers as as easy to use food waterproof thermometers. Our thermometer Wewell specialise in fast-response thermometers, bench and range includes a PT100 and wall mount instruments and anthermometer extensive range of fixeda orthermistor handheld probes and sensors. thermometer, alongside our range of high accuracy thermocouple thermometers. Always at the forefront of technical innovation, TME offers exciting new products designed to transform temperature measurement and recording in all industries. Improve performance - drive down costs – visit our website today. +44 (0)1903 700651

Keighley Laboratories Limited Croft House South Street Keighley West Yorkshire BD21 1EG T: 01535 664211

RPS Health, Safety & Environmental 10 Queen Street, London, W1J 5PF T: 08000 858384

Bio-Bubble Ltd Unit L, Fishers Grove, Barlington, Portsmouth, PO6 1RN T: 023 9220 0669 F: 023 9238 7460

Chemviron Carbon Ltd Britannia has been servicing the commercial kitchen ventilation market since 1995. Our portfolio contains a long, long list of fully satisfied customers & end-users; a Data Loggers Ltd legacyGemini which provides us with a reputation(UK) that is second to none. From the largest to the smallest of projects, no effort is spared in finding the right solution to your kitchen Terminus Road ventilation problem.

Edgar House, Lockett Road, Wigan, WN4 8DE T: 01942 275400 F: 01942 275600


Since its inception, Britannia has built its reputation PO19most 8UJ upon a team of the industry’s experienced people, with a combined knowledge far surpassing that of our competitors. It is this intimate understanding of the product, the industry & our focus on customer service, which has seen us grow into the UK’s market leading supplier of Commercial & Institutional Kitchen Hoods.

+44 (0)1243 813000 Our ethos is simple: We provide a range of products of

the highest quality, at very affordable prices, whilst being mindful of the impact their manufacture & use has upon the environment.


Clyde Materials Handling Edgar House, Lockett Road, Wigan, WN4 8DE T: 01942 275400 F: 01942 275600

THE POWER IN ELECTRICAL SAFETY© ISOMETER® ISO 685 Insulation monitoring for unearthed systems AC, 3 (N) AC 0 ...690V, DC ...1000V Nominal voltage extendable via coupling devices Two separately adjustable response values 1 kΩ.....10MΩ AMPPLUS measuring technology to adapt to changes in leakage capacitance Continuous measurement of the capacitance, voltage and system frequency Self-monitoring with automatic alarm message

BENDER UK Low Mill Business Park, Ulverston, Cumbria, LA12 9EE Tel: 44(0) 1229 480123 Fax: 44(0) 1229 480345 Tel ROI: +353 1 5060611

The full choice of cable carriers – covers all of your applications / (%!""#'"!&'"&('+"(% %$(% !'&.&+(&'" , '"+"(%&#-'"! /&'&'&'!&&&' !+% '%& / )! *'!% !'& /)%)%!'& !&'!#&' '% /'!%*'&%"   '" / %" &!!!&'"%!&& && &(&!"(%"*!    %!"&.%+"%!&''"! /('&'!!$('+!%'+ Proven technology used worldwide


KABELSCHLEPP Metool Unit 1 Mercian Park ¡ Mercian Close Ilkeston DE7 8 HG ¡ Fon: 0115 95 18 708 e-mail: ¡

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Engineering Update - December 2014  

Engineering Update - December 2014