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Eat. Drink. Sleep May 2015


Why Investing in Hospitality Technology is Investing in Good Business Induction is Prime Mover in Accelerated Cooking


SPRING HAS SPRUNG... Time to hit the deck James Latham, the UK’s

biggest independent timber and panel products distributor, is all decked out for Spring 2015

Say hello to just two members of our exquisite GIGA and XJ collections


The GIGA collection of bean-to-cup coffee machines are top of the range machines with two or three thermoblocks, dual ceramic grinders, delivering superb coffee effortlessly and in seconds through Swiss precision engineering make the GIGA collection, ideal for use in hotel restaurants and bars. Jura’s Impressa XJ collection is the perfect marriage of form and function. The high end coffee experience is as much about ambience and mood, with an immaculate, stylish design, this commercial coffee machine is as much a triumph of interior design as it is a dispenser of top quality specialist coffees.

For more details on the GIGA and XJ collections and our range of professional machines contact: JURA Products Ltd, Vivary Mill, Vivary Way, Colne, Lancashire, BB8 9NW. t: 01282 868266 f: 01282 863411 e: w:

Eat. Drink. Sleep May 2015

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Restaurant News

Dutch Asparagus Drone Crashes

A publicity stunt by a Dutch restaurateur went wrong last week when the drone he used to transport the first asparagus of the season crashed en route to his Michelinstarred restaurant. Every year, Ronald Peijenburg, owner of De Zwaan in Noord-Brabant finds an unusual way to transport asparagus to his restaurant. In the past, he has used a hot air balloon, a helicopter and a Formula 1 racing car, according to This year he opted for a drone, but it crashed in a ball of flames after a second take-off to change the battery. Despite the crash, asparagus is still on the menu at the restaurant.

Costa Trials Zero-Energy ‘Eco-Pod’ Restaurant The 78-cover restaurant took 13 weeks to build and was developed to explore ways in which building, operating and maintaining a coffee shop can be as sustainable and low-energy as possible. The site will act as a test bed, with plans for future openings to incorporate the lessons learned to help drive down energy consumption across the business. “This is an exciting first for coffee shop and retail design here in the UK and has the potential to transform not just how we build new stores at Costa but the industry far more widely,” said Jim Slater, managing director of Costa UK and Ireland. “We wanted to explore new ways to serve quality coffee to our customers while managing our environmental footprint as responsibly as we can. Through a successful partnership with Hammerson we have developed an outstanding new type of test bed building design which really does have the potential to make a massive difference if rolled out more widely.” Though the internal operating equipment, including espresso machines and panini grills, will use power in the conventional way, energy costs are minimised by using passive ventilation and solar PV cells embedded in the curved roof to heat and cool the building. Costa will monitor and evaluate the performance of the eco-pod over the next 6-12 months before deciding how its design can be implemented across other stores.


Uptick in Spending on Meals Out, Says Latest Consumer Report British consumers are spending more on meals, but the average amount they spend per meal is lower, according to a new report. The latest Barclaycard Consumer Spending Report found a 17% growth in spending in restaurants in Q1 (28 December 2014 to 28 March 2015), year-on-year, with almost a quarter of British consumers (24%) saying they out one of the “non-essential items” plan to visit more restaurants in the to have grown the most. Region-wise, next three months. London has seen the highest year-onRestaurants also saw the biggest year general spending growth (4.9%), percentage point increase in closely followed by the North West spending compared to personal (4.1%) and West Midlands (3.6%). electronics (up 6.6%) and entertainment (up 11.9%). However, The rise in confidence was largely average transaction values are down attributed to low inflation, falling commodity prices, and people feeling by 5.4% year-on-year, suggesting more secure in their job security (52% that consumers are visiting more up from 47% at the end of 2014). restaurants, but spending less each time. Britons are now also feeling more positive about the economy in The report asked a representative general, with almost half (45%) saying sample of 2,000 UK consumers by they feel positive about the UK’s age, gender, region, income group, economic outlook, up from 38% at professional status and family the end of 2014. Almost a quarter situation. (24%) of consumers said that they It found that consumers are also “have been cautious for a long time” most likely to eat out in a pub – two and wanted to “treat themselves for a fifths (40%) eat out in pubs at least change”. once a month but fine dining is still quite a rare event, with over one third This is tempered by worries about the upcoming General Election, with 56% saying that they never eat in such of consumers saying that they are establishments (36%). concerned about its potential impact Overall, consumer spending has on their personal and household grown 3.8% year-on-year, with eating finances.

Ramsay to Run Bordeaux Restaurant Gordon Ramsay is to open a restaurant in the five-star Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux & Spa in Bordeaux. He will take over the fine dining restaurant Le Pressoir d’Argent in the hotel as part of the Gordon Ramsay Group’s partnership with the FIB Group (Financière Immobilière Bordelaise). The FIB Group also owns the Waldorf Astoria Trianon Palace in Versailles where the Gordon Ramsay Group operates a two Michelin-starred restaurant. Gordon Ramsay said: “I’m thrilled we are opening our second restaurant in France, following on from the two Michelin-starred Gordon Ramsay au Trianon in Versailles. To open a restaurant in the wine capital of

France with its world-class vineyards and glorious regional produce is extremely exciting.” Michel Ohayon, chief executive of FIB and owner of the Grand Hôtel de Bordeaux & Spa added: “It is an honour to work with Gordon Ramsay Group and the new Bordeaux restaurant provides FIB in France with two gastronomic centres of excellence. “Gordon Ramsay’s arrival in Bordeaux is the cause of much excitement here.”

East London Liquor

Mobile Bar Hire have been in the eye of Bar News for a while now due to their consistent efforts to improve the quality of their services and overall increase the experience had by bar users across the country (and beyond). With the official release of their premium range last year, Mobile Bar Hire have launched new site to deal especially with the ice bar hires at numerous events their premium bars and allow those looking for more this form of service including Citroen and an event at Old Trafford as well as bar services used an easy way to access their needs. by ITV, Cadbury, UEFA and John Lewis Mobile Bar Hire have provided bar among many more. hire services for their premium Bar Hire is not the first offshoot bars practically since they started, having access to bars such as their six website of Mobile Bar Hire’s, other sites that specialise in their own area metre circular LED bar and their ice including Asian Wedding Bar Hire and bars – both popular options when Bar Hire Essex, among several online premium bars are needed for an event. Bars such as these (in addition shopping sites designed to allow the to any upcoming premium bars) will company to sell their products over the internet. be found at the new Bar Hire site, offering potential customers all the Recent premium bar launches necessary information and some include Mobile Bar Hire’s Rustic Bar glimpses of those premium bars – a counter that has hit the bar hire through their gallery and elsewhere community like a storm – as well across the site. as the four metre circular LED bar, a great smaller alternative to their These premium bars have been and larger six metre diameter bar which continue to be used in a number has been leading their premium bar of corporate and VIP functions. range in recent years. Examples of this include the use of

London’s craft distilling scene might only be in its early infancy, but it’s in rude health. The latest part of the capital to acquire some stills is Victoria Park, at the soon-to-be-opened East London Liquor Company.

May 2015

Mobile Bar Hire Launch New Website

The distillery is taking shape as we speak, at the old glue factory in Bow Wharf, complete with two copper stills ready to begin production of a range of spirits. Three gins, a vodka and a whisky are all in the pipeline already – the latter will age on site for the requisite three years. Alex Wolpert (pictured, left, formerly of Barworks, which has a small stake in the distillery) is at the helm, while Jamie Baxter (pictured, right, of Chase and City of London Distillery fame) is manning the stills. In the interests of offering a holistic experience, there will be a cocktail bar on site where visitors will not only be able to sample the distillery’s wares, but also see them being made through a glass wall. Operations are expected to commence in April.

Greene King Defends IPA Cost Rise After Budget Duty Cuts Greene King has defended its decision to increase the cost per barrel of its IPA at the same time as passing on beer duty cuts.

have been reduced. This in turn has resulted in an increase in dutiable volume, which becomes effective from 23 March 2015.”

Last month, the brewer issued a letter stating the price of a 36-gallon barrel of Greene King IPA would fall by £2.04 as a result of duty reductions announced in the budget.

The news has left a bitter taste for one licensee who feels the brewer has given with one hand, but taken with the other. “I’m not happy about this at all,” he said.

However, in the same communication — seen by the PMA — the company also revealed the cost per barrel would rise by £1.80 on the back of changes to its sediment allowance — set individually for each brewer by HM Revenue & Customs so brewers don’t pay duty on beer that cannot be sold.

“It’s very underhand. In January, prices went up but I always hold my changes until after the budget because I don’t like to increase prices twice. My customers are already asking about price reductions. I’m going to look silly if I put my prices up and we’ve had a reduction on beer duty.”

The letter stated: “Following a review by HMRC of our cask beers, it has been proven that our yields have improved during the past year and, as a result, our sediment allowances

Greene King declined to comment on the timing of the letter but Chris Houlton, managing director of Greene King Brewing & Brands, said: “This year, HMRC determined there is less sediment.


Bar News

However, this should mean little change for our customers as, while the amount of duty HMRC charges has slightly increased, there is more beer to sell in each barrel and therefore more profit per keg, which more than offsets the increase,” he said. Greene King estimates licensees can sell up to six extra pints per barrel.



Hotel News Whitbread Aims to Create 6,000 Apprenticeships by 2020 Whitbread PLC, owner of Premier Inn and Costa, has announced its commitment to creating more than 6,000 apprenticeships by 2020 and the launch of a brand new apprenticeship scheme for Costa. To deliver this pledge Whitbread plans to take on around 1,200 apprentices across its Premier Inn, Costa and restaurant brands each year. The Premier Inn apprenticeship scheme has been running since 2010 and has successfully delivered over 1,100 apprenticeships to date, with a further 950 trainees currently working towards their apprenticeship. The new Costa Apprenticeships programme will provide an Intermediate Apprenticeship in Customer Service and Barista Skills and will open for applications in Summer 2015. Andy Harrison, CEO of Whitbread, said: “Our 45,000 team members are our greatest asset and it’s vital we invest in them, creating opportunities to develop their skills and build their careers. We will commit £5.7m to our apprenticeship programmes over the next five years. I firmly believe that investing in apprenticeships is essential to Whitbread’s future success and to the health of the UK economy, as well as helping the next generation to achieve their full potential.” The prime minister, David Cameron, said: “There really has never been a better time to start an apprenticeship and it’s a huge leap forward to have Whitbread, one of Britain’s leading employers in the hospitality industry, hiring even more apprentices. “We want Apprenticeships to be levelpegging with a university degree, giving millions more people the dignity of work and a regular pay packet.” Whitbread says its commitment to apprenticeships leads to real success stories, with 34% of apprentices gaining a promotion within 15 months and 95% of them moving to management positions within the same time frame. Apprentices are also 45% more likely to stay with the company than non-apprentices. Whitbread’s newest venture, the Hub by Premier Inn hotel on St. Martin’s Lane, is staffed almost entirely by local young people who were not previously in education, employment or training. In addition, Premier Inn aims to fill at least half of any new opening vacancies with people that were previously unemployed.


Caterers Can Try out New Multifunction Compact FRIMA in Their Own Kitchen FRIMA UK is offering chefs the opportunity of a free trial of the new VarioCooking Center Multificiency 112T, in their own kitchen. The trial lasts up to four weeks and there is no obligation to buy – though the company expects many chefs will want to keep the hi-tech unit once they have had a taste of its abilities. The new FRIMA is a compact cooking appliance that is truly multifunctional. Chefs can use it to boil, grill, fry, low temperature cook and deep fry, precisely and easily, with perfect results. Despite measuring just 962mm wide by 800mm deep and 400mm high, it has two 14 litre pans, providing the capacity to cook high volumes of food.

The 112T can replace kettles, tilting pans, bratt pans, fryers and griddles, saving 30% or more space in the kitchen. Plus, it’s up to four times as fast, and saves up to 40% in energy, compared to conventional appliances.

“The VarioCooking Center is so flexible it allows chefs to use one piece of equipment for a huge number of dishes,” says Graham Kille, managing director of FRIMA UK. “Homemade sauces, braised ox cheeks, shallow fried salmon and lamb burgers, deep fried samosas, milk puddings, fresh soups and traditional custard… the list is endless. It’s the ideal modern commercial cooking appliance, no matter what size of kitchen or style of menu.”

Operators taking up the offer will get on-site training from an expert FRIMA chef to ensure they get the most out of the trial.

“Because the 112T is a countertop unit, it is easy to install,” says Graham. “There is already lots of interest in it. We do have a few units we can offer for the free trials, but obviously it’s a question of first come, first served.”

To find out more about booking a free trial visit www.kitchenrevolution. biz, email or call FRIMA UK on 0845 680 3981.

Former Monastery Opens as Luxury Hotel Stanbrook Abbey, a former monastery located in worcestershire, is set to open as a luxury hotel with the introduction of 57 bedrooms. The multi-million pound refurbishment, which has taken two years to complete, has included knocking its tiny nun cells into larger bedrooms, installing central heating and plumbing throughout the new suites. Mike Clare, founder and chairman of Amazing Venues said: “We are The hotel’s Cardinal Suite, its most very excited to now offer our guests expensive room, features a kingovernight accommodation in the size bed, private lounge area and historic abbey building at Stanbrook a balcony with views over the Abbey. surrounding grounds. The opening of the luxury bedrooms The abbey also feature four dining marks an important point in the rooms for private dining and two development of the property and banquet halls for “large feasts” or gives more guests the chance to afternoon tea. experience the magic and heritage of the venue.” The site, which will is expected to Built in 1625, the abbey is set within open on Friday, April 17, is part of 21 acres of countryside, and features of the Amazing Venues portfolio of a bell tower, private lake and orchard. properties.

Hospitality Technology


Hospitality Tech

Why Investing in Hospitality Technology is Investing in Good Business As the wider hospitality industry continues to face a slow recovery, hotels should be looking inwards during this time with a view to ensuring that the technology they use to help run their facilities are best suited for the roles they have to perform. While many hotel organizations are wisely using this current economic downturn to adequately plan for the future through improved levels of technology and staff investment, many others are not heeding the warning signs and are instead shedding costs wherever possible – which can lead to disastrous consequences. No one knows for sure if the current ‘green shoots’ being reported in the media will lead to a rapid or sustained economic recovery, but all pundits agree that there is definitely some recovery and eventually the situation will improve. Will markets return to normal? The question to ask is what’s normal in the post-Global Financial Crisis (GFC) era? ‘Normal’ in 1995 meant something completely different to ‘Normal’ in 2015. Hospitality organizations that have currently heeded the warning signs that dynamic markets and changing industry requirements are part of the new ‘normal,’ and have taken the time to update or invest in the right technology and training, will be better placed to effectively conduct business in the market place of 2010, 2011 and beyond. To quote Bob Dylan ‘The times they are a Changin.’ hoteliers need to ask themselves - what are they doing to position yourself for this?



Hospitality Tech

In consideration of how investment in hospitality technology can support business growth, rather than being an added cost, or unnecessary financial burden, to a hotel – it is important to look at what operational efficiencies the technology can bring, green initiatives, any improvements in staff activities and morale that can be delivered and how the technology will ultimately benefit the hotel’s revenue performance. There are many technologies that tick all of the above boxes, including: t Energy Management Systems t Revenue Management Systems t Property Management Systems t In-room technology t Sophisticated Telco Systems Consider Revenue Management technology: This technology is used in a wide variety of industries. In hospitality it is used to provide analytics that will increase rates and occupancy, track historic data, forecast future demand and set room and package pricing. These systems have a strong track record of significant revenue and efficiency improvements. ASP (Software as a Service) delivered Revenue Management (RM) systems for hotel groups, chains and independent boutique hotels, an opportunity to improve their market position, reduce their carbon foot print, bind together the organization with a deeper understanding of organizational goals, become more knowledgeable of market trends in the industry and ultimately improve their bottom line. Equally as important, when considering whether to invest in new technology within the hospitality sector, is the need to recognize that technology is constantly changing and improving. Decision time frames are shortening.

Hoteliers that have a good view on the future, realize that the technology decision they make today will only be relevant for the next 3-5 years AT THE MOST and are already planning next generation migrations. There is an onus on the vendors to also re-invent themselves and re-invent their technologies. The concept in 2009 – 2010 of having something ‘future proof’ is both outdated and naive. IDeaS Revenue Optimization’s experience is that there are many technology vendors in hospitality that fail to acknowledge the above reality. As the hotel industry continues to move towards a more dynamic and inter-connected environment it is vital that the correct technology infrastructure is in place to meet this challenge. Technology must enable a seamless flow of process and procedure and decisions through all aspects of the business, thereby enabling a philosophy of managing by exception rather than on a day to day tactical basis Those hotel groups that fail to recognize the speed of change in technology and what this can bring to the business will find themselves significantly under prepared when the market starts to strengthen. While “its never too late” to act – there is a significant opportunity cost in doing nothing or worse still, cutting technology out of the day to day operations. For a hotel to effectively operate and ensure it is maximizing its incoming revenue, the right technologies needs to be in place. Through investing in the right technology at the right time, hoteliers will be ensuring that their facility(s) are able to effectively maximize their ongoing revenue capability now and into the future


Cloud Electronics 46-120 Mixer Amp series, the perfect audio solution for your venue!

The world’s first all in one, high power, multi zone, mixer amp is here and brought to you by the world’s leader in commercial audio solutions and globally respected, Cloud Electronics. The 46-120, 46-120Media, 46120T and 46-120TMedia are best in class audio solutions that offer total consistency and piece of mind for any user, hand built in Sheffield by engineers that care to Cloud Electronics exacting standards they combine simple control of background music in four independent zones (areas) with versatile microphone paging and power amplification in one single unit. Each zone can select from six audio sources and two microphone inputs, allowing for considerable choice and versatility when creating the perfect tone for any

environment. Each one of these zones is provided with 120W output or 120W output with internal transformer modules pre-installed in the T variants. An additional feature of the 46-120 series is its zone specific hibernation capabilities, dramatically reducing running costs and improving energy efficiency. All 4 variants of the 46-120 series are ideal in almost any environment, including hotels, restaurants, bars, clubs, fitness centres, pubs, showrooms, offices and retail stores. User friendly design coupled with impeccable reliability allows for flexible music, paging and announcement facilities in each zone. When used in conjunction with a number of Clouds accessories the 46-120 offers even greater functionality. The Cloud RSL-6 wall plate range provides the user remote volume and source control in each individual zone, enabling them to create there desired atmosphere wherever they may be. Another superb accessory that

works in tandem with the 46-120 series is Clouds CDI-46 digital interface card. It gives the 46-120 digital paging capabilities, direct connection to Cloud paging mics via RJ45 Ethernet port and zone controlling through mobile devices such as tablets or smart phones. On top of all the fantastic features listed above, Clouds reputation for reliability and lasting performance is backed by a 5 year commercial warranty that will ensure you have total piece of mind. Designed, built and tested in Sheffield, UK, to Cloud Electronics superior commercial standard with proven heritage and backed with a 5 Year Commercial Warranty. “Cloud Electronics, without exception the most trusted brand in commercial audio” For further information visit detail.php?id=72 Or email in to:

Power & Control

The NEW 46-120 4 Zone Mixer Amp PRIVATE DINING




R emote V ol / ource /S

R S L-6AW C ontrol

C AT 5 - Mic/Line Level Audio/C / ontrol /C


R emote V ol / ource /S

R emote input and control



R emote V ol / ource /S

R S L-6AB C ontrol

R S L-6AW C ontrol

46-120T 4-Zone 70/100v Mixer/A / mplifier /A With Optional C DIS -46 C ontrol C ard F itt ttted



Television or Satellite Audio


Line Level Audio

Line Level Audio

CDI-46 Control / Digital Paging Interface option for 46/120 Range: s 23 #ONTROL s 4#0)0#ONTROL


Other models available : s  4 s  -EDIA s  4-EDIA


World leading manufacturer of music, zoning & paging equipment

See what’s possible at


Hospitality Tech

RAISE YOUR KITCHEN IQ WITH ZONAL Food not arriving quickly enough has been identified as the number one frustration for consumers when dining out, but an effective kitchen and service management system can have real impact on customer satisfaction. 12

The research by Zonal Retail Data Systems and CGA showed that nearly half of consumers (47%) cited slow food delivery as their biggest bugbear. Zonal has developed Kitchen iQ to help operators improve speed, quality and accuracy of service and transform the For smaller operators, Kitchen iQ overall dining out experience. provides a modular cost effective Kitchen iQ offers a comprehensive solution that can grow with the kitchen and service management business, with the option to add solution that delivers visible real-time screens and further reporting information to both kitchen and service functionality when needed. staff. The versatile system can be tailored to the needs of any operation Stuart added: “Feedback from operators on Kitchen iQ has been extremely and is fully integrated with Zonal’s positive. In particular, they welcome Aztec EPoS software, completing the integrated nature of this intelligent Zonal’s unique service tool chain. system that can be tailored to their Zonal’s chief executive Stuart McLean specific needs and used as a valuable explained: “Our research shows tool to drive efficiency and customer that delays in the kitchen and poor satisfaction.” communication between waiting Kitchen iQ is designed to improve and kitchen teams can cause real speed and accuracy across the whole frustrations for consumers. Our new intelligent integrated solution, Kitchen food delivery process, especially iQ, has been designed to transform the at times when kitchens are under pressure. overall dining out experience.” Colour coded screens indicate the status of orders and a simple to use bump interface allows teams to move orders through different stages. As the orders progress, the system will page front of house teams to notify when orders are ready, improving communication. For multi-site operators, Kitchen iQ offers central configuration with the ability to change and update screens across a whole or part of an estate from one central location. Business intelligence is delivered through real time reporting on order, prep and wait times at both site and estate levels.

“This is where integrated systems like Kitchen iQ really come into their own. They get waiting and kitchen staff working in harmony to give customers what they want: good food served quickly and accurately,” said Stuart. Kitchen iQ completes the product suite of technology solutions enabling Zonal to offer a fully integrated service to any hospitality business. Zonal Retail Data Systems is the leading provider of integrated hospitality management solutions to over 8,000 leisure and hospitality businesses across the UK.


Hospitality Tech

"Honey+Harvey is a modern English coffee shop offering delicious and inventive handmade food and drink using the very best in local higher welfare artisan products and ingredients. We were included in The Independent"s 50 best coffee shops in the UK in 2013." Harvey Allen, Co-Founder.

Having used a traditional Windows based touch screen for a number of years, Honey+Harvey was looking for a POS system that not only offered high flexibility and a range of features but also one that could grow with the business and matched the ambiance created by Honey+Harvey. As a result, they approached Edinburgh-based Intelligent Point of Sale Limited (IPOS), a company offering state-of-the-art iPad till systems. Founded in 2012, IPOS is going from strength to strength having secured a number of major contracts across retail and hospitality in collaboration with leading mPOS hardware distributor, DED Limited.

Honey+Harvey now benefits from an iPad till system that provides cloud based reporting and data analytics with up to the second information that can be accessed remotely. Its ease of use is demonstrated by any authorised member of staff being able to add a product, change a price, adjust the layout, etc. Furthermore, on a day-today basis items can easily be deleted, promotions/discounts added and saved orders retrieved. A major benefit for the company is the time saved training new members of staff given that 80% can be picked up within a few hours while customers benefit from improved service levels. More information can be included on the bar and kitchen receipt, thus speeding up the ordering process alongside reducing stress for staff at high volume times of the day. In addition, a small footprint results in greater counter space available. Keen to benefit from a stylish mPOS system, Honey+Harvey has selected


Star’s new ultra white TSP654IIE printer, designed to aesthetically match today’s tablet world. The TSP654IIE desktop printer with Ethernet interface, a high speed 300mm/sec receipt printer, offers WiFi printing via Star’s low cost WiFi Power Pack while the TSP654IIBI provides a Bluetooth version. Both models offer a low cost upgradability path for Star’s WebPRNT™ and ProxiPRNT™ cloud printing solutions. As Harvey Allen, Co-Founder, Honey+Harvey comments, “The system offers amazing flexibility and great value and we have received fantastic customer support from IPOS. As regards the printer, we have been using it for four months and it has not missed a beat while the print quality is far superior to the previous printer we were using. The fact that we can also change the layout of the receipt with the accompanying software is very useful. The printer is a lot quieter and very easy to use. I also like the red light that illuminates when the paper is low.”


Hospitality Tech

Our ethos is in the name, YO stands for “Your Own”, therefore Your Own WiFi, Your Own Data, Your Own Analytics, etc. Not all providers are the same. Unlike many providers of WiFi solutions we at Yo Wireless have a single belief that we operate our services for YOU the customer. All data belongs to you and therefore we NEVER charge for enabling that data for your use. Of course, all data is subject to Data Protection legislation and you must use such information responsibly.

Loyalty & e-Loyalty Schemes Don’t have a loyalty scheme? We can do that by providing either physical (card based) or virtual via your customer relationship in conjunction with Your Own Wireless solution.

We are a global business, so whether you have 1 outlet in the UK or 3000 outlets in 70 countries, we are scalable to meet all needs and structures. We are experts in the area of Point of Sale, Solutions, Retail Operations and Hospitality having provided fully integrated technologies around the Globe to some of the largest household names during the past 30 years. With a combined 120years of experience in product design, manufacture and service solutions, we understand what it means to establish cost rationale for solutions in these sectors.

Proximity and Assisted Selling – Interact with customers throughout your venue by extending tablet access to information, choices and colour to the customer, and join up the PoS solution with the Cloud using our D2C technology and really deliver assistance in the sale process.

Location Specific Services – Utilising our Patent Pending YoBeacon© technology, larger venues can pin point the location of customers in relation to specific areas and take in context communications to a different level. Marketing teams will benefit from a complete customer Yo Wireless has the ability to design, install and maintain scenario singularly or on mass, including how in store advertising has Wireless LAN technology on a global basis, with 50 worldwide worked or in real time is working. partners and offices in Canada, USA, Holland, Spain, Norway, Taipei and Seoul. We provide as standard 24/7 helpdesk with Desk 2 Cloud/PoS – Working with our partner company, we can supply real and relevant engineering support. or integrate pre-existing PoS solutions, whether HQ oriented or Venue We are the best by design and experience for all your WiFi, Proximity, Analytics and Loyalty/Reward Solutions. In Combination with our sister company ONE Retail we can also service your PoS and D2C desires from a single terminal environment to multi-terminal, multi-venue HQ driven proposition, including cloud based hand held assisted selling tools.

by Venue to a full blown D2C operational environment at little cost. The days of just hospitality taking the terminal to the customer are gone and our solutions enable this for all businesses in a very cost effective manner without the unnecessary replacement of the pre-existing PoS solution.

What we do Wireless LAN – Design, Configure and Install/Maintain the infrastructure that enables WiFi connectivity Guest or Visitor Internet Access – Provide Quality of Service based Internet access to your customers/visitors with a look and feel that makes it Your Own Wireless. Visitor Analytics – Understanding your customer is vital, we provide layers of information at varying levels, but at the simple visitor level, you can establish how often customers visit, how long they stay, whether they visit other stores in your group, how much data they used and so on. This linked with a loyalty scheme can also provide purchasing information and can be linked with our Location Specific Solutions. For further information please contact: In Context Messaging – Communicate with your customer with relevance and extend loyalty based reward options. 01202 596 522



With so much live sport on offer, no-one else comes close.

Coming up on

Premier League Darts

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To become the home of memorable moments with Sky Sports

Call 08442 411 643 The F1 Logo, F1, Formula 1, FIA FORMULA ONE WORLD CHAMPIONSHIP, GRAND PRIX and related marks are trade marks of Formula One Licensing BV, a Formula One group company. All rights reserved. Number of league games quoted is total shown on Sky Sports from 2014/2015 season as a whole. Scheduling may be subject to change. Terms apply. Calls to Sky cost up to 5.1p per minute (plus 15.97p connection fee) for BT customers. Calls from other providers may vary. Sky Sports comparison: Comparison against other UK broadcasters, based on live sport shown from Feb 2015 to June 2015. Correct at time of supply: 08.04.2015

May 2015




The Cantabria from Canopies UK

May 2015

Al fresco dining 365 days a year


Outdoor Areas

. . . .

The Cantabria will:

The Cantabria really is state of the art!

Offer a unique luxury dining experience Help you stand out from the competition Enable you to entertain more customers Start increasing revenue straight away

With an automated retractable roofing system and accessories ranging from heating to interior lighting and the option of having windows and doors you really can build a canopy to suit your establishment.

See how we can transform your outdoor space

Call Karen on 01254 865 074 Ext: 221 Email:



Outdoor Areas

LeisureBench has an established reputation in the UK for supplying highquality outdoor products at competitive prices. Our furniture is used daily and built to last, we focus on price without compromising on quality of our product. We have excellent relationships with companies in the hotel and leisure industries and welcome contract work. We have a stunning range of products which caters for the traditional and contemporary markets and will enhance any outdoor area. Our aim is to become the preferred supplier of quality outdoor products. Quality is a priority and LeisureBench works very hard to ensure the highest standard of workmanship and reliability.

Customer satisfaction is key to any committed and dedicated LeisureBench team are here for you. The environment is increasingly becoming a consideration when choosing suppliers. LeisureBench works closely with its suppliers to make sure ethical standards are met and is looking at ways to offset carbon emissions Many of our products are FSC速 product description box. We are a BCFA member and are recognised as EU compliant on many products so you can be sure of the integrity of our ranges. delivering excellent customer service always listening to what our customers

in our range. The company is constantly adding new and innovative products and prides itself on being able to react quickly to new trends together with its customers we continue to identify new product opportunities to meet changing and unique requirements.


friendly service from initial enquiry to View our website to see our stylish ranges in Rattan, Teak, Aluminium and Hardwood.

Recycled Plastic Furniture

May 2015

Let’s hope that this summer really does bring some sunshine! Having a pleasant and useable garden is a clear opportunity to increase your revenue. Outdoor dining or casual drinking for pubs can bring huge business opportunities, but only if businesses are prepared and equipped accordingly.

Transforming your tired and used gardens is a lot easier that some publicans may think. Adding colourful and appealing planters will be inviting and ensuring seating is of good order will ensure diners are kept happy – who actually wants to dine on a half rotten picnic table that has seen better days? NBB Recycled Furniture focuses on providing eco-friendly outdoor furniture which has been manufactured from 100% recycled plastic – using premium manufacturing processes. Furniture from 100% recycled plastic is fair better than traditional wood or even metal furniture as it’s more robust to withstand the heavy demands of the commercial world. In fact NBB’s very own 100% Recycled Plastic standard picnic table can withstand over 1000kg. When you bear in mind that the world record for bench pressing is 488.47kg – you’ll struggle to find a table that’s more robust! Our range is growing all the time and we have the benefits of being able to produce bespoke products. Last year we provided outdoor furniture to a famous premiership football club, which included Poseur Tables, A Frame Tables, and Condiment Stations – all made from 100% recycled plastic. NBB Recycled Furniture also has a great range of furniture aimed at the younger ones, our Junior Picnic Table is very popular with Schools, and provides a great solution to those venues wishing to attract families. It’s not only available in Brown or Black, but also a whole host of colours including Blue, Cranberry, Green and even Multi-Coloured!

Deciding on what furniture to choose isn’t a simple process, so here are NBB’s tips to choosing the right outdoor furniture: The style of furniture you decide should


Outdoor Areas

Smoking shelters When NBB was originally founded in 1990 they were one of the first companies to offer smoking control products. NBB currently have over 150 different shelters within the range – not to mention the bespoke projects they undertake. The key now is to provide imaginative and practical smoking areas for customers to enjoy. Offering a well-designed ‘retreat’ by adding all weather furniture, heating and lighting will ensure a pleasant environment. NBB’s most popular smoking shelter is the No Butts Open Fronted Smokescreen, its available in a range of sizes and colours. Prices start from as low as £1,200. Its aluminium frame is lightweight but sturdy, easy to clean and won’t rust, requiring minimal maintenance. Integrated seating is also available. NBB recommend the integration of cigarette bins, these can be wall mounted or floor standing. NBB’s best seller – the Concorde Cigarette Bin has a patented fire prevention system to extinguish cigarettes once in the bin. This unique design also incorporates a litter bin and can be bolted to the ground to prevent theft.



Outdoor Areas


UPM ProFi Classic Deck with pool

James Latham, the UK’s biggest independent timber and panel products distributor, is all decked out for Spring 2015 with two exciting new composite decking materials that promise to create the perfect outdoor living space.

Available in eight fresh and modern colours - all inspired by nature - UPM ProFi Design Deck allows you to bring style to outdoor living and once created, your design will continue to look great through the years, requiring minimal maintenance. UPM ProFi Design Deck sets new standards in colour durability. This is because, unlike wood and other composites, it is virtually free of lignin, the natural wood molecule which turns grey when exposed to sunlight. Plus, it’s extremely environmentally friendly too, the materials used to make it are specially selected from the by-products of other industrial processes, which would otherwise be disposed of in landfill or incineration.

May 2015

UPM ProFi Design Deck Range; UPM ProFi Design Deck’s stone like surface is non-porous so unlike with wood and many other types of composite decking, wine, oil and other liquid spills are not readily absorbed and can be easily cleaned. In terms of maintenance, no sanding, varnishing, painting or staining is needed. In most cases brushing and the occasional jet wash is all that is needed. And having a high friction surface, whether wet or dry its ideal not only for garden terraces and decks, but also for outdoor areas in bars and restaurants as well as swimming pool areas and marina walkways. And yet this is a deck that loves bare feet. You will never get a splinter from a UPM ProFi Design Deck and it feels warm when it’s cold and almost soft to touch. UPM ProFi Design Deck at the William Bray restaurant

UPM ProFi Classic Deck Range: Available in five colours: dark Walnut, golden Tigerwood, sun-bleached Desert Sand, Cape Cod Grey and Veranda Brazilian Walnut, UPM ProFi Classic Deck, is a wood-plastic composite decking that has the luxurious look and feel of real hardwood decking. However, unlike timber decking, requiring the minimum of maintenance, UPM ProFi Classic Deck will continue to look good year after year, in fact, made in the USA, it is backed by a 25-year manufacturer’s guarantee. A further advantage of UPM ProFi Classic Deck over other composite or timber decking

is that it has a unique, stain resistant, ‘closed-surface’ that does not absorb oil, spills or drips. It’s also extremely environmentally friendly 95% of the materials used to manufacture the boards are recycled. UPM ProFi Classic Deck requires no annual sanding, varnishing or staining and the embossed wood grain surface offers good friction whether wet or dry. Plus, being splinter-free, it’s ideal for bare feet. Despite being hard wearing, the boards feel great to the touch and feature natural looking streaks and veins, making each deck a unique living surface.

For more information on these and Lathams full range of products please phone 0116 257 3415, e-mail or visit


Outdoor Areas

UPM ProFi Classic Deck is a wood plastic composite decking that has the luxurious look and feel of real hardwood decking.


Bromic Heaters in Hotels and Restaurants

May 2015


Outdoor Areas

Hotel and restaurant owners could shave tens of thousands of pounds off their annual running costs by switching to the latest, high tech heating solutions. The heating experts at Smart Fire UK have calculated that by converting to their latest Bromic gas or electric heaters, those in the hospitality industry could save a fortune when it comes to exterior heating. The Bromic heaters are specifically designed to be more powerful than conventional heaters whilst at the same time are more economical and greener. The stylish Bromic Tungsten Portable can heat a 20m2 size area and has a heat output of 11.7Kw. This is more than seven times the output of a traditional outdoor heater. This means hoteliers and restaurateurs may only have to buy one of these heaters rather than seven less powerful mushroom heaters. Additionally, its design means that not only is the gas canister effectively hidden it is extremely portable and easily stored. The heater runs on LPG gas which is more environmentally friendly and lasts longer than traditional fuel. The heater retails at £1350 and includes a pivoting head and precise heat control through an adjustable heat output. Other ranges proving particularly popular with restauranteurs include the fixed mount Bromic Platinum Electric heater which provides gentle warming without any loss of ambience. Paul Holt, Business Manager at Smart Fire UK commented: “Exterior heating is often one of the biggest expenses for those in the hospitality industry. “Not only is there the initial expense of having to buy the heaters, the up keep of them and their running costs can be very pricey. “That’s where the Bromic range work well. Not only are they more effective than standard heaters, meaning you have to buy less of them, but are also cheaper to run. “What’s more their stylish design and adjustable heat output means they can blend into the most fashionable environments effortlessly.” 26

Society Café, Bath

sharing a passion for the business of coffee

Proud hosts of the SCAE UK Coffee in Good Spirits & Cup Tasters Competitions

Whether you are a start-up or are looking for new ways to make your existing operation even better, the Caffè Culture Show will serve up all the lessons you need to make your business the best it can be. Show Partners:

Book n o FREE E w for NTRY * *entr y is

£25 on

the doo r

In a month’s time, London Olympia becomes home to the UK’s speciality coffee scene with the Caffè Culture Show (#CaffeCulture2015). Inspiration, information and the latest innovations are on the menu for the show’s thousands of visitors that share a passion for the business of coffee. Over 220 equipment manufacturers, wholesalers, technology companies and suppliers of premium products, from well-known global brands to artisan producers, will be launching exciting new

May 2015



Caffe Culture Show

products and showcasing their latest wares. Those looking for creative new ways to improve their coffee offering will enjoy meeting the show’s speakers. Industry experts from world-acclaimed barista trainers, coffee aficionados and respected business advisers to TV chefs, bakers and customer service gurus will be on hand to share knowledge, advice and great ideas during a programme of live demonstrations, panel discussions and seminars.



Caffe Culture Show

BUSINESS THEATRE Leading UK barista trainer for the Speciality Coffee Association Europe (SCAE) and owner of The Espresso Room Ben Townsend takes centre stage to launch the show’s speaker programme. His Introduction to Coffee session offers a taste of the SCAE’s education programme, exploring taste, flavour, processing, roasting, brewing and cup tasting - a must for those new to the coffee industry or looking to improve the quality of their coffee offering. Barista trainer, World Barista Championships judge and Head of Coffee Training & Development at BaxterStorey Tim Sturk takes the reins for this session on the show’s second day.

– the boys reveal their fascinating findings. Surprising, insightful, amusing and enlightening, this session is a must-see for visitors planning to start their own coffee business or established businesses looking for support. It’s Evolution Baby! That’s what UK barista champion, coffee producer and café owner Hugo Hercod says. Since opening Relish Food & Drink in Cornwall in 2006, Hugo has kept his head above water by constantly evolving his business. In this session, he shares the ups and downs, good choices and bad, which have helped and hindered the lurching evolution of his business. In a second session, Hercod extols the virtues of The importance of being average in a world where the most innovative, unusual, on-trend or cutting edge gets all the attention.

Sharing top tips on how to get more customers through the door will be reputation management coach Alan Stevens. In Coffee, Coffee, Buzz, Buzz, Alan For operators looking to generate explains simple ways to increase profile additional revenue, Caffè Connect and footfall. editor Helen Marriott hosts After Hours, a panel discussion introducing business Johnnie Richardson and Hugh Gilmartin, owners who’ve found innovative ways the much-acclaimed Coffee Boys, will to broaden their appeal and increase offer Lessons and secrets from the best profitability. Founder of London Grace coffee shops in the world. After asking Kirsten Hazell, founder of Drink, Shop & some of the best coffee shops and cafés Do, Coralie Sleap, and Edwin Harrison in the world – ‘what do you wish you’d from Artisan will discuss how to build known before you opened?’ and ‘what do a successful after-hours alter ego for a you believe is the secret to your success?’ business.


May 2015

Put yourself in your customers’ shoes, says customer service guru Rosy Holt. How understanding are you? is a step-bystep guide on how to understand and meet customers’ needs, how to motivate them to spend more and ensure they return.


Caffe Culture Show

Leading coffee bar adviser Paul Miekle Janney uses his vast experience and expertise to explain the essential factors to consider when opening and improving a café in Three things you must do to make your café successful! Caffè Culture Show Event Director Cheryl Carroll says: “Coffee is the focus for this year’s show and our speaker lineup represents the UK speciality coffee industry’s leading talents. We get great feedback from visitors about our Business Theatre sessions and I have absolutely no doubt that everyone listening to the collective wisdom, knowledge and advice of these amazing speakers will be inspired to make their own businesses even better.” For full details of the Business Theatre programme, visit:



Caffe Culture Show

with Bee, she demonstrates the power of the signature bake and explains how a unique bake can help establish a clear identify for your operation and provide a competitive edge. For full details of the Taste Experience Stage programme, visit: NATIONAL BARISTA COMPETITIONS The Caffè Culture Show celebrates its tenth anniversary this year by hosting the UK leg of two global SCAE barista competitions. Talented baristas will battle for a place at the SCAE World of Coffee in Gothenburg this June by taking part in the: UK Coffee In Good Spirits Competition (#CIGS2015) on 13th May - which challenges baristas and budding mixologists to prepare two perfect Irish Coffees and two signature hot or cold coffee cocktails. Contestants are judged on technical skills, visual appeal and flavour.

TASTE EXPERIENCE STAGE On the Taste Experience Stage, live demonstrations will show how to create mouth-watering morsels and delectable drinks that maximise returns and help operators stand out from the crowd. Those new to the coffee industry or wanting to brush up their skills won’t want to miss the SCAE sessions from leading barista trainers Ben Townsend and Tim Sturk. In their Introduction to Barista Skills session, the pair explain the science behind espresso extraction and how to use dose, texture, water quality and temperature to adapt flavour. In Trends in roasting and blending, they provide the inside track on single origin vs blends and how to choose the right coffee for your business. This session is an ideal starting point for visitors looking to find a new coffee supplier whilst at the show. Bar Termini maestro Marco Arrigo says breaking the coffee rules can make your menu stand out from the crowd. In Small is the new large – Coffee menus with a twist!, Marco explores the influence of menus from the past on today’s coffee, challenging operators to change their perceptions.


In Growing beverage sales with chocolate, Mondelez International barista Stuart Haden demonstrates how to create an exciting menu of simple to make, tasty and profitable chocolate-based summer drinks. Tapping into one of today’s most popular ingredients, Ride the coconut wave is a live session from Alpro demonstrating the power of coconut to bring new life to coffee, smoothies and shakes without the need for syrups or other wizardry. Looking for ways to extend the lunchtime rush? Emanuele Borella from Comprital SpA and Magrini extols the virtues of adding frozen drinks and desserts to the menu. In Extend your menu the Italian way!, Emanuele explains how to create simple but indulgent, Italian style treats. Food Network presenter, chef and gourmet pieman Andy Bates shares his passion for street food in Street life, an insider’s guide to modernizing your menu to create a distinct offer. Baker Bee Berrie is a former microbiologist who supplies bold, bespoke, design-led bakes to luxury stores, fashion brands and independent cafés across London as well as writing recipes for Jamie Oliver. In Bake

UK Cup Tasters Competition(#CupTasters2015) on 14th May – which tests the industry’s best palates as professional coffee cuppers demonstrate speed, skill, accuracy and experience in distinguishing the taste differences in speciality coffees. Cuppers taste eight triangle tests (three ‘cups’ of coffee where two are the same and one differs) to spot the odd one out. The competition gets increasingly tougher as the coffees in each test become more similar. To enter the SCAE competitions, email Cheryl Carroll at ARTISAN PRODUCERS Extending the show’s focus on coffee is the Independent Coffee Roasters’ Village, in association with Italian espresso machine maker La Marzocco. New for 2015, this celebration of UK roasting talent brings expert artisan producers together to share their passion, knowledge and skills with show visitors. Meanwhile, the Artisan Food Market will showcase independent companies from across the UK offering delicious, high-quality products and ingredients. Last but not least, the Networking Café is open throughout the show for refreshments and ideas-sharing with like-minded people.


Coffix Ltd is an independent engineering company that works with the UK’s leading coffee machine manufactures and hot beverage suppliers to provide customers with a professional and friendly all round equipment repair and supply service.

May 2015

With over 12 years experience, our slogan, “Bean there, fixed that!” describes our services to a tee. Our engineers have attended countless coffee machines and diagnosed a variety of faults in thousands of venues across the UK – and repaired every single one. It’s exactly that hard earned experience that gives Coffix the wealth of in depth knowledge and expertise that we pass onto our customers. Current clients include national hotel, restaurant and pub chains, serviced offices and independent coffee shops. Whether we have supplied your coffee equipment or not, we can provide emergency repairs, scheduled services, water filter regeneration, boiler inspection attendance and in-house reconditioning at our fully fitted workshop and showroom. Our engineers have worked on a wide variety of equipment, ranging from traditional style barista machines and bean to cup machines, to bulk brewers, hot water boilers and other hot beverage equipment. For a full list of machines covered, just check our website! Coffix main workshop is based in the Midlands, strategically placed to provide quick and reliable service to a large proportion of the UK. Our network of service partners also enables us to provide nationwide coverage. Service vehicles are comprehensively stocked, and we aim to carry out a first visit fix whenever possible. We are a member of the Association of Independent Espresso Engineers, the Beverage Standards Association and the Speciality Coffee Association of Europe, not to mention a recognised service provider by many well known brands in the coffee industry. Engineers are always on hand to give a speedy response to emergency repairs, and we have knowledgeable office staff who can answer enquiries, provide quotes, and help you troubleshoot any problems that you may have. With staff from many different backgrounds amongst the hot beverage, manufacturing and catering industries, we are able to understand any level of need, and provide friendly service, professional advice and detailed training to suit any situation. Whether you run a cosy café or gastro pub, a hotel, office or other service, Coffix have the expertise to supply and repair your equipment, and make sure your customers receive an excellent hot cup of coffee. You can find Coffix at: 0845 257 4316 01530 242800



May 2015


Caffe Culture Show

Caffè Culture Show exhibitors include food and drink producers, packaging and equipment manufacturers, businesses service providers, interiors companies and other suppliers to the sector. Many will compete in the hotly contested Caffè Culture Show Exhibitor Awards (#CaffeCulture2015 #CCExhibitorAwards). Award categories are: t Best Drink Product at the Caffè Culture Show, judged by Brian Williams, Editor of Brian’s Coffee Spot; t Best Food Product at the Caffè Culture Show, judged by Maria Bracken, Editor of Lunch Business Magazine; t Best Innovative Product at the Caffè Culture Show, judged by Helen Marriott, Editor of Caffè Culture Connect; t Visitors’ Choice Award in which show visitors vote for their favourite product from a shortlist of fifteen entries across the three categories. Category shortlists will be announced on Monday 20th April and winners will be announced on 13th May after the show’s first day.



May 2015

Food producers at the show will be sampling cakes, biscuits, pastries and other baked goods, snacks, crisps and popcorn, sweets and confectionery, ice cream, gelato and frozen yogurt, and healthy snacks. Exhibitors include: Artisan Biscuits; Baru NV; Belinda Clark Confectionery; Community Foods; Chogazpacho; Clam’s Handmade Cakes; Creme d’Or Ltd; Fresh Eric’s; Honeyrose Bakery; IDC; Image on Food Ltd; IOTA S.r.l; Kent & Fraser Ltd; Lotus Bakeries; Lick; Market Grounds; Merangz; Mrs. Crimble’s; My Sweet Tooth Factory; Nairn’s Oatcakes Ltd; Propercorn; Salty Dog Crisps; SIN (Gluten Free Goodies); South Street Ice Cream; Sweets Rocks and Lollies; Ten Acre Crisps; The Artisan Bakery; The Free From Bakehouse Ltd; The Handmade Cake Company; Traybakes Ltd; and Yum Yum Bros.


Caffe Culture Show

Beverage producers will demonstrate coffee, tea, soft drinks and juices, bottled water, syrups, milk and milk alternatives. Exhibitors include: Adagio Teas; Alpro; Belvoir Fruit Farms; Birchall; Blue Cap Coffee; Bravura Foods; Cawston Vale; Chegworth Valley Juices; Coburg Coffee Company; Community Foods; DaVinci Gourmet; Harrogate Spring Water; illy Coffee; James White Drinks; Lashbrook Lassis; London Velvet; Luscombe Organic Drinks; Marimba World Chocolate; Monin; Navson; New Vithanakande Tea; Novus Tea; Pelican Rouge; Pentair Foodservice; Radnor Hills Ltd; Rocks Drinks; Saenzbrigard investments; Sansu Drinks Ltd; Story Brands; Tea Pigs; The Metropolitan Tea Company; Trung Nguyen; Udal Supplies Ltd; Zacely Ltd; and 1883 by Maison ROUTIN. Equipment manufacturers will show current models and launch new products including espresso makers and coffee machines, refrigeration and cooling equipment, food service equipment, display counters, juicers and blenders, water filters and softeners, warewashing equipment, children’s products and security equipment. Exhibitors include: Alpine Cooling UK; Arzum Electrical Appliances; Blue Ice Machines; Bravilor UK; Business on Bikes; Buzz Catering; Coffee Passion; Comtrex Systems Corporation; Counterline; DCA Equipment Ltd; Franke Coffee Systems UK; M&D Gee; Genfrost; GW London; Helo Childcare Products; H.G. Stephenson’s Ltd; Infraglo (Sheffield) Ltd; JBG 2 Refrigeration; Jestic Ltd; JTC Omiblend UK; Keeko Kids Ltd; Kensington Cameras; Kylemark Workwear; La Cimbali UK; La Marzocco; Magrini; Manitowoc; Matthew Algie; Monarch Water; muggi; N&W Global Vending; Nelson Catering Equipment; NPW; OJ Fresh Ltd; Osborne Refrigerators; Qualitasse; Rocket Espresso; RSS Hereford; Sanremo UK; Schaerer Ltd; Tea Fusion; The Malted Waffle Company; The Recycled Glassware Company; TKC Sales Ltd; Top Moka; Turbochef; Viessman Refrigeration Systems Limited; Westomatic Vending Services Ltd; Williams Refrigeration; and Xtracs Limited. Packaging exhibitors will showcase their latest innovations. Exhibitors include: Easipac; Ecoffee Cup; F Bender Ltd; Handle-it Packaging Ltd; Promo Catering; Quick Fire Tableware; Sovereign Partners Ltd; Swiss Pack Europe; The Bag Broker; and Tightpac. Interior design companies will highlight services to the hospitality industry. Exhibitors include: Café; Catersales Ltd; Decor Fusion; Eden Contract Furniture; Gilkicker; Jolee; Liqui Design & Crate47 and Yarrow Art and Design. Business services exhibitors at the show include: FlapIt; Lynx Purchasing Ltd; Pleydell Smithyman Ltd; POSlavu; Postar; WRS Systems; and Kepos Systems Ltd.



Caffe Culture Show

Caffè Culture Show Director Cheryl Carroll says: “The UK’s independent coffee shop scene is thriving and we’re thrilled that the nation’s favourites will be presented with their awards here at the Caffè Culture Show in May. There is no better place to recognise the country’s passion for high quality coffee.” To vote in the National Coffee Stop Awards, visit: or #coffeestopsUK

COFFEE STOP UK AWARDS The Caffè Culture Show will also host the inaugural Coffee Stop UK Awards (#coffeestopsuk), a national vote for the public’s favourite independent coffee shops and cafés. Voting opens on Wednesday 29th April 2015 and is open for two weeks, with winners announced at the show on 13th May. Award categories include: t UK’s best coffee shop (#bestcoffee) t Tastiest bakes and cakes (#tastycakes) t Coolest baristas (#coolbaristas) t Best use of social media (#coffeesocial) t Best for Britain’s cyclists (#coffeeforcyclists) t Best for working Out Of Office (#bestoffice) t Best coffee roasted in UK (#bestUKroasting) t Best new coffee shop (#bestnewcoffeeshop) t Best coffee shop chain (#bestcoffeechain)



Best UK Coffee media (Blog, website, publication) (#bestcoffeemedia)

The Coffee Stop UK Awards are the brainchild of coffee lover and author Chris Ward whose best-selling book, Out of Office, extols the virtues of working more creatively by escaping the confines of the office for coffee shops. His popular London Coffee Stops Tube Map signposting the best coffee shops near each London Underground station was seen by over three million people in two weeks last year and prompted the launch of the London Coffee Stop Awards which attracted votes from over 18,000 coffee lovers from across the Capital. Chris says: “We had a phenomenal reaction from coffee shops and their customers to finding the best in London. To partner up with the Caffè Culture Show for the first UK Awards is incredibly exciting for the whole coffee world”.

According to recent research1 by the Caffè Culture Show (#Cafeconomy), the UK’s love of speciality coffee shows no sign of waning as independent coffee shop owners report growing confidence in their business. Nearly six in ten (59.2 per cent) owners of independent coffee shops and cafés saw business performance improve in 2014 compared to 2013. 92 per cent are confident and optimistic about their business in the coming year, 80 per cent expect turnover to grow and over half (53 per cent) will increase staff numbers. Three in ten plan to open more cafés within the next two years. Customer loyalty, business maturity and improvements to operations, and the strong London economy are among reasons given for this positive outlook. Event Director Cheryl Carroll says: “The entrepreneurs at the helm of our thriving independent coffee shops and cafés are playing a major part in fuelling the UK coffee boom. Their commitment to customer service and passion for quality is encouraging many of us to be more discerning about our coffee-drinking experience.” To register for free advance tickets for the Caffè Culture Show, visit Caffè Culture Show research amongst 206 owners of independent cafés and coffee shops, February 2015



Caffe Culture Show

About the Caffe Culture Show The Caffè Culture Show (#CaffeCulture2015) is the leading annual event for the UK café industry and takes place on 13-14 May at London Olympia. The national event brings together the entire UK café community to learn, share and celebrate all the industry has to offer.


Experience Chilled & Heated Fan Assisted Display A new member of the Experience family has been designed by Counterline as a market solution for cross merchandising in one unique slim line design. Convenience food offers on hot, cold or ambient products can now be all displayed together




Vision Dual Hot & Cold - part of the New Vision Aire family A


Contact A our friendly sales team for more information on 0151 548 2211 or W






with intelligent backlit display

The backlit display continuously monitors light levels and only illuminates when ambient light levels are low, making it easier to read. Perfect for those evening barbecues!



+ carriage & VAT

for information on the ThermapenÂŽ and other food safe thermometers, probes & data-loggers visit us online


Induction is Prime Mover in Accelerated Cooking Comment from Steve Elliott, Valentine and Cuisinequip National Sales Manager Chefs are using induction cooking for its rapid heating and precise controllability in a range of foodservice settings from Michelin starred restaurants to high street eateries. Induction technology from Cuisinequip has been developed in Switzerland to do the following:

A recent installation from Cuisinequip involved working with chef Mark Kempson at the Michelin starred Kitchen W8 in London to introduce the rapid heating efficiency and additional benefits of induction.

Talking about the induction project at Kitchen W8, Mark Kempson comments, “In order to reduce t Speed up the heating and cooking process by just using the heat, save on energy consumption and improve the efficiency of energy to heat the pan directly the kitchen, I decided a bespoke t Be very energy efficient when induction unit would be best. compared with traditional electric After much research into what was hotplates and gas burners available on the market, I chose Cuisinequip as they were able to t Provide precise heat control fulfill my wishes for the specification to cook food as efficiently as of unit.� possible t Reduce residual heat, making the working kitchen environment more pleasant.

When it comes to accelerated cooking the needs of each foodservice outlet will vary widely so it is important that induction cooking solutions are flexible. Cuisinequip can offer complete bespoke induction cooking ranges as well as counter-top and free-standing systems with single and multiple hotplates, and even an induction wok option.


The induction cooking range installed at Kitchen W8 consists of two twin multifunction induction hobs, a deep pan griddle, a thermostatically controlled hot cupboard with hinged doors, and a hygienic pan rack. This fully welded construction is designed to give many years of service in a busy environment, and was manufactured in 304 grade stainless steel. For more information on Cuisinequip call: 0118 957 1344 or visit:

EFFICIENT, EFFECTIVE AND DURABLE Quality that only comes with 60 years of Swiss engineering

Cuisinequip Induction +

Save energy, save money and sustain


Hold function to keep your food at the correct temperature before plating


5 year warranty, backed by Valentine service

Valentine Evolution Fryers +

money with longer oil life


Smaller oil capacities cut costs


High-grade stainless steel design

01189 571344 @Cook_Valentine @Cuisinequip

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP April 2015

Clip Solution

For Bag Snatchers HOTELS, restaurants, pubs, bars and cafes across the UK are offering their customers an ingenious solution to the problem of bag theft. Venues such as The London Bridge Hotel and Sheraton Park Tower Hotel as well as chains such as Park Plaza and Intercontinental are using the Chelsea Clip (www. which can be fitted inconspicuously under tables to guard against bag snatchers. A popular bar in Manchester city centre has had no reported bag theft since customers started using the Clip. The Manchester Bierkellar, a theme bar boasting a wide range of German beers, has had a number of Chelsea Clips fitted in its dining area, which can seat more than 200 customers. The busy venue, which features 4 bar areas, regularly attracts more than 1,500 people on a Saturday night. The Clips are also being used to protect businesses in Fitzrovia, London. The area Bags left unattended on the back of includes an eclectic mix of hotels, pubs chairs or on the floor are prime targets and restaurants including the Charlotte for bag thieves but the Clip offers customers peace of mind as they relax with Street Hotel and Japanese restaurant Roka. a drink or eat a meal with friends. Suitable posters and other display maThe Chelsea Clip is a unique deterrent, terial such as window and menu stickers which has a proven track record of should always be used in conjunction preventing opportunist bag theft from with The Chelsea Clip as a deterrent to public places. Produced by security thieves and as a reminder to both cuscompany Selectamark, it is an injectomers and staff that the clips are there tion-moulded nylon hook from which to be used. a bag, rucksack or camera case can be suspended by its own strap.

The labels, which carry the wording ‘Secure your bag here’ can be placed Two hands are needed to remove an around the neck of a wine bottle to item from the Clip, making ‘handbag advertise the clips. One London counsnatching’ virtually impossible. It can be cil had the labels printed in different easily fitted to tables, walls, bars, behind languages so that tourists and visitors to lavatory doors - in fact, anywhere a cafes and restaurants could be alerted to customer may need to secure their the risk of bag theft but protected from belongings. it at the same time. Luxury department store Harrods reFor further press information and cently placed a large order for the Chel- images contact: Angela Singleton, Press sea Clip to deter handbag theft and is Officer for Selectamark. Mobile: using them under tables in their dining 07905 623 819. Email: and bar areas.



CLADfx 3D Wall Cladding brought to you by Rockford Create stunning features with beauty and texture using our CLADfx 3-dimensional wall cladding. Fashion a naturallystylish backdrop from a range of colours in natural stone to create an individual design. Is your project looking to create a statement? Rockford offer outstanding quality from an unrivalled range of traditional and contemporary natural stone floor and wall tiles, porcelain and ceramic tiles and exterior natural stone paving which gives unlimited design options and affordable luxury, inside and out. Our contracts division works alongside some of the most prestigious developments in the UK and offers a bespoke, innovative and flexible approach to delivering your project. Get in touch today and let us bring your project to life. Contact details: Phone: +44 (0) 1606 841000 Quote ref: AOD0315


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EAT. DRINK. SLEEP May 2015 Located on the beautiful coast in North Cornwall, Watergate Bay Hotel is the perfect place to go for a good beach holiday. The beach is on their front doorstep, so as soon as you arrive, you will be able to see the Atlantic Ocean and the amazing coastline. But inside the hotel, you can experience the best in Cornish hospitality. Their rooms have been designed to give people a place to relax and enjoy the luxury of staying by the sea. With the use of fresh coastal colours, these rooms are the perfect place to unwind. UHS Group supplied Watergate Bay with a wide range of furniture. For example, their Vinci side chair can be seen at the desks in the bedrooms. This is a classically designed chair with a curved spindle-back. It has an ash wood frame painted with a dark blue matt finish. As well as the side chairs, UHS provided Watergate Bay with their Vinci lounge chairs. The chairs were manufactured from ash and painted white. They were upholstered with Olicana fabric, along with the seat cushions in Columbus Jupiter and back cushions in Tasman and Antarctic Herring Gull. UHS also made bespoke work-bench inspired console tables, panelled headboards and minibar cabinets for all of the hotel rooms. 48



We provide quality functional bars for any environment that is serious about bars. We have been associated with the world’s leading brands of equipment for many years so we can provide all the equipment needed to complete your bar. THIS IS WHY CONCEPT ARE CHOSEN AS BAR CONSULTANTS, BAR SPECIALISTS AND BAR BUILDERS.

Concept Bars


Watergate Bay Hotel, Cornwall



Steak of the Art Newhey Carpets, a leading British manufacturer and specialist designer of innovative, high performance and sustainable commercial carpets, recently manufactured 3 bespoke designs in a heavy contract Colortec+ carpet for the quirky Steak of the Art restaurant and art gallery in Cardiff.

phenomenal carved tree sculpture which creates a real focal point, Newhey were asked to create a small feature rug that acknowledges this amazing sculpture. Another carpet design was that of a Welsh Dragon for the Private Dining Area, this carpet fits in with the ‘stand out’ feel of the restaurant. This design features bold colours that represent the Steak of the Art, Cardiff, generates a country and draws customers into the surreal concept of a steak restaurant along patriotic presence. The final design was to with an affordable art gallery. The eatery resemble the Steak of the Art logo and to features a range of inventive booths that link back to the restaurant branding. owe to the psychedelic atmosphere. Newhey, who had already created carpet All carpet designs were bespoke for their other restaurant based in Bristol, Colortec+ creations. Colortec+ is a were asked to manufacture 3 designs for carpet construction that is tufted using the restaurant. The restaurant features a computer yarn placement technology.


This product allows for a cost effective carpet with strong durability for areas with high footfall. Colortec+ also allowed the restaurant to develop a scheme of striking, bespoke designs. Newhey’s Colortec+ carpet is exclusively constructed using 80% wool and 20% Nylon hank dyed pile yarns to create a high quality carpet which makes a perfect solution for the private dining and main dining areas. The bespoke carpet designs fit perfectly into the restaurant/art gallery’s special atmosphere and help create an unusual but brilliant eating environment.

May 2015



Design Directory



01924 372 654

Nanu design offers a full Architecture and interior design service


Thick flank

Fore Chuck rib

Thin flank

Thick rib


Brisket Shin

At Neon Creations we are passionate about creating custom made neon signs and lights.

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Topside silver side


ec N


Creating award winning hospitality designs, great guest experiences and high revenue returns. LONDON: 39 Margaret Street, London W1G 0JQ

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Angel House has been lovingly restored whilst maintaining its Regency period features and grand interiors. Owner Phil Haiseldon undertook a labour of love to bring the property back to its former glory and turn it into an exclusive wedding venue, filming location and stunning conference facility.

May 2015


Focus SB plates chosen to enhance the Regency splendour of Angel House, Hove

Focus SB Ambassador flat plates were chosen to compliment the period details and were supplied in un-lacquered polished brass. Phil wanted the electrical accessories to reflect the interiors and the un-lacquered brass finish will age gracefully with each plate gaining it’s own patina over time. The Focus SB bespoke service was also used to manufacture unique plates to match the standard Ambassador range. These included circular sockets, push button dimmers, AV points and bespoke oversized light switch plates containing toggle switches and dimmers. Phil said: “We wanted sockets and switches to complement the regency décor. We didn’t want the plates to shout out. We were looking for a simple plate with an ageless quality. So we chose the Ambassador polished brass, supplied un-lacquered, so they will dull and look old quite quickly.” The ceilings are high and walls have a authentic pastel colour scheme, that coordinates well with the brass, which features not only on the Ambassador electrical accessories, but also on the door fittings and other architectural features. It is only in the bridal suit, a light room, which has a very unusual wall mounted patterned plaster canopy over the bed-head, where Focus SB’s clear Prism plates have been used. Phil added: “I didn’t want the rococo style wall paper being interrupted by the electrical sockets so I went for Focus SB’s Prism range. The guys at Focus SB have been so helpful, so patient, and sympathetic towards my requests, helping me realise my vision for this interior.” Angel House Guest House sits opposite the Angel Peace Statue in Hove and is part of a series of terraced houses called Brunswick Terrace, which were designed by architect Charles Busby in 1823 in the Regency New Town. Brighton was well on the way to becoming a fashionable seaside resort. Telephone: 01424 858060 Focus SB, Napier Road, Castleham Industrial Estate, St Leonards-on-Sea, East Sussex TN38 9NY



200 year old carpet manufacturer

Grosvenor Wilton introduce stylish retro carpet range. Grosvenor Wilton combines retro designs requirements for design and durability. and contemporary colour in first retail Grosvenor Wilton is traditionally carpet collection associated with high-end bespoke carpet for residential and historic houses, film It has been a very interesting time for sets and museums. The Worcestershire Grosvenor Wilton. Last year they were company’s portfolio includes many commissioned to produce the carpets high profile commissions: carpeting for the sets of ITV series Downton for Buckingham Palace’s throne room; Abbey and in May 2014 Kidderminsterthe set of ITV’s Downton Abbey; and based carpet manufacturer Grosvenor Stephen Spielberg’s blockbuster, Wilton, one of the UK’s finest and Lincoln. Now, for the first time, the oldest carpet manufacturers, launched quality and design flair that royalty and its first retail range. The British-made Hollywood stars walk on is available as a Diversity Collection is based on classic retail product. retro designs and modern colours. It will retail from £99 per linear metre and As well as demonstrating over 200 years will be sold through several channels of carpet making expertise, the new including http://www.diversitycollection. collection is exceptionally versatile. and via social media. Applications include wall-to-wall fitting, runners or being made up into edged Grosvenor Wilton’s new Diversity rugs. Recommended retail prices are Collection transfers the company’s from £99 per linear metre. The new range expertise in specialist restoration, will be available through http://www. historic and interior-designer markets to       retail carpeting. The 12 launch designs are united by the idea of ‘a fusion of Announcing the launch, Grosvenor heritage and fresh new design’. The new Wilton’s managing director, Malcolm collection is inspired by the company’s Foley, said: “Our new Diversity Collection huge archive of classic 1950s and 1960s unlocks the huge potential of the luxury carpet designs – with the addition of retail carpet market. With over 200 contemporary colours. years’ expertise distilled into the new range, discerning homeowners can Benjamin Grosvenor started carpet combine unique style with the quality making in 1790. Since then, the business and pedigree that delights the most that has evolved into Grosvenor Wilton demanding carpet buyers. Seeing and has specialised in the most discerning feeling is the key to understanding


our fusion of heritage and fresh new design. Were he still around, I’m sure Benjamin Grosvenor would be amazed by our novel approach to carpet retailing using technology and media such as the website.” For more information, please call Tori on 01242 220233 or visit

May 2015




May 2015


Hotel Essentials

Top London hotels select bespoke collection Heritage by Mitre A number of 5-star London hotels are taking Mitre Linen’s bespoke collection aimed at the luxury hotel and boutique hotel market. Heritage by Mitre is an exquisite bespoke collection of the very best quality bed linen, silk duvets, quilted pillows, mattress toppers, luxury hotel towels, bathrobes and soft furnishings. There are also beautifully upholstered headboards. The Heritage collection includes luxurious blankets and throws from Scarlet & Argent by Hainsworth, fabric supplier to the world’s royalty. The range has been designed to help leading hotels to create the perfect place for their guests to relax and unwind.


A number of top 5 star London hotels are taking products from the range including The Grosvenor House Hotel on Park Lane, London which ordered 10,000 Hampton towels from the Heritage range. Sabah Smith, Executive Housekeeper of The Grosvenor House Hotel, said: “Our guests have very high expectations and we have had excellent feedback from them about the Hampton range. Guests love their soft and fluffy feel and some have even asked if they can take them home.” Stephen Broadhurst, Managing Director of Mitre Linen, said: “We regularly work with hotels to help them create unique spaces, ensuring that their guests’ stay is not only special but memorable.

“We were increasingly being asked to source beautiful bespoke products so created our own Heritage Collection. The Collection is borne out of years of experience of working with prestigious establishments, including the Royal Household, as well as with top hotels across the country.” Heritage by Mitre is showcased in the company’s latest catalogue. The extended range complements Mitre’s Luxury, Comfort and Essentials range to cater for any hotel budget. Mitre has been proud holders of the Queen’s Royal Warrant since 1955 and delight in achieving the standards required to supply the Royal household and extended Royal Estate.



Introduce a new level of luxury for your guests with our timeless collection of hotel linen and soft furnishings.

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New range added to the Floris Hotel Luxury Collection portfolio

May 2015


Hotel Essentials

Floris Luxury Hotel Collection Discover a new range of luxury amenities brought to you by Pacific Direct in partnership with British perfumers Floris. The collection features elegant bottles modelled on the brand’s iconic fragrance flacon, complete with ‘Floris’ embossed on the sides, and a gold cap bearing the brand’s delicate logo. The fragrance heritage and know-how has been transmitted from generations and is reflected in this classic bottle shape. This new addition to the Floris amenities range features the brand’s bestselling fragrance Cefiro, which is perfectly suited for men and women, with crisp lemon and lime, warmed by spicy notes of cardamom on a fresh floral jasmine heart, leading to a clean, musky, woody base. The range is available in 50ml luxuriously designed clear bottles, accompanied by a 30g pleat-wrap soap showcasing Floris’ traditional floral design dating back from 1800s. To this day, this pattern is still used


on the brand’s retail soaps. Other sizes such as 30ml and 100ml can be made available on request.

The Floris Story British family perfumers since 1730, Floris London has been providing uncompromising fragrances for stylish generations. The oldest independent family perfumer in the world and the only appointed Perfumer to Her Majesty the Queen, Floris is the original and authentic fragrance house. Discover a world of exquisitely crafted perfumes and own a piece of history that will stand the test of time. By combining classic fragrances, all created before 1900, with a carefully developed range of new product innovations, Floris offers it’s customer craftsmanship, trust and expertise through products created with love for detail, inspired by respect and dedication.

Recognition for Housekeepers The unsung heroes


Murray Roberts, Sales & Marketing Director, Aslotel in conjunction with Considerate Hoteliers created an award to recognise Housekeeping Teams across the country that uphold the environmental concerns of their establishments, ensuring their various green initiatives are firmly pursued.

May 2015

Hotel Essentials

Amongst these initiatives, choosing the right bathroom amenities is an important consideration. Bathroom Amenities is an area that Murray knows a lot about, as he explained “Aslotel is a forward thinking company and that is why, a long time ago, we could foresee the need to change the landscape towards more environmentally friendly products and reduce packaging” he went on to say “we invested considerably in production processes and sourcing materials to ensure that we met this growing demand.” The creation of this award is part of the forward thinking that gave Aslotel the idea to help encourage Housekeeping Teams in various countries become involved in adopting the green message. London’s Landmark Hotel won the award last year and was rightfully thrilled to be rewarded for all of their endeavours, as it meant their hard work had paid off and their effort had been recognised. Housekeeping teams that would like to take part this year should contact their Aslotel Regional Account Manager who will be able to tell them more about the award and what is involved or visit Considerate Hoteliers who will be pleased to hear from you. Aslotel has a nationwide team of sales professionals who make it their business to work with UKHA both at national and regional level. By attending regional meetings the Aslotel Regional Account Managers are able to network with Housekeepers to present and suggest new ideas and products that will help them to continue to fulfil their green initiatives and help them save money and time.

Aslotel has a growing portfolio of environmentally friendly products – one such product range is e cloth professional cleaning products that remove 99.9% bacteria using only water without the need for and reliance on chemicals which can harm the environment. Aslotel has in recent years introduced EU Ecolabel and Nordic Swan accredited amenities such as those found in their Ecosource Airless Dispenser and Scandinavian White Hotel Line, plus organic products that carry the Ecocert and Cosmebio accreditations. With all of the above accreditations the factories producing the products have to be inspected and approved by the various regulatory bodies. All of these contributory factors demonstrates that Aslotel is a company that considers the environment and thinks about its clients to provide the very best in guest experience. For more information about Aslotel and their products please go to



Hotel Essentials


Getting to know the Turkish Towel Region S端leyman Kocasert, Deputy Chairman of Turkish Exporters Assembly, President of Denizli Exporters Association

As the home textile capital of Turkey, Denizli plays a major role in the development of the Turkish Home Textile industry. A huge variety of superior products, coupled with a 4000 year old history, means it is no coincidence that Denizli has become world renowned for high quality. Furthermore, by accompanying modern technology with an established textile finishing industry, it is possible to produce and market highly desirable, fashionable and quality products. Statistically, in 2014, Denizli was ranked eighth in Turkey for export, exporting goods to a value 3.2 billion USD. The greater part of this figure belongs to the Home Textile sector, with the main product groups being towels, bathrobes and bed linen.


The 13 towel and home textiles suppliers from Denizli region of Turkey who met with UK suppliers this February in Manchester and London represent one of the finest textiles producing regions in the world. To understand the products they are showing, you have to get to know Denizli area.

A Glamorous Home Textiles City

Home Textiles Made by Denizli

Denizli is a glamorous textiles city thanks to its 4000 year history in textiles and the prominent place that the ancient cities of Laodikeia, Hierapolis and Colossae held in the production of fabricated textiles. Woven products manufactured in the area for thousands of years, differ from other woven products with their quality and look.

Denizli has crafted its textiles heritage; today we are proud to say that twothirds of the bed sheets exported from Turkey are produced in our city. Producers in Denizli have managed to update variety, design, and quality to satisfy global requirements. As a giant global sector, serving many customers, home textiles today doesn’t only encompass the use of textiles at home, but also in a wide range of businesses such as hotels, hospitals, restaurants, and community centers.

Having prepared textiles for Sultans, the decoration of palaces and even for sailcloth, weavers in Denizli have succeeded in introducing Denizli fabric to the world. Moreover, having proven their success in trading, as well as in textile production, the cities of Laodikeia, Hierapolis and Colossae were introduced to the world as they exported their quality products globally. Today Denizli has a significant role in the development of the Turkish Home Textile industry and commands attention with its distinctive products. Denizli fabrics are transformed in table mats, bedspreads, curtains, ready made clothing and various other textile products, decorating homes with the feeling of comfort.

Why Denizli Home Textiles Our towel, bathrobe and bed linen products and designers represent a global understanding of current home textiles fashion trends. From cotton to bamboo and linen to organic, a large variety of quality is offered to customers. Design and sampling are professionally handled to ensure that our customers have an excellent range of choice. Therfore, Denizli home textiles are global favourites, shipped to more than 160 countries. It is not a coincidence that Denizli home textilesa are popular with the best hotels and retailers all over the world.

For more information visit:



Hotel Essentials

Mentor Distribution Trade Only Distributor of IT & AV Equipment for 24 Years

May 2015


Hotel Essentials

Since 1991, Mentor Distribution has been a trade-only distributor of IT and AV equipment. We are an innovative company that is at the forefront of the latest technologies. Our team has a wealth of experience, enabling us to offer an exceptional service. We are an authorised distributor for some of the world’s leading brands including NEC, Iiyama, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Asus, Chief, 3M,PresTop, Humanscale, Quanta, AG Neovo and Lumio. Our current portfolio of products include display screens (desktop monitors, public display products, spectraview (colour correction) display products, medical DICOM display products, 4K displays, CCTV monitors, touch screen monitors, privacy monitors and hard glass monitors), projectors, servers, motherboards, monitor arms, mounting solutions and other interactive products. Now offering the L1 Series, L5 Series, L6 Series, L7 Series, D1 Series, J2 Series, H1 and H2 Series TV’s. The different ranges on offer allow us to provide our customers with numerous choices including Smart LED TV’s, Commercial LED TV’s with Hotel Mode and LED TV’s with built-in DVD players. The current range includes TV’s from 22” up to 55”. This extends the range of Toshiba products available from Mentor Distribution after the addition of their Commercial PD range, and Video walls, in April 2014. All Toshiba TV’s are supplied with a 3 Year business warranty and come standard with Hotel Mode. Also at mentor we offer the full TD-Z digital signage range from Toshiba : TD-Z SERIES LARGE FORMAT DISPLAYS Communicate high-quality business content throughout the day and night, on a robust display designed for continuous, 24/7 use. Toshiba TD-Z series models are sturdy, reliable, and flexible to your needs - from centralised control via RS-232 or LAN connections to the wide range of inputs and outputs. It’s quick to install and use, plus it has the upgradability of an industry standard Open Pluggable Specification (OPS) slot. An incredibly bright screen and ultra-wide viewing angle means customers always get the full impact of your content too. 62

Ready to drink iced tea has been the fastest growing soft drink category globally in recent years, outperforming CSDs, juices, and even bottled water. Still the UK, one of the tea drinking capitals of the world, has lagged behind this trend, mainly due to limited availability, in particular of healthier options that more closely match green tea’s innate functional benefits. However, in 2014, the RTD iced tea segment seemed to have finally woken up! After all, it was a Brit, Richard Blechynden, who many say introduced iced tea to the world back in 1904. Won’t it be nice if finally we could say “iced teas are comin’ home”! Tg Green Teas are here – you just have to taste to it to discover how delish it is! Disappointed by years of ambiguous on-pack labelling and RTD iced teas loaded with calories & sugar, Dr Hua He, a qualified medical doctor, and Sophia Nadur, a former global marketer/ innovator for leading FMCG companies, jointly set about to create a special range of RTD iced teas that’s high on great tasting tea and low on sugar!

and bottled right here in the UK) is free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and sweeteners, and available in three refreshingly delicious blends: Green Tea with Ginseng, Green Tea with Mandarin & Ginseng, and Green Tea with Jujube & Ginseng. All of the major ingredients – including the exciting Jujube super fruit which will be new to most UK consumers – have been carefully chosen for their long use by millions of people in the Middle Kingdom (China) for maintaining good health and vitality. RRP £1.39-£1.59. About the Co-founders The hot & cold ranges of Tg Green Teas were developed by Dr Hua He, a Chinese born medical doctor, and Sophia Nadur, a British marketer with global food & drink companies. This London-based beverage venture is a great example of “small can be beautiful too”. Funded 100% by the two founders, the company has benefited from wonderful advice and support by GrowthAccelerator and experts within the global tea & beverage industries. For more information about Tg Green Teas, t Please visit t Please ring Sophia Nadur at 07767618559 (or email her at

The launch of Tg Green Teas (pronounced “Tea-G”) will be the first of its kind here in the UK. Each 330ml PET bottle contains no more than 30 calories per bottle and 7g of sugar so GREEN on all nutritional traffic lights and about a fifth of the calories and sugar in the leading RTD iced tea brand! As the lowest calorie/sugar containing RTD iced tea range anywhere in the UK, Tg Green Teas will be a “must stock” range in the soft drinks aisle of any corporate canteen or other hospitality outlet that is serious about ensuring more “better for you” products are available for their customers. Real tea and special ingredients….all from the Middle Kingdom! Also great news is the fact that Tg Green Teas are made with real green tea leaves, not with added tea flavours / extracts, so folks get to enjoy a true healthier alternative. The packaging graphics also reflect the brand’s inspirations i.e. ancient Chinese practices, nature’s wisdom and - more unconventionally – London street art! Each drink in the Tg Green Teas range (developed



Iced teas are comin’ home

May 2015

Refreshingly delicious Tg Green Teas, the first (and only) RTD iced tea range that scores “GREEN” on all nutritional traffic lights!


Financial Focus

Funding options for Hospitality Sector By Paul Mildenstein, CEO, Liberis The economic crisis has opened up opportunities for innovative new funding sources for the hospitality sector. Spawned by the scarcity of bank lending, the alternative finance sector has emerged as a very credible substitute. The funding choices are wide and varied and the use of technology through online platforms is changing the way that hospitality businesses can access capital. It’s bringing efficiencies and convenience never seen before. It’s a worrying fact though, that many small business owners remain unaware that there are other funders out there willing and able to lend money. In a recent survey that we did with One Poll of 1,000 small firms, 45 per cent either didn’t understand what alternative funding was or had never heard of it. Whether it’s for a start up venture, working capital for day to day operations or investment for growth, there are funding platforms suitable. Here’s a snapshot of what’s available: Business cash advance: This is very popular within the hospitality sector because the money is only paid back as the business earns, so it’s completely linked to cash flow and seasonal fluctuations. It’s an unsecured advance of cash of between £2,500£300,000, based on future debit and credit card sales. It’s repaid via a preagreed percentage of the business’s card transactions, so when business is slow you pay less and when it’s busy you pay back more. Eligible businesses must take at least £2,500 in card takings a month. Because it’s unsecured, no assets or personal guarantees are required so your home and business stay safe. Peer-to-peer lending (also known as crowd lending): This is an online market place where borrowers and Paul Mildenstein, CEO, Liberis investors are matched. Investors (individuals and companies) can lend to many creditworthy businesses at once, and thereby spread their risk. This then enables the business to borrow from many different people, accepting the lowest interest rate offer – meaning both the business and the investor win. Crowd funding: Another online market place, this type of funding enables large numbers of individuals to support a project by contributing a small amount of capital towards a total funding target. The return on investment can either come in the form of rewards (products) or shares in the business. Pension led funding: This enables directors’ to use their personal, existing pensions to raise capital for the business. There are pros and cons to each of course, depending on your business. But seeking funding is no longer the onerous and time consuming task it once was. t t t



Do your research - an internet search will throw up a myriad of providers and independent portals that will signpost you to the most appropriate funding for your business. Become more financially literate - there’s a great deal of independent information online about alternative funding and pros and cons. Approach alternative funders – a significant number of small businesses make no further attempt to find funding when turned down by a bank. Most alternative funders have online applications that are quick and easy to complete and many don’t require elaborate business plans. They use modern underwriting criteria too that analyse risk in a more relevant way than traditional funders. Therefore the approval rate is higher and you get a quick decision. Use a broker - the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers can find a broker in your area with access to a wide range of finance facilities, including alternative providers.


Will you be celebrating

World Whisky Day?

May 2015

Creating a World Whisky Day celebration at your hotel or restaurant is a great way of drawing in customers through the magic of the dram. Prepare to crack open the amber stuff on Saturday 16 May. It all started in Barcelona, in the summer of 2012. Blair Bowman, a young student from Aberdeen University, was in the Catalan capital as part of his Spanish studies. Realising it was World Gin Day, he treated himself to a gin & tonic. Sipping his gin, Bowman consulted Google to see if there was a whisky equivalent to World Gin Day – as the co-founder of a student whisky society at Aberdeen, the amber stuff was his spirit of choice. When he discovered there wasn’t, Bowman finished his drink, dashed back to his flat and bought the domain ‘’. “I couldn’t believe that no one else had thought of it,” he says. “I had a good network of people who liked whisky so I asked what they thought – it started to gain momentum.” Like all the best ideas, the concept behind World Whisky Day was relatively simple. Bowman set a date – 27 March 2012 – created a website and used Twitter/ Facebook/Instagram to encourage whisky enthusiasts to set up events worldwide. The idea quickly gathered momentum, with hundreds of people organising events around the world on World Whisky Day, and social media awash with images of people raising a dram. It caught the attention of the whisky industry – and the Scottish Government, which threw its support behind Blair. After graduating in 2013, Blair spent six months planning World Whisky Day 2014, with the date by then moved to a regular slot on the third Saturday in May. It was the biggest success yet with a quarter of million people attending World Whisky Day events. Many hotels, restaurants and bars have recognised it as a great marketing opportunity for themselves. It’s free to register and hold a World Whisky day event – all you do is go to the and supply a few details about what sort of event it will be. In return, your event will be promoted to the project’s vast following (16,000 on Facebook, 13,000 on Twitter plus a large database of web sign-ups).

What you do on the day/night is up to you. It could be a whisky tasting, a ceilidh, a gala dinner, a big party or anything – as long as it involves raising a dram or two of the amber stuff. Just make sure you post lots of content on social media to showcase your event – before, during and after – and promote responsible drinking. “World Whisky Day is all about making whisky fun and enjoyable,” says Blair. “We are not about being snobby and we encourage people to drink whisky however they enjoy it.” The event, which received extensive TV and press coverage in 2014, is set to grow even bigger this year – the date is Saturday 16 May 2015. Earlier this year, Blair handed over responsibility for World Whisky Day HQ to Hot Rum Cow, an Edinburgh-based drinks magazine. Blair will continue to be involved but the size and wideranging expertise of the team at Hot Rum Cow (www. is better suited to what is a rapidly growing operation. “Hot Rum Cow is an adventure in the world of drinks,” says Publisher Fraser Allen. “We describe ourselves as ‘amateur enthusiasts’ who want to search across the globe for genuinely interesting beers, wines and spirits. Our audience is a perfect match with World Whisky Day and we’ll be giving events in Britain and around the world an extra push.”

To set up a World Whisky Day event at your venue, simply go to: 65


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Tableware Barry Perrin +44 (0)1992 611415

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INDEX PLASTICS 01256 843 844

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Coffee Services +44 (0) 843 289 2109 OASIS GRAPHICS +44 (0)1242 524777 Oasis Graphic Co produce and install bespoke & large format graphics for unique interior & exterior hospitality spaces. Contact us now for: signage, building wraps, digital wall coverings, window and floor graphics, banners and hoardings, backlit graphics and vehicle graphics e: t: +44 1628 532003 w:

Interiors & Design

Jura +44 (0) 800 552 5527

66 42 56 48

“Travel Companies, Hotel Chains, Restaurant Owners and the entertainment industry rely on Point of Sale accessories to successful promote information to their customers. Point of Sale accessories enable highly visual placement of information such as menus, instructions, safety, pricing and many other promotional materials. The ability to source POS components fast and receive it when and as you expect is fully understood by the Index team. We deliver what we promise, so you can deliver what you promise.” Index Plastics Limited, Unit D,The Loddon Centre, Wade Road, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG24 8FL,

CUBBINS 01434 604 181

T: 01256 843 844 E: W:

DEALERS is a one stop warehouse for all your design needs. Always 7,000 different items in sock including new, old, antique, and vintage furniture plus all types of home & living accessories, garden ornaments, structures and statuary plus much more at our extensive showroom and acres of outside wonders. Everything you need if you are in business for retailing, displaying, refurbishing, dressing & all types of design projects. Visit us either at our website www.dealers-uk. com or in person at our huge premises in the countryside. 01743 761241

To advertise in the directory please contact Andy Bell on 01843 448443 Prices from £120 for the year.




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Brand New Cafflano Launches in the UK

Now coffee enthusiasts can have fresh ground coffee anywhere they wish – the office, at home or even half way up a mountain. Following a successful Kickstarter funding and appearances on ITV’s This Morning and in the UK National press, The incredible Cafflano launches in the UK today.

Fresh coffee has never been so easy, cheap or portable! The Cafflano makes it possible to have brilliantly fresh coffee wherever you are by cleverly enabling you to grind coffee beans directly into the built-in filter before pouring hot water over them and enjoying the coffee from the insulated mug. All the coffee drinker needs are beans and a source of hot water.

Invented by a Coffee Lover The inventor of Cafflano® Klassic, Hansang Yoon, was a businessman who loved coffee, enjoying 3, 4 cups a day but he didn’t want to spend too much on an espresso machine or capsule coffee machine. Likewise he found purchasing from a coffee shop meant he was spending a lot of money for coffee that wasn’t always great ! His brainwave was a SIMPLE and AFFORDABLE coffee maker that is PORTABLE enough to be taken everywhere and is EASY-TO-USE. That was the start of Cafflano® Klassic! t t t t

Use Anywhere Save Money vs Coffee Shops Environmentally friendly Fantastic coffee!

For your free sample please contact Sanremo UK on 01364 644445 or email


Profile for Jet Digital Media Ltd

Eat. Drink. Sleep. May 2015  

Eat. Drink. Sleep. May 2015