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EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

​The​ ​Route​ ​Interior​ ​Design Having​ ​set​ ​up​ ​The​ ​Route​ ​Interior​ ​Design​ ​only​ ​18​ ​ months​ ​ago,​ ​Emily​ ​and​ ​Imogen​ ​competed against​ ​ the​ ​best​ ​property​ ​professionals​ ​across​ ​the​ ​UK​ ​ regions​ ​to​ ​win​ ​2​ ​individual​ ​awards​ ​at​ ​the UK​ ​Property​ ​ Awards​ ​2017-2018,​ ​which​ ​they​ ​will​ ​receive​ ​at​ ​the​ ​​ London​ ​Lancaster​ ​Hotel​ ​on​ ​27​th October.​ ​​The​ ​UK​ ​ Property​ ​Awards​ ​are​ ​the​ ​largest,​ ​most​ ​prestigious,​ ​ and​ ​widely​ ​recognised programme​ ​throughout​ ​the​ ​ regions​ ​and​ ​leave​ ​the​ ​company​ ​delighted​ ​with​ ​their​ ​ achievements; “We are thrilled to have received not one, but two awards and are so grateful to be able to work on such brilliant projects.” Their​ ​awards​ ​see​ ​them​ ​recognised​ ​for​ ​the​ ​Best​ ​Leisure​ ​ Interior​ ​in​ ​the​ ​North​ ​West​ ​with​ ​Bici​ ​Cafe​ ​in Ulverston.​ ​​ “This was a fantastic project to work on, developing a true Italian Cafe & Kitchen complete with pizza oven and finishing it with a sophisticated industrial interior. T​ he restaurant is unlike anything else in the area and has become a must visit in Cumbria.” They​ ​will​ ​also​ ​be​ ​awarded​ ​Best​ ​Office​ ​Interior​ ​in​ ​the​ ​ North​ ​West​ ​with​ ​Little​ ​&​ ​Caine​ ​in Dalton-in-Furness.​ ​ This​ ​being​ ​the​ ​businesses​ ​head​ ​office,​ ​they​ ​are​ ​now​ ​ continuing​ ​their​ ​work here​ ​by​ ​carrying​ ​out​ ​the​ ​ refurbishment​ ​in​ ​all​ ​4​ ​branches​ ​to​ ​bring​ ​continuity​ ​and​ ​ a​ ​strong​ ​identity to​ ​the​ ​business​ ​and​ ​its​ ​brand.​ ​​“ This project required us to not only create wonderful interiors but also to recognise and develop the brand, highlighting this within our designs to ensure the success of the business for years to come.” Both​ ​awards​ ​will​ ​showcase​ ​their​ ​hard​ ​work​ ​and​ ​success​ ​ on​ ​a​ ​national​ ​and​ ​international​ ​stage. The​ ​Route​ ​Interior​ ​Design​ ​was​ ​formed​ ​in​ ​2016​ ​in​ ​ Cumbria,​ ​over​ ​a​ ​shared​ ​belief​ ​that​ ​everyone should​ ​be​ ​ able​ ​to​ ​enjoy​ ​outstanding​ ​interiors​ ​and​ ​have​ ​access​ ​ to​ ​quality​ ​design.​ ​Working​ ​within the​ ​hospitality​ ​and​ ​ leisure​ ​industry,​ ​Emily​ ​and​ ​Imogen​ ​use​ ​their​ ​skills,​ ​ experience​ ​and​ ​love​ ​for design​ ​to​ ​ensure​ ​the​ ​potential​ ​ of​ ​your​ ​business​ ​and​ ​its​ ​spaces​ ​can​ ​be​ ​fulfilled.​ ​​ ​With​ ​ an​ ​already extensive​ ​portfolio​ ​of​ ​commercial​ ​clients,​ ​ ranging​ ​from​ ​restaurants​ ​to​ ​hotels,​ ​offices​ ​to​ ​bars,


showhomes​ ​to​ ​retail​ ​spaces,​ ​their​ ​interiors​ ​work​ ​for​ ​your​ ​ business,​ ​its​ ​brand​ ​and​ ​its​ ​people enabling​ ​you​ ​to​ ​captivate​ ​ customers​ ​and​ ​stand-out​ ​in​ ​increasingly​ ​competitive​ ​markets. Offering​ ​bespoke​ ​designs​ ​for​ ​each​ ​and​ ​every​ ​client,​ ​all​ ​ services​ ​are​ ​targeted​ ​to​ ​you​ ​and​ ​your business​ ​from​ ​ inspiration​ ​right​ ​through​ ​to​ ​project​ ​completion. Make​ ​sure​ ​you​ ​get​ ​the​ ​opportunity​ ​to​ ​discuss​ ​your​ ​project​ ​ with​ ​them​ ​today. 07766867046​ ​​ ​hello@therouteid.com​ ​​ ​www.therouteid.com

Diageo launches Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin

October 2017

suggestions, then look no further as the Diageo team has kindly sent some (see below). 37.5% abv, Diageo, 020 7479 0910 How do you stay ahead in the ludicrously crowded gin market? Create a pink gin, of course. Diageo has done just that with the launch of its Gordon’s Premium Pink Distilled Gin to appeal to a ‘new, younger, adult audience’.

Tedeschi, head of Gordon’s Europe at Diageo: ‘Pink Gin already accounts for 6% of total gin volume and provides a real opportunity to grow the category.

‘With this proven popularity, the strength of the wellestablished Gordon’s brand Combining raspberries, name and a delicious, strawberries and redcurrant, refreshing taste, we’re the new Gordon’s variant confident that Gordon’s only uses natural flavours. Premium Pink will prove successful with consumers ‘With the launch of Gordon’s and help to catapult pink Premium Pink, we’re entering gin into the mainstream.’ If a vibrant sub-sector,’ Annalisa you’re looking for serving

Beer and food matching:

Time to mix it up ‘It’s time to throw progression out of the window!’ So said Adam Dulye, executive chef and culinary director of the US Brewers Association, as he introduced pairings with a difference at Sager + Wilde, during the BA’s annual UK food pairing event.

match a zesty lemon tart. At the beginning, rather than a meek session beer, two flavourful IPAs – Sierra Nevada’s Tropical Torpedo, and Track 7’s IPA Panic – acted as entrées. ‘The idea is to scrub your palate’, said Dulye. ‘To showcase the soul of the hops.’

‘Through the connection with food, it doesn’t matter where you go in,’ he said.

A pair of Pilsners, including Hardywood’s elegant Pils, joined a grilled peach salad, where the herbal nature of the Czech hops complemented the tang of salad leaves.

Rather than starting light with starters and finishing heavy with an imperial stout, ‘the goal is to leave you feeling alert and refreshed’, he said. By way of illustration, it was Port City’s best-selling wheat beer, Optimal Wit, which was chosen to close proceedings, selected to


Industry News

Gordon’s P&T (Gordon’s Premium Pink & Tonic) Glass: Large wine Garnish: Strawberries Method: Fill glass with ice and build 50ml Gordon’s Premium Pink 150ml tonic water Gordon’s Premium Pink Spritz Glass: Large wine Garnish: Strawberries Method: Fill the glass with ice and build 50ml Gordon’s Premium Pink 50ml lemonade 25ml prosecco all found complements. Umami came under the spotlight with the pasta course, an exceptional summer-truffled tagliarini, as Maui’a Big Swell and Saugatuck’s Singapore were wheeled out. ‘IPAs can dance around the palate in so many ways,’ said Dulye, explaining how the taste sensation for hops run along the side of the tongue, while umami rests on the top.

Nebraska Brewing Co’s Mélange à Trois, a 10% abv Belgian-style blonde ale aged for six months in Chardonnay barrels, provided the poise and complexity to partner pork, fennel and baby turnips, before the Lemon Tart An outstanding match came closing ceremony, and our next. Pfriem’s Saison with exit into the night, suitably Gazpacho with Crab and refreshed and remarkably Chilli. alert.Another masterful glimpse of the potential of Spicy notes, the creamy beer to wake up the senses texture of the soup, and the and enhance the dining sweetness of the crab flesh experience.


rpa:group launches The Hummingbird Bakery’s seventh UK branch in Guildford Surrey

October 2017


Industry News


ith names like Adele, Madonna, Lady Gaga, Victoria Beckham, Pippa and Kate Middleton, Duchess of Cambridge as fans, The Hummingbird Bakery has already become firmly established as London’s go-to bakery. Now The Hummingbird Bakery’s founder, Tarek Malouf, has set his sights on the beautiful town of Guildford to open the brand’s seventh UK store. The Hummingbird Bakery first opened in 2004 in London’s vibrant Portobello Road, home to the world-famous market and played a huge part in launching the cupcake craze that went on to grip not only London but the entire UK. rpa:group has worked since on all six of the brand’s bakeries across London: Portobello, South Kensington, Soho, Spitalfields, Islington and Richmond. The Hummingbird Bakery Guildford sets a new design style for the brand and is a collaboration of rpa:group’s architecture, design and project management teams. MattJames Breaks, Head of Design at rpa:group, comments, “The new bakery design is an evolution away from the previous store concept, which portrayed the look and feel of a 1950’s style kitchen. This new approach is much more Scandinavian with light, open and sophisticated interiors and wood elements backed up by complimentary surfaces to add texture, variation and interest.” Wall finishes of the new bakery are 30% clad in ivory oak panels with a feature wall composed of hand-finished tiles and a digital mosaic of the iconic Hummingbird Bakery logo. The floor is concrete resin, interlaid with tiles around the counter area in a herringbone pattern, whilst lighting is a mix of bespoke LED halo lights and brushed copper aluminum pendant lights. The copper is also echoed in the trim of the marble tables. Customers will see individual chair seating in signature Hummingbird Bakery pinks, in addition to comfortable banquet seating in durable fabrics and complementary colours. The overall palette is neutral, with elements of pink complementing the brand colours and adding both emphasis and warmth. For further information please visit www.therpagroup.com


Just Egg Chilled Foods has added to its premium egg product collection with a line of free-range, poached eggs – the first British manufactured product of its kind. The eggs are prepared and packed to ensure optimum freshness and to preserve flavour, delivering the most superior product on the market to-date, and are aimed at the hotel, restaurant and cafe markets.

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017


Industry News

end and we’re thrilled to be able to present a 100 per cent British product that is produced and packaged to provide the highest quality.”

Great served as part of the full English breakfast, the eggs are also the ideal Available in easy to peel, simple to remove shape for toast, buns and muffins. They packaging, Just Egg’s poached eggs are can be prepared in two to four minutes, less likely to get damaged when served depending on each customer’s taste, and and so will look, as well as taste, the very are offered in boxes of 12 or 24. As well best. as free range, the poached eggs are also available from enriched cage hens. Managing director of Just Egg Chilled Foods, Pankaj Pancholi is delighted to As the leading manufacturer of hard finally bring this product to market: “The boiled eggs and egg mayonnaise, poached egg is a high protein, healthy Just Egg supplies to the UK’s leading option and a staple of the British diet and supermarkets and retailers. The company it’s been our ultimate aim for some time to has an unrivalled record for quality and innovate with the supply of this product. currently offers a bespoke product service to include customer specified recipes, “We wanted to ensure that our poached packaging and labelling which are eggs are nothing less than a perfect produced to the highest standard. offering that will provide customers with the freshest, tastiest version of their For further information on Just Egg favourite meal or snack. Chilled Foods and its products, log on to www.justegg.co.uk or call 01162 742 “We’ve researched and invested to this 822.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017


Celebrating the Unconventional The innovators in luxury gin give G&T drinkers a unique flavour to savour. • G’Vine Gin is pushing the boundaries of this well-loved spirit with a unique product crafted from the very best French grapes, infused with vine flowers and nine other luxury botanicals. • While most gins are made with grain, G’Vine Gin is crafted with a grape spirit, a rare ingredient for gin that creates a heady body and full mouth feel and is perfect for sophisticated palettes. • The botanicals, including juniper berries, green cardamom, ginger roots and the exclusive vine flower, are selected for their purity and aroma. G’Vine Gin’s hero botanical is the precious vine flower, which blossoms just once a year in mid-June, and exists for just a few days before maturing into a grape berry. • G’Vine is set to unveil a new bottle design this October to celebrate the brand’s 10th Anniversary. The true taste of modern day France, G’Vine Gin de France is born from the environment that surrounds it, combining the rich heritage of the Charente region, the avant-garde attitude of Paris, and the effortless chic of the South West region. The world’s first gin handcrafted from an exceptional grape spirit and the rare vine flower, G’Vine Gin is a celebration of creativity and craft with an exceptionally smooth and silky taste. Inspiring a new generation of creative talent - G’Vine Gin celebrates those who are redefining the boundaries of creativity, and refuse the status-quo by adding their own avant-garde twist. G’Vine Gin is a traditionally unconventional product enlivened with ten botanicals including the rare vine flower from the brand’s legendary vineyards. Thanks to the vision of Founder and Master Distiller, Jean-Sebastien Robicquet, a revolutionary who looks at the world with a different perspective, it is a spirit that shakes up codes and conventions while also crafted with the upmost respect for local heritage.


“G’Vine Gin is traditionally unconventional,” said Jean-Sébastien Robicquet. “We have drawn from the expertise and skill of our heritage and added innovative ingredients to create a gin of remarkable quality and impeccable taste.” The number one selling gin in Spain, G’Vine is available in fine liquor stores, premium bars and restaurants around the world including: Nobu Hotel Shoreditch, Oriole Bar Farringdon, The Artesian Bar at The Langham Hotel and Nightjar in London, The Dear Rabbit Grocery and Grog in New York, and 28 Hong Kong Street in Singapore.

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

Industry News

Restaurants and pubs fight back over health body’s claim that upselling “tricks” consumers into eating more The restaurant and pub industry has hit back at suggestions that it plays a role in pushing unhealthy food and larger portions on the public.

“We should remember that customers have a choice and are ultimately responsible for what they choose to buy, but nevertheless arguably have a healthier range of options to choose from than ever before.

The Royal Society for Public Health today warned that consumers were being “tricked” “Venues have spent time, energy and by upselling techniques. money into providing greater choice for customers, along with healthier options A poll suggested that eight in 10 people and a renewed focus on transparency, experienced it every week. The most provenance and transparency.” common upsells to be taken included larger coffees, bigger meals, and extra sides such And Brigid Simmonds, chief executive of the as onion rings and chips. British Beer and Pub Association told Radio 4’s Today programme that: “Telling people Royal Society for Public Health chief what to do is not what you do. You go to executive Shirley Cramer said businesses a pub and there’s a certain amount of free needed to stop training staff to upsell choice. high-calorie food and focus on healthy alternatives instead. “There are actually fewer calories in half a pint of beer than there are in a glass of The findings, drawn from a poll of more orange juice.” than 2,000 adults by the Royal Society for Public Health and Slimming World, found Meanwhile Nicholls cautioned against that the most common place for upselling linking business rates relief for those to happen was in restaurants, followed businesses dedicated to improving by fast-food outlets, supermarkets, coffee public health. She warned: “While we are shops and pubs and bars. supportive of measures to reduce rates burdens for employers. But Kate Nicholls, chief executive of the Association of Licensed Multiple Retailers “They should not be linked to any (ALMR) said: “Slimming World is concerned requirements relating to food or drink about upselling as a problem for customers’ content or portion size. health, but does not pay due recognition to significant efforts and advancements made “The problem of increased business rates by eating and drinking out businesses to relief is a separate measure and should be provide healthier options for customers. treated as such.”


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

Christmas bookings: how prepared is you team? The latest research from guest experience prepared with the relevant information for a seamless process. management experts HGEM has revealed over 1300 As the majority (86%) of guests expect to be asked about a deposit as standard, operators should avoid focusing on this guests’ views on making Christmas bookings. The results show that guests like to plan ahead - when organising a work Christmas party over half (53%) prefer to book at least 3 months in advance, and 42% leave it no later than a month before the event to book a festive gathering with friends. Additionally, timing is key, with almost half of guests (49%) saying that the ideal date for their Christmas party would fall two weeks before Christmas Day.

and instead use the call to provide detailed and engaging information about their offering.

To help operators ensure that their team members are prepared to handle Christmas bookings effectively, HGEM are offering recorded Christmas calls. These provide valuable insight into team members’ performance when taking bookings. Operators in the casual dining, pub and hotel sectors benefited from this actionable data during last year’s programme, with leading hotel brands Malmaison and Hotel du Vin improving their average call score by almost 20% in the months leading up to Christmas. HGEM Founding Director, Sally Whelan, said: ‘We know that pre-bookings for the festive period play a critical part in overall Christmas trading figures. With menus, drinks offers and the marketing campaigns to support it now in place, how ready are your front line team? Do they appreciate the important role they now play? You need to be confident that every telephone enquiry is being handled professionally and that your team have the skills to convert these enquiries into bookings.’

HGEM is the UK’s leading expert in guest experience management (GEM). The company provides hospitality When choosing a venue, half of guests (50%) rate the choice operators with tools for intelligence gathering, guest of dishes on the menu as the deciding factor, with restaurants engagement and learning, working closely with them to help emerging ahead of pubs, hotels and bars as guests’ preferred generate revenue growth through effective GEM. venue. A spend of between £15-£30 per head is expected by the majority of guests during the festive period, with a With a personal approach and modern software, HGEM services slightly higher spend anticipated when celebrating with work include Mystery Guest visits, online feedback, social advocacy, performance analysis and learning management. Clients colleagues. include Wagamama, Turtle Bay, Greene King, Malmaison and During a telephone enquiry, a lack of knowledge and an Peach Pubs. unfriendly tone were rated as the most off-putting team behaviours, which could result in a lost opportunity to convert For more information, visit: to a booking. Guests also anticipate an efficient booking www.hgem.com process, with 68% expecting the call to take less than five https://twitter.com/HGEM_ minutes, emphasising the need for team members to be https://www.linkedin.com/company/HGEM


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP Special Anniversary Bottles of Gin. Photo Credit Emily Roux

Le Gavroche Partners with Peckham’s ‘Little Bird’ for Special 50th Anniversary Gin Illustrious Mayfair dining establishment, Le Gavroche, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary this year, and, as a pillar in the London dining scene, what better way to celebrate than to commission a very special limited edition gin? Le Gavroche may be classic and refined in reputation, but this gin has been made not with a ‘traditional’ gin company, but the gloriously lascivious Peckham gin brand, Little Bird. “We decided we wanted to commission a special gin for the anniversary, and I had my eye on Little Bird from the getgo”, says Chef Patron Michel Roux Jr. “I’ve been a huge fan of Little Bird Gin since I first came across it. As anyone familiar with the brand knows, it is inherently fun, cheeky and has a deep connection with its Peckham roots. I am a South London boy myself after all. Not only that, but the quality and flavour of the original gin is excellent and I’m always a supporter of independent, artisanal companies.” Little Bird’s famous branding is one of the attributes that has set it apart from other London Dry Gins. With the sensual and flirtatious 1940s inspired pin-up girl, Miss Ginger, adorned on each bottle, the fun and frivolity of the brand has seduced discerning cosmopolitan gin drinkers. The special edition Le Gavroche bottle has had its very own Miss Ginger,

designed with cheeky French flair especially for the 50th anniversary. As Little Bird’s Laura Sullivan comments, “Miss Ginger seems to have a job as a can-can dancer!” Other than the gorgeous ‘Mademoiselle Ginger’ that separates this anniversary gin from their original, Michel Roux Jr together with Laura Sullivan, Tim Moore and Taskin Muzaffer of Little Bird worked on the original blend and added beautiful lavender notes to create something new especially for Le Gavroche. “When Michel emailed us to ask for a meeting, whilst waxing lyrical about Little Bird Original, my first thought was that it was my best friend playing a joke on us! Not the case as it turned out. What shone to me was how passionate he was about everything. After an animated chat, we agreed on some ideas and that was it.” Says Laura Sullivan. Hand bottled at the Tom Thumb Still in Clapham, run by the legendary Charles Maxwell known by many as ‘Mister Gin’ in the UK, the special anniversary gin is limited in number and available only to customers of Le Gavroche for the time being.

www.le-gavroche.co.uk www.littlebirdgin.com @michelrouxjr - Twitter @littlebirdgin – Twitter/Instagram/Facebook


October 2017

Laura Sullivan, Michel Roux Jr and Charles Maxwell. Photo Credit Emily Roux

ME Hotel London

When only the most exciting where best in London to stay Surrounded by theatres, nightclubs and boutiques as well as shopping and famous hotels this really is the place to be. Just a few minutes from Covent Garden, Trafalgar Square and the Houses of Parliament, lies the ME Hotel. With a variety of different rooms and suites along with the magnificent roof top bar and STK restaurant this really is the place to stay. Upon walking into the venue you are greeted by a large foyer, draped in class and met with the fantastic staff that elevate the hotel to an unrivalled level. To have such a personal service making you feel important and valued


is a welcome breath of fresh air. Being greeted at reception with Prosecco and water topped off the wow moment when first entering the hotel. With the rooms ranging from double rooms to 3 bedroom suites everyone can be accommodated. The rooms are designed to a very high standard, with extra-long beds and a brilliant dÊcor. They are clean and fresh and without fault. Technology leads the way with lighting and temperature controlled electronically. The mood can defiantly be set with various light settings including colour changing LED. A Nespresso machine is situated in each room as well as a media hub fulfilling everybody’s needs. Avery high quality

bathroom suite, television and mini bar add to the overall excellence each room has to offer. All of the above is a standard trait in the higher level of hotel but there are two stand out points for the ME Hotel. Firstly the magnificent pyramid, central in the hotel in which everything is built around. This can be viewed from reception all the way up to the roof top bar and is truly a great centre piece. Secondly the popular Radio Rooftop Bar with its spectacular panoramic views has to be experienced. A wide range of drinks, cocktails and tapas are served whilst surrounded by iconic buildings and enjoying a fantastic atmosphere.

of weekends will do, than the West End? The STK restaurant is a must. Brilliant atmosphere with music and mood lighting. Not too loud so you cannot talk but loud enough to enjoy. With a fabulous menu there is something for everybody. The signature mini burgers are a very popular choice to start. Meat is flown in from the States and is very juicy and tender. The steak was amazing as was the beef rib. Sides including parmesan chips, mac n cheese and sweet potato mash were a great accompaniment. Dessert included a crème Brule, apricot ice creams and a mousse, all a great end to a wonderful meal and experience. Service very good, very knowledgeable of the dishes on offer. So after a big meal what more do you want to do than relax with a nice

cold drink. There is no better place to do this than the radio roof top bar. Brilliant views of the surrounding areas makes for unmissable selfie opportunities. Table service to help you unwind after a meal and if you haven’t eaten before great choices for snacks and tapas.

Overall, there is simply no faults with the ME Hotel in every single section they have surpassed all expectations and are setting heights for their competition. We would not hesitate in recommending them as the number one place to stay in London, let alone the West End.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

As hospitality sings the Brexit technology really help change By Luis De Souza, CEO of NFS Technology Group

Cherish your serving staff. A recent report by KPMG for the British Hospitality Association warned that we’ll be short of half a million of them in just five years’ time. We’re all probably very aware of the main reason – since the Brexit vote, the number of EU migrant workers has plummeted, and it’s set to get much worse as the countdown to breaking from Europe continues. That’s possibly down to an impression overseas that migrant workers are now ‘not welcome’ – the recent fall in university admissions from the EU might be put down to a similar reason. But the devaluation of the pound is also a factor, making it less lucrative to come here to work in our restaurants and bars. In the UK, we’re not alone in feeling this shortage. US hospitality businesses are feeling a similar squeeze because of a crackdown on migration, and some are reporting that there is simply no pool of labour that they can turn to fill their vacancies. Here, with unemployment at its lowest since the Seventies according to figures from the Office for National Statistics, it’s a struggle to recruit.

And yet the hospitality business is booming, because that same sterling devaluation is making it cheaper for tourists to visit. Further recent figures show that more than 7,000 extra hotel rooms are currently being built in London alone to cater for them all.

So isn’t this a crisis that’s already starting to happen? As hospitality academic Prof. Peter Jones notes in his white paper ‘Staffing – the issue of our times’ that the KPMG study says the hospitality industry already has the highest number of vacancies as a share of total employment, compared to other sectors. “It concludes that it will be hard to fill the recruitment gap with UK unemployed workers or workers from other sectors,” he says.

“For ‘hard to fill’ read ‘impossible’.” Prof. Jones quite rightly calls for a loud and vigorous response to the situation from a government perspective – but when it’s your café, your restaurant or your hotel that’s short of waiters, housekeepers and counter staff, there’s no time to wait for government initiatives that may never come.

How can your hospitality business beat the Brexit blues? We’ve examined a number of highly successful UK restaurant and hotel businesses to discover the tactics they are using to help offset these staffing issues. And we found thriving businesses have a lot in common when it comes to using all the EPOS management tools available to them to drive up efficiency and keep operating and labour costs at a minimum. We identified 6 tactics these successful businesses are already employing: 1. Effective rostering 2. Efficient customer service 3. Use of mobile ordering devices tableside 4. Fraud detection 5. Better stock control 6. Better planning and decisionmaking

Effective rostering It’s always been a difficult balance to maintain – having the right number of staff on at the right time. Too few and customer service is affected; too many and you are simply pouring your profits away down the drain. Then there’s holiday cover to organise, and extra staffing in preparation for the guaranteed busiest periods such as Christmas. Using EPOS management software gives you detailed data that shows precisely when you are at your most hectic and when business tails off. It takes the guesswork out of rostering, and means you can match your labour levels perfectly to your real requirements, keeping staffing costs to a minimum without affecting customer experience.

Efficient customer service Diners and guests are becoming more and more demanding these days – surveys show the average time now spent in a restaurant is just 45 minutes.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

blues, can the tune? Quick and efficient service is crucial to keep these hungry but time-starved customers happy – no wrong dishes delivered, no delay in dishing up delicious food. It’s even more crucial in smallplate establishments such as tapas restaurants where customers order multiple dishes and expect them fast. Jacque Ferreira is the Co-Founder and Executive Chef of Bar Iberico in Nottingham and Derby, one of the country’s top tapas restaurant chains. He says EPOS management is the only way to keep on top of serving more than 700 people a day when Bar Iberico’s outside area is running at capacity. “I spend a lot of time on the restaurant floor, and it is quite common to hear customers exclaim ‘Wow - that was quick’, referring to the speed the food comes out of the kitchen,” he says. And how does it do that? This takes us on to our next point:

Use of mobile ordering devices tableside Bar Iberico, like all the successful businesses we examined, uses EPOS software on mobile ordering devices so its staff can take orders and payments at tableside. These can be dedicated handheld devices, or tablets – even mobiles. In the kitchen, a digital panel displays the order so chefs can get to work on it immediately. Jacque says: “The order going straight from the handheld to the kitchen screen ensures a blistering speed of service.” From a labour point of view, this is significant. Serving staff are no longer running back and forth to the kitchen delivering orders on bits of paper, which saves a great deal of time and also allows them to spend more valuable effort dealing with customers.

Fraud detection EPOS makes sure you protect your business and your customers’ data better. This is because every transaction is recorded, and it’s simply harder for staff to carry out dishonest activities – and that protects your bottom line.

Better stock control I’ve already mentioned the data that EPOS management software captures – and it also includes real time information about which dishes are selling when. That helps you manage your stock control better, focusing on best-sellers and reducing waste. In the kitchen, your staff do not spend valuable time creating dishes that no-one eats.

Better planning and decisionmaking With valuable data easy to view at all times – I’d recommend using a cloud solution that enables you to check on

your business online from anywhere you have an internet connection – you have all the information you need to make really good planning decisions. These are challenging times, and likely to become more so as the Brexit deadline comes closer with few firm decisions made. Staff are likely to become even more scarce, and the restaurants who manage to recruit will be those that have a great track record for successful and profitable operations, and who offer workers an excellent and efficient working environment. Jacque Ferreira is planning more Bar Iberico branches around the country, and says he will take his Aloha EPOS system everywhere the company goes. Many hospitality organisations are worrying about surviving Brexit. But as Bar Iberico shows, with good EPOS management, the best will not only survive, but also thrive.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

Review: Sopwell House

The earliest mention of Sopwell House is found in a deed from 1603, and after four centuries of visits from notable figures of history, the stunning Georgian country house set in 12 acres of gardens is still as popular today. Located just one mile from the M25/ M1 junction, the 128 guestroom hotel is the perfect city escape. Only a twenty minute train journey from Central London, yet guests feel a million miles away from the capital. The spa at Sopwell House boasts an indoor pool, a sauna, Jacuzzi, and fully-equipped gymnasium. Having worked in the hospitality and leisure industry my whole career, Sopwell House’s spa is the most immaculate and well-maintained spa I have ever had the pleasure to visit, combined with a beautiful and elegant interior design.

There is a choice of two restaurants: The Brasserie and The Restaurant. The former is more suited to casual dining, where guests can enjoy a relaxed breakfast, lunch or dinner. Our breakfast in The Brasserie was outstanding. We were impressed by the buffet available for breakfast, with eggs and sausages sourced from a local farm. The Restaurant, with two AA rosettes and a modern British-European menu, prides itself on perfecting traditional dishes with a small pinch of the unusual. I was fortunate enough

to talk with Executive Head Chef Gopi Chandran, a man extremely passionate about food and his role at the hotel. His enthusiasm and dedication to Sopwell House is evident in the successes of The Restaurant and the kitchen’s partnership with the local farmer’s market. The hotel maintains close ties with the farmers in the area, with Chandran pre-ordering his produce months in advance to ensure a seasonal menu. The guestrooms at Sopwell House range from Superior rooms to the exclusive Mews Suites, all decorated with the finest interiors. During our stay we experienced one of the Mews Suites, separate from the main hotel in a gated courtyard with its own private entrance, adding a VIP touch. Beyond the gates is the most beautiful botanical garden, designed by none other than Chelsea Flower Show Gold Medallist Ann-Marie Powell. Surprisingly, in the centre of the garden sits a stunning hydrotherapy pool for Mews guests to enjoy. Metallic art surrounds the pool, giving a unique and luxurious finish. The Mews apartments are set within this bespoke garden, with the sound of water from the hydrotherapy pool filling the air. Our home for the night was the Willow Studio, a ground floor apartment fit for a king. Upon entering the space, we instantly relaxed thanks to the cosy atmosphere of the country house decor. Despite the countryside setting, modern


amenities were aplenty: WIFI, two mounted widescreen TVs, your very own state-of-theart Bluetooth speaker and Nespresso coffee machine. The enormous King sized beds ensure a restful sleep – my partner and I almost lost one another during the night. I felt like I could live fulltime in the Willow Suite, with the separate living area (with comfortable sofa, fireplace and entertainment system), spacious bathroom and bedroom. What really makes Sopwell House the crème de la crème of hotels is each suite’s private terrace with your very own hot tub. If nothing makes you feel like a VIP guest, then a private pool will. Sipping on fine Champagne with loved ones close by feels like heaven. Sopwell House is no stranger to VIP guests, having hosted many national and international football squads. The England football team has stayed at the hotel on many occasions, as well as being a favourite among Arsenal FC players, who regularly visit with their families. General Manager Thomas Garlich strongly believes that a happy team make for happy guests, and places importance on quality – aiming to be the best four star hotel possible. Thomas is looking forward to the extensive spa refurbishment in summer 2018, which will further elevate a stay at Sopwell House. Reasonable room rates cater for all, providing excellent value for the absolute beauty and luxury of the whole place. Sopwell House is my new home away from home – simply magnificent!v



17 –18 O C T O B E R 2 0 1 7 O LY M P I A L O N D O N PRESENTED BY









The Independent Hotel Show 2017

The Independent Hotel Show, presented by James Hallam Hospitality & Leisure, returns to Olympia London, on Tuesday 17th October where it will unite the UK’s best independent hoteliers with more than 300 premium suppliers as well as offer valuable business advice and inspiration. The two-day event is the luxury and boutique hotel sector’s most comprehensive and inspirational business event and is bursting with ideas on how to design, enhance and market independent luxury hotels. The show’s organisers have carefully curated an exclusive list of exhibitors - from amenities and toiletries suppliers to top interior design agencies and technology companies – for hoteliers to source the latest and best products and services for their unique properties. Advice and expertise will be shared across three stages where over 100 professionals from all pillars of the industry will speak in more than 30 seminars to address key trends and industry issues. Mindfulness is taking the world by storm. It is believed that living in the present, really focusing on your own thoughts and feelings, whilst observing the world around you, can improve your mental well-being. For hoteliers and spa managers looking to boost their wellness, leisure and lifestyle offering in line with consumer trends, The Sanctuary is an area that presents the best in fitness, well-being and spa solutions for your hotel. Featuring The Gymnasium for The Mind by Shape, hotelier guests will be encouraged to enter a workshop space, remove their shoes and sit on Technogym wellness balls, to exercise their minds in an unusual setting. With education at the core, guests will learn about ageless wellbeing, cyber-crime prevention and everything you need to know about mindfulness. People are a priority in a Brexit landscape. Naturally, there are concerns about the recruitment pool and how to attract and retain the staff. The show this year will focus heavily on this in our role of supporting independent hoteliers. Brand Magnetism: Image for Recruitment seminar will highlight that the best staff are attracted to a strong brand that’s going places and provide a steer on how to market your offering to the best candidates. Weaponise your staff training addresses making staff an integral part of your business family and tapping into staff’s motivations.

Seasonal produce in menus continues to be a trend with a stronger focus on locally-sourced ingredients. Menus are increasingly supplier-led, demonstrating a bigger shift towards sustainable gastronomy and many hotels are trying wherever possible to implement a field-to-fork approach to cuisine.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

Independent Hotel Show - Show Preview

It isn’t difficult to promote a hotel’s surroundings if they happen to be the spectacular Lake District or cultural Edinburgh, but the real art of making it work wherever the hotel is, by forging relationships with local businesses, ‘micro influencers’ and other pillars of the local community. ‘Place making’ is one of the hottest global hospitality trends right now and will be analysed in Neighbourhood Watch: Place Making

with carefully designed details. New technology in combination with cleverly consider craftsmanship is defining a new design aesthetic built on longevity. We would like to push this idea in our design for the lobby and through this hope to inspire our existing and future clients.”

Galapagos is bringing a ‘hot house jungle’ theme to The Suite, an exclusive space offering hospitality to our VIP hoteliers, speakers, partners and their guests. This The hottest design trends will be captured stylish, comfortable haven of calm away in key features of the show, including The from the busy show floor will also play Lobby, designed by Benedict Wilhelm, host to some of the show’s special events who says: “I feel that at the moment held in partnership with James Hallam and Boutinot. In June, the Independent design has moved into a direction where there is a stronger emphasis on combining Hotel Show, in partnership with Chic Retreats, launched a survey to reveal more tactile, natural, raw materials


the consumer’s perfect hotel bedroom. Designed to provide independent hoteliers with an understanding of the modern consumer’s wants and needs for a UK luxury hotel stay, the survey results analysed from more than 1,800 respondents, have captured lighting system preferences, soft furnishings desires, technology needs, storage requirements and much more. The Perfect Hotel Bedroom will be featured at the Independent Hotel Show in a dedicated space, curated by Harriet Forde Design, on the show floor. Show exhibitors’ products will furnish the room and visiting hoteliers, journalists and industry thoughtleaders will be invited to get “in bed” to share opinions about the room.

On Tuesday 17th find out the winners of the Independent Hotelier and Outstanding New Hotel 2017 in the final of the Independent Hotel Awards, in association with Sky. From a shortlist chosen by industry experts, visitors and supporters of the Show will vote for the winners of the two awards which celebrate the manifestation of the Independent Hotel Show’s five differentiating factors for today’s independent hotel: individuality, locality, freedom, personality and innovation To register to attend the Independent Hotel Show 2017, visit www.independenthotelshow.co.uk

New Hotel Management Product Being Launched at

The Independent Hotel Show 2017 Affordable & Effective …

October 2017


Independent Hotel Show - Show Preview

A flat fee of £5,000 is charged for the first month (to include the Business Review), and a fee of £3,000 is charged for each of the subsequent 11 months of the programme.

Over the period 2000 to 2015, an annual survey of 45,000 UK hotel bedrooms by Hotstats reports a 24.1% increase in RevPAR for Provincial Hotels and yet a decrease of 23% in profitability over the same period. This confirms that since the start of the century, hotels have experienced severe margin pressure due in particular to the rise of OTAs, Minimum Wage, rises in utility costs, and food and liquor price increases. The Hotel Management Company (THMC) has launched a new product to directly address these challenges - its new 12+1 Profit Improvement Plan (P.I.P.). The 12-month programme focuses on 12 areas which impact all hotels. In effect, we undertake a structured ‘MOT’ of a hotel under the direction of a highlyexperienced Hotel Director and guarantee to leave it performing more profitably and effectively. Areas of Focus of the 12 + 1 Profit Improvement Plan Growing Revenues

Reducing Costs


Brand Positioning & Strategy


Food & Liquor Cost Control


Rooms & Revenue Management


Human Resources & Payroll Management


Food & Beverage and Event Operations



Sales & Marketing Planning and On- and Off-line Activity


Financial Management


Utilities Management


10. Health & Safety & Legal Compliance 11. Technology Applications 12. Insurance

How it works… Together with the owner, we jointly appoint a Hotel Director from THMC who remains throughout the programme and thus come to understand the business intimately. Initially, they undertake an end-to-end Business Review and produce a S.W.O.T. Analysis and outline recommendations in relation to each area. They prioritise requirements and on an on-going basis, liaise to ensure effective implementation of the plan using THMC industry experts in each area.


What the Industry says about THMC’s 12 + 1 Profit Improvement Plan… “The Hotel Management Company’s 12+1 Profit Improvement Plan directly addresses the many challenges facing independent hotel owners and operators today. With RevPAR no longer a reliable single indicator of a hotel’s health, I applaud the initiative to look also at nonrooms revenue and, critically, costs and profitability. Even well-performing hotels would derive real benefit from this programme.” - Jonathan Langston, Managing Director, Hotstats “I have been working with The Hotel Management Company for over a year now. Their involvement has been invaluable throughout. Their knowledge of their field is exceptional and their ability to impact on the results of my business has been very significant. Their 12 + 1 Profit Improvement Plan is a tremendous programme which I applaud. THMC are professional, well-organised and a joy to work with. Highly recommended!” - Christopher Neville, Proprietor, The Lincoln Hotel, Lincoln “As someone who has seen the UK independent hotel sector develop over several decades, and having operated one of the largest ‘independent’ hotels in the UK for many years, I am more aware than many of the increasing challenges facing our sector. The 12 + 1 Profit Improvement Plan directly addresses these challenges and the benefits it delivers are clear”. - Peter Lederer CBE, Director, The Hotel Management Company Ex-Chairman and Managing Director, Gleneagles Hotel & Resort For further information, please visit THMC at the Independent Hotel Show or contact Roddy Watt at roddy.watt@thehotelmanagement.co Tel:07880 633336. or call The Hotel Management Company on +44 (0) 1420 563099



Performance Optimisation for Independent Hotels

In a world where managing hotels profitably has never been more challenging, independent advice and guidance can be a life-saver. Recognising the many challenges facing independent hoteliers in today’s ever more pressurised business environment, The Hotel Management Company has developed a unique hotel management support package to provide owners with an end-to-end ‘MOT’ of their business over a 12 month period.

The 12+1 Profit Improvement Plan provides you with the benefit of 1 highly experienced Hotel Director who will review the 12 key areas of your business. Through the implementation of a series of practical Action Plans – we guarantees to deliver enhanced trading and profitability. Please come and visit us on Stand 214 at the Independent Hotel Show to learn more.

For an initial discussion, please contact Roddy Watt at roddy.watt@thehotelmanagement.co or call The Hotel Management Company on +44 (0) 1420 563099

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

Independent Hotel Show - Show Preview

The shift from reputation management to guest experience improvement Many hoteliers are already monitoring and measuring online reputation, but this is no longer enough. Today, successful hoteliers realize that they are in the expectation management business, with each individual traveller looking for a different experience. The battle is won or lost depending on whether you underperform, meet or exceed their expectations. How can hoteliers adapt to this change? It’s about making guest satisfaction an integral part of an organization’s culture. Going beyond data analysis to ensure that important guest feedback is acted on. Involving your team at all levels and empowering them to make a difference. This means setting goals and providing them with the tools and freedom necessary to offer guests a memorable experience, from start to finish. ReviewPro is 100% focused on helping hotels and restaurants improve the guest experience. Their Guest Intelligence analyses feedback data from online reviews and satisfaction surveys, both instay and post-stay, to understand what guests like and dislike about their stay. Going one step further, their innovative new case management automates internal processes to ensure important guest feedback is acted on quickly and efficiently. What’s different with ReviewPro is the customized filters, reports and real-time alerts that distribute the information automatically,


making sure the right people have access to the right data. By taking corrective action, especially while guests are still on property, you will see an increase in guest satisfaction, online rankings and revenue. Online reviews continue to be critical to a hotel’s success. With so many travellers reading online reviews before booking, one negative comment could result in a potential guest choosing to stay at a competitor’s hotel instead. If a property focuses on improving the guest experience, their online reputation will also improve, allowing them to increase room rates and RevPAR. In addition to listening to what guests are saying online, you need to be gathering direct feedback. Today’s digital surveys are dynamic and provide tremendous insight into the guest experience because depending on the answer, the follow-up questions change. If the guest is happy, you don’t need to ask as many questions but if something is wrong, you can ask for more details and find out why. Using PMS data, it’s even possible to analyse guest feedback for specific room types or room numbers! By embracing this new culture and the latest technological advances, hoteliers are able to take action where it matters most and exceed guest expectations.


Listening to guests and acting on feedback quickly and efficiently is critical to exceeding expectations. Discover how our online reputation and guest survey tools empower your team to focus on what will most positively impact the guest experience.

Benefits Prioritise operational & service improvements

Increase guest satisfaction & revenue

Boost rankings on TripAdvisor & review sites

30,000+ hotels & restaurants rely on ReviewPro We’re exhibiting at the Independent Hotel Show. Come visit us at Stand 166. Contact us:

Find out more:



EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

Independent Hotel Show - Show Preview

SALTO upgrades the guest experience at Independent Hotel Show A firm fixture in the calendar of independent hoteliers, the Independent Hotel Show at Olympia, London, 17-18 October, presents a collection of over 300 innovative product and service providers from across the hotel supply chain. SALTO Systems will present the latest additions to its world-class hospitality access control platform on Stand 25. “Independent Hotel provides an unrivalled marketplace for SALTO Systems to display our latest product innovations,” says Darren Keating, National Account Manager Hospitality. “SALTO continue to deliver the most advanced and flexible electronic locking solutions in the hospitality market. We very much look forward to providing live demonstrations of our new products and software during the show, as well as discussing the real benefits that hotels can enjoy with a SALTO solution”. Highlights include:


Aelement Our contactless hotel lock that allows hotels to integrate all their guest rooms’ physical security needs into one stylish, energy efficient, reliable, wirefree system. The minimalistic design of its RFID reader compliments any door and can be combined with a wide range of designer handles. XS4 One

by an interactive light ring that illuminates when access credentials are presented. It eliminates lock hardware on the door by encasing all electronic components inside the door itself, making security virtually invisible. JustIN Mobile The intuitive SALTO JustIN Mobile app communicates securely via the Cloud and enables guests to receive a room key online, anytime and anywhere. Technologically cuttingedge, SALTO Mobile means the end of lost key hassles, expenses and waste. Plus, the technology isn’t limited to hotel rooms; it can also be used on main entrance doors, elevators, car park barriers, meeting rooms, etc.

Aelement Fusion

So if you’re looking to incorporate smart access control technologies that present exciting advantages to drive business to your hotel, providing your property with cutting-edge solutions to stand apart from the rest, stop by Stand 25 to meet the SALTO team and see a live presentation of our technology.

AElement Fusion is an electronic lock with a sleek reader accentuated

For more information, visit www.saltosystems.com

With a large variety of models, XS4 One electronic hotel locks fit virtually any door without wires and are very easy to install and maintain. It integrates the latest technology in mobile access and wireless locks including BLE + NFC mobile technologies

Visit us at: INDEPENDENT HOTEL SHOW - Stand 25 Olympia, London, 17-18 October 2017

Introducing the next level of connectivity with your guest.

Ælement Fusion

An evolution in hotel lock engineering by SALTO.




Electronic circuit board and battery pack.

Choose the reader finish & handle designs that best fits your hotel style.

Wireless & mobile embedded onboard.

SALTO HOSPITALITY SOLUTIONS Tel.: 01926 811979 Email: hospitality.uk@saltosystems.com www.saltohospitality.com

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

Independent Hotel Show - Show Preview

Desso DESSO®, a Tarkett brand, is a leading supplier of high-quality carpets and rugs to the hospitality industry. Its Axminster, Desso&Ex carpet and madeto-measure rug collections provide the ideal flooring solution for independent hoteliers looking for quality, durability and design.

All of DESSO’s products can be seamlessly combined with Tarkett’s LVT and wood flooring ranges to provide movement and zoning between different spaces. The Desso&Ex collection, which includes made-to-measure carpet rugs, is the result of a long-standing collaboration between DESSO and international interior architects studio Ex Interiors. The collection takes inspiration from the world of art in muted, weathered colours and multi-layered patterns, and is designed to connect people and spaces. DESSO’s Axminster custom carpet and woven carpet tile collections offer luxury and durability for hoteliers, providing the perfect backdrop for bedrooms and public areas. Axminster woven carpet was first developed over 250 years ago for royal residences and is now used in many luxury hotels. DESSO’s innovation combines the elegance, design and colouration possibilities of woven Axminster with the flexibility and functionality of modular carpet.


A fully customisable woven Axminster delivered in 91cm x 91cm (36 x 36 inch) modules truly offers the best of both worlds, suitable for multiple hospitality applications and all heavily trafficked public space areas. Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht Hotel DESSO’s bespoke hospitality carpet schemes can be found in the Andaz Amsterdam Prinsengracht Hotel, part of the Hyatt Hotels Corporation, which is fitted with custom made woven Axminster in both public areas and guest rooms and suites. Andaz is a boutiqueinspired hotel brand with properties located in lively urban neighbourhoods and leisure destinations. The brand concept is characterised by its progressive style and the clear

inspiration from local culture, art and social life: ‘a kaleidoscope of culture’ as Andaz (Hindi for ‘personal style’) calls it. Each Andaz hotel is therefore unique in design, but they all share a friendly attitude and a warm, personal atmosphere. Internationally acclaimed, Dutch designer Marcel Wanders was commissioned for the project, and was tasked with creating an interior design that would reflect the ‘local flavour’. Wanders’ works are part of design collections of museums such as the MoMA in New York, the V&A in London and the Stedelijk Museum in Amsterdam. Wanders took a modern view on Dutch history as his inspiration for this project, and his signature is visible throughout the hotel.

The space needed smart flooring solutions to ensure comfort for its visitors on different levels: a warm atmosphere, pleasant acoustics and distinction of the different functions in the lobby area. The DESSO rugs that were placed here therefore not only have a creative function, but also a functional value on multiple levels. DESSO and Tarkett will be exhibiting on stand 217 at the Independent Hotel Show – offering visitors the chance to see its Axminster, Desso&Ex and rug collections up close, alongside smooth flooring from Tarkett.

For more information please visit www.desso.co.uk



To reflect this ‘local flavour’ with the flooring, the Axminster woven area rugs were applied in the lobby, library and in the presidential suite, featuring historical maps, cultural imagery, historic portraits and townscapes, and even André Hazes – a famous singer from the Jordaan district where the hotel is located. Wilton woven carpet was installed in the guest rooms, and has the typical Marcel Wanders signature with its baroque design, featuring a detailed pattern in black and grey yarn colours. The lobby of the hotel is a large and open area that includes the reception, a passage to the restaurant and basement level, a library, a lobby lounge and a bar.

October 2017

Independent Hotel Show - Show Preview

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

Independent Hotel Show - Show Preview

Meeting Hotelier’s Be With Innovative New With a passion for innovation, The Fine Bedding Hospitality Division already boasts one of the broadest product portfolios within the sector and will be launching two additional, first-to-market filled bedding solutions at this year’s Independent Hoteliers Show. The new products include a Dual Layer Zip’n’Link topper that’s been developed specifically to meet the needs of busy commercial environments and a new SMARTDOWN® duvet and pillow – that emulate the decadence, sensation and properties of 100% Goose Down but use recycled PET bottles to create soft, silky fibres. It delivers a genuine alternative to down but is washable, has hypoallergenic qualities and a compelling eco message to convey to guests. The latest additions will be showcased alongside The Fine Bedding Company’s hugely popular washable Spundown range, which delivers huge cost savings in terms of in-house laundering and room turnaround time, and its luxury naturals collection on stand number 221.


Within the last two years The Fine Bedding Hospitality Division has become one of the fastest growing suppliers of filled bedding to the hospitality sector, and this year alone has added a number of high profile new hotels to its growing client list. As part of Trendsetter International, which manufactures and distributes three retail brand collections as well as own label products for some of the biggest names on the UK high street, The Fine Bedding Hospitality Division has the capability to tailor solutions for hospitality partners. This includes specialist support, bespoke new product development and direct control over the manufacturing process to ensure products arrive on time, against even the tightest deadlines. What also sets The Fine Bedding Hospitality Division’s products apart is the ethical and environmental reassurance that can be communicated to hotel guests; fillings within its natural range are only sourced from suppliers that have been independently certified to adhere to the strictest animal welfare policies and quality standards. All natural products have assured traceability that they are responsibly sourced. No other supplier to the sector has equivalent assurances or policies in place. And its synthetic products are manufactured in a wholly-owned facility that’s been awarded ‘ECO’ status thanks to its commitment to environmental and sustainable practices. The manufacturing facility uses 100 per cent of energy from certified renewable sources and has a 19 per cent lower carbon footprint on key product ranges (compared to an industry standard duvet).

Launching at IHS 2017 Sara Nolan, Business Development Manager at The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality, said: “Using silky soft fibres derived from recycled PET plastic bottles, we’ve created a new generation of luxury bedding in our SMARTDOWN® range. It’s the way we spin the fibres in our pioneering fibre-blowing technique that creates comforting, down-like clusters, which mimic the behaviour of the highest-grade Hungarian Goose Down products in every way, while a loose cassette structure holds volume, trapping air and warmth. “A sustainably sourced 280 thread count cotton cover completes this look-alike product, delivering a luxurious feel and breathability; and SMARTDOWN® products are all hand-finished.” Taking its eco credentials to the next level, SMARTDOWN® fibre is made from 100 per cent recycled materials. Up to 66 per cent of energy is saved during its production and CO2 emissions are lowered by a massive 54 per cent – a compelling message to environmentally conscious consumers. Another breakthrough is The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division Zip’n’Link mattress topper. This new innovation – designed specifically for the hospitality sector – addresses the washability, storage and practicality of Zip ‘n’ Link beds. The product can be used as one superking topper and then split into two twin bed toppers. No storage required and the top unzips and can be

washed on site, dried and back on the bed the same day. Not only is the topper supersoft, supportive and thick, it also eradicates the challenges of toppers for zip‘n’link beds. It ensures comfort for customers, efficiency for Housekeepers, and even extends the life of the mattress. There is currently a patent pending on this product. Sara Nolan added: “We spend a long time talking to hoteliers to really understand the challenges they face when it comes to filled bedding, from reducing the need to use specialist cleaning companies to flexible options that help with storage and the speed of room turnaround. Like with many of our new products, the Zip’n’Link topper has been specifically developed in conjunction with housekeepers. Through our NPD processes we have devised a new solution to meet hoteliers’ specific needs. “As the zip is all the way around the product you can actually wash the top layer in a machine at 40oC. This is unheard of for a product of this type and quality. “The feedback on samples sent out to hoteliers to date has been phenomenal and we’re really excited about the launch of this product at the I.H.S where visitors can experience it first hand on our stand.” Also on show will be The Fine Bedding Company Hospitality Division’s collection of Spundown washable bedding, which has been tested to prove that it maintains its original qualities even after 20 washes at 60oC, and its Boutique Silk range featuring Smartfil® synthetic fibres plus the additional luxury, breathable qualities of pure silk. Sara concluded: “Bedding in the hospitality industry is increasingly about marrying the luxurious feel of a product and cost efficiencies in terms of laundering. The breadth of products in our range, with the added benefit of our unique Smartfil® synthetic fibres, means we really are catering for all size of hotel and individual requirements. I am confident that we are exceeding the industry standard and the needs of customers.” www.finebeddinghotels.co.uk



edding Needs Products

October 2017

Independent Hotel Show - Show Preview

Meet Xeros at IHS:

The One-Stop-Shop for All Your Laundry Needs

October 2017


Independent Hotel Show - Show Preview

If you are planning to attend the Independent Hotel Show this year, make sure you come to stand SPA13 to see the revolutionary Xeros system in action as it is the one-stopshop for all your laundry needs.

Mike Ferrand, Xeros’ Director of Commercial Laundry EMEA, Tony Kerr, Director EMEA Sales and Dan Barrett, Business Development Manager, are all available at the stand to give advice and answer any questions. The team will be exhibiting the 35kg dryer as well as the new 16kg capacity washing machine, which is perfect for smaller hotels with 30 plus beds. They will demonstrate how Xeros’ technology delivers cleaner, brighter and fresher towels and linens, whilst using minimal amounts of water and detergent. Xeros delivers market-leading cleaning results, a remarkable sustainability offering, impressive financial savings and a unique after-care service. If your laundry is in-house by replacing old equipment with the Xeros system, you will save up to £52K per year. If your laundry is outsourced, bring it in-house and save up to £55K per year. Whilst traditional machines use between 40% and 70% hot water, Xeros only uses 5%, on average. With less water to heat, more energy is saved and your bills are reduced. The Xeros system only uses half the chemicals per kilogram compared to a traditional machine. The Xeros 16kg washing machine is able to use less water and deliver a gentler wash thanks to the revolutionary polymer technology it harnesses. This gently removes soil and stains from fabrics, helping hotels save on average almost half a million gallons of water each year. Xeros Sbeadycare is a brilliant solution for anyone considering bringing their laundry facilities on-site. Customers receive the Xeros system, installation, financing, chemicals, polymer beads, service and maintenance, training and warranties as well as access to the laundry management technology Sbeadycare CONNECT. This system means operating costs are halved whilst delivering superior cleaning, keeping your bottom line looking healthy and your customers happy. Xeros is running a special promotion at IHS whereby anyone purchasing a machine that is installed before January 31, 2018 will receive 30% off the machine cost. You will also get a free site survey if an appointment is made on the day. For more information visit www.xeroscleaning.com or email Danielle.fothergill@xeroscleaning.com


The Hotel Management Company has been formed by some of the industry’s most respected Hoteliers. Offering a unique combination of unparalleled industry experience and comprehensive knowledge, our core purpose is to assist hotel owners and investors in maximising the value of their assets.


Stand: 166 ReviewPro is the leading provider of Guest Intelligence solutions to independent hotel brands worldwide. The company’s suite of cloud-based solutions includes Online Reputation Management (ORM) and Guest Satisfaction Surveys (GSS), which enable clients to obtain a deeper understanding of reputation performance as well as operational/service strengths and weaknesses.


Stand: 217 Stand: 25 SALTO Systems is the access control choice for over 6000 luxury, boutique and chain hotel customers worldwide. Our state-of-the-art electronic access control solution provides virtually ‘keyless’ properties that are secure as well as smart to own, operate and manage.


Stand: 221

DESSO, a Tarkett brand, supplies high-quality carpets and rugs including Axminster and its Desso&Ex madeto- measure rug collection to a range of independent hotels. All our products can be seamlessly combined with Tarkett’s LVT and wood flooring range to create the ideal flooring solution for the hospitality sector.


Stand: SPA 13

The Fine Bedding Company has been a market leading family busines for over 100 years. We are renowned for Smartfil®, and the design, manufacture and supply of quality bedding. Our naturals range ‘Nimbus Emporium’ is a responsibly sourced premium natural collection. We lead in our innovation and advanced ‘Eco’ cruendials.

Xeros, a global technology group who specialise in “waterless” washing machines, help hotels throughout the world save money and the environment. This unique system is proven to give market-leading cleaning results and the exclusive after-care package provides everything you need to run a worry-free on-site laundry.





Stand: 214

October 2017

Independent Hotel Show - Show Preview

October 2017


Maidaid Halcyon

As with the rest of the catering industry, warewashing technology is evolving all the time. As part of this progress, by developing machines that use ultraviolet light and a precise balance of wash time and water temperatures, Maidaid Halcyon is able to offer new levels of cleanliness and hygiene to users of its warewashers. The Evolution Range includes undercounter glasswashers, dishwashers and pass through dishwashers. Every model in the range is designed for the most demanding environments.

this is the best range in its price bracket available on the market today.’ Julian Lambert goes on to say, ‘ Maidaid Halcyon can also offer the C, D and Amika ranges of glass and dishwashers that provide a suitable solution for the smallest country pub to major city centre venues. With over 40 years of experience in supplying warewashing solutions to the UK hospitality sector they are uniquely placed to provide a model that fits any sites criteria of capital budget and specification’.

of an attractive, compact model for a small space, through to businesses with large scale demands. Hotels, Bars, Nightclubs and Pubs, Sporting venues and Restaurants – Maidaid has the perfect product for every application. Lambert says ‘What places Maidaid ice machines head and shoulders above the rest is their capacity to repeatedly produce top quality crystal clear ice from the most reliable machines due to the incredible passport that follows a machine during its manufacture and testing process . Being fully tropicalized they continue producing quality ice even under the harshest conditions.

Maidaid Halcyon Sales Director, Julian Lambert says ‘The Evolution range not only has low water consumption and lower temperature levels of operation; a green cycle for economy and an intensive programme for brilliant cleaning of the dirtiest items, – it also has a Sanitising Cycle that has been specifically devised to balance wash time and water temperature in order to achieve a superb level of cleaning that achieves a rating of AO 30.

‘We are proud to work closely with an exclusive network of UK Catering Equipment Distributors that are capable of dealing with any general enquiry for a sites requirements and call on the expertise of the vastly experienced sales Lambert concludes,’ There is a genuine and technical specialists within Maidaid belief within Maidaid Halcyon that as suppliers of both warewashing and Halcyon’ adds Lambert . ice solutions we truly understand a Maidaid has a superb range of automatic customer’s needs and strive to assist them with provision of the correct ice makers providing numerous types equipment, we are also dedicated to and size - ice cubes , granular ice, flake supporting the equipment and the ice or the new and exciting pebbles customer throughout its life by offering that are sweeping the market due to its first class service, technical and spares incredible versatility. support.

‘The features of the Maidaid Halcyon Evolution range are pretty unique within the warewashing market in the UK today – when it comes to cleaning and hygiene

Pebbles are ideal for cocktails, drinks for serving with fast food and are even ideal for display. The Maidaid range caters for everyone, from small businesses in need


For details on this and all Maidaid Halcyon products please visit www.maidaid.co.uk.

Specialists in warewashing and ice machines

warewashing Everything from the smallest undercounter to the largest Flight machine.

ice machines The superb Maidaid ice machine range caters for every ice requirement.





CEDA 2016

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EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

Berendsen to open new linen processing facility in Glasgow

Construction work at Berendsen’s new hospitality linen processing site in Glasgow is proceeding apace. In a move that represents an investment in Scotland of more than £10 million in 2017, the plant will further enhance the hotel and restaurant linen services it provides to its customers across Scotland. The site will be exclusively fitted out with brandnew, state of the art machinery and equipment in a modern, spacious building. Hotel guests will benefit from bed linen and towelling with the highest quality of finish. This is made possible through the use of sophisticated equipment and software which ensures that every item of linen will receive its optimum wash process. Once washed, each item will then be ironed or tumble dried and folded in a process specifically designed to ensure that bed linen and towelling is clean, fresh and appealingly presented when it’s used by guests.

linen stocks, making certain that linen is always available when customers need it. Significant planning has been devoted to minimising the plant’s environmental impact; Berendsen has won several environmental awards and was one of the first companies in the UK to be awarded the Carbon Trust Standard certificate to recognise its success in reducing carbon emissions. Stuart McLachlan, National Account Manager based in Scotland, said “Our new facility is a hugely exciting development. With the latest equipment and software throughout, it will enable us to deliver really excellent linen quality to our customers from a spacious new site. There is great interest from both existing and new customers and we’re really looking forward to showing customers around.”

Innovations such as the introduction of RFID tracking and Learn more about Berendsen and the use of batch processing systems its leading outsourced textiles will help Berendsen to manage services at www.berendsen.co.uk.


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LOYALTY SCHEME BOOSTS CUSTOMER RETENTION AT WINDSOR HOTEL VISITED BY QUEEN A new loyalty scheme is helping to boost guests and revenue at a Windsor country house hotel that counts the Queen as a visitor.


oyalty Pro, one of the UK’s leading Loyalty & Reward schemes providers, is working with The Oakley Court in Windsor. The award-winning 118-bedroom hotel wanted a flexible and interactive loyalty system that allowed their guests to have instant and direct access to their reward points both online and within the hotel. Card holders are rewarded with £1 for every £20 they spend in the hotel’s bar, restaurant or terrace. The Loyalty Pro scheme comes with a range of marketing tools following the issue and sign up to a branded card allowing the hotel to target their marketing activity to their customer base via text/SMS, email and interactive app.

loyalty scheme in place but it was outdated and rigid. We wanted a new, flexible and interactive system so we could interact with, market to and thank our loyal guests for their ongoing visits.

Loyalty Pro has a strong heritage in technical build, supply, delivery and maintenance of “We are delighted with the Loyalty Pro system loyalty scheme and are experts in customer and its ability to be personalised to our brand. loyalty and engagement. We’re also impressed by the ability for our www.loyaltypro.co.uk marketing team to use data to appeal to relevant demographics within this audience. www.oakleycourt.co.uk/about-us/loyalty-card/ “Using the data we have collected from our loyalty card members, we can identify trends in their purchases which allows us to send targeted offers and special events we know they’ll be interested in. “Our staff and customers love the scheme, which is evident in the number of cards registered and the high number of reward points issued and registered in the early months of the scheme.

A second separately branded loyalty and reward scheme, The Business Club, was also implemented which is exclusive to corporate guests and their use of the facilities, including conference, meeting rooms and “As a hotel, it’s never been easier for us accommodation. In just six months, the two to reward our guests for their loyalty, loyalty schemes have generated the hotel an commitment and feedback.” extra £115,000 in revenue. Rob Meakin, Technical Director of Loyalty Jake Roche, Marketing Executive for The Pro, said: “We are delighted to be providing Oakley Court, which has been the setting The Oakley Court with our industry leading for many films, said: “We had a very basic loyalty platform which is helping them to


grow and engage with their customers and create their own point of difference in a competitive market place.”

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The Restaurant Show - Show Preview

The Restaurant Show returns with an impressive live line-up for 2017 The Restaurant Show takes place early next month and the organisers have revealed more of the hot topics up for debate. From diners changing demands, to attracting top talent, to creating a unique dining experience, visitors to the show will come away full of inspiration, ideas and knowledge which can be implemented into their own restaurants, bars, pubs and catering outlets. The Restaurant Show is held at London Olympia from Monday 2nd to Wednesday 4th October 2017 running alongside The Bar & Pub Show, Conscious Hospitality Show and Catering Equipment Expo. Learn from the best There’s a chance to hear from the ubersuccessful Clare Smyth MBE live on The Stage. A Masterchef TV regular who became the first female British chef to hold three Michelin stars, her newlyopened solo restaurant marks a fresh career high. Come to The Stage to hear the secrets of her success, and experience her signature dishes, in this muchanticipated live interview. Also sharing his culinary wisdom is Stephen Harris,


the man behind the “grotty rundown pub by the sea” turned National Restaurant Awards 2017 number one. He’ll be cooking his classic British dishes live on-stage and signing copies of his new book. Trends, tips and insights Stay one step ahead of the competition with Simon Stenning, Executive Director of leading strategic research consultancy MCA, when he takes to the stage to talk about the disrupters in the industry. Simon will host a number of sessions across the three-day event, covering the latest trends set to shake up the restaurant industry. Exhibitors to address industry trends and challenges As well as high profile speakers on The Stage, the show, will host more than 450 exhibitors talking about their products and services and how these can help the industry overcome some of its biggest challenges. Exhibitors range from food and drink products to clever kitchen equipment.

The three-day event promises to be an inspiration packed occasion, bringing the entire industry together. It’s a chance to try new flavours, meet new producers and suppliers and hear from some of the industry’s most successful chefs and restaurateurs. Plus, when you register for the show you’ll automatically have access to The Bar & Pub Show, The Conscious Hospitality Show and The Catering Equipment Expo, which all run alongside The Restaurant Show. Find out more and register at www.therestaurantshow.co.uk. Follow the latest news about the event on Twitter by following @restaurantshow #TRS2017

Don't miss the UK's biggest restaurant, hospitality & foodservice showcase. Showcasing the best of the best live on stage...

ALONGSIDE Clare Smyth, Core by Clare Smyth

Tom Kerridge, The Hand and Flowers

Chris Moore, The Clink Charity and Restaurants

Andrew Pern, The Star Inn

The Restaurant Show is the industry’s leading event for those owning, operating and working in restaurants, hotels and catering companies across the UK. On the show-floor you’ll find a wealth of new products from over 450 suppliers across all four shows, including cutting edge kitchen technology, stylish furniture and innovative ingredients & finished products.

Find out more and register at therestaurantshow.co.uk @RestaurantShow #TRS2017 In partnership with THIS IS A TRADE EVENT, NO UNDER 18’S WILL BE ADMITTED

Our customers are at the forefront of everything we do. Therefore, the service they receive is very important to us. Having the right systems in place is key and Cunninghams have helped ensure that we provide the best most efficient level of service to both our customers and staff. Thatchers

Focused on EPOS for YOUR restaurant One EPOS solution which allows visibility and management of all areas of your restaurant so you can concentrate on excellent customer experience while maximising your profits. Let us do the work for you: • Table Management • Kitchen Management • Move - Hand-held Tablet • Automatic Or Manual Service Charge All of our EPOS solutions include: • Ordering And Delivery Functionality • Stock Control • Security

To arrange a demonstration call 0330 024 5014 email info@cunninghams.co.uk

on he th us T -4 e at n d se 29 , 2 w e m GK ho er Co d: t S ob an an ct St aur O st


Features for restaurants


Table Management

Stock Control

Ordering & Delivery

Kitchen Management

Quantum Move

Service Charge

Stock Counter


Cunninghams have always provided an exceptional personal, friendly, helpful and professional service, and I would be more than happy to recommend them. Bharat Patel Owner, Suki’s at The Vine

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The Restaurant Show - Show Preview

APICBASE offers all-in-one solution for F&B Managers and Chefs to move their business into the digital era. Use the APIC Media manager to bring together all your media, also those that have been shot by your photographers. The APIC Media Manager is a great place to bring together all images, whether they are taken with the APIC Studio or by your highly-qualified food photographer! APIC Studio, Media Manager and your hired food photographer work best together.


PICBASE offers the perfect combination to capture and document your culinary excellence. Start with a flawless photo, taken with the APIC Studio, then optimize and manage your core data with all your recipes, dishes and menus in one place: the APIC Manager.

The APIC Studio + Media Manager: a dream for media management. APICBASE sets itself apart in the world of kitchen & recipe managers though its 100% visual approach, thanks to its APIC Studio. The APIC Studio is a hardware tool with a tiny foot print which you can place in any commercial or development kitchen. The great thing about it, is that everybody can work with, but still you maintain the same high quality photographic material. While the APIC Studio is a beautifully designed, very simple to use photo studio, it is mainly conceived to take the best possible food pictures while withstanding the rigors of the professional kitchen environment. Whenever you take a picture with the APIC Studio, the images are immediately uploaded and made available on the APICBASE.COM cloud. It generates you a simple overview, but the power is within. Upload all your photos (so not only the ones you took with the APIC Studio) and then you can tag them and find them easily. The APIC Media Manager is your ideal cloud storage platform for all photo media. Together with the connected APIC Studio, all images are immediately and always available.

The APICBASE software and hardware suite is unequivocally the best of its kind. We bring centralization and standardization to your kitchen and make sure your restaurant gains on multiple levels, like allergen tracking, food cost calculation and menu engineering.

Digitisation is the only way forward.

With APICBASE, your team produces the dishes you conceived to a definitive specification at the margins you predicted. Our easy to use Bill of Materials tool ensures the correct ingredients, in the right quantities are ordered from your preferred suppliers. Another power of APICBASE.

Then, of course, there’s the heart of your business: the IP of your recipes. You invest in a solution such as APICBASE because you want to add extra value to your company. This is exactly what we at APICBASE aim to do for our customers.

Besides, with a tool like APICBASE you can store your intellectual property in a secure manner, automate your recipe entry and minimise manual tasks. Gain visibility of your culinary database and keep your recipes organised and secure so you can easily vary your menu with minimum fuss. That is the APICBASE way.


APICBASE.COM a l l- i n - o n e v i s u a l k i t c h e n m a n a g e m e n t


Get in contact. P. +32 498 76 71 21 E. sales@apicbase.com W. get.apicbase.com

k APIC Studio + Media Manager

APIC Kitchen Manager

Food Media Management

Manage Recipes Visually

Everybody needs food photos.

The world's most visual

With APICBASE it is as simple

recipe database. APICBASE is

as Shoot, Collate & Share. A full

the best way for a chef or F&B

food photography installation

manager to ever get a

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right in your kitchen.

your data.

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

The Restaurant Show - Show Preview

ALLOW 3R TO DRIVE YOUR BUSINESS Next month 3R will be showcasing their products at the Restaurant Show - 2nd - 4th October 2017. Will we see you there? THIS AUTUMN take advantage of 3R’s state-of-the-art point-of-sale till systems and handheld devices which are designed to become an essential part of your business. Assembled with detailed reporting functionalities which will help to minimize your costs whilst maximising profits, they are excellent for both multi-sites and single-site businesses. 3R have an excellent reputation for customer service providing personal access to assist with customer’s queries for fast and efficient deployment; as well as providing a personal service to assist customers with their growth and development. Built on over 16 years of experience, 3R EPoS’ reporting facilities safely stores information regarding your business and can be uniquely tailored to suit your requirements. 3R hold the advantages of providing customers with: speed of service, better staff productivity, cost control, stock control, visibility and reduced shrinkage. Newsround delivery, shelf edge labels, mix and match offers and operator tracking/control features also available. Alongside comprehensive account reporting, an increase in profits can be realised immediately. 3R EPoS Till Systems coupled with our robust, easy to use handheld hardware, the results are uniquely tailored solutions that meet your needs. With complimentary installation and training provided, you can simply plug in the till and use it immediately with over 40,000 products pre-installed.


BE PART OF OUR REFERRAL PROGRAMME Earn up to £50 for every successful referral. All you have to do is just spread the word. Contact our marketing team today to get involved & you could earn up to £300 A MONTH!

Payment Solutions by subscribing to 3R Bulletin-3R’s monthly newsletter by simply emailing your name and email to info@3rtelecom.co.uk

“We remain committed, as always, to ensuring 3R products remains a market leader to offer our customers the very best product & service, and we are confident it will appeal to dealers and end-users.” - Ramesh Patel, Director at 3R Telecom

Don’t miss out! Visit 3R’s leading EPoS Software provider- CES Software as they have another chance to demonstrate and put their products on display, giving you a chance to get to experience them live. Make sure you don’t miss out on the biggest exhibitions confirmed so far for 2017 and 2018. Next month 3R will be exhibiting at The Restaurant Show on the 2nd-4th October 2017 at stand: GK30 and CES will be exhibiting at the RBTE on the 2nd and 3rd May both taking place at Olympia, London. We look forward to meeting you there.

Keep up to date with your monthly newsletter - 3R BULLETIN You can now stay up to date and be in the know with everything EPoS &

ENJOY IT WHILE IT RUNS IT Call now for your free, no obligation quote. Sit back, relax and let technology give you not just time for that wellearned cuppa but organisation and security at the touch of a button. Watch your business grow along with your profits. Sound good? No, it sounds GREAT! So what are you waiting for? Call now on 01992574650 & allow the experts to show you the way.




ces software

Durable touch screen EPoS with optional extras Integrated with contactless payment and mobile top-up Standalone debit/ credit card payment facility available Combined with a back office with full stock control Complete with in-depth financial reporting facility Quick and easy to set up customer loyalty schemes Support for hardware/ software/ back-up available Free on-site installation and training can be provided Create immediate on the fly product promotions Bespoke screen customisation, the way you want it UK based customer support, 24/7 365 days Finance options available (subject to credit approval)


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0.40% Per Transaction*




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0.75% Per Transaction*

CreditCard *T&Cs Apply. Rates are subject to change, with prior notice.


For the past 40 years, Cunninghams have been a leading provider of POS solutions for a wide range of sectors; including retail, hospitality, convenience and wholesale. Our years of experience provide us with the expertise and knowledge to offer a solution tailored to your needs and manage your system implementation and ongoing support so that you can focus on the important business of business. www.cunninghams.co.uk/home Stand: GK29

October 2017


The Restaurant Show - Show Preview

APICBASE helps chefs and food businesses to capture and communicate their culinary creativity so they can deliver flawless execution of the customer experience every time. The APICBASE food management software and APIC Studio are so easy to operate they will dramatically simplify your culinary processes, freeing your chefs and food teams to spend more time in the kitchen. The APIC Studio is the worlds first photo studio specifically designed for the professional kitchen. Our outlet manager and marketing tools allow you to engage with your on site teams and publish your creations to your customers. Come and see the APIC Studio and management software in action on stand UJ21. www.get.apicbase.com Stand: UJ21

Established in 2001, three independent retailers joined together to form 3R Telecom Ltd, becoming one of the largest distributor of Prepaid Mobile Top up vouchers, International calling cards and EPOS solutions. The key to our ongoing success has been the determination to cherish relationships with our customers, developing a friendship rather than a working relationship and working alongside you at each stage providing you with high levels of support and guidance www.3rtelecom.co.uk Stand: GK30

Ascentia Foodservice Equipment Ltd represents some of Europe’s finest and innovative foodservice equipment brands, and within the following pages we provide an insight into these unique manufacturers and the class leading equipment they provide. www.ascentia-fse.co.uk Stand: GE39

With over 50 years of experience in providing furniture to the hospitality and leisure industries. We pride ourselves on delivering good quality at affordable prices. Choose from our extensive range including chairs, tables, sofas, bar stools and fixed seating fitted by our experienced installation team. www.contractfurniture.co.uk Stand: GJ48


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

Bespoke Art Wall Coverings Bespoke Art Wall Coverings are changing the way people can experience original art by moving it beyond the limits of the frame and canvas. Gracing the walls of any interior area with the beauty and originality of artwork by Susan Walsh provides a dramatic statement that can change the feel of a space instantly.

The result is Bespoke Art Wall Covering’s range of wonderful images to choose from, with new images constantly becoming available as original paintings, canvas prints or wall coverings in paper or vinyl. It is Walsh’s unique painting style that makes it possible to choose either the whole image or a selected area, providing a multitude of options from just one painting. The likelihood of the exact same image being reproduced by different designers, therefore, becomes increasingly rare. Researching reliable methods of production has been a key aspect in developing the company, so whilst Bespoke Art Wall Coverings may be relatively new to the market, Walsh has been working hard for some time to ensure that the quality of the product reflects the emotion and skill she imbues in each image. A recent public launch at a large trade fair in the UK showed an encouraging amount of interest from interior designers and Bespoke Art Wall Coverings are set to make a real impact on an exciting new market.

Walsh is truly an innovator in her exploration of colour and form, creating sensitive and unique images containing surprising depth and detail. This depth is truly apparent when the images become large scale, allowing the viewer to be drawn into the mesmerising energies they contain. Bespoke Art Wall Coverings arose not only from Walsh’s desire to reach a wider audience for her work, but from the idea of wanting clients to become involved in the creative process and build a personal relationship with the images. On the company website, Walsh “invites you to take a creative journey” where her unique idea of allowing her work to be cropped into, gives us an incredible gift of creating bespoke art for our own enjoyment but also allowing us to immerse ourselves in the fascinating world of the professional artist behind the company. It is important to Walsh that she still spends as much time in her Staffordshire studio as possible, continually developing her techniques to create images that can stir emotional responses and bring a fresh energy to the spaces they occupy.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

The Bar & Pub Show Preview

The Bar & Pub Show takes place next month, running alongside The Restaurant Show from 2nd – 4th October at Olympia London. The market leading event is dedicated to the bar and pub sector with everything on the show-floor tailored to on-trade professionals like you. So come and find the new goods and services that will get tills ringing and discover how to generate more profit from every pour with our unmissable live sessions.

Don’t miss… Simon Stenning, Executive Director at MCA Foodservice hosting a breakfast briefing at 10.15 each morning at Bar & Pub Hub. Simon will be revealing key findings from the 2017 Pub Market Report. Visitors should ensure they arrive promptly through the West Hall entrance at Olympia to attend this session and hear the fresh insights Simon will be sharing. Ryan Chetiyawardana from Dandelyan, as he mixes innovative trademark drinks for you to try. In the right hands cocktails and high-end cuisine can be a match made in heaven – so let him show you how. Celebrating innovation. Look out for entrants in the Great New Idea competition across the show floor.


The Bar & Pub Show returns with an impressive live line-up for 2017 Pick your favourites and vote online to recognise their efforts and see the winner announced live at the show. The new Craft Beer & Cider Pavilion. Get a taste of the craft success story at our new show destination. Enjoy sour beers, micro-brews and beyond, and meet the producers behind each label.

Three reasons to register now… 1. The whole industry is here. Get out from behind the bar and meet the people who can take your licensed business to the next level.

Ryan Chetiyawardana

from carefully selected exhibitors and source something new that your customers will love.

A day (or even an afternoon) at The Bar & Pub Show 2017 pays 2. Be inspired by the best. Tom dividends. We know you’ll leave Kerridge, Andrew Pern and Stephen with a contact, product or idea Harris are just three of the pub giants you couldn’t have found anywhere sharing knowledge live on-stage else. Find out more and register at alongside a programme packed with www.thebarandpubshow.co.uk master-classes and tasting sessions. Follow the latest news about the event 3. Drink, eat and explore. Refresh your on Twitter by following @BarPubShow bar repertoire with innovative products #BarPub2017.


In partnership with THE MORNING ADVERTISER


Register FREE today thebarandpubshow.co.uk @BarPubShow #BarPub2017 Come and celebrate your sector, develop brand new skills and uncover fresh trends in our four dedicated live zones.


Follow the crowds to the beating heart of the show. Here you’ll find endless opportunities to learn new businessboosting techniques, share your own take on burning issues and meet fellow bar and pub professionals.

Our purpose-built drinks destination is the perfect place to get up close and personal with industry influencers.

Tom Kerridge, Chef Patron, The Hand and Flowers

Stephen Terry, Chef Patron, The Hardwick

Andrew Pern, Chef Patron, The Star Inn

Pete Brown, Beer Writer of the Year 2009 and 2012

Paul Dickinson, Director of Food, Fuller, Smith & Turner

Jane Peyton, Founder, School of Booze

What’s really driving today’s fast-moving food and drink market? Find out as the ‘best of the best’ reveal their trade secrets and share the inside track on the techniques you need to get on top – and stay there. The battle starts here as emerging talent and experienced professionals compete to impress our judges and the crowds with their world-beating skills.


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

Crisps Fit For a King! Do you want to add awardwinning crisps to your menu? Visit The King’s Deli at this year’s The Bar & Pub Show (stand WJ69). It’s no secret that crisps are a winner behind the bar but The King’s Deli takes the crown. Packed with flavour and using natural ingredients, the gluten free range is suitable for vegetarians. Available in eight exciting flavours, six in 40g packs, The King’s Deli has a product to suit all your customers. Using only the freshest British potatoes, grown on a family-run farm, they wash, slice (keeping the nutritious skin on!) and use innovative technology to kettle-cook in small batches; unlike regular crisps, which are fried in automated, continuous processes. Each crisp is hand sorted to create the perfect bag! These methods are far from conventional for a crisp brand, and go towards ensuring outstanding quality in every crunch. Seasoning crisps with the finest natural ingredients, their mouth-watering flavours include: Honey BBQ, Paprika, Salt & Black Pepper, Tomato & Herb and Cheese.


Intentionally avoiding any artificial flavours, MSG, colourings or preservatives (including gluten and GMO) they’ve developed a range that’s packed full of flavour but still suitable for GF and vegetarians. Earlier this year, the Salt & Black Pepper flavour was awarded a 1-star Great Taste award. Widely acknowledged as the most respected food accreditation for speciality food producers, this prestigious star and unmistakeable label is a stamp of excellence that means the panel of expert judges, tasting over 12,300 products, deemed them truly delicious! The King’s Deli will be launching a brand new flavour very soon, to further drive sales for stockists; Salt & Balsamic vinegar comprises intense sea salt and subtle, oakaged balsamic vinegar to create another distinctly unforgettable crisp.

“We’re really excited to showcase The King’s Deli range at The Bar & Pub Show this year. The feedback we’ve had from customers so far has been brilliant and we’re always looking for new opinions and inspiration. We’ve been passionate about pairing the great British potato with great flavour since day one, and the range reflects this perfectly.” - The King’s Deli Business Manager, George Falck.

The King’s Deli was born with a mission to deliver premium quality crisps, without the premium price tag. They have a competitive pricing structure and excellent margins meaning The King’s Deli presents significant profit opportunity for your outlet. Get in touch now! Website: www.thekingsdeli.com Facebook: The King’s Deli Twitter: @thekingsdeliuk Instagram: thekingsdeliuk

Flavours include: Tomato & Herb, Salt & Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Cheese, Hot & Spicy, Sour Cream & Onion, Honey BBQ and Paprika. Available in 40g and 150g packs.

Flavours include: Tomato & Herb, Salt & Black Pepper, Sea Salt, Cheese, Hot & Spicy, Sour Cream & Onion, Honey BBQ and Paprika. Available in 40g and 150g packs.

EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

The Bar & Pub Show - Show Preview

Snacks packed with personality The Openshaw family have been making great tasting savoury snacks for over 40 years. We are based in Wigan, Lancashire, a town with a strong industrial heritage and spiritual home of rugby league & northern soul. Our manufacturing plant is located on the banks of the picturesque Leeds & Liverpool canal, a short distance from Wigan Pier, which was made famous in George Orwell’s classic novel. We make a wide range of tasty snacks using recipes and cooking methods passed down through the generation, which we believe makes our products a cut above the rest. Our factory has been awarded BRC “grade A” accreditation and we always strive to deliver total satisfaction for customers & consumer alike.

+44(0)1942 825840 enquiries@openshaws.net



An innovative app for pubs/bars that benefits both the business and customer is now available on free download, allowing anyone, wherever they may be, to spend money at local pubs at the tap of a few buttons safely and securely.

Gr8NiteOut is a new app which enables savvy pub goers to buy credits for their friend, spouse or family without stepping foot in the establishment. A friend’s birthday, family celebration, an impromptu gathering – you can still be there in spirit and buy a round, a meal or even an overnight stay for your favourite people. The app and interactive website essentially opens a complete new revenue stream for pub owners that they wouldn’t have otherwise had access to, at no extra cost. There are also several added benefits for publicans that sign up to Gr8NiteOut, including the ability to collect and use valuable customer data to drive repeat business. As well as the details of the purchaser and receiver, publicans also collect significant anniversary dates which 170 therefore provides ideal opportunities to create extra streams of revenue.

Having worked in the pub industry for over 30 years, Sheila has experienced the highs and lows of making a living in a pub and understands the struggles that publicans go through to market an establishment at an affordable price. As Sheila explains: “The driving force for me has been to design and create an app that benefits both publicans and their consumers. Having worked in the industry for a long time and now owning my own pub, I know how to attract and retain customers. I also know how to extract money into the till, but it started to dawn on me that we could increase our revenue streams considerably if we could find a 100% safe and reliable way of tapping into the pockets of those that may want to share a great night out without having to be physically present or within a hundred miles of the pub! Visit www.gr8niteout.com to register.





October 2017

The Bar & Pub Show - Show Preview

At The King’s Deli we pride ourselves on making the tastiest crisps in all the kingdom – keeping the process as simple as possible. Firstly we use only the freshest whole British potatoes, carefully washed and then sliced, complete with their nutritious skin (there’s nothing mashed or pressed in a King’s Deli bag!) Then using innovative technology, we kettle-cook them in small batches (regular crisps are fried in an automated continuous process).

October 2017


The Bar & Pub Show - Show Preview

www.thekingsdeli.com Stand: WJ69

Sloemotion is a family business based in North Yorkshire producing a range of premium quality hedgerow fruit liqueurs, chocolates and chutneys. The Sloemotion brand has its roots firmly in the British countryside and this is a huge influence on the business, providing not only a source of sloes and hedgerows but also inspiration on our doorstep. Their products include the traditional Sloe Gin, as well as a range of eight other hedgerow liqueurs including Sloe Whisky, and the popular Sloe Ruby, a blend of port and Sloe Gin. The gin-soaked sloes are then used in Sloe Chutney and Sloe Gin chocolate truffles; thereby using the spent sloes that we think are too good to waste! www.sloemotion.com Stand: WG01C

In the GB market, Britvic is the number one supplier of still soft drinks and the number two supplier of carbonates, and it is also an industry leader in Ireland and France. The company combines its own leading brand portfolio including Robinsons, J2O, Drench, Purdey’s, Fruit Shoot and R White’s with PepsiCo brands such as Pepsi Max, Tango, 7UP and Lipton Ice Tea, which Britvic produces and sells in Great Britain and Ireland under exclusive PepsiCo agreements. Operating in both the ‘Take Home’ and ‘On-Premise’ channels, Britvic offers its customers a portfolio of soft drinks to meet every consumer occasion and has a strong track record of delivering successful innovation. www.britvic.com Stand: WH31

Openshaws savoury snacks are a privately owned family business based in Wigan, Lancashire. We produce a premium range of pork snacks in exciting & unusual flavours such as Black Pudding and Port n Stilton. We have just teamed up with TalkSport legend Mike Porky Parry to launch Porky’s Scratchings the perfect snack for all armchair pundits. www.openshaws.net Stand: WG80


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

NICHOLSON’S BEER SHOWCASE 2017 Nicholson’s Pubs launch its annual nationwide celebration showcasing the UK’s best beer (11 th September – 22 nd October) Nicholson’s pubs are launching its National Showcase event highlights include: Beer Showcase 2017 across its 77 pubs from the 11 th September to 22 nd October • The Old White Swan (York) – on 20 th (www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk/beershowcase). September, competition winners will Running for six weeks, the celebration get to visit Yorkshire’s Rudgate brewery of beer and Britain’s best breweries will to find out how the Britpop band, Shed feature 28 new beers. Events across the Seven’s, ‘Going for Gold’ beer is made. estate include guest talks, workshops and The brewery tour will be followed by tastings. a launch party at nearby pub, The Old White Swan, as well as a meet-and-greet Nicholson’s Cask Masters from each region with the band themselves. have created six ‘District Beers’ from the • The Mitre (Cambridge) – on 28 th UK’s best breweries, including Hop Stuff September, Adnams will be hosting Brewery, London Brewing Co. and West an exploratory tasting of their new Berkshire Brewery. Attendees can also pick collaborative beer, Two Bays, created up their complimentary There’s A Beer with Florida’s Cigar City Brewing. For That guidebook to learn more about • The Shakespeare, The Shakespeare Inn, the ‘District Beers’, which include Mjango Bacchus Bar & The Old Contemptibles Unchained, Rye the Hell Not and Ryeders of (Birmingham) – Purity Brewing Co will the Lost Cask. host four events on 13 th , 20 th , 27 th September and 4 th October, featuring Also available to the showcase will be the live beer-making demos alongside five oaked pale ale, Two Bays – a collaborative half- pint tastings with hand-picked beer from award-winning breweries food pairings. Adnams and Cigar City Brewing*. Brit pop • The Coal Hole, The White Swan, The fans will get to sample a beer created by White Lion & The Wellington (London) Yorkshire band Shed Seven and Rudgate – to celebrate the welcome return Brewery, exclusively available at Nicholson’s of Nicholson’s own-brand porter, St Pubs from 1 st October. Joining the Beer Austell’s head brewer, Roger Ryman will Showcase from 8 th October will be lead an immersive West End pub tour Nicholson’s own-brand Porter, back by and tasting in October for a selection of popular demand after a three-year hiatus. competition winners.

The Nicholson’s app will give users access to special offers and exclusive content throughout the showcase. Special offers and prizes will include access to: • • •

‘Pop Up Punks’ tasting experiences with Brewdog ‘Meet Your Local’ sessions with Meantime Brewery and personalised Meantime cans ‘Homebrew Club’ Q&A workshops with Marston’s ‘Beer Buffs’

Ben Lockwood, Beer & Cider Procurement Manager for Mitchells & Butlers, comments: “With this campaign showcasing everything that’s great about Britain’s Beer and British Pubs, we’re excited to have engaged with our very own regional Cask Masters and given them the freedom to create six cask ales that their guests will love. We’ve added an exclusive transatlantic collaboration from Adnams and Cigar City with Two Bays that we know will be extremely popular, alongside our very own Nicholson’s Porter and the Shed Seven Rudgate beer, ensuring everyone will find a new favourite being poured this Autumn.” The Beer Showcase will run nationally from the 11 th September – 22 nd October. For the full listings of events and dates visit www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk/beershowcase. www.nicholsonspubs.co.uk/beershowcase Twitter: @Nicholsonspubs Facebook: /nicholsonspubs Instagram: nicholsonspubs


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Electronic Hotel Door Locks

for ease of use and increased security. TSS Hotel Door Locks use RFiD Technology to give you trouble free performance with high customer confidence and satisfaction from our Electronic Hotel Locks. You can benefit from the advanced management our Hotel Lock systems offer whilst reducing maintenance overheads and removing customer frustration with older Hotel Card locks and keys. We will configure the system to your own requirements so you will have no steep learning curve to climb. The Hotel Locking System will operate the way you do.

“The professionalism and workmanship shown from the original Demo, site survey and installation was second to none. The locks were delivered and installed at a time that suited us, with the minimum amount of disruption. An excellent Job!� - Paul , GM, Abbey House Hotel 58

TillSecure Systems are specialists in Hotel Locks in the UK. Providing the latest systems for Commercial and Hotel Guest Rooms. We have over 30 years experience in Support and Installation of Systems throughout Mainland UK, Ireland and the Channel Islands and always provide the highest level of service and support to our clients at all times. We offer a complete solution from Installation to ongoing support with both Emergency Call Out and Maintenance Contracts tailored to your individual requirements available at a competitive rate helping you save money on your budget.

The Stature RFiD Electronic Hotel Sauna - Locker Lock is the latest addition to the TSS range of Hotel Locks. The small footprint on the door makes this ideal for low impact locking requirements. The Stature Locker Lock incorporates all the advantages provided by the latest Wireless Technology that are standard in all our locks. • • • • • • • • •

Audible and visual opening Notification “In Use” L.E.D low Battery Warning Resilient Chrome Anodised Finish Small Footprint Emergency Override with Master Card Ultra Low Maintenance Works with Guest Cards Waterproof Wristband Available

www.tss-locks.co.uk 0844 99 33 253


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Your Key to Sauna RFiD Electronic Locker Lock Satisfaction.

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“LUNCH! is on us” – Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions Two months ago Pelican Rouge brought the latest innovation in our machine range to the Eat, Drink, Sleep readers…don’t worry if you missed it, you can still view it here… and this month Pelican Rouge has teamed up with the guys over at LUNCH! to showcase these machines on a public platform. LUNCH! is the must attend event for anyone in the food-to-go sector. With over 350 handpicked exhibitors, inspiring education, and Innovation Challenge Gallery and thousands of new products. The show is designed for all trade buyers that source food, drink, equipment, packaging, services and ingredient for the eating out-of-home market.


Pelican Rouge Coffee Solutions will be on stand K43 on the footpath to Keynote Theatre 1. We would love to see as many Eat, Drink, Sleep readers and invite you to give some of our machines and drinks a go! We’re so confident in the Schaerer Barista, we have entered it into ‘The Innovation Awards 2017’ which will see us campaign for buyer votes throughout day one, and if successful pitch the product to a panel of industry judges on day two. Unfortunately we’re going to have to wait until the show to find out… So why not come down to Lunch! for FREE on 21-22nd September at ExCel London – just follow the link by clicking on the Lunch! banner and your ticket is on us.

The story behind the “Made in Germany” label If you ask anyone around the world what the “Made in Germany” label represents, the common answers will be: High quality, Durability, Precision, Trust, Innovation. Whilst these are accurate representations of German made products today, this was not the intention when this was introduced, quite the opposite in fact…

October 2017



Why Britain started the “Made in Germany” labelling Yes, it says Britain, and no, it’s not a mistake. Introduced in Britain 130 years ago by Merchandise Marks Act 1887, it was intended to mark foreign produce more obviously. At this time, foreign manufactures had been making their own cheaper copies, which of course were not of a good quality as the better known domestic brands. Many goods were marked with the labels of British manufacturing companies, prior to importing them into the UK. Most of these were found to be originating from Germany. Britain introduced this label/stamp/tag as a requirement for all goods imported from Germany, with the aim of warning consumers of potentially bad quality products. Other countries around the world shared the same opinion of German goods, being described as “tending to be cheap and of low quality” at the World-Expo in Philadelphia in 1876. This didn’t last long though, in the space of 10 years Germany flipped this on its head. Upset at being insulted for poor quality, the German manufacturing industries invested heavily in machinery and better trained staff, which improved quality rapidly and at a huge scale. German manufacturers recognised the opportunity, and by the time the law had been passed introducing the label and it became well-known, the perception had already changed to what we know today.

German Brands As a world leader in exporting goods, German brands have been able benefit from having the “Made in Germany” stamp of quality to boost their reputation. Just think of some of the well-known German brands, Mercedes-Benz, Audi, Bosch, Braun, Siemens, Adidas, Hugo Boss, there’s a long list. WMF is proud to be a German made company, founded in Geislingen an der Steige in Germany way back in 1853. We pride ourselves on innovative products of the highest quality, with sophisticated design and outstanding functionality. Our machines are manufactured in Germany, to an excellent build quality standard. Not only are they designed to look great - they are built to last. All our customers can be assured they are investing in their future with a product that has longevity. The “Made in Germany” label sits proudly on our machines.


The WMF 5000 S

We always knew it was amazing...

The brilliant WMF 5000 S has just been awarded the top award in the coffee machines category by the renowned specialist European kitchen equipment magazine KĂœCHE. See the machine in action for yourself:


For further information: Please phone 01895 816100 or email sales@wmf.uk.com www.wmf-coffeemachines.uk.com

Let’s get one thing straight – hotels have existed for far longer than modern technology. However, if you follow industry press and take note of trends and predictions for the upcoming year, you’ll notice that technology and innovation feature high on everybody’s lists.

October 2017



But innovation has never been about technology alone – it is about fresh ideas, finding new ways of doing things and improving processes. Innovation is a major priority for us at Liquidline and we are committed to finding ways to improve our internal processes, to always improving upon our Customer Service and to sourcing industry leading products. And we love to share what we learn along the way! One thing our experience in the coffee industry tells us is that love of technology and love of coffee often go hand in hand. The early adopters of tech seem to also enjoy a good quality cup of coffee and are usually willing to embrace coffee innovation. So, it stands to reason that a good way to appeal to this, often but not always, millennial clientele is by offering a quality coffee offering. Regardless of budget, this is easy to achieve with the help of a specialist coffee innovation provider. A key innovation we have become increasingly aware of this year is around ‘Lean Luxury.’ In a nutshell, this means offering guests what they want, but no more. The concept is centred on care and attention to detail but not all the frills and trappings that may look good but have limited meaning to guests. It’s asking yourself and your guests, which details and facilities really make the difference to them and investing in these things. Common sense would suggest that these will vary according to the guest demographic but a quality food and beverage offering is a sound investment in all hotel environments.


At Liquidline, Innovation is all about problem solving. We understand that when you work in the hospitality industry, you encounter some unique challenges. When you have guests for events like weddings and conferences, we know that you will often have a rush of guests, all requiring coffee at once. It can be a challenge to deliver lots of coffee under time pressure and this is why we offer the Lattiz machine. This unique machine is a revolution in steaming milk, allowing you to produce barista quality milk, time and again at the touch of a button. We have a range of options for those who want to offer café quality coffee but struggle to train and retain barista level staff. Most require little cleaning, many are very quiet, so great for lounges and quiet areas and all are easy to operate and maintain. We understand that Hospitality is a service lead industry and that regardless of whether you’re operating a large hotel with several hundred rooms or a small city boutique, the very best way to differentiate yourself from your competition is by offering a spellbinding service. So, why not let us take care of the innovation and delivering delicious, high quality coffee whilst you do what you do best- taking care of your guests! To find out more about how Liquidline can help you offer top quality coffee, water, juice and other refreshment services visit www.liquidline.co.uk or call us on 0800 8499110 - or Visit us at The Coffee Shop Innovation Expo at The London Excel Centre on 26th – 27th September Stand 416


Fresh Milk Fresh System Milk System The first hassle free fresh Themilk firstmachine… hassle free fresh milk machine…

REVOLUTIONARY FEATURES No steam boilers used no need for boiler inspections

Up to 32 drink selections

Output 180-240 Per Hour

No foamer head to disassemble and clean

Low noise level ideal for offices

Optimum Temperature Control

Ultra-fast dispense

13 Amp Plug & Play

Double dispense feature



www.liquidline.co.uk/hotel AEQUATOR UK DEALER 0800 84999110 AEQUATOR UK DEALER 1


Workwear that Wows! As one of the UK’s leading workwear providers Grahame Gardner certainly knows its market!

October 2017



Co m b i n i n g m o re t h a n a centur y of industr y experience with the latest innovations in fabric, design and manufacturing, the Leicester-based organisation has positioned itself at the forefront of helping businesses across a variety of different sectors meet their workwear needs. From traditional uniforms, through to br ight and bespoke garments that push the boundaries of uniform and workwear design, Grahame Gardner prides itself on its ability to capture an organisation’s personality and ensure that any team stands out from the crowd. The huge range of garments, extensive colour palettes, design options and in-house embroidery services are loved by a wide range of industries and sectors, from healthcare to hotels, dental practices, veterinary practices, spas, beauty parlours, restaurants, bars and much more. Gemma Puffer, head of marketing at Grahame Gardner, said: “For more than a century we’ve been helping organisations bring their professional identities to life through quality, innovative workwear that combines style and comfort with practicality and form. As a family business, founded in 1906 with family values at our core, we never compromise on customer service. We truly value the people who choose to purchase our products and we’ll always go the extra mile when it comes to providing the flexibility and quality they deserve. “We offer one of the largest ranges of workwear in the UK, providing garments in a wide variety of colours, styles and


sizes, using the latest fabrics and printing technologies to meet any company’s individual requirements. Not only that but our uniforms work for everyone seeking to create a professional identity for staff across all areas of their business from nurses to vets, dentists to chefs, beauticians to hotel staff. “With our long history of p r o v i d i n g u n i f o r m s, w e ensure every item we offer our customers is made to the highest quality and offers both style and comfort – something that’s vital not only for the wearer, but crucial when it comes to making a great first impression on the customer.” “ I n f a c t , o u r e x t e n s i ve collections are ideal for the hospitality sector including roles in restaurants, hotels and spas such as bar staff, chefs, receptionists and much more as they present an exceptional range of flattering, elegant and stylish workwear solutions perfect for the customer facing hospitality environment.” Grahame Gardner can also customise uniforms and copy vir tually any design or logo directly onto garments through state - of-the -ar t printing te c h n i q u e s, e m b ro i d e r y and monogramming. Other benefits provided include free postage and packaging, next day delivery, a selection of brands to choose from, a live chat web facility and a Made-to-Order option – which provides fully-bespoke workwear.

For further information about Grahame Gardner and its workwear collections, visit www.grahamegardner.co.uk or contact our team on 0116 255 6326 or sales@grahamegardner.co.uk.

Grahame Gardner A uniform for everyone. Our workwear collections are synonymous with style, innovation and quality. For those seeking to cultivate a luxurious identity for staff and enhance their brand image by providing customisable, professional uniforms throughout the entire property. Our collections present an exceptional range of flattering, elegant and stylish workwear solutions ideal for the hospitality environment.

For more information please contact us or visit our website

0116 255 6326

sales@grahamegardner.co.uk www.grahamegardner.co.uk

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TOP TIPS 1. Comfort – Busy staff get hot in their working environment. Ensure their comfort by choosing breathable fabrics such as Diamond Designs Natura or Cotton fabrics.

Clothes That Work Beautifully Diamond Designs have been established for 26 years. We create beautiful Spa uniforms and practical Housekeeping uniforms, specializing in high-end quality fabrics and designs. We keep your needs at the forefront of everything we do. Your day is long enough without wearing an uncomfortable uniform. As a family run business, it’s easier for us to get to know you, what you want and need from a uniform and then to produce a uniform that goes beyond your expectations. We absolutely love what we do and it’s our passion that has led to our success over the last couple of decades. Our goal is to design uniforms that make your working day a little easier

2. Easy-Care – to ensure staff look professional at all time easy care fabric is a must. Diamond Designs Uniforms fabrics are non-crease and dry in 20 minutes. 3. Style: It is essential that your image reflects your company ethos. Your staff are your ambassadors. Ensure they wear uniforms that complement your decor. the same quality. We do provide a value range in addition to our Diamond Collection and we have introduced free delivery. Our superior fabrics support spa and housekeeping staff during their working day. We use fabrics specifically designed for the hotel industry which are breathable but also very durable. We have luxury French Natura fabric and our signature linen fabric. We have introduced a second life Cotton fabric which is a natural fabric made from recycled materials.


When choosing a supplier, you need to consider service, durability, price and that feel good factor. We design and manufacture all of our products Tel: 0845 0800 576 and have a huge stock in our warehouse so can provide excellent customer aisling@diamonddesignsuniforms.com service. We understand that price is important for our customers but also quality. There are cheaper uniforms on the market but they will not have www.diamonddesignsuniforms.com


Luxury Spa Uniforms Signature Fabrics + Colours. Bespoke Options available. Free Delivery. Housekeeping Uniforms Also Available. Call to discuss your requirements on

0845 0800 576


The Uniform Studio

October 2017



Celebrating the Beauty of Workwear The Uniform Studio is a London based design studio producing bespoke uniforms for an international mix of clients. The studio is an industry leader in providing beautiful, contemporary and hardwearing garments to the Hospitality, Retail and Hotel industries. Total looks have been devised and delivered for clients such as the Soho House Group, W Hotels, Anya Hindmarch as well as the revamped Design Museum. The Uniform Studio’s Designer & Co-founder Lois Hill, after completing a science degree and a stint at The London College of Fashion, began her career working as a fashion stylist in London whilst interweaving the design and execution of theatre costumes and big budget productions in the Balearic Islands. Her sense of style, understanding and passion in the functionality of garments, inspired the launch of the Studio along with business partner Chris Meeten.

Pleated Waistdown Apron in Charcoal Linen Classic Fitted Shirt in Chambray Denim, Corduroy Bow Tie in Charcoal

Chris grew up around the renowned East London tailors’ cutting rooms. He then went on to work in the bespoke suit business gaining a broad knowledge of garment construction, pattern cutting and fabric types. The unity of the partners, now nearly a decade ago, created the perfect balance of skills to form The Uniform Studio. The studio offers a very personal and complete service to its customers. Lois and Chris feel that it’s their responsibility to understand who their customers are and what they want to achieve through their uniforms and to then create the balance between the form and function of the garment. “People are very image conscious and savvy these days so you need to be able to respond with versatility to your client’s brief. Some are looking to simply update a look and feel they are ‘on trend’ whereas others want to make a statement. We need to ensure we come up with ideas that achieve this.”

Online Shop As a natural progression through demand, The Uniform Studio launched its ready to wear online shop in Spring 2016. The design studio has created a collection of garments that combine both utility and beauty. Inspired by years of creating and producing bespoke uniforms, the new e-commerce shop features aprons, waistcoats, shirts & dresses in hardwearing but beautiful fabrics such as Denim and Linen. V Front Bib in Indigo Denim Navy Breton Stripe Long Sleeve T-Shirt


The Studio - www.theuniformstudio.com The Shop - www.theuniformstudio.com/shop

Uniforms designed for you

Uniforms designed for you

www.theuniformstudio.com info@theuniformstudio.com

www.theuniformstudio.com info@theuniformstudio.com

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Managing Hotel Housekeeping In The 21st Century If you asked the General Manager of a large hotel what takes up the majority of their time, they would likely say housekeeping management, as this is at the core of their operation and its success or failure will have a direct impact on profitability. At the top of their list would be ensuring the cleanliness and orderliness of the rooms, and ensuring they are sufficiently stocked with supplies. A key activity for any General Manager is the planning of daily work schedules and the assignment of housekeepers to different tasks. From the plan, there is then the supervision of housekeeping staff to ensure that they perform their duties to the exacting hotel standards. This will include a range of activity such as room checks, cleaning and reordering of rooms once guests leave, scheduled deep cleans and checking public areas, all of which can be very challenging in a busy hotel. Gathering information from the housekeeping staff on maintenance issues and utilisation of supplies is often paper-based or by word of mouth, so in practice, some things fall down the cracks which can lead to customer complaints. If you do receive a complaint, how can you check if housekeeping performed against the expected plan? What evidence do you have to aid with performance


reviews of housekeeping staff? What you need is a cost-effective, easyto-use, cloud-based software solution that can be easily deployed across a single hotel or a complete group. This should include a simple scheduling system, which can capture daily work routines and simplify the staff assignment process. In addition, integrated time and attendance recording will ensure you have a complete record of when and where housekeeping staff attended work, while a simple drag and drop tool will help you plan the daily activities and communicate them to your housekeeping staff on their Smartphones.

of the above which will provide a rapid return on investment by saving many hours of management time and ensuring improved customer service. Once implemented such a system can deliver “push of the button� visibility of housekeeping staffs performance against planned activities, providing management data for employee performance reviews, along with trend analysis of key activity such as room turnaround time, cleaning duration and room checks.

What is more, there should be a simple means of gathering evidence that the tasks were performed as planned, along with additional capabilities to electronically notify the maintenance team of any remedial work required; monitor utilisation and procurement of supplies; and manage potentially chargeable damage. The consumer world is awash with technology advances such as AI, voice assistants, big data and self-driving cars, so why are hotel managers in many cases still using paper for much of the above? Well, you no longer have to, by using a Facilities Workforce Management solutions like SmartTask you can automate much



Rhug Estate launches partnership with Welsh adventurer and extreme athlete Ash Dykes

October 2017

One man made history by being the first person to walk, solo and unsupported, across Mongolia. The other dodged bullets and survived three coups while policing dangerous waters in West Africa. Lord Newborough of Rhug Estate in Corwen, Denbighshire, and adventurer and extreme athlete Ash Dykes, from St Asaph in North Wales, share the same sense of adventure. The pair have teamed up to launch a partnership to promote good health and nutrition. Ash has been working closely with the Rhug Estate to create the Ash Dykes Mission Possible Meat Box, a lean and high protein food box, which is available both online and from the Rhug Estate Farm Shop. (£62.98) His new book Mission:Possible, which launched in London in August (£9.99 from www.eye-books.com) will also be stocked in the shop and Ash will be regularly blogging on the Rhug website about the importance of organic food, training and fitness. Ash, 26, who as well as trekking across Mongolia also made history after he spent five months traversing the length of Madagascar via the eight highest peaks and through the civil unrest that was brewing in the south. He is currently training hard for his next world record expedition with the help of organic meat from Rhug. Ash, who has received social support from Bear Grylls and Sir Ranulph Fiennes, said: “This is a great partnership. I like everything that the Rhug Estate does and how it stands for sustainability and organic farming. It’s something I’ve always been interested in. “I instantly connected with Lord Newborough. He has many stories of his travels from all over the world and I can see his enthusiasm and passion for both what he has achieved and for the Rhug Estate. He still trains hard himself and is quite a daredevil – a real example to all of us that age is just a number. “From a young age, I’ve taken my nutrition seriously so it’s fantastic to have an organic food box named after me. My body has been pushed to its absolute limit on my expeditions. It’s so important that I’m in 100% peak condition, both mentally and physically, so sustaining my body on good, quality, organic foods is key.”

Lord Newborough, 68, said: “I’m really excited to be working with Ash. I’m a big fan of what he is doing and it’s great to have a young entrepreneurial explorer interested in our work at Rhug. He has seen everything we do here from the farming, green energy and retail to our wholesale and export business. “Like me, Ash is passionate about a more sustainable world and was interested in what we are doing at Rhug to adopt the highest standards of animal welfare and sustainable farming methods. We are delighted to be providing him with our organic meat boxes which are all free from additives, residual toxins and are 50% higher in omega 3 and vital vitamins than other conventional meats. “Ash and I share the same pioneering spirit. When I was 20, my father sent me off to Australia with a one-way ticket and £100 in my pocket. “He told me not to come home for a year and only then when I had earned enough money to buy my return ticket. “In the late 1980s, I was looking for something interesting to do and took up an opportunity in Sierra Leone for fishery protection. We policed the waters in boats for the Government to help the local community to make a living from fishing again. “It was dangerous work and we regularly received death threats and had to dodge bullets. We went through three coups while we were there.

“I admire Ash’s courage and tenacity and his free spirited approach to life. It’s pioneering stuff. He is doing things that other people haven’t and he knows all about the importance of nutrition and getting and keeping fit – values I share.” www.rhug.co.uk Fitness on the Farm: www.youtube.com/ watch?v=ZtD6WvKcUl0 Ash Dykes visits Rhug www.rhug.co.uk/ashdykes https://www.youtube.com/user/rhugestate


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Time for cafes, restaurants and bars to embrace the digital world Running any kind of hospitality business today can be daunting. The rise of online booking platforms, user-review sites and social media have changed the landscape for hospitality businesses dramatically over the last decade, so even offline businesses are having to work smarter than ever. This digital transformation has also shifted customer expectations and behaviour, but the good news, is that there are still thousands of independent hospitality companies across the UK who are embracing the digital world in a way that allows them to play to their own strengths. Here are three fundamental things you must get right. A strong online presence Even if you are a coffee shop or restaurant with absolutely no intention of selling online, having a strong online presence will add to your credibility. 95% of adults in the UK now use the internet and 44 million people carry a smartphone,


Today, a till system can become the central hub that pulls together data from all the different touch points in your business. It can enable you to spot seasonal demand trends, manage cash flow, get smarter about how you organise stock and staff, and even understand your customers better. Power to the people In today’s increasingly anonymous digital world, genuine human interaction is scarcer than ever before. However, this only makes it more valuable, and therefore presents a real opportunity for offline retailers.

so a good online presence will help your business get found and recommended. Smart data use Many people see the idea of using “big data� as something that is exclusively for online businesses, retail giants or the most tech-savvy salespeople. In some ways the smart use of data is what has given the major chains a competitive advantage for many years, but there is now a plethora of low-cost tools and technologies that will enable even the smallest hospitality companies to operate more efficiently.

The level of service offered by big hospitality chains is advancing all the time, with more and more of the businesses using customer relationship management (CRM) software and even artificial intelligence to make the customer experience personalised and efficient. The one thing computers still cannot do, however, is add creativity, empathy or passion, which is why you need engaged, motivated people in your business to make a human, emotional connection with customers. Oliver Rowbory is co-founder of The Good Till Co., a cloud-based POS system that gives independent retailers, bars and cafes access to powerful data intelligence. For more information see www.thegoodtill.com



50% Off iPad Air* or FREE Remote Installation

*Wifi only. Only available to customers purchasing The Good Till system. Subject to availability.



0203 764 0800


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POS TERMINALS – TOUCH WITHOUT COMPROMISE Sam4s world leaders’ in ECR/POS technology, aim to make the most flexible, innovative and reliable EPOS products of all time. The Sam4s team have over 30 years’ experience in the market and now produce the most sophisticated and diverse products to the world-wide market, extensively used in over 60 countries.

Whether you requirements are for a single POS terminal or multiple terminals combined with kitchen order printers of kitchen order wall board monitors. The combination of the SAM4S POS terminals and Samtouch Point Of Service software solution is the best solution suited to your business.

Sam4s are committed to developing intuitive models that provide innovation and solutions to meet the demands of fast moving markets.

Sam4s branding was established in 2003, prior to that and since 1983 they were a division of Samsung Electronics ECR, which was taken over by SHC in 2001, launching the Sam4s brand in 2003. Sam4s are specialists in the development of ECR and Epos terminals, receipt printers, Android POS and various peripherals, with very strong presence in the home market South Korea. The very latest in the POS line up from Sam4s are the Titan-S Series terminals which are stylish and perform to meet the needs of the most demanding hospitality environments. Titan-S range features the latest PCT touchscreen technology and IP rated water resistant front touch panels as well as Intel Celeron Dual or Quad core processors with SSD drives as standard. YCR Distribution the sole UK and Ireland distributor of Sam4s products, have developed Samtouch Epos software exclusively to work on Sam4s POS touch screens. Samtouch is a leading edge point of service platform which is “easy to use”, reliable & a cost effective solution providing you with the management tools & information to allow you to operate & expand your business on your terms. Samtouch utilises the latest technologies of your SAM4S Point of Sale terminal to display eye catching & easy to operate touchscreen graphics at lightning speed. Integrated Bar & Table management features help your venue become a more streamlined more efficient operation that has proven to increase customer satisfaction and guest experience.


Reliability - We understand that your Epos system is a fundamental part of your business. From planning to design & execution of our software, minimising system critical down-time has always been our key aim. Value - Creating real value is integral to what we do. We believe our EPOS solution provides great value from money

Intelligence - We seek intelligence in our technologies. That’s why we utilise the latest development platforms from Microsoft, this promotes innovation.

Flexibility - We understand that each business has unique requirements. That’s why we have developed many features to ensure our system is as flexible as possible

We understand that each business has unique requirements, that’s why Samtouch is developed with many features unique to the hospitality sector.

Payment Sense EFT Payment Sense “Pay at table” solution fully integrates with Samtouch allowing the waiting staff to view the Table/check on the EFT terminal and issue a detailed receipt to the customer for immediate payment. Payment Sense are one of the largest EFT solution provider’s so you can be assured of quick setup and the best rates possible. Resdiary Booking Solution. One of the leading specialists in the field of on-line & off-line room and table booking solutions. Samtouch integrates seamlessly with Resdiary porting customer information into Samtouch as the customer arrives at your venue. Mainstay & Resident Pro Both solutions independently designed for hotel reservations and front desk billing. Samtouch integration validates customers before passing bar & restaurant charges back to the front desk Samtouch Office Cloud-Based back office solution designed to work with Sam4s and Samtouch software. Real time sales data at your fingertips whilst you are on the move, plus much more For more information on Sam4s products or Samtouch software or to book a no obligation demonstration, please contact YCR Distribution Limited. Tel: 01924 438238. eMail: sales@ycr.co.uk

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Giving Away D Some Lolly

esigned to make coffee shops, pubs and food to go specialists more efficient and profitable, LollyPoS takes the focus (and cost) away from hardware - enabling merchants to download the software, and access real-time analytics and reporting on either a Windows based laptop, tablet or a traditional hardware till.

Following the successful launch of Lolly’s downloadable EPoS software (LollyPoS) earlier this year, the Point of Sale and payment specialist has extended its trial from one to three months.

The software is fast and secure to download and access for the lifetime of a hospitality business. Upgrades and new functionality can be accessed in the Cloud, reducing the merchants need to be involved in the tech staff, which is all taken care of by Lolly. Peter Moore, CEO at Lolly, said: “Our mission is to make great point of sale software, payments devices and back office reporting accessible to all. Small businesses can move from surviving to thriving if they have the tools to work smarter (like automatic stock control), and have greater visibility of what to do more of to better serve their customers. “Speed of service and accuracy are key in today’s busy service periods, and the kit to make it happen doesn’t have to cost a fortune. The Lolly download model means we can do much more for less, and we’re simply passing on those great savings to our customers.” Prices start at free for three months and then from £1 a day if a customer wants to keep it. Lolly can also provide a free demonstration and support to get businesses started.


Be the best in hospitality with Lolly’s PoS software, tills and card payment terminals • flexible options to suit single or multiple sites. • Prices start from just £1 per day

Our EPoS customers say the top seven reasons to think about EPoS for your business are: 1. Speedier and more accurate service – no more costly human errors 2. Allergen printouts 3. Stock & wastage management, and profit & loss reporting by location 4. Touch screens - as easy to use as a mobile phone 5. Resilient, 99.9% up time 6. Information stored in the Cloud means it’s safe, secure and GDPR compliant 7. See sales in real-time, wherever you are

To speak to someone about EPoS, payment terminals or to book a quick free demonstration just call 0800 038 5389 and quote QB1709 www.itslolly.com 0800 038 5389

The statement

‘technology is becoming a big part of our lives’

October 2017



is already outdated.

Technology is already a big part of our lives. We now live in the future, where we can bank without ever stepping into a building society. You can shop without ever leaving your home. Forgot something important at supermarket? No problem, within the same hour you can have it delivered to your door.

progressive restaurants can use technology to identify these food trends and inevitably come out on top.

Today technology for restaurants and bars goes beyond simply improving transaction speeds and ordering efficiency. Fine dining establishments can help enhance the guest experience by taking preferences and habits. Quick service and So why in this day and age do only 12% of restaurants consider themselves leading edge and fast casual businesses keep pace by increasing transaction speed, managing front and back of 32% consider themselves behind the times? house efficiency and connecting consumers in an When it comes to your produce, you only increasingly digital world. choose the best. The most organic, the most environmentally-friendly, the finest. From farm-to- And it doesn’t need to be expensive. The most wonderful thing about technology in hospitality table as quickly as possible. is that it will return on the investment you have This demand has seen the farming and logistics made on it. You’ll spend something but you will industries change dramatically over the last few make it back by saving a lot of time and, as we all years to deliver this service. know, time is money. Why not demand the same from your tech? Whether it’s predictive ordering, electronicallyupdated menu or simply a better way to The word ‘superfood’ coined less than ten years communicate from front of house to your kitchen, ago had already shaped the way many people make the natural choice and choose a technology consume food. Quinoa, Kale, Coconut Water, are company that understands you and will meet all widely available at all big named supermarkets. your needs. It was restaurants that changed consumer habits and thus demand for these foods are high, at home as well as when we are out. This is how much power restaurants have over their consumers - setting the food trends we all follow. Imagine how much more power you can get by integrating tech into daily processes. The most


EAT. DRINK. SLEEP October 2017

Have a tree-mendous Christmas with Simply Crackers The best things come in small packages. That’s according to Simply Crackers, manufacturer of bespoke, branded, customised Christmas crackers, which has unveiled a brand new promotional product for the festive season. The T-Cracker delivers the perfect festive combo with a table-top size forest-grown Christmas tree nestled alongside a Christmas cracker filled with miniature decorations. The 35cm high fir, grown by Fortune Factory BV in Amsterdam, sits alongside an individual cracker – both the box and the cracker can be branded with a company’s logos, colours and taglines. Perfect for brands wanting to offer their customers a festive treat or for companies looking to reward and incentivise their staff over the busy Christmas period. Geine Pressendo, managing director of Simply Crackers, explains: “The T-Cracker makes the perfect festive addition to a brand or retailer’s product range or can bring a touch of Christmas sparkle to employee’s desks. The perfect Christmas combo of a tree and decorations means the recipient has everything they need to decorate the tree to their own taste – unveiling the decorations by pulling a cracker add another element of fun! Crackers are a fun, interactive and unique way to showcase a brand and reward customers or staff, especially over the forthcoming festive season.” The T-Cracker joins Simply Crackers’ core product offering of promotional crackers, which can be made to a company’s own design and branding requirements and include any gift of their choice. Gifts can include high quality chocolates, jewellery and SIMPLY CRACKERS’ pens as well as an organisation’s own products such as money TOP 5 MOST off coupons, vouchers, trial size POPULAR products or branded gifts such CHRISTMAS as keyrings, USB and magnets.


Organisations can tailor the process at every step, working with Simply Crackers from design of artwork through to order details and the final delivery of crackers. The Leicestershire-based company manufactures all of their products on site and has worked with major international brands including Mulberry, Fortune Factory BV, Carluccios, Heineken and the BBC. For more details visit www.simplycrackers.co.uk







What do you get if you cross Santa with a duck? A Christmas Quacker Who delivers presents to sharks at Christmas? Santa Jaws Who hides in the bakery at Christmas? A mince spy Where does Santa stay when he’s on holiday? At a ho-ho-hotel What do you call a blind reindeer? No eye deer.



October 2017

FOUR BILLION PINTS Keith Lugton, master brewer at Wellpark Brewery is celebrating 40 years of brewing at the home of Scotland’s favourite pint – Tennent’s Lager. To celebrate his milestone, brewing legend Keith, took his maiden voyage on the Sir Walter Scott Steamship which sails in Loch Katrine, the water of which is used to create his beloved beers. A bespoke Tennent’s Lager fount has been installed on the Sir Walter Scott to commemorate the pure highland water that is a key ingredient of the country’s best selling lager. As master brewer, Keith has developed more than 20 award winning beers over his forty year tenure, which have generated sales worldwide of over four billion pints. Most recently, Keith’s beers received seven awards at the International Beer Challenge, including one each for the newly launched Caledonia Premium Bottled Ale range and a further three awards for Gluten Free and Caledonia’s Hop Scotch and Double Hop were picked up across the UK Country category at the World Beer Awards. Starting as a trainee at Tennent’s Wellpark Brewery at just 19, Keith worked his way up to become master brewer. Throughout his four decade career, Keith has honed his skills and his meticulous attention to detail ensures Tennent Caledonian produce only the best tasting, quality beers. A dream job for many, Keith’s daily routine includes ideation, beer experiments, flavour development and crucially, a product taste test every

morning, ensuring that the world famous Tennent’s pint is perfect every time. Keith Lugton said: “I joined Tennent Caledonian 40 years ago with no qualifications, but with a keen interest in science and brewing. Tennent’s have really looked after me, putting me through my master’s degree at University so I could become a fully qualified brewer. Four decades on, I’ve travelled the world to pass on my expertise and learn new techniques. “Every day at work is a school day and brings an exciting new challenge. I’ve been able to create numerous award winning beers throughout my career, testing various different concepts along the way. I’m proud to play a part in Tennent’s long history and be the man behind Scotland’s favourite pint. To know that the beers I’ve produced have sold over four billion pints worldwide over the past 40 years makes me immensely proud.”

Andrea Pozzi, Managing Director at Tennent Caledonian said: “Keith is a fantastic guy and an incredible asset to Tennent Caledonian. He’s made a huge impact to the industry, producing beers that have been enjoyed around the globe and recently notched up seven awards at the International Beer Challenge and a further three at the World Beer Awards. “Fortunately for us, Keith still feels he has a few million more pints to produce with no plans to retire anytime soon. It’s testament to his talent that after four decades in the business, a pint of Tennent’s is still his order in the pub.” For those interested in sampling the full range of Tennent Caledonian’s beers including Scotland’s favourite, Tennent’s Lager at it’s iconic home, the brewery offers daily tours and if you fancy savouring a pint against a backdrop of the most beautiful of Scottish surroundings, the Sir Walter Scott Steamship takes a trip out on Loch Katrine four times a day.




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We have a passion for making the simplest of things taste great! We offer an array of delicious tasting soft drinks made from the finest ingredients we can source and our own Natural Spring Water. We offer Mineral Water, Premium PressĂŠs, Fruit Juices, Flavoured Water and School Compliant Drinks. Please contact us for more details on or visit. Tweet us @Radnorhills

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We are a team of professional bartenders who have built a career in high end venues both in the UK and in the Asia Pacific.

www.spiritlablondon.com Telephone: 02033562949 Address: 4th Floor, Rex House, 4-12 Regent Street, London

OASIS GRAPHICS +44 (0)1242 524777 Oasis Graphic Co produce and install bespoke & large format graphics for unique interior & exterior hospitality spaces. Contact us now for: signage, building wraps, digital wall coverings, window and floor graphics, banners and hoardings, backlit graphics and vehicle graphics

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Eat.Drink.Sleep - October 2017  

Eat.Drink.Sleep - October 2017