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the innovator of steam free mirrors

Developed & manufactured in the UK Crystal clear mirrors to:

• make up • shave • brush hair • contact lenses Save time and materials on cleaning Approved Internationally 10 year warranty

Fold Guide

A clear advantage in your bathroom with the original’ demista Heated Pads TM

Steamed up bathroom mirrors were always accepted as an everyday problem that couldn’t be solved .... until the introduction of demista No more blurred or smeary mirrors, just flick a switch and see your reflection crystal clear. TM



is an ingenious device that keeps mirrors free of condensation for ever and allows you to see your reflection clearly even in the most airless and steamy bathroom.

SELF ADHESIVE To be placed on back of mirror

Simple to fit • Low cost • Economical to run • Completely safe • Maintenance free Approved to international standards • 10 year warranty • Manufactured in the UK What Is

demista ? TM



is a simple efficient, ultra slim heating pad which fits inconspicuously behind most bathroom mirrors - existing or newly installed. Once fitted, the mirror will never steam up in and around the area of the pad. TM demista is manufactured in the UK specifically for mirrors and has been developed from a unique heating material which has been proven for over 30 years. It represents the most up to date standard of technology giving complete temperature stability with resistance to moisture, vibration, shock, dust and ageing.


BACK VIEW To be placed facing wall

Low surface temperature means NO overheating or damage, even if left on accidently.

Economical Running costs are almost insignificant - It also saves on time and cleaning materials

Easy to fit





is self-adhesive, fits to the back of virtually any mirror - new or existing and simply wires into the bathroom lighting in accordance with instructions. can also be connected to the fan or separate switch if prefered.

Maintenance and Trouble Free Complete reliability with NO costly wire elements to break and NO hot spots.

Fully Guaranteed 10 year warranty against any manufacturing fault, providing TM demista is fitted strictly in accordance with instructions supplied.

demista for every mirror TM

Many standard sizes - the table highlights the most common. Widths up to 700mm overall. Multiple pads can be fitted for TM larger mirrors. demista can be custom made if necessary. All sizes available in alternative voltages.

TECHNICAL AND DESIGN SPECIFICATIONS demista is available in many standard sizes up to 700mm width. These are the most common. TM



Manufactured in the UK


is a ClassII product complying to the following standards.


Approved to EN60335-1:2002 EN60335-2-30:2009


Recognised component by UL: certificate No. E 151390


Dept of Energy Certification number CS 6970N


Also available TM

The Cosyfloor range of electric underfloor heating for most floor finishes


OVERALL MM 274 X 150 274 X 265 584 X 274 450 X 400 524 X 520 800 X 300 785 X 524 1040 X 524 1505 X 524

230V 7005 7010 7020 7025 7030 7033 7035 7040 7050

110/120V 7105 7110 7120 7125 7130 7133 7135 7140 7150

NOMINAL 24V 7205 7210 7220 7225 7230 7233 7235 7240 7250

12V 7505 7510 7520 7525 7530 7533 7535 7540 7550

WATTS 7 15 25 36 50 48 80 100 150

• Pad thickness - Less than 1mm • Cabel connector - 40mm X 30mm X 5mm Depth • 1metre twin core 0.75mm2 oval cable (230V) 1.0mm2 oval cable (12V & 24V) • Double Insulated • Power Rating - 200W /m2 • Voltages as table • Acrylic adhesive to face of


Surface temperature of the mirror is dependent on ambient room temperature. In normal conditions demistaTM will heat the mirror to around 15 0 C above room temperature and will become effective in 2/4 minutes



is fitted worldwide in new homes, hotels, hospitals, leisure centres, caravans, mobile homes, boats and many other areas in both new build and refurbishment projects.