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Construction Update September 2015

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News September 2015

Cast-concrete Galway Picture Palace by dePaor Architects stands behind a Georgian terrace

This moulded concrete cinema by Irish studio dePaor Architects is built on the site of a Georgian merchant's house in Galway, west Ireland To create a ticket office for the Galway Picture Palace that is in keeping with the existing streetscape, Wicklow-based firm dePaor Architects reproduced the facade of the Georgian house that once occupied the plot. Nineteenth-century stonework frames an arched opening through the centre this gatehouse, leading to the tall castconcrete cinema to the rear. Boxy lettering that spells out both the English and Gaelic versions of the cinema’s name – Palace and Palas – is cast into the sides of the building. Between the lettering, recessed windows with timber frames puncture the monolithic concrete form to light a bar, tearoom and stairwell within. “The three-storey front facade of the house is remade in facsimile for streetscape making a new mono pitch gabled corner in polished concrete, and gatehouse to the stack of public rooms under a slate pyramid roof behind,” explained the architects. The cast-concrete walls of the four-storey cinema were shot-blasted and polished to create a smooth finish. The plywood formwork has left the faint trace of a gridded pattern across the walls.


September 2015 News

PPA Architectures completes gallery space and residence overlooking a Toulouse golf course This multifunctional building by French studio PPA Architectures, provides a residence, gallery, workshop and events space, and stands at the edge of a golf course on the outskirts of Toulouse, southern France.

Zaha Hadid teams up with Nikken Sekkei to submit new bid for Tokyo 2020 stadium

Called Pavilion M, the U-shaped building wraps around a cobbled yard and swimming pool in the centre of its suburban plot in Toulouse. One windowless facade points towards the street, protecting the privacy of the transparent walls that overlook the golf course to the rear. Local studio PPA Architectures formed the building from three concrete blocks that provide the owner with a multi-purpose space, containing bedrooms, a workspace and a gallery. Living areas are designed to double up as exhibition spaces during events, so the rooms are open-plan and devoid of in-built furnishings. “The environment in which the building attempts to integrate itself is characterised by a stark contrast between the disordered sprawl of the suburban estate and the seemingly limitless international golf course of Toulouse,” said the architects.

Zaha Hadid is working with Japanese architecture and engineering firm Nikken Sekkei to win back the Tokyo Olympic stadium project after its first competition-winning design was thrown out in July. Nikken Sekkei has announced that it will work with Zaha Hadid Architects (ZHA) to submit a fresh bid for the New National Stadium for Japan. A new design and build competition for the stadium – set to host events during the 2020 Olympic games – was launched on 1 September 2015, with a much shorter design and construction schedule. Revised guidelines will cap the cost at ¥155 billion (£850 million) – a significant reduction compared to the ¥250 billion (£1.37 billion) estimate for Hadid’s initial design, which was scrapped by Japanese prime minister Shinzo Abe due to soaring costs and growing public dissatisfaction. The number of seats has been cut back from 72,000 to 68,000, with the option for an additional 12,000 to be added later in case Japan wishes to bid to host the football world cup.

A New Range of


*Marleton Cross Limited Trading as The MX Group

Tokyo-based Nikken Sekkei had worked on the original design since May 2013, leading a team of structural engineering firms and acting as design supervisor alongside Hadid’s practice.

■ Stylish looks and attractively priced ■ Solid brass, all chrome finish ■ 1 year replacement guarantee The MX Group* Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 8JF. Tel: 01684 293311


News September 2015

Paritzki & Liani recreate Marc Chagall painting in perforated aluminium for Tel Aviv school facade A primary school building in Tel Aviv features a facade of perforated screens patterned with an image from a painting by Russian-born artist Marc Chagall – the school’s namesake. Local firm Paritzki & Liani Architects was asked to add a new two storey facility to an existing French school in the Tel Aviv neighbourhood of Neve Tzedek. The school is named after Marc Chagall – a 20th century Jewish artist who specialised in stained-glass windows and large-scale paintings. Born in Russia in 1887, Chagall relocated to France in 1910 to develop his art and returned again after the second world war. Some of his most famous pieces include windows in

France’s Cathédrale NotreDame de Reims and Metz Cathedral, and a painted ceiling in the Paris Opéra. Studio founders Paola Liani and Itai Paritzki chose to incorporate influences and direct references from Chagall’s work in their design. The building is split into two volumes – a main area with rooms organised around a small courtyard planted with elders, and a second section with wide, flexible classroom space. The north-facing end of the main volume, which overlooks the main road, is clad with a screen made from perforated aluminium panels that shield the windows while still allowing natural light into the rooms.

Concrete holiday homes by Adamo-Faiden occupy Uruguay's coastal woodland Argentinian studio Adamo-Faiden has designed a group of concrete summer houses called Sociedad de Mar for a patch of forest on the coast of Uruguay stage of the twenty-dwelling development near José Ignacio – a A tall concrete residence with a mono-pitched roof and a bulky balcony stands beside the scheme’s outdoor pool and adjoining that open onto a shared sun deck and poolside showers, while the Set in a coastal forest just half a mile inland from the Atlantic Ocean, the board-marked concrete buildings that make up Sociedad de Mar were designed to provide a retreat from the popular resorts of the


September 2015


SEALANT FROM GEOCEL Designed for use on prestige buildings and those highly exposed to extreme weather conditions, Geocel 925NS is non staining and can be used on a wide range of substrates. Part of the MS Polymer range, its suitability for the weathersealing of sensitive substrates associated with modern facade construction.

customers need. MS Polymers have been steadily gaining in popularity and we estimate 2015 will see an increase in demand. “We expect Geocel 925NS to be one of our more popular products in 2015 out of our highperformance range of sealants and adhesives.”

Strategic partner of Dow Corning and Dow Chemicals, Geocel sets the The components standard with a broad used to create its and comprehensive strength are ‘locked product range in’, meaning they are backed with less likely to ‘bleed technical expertise out’ and discolour, and an extensive compared to other product innovation traditional sealants programme. The Speaking about the company is a wholly product, Marketing owned subsidiary of Manager Marc Olding, the Sherwin-Williams says: “We are always Company. looking for ways to


News September 2015

SketchUp 2015 BIM Interoperability SketchUp 2015 is the latest edition of the 3D modelling platform from Trimble Buildings Group. Designed for architects, engineers, design and construction professions and with more than 30 million unique activations in the past year, SketchUp is the most widely used 3D modelling software in the world today. The latest launch features a new 3D Warehouse and some interesting integrations with BIM (Building Information Modelling). Elmtec is the UK distribution partner in the UK and advice, support, and provide you with the latest updates. SketchUp Pro is a powerful tool for exploring and presenting your ideas in 3D. SketchUp is intuitive, allowing anyone to model in 3D quickly and accurately. Using 3D models, professionals can make informed decisions, communicate


project details and share ideas with colleagues and customers. People from many disciplines use SketchUp to help them imagine their world in 3D, these include; Architecture and Design, Construction, Engineering, Digital Entertainment, and Education. SketchUP Pro’s interoperability with other commonly used CAD/3D tools and data has been improved In incorporating three new features to export and classify models, the program is making key steps into the world of integrating design. and rigid processes, and we believe they don’t need to be,” said John Bacus, director of SketchUp product management at Trimble. “With the new release, we are enabling users to participate more

information modelling process. We’ve added simple tools for adding structured others on their project teams, regardless of the tools being used.” SketchUp Pro licensing is now friendlier than ever before. Every SketchUp 2015 download starts with a 30 day trial of Pro features. Even better, 2015 Pro licenses can be used on a Mac or PC. Are you visiting Clerkenwell Design Week? We are running sessions on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday at 9am, 11am and 2pm with tips and tricks on using SketchUp. Register here For more information please contact Elmtec on 01844 263750, email or visit

What is SketchUp? SketchUp Pro is like a pencil with superpowers. Start by drawing lines and shapes. Push and pull surfaces to turn them into 3D forms. Stretch, copy, rotate and paint to make anything you like. More advanced? Start modelling from CAD and terrain data, photographs or even hand sketches.

New to SketchUp 2015 New tools


SketchUp Pro licensing is now friendlier than ever before. Every SketchUp 2015 download starts with a 30-day trial of Pro features. Even better, 2015 Pro licenses can be used on a Mac or a PC.

Contact Elmtec, Sketchup’s distribution Partner in the UK


T: 01844 263750


September 2015

Prepare for a s The successful application and dependent on a sound background surface. The key is in the preparation and The Preparation Group, based in Lincoln, is the market leader in providing solutions for preparing or removing floor surfaces to project contracting services, a wide range of equipment for sale or hire, machine servicing, training and technical advice. include uneven joints, high spots, contaminants, worn coatings, sticky residues, old tiles and friable substrates. The Preparation Group specialises in assessing projects and identifying options to remove or prepare the relevant surface, before its contracting team carries out works to deliver a clean ‘profiled’ area suitable for the application of a new coatings, timber, vinyl or carpet. The company often works in partnership with material manufacturers and flooring contractors or uses floor polishing. Key services include; cleaning concrete, removing lines and paint, reducing levels, removing screeds and coatings, re-instating anti-slip, removal of carpet, vinyl and ceramic in the removal of asbestos, still found in many pre-1986 buildings, where it is mixed with cement or present as particles in tile/sheet flooring and


The Preparation Group has completed major construction and refurbishment projects, including surface retexturing, nuclear decommissioning and works for highway, shipbuilding, airport and petrochemical companies. Works are often carried out in extremely specialised or high security environments. Equipment is designed and built at The Preparation Group’s facility or sourced from renowned experts with the benefit of having been tried and tested in the most demanding site conditions. The company’s equipment and tools available to purchase or hire, are reliable, low maintenance and to feature simple controls.

result. The main methods are; shotblasting, planing, grinding, multi-stripping and cleaning with the type, size and power requirements of the machine chosen determining production rates achievable, together with the accessories selected and the nature, thickness and composition of the material to be removed. Other important factors that need to be considered are; area size, location and accessibility, the power supply available and critically, the profile required for the that surface preparation machines are also designed minimise dust contamination.

September 2015

successful floor The main surface preparation methods are: Shotblasting One of the most cost-



September 2015

Grinding level and smooth concrete profile is required. It is used for removing surface and coatings and also for polishing decorative screeds and concrete screeds. Machines available include electric singleand diesel or petrol powered alternatives with variable-speed models for wet grinding and polishing applications.

Multi-stripping Multi-stripping is the method for adhesives. It is often chosen when available. Again there are 110v walk-behind machines for clearing small areas and ride-on electrical or propane powered machines for large scale projects.


accredited and competent in dealing with the most

For technical advice, a project or equipment quotation call 01522 561460 or for further information visit 12

Solutions for Problem Floors Uneven joints, high spots, contaminants, worn coatings, sticky residues, old tiles and broken down screeds? We can supply the equipment, or a qualified team, to ensure the successful application and durability of your new flooring system.



Call for free Technical Advice. Clean



September 2015

Powering Ahead

It’s a feature-rich event, with a great deal to see and do: visit the Wool Trends Centre, hosted by the Campaign for Wool and featuring the major wool manufacturers TWO Demo Zones covering a huge range the popular Trends Hub, this year displaying a ‘Flooring Retail Outlet of Tomorrow’ Networking Opportunities galore the Business Enrichment Theatre featuring a fascinating seminar programme and the Curtis Wool Direct Wool feature

All elements of the show are free of charge to trade participants. There’s even free parking at the venue for all visitors! Show dates and opening hours: Sunday, September 20 09:30 – 17:30 Monday, September 21 09:30 – 17:30 Tuesday, September 22 09:30 – 16:00 To register online, book accommodation, get visitor info, see the latest seminar programme, or for any other show updates just go to the show website at



20-22 September 2015 HARROGATE

Be there! Join us for the biggest edition of the UK’s national flooring show for several years. The whole industry will come together for three intensive days of business activity and networking don’t miss it!

! More than 165 exhibitors, many key to the contract flooring business ! High quality free-to-attend seminar programme ! Great show features – the Trends Hub, Demo Zones, and multiple networking opportunities ! Perfect for contractors, architects, specifiers and facilities managers

Plan your visit NOW!


Flooring September 2015

Polyflor launches Designatex for the home Polyflor is proud to announce the launch of their latest range of beautifully designed and hard wearing flooring developed specifically for the home, the Designatex collection of textile backed luxury sheet vinyl flooring. The stylish yet practical Designatex



Available in 2, 3 and 4m widths Can be loose laid over damp subfloors* 17dB Impact Sound Reduction Polyflor PUR for polish-free maintenance R10 slip resistance Introducing the latest innovation in luxury vinyl sheet flooring, Designatex is a collection of textile backed flooring available in 18 classic and contemporary wood and stone designs.

0.3mm wear layer, ideal for light commercial interiors * Can be installed up to 20m2 loose laid on to damp subfloor which is smooth and flat. A Relative Humidity (Rh) of 90% should not be exceeded.


metre widths



A Polyflor at Home collection

+44 (0)161 767 2551


September 2015

Moduleo predicts winter flooring trends With summer coming to an end, David Bigland, the MD of luxury vinyl flooring manufacturer, Moduleo UK, predicts the key flooring trends for winter 2015. —ƕ7TeXgbZbWTe^ Our ‘Next Generation’ of products caters for an increasing shift towards darker flooring options. From our Blackjack Oak to our darker shades of Fazino Maple, dark woods and stones are increasing in popularity this winter. —ƕ5Xfcb^X\fUXggXe J[\_XjX[TiXT_jTlf_biXWUX\aZVeXTg\iXj\g[\agXe\be decorating, we are now even getting inventive with our flooring. Consumers are increasingly on the lookout to put their own stamp on their floors and with our new parquet Ábbe\aZj[\V[VTaUXÀggXW\aTiTe\XglbYf[TcXfTaW Ybe`Tg\bafg[Xbcg\bafTeXT_`bfg\aÀa\gX! —ƕ7XÀa\gXW\i\WXf 9_bbe\aZfge\cfg[TgW\i\WX_TeZXg\_XfTeXTUb_WfgTgX`Xag\a any room. Here at Moduleo, we have noticed that more and `beXVbafh`XefTeX_bb^\aZgbVeXTgXWXÀa\gXW\i\WXf\ag[X\e Ábbe!?TeZXg\_Xf\acTeg\Vh_Te_bb^YTagTfg\Vj[XaÀggXWj\g[ flooring strips, as they emphasise the size of each tile and create the feeling of greater space in larger rooms. —ƕ?\Z[gTaWUe\Z[g For small spaces in particular, a light flooring option can create a spacious feel in any room. Light flooring can act as an ideal foundation for an interior style and ensure a clean TaWUe\Z[gXai\eba`Xag! —ƕCeXgglcTedhXg Consumers are looking to make more of a statement with g[X\eÁbbefg[TaXiXeUXYbeXTaWTffhV[cTedhXg\fT f\Za\ÀVTaggeXaWg[\flXTe!JX[TiX]hfg\agebWhVXWTUeTaW aXjcTedhXgbcg\baTiT\_TU_XbaT__cebWhVgf\abheGeTafYbe` and Impress collections. Moduleo produces a diverse range of vinyl floor tiles in a _TeZXfX_XVg\babYVb_bhefTaWÀa\f[Xf!@bWh_XbcebWhVgf TeXTiT\_TU_X\aUbg[TgeTW\g\baT_?IGVbafgehVg\baTaWT f\`c_X gb \afgT__6_\V^flfgX`j[\V[bƳXefTWWXWÁXk\U\_\gl!5l investing in innovative manufacturing techniques, Moduleo \fcebhWgbUXT_XTWXebYg[\f\aWhfgelj[\_XT_fbbƳXe\aZTa Xai\eba`XagT__l Ye\XaW_lbcg\baYbeVbafh`Xef! 9beYheg[Xe\aYbe`Tg\baTUbhg@bWh_Xbc_XTfXi\f\g or contact the team on 01332 851 500.


Play it safe with the CFA! Flooring is a major element in most contracts. Specifiers and main contractors require quality of service, installation support and guaranteed results, all of which CFA members can provide. CFA members include contractors, manufacturers, distributors and consultants and are here to make your project run as smoothly as possible. All members are established businesses, are aware of current British, EU and International Standards and the latest technical information and are provided with business support and access to high quality training through our training organisation FITA, a joint venture between the CFA and NICF.

Call, email or visit us online to source a CFA member for your next flooring project.


or call

0115 941 1126

The Contract Flooring Association 4c St Mary’s Place, The Lace Market, Nottingham NG1 1PH. Fax: 0115 941 2238

Stocksigns case study:

Anchor Trust Care Homes

Stocksigns had been working with Anchor Trust for a number of years on maintenance and the replacement of signs, when they were awarded the contract for the supply and installation of signage for a major refurbishment and rebrand. This huge project included the survey and installation of signs within 750 independent living locations and 98 care homes across the country. This rebrand was carried out in order to raise awareness and the profile of the Anchor brand and to create uniformity across all of their sites. When it comes to installation of all signs and branding, the Stocksigns installation team has developed the best quality specialist care and procedures to work within residential environments, ensuring that that privacy for the residents is maintained and with the least possible disruption through any noise or mess. Throughout the Anchor rebranding, all of our crews built a great rapport with the residents and were often welcomed like old friends. As a result of this project, Stocksigns has been invited to undertake new external signage roles across further care homes and independent living locations and includes the following signage products: Post mounted signs Flags and banners Wall fixed signs General information signs Cut-out letters


UZIN L3 Gold Moisture Control System. Prime, level and install in 4 to 5 hours! For more information visit

Now up to 95% RH!*

*Suitable for use up to 95% RH if the substrate is primed with two coats of UZIN L3 Gold System Primer. Suitable up to 90% RH with one coat of UZIN L3 Gold System Primer. See the product data sheets for more information.


September 2015

Electric Heating

saves Energy & Fights Fuel Poverty The government have shelved the Green Deal to concentrate on the big issue of Fuel Poverty in the UK, but there is a way to combat this while still achieving energy efficiency, reducing carbon emissions and promoting renewable energy.

The problem In most social housing and rental properties, storage heating is the main source of heating. These are also the properties where fuel poverty is most challenging, so here are 3 easy ways that Housing Associations and and removing all maintenance, servicing and gas safe inspection costs for ever!

Replacing storage heaters with Intelligent Heating Electric Central Heating will: Reduce energy consumption: The patented core element and the Advanced Direct heat transfer inside each electric radiator drastically reduces energy consumption. It heats up twice as fast as other brand radiators, and the aluminium radiators mean that heat is transferred directly into the air, without losing its heat in the process. Touch screen energy controls on every radiator show real time usage of every Kw of energy and a built-in wireless touch screen with the ability to choose a you need it. Rooms not in use can be switched temperature, the bathroom and bedroom can be set warmer, just 1 degree less will save around ÂŁ300 a year.

Reduce Carbon Footprint: carbon Monoxide poisoning. This eliminates the additional costs of Gas Safe inspections and boiler services saving Landlords and Housing Associations thousands of needless pounds spent. Use Renewable Energy sources: IntelliHeat electric radiators can be integrated with solar and photovoltaic panels, allowing Social Housing Landlords and HMOs to use renewable energy


sources to reduce heating costs even further and recover the costs of solar panel installation, even faster. The IntelliHeat radiator choices are fully complaint with the new Part L Regs, and have NF accreditation, For more information visit www.intelligentheat. or call 01845 163 0055 Claim a FREE Bathroom Halisea Towel Heater for any Landlord who places an order. Use Discount Code: GreenConstruction

Architects, Specifiers, Building Designers, Technologists, Surveyors & Engineers

Products & Services Industry Suppliers

September 2015

Grade II Listed Peterborough Property Set within four and half acres of land stands an elegant Grade II Listed property in Peterborough.


Originally built for W Lawrence Clark of the Peace for the Liberty of Peterborough during the mid-18th century, it later became the childhood home for novelist L.P. Hartley during the 1900’s, who penned the novel ‘The Go-Between’.

September 2015

The property also hosted many important meetings including the League of Nations annual meeting in 1937 - better known today as the United Nations. Over time the property fell into disrepair and neglect, after years of being unoccupied. A family approached restore it as their family home. The traditional brick building is spread over many sized original single glazed windows throughout the draughty. A technical advisor from Selectaglaze visited to make an initial assessment of all the windows that needed to be treated. It was not going to be an easy task, due of the original windows. The owners were also keen to try and colour match the secondary frames to make them as unobtrusive as possible. A total of 40 windows have been treated thus far using A number of windows with working shutters were treated with Selectaglaze’s ultra slim Series 47 hinged system which was able to sit tight behind the shutters allowing continued operation. The result is saving the family money, as Selectaglaze’s secondary glazing markedly reduces heat loss and high performance seals almost eliminate draughts leading to lower heating bills.

By Appointment to Her Majesty The Queen Manufacturer and Supplier of Secondary Glazing Selectaglaze Ltd. St Albans

Secondary Glazing Specialists


Helping to make your Hospital project...

Warmer Quieter Safer

Selectaglaze are the leading specialists in secondary glazing, established in 1966 and Royal Warrant holders since 2004. They boast a wealth of knowledge and a range of extensive products to suit all projects from listed properties, to new builds. For further information, literature and test results, please contact Selectaglaze on 01727 837271/ or visit:

01727 837271



September 2015


Thompson’s, the leading unveiling a new, modern look and feel – updating

Further strengthening the

together under this new

with a series of radio and print

to navigate format and awareness, Thompson’s newly For more information on any

enthusiasts and tradespeople



We’ve set the standard everyone else follows Once in a while a product comes along and changes everything, from the way it’s crafted to the way it works. Products are often copied and many are great ideas that never really see true success in their application. Many years are spent searching for a product that will ultimately surpass expectations, stand the test of time and become recognised as the leader in its field. We created one of those successful products nearly two decades ago and still today it has never been equalled. Why? Because we have never compromised on quality.

UNIFOLD® Unrivalled excellence in gutter lining technology.

September 2015

5 Real Reasons

TO CHOOSE STEAL We often get questions about comparisons of different materials. Very frequently the choice is between steel versus plastic or aluminum. Our choice at Lindab is, and has always been, steel. We will give you 5 real reasons to choose steel for your rainwater system rather than PVC or aluminum.

Most of these arguments go for all steel systems, but we think that we add even more to this fantastic material. We have been processing steel for more than 50 years and we buy over 200 000 tonnes of steel every year, so we feel that we know what we are doing. We also put our products through rigorous testing. 1. Steel has the lowest carbon footprint of all rainwater systems materials With steel you get a cost effective and environmental friendly installation that is 100 % recyclable. Our Rainline system is made from sheet steel, a raw material that has a natural place in today’s approach towards sustainability. 2. Steel stays in shape Virtually all materials are affected by differences in temperature and grows and shrinks as the weather changes. Compared to aluminum and plastic, steel has a lot smaller movement factor. This means that your installation is much more likely to last as connections other materials. 3. It’s really long lived of 70 years. To aid to the lifespan we rustproof the material with a 275 grams zinc coating. This gives the system a self-healing quality where scratches and cuts are automatically sealed by zinc ions that migrate to re-coat the uncovered steel.

4. Strong as steel Steel is the foundation of all modern construction, and there is a reason for that. Steel is strong. Snow, hail, falling tree branches and other circumstances can easily break a rainwater system made from aluminum or plastic materials. And even though we recommend that you are careful during the installation, a steel system is much more heavy duty than its competitors. 5. Steel is actually cheaper than plastic or aluminum The initial cost for a steel rainwater system is higher. We’re not saying that it’s not. But if you take into consideration the lifespan and maintenance needed for the respective systems, you actually save money. The lifecycle cost for a steel system is considerably lower than any other system out there. For more information contact Telephone 0121 585 2780 or E-mail:


l ind a b ra i nl in e | the s te e l ra i nw a te r s ys te m

It’s Rainbow Season at Lindab!

Upgrade your Rainline™ to our extra durable colours and only pay for standard galvanised • Available in 10 standard colours – including new Coffee Brown • Covered by a 15 year extended warranty • High-build polyester paint finish ensures colours won’t fade • Suitable for contemporary or traditional buildings • 70 years life expectancy

For more information: T: 0121 585 2780 E: NB: • Not applicable to Black, Aluzinc, Natural Copper or Stainless Steel finishes • Please check availability, extended lead times may apply • Promotion available on orders received by Lindab 1st September 2015 to 23rd December 2015 • Terms and Conditions apply

Modular Solutions September 2015


September 2015 modular solutions

Premier Modular


Premier modular has been announced as Preferred bidder by edf energy, for the uK’s largest modular Project, to construct their temPorary buildings at hinKley Point c. occuPying a leading Position in the uK modular construction industry, Premier is focused solidly on growth


Modular Solutions September 2015 Part of the Waco International Group, Premier can trace its trading roots back almost 60 years. After the merger between the Premier Transline and Interlink brands in 2004 and the acquisition of the IP of Britspace in 2011, the company has now positioned itself as the premier modular construction company in the UK. EDF Energy recently announced that Premier has received preferred bidder status for the £40m of temporary accommodation for the proposed Hinkley Point C site. “From a general business point of view, the company has continued to grow strongly over the last year,” David Harris, Divisional Director, says. “Over this period we have continued to develop new products and diversify our product ranges. Securing preferred bidder status with EDF Energy is the culmination of many years of work developing the optimum solution for their needs, creating inspiring and functional buildings. Premier has been engaged to design and construct a number of modular buildings covering an area exceeding 38,000m2 with the work programmed to last 16 months. These buildings will provide office and welfare facilities during the construction phase of this essential new nuclear power plant, over approximately 10 years. Around 1000 steel framed modules will be constructed ‘off site’ at our state of the art manufacturing facility in Yorkshire, before being transported to the HPC Site. The project is anticipated to generate significant growth to our business as usual activities and has the full support and backing from our parent company, Waco International.” Ultimately, Premier has established a reputation as a quality brand in the market, something it is committed to maintaining by being selective of its projects, competing for quality and longevity. Aside from this the core strengths of the business lay in the unique and innovative approach the company takes towards both its products and its operations. “You can see we are a very innovative business from some of the products that we have launched to the market,” comments David. “We are not just a modular building company, we are very much focused on delivering a solution, so we try and look at schemes and work out the best way to deliver that solution rather than just seeing how we can make it fit modular. We’ve developed unique solutions for the MoD, education, housing and retail markets.” In terms of operations David explains: “We employ manufacturing people to run the factories and we employ construction people to run the sites. It’s the skill of blending those two together that gives us a competitive edge.” Other sectors, which are proving strong for Premier, are education, student accommodation and healthcare. “We’re either in the process of, or have completed, over the last two months, eight different schools in London. I think the interesting part is that they’re all complex and niche products.” Premier have also just completed their second student accommodation contract, a 240-bed, five-storey building for Northumbria University. “This sector is really ideal for us as it includes repetition so we can drive efficiencies through the factory, manufacturing around 30 bedrooms a week.” The company has also made a strong return to the healthcare sector with two contracts won for Pilgrim Hospital in Boston and Springfield Hospital in Chelmsford.


David comments further that “The Company is delighted that our reputation as the UK’s premier manufacturers and suppliers of quality modular buildings has been recognised by EDF Energy. This contract represents a significant increase in the continuing growth and development of Premier, which will create substantial employment opportunities. These opportunities will be realised at both the manufacturing facility in East Yorkshire and the HPC site in Somerset; providing a generous boost to the local economies for both areas.” He concludes. “I think our strategic vision is clear that we want to become the premier modular and offsite builder in the UK and this contract award moves us further along that track.”

Editors Choice September 2015

ABS T-Bespoke

BACKLIT SILICONE KEYPAD The ABS T-Bespoke is a high gloss black finish with a backlit silicone keypad. The backlight colour can be changed on site to 7 different colours! It looks stunning and is extremely low profile and durable. This system is available with 1 call button and a keypad for coded access with 400 codes. The surface back box is matt black and the system connects to a Hub via a single CAT5. The platform can either be GSM or Landline, whichever suits your needs! This product benefits from all of the standard facilities – well we call them standard! This includes forward dialling up to 8 numbers, a battery backed time clock, 9 timed profiles allowing calls to be sent elsewhere at a certain time and date, automatic daylight saving (BST/ GMT) and automatic dimming of the keypad. You may even want a text from the Telguard (GSM only) to know that a door has been opened or somebody has activated a passive device at night? This product will certainly set you apart from the rest of the houses in your area! And as ever you benefit from proven Telguard reliability and quality associated with British engineering.



Tel : + 44(0)1306 710120 F ax : + 44(0)1306 713769 E m ai l : s al es @t el guard. c o. uk

Telephone based entry systems using your existing phone. .

www. doorent ry . c o. uk

The ABS T-Bespoke is a high gloss black finish with a backlit silicone keypad. The backlight colour can be changed on site and remotely to 7 different colours! It looks contemporary and is extremely low profile and durable. This system is available with 1 call button and a keypad for coded access with 400 codes. The surface back box is matt black and the system connects to a Hub via a single CAT5. The platform can either be GSM or Landline, whichever suits you best! This product benefits from all of the standard features – well we call them standard! This includes forward dialling up to 8 numbers, a battery backed time clock, 9 timed profiles allowing calls to be sent elsewhere at a certain time and date, automatic daylight saving (BST/GMT) and automatic dimming of the keypad. You can even receive a text from the Telguard to inform you that a door has been opened or somebody has activated a passive device at night! (GSM Only) This product will certainly set you apart from the rest of the houses in the your area! And as ever you benefit from proven Telguard reliability and quality associated with British engineering.

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News September 2015


the, award-winning, secret fixing for panels and more‌ From Washrooms and fit-outs to exhibition, furniture and display stands, this innovative, secret fixing is a must have for fitters, designers and architects alike!

The concept is simple: the Button is attached to one surface and the Fix to

website, email or telephone at:

+44(0)20 8150 7190.


Urban Design & Landscaping September 2015 Client: London Borough of Hounslow Contractor: Maylim Limited, Islington, London Engineer: Expedition Architect: Kinnear Landscape Architects (KLA) Marshalls products used: Moselden Yorkstone. up approximately 33% of the finished scheme.

Marshalls’ Scoutmoor and Moselden Yorkstones were mixed with existing materials at Brentford Market Place in keeping with the history of the town Background Brentford Market Place was one of the main areas scheduled to be redeveloped as part of a wider scheme to entice people back into the town centre. ‘Making the connection’ is a project set up to improve Brentford town, funded by the Mayor’s outer London fund, London Borough of Hounslow and local stakeholders.

between Great West road and Brentford High Street. For over 100 years Brentford Market Place was home to a market where high-quality, locallysourced produce was sold. The market was moved which prompted protests from the local community and as a result it was brought back to the area in 2013.

London Borough of Hounslow sought to bring the public realm The aim of the scheme is to space to life by improving the hard attract people to Brentford High landscaping, carrying out lighting Street, one of West London’s most improvements, introducing art and historic and diverse shopping hosting cultural events to improve areas, by improving the public this vital community space in realm space and creating a new historic Brentford. route for walkers and cyclists along the Grand Union Canal,


September 2015 Urban Design & Landscaping

Challenge There were two main challenges - the recycling of materials and the timeframe in which the project had to be completed. London Borough of Hounslow required paving materials which reflected the history of Brentford, including using as much of the existing Yorkstone as possible. However, the existing materials were weathered and differed slightly in colour to the new materials. There was a 12 week lead-in period for the Yorkstone supply with 16 weeks until the grand opening of the Market Place scheduled in September 2014. In light of this, London Borough of Hounslow issued a letter of intent to allow early procurement of the stone to meet the required deadline which was accommodated by Marshalls. Solution Marshalls’ Scoutmoor and Moselden Yorkstones, renowned for their durability and aesthetics,

“Yorkstone has been selected for use in many public realm schemes in London and can bring prestige to any project.” Scoutmoor and Moselden Yorkstones are available as paving, setts, kerbs, steps, water management solutions, geometric bespoke designs and seating to complete your project. Benefit This is the first scheme of its kind to mix Yorkstones and extends the character of the area into the High Street, creating a thriving social space and offering a new ‘active heart for the High Street’. Tunji Oladejo, Town Centre Project Manager at London Borough of Hounslow described Brentford as a ‘forgotten High Street’ and said the regeneration of the market place has created a vibrant, open space, not normally seen in cities, where children can play and communities can come together. He also stated that the project had been extremely worthwhile and ran smoothly due to the strong relationship Marshalls had with the contractor. The redevelopment of the Market Place has received positive feedback and is now a more suitable space for artisans selling high quality, affordable goods as well as hosting a range of outdoor events.

were selected in different colours and finishes by architects Kinnear. Their vision was to create interesting linear design effects by blending the original and new materials to achieve the desired mix and colour variation. This was the first scheme of its kind to mix Yorkstones in this way. Different surface finishes can enhance the colour differences and add to the overall aesthetic appeal. The tumbled-finished stone provides an antiqued, distressed look, reminiscent of old Yorkstone cobbles and perfectly complements the look of the existing stone. The diamond sawn finish brings the scheme up-to-date, with sleek contemporary lines. Both finishes have excellent slipresistant properties. It was initially estimated that only a small amount of the existing Yorkstone could be reused, but on inspection of the up-lifted stone it was revealed that approximately 70% could be suitable for reuse in the scheme, highlighting the inherent durability of this material.

Yorkstone is extremely durable and has excellent slip-resistance

Marshalls provided sample areas on site to allow the client to give final approval on the colour mix percentages and design layout and delivered the scheme on time. Marshalls’ Dave Stanger, National Commercial Manager for Natural Stone said: “Kinnear produced an exceptional design which has never been seen before in natural stone paving. The bold decision to mix materials has worked beautifully, while also sympathetically reflecting the historic signs of Brentford and creating a distinctive space where local residents and shoppers can feel a sense of pride.

The redevelopment creates a thriving social space and offers a new ‘active heart for the High Street’


Urban Design & Landscaping September 2015

Bespoke signage marked the entrances to the new civic space

Different Yorkstone surface finishes can enhance the colour differences and add to the overall aesthetic appeal


The UK’s leading hard landscaping manufacturer. Inspiring and innovating since 1895.

September 2015

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing

RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing manufactured by market leader Ronacrete has been used in a variety of projects nationwide, improving the appearance of sporting venues, museums, playgrounds, holiday parks, apartment blocks, health centres, universities and schools. Ronacrete is the only resin bound surfacing manufacturer that is a FeRFA member and holds ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OH SAS 18001 accreditation. Queen’s Walk The Queen’s Silver Jubilee was marked with the creation of the Jubilee Walkway, an integral part of which was the introduction of pedestrian access along the south bank of the Thames, known as Queen’s Walk. In time for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee celebrations, FM Conway were contracted to lay new resin bound surfacing to 2700 square metres of to brighten up the route. Ronadeck Resin Bound Surfacing rainwater to quickly and easily drain through the porous surface, avoiding puddling. Slip testing shows risk of slip to be generally low, an important consideration for a busy walkway.


Queen’s Court 155 square metres of RonaDeck Resin Bound Surfacing was applied block built on the site of the old Queen’s Hall, a once popular music venue in Widnes. The housing scheme was designed for Halton Housing Trust by award winning Liverpool architects, Denovo Design. Forrest Construction was the main contractor for the project which comprised 17 apartments with car parking and associated landscaping. On 29th June 2015 in a ceremony in Leicester Square, London, Apple Award for Built Environment and Architectural Heritage for this project.

Highly permeable - up to 850 litres/m²/minute (SuDS compliant) High slip resistance - tested to BS 8204 Part 6 Suitable for pool surrounds, pathways, driveways, car parks and access roads Low maintenance - no loose gravel so easily swept clean 38% of resin formulated from a botanic source UV stable, prevents yellowing or darkening of the resin The only resin bound product with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OH SAS 18001 accredited manufacturer Approved contractor scheme Ronacrete’s technical team can provide the CPD seminar, SuDS Compliant Permeable Paving – Resin Bound Surfacing System, this email 01279 638700

Resin Bound Surfacing Market leading manufacturer SuDS compliant UV light stable Recommended application 15mm depth, ‘similar’ 18mm systems use 20% more product Tested for slip resistance in accordance with BS 8204 Part 6 Only resin bound manufacturer with FeRFA membership Only resin bound manufacturer with ISO 9001 and ISO14001

For more information: contact 01279 638700

September 2015


the foundation of a quality build For centuries builders have relied on this astonishing wood to construct masterpieces, from historic landmarks such as York Minster and the HMS Victory to the lockgates on the Kennet and Avon Canal. Oak is a strong, lowmaintenance, durable, attractive timber, making it the perfect material for refurbishing projects as well as new constructions. The most versatile of timbers, Oak begins soft and malleable but dries hard and durable. This makes it an excellent wood choice for joint and peg construction, framework and landscaping. Oak is the right timber choice for a multitude of projects. Interior builders can use the wood for framing, exposed beams, flooring and decorative features. Outdoors it can be purposed for cladding, fencing, decking and any number of landscaping needs including, footpaths, pergolas and raised beds. Oak Grading Buying properly graded Oak beams can be a tricky business. The French industry-grading standard is available, but these are merely guidelines and are not universally enforced by certified graders. Each sawmill can produce their own interpretation of the grades. Some mills even offer mixed grades under single grade labeling. This can make the Oak buying process difficult and time consuming. Fortunately timber supply experts, Ecochoice, are on hand to ensure you get exactly the right specs for your project. Each project has detailed structural and aesthetical specifications. These can become difficult to meet when a chain of suppliers are involved in the order process. Any link along the way may have a different interpretation of the same terminology. This is often confusing for everyone. Bi-lingual Ecochoice representatives meet directly, and in person, with both trade customers and sawmills. This ensures the correct materials are delivered to the project the first time. Timber Merchants Ecochoice takes the time to understand what its customers need, and then, using its unique network of sawmills in the UK, France, Germany, Belgium and the Netherlands, finds the mill that is best-suited to meet such requirements.


By selecting environmentally friendly sawmills that optimize each log, Ecochoice is able to supply you with Oak in any quality grade required. A timber merchant’s standard stock generally includes Oak cut for a range of uses in the building, restoration and landscaping industries. The requirements tend to be graded as D24, which is usually met by French sawmills cutting to QP1 rules. These rules are relatively vague. For example there are allowances in QP1 for a limited number of pieces with “brown streak, black holes, brown pith.” Yet quality grading is vital in load-bearing structural applications. Ecochoice’s sawmills provide the highest standard of D24 timber while repurposing the more charactered pieces for other build needs such as Oak sleepers. Generally used in garden and landscaping projects, sleepers are produced from lower grade logs where a rustic look blends with the exterior environment. The knots, wane and other characters of the wood make these pieces perfectly suitable for most natural settings. Timber Framers Timber framing in the UK dates back to the Stone Age. Oak was commonly used in the framing of historical buildings, from farmhouses to churches. Using Oak in the restoration process not only stays true to the original build but, in time, the timber will age to virtually the same appearance. If your build requires a more immediate match, Ecochoice has you covered with large stocks of both airdried and green beams. The difference lies in the time the beam has been allowed to naturally weather. The longer the exposure, the lower the moisture in the beam, making it more stable. Air-dried beams are favoured for restoration works, as they better match the existing, beams from the project location. The most common requirement for Oak beam grading by UK timber framers is D30. Because Europe only offers grading guidelines, many suppliers translate this to QPA and each sawmill can vary on their defect allowances for this grade. D30 grade materials, with PEFC certification are available cut-to-order from Ecochoice to meet the structural and aesthetic requirements of your project.

September 2015

T. 0845 638 1340 45

September 2015 House Builders Oak has several properties that are appreciated by professional and self-builders alike. Using Oak as your primary build timber celebrates the traditional characteristics of the craft. It is a beautiful, strong and durable wood that requires minimal maintenance, making it ideal for exposed beams, staircases and hardwood flooring. Oak lends itself well to projects that span from rustic to contemporary. It can be stained to match other features in the home or left in its natural state to blend with other elements. Moulding, furniture, decking and cladding are added features that create a unique look for any home. Building with Oak affords each homeowner the perfect fit to their decorative styling, no matter the inspiration. Landscapers / Civil Contractors Oak is used in a range of landscaping and civil engineering projects including footbridges, bank protection, jetties, post-and-rail fencing and planters. The quality grading for such projects varies tremendously. Some projects need structural grade Oak, where the type and number of defects has to be limited. Others want similar grading to achieve a modern aesthetic, while still others look for a distressed, rustic character grade. Ecochoice can help you select the right quality of Oak to meet your project’s needs.


Oak proved to be the answer after we reached out to one of our supply partners in France. The option saved our client valuable time, as well as the expense of shipping the timbers to a secondary source for pointing.” Canal fenders and street furniture components are just a few of the additional products available through Ecochoice to help you meet your build needs. Environmental Construction On its own Oak is one of the most environmentally friendly timbers for a build. No chemical treatment is necessary to maintain the integrity of the timber. Furthermore, left in its natural state, Oak is one of the most commonly requested woods for decorative purposes.

The nature of Oak is unique in the timber world. Its natural composition resists insects and rot, making it more durable than chemically impregnated softwoods. Over the long term this results in substantive cost savings for your project.

When you select Ecochoice as your supplier, the Oak you receive comes from independently certified forests throughout Northwestern Europe. Having suppliers close by ensures the timber you use is the ultimate naturally durable, low-carbon, lowmaintenance, sustainable building material.

“Ecochoice has unique relationships with UK and European sawmills”, says Oak specialist Brian Passmore, “Tonbridge Scouts needed a durable timber, custom cut to include points and supplied at a lower price point.

“Because Ecochoice listens to your building needs then recommends the best Oak solution for the project, you are able to build with confidence,” says Mike Bekin,

director at Ecochoice. “We help our clients create the best quality build by understanding your on-site needs and matching them with the best sawmills in the industry.” Contact Ecochoice custom quote.




September 2015

Cycle bridges by - Expanding the Network

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01484 606 416

CTS Bridges provide vital link for cyclists to Cornwalls Clay Trails A new 31m x 3.5m Tied Arch bowed steel truss cycle/bridle bridge linking St Austell to The Eden Project was recently installed by CTS Bridges during a night time road closure over the A391 Carluddon Road, Cornwall. 48

September 2015

The bridge provides an essential link for the ‘Clay Trails’ which form a network of walking, cycling and horse riding trails through midCornwall encompassing the towering clay tips known collectively as the Cornish Alps. The bridge was designed by CTS as a tied arch formed from 500mm CHS with steel hollow section hangers and sub-frame. The deck was overlaid with rubber tiles in order to provide a safe and quiet surface for horse riders. The 1.8m high parapet comprises steel uprights and top rail with stainless steel weld mesh and a 625mm solid steel toe board. The bridge was transported in to Cornwall on a 5 axle triple extender step frame vehicle under police escort for the last part of the journey

CTS planned and supervised the installation using a 350t crane. for Cormac praised CTS for a successful installation, pedestrians, equestrians, cyclists, young, old and disabled with the main aim

being towards sustainability, health and wellbeing and the environment’. For further details on the above project or for any other enquiries, please contact CTS Bridges Ltd. Tel: 01484 606416. Email: Web:


Landscaping September 2015

Established in 1997, SureSet specialises exclusively in permeable resin bound paving; a combination of superior clear resin and premium quality natural aggregate, marble or recycled glass.


September 2015 Landscaping

pool they had recently installed at a newly built coach house in Twyford. Their customer, Mr Dunlop, required a swimming pool surround to blend seamlessly into the adjoining garden design and also complement their new home and brick built pool house. Other requirements included a permeable surface to allow water to drain through, minimising puddles and the potential to slip, and that there be no loose stone; eliminating the migration of stones

into the pool and lawned area. As well as delivering a foot friendly permeable resin bound paving include its hard wearing, UV stable

Homebuilding and Renovating

On a cured and primed, concrete

was delighted when they remembered the installation.

permeable resin bound paving in 3mm Barley Beach from their range of Natural Aggregate. The installation skilfully accommodated maintenance

House, more had now been installed to provide power for pool heating. Mr Dunlop wanted to continue the existing


leading around the solar panels.


Landscaping September 2015

In June 2015, two years after installing the pool surround, SureSet returned to install a 24m² resin bound footpath in 3mm Barley Beach. The result is a stunning looking installation that sits in the pool house. But it’s not just pretty… Using SureSet ensures that this swimming pool surround is a seamlessly smooth puddle free surface that is comfortable underfoot. Mr Dunlop was so pleased with SureSet that he happily agreed for them to use his installation as a case study and provide a testimonial which you can see here. Key features of this installation: Natural Aggregate: 3mm Barley Beach Total area: 150m² Application: pool surround and footpath Base: concrete


Suitable for residential installations including driveways, footpaths, patios and landscaping; The unique discipline of combining outstanding attractiveness and creativity with practicality and sustainability A continual investment into research and development paving A commitment to providing customers with the best solution using the best To discuss more information, samples or to discuss your project, please call SureSet on 0800 612 7631, email visit


Drainage september 2015

Let the Experts Take Care of your Domestic Waste Water Problems When it comes to off mains seWage, many people can be blown away by all

We often get askeD:

of the year

The Bio-Pure simple solution Sewage Systems


September 2015 Drainage The treatment plant you choose should long intervals before de-sludge is cleaned to a standard meeting the usual or permit, before making a discharge we can assist with this and advise on the method of discharge, be it a ditch, As the system breaks down and aerates the solids, the introduction of non-degradable items such as wipes, at all times in any treatment plant, this will clog up the system and increase

A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant

A BioPure Treatment Plant

the need to empty the unit, follow this instruction and typical emptying will be no medicines, or harsh chemicals enter

The Flow-Path Simple Solution Sewage Systems We Build it has developed its range of package sewage treatment plants utilising technology for maximum performance and reliability, using the most reliable prolonged integral FlowPath system to A BioPure Treatment Plant

All our Flowpath treatment plants are designed in accordance with the British this range can be designed to meet your standard range can accommodate up to

assessing the aeration pattern, sludge All labour expenses for servicing and call outs are covered so there are no

months and will also help you meet This includes keeping records of service, de-sludging and maintenance

The cost of all serviceable parts will be This range of products can be designed for larger scale commercial applications such as camping sites, leisure facilities, schools, Maintanance, Spares And Servicing The consumer needs easy to follow advice for their sewage treatment needs especially when servicing their plant, maintaining any sewage treatment plant, is a very important part of ensuring the

the air pump, replacing the diaphragms

This is the removal of settled sludge from the outer scum ring back into the centre chamber to be re digested and

agreement as the Bio-Pure does not

Our Other Products include:

Septic Tank Conversion Units (used as secondary treatment for For a full range of our products and servicing visit:

adhere to any operating and maintenance We strongly advise servicing the system on an annual basis and this will take on It will also help you to meet your legal

We Build It Ltd Service Contracts

your unit, call us and we will come out One service visit where all necessary


September 2015

NEW SPECIALIST COLOURED MATERIAL FROM BITUCHEM The Bituchem Group has introduced a new colour to its best-selling Natratex Cotswold hard landscaping range. The company is now producing a Salmon a pink shade of the natural asphalt material which is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Natratex Salmon uses coloured stone pigments

wearing surface with an

and architects to add a touch

The coloured aggregates of Natratex Salmon are


landscape. The mechanics and

of the surrounding landscape and architecture.

range is similar to traditional asphalt as it is laid and compacted at the same nominal thickness, using conventional equipment.

Like all Natratex products, the Salmon material is

The Bituchem design team can work with architects

rural or heritage areas whilst

or regeneration application that sees light vehicular or pedestrian use, including car footpaths and parks.

coloured surface for a wide range of commercial and domestic applications.

which have all required

Bituchem have completed of the Natratex Salmon National Trust properties, domestic areas, care homes and decorative footpaths

ideal solutions for the individual requirements for each application and tailor

Further information is on 01594 826768 or 07584

September 2015

Tarmac first to trial new safermixer design in UK Tarmac, the UK’s leading sustainable building materials and construction solutions company, has underlined its commitment to improving vulnerable road user safety by becoming the first company in the UK to trial a new Econic concrete mixer. The vehicle has been designed by manufacturer Mercedes-Benz to enhance the driver’s field of vision, particularly on busy urban roads. It features a panoramic windscreen and floor-to-ceiling doors, allowing drivers with improved visibility of cyclists particularly if they approach the nearside of the vehicle, a key blind spot in traditional-modelled vehicles. It also features a low-entry cab - with only two steps from the ground - which greatly reduces the risk of slipping, tripping and falling when leaving the vehicle. Tarmac is trialling the 26 tonne concrete mixer with 6 metres’ capacity at its Silvertown ready mix concrete plant in London. Commenting on the new vehicle, the company’s national transport manager, Sean McGrae, said: “We operate the largest vehicle fleet in the industry, and are committed to improving vulnerable road user safety across the UK. The trial of the Econic mixer is part of our broader approach to road user safety. “We are pleased to be working with vehicle manufacturers like Mercedes-Benz to trial this revolutionary new safety design. As an industry, it’s important that we continually explore opportunities to drive improvements in this area.” In addition to a commitment to vehicle safety features, Tarmac is providing enhanced training for drivers and supporting its contract hauliers with the necessary technical support and education to make both adaptations to vehicles and behavioural changes. Tarmac is a champion of the Construction Logistics and Cyclist Safety Standard (CLOCS), and helps promote a consistent nationwide specification for HGVs and aiming to change driver behaviours by ensuring the delivery of progressive training.


Design Build September 2015

Getting Ready for Growth Andrew Hall, marketing manager, Oki Systems UK discusses how managed print services can help construction firms future-proof their printing needs “The market is feeling more confident and the industry is starting to bounce back,” Mark Robinson, chief executive of public sector procurement organisation Scape told the Daily Telegraph recently. He was commenting on the news that construction output had risen by an average of 0.2% over the summer. Not a huge leap, but ‘better than expected’ according to market commentators. The figures bring a mood of cautious optimism. Consequently, many construction firms are preparing for growth if the trend continues but a period of assessment is always a good idea, regardless of the economic situation. The printing function is integral to construction workflows, even today when it’s common to spot tablets and smartphones being used on site. There’s still a need for hard-copy drawings, plans and maps, as well as invoices. But, printing is often overlooked when it comes to any ‘stocktaking’ exercise, despite the fact that companies that have taken advantage of new ways to buy and use printers have been shown to cut their costs by around 30%. So where do you start? As with any kind of audit, the first step is to get an accurate picture of the current situation. Many businesses are now opting for a managed print services approach – your chosen vendor will manage the audit phase before making their recommendations. There are many advantages here, not least that the service can expand alongside the business without the need for large capital investments. Instead, customers pay a regular fee as part of one, all-inclusive contract.


Importantly for the industry, a managed print s can also advise on streamlining processes. Ne multifunction devices combine the functionalit scanner and fax and print A3 and A4 within a fit into the smallest of site office.

OKI’s new range of A3 multifunction printers (M series offer reliability combined with the extra performance delivered by more expensive and based devices, all within a compact footprint.

So capturing documents, mark-ups or amendm drawings or taking photographs on a smartpho them back to the office is easy, helping to acce progress or to third-party applications such as Google Drive.

Business growth also means more marketing, purchases and more public consultations. A ma services provider can also help you save the co here, recommending printers such as the OKI C play a dual role, printing on demand any size a document from A3 plans and drawings to high collateral, banners and posters, on a range of m

Most in the industry are still wary of making bo large investments until the upward trend prove Making the move to managed print services is arrangement, future-proofing at least this side against all eventualities. CONTACT email: tel: 01784 274300

September 2015 Design Build

services provider ew smart ty of printer, device which can

MFPs), the MC800 functionality and d complex copier-

ments to site hone and sending elerate project s SharePoint or

more land anaged print ost of outsourcing C391. This can and level of printed h-end marketing media.

old moves and es sustainable. s the idea flexible of the business,


Design Build September 2015

Value Engineering What is it all about? As the construction industry strives to provide the optimum building solution, just how can companies today differentiate themselves and ensure they are offering best value? Steve Thompson, Managing Director of light steel frame manufacturer, EOS Facades explains how they are using value engineering and Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) to meet the needs of today’s construction industry.

Value Engineering – What is it? Today’s customers are savvier, more commercially aware and they expect more for their money. As manufacturers and service providers, we need to react and meet this demand, or risk losing out. But before we can do this, we need to understand what value really is. Assessing best value depends on the objectives set - speed of construction, build costs or the development of a sustainable, perhaps a combination of all. approach’ will not necessarily deliver best value. It is not about economies of scale but it is about an optimised approach - working with the client to select the right solution, at the right price, to deliver the right performance.

Adding Value: Design for Manufacture and Assembly As a manufacturer of steel solutions, EOS Facades take full techniques by adhering to Design for Manufacture and Assembly (DfMA) protocols. DfMA is now recognised as the foundation for


concurrent engineering processes to streamline and fully optimise the structure. The process aids the building design process and helps to identify, quantify and where possible. At EOS Facades we pride ourselves on driving quality through precision manufacturing whilst delivering accurate results on time and on budget. We have taken steps to ensure that DfMA is integrated throughout the design and manufacturing process. We have made considerable investment in developing technology to aide totally committed to working with our clients on product and service innovations to help them gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace – delivering cost The EOS manufacturing facility is a 40,000 sq ft operation that houses state-of-the-art machinery systems and solutions that meet the needs of our customers. Our manufacturing facility is well equipped to cater for the and precision engineering. Our sophisticated roll-forming machines have embedded framing technology that enables production of self-jigging framing components that are ready for assembly, eliminating the need to manually cut onsite.

All of our products are manufactured under strict quality management control which is fully compliant with BS EN ISO 9001:2008. Our accredited quality management systems and procedures eradicate onsite variability and ensure life time ‘in service’ performance and durability.

Adding Value: Software and Building Information Modelling require the application of leadingedge technology and contemporary manufacturing processes. We have invested substantially in the latest software and hardware systems in steel frame production. Our systems combine the latest E-Frame technology platform with proven assembly processes, providing fully framed panels that do not require jigging. Sophisticated software transfers building design information directly to our production plant where we are able to manufacture to accuracies that exceed construction

September 2015 Design Build

industry norms. Once the panels have been designed using our 3D Tekla modelling software, they are directly uploaded to the roll-forming machines, using a bespoke CAD/CAM interface, where they are produced to exact dimensions using CNC with an inkjet printer to match the assembly drawing and every project, frame number, order number and site location on the GA site drawings so they can be positioned quickly to their onsite location.

Adding Value: Product Product quality is essential. EOS only use minimum S390Nmm2 G275gsm steel (higher grades and coatings on request). By only using steel with a protective coating and design detailing that eliminates prolonged exposure, EOS are systems. Research has shown in these conditions coated steel has a potential life of over 1,000 years.

The team at EOS support key industry standards and strive to exceed expectations on reliability and delivery. All of our products are manufactured to rigorous quality standards which are fully compliant with the Construction Products Regulations - EN 1090-1: 2009 + AL: 2011. Our quality management systems are BS EN ISO 9001: 2008 registered.

Adding Value: Cost packages that are uniquely supplied with proprietary All Double Studs/Opening Jambs/Lintels and Sills will be dispatched from our factory preassembled. This is you require the product to arrive unassembled, EOS will pre-punch in the factory, ghost assemble and supply, together with all the necessary screws and special drill bits, for assembly and installation onsite.

Adding Value: People EOS Facades are constantly striving to improve the way we work and the customers. Research & Development is a core focus of our business and it is EOS everybody is encouraged to put recommendations forward, whether this is a process or an alteration to a

product – that way every part of our business can be enhanced.

solution including application consultancy, structural design support and value engineering, as well as quality manufacturing. To meet the demands, we need people to make the change happen. Now the construction industry is starting to recognise the shift in needs of the client, manufacturers must ask themselves, are they well equipped to meet demands or will they risk losing out? For more information on EOS Facades’ products and services visit:


September 2015

Yeoman Shield

a favourite at York Racecourse The New MoeT PavilioN aNd Roof TeRRace aT YoRk RacecouRSe iS NoT oNlY oPuleNTlY STYliSh foR The eNjoYMeNT of Race goeRS buT wiTh The helP of YeoMaN Shield’S New MiNi d-feNdeR The back of houSe aReaS aRe alSo keePiNg uP aPPeaRaNceS. Construction, carried out by The Lindum Group, saw the original wooden bar replaced by the new Moet Pavilion roof terrace overlooking the course and parade rings, as part of the 2nd phase of a multi-million pound redevelopment of York Racecourse. The Moet Pavilion is a very popular and well used meeting point on race days which can see a few hundred people being catered for in this facility. The back of house areas certainly come under the hammer on these busy occasions with the movement of boxes and barrels having the potential to cause damage and marking to walls and corners.

operatives, the Mini D-fender was complemented by the addition of MD75 rubber corner protection angles to corners also vulnerable to damage. Nick Fazackerley, General Manager of York Racecourse Hospitality commented “The new wall protectors are excellent, we have a lot of pallets, kegs and trolleys which our team are good at bashing into walls but with the protection in place you would never know. They are a great addition to the facilities.” The installation of the Yeoman Shield rubber Mini D Fender and MD 75 Corner Protection Angles will contribute to keeping the busy back of house areas looking smart and damage free

200 metres of Yeoman Shield’s New Mini D-fender has been easily cleaned. damage which can be caused by the passage of heavy trolleys, equipment and objects through the area. Installed to the walls at mid and low level for maximum

For more information on Yeoman Shield protection products call 0113 279 5854, email or go to the website ::


Kerrock Kerrock is a European manufactured solid surface sheet made from a combination of acrylic and minerals. Available from stock in the UK from Amari Plastics in a range of white and coloured sheets supported by the matching adhesives, Kerrock is an ideal material for your interior decoration. Whether it be for a bathroom, kitchen, hotel, public building, healthcare or for office interiors it has the right criteria for you.



For contact details of your nearest Amari centre please look at


Yeoman Shield PVCu wall & door Protection Products - stops the need for repetitive and costly re-decoration. Visit our website

Sutton Academy’s Site Manager, Steve Humphreys: “We wanted to stop the need for costly and repetitive re-decoration. Yeoman Shield has provided us with a long term solution and has resulted in many complimentary comments on the improved appearance of the areas where Shield products have been installed.”

Yeoman House, Whitehall Industrial Estate, Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS12 5JB T: 0113 279 5854 F: 0113 231 0406 E:

Construction Update - September 2015  
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