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Leading manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new website for anyone involved in energy use in the built environment.


ZERO FORCE. THE FEEL: REINVENTING FULL POWER. ZERO FORCE. FULL POWER. It has The smartest never been way so to easy handle to pressure. control pressure.

Experience the new dimension of ergonomics in high-pressure cleaning: with the new EASY!Force trigger gun you need zero holding force and can clean in a much more relaxed and effortless way. EASY!Force is compatible with all Kärcher Professional pressure washers*. Try it for yourself – you won’t want to put it down. To find out more about how Kärcher can make a difference to the cleanliness and efficiency of your site, or to find your nearest Kärcher accredited dealer, please call: 01295 752142 or email:

Machines shown: HD 5/12 C & HDS 6/12 C *Up to 300 bar. Adapter may be required.

Construction Update May 2017



24 May 2017

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Industry News May 2017

Kier wins £20m Newcastle science central lab Kier has started preliminary site work on the latest new laboratory building at the Newcastle Science Central development in the city.

Elephant and Castle development De Matos Ryan is nearing completion of a mixed-use development on Penrose Street south of Elephant and Castle in Southwark. The development is due to complete in April 2017. The project repurposes a redundant set-painting workshop into a development of nine residential units above commercial premises. The building sits within a ‘train-scape’ of high-rise developments along the railway line, cushioning lower-rise residential neighbourhoods beyond. The sustainable re-use of existing building fabric, the redevelopment of once marginal boundaries and the resolution of complex site conditions are all a function of needing to find new opportunity within an increasingly dense urban context. The strategy has been to build a supporting frame from within the brick shell prior to making external amendments to the masonry. Once erected, this steel lattice allowed for the side walls to be supported whilst the end walls were remodelled around the new openings and recessed brick terraces. The new street and rear elevations are built of reclaimed brickwork from the original building, mixed with palates of new heritage brickwork. The refurbishment creates five storeys with the addition of new penthouse floor, which is set back from the brickwork parapet to create a wrap-around terrace.


The £20m project, due for completion in late 2018, will see the design and construction of a new 77,000 sq ft laboratory facility for Newcastle City Council. When complete in late 2018, the building will provide bespoke laboratory space, offering incubation space to meet the needs of innovative businesses in the life science and healthcare sector. Newcastle Science Central is a new urban quarter in the centre of Newcastle and will provide 500,000 sq ft of office space. The largest development of its kind in the UK, it aims attract leading scientific and technology organisations to the area. Brian McQuade, managing director of Kier Construction Scotland and north east, said: “Kier has extensive experience delivering research facilities and we’re proud to be providing the latest addition to Science Central development as it continues to expand.” Newcastle Laboratory is being funded by Newcastle City Council, the North East Growth Deal, as well as European Regional Development Fund.

May 2017 Industry News

Rosemary House Toronto - Kohn Shnier Architects

The project is the design of a new home for a young family with two working parents and three children. The new house replaces an existing house on a conventional mid-town residential lot in the City of Toronto. Similar in area to the original house, the new design emphasizes fluid relationships between, and within, shared family spaces—both indoor and outdoor. Accommodating a large art collection, as well as the desire to preserve and engage a large tree in the rear yard are two important requirements. Designed for a larger than average family, Rosemary House encourages modern family living that is interactive, open to choices, and growth. This is achieved by planning for living, working and playing in spaces that are zoned, yet not necessarily enclosed. Circulation, planned with continuous The compact stacked footprint of the house permits the use of loops and visual overlook, provides for art display; endless robust, high quality materials and products within the budget. running space for children; and continuous contact between As a counterpoint to much larger homes being built in the family members. neighborhood, this modern home encourages larger living in A unique pleated ceiling element creates dynamic movement smaller, useable and flexible space. throughout the volume; this contrasts the simple nature The house sits on a relatively conventional site in a well-established of the spaces in plan. Simultaneously, the ceiling provides neighborhood. The design of the house seeks to find the sweet acoustic performance and ambient and task lighting for the spot between formal innovations that break with conventional art collection. boundaries of its neighbors yet respects the essential qualities The modest two-story mass of the house sits unobtrusively of its context. The exaggerated horizontal coursing and subtle within the neighborhood. While it is distinct from its pseudo- pleating of the limestone masonry ensures that this house, Tudor neighbors, it is neither overshadowed nor dominant in though smaller than most of its neighbors, is distinct without that distinction. It is setback slightly further than the original being abstentious or trendy.It is innovative and assertive, yet house, to better align with its neighbors. An innovative use of modest and familiar. It is a home that will always be understood custom solid limestone masonry is tonally sympathetic with as both of its time; and a classic. other homes, yet demonstrates how contemporary design can contribute difference. The existing trees on the property have been preserved. The healthy ash tree in the backyard around which the east elevation unfolds, has been carefully pre-treated to facilitate longevity. The Rosemary Houses efficient design minimizes its impact on the environment during its entire lifespan by using the following measures: •

Simple volume, strategic use of glass, in-floor heating, maximizing soft landscaping on site.

Use of robust materials require minimum life cycle costs.

Materials, finishes and furniture are 0 VOC, sustainable and natural for a healthy living environment.

No plastics or vinyl used.

Old Ash Tree prophylactically treated to preserve against Ash Borer.

Glazing design optimized to provide glass to solid wall ratio providing both ample natural light yet well insulated envelope.


Industry News May 2017

Canterbury City Council Given Planning Permission For New Building Canterbury City Council has given planning permission for a new International College to be built. The building has been designed by the architectural firm, Walters & Cohen Architects. It is thought that the new college will become part of King’s School, an existing institution. Walter & Cohen have recently completed a project at King’s School where they carried out refurbishment works on the boarding accommodation.

Deep Soil Mixing Ltd Completes Runcorn Soil Stabilisation Project Using Cutter Soil Mixer Specialist ground engineering and soil stabilisation company Deep Soil Mixing Ltd has successfully completed a soil stabilisation project in Runcorn, Cheshire, for client Wildgoose Construction Ltd using the innovative Cutter Soil Mixer. Deep Soil Mixing Ltd introduced the Cutter Soil Mixer to the UK when the company worked on the Mersey Gateway project in 2016 so using it at this Runcorn development meant it is only the second time this birotational mixing head has been used for soil mixing in the UK Using their controlled soil mixing technique, Deep Soil Mixing transformed the challenging site, ensuring the extensive project could be finished to a high standard – the soil had to be stabilised and any chemicals contained in the ground locked in, before Contractors Wildgoose Construction could start work on the construction of the site which would contain a public house, restaurant, coffee house, car park and access roads. Prior to commencement on site as with all projects Deep Soil Mixing Ltd undertake rigorous testing and assessment of the ground and its suitability for soil mixing. Laboratory tests are also


undertaken using samples of the soil to be treated mixed with different proportions of a wide selection of binders to select the most appropriate mix. From these results, Deep Soil Mixing Ltd then prepare a detailed specification. On the Runcorn project, Deep Soil Mixing Ltd installed soil mixing panels across the site as well as a soil mixed mattress and soil mixed wall next to a Major Accident Hazard Pipeline (MAHP), to lock in chemicals and prevent leachate to ensure the ground was stabilised for the building works to commence. “The site was heavily contaminated and situated in close proximity to a MAHP and an adjacent canal embankment which was unstable, so we had quite a challenge on our hands,” says Colin Critchlow, Director at Deep Soil Mixing Ltd. “We’re proud of everything we achieved on this project, especially given how heavily contaminated with an assortment of chemicals the site was – not to mention unstable. Thanks to the different soil mixing techniques, we secured the site and enabled the complex of restaurant, pub and coffee shop to be built alongside a car park and access roads.”

The planned College will teach student s that are aged between 11 and 16. The College will work as a stepping stone fort students that may be entering the English school system for the first time. This project will help those that have previously been educated abroad. The work will be taking place on Malthouse Road and the building will sit separate from the main estate of the school by St Stephen’s Road as well as the River Great Stour. A masterplan was created while designing the International College in order to make sure that the building will be complimentary to the smaller scale developments taking place in the cul-de-sac. The building will sit at three storeys and will be built around a courtyard that will be available for learning and socialising. The building plans that have been approved by Canterbury City Council also includes boarding and teaching accommodation for 80 students as well as a floodlit sports court and changing rooms as well as a terrace of five two bedroomed and one three bedroom houses for staff members. The design of the building project has made sure that the International College works alongside other proposed regeneration of the Malthouse. The new sport court that has been designed for the College will be open to other schools and the community. There will also be a larger civic square on the site that will be shared by Malthouse. It is thought that the work on the College will be finished in the Summer 2018.

May 2017 Industry News

Backing for Garden Bridge withdrawn Mayor of London withdraws his support Heatherwick Studio’s controversial plan to build a Garden Bridge across the Thames in London covered in trees and shrubs has lost the support of the Mayor of London. Following a meeting between the Garden Bridge Trust and London City Hall Sadiq Khan has written to the Trust saying he cannot provide the financial guarantee needed for planning permission to be granted. Khan said he was taking the decision because of a continuing shortfall in fundraising for the scheme. According to the BBC, a review of the project said £37.4m had been spent and it would cost taxpayers £46.4m even if it was cancelled. The news marks the end of a long-running battle to get the bridge built. The project was championed by Joanna Lumley, Boris Johnson and George Osborne and drew anger from critics who saw it as a symbolic indulgence.

Dame Margaret Hodge carried out the review into whether the Garden Bridge offered taxpayers value for money. Initially ÂŁ60m of public money was pledged on planning for the bridge and Hodge concluded that the project should be scrapped. Transport for London (TfL) pledged ÂŁ30m, but ÂŁ20m of that was to be a loan, and the rest was from central government. In his letter the London mayor stated: “The conclusion I have reached is that Dame Margaret was right to conclude that the project progressing would expose the London taxpayer to additional financial risk, both with regard to the bridge’s construction and its maintenance. “I have been clear that this should not be allowed to happen. Accordingly, the GLA (Greater London Authority) is unable to provide Mayoral guarantees for this project.

“I regret that the significant expenditure of public funds and effort from both public bodies and the Garden Bridge Trust has not led to a situation where I can provide the guarantees requested.� Mr Khan said the pledged funds the trust had detailed at the meeting on 20 April were lower than two years earlier “suggesting support for the project is not robust enough to generate the required funds.� Less than half the required private funds had so far been raised, he said. The proposal for a garden suspended across the Thames, featuring 270 trees and thousands of other plants, was originally devised by Lumley and won support from Johnson and thenchancellor Osborne. The Garden Bridge Trust has the option of seeking to amend the various planning permissions to permit work to begin without the public funding guarantees, but this would appear extremely unlikely.





Industry News May 2017

Naked house, London, United Kingdom 22 no thrills homes that are planned for London could form a solution to London’s housing crisis but the residents must add a lot to achieve a finished home British Studio OMMX has won a competition to design 22 affordable homes across three constrained sites in London for the not-for-profit housebuilder Naked House, with the backing of the Mayor of London. The proposal was worked up in collaboration with Ritchie + Daffin (Building Services Engineers) and Price and Myers (Structural Engineers). The design for Naked House lacks flooring, plasterwork and a bathroom, while the kitchen only has a sink. It is up to the residents to add to the homes to bring them up to spec. The new homes are likely to sell for 40% less than standard new builds, which could mean £380,000 below the average for London. Each dwelling has a very minimal fit-out but is loaded with potential and constructed from robust, cheap, DIY and Design & Build friendly materials. In their naked state, the houses are completely open plan and fitted with a minimal number of appliances and fittings. The living room is double height, with a generous mezzanine level for a bed. The bathroom is in the centre of the plan, with the kitchen to the rear, looking onto a private garden. Both apartments are located at the end of the development and share a similar layout. The ground floor flat is accessed directly from the mews, whilst the 1st floor apartment is accessed via a roof terrace. The living and bedroom spaces are on either side of the services core and are interchangeable. The houses anticipate and encourage future adaptation. When excavating the site by half a storey, a new concrete slab and foundations have been cast throughout, including under the gardens and new retaining wall. The gardens themselves have been sized to fulfil the criteria for a generously proportioned interior room, as specified by the London Housing Design Guide. All the dwellings have been designed for both naked and fully adapted states to ensure that they work equally well. They are all dual aspect, well lit, well ventilated and spacious. They all comply with or exceed the London Housing Design Guide, notably in relation to minimum room dimensions and lifetime homes (e.g. wheelchair access and inclusion of a substantial ground floor bathroom). Furthermore, because the houses are only two storeys tall, they do not need partition walls or enclosed lobbies and can be fully open plan, further reducing build costs. In their naked state, the houses represent a generous and financially accessible 50sqm open plan dwelling. In their fully adapted state, each house can achieve 87sqm, a three bed four person two storey home, according to, and compliant with, the London Housing Design Guide.


The corner windows are a unique contemporary reworking of the projecting bay window. They operate in a similar way to the bay window, affording two neighbours a tiny glimpse into each other’s lives, in addition to broadening the view onto the mews and fragmenting the perceived mass of the proposal, by literally eroding the corners. The new garden walls separating the proposed dwellings are built at half height. This not only saves on cost, but also encourages neighbourliness and gives the perception of a much grander garden to the rear of the dwellings in their naked state. Rainwater collects in the valleys separating the roofs and is channelled towards a large spout which kicks out the water from the building facade forming an impressive water feature, a gargoyle of sorts.

a roof and insulate within to enclose a new well-proportioned room. As the enclosing wall has already been built, a party wall agreement with the neighbours is already in place for the extension, making it a much simpler process for the resident.


Finally, the weather barrier of the roof sits above the structure to enable the resident to easily replace the solid panels with glazed panels, should they want additional light.

The Naked House is designed to facilitate simple adaption by the residents. In its ‘naked’ state, 50 sq m of open plan dwelling is initially provided to each resident. However, the floor area of the house can be easily expanded in two ways: through a rear extension and by infilling the double height space within the envelope. The foundations have been laid so that a rear extension can make use of the new full height garden wall sitting astride the site boundary. This means that the resident need only construct

If a resident wants more room without extending the envelope of the building, they can build out from the mezzanine provided to form a two storey house. To make this process as simple and accessible as possible, an internal concrete shelf protrudes from the blockwork walls around the perimeter. Residents can then easily support timber joists (and their desired floor buildup) from this shelf to form a new floor. The stair is located centrally within the plan to allow easy access to rooms either side of the house.

In other words, the Naked House expands upon the common rear extension and loft conversion as an existing framework that people understand and feel comfortable with. It provides a very affordable entry level shell, which is generously proportioned and loaded with potential. The hard work is done by the contractor, and provides the resident with a blank canvas to tailor into their ideal home.

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May 2017

UFAC at 20 Soho to Improve User AET Flexible Space has recently completed the supply and commissioning of underfloor air conditioning equipment at 20 Soho Square in London’s West End. The 6000 m2 neo-classical building has a stunning Portland stone façade; the most prominent in Soho Square and the iconic colonnade extends across the ground and first floors. AET has supplied a total of twenty five CAM-C (DX) downflow units along with associated Daikin heat pumps and around 360 TU4-EC fan terminals; with the underfloor system installed throughout most of the building’s seven floors. 10

The recent refurbishment was a speculative re-development, however the property achieved notoriety in Q1 2016 by being rated the fourth biggest property transaction by size when Palantir Technologies UK Ltd acquired the whole 64,606 ft2 on a ten year lease at an average rent of £74 per ft2. The incoming tenant has opted to finalise the fit out of the interior finish. With underfloor systems, the whole plenum under the building’s raised access floor becomes the duct, or ventilation zone and each

May 2017

Square on Track Wellbeing floor is divided into separate zones; ideal for multi-tenancy occupation or corporate division. Each of these zones is supplied with fully conditioned (chilled or warmed) air, which is fed into the plenum by the zonal downflow units (CAM), and then supplied into the workspace via Fan Terminal Units (Fantile). The Fantile units feature integrated controllers where users can personally adjust fan speed and temperature to suit their own comfort; which can have a positive impact on user wellbeing. Systems can be


May 2017

configured with underfloor or high level return and can easily integrate with passive or other ventilation systems. Working with architect Buckley Gray Yeoman and consultant Hurley Palmer Flatt, the system specified at 20 Soho Square is a CAM-C Direct Expansion system. The under floor void is split into supply and return air plena using easily relocatable, airtight baffle and air travels back to the CAM for re-conditioning via the return plena. The Fantiles supplied are standard TU4 fan terminals with EC motors for enhanced energy efficiency, fitting neatly into the 270mm floor void. These can be easily re-positioned to suit individual tenant needs for heating


or cooling, or when the interior layout may require change. Instead of a rooftop chiller providing chilled water, the building uses Daikin heat pumps to maximise space in the shallow roof space above the top floor. The system is installed throughout the seven storey building with the exception of the ground floor and the seventh floor extension. This historical building dates back to the 1800’s; initially housing musical instrument makers, D’Almain and Company. Soup makers Cross and Blackwell were based there from 1858, expanding into the premises from no. 21 next door. In 1924-6, the original building was demolished and rebuilt by Cross and Blackwell as their

headquarters building. In 2002, the owner developer increased the building’s gross floor area by 16% by adding a new top floor on the roof of the existing rear extension. At the same time, the office space was upgraded to full British Council for Offices (BCO) specification, including raised flooring and low energy displacement ventilation. The latest refurbishment of the building has squeezed a few more inches of usable space and further modernised the services; removing the majority of the displacement ventilation system and incorporating direct expansion underfloor air conditioning by AET Flexible Space. For more information visit their



0030% Ours use this much space in the floor

10%in build costs

Save up to


Flexible Space

Under Floor Air Conditioning Less waste. A better space. +44 (0)1342 310400

News May 2017

What’s New at Aluprof Key to success for any business today is the ability to be flexible and meet customers changing requirements, this is particularly relevant in the rapidly moving UK construction industry. Over the last few years Aluprof have grown significantly in UK by meeting this need whilst completing all the necessary standards and regulations.


luprof’s extensive stock of complete systems are based in Poland, where various powder coating and anodising lines quickly coat to Qualicoat or Qualinod standards. Once finished, profiles are thermally broken and insulated with the latest of materials including aerogel, one of the most insulative materials known for use in thermal fenestration design. With Aluprof’s advanced logistics, despatch, direct to the UK fabricator, takes an average of just 24 hours, door to door. Furthermore, add to this an option of an in-house fabrication service, and it is understandable why many UK fabrication and installation companies are quoting Aluprof systems. One of the latest developments at Aluprof is the groups recent acquisition of a hardware company; making Aluprof just one of only a handful of systems suppliers worldwide, who can now develop enhanced hardware for a range of standard and bespoke systems. Wojciech Brozyna, Managing Director of Aluprof UK, comments, “It is the needs of today’s project designers that has driven Aluprof to meet the demand for bespoke system solutions. Increasingly we are being specified on numerous projects, often with some


of the most well known brands across the globe. In 2016 alone, we designed and cut over one thousand new profiles to meet our customer’s needs.” With a two fold increase in visitors over the last couple of years to Aluprof’s head office and production facility in the picturesque town of BielskoBiała in Poland, the company has recently completed a new showroom which ensures visitors can experience the wide range of systems the company now offers. It should come as no surprise that Aluprof systems are

increasingly being specified on a wide range of residential and commercial projects across the UK. All systems are designed and installed by selected, specially trained companies to ensure each product meets the Aluprof exacting standards. Further information is available on the company website at and specialist advice is available directly from Aluprof UK offices on 0161 941 4005.


17 & 18 May 2017 Alexandra Palace, London

Showcasing new technologies and best practice for over 23 years THE BEST PLACE TO FIND: The largest dedicated installer series in the UK Over 100 exhibitors from both the domestic & commercial sectors Free seminars & training Latest products & innovations Expert installation advice Show offers and discounts


PLACE TODAY! Some of the leading manufacturers involved:

May 2017 Cover Story

Welcome to a new source of information Leading manufacturer, Mitsubishi Electric has launched a new website for anyone involved in energy use in the built environment. is a blog site with comment and opinion on useful topics that is designed to provide relevant content for construction professionals. “We are aiming for this to be far more than just another manufacturer’s site,” explains Russell Jones, PR and Content Manager for the Hatfieldbased company. “The Hub will look at legislation, technology and the issues affecting the buildings as well as provide useful links to help visitors understand where they can get further information.”

The site contains posts from leading industry editors as well as Mitsubishi Electric’s own experts and focuses on a range of subjects that will appeal to corporations, consultants and installers, as well as consumers in general. “There is a lot going on at the moment with regards to saving energy within our built environment and it can be difficult to keep track of everything,” adds Jones. “The Hub will provide one searchable site that will build into a useful resource over time.” The site is smartphone and tablet friendly so that it can be viewed on the go, and also contains an advanced search facility to make finding relevant articles easy and straightforward. Visitors can also sign up to receive a monthly email newsletter, highlighting pertinent subjects and the blog site is optimised so that articles can be easily shared on all major social media platforms. Visit the new website here.


Heating & Ventilation May 2017



ndrea Leadsom, MP for South Northamptonshire and Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs was a VIP visitor to the headquarters of Johnson & Starley on March 24, 2017. The company is a UK market leader in heating and ventilation technology for the local authority, social housing and private residential markets and Managing Director Chris Yates hosted a visit that demonstrated the company’s commitment to environmentally product development and marketing initiatives. Johnson & Starley is a member of the BEAMA Ventilation Group that promotes the importance of indoor air quality and the need for efficient ventilation in new and existing properties. During the visit, the roles of BEAMA and the government in underlining the concept of indoor air quality and providing financial incentives for the installation of effective ventilation in existing homes were major topics of positive discussion. A tour of the company’s facilities on Brackmills Industrial Estate in Northampton, where some 85 local people are employed. Chris Yates commented; “We were delighted to welcome such an important figure as Andrea to our company. Sharing many of the same


environmental values and commitments, we were pleased to demonstrate how far we have come as a company since our establishment nearly 100 years ago and our role as an important local employer with a very positive future.” Andrea Leadsom commented; “I was delighted to visit Johnson & Starley and have the opportunity to hear their views, as well as those of the wider industry, on the importance of indoor air quality.” Contact Johnson & Starley, Rhosili Road, Brackmills, Northampton, NN4 7LZ, Tel: +44 (0) 1604 762881, Fax: +44 (0) 1604 767408, Email: Website:

QuanTec HR28C Possibly the most efficient boiler.

QuanTec HR28C is not only the most reliable boiler on the market* but also the smallest boiler available with integral passive flue gas heat recovery. Designed with reliability, performance, outstanding efficiency and long term value for money, all QuanTec models from Johnson & Starley include stainless steel heat exchangers and ‘cool door’ technology. Also available in LPG Model.

Quality And Technology ‘QuanTec’. *2016 Independent survey of Boiler makes

For more information Call Us on 01604 762881

May 2017

A CLEAR REFLECTION WITH demista™ Ad 93mm X 121mm



Page 1

Though many of us may prefer a fuzzy vision of ourselves first thing in the morning, having a mist free mirror must surely be an advantage for shaving, applying make up or styling hair. Once a demista™ heated mirror pad is installed, you will always have a clear view, no matter how steamed up the bathroom may be. The pads are available in a variety of sizes, and should your mirror be exceptionally large, they can be fitted in multiples to cover the entire area. Bespoke sizes are also available. Once fitted it requires no maintenance. Easy to install demista™ is the original and innovative heated mirror pad, introduced over 23 years ago, with proven standards of reliability, whilst providing an immediate local back up service. This is why demista™ is the first choice for both domestic and contract bathrooms, for both new build and refurbishment projects , in the UK and abroad. Tel: 01932866600 Email: Web:


Made in UK

Internationally Approved • Low Energy Consumption 100% Efficient & Maintenance Free Various Sizes & Voltages • Bespoke To Order



A division of Aztec (Europe) Ltd

Queensway Industrial Estate Glenrothes, Fife KY7 5QF

TEL: +44 (0)1932 866600 2 FAX: +44 (0)1932 866688 2 E.

May 2017 Heating & Ventilation

Hitachi’s VRF with CS Net system control prevents annoying cold draughts Available across the entire Set Free VRF range managed with CS Net control systems, Hitachi Air Conditioning’s innovative cold draught prevention has been improving the working conditions and productivity of staff wherever it’s installed, and reducing customer complaints and call outs for engineers. In standard VRF systems the control is only on the Return Air Temperature, so when the heat load demand is low the discharge air temperature could be reduced, sometimes below a comfortable level, creating a cold draught. Staff will invariably adjust the room thermostat to increase the room air temperature to compensate, leading to an increase of discomfort effects and with a possible consequent increase in energy usage and end-user energy costs.

Central control Hitachi’s innovative CS Net central controller with off coil protection works in conjunction with its System Free indoor units which each have an Air On Thermistor, Air Off Thermistor, Liquid Thermistor, Gas Thermistor and Electronic Expansion Valve. Via CS Net Systems it is possible to set a minimum Air Off temperature in cooling mode for the indoor units to avoid cold draughts when the discharge air temperature is below the desired one, resetting the unit to Thermo-On once it’s back inside the comfort range.

First to market Hitachi was the first manufacturer to provide off coil temperature control as standard, and with a wide range of System Free indoor unit and heat exchanger combinations available with nominal capacities - which could be as low as 0.6HP (1.7kW) and up to 130% connection ratio (to outdoor capacity) - there is an appropriate combination for any Hitachi Set Free VRF installation. In addition, Hitachi’s Technical Sales team can help customers specify and design a system, or the HiToolKit software along with an effective Schedule tool can be used to plan, select and design a complete VRF system in just a few minutes.

“Using the CS Net system with our Set Free VRF prevents the risk of cold draughts in offices and increases staff comfort and productivity,” commented Pier Giorgio Cesaratto, UK Product Marketing Manager, Hitachi Air Conditioning Europe SAS. “And it could help save end users money as energy costs can finally be reduced. Furthermore Hitachi is very keen to provide customers with full support when sizing systems. We believe the combination of Set Free VRF, System Free indoor units and our innovative CS Net systems sets a new industry benchmark for controlling and preventing cold draughts in a range of applications including offices and shops.” For more information about the Johnson Controls – Hitachi Air Conditioning Set Free VRF range with comfort protection function as standard, contact Hitachi Direct Sales on 020 3901 0912 or the extensive Hitachi distributor network.


Bathrooms May 2017

Top Tips for Efficient Toilet Facilities Provision There are legal and Regulatory obligations to provide appropriate toilets in buildings to which the public have access. But often, installation takes longer than necessary - costing time and money - just because the process has not been thought through and co-ordinated. To help specifiers and contractors deliver a smooth project, a new “top tips” guidance document is now available, specifically for ‘away from home’ accessible toilets with bench and hoist- Changing Places and Space to Change facilities. Produced by Clos-o-Mat, the document draws on the company’s first-hand experience as Britain’s #1 provider of away from home assistive, accessible toilets.


The quick-reference, two page guide covers key points, ranging from provision of drainage, water, electricity, through to ensuring the structure is appropriately load-bearing. It further incorporates a useful schematic, identifying what equipment should be included, and where positioned, primarily for a Changing Places toilet- a wheelchair-accessible facility that features a ceiling track hoist and heightadjustable changing bench.

“We’ve produced the Guide as a useful reference tool, to help architects, contractors deliver an efficient project in a timely fashion. Organising installation of kit, for the contractor to get to site and be unable to proceed because of poor planning, wastes time, money and delays completion. That annoys everyone involved! Yet with a little thought, it could be easily avoided,” explains Kelvin Grimes, Clos-o-Mat away from home project manager. It is available for free, from Clos-o-Mat’s website under the downloads button. White papers and additional technical support on the specification of away from home assistive accessible toilets- including Changing Places and Space to Change facilities- are provided under the same tab. Contact Clos-o-Mat

0161 969 1199




Novellini UK offers a full range of shower products including bespoke shower enclosures, wetrooms, steam rooms and much more, why not visit our website for more details.

Kitchens May 2017

Neolith - An Extraordinary Surface Neolith is one of the largest sintered compact surfaces, and belongs to a new and revolutionary product category born in the last decade with the aim of providing an innovative response to the most demanding architectural and design demands.


he sintering technology that TheSize has developed to create Neolith uses a combination of extreme high-pressure and temperature, giving birth to a surface with unique technical features. These include high resistance to scratches and abrasions, stains and hightemperatures, as well as colours that do no change with exposure to UV rays. Neolith’s exceptional durability and aesthetic appeal therefore makes it the perfect solution for kitchen and bathroom surfaces, wall cladding, floor tiles and façades. The modern UV-resistant colour palette ensures that designers can achieve the look they want, whether indoors or outdoors. 100% eco-friendly, Neolith uses natural materials and technologies that respect the environment. This is supported by a 10-year certified guarantee for kitchen countertops. Neolith can now be viewed at the QFD showroom at the Business Design Centre in Islington. QFD stocks a large range of surface finishes in a size of 3200 x 1500mm, in 12 and 6mm thicknesses that include solid colours and stimulating designs. T 020 3457 4949 W Neolith from TheSize – distributed in the UK by QF Distribution – brings with it new and interesting possibilities for surface design.


February 2017 Surface Design




May 2017

According to the National Custom and Self Build Association (NaCSBA), 14,000 homes will be built across the UK in the next year. For those considering this route, the annual Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show, sponsored for the first time by Everest Home Improvements, is marking its anticipated return to Sandown Park, from 1-2 July 2017, with hands-on tips to help consumers succeed in their property ventures. Across two full days, visitors can speak to over 220 exhibitors and access more than 500+ advice sessions, 20+ free masterclasses on essential topics which can tackle any problem, from implementing the latest intelligent security systems to funding a remodelling project.

Six resident property specialists will be on hand to help people with all building and renovating queries and leading companies will be exhibiting their latest ranges of services and products from an array of industries including architecture; design; financial

Gain Inspiration and Next Building Project a


topics; kitchens; bathrooms; doors and windows; lighting; heating; ventilation; planning permission and much more. The show venue will become a useful platform for all consumers who are facing similar challenges throughout all stages of their projects, as they can soak up advice and guidance and take inspiration from successful case studies.

Make Your Triumph Everest Home Improvements, a brand with over 50 years’ experience in fitting doors and double glazed windows, will be at stand O20 at the Southern event, after a successful exhibition at The National Homebuilding & Renovating Show in March. The company has helped over two million people enjoy warmer, safer and quieter homes, and will provide the same useful guidance at its stand. Oakwrights Design Consultation Service, which combines traditional materials with contemporary ones that can add a distinctive touch to any home, will be offering free 20-minute consultations to those who are interested in discovering more about its bespoke oak framing and encapsulation service. It will provide insight around using oak materials and best practice, blending traditional skills with innovative technology. The Advice Centre is a hub for oneon-one impartial guidance and this year self-builders can run their ideas past property specialists with years

at The Southern Homebuilding & Renovating Show - Surrey, Sandown Park, 1-2 July 2017

of experience in this field. In this zone, visitors can head to the Ask the Builder area and meet an expert for advice on their renovation project. All members of the Federation of Master Builders are vetted and inspected on joining to give visitors the confidence when looking for a builder. Visitors can also come along to the Ask the Architect area where they will receive first-hand knowledge and expertise from reputable members from the Royal Institute of British Architects (RIBA), who will be able to advise on how to tackle building challenges and take plans from start to finish. To take on the issue of obtaining planning permission, Sally Tagg and her team of experts will be at the Planning Clinic to consult on how to make an application and jump through all the hoops in the process to those with a building or renovating project in mind. The Foxley Tagg specialists will update visitors on the latest rules, regulations and caveats to be aware of, saving self-builders time and money.

Visitors who are interested in 15-minute consultations with some of the UK’s pre-eminent property specialists, should head to the Advice Centre, which also features the Ask the Expert zone. Attendees will be able to discuss their building ideas with: Michael Holmes (director of content and product development for Homebuilding & Renovating magazine); Jason Orme (editorial director of Homebuilding & Renovating magazine); Tim Pullen (eco-expert of Homebuilding & Renovating magazine); Bob Branscombe (building expert of Homebuilding & Renovating magazine); Chris Reeves (Homebuilding & Renovating magazine’s legal expert and a chartered builder and lawyer) and Sally Tagg (an expert on planning permission). Standard show tickets are £8 in advance or £12 on the door (children under 16 go free). For further information visit this link or call the ticket hotline on 0871 230 1086 (calls cost 13p per minute plus network extras).


Passive fire protection products for electrical and plumbing services Products to meet 17th edition IET Wiring Regulations, Document B & E of Building Regulations


DENSITY: 240 KG/M³ WITH MASTIC UNIQUE INTERWOVEN DESIGN - EASY TO CUT, BUT WON’T BREAK APART A high density rockwool slab with an intumescent coating on both main faces. These slabs are suitable for use as a permanent fire barrier in non-load bearing walls, floors and ceilings, or around services. Advantages – Due to its high density, it can be used for large openings in floors, walls and ceilings – Offers effective acoustic protection by impeding sound transfer through the centre of the structure and across its surface – Ideal for use under raised flooring as a firebreak, providing 1-4 hours fire protection

Performance Tested to BS476 Part 22 (1987), achieving integrity of 240 minutes. Tested to European Standard EN1366-3:2009 and EN 135012:2007.

Offers effective acoustic protection by impeding sound transfer through the centre of the structure and across its surface


We’re proud members of:

T +44 (0) 1304 842 555 F +44 (0) 1304 842 666 | MEMBER 2016

Floors, Walls & Doors May 2017

Seminars at The Flooring Show The Flooring Show in Harrogate is once again partnering up with a selection of speakers to bring a full Seminar Programme to industry attendees throughout the three day exhibition. From 17th to the 19th September, the seminars will take place in the King’s Suite of the exhibition halls, alongside window displays, Wools of New Zealand, Carpet Fitter of the Year competition & the Business Advice Centre. Set in its own room off the King’s Suite walkway; the seminars are free of charge to attend to all visitors and exhibitors, and promise to offer invaluable advice for all areas of the flooring industry.


So far, there are eight different speakers preparing their talks for The Show; ranging from product pricing with David Abbott to reducing waste through floor measuring and room layouts with RFMS, this years Seminar Programme is the strongest to date.

Complementing the packed Seminar schedule, the first ever Panel Discussion will be running in the 2pm Seminar slot on Sunday 17th September. To be chaired by Martin Curtis of Wool Carpet Focus Group, the Discussion will focus on why consumers should choose wool carpet; discussing the positives and negatives in a live, interactive debate that you will not want to miss! The keynote speaker of The Flooring Shows seminars is Warren Knight, a Social Media Strategist who’ll advise visitors on ‘How to Win New Business with Social Media’. In this thought provoking seminar you’ll learn how to turn visitors into prospects and win new business. Warren will walk you through his proven, step-by-step, social media roadmap to achieve the end goal of generating brand awareness and increasing sales. Learn how to connect with your customers and win new contract work by creating relevant content and turn your business into a successful, socially-savvy business. Returning to The Flooring Show along with the Seminars, are the other popular Show Features: the Business Advice Centre, Demo Zones, the Trends Hub, Carpet Fitter of the Year Competition and the brand new Contract Zone. With these free to attend features running alongside five exhibition halls filled with industry leading brands, The Flooring Show 2017 is set to be the most popular to date! Register now via to attend & see the up to date Seminar Programme. Keep up to date with all the announcements for this years show as they happen, by following The Flooring Show Facebook and Twitter, we’ve got you covered.

May 2017 Floors, Walls & Doors

Armstrong’s Omega contractors’ competition proves a knock-out Ceiling installers take to the boxing ring to prove their mettle

Coyle Suspended ceilings (foreground) battle out the final with New Forest Ceilings.

It was gloves off when 16 members of Armstrong Ceiling Solutions’ national network of Omega contractors were treated to a sneak preview of a new product.

how seriously our Omega members took the event on the day, not just in terms of finishing the installation quickly but finishing it well.”

Teams of two from each contractor went head to head with another pair of fitters in an all-singing, all-dancing Grid-Off competition to install the soon-to-be-launched TLS grid and Ultima+ board tile system in a 7.2m2 rig erected in a “boxing ring” at the NEC.

The eight rounds, to commentary by boxing pundit Steve Bunce, saw the two fastest times through to a grand final during which Coyle Suspended Ceilings, all the way from Northern Ireland, emerged the winners and New Forest Ceilings runners-up.

Organiser Isabel Blanco, Armstrong’s marketing and sales coordinator for the UK, Ireland and Southern Africa, said: “We were inundated with interest for this competition and that was reflected in

Coyle fitters Kevin Coyle and Tom Goodfellow installed their final ceiling in 05:22:22 and New Forest brothers Jai and Carlo Kilford clocked up 06:36:16 to win some seriously sought-after prizes.

Kevin Coyle (left) and Tom Goodfellow with their prizes.

The audience was also treated to a pair of “Armstrong Amateurs” taking on the challenge, with technical sales manager John Spicer and Ian Young, who runs Armstrong’s installation school in Gateshead, installing their ceiling, with a little help, in 08:00:71. The Coyle pair each won an Omega Seamaster Aqua Terra James Bond limited edition watch while the New Forest brothers won four tickets to watch Anthony Joshua fight Wladimir Klitschko for the WBO super heavyweight world championship at Wembley on April 29th.


Floors, Walls & Doors May 2017

Case Study – Shelbourne Care Home Shelbourne looks at ways of keeping noise and disruption to a minimum to avoid disturbing residents when the time comes to refurbish a room. In two recent cases the incoming resident required a fitted carpet to be installed where the original flooring was a smooth vinyl. By using Sigan®, Shelbourne were able to install the carpet directly to the original vinyl flooring without the need to renovate the floor. If the next resident requests either a different carpet or a return to vinyl, the carpet can simply be uplifted and replaced with the minimum of fuss.

With SwitchTec® by UZIN it is now possible to renovate floors without causing unnecessary disturbances or closing premises. Floor coverings can be replaced quickly, quietly and cleanly, then years later can be removed without leaving any residues. The tape adhesives enables floor coverings to be replaced almost anywhere from shops, offices to hospitals and care homes.

“We are very impressed with Sigan® because it provided a quick and easy solution to the room refurbishments, whilst minimising the disturbance for residents. The fact that it allowed the rooms to be renovated in a clean and tidy manner was also a great advantage, benefiting both our staff and our residents. We would definitely use the Sigan® again.” Maureen Shields, Facilities & Operations Manager | Shelbourne Care Home

Quick, clean renovations without closures.


nsuring that floors always look good means replacing them on a regular basis. Decsion makers hesitate to take this step, since it usually involves either reducing working hours or closing premises during refurbishment. UZIN solves these problems with its SwitchTec® range of adhesives. SwitchTec® offers a solution that meets the needs of customers and is designed to be used discretely so that normal working conditions are not disrupted during installation. New floor coverings are ready for foot traffic immediately and all areas are available for use without interruption. What is SwitchTec®? SwitchTec® is a range of selfadhesive tapes which are wound onto rolls. All SwitchTec® products provide an alternative to wet


adhesives or loose lay systems when installing floor coverings or skirting. Sigan® is one range of products from switchTec® whereby a variety of floor coverings such PVC, luxury vinyl tiles and carpets can be fitted onto subfloors or existing floor coverings. A new floor covering can easily be applied onto an existing floor covering (or subfloor) without having to remove the old covering. This not only avoids the normal disturbances caused when renovating, but also saves time and money. The new floor covering can then be used and walked upon immediately. When the covering applied becomes worn after years of use, it can be removed quickly and easily, without leaving any adhesive residues. For more information please visit


• Quick, clean and easy installation. • Businesses remain operational because of minimal disturbance and immediate use once installed. • Saves time and money. • Easy replacement of future flooring coverings. • 5 year guarantee to leave no residues when removed. • Durable and extremely reliable due to rigorous testing. • Free advice and site recommendations. • Solvent free and low emission.

Visit for more information.


Floors, Walls & Doors May 2017

Johnstone’s Trade Launches New Premium Matt Emulsion:

CLEANABLE MATT Johnstone’s Trade has launched its new Cleanable Matt – an emulsion paint created to offer an extremely durable wall cover solution for high-traffic areas that require frequent cleaning and are prone to common stains.

Designed with advanced stain-resistant technology, the product prevents stains from setting into the paint film, meaning the painted walls can be easily cleaned with warm, soapy water. Achieving ISO 11998 class 1 scrub rating, more stubborn stains can also be tackled with standard household cleaner*, returning the surface to its original, premium matt finish. The product is ideal for use in commercial, healthcare and education environments, alongside domestic locations that receive high footfall. For commercial environments, the product helps extend maintenance cycles as walls can be cleaned on a frequent basis without affecting the finish, removing the need for a regular re-paint. For domestic settings, Cleanable Matt ensures a long lasting finish that looks newer for longer. Quick drying and low odour as standard, the coating is perfect for high-traffic areas including kitchens, stairways and corridors. Richard Mazurkiewicz, Marketing Manager at Johnstone’s Trade, commented: “We’re committed to constantly improving our products and bringing new technology to the market. Therefore we’ve created Cleanable Matt to offer a solution that helps combat challenges affecting surfaces in busy, high use areas.” “Whether it’s an active commercial setting cleaned daily or a domestic property prone to dayto-day marking, the coating ensures a premium matt finish that lasts for longer.”

For more information on the new Johnstone’s Trade Cleanable Matt, visit:

34 * The instructions and directions for use of cleaning products should always be checked

The product can be easily applied by spray, brush or roller, and is now available in over 16,000 colours.

Floors, Walls & Doors May 2017

NEW OFFICES: Saracen Arrives in Manchester’s Media City Leading workplace consultant, Saracen Interiors has committed to growing its business in the North West with the announcement that it has opened an office in one of Manchester’s most vibrant and dynamic, mixed use spaces, Media City. Initially a South East concern, Saracen has made an impact across the whole of the UK in the last decade. In recent years it has concentrated its efforts in the North, with big contract wins in Yorkshire, including its recent project for Sirius Minerals Plc at the iconic, former Scarborough Building Society building in Scarborough. The team has been building on established links to secure contracts in the North West and is now keen to develop further relationships in the region and to become a fixture on the commercial property scene. Director of Saracen Interiors, Michael Page explains: “The Manchester property market is thriving at the moment with good quality stock and a strong demand from businesses for office space. “We are keen to capitalise on the period of strong growth and progression that we, as a company, are enjoying and to create a strong profile for ourselves in the North. Manchester and the North West provide the ideal base as both the City and the region are undergoing an economic expansion and should continue to attract major investment that will result in continued development activity. We’re looking forward and there are are exciting times ahead - for Manchester and for Saracen - so it really is the best place for us to be.”


Saracen has grown steadily over the past 20 years, making its mark in the regional fit out arena and latterly securing a reputation for design expertise as well as an in-depth knowledge of all aspects of the commercial property market. The company has been previously shortlisted for the Northern Design Awards in the Commercial Interior Design Practice and the Innovative Design categories for its work in Yorkshire. However, the best acknowledgement of its success can be found in the strong relations it has formed with its clients. Recent clients include Debentures, Wimbledon, Newsquest, Sirius Minerals, Coca-Cola Enterprises, Ikon Science, Motofix, Tata Communications, WYG, Audatex, TE Connectivity, Loma Systems, Gray’s Inn Chambers, Libra Group, Creature of London, Grip Media, Aspect Property Group, Flight Safety, CH2M, Countrywide PLC, Knight Frank, Mitie Engineering, Pizza Hut, Redrow, Soccer World, Thames Water, Toshiba, Trident Trust, Viatel, BAE Systems, Sue Ryder Care, Sandhurst School, North Surrey Primary Care Trust, Royal Berkshire and Battle Hospital NHS Trust. For further information, visit

May 2017 Floors, Walls & Doors

Axim: The UK’s No: 1 Supplier of Concealed Overhead Transom Closers for 30 years. Axim Architectural Hardware are celebrating their 30 year anniversary in 2017 and are delighted to have reached this milestone. Axim Architectural Hardware is a division of TPG (The Parkside Group Ltd) and was formed originally in1987 at Godstone, Surrey. Axim designs and supplies a comprehensive instock range of Transom Closers, Panic Exit Devices, Electric Strikes, Deadlatches, Surface Mounted Door Closers, Floor Springs, Flush Bolts, Letter Plates, Locks and Handles through a Pan-European distributor supply chain. Renowned for their technical expertise and exceptional customer service, they pride themselves on their competitive pricing and excellent stock holding and are the UK’s No:1 supplier of Concealed Overhead Transom Closers. Axim’s achievements over the last 30 years have been made possible by the hard work and dedication of its team and through the continued support and loyalty of their customers, some of which have been with Axim since 1987. These testimonials demonstrate how Axim’s customers value it’s service, technical support and product offer. “What can I say against Axim! Other than you and your staff are exceptionally knowledgeable when it comes to technical information about your products. Nothing is ever a problem nor too much trouble to sort out. It’s a real pleasure having Axim on our approved suppliers list.” - Craig Turner (Purchasing Manager) Senior Architectural Systems “Happy 30th Birthday – what a great milestone. I am proud to say that I have known and used Axim as my supplier for door hardware for what is now in excess of 25 Years. I have always, without exception received a good and reliable service with timing and quality meeting my expectations. I would not hesitate

to recommend the Axim product range to anyone in the industry.” Mike Yerrell (Director)Aluminium & Glass Facades Ltd “We would like to congratulate Axim on celebrating the landmark achievement of 30 years in business. Trade Counters, DoorSpares4U, Aluspec and Security Closures acts as the largest distributor of Axim products in the UK and benefits from a very reliable and dependable service delivery programme that supports this distribution from our outlets across the country. We look forward to continuing our strong relationship with Axim for the next 30 years and beyond.” - Trade Counters (Dorma)/Door Spares 4U/Aluspec/Security Closures “We have dealt with Axim for 13 years and they are one of the best companies we work with. It is not always easy to find a company that combines a personal touch with a first class service. I have personally dealt with Axim for 25 years and I like to work with companies that offer me an excellent service, with excellent products that cause me as little problems as possible, of which, Axim is top of the list. Here’s to the next 30 years!” - Tony Pace - Trios Property Ltd

As part of TPG, a privately owned British company, Axim can quickly create new solutions to meet client, specifier and installer demands. Axim supplies most major European aluminium systems houses with its product solutions. The Axim brand offers quality, longevity and reliability with a solution for every client’s requirements. All Axim products are available ex-stock from its Head Office located in Surrey, UK, to meet Just-in-Time production schedules. It has a network of key distributors who can cater for installation, maintenance and over the counter trade customers. Axim is the name for door hardware for commercial aluminium door sets, creating a single source, branded solution; end users have a single point of contact for all guarantees, test certificates, as well as installation and maintenance for all their door hardware available. Visit To meet the ever changing demands of the hardware market and specifier requirements Axim recently launched a market leading ES2100 Electric Strike and LK-2100 Reversible Handed Deadlatch product range. A reduction in installation time and maintenance ensures a reduction in costs for fabricators and installers and is suitable for the most demanding commercial environments. Axim is a member of The Council for Aluminium in Building and The Guild of Architectural Ironmongers. Membership and association with these bodies provides reassurance that all Axim products conform to latest building regulations and trade association guidelines. 020 8685 9685


News May 2017

ERA COMES OUT TOP FOR CHILD SAFETY For those with small children, a window restrictor is an essential safety device. However, retailers may be surprised to learn that there is currently only one product on the UK market which complies with the strictest child safety standards. The Safety Locking Cable Restrictor, from home security specialist ERA, is the only window restrictor to pass all British Standards, including tests to Grade 3 impact resistance of BSEN13126-5. ERA’s distribution marketing manager, Tania Tams explains, ‘Claiming ‘child safety’ on any product is a huge responsibility and products which do not meet current requirements can pose a real risk, not only to the end consumer but also to the manufacturer and to the retailer through which the product is sold. The ERA Safety Locking Cable Restrictor has been thoroughly tested to satisfy even the highest product standards and far surpasses any other window restrictor on the market when it comes to child safety compliance.’


Suitable for both domestic and commercial use, the Safety Locking Cable Restrictor has been designed for universal use on all windows and balcony doors including timber, aluminium and PVCu. Ergonomically designed for easy operation, this market-leading device provides retailers and householders alike with absolute peace of mind when it comes to enhancing safety in the home. For further information about window restrictors and other Era home security products, visit or contact the sales team on 01922 490 000 or by emailing

May 2017 News

Accoya® wood chosen for luxury London development

Accoya, the world’s leading sustainable wood product, has been selected as the material of choice for window and door fittings in the development of 10 high-end town houses in the St John’s Wood area of London. Chosen for its unrivalled stability, thermal properties and unique 50-year guarantee, Accoya wood has been used in window and door fittings in the Hamilton Drive development, located near to Abbey Road. The 10 luxury properties, covering 70,000 sq. ft., were designed by architect Robert Adam, internationally recognised as a leader in the field of traditional and classical design. Accoya wood was selected for the development as the ideal material for the production of bespoke, tailored wooden windows and doors due its ease of use. The scheme, which has opened to new residents, was constructed by the Carey Group and jointly delivered by Sidra Capital and Dwyer property, with structural design by Byrne Looby.

Laura Keily, Head of Marketing for Accsys Group commented: “These apartments are of the very highest specification, so Accoya wood was the natural choice to ensure a high-quality finish with long-lasting performance. We source our wood from FSC® plantations, meaning our product also has the benefit of offering a sustainable, yet practical, option in comparison to hard and tropical woods.” Manufactured using a proprietary acetylation process, Accoya wood is one of the most superior wood products on the market today. It performs to the highest of standards, delivering remarkable levels of stability, sustainability and durability. Exceeding the high quality and aesthetic attributes of tropical hardwoods, Accoya wood also boasts excellent environmental credentials by using wood sourced from FSC ® certified, sustainable forests and is Cradle to Cradle Gold certified. Easy to maintain, coatings last up to two times longer with Accoya wood than when applied to traditional wood products. The high performance wood is also easier to coat with less preparation and sanding time required. This ease of use is down to the stability of Accoya wood and its stronger structure. Accoya wood is available to buy throughout the UK and Ireland. For further information and to speak to a distributer please visit


Coatings & Paints May 2017

Effective Products that Get the Job Done by theWORKS Geocel, expert in quality sealants and adhesives, prides itself on their high performance range, theWORKS, which includes MS Polymer formulated; theWORKS Sealant and Adhesive and the complementary product in the range -theWORKS Spray. theWORKS Sealant and Adhesive and theWORKS Spray work together to make jobs quick and efficient. With no need for additional fixings, both products allow the job to be completed effectively and eliminate hours of clean up time. Preparing the surfaces for a job, theWORKS Spray is an extremely effective, all purpose and non aggressive spray that will remove any uncured and unwanted sealant, and cleans surfaces before re-application. Once the surface has been prepped correctly to make sure it’s free from dust, dirt and grease, theWORKS Sealant and Adhesive can be applied in both wet and dry conditions, or even underwater. It is overpaintable and can be used on virtually any substrate for a quick bond or seal with its fast cure formula. It resists mould growth, and will not crack or shrink, ensuring a lasting seal or bond. Unlike solvent based adhesives, theWORKS Sealant and Adhesive will not attack synthetic material. Once the job is complete, theWORKS Spray is ideal for cleaning tools and equipment and creating a smooth finish after sealing. Fast acting, theWORKS Spray will be sure to remove, clean, degrease and finish.


May 2017 Coatings & Paints

ArcHaus Receives a Facelift from Remmers

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42 Paints, Coatings & Sealants . View our publication online at . April 2016 .

The exterior of this iconic building was suffering with high levels of damage, including salt ingress and excessive cracking to the render and brickwork. Salt Inhibitor was used as a ‘masonry salt blocker’ and applied to the exposed brickwork. Large areas of the render were repaired with Restoration Render and the deep section repairs were completed with Remmers Betofix R2, a fast curing, high strength concrete repair mortar. OS Concre Fill and Impregnation Primer were also applied prior to the application of the final protective coating system. To mitigate reflective cracking in the future, Remmers Elastoflex system with reinforcement was applied throughout, giving a high degree of finish to the exterior of this 1930’s landmark building. ENQUIRY-Card 100 ENQUIRY-Card 101 ENQUIRY-Card 102 ENQUIRY-Card 103

THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! • Easy & quick to apply apply trowel or spray • Extremely fast drying time • Universal use: internal or external and new & old buildings • Unbeatable flexibility • Excellent crack-bridging capability >2mm • Strong resistance to hydrostatic pressure • Highly adhesive to most common building substrates • Overcoat in just over 4 hours • UV-resistant • Can be over-coated with Remmers coatings • Extreme resistance to frost and salts • Solvent & bitumen free-low odour 01293 594 010 ENQUIRY-Card 504


May 2017

Next Generation Airtightness With ever increasing demands on buildings to be more energy efficient ensuring buildings are constructed to higher levels of airtightness is becoming a key mechanism in delivering higher levels of thermal performance and comfort. There are three types of Blowerproof: a brush version (thicker, fibre reinforced) a roller version without fibres and a spray version (more liquid). Blowerproof Brush is designed for use on a range of applications typically wall and floor, wall and ceiling, penetrations, connections and window and door jambs. The roller version can additionally be used directly onto blockwork, brick, masonry or any hard surface, the spray version covers all these elements and is perfect for larger areas such as walls and roofs. The spray version can be directly applied to mineral wool, spray foam or PIR insulation. Blowerproof is perfect for solving ‘tricky’ and ‘difficult to reach’ applications such as joist ends, kicker joints and penetrations, especially where grommets cannot be fitted so for anyone faced with making existing What makes Blowerproof so different penetrations such as pipes and cables is that it is wet applied: applying a airtight this is a real ‘get out of jail free liquid membrane onto a surface card’. brings with it some immediate and obvious benefits, firstly it’s super Blowerproof has a unique feature it quick, second it follows the contours changes colour. Blowerproof is a light of the substrate getting into every blue colour but when applied to a nook and cranny ensuring complete substrate and cured it turns jet black. contact and a total uninterrupted seal, This feature means that the applicator third its simplicity helps eliminate knows precisely when a full cure, or application errors and lastly it is safe seal has been achieved, helpful to let to use, water soluble and contains no you know when a second coat can be VOC’s. applied or when it is suitable for over The main advantages of Blowerproof coating or finishing. Put simply a building that leaks air is thermally less efficient and eliminating leakage (air movement) within the building fabric coupled with controlled ventilation is a straightforward way to create a thermally efficient low cost structure. There are many ways which this can be achieved and most thermally efficient buildings adopt a range of strategies and materials to achieve this, newest amongst these must be Blowerproof a liquid applied airtightness membrane recently awarded a BBA certificate.

liquid membranes are:

• Simple, quick and easy to apply • Extremely flexible and long lasting • Suitable for a wide range of substrates such as concrete, brick, masonry, wood, steel, even direct to insulation • VOC free / water based, no harmful chemicals • Can be applied on humid surfaces • Can be overpainted, plastered or rendered • Only one product needed for all applications • Easy application for cable/ pipes for example underfloor heating manifolds • Reduces chances of applicator error • Highly resistant to puncture • Thoroughly tested and accredited, BBA Certified


Customers already using Blowerproof have quickly picked up on its benefits “ease of use, versatility and price” are the most often quoted benefits. Over the past 6 months a number of contractors, builders and developers have trialled the product across applications including MVHR installation, underfloor heating, window and door surrounds, timber frame, refurb and renovation and general building applications their experience reinforces the fact that airtightness is an important part of quality construction and any material that can make this quicker, easier, secure and effective will help constructors to build better buildings and deliver performance that is beyond building regulations. For more details contact Ecomerchant 01793 847 444

Blowerproof Liquid Brush simply paint onto the surface to create a secure, flexible and permanent airtight seal

Blowerproof Liquid Brush blue has a unique feature it turns black when cured

Blowerproof Liquid Brush is a fibre reinforced paint-on airtight membrane. No VOC’s, no noxious chemicals, clean down with water

Blowerproof Liquid Spray used to seal a floor wall connection, note the cables first sealed with Blowerproof Liquid Brush

Blowerproof Liquid Spray is super-fast and easy to apply

Liquid Airtight Membranes water based, VOC free, flexible airtight coatings

welcome to the next generation of airtightness

May 2017


Ronseal is launching a new range of woodcare products into the UK trade, exclusively. The Ronseal Trade range will see a BBA certification and a new packaging design introduced in April 2017. The reputable woodcare brand is re-launching its bespoke trade range following research with merchants and end users, that identified an increased demand for Ronseal’s well respected woodcare products in the trade segment. They also identified a need to create packaging focused on end user needs. To reinforce the brands performance credentials the whole range will be independently accredited by The British Board of Agrement (BBA), and is the 1st full woodcare range to receive this accreditation. The BBA is an independent certification recognised throughout the industry as a symbol of quality and reassurance.


In response to the extensive research, Ronseal Trade will launch with newly designed packaging complete with key information featured on the front of the packaging to make the range easier to shop for end users. Chris Morgan, Marketing Manager at Sherwin Williams, said: “The Ronseal brand is a key player in trade channels and we’re using our end user knowledge to supply market leading products, packaged exactly to their needs. “We are delighted to be the first BBA certified trade woodcare range. This important certification offers tradepeople added assurance of quality from an independent body.”

The range includes: • Ronseal Trade Decking Protector •

Roseal Trade Total Wood Preserver

Ronseal Trade Fencing Stain

Ronseal Trade Crystal Clear Exterior Varnish

Ronseal 5 Year Woodstain

Ronseal Trade Danish Oil

Ronseal Trade Ultra Tough Floor Varnish

Ronseal Trade Ultra Tough Polyurethane Hardglaze Varnish

Ronseal Trade Quick Dry Interior Varnish

For more information go to





TOUPRET UK T 2 North Row - London W1K 6DJ 25 P Phone: +44 (0)203 691 6747 F Fax: +44 (0)20 3691 6751 E Email:

May 2017

HYBRID SOLUTION HITS THE ROOF… Ground-breaking ventilation technology is hitting new heights with its latest derivative… Gilberts Blackpool, the UK’s leading air movement specialist, believes it was the first manufacturer in its field to develop a hybrid system that utilises internal heat to warm incoming air through wall façade louvres without using a heat exchanger. Now a new version of the pioneering Mistrale Fusion System (MFS) has taken the same concept from façade to roof, with MFS-V (Vertical). MFS-V incorporates two Fusion MFS128 units placed vertically into a rooftop penthouse turret, with a shaft up to 1500mm2 ensuring effective ‘standalone’ ventilation of the space below. No additional ducting or plant is required. By routing the ventilation through the roof then internal spaces that have no external façade can still be efficiently ventilated, be it via natural or hybrid principles. The concept has already been put into practice, at


eight schools being built in the Midlands which feature enclosed single storey sunken garden ‘break out’ spaces over classrooms surrounded by a two-storey building: the single storey enclosed classrooms can still utilise the MFS strategy employed in the areas with an external façade by using the MFS-V units sited in the sunken gardens. Just one MFS-V roof unit can ventilate a standard 32-person classroom, achieving the 8litres/sec/ person fresh air required by current Department of Education Building Bulletin (BB101) and PBSP guidelinesall for less than £5/room/ annum (fan costs at current 2016 electricity rates). MFS-V delivers all the benefits intrinsic to the core MFS. The standard MFS-V includes a mixing damper within modulates airflow to allow the new, fresh air to mix with the warm exhaust air, thus extracting its heat

without the need for an exchanger. The integrated low energy fan energises to blend the internal air, ensuring an even distribution of airflow, with control over temperature and CO2 levels within, and maintenance of a comfortable internal environment for occupants. A wholly-natural version- MFS-VN- is also available, without the mixing damper. Each unit also achieves relevant acoustic considerations: its operational ‘noise’ is less than 30dbA, and it has been

May 2017

engineered to absorb external noise to keep within the classroom criteria required by BB93. Gilberts has further taken care to attain compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document L: MFS attains air leakage better than legislative requirements- 5m3/HR/ m2, and a U value of 1W/m2/°C.

of its simplicity of installation and performance. Developing a roofmounted version further extends its practicality and usability. We initially devised it to answer the bespoke need of the Midlands schools but soon realised it had much wider potential, so have invested in it to bring it to market as a specific product.”

Says Roy Jones, Gilberts Technical Director, “The core MFS is proving hugely popular because

Founded 50+ years ago, privately owned Gilberts is unique in having its own, onsite (85,000ft2) manufacturing facility,

producing engineered solutions, with an in-house test centre. Technical expertise is supported by full in-house testing, and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation capability.

Contact: Gilberts tel 01253 766911;


Tools, Equipment & PPE May 2017

Snickers On-Site Climate Control Workwear A change of season means a change of focus on what you wear on site. That’s why Snickers can help you keep your cool when the heat is on.

From staying warm and dry, think about staying cool and dry and look for working clothes that excel at ventilation and moisture transport to keep you working comfortably wherever you are on site. That’s why Snickers have incorporated 37.5® Technology fabric into its garments. It’s very quick-drying material that captures and releases moisture vapour – like your sweat - for superior coolness and dry working comfort. For the spring and summer months, Snickers have a range of shirts, jackets, shorts and trousers including Mechanical Air Flow™

features which are breathable openings in the garments and stretch mesh fabric for inside leg ventilation. After all, keeping a balanced work temperature is not just about staying cool it’s a matter of your wellbeing and job safety. So, to make sure you get the right protection, flexibility, durability and ventilation, check out the Snickers Workwear product families for precisely the right garments to fit your workday. For more information, visit the website at alternatively, call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788.

Hultafors’ New Knives and Hand Axes for Craftsmen and Outdoor Enthusiasts Robustness, quality and long-lasting sharpness are the hallmarks of these superb products. With a selection of toughened, corrosion-proof Heavy Duty Knives, Safety Knives, Chisel Knives and Utility Knives for general purpose tasks on site, there’s also precision products for Electricians, Plumbers and Painters. The latest additions to the range are the Outdoor Knives for tougher tasks on-site or for those who need a cutting-edge companion out in the bush. They’re all are ergonomically designed with comfortable, secure grips and, made from the highest quality Japanese steel, which is honed and sharpened for durability, effectiveness and to withstand corrosion.


Hultafors Hand Axes for Felling, Carpentry and Trekking activities are all hand-forged with dense, steel heads and hickory handles. They’re all top quality products, highly durable - suitable for smallscale felling, lopping branches or

clearing bushes and brushwood and certainly a cut above the rest! To get more information on Hultafors Tools call the Helpline on 01484 854788 or check out

May 2017 Tools, Equipment & PPE

Snickers Workwear has always been renowned for its modern designs, innovative functionality and market-leading fabric technology.


ow its WorkTrousers are getting even ‘smarter’ with the integration of technology to improve performance and wellbeing at work.

Wearable Technology is already woven into our daily lives through smartphones, fitness devices, sports clothing and accessories - to help monitor and improve performance. A recent study carried out in Scandinavia* showed more than 50% of the professional craftsmen there are cutting corners at work and don´t use the available health and safety equipment as they should. David Clark, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK says, “Our experience is that craftsmen usually are so focused on getting the job done that personal protection tends to be overlooked”. But repeated ‘corner cutting’ over the years definitely creates a long-term health problem – an issue that Snickers Workwear has been continually addressing with its patented KneeGuard System. Clark says, “The study shows that 6 out of 10 craftsmen are suffering from pain in their knees. So we see that there is definitely room for improving their wellbeing beyond just knee protection - and our ‘Smart Workwear’ is one way”.

Snickers WorkTrousers are now getting even ‘Smarter’

‘Tracker 1’ is Snickers’ first prototype of wearable technology, a chip fitted to a pair of WorkTrousers enabling the user to monitor work place noise levels, heat conditions and knee impact. Clark goes on to say, “Market-leading technology and innovation have long been hallmarks of Snickers Workwear. We are well known for our KneeGuard System, 37.5 Fabric Technology and technical functionality, but the integration of ‘smart’ wearable technology into our clothing shows the extent to which we are looking at working clothes and wellbeing on site in a completely new way”. Getting more information about Snickers Workwear is easy. You can call the Helpline on 01484 854788; check out and download a digital catalogue; or you can email


Tools, Equipment & PPE May 2017

New stylish range of market leading Helmet Mounted SonisTM Ear Defenders Continuing their strong commitment to safety innovation, JSP understand that Noise Induced Hearing Loss (NIHL) is one of the biggest Occupational Health problems facing us today so to help the industry combat this, the JSP Research and Development team have designed a new range of SonisTM Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders which peak at an unbeaten SNR of 36. Developed in partnership with a leading research facility in the field of acoustic engineering, this new range offers unique acoustic performance in an extensive range of industrial applications. The SonisTM Helmet Mounted range moves from the green SonisTM 1 – SNR 26 for low level noise to the Sonis CompactTM 2 with slim cups offering SNR of 31 for substantial Industrial noise through to the market leading SNR of 36 for the red SonisTM 3 to protect against extreme industrial noise. This new SonisTM range of Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders feature adjustable steel arms so the wearer can tilt and adjust the position


of the cup to give an excellent fit to the ear. The force the helmet adaptor applies and the cushion surface area work together to provide optimum cushion pressure and comfort. With 360O rotation onto the Helmet, the wearer can keep the ear defenders neatly parked onto the helmet when not in use but remaining in easy reach. The low profile cups allows for compatibility with other Personal Protective Equipment including

the JSP SurefitTM visor system for maximum protection. The new SonisTM range of Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders easy attach and detach from the universal slot of JSP Helmets and through rigorous testing JSP can guarantee that correct SNR’s are reached when worn with their EVOlite, EVO 2, EVO3, Global Standard EVO5 Olympus Helmet and Skyworker Helmet. Compatibility is key when fitting accessories to Personal Protective Equipment. Manufactured in Oxfordshire, the SonisTM helmet mounted cups can be coloured to meet a corporate identity and can also be printed with a company logo for improved brand recognition and to prevent theft. This exceptional range of SonisTM Helmet Mounted Ear Defenders are Kitemarked, and meet EN352-3.

May 2017 Tools, Equipment & PPE

The UK’s Working Exhibition for Construction Equipment, Plant, Tools & Services

GET IN THE KNOW! PLANTWORX 2017 showcases innovative solutions to construction and civil engineering’s biggest challenges. Come and see what’s new. BE PART OF THE UK’S LARGEST WORKING CONSTRUCTION EXHIBITION IN 2017


Visit Email Tel +44 (0)20 8253 4507



The Sonis™ range of ear defenders have been designed by the JSP R&D team. Working with a leading UK acoustic engineering research facility JSP have developed an ear defender range that peaks at an unbeaten 37 SNR.



SNR 37

SNR 31

SNR 32



EUROPEAN KM 662534 BS EN 352-1



Tel: 01993 826050


Tools, Equipment & PPE May 2017

ENGEL WORKWEAR STRETCHES INTO YOUR COMFORT ZONE Recognised the World over for its comprehensive range of comfortably fitting, stylish and practical workwear, F Engel build further on their reputation by introducing a collection of slim-fit, stretchable work trousers which allow wearers to be especially comfortable in any work situation – and look and feel smart at the same time.


Called ‘X-treme’, the trousers are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton incorporating a specially developed mechanical stretch factor; they are available in various choices both with and without useful hanging pockets.

bending or kneeling. There are two spacious slanted pockets at the front, two back pockets and a mobile phone pocket with a flap on the right thigh; there’s a standard one on the left which has an extra inner, zipped compartment.

Designed to offer as much comfort and functional, day-to day uses as possible, each garment has a smooth, inner-crotch seam panel and patches of highly stretchable and ventilated material at the backs of the knees and seat areas to help keep cool and provide maximum flexibility whilst

Engel seem to have thought of everything with more useful features including a ruler pocket with extra sections for tools, tool straps and Velcro-fastened, knee-reinforced pockets with two knee pad positions for height adjustment. Reflector strips are built in behind the knees

for greater visibility and the trousers have an extra deep hem so the length can be increased if required. Depending on the model number chosen, the Engel ‘X-treme’ SlimFit Stretchable Work Trousers are available in a black, black/anthracite grey, Forest green/black and Mocha Brown/black in sizes 42-66. Item numbers to look for are: 0360-186, 0361-186, 0362-740 and 0363-740. All Engel garments are available from The Workwear Trade Centre, Milton Keynes; Telephone: 01908 561569; email: and Anchor Safety, Ipswich; Telephone: 0800 328 5028; email: For more information visit: email: Mark McBrayne at or telephone: +44 (0) 7933 150197

May 2017 Tools, Equipment & PPE

Body and Sole Together Forever Buckbootz safety neoprene/rubber safety boots was the first ever EN S5 standard boot of this type created by Buckler Boots in 2007 and launched in the UK and selected mainland Europe markets in 2008. Ten years of continuous and ongoing development has created a boot which has revolutionised the perception of safety wellies and brought completely new levels of user comfort, safety and durability to thousands of people working in cold, wet and arduous conditions. The trademark blue/orange colourway has become a familiar sight in demanding working environments across the country and over the years it has been joined by Olive and Black. In Summer 2017, Buckler Boots will introduce a great looking alternative colourway with prime focus on Orange. In the Summer, Buckler Boots will also launch a brand new injection moulded full specification, non-metallic rubber outsole safety boot range in a choice of lace or dealer styles with an RSP below £50. With the focus of Buckler Boots’ premium injection moulded Buckshot range moving progressively to waterproof specifications a great opportunity opens up for a new product offering which retains all the renowned Buckler Boots ingredients of quality, style and durability. Nubuckz are certified to EN ISO 20345 S3 HRO SRC standards. For the user, it doesn’t get much better than this - full spec safety boots to non-metallic specifications, cowhide leather, injection moulded construction, rubber outsoles, choice of lace and dealer styles and the latest comfort insole technology all at a ground-breaking RSP of £49.90zr. All Buckler Boots products are backed by their unsurpassed reputation for rigorous testing and quality plus a unique guarantee – Body and Sole Together Forever. The extra attention to detail which is in Buckler Boots DNA produces products which users come back for time and time again. So when you see the Buckler Boots logos on any footwear product, you can be assured that you are looking at some of Europe’s premier work boots; no shortcuts just total focus on quality, strength and durability with the kind of understated style you get when you blend the very best components and craftsmanship with classic and innovative designs. The full Buckler Boots range can be seen at


Roofing May 2017

SCIENCE FLAGSHIP PRO-TECTED WITH STATE OF THE ART ROOFING TECHNOLOGY A flagship innovation facility which will enable energy research and development is utilising advanced ‘green’ technology in its building.


illmott Dixon has refurbished the existing building on the University of Chester’s Thornton Science Park to create a new, £multi-million Intelligent Energy System Demonstrator (IESD). The project includes upgrading the five-storey building’s roof. Sub-contractor Range Roofing has used Protan single ply polymer membrane, secured using a combination of traditional mechanical fix systems and the innovative SFS intec isoweld ® 3000 system. In total, Range used 1200m2 of Protan SE1.6mm, supplied in 2m wide rolls. “The main plan area is timber, so we could use traditional mechanical fixing techniques; the other element is a concrete slab overlaid with infill material, plus over the years there have been several lots of repairs undertaken. As a result the thickness varies massively across the roof, up to 500mm in places! It also had a variety of fall across its span, and screed. We therefore needed a method that delivered optimum adjustability, hence our choice of isoweld®.” explained Range Roofing’s Nick Haves. “Protan’s ability to provide wider material was a big benefit too, giving us greater flexibility in our positioning of the fixings, not necessarily at close centres, yet still ensure the roof would perform. It also offers environmental benefits, which complimented the end-use of the building.”


The IESD will deliver a space where industry can work alongside the University of Chester’s Faculty of Science and Engineering, to test at scale new power saving and distribution technologies for low cost, environmentally responsible energy sources. It is being funded by through the Growth Deal awarded to Cheshire and Warrington Local Enterprise Partnership. Said Philip Cox, Chief Executive of CWLEP, “The IESD is a nationally significant project that will be a flagship for the site.” Protan SE, available in 1.2mm, 1.6mm and 1.8mm, is developed to cope with even the most extreme weather conditions without detriment: it is certified to ≤ -30°. Hot-air welded at joints and mechanically fixed to the roof, the membrane achieves durability in excess of 30 years, with air leakage controlled/minimised in line with latest Building Regulations. It has been proven to perform with the SFS intec isoweld ® 3000 field fastening system solution for flat roofs. isoweld ® works with induction technology and is non-penetrating. Secure attachment is achieved through the welding of the membrane to a dedicated stress plate, independent of the membrane overlaps. Protan SE membrane is under the Green Guide, accredited with achieving a A+ rating. The single ply membrane is just part of Protan’s comprehensive, quality offering, which includes green and protected roofing solutions, all fully BBA certified. Established some 75 years ago, and still privately-owned, Protan is one of the top three membrane manufacturers in Europe. A manufacturing member of SPRA, Protan can provide a full support service, from a comprehensive RIBA-approved CPD programme in single ply membranes, NBS specification and in-house CAD design through to technical advice from Protan UK’s Warrington office and traning facility. Contact Protan: 01925 658001 www.

External Works & Landscaping May 2017

Integrating Sustainable Urban Drainage systems Ian Geeson, technical manager at Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division at Aggregate Industries, considers how integrating Sustainable Urban Drainage systems (SUDS) into every future urban design project could play an essential part in effective water management. In winter 2015/16, we saw widespread flooding, with 16,000* homes in Yorkshire, Lancashire, Cumbria and parts of central and north east Scotland affected. Damage to roads, bridges, public rights of way and drainage systems totalled £250m* and the insurance bill topped £1.3bn*. But the problem did not just arise from rivers breaking their banks.


In the natural environment, a high proportion of rainfall soaks into the ground and filters its way into rivers and is carried away. However, in the urban environment, due to the extensive use of hard surfaces, water is unable to soak away and results in high volumes of surface water run-off. This water enters drainage systems that were never designed to have the capacity to cope with such high volumes of water. *BBC News Online (25th March 2016)

There are a number of high performance and cost effective SUDS solutions readily available to manage the issue of surface water runoff. However, too often during the design process, the role SUDS can play in urban design and effective water management is misunderstood, an afterthought – or perhaps forgotten entirely. There is a common misconception that SUDS can only be used in certain applications. But in fact, they can be applied to any residential, commercial or urban project, in towns or built-up city centres. And whilst they can’t prevent flooding, by introducing permeable surfaces coupled with water storage and infiltration systems, surface water run-off will decrease, relieving pressure on drainage and sewer networks. This will ultimately help reduce potential flooding. The use of these techniques is well proven and documented.

May 2017 External Works & Landscapingscaping

While SUDS technology is not a new concept in the UK, architects, designers and engineers often forget that there is much more to SUDS than water storage. Certainly, it should help reduce water runoff and the risk of flooding but it can also help remove pollutants and create societal and biodiversity benefits. This means that water run-off that is treated within the SUD system can then be harvested for irrigation, biodiversity or amenity use within a development – or can simply be recycled. If you look at SUDS this way, as an architect, the design opportunities are countless! The Government’s change in approach to implementing SUDS through the planning system is a very clear call for architects,

designers and engineers to lead the way, developing multi-functional SUDS as part of the design process. With a holistic, design-led approach, the issue of drainage should just become an integral part of the process – and not an end in itself. Indeed, by integrating SUDS with urban design, the architects, designers and engineers will be able to better deliver amenity and community value as well as improving the character of the landscape and townscape. However, to achieve this, surface water management needs to be linked to development planning from the very start of a project. This will allow space to be used more effectively and in a multi-functional way, enabling water storage and conveyance zones to form part of the development’s character.



External Works & Landscaping May 2017 It will also maximise the drainage system’s capacity for delivering multiple planning and environmental benefits. Wherever possible, the 2013 Code of Practice BS 85823 suggests incorporating permeable surfaces and surface-based conveyance. This could be porous concrete and asphalt – or when aesthetics is high on the agenda, concrete block permeable paving. Whereas traditional drainage systems are constrained by capacity, SUDS solutions have no such constraints. SUDS solutions incorporating permeable paving allow water to soak naturally where it falls into the pavement below. Such systems can be designed to address a number of key issues such as water quantity, water quality, trafficking and biodiversity. By considering these key issues in the design you can develop drainage systems that reduce the impact of high levels of rainfall on communities and wildlife.

The industry needs to grab the opportunities that SUDS presents with both hands. Earlier engagement with landscape architects and/ or SUDS manufacturers will help ensure the right SUD solution is identified for the project – whether that’s permeable hard landscaping systems of soft SUDS, such as ponds, filter drains, artificial concrete streams etc. In doing so, architects, designers and engineers will be able to achieve effective delivery, visual appeal and a sustainable solution for the future. Aggregate Industries offers a range of SUDS options including concrete block permeable paving, interlocking cavity grid systems, porous asphalt, porous concrete and open graded granular sub-base. Its technical support team can offer comprehensive advice on SUDS and assistance with system development, product selection and installation processes.


Landscape I T’ S I N DO O RS M E E TS OUT DOOR S

Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 September 2017 Battersea Park,London The LANDSCAPE Show returns to Battersea Park in London on Tuesday & Wednesday the 19th & 20th of September 2017. Over 200 manufacturers and suppliers, over 3,000 visitors and over 40 CPD accredited seminars. +44 (0)20 7821 8221 @LandscapeEvent #Landscape2017

May 2017

Let the Experts Take Care of your Domestic Waste Water Problems When it comes to off mains sewage many people can be blown away by all the information and differing products available on the internet, Google “domestic sewage treatment plant” and the consumer is bombarded by plants of all shapes and sizes .


his is why dealing with a specialist manufacturer, installer and servicer of treatment plants like We Build It Ltd can give the consumer piece of mind and confidence they are getting the right information, the right solution and the right system.

soak away has failed. We often get asked;

We Build It Ltd are based in the heart of some of Shropshire’s most outstanding countryside. As one of the UK’s largest manufacturers of domestic sewage treatment plants, we focus on high quality, affordable products. All of our sewage treatment plants are based on the successful and simple extended aeration method. We can design, manufacture, install and service sewage treatment plant for single houses, small developments, rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, offices, barn conversions and commercial applications. Our products can also be used after an existing septic tank to enable the effluent to be discharged directly to a water causeway, if your existing

How does it work? What does it cost? Does it use electric? And how much? Do I have to maintain it? How do I install it? How big is it? Do I need to empty it? What can go into the plant? What happens to the waste? Do I need planning permission? Do I need to inform the Environment agency? How long will it last? DOES IT SMELL!!!!!????? All of these questions can be answered by We Build It experts who know their products inside out; ask a middle man with no knowledge of the industry, product or process these questions and the customer is often baffled by terms such as BOD, COD, NH4, but do they really need to know this? All the homeowner, builder

or architect wants to know is that the product will work with the minimum effort from them during the life of the plant. We Build It Ltd offer straight forward, easy to follow advice for your sewage treatment needs. All of our sewage treatment plants come with easy to follow installation and service manuals, as well as free telephone assistance by specialist installers. We can also offer full or assisted installations at very competitive rates. We pride ourselves on offering the best GRP products on the market backed up by proper good oldfashioned customer service - (dial straight through and speak to our specialists, no automated service or queuing system) buying a sewage treatment plant can be quite daunting, which plant is best for my situation?? What are

the regulations?? What about the Environment agency?? Etc. but be assured we will be with you every step of the way, making sure you have the right solution designed around your requirements. You deal direct with the manufacturer, with over 25 years waste water experience, 24-7-365 days of the year For the self-builder the right treatment plant is simple to install providing they have taken the manufacturers advice, be aware some plants need complete concrete backfill which can add to install costs, a well-constructed plant such as the BioPure can be backfilled with pea gravel. Consider whole life costs, not just the cost of the treatment plant, factor in install costs, power consumption, servicing, consumable spare parts, product life cycle (guarantee) and emptying charges, We Build It Ltd offer a 25 year guarantee on the treatment plant and 2 Years on the air pump.

We can design, manufacture, install and service sewage treatment plant for single houses, small developments, rural industrial units, campsites, pubs, hotels, offices, barn conversions and commercial applications.

The Bio-Pure Simple solution sewage system Any plant up to 50 people (pe 50) should be manufactured and tested to EN12566-3, this gives the consumer confidence they are getting the right treatment plant for their application, but always ask to see the certificate and test results as these can be manipulated and not show the true outcome of the test. Model


Bio-Pure 1

Bio-Pure 2

Bio-Pure 3

Sizing the plant for a single house is simple its number of bedrooms plus two, so a three bedroom house is a 5 person treatment plant, for multiple dwellings using the same treatment plant speak to the manufacturer for the correct size unit, most manufactures range are in increments 1-5, 1-7, 5-13 etc. up to 50 person. (See Our Range To The Right).

Bio-Pure 4

Bio-Pure 5

Bio-Pure 6

Bio-Pure 7

Bio-Pure 8

Bio-Pure 9



Bio-Pure 10 TWIN

No. of persons

1 to 5

1 to 7

5 to 13

10 to 16

14 to 22

20 to 27

25 to 32

30 to 36

35 to 42

40 to 55

Max. average daily flow

750 ltr

1050 ltr

1800 ltr

2400 ltr

3300 ltr

4050 ltr

4800 ltr

5400 ltr

6000 ltr

8250 ltr

Max. BOD/day

300 g

420 g

780 g

960 g

1320 g

1620 g

1820 g

2160 g

2520 g

3300 g

In ground depth

2.25 m

2.25 m

2.44 m

2.74 m

2.74 m

2.98 m

2.98 m

2 x 2.74 m

2 x 2.74 m

2 x 2.98

Outside Diameter

1.85 m

1.85 m

2.10 m

2.10 m

2.10 m

2.55 m


2 x 2.10 m

2 x 2.10 m

2 x 2.53

Inlet invert

570 mm

570 mm

700 mm

700 mm

700 mm

820 mm

820 mm

700 mm

700 mm

820 mm

Outlet invert

670 mm

670 mm

800 mm

800 mm

800 mm

920 mm

920 mm

900 mm

900 mm

1020 mm

Weight empty

125 kgs

125 kgs

200 kgs

230 kgs

230 kgs

350 kgs

350 kgs

460 kgs

460 kgs

800 kgs

Total Capacity

2270 ltr

2270 ltr

3000 ltr

3975 ltr

3975 ltr

5610 ltr

6000 ltr

7950 ltr

7950 ltr

11220 ltr

E Range

27 w

42 w

65 w

84 w

130 w

130 w

210 w

230 w

280 w

280 w

May 2017

The treatment plant you choose should be around 95% efficient thus allowing long intervals before de-sludge is required. The waste water must be cleaned to a standard meeting the usual discharge level requirement, you must apply for either an exemption certificate or permit, before making a discharge we can assist with this and advise on the method of discharge, be it a ditch, stream, watercourse or soakaway. As the system breaks down and aerates the solids, the introduction of non-degradable items such as wipes, sanitary products etc. should be avoided at all times in any treatment plant, this will clog up the system and increase the

need to empty the unit, follow this instruction and typical emptying will be around 3-5 years, it is also recommended no medicines, or

harsh chemicals enter the unit, try to stick to Eco brands and stagger washing throughout the week.

A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant A BioPure Treatment Plant



The FlowPath Simple solution sewage system We Build it has developed its range of package sewage treatment plants utilising proven SAF (submerged aerated filter) technology for maximum performance and reliability, using the most reliable energy efficient aeration blowers with a prolonged integral FlowPath system to maximise effluent quality. All our Flowpath treatment plants are designed in accordance with the British Water Code of Practice for flows and loads, this range can be designed to meet your population and consent requirements, our standard range can accommodate up to 300 pe. This range of products can be designed for larger scale commercial applications such as camping sites, leisure facilities, schools, hotels, offices and industrial applications. Maintanance, Spares And Servicing The consumer needs easy to follow advice for their sewage treatment

needs especially when servicing their plant, maintaining any sewage treatment plant, is a very important part of ensuring the efficiency of the system and that you adhere to any operating and maintenance manual and annual servicing. We strongly advise servicing the system on an annual basis and this will take on average less than an hour to complete. It will also help you to meet your legal requirements with the Environment Agency. We Build It Ltd Service Contracts

t Emergency breakdown cover for 12 months. If you have any problem with your unit, call us and we will come out and fix it free of charge. t One service visit where all necessary checks are carried out. This includes assessing the aeration pattern, sludge levels and effluent quality. t All labour expenses for servicing and call outs are covered so there are no hidden costs. t The cost of all serviceable parts will be free of charge. This includes rebuilding the air pump, replacing the diaphragms and also the air filters. t Sludge return is carried out as required. This is the removal of settled sludge from the outer scum ring back into the centre chamber to be re digested and treated again. This helps to keep the emptying period low. t Emptying is NOT included in the agreement as the Bio-Pure does not require emptying for 3-5 years. t The service agreement lasts for 12 months and will also help

A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant BOTTOM LEFT A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant ABOVE LEFT & RIGHT

you meet your Environment Agency obligations regarding your Consent to Discharge. This includes keeping records of service, de-sludging and maintenance work for a minimum of 5 years.

Our Other Products include Mini SAF’s (for offices and outbuildings up to 4 persons) Pump Stations (standard and bespoke) Septic Tank Conversion Units (used as secondary treatment for underperforming septic tanks) For a full range of our products and servicing visit


May 2017

Charcon Supplies Over 10,000m2 to Regeneration Project: Gateshead BIG @AggregateUK Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has supplied a complimentary range of precast concrete flags, blocks and kerbs to Evolution Gateshead for its renowned multi-million regeneration project: Gateshead BIG.


ateshead BIG is the UK’s largest residential regeneration programme outside of London. It consists of 19 sites which will be developed over the next 15-20 years, covering 70 hectares of land and delivering 2,400 new, goodquality homes and fantastic neighbourhoods that people will want to live and grow in.

To complement the above and inject an element of traditional character, 2,450m2 of Woburn Rumbled cobble paving in Rustic was used for various accompanying walkways and thoroughfares. Reminiscent of traditional sandstone setts, Woburn Rumbled offers a natural and attractive time-worn appearance, thanks to a number of colour mix options that generate subtle shade differences Phase 1 of the development, which commenced in March 2014 between adjacent blocks. and is due to complete this coming June, includes three sites – Avon Street, Birtley Northside, and Bensham & Saltwell – which In addition, 2,270m2 of Europa block paving in Brindle was specified for those areas expected to see heavy-use will generate a total of 450 homes. trafficking. Offering a high level of durability and good grip, With designs prepared by a conglomerate of architects, Europa is available in a wide range of shades and various landscape architects and surveyors, including Alison Brooks sizes, including three mixed colours for aesthetic appeal, Architects, Studio Egret West, S333, Red Box Architects, as well as a mechanical lay option for increased speed and Queensberry Design and Robinson Landscape Design, Charcon efficiency of installation. was tasked to provide hard landscaping solutions that would pave the way for good vehicular access and safe pedestrian For the finishing touches, Charcon also supplied British Standard Edging and Kerbs, both in Plain Grey. routes.

Drawing from its extensive range of flag and block paving, Mike Davies, category manager for Charcon, comments: Charcon was able to recommend an appropriate and cost- “Due to a phased construction programme, we liaised very effective palette of over 10,600m2 of hard landscaping materials. closely with both the groundworker and the merchant to carefully plan and guarantee the correct and timely delivery 5,880m2 of Moordale® Textured flag paving in Grey was of products across both sites. installed, offering a premium yet cost-effective solution for the pedestrian areas. Ideal for urban pavements, Moordale “We are proud to have played a part in this project. Gateshead Textured incorporates yorkstone and limestone aggregates to BIG is an impressive regeneration programme that aims to provide the very best performance and durability, as well as add value to surrounding properties and bring Gateshead good slip-resistance values. communities closer together.”


May 2017

Charcon helps deliver the vision for Suffolk’s newest school Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has successfully completed a significant delivery to the new £20 million Sybil Andrews Academy at the Moreton Hall development in Bury St Edmonds, Suffolk. Appointed by local contractor, Barnes Construction, Charcon consulted with architects Concertus to recommend the best hard landscaping products to support ease of movement around the school, and complement the school’s green credentials, as well as its striking modern design.

Completed in November 2016, phase one of Sybil Andrews Academy is now home to around 200 students who are enjoying state-of-the-art education amenities, including indoor and outdoor sporting facilities. In accordance with Bury St Edmund’s growth plan for the area, Vision 2031, it also has an incremental capacity, To help enhance the sustainability rating of the school, expecting to eventually accommodate 1,400 students more than 3,500m² of Infilta 80mm permeable block paving from forthcoming new family housing developments. in Grey and Charcoal, alongside nearly 3,000m² of Infilta specifier block paving in both Light and Silver Grey, was Mark Bailey, Divisional Director at Barnes commented: specified for the car park. This highly durable yet visually “Sybil Academy has been a vast project that had to be appealing sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS), delivered within an extremely tight timeframe. We thanks to its hidden 5mm spacer nibs, allows the ingress of worked closely with Charcon and benefitted from their surface water to pass through to a sub-base water storage technical abilities and product knowledge to supply the system below. Academy with products that are not only cost-effective, Available in over 20 different colour and texture variations, but stylish and durable too. We couldn’t be happier with Infilta is made from high quality recycled aggregates and the outcome.”

forms part of Charcon’s Life® portfolio which is available to Mike Davies, Category Manager at Charcon, said: “We make sustainable specification simpler and easier. are delighted to have been able to provide our knowledge In addition, just over 1,700m² of premium Andover Textured and product expertise for such a great example of block paving was specified in a range of unique grey hues innovative design within the education sector. Charcon is which provided optimum design flexibility and strong visual pleased to be supporting the town’s Vision 2031; we trust the beautiful, contemporary landscaping will provide appeal for the walkways and play area. pupils with a learning environment they enjoy and can Finally, just over 30m² of Europa 80mm concrete block thrive in, and we hope to get involved with future projects paving in Charcoal and Grey, recommended due to its in the local area.” anti-slip properties, was supplied to provide an aesthetic border to the car park. More information is available on


May 2017

Exciting times ahead for access specialists Two of the UK’s leading manufacturers of access solutions have joined the home security expert ERA. Bilco UK, manufacturers of speciality access products, was acquired in June 2016 by Amesbury Truth, a subsidiary of London based Tyman Plc. In March 2017 Howe Green Ltd, manufacturers of metal fabricated access covers, was acquired by the group to support Bilco’s offering for “access all areas”. From April 2017 Bilco and Howe Green have become part of ERA, another division of Tyman Plc. The manufacturing and sales operation of Howe Green will remain at Ware, Hertfordshire. James Fisher, who has been the Managing Director of Bilco since October 2014, now takes on the additional role as Managing Director of Howe Green and reports directly into ERA. James comments, “I am excited that Bilco and Howe Green are now a part of the ERA family. Our routes to market are different to ERA and we will operate as a standalone business however there are obvious benefits to being part of a much larger organisation. The three companies have shared values and complimentary product ranges. They are well established, successful, ISO9001 accredited, manufacturing organisations that recognise the importance of innovation to drive new product development and customer satisfaction. Whilst it is a diverse product range they satisfy the same need. The customer is looking for a dependable solution that will offer the safety, security and protection of people and assets. I believe we have an incredibly powerful proposition for the construction market.” Based in the West Midlands and founded in 1838 ERA has evolved from manufacturing locks to becoming a specialist in the design and manufacture of window and door hardware and home security alarm systems. Bilco was established in the US in 1926 and entered the UK market in 1989 with the setting up of Bilco UK & Europe in Bury St Edmunds, Suffolk. The company primarily serves the commercial market with standard and bespoke access solutions including roof access hatches, ladders and smoke vents.


Howe Green Ltd was a family owned and run business started in 1983 to meet the demands of the supermarket sector for an easy and safe solution to accessing concealed services under Terrazzo flooring. The product range evolved to include floor, wall and ceiling access covers, hatches and panels and linear drainage. Howe Green access covers can be found in prestigious buildings all over the world. James explains, “The Bilco and Howe Green products are often specified in the same projects - the markets we serve and the people we work with are the same. We are both talking to architects, specifiers, contractors and facilities managers. Being part of the same group means that we can offer those building service professionals an even better service. Both companies invest heavily in research and development. Our customers can now benefit from us working in collaboration. Whether it’s a roof, ceiling, wall or floor - I think it is fair to say that when it comes to the speciality access market, for a tried and tested solution, we’ve got it covered!” To find out more about the range of products available from Bilco UK and Howe Green please visit or or call James Fisher on 01920 463230.

May 2017

GeoCeramica a game-changer for gardens and driveways Brett Landscaping has introduced GeoCeramica®, a new product range which integrates porcelain with an innovative pre-bonded drainage mortar base. This brand-new development in paving vastly increases the ease-of-installation and long-term durability of porcelain paving in the UK market. Inspired by nature, GeoCeramica® is available in four beautiful variations, each coming in several colours to provide maximum design flexibility from the driveway through to the garden.

Impasto with its subtle veins, lines and patterns has the look of traditional Belgium Bluestone and is available in either Grigio or Noir colours. Available in 10mm and 40mm options.

GeoCeramica® paving in 40mm is ideal for use on patio’s whilst the 60mm thickness allows for its use on driveways - something that has not been possible with any other porcelain paving product in the UK.

Marmostone has been inspired by natural marble paving making it an excellent choice for the garden. Marmostone is available in Black, Grey and Taupe colours. Available in 10mm and 40mm options.

Fiordi with its textured, variegated surface is inspired by sandstone and is available in Fumo, Grigio and Sand colours. Available in 10mm and 40mm options.

Bluestone has an elegant, densely specked surface finish and is available in Gris Claro and Noir Puro colours. Uniquely available in 10mm and 60mm options.

Finally, the 10mm thick product is ideal for uniting patio paving with indoor spaces as well as for step treads and coping details. Although porcelain has become an increasingly popular patio paving material amongst homeowners in recent years due to its durability and beauty, the dense nature of porcelain also makes it susceptible to becoming detached from the standard sand / cement mortar bases commonly used in UK construction.

This occurs when water leaks into the joints and fuels the freeze/thaw cycles common during the British winter lead to tiles coming loose. At a stroke, GeoCeramica® makes these problems a thing of the past as well as becoming the UK’s first commercially available porcelain paving that is suitable for use on driveways. Furthermore, the bonded base of GeoCeramica® provides integrated spacer nibs on all four sides to ensure consistently easy, rapid and accurate installation. These benefits are all made possible by GeoCeramica® and mean that contractors are now able to spend less on labour costs - and homeowners enjoy a better value final product.


May 2017

For over twenty-five years, JML Hardware has been supplying high quality maintenance hardware and especially meter boxes for local authorities and housing associations. Based in Wigan, JML Hardware combines skill and expertise with years of experience to ensure that each and every product is produced to the highest standards, providing top quality solutions for a whole host of maintenance-related issues. JML now stock a full range of Gas & Electric Meter Repair Boxes and lids. All meter boxes and lids are made from aluminium and come complete with two quarter turn budget locks and full length 316 rust proof stainless steel piano hinge. JML have developed and tested a new range of 60-minute fire rated over boxes to cover existing plastic meter boxes in communal areas. New fire regs insist that the plastic boxes have to be fire rated. Covering them with our boxes is the most cost effective way to satisfy the fire regulations. These galvanised fire resistant overboxes can be used to cover internal and external electricity meter boxes which require a 1 hour fire rating.

1 Hour Fire Rated Overbox

This galvanised fire resistant overbox can be used to cover internal and external electricity meter boxes which require a 1 hour fire rating. It  is tested to and complies with the EN1363-1 & EN1366-3 60 minute fire test. The overbox can be fitted directly onto the surrounding brickwork to cover new or damaged electric meter boxes. FOR USE IN COMMUNAL AREAS IN BLOCKS OF FLATS TESTED TO EN1363-1 & EN1366-3 60 MINUTE FIRE TEST (REPORT AVAILABLE ON REQUEST)

All these galvanised fire resistant overboxes are tested to and comply with the EN1363-1 & EN1366-3 60-minute fire test.


The overboxes can be fitted directly onto the surrounding brickwork to cover either new or damaged electricity meter boxes. This box and other meter boxes and repair boxes can be found and ordered through our online shop here. We supply Councils, Housing Associations, Building Companies and Home Owners across the UK


We stock a full range of galvanised pipeprotectors and pipe covers for next day delivery. These include copper pipe protectors, drainpipe protectors, rainwater pipe protectors, wire and aerial protectors and soil pipe protectors. This enables the pipes/ wires to be protected and also stops would be burglars or vandals from scaling the pipe work and gaining illegal entry to properties.




May 2017

Concrete and Composites: A Powerful Partnership At the end of 2016, the UK government unveiled a record infrastructure spend pipeline of £500 billionplus, £300m of which will be invested by 2020/21 . Composite materials play a growing role in this, with expected growth in the construction industry of 42-78% by 2020 (to £510-640m) and £1240-1520m by 2030 .

Custom Composites Covers GRP composite cover pioneer Fibrelite serves as strategic partner on a number of large scale developments specifying composite covers. Their UK design and manufacturing teams work with contractors, architects and end-users to create custom covering solutions for each trench layout. Fibrelite covers weigh a fraction of concrete or metal alternatives, and offers load ratings up to F900. This means all trench covers can be safely manually removed by two people no matter what the load rating. The composite material is inert, eliminating deterioration from corrosion and extreme temperatures in service (including freeze thaw). Fibrelite has formed a number of strategic partnerships with major precast manufacturers in Europe and the USA to provide a range of covers to fit each company’s trench layouts.

Fibrelite has formed strategic partnerships with a number of major precast manufacturers in the USA and Europe


recast concrete trench systems are used extensively in infrastructure to provide protection for and easy access to underground services. As composites adoption grows, many precast trench manufacturers are extending their product lines to offer GRP covering options.

Precast Concrete Trenches Precast concrete trenches (also known as troughs, ducts or channels) are used extensively to carry cabling and piping, (instead of direct burying) protecting them from external factors like damage and adverse weather conditions; while allowing access for maintenance. Precast concrete trenches are frequently favoured over concrete cast in-situ to reduce install time and skilled labour required on site. Historically precast concrete trenches have only been covered with concrete or metal covers. Where

high load ratings are required (like road crossings) covers can weigh hundreds of kilograms. Over time environmental factors can cause covers to crack, fracture, crumble or corrode. As specifications are changing to favour GRP access covers, precast trench and composite cover manufacturers are working together to bring joint offerings to the market.

Bespoke ‘stepped’ Fibrelite covers to fit precast trenches

Recent Install: Garreg Lwyd Wind Farm Fibrelite created bespoke covers for 40 linear metres of precast trenches on a new wind farm’s substation. The D400 load rated covers can now be safely removed by two people while a concrete cover would have weighed approximately 400 kg.

All Fibrelite trench covers can be safely removed manually

Click here to see how Fibrelite covers are used in a wide range of industries.


May 2017

Natratex relaunched with

The NatraTex brand has just been relaunched with a new look. The new brand logo has been developed to convey the natural aggregates used in the manufacture of the product. At the same time this successful and established product range in hard landscaping has been simplified to NatraTex Cotswold for all buff surfaces, whether pedestrian or trafficked, and NatraTex Colour for all colours available other than buff. The NatraTex rebranding comes as a new identity is also introduced for the BituChem Group, the manufacturers of the NatraTex range, to reflect its growing position in its key markets of hard landscaping and highways. BituChem group was the first to bring durable and colourful asphalt to the market with the NatraTex product range. Manufactured at the BituChem group headquarters in the Royal Forest of Dean, the NatraTex Cotswold and NatraTex Colour continue to


be popular specifications and have seen a number of applications in Royal parks including Kew Gardens, the Hurlingham Club, and the Duke of York Barracks to name a few. These surfacing materials are also frequently used for housing developments to create attractive contemporary roads and footpaths as well as school playgrounds, highways regenerations, retail spaces and other domestic or commercial spaces. Since the company was established in the Royal Forest of Dean in 1984, BituChem has grown to a company employing 35 people with sales of some £14 million per annum. BituChem’s Marketing Manager Mark Stott commented, “We are delighted with the company’s progress in recent years which has allowed us to invest over £1 million in research and development to innovate new products and processes in

May 2017

new look our industry. We are proud to launch our new images for BituChem and NatraTex which we think mirror our position as one of the leaders in our markets.” Two new innovative products have recently emerged from BituChem’s research and development programme. NatraTex Cold-Lay is a quick repair product for use in small areas such as bollard replacements or small utility reinstatements. The company has also developed NatraTex Heavy Duty 10mm, specially for highways applications that see heavy vehicular use. NatraTex Cotswold has proved to be a particular favourite due to its attractive and stylish reflection of Cotswold stone. The material has been used to create footpaths and small roadways that are surrounded by modern buildings using the light stone or a similar colour scheme. The material is created using naturally occurring aggregates bound with a specially formulated clear synthetic binder for complete compactness and a long lasting durable finish.

NatraTex Colour has been widely used in commercial applications that require a splash of colour. Often used to match the corporate colours of a building or to create multi-use games areas (MUGA), NatraTex Colour can significantly reduce the cost of a project by eliminating the need for surface or demarcation paints. NatraTex Colour can also be used across the public realm to highlight safety or cyclists routes. The material uses the same clear synthetic binder technology to maintain the durability of the surface. This also ensures that the vibrancy of the aggregates do not fade as a result of regular pedestrian or vehicular use. Further information is available from BituChem on 01594 826768 or 07584 311266, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at


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Glass Excellence Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading independent glass processors in the UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated glass and specialist sealed units. Based in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from Central London we are ideally situated to service our ever growing and diverse customer base. Manufacturing all forms of processed toughened glass, with comprehensive stocks of clear float, low iron, satin, body tinted, mirrors, laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire rated glass. With some of the most advanced capabilities in place Firman Glass is able to manufacture high quality products for all markets sectors including architectural, retail, leisure and domestic.

Products • • • • •

Toughened glass Processing CNC shaping Laminated glass Toughened and laminated constructions • EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays • Fabric and decorative interlays • Saflex DG41 structural interlay

• • • • • • • • •

Specialist insulating glass units Anti–slip glass Fire rated glass UV bonding FIRMALITE electric switchable glass Heated glass Decorative glass Sandblasting ColorfirmTM back painted glass

• • • • • • •

Staircases Treads and stringers Shower screens Shelving Glass doors Acoustic reduction Fire rated

Applications • • • • • • •

Structural glazing Glass floors Partitions Roof lights Balustrades Full height barriers Canopies

• • • • • •

Decoration Wall cladding Splashbacks Privacy Technical Support Nationwide Coverage

Further information is available from our sales and technical offices or visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

Construction Update May 2017  
Construction Update May 2017