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September 2017

Cambridge Man Gets a ‘Life-Changing’ Lift for the Home A 70-year-old man with an extremely rare form of muscular dystrophy has described how he discovered a ‘lifechanging’ method of moving between the floors of his home after installing a Stiltz HomeLift. Christopher Knowles, 70, from Cambridge, suffers from Inclusion Body Myositis (IBM) – a slowly progressive muscle-wasting disease that mostly affects the arms and legs. Symptoms of IBM initially include the progressive weakening of the wrist and finger muscles, the front thigh muscles and the muscles that lift the front of the foot. This meant that Mr. Knowles was finding the stairs in his two-bedroomed Victorian terrace home extremely difficult to manage. Unusually, the two bedrooms were downstairs and the kitchen, living room and bathroom were upstairs so it was essential that Mr. Knowles could find a mobility solution to help him move between floors more easily. He had already decided against the idea of a stairlift after having been advised it was unsuitable for his needs. “It was taking me for ever to get up the stairs and it was very painful,” said Mr. Knowles. “A stairlift was not suitable at all. I could probably get myself on the seat but would not be able to get myself up out of it. An occupational therapist said a stairlift was out of the question for someone with my condition.


“Lots of friends suggested I move house and I did look at the possibility of a bungalow but couldn’t bring myself to leave the home I’d lived in for more than 20 years. Also, I can’t drive anymore so I didn’t want to move out of the city. Because where I live is right in the centre, it’s easy for me to get to the shops. In the end, I decided I would get an extension built and get a Stiltz home lift fitted. I’d read great reviews about them on the internet.” Mr Knowles chose the Stiltz Duo Vista Home Lift because he liked its contemporary look, it sits well with the extension, which resembles a conservatory. The lift car is manufactured from structural polycarbonate and its curved body is clear on all sides allowing natural light to flood in from the extension windows. He said: “The Stiltz HomeLift has been truly life-changing for me. I can access the upstairs of my home now at the touch of a button. The lift is also great for carrying things like bags of food shopping up to the kitchen, whereas before I would really struggle to get both them and me up the stairs. I liked the design of the Stiltz Duo Vista because it is transparent on all sides and didn’t in anyway look like an unattractive, square, disabled lift. It’s very stylish and will definitely add value to my home.”

September 2017 Industry News

Putting the power back on All four of Battersea Power Station’s chimneys have now been painstakingly dismantled, rebuilt and renovated As part of the renovation of a historic London landmark, Battersea Power Station (BPS) have confirmed that the painting of all four chimneys is now complete, earlier than expected. All four chimneys received a base coat and final coat of paint in the exact colour the originals were painted in to ensure they are visually identical. All four of Battersea Power Station’s chimneys had to be painstakingly dismantled and rebuilt, following completion of detailed surveys, very close consultation and engagement with Historic England and the London Borough of Wandsworth, both of which have been fully supportive throughout the process of restoring the chimneys to their former glory. The chimneys have been one of the key priorities for the Malaysian shareholders of the Battersea Power Station project given their historical and cultural significance. The shareholders take their custodial duties of preserving and maintaining these renowned landmarks for future generations to come very seriously. Rob Tincknell, CEO of Battersea Power Station Development Company, commented: “It is wonderful to see the chimneys, which have become a permanent fixture on the London skyline, freshly painted and the finishing touches applied. This is a great opportunity to thank the BPS team, the specialist contractor and everyone else who was involved in ensuring one of the most important parts of the redevelopment project was successfully completed. Cllr Ravi Govindia, leader of Wandsworth Council, said: “An exciting new skyline is developing at Battersea but it is fantastic to see our old friends, the Power Station chimneys, restored to their former glory: a proud landmark for Wandsworth and for London. “Rebuilding the chimneys as exact replicas was a key condition of the overall planning application so it’s great the pledge has already come good, ahead of schedule.” Emily Gee, London Planning Director at Historic England, said: “Historic England welcomes this final stage of the rebuilding of the chimneys, ensuring that the Power Station will retain its landmark status along this evolving part of London’s skyline.”

HOK’s skinny house makes the most of available space Space is at a premium in central London, so making the most of what is available is critical, as this unique project clearly demonstrates On behalf of developer Manhattan Loft Corporation & Ridgeford, HOK has secured outline planning consent from Westminster’s City Council for the development of a unique family home situated in a narrow alleyway between 379-383 Euston Road in London. The residence will be developed on an extremely constrained 3.1-m-wide site and have a net internal area of 142 sq m. HOK responded to this brief with a design for a sustainable, three-bedroom, 4.5-storey single residential unit with multiple outdoor spaces. The design features an open plan for the kitchen and dining area on the ground floor with a back outdoor courtyard. One terrace is at the back of the first floor level and a second terrace is accessible from the fourth floor master bedroom offering views of Regent’s Park. “We’re pleased that planning has been secured for this highly unique residential project. It is a great example of HOK’s versatility and ability to deliver projects of all scales, from bespoke houses to major residential towers,” said Dan Hajjar, managing principal for HOK’s London practice. “Our team has enjoyed responding to this challenging brief with a highly imaginative approach.” The design for the house on Euston Road, Fitzrovia, is a response to the critical shortage of available development land in central London and the requirement to deliver more inventive housing. A central stairwell arrangement in the small atrium minimizes vertical circulation, provides natural light and ventilation, and maximizes available living space. The areas located at either side of the stairwell are arranged in half levels, providing strong visual connections. To preserve the architectural integrity of adjacent buildings, the facade fronting Euston Road will be set back 10 centimeters from the adjacent building facades.


September 2017

TPG are celebrating 50 years TPG – The Parkside Group Limited would like to take this opportunity to thank all their architectural, contractor and fabricator clients as they celebrate their 50th year and welcome in their Golden anniversary. As an independent, privately owned British company, The Parkside Group Limited shares it’s remarkable history and here highlights its ambitious strategy for the future. In 1967, London, a joinery business was founded with a start-up loan of a mere £300. This small enterprise has now grown into The Parkside Group Limited which includes the market leading brands of Comar Architectural Aluminium Systems, Axim Architectural Hardware and Alu-Timber. Hardwired within the DNA of a business that has survived and thrived for over 50 years is customer service. To put this longevity in perspective, when The Parkside Group Limited was founded, NASA had not yet taken a giant leap for mankind and landed on the moon. Since 1967 The Parkside Group Limited has worked through great recessions, 3-day weeks and the Black Monday crash, whilst always maintaining its unique customer service ethos; working with customers to supply innovative solutions that make their businesses profitable. The Parkside Group Limited actively seeks to supply solutions and market leading delivery, that provides the market with cost efficiencies which stand the test of time.

spirit now and in the future. The cornerstone of TPG: 2025 is its Innovation Strategy. TPG’s Innovation Strategy introduced the Stage Gate process into New Product Development to take advantage of technological advances in terms of materials, performance and production methodologies. A cross function team works together to research and deliver new products to program, to provide partners with a future proof supplier that develops products that will meet the market’s requirements both now and in the future. The competitive advantage of the innovation strategy provides “fast to market” new products that exceed the offer of the competition at a cost-efficient price. Examples of this are the launch of Comar 6EFT Curtain Walling suite, a system with glazing sizes up to 54mm and high-span additional mullions and transoms, that have the highest Ixx and Iyy values in the industry. This offers wider spans with smaller box sizes, providing value engineered solutions for designers and contractors alike. In 2017 TPG launches Comar 6EFT Unitised, which features a unique 3 seal arrangement that offers outstanding weather performance coupled with options to accommodate high building movements. Furthermore, our Comar 10 Window has also been launched, winning an award for innovation. Comar 10 is a Passivhaus B Certified product with U-values as low as 0.66 coupled with processes that cut manufacturing costs by 70%.

Examples of this are operating a 100% in-stock philosophy and twice weekly delivery service, so fabricators can utilise all the cost savings of a JIT policy and for our specification clients creating bespoke aluminium profiles & systems that provide fast-track, robust solutions. In 1987 Axim Architectural Hardware joined the group and the famous TC-8800 Transom Closer stormed the door hardware market, and still today Axim is the number 1 branded architectural door closer for reliability and performance. To celebrate the Golden Anniversary, The Parkside Group Limited has a new brand identity to take them through the next 50 years of ambitious plans. The Parkside Group Limited, now TPG, uses the heritage of the diamond logo, branding aluminium with “TPG” to reassure its partners of the TPG mark of quality. This is backed up with a new website which outlines the Group’s TPG: 2025 strategy, highlighting the processes that have, and always will be, critical to the businesses success. In 2017, TPG:2025 has never been more important, as it aligns with the Government’s “Construction: 2025” objectives. By publishing our TPG: 2025 strategy, TPG will continue to be the partner of choice for the design and delivery of innovative building envelope solutions to the construction industry. TPG is proud to be a highly responsive, service orientated, independent business that is known to help, support and value its employees, customers, suppliers and business partners. TPG’s goal is to be a company that is a dynamic leader, respected for its professionalism, customer focus and entrepreneurial


Marking the 50th anniversary with such innovative products, TPG, with its market leading brands, will continue to supply innovative solutions that make customers’ businesses profitable now and in the future. T: 020 8685 9685 E:

September 2017 Industry News

Government to Barratt built just 76 extra probe safety of all homes last year cladding systems The UK’s largest housebuilder saw the number of The Government has revealed it is turning its focus to other cladding systems used on buildings after revealling a total of 266 high-rises are fitted with aluminium cladding failing fire safety tests. It has also called on local authorities to check the safety of buildings using concrete panel systems and the safety of cladding in high winds. The long-awaited verdict on various ACM cladding systems reveals that just 12 of the 278 buildings tested in England are fitted with safe systems. Those that fail and will need cladding include 165 housing blocks, 59 student residences and 26 private housing high-rises. Sixteen public buildings have also been fitted with substandard cladding systems. In its latest report in the wake on the Grenfell disaster, the Government has told building owners they will need to fund remedial measures to make buildings safe. The focus on the safey of high rises has also raised questions about the performance of cladding in high winds and the structural safety of concrete panel system buildings. Communities Secretary Sajid Javid has revealed the Government’s expert panel will now investigate these fresh safety concerns . Local authorities have now been advised to review their designs and to check whether any strengthening work was properly carried out during improvements to these buildings. As a first step to investigating other cladding types, the BRE has published a list of historical data on seven cladding systems which have passed the BS8414 test set out in current Building Regulations guidance.

homes it completed during the year to June 30 rise by 0.4% while pre-tax profits jumped 12.1%. Barratt Developments saw total completions creep up to 17,395 from 17,319 while pre-tax profits rose to £765.1m from £682.3m on revenue up to £4,650m from £4,235m. Barratt also confirmed plans for a series of special dividends to shareholders which will see them receive a £1.4bn windfall over the next two years. Chief executive David Thomas said: “Improving the efficiency of our operations and controlling costs continues to be a high priority for the Group, as it will further enhance our margin. In 2016, the Group undertook a fundamental review of its Barratt and David Wilson housing ranges. “The outcome was a reduction in the number of houses in the range which will increase standardisation, simplify construction and reduce build costs whilst maintaining our high standards of design and build quality.

“There are currently 132 sites with c. 19,000 plots where we will be using the new ranges, of which 51 sites are already under construction. We have a robust and carefully managed supply chain with 90% of the housebuild materials sourced by our centralised procurement function manufactured or assembled in the UK. The cost of c. 75% of our centrally procured materials is now fixed until the end of FY18. “On labour, whilst we continue to see some pressure on skilled labour supply with shortages remaining location and trade specific, the rate of cost increase has eased. We are also seeking to increase construction efficiency and reduce demand on labour through implementing the new housetype ranges which are easier to build and through the use of alternative build options such as timber frames, large format block and light gauge steel frames.”

£60M Southampton development dubbed ‘Bow Square’ A multi-million pound residential development in Southampton now has a name – Bow Square – and it is well on its way to creating hundreds of new homes by the end of next summer. The National Regional Property Group – formerly Hampshire & Regional Property Group – is overseeing the £60M transformation of Southampton’s former Fruit & Vegetable Market.

Alongside this work to ensure that existing buildings are safe, the government is also taking forward work on the next phase, to “Identify changes needed to make buildings safe in future”.

Several milestones have been met in recent months, with the christening of the development the most recent. The brand new community, sited close to Southampton’s historic city walls, will now be known as Bow Square in reference to the property’s proximity to the ‘Back of the Walls’.

A key stage is an Independent Review of the Building Regulatory and Fire Safety System, led by Dame Judith Hackitt.

In total, 84 one- and 195 two-bedroom apartments are to be built, in addition to around 900sq m of flexible retail accommodation.


September 2017

BIM Show Live 2018; exploring the digital trends of tomorrow BIM Show Live is best known as the Construction Industry conference which packs a punch. Far from the norm, it’s disruptive thinking elevates this technology-led event to one of the most trusted platforms for learning, knowledge sharing and industry insight for all things digital construction. In 2017, we saw BIM Show Live delivered in Newcastle upon Tyne, an area rich in engineering and manufacturing, with a growing economy and not to mention home of BIM Show Live founders; Space Group. For 2018, BIM Show Live will once again be staged in Newcastle’s the Boiler Shop, Stephenson’s Quarter – on Wednesday 28 February and Thursday 1 March. This two-day conference will wow with its future-thinking and focus on emerging technologies to benefit the construction industry. BIM Show Live is a driving force for the implementation of BIM processes and Space Group CEO Rob Charlton commented: “We’ve been running the show now for six years, and each year we never fail to present the new and the wonderful. Our


industry is progressing at an accelerated rate and we believe at BIM Show Live we have an obligation to bring our visitors the very best our industry has to offer for technology and digital construction, plus what has changed year-on-year and what this means for future projects. “And this year we’re introducing a new BIM Awards programme. This is an opportunity to recognise and reward the achievements of construction industry professionals, those pioneers who are leading the way for younger generations and to pass on the mantel of BIM-excellence.” The BIM Awards will be staged in advance of BIM Show Live,

in London on Thursday 2 November at the Bike Shed. Winners from the awards will then be given the opportunity to present at BIM Show Live and demonstrate why they are indeed the best of the best. This unique set of awards has 17 categories, containing a mixture of categories that invite submissions from organisations and nominations for individuals. Rob added: “We know there is amazing work being carried out in the digital built environment both in the UK and globally, and we want to reward that talent, innovation, determination and tenacity.”

September 2017

New Blowerproof Liquid transform air-tightness Airtightness is a dominant factor affecting a building’s energy performance. It can be argued that airtightness is more important than insulation in terms of thermal performance. Even small gaps in doors and windows can cause significant heat loss and once a building is constructed, stemming unwanted air flow can prove difficult and expensive. When deciding how to seal construction gaps, one common option is to use a polyurethanebased, spray foam filler or silicone or acrylic sealant to ensure air-tightness, but there are acknowledged problems, with shrinkage and adhesion being the main disadvantages. A new, BBA-certified, liquid air-tight membrane called Blowerproof is a clever, quick, easy and costeffective way to ensure outstanding air-tightness. Blowerproof has been used widely across Europe for many years as a proven and effective method of achieving high levels of airtightness, in many different buildings on a wide range of substrates. Simply brushed on, Blowerproof quickly forms a permanent, secure and continuous air-tight seal across a range of draught-prone points: wall/floor/ceiling connections, fenestrations, pipe connections including water, electricity, gas and data; all with no need for primers. Applied as a blue, thick liquid, fibre reinforced ‘paint’, Blowerproof Liquid Brush quickly cures to form a black sealed membrane which is highly resistant to punctures. Blowerproof is also available in white, so it doesn’t show through a plaster finish. Brushes rinse out under cold water, making Blowerproof Liquid Brush quick to deploy and pack away.


It’s safe to use in high risk environments such as food, childcare and medical environments as it is free from both volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and harmful chemicals. A building that leaks air is always thermally inefficient. These air

leaks cost the building owner, so it’s easy to make the case for using Blowerproof. It quickly justifies both its product and labour costs. An easy way to ensure leaks are sealed, helping limit applicator error is a major step forward to improving building performance.

September 2017

set to of buildings Blowerproof can’t be beaten for how quickly, easily and effectively an applicator can achieve a permanently secure and continuous seal. Blowerproof helps deliver energy performance well beyond building regulations. Blowerproof has recently been awarded BBA (British Board of Agrément) Certificate 17/5410. Jack Georgiou, project manager at BBA, says: “Blowerproof was subjected to a rigorous assessment by the BBA. The results of stringent tests were assessed including fatigue testing after accelerated ageing to verify the efficiency and durability of the air-tight seal. “Blowerproof performed satisfactorily in all aspects of the assessment and tests so we’ve certified it as being an effective way to improve the airtightness and consequently the thermal efficiency of buildings.”

BBA certification is recognised by Government departments and throughout the construction industry as confirmation that a product is fit for purpose. Only products and systems that have passed a series of comprehensive assessments – including laboratory tests, on-site evaluations, quality management checks and inspection of production are awarded a BBA Certificate. Once a Certificate has been issued, six monthly surveillance of production and comprehensive three yearly reviews are required to maintain its validity. In addition to the BBA, Blowerproof has Certification from a wide range of recognised European bodies, a full list can be found on the Blowerproof website. Blowerproof is also available as a roller application which can be used directly on blockwork, brick, masonry and as a spray which is ideal for larger areas such as walls and roofs. It can be directly applied to mineral wool, sprayed set foams or PIR insulation. For further information, or to purchase Blowerproof in the UK, please visit:


Floors & Walls September 2017

An Invitation to a Kingspan Open Day Kingspan Timber Solutions are inviting architects to come along to a free half day event held at their dedicated show centre in Little Paxton near St Neots, Cambridgeshire. Passivhaus show home, build using Kingspan TEK® Building System Wednesday 4th October 2017, 10.00-13.30 Tuesday 24th October 2017, 10.00-13.30 The day’s agenda includes arriving to a bacon butty and refreshments followed by an introduction to how Kingspan can support architects and their clients. You will have a full tour of the ‘Elsworth’ show home which was designed to Passivhaus

standard and built using the Kingspan TEK SIP system. Find out how Kingspan build systems can deliver more internal living space for your self-build clients and browse all five stunning timber frame and SIPs show homes on-site.

Kingspan Timber Solutions Factory in Bedfordshire


There is also an opportunity to tour their factory at their nearby manufacturing facility in Great Gransden. There’s plenty of parking on site and St Neots station is 5 minutes away by car. Book your free place: For more information or to book your free place please call 01767 676400 or email



Airtight membranes to swear by

We don’t like to swear but we do swear by our liquid-applied, airtight membranes! Blowerproof Liquid completely seals cracks and gaps to make them airtight. Just paint it on. It adheres to the contours of substrates in the most awkward spaces and flexes so they remain vapour-tight.

Forms permanent seamless airtight seal Can be over-painted or plastered No VOCs Use on any surface Very quick to apply Clean brushes with water Be amazed at how Blowerproof Liquid is the fast, flexible and durable solution for all airtight connections. Call us now on 01793 847 444 or visit

Well,blow me down!

Blowerproof UK, ENBM Limited, Lydiard Fields, Great Western Way, Swindon SN5 8UB Telephone: 01793 847 444

Floors & Walls September 2017

New Luxury Vinyl Tile Collection – Level Set – from Interface


nterface has introduced its first Luxury Vinyl Tile (LVT) collection, Level Set™, allowing customers to explore new design possibilities and create rich textural experiences across virtually all types of applications.

This debut Modular Resilient Flooring offering integrates with Interface’s carpet tiles to create beautiful, functional spaces that blend hard and soft flooring with ease. Level Set™ gives architects and designers, flooring dealers, and end-user customers a curated set of LVT options that evoke distressed, reclaimed and exposed natural materials. The textures, colours and patterns available in the collection meet customer needs for lighter tones in flooring that provide more light reflection, which is ideal for implementing biophilic design elements into spaces and maximising the benefits of daylight. “We’re seeing an increased focus on cohesive design throughout the built environment, as well as a rise in demand for soft and hard flooring that blends well and

functions as part of a modular design system,” said Mandy Leeming, Design and Development Manager for Interface EMEA. “Level Set™ embraces our customers’ interest in flooring that has the look of natural materials with the functionality, durability and affordability of LVT, while ensuring they can select a mix of hard and soft flooring from a single partner to create a unified look and feel.” Available in 28 variations of Natural Woodgrains & Stones and Textured Woodgrains & Stones, Level Set™ is complementary to Interface’s carpet tile offerings and consistent with the company’s global design standards. The collection comes in Interface’s standard 25 cm x 1 m Skinny Planks™ and 50 cm x 50 cm squares.Learn more by visiting:

UltraFloor and UltraTile used to refurbish Ann Summers store


lorspec have completed a new tiled floor installation using UltraFloor and UltraTile as part of the Ann Summers Gloucester refurbishment.

Working in partnership with Oakwoods which is a regular refurbishment contract over the next few months. The Gloucester store was one of the most recent to be reopened in May following the new floor installation. High flow, two component smoothing underlayment, Level IT Two is UltraFloor’s most popular leveller. It is compatible with a vast number of subfloor preparation projects and laid on after 12 hours. Level IT Two is suitable for depths between 2-12mm, can be used with underfloor heating and may be applied before the application of a damp proof membrane or a vapour suppressant. Level IT Two has been on the market for the last ten years.


Level IT Two was used alongside trader’s favourite, rapid setting flexible ProRapid RS cementitious tile adhesive, which was used to fix the floor tiles. Sold in 20kg bags this high strength adhesive can be applied at thicknesses up to 12mm and has a pot life of 1 hour. Contractors may begin grouting 2.5 hours after the application of ProRapid RS, subject to temperatures and conditions. For further product information, please visit or to place an order call 01827 254402.

Floors & Walls September 2017

emco entrance mat systems for effective dirt reduction

An entrances is an area that can give visitors their first impressions of a building and so it requires particular attention to be paid to creating a sense of harmony in the overall look. As the market leader in the field of customized dirt collection systems, emco has been setting benchmarks within this sector for over 70 years. Thanks to its Entrance-Mat- and Clean-Off Systems as well the numerous special designs it offers, emco makes sure that dirt and moisture are left at the door. emco – designing clean entrances Exceptional variety and designoriented functionality. The first impression on entering a building plays a crucial part in the overall effect on the visitor. Entrance areas therefore require an environment that combines a welcoming atmosphere with aesthetics and functionality. We offer individual, tailor-made dirt removal systems, based on our 3-zone cleaning system concept, that trap up to 90% of dirt and moisture as people walk across them. They make a significant contribution to a pleasant reception environment and longlasting protection of the surrounding floor coverings, as well as to a significant reduction in cleaning work throughout the building.


In addition to our dirt-removal systems, our product range also includes carpet mats made with individually tailored colours and motifs, as well as top-quality gratings for swimming-pool and sanitary facilities. A wide choice of designs and components means we can provide architecturally sophisticated solutions for every type of requirement. At the same time, experienced specialists and a nationwide service network ensure expert, reliable project support throughout the pre- at- and after-sales phases.

emco – the first step to a cleaner environment. Entrances can give visitors their first impression of a building and require particular attention to create a sense of harmony in their overall look and ability. As a market leader in the field of customised dirt collection systems, emco has been setting benchmarks within this sector for over 50 years. Thanks to our tried and tested entrance mat ranges Diplomat, Marschall, Senator, Radial and Plaza as well as numerous special designs we offer, emco makes sure that dirt and moisture are left at the door. emco provides a range of entrance mats and clean off carpets that work in harmony with one another and provide protection against coarse, fine and damp dirt, offering a 3-zone cleaning system.

Telephone: 01952 / 256446

Floors & Walls September 2017

Plan Your Trip to The Flooring Show

The 55th Flooring Show is fast approaching, with over 180 exhibitors preparing for the show and visitors still registering for fast track entry to the show. Plan your trip in advance using the useful links on our website to avoid any last minute rushing and disappointment!

Register Now Entry into The Flooring Show is completely free of charge for buyers and by registering early; you can avoid queuing on the day. To register, simply go to our website complete the short form and plan your trip to make the most of The Flooring Show.



Harrogate has an amazing selection of hotels, within walking distance of the Harrogate Convention Centre, to suit every budget and style. For another year, Reservation Highway is the shows official accommodation agent, able to offer rooms at discounted prices for show attendees. Contact them on or 01423 525577.

* PLEASE BEWARE: there are bogus accommodation agents contacting exhibitors from many shows across the UK claiming to get discounted rates for hotels. PLEASE AVOID Convention Housing and Event Travel Planners.

Bradford, at very reasonable prices. …By Road: Harrogate is easily accessible from most areas of the UK. •

From the South: take the M1 then A1(M), exit Wetherby (9 miles from Harrogate)

From the North: A1, exit Wetherby or Knaresborough (Knaresborough exit is 8 miles from Harrogate)

National Rail enquiries: +44 (0)8457 484 950

From the East: M621 then A1(M), exit Wetherby (9 miles from Harrogate)

You can also use our 25% off Virgin Trains deal. Virgin Trains have teamed up with the Harrogate Convention Centre to offer 25% off advanced tickets for Flooring Show visitors and exhibitors. Use the link on our website to book with this fantastic deal!

From the West: M56 to M62 then A1(M), exit Wetherby (9 miles from Harrogate)

You can find FREE OF CHARGE parking at the Harrogate Convention Centre during the three show days, however, this parking works on a first come, first served basis.

… By Air: Leeds Bradford International Airport is 20 minutes from Harrogate and Manchester International Airport is just under two hours from the town. There are now three flights a day with British Airways from Heathrow to Leeds

If you’d like more information on planning your trip, or if you want to know more about any of the features at this years show, please look at our website, we’ve got you covered.

Travel… … By Train: There are trains from most major cities in the UK to Leeds and York, with regular National Rail services running from these stations to Harrogate.


• Quick, clean and easy installation. • Businesses remain operational because of minimal disturbance and immediate use once installed. • Saves time and money. • Easy replacement of future flooring coverings. • 5 year guarantee to leave no residues when removed. • Durable and extremely reliable due to rigorous testing. • Free advice and site recommendations. • Solvent free and low emission.

Visit for more information.


September 2017

PLYWOOD CANOPY GIVES LONDON HOSPITAL THE WOW FACTOR James Latham recently supplied more than 40 sheets of WISA Twin Plywood which was used to create a lightweight canopy structure for an impressive freestanding workspace pavilion in Evelina Children’s Hospital, part of the St. Thomas’ Hospital campus.


September 2017


he canopy, which was designed by leading architectural practice, CarverHaggard and fabricated by Wyliewood, provides shading, lighting, and privacy for medical staff working within the main atrium space, looking over Archbishop’s Park. The structure is a hybrid of laser-cut spruce plywood and light grey machined steel components. The canopy is created from a series of seven folding scissor

trusses, draped with weighted strips of raw canvas which diffuse the bright light from the sky during the day, and provide a surface for up lighting in lower light conditions. A folded screen of interlocking plywood strips creates a subtle spatial division between the workspace and the public Café area. The pavilion catches the light and changes in appearance from different viewing angles and at different times of

day, perhaps suggesting images of deck chairs, sails, or waves in the context of the ‘Beach’ floor. Steven Dennard, Specification Manager, Structural Products for James Latham explained, “CarverHaggard selected both WISA Birch and Spruce plywood not only for its structural properties but also the robust appearance of the edges, which were detailed to expose the thickness of the inner spruce layers.

The end result is fantastic, it’s certainly got the wow factor, plus its extremely functional as well.” T: 0116 257 3415


01733 865 451 Supplying the outdoor hospitality trade and indoor furniture and fittings. Gibus Italian Bioclimatic Shelters Uhlmann Commercial Parasols UK made Rot-Proof Outdoor Planters Real and Artificial Plants Emu Italian Outdoor Furniture Outdoor Heating European and Asian Indoor Contract Furnishings Vintage and Modern Indoor Lighting

Shelters with opening roofs

Plus much more

Commercial parasols

Planters and plants

Outdoor Furniture

Contact us on 0800 917 5526 or 01733 865 451

Indoor furniture and lighting

Find everything you need to furnish your next project, as 500+ suppliers reveal new collections of furniture and interiors. We’ll see you in January.

Interiors September 2017

Big Brands Return January Furniture Planning for the UK’s premier furniture and interiors event is already in full swing, with the organisers promising the best January Furniture Show yet – major brands with more space and more new products, extended feature areas and a large number of new developing brands.


eturning to the popular NEC venue in Birmingham, the 4 day show will start on Sunday 21st January and run until Tuesday 24th. For contract buyers, interior designers and specifiers it offers the best opportunity of the year to spot the latest and emerging trends, and to select the latest products from major design-led brands and contract suppliers from UK and International manufacturers and suppliers.


This year’s show proved to be an immense success for well-known brands, both from the UK and Europe, and the stand rebooking rate amongst this group was over 90% within 6 weeks of the close of the 2017 show. Major brands including Duresta, Tetrad, ercol, Skovby and Italia Living had no hesitation in stating their desire to return in 2018 with new collections and styles. In 2018 there will be over 55,000 new products on display

with large brands including Gallery Direct and Dar Lighting showcasing up to as many as 400 individual new products. Across the 5 halls of the event everything from cabinet furniture, upholstery and beds to soft furnishings, flooring, lighting and giftware will be on display. For contract buyers Hall 5 will be an important destination, with a strong line-up of commercial big hitters willing to offer tailor made packages for large-scale

September 2017 Interiors

To Successful Show projects or individual schemes. For those looking to furnish at the other end of the scale, Hall 1 will offer exclusive trend setting collections and statement pieces. Hall 4 will boast large leading UK and international cabinet brands and Hall 3 is the place to go for art and furnishing accessories. Finally for top-end contemporary furniture, Hall 2 will be the place for preeminent International brands. Laraine Janes, Co-Director of the January Furniture Show said: “The 2018 show will be full of excellence, we have an A List of returning brands showing well designed and beautifully executed new ranges. The show has grown in size and stature over the last 3

years and now has momentum as the most valuable show to attend in the UK for buyers of any kind of furniture or interior furnishing. We are delighted that our rebooking rate is so high, it proves that we

have the right formula for suppliers and buyers, and we are looking forward to an even better show next January.� For more information visit


CafeCulture are a wholly business part of the JPR Graphics group of companies. Established in 2003 we specialise in the supply and installation of outdoor seating areas for restaurants, hotels, leisure, plus superb indoor furniture, lighting and fittings too. We are a niche independent supplier who design and manufacture many of our own goods and we also supply direct from some of the world’s best manufactures.

We can also offer finance to spread the cost of your investment. We supply a wide range of products ranging from shelters, planters, real and artificial plants, indoor and outdoor tables, chairs, outdoor heaters, parasols, servicing, cleaning, repairs etc. Planters will enhance your outside areas and provide a practical and attractive enclosure for your customers. We use artificial woods which are totally waterproof, will never rot and never needing painting. We can plant with real plants or maintenance free artificial plants too. New this year are a beautiful range of Italian pergolas by Gibus. They are perfect for any environment and allow open dining in the Summer and sheltered dining in the Winter. These year-round bioclimatic shelters have opening roofs (and optional sides) to fully enjoy the sunshine in the Summer then can be closed in minutes

for the cooler evenings or the Winter months. This will allow you to extend a former Summer only outdoor area to a 12 month area increasing the available covers and your income. The pergolas are made from nonrust aluminium frames and roofs with rotating, tilting blades that let the sunlight in and create an air flow to keep the area beneath it cool. The motorised blades rotate shut in bad weather to keep the heat in and the wind and rain out.

Heating and lighting can be added to further enhance the comfort. We also have an extensive range of indoor and outdoor lighting, heating and furniture from top Eurpoean manufacturers and also high quality Asian suppliers where volume is required but budgets are more restricted. If you are interested in any of the areas mentioned drop us a line to or call 01733 865 451.

Interiors August 2017


State of the Art(E Ventilation Bl New and

Efact) lends d Old

August 2017 Interiors

When the Natural History Museum decided to replace its famous ‘Dippy’ the diplodocus exhibit with a new star exhibit- a real-life skeleton of a blue whaledesign & engineering expertise from Lancashire provided a solution to balance all the elements.

SVM Director Paul Rushmer elaborated, “The project involved refurbishing the existing hall, and redesigning the space to incorporate additional galleries at ground, first and second floor levels. From the original design, natural ventilation openings were in place, to an extent, but needed restoring, and new building services had to be integrated alongside to deliver a balanced internal temperature all year round, regardless of summer peaks and winter lows.

Consulting engineers for the refurbishment of the 150 yearsold Grade 1 listed Hintze Hall, SVM, aimed to revive, as far as possible, the original ventilation for the iconic, lofty hall, whilst taking advantage of technological developments to deliver the optimum internal environment for exhibits, the building fabric, and visitors. Thus, SVM utilised the expertise of Britain’s leading air movement specialist, Gilberts.

“Conditions in Hintze Hall are crucial to the exhibits, and of course important to the visitors. We had to find a non-invasive solution for the historic space, which stabilised the temperature and humidity. The original building drawings used passive solutions. We have past experience of working with Gilberts, and felt its dampers were particularly appropriate to helping develop a bespoke, sympathetic solution.”

Based on CFD (computational fluid dynamic) modelling, Gilberts manufactured and supplied 24no of a bespoke version of its Mistrale Model A natural ventilation units, with a further 42no standard WHF50 high performance louvres to provide the required levels of fresh air intake and exhaust.

Gilberts’ core Mistrale 50 Model A cassette is deliberately lightweight and slimline, to be beaded discreetly into window or wall. The insulated motorised volume control damper is a unique design that offers automatic, accurate and stable airflow, with one of the lowest air leakage rates (<5m3/ hr/m2) and U values (<1W/m2/K) on the market.

Each of the bespoke units was purpose-designed, using a combination of Gilberts’ WHF50 cassette with its VN75 ultra low leakage air volume control damper, to fit within existing window apertures and frames, and bolt together into specially-designed subframes, to avoid any need to fix into the existing terracotta surrounds. The units also had to provide the appropriate flow of fresh air into Hintze Hall, without allowing any natural light to permeate through, and still look aesthetically pleasing; Gilberts thus devised a bespoke combination of internal K40 fixed bar grilles and non vision cores mounted on the rear of the units. In a separate high level atrium, the original glass in the window frames could be removed; there, the glazing was replaced with Gilberts’ WHF50 louvres to provide high level exhaust of the ’used’ internal air.

The WHF50 louvres are part of Gilberts’ high performance louvre range, whose patented design offers a simple single bank louvre assembly with 99% weather protection. The blade is a unique profile, proven to deliver a good free area ratio with minimal pressure resistance. Gilberts is the UK’s leading independent air movement specialist. Alongside its comprehensive range of grilles, louvres and diffusers, it has the ability, in-house, to design, manufacture, and test bespoke solutions to meet specific project requirements. It also has one of the most technically-advanced inhouse test centres in the countrywhich it designed and built using internal resources- at its 90,000sq ft Blackpool headquarters. For further information contact Gilberts tel 01253 766911; E:


September 2017

The Kent Event Centre welcomes Construction Expo back on Thursday October 5th 2017. Run by the Kent Invicta Chamber of Commerce it brings together construction professionals from the South East and across the UK, combining a free to attend exhibition, conference and large demonstration areas. 2016 saw over 3,000 delegates and more than 200 exhibitors including some of the UK’s largest contractors. Plans for 2017 will make it the biggest and best event yet.

Project updates and industry challenges discussed Once again, Construction Expo will be hosting keynote speakers, panel sessions and workshops that will update you on major developments and regeneration projects and look at new opportunities along with discussing critical industry topics. Areas that will be covered include: •


Find out how to take advantage of £billions of projects

Meet the Buyer As one of the few completely free Meet the Buyer opportunities in the UK, this year will see over 600 appointments available with 30 top purchasers and decision makers. This is a great opportunity to get your business in front of some of the leading contractors, suppliers and public sector departments. Appointments will be offered initially to exhibitors and then opened to all delegates on a first come first served basis. Construction Expo Dinner

Major developments and regeneration projects update

The latest on digital construction including an update on BIM

Construction in the 2025

How can we develop talent for the construction sector?

This year the dinner will see the brilliant Brian Blessed, OBE speaking. Renowned for his booming voice, he is famous for work on the stage, television, radio and in films. He’s attempted Everest three times and is the oldest man to have walked to the magnetic North Pole. Tickets are on sale now at

Improving the competitiveness of the market

To find out more about visiting please go to

What is stopping you building?

Thames Tideway tunnel developments update

If you are interested in exhibiting please call Penny on 01732 758530 or email or if you’d like to work with us please email

As ever it will provide a great opportunity for business leaders to meet, network and collaborate.

5 October| Kent Event Centre nr Maidstone | 8.30am - 4.30pm | FREE Conference and Exhibition

DON’T MISS THE LEADING CONSTRUCTION EVENT FOR THE SOUTH EAST ATTRACTING OVER 3,000 VISITORS AND 200 EXHIBITORS OVER 600 FREE MEET THE BUYER APPOINTMENTS Just take a look below at some of the contractors you can meet when you book your FREE place at Construction Expo.


Hurry, book now we have over 600 free meet the buyer appointments available, but be quick as appointments are allocated in order of you booking.

Just some of the buyers involved...

• • • • • •

Full list of buyers at


Find out how to take advantage of £billions of projects Major developments and regeneration projects update The latest on digital construction including an update on BIM Construction in the 2025 How can we develop talent for the construction sector? Improving the competitiveness of the market What is stopping you building? Thames Tideway Tunnel development update FREE Meet the Buyer with over 600 FREE appointments

BOOK YOUR FREE PLACES NOW! Find out the very latest from our keynote speakers, join in with panel sessions looking at existing projects as well as new opportunities. It’s a great opportunity for business leaders to meet, network and collaborate on improving

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Kitchens September 2017


e says: “I’ve been working in the carpentry industry for 20-odd years. My new company – The Hertfordshire Kitchen Company – has been going for two years and is successfully placing itself in the market for the supply and installation of quality domestic kitchens in Herts and the surrounding areas. “Working in an environment with dust extraction has massively changed my working practices. I have a lot of Festool kit as its tools and dust extractors work together really well. My work means I’m continually using routers, drills and circular saws with extractors – it makes the working environment more comfortable, cleaner and safer – I hate working in a mess! Feedback from our customers is good – on our Facebook page a number have mentioned how clean and tidy the job has been. “Dust extraction also helps with the longevity of the tools which therefore means less ‘downtime’.” Jay says that the health benefits have to be the number one reason for using Festool kit. He says: “I’ve been lucky to never have suffered from asthma or other breathing problems. I believe this is partly attributable to the use of my Festool dust extractors and their excellent integration with their tools. After years of working in carpentry I’m aware of the risks of working without a dust extractor and now use one whenever the tools allow. Kitchen fitting is indoor work so it’s a ‘must’ as it’s not always practical or possible to do all the cutting outside.

Dust extraction has to be top priority for the trade Jay Hounsell, a Hertsbased carpenter and business owner, explains why he believes dust extraction should be the number one priority for everyone in the trade. 32

“I know people that don’t bother using them as they think they’re not necessary, are too expensive or they’re too big and bulky to wheel in and out of jobs. Some people will also use something unsuitable that’s not up to the job! I think it’s a bit of laziness from some people and lack of awareness about the dangers. “Dust extraction needs to be a top priority for people in the trade. I have two L Class extractors and, since we’ve developed our work with solid surface worktops that produce finer dust, I also have an M Class system now

*1. Reference for research can be found here:

September 2017 Kitchens

too. I use each one depending on the job. The ‘system’ is what I like about Festool, the systainers enable easy organisation and all stack on top of each other which makes the mobility of kit when you’re on the job so much easier.” Festool, the leading supplier of high-end power tools and accessories, including a range of dust extractors, has been speaking with business owners as part of its latest Breathe Easy campaign. The company has teamed up with the British Lung Foundation (BLF) to provide top quality cycling tops, available here:, as a fundraising initiative and has asked business owners about their attitudes to dust extraction. According to the British Thoracic Society’s report The Burden of Lung Disease, men aged 20-64 employed in manual occupations are around 14 times more likely to die from chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) and are nine times more likely to die from tuberculosis. Occupational lung diseases such as mesothelioma – caused by exposure to asbestos fibres – are increasing. Since 1992, mesothelioma deaths have increased by 70% to 1,862. Jon Burcham, Marketing Manager at Festool, said: “Festool has long-been associated with our excellent dust extraction systems. “Due to heightened levels of understanding about the harm that dust can have on people’s lung health, we can see that dust extraction and the measures tradesmen need to take to protect their lungs will be something that will be legislated about in the near future.” Perfect for mobile use and assembly, the Festool range of safe and robust dust extractors are lightweight and compact, ideal to transport from job to job, saving time for tradespeople. Festool’s dust extractors are suitable for any job from low to high class dust, including general work to anything that is a known carcinogen including lead, cadmium and asbestos. To find the right dust extractor for you, visit for more information.


Bathrooms September 2017


Why use a demista heated mirror pad?


Over 26 years ago, the innovators of demista™, spotted an obvious gap in the market, and developed the idea for a product that was unknown at that time. After extensive travelling they had noticed that hotels they were staying in had steamed up mirrors after bathing or showering. So the idea of the heated mirror pad came up.

These pads can be used behind mirrors on bathroom walls or on bathroom cabinets. They are easy to fit, have no maintenance requirements and cost a minimal amount to run. No more wiping, and smearing the surface. Just a clear view almost instantaneously once the pad is switched on. demista™ heated mirror pads are the first choice of anyone installing or refurbishing a bathroom, whether it be in private homes and apartments, or hotel developments around the world. The pads are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, and multiples can be used for extremely large surfaces. They can also be fitted on bathroom cabinets. Tel: 01932 866600 Email: Web:


LUNES 2.0: ONE SOLUTION FOR ALL DESIGNS No matter if we are talking about a dwarf wall, a recess or a UZQJDBMshower space, -VOFToffers a wide range of model combinations to enhance the style of UIFbathroom and shower area. Following in the footsteps of the previous Lunes range (a Novellini Best Seller for over 15 years), you will fall in loveXJUI itsBGGPSEBCMF refined and minimal TUZMFT"WBJMBCMFXJUIIJHIRVBMJUZDISPNFGSBNFXPSLBTTUBOEBSE Designed and manufactured in MANTOVA


Designed and manufactured in *5"-: FOLLOW US

September 2017

Collaboration Enables Solution to Learning Doncaster’s first and only Sixth Form College will personify fastThe new, £20million, 9450m2 New College Doncaster, which will be run by the New Collaborative Learning Trust, will have been built from start to finish in just 13 months. It features stateof-the-art ventilation solutions from Gilberts Blackpool to create a fresh, conditioned internal environment. The core, standard solution has been tailored to the specific needs of the project in collaboration with BAM Design and BAM Construction, to deliver, in one product, a commercially viable alternative to conventional heating & ventilating strategies. In total, 62 of Gilberts’ standard MFS256 hybrid ventilation units, each with integrated heat coil, have been installed at the College; 51 of the units have been incorporated into the windows, using Gilberts’ WM (windowmounted) louvre, a registered design that combines a split up/down louvre blade configuration for optimum efficiency of air movement in and out of the classroom. A further 11no. MFS256 units have been integrated into the façade using a bespoke designed duct extension. To address the specific needs of the science rooms, Gilberts added dedicated controls logic for the MFS units in those areas; the logic interlocks with the gas supply to ensure the gas will not activate unless the MFS is operational, and automatically supplies additional fresh air whenever a fume cupboard is opened.

“Gilberts had the ability, in-house, to design and deliver bespoke options from a standard product, to meet the specific design criteria or limitations at particular projects, based round natural ventilation which is the preferred methodology for educational buildings. Gilberts’ innovative approach gives us the ability to increase flow rates, utilise heat coils within the ventilation unit, so that that we were able to use just a single, discreet unit in most classrooms, and eliminate the need for radiators in the classrooms. “As each unit is stand-alone, serving an individual classroom, repair & maintenance is simplified. The system also means there are fewer units overall, so reduced installation, interfacing into building management systems, maintenance- all beneficial to the lifetime costs of the building,” observes BAM senior project services engineer Gavin Wilcox. Installed through the external façade or window, Mistrale MFS provides both fresh air intake and used air exhaust through one unit; the system mixes internal and external air to ventilate the internal space. A mixing damper within modulates airflow to allow the new, fresh air to mix with the warm exhaust air, thus extracting its heat without the need for an exchanger whilst still maintaining the required levels of air quality within the space. The integrated low energy fan energises to blend the internal air, ensuring an even distribution of airflow, with control over temperature and CO2 levels within, and maintenance of a comfortable internal environment for occupants.

In addition, eight MFS-V turrets have been sited on the roof, each positioned within a shaft, to provide natural ventilation to the sports hall and two of the first floor teaching Just two Mistrale MFS128, or one MFS256, units will ventilate a standard spaces.


32 person classroom, achieving the 8litres/sec/person fresh air required by current Department of Education Building Bulletin (BB101) and PBSP guidelines. Each unit also achieves relevant acoustic considerations: its operational ‘noise’ is less than 30dbA, and it has been engineered to absorb external noise to keep within the classroom criteria required by BB93. With the heat coil option, the coil is energised and the fan runs on full speed for approximately 20 minutes (depending on night set-back temperatures and flow temperatures) to provide an even

September 2017

Bespoke Environment track collaboration when it opens its doors in September.

heat distribution across the room before occupancy. The integral fan ensures maximum air blending and avoids any stratification. Gilberts’ test research shows that the technique can eliminate the need for wallmounted radiators.

can still be efficiently ventilated, be it via natural or hybrid principles. Gilberts designed bespoke cowls for New College Doncaster, with a low profile, so they blend discreetly with the roofline whilst still enabling adequate free ventilation area.

The MFS-V version incorporates two Fusion MFS128 units placed vertically into a rooftop penthouse turret, with a shaft of only 900mm2, or up to 1500mm2 ensuring effective ‘stand-alone’ ventilation of the space below. No additional ducting or plant is required. By routing the ventilation through the roof then internal spaces that have no external façade

Gilberts has further taken care to attain compliance with Building Regulations Approved Document L: Mistrale MFS attains air leakage better than legislative requirements5m3/HR/m2, and a U value of 1W/ m2/°C. As with all Gilberts’ ventilation solutions, it delivers efficient weather performance via its bespoke louvre system.

Founded 50+ years ago, privately owned Gilberts is unique in having its own, on-site (85,000ft 2) manufacturing facility, producing engineered solutions, with an inhouse test centre. Technical expertise is supported by full in-house testing, and CFD (computational fluid dynamics) simulation capability. For further information contact Gilberts tel 01253 766911; e:


Coatings & Paints September 2017

Expand Your Range With Constructa Pro The expanding foam range from Everbuild – A Sika Company is growing once again with the addition of Constructa-Pro; a high strength adhesive foam designed for use in a multitude of applications.

Developed to be fast curing, ConstructaPro is ideal for small jobs which require a quick fix as well as large applications including fixing plasterboard and insulations board, fixing skirting boards or as a mortar substitute for building rough garden walls. Once cured, it is also rot-proof and moisture and temperature resistant from -40˚C to +80˚C. Gun applied and available in 750ml tins, Constructa-Pro can be used on stone, brick, concrete blocks, wood, plasterboard, metal and much more making it a truly multi-purpose adhesive foam for the trade. For more information on Constructa-Pro or any other product within the Everbuild and Sika ranges, contact your local sales representative, call the sales office on 0113 240 2424 or visit

DOW CORNING LAUNCHES NEW, LOW ODOUR NEUTRAL SANITARY SILICONE Global leader in silicon-based technology and innovation, Dow Corning, has launched a new, fast acting sealant suitable for sanitary projects in both domestic and commercial settings. The Dow Corning 785N Neutral Sanitary Silicone is a mould and mildew resistant neutral silicone with low odour, high flexibility and excellent adhesion to a range of porous and non-porous surfaces. Non-corrosive to metal, the sealant remains flexible over time for lasting performance and is fast curing as well as ensuring low shrinkage – allowing for quick turnaround with a wide variety of jobs. It can be used on stone, marble and granite, as well as ceramic, porcelain, glass, tile, stainless steel and more. With a matt finish and high resistance against damage, Dow Corning 785N is the ideal product for a range of sealant projects and is available in white and clear 310ml cartridges. For further press information please contact Kat Woodcock on or Laura Poole on alternatively, call 0161 831 7141.


September 2017 Coatings & Paints

Hanover Building Unveiled by Remmers The Grade II Listed building located in Manchester City Centre is being refurbished by Quadriga Contracts Ltd as part of the NOMA regeneration scheme to provide Grade A office space, retail and leisure facilities.

/2016 12:47 Page 1

Constructed in 1905; the interior walls have accumulated a thick build-up of dust, dirt, polish and even nicotine residue, all of which needed to be removed. Following trials of various products, Remmers Arte Mundit Eco was selected as it is a selfvulcanising cleaning paste designed for thorough, water-free removal of residues and soiling on a wide range of substrates. The Arte Mundit Eco was applied using a 4” brush and left to ‘set’ overnight. The set rubber-like material was then removed by hand the following day revealing the original white marble finish. The Client is delighted with the results that the product has achieved.

Tel: 01293 594010 Email: Website: Fax: 01293 594037

THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! • Easy and quick to apply by trowel or spray • Extremely fast drying time • Universal use: internal or external and new & old buildings • Unbeatable flexibility • Excellent crack-bridging capability >2mm • Strong resistance to hydrostatic pressure • Highly adhesive to most common building substrates • Overcoat in just over 4 hours • UV-resistant • Can be over-coated with Remmers coatings • Extreme resistance to frost and salts • Solvent & bitumen free – low odour

01293 594 010


September 2017

Charcon reports sales growth of linear drainage solution Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has reported continued sales growth for its linear drainage product: Safeticurb. Having relaunched the product in January 2016, the innovative technology vastly reduces the need for conventional underground piping, and offers a discrete solution for removing surface water. The product continues to be specified on a variety of hard landscaping projects, with supermarket chain, Sainsburyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, the latest name on the list.


The product was installed in the Staines superstore in spring 2017, providing an effective and well-priced solution to eliminate standing surface water around the complex. Safeticurb is designed to fit most hard landscaping projects, including car parks, industrial sites and pedestrianised developments. The product is tested to BS EN 1433 standards and can withstand up to 400kN, Class D, in its heaviest specification. To create a perfect balance between cost and effectiveness, the product runs parallel drainage sections at 30-35m intervals across the total drainage area. The system also requires very little maintenance,

reducing overheads through smart design. Mike Davies, sector marketing manager for Charcon, comments: â&#x20AC;&#x153;Safeticurb has been a fantastic success and its reputation is still growing today. The system offers substantial cost savings while still providing good performance for the removal of surface water.â&#x20AC;?

For further information, including technical data sheets, visit or call 01335 372 222.

The 4th free-to-attend UK Regeneration Conference & Exhibition City Hall, Cardiff Tues 3rd â&#x20AC;&#x201C; Wed 4th October

01225 585838



EXPERIENCE AND EXPERTISE IN THE HIGHWAYS SECTOR ENABLED CLARK-DRAIN TO CONTRIBUTE TO A £162 MILLION ROAD SCHEME IN BEDFORDSHIRE. THE A5-M1 DUNSTABLE LINK ROAD OPENED IN MAY 2017, CREATING 2.8 MILES OF NEW DUAL CARRIAGEWAY, WITH THREE JUNCTIONS AND SIX BRIDGES. The road was built by Costain Carillion Joint Venture, who asked Leedsbased merchants Keyline to source suitable drainage products. Keyline has a relationship with Clark-Drain dating back a number of years and are very familiar with the company’s product range, and the levels of service that can be expected. Daniel O’Hagan, Nationals Sales Negotiator for Keyline, picks up the story: “Clark-Drain carry a full range of castings compliant with Highways England specifications, so it was easy for us to offer our customer products that fully met their requirements for this project. “We always find that Clark Drain are very competitive in their pricing, and prices for this contract reflected the large quantities of product involved. They also assured us of guaranteed stock availability and continuity of prices throughout the project.”

“As is usually the case with Clark-Drain, there was good communication throughout the project,” says Daniel O’Hagan. “In fact, there was a good working relationship between all three parties and this was key to the success of the collaboration. I had no problems getting in touch with either Clark Drain or the customer, and all in all this was a good example of a well organised order.” Ray Jones, Operations Director at Costain Carillion Joint Venture, confirms how important cooperation and communication was on this project: “Clark-Drain were especially helpful in terms of delivery times. They committed to delivering between 9.00am and 3.00pm during school term time, which was an important planning requirement. “But more significantly, they always let us know exactly when they would be on site. This meant we could be waiting for them with the right forklifts and personnel to unload the products. It avoided delays and meant nobody was rushing around, which was important as it helped to reduce the risk of accidents.” The link road opened on schedule, improving east-west connections between the A5 and M1. Other benefits of the scheme include reducing congestion in Dunstable and delivering infrastructure for 7,000 new homes to be built.

In order to meet the project requirements, Clark-Drain supplied 531 Ductile Iron Manhole Covers and Frames, and 201 Ductile Iron Hinged Gully Grates and Frames.


Meeting Highways England specifications – Clark-Drain’s Ductile Iron Manhole Covers and Frames and Hinged Gully Grates and Frames are compliant to Highways England’s HA104/09 Design Requirements document. Additionally, the Hinged Gully Grates are compliant to HA102/00 Design Requirements. Kitemarked products – the Manhole Covers and Gully Grates carry third party BS EN124 certification. Class D400 – both products are classified at D400, with a loading capacity of 40 tonnes for carriageway installation. Design – Clark-Drain’s advanced ‘Load Dispersion Modelling’ techniques optimise the dispersion of stresses through the structures and to the bedding below.


Matching profile – the Gully Grating is profiled to perfectly match the concrete drainage channels used at the sides and centre of the carriageway. Non-rocking – the Manhole Covers feature three-point suspension and the Gully Grates a taper-lock system: both designs ensure non-rocking in situ. Drainage performance – the Gully Grating supplied is Q rated under the requirements of Highways England’s HA102/00 specification, delivering excellent surface water drainage performance within a compact size and conforming to site specification requirements.

CD 180 KMD

Future proof design – as with all of Clark-Drain’s ductile iron range, the products chosen for this project have also recently been certified by BSI UK to the new edition of BS EN124 (2015). No modifications were required to meet the additional test requirements of the new standard, demonstrating the advanced designs of these products.


“Product quality is of course very important on a carriageway project like this. Any drainage infrastructure that’s part of a road scheme must be reliable and that’s been our experience with Clark-Drain’s products.”


September 2017

Charcon partners with local authorities to segregate traffic and cyclists The latest figures from ROSPA reported an 11 per cent decrease in the number of cyclists involved in road accidents year on year , but with 18,884 incidents taking place (and that’s just those that are reported), there’s still much work to do to improve the safety of cyclists on UK roads.


ith motorists merging into the path of cyclists, and vice versa, as one of the most common causes of cyclist accidents, Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, is helping a range of local authorities by offering solutions to aid the segregation of traffic and cyclists. Charcon’s cyclist segregation solutions have already proved successful in London, on the Mayor’s flagship Cycle Superhighway 2 (CS2), where they are helping to reduce the number of accidents in the capital, as well as Bradford, Cambridge, Oxford, Bristol and Nottingham. They include:

CITY CYCLE KERB Featuring a half batter along the carriageway, City cycle kerb is capable of withstanding vehicular impact and a splay edge on the cycleway side, which significantly reduces the chance of cyclists catching a pedal. The system is installed on one side of the carriageway to safely segregate cyclists from passing traffic, even when on the blind side of a lorry or bus. Available in standard grey and Eco Countryside® finishes.

ECO COUNTRYSIDE CYCLE KERB This single piece segregation unit replicates the aesthetics of natural granite whilst containing 82% recycled and reclaimed material content. It also offers a 33% carbon reduction in comparison to a natural granite alternative.


CYCLE KERB Developed in conjunction with Cambridgeshire County Council, Cycle Kerb is produced in a standard concrete finish. The angled profile to the top face of the kerb provides both a distinct visual and tactile division between the carriageway and cycle lane. Available in standard grey and Eco Countryside finishes. Mike Davies, Sector Marketing Manager for Charcon, comments: “The growth of cycleway infrastructure throughout the country means that the appetite for segregation kerb solutions is significant. Since the Eco Countryside Cycle Kerb Segregation System was installed in London, the number of accidents has been reduced and we’re now working with a number of other councils to aid safe cycling nationwide. “Cycle Kerb is a one piece concrete segregation system, which means much of the work can be done off site, speeding up construction, reducing the impact on road users and offering good value for money. The all-in-one unit also looks good and proves to be robust so the maintenance risks are low.” For full information about Charcon’s cycle kerb solutions, including technical data sheets, or to view the full Charcon range of products, visit For technical support, call 01335 372 222 or email

September 2017

HELPING PROT-ECT ‘WORLD CLASS’ LEARNING ENVIRONMENT British technical expertise is being taken to ‘world class’ levels with the construction of a cutting-edge learning environment in Cumbria. The cutting-edge approach extends through to the top of the building, where contractor Cumbrian Roofing Solutions Ltd has used a unique solution to completely refurbish the 6500m2 roof: Protan’s prefabricated system. Client Gen2 has commissioned Thomas Armstrong to convert a former textile factory into its new £4.2million training facility in Lillyhall, as a design and build contract. Due to open in September, the building will provide education for up to 500 students in energy, engineering and technical skills, utilising 3000m2 of “cutting edge” engineering training workshops. Gen2, which is an OFSTED ‘outstanding’ rated training provider, says the expertise is required to meet the skills demand to support large scale industrial projects, such as the new nuclear power station planned for Moorside, Cumbria. Once complete, the facility is expected to be the UK’s largest and most advanced

manufacturing training centre, and will also become Gen2’s head office. Cumbrian Roofing Solutions has been sub-contracted to create the roof, and has used 6500m2 of Protan SE1.2mm polyester reinforced PVC prefabricated membrane in dark grey. Protan’s prefabricated system involves factory-welding of the membrane in Protan’s purposebuilt manufacturing plant, with Protan’s in-house Proplan software calculating the most efficient usage of material to minimise waste. On site, all the contractor has to do is fix along the edges and abutments, and detail around penetrations etc. Protan produces a range of factory- formed detailings to further simplify the process. Studies show that the prefabricated roof membrane can cut site welding by up to 70% on a typical 10000m2 roof, compared to standard 1m wide membrane rolls: equivalent to 7000 linear metres less of onsite welded joints, with associated reduced labour time and cost. It has the added benefit of producing welded seams in a controlled, clean environment.

Yet the Protan prefabricated system is cost-competitive with conventional mechanical fixing of standard overlap single ply roof membrane. “The roof may be large but is comparatively clean and simple in its design,” explained Cumbrian Roofing’s Darren Brown. “It has a few small penetrations, one large barrel vault which runs almost the whole length of the building, and a couple of drainage valleys. Single ply was specified for the roof. It was therefore logical to take advantage of the benefits of Protan’s prefabricated system: it delivered a cost-effective solution, especially in terms of labour.” The prefabricated system is one element of Protan’s comprehensive range of single ply roofing solutions, covered at, all designed to protect value for specifier and contractor. Protan is one of Europe’s biggest manufacturers of construction textiles, and operates in 50 countries worldwide. Its UK business delivers a full support service, from NBS specification and in-house CAD design through to technical advice and variable warranty depending on specification from its headquarters and training centre in Warrington.


Tools & Equipment September 2017

Cordless power tools range help deliver a strong result The XR FLEXVOLT aims to help tradesmen deal with heavy duty applications. The XR FLEXVOLT aims to help tradesmen deal with heavy duty applications. Power tool manufacturer DEWALT is launching a range of cordless power tools to ensure onsite performance without the need for mains power supply. The XR FLEXVOLT offers tradesmen the ability to confidently and conveniently deal with heavy duty applications thanks to an 54V battery offering mains equivalent power without the cord. The XR FLEXVOLT batteries use three 18V batteries that switch up to 54V when attached to any XR FLEXVOLT tool. This makes it compatible with the existingDEWALT XR power tools range. The XR FLEXVOLT range incorporates the 54V SDS PLUS HAMMER drill and

SDS MAX HAMMER drill, the 305mm cordless mitre saw and a range of 54V table, circular, reciprocating, alligator, plunge and 250mm mitre saws, 54V Angle Grinder and 9ah Battery. Darren Barber, marketing director, at DEWALT, said: “The DEWALT XR FLEXVOLT offers an outstanding solution for professionals.

“The mains equivalent battery power ensures the tools can easily deal with the toughest materials, plus the faster application speed that the 54V battery delivers, means less energy is used overall, improving runtime on heavy duty applications.”

Virtual reality set to spread across construction sites Virtual reality systems developed on Crossrail are set to be implemented across construction in a bid to cut costs by up to 25%. Innovate UK is pumping £1m of funding into a programme to develop an Augmented Worker System (AWE) for the industry. A consortium led by visualisation specialist Soluis is developing the wearable virtual reality equipment which was first used on Crossrail by Laing O’Rourke.

Soluis is working alongside an industry steering group of AECOM, Doosan Babcock, Laing O’Rourke, Autodesk and Microsoft. The firm said: “The Augmented Worker System will provide the construction industry with augmented and virtual reality to improve the construction process at every stage, meeting these standards.” Martin McDonnell, Chairman of Soluis Group said: “The proof of concept project with Crossrail showed how this technology could be applied and add incredible value to the industry. “Our vision was to develop this concept much further and create a set of tools that would form the augmented worker of the future.


“For a business like us, we could only drive this innovation a certain amount and working with the consortium and receiving funding from Innovate UK will help us achieve this much faster and more effectively.”

The AWE system will be designed to drive greater certainty, safety, efficiency and sustainability through five key areas – co-design, digital job guidance, progress monitoring, safety guidance and asset management. David Philp, BIM Director at AECOM said “Construction technology is reshaping how we deliver and maintain our built assets, it is increasingly helping us place digital information into the real world in the right context supporting and augmenting the decision-making process. “Real time access to individualised data, analytics and instructions during the construction and operational stages will greatly improve productivity, quality and also help worker well-being. “Creating a framework and guidance around the augmented worker is critically important if we are to successfully unlock this value proposition.”


September 2017 Tools & Equipment


Recognised the World over for its comprehensive range of comfortably fitting, stylish and practical workwear, F Engel build further on their reputation by introducing a collection of slim-fit, stretchable work trousers which allow wearers to be especially comfortable in any work situation – and look and feel smart at the same time. Called ‘X-treme’, the trousers are made from 65% polyester and 35% cotton incorporating a specially developed mechanical stretch factor; they are available in various choices both with and without useful hanging pockets. Designed to offer as much comfort and functional, day-to day uses as possible, each garment has a smooth, inner-crotch seam panel and patches of highly stretchable and ventilated material at the backs of the knees and seat areas to help keep cool and provide maximum flexibility whilst bending or kneeling. There are two spacious slanted pockets at the front, two back pockets and a mobile phone pocket with a flap on the right thigh; there’s a standard one on the left which has an extra inner, zipped compartment. Engel seem to have thought of everything with more useful features including a ruler pocket with extra sections for tools, tool straps and Velcro-fastened, knee-reinforced pockets with two knee pad positions for height adjustment. Reflector strips are built in behind the knees for greater visibility and the trousers have an extra deep hem so the length can be increased if required. Depending on the model number chosen, the Engel ‘X-treme’ Slim-Fit Stretchable Work Trousers are available in a black, black/anthracite grey, Forest green/black and Mocha Brown/black in sizes 42-66. Item numbers to look for are: 0360-186, 0361-186, 0362-740 and 0363-740.


STRETCHED TO THE X-TREME X-treme cool-stretch trousers and all Engel workwear available from and For more information visit: email: Mark McBrayne at or telephone: +44 (0) 7933 150197


All Engel garments are available from The Workwear Trade Centre, Milton Keynes; Telephone: 01908 561569; email: and Anchor Safety, Ipswich; Telephone: 0800 328 5028; email: For more information visit: email: Mark McBrayne at or telephone: +44 (0) 7933 150197


Tools & Equipment September 2017

Fisco Tools’ New ‘A1-Plus’ Hi-Vis Tapes Excellent value measuring from the UK’s long-standing favourite brand of Tapes. With an EC Class II measuring accuracy, these new Hi-Vis Tapes are stamped with the Fisco brand hallmarks of quality and reliability. With a tough ABS case that has a high-impact rubber overmould, these tapes combine hardwearing reliability with ease of use.

There are 3 different models, available in 5 and 8 metre lengths with 19mm and 25mm blade width variants. With a handy belt clip, a selfzeroing end-hook and a ‘positive action’ brake, these ‘A1-Plus’ HiVis Tapes from Fisco will satisfy

most general measuring tasks on site. Getting more information on the Hultafors Tools range of Fisco Tapes is easy. You call the Helpline on 01484 854788 or check out and download a digital catalogue.

Check Out The Best Gear for Working on site in the NEW Snickers Workwear Catalogue The latest full colour brochure can now be downloaded free of charge from This 148 page catalogue has all you need to know about the world’s leading range of working clothes for professional tradesmen and women.

of PPE Workwear. Plus the most innovative Layered Clothing System that ensures you can choose clothes to suit the weather on site – rain or shine, wind or snow.

This Workwear will work hard on site all year round, whatever the working environment you’re in. What’s more, Snickers topwear garments are great both for work and leisure activities.

Complimented by Snickers Profiling and Embroidery services and the UK’s most extensive range of garment sizes, Snickers’ Workwear System delivers the ultimate solution to make every man and woman’s workday easier and safer.

Whatever trade you’re in, there’s something for you in the Snickers range – Work Trousers, Work Jackets, Tool Vests Shirts, Underwear, Accessories and Tool Carriers – plus an extensive range


For more information, visit the website at alternatively, call the Snickers Helpline on 01484 854788.





KASTOwin pro


KASTO is the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s leading manufacturer of high productivity bandsaws, circular saws and hack saws, from manual to fully automatic.

D58 tand S / 5 Hall 1






We manufacture the widest range of computer controlled storage and retrieval systems for bar, tube, profile, sheet and other materials.


And More.

KASTO Ltd 01908 571590

External Works & Landscaping September 2017

Charcon reports sales growth of linear drainage solution Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has reported continued sales growth for its linear drainage product: Safeticurb. Having relaunched the product in January 2016, the innovative technology vastly reduces the need for conventional underground piping, and offers a discrete solution for removing surface water. The product continues to be specified on a variety of hard landscaping projects, with supermarket chain, Sainsbury’s, the latest name on the list. The product was installed in the Staines superstore in spring 2017, providing an effective and well-priced solution to eliminate standing surface water around the complex. Safeticurb is designed to fit most hard landscaping projects, including car parks, industrial sites and pedestrianised developments. The product is tested to BS EN 1433 standards and can withstand up to 400kN, Class D, in its heaviest specification. To create a perfect balance between cost and effectiveness, the product runs parallel drainage sections at 30-35m intervals across the total drainage area. The system also requires very little maintenance, reducing overheads through smart design. Mike Davies, sector marketing manager for Charcon, comments: “Safeticurb has been a fantastic success and its reputation is still growing today. The system offers substantial cost savings while still providing good performance for the removal of surface water.” For further information, including technical data sheets, visit or call 01335 372 222.

Designing driveways, car parks or even HGV parks?... We’ll have a solution for you Suregreen offer a wide range of permeable, SuDS compliant ground reinforcement solutions

PP25 Porous Paver 25mm deep lightweight paver ideal for domestic applications.

PP30 Porous Paver 30mm deep decorative white porous paver - for driveways.

PP40 Porous Paver 40mm deep & available in green or black - grass or gravel finish.

PP50 Porous Paver Our strongest paver in the PP range, for high traffic usage.

TRUCKGRID-MAX Our heaviest duty porous paver perfect for commercial jobs.

Turf Reinforcement Mesh Lightweight grass protection for gardens & domestic use.

Grass Reinforcement Mesh Offers grass protection & easy to install - ideal for parking.

TRACKTURF Reinforcement Reinforced grass surface using rootzone & plastic mesh elements.

Other product ranges available from Suregreen To purchase:

Call: 01376 503869 email: Website:

To speak to a specialist:

Call: 07703 784558 email: Technical site:

Technical Information:

We have technical datasheets, installation guides, design guides, case studies & more online -


The majority of our products are available from stock & if ordered before 4pm can be delivered the next working day!

Landscape I Tâ&#x20AC;&#x2122; S I N DO O RS M E E TS OUT DOOR S

Tuesday 19 & Wednesday 20 September 2017 Battersea Park,London The LANDSCAPE Show returns to Battersea Park in London on Tuesday & Wednesday the 19th & 20th of September 2017. Over 200 manufacturers and suppliers, over 3,000 visitors and over 40 CPD accredited seminars. +44 (0)20 7821 8221 @LandscapeEvent #Landscape2017

External Works & Landscaping September 2017

Castle Bridge at Finzels Reach, Bristol won CTS Bridges a Tekla Award in the Infrastructure Projects category for its innovative design. The entries submitted into the Infrastructure category were judged on complexity, attention to detail, disciplines used, innovation, impressiveness of structure and the software used.


inzel’s reach footbridge is a new £2.7M footbridge across Bristol’s floating harbour, which allows pedestrians and cyclists a route to the new Finzel’s Reach development in the city. The 91 metre bridge, 4m clear width structure, adds a new dimension to the Finzel’s reach project. It twists its way gracefully across the Avon waterway linking the Finzel’s reach development with Castle Park.


The bridge has an unusual sinuous shape and was designed to maximise the length of the structure to allow

CTS Bridges Announce Winner in UK Tekla Aw the minimum gradient on the bridge from either side while maintaining the necessary clearance over the navigable section of the watercourse. The architect, Bush Consultancy, and client approached CTS directly to create a structural solution from their architectural aspirations, which gave earlier budget confidence and identified critical structural constraints at the outset. From the initial meeting the Client and Architect committed to work with CTS, confident in our abilities to develop a scheme which would offer them their desired vision and meet their budget.

CTS undertook all structural design of the scheme, its value engineering, manufacture and installation. In brief the structure comprises a series of curved steel sections, braced by bolted top and bottom members to create a torsion box which can be assembled on site.

Design The complex geometry posed challenges for design with regards to both analysis and concept. The plan curvature generated a low natural frequency structure easily excited by joggers. CTS’s early involvement

ed as a wards 2017

September 2017 External Works & Landscaping The Architect and Cladding team relied upon CTS’s complex model to allow accurate interfaces. CTS worked closely with the Architect to advise on finishes, buildability details to allow their vision to be realised. Installation The onerous access constraints required the bridge to be designed such that it could be assembled in progressive stages. The installation methodology was seen as critical, was established at very early stages and informed the design. For example, due to the on plan curvature road delivery required the structure to be delivered to the assembly area as single beams. meant that vibration was identified at concept as being a critical design parameter. As such, CTS employed a vibration specialist Full scale Dynamics whom we partnered with to design, manufacture, install and commission a bespoke tuned mass damper to position in the longest most eccentric span to ensure comfort parameters were met for walkers, joggers and crowds alike.

Providing Coordination Modelling- Interfacing with Architect The rising S shape of the bridge brought about challenges during the design, modelling and cladding process of the project, Modelling the double curvature of each of the beam sections and the bridge as a whole presented a challenge due to the spiralling effect that can be realised in manufacture but cannot be realised fully in the model. Therefore careful detailing and consideration of each of the subsequent elements had to accommodate increased tolerance to account for and manage unknown offsets and interfaces for all parties. The Tekla Award recognised the hard work involved in the project and how the structure was developed using 3D facilities. As the model progressed and when it was complete, CTS were able to send BIMsight files on to the Architect’s ‘The Bush Consultancy’ and the cladders ‘Mouldcam’. From this model the Architects was able to see the bridge and allowed them to coordinate all the different teams working on the project and ensure the structure worked alongside the substructure work carried out by Andrew Scotts and existing structure interfaces on site.

Then, it had to be able to be partially constructed into 5 moveable steel frames which could be transported down the river on barges and fit beneath the space limitations imposed by historical arch bridges en-route. The structure required a design that could be assembled from a kit of parts to create a weaving stiff torsion box spine beam to allow safe progressive installation but also one which could be installed quickly over the river without extensive scaffolding or plant. Each section was between 8 and 24m long and was limited in size by lifting plant and pontoon capabilities. Detailed sequencing plans were required to ensure plant and pontoons were not boxed in while simultaneously utilising pontoons for sequential temporary propping to ensure stability and using as travel barges. The primary spine beam was installed in a week, to programme, despite several set-backs outside our control. Once the spine beam was installed, finally working from pontoons CTS installed each cantilevering outrigger arms to complete the structure to its full width. Coordination between our works, the cladders and the lighting suppliers dictated sequencing to ensure we all met the programme. This bridge construction project presented many technical and logistical challenges due to working in the harbour but the proactive input and team effort from all stakeholders has produced an outstanding finished result.


September 2017

How Benfield ATT help you create

The Low Energy Buildings you’ve always wanted…

Intrigued by the claims of this ‘full service’ company we decided to investigate their approach a little more. Value Engineering: First, we wanted to know what was meant by ‘Value Engineering’ (VE). Professor Dr. Michael Benfield, their CEO, explained: “By focusing on the various ‘functions’ of a client’s building and its components, we aim to identify and remove unnecessary costs while at the same time maintaining - even enhancing - its performance.” Comprehensive Knowledge: This approach blends their extensive and rather unique knowledge of all forms of timber structure, building science, regulations, and state of the art products with individual client’s design concepts. “For us, value engineering starts with environmental planning and regulatory impositions as part of our analytical and technical design processes.” he explained. “These feed our drive for, and commitment to, sustainable development through into waste reduction, recycling and lean manufacture. It embraces a ‘Pride in the Job’ and a ‘Right First Time’ mentality that is applied to all our Design & Build (D&B) operations.” Focus on End User: Paying attention to end user demands is central to Benfield ATT’s approach (the ATT stands for Advanced Timber Technologies, by the way). They believe it enables them to deliver highly effective, quality buildings for projects large & small. This includes providing solutions for difficult to develop sites, like soft ground, steeply sloping land and potential flood plain areas. Product Selection: Self-evidently, to value engineer design & build solutions, the selection of the most appropriate products needs the services and methods used to be an integral part of the process. Working closely with architects, building designers, engineers and quantity surveyors, Benfield ATT helps select and specify those which are most functionally appropriate and cost effective. In turn this encourages the delivery of high quality products to be protected, and results in saving time for on-site build operations. All of this, they claim, reduces costs, enhances client’s projects and helps to make them one of the most competitive full service timber engineering design and build firms in the UK. Fabric First: In the current business climate it is perhaps not surprising to find Efficiency, Performance & Cost Effectiveness to be included in their key current considerations. This is most clearly evidenced in their ‘Fabric First’ approach to designing really effective building envelopes. “There is a crucial need to deliver highly energy efficient structures with optimum levels of insulation, minimal thermal transmission and appropriate airtightness for floors, walls, roofs, windows and doors.” explains Prof Benfield. Unsurprising, therefore, that in their drive toward Zero Carbon and minimal heating requirements, they offer factory Insulated Panels, SIP’s, Green Oak, Post & Beam, Glulam and Hybrid structures all orientated to achieve what was Code for Sustainable Homes levels 4, 5, 6 and Passivhaus Standards.


BACA Architects - UK's 1st Amphibious House - Grand Designs – Benfield ATT

Specialist Builders’ Merchants: Potentially, the procurement of design specific components can create unforeseen difficulties, for example locating the source of supplies, avoiding delays in delivery lead times, quality assurance, and securing ‘best value’ products and terms. Here Benfield ATT’s long established connections, access and volume buying capabilities as manufacturers and selective builder’s merchants, enables them to secure and supply such requirements in the most timely and competitive manner as part of their value engineered, design & build methodology. Catalysts for Quality: “We believe that our approach to helping you create the ‘Low Energy Buildings you’ve always dreamed of …’ is distinctly different” says Benfield. “We welcome collaboration with other construction professionals in our drive to achieve this.” In doing so, his company aims to help enhance the professional construction team of architects, other designers, engineers, quantity surveyors, contractors, housebuilders, developers, et al, facilitating the delivery of the high quality buildings they and their clients both need and want. And, if end user clients like self-builders and home improvers lack any of these skills, to be the catalyst drawing in those that are most appropriate for each individual project. To compliment this they offer a selective part or full project management service. Professional Partnerships: While they are happy to engage in ‘one off’ projects, Benfield ATT see the greatest benefits to industry and end user occupiers as coming from the establishment of long term ‘partnering’ style arrangements with other construction professionals. This can include Joint Venture arrangements for specific developments, which may be of interest to land owners and those who wish to fund, say, housing schemes, but lack the technical knowledge and industry experience necessary to make them successful. In such cases they believe that their comprehensive team approach can be highly valuable.

The Low Energy Buildings you’ve always wanted … adding value to sustainability




Furniture Factory, Dorset

Town Centre, Cirencester

Housing Development, Surrey


Health Care


Junior Schools, Essex

Foundation Engineering, Devon

Eco Holiday Park, Yorks




Penthouse, Gloucestershire

Bungalow to House, Surrey

SolidLox Car Ports, Garages

PLUS Hybrid Designs e.g. Green Oak + Panels/SIP’s, Bespoke Components, Feature Trusses, Windows, Doors,

Value Engineering from the UK’s leading full service timber frame specialists. Treading Lightly on the Earth Send your plans for a FREE detailed estimate.

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External Works & Landscaping September 2017

Monolith Brick & Stone Develop new non-combustible façade product Following the Tragedy that took place at Grenfell Tower earlier this year, construction companies have been working on developing better fire resistant products, especially for cladding. Monolith Brick & Stones, a company based in North Wales appears to have created a new building façade product that in noncombustible. The product that has been created is a panel that features 12 brick slips that are held together with an integrated mesh and then fused onto the bricks. Each of these panels can then fit together like a jigsaw. This panel will also then deliver a non-combustible façade for any building. The mesh between the brick slips have been incorporated seamlessly into the panels which means that there is no need to use glue to fix the panel.

This new panelling fits together easily and quickly and could then cut down on labour costs because of this efficient application process. The product will be ideal to be used on the construction of new buildings but could also be applied to the exterior of existing properties, which could be a reassuring solution for any concerned building owners and residents.

This innovative product has been developed by Monolith as a solution to the increased fear and perception around safety after the events at Grenfell. The availability of this new product is great news as it will offer a cladding solution, but it will also offer a peace of mind to developers, specifiers and the public in the aftermath of such a terrible event.

As part of the creation of this façade produce, Monolith Brick & Stone are able to replicate almost any brick façade to order, making it a suitable product for a wide range of applications. The company has experienced a high level of demand for the product already, as construction companies and public bodies all around the UK and beyond are eager to try out this new product.

Bespoke pump system takes the strain from surrounding rivers A large bespoke pump system designed and built by Dutypoint is being used as part of Thames Water’s £25 million project to stop extracting water from the River Og and significantly reduce abstraction from the River Kennet. Since the early 1990s homes and businesses in Swindon and the Kennet Valley have been supplied with water from a borehole at Axford in Wiltshire but campaigners have been concerned about the effect this has on the River Kennet, a Site of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI). In 2016, Thames Water completed work on the installation of a new 18km pipe that would instead connect 300,000 properties with a water supply from Farmoor Reservoir, reducing abstraction from the Axford borehole by 50%. Dutypoint worked alongside mechanical and electrical contractor, Bridges, to design and manufacture the pump systems needed for the project.


The specification was challenging because as well as stipulating a low pressure of no more than 0.9 bar, the pipeline and booster set-up had to be capable of maintaining a high flow rate of 150 litres a second. Lloyd Preston, divisional manager at Dutypoint, explained: “We were able to design a three pump booster set in a duty, assist and standby configuration delivering 150 litres per second at 0.9 bar pressure. Yet with dimensions of 2196mm x 2000mm x 2526mm, it’s a very large system so we manufactured and assembled the booster set inhouse at our production facility. This enabled us to provide in time, on time delivery to site for immediate installation.” Dutypoint says it can design and manufacture pump systems to exacting requirements and is on hand with technical support throughout all phases of a project.

September 2017


September 2017

The Clear Advantages of Osmo UV-Protection-Oil Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes specialist, has developed a quality finish to protect, maintain and restore exterior wood. Osmo UV-Protection-Oil has been specially designed to preserve the natural colour of the wood, leaving it looking in top condition throughout summer months.


rotection of exterior wood is of the upmost importance as the colour can fade after harmful UV rays damage the lignin within the wood. Osmo UV-ProtectionOil is a clear, satin finish for exterior application onto vertical wooden structures only such as doors, cladding, fencing etc. Based on natural oil, it does not crack, flake, peel or blister. This natural protective finish has been produced to resist the greying effect on exterior wood due to exposure to the sun, maintaining the wood’s natural aesthetics. The UV-Protection-Oil 410 consists of natural ingredients and is safe for use on children’s play equipment, flower boxes as well as animal housing, whilst UVProtection Oil Extra 420 contains additional activeingredients perfectly blended in order to reduce algae and fungal decay and provide optimal protection during winter periods. For horizontal/flat surfaces, including decking, tables and benches, a pigmented finish is required to protect against the wood’s


natural greying process. It is advised to select a mid-dark colour tone for stronger UV-protection. Alternatively, choose a colour that is as close as possible to the natural wood’s colour, to preserve the natural appearance. Both Osmo Decking-Oil and Natural Oil Woodstain product ranges offer a wide selection of colours. The Natural Oil Woodstain range can be expertly mixed to any RAL/NCS colour, resulting in over 2,000 options. The transparent nature of the finish allows the natural characteristics and aesthetics of the wood to remain visible, maintaining the natural feel and story of the wood itself. For additional information on Osmo’s range of eco-friendly wood finishes, please visit, or call 01296 481220.


Call on 012 9 6 4 812 20 or learn more at











The Low Energy Buildings you’ve always wanted … adding value to sustainability




Furniture Factory, Dorset

Town Centre, Cirencester

Housing Development, Surrey


Health Care


Junior Schools, Essex

Foundation Engineering, Devon

Eco Holiday Park, Yorks




Penthouse, Gloucestershire

Bungalow to House, Surrey

SolidLox Car Ports, Garages

PLUS Hybrid Designs e.g. Green Oak + Panels/SIP’s, Bespoke Components, Feature Trusses, Windows, Doors,

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February 2017 Surface Design




Construction Update - September 2017  
Construction Update - September 2017