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ARTIFICIAL PLANTS & TREES FOR BUSINESSES Maintenance and Hassle Free! Fire Retardant and UV Protected Product Ranges Also featured this issue

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November 2019

Luxury 2m Artificial Bespoke Olive Tree on a Natural Coffee Stem.

November 2019

Artificial Plants & Trees for Businesses At Just Artificial, we work with interior designers, decorators, set dressers, architects and more to set your premises apart from the rest. Our artificial plants, flowers, and trees are highly realistic to look and touch, as well as being durable and attractive.


stablished in 2004, we have many years’ experience as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality artificial plants, trees, silk flowers and related accessories, which we offer at competitive prices. We have a range of fantastic options which will set your space apart from the rest, allowing you to create an indoor Eden. Our products are highly realistic, durable, and designed with particular care and attention by master craftsmen, all of whom are experts in their field. We’re able to provide a product which is exceptional in its rendering, offering bespoke designs to suit the needs of your space, your business, and your tastes.

What Do We Sell? Our range is always growing, supporting current modern trends as well as traditional needs, for indoor and outdoor use, tailored to complement any house, home office, or business. We offer a complete product range for both domestic and business solutions silk flowers and display arrangements, artificial plants, replica trees, topiary, plant and tree displays in a planter ready to go, hedges, fruit & veg, hanging baskets, Ivy trails and garlands, synthetic lawn grass and AstroTurf, planters & troughs, Christmas Trees and decorations etc. There’s no minimum order so you can buy as much or as little as you need.

We pride ourselves on how lifelike our products are and you can view close-ups on many of our products to see for yourself – we’ve taken full advantage of the amazing advances in manufacture and realism that have been made over the years. Whatever your choice, we have the design experience and the tools to make your space stand out. We can make your design look incredible, wherever you choose to site it.

Sourcing and Manufacturing We can usually source what you need even if we don’t already list it. If you require a large enough quantity and your project timescale and budget fit (4-6 months or so) we can even get products manufactured to your specifications from scratch.

Who Do We Sell To? Practically anyone anywhere? We handle large, bespoke bulk orders for refurbishments and refits on behalf of specification buyers, p ro c u re m e n t m a n a ge m e n t , architects, interior designers, and garden landscapers but we also handle small one-off orders from the general public. Whatever the case, we have the perfect solution for your décor – one which will transform your space into something extraordinary.

Who Have We Supplied? Major companies in many industries including IT V, BBC, Channels 4 and 5, Mulberry, Innocent Drinks, Monsoon, Bella Italia, Tescos, Big Brother, The Only Way is Essex, Coronation Street, Dancing on Ice, Park Resorts, Volkswagen, and more. We’ve also sold to house builders, zoos, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, theme parks, colleges and schools, cruise ships, theatres… the list goes on! We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers in the UK, in Europe, and across the World. For procurement managers and corporate buyers we can provide quotes and advice for bulk orders and trade, to help bring your design to life - contact Just Artificial today! View our Huge Fire Retardant and UV Protected Range in our webstore.

Get in touch now! (01524) 858888

SO QUIET WE HAD TO SHOUT ABOUT IT Ultra Quiet Ecodan The NEW LOW NOISE Air Source Heat Pump • An 8 dB(A) drop in sound output • Virtually eliminates the need for planning permission • Allows installation under Permitted Development

Heat Pump Product of the Year (Ultra Quiet Ecodan)

Domestic HVAC Product of the Year – Heating Units

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Construction Update November 2019

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Editor’s Choice November 2019

New Rio windows leave home looking flush Life is now much sweeter for a Norfolk couple who are the first people to have REHAU’s Rio flush fit windows installed in their home, fabricated by Climatec. Tim Whipps Windows worked wonders to replace the tired old windows in Mr and Mrs Farrell’s cottage, resulting in less maintenance and a more valuable looking property.


When Tim was first approached by homeowners Mr and Mrs Farrell, they were originally looking to replace their old externally beaded uPVC windows with a like-for-like replacement. However, after looking at the options for the standard casement windows, both Tim and the Farrells’ decided that actually this was not the best option. As a customer of Climatec for 10 years, Tim Whipps Windows exclusively installs REHAU window products due to their ease of installation and high quality. Tim took the couple through the new range of REHAU Rio flush fit windows, as showcased in his Climatec brochure, which they agreed suited their property style better and didn’t compromise the quaint appearance of the cottage.

The Rio flush fit window range is REHAU’s latest design of uPVC windows. It offers an alternative to traditional timber windows, with a realistic timber look and feel that blends in with the exterior structure. The sleek flush finish and authentic wood effect, means that Rio flush fit not only retains the traditional looking windows that the homeowners wanted, but also offers the added benefits of durability, security, and energy efficiency of a uPVC window.

November 2019 Editor’s Choice Mr and Mrs Farrell’s decision was further solidified by the colour options that Rio had to offer. Where previously they had been restricted to just the white uPVC, being situated close to the road, the option for Pearl Grey would be easier to maintain compared to their older white windows. Tim stated that the initial feedback was a positive one, the Farrells were looking forward to replacing their old white windows with REHAU’s modern yet traditional looking Rio windows. There were 12 windows in total to install, all pearl grey on white, and took approximately four to five weeks from the initial conversation to install. Tim used the fully welded jointing option, although Climatec also offer a mechanical joint and an External Timber Look (ETL) weld option. Despite it being the first time he had installed Rio windows, Tim was thrilled at how easy the installation process was. He said: “It’s just like any other REHAU casement window installation I’ve done, I was very impressed.” John Banks, Product Manager at Climatec added: “Tim isn’t the first installer to praise the new Rio window and how it makes their lives easier by being based on the TOTAL 70 profile. It’s well known to be installer friendly and our customers have shown an encouraging interest in Rio.” In response, the homeowners, Mr and Mrs Farrell, were delighted with their new modern windows, Mr Farrell said: “It’s the best decision we’ve ever made; the windows look really good and, more importantly, expensive. They’ve added huge value to our home in so many ways.” Upon reflection, Tim added: “I was very pleased with the outcome of the job and the way the windows looked in this property. Definitely one for my portfolio.” He has since gone on to fit more of REHAU’s Rio Flush Fit windows and went on to say: “I have fitted more Rio windows since the Farrells’ and find them very easy to install. I would definitely recommend them, and this style of window suits a lot of properties found in Norfolk.” Rio is continuing to gain traction across the UK as fabricators report that many REHAU installers are claiming it to be a much anticipated addition to their offering.

Clare Higgins Product Manager at REHAU, commented: “Gone are the days when people had to rely on traditional and expensive materials for older, quaint properties like the Farrell’s cottage. Nor do they have to compromise on appearance if opting for more efficient and modern uPVC solutions. We’ve listened to what people want, and need, for the challenges of modern life and designed a product that not only makes properties look amazing, but also eases the lives of our loyal customer base through manufacture and installation. We can’t wait to share details of more projects.”

For more information about Rio flush fit windows by REHAU and jointing options available, visit


SECTION NAME November 2019

Virtually Frameless Glass Roofs This super-modern alternative is ideal if you’re after maximum light and a real ‘wow’ factor for your room. These virtually frameless glass units can be installed side-by-side to create full-width glass roofs and side returns. They can also be used vertically, in effect creating a room made entirely of glass.


All units are solar reflective, so excess heat is bounced away, non-stick and self-cleaning. They’ve also been toughened and tested by heat soaking (subjected to intense heat to ensure their strength), so can withstand extreme wind and rain conditions.

Whether your project is big or small, we can help you achieve your glazing vision; you dream it, we’ll deliver it! Call us on 0208 997 2448, or email

1ST FOLDING SLIDING DOORS • 26 Wadsworth Road, Perivale, UB6 7JZ | 141 Hook Road, KT6 5AR • • T: 0208 997 2448 | F: 0208 997 0611

Flooring November 2019

WilliamRose & Company – ESCO Journey Osmo UK and bespoke European oak flooring specialist, ESCO have an established partnership, creating a collection of solid oak flooring pre-finished with Osmo’s celebrated wood finish, Polyx®-Oil. Here, Osmo talks to Sue McGovern, who started her ESCO flooring journey by having it installed in her home and resulted in her selling it by working at WilliamRose & Company. How did you find out about ESCO? Our existing floor was very damaged and desperately needed replacing. After noticing that a friend of ours had original wooden flooring, we decided that this historic look was something that we wanted to recreate in our own home. We drove past WilliamRose & Company on the way home one day - they had just received a delivery of ESCO flooring and it was exactly what we were looking for. The boards were natural and authentic looking, very different to the lacquered wooden floor we had been shown previously. The ESCO flooring felt like wood, and with its Osmo hard-wax oil finish and knots, it was exactly what we wanted. We chose the Moravia smoked white boards; I like how the smoked boards bring up the different shades within the wood. Initially, we decided to do the kitchen, then this turned into the lounge…we are now four years down the line now and are considering the upstairs. It was a big decision, but they say that wooden flooring is the biggest piece of furniture you will ever own, and at the end of the day, we have something bespoke that nobody else has.


And this became the start of my journey to work at WilliamRose & Company.

Explain why you began working at WilliamRose & Company? When we purchased our ESCO flooring, I was not only impressed by the product itself, but I was taken aback by the bespoke service that they provided us. When the opportunity arose to work here, I jumped at it. Visiting the factory in the Czech Republic was amazing, seeing the workers manually operating the machines before carefully wiping away any smears or excess product, it really puts emphasis on the personalised aspect. Even the paper labels that accompany the boards are hand-written and unique to each order. Care is priority at WilliamRose & Company. The moisture content of the wood is so carefully controlled. Unlike some other suppliers, there isn’t a long chain and the flooring comes direct. As a customer, you are receiving something that has been cared for, you are buying in to that and it makes it worth the money.

November 2019 Flooring

What is it about William & Rose that stands out? WilliamRose & Company are the longest established Esco dealer in the South West of England, specialising in the supply, installation and restoration of wooden flooring throughout Frome, Bath and the South West. Offering an unrivalled selection of real wood and wood effect flooring, the company offer hundreds of beautiful floors that have been carefully selected from various suppliers known only for their quality and attention to detail. The installation fitters understand that only the best is good enough. So, whether

a bespoke parquet floor in a private client’s home or a large planked floor for a commercial contractor, WilliamRose & Company only use the best materials and a combination of both traditional and modern installation techniques. At WilliamRose & Company, you can be assured that you are working with a company who care about the flooring and the happiness of our customers. We want our customers to get it right, therefore we don’t rush them – we allow them to take home samples and spend as much time as they need looking at the different options available, advising them when we can. Unlike other retailers, our sample

boards are large, this allows the customer to take them home and experience how the floor will look and feel in their home against their existing interior. From my own experience of dealing with the company (before I began working there), I can confidently say that when it comes to aftersales, if there is a problem, it will be sorted. In terms of care and maintenance, we find that it’s easy with Osmo Wash and Care!

To learn more about the ESCO flooring range and view the complete product range on offer at Osmo UK, at To find out more about William & Rose, visit:


Flooring November 2019

British manufacturer Ecodek consistently strive to provide products and services incorporating the very latest technology and developments within the Construction Materials sector. The company have a dedicated Research and Development resource tasked with ensuring the products supplied measure up against current rules and regulations.


November 2019 Flooring


hen considering fire events in highrise buildings and subsequent changes within section B4 of Schedule 1 to the Building Regulations, Ecodek have designed and developed a brand new, purpose made noncombustible outdoor flooring solution for the balcony and terrace market – the Adek system. In line with the core environmental principals of the Ecodek business, Adek is manufactured from 100% recycled aluminium and is completely recyclable. Adek carries an A2 fire-rating of A2-s1, d0. This is in accordance with the new legislation for materials incorporated into the envelope of high-rise buildings to be classed as non-combustible. A2-s1, d0 means that for smoke emissions and release of droplets, Adek has the highest rating for an A2 classed product. Aluminium is an ideal material for decking. It is lightweight and strong, highly resistant to corrosion, durable and aesthetically appealing. With in-depth knowledge of the market, Ecodek have designed the Adek boards to be extra-wide (295mm) and can be supplied in bespoke lengths, allowing installers a much faster fixing

time. The boards are available in two thicknesses (20mm and 30mm) that allow spans up to 600mm and 1200mm respectively. With the ability to ‘rip’ the boards lengthwise with the addition of a support leg, the Adek system will give greater flexibility to balcony and terrace design. The modern, sleek lines of Adek are preserved as a result of hidden screw-fix system, Adek boards are screwed directly into the substructure - no clips are involved at all. The revolutionary new Adek system has been specifically designed for the balcony and terrace market, rather than being an adaptation of an existing commercial product re-purposed in order to meet the new Building Regulations. The unique Adek board has a surface finish that is both slip resistant and friendly underfoot. Adek – the new era in high-rise balconies and terraces: • • • • •

Non-combustible: Class A2-s1, d0 100% Recycled Aluminium: Fully recyclable Anti-slip coating: Friendly underfoot Long-span, extra-wide panels: Fast fix Concealed fixings: No clips

Lightweight, robust and durable system, available in a range of profiles and colours. 01978 667 840 ENQUIRIES@ECODEK.CO.UK WWW.ECODEK.CO.UK


Flooring November 2019

CaberAcoustic trusted brand of choice

When Sitek Engineering expanded the office space at its Norwich headquarters, it found that the sound of people walking in the extra workspaces built on a mezzanine floor made of chipboard was disturbing employees in the offices below. Needing a solution, Sitek Engineering contacted Blue Sky Property Services, who had built the offices, for advice on how to stop the noise transmission. James from Blue Sky Property Services knew the only way to achieve this was to use a flooring panel that would reduce impact and airborne transmitted sounds. He explained the benefits of an acoustic floor to the management at Sitek Engineering and then suggested Norbord’s CaberAcoustic, chipboard flooring that has been upgraded with an attached acoustic layer on the underside. Being familiar with Norbord’s fantastic reputation, Blue Sky Property Services ordered a pallet of 28mm CaberAcoustic panels. James, who laid the floor himself, commented, “We had 75 square metres of flooring which was laid in just a day and a half. Unlike some tongue-and-groove flooring I have used, Norbord’s CaberAcoustic fitted together easily. The joints lined up tightly leaving a very smooth flat surface which enabled the carpet tiles to go down quickly with no problems.” Glynn White, the Of f ice Manager at Sitek Engineering, also explained, “Several solutions to the noise problem were looked into, including rubber matting, filling the void between floors or a suspended floor. When Blue Sky Property Services suggested the use of acoustic flooring, we agreed. We only lost about 30mm of height and it was easy and quick to lay. The carpet was then easy to lay on top of it and we have noticed a significant reduction in noise transfer from footsteps, speech and dropped objects, making the work environment for those underneath considerably better.” The team at Blue Sky Property Services tested the effects of the new flooring by taking readings of the noise level before and after laying the CaberAcoustic panels. James said, “The results, explained by Glynn, certainly showed how well the flooring soaked up a lot of the sound - a job well done, thanks to CaberAcoustic! We will certainly be specifying it on our next project.” For further information, call 01786 812 921 or visit


November 2019 Flooring


Unlike some tongue-andgroove flooring I have used, Norbord’s CaberAcoustic fitted together easily. The joints lined up tightly leaving a very smooth flat surface...


Flooring November 2019

Delta Membrane Systems Limited announces release of new Podium Deck Brochure Delta Membrane Systems Limited, the UK’s leading Type C cavity drainage membrane manufacturer and supplier of specialist structural waterproofing products is pleased to announce the release of its new Podium Deck Brochure. This 44-page, full colour brochure presents design and build philosophy, project detailing and specification/selection of the correct waterproofing and drainage protection systems for podium decks, buried roofs, blue roofs, green roofs, warm roofs, cold roofs, hybrid roofs, car parks and terraces & balconies. DELTA MEMBRANE SYSTEMS LTD


Date: August 2019


elta’s Podium Deck Brochure is divided into key sections and features an array of easy-to-read text, technical drawings, detailing and 2D graphics. Successful podium deck and buried roof waterproofing design lies with choosing the most appropriate combinations of structure and waterproofing system to achieve predetermined performance levels and criteria. In order to design out risk of failure due to less than adequate workmanship, damage or defects on site it is also important to consider practicality and ease of installation, the phasing of the construction process and the scope for testing and certifying during construction. To reduce risk, Delta’s Podium Deck brochure focuses on: • • • • • •

01992 523 523 | |


Design & Build Philosophy Definitions of Structure Choice of Structure Selection of Waterproofing Selection of Drainage Protection Detailed Drawings

November 2019 Flooring

“Our Podium Deck brochure illustrates Delta’s commitment to achieving excellence and best practice in the structural waterproofing industry across the UK” said Kevin Dodds, Director. “Recent years have seen an increase in the use of podium decks, and it has been recognised that there has been a significant increase in failures. As a sustainable manufacturer, we feel duty bound to offer advice on correct design, installation techniques and the correct selection of waterproofing and drainage protection systems”.



WHAT IS A A blue roof is WATERPROOFING a radical rethink in roofDESIGN drainage;SPECIALIST? the emphasis is switched to utilising the space to provide attenuation capacity rather than quickly moving the water elsewhere. A Waterproofing Design Specialist provides expertise in structural waterproofing. Identifying a Waterproofing Design Specialist can A blue roof and is andaunting. ideal solution for urban areas where options should for attenuation be difficult A Waterproofing Design Specialist have: capacity is limited and in particular where construction is being carried out within flood risk areas. • CSSW as a minimum standard of qualification A has principal no moving parts, is simple install and easy to maintain. • blue Beroof ablesystem to list the considerations forto a robust waterproofing design It is designed to slow/control the rate and release the drainage system and to discharge the water completely over a set period of time incorporating variable discharge •rainwater Offer into knowledge on waterproofing systems available rates. flow off the structure within set • AnKeeping in-depththe understanding of BS8102:2009 andlevels. its requirements •

Desk top study & risk assessment knowledge – these should form part of any Designers Report and Waterproofing Design

• An understanding of sources of water (such as how it flows through the soil and interacts with the structures). roofs are particularly •BlueStructural knowledge beneficial for: •

Knowledge of Ground Gases


Schools Geotechnical knowledge (to be able to understand the implications of a soil report)

•• •• • • •

Hospitals The ability to produce a Design Report, Method Statements and Waterproof Design drawings. Leisure With the Facilities right products and systems, these long-lasting balconies and terraces can be designed and installed for year-round Properties in flood risk areas enjoyment. Domestic Commercial

The adoption of SuDS (a sustainable drainage system) within legislation forces designers to pay more attention to how rainwater is managed. There are many techniques available but the provision of attenuation within the site remains a central tenet in the design.

“Being a sustainable business within the construction industry is about striking the balance between customer expectations, the requirements of building regulations and reduction of project failure/risks. We truly believe that acting as a responsible business in society, will contribute to lasting life cycles of structures and ultimately economic success”. “I would like to add my thanks to the Delta Technical Team for contributing so expertly to this brochure – we’ve produced a “first” within the structural waterproofing industry and this would not have been possible without all of your hard work – so many thanks to you all for your continued hard work and input”. 01992 523 523









To download your copy of Delta’s Podium Deck Brochure click here.

MANUFACTURER | DESIGN | SOLUTION Waterproofing Types A,B & C Ground Gas Protection Inspiration & Innovation Flood Resilience Pumps, Sumps & Drainage Sustainability CPD Provider Training

Delta Membrane Systems Limited provides a full range of waterproofing solutions suitable for all new, retrofit and refurbishment construction. With over 125 years of manufacturing experience Delta is an impeccable partner on every project. Our skills have been mastered through experience in the waterproofing industry. Delta’s trusted Technical Team will offer assistance from concept to completion. Our hands on approach and knowledge is what sets us apart.


World Beating Adhesive Technology

For Every Flooring


F. Ball’s specialist range of industry leading flooring adhesives provides solutions for every installation - from temperature extremes with the highly innovative Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS to adhesive technology for textile, resilient and wood flooring. F. Ball has adhesive recommendations for over 5000 floorcoverings from 200 leading floorcovering manufacturers. F. Ball is renowned for quality, innovation and technical know how. For videos and in-depth technical information visit our website at


F. Ball and Co. Ltd. Tel: 01538 361 633 • email: • web: Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 7RS, UK

November 2019 Industry News

One site, 4 weeks, 129 tonnes of carbon emissions saved National hire company, Nixon Hire have announced that in just 4 weeks, over 129 tonnes of carbon emissions have been saved on a single customers site as a result of using their popular Solar Pod product. The Solar Pods were selected to power a large site up due to their provision of a sustainable power source without the needs for a mains supply or a separate generator. The site configuration saw 30 Nixon Hire sleeper cabins, otherwise known as Snoozepods, powered by 9 solar pods. By opting for a Solar Pod in favour of a traditional generator the site reported huge carbon savings of 129,599kg in local Co2 emissions, the equivalent to planting 5,890 trees. A silent running time of 93% was also reported, a substantial noise pollution saving! Graham Nixon, Nixon Hire Managing Director said; “With the largest solar product fleet for hire in the UK Nixon Hire have heavily invested into the ever-growing renewables sector and the company has positioned itself as the industry leader in solar innovation. Solar Pods generate energy by effortlessly harnessing sunlight via solar PV panels. This energy is either instantly converted into power or surplus is stored in an internal battery bank. The unit is further supported by a back-up generator which only kicks in when the solar resource has been depleted.

In short, free and zero carbon energy is used and created as long as sunlight is available to the unit making it suitable for use in the UK all year round. We are delighted that the hard work that we have put into developing and promoting the Solar Pod has been recognised by a Green Apple Award. We look forward to collecting this in November.� Nixon Hire plan to further increase their Solar Pod fleet size and have also launched additional solar products such as Solar Lights and the Solar Welfare Van. See the video at


November 2019

Svantek UK splits sales team with appointment of applications engineer for the North Aaron Priestly brings extensive sales and client relationship management experience to newly created role In line with an ambitious growth strategy, Bedford-based Svantek UK – leading manufacturer of advanced noise and vibration instrumentation for environmental and health & safety analysis and monitoring applications – has divided its sales team into two distinct territories with the appointment of Aaron Priestly as its Applications Engineer for the North. Aaron joins Svantek UK from testing, inspection and certification business, British Engineering Services, where he spent five years in a variety of sales and customer service roles, most recently as Business Development Manager. “I feel like I am joining Svantek UK at an exciting time,” comments Aaron. “I am looking forward to working with the rest of the team and developing sales in the North.” Aaron’s appointment follows the recent addition of Matthew Lunn as Svantek UK’s Applications Engineer covering the South and the promotion of Aidan Hubbard to Sales Manager. Paul Rubens, General Manager at Svantek UK says: “Svantek UK’s continued growth has made it increasingly evident that a geographical split of the sales function was the best way forward to ensure renewed focus on individual territories. Aidan’s calibre and background make him a great addition to the team and will help further strengthen customer relationships for Svantek UK in the North.” Svantek’s noise and vibration instrumentation is ideal for a wide range of applications including sound measurements, environmental noise, occupational noise, building acoustics,


ultrasound/infrasound, high level / low level noise, hand-arm vibration, whole-body vibration, machine vibration, building / ground vibration and tonality measurement. Svantek’s UK based laboratory can provide traceable calibrations using state-of-the-art calibration technology and instrumentation backed by the highest levels of knowledge and competence.

November 2019 Construction Equipment & Tools

CAN Geotechnical Awarded Slope Stabilisation Works on A13

Geotechnical engineering specialist, CAN Geotechnical Ltd (part of the RSK Group), has been awarded the contract to undertake a programme of slope stabilisation works on a section of the A13 for Kier, who is delivering on behalf of Thurrock Council. Specifically, CAN Geotechnical will undertake slope stabilisation works to the Orsett Cock interchange, linking the A128 and A1013 to the A13 dual carriageway, which will be upgraded with replacement of the four existing overbridges;

with restricted land available, the existing on and off slip road embankments on the East side of the interchange will require steepening to create space for a third lane in each direction. CAN Geotechnical will undertake slope

stabilisation works to the over steepened slopes, including the installation of 1750no. soil nails and a slope facing system. The £700,000 contract forms part of a planned £20billion investment in the Thurrock area, with the A13 Road Widening Project having been identified as a strategic transport route to support, designed to bring additional capacity to an already overburdened road system. When complete the additional road capacity will assist in realising the growth potential of the region. CAN Geotechnical will commence work during Autumn 2019, spread across three visits to the site, before completing the project mid2020. For details about CAN Geotechnical visit the company’s website at or call 01474 538100.


Construction Equipment & Tools November 2019

Anderton works towards With cable theft costing the UK rail network millions of pounds each year, Anderton Concrete is tackling the issue with the launch of its new innovative-patented product, Ander-fin.


ith cable theft costing the UK rail network millions of pounds each year, Anderton Concrete is tackling the issue with the launch of its new innovativepatented product, Ander-fin. Theft of metal on the rails has been a prominent problem for many years, not only at the cost of taxpayers, but it also has the potential to bring the network to a standstill. The leading manufacturer of precast concrete products has designed a system to make cable theft virtually impossible. Ander-fin is a newly approved cable anchoring system, which is


patent approved and can be used in conjunction with Anderton cable troughs to protect from metal theft. Every reduced weight trough, which Anderton now manufacturers, incorporates a slot in its base to allow Ander-fin to be fitted at the point of installation, which when used in unison creates a system that makes cable theft virtually impossible. Shaun Forrester, Sales Director for Anderton Concrete commented: “We believe Ander-fin offers an extremely effective solution to a continuing problem within the rail network and its shocking to learn an estimated 50,000 minutes per

year are lost on the rail system due to cable theft. The beauty of our patented system is that we have protected every aspect of the system; this includes the void in the trough and the fin itself to anchor down the cable, which prevents any other system replicating the anchoring of cable via a void in the trough. “For any railway scheme designers who are working in high risk areas, we encourage to specify the patented system as early as possible within the process. This will mean that the trough route is protected against potential theft and therefore reduces the chance of costly delays once the network is operational.�

November 2019 Construction Equipment & Tools

reducing cable theft

For further information on Ander-Fin or any other of Anderton’s market leading offering, please visit: or call 0333 234 3434


Construction Equipment & Tools November 2019

The Maurice Wilkes Building, Sets the Standards for Premium Office Space Developed by St John’s College, in partnership with Turnstone Estates, The Maurice Wilkes Building, situated at St John’s Innovation Park in Cambridge, is a stunning building that is designed to provide between 3,982 sq ft and 27,014 sq ft of prestigious Grade ‘A’ office accommodation arranged over five floors. The building is named after computing pioneer Sir Maurice Wilkes, who helped design the electronic delay storage automatic calculator or ESDAC, one of the world’s first computers, during his time working at Cambridge University in the 1940s. As is befitting of its namesake, the building is modern, forward-thinking and stylish in design.


The building was the creation of BCR Infinity Architects, who were commissioned to design this speculative office on the ‘toe’ site at the southern-most and prominent end of the St John’s Innovation Park, which is ideally situated on the main north eastern artery into the city. The building’s location means that it has two very prominent approaches and the architects set about embracing this prominent location through competent design of the building’s form and orientation. Visually impressive, the building is also extremely efficient and flexible, with a stacked floor plate that maximises the available office space. A top floor covered roof terrace also enjoys views back to Cambridge city centre, whilst its tensile canopy offers cover, solar shading and sculptural relief to the rational and efficient elevation.

A best-in-class office building obviously required the same of its construction materials, so BCR Infinity Architects chose ALUCOBOND® PLUS for the external façade, which was screwed in to place. In fact, some 3,000 m2 ALUCOBOND® PLUS was chosen for its superb properties – flexural rigidityto-weight – compared to many other construction materials, as well its proven suitability across a whole range of projects including private homes, retail, public buildings, corporate headquarter and offices. To maximise impact and reflect the building’s premium offering the ALUCOBOND® PLUS panels were specified in 500 Silver Metallic and 504

November 2019 Construction Equipment & Tools

© BCR Infinity Architects

Bronze Metallic finishes, which complement each other to great visual effect. Fabrication was undertaken by Argonaut and installed by Middlesex Facades. Such is the impact of the building that all space was let prior to completion, with the likes of PwC UK and cyber security pioneers Darktrace having moved in and will reportedly be joined by other innovative and high-technology companies in the near future.

Project Details: The Maurice Wilkes Building Premium Office Space Location: St John’s Innovation Park, Cambridge Façade Material: ALUCOBOND® PLUS Construction System: Screwed Building Owner: St John’s College in partnership with Turnstone Estates Architects: BCR Infinity Architects Fabricator: Argonaut Installer: Middlesex Facades Year of Construction: 2018 Copyright Pictures: © BCR Infinity Architects


Construction Equipment & Tools November 2019

One small bracket, one “game changing” impact on project costs A small change on a fixing detail is promising to deliver massive site time and cost savings for M&E projects.


ilberts (Blackpool) claims its new bracket for grilles and diffusers saves on average 10 minutes/grille in fixing. It also eliminates the need for skilled or semi-skilled labour to install the ventilators. “Without overstating the case, it’s a game changer for contractors,” says Gilberts’ Sales Director Ian Rogers. “Installation is a significant part of the project value, and over-run on fitting time is one of the most crucial issues affecting build programmes. On a typical large commercial project involving 2500 grilles, the time saving equates to some 400 hours! That has a massive impact on the duration on site. And the skilled labour requirement is reducedyou just need someone capable of using a screwdriver.” Initially, the new bracket fits at least 80% of Gilberts’ grille and diffuser ranges. In the mediumlong term, it will be the standard fixing for almost all the grille and diffuser products. It simply clips onto the grille or diffuser, which is then pushed into position and the bracket secured by tightening with a screwdriver. The bracket is the latest pioneering innovation from the family-owned, air movement engineering specialist. It builds on the company’s heritage of bringing to market advanced technology that enhances the design, installation, energy efficiency and occupier comfort of non- domestic buildings. All products- standard lines and bespoke solutions- are designed, developed, manufactured and tested in accordance with BS EN ISO 9001:2015 quality standard in Gilberts’ state of the art 95,000 ft2 facility in Blackpool.

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November 2019 Construction Equipment & Tools

CAN Geotechnical Awarded Slope Stabilisation Works on A13 Geotechnical engineering specialist, CAN Geotechnical Ltd (part of the RSK Group), has been awarded the contract to undertake a programme of slope stabilisation works on a section of the A13 for Kier, who is delivering on behalf of Thurrock Council. Specifically, CAN Geotechnical will undertake slope stabilisation works to the Orsett Cock interchange, linking the A128 and A1013 to the A13 dual carriageway, which will be upgraded with replacement of the four existing overbridges; with restricted land available, the existing on and off slip road embankments on the East side of the interchange will require steepening to create space for a third lane in each direction.

CAN Geotechnical will undertake slope stabilisation works to the over steepened slopes, including the installation of 1750no. soil nails and a slope facing system. The £700,000 contract forms part of a planned £20billion investment in the Thurrock area, with the A13 Road Widening Project having been identified as a strategic transport route to support, designed to bring additional capacity to an already overburdened road system.

When complete the additional road capacity will assist in realising the growth potential of the region. CAN Geotechnical will commence work during Autumn 2019, spread across three visits to the site, before completing the project mid-2020. For details about CAN Geotechnical visit the company’s website at or call 01474 538100.


Construction Equipment & Tools November 2019

Unique dry ridge fixing system launched by Breedon System components are truly universal - suitable for all types of ridge tiles.


dry fix ridge system that is uniquely universal has been launched by construction materials group Breedon. The group has pulled no punches with its first building product launch since its Lagan Group takeover, introducing a fixing system where the unique ridge union adjusts for ridge thickness, that is the ridge union brackets are fully adjustable so they are equally suitable for clay and concrete ridge tiles. Prior to this, dry ridge fixing systems have been particular to the type of ridge tiles being used, so housebuilders constructing a variety of house types with different ridge tiles will find Breedon’s precision-engineered innovation particularly easy to fit in addition to time and money-saving. The group’s new universal dry ridge system is suitable for ventilating and mechanically fixing all types of concrete or clay ridge tiles on pitches of between 12.5° and 60°. The boxed kit comes complete with ventilated ridge rolls, union brackets, clamping plates, screws and washers, and ridge batten straps for a six-metre length. Fully tested by the BRE, the system is water resistant and UV stable, complies with BS 8612


and an animated installation video can be viewed by clicking here. Commercial director Mark Morris said the launch had been made in response to client demand and to meet the trend for housing developments that comprise multiple house and building materials types. The new universal dry ridge system also complies with BS 5534 Code of Practice for slating and tiling which requires ridge and hip tiles to be fixed mechanically, in addition to or instead of mortar. “We are proud that our first product launch onto the market has been with a universal dry ridge system which is the only one on the market flexible enough to cater for all the types of ridge tiles,” said Mark. The universal dry ridge system launch is the latest addition to Breedon’s roofing portfolio which already features four types of concrete tiles (the interlocking Flat tile, large-format Roman-style Double Roll tile, low-profile Square Top tile and the thinner, slate-like Elite tile) as well as standard and ornamental ridge tiles and finials. Breedon’s building products division now plans to look at introducing complementary hip and verge systems.

4Most Electronics: Importer and specialist distributor of E-MECH products

Construction Third Generation Emergency Stop Switches Foremost Electronics provides Third Generation Emergency Stop Switches with Reverse Energy Structure giving the highest level of safety, ideal for use within the construction industry. They are shock and vibration resistant and supplied in 16mm & 22mm diameter cut out versions with the smaller version having integral contacts for minimisation

Split Cable Entry Systems for Construction Applications Foremost Electronics provides an extensive cable entry system for Construction Vehicles. Split frame, gland and grommet cable entry systems provide a quick, neat, cost effective solution for cable entry into an enclosure without having to cut off and then re-wire pre-terminated connectors. Environmentally approved to IP65 -IP66, flame retardant to UL94-VO and strain relief to EN 62444.

For further details of our extensive product range please call or email us on: T +44 (0) 1371 811171 E Part of the 4most Electronics Technology Group: | | |



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November 2019

The IPG reveals its third and final flagship store, as New Milton based Gas & Plumb Bits is set to showcase its new look this October Gas & Plumb Bits is the third IPG member to be given a new lease of life this year. The grand reveal of The IPG and Gas & Plumb Bits’ fresh-faced store is on Monday 7 October, and during the first week of the store launch, VIP guests, key suppliers and customers will be in attendance, including the Chairman of New Forest District Council who will be delivering a speech on the day. Nike Lovell, Head of Marketing at The IPG, said: “I have been part of the whole process of The IPG Member store launches and being at each opening fills me with confidence, seeing with my own eyes, our key values at The IPG are being cemented – support your local independent!” The IPG is an exclusive membership group for plumbing, heating and bathroom specialists. Their network consists of independent merchants and suppliers who are championed by The IPG to compete more efficiently in today’s market.


Together with Gas & Plumb Bits, this summer has seen substantial growth, with Newline Heating & Plumbing Supplies in Kingswinford and Plumb Inn in Enfield also

joining forces with The IPG to launch a flagship store, helping to support their residential communities and the local economy by offering opportunities like no other. In 2005, Gas & Plumb Bits was established by Steve Ware and Ross Pavey. The company was founded on trade and managerial experience; Steve was a qualified plumbing and heating engineer and Ross was a reputable retail manager. The business began as Gas Appliance Spares and lifted off the ground right away, as it soon became apparent that there was a heavy demand for a greater variety of products. As the business blossomed and exceeded expectations, Steve and Ross concluded to expand the offering of the company with the addition of a The Baths Works showroom counter, to incorporate the entire plumbing and heating market to become a fully-fledged plumbing and heating merchant. Ross Pavey, Finance & Logistics Director at Gas & Plumb Bits, said: “Shortly after our company expansion, the birth of The Bath Works came

upon us, closely followed by the launch of brand-new store in New Milton, in 2018. I am delighted to be in the position I am today, and I am excited for the next venture of the new flagship store. Even though our appearance may change, our bespoke independent service to the local area; working with the local tradesman and businesses, building a reputation for quality and customer service, never will.” Pop down to Gas & Plumb Bits’ New Milton branch between the 7th and 11th October to show your support for this local independent merchant, and to browse their incredible store offers and be in with a chance to win a goody bag! To celebrate the launch, Gas & Plumb Bits will also be giving away a free chrome towel rail (500mx1200mm) with all bathroom purchases over £500+vat that week. You can find out more about The IPG by visiting the brand-new website, You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.

November 2019

Plumb Inn successfully launch their IPG flagship store in Enfield It was an exciting week for Plumb Inn (the plumbing, heating and bathroom specialists in Enfield) as they unveiled their IPG flagship store last week. The launch, which took place from the 2nd – 6th September, saw Plumb Inn reveal a brandnew look to their Enfield branch, following their partnership with The IPG. Plumb Inn is one of three flagship stores that The IPG, the largest and fastest growing membership group for plumbing, heating and bathroom specialists is supporting across the UK. The store opening with Plumb Inn marks the second flagship location for The IPG, in just a few short weeks. The week saw customers come along to set eyes on Plumb Inn’s brand-new look, complete with a new store fascia and interior graphics fitted throughout. The day got off to a great start, with the Mayor of Enfield attending to officially cut the ribbon as well as delivering a speech on the importance of buying from your local independent. Local and trade press were also in attendance, as well as customers both old and new who had come down to support Plumb Inn and The IPG on this exciting new venture.

The Mayor of Enfield said: “I’m very honoured to be invited down to see the new store, and to be able to share this with the world. This store was started by just two friends and initially just three employees, which is amazing and goes to show that when you work hard, you can achieve; and this is what you all have done here. This will be such an important addition to Enfield and I do hope that Enfield residents will be visiting soon to do their shopping. I know that I will be! Thank you, Plumb Inn, for the incredible work you are doing here.”

Ray Andes, Managing Director at Plumb Inn, added: “Plumb Inn are now not just a member, we have joined the IPG family and together we can only become stronger. We have a new look trade counter and showroom, a new look website and an opportunity to be involved in marketing initiatives that as an independent merchant we could not achieve on our own. The IPG’s support of the independent sector will be pivotal to the development and growth of our business and our team are all looking forward to an exciting future.” Nike Lovell, Head of Marketing at The IPG, concluded: “We’ve been blown away by the support of our member’s flagship store launches, and it really puts into perspective everything that we’ve been working towards with Plumb Inn to make sure this launch was a complete success. “As the Mayor mentioned in her speech, it’s so important to support your local independent - something that we’ve fiercely rallied for at The IPG. I hope Plumb Inn can now look forward to seeing lots of Enfield residents popping down to visit this new store!” You can find out more about The IPG by visiting the brand-new website, You can also follow them on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram.


November 2019

Could supplements be Britain’s answer to sick days? Businesses from all sectors have to negotiate staff sickness and, within the construction industry, particularly amongst small to medium-sized firms, the effects can be damaging. Could days away from site be significantly reduced though if employers supplied health supplements to employees? The British workforce fear taking time off, meaning workers are reporting to work ill, according to the Office for National Statistics. In 2017, the average employee took 4.1 days off due to sickness, with members of the public sector said to lose 3.3% of their working hours because of ill health. However, Frankie Brogan, a Senior Nutritionist for natural health supplement supplier Pharma Nord states that this could be significantly lowered if companies introduced the right nutritional approaches: “Companies are all for enhancing their colleagues’ well-being, and looking after your workforce’s health can prove beneficial for their productivity and morale. “Supplements are a great way to boost your team’s health and nutrition, which will in turn enhance their performance. By offering supplements to your colleagues, they will also benefit from the knowledge that you care for their well-being.”


A big concern for all businesses remains stress-related illnesses. A survey carried out by well-being specialists, Forth, found that 85% of adults in the UK regularly experience stress. There are many supplements that could help relieve your stress levels. And supplements such CoQ10, for example, can contribute to normal cognitive function.

Magnesium supplements could also be considered with magnesium helping with muscle and nerve function. Studies have found that this mineral supports sleep and, as pointed out above, stress can be caused by tiredness. While many workforces offer free tea and coffee facilities, magnesium supplements could be a great opportunity to reduce fatigue in the workplace – with a staggering 76% of the UK’s workforce claiming to be tired most weekdays. Seasonal changes should be factored in, too. Especially for those who work in a construction office-based role, winter can leave us with a significantly low level of vitamin D due to the lack of sunlight. This can mean that our immune system may falter as it’s not getting the nutritional benefits required. Vitamin D3 s one supplement that can contribute to the normal functioning of the immune system, therefore

maintaining a healthy workforce. In fact, public health advice for the UK even recommended this supplement for a ‘top up’. One in five of the UK’s population have low vitamin D levels. For many of us, our diet simply won’t provide sufficient levels of the nutrient, so the supplement can be a quick and easy way to enhance our intake. “While supplements aren’t a ‘replacement’, they can be beneficial and provide nutritional goodness,” added Brogan. “They are a cost-effective way to support the immune system and enhance overall well-being.” In the UK, productivity levels are still lagging behind neighbouring countries. A well-being process being put in place by construction companies could help engage workers, and increase productivity. Of course, just offering supplements isn’t enough, but it can certainly help towards creating a healthier workplace.

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Schöck Combar for major Eurotunnel transformer project ElecLink, a wholly owned subsidiary of Getlink, formerly known as Groupe Eurotunnel, is building an electricity interconnector between the United Kingdom and France. Two direct current cables installed inside the Channel Tunnel will enable the electricity produced on either side of the Channel to circulate between the two countries. It will increase the current transmission capacity between the United Kingdom and France by 50%. The project, valued at around £580m, is due to become operational in 2020 and a key element is the construction of two converter transformers on either side of the channel. Their purpose is to convert electricity between High Voltage Alternating Current (HVAC) and High Voltage Direct Current (HVDC). HVAC is used in each country’s transmission systems and HVDC is used for sending electricity along the cable through the Channel Tunnel. By utilising the existing tunnel any disturbance of the seabed under the English Channel will be avoided and support the country’s environmental commitments. The proposed 51km HVDC cable will stretch between National Grid’s 400kV substation at Sellindge, near Folkestone in Kent and RTE’s Les Mandarins substation at Peuplinques in Nord-Pas de Calais. The cables will be located in the Channel Tunnel’s north rail tunnel and benefit from having primary utilities, including cooling equipment, already installed.

Combar is more effective than steel rebar The transformers weigh in at 318 tonnes, requiring substantial concrete ground- bearing base unit slabs. Traditionally steel rebar has been used as the standard reinforcement in concrete construction, but despite its strength, steel is not the ideal solution for reinforcement, especially in electromagnetically sensitive environments. Transformers operate with high electric currents and inductive currents are generated within the reinforcing steel. If the rebars are located too close to these coils, it can cause them to heat up, resulting in a loss of strength. This is where Schöck Combar comes into its own,

a ribbed reinforcing bar made of corrosion resistant glass fibre bound by a vinyl ester resin. Combar was installed within the whole concrete ground bearing base unit slabs, involving a total area of around 416 square metres. The cages involved a combination of prefabricated bent bars, straight bars, tubes and spacers. Wide range of applications The high quality components and the unique manufacturing process result in an outstanding material that is highly durable, much stronger than steel, corrosion resistant – and not electrically conductive. Therefore, Combar reinforced foundations, can be built near transformer coils; and reactors and the enclosures can be much smaller without hindering the units performance, which significantly reduces construction and operating costs. Combar is also ideally suited for installations in switchyards; steel mills; aluminium smelters; research and industrial facilities. Wider application examples include its easy machinability in tunnel construction and complete corrosion resistance when building bridge parapets and barrier walls.


Buildings, Home & Heating November 2019

Record-Breaking SDS GEOLight® Tank Secures Public Green Space A record-breaking underground stormwater storage tank allowed precious green space to be retained for public use at a prestigious new homes development in Hertfordshire. basin, Hoggates Park could then be protected for recreational use and still provide green open space. As part of a £1 million investment for Hoggates Park, new sports facilities will be developed in close consultation with local residents, including a proposed sports pavilion, full-size football pitch, five-a-side pitch, and children’s play area. The sports facilities will also be used by the new schools.

Site constraints

The largest SDS GEOlight® stormwater tank of its type in England, capable of collecting up to 8 million litres, is integral to the sustainable drainage infrastructure at the 2,200-home Stortford Fields development near Bishops Stortford and enabled muchneeded sports facilities for the surrounding community. The SDS GEOlight® tank forms part of a Sustainable Drainage Systems (SuDS) infrastructure that incorporates a mixture of aboveand below-ground components to manage water quality and quantity across the site, including detention ponds, swales and roadside filter drains. The GEOlight® tank’s 8,000 m3 capacity is calculated to capture and retain surface water


running off the impermeable surfaces created by the first phase of the development, even during peak rainfall.

Green Infrastructure Protecting 58 hectares of green infrastructure, including ancient woodland and meadowland, and creating new public amenities were integral to plans for Stortford Fields. The development is divided in two by a natural valley and the ancient Hoggates Wood. Contractors Breheny Civil Engineering levelled a sloping area of land next to Hoggates Wood to form the new Hoggates Park. Located at the lowest point of the development it was the ideal place to locate the GEOlight® tank. Rather than creating above-ground attenuation in a pond or detention

Planning requirements stipulated that the surface water drained from the Western Neighbourhood is discharged into an existing agricultural drainage ditch that runs along the Eastern perimeter and links, after about 1.5km, into the Bourne Brook, a tributary of the River Stour. A vortex flow control on the tank’s outfall regulates the discharge flow rate to a maximum of 53.7 litres per second. Among the challenges for achieving efficient surface water management for the site were a clay soil that left little opportunity for infiltration, an undulating topology, together with a preexisting 132Kv underground electricity cable supplying Stanstead Airport. A deep surface water pipe network was required to avoid the cable and achieve the necessary gravity falls. Surface water is piped to the GEOlight® tank via a 1200mm diameter surface water sewer which follows the line of the new spine road.

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Construction Challenges Breheny Civil Engineering are responsible for delivering all infrastructure works to prepare the site including drainage, services and building of a new spine road through the development. SDS began by working with the contractors to optimise the design of the tank to minimise materials and construction costs. Manufactured from 100% recycled PVC, GEOlight® has a unique honeycomb structure that gives it high structural strength while enabling a 95% void rate. So, the tank design could be enhanced to deliver the maximum volume of water in the minimum space.

Said Chris Mitchell, Site Manager for Breheny Civil Engineering: “SDS helped us to reduce materials, excavation time and costs by recommending the use of lighter weight storage crates, while minimising the depth of the sub-base layer above the tank. The solution still met the necessary loadbearing requirements and satisfied Sport England’s specifications for the football pitch.” As GEOlight® is lightweight, it is comparatively quick to install the SDS team was able to complete the GEOlight® installation over 8 weeks, working closely with Breheny Civil Engineering.

Co-ordination Chris Mitchell continued: “The big advantage of using SDS was that they took over the complete installation of the tank with only minimal input from ourselves. We only needed to dig the hole and prepare the ground for them to begin the installation. This saved us from providing equipment, such as forklifts, and manpower to unload deliveries or move storage crates around the site. “Despite the huge scale of the installation, it proceeded without a hitch, and the SDS team on site communicated with us very well to request groundworks support as and when it was needed. The GEOlight® tank was covered in a sealed geotextile membrane that the SDS team welded in stages. We were able to promptly backfill each section to avoid any damage to the membrane as the works proceeded.” Located along the popular M11 corridor, Stortford Fields is being built by a consortium of Bovis Homes, Taylor Wimpey, Persimmon Homes and Kier Homes, beginning in August 2017 expected to be completed in 2026.


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The energy question is now a ’trilemma’ Chris Goggin of Rinnai looks, in detail, at the future of energy supply in the UK with some of the likely outcomes and possible scenarios in response to the inevitability of changing consumer habits and behaviour in the face of the urgent needs to conquer climate change.


here is now a consensus that climate change must be halted now by a whole raft of changes to our behaviour and habits unless we wish to play chicken with irreversible global consequences. Climate change affects all of us, unless, of course, you happen to be the 45th President of the USA, in which case you can carry on Twittering.

Or maybe he has a point? Are the claimed dire consequences overplayed and overstated for wider political purposes? Well, if you accept the logic that even fake news can be genuine sometimes then we need to look at the facts. The simple, accepted facts. This article identifies the emerging theme of the “energy trilemma within the UK” and critically discusses the three main tenets of the energy trilemma: • energy security • sustainability • affordability.


66% of energy used (officially verified figures) domestically in the UK is for heating, so both the UK heating industry and the UK government have a vested interest in preventing the potential impact of this macroenvironmental theme.

There appears to be an urgent need for awareness campaigns that aim to change our perception and habits of using energy in the home environment. These campaigns should be driven by the UK heating industry whilst calling for support from the UK government to assist in changing the energy consumption behaviors of consumers nationwide. There is substantiated evidence from other areas of the globe that change can happen and take effect with the strategic response of social marketing in the form of “nudge” based campaigns. A key element of the energy trilemma is related to the security of energy supplies which is crucially important if the UK are to produce a substantial reduction in greenhouse gas emissions (Spataru et al, 2015). It is noted by many sources that North Sea oil and gas reserves are in decline, a point highlighted by Lovell et al (2009, pg.12) who states that “the UK’s North Sea oil and gas reserves appeared to have peaked”. This statement is supported by Macalister (2010) who states that “the UK will find itself on the brink of losing its energy self-sufficiency” The UK had previously been a major exporter of energy however, it is again a major importer of fossil fuels

November 2019 Buildings, Home & Heating (Pollitt, 2017). This reduction in fossil fuels is coupled with several of the existing coal and nuclear sites coming ‘off system’ in the coming decade (DECC, 2012). This is leading to significant fears over the threat of the lights going off (Abdo & Kouhy, 2016, pp 20). This point is supported by (Spataru, et al 2015, pp 95) and the UK energy regulator has stated that the statistical probability of severe power black outs would increase. The lack of energy sustainability coupled with a loss of energy security leads to the final element of the energy trilemma affordability. The UK energy agenda is dominated by concerns regarding affordability of energy supplies, unambiguously related to domestic heating needs as noted by (Day, Walker and Simcock, 2016, pp, 256) UK agenda has always been dominated by concerns about the affordability of heating specifically, linked with anxieties about public health. These anxieties stem from an increase in deaths during cold weather mainly due to poor insulation of UK housing stock, official statistics for the UK show every year a peak in the number of deaths during winter months that run to the tens of thousands (Office for National Statistics, 2014). This presents the government with the issue noted by (Bolton & Foxon, 2015, pp 169) UK government is reluctant to let prices rise to a level required for new low carbon investment because of concerns over the impact on the affordability. This policy hiatus is further enhancing the potential impact of the energy trilemma and presents significant potential to impact the UK heating industry as 66% of energy used domestically is used for heating and hot water (appendix.1.). In the works of (Hamilton, 2005) on the impact of oil prices on the macro economy, he notes that a key mechanism whereby energy price shocks affect the economy is through disruption in consumer spending on goods and services other than energy (Hamilton, 2005, pp. 10). This point is further

supported by (Beranke et al, 1997) who discovers that an increase in energy prices slows economic growth through its effect on consumer spending. Industry and government action will need to focus on changing normative and social actions, a point supported by (Chan, 1999) who found that green consumption behavior is significantly related to concern for the environment and behavioral intentions, and that green consciousness and the promotion of environmental protection and green consumption by the government are both effective predictors of green consumption behavior. This points to the need for educating the consumer base to change the normative behaviors as noted by (Wu & Chen, 2014, pp. 119) education of the consumer can lead to changes in consumption behavior and the incorporation of green choices into his/her daily life. To avoid the outcomes of the energy trilemma, the UK must transform its energy sector, this transformation is hindered by great uncertainty as to the central policy objectives and agendas which are driving UK governance (Bolton & Foxon, 2013). Therefore, it appears that one of the most rational avenues of action be that the heating industry, supported by national government, undertake a program of social based “nudge” campaigns to allay and reduce the impact of the energy trilemma by reducing long-term consumption. It is pleasing to see such “nudge” techniques happened with smart meters but more can be done.

example, the green deal aimed at incentivizing more energy efficient behavior. The failings of the green deal are described by (Rosenow & Eyre, 2016. Pp. 141) “poor policy design, limited financial appeal and narrow engagement with consumers.” The heating industry, supported by national government, can utilize a social marketing agenda to reduce energy consumption and subsequent costs, through education and “nudging”. The expertise of the industry and its knowledge of the consumer supported by government regulation and incentives could create the winning formula. The key failings of the ‘green deal’ and other government approaches was its inability to truly understand the audience benefit. These benefits need to be elicited to tap into and satisfy the underlying motivation of groups as discussed by (Lefebrve, 2011, pp.58) and these benefits may not be health, a cleaner environment, access to services or even money. This step change away from monetary incentives towards energy reduction programs could focus on audience benefit, with an educational approach to changing and evoking social norms related to energy consumption. Sounds drastic? Many would argue that we are in drastic times requiring drastic measures. Or we just go on Twitttering…. FOR MORE INFORMATION VISIT WWW.RINNAIUK.COM

‘Nudge’ techniques are described by (Thaler and Sunstein, 2008, pp.6) as actions that alter people’s behavior in a predictable way without forbidding any options or significantly changing their economic incentives. The UK government has failed with policy approaches that have sought to incentivize energy reductions in light of the issues stemming from the energy trilemma. For


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Hybrid Heating for the modern home – the choice is yours


ll DSR Controlled Heaters are manually operated using the “easy to use” Controller located on the Heater. They also have Wi-Fi capability that can be activated when you purchase the optional DSR Smart Gateway which will allow you to control your Heaters Anytime, Anywhere 24/7 up to a maximum of 30 Heaters using our free bespoke APP.

EHC offer a comprehensive Range of Electric Products that are all controlled by the well-established DSR Technology Control System. It enables you to select a Hybrid Heating Solution from the range for the various rooms within your property to suit your design style and budget – the choice is yours.

When used with the EHC Smart Gateway you can take advantage of the in-built Wi-Fi ready capability and are able to program your heaters individually or in groups. The DSR Control APP has many features designed to enhance your comfort levels and provide essential information regarding your heating system. There is also an optional Power Meter Clamp available for Load Shedding Control. Popular features within the APP • Setting Times to suit lifestyle • Adjust each room temperature to suit using the manual boost • Limit electricity consumption to avoid exceeding maximum power available • Monitor your electricity consumption history • View the Temperature history by room • Alexa and Google Home commands The Geolocation feature is also popular as the user can define a perimeter at a set range around their property. When the smart phone enters or leaves the perimeter, the Geo-location feature is triggered and automatically increases or decreases the room temperatures. From within the APP the Geo-fence zone can be set to a radius around your home from 150 to 1000 metres.


The DSR Range of Heaters all offer partial heat retention via the internal storage tiles. They are designed to provide an even heat across the surface area of the Heaters and in turn provide a

combination of Convected and Radiant Heat. The comprehensive range of Heaters which are available in various Outputs are: EHC Combination Heaters – An award winning product in the domestic market which offers smart control with highly efficient partial heat storage technology. Using patented Magmatic tablets, the Combination Radiator is able to retain warmth for longer than a traditional convector heater. Combined with its increased surface area – up to 6 times greater than other models – the Electric Combination Radiator is German engineering at it’s best. Edge - This traditional Convector Heater has been designed with a gentle curved profile on each side of the Heater. It is manufactured using high grade 100% recyclable

Aluminium. It produces heat on demand and with the modular construction of the Heater it cycles airflow and emits heat throughout the room. Solaris - A modern, slim, stylish and carefully sized Convector Heater which has been designed with a distinctive curved front that will enhance any room within the home whilst providing a quick and responsive heating experience. Visage – This contemporary Panel Heater is available in all RAL Colours and utilises the perfect balance of convection and radiant heat which in turn warms both you and the room. The aluminium heating element located within the Heater provides fast-acting heat, before warming the Magmatic Ceramic Tablets inside the Heater.

For further information or a free Brochure contact 01698 820533 or visit

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Replace storage heaters with infrared this Winter Despite a unit of electricity being higher than gas, there are many benefits of electric heating. Firstly, it is easy to install, maintenance is extremely limited and the heating can be localised much more effectively without the need for advanced heating controls. Electric heating can simply be turned on where required, which is more than enough for many people. In Britain, there are around 1.6m properties using storage heaters, mainly in the privately-rented and social housing sectors. But with infrared heating coming in at 100% efficient, its use as an alternative electrical heating system is becoming more and more popular against storage heating, which even now still only has to achieve a minimum of 38% efficiency.

The price of storage heaters Many people who currently use storage heaters are looking to replace their old units with new ones, but are often surprised when they discover the costs that come with replacing them. Storage heaters from industry leaders can start at about £700 (per unit and before installation). Top of the range units from the main players in the market are often more expensive, but even at the lower end of the spectrum prices start at around £350.

The price of infrared heaters There are many types of infrared heaters available today, so prices vary depending on the brand and how the panel looks. From market leaders Tansun, a 300W panel will cost less than £400, and a 785W unit comes in at under £600.

The appearance of storage heaters compared to infrared heaters When it comes to appearance and style, infrared heaters always come out on top. Storage heaters need to have big ceramic/brick cores so will always be bulky, whereas infrared heaters come in many different styles and can even incorporate a design or a photo on

them. Radiant panel heaters are also very thin which means they don’t take up as much space as storage heating systems, and can also have dual functionality. For example, an infrared mirror in a bathroom is not only a mirror but a device that provides heat (without steaming up).

The future of storage heating If customers are willing to invest in a top quality unit, then they will benefit from a durable heater with good controllability. However, as the nature of electricity changes (with more focus on renewables and gas) and as energy producers look to match supply with demand, there will be less electricity available at night. The units themselves tend to be 3kW or more, so while they are fine to charge using the current Economy 7 tariff at night on a cheaper tariff if that is scrapped then they may become extremely expensive to charge.

The future of infrared heaters Infrared heating is an efficient form of electric heating so its future is bright. Electric heating won’t be the solution for everyone, as thousands of people across the UK have central heating (boilers and radiators) and it is considered not advisable to remove that system and replace it with electrical heating. However, with the new Committee on Climate Change (CCC) making headlines this year, all new homes should be future-proofed for low-carbon heating, and by 2025 at the latest no new homes should be connecting to the gas grid. That means there will be huge number of properties being developed that will not be able to have a standard central heating system. For those with traditional storage heaters that are in need of replacement, infrared heating should be considered not only because it is smaller and more aesthetically pleasing than a storage heater but more importantly it is the cheaper and more efficient option to use going forward.

All of Tansun’s products are made in the UK and are designed using premium components. The company has been established for 35 years and pioneered the concept of radiant electric heaters alongside Philips technology. Tansun has the largest range of domestic, commercial and industrial radiant heaters in the world, providing maintenance-free, safe and healthy radiant heaters for many different types of heating applications. Further information is available from Tansun on 0121 580 6200, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at


Buildings, Home & Heating November 2019

Founders of First Glass Roofs Ltd, Kieran & Paul Hand, have pushed their way into the market place over the past five years expanding their Rooflight product range vastly- bringing an average of 1-2 new products to market per year. With significant experience in the glazing industry and a passion for outstanding design, we are setting the standard in frameless glazing. Our products are based on finding elegant solutions to the increasingly sophisticated needs of the glazing market and on maximising light in any location.

includes both an Electric operated version and Manual.

Due to the demand in certain areas of the frameless glazing market, we found that the industry’s trade customers were requiring specialist products that are well engineered and manufactured ready to install straight from the factory with precision, and a level of detail that is unsurpassed.

Being a systems company, we are able to cater for all needs. As well as being able to purchase your product ‘Fully Bonded’ from us, we also offer some of our profiles as a ‘manufactured frame only’ option for those who already have connections with glass suppliers.

Prior to starting their own company, both Kieran & Paul spent their working career in manufacturing and structural glazing installations, which allowed them to study various glazing products and get a better understanding of exactly how each component, in each product worked, and being able to foresee what ‘could be’ if they were able to push the boundaries within the products capabilities. “Our attention to detail has always set us apart from other manufacturing companies along with our customer service which we believe is the best in the glazing industry. All our staff are highly trained in the manufacturing of each system up to delivery of our products.” All our systems have been designed in house, with thermal breaks and full aluminium. Our first systems launched were our Flat Rooflight and our Frameless Roof Lantern profile, which then quickly expanded- bringing to market our Integrated Balustrade, Glass Box and Fixed Window System, along with our Opening Rooflight which


The main aim of First Glass Roofs has always been to design, manufacture and supply- and we are pleased to now have a variety of distributors of our products across the UK.

We believe the glazing industry is one of the most fast paced with quick changing trends; our bespoke manufacturing allows us to keep up to date with the latest design needs.


01420 520 580

Unit 2E & 5G Blacknest Ind Est, Blacknest, Hampshire, GU34 4PX



Buildings, Home & Heating November 2019

WORCESTER BOSCH INTRODUCE NEW BRASS SYSTEM FILTER Worcester Bosch have introduced the newest addition to their Greenstar System Filter range – and it’s in brass!

The leading manufacturer’s filter range has been designed to combat the damaging effects of system debris and pollutants, allowing homeowners to protect their boiler or heat pump for a fraction of its cost.

The new Filter has a one-way valve for ease of adding system chemicals and has a drainage point at the bottle for ease of access during servicing, as well as an isolation valve indicator to visually assist when isolating the filter.

The new high-quality Greenstar Brass System Filter has a premium look and a robust feel.

Other features and benefits include:

It offers the same features as the current range and comes in 22mm of size.


• • •

Easy to use valve connections Same centre to centre position to enable direct replacement Offers bi-directional flow

• •

Lugs to prevent over-tightening A high-powered internal magnet that can capture large amounts of magnetic debris

It is compatible with the company’s brand new Greenstar 8000 Lifestyle boiler range and has been designed to fit with the boiler’s innovative aesthetic look and feel. For more information, please visit: professional/products/accessories/ greenstar-system-filters

November 2019

Compariqo offers alternative solution to casualties of alpha Compariqo, a broking business that is purely focused on the construction insurance and property finance sector has sourced an alternative solution for the developers and purchasers whose Alpha Insurance A/S policies were left invalid following Alpha´s collapse in May 2018.


s an independent broker that is unaffiliated with any warranty provider, Compariqo works with many different warranty partners to offer more choice and transparency to the construction sector. Compariqo has stepped in to assist those looking to replace their structural warranty either by researching the market on their behalf for an alternative warranty product, or in the form of a Professional Consultants Certificate (PCC) which is a suitable alternative to a structural warranty. Compariqo has been arranging PCCs for homeowners whose policies were left invalid and have provided a solution that is not only more cost-effective but does not require all the documentation relating to the property build in order to obtain. This will be a big help to purchasers who may not have access the original build documents or indeed any subsequent purchasers who have not had any previous contact with the developer. The repercussions of an invalid policy can leave a homeowner in breach of their mortgage terms if they do not have a structural warranty or other suitable solution in place, which would be required if their property is under 10 years old. Also, if the homeowner wishes to sell their house, a new buyer may not be able to obtain a mortgage without an alternative warranty solution in place. The PCC was first introduced by the Council of Mortgage Lenders (now UK Finance) in 2000 for use by professional consultants in the construction industry. A PCC will cover most types of residential properties and is widely accepted by UK lenders.

A PCC confirms that the consultant is qualified in experience to monitor the construction and conversion of residential properties and that the relevant checks have been made on the property to ensure that it conforms with previously approved drawing plans. The Professional Consultant will not be able to issue a PCC unless he is accredited to an industry body such as RICS (Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors). Any claims that are brought forward under the PCC will be covered under the professional indemnity insurance of the Consultant for a period of six years from the date of the certificate.

Mark Griffin, Managing Director of Compariqo™ Bringing transparency and greater choice to the market

Compariqo´s Managing Director Mark Griffin stated “the circumstances surrounding the collapse of Alpha last year was very unfortunate. As an independent broker, we work with a broad range of specialist suppliers and warranty brands across the market in order to provide options for our clients. Homeowners may be seeking replacement cover for different reasons, for example this may be for peace of mind regarding additional cover on the property, or to provide evidence of acceptable cover in place to a lender if remortgaging, or refinancing, or to pass on to a new purchaser if selling their home – We can help with all of these circumstances and discuss what’s available impartially without bias.” Compariqo has partnered with some of the leading providers of PCCs across the UK in order to introduce a solution for anyone wishing for replacement cover following an invalid Alpha policy. For more information or to request a quote, go to


Industry News November 2019

Alumasc’s carbon dioxide neutralising roofing helps NTU stay one of UK’s most environmentally friendly universities Alumasc Derbigum Olivine roofing absorbs and neutralises CO2 on contact, as it falls in rainwater.


his ground-breaking technology has been used in the recent redesign and refurbishment of Nottingham Trent University’s Clifton Campus Library, which now features over 1000m2 of Olivine, providing a waterproof, BBA approved roofing solution. As one of the UKs most environmentally friendly universities, NTU has a reputation to uphold. The UK market for green construction projects has grown significantly in the last 10 years and is poised to grow further in the next three. As society’s collective environmental conscience grows more aware, developments which design with environmental concerns in mind have become more revered. This seems to be the case increasingly so with students and younger generations. As well as teaching the effects of positive actions towards the environment, NTU has decided that the best way to impress the importance of their students is to demonstrate it in their campus buildings. M & J Roofing installed the membranes, after it was identified as the most appropriate waterproofing solution that would also offer the sought after added environmental benefits. As a bituminous felt system, Derbigum Olivine is 40% recycled, therefore


November 2019 Industry News

from an environmental point of view, it has an edge over many competitor brands. “Alumasc Derbigum Olivine roofing contains a naturally occurring mineral upper layer that irreversibly neutralises CO2 that falls in rainwater, on contact,” explains Ben Green, Divisional Marketing Manager for Alumasc WMS and Alumasc Roofing. “When the rainwater rolls off the roof and eventually reaches the drains, it’s carbon-free. The olivine grains decrease in size with each reaction, however are large enough to last 30 years plus before having completely reacted. It’s construction industry science at its finest!

Pressed Aluminium Gutters and Heritage Circular Pipes, ensuring adequate drainage could be achieved for the new roof. Alumasc Rooflights provided an ideal solution to allowing natural daylight into the building from above. The unique kerb design incorporates both security and waterproofing to create a reliable, safe and secure rooflight, allowing horizontal termination of the waterproof membrane. This makes water penetration virtually impossible. The domed glazing is moulded from Marlon FSX Longlife, premium quality solid polycarbonate, which has an impact resistance up to 200 times that of glass.

“The membrane itself is guaranteed for 40 years, carrying the longest British Board of Agrément (BBA) certificate in the UK. It’s high melting point ensures membrane stability in the hottest weather whilst the polyester/glass fibre reinforcement provides high tensile strength.”

Technically sophisticated, Harmer AV high-performance aluminium roof outlets are chosen for this project as they guarantee a troublefree performance and are especially suited to flat roofing applications featuring continuous membranes.

This refurbishment also included the specification of Alumasc Rooflights and Harmer aluminium Roof Outlets, coupled with GX

Harmer AV roof outlets combine innovative product design with full industry compliance to meet the needs of rainwater drainage in any

construction project, with the ability to drain up to 40% more roof area than conventional gravity outlets. Further to this, their lightweight, durable, non-corrodible design means that they will do so for up to 40 years. GX Pressed Aluminium Gutters are robust box section gutters designed for traditional wet jointing on site. They’re especially suited to applications where maximum capacity gutters are required. For the very large drainage area of the campus roof, they were perfect. Designed to fully accommodate thermal movement at every joint, they are lightweight, durable and noncorrodible, and, upholding the environmental prerequisites of this project, they are 100% recyclable. Finally, Heritage Circular Pipes are available in 4 pipe diameters and 3 pipe lengths, together with a complete range of fittings. Can be factory finished to replicate cast iron or with BBA certificated powder coatings in a range of colours.


Workwear & Vehicles November 2019

‘X-Treme’ 4-Way Stretch flexible comfort from Engel Workwear

Recognised for its comprehensive range of well fitting, stylish and practical workwear, Danish manufacturer ENGEL build further on their reputation in the UK with the introduction of their new ‘X-Treme’ 4 - Way Stretch’ work trousers. Designed to allow as much flexibility as possible whilst kneeling or bending, the slim-fit trousers feature a 4-way stretch ‘breathable’, cooling fabric which quickly absorbs and dries light perspiration. The knee-pad pockets are reinforced with hard wearing Kevlar Teramid and have two options for pad height adjustment; in addition to the many useful pockets for keeping essential tools and accessories immediately to

hand, some of which have either Velcro or zip closures, optional hanging tool pockets can be attached to the waist; the trousers also have extra deep hems so that lengths can be increased if required. Made from 73% nylon, 17% cotton and 10% elastine, the ‘Engel X-Treme 4-Way Stretch’ work trousers are available in a variety of colour combinations and in all popular sizes. Engel Workwear will be on stand E05, Hall 3 at the Dusseldorf A + A ‘Safety at Work’ Exhibition 5-8 November 2019. For more information contact Gareth Bladen – email: Telephone: +44(0) 7759 520034 or visit:

Experts in Textile Solutions For more than 85 years, ENGEL WORKWEAR has been selected by customers from all over Europe as the first choice for all-round protection and maximum comfort no matter what a work situation may demand.


Founded in 1927 by Carl J. Engel Senior and now 4th generation family-owned, the company has 850 employees based at its Headquarters in Norgesvej, Denmark and 2 factories in Lithuania. Since it first began, with the importing of denim from the U.S. as a hard wearing fabric, the company’s aims have always been the same – to provide superior quality, value for money workwear designed for a perfect, flexible fit and to give long lasting, reliable service.

The original fabric was called Bull Denim which was made from 100% cotton. Over the years the materials and manufacturing processes have been continually developed to incorporate many new practical and beneficial design details with the versatility of the fabric improved by adding the yarn combination of polyester and cotton. New colours have been introduced and many businesses are now recognized by the specific colour combination and design of their Engel corporate workwear where not only is it valued for its practical uses but also as a significant part of a company’s professional statement. Development is an ongoing process as new smart colour combinations and materials are continuously created

November 2019 Workwear & Vehicles

Stand out from the crowd with Engel ‘Safety’ No matter what the job, if it involves working out in the open, day or night or whatever the weather, it’s important to be easily seen. Engel Workwear offers a comprehensive collection of water and wind resistant, high-visibility, protective outer-clothing which caters for almost every work situation helping wearers to keep both safe and comfortable whatever the circumstances. Made from fluorescent Polyester or Polyester and cotton mix suitable for industrial laundering and all fully complying with European and International safety and protection standards, the Engel ‘Safety’ range consists of jackets, trousers, biboveralls, boiler suits, safety vests, sweat shirts and for the warmer months, T shirts and shorts. But to be prepared for colder snaps, especially whilst working during the night, the COMBINE shell jackets with an inner zip-up layer give added warmth. Available in all sizes with many of the items specifically designed to be especially comfortable for women, the Engel Workwear ‘SAFETY’ collection is available predominantly in fluorescent orange or yellow with ‘LOXY’ reflector bands for maximum visibility. Engel Workwear will be on stand E05 Hall 3 at the A + A ‘Safety at Work’ Exhibition in Dusseldorf 5-8 November 2019. For more details visit: or contact Gareth Bladen at or on +44(0) 7759 520034 and tested, with a constant emphasis on innovation, comfort, durability and environmental awareness. Firmly established in the UK, the company has an impressive seven collections (along with a large choice of accessories), all ‘bespoke’ for a wide range of industries with each item of clothing designed to give maximum freedom of movement and reliability; particularly suitable for those working in construction are the new ‘4-Way Stretch X-Treme’ slim-fit trousers which have patches of highly stretchable and ventilated material at the backs of the knees and seat areas to help keep cool and provide maximum flexibility whilst bending or kneeling. Optional hanging tool pockets can be easily attached.

Another top selling name is ‘Combat’; this durable and stylish, uni-coloured collection has contrasting and reflective piping for greater visibility on jackets and trousers, many of which are made from 100% cotton. Almost all the trousers in the range feature such useful detail as ruler-pockets, hammer straps and a mobile phone pocket and the leg-length can be extended an extra 4-6cm if required. Other labels to look out for, each with their own unique benefits, include ‘Cargo’, ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Work Zone’; the company also offers a comprehensive selection of high visibility ‘Safety’ clothing. For more information contact Gareth Bladen – email: Telephone: +44(0) 7759 520034 or visit:


Workwear & Vehicles November 2019

Comfort and Safety For Wearers, Great Value for Employers Part of the Hultafors Group UK’s portfolio of premium-branded Workwear, Tools, Protective Wear and Safety Footwear, the Toe Guard range of shoes and boots delivers great value safety footwear for all kinds of working environments and weather conditions.

With a RRP that starts at only £31.45 plus VAT a pair, this footwear is one of the fastest growing brands in Scandinavia where demands for safety, quality and value keep their shoes and boots one step ahead of the competition.


With a variety of shoes and boots available in the range, every product has in-built hi-tech designs that deliver S3-certified comfort and safety that includes robust fiberglass toecaps, shock absorption, flexible puncture resistant composite plates, ESD protection, oil resistant friction soles and water resistance.

“The Toe Guard product family compliments our portfolio of premium brands perfectly,” says Peter Dumigan, the Hultafors Group UK managing director. “It combines top-specification safety footwear technology with exceptional value for money – an ideal solution for H&S managers, PPE buyers and specifiers.” To get more information on Toe Guard range of Safety Footwear, check out the website at or call the Hultafors Group UK Helpline on 01484 854788.

November 2019 Workwear & Vehicles



Workwear & Vehicles November 2019

How vehicle tracking can help you manage your carbon emissions A vehicle tracking system can be a powerful tool to reduce a business fleet’s carbon emissions, save costs and improve productivity. However, many organisations start with vehicle tracking for a separate set of reasons, e.g. security of the vehicles and wanting to know where their drivers are at any point in time. Systems that specifically track and measure driver behaviour also allow an organisation to target uneconomical driving styles, lowering costs and carbon emissions and reducing fuel consumption by up to 25%*. Quartix real-time vehicle tracking offers an intuitive interface that provides actionable insight, letting you coach your drivers, lower your fuel costs and reduce the impact your fleet has on the environment. Through measuring vehicle idling times and mileage, the system also enables you to reduce unnecessary vehicle use, further supporting your green agenda. Improving driving styles With Quartix, it is simple to see where driving styles can be improved. Driver scores based on speed, acceleration and braking provide a solid basis for feedback, combined with your

drivers’ average speeds on certain stretches of road compared with other professional road users in the Quartix database. When you improve your fleet’s driving style and minimise emissions, you also save fuel and reduce the of risk accidents on the road.

performing out on the roads can help you to decrease idling times by up to 30%*. Identifying where your drivers can decrease idling not only saves fuel, it also means greener results.

Trip reporting & route maps

About Quartix

Quartix displays your fleet’s total mileage, driving hours and idling time over a specified period in one simple report. Whether you need to report by driver or by vehicle, you can interrogate the data at the click of a button. Acting upon this insight can improve overall productivity and reduce employee overtime by up to 15%*. Quartix shows you exactly what routes your drivers are taking every day, letting you see where they overlap or involve avoidable areas of congestion armed with this knowledge, you can ensure jobs are completed efficiently, at lower costs and in less time.

The Quartix vehicle tracking system has been installed in over 500,000 vehicles and helps a wide range of businesses improve productivity, cut costs and save on fuel every day. Providing commercial fleet tracking for cars, trucks, coaches and vans throughout the UK, US and Europe the system offers a host of valuable features for fleet managers.

Reducing idling times Knowing how your drivers are

*Frost & Sullivan 2015

Quartix vehicle tracking lets you: • • • •

Cut costs, manage mileage and reduce fuel consumption Enhance customer service and responsiveness Manage risk and improve road safety through driver education Support your green agenda and reduce carbon emissions

The Quartix vehicle tracking system provides benefits to both your organisation and its workforce, easily feeding data into your existing systems to streamline processes. With tiered packages, Quartix helps businesses identify their safest drivers, make sense of mileage and fuel costs and reduce carbon emissions significantly. Get in touch to discuss the best option for your business on 01686 806 663 or


Find out more at

Vehicle tracking that works for you

Find out just how much you can save with Quartix

No auto-renewal | Free mobile app | 1st class customer service

Visit or call 01686 807 607 to schedule a free demo

Industry News November 2019

RHODAR INVESTS IN REMEDIATION DIVISION Rhodar, a national enabling works provider has made a significant investment in its remediation division through the strategic development of its specialist team.

Rhodar’s appointment of a new geo-environmental engineer, George Roberts, and support of Technical Director Matt Bond’s chartered geologist qualification, ensures the business continues to offer an unrivalled land remediation service to its clients. George brings with him two years of experience from his previous position, where his role saw him carry out site investigations and subsequent contamination and geo-technical reporting. Initially working as a subcontracted Resident Engineer on Rhodar’s £850,000 Broad Street enabling works project in Birmingham earlier in the year, George impressed the team and was offered a permanent role with the business shortly after.


Matt, who has 17 years’ experience in the investigation and assessment of brownfield land, and helped launch Rhodar’s remediation division, has earned his

chartership from the Geological Society of London, specialising in site characterisation and contaminated land remediation. Matt’s status as a chartered geologist cements Rhodar’s marketleading position and underpins the expertise of its unrivalled team of highly skilled remediation specialists. Commenting on his chartership, Matt Bond said: “There isn’t a mandatory qualification required for remediation and site investigation but this chartership verifies that I am technically competent, backed by the Geological Society of London. It is quality assurance that guarantees Rhodar delivers to the highest standards through investment in its teams.” George Roberts added: “I am thrilled to have joined Rhodar at such an exciting time for the remediation division. The business’s commitment to personal development and opportunities to progress are a

great example of its dedication to employees and an outstanding practice.” John Davies, Rhodar’s Remediation Director, commented: “Matt has shown that he has the drive and ambition to develop his skills within Rhodar and George has already proven to be a great addition to the team with his experience and knowledge. I’m extremely pleased to have them as part of our team.” Jason Davy, Managing Director of Rhodar said: “Supporting Matt in obtaining his chartership and appointing George is a continuation of Rhodar’s investment into the remediation division, enabling it to continue to grow and become a key player in national remediation services. I’m very pleased that we are able to offer a rewarding workplace for our teams - something we strive to achieve through our In Pursuit of Excellence programme - and deliver projects to the highest industry standards for our customers.”

November 2019

Top 25 UK Construction Contractors 2019 Rank



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Balfour Beatty

Interserve Laing ORourke



November 2019

Bat boxes offer spooktacular opportunity to revamp homes for Halloween With Halloween just around the corner, building products manufacturer Forterra is providing the ideal opportunity for self-builders, developers and specifiers to create a haven for bats in a range of buildings, at this time of year and beyond. Forterra’s bespoke brick product division, Cradley Special Brick, has devised a bat access box to allow the creatures room to roost in new builds and extensions, across urban as well as rural areas. Bats’ complex roosting requirements mean they benefit from a range of sites in which to settle, from daytime roosts in warmer weather to winter hibernation and breeding bases. Forterra’s bat access box has the aesthetic advantage of blending into the surrounding brickwork, whilst offering an unobtrusive opening by which bats can access the rectangular structure.


A crucial consideration is the height at which to install the bat box, as bats benefit from roosts high above the ground to avoid the threat posed by predators. Some species even prefer to position themselves at least five metres above ground when roosting. For these reasons, fitting a bat box beneath the eaves

or sheltering it underneath a balcony or overhang is ideal, especially as it provides protection from harsh weather conditions. John Richardson, General Manager at Cradley Special Brick, explained: “With bats’ natural, former roosting places gradually being destroyed, bat boxes are increasingly being included as a requirement for new developments by planning departments. We also see steadily high demand for this product from those in the process of adding extensions to older homes. “Autumn is a great time to purchase and install a bat box, as these creatures begin to seek out somewhere to settle in for the cold season. We would advise anyone who would like to know more about this unique product to contact us for further information and installation advice.” For more information about Forterra, please visit

November 2019

Office Principles expands Midlands team Following on from the division’s recent overwhelming successes, workplace consultant, Office Principles has expanded its Birmingham arm, introducing a new designer, a commercial manager and an operations manager.

Experienced designer, Joe Whittle joins the team as designer in a bid to strengthen the team’s design output and offer further creative expertise at the consultation stage of the design and fit out process.

As a result, we are currently looking at ways to expand the service offering, addressing new markets and optimising our existing business in the region to explore ways in which to achieve the best results.”

James Ball has started in the role of commercial manager, building on over a decade of estimating and fit out experience, while Rav Kateria is the team’s new operations manager.

Office Principles is expert at creating agile workspaces and has developed a strong and varied commercial portfolio over the years to include bluechip brands such as Exterion Media, Telegraph Media Group, Visa Europe, GE Capital, Fitness First, Tata Communications, ResMed, Direct Marketing Association, Land Securities, Mothercare, and Kuoni.

Joint managing director of Office Principles, Cyril Parsons is delighted with the success of the Birmingham office, which has only just completed its first half year of trading: “We’re lucky to have a highly skilled team, which has great knowledge and experience of trading in the Midlands and is so keen to see the business grow.

For further information on Office Principles and its services, visit

“This tight-knit team’s passion, drive and enthusiasm have surpassed all expectation and we are looking forward to the next six months, confident that we are going to have outstanding year end results.” Led by business development director, Gary Tailby and project director, Tina Batham, most of the members of the senior team are well-known on the Midlands commercial property scene, having been active in the region for some time. Cyril Parsons continues: “We invested in Birmingham as part of a strategy to put down roots in areas that would appeal to clients looking for a second base outside of London. However, within a matter of weeks, it was clear that, with this team in place, the potential was so much more.


November 2019

The future of construction

UK Construction

An eclectic, forward thinking crowd of 34,327 construction professionals attended UK Construction Week on 8-10 October. There was a particular swell in visitors keen to learn about future technologies and how they could be applied to their businesses. The future of construction and how it is driving change was a major focus at this year’s event and it was clearly a driver to bring the crowds to the show at the NEC in Birmingham. Kevin Reeves, director of IoT & digital twin at Costain, said: “Being my first time at UK Construction Week, I was blown away by the scale and diversity of the event, it was very impressive.” Mark Ireland, chief engineer of technology strategy at the Manufacturing Technology Centre commented: “It was a busy few days and there were a great mix of attendees, from new industry entrants to managing directors and chief executives. It was really engaging to meet with the next generation and to meet people who aren’t already entrenched in traditional attitudes around construction.” Feedback from a new business perspective was also extremely positive. Brendan Hourican, national sales and marketing manager at CircofloPro said: “It was an incredible show. I came away with at least 60-70 excellent business leads. One project alone will pay for the cost of attending the show. It’s been so successful, if I’d known I’d have gone for a larger stand and brought more of our team along.”


Ade Feeney, divisional account manager at Tradepoint B&Q also

commented on the levels of interest from younger attendees, saying: “We’ve had some great conversations. It was a good show, very busy, and we spoke to a lot of young professionals who are the future of the industry. They were really engaged.” Among the 300 speakers and 150 hours of content, major highlights last week included the first industry appearance for the Construction Minister, Nadhim Zahawi MP, and keynote speeches and debates featuring Lord Digby Jones, architect George Clarke, modern methods of construction (MMC) advocate Mark Farmer and diversity champion Angela Dapper, principal at Grimshaw Architects. Mental health in the industry was also a major focal point at the show, making UK Construction Week the largest event in the sector to address these issues. UK Construction Week worked alongside Public Health England to launch Every Mind Matters to the construction industry. Sam Park, head of marketing at Aliaxis, said: “I was very impressed with the Every Mind Matters connection as I’m a mental health first aider at work. The focus on mental health at UK Construction Week was great. This is an audience which typically doesn’t like to talk, and they should. There was a lot happening on the stands and the support which is available. Hats off to UK Construction

Week, from a mental health first aider perspective this really helps get the message out.” UK Construction Week took innovation to a new level this year with its partnership with the Construction Innovation Hub (the Hub) and the new innovation zone. On a practical front there were a record number of product launches, showcases and demos providing something for all construction professionals regardless of trade. This was also the inaugural year for the co-launch of the very successful Concrete Expo. Now in its second year, the UK Construction Week Role Model of the year award went to Anjali Pindoria, project surveyor at Avi Contracts. She is a passionate advocate for diversity and inclusion within construction.

November 2019 SECTION NAME

gets scrutinised at

Week 2019

Sustainability was a major push for the event with all exhibitors being encouraged to sign up to a ‘net zero’ agreement to boost awareness of the UK’s carbon-cutting goals and encouraged to follow tips to boost their own sustainability. The printed show guide was switched for an environmentally friendly app, and to help reduce single-use plastic, free water fountains were installed around the show and free reusable bottles given out. Summarising a very successful show, Nathan Garnett, event director said: “This year’s UK Construction Week for me was brimming with positivity. In a time of political and economic uncertainty, the UK’s largest showcase for the sector showed signs of transformation, as it adopts innovation at a faster pace than ever. The feeling all around was that we have a lot of work to do, come what

may, so let’s get on with doing it in the safest, fastest and most efficient way possible by harnessing the potential of new technologies. “UK Construction Week 2019 also tackled mental health in the sector head on with the support of the Every Mind Matters campaign, as we continue the role of improving mental health in construction for good. I was delighted how open the construction industry has now become on this subject and great conversations have started. “Finally, to see the talent and diversity on stage for our UK Construction Awards, Fix Radio Awards and Role Model 2019 presentation shows how far we have come in the fifth edition of the event. Although there is a mountain still to climb, as an industry we should all be proud of that transformation.”

Looking to the future, UK Construction Week will be hosting a series of specialist summits in the New Year, including: • Marketing in Construction Summit, 12 February 2020 • Belonging in Construction Summit, 13 February 2020 • Wellbeing in Construction Summit, 30 June 2020 • Quality in Construction Summit, 1 July 2020 To find out more click here. The dates for next year’s UK Construction Week are 6-8 October 2020.


Miscellaneous November 2019

MISCONCEPTIONS ABOUT MENTAL HEALTH PREVENTS SERVICE LEAVERS GETTING A CIVVY JOB • SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity reveals mental health still a deterrent to hire in the UK workforce • Nearly a half (46%) of recruiters* would worry about hiring a service leaver in case they had mental health issues • Over a third (31%) of recruiters would feel reluctant to hire someone who had previously served in the Armed Forces • Under half (48%) of UK workers said they would feel comfortable working with a service leaver • 1 in 12(8%) UK workers associate service leavers as being aggressive while 1 in 16 (6%) said short tempered • SSAFA launches Friendly to Forces Campaign to encourage UK work forces to hire ex servicemen and women


November 2019 Miscellaneous Research out today, by SSAFA, the Armed Forces charity has revealed that ex-British service heroes struggle to find work due to mental health stigma. Almost a half (46%) of UK recruiters would worry about hiring a service leaver in case they had mental health issues. Despite best efforts from British companies and individuals, including Prince William and Prince Harry, mental health remains a significant barrier in the recruitment process with service leavers being most stigmatised. Over a third (31%) of recruiters would feel reluctant to hire someone who had previously served. SSAFA is calling for more UK companies to challenge their perceptions about hiring service leavers, as new research reveals concerning misconceptions over the benefits of hiring exservicemen or women. To challenge a lack of understanding amongst businesses and to help service men and women transition from military into civilian life, SSAFA has launched a new campaign called Friendly to Forces which will see companies from all over the UK sign up and show their support and willingness to hire Forces leavers. Mentees from SSAFA’s Mentoring Programme will be directed to apply for roles at SSAFA’s Friendly to Forces employers. Despite the countless skills that come with hiring a veteran, alarmingly under half (48%) of UK workers said they would feel comfortable working alongside a service leaver. More male workers (50%) said they would feel comfortable working alongside a service leader than female workers (45%). Over 1 in 10 (13%) workers aged 16-24 associate aggression with service leaders. Over 3 in 10 (31%) of UK hirers* said they would feel reluctant to hire someone who has previously served in the armed forces. Interestingly more male recruiters (35%) would feel reluctant to

hire a Forces leaver than female recruiters (28%). The research conducted for SSAFA also revealed that mental health is still not being adequately understood by employers- with nearly half of UK recruiters surveyed (46%) saying they would worry about hiring a service leaver in case they have mental health problems. The divide in understanding veterans in the workplace is profound. As on the other side of opinion, 43% say they would feel proud to work alongside a service leaver. In fact, workers cited being a team player (57%), driven (43%), a problem solver (42%), resilient (41%), quick thinking (40%) as qualities they associate with service leavers. Amanda Fisher, Managing Director Facilities Management Defence and Justice at Amey says, “We’ve been recruiting Forces leaving for over 15 years and will always continue to value the dedication and enthusiasm that comes with this background. They bring many qualities to our business including a ‘can do’ attitude and transferable skills that make for a successful team dynamic”. James Grant, Head of Corporate Fundraising and Events, says: “One of the many selling points of joining the Armed Forces is learning skills that can be easily transferred into civilian life. Sadly, some businesses still don’t recognise these skills and service leavers are being discriminated against. We see that there’s also a false perception over Armed Forces personnel suffering from mental health issues - yet it is a common condition that affects many people – service men and women or not. “A career in service to our country should always be met with pride and gratitude. That’s why we have launched our Friendly to Forces campaign, to challenge businesses to do better when hiring service leavers.” Sign your business up to support equal recruitment opportunities for service leavers at


November 2019

GDG Expands Services with the Launch of New Environmental Capability Specialist geotechnical engineering consultancy, Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions (GDG), has expanded the range of its services to include a dedicated Environmental Risk Management and Contaminated Land provision, which will be run from its Edinburgh office, serving as an environmental hub for the entire group.

Environmental Risk Management and Contaminated Land Team, Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions Ltd


ith much of the work GDG undertakes having typically an environmental interface, the ability to service such work by a specialist in-house team that has extensive expertise in all aspects of environmental management, will bring many time, cost and efficiency benefits to its client portfolio. Gerry O’ Sullivan, GDG UK Director, said; “This initiative by GDG in Edinburgh is an important step to achieving GDG’s goal to build a world class consultancy that will provide the highest level of engineering and geo environmental specialist services” The new Environmental Risk Management and Contaminated Land capability will be headed by John Cleland, who brings over 25 years’ experience in environmental science to GDG and a wealth of practical


project knowledge, having worked in consultancy and operational roles on a variety of sites including operational ports and mines, legacy mineral processing sites including landfills and development sites from housing to commercial and industrial developments across the globe. Speaking about GDG’s new environmental capability, John Cleland, Principal Environmental Scientist said: “GDG has always provided elements of ad-hoc environmental support across all the sectors it works and with the level of work growing it makes sense to now offer this service via a dedicated team of specialists that have the knowledge and experience to fully understand and provide for clients unique requirements.” Over the last 12 months, GDG has completed numerous

challenging environmental projects, including early stage environmental risk assessments for new mixed-use developments; remediation design of over 25 Brown field sites in major cities including London, Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin and Belfast; design of contaminated dredge stabilisation in various Ports around the UK and Ireland; and soil and waste management planning and support, including construction environmental management planning on major developments. John added: “On projects such as this, it is essential GDG is able to support clients on the management of environmental risk pre- and post-development and use its expertise to focus on prevention, using the team’s experience in legacy management to direct projects on major developments to incorporate measures to reduce the risk of future impacts and subsequent liabilities.” For details about Gavin & Doherty Geosolutions’ new Environmental Capability and services the company provides, contact the Edinburgh office on +44 (0) 1 313 444 605 or visit the company’s website at

November 2019

Millcroft Wins Gold (Again) Scaffolding and access specialist, Millcroft, has achieved a FORS Gold Standard (Fleet Operator Recognition Scheme) for best practice in managing its vehicles and the employees who drive them. “The accreditation follows our recent 7th consecutive RoSPA Gold and RoSPA Fleet awards, which recognises health and safety best practice across all our operations. We have also introduced mental health training this year to help reduce the work related risk associated with poor mental health. “For us, being a best-in-class business is not just about the skills we have in designing and erecting scaffolding; it’s also about striving for the very highest standards in everything we do. Once again, the FORS Gold accreditation demonstrates that we are delivering on that promise.”


he FORS scheme was established to enable companies of all sizes who operate their own vehicles to prove that their fleet is well-maintained, safe and environmentally responsible. The standard also measures safe driver practices and management due diligence, including ensuring all vehicle and driver documents are up-to-date and monitoring of driver behaviours. The nonmandatory scheme enables companies like Millcroft to demonstrate that their business is delivering best practice standards of safety, efficiency and environmental protection in all matters relating to their vehicles.

Alongside Millcroft’s maintenance, management and driver monitoring practices, the company’s investment in new low emissions vehicles has also been instrumental in achieving the FORS Gold standard. Billy adds: “We invested in new vehicles before the Ultra Low Emission Zone (ULEZ) was introduced because we believe in being ahead of the curve when it comes to best practice. It’s great to have the highest recognition of a scheme like FORS for adopting that progressive approach.”

With its Gold accreditation, Millcroft has achieved the highest standard available through the FORS scheme. The accolade marks a clear progression from the Silver standard, with Millcroft having to demonstrate meaningful improvements against the baseline data submitted for FORS Silver and evidence what the company does to promote the FORS standard throughout its supply chain. Explains Director of Millcroft, Billy Jones: “As a company, we are committed to reducing work related risk across all our activities and we’re extremely proud to have demonstrated the safety, efficiency and environmental best practice we pursue in managing our vehicles with this prestigious FORS Gold accreditation.


Miscellaneous November 2019

Head and Eye Protection become one with the new EVO®VISTA™ Helmet from JSP The new EVO®VISTA™ Helmet is an innovative next generation feature rich helmet which incorporates a fully retractable optical class 1 faceshield or overspec within the helmet. JSP’s Research and Development team were inspired by feedback received from people who regularly have to wear head protection alongside eye protection. A common theme was not only the compatibility issue but also the amount of eyewear lost or damaged on site after issue.

The EVO®VISTA™ Helmet has not only been designed to meet a standard but to exceed it on many levels. It combines a super strong ABS shell with the choice of either a EVO®VISTAlens™ or a EVO®VISTAshield™ depending on the levels of protection and performance required. The EVO®VISTAlens™ functions like a spectacle but offers increased levels of protection to EN 166B 2C1.2 FT and the EVO®VISTAshield™ conforms to EN166 2C-1.2 with impact rating of grade AT. Both are optical class 1 and have anti-mist and anti-scratch coatings offering impact protection at extreme temperatures and UV protection.


The new technology of the fully adjustable pivot arms in the EVO®VISTA® Helmet allows the lens and shield to be deployed outwards and over prescription spectacles unlike similar systems that require helmet adjustment to fit.

JSP prioritise the needs and safety of the wearer and the safety cell concept of the EVO®VISTA™ Helmet with the dual shell technology demonstrates this commitment by providing additional protection. The safety cell prevents ricocheting debris travelling up the eyewear and being in contact with the scalp as well as preventing the faceshield or overspec from impacting the scalp should it be forced back on impact. The EVO®VISTA™ Helmet is fully compatible with JSP respirators such as the Force™8 PressToCheck™ and the Sonis® helmet mounted ear defender range. The benefits of having eyewear integrated in the helmet which is fully retractable and protected from scratching when not in use, easily deployed when needed and fits anyone with prescription spectacles will save companies money, time and worry.




EVO®VISTA™ is a next generation feature-rich safety helmet based on JSP’s proven Evolution® head protection technology. The helmet incorporates a fully retractable optical class 1 faceshield or overspec. Easy to deploy, adjust and maintain, ensuring protection is on hand whenever it is required. Conforms to EN397 & EN166


High performance safety eyewear always on hand Individual wearers prescription eyewear compatible Safety cell protects wearer from ricocheting debris See our latest innovations on STAND 6G43 from 5th - 8th November, Düsseldorf, Germany Tel: +44 (0)1993 826050

KM 579403 BS EN 397

November 2019

Misinformation and Mistakes Continue to Hinder Productivity of UK Construction Firms New research suggests that nine in ten firms still rely on paper on-site, exacerbating preventable productivity drains


roductivity in UK construction firms is being held back by the same challenges as twelve months ago, as efforts remain slow to adopt digital technology for the jobsite. According to Digital Groundwork: Closing the Productivity Gap, a new report from Autodesk Construction Solutions, half of businesses say that dealing with mistakes remains the most unnecessary resource drain on the business. The survey of 251 construction professionals in the UK follows on from 2018 research by PlanGrid, exploring how firms’ efforts to improve productivity have progressed. As in 2018, issues with information-sharing on the jobsite are causing delays and wider operational challenges. Survey responses revealed three in ten firms are being hindered by a lack of accurate and timely information (28 percent), with half of professionals pointing to inefficient processes across the business (55 percent). Misinformation leads to businesses spending time and money fixing mistakes; half of the firms surveyed day that rework is the single biggest time-waster in the organisation, with errors alone costing the UK industry £21bn a year.

Construction firms are still struggling to collaborate effectively, without a source of shared and reliable information; 60 percent of businesses say that a lack of trust between contractors and subcontractors often impacts their performance. All of this comes at a time when using labour productively has never been more important, as professionals highlight that a lack of skills (40 percent) and talent shortages (39 percent) are major barriers to their organisation. These challenges reflect the slow adoption of digital technology by UK firms. The majority of construction businesses continue to use paper drawings and documentation, as only 13 percent use digital technology for three quarters of their projects or more. A fifth say all of their projects are entirely paper-based (19 percent) – a figure that remained consistent since 2018 (22 percent).


There has been progress in adopting some technologies, such as file-sharing tools like Dropbox to access drawings (74 percent); however, these tools don’t appear to be making it into the hands of people on-site. “Twelve months ago, we saw that sharing key project information on paper was leading to delays, costly mistakes and even conflict at UK construction firms. Unfortunately, these issues continue to hamper productivity,” said Matt Keen, Construction Industry Strategist with Autodesk Construction Solutions (ACS). “Construction businesses are slow to adopt digital technology where the work is actually done, on live projects. At a time when talent is scarce it’s more important than ever to ensure time – and people – are used productively, not addressing issues or looking for project data.” There are even signs of a growing digital divide between those construction firms who invest strategically in technology and those who buy technology on an ad-hoc basis, if they do so at all. A quarter of businesses admit to having a complete absence of technology strategy (26 percent), while most businesses simply buy tools on an impromptu basis (36 percent). Meanwhile, only 50 percent of professionals say that improving digital skills will be a focus for the business over the next three years. “For our customers, adopting technology across their business can improve productivity on every project – but it can also improve the long-term competitiveness of each UK construction firm,” continued Keen. “Businesses can deliver thorough, as-built digital handovers with ease, improve how they work with other stakeholders and even use data in their operations to improve profitability. The global construction industry is being transformed by technology. UK firms can reap the benefits, if they look beyond short-term challenges, address their productivity gaps and lay a digital groundwork for the future.” The full Digital Groundwork report is available here.

November 2019

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November 2019

Selecting Vacuum Cleaners for use within the Construction Industry When evaluating Industrial Vacuum Cleaners, good filtration is as important as the “power” of the machine. When considering a unit for a particular application, it is easy to compare the various machines on the market using the published filter “class”, electrical power ratings, flow rates, and suction power in an attempt to compare choices and make buying decisions, but this can quite easily lead a potential buyer to an inappropriate outcome. “L”, “M” and “H” filter classifications are a means of identifying the standard of filter in a particular vacuum cleaner, and HSE guidance focusses on these classifications with relevance to the hazards of various dusts. These standards derive from BS-EN 60335 which is the European standard for “household and similar electrical appliances”. As UK manufacturers of BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners (with a history extending back nearly 120 years), Quirepace suggest that whilst using the L,M and H class designations is a good starting point in choosing an appropriate vacuum cleaner, it should not be the only comparator. For example, there is another BS which is also current; “BS 5415-2.2:Supplement No. 1:1986” which overlaps BS-EN 60335 in many ways, since it also describes a standard for “Type-H” vacuum cleaners used for “dusts hazardous to health”. This non-harmonized UK-only standard is often referenced by UK military and nuclear customers and in Quirepace’ opinion is more appropriate for larger “Industrial” vacuum cleaners. (i.e. “H-Class” and “Type H” vacuum cleaners for hazardous dust are similar but derive from different BS ). The HSE guidance focuses on the hazards of airborne dust to health, and hence identifies the standard of filtration as the influencing choice when selecting a machine, but in practical real-world application, the ability to perform to a high standard for extended periods of time, with larger volumes of material and without degradation of performance in use and/or continual bag-emptying is just as important.


Materials found in the construction industry vary widely; from fine dust, to wood shavings, to aggregates and larger-consistency materials, and each material imposes different requirements on the choice of vacuum cleaner. The truth is there is no “one size fits all”; choosing an appropriate Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for use in construction related industries means looking at the application and selecting a machine with the correct combination of power, hose, filter and tool design; considering the method of collection and disposal most suitable for the material to be cleaned; plus any other factors such as whether the material is e.g. wet, explosive or hazardous.

November 2019

It is difficult to compare vacuum cleaners using just their “flow” and “suction power” ratings from data sheets, because in isolation these figures do not tell the whole story. For example, maximum suction power is measured at zero flow, but of course air flow is a prerequisite for the machine to work! What needs to be considered is the appropriate combination of suction and flow for the actual material being cleaned and this in turn influences the most effective hose diameter. For example, light wood shavings require a wide hose diameter, whilst heavy materials such as aggregate dust and sand require smaller diameters. Quirepace’s sales specialists can help potential customers make the right decision when choosing an Industrial Vacuum Cleaner for use within the construction industry. BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are divided into two ranges:BVC “Greenline” M-Class vacuum cleaners offer competitively priced units specifically designed for UK construction sites with yellow arctic cables to help avoid trip hazards, and powerful 110v 1500W power-tool takeoffs. The Greenline range is designed for personal on-tool extraction and medium duty site cleaning jobs. This range of machines is designed to offer excellent performance at a competitive price. BVC Indy, Combi, Tower and Centurion from our “Professional” range are heavy-duty, UK-manufactured, Industrial Vacuum Cleaners with 5-year parts warranty. These units are offered with a wide selection of filter types, hose sizes and heavy-duty tools, making them appropriate for all construction site applications. Key features of our professional range are large and efficient filters available in various materials, and heavy-duty tools designed for rugged use. BVC Industrial Vacuum Cleaners are available in all filter classes and include many ATEX and HEPA options. Quirepace also offer petrol and diesel powered Industrial Vacuum Cleaners for external use.

As UK manufacturers, Quirepace offer long term after-sales support, and it is not unusual for us to be approached by customers who have invested in BVC equipment 10, 20 or even 30+ years ago enquiring if we can offer spare parts, and in the vast majority of cases we are able to support even our oldest machines still in service. BVC – The original British Vacuum Cleaner – Tough machines for tough jobs. Quirepace Ltd



November 2019

No.1 Choice Electric Radiator Collection EHC offer a comprehensive Range of Electric Products that are all controlled by our DSR Smart Technology which enables you to select different Heaters and mix and match them as a Hybrid Heating System for the various rooms within your property to suit your design style and budget – the choice is yours.

Hybrid Heating for the modern home

Call us on 01698 820533

Available for Android & Apple devices

No.1 Choice Electric Radiator Collection 2 Year Controller 5 Year Main Body Warranty

2 Year Controller 10 Year Main Body Warranty

DSR Solaris Aluminium Convector Heater with ceramic blocks. Four outputs available, 500, 1000, 1500 & 2000watts.

DSR Edge Traditional Column Convector Heater with a large ceramic core. Four outputs available, 500, 1000, 1500 & 2000watts.

Available for Android & Apple devices Control your heaters wirelessly via our free APP Anywhere, Anytime 24/7

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