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’Team Aluprof’ Supporting UK Specifiers

We don’t take design flexibility sitting down Millboard decking. Innovatively designed and developed to have the look of natural timber, whilst out-performing it in every way. Our 150mm Bullnose Board is no different. Like our decking, it’s beautiful to look at, yet its curved edge gives you more design freedom than ever before. Ideal for seating, planters or as a finishing touch for decks and steps; its wider profile providing the perfect space for lighting. Resistant to moisture, stains and algae, it won’t rot, warp or splinter. And, like our decking, it’s easy to fit, saving on installation time and cost. Millboard: Live. Life. Outside.

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Construction Update June 2019




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Industry News June 2019

“ALUCOBOND design” ®

The Freedom of Architectural Expression Across the Building Envelope ALUCOBOND® design, from 3A Composites GmbH, is an innovative surface finishing that allows an almost infinite variety of designs, colours and textures to be placed onto the surface of its portfolio of ALUCOBOND® composite panels.


ith architects constantly looking for new ways to expand the limits of design, as well as bring true individuality to the buildings they create, ALUCOBOND® design meets this demand and allows unique designs and colours to be placed on the façade or to choose designs from an existing ‘décor collection’ for stunning effect. Coupled with the extraordinary formability (bending and folding) of ALUCOBOND® products, as well as the ability to produce 3D effects, vary the depth of colour and use metallic finishes, ALUCOBOND® design offers even greater design possibilities.


ALUCOBOND® design is perfect for use across either the entire façade or just section where a ‘touch of the creative’ may be desired. Due to the high-quality varnishing

process together with the company’s experience and expertise of surface finishing, ALUCOBOND® design is also extremely durable and robust retaining its finish through the typical lifecycle of the building. Creating the surface finish can be facilitated using ALUCOBOND® Designmaker, the company’s innovative and inspirational tool for architects, designers and planners that allows the creation of individual surface designs in façade concepts. The files created can be exported to PDF format or as CAD data generated directly through the ALUCOBOND® Designmaker program. To learn more about ALUCOBOND® design or to sign up for further updates about its products and services visit the company’s website at or call + 44 (0) 75 84 68 02 62.

Project: Bradstowe House, Harrow UK Building Type: Residential Architect/Planner: Comer Property Group Installer: Booth Murie / Harley Curtain Wall Colour Surface: ALUCOBOND® design Material: ALUCOBOND® PLUS Construction: CassettesSpecial Construction

June 2019 Industry News

Johnson Controls expands AquaMist® ULF low-pressure nozzle offerings Three new ultra-low flow VdS-approved water mist nozzles help protect people and property against a wide range of fire risks


ohnson Controls has broadened its AquaMist® product line to include three ultra-low flow (ULF) VdS-approved fire suppression nozzles. Each nozzle is designed to help control fire and protect valuable assets in public buildings and accommodation spaces. VdS, one of Germany’s leading independent testing institutions for fire protection and security, recognized globally, has been driving safety and trust in the fields of fire protection and security for decades. With this certification, Johnson Controls can offer customers fire control solutions tested and approved by VdS laboratories. “As a building solutions company, Johnson Controls is committed to offering a comprehensive line of world-class fire protection products,” said Marcel Linden, business development manager for Water Mist, Europe and Africa, Johnson Controls. “Our expanded AquaMist nozzles are now VdS-approved low-pressure water mist nozzles that fully comply with current VdS test protocol to help control fires while minimizing damage to buildings and assets.” Benefits of a low-pressure water mist system include reduced water demand and the ability to use smaller diameter pipes, which translates into lower installation costs compared to traditional fire protection systems. Since the system uses only potable water without additives, it has no adverse environmental impact. New to the line is the AquaMist ULF AM34 Horizontal Sidewall Nozzle, approved according to the latest VdS accommodation test protocol intended to help control Class A fires.

In addition to the AquaMist ULF AM34 Sidewall Nozzle, Johnson Controls also received VdS approval on the AquaMist ULF AM28 Pendent Nozzle. The AM28 and AM34 can be used to protect accommodation spaces like hotels, hospitals, care homes and residential areas. The ULF AM28 Nozzle is also approved according to the latest VdS office spaces test protocol. It is designed to help control Class A fires in public buildings such as offices, banks, schools, churches and restaurants. For Class A fire control in spaces with false floors and ceilings, the AquaMist ULF AM30 Nozzle offers the ideal solution. The AM30 is VdS-approved for these applications when paired with an AquaMist system. These closed (automatic) nozzles are intended for use with engineered water mist systems. Unlike highpressure nozzles, the low-pressure nozzles use a single fluid jet impinging on a diffuser to produce a fine mist with a range of water droplet sizes.

For more information on Johnson Controls AquaMist fire suppression solutions for public buildings and accommodation spaces, go to For more information, please visit


Industry News June 2019

Bauer Technologies awarded Network Rail Project at Werrington

Bauer Technologies, a subsidiary of the BAUER Group, has secured a subcontract to install contiguous board piles for a new grade separated junction at Werrington The new junction, three miles north of Peterborough Station, has been identified by Network Rail as a key project that will deliver additional capacity to the East Coast Main Line. Currently, slow moving freight trains regularly cross three lines of the East Coast Main Line. On completion of the junction they will be diverted underground. Trains will then be able to pass simultaneously on and under the main lines.


Beginning in March 2019, Bauer Technologies will construct 16m

long 900mm dia. contiguous bored piles so allowing main contractor Morgan Sindall to build a jacked box under the East Coast Main Line. In advance of the box construction, Bauer Technologies will install 14 piles, using Glass Reinforced Fibre, at the box face to enable the construction of two service tunnels which are needed to facilitate the jacked structure’s installation. Bauer Technologies’ works are programmed to last 12 weeks and will use the new BG45 PremiumLine Rotary Drilling Rig which is Tier4 Final compliant and equipped with the latest Energy Efficiency Pack.

Speaking about the project, Michael Jones, Managing Director of Bauer Technologies, said “We are delighted to be working with Morgan Sindall and playing a key part in this important Network Rail project, designed to deliver much needed additional capacity to the busy East Coast Main Line. Bauer Technologies is well equipped to work on the largest, most technologically and logistically challenging projects. We are confident that the project will showcase our capabilities and those of the BG45 PremiumLine Rotary Drilling Rig to great advantage.”

June 2019 Industry News

Over half of consumers want their houses to be built with sustainable features Over half of consumers believe it is important that their home is made using environmentallyresponsible materials, according to research published by Eurocell, the manufacturer, distributor and recycler of PVC-U window, door, conservatory and roofline systems. Furthermore, when asked about their preferred sustainability features, consumers identified double/triple glazing as the most appealing (58%), followed by solar panels (35%), energy efficient appliances (34%) and the use of recycled and sustainable building products (22%). One of the key drivers behind this trend is the implementation of sustainability features by developers, which are regularly being incorporated into housebuilding voluntarily rather than as a result of legislation. Whilst housing developers are pushing this trend currently, a

group of architects presented with these statistics believe that consumer and tenant demand is likely to be a driver for sustainable development in the future. Despite this increased awareness it was highlighted by the architects that, for homes to become more sustainable, consumers need more education on what sustainability actually means in housing.

draws on the views of 1,000 25-40year olds that either own or rent homes, about design and build considerations for future homes.

The research is part of Eurocell’s ‘The Future Home Report’ and

MCS Corporate Strategies Ltd For all R&D Tax Claims / Land Remediation / Patents / General Cost Recovery

MCS Corporate Strategies Ltd For all R&D Tax Claims/Land Remediation/ Patents/General Cost Recovery

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Herald is targetting the building products market with a view to reaching out to site managers and those who specify across all aspects of the build process, including for any catering requirement.

HERALD TARGETS BUILDING PRODUCT SUPPLIERS The British manufacturer and importer of quality disposables aims to address demand for items such as wooden and plastic cups, lids, stirrrers, cutlery, straws and brown deli boxes across these sites, while highlighting the breadth of the range of goods it can supply. Aware of the building industry’s continuing need to cut costs, along with the high-profile drive to reduce the amount of disposables on site, Herald is keen to pull focus with its recently expanded warehouse space, which means the supplier can hold a lot more items and store products, tailoring the size of orders to meet any requirement and enabling its customers to replenish stock on a ‘need only’ basis.


Managing director of Herald, Yogesh Patel explains: “Our vast product range has been developed and added to in order to meet the requirement of a wide and varied customer base, with members who have differing needs and priorities. “For some customers, cost is a huge driver and they want choice that includes both quality and low-cost solutions. Others are driven by how accessible the goods are and how much they need to order to ensure they won’t be left empty-handed. At the same time, these customers don’t want to waste funds by over-ordering so all elements come into play. “We’re used to dealing with the catering, leisure and food to go sectors however more and more site managers and specifiers are

looking to better manage costs across the board and so we want to make sure we are known to this market so that they can come to us direct.” With over thirty years since its inception, Herald is renowned for its vast catalogue of goods, providing an unrivalled breadth of choice. The company has been careful not to sacrifice quality for price and adheres to a standard, refusing to stock products that fall below a certain grade in order to protect its reputation and its customers’ expectation. Herald’s product brands include All-Guard, AluFast, Aqua, Jazzcafe, Crystaline, Brochette, Carizma, Chef Master, Lacette, Fine Dine, Tuzcani, Windzer, Micro Fast, Rootier and Mr Chip. For further information on Herald, log on to or call 0208 507 7900.

June 2019

’Team Aluprof’ Supporting UK Specifiers By Kevin Mellor - Product Development Manager - Aluprof UK

How do specifiers make their choice of systems to use within their designs? Gone are the traditional ‘Sales Teams’ promoting their systems’ as specifiers have more specific needs in order to get the right product, fitted correctly in the right location. Libraries within specifiers practices have all but disappeared, as the supply of virtually instantaneous technical information, including BIM data, is available on demand via the internet. Despite all technical information being downloadable via a key press, the question of how to use the data correctly is crucial and this can only come from experience, enter Aluprof’s ‘Trusted Advisor’.


As the demand for high end technical advice increases, Aluprof’s team of ‘Trusted Advisors’ are people who are very knowledgeable in systems specification, the options available, correct application, fixing and use. This valuable experience is something the specifier can call upon at various stages in the building design to ensure the final building operates in exactly the way the specifier envisages and the client expects. Training is crucial and all our team members are trained at our extensive European headquarters in Poland. Our experienced team are able to follow an initial specification on a construction project through to installation, ensuring that all members of the product supply chain has the right information at the right time. This approach is working exceptionally well for us and has allowed us to grow over the last 10 years of operating in the UK and Ireland to become one of the biggest systems companies in architectural fenestration.

Specification assistance is just the start of the process through to project completion, Aluprof embrace ‘Value Management’ and apply these principles to all project management which is as important as the initial product specification. To ensure supply is offered at the right time and by the most competitive route, looking at where the products are manufactured and how they are delivered to site, can make a big difference on programme. Often a ‘just in time’ supply schedule can be adopted which ensures product can be installed very quickly after delivery, which reduces the possibility of damage occurring on site. The principles of ‘Value Management’ goes beyond ‘Value Engineering’ and should be adopted by all companies who seek to provide professional services in today’s construction market. ‘Value Engineering’ seeks to reduce cost often by removing unnecessary physical material in a project in a move to reduce costs of material and therefore

June 2019 reduce the cost of the project. ‘Value Engineering’ is commonly seen as a secondary operation undertaken when costs need to be reduced on a quoted project for various reasons. Of late, the term seems to have taken on a negative connotation suggesting just a reduction in material content, not always for the good of the project as a whole. ‘Value Management’ on the other hand has a wider reaching remit and whist it encompasses ‘Value Engineering’ at the outset, it is the complete ‘Value Chain’ that is explored in adopting ‘Value Management’ principles. Whist the ‘Value Management’ chain can be explored to offer a competitive quotation, whilst maintaining a high end performing product that meets the client’s specification, we are also keenly aware that products need to meet standards compliance and legislative requirements. Aluprof ensure that all their products are tested and fully comply with all UK standards to ensure the most up to date compliance certificates can be offered to the specifier for peace of mind. For example all our fire rated systems carry Certifire compliance and have reviewed in Warrington. Products are not only tested, Aluprof have an ongoing programme of various compliance testing across their whole range of systems to ensure that the boundaries of performance can be explored and expanded upon. One example of this is our cap-less fire rated ‘MB-SR50N EI EFEKT’ curtain wall system capable of EI60 fire protection. To date, we believe we are the only systems company in Europe to offer such a system. Serving the whole of the UK and Ireland, Aluprof UK’s head office and warehouse facility is located in Altrincham, Cheshire. Aluprof systems are increasingly being specified on a wide range of residential and commercial projects across the UK. Systems are designed, fabricated and installed by selected, specially trained local companies, to ensure each fabricated product meets Aluprof’s exacting standards. Further information is available on the company’s website at and specialist advice is available directly from Aluprof’s UK head offices on +44 (0) 161 941 4005 or from their London office, based at the Business Design Centre, Islington, on +44 (0) 207 288 6415.


Windows & Glazing Systems May 2019

A window into the future - consumers demand large, energy efficient windows with noise reduction features

New research has revealed the window design and features that consumers hope to see in their future homes. Consumers identified windows with higher energy efficiency (52%), ones that can shade against the sunlight (29%), frames made from sustainable materials (26%) and large floor to ceiling windows (23%) as the features or design trends that would be most appealing. In addition to this, 29% of consumers said that smart windows, for example windows that can turn into a mirror, or be used as a smart screen, are also desirable, according to research conducted by Eurocell plc, the UK’s leading manufacturer, recycler and distributor of PVC-U window, door, conservatory and roofline systems.

With the research clearly highlighting how important both natural light and technology are to consumers, it is critical that the construction sector utilises this insight to inform product development and architectural decisions around windows as it works to build the homes required to address the current housing crisis in the future.

These findings were presented to architects at leading studios Hawkins Brown, SimpsonHaugh and BDP, as well as property developer The High Street Group, to be analysed and garner expert insight. When talking about the future of windows, and what we can expect, Francesca Roberts, Hawkins Brown, commented: “It’s about careful placement of the windows and thinking about how light can be flooded into properties in all the right places. It’s not just about light either, you need to think about other factors, such as if the property is near a busy railway or a road and consider how this should impact the placement of windows.

You can see all of Eurocell’s findings from the survey in the Future Home Report which can be downloaded in full here

“It’s about finding that sweet spot, through proper testing and analysis. The placement of windows should not be determined by rolling out a standard house type across a site, with the window placement being left to chance. Instead, what’s right for each plot should be considered.”


As well as design trends, consumers were asked about the key drivers for investing in new windows. 52% of consumers identified improving energy efficiency as the most common driver, whilst 38% said increasing natural light and 35% said noise reduction were key drivers.

Meeting the needs of the next generation of home buyers and occupiers

Download our research report on the future of new homes To address the housing shortage and ensure that the housing stock deficit is erased the UK needs to build 340,000 new homes every year until 2031. As such, the residential construction sector is under increasing pressure to build the volume of homes the country so desperately needs, which will require not only meeting but exceeding the Government’s current pledge to build 300,000 new homes annually. It’s also critical that these homes meet the needs and demands of future homeowners. To gain insight into this, Eurocell surveyed 1,000 25-40-year old renters and home owners to investigate their views on the subject. Following this, Eurocell asked experts from Simpson Haugh, Hawkins Brown, BDP and The High Street Group to analyse the findings and provide insight into the trends that they are currently seeing in the market.

Download the full report at

Find out about the full Eurocell range. Call us on: 0800 988 7301 or visit us at:

June 2019

Schöck Combar provides strong, interference-free foundations A French cancer treatment centre is utilising groundbreaking equipment that combines MRI and external-beam radiation therapy. This innovative solution is heavy and required special foundations incorporating Schöck Combar glass fibre reinforcement – installed for both its strength and its ability to guarantee no electromagnetic interference. The Paoli-Calmettes Institute in Marseille is one of the leading cancer treatment centres in France. It is an extremely innovative environment and one particular piece of equipment is among the world’s first radiotherapy appliances to combine MRI and external-beam radiation therapy in order to to simultaneously image and treat the cancer. Unlike conventional X-ray

This image (and below left): To ensure high-precision radiation of moving tumours, the ‘MRIDIAN’ combines real-time imaging using magnetic resonance tomography (MR) with a linear particle accelerator (Linac). Photos: ViewRay.

scanners the ‘MRIDIAN’ does not utilise ionising radiation. It focuses solely on the tumour and leaves the surrounding tissue unharmed.

New unit weighs over ten tons The new high-tech system, which weighs over ten tons and cost around £7m, is sophisticated in its performance. But to ensure

the highest levels of precision, two main installation challenges had to be overcome – the strength of the foundations and the avoidance of any electromagnetic interference. Schöck Combar glass fibre reinforced polymer was the ideal solution. A load bearing reinforcement that absorbs tensile forces in concrete and is also completely non-metallic – so no risk of electromagnetic interference.

Electromagnetic interference can affect precision


Structural engineer Jean-Luc Galéa explains: “The ‘MRIDIAN’ generates a strong magnetic field and can respond very sensitively to electromagnetic interference, impairing imaging precision. No iron whatsoever may be present in any of the materials within the safety zone and that includes the concrete reinforcement. We opted for Schöck Combar as it met all the technical requirements and has very reliable certifications.” The strength of Combar was vital too, given that the foundations had to support over ten tons of technology (a required load-bearing capacity of over 5000lb/m2).

June 2019

Slab had to be cut and the centre insulated Initial foundation work involved the anchoring of micropiles more than ten metres deep. A reinforced concrete floor slab was then cut out around the centre of where the MRIDIAN had to be insulated, leaving an octagonal outline. Anchors were placed at various planes on each of the eight sides and Combar rods were inserted at the top and bottom of each edge to act as reinforcing anchors. Then alternating rods were inserted to absorb the shear loads. As general contractor Stephane Roldan explains: “To reinforce the upper and lower levels, we created grates, each made up of 12mm diameter Combar rods. The rods are sturdy, but easy to machine and the plastic clips, ties and spacers were very useful in allowing fast and accurate placement”.

The new reinforcement of the lower floor slab plane is a grate made up of 72 glass fibre reinforced Schöck Combar rods

A more effective alternative to steel reinforcement

The reinforcement is in place ready for the concrete to be poured Combar straight bars of varying diameters

For decades, steel rebar has been commonly used as the reinforcement in concrete construction. Despite its strength, steel is not the ideal solution for reinforcement, especially in corrosive and electromagnetically sensitive environments. Schöck initially developed Combar (derived from ‘composite rebar’) back in the 1990s as an alternative to reinforcing steel. More recently it was issued with general technical approval (abZ) by the German Institute for Construction Technoloy – for all applications and with a service life up to 100 years. The approval procedure being similar to that required for European Technical Assessment (ETA).

Combar has a wide range of applications In addition to medical and research facilities – where the the functionality of highly sensitive instruments can be signifcantly affected by conductivity from steel reinforcement – there are a number of other applications for Combar. Some examples being: •

Boring machines, when used in shaft walls of tunnels, have a problem as they cannot drill through steel reinforced walls. With Combar the machine can cut directly through the head wall.

Bridges, marine and harbour constructions benefit from Combar as any corrosion risk, even from salt, is eliminated.

In high voltage transformers and power plant reactors, inductive currents are generated within the reinforcing steel. The heat will affect the rebar strength if too close to the coils. Combar remains unaffected.

For enquiries, in the first instance visit; contact: or tel: 01865 290 890


Windows & Glazing Systems June 2019


Interior Design June 2019

Wood for Good Marketing Summit to put health and wellbeing into practice Promoting timber’s health and wellbeing benefits is the focus for Wood for Good’s next Marketing Summit on 12 March at CILIP in London.

Christiane Lellig, Wood for Good campaign director, said: “The Summit is an opportunity to pinpoint how we can position, develop and market timber products within the health and wellbeing agenda. “Our previous summit identified the opportunities and challenges for the timber market, now it’s time to look at how we get our products up to speed and ideally ‘healthy material’ certified.”


The Summit will be in a workshop format with speakers including Christos Michael from CapitalHolz 100, Colin Wheatley from Medite Smartply and Kevin Underwood from the British Woodworking Federation. Christos and Colin will be sharing their experiences of bringing health and wellbeing to the forefront of their marketing and product development, while Kevin will delve into the results of BWF’s cradle-to-cradle feasibility study for joinery products.

The discussion will cover the key issues raised in the previous summit including certification and the practicalities of doing this, identifying sales channels and ideas on how to promote products as healthy. On the morning of the Summit, a workshop with Wood for Good supporters will take place to discuss the next six months of the campaign’s activity. Following both events, attendees are invited to the Building Centre for the launch of the annual Wood Awards plus an opportunity to view the Forest of Fabrication exhibition. Book your space for the Wood for Good Spring Marketing Summit.

June 2019 Interior Design

AHEC aims at red oak renaissance There’s never been a better time to buy American red oak in Europe. That’s partly because it’s in plentiful supply, partly because it’s eminently affordable, with the price differential versus European oak as wide as it’s ever been, on a par with US ash.

American Hardwood Export Council technical consultant Neil Summers acknowledges that both these positives for European buyers are to some extent due to a negative; the fact that China, as part of ongoing trade tension with the US, last year imposed a 10% tariff on American hardwood imports. The Chinese are easily the biggest buyers of US red oak, and indeed US hardwoods generally, recently accounting for 60% of American exports. So the tariff, which may rise to 25% early March, has left a lot of timber seeking new customers. The situation has been exacerbated by China’s economic slowdown, which US mills accept, demands a strategic market refocus, regardless of tariffs. However, going into 2019 they and AHEC are determined that current price and availability won’t be red oaks’ only attraction on the European market. They are also focusing promotional and communications resources squarely on its performance potential. AHEC is working with designers, makers and furniture students to underline red oak’s versatility, aesthetics and technical merits. The timber is being taken in new directions in processing, finishing and end use and it will take centre stage at exhibitions. The marketing campaign will also feature showcase projects Europe-wide, including last year’s massive use of red oak at the new European HQ of financial data and media colossus Bloomberg in London. The species’ sustainability credentials will be stressed too; notably that it is America’s most


Interior Design June 2019

prolific hardwood, with two cubic metres growing in the forest every second. Mr Summers doesn’t deny that Chinese tariffs pose a serious challenge for US mills, with red oak especially impacted and prices accordingly depressed. “Initially wet weather restricted felling, so the tariffs’ effect was muted, but harvesting has now picked up and mills heavily focused on China have found it tough,” he said. “If tariffs are raised further, and the Chinese currency remains weak against the dollar, it will be that much more difficult.” But on a positive, mills and end users are exploring and spotlighting new red oak opportunities. “It is being thermo treated, giving it greater durability and an attractive dark colour, while its grain and performance make it a natural substitute for US ash, particularly if supply continues to decline due to Emerald ash borer,” said Mr Summers. “There’s a trend to painted oak kitchen furniture too, which also logically points to using red oak.”


He describes it as ‘perplexing’ given its very similar aesthetic to other oaks, that red oak isn’t yet a volume item in Europe – attributable perhaps to a mix of market inertia and lack of awareness. But its current competitiveness, backed by new higher profile promotion, could open up possibilities.

“It’s more porous than white oak, so not suitable for barrels! But it machines just as well, finishes perhaps better, bends more easily and takes treatment well for external use,” he said. “It also has excellent strength properties, rated D40 under Eurocode 5, compared with European oak’s D30, and it can readily substitute a species like meranti, with its similar density, permeability and consistency.” Among red oak showcase projects this year, UK designer maker Sebastian Cox is making a bar area for the Wallpaper magazine Handmade feature at the Milan furniture show, with dye forced into the wood’s vessels under pressure. Additionally, AHEC is working with Polish furniture designer Tomek Rygalik on a red oak showpiece and at London’s Building Crafts College

June 2019 Interior Design

it is challenging students to create a table using 2ft 3 of the species each. The latter project follows the success of AHEC’s design initiative with students at Oxford’s Ryecotewood Furniture Centre last year. Their task was to make a red oak storage unit. Consequently, they steamed, bent, planed, turned, oiled and stained the timber, transforming it into everything from a coffee table with a miniature oriental garden under glass, to a shoe cabinet comprising woven red oak veneer strips. Interestingly the students said they’d readily use red oak again, as did Michael Jones,

Foster+Partners’ project architect on the Bloomberg building – and this used 37,160m2 for flooring, 1,858m2 for panelling and 1,350 m3 in glulam. The next major European airing for US hardwoods generally and red oak especially will be May’s Interzum show in Cologne. Here AHEC’s stand will feature red oak exclusively. “And reflecting mills’ interest in Europe, it is organising a US hardwood pavilion, which had to be extended due to demand to accommodate 28 companies,” said Mr Summers. “The aim is for more Europeans to discover the underexploited potential of red oak, and to emphasise that there’s never been a better time to do it.”


Interior Design June 2019

Armstrong Ceilings were an architec Black metal ceilings are a key feature of HSBC UK’s new headquarters. Armstrong Ceiling Solutions were specified for key features in a next-generation UK headquarters building because they are the architect’s trusted brand capable of supplying a complete system. Armstrong’s B-L302 jet black custom-mesh metal planks were complemented by the manufacturer’s Bandraster grid and Axiom blind box on levels 1 and 2 of the “university” reception, marketplace (canteen) and breakout areas for HSBC UK’s new headquarters at 1 Centenary Square at Arena Central in central Birmingham. They were selected by regular Armstrong users TP Bennett architects who, while referring to the client’s design guidelines, wanted at the same time to innovate to create a new kind of headquarters for HSBC UK to focus on retail banking and training for 2,500 people. Located on nine acres of a key regeneration area for the city and the former home of Carlton TV, the 11-storey, 210,000ft2 building with three basement levels is constructed of steel frame with rainscreen cladding and houses offices, the HSBC university, a staff gym, restaurant and café, and an executive suite with catering. Extensive landscaping and external public realm works help to create a new “urban meadow” and public square at what is now known as Bank Court for developers ACDL - a joint venture between Miller Developments and Pro Vinci Asset Management. The Armstrong systems form the main feature ceiling in the university reception area and the


key break-out and collaboration areas and comprise 283m2 of 1210mm x 687mm metal planks with 71% open mesh area along with 193 metres of 100mm Bandraster unslotted exposed suspension grid and 272 metres of 100mm Axiom Blind Box transitions, both also in jet black (RAL 9005). TP Bennett associate director and interior designer Francesco Tidona said: “We specified the Armstrong systems because they are a trustworthy company who are able to provide a full system which is convenient as it includes the mesh tiles and the supporting structure as well the proprietary Blind Boxes which we integrated with linear luminaires.” They were installed for main contractor GallifordTry over two months by a team of 10 from specialist sub-contractor Taylor Hart, a member of Armstrong’s national network of approved Omega installers. Managing director Phil Lewis said: “The Armstrong products were excellent, incorporating a Blind Box to allow M&E to install lights into the system in place of the Bandraster grid in various areas. The system was easily built and the colour march was of a high quality for each of the components.”

June 2019 Interior Design

ct’s trusted choice for a banking icon

More information is accessible via the Armstrong Ceilings website.


Interior Design June 2019

Bruceshaw and team complete RAF Club Centenary Extension Bruceshaw has completed the development of the centenary extension at the prestigious Royal Air Force Club, Mayfair, London. The Club, which was founded in 1918 and opened its doors in 1922, has approximately 25,000 members and serves serving and formerserving Officers and their families. Bruceshaw was appointed as Project Manager in the autumn of 2015. The project began on site in Q3 of 2016, Bruceshaw worked closely on this project with Paul Murphy Architects, Glanville Group and Jnoad Ltd. Due

to the restricted access and complexity of the project, the scheme was split into two contracts, an enabling works and main build contract, which allowed the works to commence whilst Bruceshaw and the project team worked with the RAF Club to develop the detailed design. The RAF Club had identified a need for more bedrooms for the exclusive use of its members, improved

business facilities and a fitness centre with contemporary facilities. As a Grade 2 listed building, located in one of the most expensive areas of London, property is at a premium and an innovative solution was sought to deliver the client’s requirements that would also work with the existing building structure and floor levels. Through extensive discussions amongst the architects and the profession team, a solution was devised whereby two under used squash courts could be redeveloped. Meticulous planning enabled the creation of 17 further bedrooms (12 doubles, 2 accessible rooms and 3 singles) 3 of which enjoy roof top views. In addition, a new business suite on the first floor, fitness centre on the ground floor, staff canteen and laundry facilities were also delivered.


Construction of the project began with the assembly of an eightstorey steel frame to create the structure for the new rooms including a stair and lift core. All construction took place whilst the rest of the Club remained in operation. This presented a number of challenges, not least

the requirement to install a tower crane to erect the new wing, which entailed closing Piccadilly over two weekends to allow access. The organising of this procedure was very complex due to the number of stake holders involved and took up to six months to plan. Miles Pooley FIH MI, RAF Club Chief Executive said: “The centenary extension delivered exciting new facilities for RAF Club members in our 100th year. An underutilised space within the building has been transformed into a stylish, contemporary area of the Club for members to stay, work and exercise.” The RAF Club was completed in time to welcome the Club’s Royal Patron since 1952, Her Majesty the Queen, to celebrate its centenary year. The Queen, during her visit, officially opened the new centenary extension, as well as unveiling a series of newly-commissioned artworks.

March 2019 Interior Design



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June 2019 Interior Design

The Place Apart Hotel Central Manchester • • • •

Featured Product Product Code TW-E962 Fumed Antique Chevron Parquet Band Sawn Finish Wood Flooring

Project - The Place Apart Hotel Executive Architects - Archer Humphryes Architects Main Contractor - Cost Consultants Wood Flooring Supplier - The Solid Wood Flooring Company

We were asked by the Cost Consultants to manufacture a chevron board that met the budgetary requirements of their client. We met with the Architects who are Archer Humphryes Architects to ascertain exactly what the clients required and then produced samples. We managed to produce 3 variations and the client confirmed the one they wanted. We received signed control samples back so that we can manufacture what the client wants. Refurbishment of this apartment hotel began in 2017 and the chevron has been designed to fit in with the history of the building. We are also in the process of making matching skirting boards. A PIECE OF MANCHESTER’S HISTORY

Choose your wood floor (click here)

Awarded Grade II listed status by English Heritage in 1998 as an acknowledgment of its important cultural and architectural legacy, this former railway warehouse was built in 1867 during the peak of Manchester’s prominence as the world’s number one centre for the cloth trade. The building is the only remaining of four warehouses erected by the Manchester

& Birmingham Railway Company and was known as the London Warehouse. Also in 1998, the building was transformed into The Place Aparthotel, retaining many of the building’s original features, including the impressively crafted iron, stone and brick work. These can be seen in the original Victorian railings manning the balconies, the barrel ceilings, the stupendous façade and the large, spacious public area which makes The Place unique. In its former life, the building’s interior was dominated by massive cast iron columns supporting large riveted wrought iron beams. This huge, flexible and cavernous construction gave uninterrupted floor space for the movement of cloth. The cast iron columns and other impressive features remain today, including iron girders and the tastefully retained Romanesque window arches, but instead of vast warehouse flooring, the seven storeys now hold 107 apartments, supporting a spectacular atrium where cranes would once have dangled their loads.


Interior Design June 2019


THE MAIN STAGE Looking for texture, colour, ambience, finish, performance? You’ll find all these and more at this year’s Flooring Show which takes place from 15-17 September in Harrogate.


This is where flooring in all its forms is given the starring role.

Visit the show and be the first to see…

The show is widely recognised as the UK’s National Flooring Event, and this year marks its 57th edition, a record performance for a b2b trade show, and 2019 is set to be The Flooring Shows best year with a resurgence in visitor numbers and interest in recent years. The perfect show for flooring retailers and contractors, The Flooring Show also attracts plenty of interest across the board from fitters keen to spot new products and offers, and specifiers and designers for whom the show delivers a great overview of what’s new and who’s new as well as great networking opportunities.

Lifestyle Floors return to the show for an exciting few days of networking, join the likes of Cormar Carpets’, Furlong Flooring, Cavalier Carpets, Westex, Abingdon Flooring, Gooch Oriental Carpets and Distinctive Flooring to name but a few. You can catch up with companies from all across Europe including Netherlands, Belgium and Germany. All the big names are here plus over 20 new exhibitors which will continue to grow including William Armes and its well-known Dandy brand, Oneflor-Europe.

Bill Beaumont Textiles Ltd, Barrentine Product Ltd, The Sanctuary Group Ltd and Dri-Tac Flooring Products, LLC will all be attending The Flooring Show 2019. A full exhibitor list from the previous year can be found on the show website Show Essentials: Dates: 15-17 September 2019 Venue: Harrogate Convention Centre, Harrogate Register: via the show website Travel: Free parking at venue /25% discount off train travel

World Beating Adhesive Technology

For Every Flooring


THE UK’S LEADING MANUFACTURER OF FLOORING ADHESIVES F. Ball’s specialist range of industry leading flooring adhesives provides solutions for every installation from temperature extremes with the highly innovative Styccobond F49 Hybrid PS to adhesive technology for textile, resilient and wood flooring. F. Ball has adhesive recommendations for over 5000 floorcoverings from 200 leading floorcovering manufacturers. F. Ball is renowned for quality, innovation and technical know how. For videos and indepth technical information visit our website at


F. Ball and Co. Ltd. Tel: 01538 361 633 • email: • web: Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 7RS, UK

Interior Design June 2019

Aspex develops bespoke doorsets for student accommodation Aspex, one of the UK’s leading architectural ironmongery and doorset companies, has secured a contract to supply a bespoke range of doorsets to the 900 bed Paradise Street student accommodation scheme in Coventry. Working alongside FBM Architects, Aspex has created a custom-built version of its Novista Riser Steel Doorsets. The system features a bottom and over panel to create a full height door with a slim flush frame allowing more space for the M&E equipment for the project. Over 700 Novista Riser Doorsets are being supplied and a project specific fire test was carried out at BM Trada. This included a 50mm high Nullifire Batt board above the overpanel for the M&E services to pass through. Aspex is also supplying the internal timber doorsets and the access control system which includes an electronic lock on all of the bedrooms, allowing students to access the building and their rooms with a card or their smartphone for enhanced safety.


Ashley Burberry, Managing Director at Aspex, says: “The student accommodation sector has been hugely successful for us. We’re delighted to have the opportunity to create a bespoke version of our doorsets which emphasises the versatility of our Novista Riser system. The access control system ensures students remain safe, allowing us to take safety to new heights.” David Taylor, Senior Architect at FBM Architects, adds: “For this particular project, we required a frameless doorset that we could paint on site to match the walls. The Novista system met our requirements and we are really pleased with how the doors look and blend into the surroundings.” For more information, visit

June 2019 Interior Design

Office Principles provides agile space for Cornerstone Office Principles has designed and delivered a complete new agile working model for Cornerstone, the UK’s leading infrastructure services company, in its move from a 38,000 sq ft space to 22, 000 sq ft, with a seven to ten desk sharing ratio, to make more efficient use of the new space, drive higher performance and increase staff engagement.


he fast-track fit out process was completed in approximately 11 weeks and included carpets, partitioning, ceilings, kitchen, extra shower and feet washing facilities, all decor and the creation of a dedicated wellbeing room. The award-winning design and workplace consultant acted to maximise the value of the project while working around other contractors within a tight time frame. Work on the project followed a workplace study, conducted by Office Principles, which included a utilization study and a staff engagement process, to give Cornerstone a thorough understanding of how it could change its culture and working practises to increase greater teamwork and collaboration, while reducing its occupied space.

on the client side, to promote better engagement; to increase productivity; and to support staff wellbeing. Careful planning was needed to ensure the best results and so the visionary and research stages were integral to the whole project.”

“We wanted this new office project to, essentially, be about the people and, with Office Principles’ consultancy and support, we have secured an inspirational working space that will accommodate fluid team working and client engagement.”

Ginette Kilroy, people director for Cornerstone is excited by the game-changing position that the completed project has brought the company to: “This has provided us with a cultural shift and whole new dynamic. We have set out an expectation, bringing the team on board at the earliest opportunity, and created an environment that is in tune with our people, our corporate values, and how they come together and work.

Holding a strong and varied commercial portfolio, Office Principles has worked with bluechip brands such as Exterion Media, Telegraph Media Group, Meet in Place, Visa Europe, GE Capital, Fitness First, Tata Communications, ResMed, Direct Marketing Association, Land Securities, Mothercare, and Kuoni. For further information on Office Principles and its services, visit

Joint managing director of Office Principles, Cyril Parsons explains: “Cornerstone visited one of our other recent projects and immediately saw the value in creating an agile working space, intelligently designed around staff, team and individual needs. “The Cornerstone project was driven by a desire,


June 2019


James Latham has just announced the addition of three new collections to its popular high-end range of decorative panels, Xylocleaf.


ombining outstanding Italian design with classleading standards in melamine processing, for Xylocleaf, the feel of a surface is just as important as the contemporary, on-trend look. The inspirational new collections include; Mosaico, which offers a weaved leather surface, Duna, comprising a registered, embossed stone surface and Alpaca, featuring a soft cotton texture.


In addition, three new products have also been added to the Fusion collection. Fusion is totally unique in that it has linen textile bonded to its surface, with a thin layer of protecting resin, thus combining a natural surface – the fabric, with the industrial process of creating a decorative panel. Fusion surfaces were developed in Italy by XyloCleaf and it is the only manufacturer worldwide that can create them.

June 2019

Xylocleaf is already extremely popular for premium commercial, retail and leisure specifications as it is strong, durable and highly scratch and chemical resistant, so as well as looking great, it is particularly well suited for high traffic areas. These features also make Xylocleaf a popular choice for residential applications as it can be used to manufacture all kinds of interior furniture from worktops and cupboard doors in kitchens and bathrooms to tables, desks, shelving, wall panelling and even internal doors. Paul Morson, James Latham’s Group Product Champion for Melamine commented, “ These latest additions offer even greater choice to architects, interior designers and furniture makers who are looking to add dimension, depth and texture to their projects. “Xylocleaf has become a real success story for us and is now one of our most popular decors, particularly with our

customers in the residential and leisure sectors.” Because Xylocleaf surfaces are made in the form of panels, laminate sheets and matching ABS edge banding, textures, finishes and colours can be blended, allowing different parts of a commercial or residential design scheme to feature matching or contrasting items, creating a fluid and contemporary finish throughout. For more information and samples, contact your local James Latham depot or call into Latham’s Produc t Specif ication Showrooms in either London or Manchester. Details can be found at:


UK Spares: your one-stop-shop for domestic and commercial electrical spares Call or email our friendly team TODAY... or email Tel: 01454 620500 Twitter: @UKSpares Unit 1155, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TF

June 2019 Heating & Ventilation

The IPG Piece - The importance of buying from your local independent merchant Many tradespeople and customers alike have become accustomed to using large retailers and online merchants. But what about the great British independent retailer? You might be surprised to hear that, alongside unrivalled service and unbiased, honest advice, your shopping basket at the end of your visit is likely to be cheaper! Buying locally is something being promoted across many sectors as a way (amongst many other things) to help boost the UK economy. The IPG was formed in 2013 with one mission; to bring independent plumbing, heating and bathroom specialists together, and in turn, to give their customers the opportunity to buy great brands locally at the best prices. They have partnered with some of their members to share the various benefits of buying from an independent: 1. Expert knowledge - the information and advice offered to you will be unbiased and specifically tailored to your project and needs, peace of mind at its best. Trevor Moore, Director of Splash Plumbing & Heating Ltd, commented: “I stock certain products at my Reading branch, because I know my customers and I know there is a need for it in the area, whereas I recognise in my Egham branch there are different needs and I can tailor the stock accordingly.” 2. Friendly service - projects can be complicated, and sometimes things can go wrong. Having the option of visiting or picking up the phone to your local independent store, where you will find an expert on hand to help solve many dilemmas, quickly and efficiently, can be a life-saver. Justin Protheroe of WMI Simpsons, commented: “It’s not just about the price, it’s about the service. Even to the point where people can ring you up outside of hours (if they’re in trouble) and you can go to the shop and give them

what they need - we do that and that’s a huge advantage to many of our customers.” 3. Supporting your local economy - often a common myth is that buying from an independent merchant will be more expensive, however in most cases, this just simply isn’t true. Independent merchants also recycle a much larger share of their revenue back into the local economy, creating jobs and investing in their staff, enriching the whole community. Steve Bates of Aquadart, an IPG supplier commented: “Customers buying from an independent merchant are extremely important to our business, as again independent stores support the local economy by creating jobs and providing a more personal and professional service.” 4. Stock and products - an independent merchant will go above and beyond to source the most efficient, costeffective products - with a quick turnaround. Guaranteeing a broader range of products, ensuring that your best interests and individual needs are the priority. Ross Pavey, Finance Director at Gasbits, commented: “We often see people coming to us after visiting a larger chain, having not got the advice or product they needed. At the end of the day, if we don’t get it right, we haven’t done our job properly and that isn’t what we want. We always go the extra mile to help our customers get what they need with solid advice in the timeline required.” The advantages of buying from an independent are clear, not only are they more competitive in terms of price, but for them it’s about more than just the price, it’s more than the service, it’s about the fact that independents are there to help their customers.

Justin Protheroe of WMI Simpsons, concluded; “Have you heard the old terminology ‘the computer says no’? That doesn’t happen with us and I don’t think that happens with any independent merchant because you are talking to the guy who can make the decision. In my experience, they can make the call there and then, independents are very quick and fast-paced, and it is personal.” Nike Lovell, Head of Marketing at The IPG, concluded: “We have a growing network of over 200 independent merchants, who pride themselves on being able to offer an in-depth, knowledgeable service. Often, the relationships created between our members and their customers go beyond purchases, in many cases, they become trusted advisors and friends.” You can find out more about The IPG (and find one of their 200+ merchant member stores near you) via their website,


Eco2Solar partner with Sunamp on

“Homes of the Future” • Solar panels experts Eco2Solar partner with world leading heat battery developer Sunamp on pilot homes of the future in Bishopton • Technologies offer new efficient cost-saving energy solutions for homeowners • Part of Taylor Wimpey’s ground-breaking 2020 project constructing cutting-edge prototype homes 36

June 2019 Heating & Plumbing

what we do at Eco2Solar. We are delighted to align ourselves with Sunamp and Taylor Wimpey who have similar ambitions to apply technologies which will save homeowners money on their energy bills and protect the environment.” Andrew Bissell, Sunamp’s CEO, said; “We work with housebuilders across the UK on incorporating renewable energy systems into housing projects. We are delighted to be included in the 2020 House, our first installation with a national housebuilder. For Taylor Wimpey to choose our compact, high energy density, high power density heat batteries is a huge vote of confidence. We hope to see the partnership with Eco2Solar replicated on many other developments in the future.” Graeme Oswald, Design & Planning Manager from Taylor Wimpey comments; “The 2020 project reflects Taylor Wimpey’s ambition to be at the forefront of truly sustainable and energy efficient homes. We are pleased to be working with suppliers like Eco2Solar and Sunamp who can help us deliver the best energy solutions in these visionary homes.”

Eco2Solar is delighted to announce a new partnership with heat battery specialist Sunamp. The two companies are working together to install innovative renewable power solutions on homes within Taylor Wimpey’s development in Dargavel, Bishopton. The homes will have Eco2Solar’s photovoltaic solar panels connected to Sunamp’s UniQ range of heat batteries, allowing homeowners to capture and store energy from the sun, into the heat battery for later generation of hot water. This greatly reduces the use of the gas boiler, saving money and significantly reducing carbon emissions. The homes in the Dargavel development are part of Taylor Wimpey’s ground-breaking 2020 project, which has prototype buildings constructed using new build methodologies and technologies, as well as sustainable materials, to meet innovative design, functional and technical requirements. Paul Hutchens, CEO of Eco2Solar comments; “Innovative renewable technological solutions are at the very heart of

Eco2Solar is a Midlands-based solar PV panel, EV chargers and energy storage supplier founded in 2007. Over the years, Eco2Solar has grown to become one of the UK’s leading solar installers, and now work with 11 of the top 12 UK housebuilders. On average, Eco2Solar installs solar PV on 750 plots per month across the UK. Based near Edinburgh, Sunamp delivers market leading thermal energy storage to homes, businesses and communities around the world. Heat represents around 80% of household energy usage - Sunamp Heat Batteries are the most compact thermal energy stores available on the market today, saving space in your home and delivering cascades of hot water with highly responsive space heating. Sunamp heat batteries can interface with electrical and thermal energy sources. For more information, visit and


Heating & Plumbing June 2019

HEATING OUR HOMES - A policy pathway to developing a viable heat pump market NIBE Energy Systems has developed a policy pathway paper for phasing out high carbon fossil fuels in response to the Government’s 2017 Clean Growth Strategy, a vision for driving down emissions throughout the next decade, which included phasing out high carbon fossil fuels in off gas grid properties. properties. To enable the required uptake of low carbon heating, NIBE recommend:

This week DEFRA published the Clean Air Strategy 2019 which recognises how technology can support multiple aspects of clean growth. It recommends reducing demand through improved energy efficiency and opting for technologies that mitigate climate change and improve air quality at the same time. NIBE Energy Systems welcomes the continued commitment by Government to tackle climate change, improve air quality and move away from high carbon fossil fuels however, stresses that further work is needed to facilitate greater and smoother transition from fossil fuels to renewables in off gas grid properties.


NIBE’s new policy paper, Heating Our Home - Phasing out Fossil Fuels, raises awareness of the need to tackle the decarbonisation of heat urgently and suggests steps which can be taken in the UK

now, to move towards cleaner, more efficient heating systems: 1. Commit to a concrete date for high carbon fossil fuel phase out in the 2020s to provide certainty 2. Low carbon heating must be deployed in buildings capitalising on key trigger points 3. The groundwork for widespread uptake must be set; this means ensuring homes are renewables ready, recognising improvements in energy performance in property values and providing support to enable and encourage adoption. Building Regulations, and specifically the upcoming review of Part L, represent a significant opportunity to drive down the carbon emissions from new build

Set tight new build standards that will in effect render renewable heating the primary option for new build where these systems make immediate sense

Where fossil fuel heating systems are installed, these should be low temperature ready

The maximum dwelling emission rate is reduced over time to encourage continuous improvement.

It is important that action is taken now rather than later to combat climate change. NIBE Energy System’s Managing Director Phil Hurley said: “We must significantly reduce the role of oil and other high carbon fuels in new and existing buildings by the early 2020s. Setting a clear end date for fossil fuel installations is the low hanging fruit which will drive decarbonisation more widely. This report looks at policy levers which could be pulled to make it easier to switch and ensure that it happens at the rate required. We look forward to engaging with policy makers in 2019 to make these recommendations a reality through the development of an ambitious policy framework for heat in buildings.” A copy of the NIBE policy paper can be found here about-nibe/news/2019/2019-0116-heating-our-homes---a-policypathway-to-developing-a-viableheat-pump-market

June 2019 Heating & Plumbing

T: +44 (0)1825 764737 E: Applications Engineering Ltd, 16 Horsted Square, Bellbrook Industrial Estate, Uckfield, East Sussex, TN22 1QG

Dual port Fire Sprinkler ValVe Set • Dual ports that enable the flow switch to be mounted on either side.

• Available with optional CPVC mating sockets. • 100% pressure tested. • 1” and 1 ¼” full bore test valve • Easy access for servicing

No.1 Choice Electric Radiator Collection 2 Year Controller 5 Year Main Body Warranty

2 Year Controller 10 Year Main Body Warranty

DSR Solaris Aluminium Convector Heater with ceramic blocks. Four outputs available, 500, 1000, 1500 & 2000watts.

DSR Edge Traditional Column Convector Heater with a large ceramic core. Four outputs available, 500, 1000, 1500 & 2000watts.

Available for Android & Apple devices Control your heaters wirelessly via our free APP Anywhere, Anytime 24/7

Contact us for a quote or more information

01698 820533



SVANTEK SUPPLIES SV 307 NOISE MONITORING STATIONS FOR MAJOR LONDON DEMOLITION PROJECT Latest environmental noise monitoring systems chosen for Class 1 sound level meter with GPS and lifetime MEMS warranty plus 24/7 real time data and remote access Svantek ( – leading manufacturer of high performance noise and vibration instrumentation for environmental and occupational health monitoring applications – has recently supplied four SV 307 noise monitoring stations to First Choice Hire Ltd for a major 13-week demolition project as part of phase one of the London Borough of Merton’s High Path Estate regeneration initiative. The High Path Estate project involves the phased regeneration of an existing 1950’s estate in the London Borough of Merton to create a vibrant mixed-use, mixed


tenure community. It will include up to 1,700 homes across the whole development and over 10,000sqm of commercial, retail, office and community uses. First Choice Hire Ltd was chosen by Tower Demolition Limited, a leading specialist in sustainable demolition, to provide real-time noise monitoring on a 24/7 basis during the demolition of residential garages and factory buildings at High Path. Paul Dwyer, Director at First Choice Hire comments: “We have an excellent relationship with Tower Demolition having worked with them

on other projects. As a result, they were confident in our experience and ability to provide the best noise monitoring solution for High Path. “There were several key reasons for choosing Svantek’s SV 307 noise monitoring terminal. As well as being small, compact and unobtrusive, it features an accurate Class 1 IEC 61672 sound level meter with 3G modem for fast data transfer and MEMs microphone with lifetime warranty. Plus the GPRS hardware module meant we knew where the instruments were located at all times, as well as providing measurement time synchronisation.”

June 2019 The Svantek SV 307 noise monitoring stations were installed on the four corners of the High Path site with two systems located to the right of a block of flats and factory building and the others on a main road, close to factories and offices. Throughout the demolition phase, the two SV 307 instruments located to the rear of the site were closely monitored as they were positioned next to a residential area. The small, lightweight SV 307 system features a new Class 1 MEMs microphone for major cost benefits and sleeve type case for easy mounting. Offering optional airport and community characteristics, a Class 1 MEMs microphone comes with lifetime warranty and enables wide frequency range up to 20 KHz with the measurement data stored on a microSD card. The energy efficient SV 307 incorporates an innovative patented system check with an inbuilt reference sound source producing level of 100dB at 1 KHz. As an option, the SV 307 can perform real-time frequency analysis in 1/1 and 1/3 octave bands and save results with the time history data. In addition, it can record the audio signal as standard WAVE files for noise source recognition. Paul continues: “The SV 307 is much easier to install and set up than similar noise monitoring equipment. You simply fix in position, switch on and it starts reporting immediately. Plus there is less down time as configuration can be done remotely.” A large colour OLED display and 10 push buttons enable easy configuration of the SV 307 in the field removing the need for an external handset or reconnection to a PC. The large windscreen is highly efficient in reduction of a wind noise effects even at high wind speeds. Metal spikes protect the SV 307 from birds. The SV 307’s waterproof casing can be easily mounted to a post and removed for quick access to the user interface. It also offers protection against extreme weather conditions whilst fulfilling Class 1 accuracy. “The SV 307’s internal Li-Ion battery really came into its own on the High Path project,” Paul adds. “The main power at the site was turned off each evening but the SV 307 instruments would switch to battery power throughout the night ensuring 24/7 continuous operation as required by the client.

“What’s more, the SV 307 would alert me to the fact it had been removed from the main power and was now using its battery. I don’t believe other noise monitoring systems do this which is a major advantage.” A waterproof mains adapter for charging the battery and powering the station is also included for continuous operation in the field. Svantek’s SvanNET cloud service monitors the wireless communication, powering and access to the SV 307 data. The scope of the basic SvanNET can be extended with multipoint project management that offers data storage in the cloud, data sharing, advanced alarming and reporting features. SvanNET is an online solution which means it doesn’t require software installation and is accessible through a web browser. The responsive design enables use of SvanNET on various devices such as smartphones or tablets. Talking about SvanNet, Paul says: “Simply inserting a sim card into the SV 307 connects it to SvanNET. It meant I had access to each station and measurement data 24 hours a day. It also allowed me to change parameters remotely if required. In fact, I made some alterations from Holland at one point. “Because SvanNET is accessible from SvanPC++ reporting application, I was able to easily provide monthly reports for Tower Demolition.” SvanNET data storage is a quick access to the measurement data due to an unlimited download speed. In the case of long term measurements, the stored data can be conveniently browsed and downloaded by the time range. The SvanPC++ Environmental Measurements feature is designed for post processing of data recorded by the SV 307 system. It offers a powerful calculator and an automated noise event finder for noise source identification. The option for 1/3 octave real-time analysis allows measurement of the noise frequency contents and is used for verification of noise sources in the environment. Plus time domain signal recording to WAVE format works during measurement and is logged in parallel to a time history. Once downloaded to PC it can be played back. The SV 307 is supplied with a factory calibration certificate and 36-month warranty card. “We have been very pleased with the overall performance of all four SV 307 noise monitoring stations, and the service from Svantek has been excellent. As a result, I wouldn’t hesitate to use them again on other projects,” Paul concludes. Svantek is part of the AcSoft Group which also comprises AcSoft Sound & Vibration, AcSoft Health & Safety and GRAS UK.


External Works June 2019


Established in 2004, we have many years’ experience as one of the UK’s leading suppliers of high quality artificial plants, trees, silk flowers and related accessories, which we offer at competitive prices.


e have a range of fantastic options which will set your space apart from the rest, allowing you to create an indoor Eden. Our products are highly realistic, durable, and designed with particular care and attention by our master craftsmen, all of whom are experts in their field. We’re able to create a product which is exceptional in its rendering, offering bespoke designs to suit the needs of your space, your business, and your tastes.

What Do We Sell? Our range is always growing, supporting current modern trends as well as traditional needs, for indoor and outdoor use, tailored to complement any house, home office, or business. We offer a complete product range for both domestic and business solutions including silk flowers and display arrangements, artificial plants, replica trees, topiary, plant and tree displays in a planter ready to go, hedges, fruit & veg, hanging baskets, Ivy trails and garlands, synthetic lawn grass and AstroTurf, planters & troughs, Christmas Trees and decorations etc. We pride ourselves on how lifelike our products are and you can view close-ups on many of our products to see for yourself – we’ve taken full advantage of the amazing advances in manufacture and realism that have been made over the years. Whatever your choice, we have the design experience and the tools to make your space stand out. We can make your design look incredible, wherever you choose to site it.

Sourcing and Manufacturing We can usually source what you need even if we don’t already list it. If you require a


large enough quantity and your project timescale and budget fit (4-6 months or so) we can even get products manufactured to your specifications from scratch.

Who Do We Sell To? Practically anyone anywhere? We handle large, bespoke bulk orders for refurbishments and refits on behalf of specification buyers, procurement management, architects, interior designers, and garden landscapers but we also handle small oneoff orders from the general public. Whatever the case, we have the perfect solution for your décor – one which will transform your space into something extraordinary.

Who Have We Supplied? Major companies in many industries including ITV, BBC, Channels 4 and 5, Mulberry, Innocent Drinks, Monsoon, Bella Italia, Tescos, Big Brother, The Only Way is Essex, Coronation Street, Dancing on Ice, Park Resorts, Volkswagen, and more. We’ve also sold to house builders, zoos, hotels, restaurants, shopping centres, theme parks, colleges and schools, cruise ships, theatres… the list goes on! We have tens of thousands of satisfied customers in the UK, in Europe, and across the World. For procurement managers and corporate buyers we can provide quotes and advice for bulk orders and trade, to help bring your design to life - contact Just Artificial today! 01524 858888 sales@justartificial.

Bespoke Bespoke 5m 5m Bespoke Bespoke 5m 5m Ficus Ficus Tree Tree IFR IFR Ficus Ficus Tree Tree IFR IFR

ARTIFICIAL ARTIFICIALPLANTS PLANTS &&TREES TREESFOR FORBUSINESSES BUSINESSES AtAt Just Just Artificial, Artificial, wewe work work with with interior interior designers, designers, decorators, decorators, set set dressers, dressers, architects architects and and more more toto set set your your premises premises apart apart from from the the rest. rest. Our Our artificial artificial plants, plants, flowers, flowers, and and trees trees are are highly highly realistic realistic toto look look and and touch, touch, asas well well asas being being durable durable and and attractive. attractive. 01524858888 858888| || |01524

GET GET10% 10%OFF OFFPRODUCTS PRODUCTS Quote Quotecoupon couponcode codePSBN10 PSBN10 checkout WOH10 HDA10atatcheckout

Online Online orders orders only, only, single single use, use, 1 per 1 per customer. customer. Expires Expires 11/01/2019. 11/01/2019. 26/06/19 31/05/19 Terms Terms apply* apply* See See Website. Website.


1 Swimming Pool ‌ 4 PoolLock Automatic Covers To cover the pool surface on this very particular design of pool, PoolLock supplied one automatic slatted cover and three automatic safety covers, including a customized V4XXL safety cover system spanning an 11m width. Thanks to its many years of experience designing and producing automatic covers, PoolLock is able to work with customers and architects to create tailored solutions to cover almost any kind of pool.


oolLock’s unique hydraulicdrive system means that you do not need any electrical components near your pool. The electrical power pack used to operate the cover and drive the two hydraulic motors can be placed as far from the pool as required. Opening and closing the pool is as easy as turning a key switch, which means that the cover (and the pool) are actually used once installed. PoolLock safety covers provide a solid barrier between the water and surrounding area, effectively preventing


June 2019 External Works

any access to the water and making them the safest covers on the market. In addition, all PoolLock covers will reduce the amount of heat, water and chemicals lost through evaporation, which means pool owners can save money on electricity and chemical usage. In addition to the standard fabric options, PoolLock also offers HeatLock Thermofoam canvas with enhanced insulation properties. Thanks to the foamed insulation layer applied to one side of the canvas, heat transfer across the membrane is reduced by a factor of 3 when compared to standard fabrics for similar

PoolLock Safety Covers

applications. HeatLock’s closed-cell foam structure ensure that PoolLock covers are not only the safest, but also the most energy-efficient available on the market. PoolLock Automatic Covers offer you the safest, most convenient, most reliable and energy-efficient way to cover your pool. With over 30 years of experience, and installations in over 20 countries, PoolLock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers and suppliers of automatic safety and slatted covers for swimming pools.

PoolLock Slatted Covers

With over 30 years of experience, PoolLock is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of automatic and manual safety covers, automatic slatted covers and heat pumps for swimming pools. Thousands of satisfied customers in Britain over the past 10 years bear testament to the quality, service and reliability of PoolLock products. In 2013, PoolLock opened its first UK production facility in Gatwick, London, with installation teams that are available 24 hours a day / 7 days a week. The result: even better service and faster delivery times for our UK customers.

For more information on our complete range of products, please contact us at


External Works June 2019

NU Living 360 Barking, London

360 Barking is set across 4 cylindrical towers located in the heart of Barking. 195 are private apartments and 96 are on the shared ownership scheme. As part of the regeneration plan, 360 Barking will become an icon to the area alongside the ÂŁ2 billion of investment that will eventually bring 6,000 new homes, smarter shops and an art film cinema.




lloy Fabweld manufactured and installed these unique teardrop balconies creating the main feature on this stunning 4-tower circular residential project. Every apartment has its own private ecodekÂŽ balcony (or winter garden) and access to one of the communal, landscaped roof terraces. The solid cross-section of ecodekÂŽ boards lent itself perfectly to this project and the curved nature of the balcony design, as ease of cutting the boards was perfect. In addition, the ability to order bespoke lengths from Ecodek was a clear winner for this project, where the lengths manufactured included 7m, 5.73m, 4.9m, 3.75m and 1.9m! This meant very little waste on site, a huge plus for a construction project, and the minimal waste that was generated was purchased back by Ecodek and recycled back into new product! 01978 667 840


June 2019 Photographs courtesy Berekely Group

HIGH-SPEC BRIDGE FOR LUXURY APARTMENTS IN CHELSEA To complete the hard landscaping around the Chelsea Creek luxury apartment development, London developer, Berkeley St George needed a statement bridge. The 24m long bridge comprises a deceptively simple, elegant concept incorporating acrylic rods into the painted steel frame at close centres which, when lit from their base, provide an illuminated enclosure, while a stripped down secondary internal handrail provides pedestrian restraint.


CTS were appointed to undertake design, manufacture and installation and offered different structural options to best achieve the architectural intent, resulting in “hidden� structural supports to minimise beam depth. They worked closely with Elite

June 2019

Landscapes, the Principal Contractor, to ensure all trades were coordinated to deliver a successful scheme. To achieve the desired simple lines, careful detailing was required to house the lighting rods and conceal their power supply and driver units discreetly.

Precision fabrication was needed to realise this ambition. The final result is a stunning illuminated bridge that provides a stylish focal point over the meandering waterway the Chelsea Creek development.

If you need a bridge as a focal point in your scheme contact CTS Bridges for a full design, build and installation package - 01484 606416

DESIGN BUILD INSTALL Delivering quality structures across the UK


01484 606416


Tools, Equipment & PPE June 2019

ISG chooses to make mental health a priority Leading construction services company, ISG has made an important commitment to physical, mental and emotional health of its staff as it launches a new health and safety programme today. The company’s new ‘Choose Safe. Choose Health’ programme, which is being introduced alongside a new UK charity partnership with Mental Health UK, aims to harness the collective power of everyday choices, bringing more awareness of how they affect the safety, and particularly, the health of individuals.

Going beyond the typical approach to physical safety on sites, this industry-leading program seeks to provide the tools and conditions necessary to support a culture of empowered people working together towards health and safety, every day.


Reports from the construction industry suggest that health-related issues are 100 times more lethal than safety issues on site and that, in 2018, 55% of construction workers experienced mental health problems. To address these issues head-on, ISG has created an open, interactive program which advances health and safety by encouraging people to talk, act and create ideas to improve working conditions across its business.

Chief Marketing Officer at ISG, Richard Hubbard explains: “Through the development of this health and safety programme, we recognised that health had to be a significant part of our approach moving forward but found that in fact, it was already growing within our business. “For years, we have considered health and safety to be about more than reducing accidents – we always think holistically about the wellbeing of the people, environments and communities we work in, every day. As an industry, we have to do more to push the mental health and physical health of our staff up the agenda and put power of healthy and safe decision-making squarely in all of our hands. ‘Choose safe. Choose health.’ does just that. This programme is the first of its kind in the industry, it gives us the impetus to focus on health, as well as safety, and enables us to develop processes around occupational health, health and safety leadership and of course, mental health first aid.” To watch the ‘Choose safe. Choose health.’ video click here

June 2019 Tools, Equipment & PPE

Head and Eye Protection become one with the new EVO®VISTA™ Helmet from JSP The new EVO®VISTA™ Helmet is an innovative next generation feature rich helmet which incorporates a fully retractable optical class 1 faceshield or overspec within the helmet. JSP’s Research and Development team were inspired by feedback received from people who regularly have to wear head protection alongside eye protection. A common theme was not only the compatibility issue but also the amount of eyewear lost or damaged on site after issue.

The EVO®VISTA™ Helmet has not only been designed to meet a standard but to exceed it on many levels. It combines a super strong ABS shell with the choice of either a EVO®VISTAlens™ or a EVO®VISTAshield™ depending on the levels of protection and performance required. The EVO®VISTAlens™ functions like a spectacle but offers increased levels of protection to EN 166B 2C1.2 FT and the EVO®VISTAshield™ conforms to EN166 2C-1.2 with impact rating of grade AT. Both are optical class 1 and have anti-mist and anti-scratch coatings offering impact protection at extreme temperatures and UV protection. The new technology of the fully adjustable pivot arms in the EVO®VISTA® Helmet allows the lens and shield to be deployed outwards and over prescription spectacles unlike similar systems that require helmet adjustment to fit.

JSP prioritise the needs and safety of the wearer and the safety cell concept of the EVO®VISTA™ Helmet with the dual shell technology demonstrates this commitment by providing additional protection. The safety cell prevents ricocheting debris travelling up the eyewear and being in contact with the scalp as well as preventing the faceshield or overspec from impacting the scalp should it be forced back on impact. The EVO®VISTA™ Helmet is fully compatible with JSP respirators such as the Force™8 PressToCheck™ and the Sonis® helmet mounted ear defender range. The benefits of having eyewear integrated in the helmet which is fully retractable and protected from scratching when not in use, easily deployed when needed and fits anyone with prescription spectacles will save companies money, time and worry.


Tools, Equipment & PPE June 2019



June 2019 Tools, Equipment & PPE

Hellberg Safety PPE and Snickers Workwear – Comfort and Safety Combined The Hultafors Group Adds Hellberg Safety PPE products to its premium brand portfolio for professional tradesmen and women.

With over 50 years experience in the PPE industry, the Hellberg Safety specialist equipment includes highly advanced hearing protection products, face protection and communication solutions for personal protection on site. From face guards, helmets and passive hearing protection with up to 3 levels of protection from low to extreme noise, Hellberg also supply secure electronic hearing protectors to suit different work environments. Peter Dumigan, managing director of the Hultafors Group UK says, “Hellberg PPE products complement the Snickers Workwear and Solid Gear Safety Footwear

product portfolios so well - in particular the newly launched Snickers Workwear ProtecWork Heat and Flame Protective Wear”. “The Hultafors Group now provides the UK market with an even more extensive range of EN-accredited, top quality premium brand products, ideally suited to protect the personal wellbeing and safety of the discerning professional tradesman and woman”. Getting information on the new Hellberg Safety product range is easy - call the Hultafors Group UK Helpline on 01484 854788 or checkout the website


Tools, Equipment & PPE April 2019

Counting down the days to Plantworx… Which will come first Plantworx or Brexit?

Hot on the heels of Bauma Munich, the Plantworx Construction Machinery Exhibition hosted by the CEA (Construction Equipment Association) is almost upon us! It’s just 70-days until the show opens its doors to visitors from the construction sector. The 4th biennial working construction event is taking place at its brand-new home at the East of England Arena in Peterborough from 11-13 June. The show will benefit from 20% more exhibition space than at its previous location in Leicestershire and spans more than 140,000 square metres – that’s an area bigger than 20-premier league football pitches. Rob Oliver, Chief Executive of the CEA (Construction Equipment Association) said, “After Bauma, Plantworx will be the first opportunity to see new products from many of the major OEMs. With the advent of Stage V engine requirements – and more entrants into the electric-powered arena, Plantworx 2019 promises to be the best yet to see new machines”. Rob added, “Ground conditions at the East of England venue are first rate for Plantworx which should reduce the need for wellington boots at the show. A lot of the car parking will be on hard standing and we have the option to rotate the grass parking areas to protect both the turf and visitors’ cars.”


“We are not sure what will come first – either Brexit or Plantworx – but we can honestly say that Brexit has not impacted on companies wanting to exhibit at the event and trade! We are expecting 20,000 visitors to attend the event and we are already ahead of ourselves from previous shows in terms of pre-registration.” Here are the latest companies that have signed on the dotted line to exhibit at Plantworx. The sales team have had 15 exhibitor bookings in last week – with more flooding in daily. The show now has 356 exhibitors in total and an impressive 121 (34%) are brand new to the event. A full exhibitor list can be found on the Plantworx website. • • • • • • • • • • •

EmiControls – New IPAF Lumag Distribution Ltd – New Tex Engineering Limited – New Vehicle Vision International – New WHOTZHOT Ltd – New Cyberhawk (Drone Zone) – New Fire and Safety Solutions & Rotarex Partnership – New Geith International Ltd ITH Bolting Technology – New Linco – New

• • •

MachineMax – New MPA Group – New Tracked Carriers – New

Registration for free fast track entry tickets is now open – follow the link to reserve your pass to the biggest working construction event in 2019 tickets. Put the 11th, 12th, 13th June 2019 in your diary the Plantworx team look forward to welcoming you all to East of England Arena and Events Centre, Peterborough for Plantworx and Railworx. Contact Angela Spink for more details on Plantworx stands at  and for Railworx contact Jolene Price

June 2019 Tools, Equipment & PPE

JCB WORKWEAR - NEW WEBSITE LAUNCH Progressive Safety who hold the sole distribution rights for the manufacture of safety footwear and workwear under the world famous JCB brand are pleased to introduce a new and improved website. RE-ENGINEERED TO BE USER FRIENDLY JCB Workwear are launching their new and improved website in May

2019, offering consumers an easier buying process and a more enjoyable experience. With a cleaner, easy to navigate look and feel, more product details with clearer pricing, consumers will certainly be drawn back to the website time after time. Customers will be able to order a JCB Workwear Catalogue, or browse on-line and with the new ‘Customise Your Workwear’ facility will be able to have their workwear branded with a company logo and delivered straight to their door!

If you prefer to see the products before you buy, their is a ‘Find your nearest Stockist’ portal, all you need to do is pop in your postcode. Also launched in May, is the new JCB Workwear Spring/Summer 2019 catalogue, with the latest additions and fantastic new lifestyle photography. For more information e-mail: Progressive Safety Footwear & Clothing Ltd
 101 Worthing Road, Sheffield, S9 3JN
 Tel: 0114 273 8349 Fax: 0114 275 2452



June 2019

Putting the health back into health and safety In what is a ground-breaking move for an SME in the waste sector, O’Donovan Waste Disposal have introduced and completed the implementation of an internal wellbeing strategy called the ‘Dynamo Welfare Project’ (Dynamo), continuing their commitment to prioritising the workplace wellness of their 165 employees alongside their physical safety. This huge investment in terms of time and money strengthens the companies unique pledge to staff development and the delivery of the highest standard to clients. The multi award-winning family-run waste management business is widely regarded as an innovator and a champion for health and safety, training and environmental excellence.


June 2019

Research by the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) – Waste Statistics in the UK 2018, found that workers in the waste sector statistically suffered more from workrelated ill-health than other workers across all industries. Dynamo assists staff in maintaining positive health and wellbeing by teaching self-awareness techniques and the tools to manage a range of negative emotions including anxiety. The programme includes interactive ongoing training modules for all staff which is delivered inhouse. The training increases the ability of participants to maintain their composure and stabilise emotions as they face day-today challenges in their work and private lives.

which allows them to deal more effectively with any work-related challenges as well as helping them to manage any struggles they may face in their personal lives. To complement this programme, trained Welfare Champions are also appointed throughout the company, equipped with the skills to support colleagues on a confidential peer-to-peer level.

MD Jacqueline O’Donovan said “Family values sit at the very heart of our business and our employees are our biggest asset. We consider safeguarding their physical and mental health a top priority. We feel that the introduction of this policy sends the strongest message to staff that their wellbeing is of paramount importance. The training we have implemented can help us all manage day to day challenges The aim of the strategy is to take a more holistic and inclusive approach to staff health better, not just at work but in our personal lives too, which greatly benefits everyone - staff, and wellbeing resulting in a safer, more clients and the company” efficient and engaged workforce operating at the highest standards. Staff also benefit by having better physical and mental health


June 2019

Why climb when you could walk? Falls from a height stubbornly remain the number one cause of death and injury in the construction industry. Despite a gradual improvement – history has shown us that not enough resources have been put into preventing these incidences – the biggest single factor affecting safety in the industry. Gravity is not something that we think about as we go about our daily lives – even though it is an essential and ever present part of our lives…..and therein lies the rub. We are unable to function without it but as soon as we elevate ourselves off the ground to carry out a task - it becomes a latent danger. The second that we make an error, it impartially, indifferently and ruthlessly takes its toll. The risk is at its greatest wherever the working at height is temporary, that is why construction along with related activities are so severely affected from even a relatively low height fall which can produce serious or devastating injuries. Faced with this – the only logical conclusion is that anything that can be done to reduce or eliminate this risk has to be worthwhile considering. A ladder is an adequate device as a means of access to temporary works in many cases. This is only valid however providing that it is suitably positioned, secured, the user has both hands unencumbered and is focussed on the task of using the ladder. In reality - in a construction environment, these conditions are frequently not met and certainly can almost never be the case where an individual is working from the ladder. Even when selected and positioned to be an access device, the frequent requirement to move materials and tools between levels means that the ladder has the potential to become highly dangerous.


June 2019 European Work at Height regulations have already begun the push to move from ladders to stairways as a means of access to temporary works. Viewing ladders as “the last choice as a means of access or place of work” – means we can presumably expect any updating of the UK’s WAHR to follow suit

– and rightly so. The All-Party Parliamentary Group on working at height is due to issue their delayed report this month. It will be interesting to see what their document – snappily entitled “Preventing serious injuries and fatalities while working at height” has to say on the subject.

Temporary access stairways allow operatives to walk up a staircase rather than climbing ladders. As well as improving health and safety standards and site working conditions, stairways deliver production, financial and technical benefits.

Made of corrosion resistant, structural quality aluminium extruded profiles for strength and reliability, the Alto Universal Scaffold Stair is a light enough to be handled conveniently, simple and versatile solution to the working scaffolders needs.

As a leader in the provision of safe solutions for working at height, Alto has introduced a portfolio of products which make safety at height easier and more comprehensively available.

Often a tower is the practical solution to safe working at height – the newly re-engineered version of the Alto Stair HD Tower with self-closing intermediate access gates allows options for “odd” heights and an internal balustrade at the working platform.

The Alto Universal scaffold stair unit is an allaluminium solution for safe, compliant access covering a range of levels in scaffolding that can fit in with the specific site application without the need for a separate stair tower.

The internal balustrade gives convenient, safe and versatile access – with no inconvenient hatches or potentially risky ladders.


The UK’s Best Solar & Mains LED Belisha Beacons High quality, fully highways EMC and CE compliant 3 year Warranty (solar) - 5 year extended available In stock for next day delivery Made by us in Somerset - supplied nationwide and overseas Post Top or purpose made column versions inc. Flange Mount Illuminated Column - Belisha & Refuge (Retro-fit kit)

Feeder Pillars Standard sizes in stock - made to specification - 2 weeks appox Galvanized steel, GRP, Stainless Steel range of powder coat finishes Styles and sizes for every purpose Pre-wired or shell only

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