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Construction Update December 2015


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News December 2015

Scotframe plays vital role in first Passivhaus nursery building in a Scottish university Scotframe, one of the UK’s most technically advanced timber engineering companies, has been chosen to supply the main House) building in a Scottish university. The leading full kit manufacturer and supplier was asked to provide the wall and roof solutions for the University of Aberdeen’s showpiece

It supplied Val-U-Therm™ panels, which helped create a class-leading energy performance, for the newlycompleted £2 million building, in Scotland to adopt the demanding The project, carried out by Hybrid

between Scotframe and Glulam Solutions of Inverurie, which provides solutions using Glulam/ engineered structures. estimating role at Scotframe and

continuous, tight building envelope. The Scotframe panels achieved a of air changes per hour than those projects.

contacted us when this exciting

said: “It was always going to be a very challenging, but notable, project. We worked with the

“We supplied factory insulated Val-U-Therm™ exterior wall panels and roof cassettes which are well in excess of most existing thermal performance standards. The wall panels were 235mm and the roof cassettes were 300mm deep.

“This allowed us to use the ValU-Therm™ system alongside the supporting Glulam frames, which helped substantially in achieving the extremely high levels of thermal and airtightness performance necessary

of airtightness, which requires a

For further information, visit

London council seeks £2bn development plan partner

A concrete design-build house exhibits a modernist finesse.

ambitious urban regeneration plans that include delivering over 5,000 new homes in the borough. The council plans to set up the Haringey Development Vehicle with a joint venture development partner to drive forward the ambitious urban regeneration initiative. It is planning a bidder day on 1 February 2016 to outline proposals for its £2bn development plan. and in particular Tottenham, is today seen as

capacity and expertise resource, it is unable to deliver the aimed for scale and quantum of regeneration and development on its own land without input from other stakeholders.” It is believed Tottenham alone is capable of delivering 10,000 new homes and 5,000 new jobs by 2025. “The HDV will drive forward plans for at least 5,000 new homes and create further jobs on the council’s land, creating more than £2bn of development value. Under the proposed plan Haringey will commit assets and development sites while its private sector partner or partners commit funding and expertise.


As more architects get their hands literally dirty with the design-build process, this form of project delivery is resulting in some quite elegant structures. “The architect should be in charge,” says Noah Walker, Hills. Walker, who has a contractor’s license as well as his architectural one, likes determining exactly how the scheme comes out.

December 2015 News

Plans submitted for £25m Bouygues Essex Uni halls The University of Essex has submitted a planning application for a 634-room student accommodation block at its Colchester Campus. Bouygues is expected to deliver the 634 en-suite student bedrooms as part of its Uliving joint venture, which is acting as development partner. Registrar Bryn Morris said: “We have invested £200m in developing new living and learning spaces on our campuses. The development of further student residences on our Colchester Campus is the next step in securing the future success of the University.” It is hoped work will start on the site in spring 2016 to deliver two curved linear buildings rising to seven storeys. The Uliving consortium of Bouygues Development and accommodation operator Derwent Living have already delivered a previous £22m scheme on the Meadows site two years ago.

With record numbers of students studying at Essex, the development – due to be completed for autumn 2017 – supports the college’s 50% growth plans and will enable students, to be housed on campus.

Rainwater harvesting market set for growth The housebuilding market is slowly embracing rainwater harvesting according to MTW, with at least one housebuilder

Based on analysis of more than 80% of the industry, the report by MTW Research, also predicts that

committing to include rainwater harvesting systems in all its developments in the next 4 years. MTW’s director Mark Waddy said: “Some housebuilders recognise

2016. The report states that there will be more than 60,000 rainwater harvesting systems in use within the next few years, with growth in some key end use sectors remaining reasonably robust, despite water prices set to decline by 5% to 2020.

through rainwater harvesting technology and this is providing a volume boost to the market. Given the forecast upturn in new build activity, the opportunities in this sector for growth are compelling.”

A New Range of


The report also illustrates the non-domestic rainwater harvesting market, and whilst identifying a decline in demand from public sector applications, points to a steady uptake in demand from the commercial and industrial end use sectors. According to the MTW, certain key end users are now able attain cost savings within one year of installation and this, coupled with 100% capital allowances through the Water Technology List, is said to be rendering the commercial rainwater harvesting market increasingly attractive.

*Marleton Cross Limited Trading as The MX Group

A report on the rainwater harvesting market has revealed that that 55% of suppliers experienced growth in revenue

■ Stylish looks and attractively priced ■ Solid brass, all chrome finish ■ 1 year replacement guarantee The MX Group* Tewkesbury, Gloucestershire GL20 8JF. Tel: 01684 293311


News December 2015

New standard highlights fire risks to vulnerable people LPS 1655, the latest Loss Prevention Standard from BRE Personal Protection System (PPS) and domestic sectors, they are

accommodation may reveal unsafe use of candles or heaters, accidents, such as burns to

Engel have workwear wrapped up safest levels of visibility

With customers’ safety

of movement; attention

soft and durable blended

concern, each item of

Waterproofing Simplified with Remmers Multi Tight 2K

externally and internally

of adhesion to most substrates


December 2015 News

Government review to evaluate housebuilding ‘red tape’ Housebuilders will have their say on what they consider to be the barriers to the construction of new homes, in a new ‘Cutting Red Tape’ review launched today by the Government. Building on the work of the Housing Implementation Task Force, this review will aim to uncover the issues that have the biggest understand the unique pressures they face. The wide-ranging review will capture the experiences of all those involved in building homes, including developers, planners and trade associations. Housing Minister Brandon Lewis said: “We are determined to remove barriers faced by housebuilders to ensure we continue to keep Britain building as quickly and safely as possible. big and small so we can remove

unnecessary red tape and help housebuilders do what they do best, building the homes we need.” The key starting points for the review are based on the priorities raised by the Task Force: roads and infrastructure rules for new housing developments. environmental requirements, particularly EU rules such as the Habitats Directive and wider EU environmental permit requirements. electricity, gas and water – as well as broadband infrastructure). The government is also keen to look at the changes made to the Construction, Design and Management Regulations, as well as any examples of EU rules that are being implemented too strictly. The new Cutting Red Tape review will look at the way the law is enforced, as well as whether the rules themselves are proportionate

The responses from housebuilders will lead to government taking concrete steps to remove burdens on business. Stewart Baseley, executive chairman of the Home Builders Federation, said: “As the industry looks to drive further increases in housing supply we welcome moves to reduce unnecessary regulation and the associated costs. Aside from the planning system there processes and charges levied on the industry that can adversely delay the ability of home builders to get on site and start building. Reducing red tape will bring more sites into play more quickly and so help the industry deliver more desperately needed homes in the coming years.” The evidence gathering phase of review will run for 8 weeks and close on 13 January 2016. To contribute to the review, click here.

Stainless UK Supply Rock Bolts for Dinorwig Tunnel Maintenance Stainless UK have supplied over 200 stainless steel ribbed bars to SES Contracting for use in the latest phase of a rock bolt renewal programme at Dinorwig Power Station in North Wales. Dinorwig Power Station was opened in 1984 and remains the largest pumped storage power station in Europe. The power station itself is located inside a mountain with lakes above and below it. It is used to provide almost instant power for the National Grid at times when demand suddenly increases or there is a loss of power from other stations. At such times the gates holding back the water in the top lake are opened and the water passes through the 6 generating turbines housed in the mountain and then on into the bottom lake. The generating turbines are located in an enormous cavern within the mountain and are serviced by a 16km network of tunnels. As part of an ongoing programme to maintain the stability of the bare bedrock in the tunnels, Stainless UK manufactured 25mm diameter ribbed bars with threaded ends in lengths of up to 6m for use as rock bolts. The duplex stainless steel bars

Bespoke disabled access lift Contact our dedicated engineers for your solution - 01727 860355

tensioned using a 15mm thick stainless steel end plate. Stainless UK are specialists in the manufacture of stainless steel rock bolts and have supplied a number of similar applications to this including Lochay hydro electric power station in Scotland.


December 2015

SketchUp 2016 Has Arrived! SketchUp 2016 has just launched and in this release, SketchUp is more connected than ever to the people, applications, and information that interact with a model. Most notably, every SketchUp user now has access to Trimble Connect, a web-based platform for storing, sharing, referencing, reviewing, and collaborating on building projects. The ins and outs of SketchUp are as a result of the attention we pay to detail; the odds these details intensely and we’re proud to say that SketchUp 2016 just works the


SketchUp 2016 is here!

Connected, refreshed and best of all....still SketchUp.

SketchUp, Connected Reference, sync, comment, report, and share: SketchUp 2016 is more connected than ever to the projects, information, and people you work with.

Simple, intuitive, just right Every day, we obsess over making SketchUp obsession yielded in SketchUp 2016. Enhanced inferencing and tool improvements Customiseable Utility Trays on Windows Refreshed Textures LayOut Layers

SketchUp Pro licensing is now friendlier than ever before. Every SketchUp 2016 download starts with a 30-day trial of Pro features.

Contact Elmtec, Sketchup’s distribution Partner in the UK


T: 01844 263750


December 2015 Flooring

Project: Location: Contracted company: Limited

The Gulbenkien CafÊ at Kent University The job/challenge: as bubbles had appeared in certain areas. The initial area was 150 – 200 m2,


with their own extremities and movement tolerances. Previous installations

Flooring to carry the work out using the correct methods. This created an

The solution / implementation: SW Flooring started by removing all the existing latex smoothing compounds

at 8:00 am each morning during the project. This was achieved by making up eliminate any trip hazard.

the project. He met SW Flooring on site at midnight at least twice a week to the project to be completed.

The result:


Flooring December 2015

Your guide to ‘Using The Tube’…

F. Ball and Co. Ltd., the UK’s leading manufacturer

2015 Flooring Show, Harrogate which this year

So if you missed the Harrogate Flooring Show… and their website

New Stycco Flex is so good, with its high initial

stair nosing installation, using Stycco Flex means

and see for yourself.

Stycco Flex a try…


Specify CFA members and

Tel: 0115 941 1126


Contract Flooring Association, 4C St Mary’s Place, The Lace Market, Nottingham, NG1 1PH

Flooring December 2015

Convincing authenticity W

armth, comfort, naturalness: These criteria are decisive in interior design – over all areas and beyond the private living space. The feel good factor is growing in importance not only in healthcare and educational facilities, but trend is turning all the more towards authentic from nora systems now combines two aspects, warm colours and natural surface structure, giving rise to a cosy atmosphere in every room.

Natural, irregular look Like all new products from nora systems, the noraplan valua design is the child of international architects’ workshops. The surface structure quality. noraplan valua combines the authenticity of the material rubber with an irregularity based and this is just the start of some inspirational new initiatives from nora. New valua is a step forward for nora to a more natural aesthetic, pleasing the aspirations of our clients and still providing the which we are renowned. With 2 levels of design, valua can be utilised in all sectors, capitalising chosen areas and a more plain design in others”. of visual appeal, but also the material properties

can be cleaned with ease. As a quality product covering.

Presenting 32 appealing colours – eight with lighter and 24 with heavier marbling – noraplan valua provides the greatest design potential. On the one hand, nora systems based its colour design on nature. On the other, accentuations were selected to meet the greater is available as both classical sheets and tile modules also noraplan valua is available in thicknesses of two or three millimetres. Authentic, high quality, comfortable – noraplan valua transfers nature to the home and makes every room worthy of living and loving.

Perfected for healthcare noraplan valua makes a hospital feel less like a clinic and more like home, thus contributing to patients’ emotional wellbeing. They can also breathe easier of PVC, plasticizers and halogens. In addition, bacteriostatic properties provide added peace of mind. Corridors remain clear thanks to non-disruptive maintenance requirements. Perfected for education noraplan valua is quiet to allow for better student concentration and comfortable underfoot for teachers who stand all day. It is easy to clean without the need for harsh chemicals and slip-resistant to cater for energetic students. The colourful palette also helps create a vibrant and lively learning environment.

Perfected for public buildings buildings and shopping centres that are subjected to heavy wear and tear. Even the toughest spills can be cleaned with ease.


What problems do you have with dirty and wet floors? We have the solution...



- Helping to create Clean Trax



For Vehicles

Quick Install With Ramps

For Pedestrians

• Help prevent dirty and slippery floors • Reduce cleaning & maintenance costs • Reduce risk of dusty & contaminated products T. 0845 0700 624 |

Smart Facilities, Delivered.™

Editor’s Choice December 2015


There has always been a strong demand for high-performance, multi-purpose sealant products and interest in Geocel’s range of functional MS Polymers has never been higher. Here Stuart Oakey, Geocel’s Head of Research and Development expands on MS Polymers and their

builders required a product (sealants and / or adhesive) deal with the kind of physical movement common with

Stuart predicts that the demand for MS Polymers will increase in 2015 and comments that it is “Ideal for use on traditional them the ultimate protection and

that once an MS Polymer has been applied, surfaces because of its performance, aesthetic appeal and ability to

porous surfaces and are odourless, neutral and free of


December 2015 Editor’s Choice


– they won’t bleed out or lead to discolouration. “The range is completely organic and does not contain toxic chemicals or materials – compared to other materials like polyurethane. They will last as long as other sealants – including silicone – too.” Discussing other Polymers on the

designed as a non staining sealant for natural stone.

c alants 17

Coatings, Sealants & Paints December 2015

Prevent Winter Slips and Falls in Your Workplace Good maintenance is critical to help eliminate hazards and prevent injuries


hris Budd, Head of UK Sales at Watco, the UK’s leading manufacturer of industrial strength flooring products, gives advice on staying safe as winter approaches

Make a plan and assess your workplace risk

Underfoot risk

Indoor maintenance

Overhead risk

Emergency repairs


there’s no better floor paint Powerfloat Sealer One coat seals, dustproofs and protects floors in busy, heavy traffic areas

! Available in 4 finishes Gloss, Matt,Gloss Anti Slip and Matt Anti Slip ! Coverage 30m2 in one coat ! Drying time 16 hours at 15 to 20°C for heavy traffic. A single coat is generally sufficient. However, two coats may be necessary on a porous substrate

Epoxy Gloss Coat Hard-wearing gloss coating for an attractive finish

est Requ gue alo a cat E sample FRE a d n a at

o.c c t a .w wwwor phone 18 18 4 4 3 8 014

! Coverage Approx 30m2 per 5 litres per coat ! Strong barrier Resistant to oil, solvents, and harsh cleaning chemicals. ! Drying times Curing time for the second coat is 12 hours at 15 to 20°C. Ready for light traffic in 24 hours and heavy traffic in 48 hours ! Trouble free Easy to mix, equipment can be cleaned in water. Goes over existing coatings, concrete, sand & cement and wood ! Colours Available in 14 attractive colours

British Coatings Federation

Phone 01483 418 418

Eco Products December 2015

How to build a low energy building like this one Conker Conservation, developer Camber Consulting, and materials supplier Ecomerchant have all played their part in delivering a genuinely low energy building at a very affordable price.

The design team at Conker worked with the client bringing with them a raft of proven systems and methodology and an inclusive interconnected approach to delivery, in this case study Paul Mallion a Conker explains how this was all brought together. Conker have been designing low energy buildings since 1999, this is our approach, demonstrated in the photos: Use the free energy available from the sun; passive solar design has been understood for centuries but still new houses are built that make no concession to orientation. BRE guidance from 1971*describes how good orientation can save 10% of the energy consumption in a dwelling, at zero cost. However, don’t forget to consider solar shading and don’t over-glaze, especially on the east and west sides. Build to the lowest U values possible, aim for at least 0.15W/m2K for all elements, never use building regulation values as a default. Do not rely on manufacturers for your U value calculations, learn to do them yourself, or use our Android app, ‘Wallnuts’. Calculate for thermal and factor in a workmanship value if using ridged insulation boards, as


You will need to work with a knowledgeable materials supplier, it is essential to have a secure supply chain this is why we make sure our supply partners are part of the construction process right from the start in this case Ecomerchant, This is particularly true of insulation so you know what is available and the insulation properties, rather than rely on a single type of foamed board for all purposes. Dense insulations heat gain in summer. Compressible insulations like wool are better in between timbers which may shrink over time. Breathable insulations are essential for work on historic buildings. ‘Build tight - ventilate right’ is a phrase decades old, but still true. Make the building airtight, and carry out an air leakage test before completion. Aim air changes an hour. Don’t confuse draughts with ventilation. Become familiar with airtight membranes and tapes and how to use them. Never rely on builders foam or mastic for airtightness, these will shrink and fail within a few years. Very airtight buildings will need a mechanical ventilation system, which will provide consistent air quality, whereas natural ventilation will constantly vary and rarely be right. Heat recovery ventilation is worth the

*BRE Information Paper ‘Site layout for sunlight and solar gain

investment when properly designed and installed, but cheap systems are a waste of money. Make triple glazing your default. Costs have tumbled over the last 10 years, and a wide range of thermally broken frames are best. The improved thermal comfort and noise attenuation is well worth the investment. Triple glazed windows can be icy on the outside, but still warm to the touch inside. Install them using airtight tapes or compression seals, which remains pliant and will not shrink. Consider building to the AECB Carbonlite Silver Standard or the Passivhaus Standard, to prove how well your building performs. Enjoy a comfortable low energy building with good air quality.

Design and Project Management Conker Conservation Ltd 01227 786900 Materials Supply Ecomerchant Developer Camber Consulting

The UK’s favourite sustainable builders merchant since 1998. Suppliers of natural building products from foundation to ridge

self build new build refurbishment DIY off grid building shell materials insulation windows and doors sunpipes and roof lights airtightness lime and clay plasters natural paints maintenance and cleaning renewables landscaping water and drainage sewage systems & much more

call 01793

847 444 or buy online

Eco Products December 2015 Using LED lighting with the latest in lighting management systems, it is now relatively easy to achieve 50% to 80% energy savings on most projects with these energy savings paying for the systems and installation. With this in mind, Aura Light has launched a ‘Rent Your Lighting’ scheme which eliminates investment in equipment and reduces an organisation’s energy costs from day one. Simon Taylor, Aura Light UK’s Managing Director comments, “This is an exciting commerce and industry. The concept is likely to appeal to all business directors and accountants as the scheme aids

Financing arrangements are entirely adjusted to projected energy savings, making the project cash positive right from the start.

Aura Light UK

The way the scheme works is that once contacted, Aura Light visits the company to conduct a survey of the existing lighting installation and energy consumption by a technical expert. This is then followed with the provision of a new lighting plan with with energy saving and CO2 saving documentation. Once the project is agreed, it is entirely managed performance guarantee during the full contract period.

sheet and also take advantage of the tax

Aura Light has brought together some of Europe’s leading experts so as to deliver the ‘Rent Your Lighting’ scheme Aura Light’s ‘Rent Your Lighting’ scheme provides a full performance guarantee over using the projected savings as the means of providing funding. the contract period. In Aura’s experience, the lighting installation will continue to provide large energy savings into the Further information on the new future. The scheme is ideal for all types of ‘Rent Your Lighting’ scheme is education, factories, warehouses and exterior lighting. Aura Light Group AB has already completed several lighting projects under a similar scheme.

available from Aura Light UK on 01952 250800 by emailing: or by visiting

ControlZAPP More than a Stand Alone Energy Saving Control


Rent Your Lighting

ControlZAPP PROGRAMMABLE LIGHTING CONTROL PIR occupancy switching and adjustable photocell for daylight control Real time scheduling for switching, lux control or function changes Switching / dimming functions can be controlled by sunset and sunrise prediction Automatic time adjustment for BST Innovative twin level time lag function for even greater energy savings Versions for Switching Only, DALI Dimming and 1-10V Dimming Functionality uploaded by Android phone or tablet. For more information call us on:

01249 44 33 77

DANLERS Limited, Vincients Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6NQ. E:

Editor’s Choice December 2015

REL awarded £2.5m

leisure centre contract REL Electrical has been awarded a £2.5million contract for the mechanical works at a new leisure centre in Chingford, east London. The design-and-build mechanical services package forms part of the £25million construction of Waltham Forest Leisure Centre. Due for completion by autumn 2016, the new facility will incorporate a 25m swimming pool, learner pool, spa and extreme sports area, including a climbing wall and skateboard and BMX areas. REL’s scope of works includes the installation of a combined heat and power (CHP) system, gas boiler plant, ventilation systems and air conditioning. The team will also be responsible for the mechanical


works for the centre’s swimming facilities, such as installing a pool ventilation plant and the associated ductwork. ISG is the main contactor for the project and awarded the contract to REL following a competitive tender. Peter Theophile, technical services manager at ISG said: “We selected REL as it has proven experience and knowledge of the leisure sector as well as internal design-and-build capabilities. “This expertise is essential for a project such as this as it comprises a large range of services and facilities, including the swimming

area which requires specialist as close liaison with suppliers to ensure everything is installed to exact requirements.” Toby Buckley, managing director at REL added: “This contract builds on our 10-year relationship with ISG and follows the successful delivery of a broad range of M&E projects for three new leisure centres within the last 12 months.” Designed by AFLS+P Architects, Waltham Forest Leisure Centre will be one of the largest health and sports centres in London.

December 2015 Editor’s Choice

Morgan Sindall Plc Announces Ground-Breaking AED Initiative With Cardiac Science Morgan Sindall plc has signed a ground-breaking deal with Cardiac Science to provide PowerheartÂŽ G5


(AEDs) to each of its UK project The move by the leading construction and infrastructure company will give access to the life-saving technology in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). Working




install a minimum of one AED at

combine real-time cardiopulmonary customised patient therapy and fast shock times. It is designed to enable both

across the country. The G5 AEDs will be made available operations through their internal This means that the AEDs can be made available to meet the needs of

saving therapy to aid the victim of SCA before the Emergency Services arrive at the scene. com


Editor’s Choice December 2015

Diversity in the Construction Industry Purdy comments on the rise of female manual trade workers as the UK gets ready for a new era of house building and maintenance In the 90 years since Purdy

One of the largest employers in the UK – the construction industry has been making National Statistics shows women represented just under 20 per cent of the workforce in 2014, of jobs by 2020. The manual trades have seen an increase in the past year, now accounting for six per cent of the total workforce. Bournemouth and Poole College, for example, has reported an additional 30 per cent of women signing up for painting and decorating courses in the past two years.

companies are on the up following the darker days of the recession. As they look to meet the demands of new homes in the social housing, private letting and home ownership sectors, the demand for skilled painters and decorators will rise – heralding the need for a talent

And the time is right for a new pool of talent across the board. Construction and house-building

The importance of these disciplines to the UK’s future

economic growth is well documented and the social clear. While we have seen a real evolution of working demographics in the past 90 years, we are keen to welcome even more of a transition whereby talented women are entering the industry.

Case study: Sandie Webster, Level Three Female Painter and Decorator I was entered into the national competition CITB Skillbuids, where I came ninth in the UK. I was then entered into the competition again during my In my third year at Lincoln


College I entered again and competition – this was a proud moment and I still remember that great sense of pride and satisfaction to this day.

December 2015 Editor’s Choice

“I am so proud I have achieved so much in a short time. Being the

greatest achievement, pressure with over

Sandie Webster

I actually used Purdy brushes back then and I still do – I pride myself on my quality of work and they have always helped possible. Shortly after qualifying from Lincoln College I was accepted for a loan from the Prince’s Trust, which meant I could become self employed. I started my own business in 2013 and have been going ever since. Since becoming self employed, I have been contacted by a few trade titles to write product reviews and have recently appeared in a national newspaper representing tradeswomen. I have also been invited back to Lincoln college to speak to students about how to achieve their dream jobs - using my journey as inspiration. It is important for any women who are training to be decorators to believe in themselves and their ability. It is vital to persevere with people, always be determined and treat There will be times where you will receive negative comments, prove that you are equal, if not

Being a decorator is an extremely demanding job, especially if you are self employed and have a family. However, the job is so rewarding, it makes it all worthwhile. I am so proud I have achieved so much in a short time. Being

over 100,000 spectators. The thing I love about my profession the most is that level of trust I build up with clients who brief me on a project and know they will get a quality

National Skill Show (in 2013) is my greatest achievement, as it was based on skill under extremely high pressure with


Editor’s Choice December 2015



December 2015 Editor’s Choice

USING TIMBER The UK’s biggest independent timber and panel products supplier, James Latham, is currently supporting another innovative project by SPUD (Space, Placemaking & Urban environment and the landscape. Entitled the Observatory, it is a sculpture, workspace, shelter and look-out for 12 artist residencies in four locations around the UK and is taking place over a two year period. graduate architects from London practice, Feilden, Clegg, Bradley, with home grown and imported Larch which was charred to clad the exterior of the two structures, as well as Accoya, Medite Tricoya Extreme and Smartply which was used on the interior. The Observatory has two structures, The Study for the artists to work and The Workshop, which allows for interaction with the public. Paul Latham, Sales & Product Development Director for James Latham, commented, “This is a fantastic initiative for us to be involved with. Not only does it show an innovative and fascinating use of timber but it is also highly educational and includes a learning and engagement programme engaging with universities, colleges and schools, plus it also has a strong environmental message too.”

SPUD’s Principal Associate, Mark Drury said, “When we were looking for a materials supplier for this initiative, James Latham were the natural choice. They have an amazing portfolio of products and invited our team of architects along to their showroom to discuss the options and select their preferred materials.” “By its very nature, the Observatory is theatrical, eye-catching, unusual and unique and the whole programme has focussed on developing new audiences those that would not normally visit a gallery and perhaps have little, if any, opportunity to directly interact with an artist.” Having spent six-months in the South Downs National Park and then Lymington, the two locations for 2016 will be the Tamar Estuary and the South Dorset Ridgeway where artists will develop a body of work connected to each location and context and the work produced will then form part of an exhibition in each location. Why not visit and see them for For more information on Latham’s full range of surface materials: phone 0116 257 3415, e-mail or visit


December 2015

Welsh Slate launches new RIBA-approved CPD “Welsh Slate as a building material� is a new CPD from Welsh Slate Ltd. CPD from Welsh Slate Ltd.

aggregates and industrial minerals.


December 2015 Roofing & Cladding

Integrated solar approach recognised at roofing awards reporter, Catriona Shearer at the Grand Central Hotel in Glasgow. The award is Forster’s seventh Scottish

Forster was recognised by the judges for its pioneering approach to integrating traditional roof tiling with in-roof solar Photovoltaic (PV) installation services at the 49 plot social housing development. The electricity generated by each solar array is being fed directly into tenant’s homes, reducing their requirement to buy in electricity from the grid, thereby empowering them to take greater control of their energy bills. Forster Technical Manager, Alan Collins collected the award at a special luncheon hosted by BBC Scotland News presenter and

Year Award in six years, with previous award winning projects including the Glasgow Commonwealth Games Athletes’ Village, Fife Housing Innovation Showcase and Barratt Homes Evolution development in Aberdeen. Steve Scott said: “We are delighted to pick up this award as it highlights the industry’s recognition of the huge

Contractor of the Year awards recognise and reward outstanding standards of workmanship and more developers recognise solar as a key measure in achieving the latest stepped change in the Scottish Low Carbon Building Standards. We

Are you making the most of your membership…?

The benefits of being a CompetentRoofer registered contractor All domestic roof refurbishments up to a value of £50,000 will be automatically issued with a 10 year warranty. Insurance warranties are also available for large, industrial and commercial projects where the building is four storeys or less.

020 7448 3189 or 01375 650 675 @CompetentRoofer

industry within Scotland.

Don’t forget that as a Co mpetentRo contractor, ofer registe you can self red certify for Bu Regulations ilding Compliance Certificates following dis (BRCC) under ciplines: the

Copper Fully supporte


d waterproof ing lt

Mastic Aspha

Shakes Sheeting


Zinc Reinforced Single Ply Tiling

pply to b

in all dis

Single Ply Shingles

d Lead Wor

Liquid applie

You can a

T: E:

envisage a not too distant future where solar PV will be installed on every new build home.”

ecome a



Bitumen Me


d contra

us to ge


t registe



Roofing & Cladding December 2015


enture Lighting Europe’s smart technology range is proving a popular choice in the industrial market, with 150 of the company’s Integrated Driver Technology (IDT) Highbay LEDs supplied to one of the UK’s market leading building materials suppliers. Installed at its main distribution centre, the company required lighting to be available for up to 20 hours a day to light the busy warehouse. The company was looking for an energy saving replacement for its 400W high-bays to reduce the costs to light the premises. Venture’s 150W IDT Highbays were installed to light the aisles of the warehouse, providing a bright and safe manual and fork-lift truck of 50,000 hours. The company combined the IDT Highbays with motion sensors and programmed the system to turn each light on individually when a presence is detected. This energysaving technique prevents lights from being left on when the area is not in use and alongside the energy


savings from the Venture’s LEDs will ultimately save the company a The VLED IDT luminaire is an overall robust product designed to meet the high demands of an industrial lighting scheme, such as high performance lighting over a long period of time. The long-life and low maintenance qualities of the IDT product ensures that very little disruption is caused to warehouses, factories or other production facilities which may result in the temporary shutdown of operations. and have also been designed and performance even in the most demanding of applications.

range is particularly robust when compared with other LED

products. Rated at 50,000hr life, the advanced system operates directly from the mains supply with an integrated driver within the product itself. This consequently eliminates the risk of early failure due the omission of typical power capacitors in a traditional driver circuit.” The life and reliability of the IDT Highbays is also enhanced with an integrated smart heat sink for optimised thermal management. thermal performance in dissipating the heat away from the LED arrays, maintaining consistent performance throughout the life of the product . Further information on Venture Lighting Europe’s VLED IDT range is available from the company on 01923 692600, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at

December 2015 Roofing & Cladding

Welsh Slate Launches New Roofing Brochure A guide to specifying and installing natural roof slates is launched by Welsh Slate.


OOFING by leading UK manufacturer Welsh Slate is the newly-published

The 32-page guide advises how to specify and install natural roof slates and includes the revised recommendations in the recently amended BS 5534 code of Practice for Slating and tiling plus all relevant references and standards. It also provides information on slates’ many advantages and as terminology, driving rain index, minimum recommended headlaps, general properties, colours, sizes and weights, coverage, and battening and holing gauges. Technical details are also supplied on the slating process, battening, eaves and verges, valleys, hips,

abutments, ridges and changes

more than 100 years of collective

ventilation and vertical slating.

within the technical support team.

The new brochure is complemented by the technical support available to and CAD drawings backed by

brochure is available from or 01248 600656 or for download click here.

Get value for money? Cheap work has hidden cost implications Your property is one of the most expensive and important things that you can own so risking any building work to unregistered contractors, simply because it is the cheaper option, is false economy. 2

Cowboy builders can leave your roof unsafe or unfit for purpose, and put the safety of others at risk


their work could also invalidate your building insurance

T: E:

020 7448 3189 or 01375 650 675 @CompetentRoofer

You need to either notify your roof refurbishment work via your building control or you can register it via CompetentRoofer, a Government-licenced Competent Person Scheme that allows roofers to self-certify their own work, meaning: 2

we notify the council when the work is completed


you have the added reassurance that the contractor has already been vetted prior to becoming a member and will continue to have their work checked


you will automatically receive a ten year insurancebacked warranty, which includes breach of Building Regulations and contractor insolvency.


Roofing & Cladding December 2015

AMPTEAM’S UNIFOLD GUTTER LINING SYSTEM SPECIFIED FOR ALLIGATOR SELF STORAGE FACILITY WINCHESTER A lack of outlets and failure to maintain the gutter had caused water to leak into the premises of Alligator Self Storage, based in Winchester. Lining system, the installation taking place during October 2015

satisfaction. 34

We’ve set the standard everyone else follows Once in a while a product comes along and changes everything, from the way it’s crafted to the way it works. Products are often copied and many are great ideas that never really see true success in their application. Many years are spent searching for a product that will ultimately surpass expectations, stand the test of time and become recognised as the leader in its field. We created one of those successful products nearly two decades ago and still today it has never been equalled. Why? Because we have never compromised on quality.

UNIFOLD® Unrivalled excellence in gutter lining technology.

December 2015

Armstrong Ceilings help transform

A myriad of acoustic ceiling systems from Arm

An unparalleled range of acoustic ceiling systems from one manufacturer – Armstrong – has helped transform a 1970s tower of teaching into an education”. The £13million refurbishment of the 11-storey Parsons Tower which was material ceiling systems in areas ranging from the main canteen through the lecture hall to a bespoke children’s AV space.

and airy feel to the main visitor experience, suspended acoustic rectangular variety and interest to the main refectory, and


December 2015

m the multi-storey Parsons Tower

mstrong feature on a new-look college building.


RENOLIT ALKORPLAN not just a single ply membrane RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN combines the aesthetic appearance of standing seam with the benefits of a reliable synthetic roof through the application of a purpose made extruded profile. Permanent and flexible they follow the contour of the roof surface offering an eye-catching appearance and assist drainage flow where required. RENOLIT ALKORDESIGN profile is available in two different sizes with colours to represent lead, zinc, aluminium, metallic copper and copper green. For further information please call Sheila Bevan on 01670 718283 or e-mail:

December 2015

Klober keep public sector homes airtight


With Flooding becoming more common place

Formpave looks at why installing Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems is now a must

December 2015 External Works & Landscaping

Installing Sustainable Urban Drainage Systems (SuDS) is one solution to help prevent the problem, and many local authorities are also now stipulating its use as part of planning permission. The concept behind SuDS is to replicate natural systems and processes using costimpact to clean and drain surface water system is capable of dispersing up to done through collection, storage and cleaning before the water is slowly released back into watercourses or directly into the ground. However, just as it is important to drain water away, it is also important to can help here too as it can also incorporate a rainwater harvesting system: Instead of the water being released into the ground it can be stored and used – for example

it will compel builders to consider SUDS at the earliest stage of the a connection can be made.

plants. Incorporating rainwater harvesting for mains water and can be used when hosepipe bans are in place. You may think that adopting SuDS is expensive but, when designed well, they can prove to be much cheaper than alternatives.

includes technical and professional advice, preparation of draft

experience in designing permeable paving systems.


External Works & Landscaping December 2015


quicker deliveries to customers across the UK. The new tipper lorry has come with the

same durable qualities as standard asphalt materials.

pipework or other conventional systems. material that can be used to liven up any landscape.

company’s Natratex and Colourtex products

company’s base in Gloucestershire.

Bituchem has also improved its company website to details on previous applications to ensure that all

Wales. We have made the decision to expand our to them. It is extremely important that the delivery deliveries tailored to each application with no delays.”

Bituchem’s Natratex and Cotswold materials are

and require very little maintenance once it has been applied. These qualities have made them a

Bituchem’s Natratex has proven extremely popular in both the private and public sector and has been used


website at

01594 836999

External Works & Landscaping December 2015

NEW SPECIALIST COLOURED MATERIAL FROM BITUCHEM The Bituchem Group has introduced a new colour to its best-selling Natratex Cotswold hard landscaping range. The company is now producing a Salmon alternative offering a pink shade of the natural asphalt material which is both durable and aesthetically pleasing. Natratex Salmon uses coloured stone pigments naturally coloured surface for a wide range of commercial and domestic applications. The coloured aggregates of Natratex Salmon are fully bonded using a clear resin binder to form a hard-wearing surface with an attractive natural

car parks, domestic driveways, footpaths and parks. Bituchem have completed many successful applications of the Natratex Salmon surface at a number of National Trust properties, domestic areas, care homes and decorative footpaths landscape.

to add a touch of soft colour to brighten up character of the surrounding landscape and architecture. Like all Natratex products, the Salmon material is extremely versatile and can be used for any new, overlay or regeneration application that sees light vehicular or pedestrian use, including

The mechanics and functionality of the Natratex range is similar to traditional asphalt as it is laid and compacted at the same nominal Bituchem design team can work with architects and tailor the aggregate type to each contract

Further information is available from Bituchem on 01594 826768 or 07584 311266, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at 44

December 2015 SECTION NAME

CTS really is your one stop shop

for the complete bridge package...

%   ! !    %""!   $ %   "!  % !"  

%   "    % "$#

01484 606 416


External Works & Landscaping December 2015

Let the Experts Take Care of your Domestic Waste Water Problems When it comes to off mains seWage, many people can be blown away by all

We often get askeD:

of the year

The Bio-Pure simple solution Sewage Systems


December 2015 External Works & Landscaping The treatment plant you choose should long intervals before de-sludge is cleaned to a standard meeting the usual or permit, before making a discharge we can assist with this and advise on the method of discharge, be it a ditch, As the system breaks down and aerates the solids, the introduction of non-degradable items such as wipes, at all times in any treatment plant, this will clog up the system and increase

A simple Schematic of a BioPure Treatment Plant

A BioPure Treatment Plant

the need to empty the unit, follow this instruction and typical emptying will be no medicines, or harsh chemicals enter

The Flow-Path Simple Solution Sewage Systems We Build it has developed its range of package sewage treatment plants utilising technology for maximum performance and reliability, using the most reliable prolonged integral FlowPath system to A BioPure Treatment Plant

All our Flowpath treatment plants are designed in accordance with the British this range can be designed to meet your standard range can accommodate up to

assessing the aeration pattern, sludge All labour expenses for servicing and call outs are covered so there are no

months and will also help you meet This includes keeping records of service, de-sludging and maintenance

The cost of all serviceable parts will be This range of products can be designed for larger scale commercial applications such as camping sites, leisure facilities, schools, Maintanance, Spares And Servicing The consumer needs easy to follow advice for their sewage treatment needs especially when servicing their plant, maintaining any sewage treatment plant, is a very important part of ensuring the

the air pump, replacing the diaphragms

This is the removal of settled sludge from the outer scum ring back into the centre chamber to be re digested and

agreement as the Bio-Pure does not

Our Other Products include:

Septic Tank Conversion Units (used as secondary treatment for For a full range of our products and servicing visit:

adhere to any operating and maintenance We strongly advise servicing the system on an annual basis and this will take on It will also help you to meet your legal

We Build It Ltd Service Contracts

your unit, call us and we will come out One service visit where all necessary


External Works & Landscaping December 2015


It was with these factors in mind that Brett



The ideal solution for Erosion Control and Tree Root Protection



A lightweight, permeable Geocell that is easy to install, allowing free flow of water, whilst offering cost savings.

External Works & Landscaping December 2015

Pugin’s Nottingham gem receives paving update with materials from Brett Furthering its sound reputation for supplying Local Authorities with quality hard landscaping materials, commercial specialist Brett Landscaping has been involved with Nottingham City Council in providing appropriate paving for restoration schemes citywide. In the City Centre, Brett has supplied materials for redeveloping two highway facilities – one on Derby Road – serving the Augustus Pugin-designed Nottingham Cathedral Church of St Barnabas, as well as the centrally located Heathcote Street. At Derby Road, 3,500m2 of indigenous Fens Moss laid to replace the existing, degenerated concrete, with supply management for the project overseen by Kevin Jones, who explains what was required, provided, and successfully achieved with the help of Brett and its materials: “The original footpath was in need of replacement, creating an ideal opportunity for a new hardlandscaping design to be implemented; one which would be an aesthetic improvement as well as a “Fens Moss seemed a sound choice for the heritage area installation and was favoured by Nottingham City colour palette of predominantly blue and grey with

Kevin goes on to explain how it was essential to keep the refurbishment of the sizeable area within budgetary constraints. planners a highly competitive costings breakdown which led to the Fens Moss product not only being considered the most aesthetic, but also a highly cost Adam Sherratt, Senior Engineer, Highway & Energy Infrastructure at Nottingham City Works Department adds to the points made by Kevin, by saying: “We’re style Brett has supplied, however, it’s the robust construction combined with manufacturing quality that gives the paving a promise of longevity and return on investment. “We regard regeneration work, such as that completed on Derby Road, as essential to maintaining a vibrant, safe and functioning City Centre, so making sound choices with relation to materials that are purposefully designed to perform for years-to-come is a key consideration and one relevant to the second urban project that involved Here, a carriageway which experiences heavy vehicular use and footfall was chosen for regeneration, and refurbished using 1200m2 of the same Fens Moss Yorkstone paving; once again presenting an attractive alternative to the concrete which was there before. as Kevin explains that: “Laying the paving, in achieved a more level and open highway system, and as such, a better facility for both vehicles and Similarly, price point and project cost have been key factors to the project’s success, and areas where Brett delivered on expectation.


“We’re delighted with the outcome of the City Centre hard landscaping works, and anticipate seeing the


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Construction Update Annual Review 2015  
Construction Update Annual Review 2015