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constRuction insuRance

FoR the ventuRous of sPiRit STRUCTURAL DEFECTS INSURANCE SPECIALIST CRL ARE LEADING THE WAY IN CUSTOMER SERVICE CRL, established in 2011, is a leading provider of structural defects insurance across the UK and ROI. Fresh and dynamic, but backed up with strong industry knowledge and unrivalled expertise, CRL offers distinct and disruptive insurance services to the construction industry and self-builders. Unlike other providers of warranty and insurance cover CRL are not restrictive on the design features and construction materials. The team at CRL believe their customers deserve more choice when selecting construction insurance as more choice means slicker customer service, better value and a stronger product offering. CRL listen to their customers and design policies that give them more flexibility, ensuring they are positioned to support their customer’s unique visions. No tick boxes and no set criteria – just an appetite for adventure.

ULTIMATELY CRL DO BEST WHAT MATTERS THE MOST. THAT’S WHY 97.5% OF CRL’S CUSTOMERS WOULD RECOMMEND CRL TO THEIR FRIENDS, FAMILY AND COLLEAGUES. CRL customer John Turner of J G Woodcock says: “We would recommend CRL to any residential developer or local builder that could benefit from additional property finance expertise in its team, to ensure the highest quality standards and cover. The company removes the headache and complexity of the warranty covers and allows us, the developer, to complete our tasks on time and to budget. We would not be without CRL.”

For more information about how CRL can support your current construction project please contact us using the details below.

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t/ +44 (0) 800 772 3200 | t/ +44(0) 20 7127 5198 | e/ | w/ Construction Register & CRL are trading names of CRL Management Limited. Registered in the United Kingdom under registration number 07563546 - Registered Office 68 Lombard Street, London, EC3V 9LJ CRL Management Ltd is an Appointed Representative of BCR Legal Group Limited which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. [Insider Front Cover_A4_080416_LY].

Construction Update April 2016


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Industry News April 2016

Architects Gather at United Nations to Celebrate 2016 Pritzker Prize


onday, the 2016 Pritzker architecture prize was formally awarded to Alejandro Aravena in a ceremony at the United Nations headquarters in New York. It was an appropriate setting for this year’s honor, as Aravena is known for creating a new model for low-cost housing in his native Chile. Guests at the Pritzker celebration— which included a reception in the spectacular curving lobby of the General Assembly building, followed by the ceremony in the Security Council Chamber, and dinner overlooking the East River—included fellow Prize winners Thom Mayne, Tod Williams and Billie Tsien, Jeanne Gang, Richard Meier, Bjarke Ingels, Craig Dykers of Snøhetta, John Ronan, David Adjaye, Peter Eisenman, Francis Kere, Moshe Safdie, Odile Decq, Shigeru Ban, Steven Holl, Deborah Berke, Moshe Safdie, Brad Cloepfil, and Cesar Pelli. A shadow over the evening’s festivities was the death last week of Zaha Hadid, who won the Pritzker in 2004. At the ceremony, Lord Peter Palumbo, the chair of the Pritzker jury and a longtime friend of Hadid’s, noted, her “role as a standard bearer for the equality of women and her staunch and unremitting opposition to prejudice in its many forms. “ She was “complicated, contrary and an utterly wonderful lady of indomitable spirit” he said, and relayed a telephone conversation he had with Hadid days before her fatal heart attack March 31: she jokingly told him in an East End accent: “Ain’t feeling too good today. Can’t manage them apples and pears” (Cockney rhyming slang for “stairs”). Then Tom Pritzker, chair and president of the Hyatt Foundation, which bestows the prize, presented a medal to Aravena, (the award also comes with $100,000). In accepting Aravena explained that his firm, ELEMENTAL, was founded “as a Do Tank, not a Think Tank.” The architect said, “The power of architecture is to correct inequalities and improve the quality of life ” –and to do so “as a collective task” with many disciplines coming together. In vouching for the team process, he introduced his four partners in ELEMENTAL and thanked his wife and children for reminding him of the importance of every day life. He underscored his belief in a balanced life (“It’s an antidote to being too full of myself”), by recounting the emotional moment on a Saturday morning when he was at home with his family, and Pritzker executive director Martha Thorne called with the news that he had won the award.


The next evening, the Pritzker Prize and the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals Fund coorganized a panel discussion open to the public in UN Trusteeship Council Chamber. Moderated by Cathleen McGuigan, editor-in-chief of RECORD, the panel of Pritzker laureates responded to a question Aravena posed: What are the challenges ahead for the built environment? Richard Rogers, Glenn Murcutt, Christian de Portzamparc, Wang Shu, Renzo Piano, Jean Nouvel, and Aravena each came up with responses reflective of their particular work. Rogers worried that architects were becoming mere “decorators” adding, “We have to change the whole nature of the role of architecture” while Murcutt argued that social and religious prejudices posed the greatest challenge (he gave a moving description of his recent work designing a mosque in Australia). De Portzamparc spoke of the need to resist design that encourages enclaves and zones restricting interaction between different communities. Aravena pointed out that the built environment is faced with the three S’s: “scale, speed, and scarcity, “which his work tries to mitigate. Wang Shu, addressing the tumultuous change in China, spoke of the importance of a sense of history, down to recycling materials from razed buildings. Piano advocated for the architect as “a civic poet,” and he encouraged the use of the “the pen you have in your hand, not computer simulation.” Murcutt agreed. “What is a city but a gallery of beautiful buildings? It’s not from handling the mouse—you need the eyehand connection in order to think.” And when asked what subject architects should study besides their own discipline, Murcutt answered, “Biology. Nature is the greatest teacher.”

April 2016 Industry News

New PBS Documentary Series

Explores America’s Built Environment

The series premieres April 5 at 8 p.m. EDT on local PBS affiliates with 10 Homes That Changed America. This is followed a week later by the second episode, 10 Parks That Changed America. The series will conclude April 19 with 10 Towns That Changed America. “Architecture can seem like a heavy subject if you’re not interested in it,” Protess says. “But I really worked hard with [the original] program and the current series to make sure that architecture felt accessible.” For 10 That Changed America, Protess selected topics he thought would resonate the most with the largest audiences. He says with so many people hooked on HGTV (himself included), houses were a “no-brainer.” He chose parks because he finds the work of landscape architects “inspiring” and “heroic.” And towns made sense because it gave him an opportunity to take a higher-level view of the built environment. (He also pitched a fourth show, about monuments, that was shelved.) Such shows are only as good as the sites it presents, of course. And here Protess sought guidance from a panel of about 15 advisors (among them practicing architects and historians), which resulted in a shortlist of about 30 ideas for each episode. The long list forced him to make hard choices about which to feature and which to cut. The prevailing criteria, though, was visual and geographic variety. And that’s very much on display in the series. 10 Homes, for example, begins at the Taos Pueblo dwellings in New Mexico before moving to Virginia, New York, California, and Chicago. 10 Parks jumps around slightly less, covering two parks in New York City and

two in Seattle while accounting for spaces in the south and northeast. Similarly, 10 Towns covers two spots in the Chicago area and two in and around Washington D.C., but also bouncing around from Florida to Oregon. “If you were to watch one hour about Fallingwater and one hour about Langston Terrace, you wouldn’t necessarily see how they connect to each other,” Protess says. “But when you see all 10 of these American homes in the same hour-long program, you see how they played off each other and fit into a larger historical context.” This spirit of an American tapestry of architecture and design elevates the shows above a mere televised listicle. Protess and Baer want to inspire viewers to look closer at their built environments; consider the history, power, and influence of the work of architects, city planners, and urban (and suburban) visionaries; ask questions; and become more engaged in what is built. And what isn’t.

“If you want to frame it in terms of a lofty goal, we are trying to do something that will maybe raise consciousness a little bit out in the wider world” about the role architecture plays in our lives, Baer says.


“We live in a democracy where we have choicesCOATabout these matters,” Protess adds. “And I think it’s important for us to better understand our built environment so that we can demand better.”




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Three years ago, Chicago-based writer-producer Dan Protess and host-architecture buff Geoffrey Baer collaborated on a one-hour PBS program titled 10 Buildings That Changed America. This week, Protess and Baer broaden their scope with a three-part series, 10 That Changed America, which focuses on other key elements of the built environment.






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Industry News April 2016

L.A. Tower Set to Include Glass Slide Thrill Ride Thrill-seeking tourists will have a new destination this June, when the renovated U.S. Bank Tower is slated to reopen after a $50-million facelift. One unusual addition to the 1989 I.M. Pei-designed building is a 36foot long, fully enclosed glass slide, cantilevered some 1,000 feet above ground between the building’s 69th and 70th floors. The concept for the Skyslide came from the Singapore-based company OUE Limited, which purchased the building three years ago. Engineering firm M. Ludvik & Company designed and realized the first-of-its-kind structure. Chief engineer Michael Ludvik says the building’s tiered and angled facade required the that the slide be constructed in two pieces: an elbow piece, turning nearly 90 degrees

as it emerges from the 70th floor entrance, and a straight section that sends visitors sliding down to the 69th floor landing. Ludvik explains that the bent portion of the slide was chemically strengthened. “It’s got the yield strength in excess of normal structural grade steel,” he says, “but it’s also optically clear with no distortion.” The rest of the slide is tempered and laminated with a special structural interlayer typically used for hurricane glazing. The walls of the slide bear gravity loads, while the roof and floor are lateral support systems for seismic and wind activity, explained Ludvik. High-strength, aerospacegrade stainless steel hardware bolt the Skyslide together, while a

series of pins allow the structure to move with the building. “We don’t want the slide to hold back the building,” says Ludvik. The structure is designed to withstand a 2.4g seismic acceleration, and can support 12,000 pounds of weight— though operators will only allow three riders to enter at one time.

Williams Tsien Plan for Hood Museum Sparks Controversy Williams College art history professor E. J. Johnson, author of Charles Moore: Buildings and Projects 1949-1986, denounced the design as “totally insensitive to the Moore building,” going so far as to speculate that “it’s almost as if they were getting revenge for what MoMA did to their Folk Art Museum.” Billie Tsien and Tod Williams have created a plan for the expansion and renovation of the Hood Museum of Art at Dartmouth College—a 1985 postmodernist building originally designed by Charles Moore. But many in the architectural community are raising concerns about the proposed transformation— and pointing out the irony of Tsien and Williams’ involvement. Speaking to the New York Times,


The American Folk Art Museum building, designed by Tod Williams Billie Tsien Architects and built in 2001, met its unceremonious end in 2014 when the Museum of Modern Art demolished the structure in order to make room for expansion, despite widespread outcry from the architectural community. “It’s a terrible irony that Tod and Billie are caught in this situation,” Robert A. M. Stern, dean of the Yale School

of Architecture, told the Times, “considering that they were so visibly upset about the demolition of their Folk Art Museum.” Tsien and Williams did not respond to a request for comment. The $50 million Hood expansion will add five galleries and three classrooms and reimagine the building’s entrance. In a video from Dartmouth about the expansion, Provost Carolyn Dever explained, “The Hood Museum sits right in the center of our campus, but it’s hard to find the front door.” The renovation is slated to be completed in January 2019. Watch Dartmouth’s video about the expansion, read the New York Times article, and see reactions from social media in the Storify below.

April 2016 Industry News

Leandlease signs £87m former BBC White City office revamp Joint developers Stanhope and Mitsui Fudosan have formally signed up Lendlease as construction manager for a major refurbishment of the former White City BBC’s Media Village in West London.

Lendlease was first approached last year to provide an extensive advice package on buildability and logistics.

The White City Place project next to the old Television Centre involves refurbishing three buildings – WestWorks, Mediaworks, and Garden House – to office facilities.

Together the three buildings, once refurbished, will offer 600,000 sq ft of commercial office space for rent.

Two of the buildings – MediaWorks and Garden House – were built by Lendlease 12 years ago, while the contractor has previously carried out work on White City One.

Neil Martin, Managing Director of Lendlease’s construction business, Work on the three buildings is worth said that nearly 30 Lendlease £80m with further works currently construction staff were already being finalised for £7m of landscaping. on the sites together with 95

subcontractor workers. The number of subcontractors is expected to rise to 550 as the project moves to substantial structural alteration, replacement of glass and the restoration of building facades. The project is expected to complete in the third quarter of 2017. Stanhope is also transforming Television Centre into a vibrant mixed-use development, featuring a total of 950 new homes, office space for the creative industries, restaurants and cafes, state-of-theart studios for the BBC and a Soho House members club and hotel.

Simply Saving Energy at SERVOMEX controlZAPP Richard Allison, Project Director for AMG Electrical Services explained “I was contacted by office refurbishment specialist, Saracen Interiors Ltd and asked to install a lighting control system that would be suitable for switching and dimming a recently installed LED lighting system.

ProgrAmmAble lighting control

PIR occupancy switching and adjustable photocell for daylight control Real time scheduling for switching, lux control or function changes Switching / dimming functions can be controlled by sunset and sunrise prediction Automatic time adjustment for BST Innovative twin level time lag function for even greater energy savings Versions for Switching Only, DALI Dimming and 1-10V Dimming Functionality uploaded by Android phone or tablet. For more information call us on:

After some research, we found DANLERS ‘ControIZAPP’ ticked all the boxes. This programmable device with Bluetooth ‘Smart’ communication was straight forward to install and enabled SERVOMEX to have full control over the entire LED lighting system. This new installation means lights are now no longer needlessly left on when the office is unoccupied - plus individual work areas can be programmed to dim and switch up automatically delivering light at a pre-set control. Throughout the process the DANLERS team provided us with great support resulting in a cost effective yet flexible solution that significantly reduces the energy consumption within this newly refurbished office.” DANLERS Limited, Email:,Web:

01249 44 33 77

DANLERS Limited, Vincients Road, Chippenham, Wiltshire, SN14 6NQ. E:


April 2016

SketchUp 2016 has arrived!

SketchUp 2016 has recently launched and with this release we’re integrating Trimble Connect directly into SketchUp.

When you reference a file from any of these services (.skp or otherwise), LayOut will notify you when an update is available for your ‘web reference.’

As a refresher, Connect is Trimble’s platform for storing, syncing, referencing, sharing, and collaborating on design/build projects. Sign up for a free account, then start uploading .skp, .pdf, .dxf, .ifc. files. With this integration, we’re packaging the current Trimble Connect Extension into the installer.

Say goodbye to missing references when different people are working on the same .layout document within a cloud sync folder that also contains the referenced files.

The TC integration is accessible from the File menu, and will allow users to upload, pull down, and update SKP’s from Trimble Connect project folders. As you’re modelling you can even pull in and update reference SketchUp models as if they were locally hosted components. Learn more about Trimble Connect... In SketchUp 2016, a context click on a component gives you the opportunity to reload (or swap out) a new component directly from 3D Warehouse. This action will reload every instance of that component in your model (similar to the same action in the Components Browser), so it’s a helpful method for working with proxy models. And if your component was downloaded from 3D Warehouse, you can also use the context-click to quickly access its 3DWH details page. With this release, LayOut’s reference objects are now web friendly. That means your LayOut projects can reference and update files that are stored and synced with services like Dropbox, Google Drive, and Trimble Connect Sync.


We’re proud to announce our first step towards an extension ecosystem for LayOut. Using this new API, developers can now create and customize .layout files from SketchUp models. Practically, this means that other applications can import or export the *.layout file format using the C API. (This includes creating a .layout file from SketchUp.). We have several sample scripts for developers to try out at release, along with a blog post where they can learn more. Learning and utilising SketchUp’s inference engine makes for fast and precise modelling. In this release, we’ve oiled that engine to provide slicker inferencing and locking across the board. This improvement is actually an entire set of smart tweaks we’ve made to inferencing and locking. You can download SketchUp Pro 2016 for free on a 30 day trial. After this time, the software will revert to SketchUp Make. Elmtec is the distribution partner for SketchUp in the UK. Contact us for more information on 01844 263750 or visit

SketchUp 2016 is here!

Connected, refreshed and best of all....still SketchUp.

SketchUp, Connected Reference, sync, comment, report, and share: SketchUp 2016 is more connected than ever to the projects, information, and people you work with.

Simple, intuitive, just right Every day, we obsess over making SketchUp seamless and efficient. Here’s what our obsession yielded in SketchUp 2016. • • • •

Enhanced inferencing and tool improvements Customiseable Utility Trays on Windows Refreshed Textures LayOut Layers

SketchUp Pro licensing is now friendlier than ever before. Every SketchUp 2016 download starts with a 30-day trial of Pro features.

Contact Elmtec, Sketchup’s distribution Partner in the UK


T: 01844 263750


Education April 2016

North Birmingham Academy opened the doors of its £23.6 million state of the art facilities in 2013.


ot only does the building cater for the everyday requirements of a school environment for 11-19 year olds but also accommodates out of hours school clubs and activities, some like The Zone sports hall and conference facilities open to the general public. “Because of the myriad of uses and the amount of people and equipment that moves around the building almost 24/7, we noticed that very quickly the new walls particularly were getting marked and damaged detracting from the appearance of the Academy. “Image says a lot to both pupils and visitors about a school and with the amount of money invested into the building we were very keen to find a solution that would halt the damage and help to maintain a pristine and attractive interior. That’s when we contacted Yeoman Shield for advice on their wall and door protection products.” Explained the premises manager for NBA.

Yeoman Shield Protects 24/7

at North Birmingham Academy Yeoman Shield’s Area Sales Manager undertook a free site survey and furnished North Birmingham Academy with a fully itemised quotation along with samples of the products. FalmouthEx 2.0mm thick wall protection panels were fitted, by a team of Yeoman Shield’s directly employed fixing operatives, at 1250mm high along the busy 1st and 2nd floor corridors. Having to co-ordinate with the contemporary decor scheme already in place Yeoman Shield’s new Aubergine colour proved to be the perfect choice. The wall of the Academy’s frequently used sports changing rooms were also protected with Yeoman Shield FalmouthEx wall panels, this time in a Mushroom colour which whilst guarding against everyday wear and tear has proved easy to clean.


April 2016 Education

The busy reception area of The Zone sports hall, which is frequented by students and is also open to the public between 5.00p.m. & 10.00p.m. on an evening and over the weekend, benefited from wall panels fitted around the notice board area in striking Regatta Blue and Mushroom. “Fitting Yeoman Shield will definitely show a saving on our annual redecoration budgets which can cost anywhere up to £50.00/m2 for the repainting of walls. It will also save staff time who will be able to be re deployed to other important projects helping us get through our workload more efficiently. “We were thrilled with the service and workmanship from Yeoman Shield and we will be continuing to roll out the wall protection throughout North Birmingham Academy.” Concluded the Academy’s premises manager. For more information on cost saving wall & door protection go to, email or call 0113 279 5854.


Education April 2016


boosts its ambitious growth plans with the appointment of a business development director

STRUCTURAL defects insurance specialist CRL has bolstered its senior management team with the appointment of a business development director.


ark Griffin has joined the CRL team to accelerate the company’s ambitious growth plans and to provide operational leadership across the business development function. The 45-year-old brings a wealth of expertise to the newly created role having spent more than 11 years in senior roles at NHBC. Mark, who lives in Northamptonshire, said: “I’m hugely excited about joining CRL as they undergo a period of huge growth. “There’s lots of opportunity and enthusiasm at CRL and as business development director I will be helping this venturous organisation to grow its market share further. “The company has grown rapidly over the last couple of years and has strong aspirations for further growth - plus ambitions to become number one in the UK. “In my opinion they have huge potential to provide something compelling and different to what is currently on the market. They stand out because they assist clients in arranging bespoke solutions which are not one-size-fits-all and are absolutely committed to ensuring that they’re easy to do business with.” Mark began his career at AVIVA where he spent 13 years in general insurance before moving to NHBC where he started out in the claims department. He then progressed to the operations department where he was responsible for developing, delivering and managing a number of new products and services – helping builders to meet the requirements of changing legislation and regulation in


the construction industry. Moving into the relationship management branch of the company, Mark worked primarily with SMEs to build relationships and drive sales for the company. After 11 years with NHBC he moved to the Law Society where he developed and launched a new advisory business, helping its 130,000 practising solicitor members address challenges and opportunities concerning risk, regulatory compliance and business development. Mark added: “It’s true to say I missed the construction sector, so I was delighted when I was approached for a position with CRL. “I have a personal interest in the construction industry. I worked for a builder during summer holidays whilst at school and I have undertaken several renovations on old properties, including a derelict pub I bought at auction in Cardiff. As a result, I have an intricate understanding of all the ins and outs of property development from first-hand experience. “It’s very apparent that CRL do things differently, especially when I have taken a more traditional approach for many years. It’s great to be with a company who are receptive to try new things and who are forward-thinking and customerfocussed in their approach.” Steve Mansour, CEO at CRL, said:

“Mark has a wealth of experience and knowledge of the industry, bringing a strong skillset that will help propel CRL to the next level. “He has spent his entire professional life in operational leadership across the insurance, construction and legal services sectors and has taken on personal renovation projects in his spare time so is a perfect fit for CRL. “His strong customer relationship management skills and commercial awareness will be invaluable as we continue to cultivate customer relationships and look to capitalise on new opportunities in the future. “Mark will be an exceptional lead for all our business development activities and we are delighted to have been able to bring him on board.” For more information about CRL please: • Visit: • Email: • Call: 0800 772 3200 / +44(0) 20 7127 5198


Yeoman Shield PVCu wall & door Protection Products - stops the need for repetitive and costly re-decoration. Visit our website

Sutton Academy’s Site Manager, Steve Humphreys: “We wanted to stop the need for costly and repetitive re-decoration. Yeoman Shield has provided us with a long term solution and has resulted in many complimentary comments on the improved appearance of the areas where Shield products have been installed.”

Yeoman House, Whitehall Industrial Estate, Whitehall Road, Leeds, LS12 5JB T: 0113 279 5854 F: 0113 231 0406 E:

Education April 2016

‘Innovative Off-site designs that shatter all perceptions’ to this complex project, removal of asbestos during the demolition phase, piled foundations working over the London Underground system and road closures. Premier’s skilled project management team worked with the local police, client bodies and the local communities to minimise disruption to the local residents. Unique Places to Learn Premier Modular Ltd working as a specialist subcontractor to Conlon Construction are currently building a new Free School in Manchester, New Islington School. This will be a new home for 420 children and is due to open for the September term 2016.

It is now widely accepted within the industry that off-site construction can provide high quality, fast and disruption free buildings that rival more traditional construction. But can they provide design led innovative buildings or is this still an area of compromise when you decide to build off site? When asked, Rachel Davis, Business Development Director, said ‘With Premier Modular the answer is NO, we never compromise. What we bring to the market are design solutions that push past the normal modular limitations. Sloped roofs that can create ceilings heights over 5m and incorporate north lights to bring daylight and ventilation to areas that would otherwise be inaccessible. Floor to ceiling windows and curtain walling to give a light and airy feel and roof top ball courts and play areas to make the best use of tight sites in city environments’ Each project is solution focused, Premier Modular Ltd takes the opportunity to ‘think outside the box’ and move forwards with each building they produce, every endeavour breeds innovation. Inner City Constraints Premier Modular Ltd recently delivered a scheme in Westminster, London, acting as the main contractor. Premier worked with the client design team to ensure that 75% of the building could be built offsite due to the restricted inner city residential site.


The project was a four storey community scheme, incorporating a nursery, staggered to create roof top play areas with laser cut steel panel/ glass balustrades and green roof outers. The laser cut panels were also replicated as Juliet balconies and external stair cladding. Another design feature was the double height sports hall with large floor level and high level windows. The building also had many sustainability features built in to achieve London Plan and BREEAM Excellent There were several key areas as well as the design which contributed

Premier worked with their architectural partners Vaughan Architecture & Design to create this visually stunning building with angular external walls, a feature entrance with oversailing roof, picture windows, a lightwell running the full length of the building bringing light from roof to ground floor and an external cladding panel giving the school a very modern finish. The building also includes a roof-top teaching space to maximise the space available on site and an external play area linked to the building. Sustainable and wildlife features were also included such as PV panels, bird and bat boxes and a Redstart habitat was created on the roof. The New Islington School values are Creative, Innovative & Unique. These fit well with Premier’s own values and have certainly been captured in the new school building. Rachel Davis, Business Development Director at Premier Modular said ‘The client is at the centre of everything we do, we feel that having the right environment around us as we work, learn and live can inspire us, support us and motivate us therefore making our schools the best place to learn is essential’ ‘Giving children and teachers a quality environment with all the spaces required to teach and learn makes them feel valued and builds confidence. An inspired, confident and motivated culture breeds; Therefore creating inspiring buildings which teachers, students and the surrounding community can be proud of will take our education forwards maintaining it as one of the best in the world’. So at a time where an increased rate of build is required, budgets have been cut and there is a squeeze on available space, Premier Modular has firmly proved that design doesn’t have to take a back seat.


When construction budgets are being cut – don’t cut your standards Premier Modular offer a range of high quality modular building systems for either permanent or temporary use in single or multi-storey applications. The company is a Client focused solution provider with a strong commitment to R&D, ensuring the most innovative products are available to the market. Healthcare

Available for hire or sale, this innovative range of standard product and bespoke facilities, suitable for use in education, healthcare, residential/ student accommodation or retail, ticks all the right boxes.

√√ √√ √√ √√ √√ √√ √√ √√ √√ √√

Surety of cost and programme Significantly faster build programmes compared to traditional build Using BIM for more efficient and collaborative ways of working Easily relocated, extended or modified Minimal site disruption

Marketing Suites

Fully compliant with all DFES Building Bulletins Durable and resilient building system Timber harvested from approved FSC managed forests Excellent acoustic performance Available for hire or sale


0800 3160888 Why not follow us too? @premier_modular

Residential & Student Accommodation


Commercial April 2016

Arora Group Announces Purchase of the Hilton, London Stansted Airport

Surinder Arora, Founder and Chairman of the Arora Group said:

Highlights • Purchase of occupational lease and business for The Hilton, London Stansted • Part of the Group strategy to focus on larger assets with greater revenue potential and to partner with major international brands, building on strategic advantage in UK airport regions • Group well positioned as it moves through 2016 The Arora Group (“Arora” or the “Group”) is pleased to announce that as part of its ongoing portfolio review, and strategy to dovetail its specialisms across the construction, property and hotel sectors, it has purchased the occupational lease and business of The Hilton, London Stansted Airport and will now operate the hotel. Arora has a strong presence in the Gatwick and Heathrow regions, and this entry into the Stansted area as a franchisee will leverage the Company’s expertise in airport areas, and will complement Arora’s existing status as the landlord at The Hilton, London Stansted Airport.


The Hotel has 239 bedrooms, food and beverage outlets, conferencing, swimming pool and gym facilities. The hotel is a six minute journey away from the airport terminal and 30 minutes from Central London, with 700 on-site car parking spaces. This announcement follows Arora Group announcements earlier this year regarding the development of two new hotels, directly connected to London Heathrow Terminal 4 – the Crowne Plaza London Heathrow Terminal 4 and Holiday Inn Express London - Heathrow Terminal 4 and the recent opening of the landmark InterContinental London - The O2.

“This is a great opportunity for Arora to work with this major brand in a franchisee capacity, building on our valued relationship as landlord for a number of Hilton-operated hotels. “We benefit from an unrivalled understanding of hotels in the UK’s airport regions as developers, operators and franchisees and we are really looking forward to bringing this expertise to this key location. “Through the franchise agreement, we will be able to leverage the specialisms of the Arora Group’s property and hotel divisions to provide our hallmark excellence in end-to-end service, continuing to serve the customer-base which has enjoyed the hotel facilities over previous years.” For further information and media enquiries, please contact: FTI Consulting Adam Cubbage or Eleanor Purdon 0203 727 1000

INTERNATIONAL CONSULTANTS TO THE HOTEL, FOODSERVICE & LEISURE INDUSTRIES We are an award winning, totally independent advisory and design consultancy encompassing all catering and associated areas for new build or refurbishment throughout the UK and Ireland.

As an FCSI Professional Member you are assured that we are qualified professionals working to a strict code of ethics. We offer every client a unique personal, professional service from concept to completion and work closely with him and his team offering advice on and complying with the latest regulations/guidelines, for example: HACCP, CIBSE, BREEAM, DDA, DW/172. Our extensive expertise has been gained as Lead Consultants working within the catering industry for over 45 years. The market sectors include: Cook-Chill/Freeze Systems (CPU): for both Public and Private Sectors including HM Prisons and Ethnic Food Production Education: ranging from Vocational Training Colleges, Academies, Sixth Form Colleges and Universities Healthcare: encompassing CPU’s, traditional food service, regeneration at ward level, public restaurants, coffee shops and staff facilities Hotels and Restaurants: including kitchens to Michelin star chef standard and 5 star hotels Leisure: Stadiums, Spa’s, private and public attractions Listed Buildings: which prove challenging with their inherent restrictions The services provided are tailored to suit clients needs include, but are not restricted to: Feasibility studies Operational overviews and health checks CAD generated schematic/detailed designs/interior design schemes all available in 3D Catering equipment specifications Competitive tendering and analysis Installation monitoring, O & M Manuals preparation and defects reporting Please contact the Partners, Elaine Powis MRIPHH or Andrew Powis FIH FCSI at the office on 01564 741891, or visit our website to view our complete range of services and scope of projects

Highland, Poolhead Lane, Tanworth-In-Arden, Solihull, West Midlands B94 5ED Telephone: 01564 741891 - Mobile: 07768 394000 E-mail: - website:

April 2016

FOUR AREAS OF INNOVATION THAT COULD CHANGE CONSTRUCTION 2. Innovating from nature: Sustainable design approaches have brought us organic forms in architecture and innovation in the use of natural materials, like timber. Some are developing bolder visions, with research exploring how nature could more radically shape our city, and help the built environment to withstand potential environmental challenges in the future. Leading visionaries and future-gazers, Melissa Sterry and Rachel Armstrong, will both be sharing their ideas in presentations at Vision London on 7 June.

Technology and engineering are evolving at a faster rate than at any other time in history to help the construction industry meet new challenges, presenting new ways of creating homes and other types of buildings quickly, efficiently and cost effectively. Robot construction workers, nanomaterials, and technologies influenced by nature: these are just some of the innovations that are starting to demonstrate their potential in construction, and all of them and more will feature at Vision London, taking place at London’s Olympia on 7/8 June. Here are four of the areas of


innovation that will be featuring in the Future Materials and Systems educational stream at Vision. 1. Nanoparticles: Nanoparticles added to construction materials, such as cement, concrete and steel are promising to deliver significant improvements, including greater strength, and are bringing new properties like self-healing and selfcleaning. In his presentation on 7 June, Dr Bojan Boskovic will consider how the use of carbon nanomaterials can open up new possibilities for sustainable design strategies, improve the nature of building structures and provide a new array of functions that can improve interaction between buildings and their occupants.

3. Circular economy: There is a growing focus within industry generally on the circular economy – the principle of using resources wisely by ensuring products and materials are designed at the outset for durability and recycling. On the first day of Vision London a team from the Alliance for Sustainable Building Products’ (ASBP) Reusable Buildings Network will give an update on two innovative projects on steel reuse within construction. 4. Robotics: Manpower has been replaced by machine in many areas of construction, and the advance of technology looks set to continue. Robotic fabrication WILL change the way we build, is the title of a technology talk at Vision London on 8 June by Sebastian Andraos and Federico Rossi. Vision London takes place on 7/8 June 2016 at Olympia London. To register for your free of charge pass go to

7-8 JUNE 2016



ATTEND VISION AND ACCESS: • Exhibition of hundreds of innovative solutions for the built environment • International Meeting Programme • Interactive Show Features • Networking Receptions

• 100+ CPD Accredited seminar sessions covering: - Future Materials - Building Health & Wellness - Offsite Construction - Technology of Today - Innovations in Architecture & Design - Smart Buildings - Building Information Modelling (BIM)

Register for your FREE visitor pass today at Sponsored by

New for 2016: 7th June - Extended opening hours 1000 - 2100

Editors Choice April 2016

LED lighting in your home. With such limited choice in the supermarkets and big department stores we were starting to give up hope. My friend had just moved into a new build former show home that came fully fitted with LED lights.

Whether you’re building your own new home, buying one from a developer or moving into a second hand property the excitement of a new future is fraught with stress and hard work. Positioning your furniture or sourcing something to fill the extra space, finding the right carpets or choosing your tiles, there is so much to resolve and take on. Some things can wait, but some need to be done early and it is always important to get it right first time. Finding the right lighting to give the look and feel you need and getting the best energy saving is not easy. There are plenty of new LED fittings for the commercial market, but LED lighting for the home is much harder to find. It also takes some understanding, getting used to lumens instead of watts, if you are not careful you can buy something which fails to provide enough light or one which is much too bright.

We checked with their builder and discoverer TP24; suddenly we had a huge choice of amazing LED light fittings for every room in the house, from pendants to wall lights and matching table and floor, along with recessed down lights and kitchen cabinet fittings. They even have a fantastic showroom in a converted church. We ordered everything after a single visit, with great prices it was so easy and so affordable, and they even had everything in stock. What is more everything is LED so uses almost no power and all the lamps are guaranteed for two years, they even have dimmable solutions on many items. If you need LED lighting for your home visit http:// Company profile From inception, tp24 LED Lighting has been striving to improve and reinvent low energy lighting specifically for the domestic sector, each year bringing revolutionary new solutions to the market. Our mission is to provide affordable, effective and attractive low energy lighting to real people, with real homes, who want to save money and save the environment. Our products actually light the room and provide an affordable, replaceable and upgradable choice. Initially set up as a dedicated service for some of the larger house builders to meet changing building regulations, we have expanded to cover all new home developers and self-builders, supplying directly and through the major electrical wholesalers.


Following this success we have opened channels to enable everyone access to our full product range

via a large number of independent retailers and a number of online channels. With an extensive range of over 500 LED light fittings and replacement lamps, we are able to offer a wide choice of products for every room. We pride ourselves on our honest approach to low energy lighting, delivering to our customers in an effective and trusted way. We have a full end user warranty that is fully supported by our sales and customer support teams.

Shining Example of Contemporary Design


April 2016 Editor’s Choice

ncorporating aluminium inlays in 5 contemporary designs, Vicaima have captured the current vogue for metallic embellishment which is one of the themes of international interior design for 2016. The new inlay models are available in a choice of 5 Dekordor 3D finishes so can provide contrast and scope that is sure to command attention. Dekordor 3D, with its horizontal embossed finish creates an innovative and thoroughly modern door appearance which is ideally suited to a multitude of applications from homes to hotels and from offices to community buildings. The highly tactile surface and visual impact created by Dekordor 3D has proved to

Leading internal door manufacturer Vicaima has just launched a stunning collection of door models as part of their Dekordor 3D range. be a key reason why it is often selected to make a big impression, especially as an entrance door and frame system to apartments or hotel rooms. Now with the addition of these new metallic inlay models the range offers even greater possibilities. The Dekordor 3D Aluminium Inlay collection is available in a choice of 5 contrasting face finishes including, Grey, Black, Oak, Camel and White and inlay models include both vertical and horizontal designs so present plenty of diversity. All doors are FSC certified for environmental peace of mind and can be supplied with a range of performance specifications comprising fire rated, acoustic and security, which includes Secure by Design to Part Q requirements. Where a complete theme is desired, Vicaima are also able to supply as part of a matching doorset (door, Frame and architrave) plus wall panels where required. Dekordor 3D with Aluminium Inlay are made on a to-order basis and as such can accommodate a wide selection of configuration possibilities to make specification easy, with pairs, over height dimensions, inverse (flush wall fitting) and pivotal, to ensure that individual requirements can be appropriately satisfied. So if you want to set a shining example, specify Dekordor 3D Inlays and see how it stands out for your project. For further details about Vicaima Dekordor 3D inlays visit the Vicaima website, alternatively call 01793 532333 for a copy of the new literature or face samples.



LED Lighting

Dimmers & dimmable lamps now in stock

Save time with our new plug & play downlight Easy to install Fire and water rated Sound proof 7 year unit warranty 2 year lamp warranty Only 50mm depth Available in Chrome, Satin or White Fire Rated


Also available with a frosted lamp

Quick & easy to install

Replaceable lamp 01354 691919

tp24 dimmer

April 2016 Editor’s Choice


BIM Library Level 2 Ready The importance of having a complete library of BIM objects to hand and in the right format is a crucial step forward in order to meet the construction industrys’ planned strategy efficiency targets for 2025, these include a 50% reduction in programme and a 33% reduction in overall construction costs. Aluprof are at the forefront of BIM technology and are already compliant with Revitt level 2 models, which is ahead of this years April deadline set by the government for public sector asset procurement. Part of the BIM Toolkit project, Aluprof’s systems have been implemented under Uniclass 2015, a single unified classification system for any type of building construction or infrastructure project. For specifiers and fabrication customers of Aluprof, BIM models are available for immediate download from the company website Dedicated support is available from the London specification office and the UK head office in Altrincham, where more complex requests can be fulfilled. Aluprof are currently looking at BIM Level 3 compliance, currently scheduled for adoption in 2019, this level suggests using a single source, shared project model held in a central location, such as a cloud server. By being accessible by all parties involved in the project, they should be able to work on and construct the same electronic model. Currently known as ‘OpenBIM’, BIM Level 3 is the first model which will fully connect the supply and data chain from start to finish creating end to end efficiencies throughout the construction life cycle. Our Aluprof UK head office and extensive distribution centre is located in Altrincham, Cheshire. Aluprof systems are increasingly being specified on a wide range of residential and commercial projects across the UK. Systems are designed, fabricated and installed by selected, specially trained companies, to ensure each fabricated product meets the Aluprof exacting standards. Further information is available on the company website at and specialist advice is available directly from Aluprof’s UK offices on 0161 941 4005.


Insulation April 2016

LOFTZONE STOREFLOOR ACHIEVES BBA ACCREDITATION LoftZone StoreFloor is now the only approved product for boarding a loft above the insulation

See how StoreFloor gives you more storage space AND saves you energy

• 82% of householders use their loft for storage or access • 78% say it’s “more than half full” • Squashing insulation with boxes or boards doubles the U-value and heat lost • The UK wastes a whole power station as a result


• LoftZone StoreFloor is the only BBAapproved method to provide storage and safe access above even deep insulation in modern truss-roofed buildings.

For more info on StoreFloor 01483 600304


supported by


For the first time, developers can now upsell the option of an insulated loft as a useable storage space – even with modern truss roofs StoreFloor is also the cheapest way for builders to provide a safe access platform to equipment in the loft, whilst meeting Part L and CDM 2015

“LoftZone’s top market is selling StoreFloor to homeowners after they’ve moved in. With BBA approval, house builders can now make money from their lofts, too.” – Dave Raval, LoftZone CEO

01483 600304

Insulation April 2016

Microhome with moving walls addresses UK housing crisis Microhome QB3 – part of the University of Hertfordshire’s Cube Project - has debuted at the Edinburgh International Science Festival. QB3 has just 18m2 of floor area, but uses two moving walls to convert different parts of the space between lounge, bedroom, kitchen and bathroom.

QB3 provides a flexible and modern home for a single person or a couple and is optimised for energy use. It uses two heat pumps (for heating and hot water), heat-recovery ventilation, LED lighting and TV, A++-rated appliances, triple-glazing and excellent insulation. There is also the option of a green roof, with solar photovoltaic panels, that would make QB3 energy neutral over a typical year. Dr Mike Page, Director of the Cube Project, said: “Low-energy microhomes like QB3 can play a crucial role in providing affordable housing. There are plenty of small, underused spaces, especially in cities, in which these fun, practical buildings can play a useful role in addressing housing needs”. Microhome QB3 can be viewed at the Edinburgh International Science Festival, The Mound Precinct, Edinburgh EH2 2EL.


April 2016 Insulation

ISOSOSONIC DEKFLOR 30 The Isososnic DekFloor 30 is a single deck, combined structural and acoustic floor, which has been field tested for compliance with AD E 2013 for Refurbishments requirements. The resilient layer consists of high density ( 910 kg/m3 ) ISORUBBER , which provides a number of benefits over commonly used polymer foams; a) 30 times the mass- reduces airborne sound transmission b) Hardness- eliminates compression and floor bounce c) Durability –ensures long term impact sound performance Further improved acoustic performance is provided by the Isosonic Cleats ceiling decoupling hangers. For further details refer to or call 01582 544255



Isosonic Dek 30 (Isorubber layer) Isosonic Ceiling Strip

Isosonic Ceiling Cleat

100mm Mineral Wool

Unique System Features:

Cellular polymer

Isorubber is a dense (900Kg/m3) material that does not compress under normal domestic design loading.

ISORUBBER acoustic isolation layer is a tough, durable and dense material (over 900Kg/m3) with excellent impact and airborne sound properties. ISOEDGE/CEILING STRIP perimeter acoustic seal and expansion joint reduces flanking sound transission. ISOSONIC CEILING CLEAT absorbs kinetic (acoustic) energy, decoupling the ceiling from the structural floor.

Steel angle Perimeter channel


MF Ceiling channel

ISORUBBER forms the main acoustic element in 6 Robust Details compliant floor constructions.

12.5mm Plasterboard

15mm Soundbloc Board

Standard ceiling treatments that use Resilient Bars are often bridged due to installation error. This leads to acoustic test failure. The Isosonic Dekfloor 30 system utilises Isosonic Ceiling Cleats eliminating this issue.

ISOSONIC CEILING CLEAT eliminates acoustic bridging caused by the frequent faulty installation of ‘resilient bars’

Resilient Bars are frequently bridged by plasterboard fixings

ISO 14001 Environmental

To choose the right product for your project call Thermal Economics Technical Dept. on 01582 544255 For all our Acoustic & Thermal insulation products visit:


Insulation April 2016

Recticel’s innovative cavity wall insulation gains LABC certification Recticel Insulation’s Eurowall + is now an LABC Registered Detail.


urowall +, the full fill cavity wall product from PIR manufacturer Recticel Insulation, has been certified as a Local Authority Building Control (LABC) Registered Detail. Registered Detail status ensures that products and systems are accepted by building control departments across England, Scotland and Wales, increasing confidence for inspectors on site when approving the use of new or innovative construction techniques. Approval involves looking at product performance data and


other third-party approvals such as BBA certificates, in order to prove compliance with building regulations and standards, and to ease the process of making submissions to building control for customers wanting to specify and use the product. The assessment started at a local level, with initial checking carried out by senior building control officers at Stoke-on-Trent City Council. Approval was then signed off at a national level, ready for the Detail to be accepted by local authorities across the UK. Recticel development manager Peter Wilcox said: “Eurowall +

joins LABC’s library of rigorously checked systems and products, ready for use by architects, specifiers and contractors. We look forward to working with LABC again on other new and exciting product innovations.” Eurowall + is an LABC Registered Detail under certificate number EWW620. It is a full fill cavity wall insulation that changes the way a wall works, without changing the way contractors work. A nominal 10mm cavity behind the outer leaf leaves space for bricklayers to position bricks as normal, while the thermal performance of the wall is increased without widening the structure.

Heating, Ventilation & Insulation April 2016

Paint-on- airtightness... really, are you kidding?

the fundamental building property relating to infiltration (the Airtightness isuncontrolled leakage of air through cracks, interstices or other unintentional openings of a building, caused by pressure effects of the wind and/or stack effect) often exacerbated by poor design, poor quality construction, bad choice of materials and a failure to work with a holistic approach. The whole purpose of having a workable definition of, and testable levels of, airtightness is so we build better, more durable, healthier energy efficient houses. In the UK the Building Regulations provide minimum standards describing airtightness as ‘…the resistance of the building envelope to infiltration with ventilators closed. The greater the airtightness at a given pressure difference across the envelope, the lower the infiltration.’ Defined as air leakage rate per hour per square metre of envelope area at a test reference pressure differential across the building envelope of 50 Pascal (50 N/m2). In the UK current Regs stand at 10 m3/ (m2h) is not a particularly high standard and is usually met by draught-proofing and the use of mastic. A score below 3 m3/ (m2h) is reckoned to be pretty good. The gold standard of low-energy house building – Passive House – requires an airtightness score of just 0.6 m3/ (m2h). Any product that can improve the security of airtightness, is long lasting, inexpensive, and versatile that requires low skill levels to apply is therefore potentially a winner when it comes to helping UK builders get a building’s performance down from 10 m3/ (m2h). This is not only for new build but importantly in refurbishment. Such a product exists it has been used extensively across much of Europe from Estonia to Portugal; in many of these countries legislation is a key driver for constant improving airtightness standards. It has never been available in the UK before. The product – called Blowerproof - is a wet applied airtightness membrane for sealing wall/floor, wall/ceiling joints, penetrations and window jambs. There are two types: a brush version (more thick, fibre reinforced) and a spray version (more liquid) currently undergoing its BBA certification the manufacturers claim it is:-


• Simple to apply • Quick to apply • Can be applied on humid surfaces • Only one product needed for all applications • Easy application for electrical lines/pipes for example on a floor/wall connection -see photo • Can also be applied direct onto mineral wool

insulation • Can be applied on polyurethane foam, mainly on window jambs. • Highly resistant to puncture • Thoroughly tested over many years

Early feedback from users in the UK suggests that this represents a significant change in the way we make buildings airtight. Spray and paint application broadens the potential to achieve better results, by helping eliminate installation errors. Blowerproof is quick to apply over a wide range of substrates using only one product plus the bonus of solving ‘tricky’ and ‘difficult to reach’ applications such as joist ends, kicker joints and penetrations. As UK construction moves towards ever improving airtightness standards this will definitely be a product to watch.

The UK’s favourite sustainable builders merchant since 1998. Suppliers of natural building products from foundation to ridge

self build ● new build ● refurbishment ● DIY ● off grid building shell materials ● insulation ● windows and doors sunpipes and roof lights ● airtightness ● lime and clay plasters natural paints ● maintenance and cleaning ● renewables ● landscaping water and drainage ● sewage systems ● & much more

call 01793

847 444 or buy online

April 2016


- a clever solution to chimney lining. Chimflue are one of the UK’s leading specialists in installing this innovative solution to chimney lining. Invented and manufactured in Hungary, FuranFlex is made from a thermosetting resin and glass fibre composite, encased in a tough fabric tube. It is hardened using steam, (provided by special on-site steam generators) and can mould itself to any shape of chimney. The hardened liner is incredibly tough, the internal surface is durable and smooth, which reduces resistance in the system and some of the products carry a guarantee of 25 years.


April 2016

The benefits and possibilities of using this lining system are endless- especially when it comes to re-lining complicated chimneys in older or listed buildings. With traditional lining you often need to remove sections of internal wall surfaces to assist with installation whereas the Furanflex solution can be pulled fully into place in a deflated state making it easier to install. The process of installation can often be completed within a single day, sometimes in a matter of hours depending on the size and length of the lining. The liner is unpacked in its soft flexible state, and either pulled up, or down the chimney shaft (after camera survey) depending on the height and diameter. After securing the top of the liner with a valved bung, it is inflated using compressed air. Once the liner has been inflated to its full size the steam generator/s are connected, steam is then pumped through the liner causing final expansion and curing of the resins leaving it fully hardened.

At this point the system can be cut at top and bottom, the thermoplastic foil that lines the composite can be pulled out, and the relevant connections made. Chimflue can install this lining system in a huge range of diameters and lengths. We are also able to provide full design, sizing’s and technical drawings where required, complete with supply and installation of associated primary connections and common headers for boilers or insert gathers for fireplaces. Please call our technical team for any further advice or information.


Heating April 2016

Apprentice winner shares the

secrets of his success at PHEX+ PHEX+ is pleased to announce that winner of The Apprentice, Joseph Valente, will be speaking at PHEX+ on 18 May. Mr Valente won the popular television show in December 2015, securing a £250,000 investment from Lord Sugar to grow his plumbing and heating business Impra Gas. Established in 2012, Impra Gas provides plumbing, heating and electrical services in Peterborough and the surrounding areas. Joining other leading industry figures in the PHEX+ seminar and Tech Talk programme, Mr Valente will focus on his experience in the industry and the importance of apprenticeships. Having benefited from on the job learning himself, hiring an apprentice was one of the first things Mr Valente did upon starting his business and he


recognises the value for both student and teacher. “It was probably one of the best investments I’ve ever made,” explained Mr Valente. “It was invaluable to have that second pair of hands when I was starting out – for me it was a no brainer.” Visitors to PHEX+ will have the opportunity to put their questions to Mr Valente and snap a selfie with the man himself after his talk. “We’re thrilled to be welcoming Joseph to Alexandra Palace in May,” said show organiser Claire Tilbury. “His enthusiasm for what he does is clear and, as an up-and-coming figure in the industry, he’s well placed to share his experiences and offer advice to fellow SMEs.” For more information and to book your free ticket, visit

The leading insTaller and conTracTor exhibiTion series for over 21 years

AlexAndrA PAlAce, london 18-19 MAy 2016 Book coAch trAvel with locAl MerchAnt

For free entry, free parking, free merchant travel and free food register online:

April 2016 Due to its unique size, drive mechanism and dual rail technology, the range of stylish domestic lifts by Stiltz Lifts offer architects, interior designers and house builders an easy way of making a house completely accessible. The innovative shape of the Stiltz Electric Home Lift means it is so versatile it can be installed virtually anywhere in a house making it an ideal and surprisingly affordable alternative to a stairlift and conventional residential lift. This is because there is no lift shaft or load bearing walls required and it does not have to be fixed to the floor. Thanks to its unique dual rail system, the Stiltz Electric Home Lift is a totally self-supporting structure and there is no need for hydraulics. Instead it is powered by an electric motor system that is very quiet and housed out of sight at the top of the lift. It plugs straight into the wall using a normal 13-amp power socket.


THE DOMESTIC LIFT THAT CAN BE INSTALLED ALMOST ANYWHERE IN THE HOME Most commonly, the domestic lift will be fitted in a hallway or living room and travel upstairs to a main bedroom or landing area. This is a typical retrofit application but there are many other – almost limitless – options too.


This includes installing the Stiltz Electric Home Lift within a turning staircase and using the dead space in the void which enables the end user to keep the stairs the way they

have always been in the house. There is no other home lift on the market that can offer this solution. WATCH: STILTZ DOMESTIC LIFTS VIDEO

The Stiltz Electric Home Lift is spacious but compact enough that it can be fitted, for example, in an airing cupboard downstairs, and travel upstairs to a wardrobe in the bedroom. This application is ideal for end users who wish to conceal the lift. There is a ‘thru car’ option which allows users to enter and exit the lift from both sides of the lift. Houses with a sloped ceiling can also benefit from a Stiltz Electric Home Lift as the rails of the lift only need a horizontal surface to fix to so simple modifications can be made to complete the installation. For end users looking for quick and safe access from their garage into their home, a construction of a simple shaft can also make it possible for a Stiltz Electric Home Lift to be fitted in this area too. Stiltz Lifts are compliant with all European standards and is available in different interior and exterior colours. There is also a Stiltz Lift model available which is big enough to fit a wheelchair. Standard features include a remote control to call the lift from any floor, a battery back-up, full height light curtain, full or half height doors, obstruction sensors, and the roof of the lift is covered with the original flooring so when the lift is downstairs it does not intrude upstairs. For more information about the Stiltz Electric Home Lifts range, contact Stiltz Lifts on 0844 870 9087, email or visit – quoting Refurb & Developer Magazine.



Die Cast Aluminium Radiators

w.aelheati n ww

m • Drawin co g g.

mat compat b for

Original FARAL Aluminium Radiators, always appreciated, often imitated since 1966 The choice of many Architects and local authorities for over 50 years, Faral radiators provide the highest heat output achievable from one of the most energy efficient low water content aluminium radiators available today.

Autoca with d le

Longo 80

Tropical 95

Detailed drawings of AEL radiators and valves in a CAD drawing format that is also compatible with AUTOCAD is available on digital disc or via e-mail: Tel: 01928 579068

©AEL copyright all photographs & CAD drawings

Flat Front Sill Line

White TA8W15 thermostatic valve set

April 2016

Construction Industry Put Defibrillators at Health and Safety In the last six months leading defibrillator manufacturers Cardiac Science have worked with Morgan Sindall and Mace to distribute AEDs (automated external defibrillators) across sites and offices. We talked to Shaun Ingram, Managing Director of Cardiac Science to explain what has been happening to provide maximum protection to construction company employees wherever they work


organ Sindall plc has provided Powerheart® G5 AEDs to each of its UK project sites and offices. Morgan Sindall is a UK construction, infrastructure and design business with a network of local offices. The company works for private and public sector customers on projects and frameworks from £50,000 to over £1 billion. The move by them to invest in AEDS has given staff, contractors and visitors easy access to the lifesaving technology in the event of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA). According to the Resuscitation Council (UK), the survival rate for people who suffer an outside-of-hospital SCA is less than 7% and 13% of all workplace fatalities are due to it. A defibrillator is the only effective therapy for an SCA, CPR alone is not enough. Working closely with Cardiac Science, Morgan Sindall’s teams are in the process of installing a minimum of one AED at each of its office and site locations across the country.

Morgan Sindall directors Jonathan Hall (left) and Martin Worthington in major defib deal with Cardiac Science


The G5 AEDs will be made available to each of Morgan Sindall’s business

operations through their internal plant hire division, Magnor Plant. This means that the AEDs can be made available to meet the needs of their short, medium and long term projects. Martin Worthington, Morgan Sindall’s SHEQ Director, who has led the initiative, said: “Having the flexibility of supply through our business is ideal as our teams are often on sites for varying degrees of time, so we needed an arrangement that reflects this. “It means our employees across the UK, whether based on a temporary or permanent site, will have consistent access to what we believe to be the best AED units available. AEDs are proven to save lives and you never know when one might be needed.” Shaun Ingram, UK Managing Director of Cardiac Science, said: “We believe that we provide the best equipment and support available in our sector, but recognise the needs of businesses can vary greatly, which is why we have developed the partnership with Morgan Sindall. The fully automatic Powerheart® G5 AED is the first defibrillator to combine real-time cardiopulmonary (CPR) feedback to the rescuer, customised patient therapy and fast shock times. It is designed to enable both

April 2016

Giants Heart of Agenda experienced and first-time rescuers to provide quick and effective life-saving therapy to aid the victim of SCA before the emergency services arrive at the scene. Mace has also committed to multiple distribution of AEDs. Mace is an international consultancy and construction company employing over 4,600 people, across five continents with a turnover of £1.49bn. Mace’s business is programme and project management, cost consultancy, construction delivery and facilities management and is truly multi-disciplinary with services spanning the entire property and infrastructure lifecycle. The company has installed 100 automated external defibrillators (AEDs) across its UK projects and offices as part of a campaign to take its health and safety standards and performance from industry best practice to world-leading. The Powerheart® G5 AEDs from manufacturer Cardiac Science will be deployed across Mace sites, including 70 long and short-term projects currently taking place in the UK, to protect its employees and supply chain members in the case of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

Mace team get training on how to use a Cardiac Science defibrillator

Jennie Armstrong, Occupational Health Lead for Construction at Mace, has delivered a number of health awareness sessions to Mace employees, while the London Ambulance Trust’s Tim Chivers has delivered CPR/defibrillator training on site. The agreement to install the defibrillators is an extension of Mace’s new occupational health strategy launched earlier in 2015. Mace is working closely with the London Ambulance Service to install the defibrillators. They opted for the G5 unit due to its innovative features, including CPR feedback prompts for effective chest compressions/depth, and variable escalating energy shock capacity.

HIRE SCHEME FOR AEDS Cardiac Science and Supply UK have come up with a convenient, affordable way of getting hold of the Powerheart® G5 AED on a short-term basis – perfect to support construction gangs on projects with finite timescales. The AED can now be hired on a week by week basis. Contact David Thomas on 0161 223 3400 or email for more info.

Jason Millett, Mace’s Group Board Sponsor for Health & Safety, explains: “The device is intuitive to use and also has a dual language option, which means it’s ideal for our planned international roll out.” Carillion plc has also taken steps to protect its staff by deploying AEDs throughout its business, further underpinning the construction sector’s leading position in installing AED technology. For more information visit

Powerheart® G5 AED from Cardiac Science.


Fire Protection April 2016

CYGNUS WIRELESS ALARM SYSTEM CUSTOMISED FOR NEW CANARY WHARF PROJECT A new project underway in Canary Wharf is benefiting from help from a new product specially developed by fire and safety specialists Bull Products.


t the new phase development project, Wood Wharf, land is being reclaimed from West India Dock South as part of the redevelopment of a new 34 acre estate as an expansion of Canary Wharf. The 10 year project will provide over 3200 new homes, nearly 2 million sq.ft of commercial office space and 335,000 sq.ft of retail and leisure space. Tubular piles inserted into the water of the docks allow a cofferdam to be built, and so form new land foundations for construction. To protect workers from potential flooding during construction, an alarm system was essential. This is where Bull Products, with their many years of safety alarms experience, was called in to help with a solution. Working with Canary Wharf Contractors Ltd., Bull Products developed a special panic alarm system based on its proven Cygnus wireless alarm. Colin Jordan, construction manager, logistics at Canary Wharf Contractors is impressed with the new alarm system, “If anything is not right, the system sets off the siren immediately. Also whichever alarm has been triggered can be instantly seen on the control panel and a text alert is sent out at the same time”. He continued, “It’s a great system and we have just ordered further units for an extension of the cofferdam which we are working on. It’s also very versatile as we will be able to move it around and re-use it as first aid call points or fire alarms when we start ground-up construction work. We would certainly recommend it for any development site”. The customised Cygnus units include panics buttons, beacons, a traffic light system to ensure safe travel to certain


areas on site, and a central Cygnus control panel with an auto dialler GSM Communicator installed which provides out-of-hours protection by auto-dialling up to ten phone numbers of responsible persons in an emergency. Additional call points and first aid alerts from the Cygnus range can link up to this bespoke system enabling an entire site-wide alarm and evacuation service. The Cygnus alarm system can link as many as 480 alarm and detector units in different zones on a site, and individual units can be fire alarm call points, first aid alerts, combined call points and first aid alerts, smoke detectors or heat detectors. Designed for use on construction sites, the CE marked Cygnus system has been developed for use in dense concrete and steel structured buildings and areas where there are many other radio frequencies in operation, and so particular attention has been given to achieving an impressive connection range. Where there are multiple sites within range of each other, the Cygnus system has been designed to operate on different site addresses in order to keep each system separate and free from interference. The optional control panel is a major feature of the Cygnus system and provides a very sophisticated capability with an event log function which records any events such as an alarm activation, low battery warning, and signal faults, all of which can be viewed if necessary in the history folder held on the panel. The system also has the ability to test all units and has an evacuate function which will act as a call point to the rest of the alarm units. Each unit in the system can provide the panel with information at regular intervals. This explicit information

confirms the unit is still present and what the battery status of each device is. Known as the ‘heart beat’ this message is monitored by the control panel where fitted and if the ‘heart beat’ is not heard for several intervals, the control panel logs a full status for that unit. A PIR option is now available on any of the modules which can detect an intruder and alert offsite personnel for added safety protection. Bull Products offers a full oneyear guarantee on all Cygnus devices and provides high levels of technical, on-site and after-sales service support in addition to its standard maintenance contracts. Further information is available from Bull Products on 0844 669 1111, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at

0800 7833 228

Fire Retardant & Flame Retardant UK

HR PROF THE ECO-FRIENDLY FIRE RETARDANT •  Water based •  Eco-friendly

•  Internal/external

application •  Colourless and odourless •  Easy to apply •  Non Toxic •  No Solvents •  British Standards Tested •  Meets EU standards

Classification Reports & Certificates; Pine, Spruce, Scottish & Siberian Larch, Western Red Cedar, Oak 0800 7833 228

Fire Protection April 2016

Fermacell offers a new duo of flooring guides The MAXifloor system from Fermacell is now supported by two new brochures. Leading specialist building boards manufacturer Fermacell has launched new literature to support its MAXifloor hollow flooring system.

- a future-proof, functional and flexible solution. Sitting on pedestals between a reinforced concrete structural floor and floor covering such as laminate, parquet and tiles, MAXifloor’s 39mm thick gypsum fibreboard performs to fire protection class F30 and to impact sound levels of 13 to 26dB.

A four-page A4 snapshot guide gives a preview of the simple tongue and groove system for new-build and retrofit while its 16-page big brother brochure goes into detail about its characteristics, applications, As well as the pedestals, accessories installation, accessories and finishing. include perimeter strips, adhesive and joint Designed to help specifiers smoothly filler. The boards can be cut to size with integrate building services and just a circular saw, jigsaw or handsaw. Both communications in modern flooring pieces of literature also give guidance on systems in domestic and commercial layouts for working loads of between 2 kN applications, it guarantees the three Fs and 4 kN. The detailed MAXifloor brochure is available to download from


Fire Protection April 2016

LONDON COLLEGE USES CYGNUS WIRELESS FIRE ALARM SYSTEM DURING BUILDING DEVELOPMENT Development at Westminster Kingsway College, a further education college in the heart of central London, has seen the creation of more space and the re-fitting of existing areas in the college. During this construction work, contractors BAM Construction Ltd have employed some 200 Bull Products’ Cygnus wireless fire alarm devices. Linked to a central Cygnus control panel, there are 53 Cygnus call point alarms, 105 smoke detectors and 29 heat detectors, and a number of interface units which link with a new fire alarm system installed in the existing building. The Cygnus alarm system certainly came into its own recently, when fires started in two separate parts of the construction area. The first event was a power surge causing a fire in one of the classrooms which was spotted visually by one of the electricians who raised a fire alert through manually operating the Bull Products’ system. In a second event, fire broke out in the UPS room and this was automatically detected by the Cygnus system and an alert sent to security staff who called the fire brigade to attend and put the fire out. Contractors BAM were thankful that the alarm system worked so well, with the wireless Cygnus system co-ordinating many work areas with different devices. The Phase 2 development work at Westminster Kingsway College involves infilling a light well and atrium to create 500sq.m. of extra space as well as stripping out and re-fitting existing areas of the college with classrooms and kitchens. The layout now incorporates a ground floor library, a canteen on the first floor and breakout areas on the second floor with a


mezzanine area for toilets and changing rooms. The work has been a 70 week programme which is scheduled to finish at the end of October. The Cygnus wireless fire alarm system is a major innovation for construction sites and has been designed and developed in conjunction with major construction companies to incorporate all the features required for larger construction projects. The Cygnus system is able to link no less than 480 units in 15 different zones. Individual units may be either a fire alarm call point, first aid alert point, smoke detector, heat detector or a combined call point and first aid alert alarm. Where there are multiple sites within range of each other, the CE marked Cygnus system has been designed to operate on different site addresses in order to keep each system separate and free from interference. A major feature of the Cygnus system is the optional control panel which provides a very sophisticated capability with an event log function which records any events such as an alarm activation, low battery warning, and signal faults, all of which can be viewed if necessary in the history folder held on the panel. The system also has the ability to test all units and has an evacuate function which will act as a call point to the rest of the alarm units. Each unit in the system can provide the panel with information at regular intervals. This explicit information

confirms the unit is still present and what the battery status of each device is. Known as the ‘heart beat’ this message is monitored by the control panel where fitted and if the ‘heart beat’ is not heard for several intervals, the control panel logs a full status for that unit. A PIR option is now available on any of the modules which can detect an intruder and alert off-site personnel for added safety protection. Bull Products offers a full one-year guarantee on all Cygnus devices and provides high levels of technical, onsite and after-sales service support in addition to its standard maintenance contracts. Further information on the Cygnus wireless alarm system is available from Bull Products on 0844 669 1111, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at


The Naturvent SSV assists in the facilitation of a ‘Stay Put’ policy in multiple occupancy buildings by keeping independent stairwells and lobbies free from smoke. Naturvent SSV smoke ventilation system from Ash Fire Management delivers maximum free air from any given space. Compliant with EN12101-2 (Revision 2: October 2015) and ADB 2016,

To find out more about this high performance and COST EFFECTIVE smoke management solution, email your requirements to: or call 020 3086 7003.

April 2016

MORE REACH OUT FOR OSMO UK’s MORAVIA FLOORING Osmo UK, the eco-friendly wood and finishes expert, continues to provide architects and interior designers with oil-based wood finishes that work without a primer. Since summer 2014, Osmo UK has been proudly partnered with rustic European oak flooring specialists, ESCO. The partnership provides a selection of ESCO flooring prefinished with Osmo Polyx®-Oil, making ESCO wood flooring the ideal solution for anyone looking for a stand-out wood floor. For over a year, Osmo UK and ESCO have worked together to produce stylish oak wood flooring with Osmo’s renowned wood finishing product, Polyx®-Oil. Anyone embarking on an oak wood flooring project can select from a collection of nine solid oak flooring styles that come pre-finished with Osmo, such as Bohemia, Chateau, Kolonial and Harfa. Favoured by architects and interior designers, buyers are also able to select the surface texture and colour of the flooring, offering high-quality flooring with individual tailoring. One of the most popular flooring choices is Moravia. Known as a ‘3-Dimensional’ cosmetic optic, the combination of the rustic oak and the specific brushing treatment used makes the wood’s knots and cracks appear deeper in the board, creating a stunning and unique texture. Filled with an ecological filler, the wood’s enhanced natural cracks and growth rings offer a very rustic option that is set to add a


April 2016

whole new dimension to any traditional or contemporary room. Moravia is available in eight light to dark shades, ranging from honey-coloured Moravia Natural to the deep Moravia Smoked Tobacco. Supplied completely finished with Osmo Polyx®-Oil, Osmo’s ESCO solid wood flooring requires no additional coatings and can be ready to walk on in hours, not days, after installation. Osmo’s Polyx®-Oil enhances the floor’s performance with a durable finish that is created with natural, environmentally friendly ingredients. Quality assured, Osmo Polyx®-Oil guarantees hard-wearing and durable protection, as well as offering resistance to stubborn stains such as coffee, wine and cola. Founded in 1997 in the Netherlands, ESCO Group has grown from a trader to all-round trading and manufacturing company with official partners, such as Osmo, all over Europe and the rest of the world. The company produces flooring for architects, real estate, builders and wholesales within the wooden flooring markets, specialising in rustic oak flooring in both solid and engineered (3-layer, 2-layer multi). Established over 25 years ago, Osmo UK is one of the leading suppliers a natural and environmentally friendly alternative to wood finishing. The products are based on rapidly renewable, natural vegetable oils that penetrate deeply into the wood, keeping it elastic and healthy, whilst preventing it from drying and becoming brittle. As the range is not produced for the mass market, more time can be spent on ensuring all the products are of the highest quality. For more information, visit and


Flooring April 2016

4D CONTRACT FLOORING GETS CREATIVE WITH CARPET PLANKS! National flooring contractor 4D Contract Flooring is the latest company to opt for the ‘planked look’ in carpet, after selecting Array and Broadrib planks from Heckmondwike FB’s Creative range. Managing Director at 4D Contract Flooring, Rob Kilner selected Array in black and Broadrib in graphite to complement 4D Contract Flooring’s corporate colours. The project was part of an office refurbishment at the company’s Southern headquarters in Buckinghamshire, with the carpet installed throughout the general office space, breakout and meeting areas. Rob Kilner, Managing Director at 4D Contract Flooring, said: “We chose the planked look as we were looking to create a modern and stylish appearance in our office. Because we install lots of Heckmondwike FB’s carpet, we know that it is durable and performs well and will provide a striking appearance for many years to come.” David Farrow, Area Sales Manager for Heckmondwike FB, said: “Array and Broadrib carpet tiles offer a designer feel especially when they are chosen in a planked style. This makes them a great choice for office and reception areas, combining the inspirational design of the Array range with the durability and practical benefits of fibre bonded carpet.” Heckmondwike FB’s Array carpet tiles feature a mid-width rib design with a charcoal background, enhanced with a subtle linear pattern. This stylish design co-ordinates perfectly with the company’s Broadrib carpet tiles in a complementary solid shade to provide a stunning effect and endless creative design possibilities. And it’s not just the Array range which is available as planks. The planked tile is an option across many of Heckmondwike FB’s ranges. These carpet tiles replicate the size and shape of contemporary planked flooring through the comfort of fibre bonded carpet, and enable specifiers, designers and flooring contractors to create individual designs for a wide variety of commercial flooring applications. Being able to add this element of high design creates a fusion between the floor and furniture. Like all Heckmondwike’s products, Array carpet tiles can be cut on-site without the risk of fraying and this allows individual flooring designs to be created and installed with ease. Heckmondwike FB’s carpet tiles are British-made and provide outstanding performance, as well as being backed by a 10 year limited wear warranty. They offer antistatic and anti-slip performance, excellent acoustic properties to help reduce noise levels, as well as offering excellent thermal performance. Sample cards for Array and Broadrib are available on request by calling 01924 406161 or visiting the website For more information about 4D Contract Flooring, visit the website:


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BROCHURE OUT NOW! including the new Harfa Vintage!

ESCO FLOORING: Highest quality european oak flooring











Flooring April 2016

FLOOR SLIP TESTING FOR CURRENT LEGISLATION – CE MARKING Ensuring floors are slip safe is now a major requirement on all construction projects. Whilst expectations are still the same in terms of aesthetics and functionality the increased onus on responsibility for safety at the construction phase makes an anti-slip system an option to meet all requirements when selecting tiles for new floors, ensuring they meet all safety recommendations prior to installation. The Construction Products Regulation (CPR) (305/2011/EU) requires any permanent product to be assessed against a harmonised standard which in the case of flooring is the pendulum slip test.

PENDULUM TEST EXPLAINED The pendulum slip test has been recognised by the Health and Safety Executive as a reliable and robust test to provide accurate analysis on the slip potential of all types of flooring. This test can be used to portray bare foot and shod foot dependent on the area the tile is to be used. The pendulum slip test is the subject of BS 7976: Parts 1-3 – To determine the slip resistance of pedestrian surfaces and BS – EN14231 Natural stone test methods. The Pendulum Slip Test is based on a swinging, imitation heel sweeping over a set area of flooring in a controlled manner. The slipperiness of the flooring has a direct and measurable effect on the pendulum test value (PTV) given. After a series of results in a number of directions using the pendulum - the average result is given. Using the table below the PTV is then assessed. 0—24 High potential for slip 25—35 Moderate potential for slip 36+ Low potential for slip

SAMPLE TILE TESTING If you have a tile which has been specified but need to be sure that it will be fit for purpose before laying we offer an in-house pendulum testing service in our purpose built laboratory – whereby the sample tile can be tested in its ‘as found’ condition. Our comprehensive test will provide clear results in the dry and wet conditions and provide you with concise results and any recommendations.


April 2016 Flooring


ANTI-SLIP TREATMENT Our individually developed anti-slip treatment micro-etches the surface of the tile which works to accentuate the natural peaks and troughs of the stone. The aim of the treatment is to achieve the maximum grip with the minimum impact to the aesthetics of the floor. Varying characteristics of different floors, (porosity, density etc.) combined with the operational use mean that every requirement is different therefore adjustments can be made to the treatment to meet the standards for the intended use. If your sample tile does not meet the required PTV – we could help. We offer a treating service where we can then apply our tailored treatment and retest. Results will then be sent before and after treatment showing the difference that can be made. Testing starts from just £75 plus VAT.

TILES ALREADY LAID – BUT SHOWING SLIP RESISTANCE ISSUES? If you have a floor which has been laid but is now showing signs that it may not reach slip resistance requirements for the area and there are slip concerns – we can apply our anti-slip treatment to laid floors to bring up slip resistance to the required level. Once treated we will supply full report and slip test results, along with a certificate of conformity which provides you with evidence should due diligence be brought into question. 01206 826788




The CFA (Contract Flooring Association) has always stood for quality in materials, quality installations and a quality approach to business, and is leading the way for trade associations in the 21st century. CFA members have access to all the elements that help them compete in the modern market place as SME’s. A network of industry experts provide our members with support in all aspects of running a flooring business. When choosing a company to install a floor, specifiers need to know that they can rely on the sub-contractor to meet the required specification and not cause them problems. A CFA branded contractor delivers this promise, and in the unlikely event of a problem, they can draw on a wealth of experience to resolve it. Members of the Association include contractors, manufacturers, distributors and consultants, both large and small, operating from locations throughout the UK. The CFA’s 500 strong membership accounts for a large proportion of the UK’s total industry workload. The Association is the leading independent professional voice of the Contract Flooring Industry and is determined to become visibly more representative of the industry as a whole. Flooring is an important part of most contracts these days and with more products to choose from than ever before getting the right advice has never been more important. Specifiers and main contractors need quality of service, installation and support information CFA members can provide. Consequently many public and private organisations and an increasing number of local authorities are now specifying that CFA members must be used. The CFA provides members and their clients with a wealth of advice to assist with installation including: • •


British Standard Codes of Practice Employment Law

• • • •



Health and Safety Insurance Technical standards and problems Training and recruitment

We regularly publish articles and support material on key subjects, either direct to members or via the Contract Flooring Journal. The support material includes: • • • • • • • • • • •

Contractors Code of Conduct Manufacturers, Suppliers and Distributors Code of Conduct Consultants Code of Conduct Environmental policy Equal opportunities policy Health and safety policy Technical advice Guide to Contract Flooring Sustainability Guide Guidance Note on Plywood Guidance Note on Underfloor Heating

The Association produces a Members’ Handbook each year for Architects, Specifiers, Facilities and Estates Managers, Main Contractors and their clients. This information is also available from the directory section of our website In addition to providing up-to-date information through publications the CFA has various committees working on a national basis for the benefit of the industry as a whole and these include: • •

Distributors Committee Manufacturers Committee

Each committee works to improve the contract flooring industry by providing members with the resources they need to be successful, and are attended by industry member experts from across the UK. With this level of commitment from so many companies and individuals the CFA has a wealth of resources at its fingertips and it is this breadth and depth of information that makes it so much more than just a trade association. ||

Construction Adhesives April 2016

Quality Commercial Decorators More Accessible Than Ever The Dulux Trade Contract Partnership Scheme opens up access to the leading 250 commercial decorating firms in the UK In an unprecedented move, Dulux Trade has revamped its Contract Partnership Scheme in order to make commercial decorating more accessible than ever. The unique network - the only commercial decorator-specific accreditation scheme in the industry with the solid foundation of an independent audit - now gives specifiers unrivalled, fast access to 250 approved commercial decorators through a fully updated online portal. Reflecting the unstoppable global trend for location-based search, the newly designed free-to-use website ensures that searching for high quality contractors based on location, project size, skills and accreditations is easier than ever. Additionally, a new more comprehensive assessment process that takes client reviews into account will be live from 1st January 2016, allowing clients to compare contractors without commitment. In a bid to drive up and continually improve the standards of those commercial decorators listed within its network, the updated Dulux Trade

Contract Partnership website will also provide Contract Partners access to a suite of training courses from the new Dulux Academy, which launched in October. Duncan Lochhead, Commercial Marketing Manager at Dulux Trade, said: “We know there is no shortage of great commercial decorators but we were aware that our clients find it difficult to in find the perfect one for their projects. Our upgraded online portal will now allow them to locate a top-notch commercial specialist in seconds.” All of the updates to our Contract Partnership Scheme have been designed with clients in mind. The scheme intelligently matches first class contractors with clients’ needs, and the newly improved search functionality on the website is key to this. “All of the contractors we use are rigorously tested and retested to ensure that they’re continually providing the highest standards of work. Our new peer review system ensures that clients can

see genuine customer feedback, giving them greater confidence when they are choosing a contractor. Our invitation to tender function will also make it quicker and easier for specifiers to connect with the right contractor. All they need to do is choose the contractors they would like to invite to tender and complete the required information online.” The updated scheme is part of Dulux Trade’s mission to make quality commercial decorating truly valued for the amazing transformations it can achieve. For more information,




strong and reliable


Watco UltraBond Tape Don’t Hang Around, Order Today Pack of 3 x 10m rolls only


Bracket fixed with Watco UltraBond tape

 Super strong double-sided tape  Remarkable bonding power takes hold instantly, sets permanently in 24 hours  Replaces conventional adhesives and mechanical fixings for a range of substrates including metal, wood, ceramic, plastic, fibreglass


01483 418 418

British Coatings Federation

April 2016

Bond It launches advanced hybrid range Manufacturer of building chemicals, Bond It is breaking new ground in sealant and adhesive performance. The business has recently launched a new range of products based on advanced hybrid technology. The new products, which will be sold under the manufacturer’s PRO brand, offer users ‘best of both worlds’ solutions to a wide variety of trade and DIY needs. Kirstie Cooper, marketing manager at Bond It, explains: “Sealants tend to be manufactured using one of two base materials – silicone or polyurethane. Both materials have their advantages but similarly both also have their disadvantages. “By making significant and sustained investments into the relevant research and manufacturing facilities, Bond It has become a leading force in the development of a new generation of hybrid products. As the term ‘hybrid’ suggests, these products combine the benefits of silicone and polyurethane sealants with none of either material’s associated drawbacks.” Like a silicone sealant, Bond It’s new hybrid products cure rapidly, are non-bubbling, are free from solvents and isocyanates, can be applied at low temperatures and offer good UV resistance. Like a polyurethane sealant, they are also tear resistant and easily painted, even with water-based paint.


The new PRO products build on the success of Bond It’s existing hybrid sealant and adhesive – GB PRO. This ‘all-in-one’ product has become an

immensely popular choice thanks to its versatility, bond strength and speed of curing. Four new PRO products are now available. Each product features a different formulation which has been specifically tailored to deliver enhanced performance characteristics that are ideally suited to different applications. The new products are: POWER PRO. The ultimate power adhesive in a cartridge. Offers up to four times the grab of other grab adhesive and can eliminate the need for additional mechanical support. Also delivers an excellent, longer lasting bond and remains permanently flexible ensuring movement will not compromise bond strength. WOOD PRO. Designed for fixing all types of wooden floors directly onto all common substrates eliminating the need for battens. Moisture and solvent-free composition reduces the risk of wood flooring warping, curling and deforming. WOOD PRO is also permanently flexible enabling it to compensate for subfloor movement and making it suitable for use with underfloor heating systems. ASTRO PRO. A specialist solution for bonding artificial grass surfaces to a variety of substrates or jointing tapes. Offers excellent bonding properties even on wet surfaces. Cures rapidly even at low temperatures and once cured is fully resistant to all climatic conditions.

MIRROR PRO. Specifically formulated for use on mirrors, glass and ceramics as well as for hot, humid environments. Offers good resistance to mould and mildew growth, will stick to damp surfaces and is non-corrosive so will not attack mirror backings. Rapid curing and is tack free in 10 minutes. To help stockists maximise the opportunities offered by the new PRO range, Bond It is supporting the launch with extensive marketing activity including an advertising campaign which promotes the advantages of hybrid technology as well as the fact that the products are made entirely in the UK. It is also offering access to comprehensive merchandising and POS materials including DVDs, floor stands, shelf edges and a presentation boxes. Concluding Kirstie Cooper adds: “The launch of our new PRO products represents an exciting new development for Bond It, for our stockists and for the trade and DIY customers they serve. Hybrid technology has the potential to deliver a step change in sealant and adhesive performance and Bond It is proud to be at the forefront in making the benefits as widely available as possible.” More information on Bond It and its range can be found at

Delivering the best of both worlds. Bond It has launched a new range of hybrid products which combine the benefits of both silicone and polyurethane adhesives.

Landscaping April 2016

A brochure on its aggregates portfolio has been published by Welsh Slate. A guide to the material’s use as an aggregate has been launched by Welsh Slate, the UK’s leading supplier of natural slate for a peerless range of exterior and interior design applications. The guide gives a snapshot of Welsh slate’s features and benefits as an aggregate, specifically for civil engineering, house building, the water industry, and precast and ready-mixed concrete. As a construction aggregate, Welsh slate can be used as a granular sub-base for road building, car parks, footpaths and driveways due to its excellent load bearing qualities. It can also be used as pipe bedding, washed sand for use in precast and ready-mixed


concrete, slate sand (as a base for laying block paving), capping layers or crusher runs in road building, and as dug/fill, for filling large voids.

footpaths, caravan parks, golf courses, and cycle and forest tracks.

Welsh slate is also ideal as decorative chippings as it does not oxidise and keeps its natural colour indefinitely. Its natural flat shape also provides better coverage per tonne, and therefore better value for money, when compared to other aggregates.

And when blended with sterilised PAS100 compost Welsh slate aggregate makes a high-quality topsoil suitable for all landscaping requirements including grass sowing, trees, shrubs, turfing, herbaceous borders and other plantings. It can be used on brownfield land to help improve previously contaminated sites.

An attractive practical mulch for gardeners and landscapers, it is suitable for domestic and commercial applications including garden footpaths, flower/shrub beds, weed suppression, pond lining, municipal car parks and

Available in four colours (blue, plum, grey and green) and two grades (50-30mm and 3010mm), Welsh Slate aggregate samples are available on request, complete with full gradation certificates and Health and Safety data sheets.

April 2016 Landscaping

New Season Boost For Outdoor Living Trade Specialists The Greensquares Trade Scheme incentives include: •

GREENSQUARES, the home of TimberTech composite decking and PrimaPorcelain paving and tiling, has launched a new season trade incentive package for its full range of leading outdoor living products. The move follows a substantial increase in trade enquiries since the recent UK-wide promotion of new brand launches and a widening of the company’s well established TimberTech composite decking range, its indoor and outdoor porcelain flooring offer, PrimaPorcelain and SunSpaces, its new garden building and veranda division. The company is also marking the first anniversary of its Slough showroom by opening seven-daysa-week in response to increasing demand from professionals and homeowners in the London and south east area.

“Since we opened in Slough in March 2015 we have had really great residential custom from London, the Home Counties and nearby territories, underpinned by a solid series of trade enquiries, but in recent months we’ve really seen a surge of interest from commercial, trade and landscape companies in the region,” said Greensquares Managing Director Jason Cole.

PRICING – 25% trade discount from List Price (30% trade discount on orders containing monthly website offers); CREDIT ACCOUNT – 30-day, end of month following credit terms offered upon receipt of third order*

FREE 3D design service**

SALES presentation support;

TECHNICAL support helpline;

FREE Concealoc gun on 3rd order***

FREE Unlimited supply of product brochures and samples;

FREE TimberTech and PrimaPorcelain display materials;

FREE van graphics/decals showing Greensquares product range;

FREE Greensquares website content;

QUARTERLY HOLIDAY competition – just supply project info for a chance to win weekend break for two people.

“Trade specialists tell us they are interested in working more closely with us and our market-leading brands- TimberTech maintenancefree composite decking, which we exclusively import from the United States, PrimaPorcelain 1cm and 2cm tiles and paving, individually sourced from Italy and our new range of low-maintenance garden buildings and verandas, SunSpaces, from Germany ,” said Mr. Cole.


Landscaping April 2016

Thousands of walkers and tourists have already taken a walk on the wild side and loved it. With an ever growing number of travel reviews and blogs singing its praises the Paiva Walkway, constructed from around 3,000 cubic metres of timber treated with Celcure ® supplied by Koppers Performance Chemicals, snakes along the left bank of the River Paiva providing visitors with a safe and secure way of navigating through the impressive flora, fauna, geology and archaeology of the area. The route extends from the river beach of Areinho to the beach at Espiunca, taking in the Vau beach along the way in a region recognised by UNESCO as a Geological


Heritage of Humanity. Work started on the project in May 2014 with the final touches applied in June 2015 before the inauguration ceremony. The total cost of the project was €1.9 million with 85% of the funding coming from the European Union. Municipal funding made up the shortfall with running and maintenance costs expected to be around €40,000 annually. Ivo Brandao, Press Officer for the Arouca Geopark, explained: “The President of the municipality came up with the idea with local government technicians involved in the planning and checking process. “The project was delivered by a private corporation under our strict guidelines with glued, laminated timber supplied by CARMO. “We expect somewhere between 700,000 and one million people to use the walkway every year and initial feedback has been very positive. We are already impressed with the positive impact that this walkway has had all around the country. We have received enquiries from lots of tourists looking for a specific kind of experience with close contact to nature. This kind of natural tourism is proving to be very popular all around the world.” Caroline Lauro, Marketing Manager at CARMO, added: “The contract for the path not only included supply of the treated timber but also the assembly, maintenance and inspection.” “It has so many twists and bends and relies on many creative and technical solutions to attach the path to the rocky scarps. Some parts of the walkway were inaccessible by foot which meant we had to call in climbers to help with the assembly.”

April 2016 Landscaping

Matthew Hempson Business Development Director at Koppers Performance Chemicals said: “We are seeing a growing interest in these sorts of naturebased walkways. They offer an excellent way of experiencing nature up close and personal. “We have just been involved with a similar project in the Cuilcagh Mountain Park in County Fermanagh in Northern Ireland with a 1.6 km boardwalk treated with MicroPro. The 8km Paiva Walkway is, however, on a wholly different scale. “Celcurised Timber is the industry- recognised term for timber that has been preserved with a Koppers Performance Chemicals Celcure® brand preservative system, based on an effective combination of copper and organic co-biocides. In use for more than 25 years in locations throughout Europe, North America, Australia and Japan, Celcure ® preservatives have a proven track record of performance. “Pressure treated to force the preservative deep into the wood structure; it provides protection where it matters. Timber treated using this system is suitable for Use Classes UC1, UC2, UC3 and UC4, including fencing, timber decking, landscaping timbers and construction timbers. “Celcurised Timber will initially have a green appearance that highlights the natural variations of the wood. This will weather to an attractive natural honey brown colour before finally fading to a driftwood grey after long- term exposure to the sun. Celcure® treated wood products can be painted or stained to match any outdoor colour scheme. “In the case of the Paiva Walkway, the timber was treated

at Carmo Wood’s treatment facility in Portugal.” The final word belongs to one of the many walkers who are helping to turn this boardwalk into a well-worn path. “Even though we didn’t manage the full walk this time around, we were all most impressed and will return for more,” wrote English tourist Julie Fox in her blog at “The scenery is gorgeous and although the walkway stands out in its newness, it will soon fade in colour and blend into the background. “With the Celcure preservative, this wonderful area of natural beauty, on Europe’s periphery, will now be accessible for visitors for generations to come.” A real walk on the wild side, Portuguese style.


Landscaping April 2016

Charcon Delivers a Colossal 4,200 Tonnes of Hard Landscaping Materials to Swansea University’s £450m Bay Campus

paving in Rustic colour was used for the meandering streetscape. Reminiscent of traditional setts, all three sizes were incorporated to create eye-catching designs. The exterior of the great hall was paved with StoneMaster in Medium Grey (600m x 450mm) from Charcon’s Life range, made from a fine stone mix of up to 50% reclaimed or recycled materials, yet resulting in a granite effect without the expense of using natural stone. Alongside the paving, 2,000m² of Eco Countryside Classic Kerbs and edging was also supplied to help add visual appeal to the functional roadside edging.

Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has demonstrated its superb product and logistical capabilities by supplying a colossal 4,200 tonnes of hard landscaping materials to Swansea Bay Campus, all within a tight time frame of just six months. The ambitious £450m project by the University of Swansea has doubled the size of its academic and research facilities, establishing Swansea as a dual-campus university destination. Situated at Neath, Port Talbot on the approach into Swansea, the campus has been developed on St Modwen’s 65-acre former BP Transit site, transforming the bay’s industrial landscape into a modern, hi-tech district that rivals the world’s top 21st century universities.


Charcon consulted with contractor Vinci Construction at an early stage of the project. The architecture of the university buildings already present featured both traditional

and modern elements. This was a key driver in the choice of paving products and shades to make sure the landscaping would complement these buildings. Charcon therefore recommended its Andover Textured range for the contemporary public spaces and squares. Offering a premium quality block paving product at an affordable price, the Silver Fleck and Silver Grey shades were combined for maximum visual appeal in 300mm x 200mm blocks, with a total of 10,295m² of Andover Textured being specified. To contrast, 8,280m² of traditionalstyle Woburn Rumbled cobble

John Sheehan, project manager at Vinci Construction, comments: “Bay Campus has been an immense project that had to be delivered within an incredibly tight timeframe. By working closely with Charcon from the outset, we have benefitted from their technical abilities, as well as the welcome reassurance of efficient deliveries and products of the highest quality. “At Vinci, we are immeasurably proud of having delivered phase one so successfully, and we would like to extend our thanks to all involved at Charcon in helping to achieve this.” Mike Davies, Specification and Major Projects Manager at Aggregate Industries, said: “Our team worked very hard and liaised closely with Vinci throughout the project to guarantee correct and timely delivery of all orders placed. Overall, we made 188 deliveries of quality-assured products whilst fulfilling additional product requirements along the way.” Charcon will continue to supply products for the second phase of works which is already underway and scheduled to end in 2020, ready for the University’s centenary. More information is available on and

April 2016

Charcon Introduces New Concrete Paving to Range Charcon, the commercial hard landscaping division of Aggregate Industries, has introduced three new concrete pavers to its portfolio: UrbanPave premium flag paving, Vianova Maxx large element textured paving and Monksbridge rumbled effect block paving. UrbanPave UrbanPave has been designed to provide a premium landscaped surface for ultra-contemporary public realm schemes, such as town centres and prominent pedestrianised areas. The premium flag paving has a light texture and comes in a choice of three made-to-order colour options – Light Grey, Mid Grey and Dark Grey. Four paver sizes cater for the increasing trend towards large aspect paving and provide flexibility in laying patterns. Vianova Maxx Vianova Maxx is a large element textured paver that combines a modern feel with high quality performance. Available in two sizes and three made-to-order shades – Light Grey, Dark Grey and Anthracite Charcoal – Vianova Maxx can be used to create contemporary laying schemes, and complements other Charcon products including Andover Textured, Natural Granite and Eco Countryside Kerb. Monksbridge Monksbridge block paving is a viable alternative to traditional rumbled products and is suitable for pedestrian areas where vehicle overrun is likely. It is ideal for creating a traditionally-styled, naturally cobbled look. Available as mixed packs of four sizes in three colour options – Cinder, Croft and Royale.

Mike Davies, Specifications and Major Projects Manager for Aggregate Industries, comments: “The introduction of three new products to the Charcon range demonstrates our continued investment and ongoing commitment to delivering the very best solutions for any commercial hard landscaping project. The new products set the standard for performance, quality, durability and aesthetic appeal.”

For further information, including technical data sheets and National Building Specification details, visit For technical support, please call 01335 372222.


Landscaping April 2016

NEW SHEFFIELD HOMES USE NATRATEX FOR MATCHING FOOTPATHS A recent housing development by Bellway Homes in Sheffield is one of the latest projects to use Bituchem’s specialist Natratex Cotswold landscaping material. Over 700m² of the product in 6mm buff was applied to the new Bluecoats housing estate’s footpaths to complement the natural stone finish of the houses, whilst standing out from the surrounding tarmac roadways. Natratex Cotswold proved the perfect solution for the application due to its ability to withstand constant pedestrian usage without damaging the appearance of the natural stone. Natratex Cotswold, Bituchem’s flagship product, is extremely versatile with successful applications across a variety of sectors, including the housebuilding sector. The material is particularly effective for such applications as it can be used to complement or contrast with the surrounding landscape, including modern rural developments which are increasingly using natural Cotswold stone for the houses and surrounding areas. The natural aesthetics of Natratex Cotswold is created using naturally occurring coloured


aggregates, bound using a clear binder for a longlasting, durable finish. Suitable for both pedestrian and vehicular areas, Natratex Cotswold can be applied in new construction projects, such as new housing developments, as well as overlays for existing landscapes and regeneration projects. The material can be laid all year round and is done so using conventional equipment for a quick and easy application without the need for lengthy road closures. Bituchem has created a heavy duty alternative for heavily-trafficked areas and also a porous option for schemes requiring a sustainable drainage solution, which eliminates the need for noticeable conventional drains. Further information is available from Bituchem on 01594 826768 or 07584 311266, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at

April 2016


April 2016

Terraced system from Formpave overcomes issues at retail park A growing retail park in Bedford has had Formpave’s Aquaflow sustainable urban drainage system (SuDS) installed to help drain surface water in its car park through a specially designed permeable paving solution. The terraced, ‘cascade’ attenuation system was specially designed by the paving experts to address the issue of storm water infiltration on the large retail site, located outside the suburb of Kempston, which houses major brands including B&Q, Next and Costa Coffee. Peter Laverack, owner of structural engineering firm John Tooke & Partners, who selected SuDS for the site, said, “Interchange Park presented us with some challenges when it came to the draining of surface water, as the local soil did not have much infiltration potential, the area in question is sloped, and water catchment from the roofs of six surrounding buildings and all hard surface run-off needed to be drained. “Formpave designed a terraced system which employs three shallow reservoirs beneath the car park paving, each of which restricts the flow of water from one area to the next. It was a clever engineering solution which worked around the location’s limitations, and the system has served the site well since being installed, as well as being aesthetically pleasing.”

which is divided into separate reservoir area, uses a Hydrobrake control device which ensures the outfall for the entire site is limited to 3.7l/s. The system was also designed so that it could be installed in two phases, in line with the continuing development of the retail park, both of which used Aquaflow 80mm Natural and Forest Edging Natural paving in its construction. Formpave’s Aquaflow offers systems capable of dispersing up to 4,500mm of run-off water per square metre per hour. They are among a range of cost effective, sustainable permeable paving solutions provided by the company for traditional hard landscaping and urban drainage installations. Established in 1989, Formpave is a worldleading authority in permeable paving. Its systems clean and drain surface water run-off in a controlled way and can also store water for purposes such as flushing lavatories, watering plants and washing cars, and are the most popular permaeable paving solution in the country

John Lloyd, Head of Design Services at Formpave, said, “With the new legislation now taking effect, it is important that SUDS is considered early on in the design process on new developments. This scheme is a great example of how a good design can overcome difficult site constraints, whilst still providing the capability to adapt to future development phases.”

Formpave offers a comprehensive free design service to suit all requirements, including technical and professional advice, preparation of draft proposals and validation of the client’s own designs. All designs provided by Formpave are covered by professional indemnity insurance and benefit from the company’s 20 years experience in designing permeable paving systems.

Formave’s experienced in-house design team created an Aquaflow cascade attenuation system for the 6,500m2 area, capable of collecting and treating up to 13,700m2 of water run-off. The system,

For more information please visit the website, at and You can also follow the companies on Twitter via @ForterraUK and @Formpave.


April 2016



ituchem’s specialist hard landscaping material has been applied to provide a new landscape for Hertfordshire University’s College Lane Campus. As part of a major redevelopment project of the university’s existing campus, Bituchem supplied around 3000m² of its bestselling Natratex Gravel to provide maintenancefree footpaths across the campus. The project, headed by Bouygues UK, brings new and exciting facilities to the university that creates an inclusive living and learning environment on one campus. The overall scheme comprises both new building and refurbishment works that will bring over 2500 new student bedrooms, social spaces, sports pitches and a campus gym. The scheme is being developed over three phases which are set to be completed by September 2016, following three academic years of construction and refurbishments. Included in these development works is the surfacing of existing and new footpaths, for which Bituchem’s Natratex Gravel was used. The material presents a surface that contrasts with the surrounding black tarmac to form aesthetically pleasing pathways to match the modern surroundings of the university campus.


The Natratex Gravel footpaths are just one part of the attractive landscape created by The Landmark Practice (www., which felt that it was the right product to create the desired landscape for the university grounds. Andy Spargo, Principal Landscape Architect at The Landmark Practice commented, “We are very pleased with the aesthetics of the landscape created using Bituchem’s Natratex Gravel and for this reason we would definitely consider it for future projects.” Natratex Gravel is one of Bituchem’s many products that is based on tried and tested asphalt technology to offer a high performance, hardwearing surface. The specialist material uses a clear binder system with decorative buff coloured aggregates, with the appearance of natural stone, to create a durable surface for pedestrian and light vehicular use. Natratex Gravel offers a fully compacted finish compared to real gravel, making it safer for pedestrian use and is virtually maintenance free once applied. The strong resin binder gives the surface a seamless finish that is resistant to deterioration, such as cracks or potholes, to prevent the likelihood of trips and falls whilst offering a soft, smooth surface to reduce injury. These particular qualities have encouraged the use of Bituchem’s Natratex products to be used in applications in schools

and universities across the UK as part of producing a safer environment for students. Suitable for use on new construction, overlays or regeneration projects, Natratex Gravel offers architects and specifiers the ability to create an attractive, longlasting landscape that is eye catching compared to standard black tarmac. The Natratex colour palette offers a range of natural stone colours which can be used to complement or contrast with the surrounding landscape, and is particularly effective in reflecting the character of heritage buildings or modern schemes using Cotswold stone. Natratex Gravel is also very environmentally friendly with a fast and simple application making it an easy specification for both private and public sector projects. The material can be specified in a range of colours to meet the individual requirements of each contract, with the Bituchem design team available to find the right aggregate type and colour to suit the specification. Further information is available from Bituchem on 01594 826768 or 07584 311266, by emailing: or by visiting the company’s website at

Lead Contractors Association

Lead-Tech Roofing Ltd – Rygar House, London Winner of the 2015 Murdoch Award The Ultimate Accolade for the Leadwork Craftsman

Choose a specialist LCA Member Contractor - and experience, expertise, quality standards and peace of mind are all guaranteed! • LCA members can guarantee their work for 25 years

• LCA members have their work inspected and graded on a regular basis to ensure quality standards are maintained

• There are now projects worth more than £7M registered under the LCA 25 Year Guarantee Scheme

• LCA members that do not correct a fault identified during a vet can lose their membership

• The LCA 25 Year Guarantee Scheme is insurance backed and independently underwritten

• Regular attendance at technical seminars is a mandatory CPD requirement for LCA members

If you don’t see the Logo

• More than 80% of the holders of the CSCS Heritage Skills Card are LCA members • LCA members are required to work to BS6915 and the ‘Lead Sheet Manual’ • LCA members will help detail your lead sheet requirement to conform to BS6915 (Code of Practice for lead sheet design and specification)

You don’t see the Specialist


Centurion House, 36 London Road, East Grinstead, West Sussex, RH19 1AB • Telephone: 01342 317888 • Email: • Website:



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Glass Glass Glass Excellence Excellence Excellence

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Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the leading independent glass processors in the Established in 1975 Firman Glass is one of the UK, manufacturing toughened glass, laminated leading independent glass processors in the glass and specialist sealed units. UK, manufacturing glass, laminated Established in 1975toughened Firman Glass is one of the Basedand in Harold Wood Essex within 5 minutes glass specialist sealed units. leading independent glass processors in the of junction 28 of the M25 and half an hour from UK, manufacturing toughened glass,5laminated Based in Harold Wood Essex within minutes Central London we are ideally situated to glass and specialist units. of junction 28 of the sealed M25 and half an hour from service our ever growing and diverse customer Central are Essex ideallywithin situated to Based inLondon Haroldwe Wood 5 minutes base. service our28 ever growing customer of junction of the M25 and and diverse half an hour from Manufacturing all forms of processed base. Central London we are ideally situated to toughened glass, with comprehensive stocks of service our ever diverse customer Manufacturing allgrowing forms ofand processed clear float, low iron, satin, body tinted, mirrors, base. toughened glass, with comprehensive stocks of laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire clear float, low all iron, satin, tinted, mirrors, Manufacturing forms of body processed rated glass. laminated glass, acoustic laminated and fire of toughened glass, with comprehensive stocks With some of the most advanced capabilities rated float, glass.low iron, satin, body tinted, mirrors,in clear place Firman Glass is able to manufacture high laminated laminated and fire in With someglass, of theacoustic most advanced capabilities quality products for all markets sectors including rated glass. place Firman Glass is able to manufacture high architectural, retail, leisure and domestic. quality products all markets sectors including With some of thefor most advanced capabilities in architectural, retail, leisure and domestic. place Firman Glass is able to manufacture high


quality products for all markets sectors including

• Toughened glass • Specialist insulating glass units architectural, retail, leisure and domestic. Products • Processing • Anti–slip glass • Toughened glass • Specialist insulating glass units CNC shaping Fire rated glass • Processing • Anti–slip glass Laminated glass UV bonding •Products CNC shaping • Fire rated glass Toughened and laminated FIRMALITE electric switchable glass •• constructions Toughened glass Specialist insulating glass units Laminated glass •• UV bonding Heated glass • Toughened Processing Anti–slip glass EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays •• FIRMALITE • and laminated electric switchable glass Decorative glass • constructions CNC Fire rated glass Fabricshaping and decorative interlays •• Heated glass Sandblasting Laminated glass • EVA and Vanceva coloured interlays •• Decorative UV bonding TM glass Saflex DG41 structural interlay back painted glass Colorfirm Toughened and laminated • Fabric and decorative interlays • Sandblasting FIRMALITE electric switchable glass • Applications constructions TM • Saflex DG41 structural interlay Heated glass back painted glass •• Colorfirm • glazing coloured interlays • Staircases • Decoration • Structural EVA and Vanceva • Decorative glass Applications •• Glass • Treads and stringers • Wall cladding Fabricfloors and decorative interlays • Sandblasting •• Structural glazing • Staircases • Decoration Partitions Shower screens Splashbacks TM Saflex DG41 structural interlay back painted glass • Colorfirm • Glass floors • Treads and stringers Wall cladding Roof lights Shelving • Privacy Applications Partitions Shower screens Splashbacks • Balustrades • Glass doors • Technical Support Structural •• Staircases Decoration Coverage Roofheight lightsglazing Shelving Privacy •• Full barriers Acoustic reduction •• Nationwide Glass floors Treads and stringers Wall cladding •• Balustrades •• Glass doors •• Technical Support Canopies Fire rated Partitions Shower screens SplashbacksCoverage •• Full height barriers •• Acoustic reduction •• Nationwide information is available from our sales and technical • Roof lights •• Shelving • Privacy offices or •Further Canopies Fire rated • Balustrades • Glass doors • Technical Support Firman Glass,19 Road, Wood, Romford, Essex OJH information available from our sales and technical offices •Further Full height barriers Batesis •Harold Acoustic reduction • RM3 Nationwide Coverageor •Tel: Canopies • Fire rated 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

visit visit

Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH

Further information is 01708 available fromEmail: our sales and technical offices or visit Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 340511 Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

Construction Update - April 2016  
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