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Design and Install Beautiful Kitchens Over 27 years at our Farnham Common Showroom 5-6 THE CENTRE


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INDUSTRY Essentials MARCH 2014


Trend Group Joins Kohler Co To Form Sustainable Partnership Trend Group, a leading international manufacturer and distributor of glass mosaic tiles and agglomerates headquartered in Vicenza, Italy, has partnered with Wisconsin-based Kohler Co to further each company’s eco-friendly mission of keeping With this collaboration, Kohler, a forward-thinking leader in plumbing products, will provide pre-consumer porcelain from its bath and sink manufacturing to be re-purposed for the production of Trend’s newest line of exclusive agglomerate surfaces, at its

kept nearly one million pounds of unique and durable surface that is universally appealing and earth-friendly, as a versatile option for home and commercial porcelain surfaces are nonporous and incredibly resistant to stains, scratches and heat, helping to ensure lifetime usage of these be marketed and installed through Trend’s global home improvements franchise, Granite Transformations, which will back them with a

collaboration mirrors our mission to be one of the world’s largest producers of decorative glass and agglomerate surfaces, using advanced technology to create inspiring materials that make for for beautiful and sustainable Long before it became fashionable, Trend Group, which has its UK headquarters in Tunbridge Wells, Kent, declared a commitment to implementing real-world processes that protect and preserve the consume fewer raw materials and

This two-year partnership has resulted in the creation of Trend agglomerate products that are made with up to 51% of recovered Kohler porcelain, along with recycled glass and granite, a

“Trend Group is proud to partner with Kohler, incorporating its unused materials into our exclusive products to create stylish and dependable surfaces for building and remodelling projects,” says Danny Hanlon, COO of Trend GB

innovative agglomerate surfaces require 60% less raw material and incorporate both geologic waste and recycled glass that would with more than three

INDUSTRY Essentials MARCH 2014


pounds of recycled glass already repurposed into decorative products. Trend’s development of new product lines sets industry benchmarks for the use of postconsumer recycled content in agglomerate and glass tile products, reaching levels as high as 78%. The Group’s manufacturing facilities were designed with sophisticated reduce water consumption and the proliferation of pollutants, while the consumption and cost of packaging materials has been reduced through the use of recycled or reusable packaging. Most of the product lines are created with a low carbon emission manufacturing process using recycled materials whenever possible. Trend collaborates with the world’s leading environmental

organizations, architects and designers to promote sustainable building practices and its product lines contribute measurably to LEED Green Building Council ratings, based on credits for Material and Resources, Indoor Environmental Quality and Innovation and Design. This outlook is also evident in Trend’s global franchise network, Granite Transformations, which is known for its ability to install products over existing kitchen and bathroom surfaces in as little as a day. The unique installation process eliminates the need for demolition during the remodelling process, keeping unnecessary waste out of

Granite Transformations is recognized for its exclusive line of granite-based surfaces, crafted to be stronger and more durable than traditional granite slab, and for its

recycled glass product line, made with up to 72% post-consumer tempered glass. All Granite Transformations work surface and mosaic makeover products are manufactured by the Trend Group. “We applaud Trend and Granite Transformations for seeking ways to create materials that can sustain the test of time,” says Rob Zimmerman, Kohler’s Senior Channel Manager of Sustainability. “Kohler’s alliance with these companies is consistent with our business model to maintain the highest standards of manufacturing products, while being environmentally conscious.” For further information, telephone 0800 044 5395 or contact Trend GB, 28 Decimus Park, Kingstanding Way, Tunbridge Wells TN2 3GP, email

MARCH 2014



Increasingly, the joinery and construction sectors are looking to specify products which are not only dimensionally stable and durable but also legal and sustainable attractive solution.

MARCH 2014

7 Accoya速 One of the most advanced wood products on the market, Accoya速 is a

Guaranteed for 50 years in exterior use and 25 years

hardwoods, Accoya速 is a

had a fantastic reaction from sectors due to the options it demand, our stock of


numerous features and |


A Window of Opportunity UK manufacturer of electrical accessories, Focus SB, played a part in preserving the Baroque interior of the Queen’s State Apartments at Hampton Court Palace.

“The amount of work that went into this simple job is incredible. Focus SB were good to us; they were patient and empathetic to our requirements. This was a very particular job and they never promised more than they could deliver.”

When the: Wild, The Beautiful and The Damned, exhibition at ended in September 2012, The Historic Royal Places, the charity that looks after Hampton Court Palace, saw a rare window of opportunity to undertake some much needed re-wiring in the Queens State Apartments. Court Palace meant the refurbishment had to be completed with minimal to no impact on the interior. “You simply cannot drill through walls here,” Harry Brimmel, the project manager explained. If there were any changes to the external face, then these had to match the rest of the interior and go unnoticed. When preserving a historical treasure, time is not of the essence, but rather patience. So time was taken to thread cable from one room to the next by going up three stories and down again so not to make any fresh insertions into the walls. Pre-existing pathways were

followed from lamp to socket to switch. The electrical plates, the face of the rewiring, were all made bespoke, in order to match the old, by Focus SB. The plates had to be approved by English Heritage. This planning process took around six weeks and Focus SB had to be prepared to make the alterations, which they were and did. Harry commented: “The amount of work that went into this simple job is incredible. Focus SB were good to us; they were patient and empathetic to our requirements. This was a very particular job and they never promised more than they could deliver.” Roger Kemp, managing director of the UK manufacturing company Focus SB, commented on what it was like to manufacturer it is really satisfying to be working on historic UK properties in conjunction with English Heritage in order to maintain the integrity of the building for future generations.” Focus SB has worked on interiors from the grand to the humble, and from the ultra modern to the classical. They have worked closely with interior designers to create beautiful electrical accessories that adorn a room, feel luxurious and at a price that doesn’t bust the budget. If you are working on a refurbishment and are looking for electrical accessories, please visit their website: or call: 01424 858060 The palace plates used were: The Bronze Antique, The Focus Floor Plates with Flip Lip were primed so they could then be painted the same colour of the walls and blend in.

D R E A M I N G O F A M AT T W H I T E C H R I S T M A S ?


hen look no further than the Ambassador flat

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year to all our customers past and present

plate range from Focus SB, available in a subtle but stylish Matt White finish. Plus get exactly the plates you wish for with our Bespoke service.

No long lead times

No minimum order

Complete bespoke service

Tel: 01424 858060



design truly affordable lighting of the highest quality, delivered and simple self assembly.


From their beautiful Silvia and Conia shades VITA UK Showroom

pure light in white

to the softest of shades, the EOS made from purest white feathers,

VITA Conia

VITA Silvia



Lighting 0845 5644 509

Sensio Lighting is pleased to announce its attendance at KBB Birmingham 2014 which takes place from 2nd – 5th March, in Hall 20, Stand number L85.

fluorescent light. The collection includes the SLS Surface/ Recessed Lights and the Connex Strip Light, which are available in warm white and cool white colour temperatures.

As a market leader of kitchen & bedroom lighting solutions and a company that’s established a reputation for developing awardwinning, innovative LED lighting solutions that are of the highest quality, it’s only appropriate that Sensio has a strong presence at KBB Birmingham, one of the most prominent trade shows in the industry.

To further highlight the company’s enthusiasm for innovation, Sensio will be exhibiting a number of its newest kitchen lighting solutions such as its DuoFlex Flexible Strip Light and the Illuminated Glass Cabinet Base and Illuminated Handle Profile.

This year, Sensio’s 105m² stand will feature some of its newest lighting solutions, allowing visitors to interact with and understand each concept and product Developer Darcey Wood will also be on hand to answer questions. Sensio will be showcasing its new range of bedroom lighting solutions which feature the pioneering rechargeable LithiumIon Battery, a concept that’s new to the UK lighting market. The battery has a high energy density, allowing it to run for approximately 8 months between charges (based on 2.5 minutes usage per day) and is charged via a USB outlet. The stand will also feature Sensio’s new SLS (Surface Light Source) range of lighting solutions. The SLS fittings contain a high number of LED’s which aren’t visible and provide all the benefits associated with standard LED’s, but emit a diffused beam that’s similar to a halogen or

The lighting specialist will also be demonstrating its new RGBW concept, a state-of-theart development that allows for a high output white LED chip to be integrated in the RGB flexible strip. Furthermore, Sensio also has plans to launch a brand new product that’s been designed in the UK at the show, but for now, it’s being kept completely under wraps. Managing Director Michael Linsky says “KBB Birmingham provides us with an opportunity to demonstrate what our company’s all about and also to showcase our latest products. We’re keen to learn from our customers so that we can improve our product range year after year and we always receive plenty of valuable feedback from the show.” Register here to receive your free admission voucher for KBB Birmingham, and to express interest in Sensio. For further details on Sensio, please visit or call 0845 5919 691.





lighting needs Tegral Lighting offers low energy solutions for the hotel sector .  ##"(%"*) %$( . $* ")($(%'%&) %$( . ") #)$'-(+ $

Stockists nationwide

Neptune LED

Available in 8W

12 W

18 W


Surface versions also available.

Orbit LED

Available in 14 W

16 W

Higher output versions to special order.

For further details about our products please contact us: T: F: E:

01279 461888/897/898/908 01279 460115 $%)'"" ) $%#

,,,)'"" ) $%#

MARCH 2014


STUNNING LIGHTING EFFECTS WITH NEW LED STRIP KITS Newly introduced by Greenstock, is a comprehensive range of LED Strip Kits

changing controller is supplied with the kit allowing users to

all interiors from commercial to home. Greenstock supplies a vast range of kit options to suit all

drivers for weather resistance.

0161 628 6622

Lines Open : Mon - Fri 9.00 am till 5.00 pm

Forum Lighting Solutions G110 Forum Lighting Solutions are designers and distributors of high quality, energy saving light fittings and lamps. Our range includes kitchen, bathroom and outdoor lighting and is complimented by high quality LED lamps. High standards of customer service are of utmost importance. This is illustrated through our next day delivery service and a superb commitment to stock.

SPA-19713 IP44 Bathroom chandeliers , to bring a bit of glamour to the bathroom.

CUL-21626 LED Kitchen Cabinet lights 240 volt , no need to use drivers anymore these lights can be connected straight to the mains.

Lighting MARCH 2014



The new ECODIM® range from Luxonic uses innovative lighting technology to maximise energy savings by utilising natural light available and adjusting accordingly whilst maintaining use clever daylight controls to detect when there is adequate daylight present for the environment

The ECODIM® luminaires are available with suspended lighting systems to suit a wide variety Passive Infra Red (PIR) detectors are used to monitor occupancy of a space which links to the intelligent luminaires for recessed installation co-ordinates the dimming of light levels when The ECODIM® function can also be applied to The luminaire can dim up or down according to the light contribution from daylight with the

The daylight link technology can also be adjusted

light levels exceed requirements even when occupancy has been detected with the daylight The Alterlux Harmony is a range of single lamp

luminaire that is durable and dust resistant for mounted LBE ECODIM® can also be used for large open areas while keeping energy costs to a

Further information on ECODIM® luminaires or by visiting the company’s website at

Bespoke LED illuminated colour changing splashbacks

Tel: 01225 833696 Email:

Exterior & Landscaping MARCH 2014



Buildings Get New Life and Improved Energy Efficiency with 21st Century Insulating Coatings Just as phones and computers have been updated over the years to improve the way we work and communicate, the science of nanotechnology has upgraded the way we insulate through an advanced, patented thermal barrier coating line called Nansulate®. When architects Bleck & Bleck near Chicago, Illinois were were challenged with keeping the look of the original brickwork provided an easy, sprayable application over the brick walls, which improved the building’s thermal envelope. Additionally, over time. Nanotechnology is the manipulation of materials at a smaller scale than was previously possible. By manipulating matter at the nanoscale, materials have the ability to be built from the attributes, such as silver taking on anti-microbial properties, or the ability to insulate in a much thinner layer. Nansulate® technology, in use since 2004, has been used everywhere from the Bangkok, Thailand International Airport to historical sites to buildings around the world. The technology uses a key ingredient that is micro-sized with a nano-sized internal architecture that inhibits heat transfer. This component is incorporated into a proprietary, high quality, apply the insulating component to a variety of surfaces. In testing, the coating has been shown to reduce heat transfer by 34.8%, and customers report between 20%-40% reduction in energy costs. Nansulate® was approved in terms of the European Energy construction standards in the European Union from the UNI EN ISO 8990:1999 tests, in relation to building insulation provided with a contract with the British Board of Agrement, coating for use on internal walls and ceilings, and external walls in residential dwellings for application over internal plaster and external render.

For more information, please call +44 (0) 20 3287 0557 visit, or contact Nanotech Coatings UK Limited at

New SuDS Software

From the makers of the UK’s #1 Drainage Design Software - Micro Drainage “This is what the industry has been calling for: SuDS design made simple.” “A fantastic tool to show my clients exactly how we will incorporate Sustainable Drainage within their development.”

xpdrainage: ECOcentric Design Software xpdrainage is a new software suite that helps landscape architects, planners and

engineers to design SuDS visually, intuitively and to good engineering standards. You can lay-out SuDS across your site, size the treatment train, then see how well your design will manage flows, volumes and pollution removal. Make the most of stormwater on site with xpdrainage.

FREE evaluation of NEW xpdrainage Scan this code or visit to request your free 30 day evaluation copy of xpdrainage today. Give your business the edge with this advanced tool to handle a range of worldwide green infrastructure standards including: SuDS, WSUD, LID and BMP. +44 (0) 1635 582 555 wspg

Jacobs Well, West Street Newbury Berkshire RG14 1BD United Kingdom


Exterior & Landscaping

Choosing outdoor LED lighting With a choice of floodlight and bulkhead designs, all outside lighting can now be replaced with the lowest energy option. Why on earth are we still seeing so many old-style lights using CFL, halogen and even incandescent bulbs at our homes, schools,

Light quality

Design quality

Check out the new range at

• • • •

The UKʼs leading manufacturer of quality alternative composite to hardwood decking The UKʼs only wood-free composite, also meets anti slip rating to BS 79.76 Beautiful stain and fade resistant decking that is maintenance free

Tel: 02476 439 943 for samples and a quote

Exterior & Landscaping MARCH 2014


Millboard’s new generation of innovative anti-slip and maintenance-free external

Made in the UK, our unique blend

the safest choice on the market.

environmentally friendly alternative to traditional timber. With our 25 year residential warranty, Millboard’s resilient hard wearing boards are the perfect choice for your project.

Esterno External Porcelain Paving Esterno was created to meet the needs of planners who are looking for continuity and integration in outdoor

Due to its wood-free content, Millboard does not host algae growth. With its non-porous nature, unlike wood, Millboard does not stain from food or drink, swell or rot. Millboard’s unique Lastane® surface is highly resistant to scratches or marking and its UV stability resists fading. Having been awarded

quality products that are highly reliable and impeccable in terms of aesthetics and technical performance. Eco-friendly, anti-slip and long lasting, the single-piece porcelain stoneware installation solutions; raised, traditional adhesive and laid on grass or gravel. ideal solution for your external project.

MARCH 2014


Tel: 02476 439 943 Website: Email: t25t



ThIs hOusE wAs DEsIgNED by ARmsTRON AchITEcTs LTD IN mAccLEsFIELD TO hAvE A cONTEmpORARy FEEL AND yET FIT sympAThETIcALLy INTO ThE suRROuNDs IN LEAFy pREsTbuRy (A cuLDE sAc wITh mAINLy 60s & 70s spEcuLATIvE DETAchED hOusINg. From the front the house appears as an attractive dormer bungalow, but on entering the building a spectacular double-height hall space is revealed with views through the building into a courtyard to the rear. Cantilevered stairs rise through this space accessing a glass balcony with a view over the rear garden centred on a piece of contemporary sculpture. The rear outside when the numerous foldingsliding doors open from the public rooms. The client wanted a house which was natural in appearance but with low maintenance requirements. The materials chosen externally are natural slates, coloured render and facing brickwork, with reconstituted stone lintels and cills. Windows and doors (p.c.a.) and internally with natural timber. Gutters, downpipes, fascia, cladding and trims in p.c.a. were attention to detail is of a high quality and helps to give the house ‘crisp’ lines.

The client wanted a very low energy house, so the walls, one hundred metres deep under the driveway to supply heat recovery system reclaims waste heat and provides electricity, which among other things drives the heat pump. cantilevered stairs and balcony, natural timber parquet system and central vacuum system. The juggling of all the sub-contractors has been a logistical feat which has been masterfully performed by the main contractor Mark Davenport, who has maintained an exemplary standard of workmanship throughout the project.

A new generation of faรงade systems

Qbiss One is a design and technological breakthrough; a metal faรงade system that offers a true alternative to a conventional rain screen. Qbiss One is an incomparable, engineered, total wall solution with a unique rounded corner.

Ultimate aesthetic

Total wall solutions

Maximum Safety

Rounded corners without cuts, folds or welds

Fully prefabricated and selfsupporting system

Non-combustible core, air and water tightness Fire resistance class: EL 120 | Water tightness: 900 Pa

Contact details Trimo UK Ltd, Unit 4 Williaston House Business Centre, Williaston, Cheshire, CW5 6NE T: 01270 665303 | W: |

Exterior & Landscaping MARCH 2014


Glass Balustrade makes ‘unbelievable difference’ to holiday home Have you ever wished you had installed the right product, at the

The Wire Balustrade System was not disaster; it went rusty after four



Recent Projects

The Glass Balustrade that makes “I wish I had chosen Balcony and

Not only would I have saved

Balcony’s BalcoNano®


Exterior & Landscaping

“the superior steel Rainwater system” Increasingly in the UK, Councils, Housing Associations, developers, house builders and architects etc are looking at ways on how to improve their environmental policy specifying sustainable building products for use on their refurbishment or new build projects.

the use of raw materials, components, energy, packaging and transportation. Operating throughout Europe to ISO 14001 standards, Lindab is at the forefront of producing technologically advanced, innovative and eco friendly products for the building industry which less environmentally friendly products such as plastic - without compromising performance.

Accordingly, manufactures are being challenged to demonstrate that their products are not only based on a sustainable resource but the companies themselves are committed to the environmental challenge.

Lindab processes over 130,000 tonnes of steel per year manufacturing and marketing a range of products including: ventilation ducting, rainwater systems,

In the building industry there are a number of clear pointers to indicate whether a company is working towards sustainable

In the UK, Lindab’s “Rainline” rainwater drainage system is attracting considerable interest as it ticks all the environmental boxes and provides a high performance solution for rain drainage for all types of buildings.

key. This is an internationally recognised environmental standard designed to and assessment of their environmental impact and also their legal obligations. This is achieved by implementing and monitoring a programme of continuous environmental improvement in both the production process and product development. Lindab, a Swedish building products company, bases its business on sustainable, environmentally friendly systems in steel, focusing on minimising

light weight steel framing systems.

Lighter and less expensive than traditional cast iron systems, Rainline is highly resistant to corrosion and is also self believe in this product which is why we - Rainline is completely recyclable so no need to worry about disposal or the Fennell. For products to be successful they also have to be easy to install - Rainline components are precision engineered to quickly and simply click together for a silicone on any of the connecting joints, gutter joints and end stop parts.


Manufactured from high quality, zinc coated galvanised steel, Rainline, according to UK Business Manager Jonathan Fennell is becoming the system only because of it’s green credentials –it’s manufactured from 30% recycled material - but Rainline also out performs aluminium, cast iron and plastic systems, and unlike plastic, it will not crack, fade or leak “ reports Mr Fennell.

Stunning Pair of Grand Marble Lion Statues Delivered to Country Estate by Regent Antiques Leading antiques dealer Regent Antiques recently made a special delivery to one British country estate. Leading antiques dealer Regent Antiques recently made a special delivery to one British country estate. This highly unusual pair of roaring lion statues lasting impression wherever their new owner chooses to place them. Lions have long been an important cultural symbol throughout Europe, Asia and Africa, with their usage dating back thousands of years. These incredible creatures sit near the top of the food chain within the animal kingdom, and there have been many incidents of lions attacking humans throughout history. However, lions retain a positive reputation in popular culture, thanks to their demeanour which is seen as a strong, but gentle, giant. The most popular depiction of the lion throughout history and culture is symbolic of their image as “king of the jungle.” Lions are typically used as a symbol of stateliness and bravery, hence why they are often used in relation Regent Antiques have just delivered. Leading UK antiques specialists Regent Antiques have a fantastic collection of cabinets and banquet tables, made from the highest quality woods, to more intricate items such as Sterling silver dining sets; Regent Antiques has one of the most extensive collections of antique around. To view the complete range of beautiful antiques available for the home, statues, visit the Regent Antiques website at

New fo Permarr 2013 Green R oof oo System f

Exterior & Landscaping COMPANY


MARCH 2014


roof systems, trims and associated roofing components. From its head office distribution centre in Derby, Permaroof (UK) Ltd has earned an enviable reputation for the supply of Firestone Rubbercover. Reliability of service and a bespoke training facility has led to a month by month increase of its stockist network. As authorised importer and distributor, Permaroof's mission is to make Rubbercover widely available across the UK. Permaroof (UK) Ltd was founded in 2000. It was at this time that Firestone Building Products was looking at entering the residential market with its superior flat roof system. Back then, it was difficult to persuade the public to try something new to solve the age old problem of leaking flat roofs. Now Permaroof UK is one of the UK's largest suppliers to the UK residential market.

A cold applied system, requiring no heat, no flames, and no trouble obviously a unique selling point to tradesmen - it is easy to install, making it attractive to both trade and DIY.

Training centre Permaroof has its own national Rubbercover training centre and holds one day introductory training courses twice a week, giving full hands on experience of installing the range of products. Attendees go away with a full understanding of the products and system, as well as a numbered certificate, presenter, brochures, samples, tools, and sample roof. Partly subsidised by Permaroof as proof of its commitment to the growing popularity of the product, this facility is available to all Permaroof customers and stockist network customers.

Permaroof Trim速 To complement the Firestone Rubbercover system, Permaroof also offers its patented uPVC trim system, providing a perfect finish for a roof.

mer news

The unique gutter edge design eliminates the need for any fixings to penetrate the membrane, the only system on the market to offer this. Eighteen months in its design, the finished article is now distributed through Permaroof's national network of stockists, and is soon to be launched into Europe.

Dedicated support team Each member of the fourteen strong Permaroof support team is fully trained on the full product range and responsible for a particular area of the business, serving and supporting the stockist network. Internal and external sales teams, customer liaison staff, warehouse staff, accounts department, and an in house technical department make up the winning team. Opportunities Permaroof is inviting interested stockist outlets to join its ever growing network. An excellent package is on offer, including point of sale material, display boards, sample roofs, open days, and full training for staff members.

Green Roof Systems Permaroof also offers a green roof system, with a full specification service for customers. Deliveries can be made directly to site, thus eliminating the need for stock holding. The green roof system comes as bespoke, or as an established modular system, giving end users a completed green roof system almost straight away.

The Product Firestone Rubbercover is a single sheet of EPDM rubber, available in sizes up to 15m wide by 61m long, meaning most residential applications come in one piece with no joints. It's totally UV stable with an expected lifespan in excess of fifty years, as already proven by the Trade Association of the German Rubber Industry, Frankfurt, and SKZ - TeConA GmbH, Wurburg.

As from June 1st 2010, Permaroof is launching its Green Roof awareness days for customers, giving them an insight into what green roofs are, how they work, and guidance on installations.

Existing stockists are seeing sales grow monthly. The popularity of the product continues to soar as the public greets this product with open arms: a solution to flat roofs that's been a long time coming! Permaroof would be particularly pleased to hear from Scottish branches. Managing director, Adrian Buttress, says: "For the last ten years we have been involved with this product and enjoyed watching the sales literally grow every month. As yet, we have done very little in the Scottish areas, and are keen to meet with key interested companies. There are several options for them to get involved, with a market ready to be discovered." Permaroof is urging merchants to act as soon as possible, as once the stockist network has been created, the company will be working on national advertising to help and support them. Further Information Further information is available by email, by visiting the company website, or by calling the number below. The friendly sales team are always happy to discuss requirements. For those already involved with EPDM, Permaroof is offering some fantastic deals as a result of its bulk buying power directly from the manufacturer.

Gridshell Building

Buro Happold Consulting Engineer

Edward Cullinan Architect

Why RoofKrete? RoofKrete Waterproofing was specified instead of conventional Sustainability Factors RoofKrete Single Ply PVC or Single Ply PVC or TPO because of sustainability. Single Ply TPO

Architects Journal Award Durability

75/100 Years

20 Years

Embodied Energy


47,000 kWh/m3

Transport Embodied Energy

Very Small

Huge 2MJ/Ton Km



Difficult + Pollution


Identical installed cost

Millennium Award 2000

Eco House Award 2009

email web telephone 07970 455 050

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Singleton door style launched by Kitchen Door Workshop New door style Singleton in an Olive finish

Providing its customers with even more choice when it comes to eclectic styles, the online replacement door specialist, Kitchen Door Workshop has created the new Singleton door and drawer option. Noticing the trend for kitchens that sit somewhere between traditional and modern styles, Singleton has been designed with beautiful yet restrained detailing. The outer routed double line edging and central deep panel with a plain square edge, gives it a classic nod, whilst its precise corners and linear styling give it a modern and fresh appeal. Quite simply, Ticehurst kitchen quickly and simply with a traditional but unfussy look.

The high quality Singleton door is available as a replacement door or drawer front and comes in a wide range of sizes. It’s also available in numerous

H71.5xW49.6xD1.8cm retails from ÂŁ24.95 including VAT. The new door style will be unveiled at the kbb exhibition 2014 at the NEC in Birmingham 2-5th March 2014. For further details on the Kitchen Door Workshop please call 0845 643 1928 or visit The Kitchen Door Workshop showroom is located at Sussex, TN22 3AY.

After the resounding success at kbb LDN 2013, the Kitchen Door Workshop has announced its plans to exhibit at kbb Birmingham 2-5th March 2014. Come see us at J80

Kitchens & Bathrooms

Are you looking for ingenuity and innovation in your kitchen designs?

MARCH 2014


If so the Krushr Household Recycling Compactor may just give you the edge you need. A unique and design-led take on a well-established US concept, a Krushr answers many of the demands of today’s image conscious consumer. Novel and Neat to integrate seamlessly into today’s modern kitchen structure. A Krushr compactor enables all household recyclables to be stored in one convenient place. Plastics, card, food packaging waste, plastic bottles and even storage for non-crush items such as glass. Environmental Conscience A compactor provides a real incentive to maximise the proportion of household waste that is recycled. For those wishing to embrace the Code for Sustainable Homes (Storage of Non-recyclable and Recyclable Convenience The compaction function of the Krushr increases capacity by as much as 300% when compared with a conventional sorter bin arrangement and thereby reduces trips to outside bins. Krushr is the only company in the UK catering for the compactor market and, with management of recycling waste being a major growth area, is seeing an increase in sales month on month. The range comprises the various waste segregation requirements of Local Authorities.

All models are designed to be quiet and

For further information Email |

Yu Seal Ltd Unit 6 Station Goods Yard, Long Buckby Northants, NN6 7QA Tel: 01327 842411 Email: YU SEAL - Upstand Solution is the best sealing solution for upstands, splashbacks and tiles. Gone are the days of silicone, no need for messy, unattractive finishes. Yu Seal oers a highly water resistant, hygienic, uniform rubberised seal, perfect for kitchens or bathrooms. Ideal for use with granite, solid surface, composite, laminate and tiles. Long lasting, easy to fit and competitively priced. For stockists visit our website



The Esther Taylor Design marble bathroom: The brief was hotel glamour. It is fitted with beautiful solid slab of Carrara marble. It was cut down to 90cm squares on the floor and bigger panels for the walls. Great emphasis was placed on matching up the veining when setting it out. As a result, it now looks like one continuous piece. The fittings are Villeroy and Boch. The total cost of the bathroom is in the region of £28,000. If you need further brands for the bathroom they are:


1. 2. 3. 4. 5.

Bath- Victoria and Albert Toilet and B day – Saneaux Taps – Hans Grohe Sinks – Villeroy and Boch Cabinetry – Bespoke





Wetroom gratings, traps & channels - award winning designs from Europe’s acknowledged leaders. Dallmer Ltd, 4 Norman Way, Lavenham, Suffolk CO10 9PY, England tel : 01787 248244 fax: 01787 248246

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The Octa table by Bonaldo wins the Good Design Award The Octa table by Bonaldo has been awarded within the furniture category the prestigious Good Design Award, an international design award which is assigned to the most innovative products in the year. Set up in 1950, the Good Design Award is organised by the Chicago Athenaeum Museum of Architecture and Design in conjunction with the European Centre for Architecture Art Design and Urban Studies. The winning products are displayed permanently within the Chicago Athenaeum. The name Octa derives from the Greek word Octo: eight, the number of legs that make up this table designed by Bartoli Design for Bonaldo, made of bent and welded metal rod. Inspired by the game of Mikado pick-up sticks, the Octo legs are, in fact, the true stars of the new project by Bartoli Design: they lend the table an unusual visual lightness, in addition to great solidity and stability. Octa is available in a broad variety of finishes, including the innovative ceramic table top (LaminamŽ) aording the highest performance levels. Octa is also available with a lacquered wood, solid wood or glass table top. The base is made of chromed or painted metal.

Unique Boutique The Red Cabinet Company specialises in directly sourcing one-off antique Chinese and Oriental furniture at very competitive prices. Some of the latest additions to this season’s collection include genuine antique Chinese wedding cabinets, lacquered chests, treasure boxes, sideboards, armoires, tables, chairs and Tibetan cabinets. Each item is unique and can complement either classical or contemporary interior design. Established in 2011, The Red Cabinet Company is owned by a large British engineering group. Its concept was born out of the owner’s passion for collecting Chinese antique furniture, as he frequently visits China on business. The Red Cabinet Company is therefore able to hand-select and directly source classic and antique Chinese and Oriental furniture (usually between 60 to 120 years old). This exquisite furniture embraces the traditional craftsmanship and attention to detail as seen throughout the collection. The collection can be viewed and purchased online or at Red Cabinet’s new showroom premises in Hastings, East Sussex. Typical pieces include Chinese and Tibetan cabinets, treasure boxes, sideboards, armoires, tables and chairs to complement both classical and contemporary interior designs. As each piece is unique, early viewing is advisable.

Chinese Tall Cabinet MC7, £499.80 155 x 74 x 45 cm

Chinese Red Treasure Box MISC5, £73 11 x 25 x 16 cm

Chinese Sideboard Flower Painted SB15 £940.80 82 x 174 x 42 cm

Tibetan Cabinet TC12 £264.60 68 x 45 x 33 cm

Tibetan Green Cabinet TC10, £264.60 66 x 44 x 17 cm

Red Lacquer Wedding Cabinet LC15, £588.00 175 x 106 x 59 cm

Chinese Low Profile Table TBL4 £764.40 54 x 205 x 112 cm

Red Cabinet Company - Antique Oriental Furniture at Competitive Prices

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bB Design House Launches New Showroom in West London bB Design House is pleased to announce the launch of their new luxury showroom in West London. As leading home stagers, the company home staging service, the team pools together a wealth of over 30 years of experience in interior design to offer a showroom that stocks an extensive range of well known luxury brands of lighting, fabrics, furniture and home accessories from Villiers and Andrew Martin to India Jane and Ben Whistler, all at competitive prices. The new showroom is the must see destination for homeowners looking for a resource to browse for inspiration and purchase. There is a full and exclusive interior design service available in London and the surrounding areas and the team are also on hand to provide beautiful fully furnished packages to anyone relocating in London. The company takes on a personable approach and prides itself on its ability to provide highly individual schemes that are rich in character, full of exquisite detail and functional, with pieces extensively sourced to meet the most discerning of tastes.


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Isabella from £850

Designer furniture without the designer price tag. We’d love to hear from you, call 01483 410007

Jake from £1836

Jasper from £1768

The pure feel of the real fire Planika’s interview with Tom Cornwell O

n this month’s case study, meet Tom Cornwell, managing partner of The Oakridge Partnership, and the owner of an absolutely amazing Villa Escarpa in Portugal. The

how that approach was carried out during the Villa Escarpa Project.

This is probably one of the largest development we have taken on”, said Tom - the owner of the Villa Escarpa, “it was inherent from a building that we bought a long time ago and it was in a fantastic position overlooking the bay of Praia da Luz in Portugal.

” “

The house is pure white”, he added, “so there are very few products that would work well with it, without automatically changing the feel of the minimal, white, clear, ideal, because stainless steel is one of the items that I have used quite extensively. But it doesn’t change the soul of the house. And creates this luxury feel. | Tel: +48 52 364 11 59 To access the full case study, click here

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Construction Update March 2014  
Construction Update March 2014