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Get to know NEW DIMENSIONS in storage and sawing If you are running out of warehouse space or sawing capacity, KASTO has the perfect solution for you. KASTO Ltd

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AUTOMATED SHEET METAL STORAGE AND HANDLING CUTS DELIVERY TIMES De Cromvoirtse, a Netherlandsbased steel stockholder and contract manufacturer of small batches of semi-finished sheet metal components, has invested in two interlinked, automated storage systems from Kasto and connected them to three sheet metal laser cutting machines to help speed deliveries. The Uniline store and Unitower B ensure fast, accurate, damagefree material handling, while the supplier’s warehouse management system keeps track of stock and ensures smooth order processing. Internet shopping is on the rise, not only for consumer purchases but also in industry. Manufacturers are increasingly ordering materials

online, as it saves time and cuts costs by allowing different offers to be compared easily. The increased competition means that a vendor, to be successful, must not only have a broad range of products at attractive prices, but also be able to make fast deliveries and provide a comprehensive array of services. Founded in 1982 and with headquarters in the town of Oisterwijk, near Tilburg, De Cromvoirtse spotted this trend early. The company has operated an online portal since 2008, which today accounts for about 70 percent of orders. Customers can use the website to upload drawings and specifications and within two minutes they receive an automatically calculated quotation

for production of the component. Manufacturing capacity includes press brakes in addition to the laser cutting machines. About 90 percent of products are made from steel, stainless steel or aluminium sheet, the remainder being pipes and sections. Janwillem Verschuuren, one of the company’s two managing directors commented, “Most of our 1,200 customers are small and medium-sized companies, like agricultural machine manufacturers, car body makers and machine builders. “For them, it often doesn’t pay to buy machines of their own and hire expert personnel to make parts, because they only need limited quantities.

“As a rule, we deliver laser-cut components in 24 to 48 hours, while folded sheet metal parts can be supplied within a week.” To serve the needs of its growing customer base reliably and quickly, De Cromvoirtse has not only automated its ordering process but also most of its production. Its metalworking machines operate around the clock, seven days a week including for long periods unattended. On average, 400 to 500 tonnes of material are held in stock. The double-sided Uniline store from Kasto has nearly 1,000 storage locations, with special pallets for different materials and sizes as well as for remnants. A stacker crane travels between the two rows of the facility, storing and retrieving material automatically as needed. Mr Verschuuren recalled, “When we invested in our new warehouse, we investigated various storage options but Kasto quickly emerged as the front-runner. “Other manufacturers offered us standard solutions that were unsatisfactory, whereas Kasto worked with us right from the planning phase to develop new ideas for the design. They told us clearly what wouldn’t work and what would.” For example, it proved possible to connect two flat-bed laser cutting machines seamlessly to achieve continuous material flow. To facilitate this, Kasto installed two manipulators at the Uniline’s output station. With vacuum suction units, the manipulators lift sheets from storage, place them on the shuttle tables and then remove the finished parts and remnants. In this way, De Cromvoirtse has substantially increased the production capacity of its machines and shortened throughput times. Ronnie van den Hurk, the other managing director at De Cromvoirtse said, “The KASTO solution allows fast, efficient and safe handling of our materials. The stacker crane is equipped with two pallet stations to shorten cycle times and avoid empty runs. For each

storage operation there is always a retrieval operation happening at the same time.” Owing to the company’s booming online business and growing number of orders, even this system eventually reached its limits. In 2016, the company asked Kasto how to increase the store’s performance. The supplier’s first thought was to add a second stacker crane to the existing Uniline system, but this reconfiguration would have interfered with the store’s operations. So Kasto devised an alternative solution involving the installation of a separate Unitower B store next to the existing inline system to provide additional capacity. The latest storage system, which was installed in a few weeks without interrupting the stockholder’s operations, consists of a double tower and stacker crane. Rising to a height of 8.5 metres and with a compact footprint, it has space for almost 80 pallets, each of which can hold sheets measuring up to 3,000 x 1,500 mm. Only the pallet that has been called up needs to be moved, ensuring fast access times, while the efficient lifting gear offers significant energy savings. For maximum flexibility, the Unitower is connected to the Uniline store at the top by a bridge with a longitudinal, rail-mounted carriage. In this way, pallets move automatically from one area of the storage facility to another without losing valuable space below. An additional laser cutting machine is connected to the Unitower, loading and unloading being performed automatically. Using various grippers, it is possible to handle whole sheets as well as cut parts and remnants, increasing

productivity and flexibility. An advantage of the Kasto solution, according to Mr Verschuuren, is that unlike many other storage systems, it allows metalworking machinery of any make to be integrated easily. De Cromvoirtse is therefore able to source production equipment from more than one supplier so can use machines that are most suitable for the given requirements. Both the new and existing stores are controlled by Kasto’s warehouse management software, KASTOlogic, which has been programmed to treat the two areas as a single, connected system to facilitate operation and increase stock transparency. It is connected with the stockholder’s ERP system, ensuring consistent data flow and smooth order processing. As with the machine tools on-site, both the Uniline and the Unitower can be monitored remotely. If necessary, Kasto engineers can access the facility online from Germany and rectify any problems, although Mr van den Hurk advised that this has rarely been needed. He concluded, “KASTO gave us optimum support during our latest project, as it has done since the outset. We have achieved another big increase in productivity, while also making work easier for our employees, and our customers continue to benefit from short delivery times.”

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Construction Update May 2018


10 42 May 2018

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Industry News May 2018

Mobile Technology Transforming Health and Safety outside the office

on insurance claims, by reducing dispute times, managing risks and improving learning. Stored securely in the cloud means images are easy to share, always accessible and ready for processing and analysis. Additionally, Mirashare will use the mobile’s GPS functionality, recording the incident location co-ordinates in order to display the map on the central system. Management Information: Information is gold dust, but only if you analyse it and act upon the findings. All mobile reports are immediately notified to whomever you wish by email or SMS, so you can quickly act upon any significant event. A major investigation can be followed through to closure and minor reports closed quickly. If subject to any HSE investigations your actions and evidence are available in one place, demonstrating how seriously you take your H&S obligations.

Mobile technology is transforming how businesses operate, and it’s no surprise - the nation’s love affair with Smartphones and tablets makes mobile devices the primary way of accessing internet services for an estimated 80-85% of UK adults. Traditionally paper based activities, such as keeping diaries and address books have been digital for a long time. Now Health and Safety events – incidents, near misses and hazards - can be recorded digitally too, in a way that interfaces seamlessly to your central system. This facility empowers the workforce at all levels, in ways that were unimaginable a few years ago.


Ease of access: Smartphone ownership means many employees have the potential to send incident notifications. Some employers may supply mobile devices for business use. Using a purpose-built App for reporting therefore offers an easy and convenient solution which only takes around 30 seconds. Most organisations using paper-based systems acknowledge that many near misses are not picked up because staff forget or are too busy to notify after the event.

We know that engaged, responsible employees will, through their actions, provide safer environments to work in, if they are given the means to do it. So, imagine how using smartphones as part of your health and safety operation can help drive a change of health and safety culture in your organisation - for everyone - from the admin office to the building site. Employees can report hazards before they cause an incident, creating a greater sense of collective ownership and personal responsibility. Recording Information: The old adage a picture is worth a thousand words still stands and Mirashare uses your mobile device’s camera to let you take as many photos as you need to clearly explain the event. You support this with a text explanation, or a voice or other sound recording for those that don’t want to use keyboards. This is all integrated, fast and easy. This simple functionality can have an impressive impact

Report and graphing facilities enable you to analyse your data to identify and act upon trends to minimise the risks. Cost benefit : Adding a health and safety system which includes mobile technology doesn’t have to be expensive and the benefits are: more effective reporting with richer data, faster response to reduce incident costs and automated data entry that improves productivity. Above all, it turns everyone that carries a smartphone into a joint owner of your enterprise health and safety vision. If you would like to know more about how Mirashare and how mobile technology can transform your health and safety performance, get in touch today on 01304 382410 or click here to book a demo.

May 2018 Industry News

A new innovation from Atkins London Festival of An Atkins-designed innovation centre and campus hub has opened at the University of Edinburgh

Architecture comes to Royal Wharf Royal Wharf, Ballymore & Oxley’s flagship development in London’s Royal Docks, will join the capital’s finest architectural plans, projects and minds as part of the annual London Festival of Architecture. Taking place throughout the month of June, London Festival of Architecture seeks to celebrate the leading lights of architectural experimentation, thinking and practice.

Atkins is the designer behind a new animal science innovation centre and campus hub which was opened on 2.5.18 at the University of Edinburgh by Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal. The £23m Charnock Bradley Building at the university’s Royal (Dick) School of Veterinary Studies provides a place at the heart of the university campus for staff, students, and businesses to share ideas, innovations and research. It is part of the University of Edinburgh’s four-phase, 20-year development of the campus to establish it as a world-leading centre of excellence for animal science. Atkins, is a member of the SNC-Lavalin Group, SNC-Lavalin acquired WS Atkins plc on July 3, 2017. The 7,000 sq m sustainable building brings together university students, staff and research scientists into shared facilities including a gym, student services, cafe, teaching laboratory and exhibition space. The building also houses the Roslin Innovation Centre, an ‘incubator’ with research and development laboratories and offices for bioscience companies, including start-ups. The building is also home to the Easter Bush Innovation Centre, a teaching

laboratory used by schools to encourage interest in science and to provide children with access to advanced scientific equipment. The gym and shop will also be available for public use. Neil McLean, Lead Architect for SNC-Lavalin’s Atkins business, said: “Our design allowed for open spaces that help build a community between the building users. We’ve designed to allow for maximum adaptability and flexibility within the building. The laboratory and office spaces, for example, can be easily arranged in an open-plan, group, or small-scale format depending on the enduser’s requirements. We wanted the building to be loose and flexible, and able to accommodate any use the tenants envision in future, optimising the space for collaboration and innovation.” The exterior of the building has two key design elements: a grounded triangular block, clad in natural stone with a living green wall complete with irrigation to fit the surrounding landscape; and an elevated glazed ellipse form. Together, they create a unique identity for a building intended to serve as a hub at the heart of a campus.

Within this year’s programme, Ballymore & Oxley will host an event on the evening of 26th June at Royal Wharf. Taking place between 6.30pm and 9.00pm, guests will experience a comprehensive tour of the unique 3,385 homes scheme, followed by an architectural presentation and drinks reception in the Marketing Suite. Situated at the heart of the scheme, the Marketing Suite, with its two roof terraces, is the ideal location to experience the sheer scale and architectural innovation of the scheme, while offering sweeping views of Greenwich Peninsula and the Thames Barrier. The variety of architectural styles is complemented by access to green and open space. Indeed, residents will be able to step out of their apartments onto the new 500m-riverfront promenade which leads to the two riverside parks which border the development, Barrier Park and Lyle Park. The London Festival of Architecture is a citywide event which brings together designers, architects and curators to share ideas on architecture and its impact on the capital. The theme of this year’s festival is ‘Identity’, a concept which seeks to celebrate those projects which both reflect and add to the unique identity of London. Developed by Ballymore & Oxley, Royal Wharf is a landmark new neighbourhood located in the heart of the Royal Docks regeneration area. The scheme will see the creation of 3,385 homes for approximately 10,000 residents and the first residents moved into their new homes in early 2017. It was recently announced that the development had completed its 1200th home, with a further 1,000 units due to complete in 2018. For more information and to RSVP please visit the London Festival of Architecture website.


Industry News May 2018

51-storey high-rise plan fuels Manchester tower boom Manchester’s tower boom shows no sign of slowing after Renaker Build submitted plans for two new towers next to its Owen Street cluster.

New chair of Architectural Ironmongers announced Joanne Milne-Rowe has been in the industry for 20 years and was announced as the new chair at the Annual General Meeting The Institute of Architectural Ironmongers (IAI) has appointed Joanne Milne-Rowe as its new national chair. The appointment was announced at the IAI’s AGM on April 28. Jo has been in the industry for over 20 years and has a wealth of experience in architectural hardware, mechanical security and electronic access control.

The Manchester residential high-rise specialist is now planning to build 51-storey and 21-storey residential blocks in the Great Jackson Street district. Its 1.6ha Crown Gate site fronts Chester Road, Mancunian Way and Deansgate Interchange roundabout. Both buildings will be linked by a podium building, with the full scheme offering over 660 flats for rent. DQ Investments, a subsidiary of Renaker Build, already has several major scheme on the go in Salford and Manchester. These include Owen Street, Chester Road in Manchester, and Exchange Court in Salford City Centre, which forms part of the Greengate masterplan. The latest scheme, called Crown Gate phase 1, has been designed by architect SimpsonHaugh with Yorkshirebased DP Squared providing structural engineering and Beechfield Consulting Engineers M&E design services. The podium and ground levels of both buildings will be brick clad. Tower façades are patterned with a tartan type grid, constructed in recessed aluminium panels with a dark bronze colour finish.


The secondary grid is created in the centre projecting bays, this is finished in back pained glass with a bronze tone. Purge vent panels are also proposed comprising a perforate metal sheet flanked by clear glass.

For the past year Jo has served as IAI vice chair alongside her current role as business development manager at Codelocks. Before this, she served as chairman for the south-east region of the IAI. Jo said: “I hope that as chair of the Institute, I can play a role in changing certain perceptions about the industry and encourage the next generation of talent to seek a career in our ever-changing sector. This is a forward-looking organisation, committed to professional standards and raising the profile of Registered Architectural Ironmongers. “The Institute is its members, and I want the members to know that I’m here to listen to their thoughts and ideas for taking the IAI forward.” Mario Del-Signore, outgoing chair of the IAI, said: “In her role as vice chair and in her previous position as chairman of the south-east region, Jo has more than proved her commitment to improving communication and engagement among members. I have no doubts that she will continue to take the Institute from strength to strength.” Mario Del-Signore was recognised at the AGM for his service to the Institute and his many achievements during his chairmanship, including initiatives to increase the IAI’s presence in Asia and the Middle East. Replacing Jo as vice chair of the IAI is current south-west branch chair Deborah Chance, customer support team leader at dormakaba. Deborah has nearly 18 years of industry experience as well as being a GAI Diploma holder, a FDIS Diploma holder and a RegAI. During this time, she has acquired an extensive knowledge of ironmongery, in particular mechanical key systems and access control products.


May 2018 Industry News

Use Wood Wisely says Norbord Rather than burning timber as fuel for energy generation it is more efficient to 12:47 Page 1 process virgin timber into wood panels for the construction industry says campaign Norbord’s Use Wood Wisely campaign is said to tell you all you need to know about the responsible and sustainable use of wood; and how government strategy is affecting the world of timber supply and use. Rather than burning virgin timber as fuel for energy generation, and thereby releasing tonnes of CO2 into the atmosphere and contributing to climate change, Norbord argues for the ‘cascade of use’ philosophy. It is much more efficient to process virgin timber into added-value products, such as wood panels, that are used in the housing and construction industry. Burning a hole in the pockets of consumers The prime economic driver for burning wood in UK power stations is government-funded subsidies, paid per unit of renewable energy supplied via the Renewables Obligation or as part of a pre-arranged contract to energy generators. The cost of these subsidies is passed on first to consumers via their energy bills, and then again via products they may purchase. This is due to rising energy costs for manufacturers and, in the case of wood-using industries, increased raw material costs. If part of government policy is to deliver emissions reductions at lowest cost then it needs to be asked why they are supporting expensive and inefficient woodfired electricity-only projects (burning wood to generate electricity uses only circa 38% of its embedded energy) that could be increasing emissions instead of reducing them.

Whilst burning biomass in combined heat and power plants (CHP) is also being encouraged, and on paper can have utilisation efficiencies of circa 80%, this is dependent on there being a viable consumer for all the heat generated. At present, a generator can claim support for having a CHP plant even though the efficiency is below that set out in the government CHPQA scheme. If wood burning for energy is to be subsidised, these subsidies should, at the very least, be directed towards the most efficient use of the material being burned and only towards that which has reached ‘end of life’ and cannot be converted into products that will ensure that the carbon remains embedded in the wood, says Norbord. Current policy is said to be neither financially nor environmentally logical with regards to these misdirected subsidies. A study conducted by VIVID Economics, a London-based consultancy with expertise in UK energy systems, concluded that solar and wind are likely to be the least-costly way to ensure UK reliability of supply while also achieving power sector decarbonisation goals – not biomass. This analysis factored in the latest technology costs, the costs created at the system level by integrating a new source of generation onto the system, and the cost of carbon pollution. Norbord continues to campaign for the best use of wood supplies via the Use Wood Wisely campaign. In the wood panels industry, among others, wood is made into panels that lock up carbon for many decades.

THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE! • Easy and quick to apply by trowel or spray • Extremely fast drying time • Universal use: internal or external and new & old buildings • Unbeatable flexibility • Excellent crack-bridging capability >2mm • Strong resistance to hydrostatic pressure • Highly adhesive to most common building substrates • Overcoat in just over 4 hours • UV-resistant • Can be over-coated with Remmers coatings • Extreme resistance to frost and salts • Solvent & bitumen free – low odour

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Create stunning, durable exteriors with Trespa Pura NFC® Cladding

Trespa Pura NFC® cladding was recently used by our customer Westclad Ltd on high-specification homes by Burrington Estates in one of the most sought-after locations in Plymouth.

Highly weather resistant and easy to install The luxurious, energy efficient homes were finished to a very high standard, with 300m2 of Trespa Pura being fitted to protect and enhance the exteriors. Robert Kendryna, Managing Director at Westclad Ltd, Plymouth, Devon, chose Trespa Pura because of “the high-quality finish and ease of installation due to its smart system of planks, fasteners and accessories”, he continued “buyers of these prestigious houses will have an attractive cladding system which they don’t need to paint or lacquer - an added bonus for many homeowners I would imagine!”

Trespa Pura NFC features: • • • • • • • • •

Easy to install No need to paint or lacquer Highly weather resistant Low maintenance High impact and scratch resistance Cleans with a simple wipe Easy to handle and cut to size Can be installed horizontally or vertically Range of wood and uni colours

To find out more about Trespa Pura NFC® for residential, commercial or industrial developments visit: or call us on 01422 310 319 today.

Trespa Pura NFC® - Smart Cladding System

Attractive exterior cladding with a smart system of planks, fasteners and accessories. Trespa Pura NFC® has high scratch and impact resistance for a hassle-free installation. Solid and sturdy, it is highly weather resistant with no need to paint or lacquer. To find out more visit: Sample hotline: 01422 310 319

May 2018


May 2018

Unitised Systems for All More specifiers in the UK are becoming aware that Unitised systems are becoming more affordable and available through UK fabrication specialists. Simple to install by experienced teams on site, unitised systems can speed up the completion of the building envelope on site, whilst also catering for greater building movement.


om Wells of Allford Hall Monaghan Morris Architects, comments, “Scotland Yard is the radical remodelling and extension of a 1930s building in Whitehall, to provide a new headquarters for the Metropolitan Police. “The new west facade was designed as a more contemporary element using aluminium unitised curtain walling, manufactured in Poland by Aluprof. The system is a combination of glazed and solid bronze powder coated panels with a brise-soleil of different colour aluminium fins forming privacy and solar shading. The colour of the fins sampled

the surrounding buildings, creating a rich tapestry which despite its modern form, complements its prestigious location. “Aluprof were able to produce bespoke extrusions to suit the architectural design and engineered the system to meet the strict performance requirements, whilst also advising on delivery, logistics and erection. Due to tight access and proximity to neighbouring parliamentary buildings, the glazed and Louvre panels were craned to the roof, assembled together and then lowered into position in a matter of weeks.”

The choice of curtain wall construction for many years has been limited to the traditional ‘stick’ form of construction. Aluminium mullion and transom profiles prepared in the factory are assembled and fixed onto the building in a grid formation and later glazed on site with, or without, pressure plates. These systems offer an excellent solution for small or large areas of glazed facades. A relatively simple concept, a unitised facade installation consists of individually glazed, aluminium framed, complete unitised elements being delivered and assembled on site. Each unit is complete and, once in place, seals effectively to its unitised neighbour and offers a complete weathered installation. The unitised solution often shortens the time required to complete the building envelope and can save weeks on a building programme.


May 2018 Many of the very large facade companies in the UK and Europe specialise in unitised systems, but due to the nature of fabrication and logistics, will not consider projects under a certain value. These companies often hold the designs to the profiles and initiate weather testing on a ‘per project’ basis. For small to medium sized buildings in the UK we have therefore normally resorted to ‘stick’ curtain wall systems which are relatively easy to produce in a well equipped aluminium fabrication shop. Whilst these systems can be cost effective, they can take time to complete on site, often relying on wet sealing solutions in their construction so program progress can be slow in damp conditions, which is not ideal given the uncertainty of the British weather. The most competitive stick systems comprise of 50mm mullion and transom sight lines which suit most construction requirement, but care is needed when calculating for allowable thermal and building movement. Unitised systems are complete facade elements which

span from floor to floor and are often in standard module widths that allow for greater movement around their unitised perimeters than that of their stick system counterparts. In today’s construction market, filling the supply gap between the huge facade contractors and the smaller to medium sized facade contractors are the aluminium ‘systems’ companies. These systems companies supply ‘off the shelf’ profiles complete with hardware solutions to the experienced fabricator and installation contractors. The systems are manufactured to strict guidelines, often laid down in a comprehensive technical manual, and once installed, perform to extensive weathering capabilities. Until a decade or so ago, no systems companies provided such unitised solutions. Windows, doors and stick curtain wall systems can easily be produced on a typical fabrication line, as the completed products are of reasonable size which can be manually handled and easily delivered. Unitised construction requires a significant investment in new plant and machinery, as well as experience in manufacture, logistics and installation.


Manufacturing often requires a new production line with mechanical lifting equipment. Unitised systems

are factory glazed and elements are typically up to 3.0m in height and 1.2m or more in width which weigh upward of 150kg once glazed. It is this fully glazed fabrication requirement for unitised construction which is not normally considered in a typical aluminium fabrication shop. Logistics are also much different to normal commercial aluminium work. Whilst stick curtain wall systems, unglazed windows and doors can easily be packaged and loaded onto a flat bed lorry for transport, unitised modules are usually placed in racks which are either lifted off in their entirety on site, or when possible, unitised elements can be lifted off individually and installed direct from the delivery vehicle. As unitised elements take up little space and can be installed quickly, they are ideal for where site access is very tight and storage limited. Where racks of complete elements are loaded to the floor where they are being installed, special plant is used for installation. These specialised machines pick up units from the rack, take them beyond the floor edge, turns the unit vertical and places it upon the fixing brackets, where the unit aligns with the edge seals of adjacent units. Scaffolding is not required when the glazed facade is constructed of

May 2018 unitised elements. No applied ‘wet’ sealing is required on installation, so units can be installed in inclement weather, the only issue that does require monitoring is that of high winds. Being able to install without scaffolding and in damp weather ensures that the building envelope is watertight in the shortest space of time and importantly, to programme. This leads us onto the third crucial element of unitised facade installation, that of setting out. A unitised element sits on two brackets fixed to the building structure, these brackets need to be set out accurately around the building on all floors prior to any units being delivered on site. Between the units there is a least two structural seals which link units together on all sides allowing for building and thermal movement whilst creating excellent weathertight and good thermal insulation properties. As unitised systems are manufactured off site in a controlled environment, it is often claimed that such fabrication is conducted to a much higher standard. Due to the more specialist manufacture, logistics and installation, unitised systems are more expensive than traditional stick construction. Given that scaffolding is not required, the additional costs can be completely offset but with the added benefit of up to 50% reduction in time to install on site. To ensure that the complete facade contract can be achieved with the correct expertise and appropriate efficiency, Aluprof offer UK support for their UK customers with start-up production assistance of unitised systems, offering both factory based and on site support, from experienced unitised engineers. As one of Europe’s leading systems companies, Aluprof’s MB-SE75 competitively priced unitised curtain wall system has been extensively tested and used on many European and Worldwide projects. Projects in London are also under installation at this time.

Our philosophy is one of bespoke design when in consultation with specifiers. Project details and solutions can be developed by our technical department in the UK before the project goes to tender to ensure that construction details are both robust and covered by Aluprof’s warranty. Our Aluprof UK head office and extensive distribution centre is located in Altrincham, Cheshire. Our systems are increasingly being specified on a wide range of residential and commercial

projects across the UK. Systems are designed, fabricated and installed by selected, specially trained companies, to ensure each fabricated product meets the Aluprof exacting standards. Further information is available on our company’s website at and specialist advice is available directly from our UK offices on 0161 941 4005.


May 2018

Vivalda cuts recycling costs by three quarters Vivalda, the UK’s leading distributor of architectural cladding, has demonstrated the value that recycling can bring to manufacturers following a year-long pilot scheme at its Hull facility. Having embraced a new environmental policy in early 2017, the business’s north east operation has reduced its annual waste bills by more than £10,000 or 75 percent. Concerned about the increasing cost of landfill charges and the volume of waste it was producing, the business was keen to explore ways it could divert its four main waste streams – plastic, panel board, insulation and metal – away from landfill. Liam Pickup is the driving force behind the initiative, which has completely changed the way Vivalda’s Hull site manages its waste. He explained: “Until January 2017, we simply threw all of our plastic wrapping, off-cuts of cladding and insulation into skips. It was a huge waste that was costing us around £1,400 per month in collection and landfill charges. And those costs were going to getting bigger, not smaller.”


Having installed a bailing machine, courtesy of a local equipment provider, Vivalda Hull now has its plastic waste collected and recycled fee of charge. Similarly,

off-cuts of insulation panels are now delivered to local building firms, who can use it as additional material for projects. Panel board off-cuts, which are generally made from glass reinforced concrete can be used as a valuable resource. Finally, Vivalda has installed an aluminium extraction unit, that turns waste metal into a valuable commodity that goes back into the manufacturing life cycle.” Encouraged by the benefits of the recycling scheme, Vivalda is now looking to roll out a green policy

across all of its eight UK facilities, hoping to reach out to local partners in the same way that has proved so successful in the North East. Liam Pickup concluded: “It’s been amazing what we’ve been able to achieve with just a little bit of planning and investment. To really make recycling work, we’re realised that it’s about good communication and educating both staff, suppliers and local businesses about the potential value that is hidden within waste materials.”

Commenting on the success of the pilot, Liam Pickup said:

”We have had a lot of support and interest from the staff as well as local companies that are interested in using the materials that we previously threw away. In terms of capital cost, the only kit we’ve needed to acquire is the plastic bailer and the aluminium extractor.”

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Construc�on Expo 2018 will con�nue to have great exhibitor packages, brilliant networking opportuni�es, high quality, sector specific, CPD approved workshops plus the latest news on projects and developments across the UK, keeping you up to date on every aspect of this exci�ng sector. Join us for the construc�on networking breakfast and the “Big Construc�on Dinner” - both of which will offer more networking opportuni�es with some brilliant guest speakers and delicious food. It’s a great opportunity for business leaders to meet, network and collaborate on improving cost efficiency and sustainability. Join us at our new Construc�on Village in a more central loca�on in Sussex with be�er and more flexible facili�es (40 mins from Kent/40 mins from Surrey/40 mins from Brighton) Sponsors and partners

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Floors May 2018


loorstock Ltd are a national supplier of hardwood flooring and accessories based in the Midlands. The company was founded by Managing Director, Tom Case in 2008 with the aim of providing a friendly, hands on alternative to some of the more established national wood flooring suppliers.

The company has grown rapidly from humble beginnings with only Tom and Warehouse Manager Greg Keen, trading mainly from a tiny trade counter in Barwell, just outside Hinckley in Leicestershire. After a decade, Floorstock is now considered one of the UK’s leading suppliers of wood floor finishes to professional flooring specialists. To continue growth and development Floorstock Ltd recruited Wayne Haslam, who is now Sales Director in 2012 in order to increase sales across the UK. Floorstock’s product range has grown extensively and the recent move to new premises, which includes a much larger trade counter, wood flooring showroom, and warehouse will provide customers with enhanced efficiency and extend the company’s ability to maintain its next day delivery promise as demand for product continues. The new warehouse, located in Hinckley, Leicestershire, provides space for our evergrowing range of flooring and the associated products. As well as providing a welcoming trade counter and showroom, where we can show our growing range of flooring, the new warehouse will enable us to accommodate medium term growth and ensure that we can meet our delivery commitments at times of peak demand. Floorstock Ltd can offer the highest levels of technical expertise on all wood floor topics,


particularly in finishes where they have an enviable reputation. Floorstock supplies products nationally and offers everything from sub floor materials including damp proof membranes, smoothing compounds and adhesives, through to sub floor machinery, sanding machinery, abrasives and finishes. Floorstock the UKs largest supplier to trade of Junckers lacquers and oils, WOCA floor finishes and Pallmann wood floor products, as well as national suppliers of leading brands including Bona and Osmo. Floorstock works closely in partnership with these manufacturers, ensuring their customers have access to the latest and best products on the market. Floorstock also offer a full-time machinery sales, repair and service centre, and a hire service to professionals for a wide range of equipment including floor grinders and strippers, sanding equipment and dust extractors. Customers have the option to drop in to discuss their machinery needs with Andy in the Machine Department or they offer a collection and return service for machines. For advice on flooring and finishes, Rob and Chris on the Trade Counter offer a friendly and knowledgeable service. Floorstock is open for business weekdays from 8am – 5:30pm.




Floors May 2018

Quick, clean renovations without closures. immediately. When the covering applied becomes worn after years of use, it can be removed quickly and easily, without leaving any adhesive residues.

Case Study – Shelbourne Care Home Shelbourne looks at ways of keeping noise and disruption to a minimum to avoid disturbing residents when the time comes to refurbish a room.


ith SwitchTec® by UZIN it is now possible to renovate floors without causing unnecessary disturbances or closing premises.

traffic immediately and all areas are available for use without interruption.

Floor coverings can be replaced quickly, quietly and cleanly, then years later can be removed without leaving any residues. The tape adhesives enables floor coverings to be replaced almost anywhere from shops, offices to hospitals and care homes.

SwitchTec® is a range of selfadhesive tapes which are wound onto rolls. All SwitchTec® products provide an alternative to wet adhesives or loose lay systems when installing floor coverings or skirting.

Ensuring that floors always look good means replacing them on a regular basis. Decsion makers hesitate to take this step, since it usually involves either reducing working hours or closing premises during refurbishment. UZIN solves these problems with its SwitchTec® range of adhesives. SwitchTec® offers a solution that meets the needs of customers and is designed to be used discretely so that normal working conditions are not disrupted during installation. New floor coverings are ready for foot


What is SwitchTec ? ®

Sigan® is one range of products from switchTec® whereby a variety of floor coverings such PVC, luxury vinyl tiles and carpets can be fitted onto subfloors or existing floor coverings. A new floor covering can easily be applied onto an existing floor covering (or subfloor) without having to remove the old covering. This not only avoids the normal disturbances caused when renovating, but also saves time and money. The new floor covering can then be used and walked upon

In two recent cases the incoming resident required a fitted carpet to be installed where the original flooring was a smooth vinyl. By using Sigan®, Shelbourne were able to install the carpet directly to the original vinyl flooring without the need to renovate the floor. If the next resident requests either a different carpet or a return to vinyl, the carpet can simply be uplifted and replaced with the minimum of fuss. “We are very impressed with Sigan® because it provided a quick and easy solution to the room refurbishments, whilst minimising the disturbance for residents. The fact that it allowed the rooms to be renovated in a clean and tidy manner was also a great advantage, benefiting both our staff and our residents. We would definitely use the Sigan® again.” Maureen Shields, Facilities & Operations Manager | Shelbourne Care Home For more information please visit


• Quick, clean and easy installation. • Businesses remain operational because of minimal disturbance and immediate use once installed. • Saves time and money. • Easy replacement of future flooring coverings. • 5 year guarantee to leave no residues when removed. • Durable and extremely reliable due to rigorous testing. • Free advice and site recommendations. • Solvent free and low emission.

Visit for more information.


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Healthy insulated buildings -

bad choices and how to avoid them By Will Kirkman managing director at Ecomerchant on behalf of the Protexion campaign building keeps heat in or out but also a whole range of health benefits. Those benefits affect everyone: installers, consumers, society and the environment. Health problems

Photo of well-insulated house proved by snow accumulated on roof.

Diagram showing an exemplar in insulation layering.

Most of us have never lived in a house as well insulated as the above. To achieve that, you need to choose the right insulation material for the job:

This article aims to help you choose the right insulation product for your project as well as warn you of the pitfalls of choosing the wrong ones.

Insulation – why it’s NOT a ‘no brainer’ Speaking to you as a builder, you know your project. You know you need insulation. Nine times out of 10, you’ll probably opt for a foil-backed PIR/PUR (synthetic) board. But what are your alternatives and do they matter? Yes, your insulation choices do matter as your quick decision could lead to all manner of long-term problems: • Moisture retention leading to damp, condensation and mould. • Insufficient thermal insulation making it hard to heat and keep a building warm. • Insufficient resistance to the passage of heat making it hard to keep a building cool in spring/ summer. • Noisy building – unable to absorb (attenuate) noise or prevent it from entering your building.


• Fire – unable to restrict the spread of fire/burn cleanly if the worst happens.

• Health – emitting gases as they age - we’re not sure of their impact on our health. • Durability – inability to keep insulation materials’ form and function in decades to come. • Build-a-bility – loose fit insulation leading to gaping holes vs ‘tight’ building techniques of friction fit and tongue-in-groove. • Creating an insulation disposal nightmare for the future. Create long-term problems – choose the wrong insulation As an industry, we need to get into the habit of choosing the right insulation for the job. Most buildings require a mix of insulation to perform across a range of criteria. When judging which insulation to use, value should be based on performance not just price. Not all insulation is the same and choosing by performance pays back in the long-term through lower energy bills lifetime health benefits and higher levels of comfort. Your choice of insulation has a longterm impact on not just how well a

Inappropriate or badly chosen insulation can cause health problems by encouraging mould or fungal growth . Insulation plays a key role in managing water vapour in a building. Buildings are designed to ‘breathe’ through their fabric to help moderate the effects of water through their ability to absorb and release vapour harmlessly over time. Installation - occupational hazards to avoid • Dust or fibres generated during installation can cause respiratory problems. • Dust or fibres can also cause eye infections (with or without contact lenses). • Dust or fibres cause irritation. The cost of warmth Even installing insulation to the minimum standards laid out in building regulations may not offer the levels of comfort and savings you might expect. Calculations on minimum values are done on paper and poor installation can wreak havoc with performance levels. We have never heard anyone complain that they ‘over insulated’ their home. Building regulations should be the start point and ensure insulation is installed with care. Often, the type of insulation can make fitting (so performance), so much easier as anyone who has tried to fit PIR board between timber studs will know.

May 2018 features that the occupants may benefit from and, be willing to pay for, which may not be covered by simply ‘meeting regs’. These include: phase shift and acoustic performance (not mandatory in a domestic build). If these additional features are provided through choice of insulation then the customer benefits through better performance, cheaper running costs and higher levels of comfort. The builder has fewer problems delivering them.

Achieving 0.13 W/m2K

The cost of cool Just meeting building regulation U values can lead to over-heating as they take no account of heat transfer delay (or phase shift). This is why we regularly encounter ‘hot house’ rooms, especially rooms in the roof. The diagram below shows four regscompliant sections with a U value of 0.13W/m2K but with very different capacity to delay heat transfer or phase shift. Choosing an insulation with the capacity to delay the passage of heat will help keep the building cool and comfortable even on the hottest of days. Noise Insufficient insulation means the full sound spectrum– from traffic to storm water keeping occupants awake at night – will enter your building. Choosing the right insulation can help mitigate airborne and impact noise pollution within the building. Fire If the worst happens, you want a material which limits the spread of fire and most certainly one that does not emit toxic fumes or fuels the fire. Smoke is a killer. Avoiding toxic smoke should be a major concern when choosing insulation. Health We have all heard the term ‘off gassing’ especially in relation to petrochemical

insulation materials. This is due to the escape of blowing agent used in production and can last for up to two years. Aside from the performance consequences of emerging gaps round installed insulation, there is concern about the impact of these gasses on human health - an area of active and ongoing investigation. Again many builders are choosing to apply the precautionary principle and avoid ‘potential’ issues at the design stage. That means they get the same results but with reduced or no risk. Durability Aging insulation must keep its form and function over the decades. So shrinkage – causing gaps due to collapsing fibres - means performance loss. Build-ability We should all aim for ‘tight’ building techniques. That means well-fitted insulation that is a pleasure to handle whether through a tight friction fit or a tongue-and-groove profile makes for better, more careful and more robust insulation. Disposability Let’s not let our insulation choices today create a recycling nightmare for the future. So, what are your choices? The selection of the most appropriate or best-performing materials by matching features and benefits will tend to give better results all round. Start with building regulations, remember there are

For instance PIR is ideal for under-slab and cavity wall installations where wood fibre is unsuitable but, on a pitched roof, a tongue-and-groove, dense, wood fibre board offers huge advantages. Between studs, friction-fitted, wood fibre batts offer higher density (50Kg/m3) than most alternatives at a comparable or better price. There is one principle we have learnt from our builder customers, ‘if a product can do more than one job or, by choosing it, means that another product can be left out, then it should be used.’ Is wood fibre insulation a wonder product? Pretty much. Because it’s made of natural materials, it has long-term insulation values and comfort, making it easy to live with from both health and well-being points of view. There is no known connection with respiratory diseases or eye infections which makes wood fibre insulation a highly efficient, acoustic insulator which emits no gasses as it ages. Easy to dispose of, it has a near-angelic environmental footprint. Add to all of this, its fire performance is like no other – just watch the tennis ball test HERE or this slightly unscientific test HERE. All of this is neatly summed up in this little infographic: The Protexion campaign web pages offer a host of tips, examples, background information, articles and advice on what insulation can and should do, to ensure you’re equipped to choose and build better. For more information please visit:


Energy Efficiency May 2018

Clegg Construction has started work on a new purpose-built Students’ Union building at a West Midlands university. The Nottingham-based company has been chosen as the principal contractor for the £6.5m contract at Aston University in Birmingham on behalf of Aston Students’ Union. The modern new build is located at the heart of the university campus and will replace the current 1960s Students’ Union building. Designed by Robothams Architects, the two-storey steel framed building will have striking full height glazing. Inside it will feature a range of facilities including a café, bar and restaurant, shop, social spaces, prayer room and washing facilities, games area, media room, multiexhibition and rehearsal space and office space for the union’s student officer team and services. Sustainability is a key factor of the new building which will include district heating, use of sustainable timbers, photovoltaic panels and a


strict recycling policy - the building will also achieve an A-rated Energy Performance Certificate. Work has started on site and it is due for completion in February 2019, with the facility due to open in Spring 2019. Simon Blackburn, Managing Director of Clegg Construction, said: “We’re delighted to once again be appointed by Aston University having recently completed the new labs for the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies. “This will provide a fantastic new venue for the Students’ Union.” “As a company we have achieved a lot of success in the Higher Education sector over a number of years and really established ourselves as a market leader in this field.” Reema Quessou, SU President 2017/18, said: “This new building will give Aston students the SU they deserve. There will be amazing

spaces for students to relax and recharge, plus we’ll have fresh new facilities to transform ambition into reality. We’re so excited, and can’t wait until it opens in 2019.” This will be the second project Clegg Construction has undertaken at Aston University in two years. It completed the new facility for the Aston Institute of Photonic Technologies in November 2017. Prior to that it carried out a £5.2m remodelling of the School of Engineering and Applied Science’s chemical engineering and applied chemistry facilities. Clegg Construction has completed schemes for the University of Birmingham and University of Nottingham and last year the new £10.1m Science Centre for the University of Wolverhampton. A video flythrough of the new building can be found via the Aston Union’s YouTube: For more information or to arrange an interview contact Nicola Allen at Allen PR on 07896 305059 or via email



0030% Ours use this much space in the floor

10%in build costs

Save up to


Flexible Space

Under Floor Air Conditioning Less waste. A better space. +44 (0)1342 310400

Energy Efficiency May 2018

Key calculations at the press of a button A time-saving tool to help professionals tackle complex calculations for the design of window systems is being been launched by GEZE UK.


inCalc 2.0 is an online specification platform that allows users to populate design and specification data to identify and plan suitable window configurations. The system is intended for architects, architectural ironmongers, fabricators, M and E (mechanical and electrical) companies and consultants. It can be used to calculate requirements for both manual and electric window drives for natural ventilation, smoke and heat extraction, and SHEVs (smoke and heat exhaust ventilation systems) and design the most appropriate emergency power control unit while incorporating calculations for cable cross sections and planning.


WinCalc 2.0 is intended only to be used by trained professionals as the programme is not a replacement for detailed planning. Said Andy Howland, director of sales and marketing for GEZE UK: “WinCalc 2.0 offers real advantages to professionals and will take a lot of the pain out of undertaking calculations for window systems. Its intuitive operation and speedy navigation delivers faster results and the ability to download pdf’s in ZIP format is a definite winner. For more information about GEZE UK’s comprehensive range of automatic and manual door closers call 01543 443000 or visit

WinCalc 2.0 can be used on computers or tablet devices and has a new user interface with advanced calculation options and a shortened calculation methodology. It provides a range of information that can be downloaded including calculation reports, bill of materials and diagrams which can be saved in pdf format. Key benefits include: •

performance – it minimises the volume of data to be calculated and delivers faster results.

temporary save – WinCalc 2.0 temporarily saves the last project so the next time that it’s opened, the most recent project can be selected

flexibility – the system can be used in different browsers including Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome and Safari.

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The ‘Ultimet’ Energy Saving Blind 3 Window Blinds in 1 Insulation improved – reducing heating costs Heat gain from the sun reduced – lowering cooling costs Lighting costs down – controlled levels of natural light

All in One Blind The Ultimetal fabric with the high levels of solar reflectance and low levels of emissivity afforded by its metallised coating provide industry leading levels of shading performance. The 50+ years’ experience of weaving glass-fibre based shading fabrics producing the highest levels of performance from the thinnest of materials. The Ultimetal fabric is less than one quarter of a millimetre thick, permitting a blind of over 3.0 metres in height to be stored in a cassette of less than 55mm square. Powder coated to match the window frames, the blinds become almost invisible.

Reflex-Rol supplying demonstrably scientific shading solutions. Contact us today 01989 750704

light in c Day

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Light transmission levels for the fabric in single figures can remove glare, improving workspaces and comfort zones alike. Solar reflectance (Rs) of over 70% can reduce heat gain through the glass by 25%, 40% to over 50% dependant on glass properties. The blinds also improve the insulation of the window by 15%, 20%, 30% or more, reducing temperature loss. • • 01989-750704 • Ryeford Hall, Ryeford, Ross on Wye, Herefordshire HR9 7PU

Energy Efficiency May 2018

Tansun, the infrared heating specialists, have recently designed a new app for both mobile and tablet devices which enables users to control its infrared heating systems remotely.


he company’s infrared heating products have enjoyed great success for their efficiency, practicality and stylish finishes for many years, with Tansun now moving into iOS and android application IoT enabled products. With more than 35 years’ experience in the industry, Tansun continues to advance and is committed to cutting energy costs and producing innovative products of acknowledged technical excellence, reliability and quality. Striking and simple to navigate, users can download the app via Apple and android app stores. Once downloaded, the app will perform a scan to look for an active heater which it then adds to your account. Free to use, the launch of the app brings Tansun into the era of IoT enabled infrared heating systems. Its features include being able to turn heaters on and off, control the power level at 50%, 75% or 100% and power control of individual heating elements. Users can switch between up to six connected heating systems using a single remote, making it hassle free to operate multiple heaters from more than one device. To download the free app, visit the Apple/ android app stores and search for ‘Tansun heater’. All of Tansun’s products are made in the UK and are designed using premium components. The company has been established for 35 years and pioneered the concept of infrared electric heaters alongside Philips technology. Tansun has the largest range of commercial, domestic and industrial infrared heaters in the UK, providing maintenance-free, safe and effective shortwave heaters for customers up and down the country. As well as the new app for mobile devices, there are also dedicated energy-saving controllers which further enhance the efficiency of Tansun heaters.

Further information is available from Tansun on 0121 580 6200, by emailing or by visiting the company’s website at


Warm Air Heating

IS HOT STUFF ... so you can still enjoy all it has to offer. The Johnson & Starley WarmCair heating system is now

Don’t believe everything you hear … Warm air heating’s rays are still beaming! Our new condensing range, WarmCair has been designed to meet all new legislations. There is also the ground breaking QuanTec boiler and Aquair warm air package, giving a versatile solution to space heating.


To find out more, get in touch today: 01604 762881 MAKE SURE YOU KEEP YOUR TEMPERATURE UP

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RINNAI IS HAPPY MOTORING ABOARD THE BEDROAM BUS get a hotel when you’re going to a wedding or don’t want to camp at a festival then this is the perfect solution,” he told George Clarke of ‘Amazing Spaces’. Ollie’s industrious endeavouring has resulted with his new business being inundated with bookings. The Bedroam has two fullyequipped and fully-functional bathrooms with shower, toilet and sink. Sinks and showers are supplied with safe temperature controlled hot water from Rinnai Infinity water heaters working on LPG, complete with MC91 controller, via motion sensoroperated taps.

Rinnai, the leader in continuous flow gas fired water heater systems, has had one its products featured on prime-time television, being a fleeting start of the small screen. The Rinnai product, a 17e, was on Channel 4’s “Amazing Spaces” presented by George Clarke ‘Bedroam’ is the brainchild of Ollie Kemp, a farmer, motor racing competitor and enthusiast from Melbourne, Yorkshire. He realized there was a lack of onsite accommodation at events that would allow competitors to stay close to their expensive and irreplaceable racing gear and has been quick to come up with an innovative idea. The constructive and enterprising result of Ollie Kemp’s well observed discontent is the Bedroam bus, complete with 18 Japanese-style pod bedrooms. As well as using it himself for motorsport meets, Bedroam is available to hire. “If you can’t


Two Rinnai Infinity 17e external units fitted to the back of the bus drawing water from a bespoke designed tank designed and supplied by Barratt Tanks of Ferrybridge, West Yorkshire. Bedroam also features a range of added contemporary modcons for both indoor comfort and outdoor accessibility. Air conditioning, flat screen TVs, comfortable communal area and a multifunctional outdoor space provided by an enclosed awning are also included. “I first saw the units in operation at an event where there were luxury mobile showers powered by Rinnai products. On my return, I researched Rinnai online and spoke to my friend Andy, a registered Gas Safe engineer also based in Melbourne, who then ordered and undertook the installation.” Andy Dixon, who runs his own plumbing and heating service, explains: “The units had to go on the back of the

bus as Ollie was struggling to find enough space inside. As the bus has an air con system, I had already put a cooling radiator off the back, so the two Rinnai units sat very handily behind that simply hung on a metal grid attached to the back of the bus. “Piping was easy. I used plastic pipework for both hot and cold outlets running to a little plant room where the back seats of the bus were originally which is directly beneath the bathrooms from where the water is pumped to the header tank via a small 12V. “Rinnai’s technical guys were very helpful when I phoned them initially for some advice and installation of the units was really easy. I will definitely be using Rinnai again,” says Andy. The most recent event for the Bedroam was a River Rat Race, which involves contestants doing a 6-kilometer run with obstacles followed by a river swim. The organisers used the Bedroam for their HQ and for the principal runners to shower. They were very happy as the boilers provided more than enough hot water for everybody. An impressive example of efficiency in performance when considering multiple runners would have required showers at separate times throughout the day and night. “Demand for the Bedroam is phenomenal and I am thinking about building more, maybe even franchising the concept. Rinnai will definitely be used if and when I go ahead with that,” concludes Ollie.

For more information on the RINNAI product range visit

UK Spares: your one-stop-shop for domestic and commercial electrical spares Call or email our friendly team TODAY... or email Tel: 01454 620500 Twitter: @UKSpares Unit 1155, Aztec West, Almondsbury, Bristol BS32 4TF

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North west skills academy shortlisted for 2018 E3 business awards Manchester based construction training company has been shortlisted as a finalist in the 2018 E3 Business Awards, which will be held at the Macron Stadium in Bolton on Thursday 12th July 2018. The company, which specialises in upskilling the construction industry, was selected from amongst hundreds of nominees to become a finalist in two prestigious categories. The business has been shortlisted in the ‘high growth business of the year’ category, while director Samuel Riley is a finalist in the ‘young entrepreneur’ category.


Speaking on behalf of the company, Samuel said: “Owning your own business is such a rewarding path to take but in order to succeed you must surround yourself with great people who share your vision; something I am very fortunate to have in the North West Skills Academy team.

“Being shortlisted for these awards is such an honour and a true testament to the hard work and dedication of our people.” “We had almost three hundred nominations this year,” said Mubarak Chati, managing director of 1 Events Media, whichhosts the E3 Awards. “The Awards are now in their sixth year and, every year since we’ve started, the number and calibre of entrants has grown. “This year, we’ve seen such a strong turn-out that we’ve taken the unusual step of expanding the number of finalists in most of the key categories. We have seen a particularly impressive response in the Creative, Media & Digital category, the Employer of the Year, Family Business of the Year, the High Growth category and the New Business Startup. All of those have seen a genuinely staggering number of entrants. “It’s also been really good to see that we have finalists from every county of the North West, from Cumbria

to Cheshire. The E3 Business Awards are all about inclusivity, so to see such a healthy mix of mainstream and rural businesses, women and young entrepreneurs, social enterprises and so on - that’s fantastic, and just what we want to see. “Given that we’ve had our best ever influx of nominations, anyone who has made it to the shortlist stage has done so against the very fiercest competition. As one of our 2018 finalists, North West Skills Academy should feel very proud indeed.” More information about North West Skills Academy can be found on its website – – or by calling 0161 442 4344. More information about the E3 Business Awards, including a full list of finalists, can be found at

May 2018

Interceil are this year’s #GridOff champions for Armstrong The second #GridOff competition for Omega ceiling installers was held by Armstrong. Two seconds. That was all it took for Interceil to scoop honours at their very first #GridOff competition, held for the second year running by Armstrong Ceiling Solutions to celebrate its national network of Omega contractors. The “Curried bull” Interceil team of Graham Bullock and Steve Curry (pictured in action top left) beat fellow finalists Coyle Suspended Ceilings, who won last year, by two seconds in an incredibly close final at the NEC on Wednesday (March 14th). Graham and Steve (pictured bottom right, Graham left and Steve right), who had travelled from Northumberland with their MD Steve Jones and other colleagues for the occasion,


each walked away with an Omega Seamaster Planet Ocean watch as well as the winner’s belt from the boxing-themed ceiling installation competition. “Team Coyle” consisting of Kevin Coyle and Thomas Goodfellow (pictured top right), who had travelled from Northern Ireland to defend their title, walked away with ringside tickets to the Haye versus Bellew grudge match. Compered again by “The voice of boxing” Steve Bunce, this year’s competition attracted more than 10 teams from the Omega network who competed in pairs to install a Prelude 24mm grid and Ultima+ board edge tile system to create a 600 x 600 module grid in a space of 7.2m2 with a floor-to-ceiling height of 2m.

Interceil completed their installation in 06:00:37 in their qualifying round and then 05:14:80 (including 10 penalty seconds) in the final, all the more remarkable given these two do not usually work together.

The installations in a mock boxing ring with two ceiling rigs were judged by Sebastien Nalin, from Armstrong’s suspension systems arm, and Ian Young, manager of Armstrong’s installation training centre in Gateshead.

Interceil’s Steve Curry was “totally over the moon,” to win. He said: “We would have been happy to win second place so that took the pressure off. Can’t take it off. Brilliant prize. Thank you so much for the opportunity.”

Coyle did 5:39:34 (including 10 penalty seconds) in their first round and then 05:16:99 in the final.

May 2018

Dalby and Mark Kennedy, aka the Chuckle Brothers, who stood in at short notice and completed the task in 10:00:09. Mark tweeted afterwards: “We gave it a good go! #drywallgridsystem is clearly our game.”

His fellow installer Graham Bullock added: “We felt at the time we were doing better than in the first round.” Their MD Steve Jones told organisers: “We at Interceil are so very proud to be involved in this amazing day and social media in the north east has gone crazy. “For Armstrong Ceilings to provide a platform to achieve this for the lads who make our industry tick is both fantastic and very rare.” Kevin Coyle added: “It’s great to be a part of it but obviously we are disappointed we didn’t win.” “It was a pleasure to be part of such a well-run and prestigious event. Looking forward to next year’s #GridOff. Thanks again from team CSC.” Last year’s runners-up, the New Forest Ceilings team of brothers Jai and Carlo Kilford from NFC Contracts, were “gutted” when in the very first round of this year’s competition they mis-measured the grid to start with and had to withdraw. Their partnering competitors, Neil Ashby and Oliver Loftus from SCL Interiors, completed the build in 6:49:55. Oliver said: “It’s tough. It was a bit nerve-racking being first up.”

In Round 2, DV McColl’s “DVM Rescue Ranger” team of Gary Matthews and Eddy Richardson beat Derby Ceilings & Interiors’ “Dangerball” team of Barrie Ball and Daniel Dangerfield by 6:46:37 to 8:44:41.

Attendees at the event also got to experience a fun virtual reality ceiling installation (pictured bottom left) which blended education with entertainment in an immersive showcase application featuring Axiom blind boxes, Axiom transitions, DGS margins, the TLS grid used during the #GridOff event and Ultima+ Vector tiles.

Round 3 saw Peveril Interiors’ team of Lee Westwood and Carl Barnes complete the build in 6:51:56, in front of ISEC Interior Systems’ “The Staffordshire Two” team of Phil Rowley and Keith Harley with 07.18.02.

Hamza Abbas, director of VR company Lucas Studios, who has previously worked in events for an aluminium extrusions company, said of the #GridOff event: “It’s taking the excitement away from the VR and that usually doesn’t happen.”

Round 4 saw H+L Ceilings’ “Dream team” of John Hunn and Lee Jones complete the build in 7:56:51 but lose out to the eventual winners Interceil.

“The way it has been set up, the whole boxing thing, is the best way to glorify your partners. For a second they are the ones in the spotlight.”

In Round 5, CSH Interiors’ firstever team of Phil Goddard and Alex Marwood beat Bellwood Interiors’ “The brothers grid” team of Jay Holden and Steve Halsey by 6:02:94 to 7:46:81. This was despite Bellwood supporters back home in the office watching all the action on the live blog by construction blogger Su Butcher. “We were watching our boys The Brothers Grid live! Great effort team! #GridOff.

Event organiser Isabel Blanco, marketing and sales coordinator (UK, Ireland and Southern Africa), said: “This year’s GridOff was even more highly contested, and with the virtual reality experience, brought a whole new dimension to Armstrong/Omega relations.”

For an overview video of the event click here or go to

The final round saw last year’s winners, Coyle, pitched against Armstrong’s very own Dry Wall Grid (DGS) installation specialists Martin


Floors & Walls May 2018


eer and pub giant, Marston’s, has been based on its Chapel Ash site in Wolverhampton for 140 years. Now, thanks to a major refurbishment and new-build development, the brewery’s staff have a progressive new office space that’s fit for the future. Interior Designers JMDA Limited focused on the ground floor and external areas of this £10m development. This included the main ground floor reception, social spaces and brewery visitors area.

‘We liked the linear design…and good acoustic qualities’ JMDA Director, Simon Tyas, explained the acoustics issues they encountered: ‘We had to insulate the ceiling and walls around the main atrium space to prevent noise transfer through the atrium. We specified Ecophon products in meeting rooms and toilet areas, as well as part of the reception and corridor spaces. The ceiling tiles were used to improve access for services. Aesthetically, we liked the linear design of some of the products and they had good acoustic qualities. We found the Ecophon team to be very professional.’

Positive feedback for better working environment


He added: ‘The meeting rooms looked stunning when finished and the dropped raft detail within the main boardroom added interest to the ceilings. Feedback has been very positive and the new working environment has improved the wellbeing and productivity of the staff.’

Marston’s Brewery, Wolverhampton About the project:

Project size: 5000m2

Interior Designers: Simon Tyas, JMDA Limited, Sam Stokoe, Newman Gauge Design

Products: Gedina™ A – 2500m2 (kitchen and break out areas), Focus™ Lp – 2500m2 (open plan office, meeting areas and atrium), Focus™ Ds, Focus™

Main contractor: Nigel Hanney, Carter Lauren Construction Ceiling contractor: Mark Kelsey, Roseville Contracts Limited The upper floors and offices were the responsibility of Interior Designers, Newman Gauge Design. Sam Stokoe, Director and Design Lead at the practice, described their remit: ‘Marston’s needed to create an informal environment for their team to encourage agile work practices to be adopted by at least half of their team who worked away from their desks for a significant part of their week. “This new, unrestrained culture required space planning to reflect this mindset. The three floors of workspaces are all completely open and linked through a large atrium. “It was essential to specify materials that could cope with the acoustic requirements generated by in excess of 500 employees all in a single compartment.’

A (office space), Focus™ Ds XL and Focus™ Wing (feature islands), Solo™ circle baffles.

May 2018 Floors & Walls

Focus Lp was used to create a feature of the workplace ceilings – the existing ceiling heights were low and highly visible therefore we specified a product which would complement the lighting solution consisting of a mix of linear fittings and feature pendants. Gedina A was used in both break out areas and kitchens where recessed ceiling coffers were created with pendant lighting below. Sam received some good feedback too: ‘The client commented positively on the ceiling design. In 20 years in the business no-one has complimented me about office ceiling design. The fact it was noticed speaks volumes.’

‘We had good technical support’ Ceiling contractors Roseville Contracts, were commissioned to supply and fit Ecophon suspended ceilings throughout much of the development. Director Mark Kelsey said: ‘We had good technical support and our fixers benefitted from the Ecophon course. The finished result looks really modern and professional and everyone is extremely pleased.’

For more information, please contact Omar Hussain Tel: 07771 565 392


May 2018

Seddon & Magenta Living delivering affordable homes in Moreton

A £3.6million housing development has transformed an existing empty piece of land in Wirral as part of a drive to increase the number of affordable homes in the borough. The new estate, in Stavordale Road, Moreton, includes 34 two, three and four-bedroom houses, and four two-bedroom apartments. The properties, which were designed by Ainsley Gommon Architects, were constructed for housing association Magenta Living, the largest registered housing provider in Wirral, after a report revealed a shortage of affordable housing across Merseyside.


Paul Anson, Executive Director of Business Growth and Resilience at Magenta Living,

which owns and manages 13,000 properties, said: “We are delighted to be delivering much-needed affordable housing to Wirral. “We were keen to increase the provision of homes in the borough and we are thrilled with the final result. We are confident the new tenants will enjoy living in them.” A study by the National Housing Federation found the average home costs eight times the average income in Wirral, while private rental costs across Merseyside are predicted to rise by 22 per cent by 2021.

The modern and energy efficient homes were built by north-west construction firm Seddon, one of the UK’s largest privately-owned contractors. Duncan Williams, housing director at Seddon, said: “It’s always our aim to deliver quality housing developments that will help to build strong communities. That is exactly what we’ve achieved here in Moreton. “It’s been a pleasure to work with Magenta Living on this project and we hope to work with them again soon.”

What do the MHCLG, Bristol City Council, Shelter and RIBA have in common? They’re all speaking at Housing 2018. Hear from… Rt Hon Sajid Javid MP Secretary of state Housing, Communities and Local Government

Terrie Alafat CBE Chief executive CIH

Ben Derbyshire President RIBA

Rt Hon John Healey MP Shadow secretary of state for housing

Fiona MacGregor Executive director for regulation RSH

James Murray Deputy mayor, housing and residential development Greater London Authority

Marvin Rees Mayor Bristol

Joanne Roney OBE Chief executive Manchester City Council

Ruth Cooke Chief executive Midland Heart

Anthony Hilton Economist and broadcaster The Independent and Evening Standard

Polly Neate Chief executive Shelter

Sarah Weir Chief executive Design Council


May 2018

The rpa:group provides a range of specialist consultancy services to the global construction industry, with a strong emphasis on agility and personal service across all activities.


We are passionate about our clients success and we believe that taking ownership is the key to delivering dependable outcomes. We do not subscribe to post box management and are keen to fully integrate with our clients to share success.


he rpa:group’s operational strengths come from the assembly of a highly professional and experienced Senior Management Team, making up a strongly skilled workforce that is aimed at supporting projects from inception to operation, across all sectors.

why us?... Our core strengths span a range of projects from cutting edge student accommodation to schools, hotels, residential projects, restaurant chains and offices. Streamlining efficiencies, reviewing design solutions and supply chain management, are areas we excel in. We use our experience to deliver clarity, quality and a perfect solution on time and on budget.

our level of service... We deliver a level of service that exceeds industry best practice. Our highly qualified Project Managers are able to bring their extensive experience to bear on each and every project, in a considered and professional approach. Our key point of difference is that we will own projects and do whatever it takes to ensure successful completion. We challenge, collaborate and drive projects forward by investing our own professional capital.

our working practice... Our working practice employs universally accepted process structures and principles such as ISO 9001:2008, PRINCE 2 and RIBA. Whether we are acting independently, or as part of a client’s internal team,

May 2018

our offer is always underpinned by a strong foundation in project programming, cost control and change management.

understanding our client... At the beginning of every Project, we ensure that we fully understand your requirements, seeing all aspects of a project from your perspective. This enables us to adopt a wellinformed and straightforward approach, providing imaginative solutions to complex problems. We pride ourselves in fully immersing ourselves into each client organisation to ensure a seamless delivery.

our key skills... • project management • independent advisor • principal designer • programme management • contract management • risk management • project audits • supply chain management • site administration • cost administration • close down reporting • construction management

Some examples of our work ... • central market - abu dhabi $1.5billion, 750,000m2 International award-winning mixed-use development, designed by Sir Norman Foster. Our Director of Project

Management, Chris Harris, was a senior member of the Consultancy Team, acting as Construction Director. • new york university - abu dhabi State-of-the-art campus covering 450,000m2, designed by award-winning Rafael Viñoly Architects. With a $1billion build cost, it was delivered in under four years. • Franklin Court - Hertfordshire Situated on a prominent corner opposite Elstree Film Studios, the scheme provides 150 apartments in a variety of dwelling types and tenures and is an iconic new landmark for the area. • Wentworth – Surrey We are currently overseeing the refurbishment of the iconic Clubhouse and surrounding facilities in time for the BMW PGA CHAMPIONSHIP 2018.

• Water Babies - Global Founded in 2002, Water Babies is the world’s largest baby swim school, teaching more than 52,000 babies each week across the UK, Ireland, Canada, The Netherlands, New Zealand and China. rpa:group’s Project Management division is currently overseeing delivery of their bespoke aquatic centres.

In Summary.... The rpa:group Project Management team provides a very efficient, professional and agile service, leveraging from the experience of many decades of high quality project delivery. We welcome any opportunity to discuss opportunities for us to exceed your expectations. For more information about how we can help you, please contact Chris Harris, Director of Project Management on 01784 256 579, or visit

• Europa House Portsmouth Harbour A 12-storey office block and 3-storey annex transformed into a series of private and shared studio spaces. Offering 242 beds, with communal gym, lounge, on-site cinema, games room, reading rooms and study spaces.


High Perfomance

Smoothing & Levelling Compounds

The long term performance of any flooring installation is dependent on the right subfloor preparation. F. Ball’s comprehensive range of high performance smoothing and repair compounds provides the correct subfloor for all types of floorcovering - from heavy duty, high load and high traffic areas to fast track projects and wear coats. For videos and in-depth technical information visit our website at

F. Ball and Co. Ltd. Tel: 01538 361 633 • email: • web: Cheddleton, Leek, Staffordshire, ST13 7RS, UK


May 2018 Coatintgs & Paints

GET A GRIP WITH FEBOND BLUE GRIT Everbuild – A Sika Company understand that preparation is the key to successful plastering, and this preparation time can now be minimised thanks to Febond Blue Grit, a one coat, high performance plasterers grip coat bonding agent designed to give an improved key to smooth surfaces. Blue in colour to indicate coverage, Febond Blue Grit contains a fine aggregate to provide a mechanical key to backgrounds such as plaster, concrete, glossy painted surfaces, MDF and even ceramic tiles. One coat applied by brush or roller is all that is needed to achieve successful plastering on surfaces that would previously have needed removing or meshing.

Coming ready to use, Febond Blue Grit is available in 5 and 10 litre buckets covering approximately 4.5m2 per litre. For more information on Blue Grit or any other product within the Everbuild and Sika range, contact your local sales representative, call the sales office on 0113 240 2424 or visit

Select The Best With Sika Pro Select The sealants and adhesive range from Everbuild – A Sika Company is growing with the launch of Sika PRO Select, a fantastic new range bringing the renowned Sika technical expertise to the trade user.

This extensive new range consists of ten products including Sika MaxTack Super Charged, an extremely fast setting adhesive with a fixing time of just 20 minutes and the ability to bond to a variety of surfaces, both indoors and outdoors and even underwater. The PRO Select range also includes Sika MaxTack Ultra Clear, a 100% transparent, high strength sealant and adhesive, Sika MaxTack Ultimate, an extra strong hybrid sealant and adhesive for use on almost every application imaginable, SikaSeal Multi Purpose Silicone and Sika MaxTack Instant Grab SF. So whatever the application, there is sure to be a suitable product in the Sika PRO Select range. For more information on the PRO Select range or any other product within the Everbuild and Sika ranges, contact your local sales representative, call the sales office on 0113 240 2424 or visit


Tools & Equipment May 2018

JSP hands over large donation to the Lighthouse Club to support the Construction Industry Helpline JSP are delighted to donate £13,461.00 to the Lighthouse Club raised from sales of their Lighthouse range of Safety Products.

JSP are passionate supporters of the Lighthouse Club and for every product sold in the UK from this selected range of Personal Protective Equipment, JSP make a contribution to this valuable charity to support the Construction Industry Helpline.


The money raised will help towards promoting and supporting this Helpline which provides confidential, 24 hour support and advice for the Construction industry’s workforce and their families on any problems they are facing, including occupational health and wellbeing, mental health, or financial difficulties caused by accident, illness or bereavement.

Mark Johnstone, CEO of JSP Ltd handed this large donation to Bill Hill, CEO of the Lighthouse Club at the annual JSP & Team at Heathrow Construction Industry Charity Pro-Am Golf Tournament at Foxhills Golf Club, Surrey. Mark commented “JSP have been long term supporters of the Lighthouse Club Charity and we are delighted to make this donation and support those in need in the Construction Industry, not only for financial support but also providing a lifeline to those who need support with mental health issues and the day to day stresses of working within this environment.” Last year, the Construction Industry Helpline supported over

1500 construction families in crisis and over 400 families were granted £705,000 of emergency financial help. Of the 1500 callers, 1100 of these were given advice and support on issues ranging from stress and depression to legal, debt management and taxation advice.You can support JSP and help raise money for the funding of the Construction Industry Helpline by specifying the JSP Lighthouse Safety Range of PPE. For more information and details on the full Lighthouse range of PPE, e mail call +44 1993 826050 view our brochure or visit our website

May 2018 Tools & Equipment







JSP’s EVO®5 DualSwitch™ is fully certified to both EN397 and EN12492, with the ability to change between the two standards easily at the flick of a switch.

JSP’s EVO®5 DualSwitch™ is fully certified to both EN397 and EN12492, with the ability to change between the two standards easily at the flick of a switch.





















VIDEO & INFORMATION Tel: 01993 826050

VIDEO & INFORMATION Tel: 01993 826050


Tools & Equipment May 2018

Experts in Textile Solutions For more than 85 years, workwear from F. Engel™ has been selected by customers from all over Europe as the first choice for all-round protection and maximum comfort no matter what a work situation may demand.

Founded in 1927 by Carl J. Engel Senior and now 4th generation family-owned, the company has 850 employees based at its Headquarters in Norgesvej, Denmark and 2 factories in Lithuania. Since it first began, with the importing of denim from the U.S. as a hard wearing fabric, the company’s aims have always been the same – to provide superior quality, value for money workwear designed for a perfect, flexible fit and to give long lasting, reliable service. The original fabric was called Bull Denim which was made from 100% cotton. Over the years the materials and manufacturing processes have been continually developed to incorporate many new practical and beneficial design details with the versatility of the fabric improved by adding the yarn combination of polyester and cotton. New colours have been introduced and many businesses are now recognized by the specific colour combination and design of their Engel corporate workwear where not only is it valued for its practical uses but also as a significant part of a company’s professional statement.


Development is an ongoing process as new smart colour combinations and materials are continuously created and tested, with a constant emphasis on product quality, innovation, flexibility and environmental awareness.

The company has an impressive seven collections (along with a large range of accessories), all of which are ‘tailor-made’ for a wide range of industries including manufacturing, offshore, building & construction and the commercial sector. Each item of clothing is designed to be a perfect, comfortable fit whilst giving maximum freedom of movement and reliability. As an example, one of the main names under the F. Engel banner is ‘Combat’; geared to cope with any season and designed for action, this durable and stylish, uni-coloured collection has contrasting and reflective piping for greater visibility on jackets and trousers, many of which are made from 100% cotton. Almost all the trousers in the range feature such useful detail as ruler-pockets, hammer straps and mobile phone pockets, whilst the leg-length can be extended an extra 4-6cm if required. Other names to look out for, each with their own unique benefits, include ‘Cargo’, ‘Galaxy’ and ‘Work Zone’ and the ‘Light’ range for warmer weather. All Engel garments are available from The Workwear Trade Centre, Milton Keynes; Telephone: 01908 561569; email: and Anchor Safety, Ipswich; Telephone: 0800 328 5028; email: For more information visit: email: Mark McBrayne at or telephone: +44 (0) 7933 150197

May 2018 Tools & Equipment


STRETCHED TO THE X-TREME X-treme cool-stretch trousers and all Engel workwear available from and For more information visit: email: Mark McBrayne at or telephone: +44 (0) 7933 150197


WHEN HANDLING DIFFICULT LOADS USE THE BEST! GT Lifting provide high quality lifting solutions across the UK reinforced by excellent maintenance and support services to all our customers. • • • • • • • • •

Rotating Telehandlers up to 39m Heavy Lift Telehandlers 6t - 20t Specialist Attachments Hire & Sales Contract Lift Services Assistance with Lift Plans & RAMS CPCS Trained Workforce CPCS Training Simulated Lifts

T: 0345

603 7180


The Business Park | Maydwell Avenue | Slinfold | West Sussex | RH13 0AS

Working Safer Together

45 RRN118009 GT Lifting Half Page.indd 1

11/01/2018 14:15:55

May 2018

The key trade show for the industry LANDSCAPE is back for another year at London’s Battersea Park, uniting Garden Designers, Landscape Architects and Contractors under one roof for two days dedicated to sourcing the latest innovations and technologies in the landscaping industry.

LANDSCAPE 2018 promises to deliver a range of both new and returning exhibitors showcasing everything from Outdoor Furniture, Garden Buildings, Planters, Stone and Decking to mention just a few. The event is the go-to for any professional designer looking to source new product ranges to use within their projects. Andrew Fisher Tomlin from Fisher Tomlin & Bowyer says ‘The thing that distinguishes the LANDSCAPE Show is that you always find new trade suppliers and new products that I would never have found elsewhere’. Alongside the main exhibition is a free to attend Seminar Programme hosted across 4 seminar theatres. Each session is CPD accredited and addresses current topics integral to the industry. With speakers representing each sector of the landscaping world there is something for everyone and plenty to learn and inspire you. There is no need to register your interest for the seminars in advance, simply turn up on the day. Be sure to check out over the next couple of months for the latest announcements on who will be joining the line-up this September.


The show opens at London’s Battersea Park on Tuesday 18th & Wednesday 19th September, both the exhibition and all seminar sessions are free to attend. Simply register in advance at: Website: Email: Phone: +44 (0)20 7821 8221 @LandscapeEvent


Tuesday 18 & Wednesday 19 September 2018 - Battersea Park, London The LANDSCAPE Show returns to Battersea Park in London on Tuesday & Wednesday the 18th & 19th of September 2018. Over 200 manufacturers and suppliers, over 2,000 visitors and over 40 CPD accredited seminars.

+44 (0)20 7821 8221

@LandscapeEvent #Landscape2018

May 2018

Selwood donates plant equipment to TV show that helps transform lives Leading plant hire provider Selwood came to the rescue when a BBC makeover show needed equipment to help with the life-changing transformation of a family home. DIY SOS, led by TV presenter Nick Knowles, descended on the home of the Philp family in Torquay to carry out a major refurbishment that would make their lives easier. Stuart Philp lives with multiple sclerosis and uses a wheelchair, while his mum Lin is blind and walks across Torquay from her own home every day to care for him. At the start of the Big Build, Nick Knowles told the army of volunteers that they would be changing the family’s lives, allowing Stuart, his daughter Lauren and mum Lin to live together for the first time. Terry Clark, Branch Manager of Selwood’s Exeter branch, spotted an advert from DIY SOS, calling on local tradespeople to help with the project. Selwood was able to provide a 1.5-tonne excavator, onetonne dumper and 6m telehandler for the duration of the job.


Over the course of a week, and despite freezing temperatures and torrential rain, the DIY SOS team transformed the two-bedroom home, adding an extra room and giving the garden a new look. The programme will be screened later in the year. Terry said: “We were delighted to be able to help the show and make a difference of the Philp family. Being an active part of the community is very important to Selwood and we wish the family a bright future in their new home.”

May 2018

Decking that is as beautiful as it is durable James Latham is seeing the popularity of its premium quality composite decking, UPM ProFi, soar due to its outstanding performance properties which include minimum maintenance; superior stain resistance; extra-high impact strength and a high friction surface. UPM ProFi Vision is a uniquely elegant decking, offering numerous features and benefits including an exceptional ‘luxury’ surface texture; class leading fade stain and scratch resistance and an ultra-durable core of heat treated Oak fibres, fully encapsulated with polyethylene. This allows not only ‘on the ground’ and ‘in the ground’, but even under water installation.


hese impressive features mean that UPM ProFi which is manufactured in Finland, Germany and the United States - is perfectly suited to high traffic areas, continuing to perform to optimum levels while looking fresh, smart and clean for years to come. With the addition of two stunning new design styles to the range for 2018 - UPM ProFi Vision and UPM ProFi Piazza - James Latham is predicting that this rise in popularity will continue to grow.

It is made from 95% recycled materials and available in three stunning colours, Sand Stone, Smokey Grey and Spanish Leather, meaning UPM ProFi Vision is as beautiful as it is durable. UPM ProFi Piazza is an affordable, high-performance decking with a modern hardwood look that is remarkably resistant to stains. Again, boasting ultra-low maintenance properties as well as excellent colour durability and fade resistance, it is available in three rich colour shades, Brazilian Walnut, Streaked Ebony and Silver Ash.

Richard Mosson, James Latham’s Group Cladding and Decking Manager commented, “A s t h e popularity of WPC decking grows in the UK, these latest range additions are certain to prove popular. “This is a premium quality product that ticks all the boxes. With 10 years of continued investment and R&D, the quality of the UPM ProFi deck range is exceptional. Longlife and ultra - low maintenance ha s b een engineered into t he product and due to the innovative use of rec ycled materials it has won several international awards, with the product making a major contribution to reducing traditional landfill and incineration which is really important to James Latham and many of our customers.” For more information on these and Latham’s full range of products please phone 0116 257 3415, e-mail or visit


Metamorphosis made easy • • • • •

Full Design, Engineer, Manufacture Working with you & your Architect Complete ‘Kits’ & Components Specialist Merchant Supplies Building Regulations

Outward, Upward & Onwards • Roof replacements & features Penthouses – Build in YOUR Airspace •

• Comprehensively

Extend or Remodel

your buildings

with the latest Energy Saving technology

Welcome to “Where Comfort, Quality & Affordability Meet”

We absolutely stand behind these words and believe our dedication to quality, workmanship, & customer service drive our success


Benfield ATT Group, 5-6 Castle Way, Caldicot, Mon. NP26 5PR, 01291 437050

Trusted Brands Making things easy for you & your architect Access specialist timber engineering ‘know-how’. Get help with timber design and talking to planners. Buy drawings, planning, engineering, project management and other Professional Building Services for your project.

Create Your New Energy Saving Home Eco- Build Comfort, Quality and Affordability. Standard & bespoke houses and bungalows; special features and components; traditional green oak buildings, soaring cathedral entrances and more. SIP, Timber & CLT frames. Full design, engineering, technical support, QS & project management. Gallery of ready to build homes.

Easy to Build ‘Heritage’ Post & Beam System The UK’s largest range of standard garages & car ports - on-line, all rationalised for speed, efficiency and economy. Highly customisable. Rooms in the roof, raised eaves, bespoke designs, garden rooms, outdoor kitchens, stables, and more. Wide range of roof coverings, claddings, windows, insulation, etc. for your perfect ‘Traditional’ building.

Traditional Green Oak & Douglas Fir Components Design doesn’t have to stop at the walls. A large eye-catching feature green oak truss, or entrance frame, will add a bright, open, airy feel to your home. Choose from standard or bespoke designs for new or replacement structurally engineered trusses, beams & components. Full height entrances, orangeries, porches. Check our prices now.

Design & Build your own Timber Frame House Use these modular building elements to quickly layout a plan, establish the building framework, assess the cost of the resulting low energy, hybrid timber frame structure, and build it with ease. Strong Factory Insulated Panels (FIPs) combined with Post & Beam principles simplify basic building design and construction.

Build It with SIPs – fast, airtight … simple! Most SIP’s are 100mm and 180mm thick, often needing additional insulation inside or out to meet regulations. Simply SIPs offer up to 240mm thickness. Generally these are in a standard 1200mm x 2400mm size, but can be longer by special request. SIP panels can be used for roof and, in some circumstances, floors.

Custom Build your own “Grand Design” Full SIP’s and Timber Frame Design & Builds for Custom & Bespoke Self-Builders. Choose from our menu of services from foundations & shell, to turn-key completion. Building Regulation plans, Materials schedules, Project management. Low cost, low energy, low impact buildings. Specialist Merchant supplies for timber, cladding, roofing, external doors, windows, linings, stairs, internal pre-hung door sets, mouldings, kitchens and more.

Specialist Complementary Low Energy ‘Kit’ Components Low Everyday Prices - Cut out the frills – select, collect, cash & carry to put the costs of managing accounts, insuring bad debts, delivery and more into YOUR pocket. Sustainable, Low Energy Focus - Buy the exact same materials used in the manufacture of top level energy saving homes & buildings. Include the same benefits in all of your projects and housing schemes.

Whatever You Want – Wherever You Want it CALL US FIRST

• Specialist Materials & Components • Project Management • Development Finance • Mortgages • Joint Ventures • Benfield ATT Group, 5-6 Castle Way, Caldicot NP26 5PR 01291 437 050

Glass Bending Excellence

Toughened Glass Bends Firman Glass new toughening plant includes two bending chambers which work alongside the standard flat bed. The smaller chamber will bend glass from 5mm to 12mm thick to a maximum size of 2850mm x 1000mm bent and with the following minimum radii. 5mm, 6mm = 450mm 8mm, 10mm = 1000mm 12mm = 1200mm The large chamber will bend glass from 6mm to 19mm thick to a maximum size of 2850mm x 3600mm bent and with the following minimum radii. 6mm = 1500mm 8mm, 10mm = 1800mm 12mm, 15mm = 2000mm 19mm = 2500mm

Working in conjunction with the flat toughening facility to a maximum flat size of 2850mm wide x 5000mm long. Firman Glass can now offer the Architect, Designer and Contractor a complete service for multiple uses such as balustrades, partitions, shower screens, revolving door enclosures, full height barriers, partitions and shopfronts. Curved Glass can be processed as with flat glass and can be decorated by sandblasting and back painting.

To find out more visit Firman Glass,19 Bates Road, Harold Wood, Romford, Essex RM3 OJH Tel: 01708 374534 Fax: 01708 340511 Email:

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Construction Update May 2018  

Construction Update May 2018