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The intelligent path to customer-specific connections: ODU-MAC – our versatile modular connector solution enables the transmission of power, high current, high voltage, coax, high-speed data, fiber optics and other media such as air or fluid. For your made-to-measure connection.

COMPLETE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS ODU provides pre-assembled component solutions. Our development and manufacturing expertise, combined with our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and the USA, enable us to offer our customers outstanding assemblies and a full range of logistics services.


ODU-UK Ltd. Phone: +44 03301509 002 266433 0640

Automation Update - 3

Managing Losses in Compressed Air Systems with Thermal Mass Flow Technology Monitoring Compressed Air within a manufacturing facility has become increasingly important as the associated costs have risen dramatically in recent years Air leaks can be a significant source of wasted energy and can be diagnosed by fitting thermal mass flow meters at strategic points in the system to calculate outflow generated air with downstream usage. Thermal Mass flow meters measure true mass flow which compensates for any differential pressures across the system, providing accurate comparative data from the installed locations. The primary reason thermal mass flow meters are popular in industrial compressed air applications is the way they are designed and built. Compressed air systems are found throughout industry and are often the largest excess user of electricity in a manufacturing plant.

They feature no moving parts in a nearly unobstructed straight through flow path, require no additional temperature

or pressure corrections and retain accuracy over a wide range of flow rates. Straight pipe runs can be reduced by using conditioning elements and installation is very simple with inline and insertion models available TGF200 series micro flow meters offer a low cost solution for accurately measuring compressed air based on patented sensor filming technology and advanced thermal mass flow measurement technology. This range is designed to measure pressure and temperature compensated mass and standard volumetric flow within small pipe-lines in general industrial applications and laboratories, offering high turn-down and a choice of outputs

TGF450 Thermal mass flow meter was designed especially for the measurement of compressed air in larger pipes. It can provide stable and accurate measurement at a very economical cost and has 1.5% FS+0.5RD accuracy on a 100:1 wide turndown ratio. The compact design and thick probe are easily installed in high pressure pipelines with limited space. Manufactured from stainless steel, this insertion style flow meter has various power, signal output and mounting options more important for a business to identify why is it so important to monitor the air flow rate in compressors?  

The fact of the matter is that compressed air is not cheap and is becoming a financial burden to both small and large companies operating expenditures. In this age of energy efficiency and widespread efforts to drive down associated costs in order to ensure a greener footprint, it is becoming

There have been extensive studies done over the years on plant wide operating costs for the majority of Industrial businesses and one of the largest fixed overheads continues to be electricity. One of the major contributors to this excessive electricity draw in a large number of instances are the company’s air compressors. The simple actions required to reduce excess electricity usage and provide for a more efficient compressor throughput is to monitor the air flow rates and optimize the compressor’s efficiency or else replace any parts in a compressed air system as highlighted during this monitoring. Modern Thermal Mass Flow meters such as those above

can be integrated into Data logging packages such as the Squirrel 2020 via their analogue, digital or serial outputs. Time-base relevant data can then be evaluated to indicate problems with factory shift performance or individual operator technique. Installed flow meters can then also be used for allocating inter-departmental energy costs and managing budgets based on energy saving performance

Further information on Bell Flow Systems Compressed Air Flow Meters compressed-air-flow-meters/ 4 - Automation Update



5 Comm ports inc. ethernet | Easy PID | Free no-limit programming | Hot-swappable I/O Built-in data logging | Integrated web-server | Motion made easy

Quality products, expert advice

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ROBO-TEND at your service

ROBO-TEND from XYZ Machine Tools is a robot-based automation cell with camera vision that brings true robot automation within the reach of traditional sub-contract engineering businesses. ROBO-TEND is fully compatible with the Siemens ShopMill and ShopTurn controls used on XYZ’s VMC’s and turning centres.

The pick and place drawer system with its pin locations makes setting up jobs a straightforward procedure


entral to the system is the KUKA Cybertech KR10 R1420 robot, with a rated total load of 10kg (larger capacity robots are available), managed via the KUKA KRC4 compact robot controller. This operates within a moveable compartment attached to the drawer system, where billets and finished parts are stored. This mobility means that ROBO-TEND is not restricted to one machine, it can be relocated to wherever it is needed in the factory. A camera vision system makes use of Fiducial markers on up to four vices on the table of a machining centre along with similar markers in the component storage drawers. This means that positioning of components or vices is not critical for efficient functioning of the system. Typically, there are four storage drawers with each drawer holding a maximum of 90 kg of material, with a maximum billet height of 120 mm. If access is required to the machine table for setting or maintenance purposes, the robot is positioned in a safe parking position and becomes in-operative, allowing ease of access. If greater access is required, ROBO-TEND can be disconnected and wheeled away utilising its modular and mobile features. ROBO-TEND’s interface makes programming the automation process as easy as possible as the operator simply

6 - Automation Update

ROBO-TEND is a modular and mobile system that can be relocated within the factory quickly and easily from machine to machine.

enters the dimensions of the billets, whether they are round or square, the control calculates the location pin positions within the drawers, along with optimum stack height. ROBO-TEND then communicates with the Siemens control to select the correct part programme and unmanned operation can commence. Automation is now fast, straightforward and affordable for all, with payback possible in just a few months of operation calculated if purchased outright, or the option of finance from £2.00/hour. “Robot automation is nothing new, but the perception is that it is only suitable for high volume production environments. The XYZ ROBO-TEND addresses this perception making automation viable for lower volume production,” says Nigel Atherton, Managing Director XYZ Machine

Tools. “The driver for this development is the lack of skilled labour, an issue that will not disappear. Automation of lower skilled jobs, such as machine loading, is an obvious way of addressing this for small to medium sized businesses. We are confident, that with our partner Adelphi Automation we have created a solution to that will open automation to a much wider audience at a very competitive price. Depending on the component ROBO-TEND can be left unattended for a full shift, or even operate 24/7 with the only manual intervention being to restock the raw material in the part storage system. Here customers have the option of a second drawer system, which can be pre-loaded and ready to slot into place to further improve set-up time and logistics.”

Compact, robust and versatile:

the Han® 1A from HARTING HARTING has over 70 years’ experience of producing robust industrial connectors. From the very beginning, the focus was always on developing a product which would be easy to handle, durable and adaptable for a range of uses. Another important consideration was an ethos of continuous innovation, which gives users reliable solutions even as markets and industries evolve. In the case of the Han® 1A, HARTING has recognised and responded to the demand for smaller interfaces to power engineering equipment. It requires up to 30% less space than the Han® 3A and provides all the benefits of a modern network. Constructed from lightweight, durable polyamide plastic, the Han® 1A employs a system of modular inserts, making it extremely versatile. For power, it can transmit a maximum of 16 amps and 400 volts. Modules for Cat. 5 or Cat. 6A are available for data transmission and up to 12 D-Sub contacts can be used for signal interfaces. A shielded version is also available for areas which are susceptible to interference.

The Han® 1A requires up to 30% less space than the Han® 3A

Only two components are required to quickly assemble an IP20 solution, while additional housing elements or single wire seals can easily extend the degree of protection to IP65, making it suitable for use outdoors. Accessories such as fasteners for wall mounting and colour coding pins to help identify different lines and reduce cabling errors are also available. What’s more, as the entire Han® 1A connector system is based on just a few components, material supply is greatly simplified as a plug-in connection consists of a maximum of twelve different contacts. This gives you the flexibility to easily create simple and efficient interfaces for applications in mechanical engineering, automation, robotics, 8 - Automation Update

The perfect solution for connecting tools and smaller machine modules

transportation, traffic engineering and the energy sector. In mechanical engineering, it provides an efficient solution for connecting tools and smaller machine modules such as heating and cooling units, fans, control terminals, lighting systems, drives and vibration conveyors.

As it complies with standard EN 455452 for fire protection on railway vehicles, the Han® 1A is also ideal for use on door systems and ramps, door openers, push buttons, lighting systems and screens. To learn more about this miniaturised, lightweight innovation, click here or email

Often the little things provide the greatest benefits.

Han® 1A - Compact, robust and versatile.

The new standard for small, universal industrial connectors ■ Uses up to 30% less space: Compact connector for power that can be installed in the field ■ Flexible in use: Transmits data, signals and power with up to twelve contacts ■ Highly versatile: Modular system of inserts and accessories for indoor and outdoor applications (IP20 / IP65)

One Range. No Limits:

SICK’s ‘Tiny TiMs’ Are First to Plug the Low-Risk Safety Gap SICK has launched the first 2D LiDAR sensors safety-certified to PL b, specifically designed to plug a gap for lower-risk applications where safety-rated integration is needed in small, low-speed Automated Guided Vehicles and Carts, service robots or collaborative robots. The SICK TiM361S and TiM781S 2D LiDAR sensors are economical, lightweight and compact with a safety certification to EN ISO 13849-1:2015 PL b and can be integrated inconspicuously into low-speed, small or lightweight mobile or stationary applications, following completion of an appropriate risk assessment. They can also be used where secondary safety detection is required to complement higherrated systems already in place. Using SICK’s patented Safe HDDM+ time-of-flight infra-red scanning technology, with a 270° scanned field of view, the sensors offer exceptional object detection and measurement accuracy with immunity to ambient light conditions. A total of 48 flexible fields can be set up and evaluated safely and simultaneously for responsive detection up to 5m at speeds of up to 1.6 m/s. The SICK TiM361S reliably detects both static and moving objects in a factory or warehouse, offering a robust solution for collision prevention in small, electrical autonomous vehicles, carts and platforms. It can also be used to control personnel access around light, industrial-duty pick and place robot arms. Sixteen preconfigured field sets, each with three protective fields, make commissioning quick and easy. The SICK TiM781S has been introduced to meet demand for a device that enables applications to be customised by integrators and machine builders using raw data output from the device. By combining intelligent field evaluation with safety-related measurement data output via Ethernet, localisation and navigation duties can be achieved using the same device. With the SICK TiM781S, both the presence 10 - Automation Update

of an object and precise measurement data of the scanned surface, including size and shape, can be output to a safety PLC. “Many applications in modern automation require complex interactions with people and processes; AGVs and collaborative robotics are a prime example,” explains Neil Sandhu, SICK’s UK Product Manager for Imaging, Measurement & Ranging. “Risk evaluation in these applications can require a layered approach to safety and automation. “The Tim TiM361S and TiM781S can provide measures against risks that are not considered to be negligible and, on the other hand, do not require the adoption of more costly protection measures. For example, detection of overhanging loads on a small guided vehicle. “The SICK TiM361S and 781S offer versatile new options, including where a secondary LiDAR sensor with a lower safety rating can be deployed to operate alongside a higherrated device.” Both weighing just 250g, the SICK TiM361S and TiM781S have a compact 60 mm x 60 mm x 86 mm IP67 aluminium housing, with the option of a protective hooded mounting kit. Advanced energy management and a low, 4W power consumption minimises drain of the vehicle’s batteries. Up to 48 flexible fields can be evaluated at the safety-rated distance of up to 5 metres and a relative speed up to 1.6 m/s. The SICK Tim361S has a non-safe monitoring field of 10m and the SICK TiM781S up to 25 metres. Set up is straightforward using SICK’s intuitive SOPAS configuration tool, via USB port and laptop. The SICK TiM361S / 781S have been certified by TŰV standards laboratories to conform to PL b according to EN ISO 13849-1:2015 and the Machinery Directive 2006/42/ EC, EN ISO 13482-2014, EN ISO 13855:2010 and DIN CLC/ TS 65046:2009. For more information about the SICK 361 781 Safe, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email andrea.

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18 - Automation Update


Automation Update - 19

Krones uses Murrelektronik’s front plate interfaces in its control cabinets, creating safe access to the controls. (Photo: Krones AG)

With the Modlink MSDD front panel interfaces, a laptop or diagnostic device can be connected in a way that prevents these problems from occurring. Modlink MSDD is a modular system that consists of standardized single and double frames made of metal or plastic and can be installed into the control cabinet doors.

Modlink MSDD by Murrelektronik

Modlink MSDD front panel interfaces

A practical and safe way to access the controls In machines and systems, you regularly need access to the controls: during initial start-up, for service work and when production has been halted (which is where things get time-critical). The Murrelektronik Modlink MSDD front panel interfaces provide plant operators with easy, safe access to the controls. Many different country-specific outlets and data connectors provide international solutions and comprehensive approvals allow a worldwide application. Normally, to access to the controls via laptop or a diagnostic device the control cabinet must be opened by a trained electrical engineer. Sometimes, the controls are installed together with electrically hot components. In this case, due to safety reasons, the entire system needs to be powered down and isolated, even for a simple software adjustment job. In the American market, 14 - Automation Update

the control cabinet always has to be isolated electrically because the doors are connected mechanically to the mains isolator switch. That costs time and money. Also, it is easy for dirt and humidity to enter the interior of the control cabinet when the door is open, which can damage other components. This emergency solution negatively impacts EMC requirements.

More than 170 different inserts with country-specific outlets and data inserts (for example SUB-D, RJ45 or USB) can be snapped into place. With this selection you can make up to 100,000 different combinations! This highly flexibility system is perfect for companies that deliver their products worldwide. After installing a standard frame into your door, you can easily snap in the corresponding inserts for the destination country. Murrelektronik offers one of the widest selections on the market. Modlink MSDD front panel interfaces have a protection class of IP65 ensuring that they can withstand rugged environments. EMC requirements are fulfilled via EMV cladding panels that sheath the full surface area of the data inserts. Ground straps can be connected to these plates to discharge any interferences. In industrial applications, outlets must be secured, according to the standard, up to 20 A using residual current devices (RCDs). This is stipulated by the following standards: VDE 0100410 (Setting up low-voltage systems), EN 60204-1 (Safety of machines

- electrical equipment of machines) and, valid for North America, NFPA79 (Electrical Standard for Industrial Machinery). Therefore, a commercially available 2-pin safety switch can be integrated in Modlink MSDD. The power outlet is fuse-protected and complies to the standards. If an error occurs, simply reset the circuit breaker without having to open the doors of the control cabinet. This insert can be equipped with a USB-A or RJ45 connection for data communication. The result is a complete programming interface including a secured electrical connection and features a range of country-specific choices. For international applications, approvals are important. The Modlink MSDD front panel interfaces are UL-approved and enable North American manufacturers to implement this solution easily and supports companies when importing their machines and applications into the region. Control cabinets in the American market are specified according to a UL Type Rating. Cutting into the door of a control cabinet prevents the cabinet from meeting this specification. To avoid this, the installation frame on the interface complies with the specification. The Modlink-MSDD installation frames are certified to UL Type Ratings 1, 4, 4x, 12 and 13 – ensuring that they comply with the standard. The Modlink MSDD service interfaces are frequently located in clearly visible locations on a control cabinet, a machine or a system.

• Selection of over 100,000 possible combinations • Wide range of inserts – there’s an outlet for every application! • Service interface with an integrated FI/LS circuit breaker • International power outlets and data connectors worldwide application • Meets international approval standards

A solution with a strong track record Michael Keppler explains how well front plate interfaces have performed in practice. He is Head of Electrical Component Standardization in Research & Development at Krones in the Bavarian town of Neutraubling, and said, “We install Modlink MSDD interfaces in control cabinets and machine housings. This creates a way for us to access the controls. Our service engineers use this outlet for initial start-ups, and to maintain the laptop power supply. The RJ45 interface gives us a way to connect into the machine network.” One of the most best features for Krones is that they no longer need to open the doors on control cabinets.

environmental conditions are frequently challenging, with high humidity levels being just one example. This is why all of our control cabinets are equipped with air-conditioning units. When the cabinets are opened, dust and damp air inevitably find their way inside. Then condensation forms on components inside the cabinet and that causes a serious moisture problem. It can damage components and even cause them to fail. We avoid all of that by using Modlink MSDD!” Yan Hao Ming, from Shenyang Machine Tool Co., Ltd is responsible for initial start-ups. He goes on to explain even more benefits: “Whenever we are commissioning a system, we regularly have to access the controls. Until now, this always involved opening the control cabinet doors. That was dangerous because these control cabinets contain electrically live components. Before we started using Modlink MSDD, we had to construct elaborate safety fences to protect our employees, and also to prevent unauthorized access. Now we use Modlink MSDD and the control cabinet doors remain closed at all times. Since then, we have been able to get rid of the protective fences which saves us a lot of hassle and makes commissioning go faster. For us, the Modlink MSDD is a small component that delivers big benefits!”

That is incredibly practical and important explains Keppler: “In our customers’ production facilities around the world,

Go to MSDD in the online shop

This is ideal for applying system designations, barcodes or warning notices to them. Murrelektronik can laser these types of information directly onto the lid of the Modlink MSDD – regardless of quantity and at no additional cost. This simplifies installation since fewer additional labels need to be attached.

Modlink MSDD Features • Globally certified service interface for control cabinets and control panels • Simplify diagnostics and programming tasks Modlink MSDD can have important information lasered onto the lids, free of charge!

Automation Update - 15

The Configurable Laser

A Universal Manufacturing Tool

“David Richter – Engineering Product Manager - for Universal Laser Systems Inc. explains why flexible laser systems will play an increasingly important role in both future product development and manufacturing.”


e live in a world where manufacturing processes and techniques are evolving as never before, with many different influences driving change in both the technologies that we use, and the ways in which they are applied. In certain sectors, such as automotive, there is a growing demand for vehicle customisation, meaning that higher levels of flexibility are required to deliver the choices that customers make. In other sectors, such as consumer electronics, product lifecycles are becoming shorter as companies compete for market share through the introduction of new product variants. Add to this the emergence of new high-performance materials, and the challenges for manufacturers are multiplied, as they strive to identify the production processes that will not only meet the demands of today, but also have the capability and flexibility for future production needs. Laser manufacturing has undoubtedly become one of the most precise and powerful cutting, marking and machining tools available to manufacturers in recent times. The inherent flexibility of laser systems as a non-contact multi-process technology, capable of working with a vast range of materials, will ensure that laser technology will remain at the forefront of tomorrow’s digital manufacturing processes. Although a highly flexible technology in itself, many industrial laser systems are designed and optimised to fulfil a specific process, delivering high performance within a narrow application range. Others claim multiple capabilities, but deliver lower overall performance levels, since they are not particularly suited to or optimised for any one task. In contrast, the systematic approach taken by Universal Laser has always been to deliver the highest levels of quality, accuracy and repeatability across the broadest range of material types, with no compromise in performance. This inherent flexibility ensures that users are able to configure and fine-tune their laser system for the broadest range of tasks.

16 - Automation Update

These characteristics are essential attributes for the growing number of instances where flexibility is becoming the key word, as perhaps batch sizes become smaller, the range of materials to be processed expands, or indeed where the laser system will be required to perform more than one process. This is definitely a growing trend within several industrial sectors where OEM’s are placing greater demands for flexibility on their supply chain partners. Also for those working within the research & development, product development and prototyping environments, it is essential that they have the flexibility to configure and, if required, re-configure their laser system to enable the development of a production ready process. In addition, there are those who may be seeking to introduce laser technology for the first time. For them it is essential that the system they choose has the capability to meet not only their current needs, but have the capability to be easily and quickly re-configured to accommodate future requirements. The rapidly changing nature of manufacturing tasks require a laser solution that can be specified and configured to address the unique criteria required for any given application, if users are to achieve the best results. A package that allows the user the ability to quickly changeover production to new materials, processes or part designs will be the optimum solution for many. Universal Laser Systems David Richter explains how the company’s philosophy of designing highly modular solutions has never been more relevant. “It’s essential that companies purchasing manufacturing equipment within today’s dynamic business environment are able to maximise the return on their investment. This is true regardless of whether the system is to be employed in a prototype or R&D environment, or whether it is to be used as a production tool. In order to achieve this objective, the manufacturing tools, including laser technology, must be adaptable to changing needs as their business evolves, and this is where the modular flexibility of Universal Laser products comes into its own.”

Users are able to select from a comprehensive range of laser system platforms which can be configured with a variety of options and patented technologies. The platforms can be equipped with fiber and CO2 laser sources for wide material compatibility, interchangeable optical configurations for laser beam control, choices on cutting / vacuum tables to suit different applications, and much more.

This allows the user to place oversized objects in the laser system for laser material processing or pass continuous objects such as rolls of material or conveyor systems through the laser system. In the standard Class 1 configuration, work envelopes range from 406mm x 305mm x 102mm to 1219mm x 610mm x 305mm, offering the capability to process a wide range of component sizes.

Universal Laser Systems is the only laser system manufacturer that offers Rapid Reconfiguration™. This patented technology allows users to switch laser sources to match their changing requirements, without the need for tools or any specialist training. Depending upon platform model, there are options on laser wavelength (CO2 10.6μm, CO2 9.3μm, or fiber 1.06μm), in addition to a choice of laser power from 10W to 500W – when combining dual 250W laser sources. There is also the capability in certain platforms for dual or multiple laser sources. At its core, Rapid Reconfiguration™ allows users to very easily install and reinstall any ULS laser source onto any ULS laser system. Because certain wavelengths and peak power levels are ideal for certain materials and applications, this feature allows for unprecedented flexibility in laser processing.

Universal Laser’s David Richter continues: “In addition to offering a comprehensive range of platforms, laser sources and peripherals, ULS systems provide the functionality that enables the user to precisely manipulate parameters such as wavelength selection, laser beam positioning speed, rate of energy delivery and air assist to achieve the highest degree of processing control. The ability to truly fine-tune the process for each material and application not only boost the flexibility of the laser system, but allows the user to consistently achieve higher accuracy and quality.”

The company’s newest platform, the highly flexible and easily customisable ULTRA 9 is able to accommodate up to three laser sources, comprising of two interchangeable CO2 lasers and one fiber laser. When the platform is configured with three lasers, users can take advantage of MultiWave HybridTM technology enabling up to three wavelengths – 9.3µm, 10.6µm, and 1.06µm – to be simultaneously combined into a single coaxial beam. Each spectral component of the beam is independently controlled and can be modulated in real time.

(Universal Laser’s technology processes multi-layered materials with high levels of accuracy and quality)

(MultiWave HybridTM Technology enables up to 3 wavelengths to be simultaneously combined into a single coaxial beam)

Bolstering the core technology is the company’s materials library, widely recognised as the world’s premier source for information on laser material processing for cutting, marking and machining.

The system, in this configuration, is ideally suited for use with multi-layered composite materials. If required, each laser can also be used independently for components that may require multiple consecutive processes using different wavelengths. The capability for such diversity in configuration is matched by the ease with which laser sources can be interchanged, a valuable asset for those using the laser systems in a demanding production environment.

This comprehensive and continually evolving database provides users with details on the recommended configuration for their laser system to process a specific material and obtain the optimum results. These technologies and innovations developed by Universal Laser Systems continue to provide a competitive advantage for manufacturing companies of all sizes, who are seeking to keep pace with the dynamic nature of today’s business environment by future proofing their manufacturing and production processes. Their continual commitment to improving laser technology allows users to benefit from laser systems that deliver high performance for the broadest range of material applications.

(Universal Laser’s ULTRA 9 Platform can accommodate up to 3 laser sources and offers MultiWave HybridTM Technology)

Additional flexibility can be achieved through the use of a patented Class 4 Conversion Module, which is available as an option. This makes it possible for the user to quickly and easily convert a laser system between fully enclosed Class 1 operation, and open Class 4 operation.

Universal Laser Systems GmbH Lerchenfelder Gürtel 43 1160 Vienna, Austria +43 1-402-22-50

Automation Update - 17

Over 60% of floorspace at Robotics and Automation 2019 has already been sold Due to its phenomenal success and rapid growth, the Robotics & Automation exhibition is moving to the Ricoh Arena, Coventry UK on the 29th and 30th October 2019. The exhibition is set to be double the size of the 2018 event showing the massive demand in the industry for robotics and automation solutions to maximise efficiency in warehouses and plants in the UK. The event has been a huge success due to its unique approach in only allowing end-users through the door meaning exhibitors are spending their time talking to a captive audience of keen buyers. The event will be a platform for key industry players to share the latest innovation with the industry and will be packed with live demonstrations of the latest technology. The two Conferences taking place on the show floor which boast a comprehensive line-up of topics and industry leading speakers will also be a big draw to visitors to attend the show. Here is some of the feedback from our 2018 exhibitors highlighting why Robotics and Automation is such a vital part of their marketing plan: “Exhibiting for the first time we found the show to be very productive as it gave us a great opportunity to meet with existing customers and new potential in the developing robotics sector; already looking forward to next year and the expanded show at the Ricoh” Stewart Goulding, Electro Mechanical Systems Ltd “The show was a great success for us, we will be taking more staff next year and have already booked a much larger stand right opposite the main entrance, already looking forward to it..” Chris Wood, 18 - Automation Update

“The show was very well attended, especially on the first day and we have a strong list of contacts that we met including some existing customers.” Lucy Murphy, Dematic “Another great show following the inauguration event last year. We recorded a 17% increase in visitors and discussions on our stand with a serious number of very positive lines of enquiry.  Looking forward to Ricoh next year, stand already booked!” Simon Adams, MD, Werma There are many more glowing reviews on Suppliers are urged to book their presence quickly as stands are selling fast for this unique opportunity to meet end-users actively looking to source their solutions. Stands start from only £3,987+VAT which includes walling, carpet, lighting, power, name board, web listing, show guide entry and marketing support. To find out more contact Nairn Foster now on 020 7953 3807/ nairn. If you are an end user looking to discover the latest and best the industry has to offer then please register free at For more information please contact: Email: Telephone: 07429429462

Don’t delay!

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Register now for IMHX 2019

• Visit the largest materials handling event in the UK • Discover how automation, AI and robotics are transforming the UK supply chain and shaping the next generation of warehouses • Evaluate the largest showcase of cutting-edge intralogistics products and services • Gain insight into future logistics trends from free-to-attend seminars

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Automation Update - Issue 54  

Automation Update - Issue 54  

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