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The HP1100 & GD4200-USB Series of ultra-high pressure transducers and transmitters take away the worries of dealing with very high pressures safely. See p14-15

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Automated storage and retrieval – A Smart Alternative Material handling in a typical machining or manufacturing operation can account for a large percentage of production time. With a focus on leaner efficiency it’s worth looking at more efficient storing, handling and retrieval of your materials. Automated storage and retrieval systems are a smart alternative to traditional shelving and rack systems. Vertical carousels and Lift systems solve many of the problems associated with poor utilisation of floor space, throughput restrictions, centralised stockrooms, information and inventory management, lean manufacturing and quick response/JIT disciplines. In the process, they can significantly reduce operating costs. Vertical storage and retrieval systems consist of two primary devices. One is called a vertical carousel that uses rotating carriers, or shelves, that move on a track (like a Ferris wheel) in response to operator commands. The other vertical device is a VLM (Vertical Lift Module). VLMs consist of a series of trays that are mounted on both sides of an inserter/extractor device. With both the vertical carousel and VLM, items are automatically delivered to the operator at an ergonomically positioned work counter, eliminating walking, searching, bending and stooping. These systems come in a wide range of capacities and configurations and can be used for a number of storage and retrieval requirements. There are vertical systems that can easily handle tools, dies and pallets with each carrier able to accommodate up to 11,025 pounds. Some of these units are available with up to 210 shelf levels for a total unit capacity of 2,315,250 pounds. Other vertical storage and retrieval systems are designed specifically to store small tooling and consumable safety items. “Standard” vertical storage and retrieval systems can hold items as large as heavy tooling and sub-assemblies and as small as screws and other fasteners. When looking at increasing productivity and leaner manufacturing options you need to consider the following: • • •

Nature of the load to be stored System throughput Defining control requirements

Conventional static storage systems like shelving require employees to spend up to 70 percent of their time searching for items. On average, in typical industrial applications, productivity throughput can increase by more than 2.5 times. One of the primary reasons for considering a vertical system is the improved space utilisation they offer. Depending on useable building interior heights, a significant percentage of a conventional storage system’s occupied floor space can be recovered. The small unit footprint makes vertical systems especially valuable for point-of-use storage and JIT manufacturing applications. Recovered floor space can be reallocated from cost-associated functions of inventory to valueincreasing production operations. Improved space utilisation can also extend the useful life of existing facilities, eliminating the need for expensive brick and mortar expansion to meet growth requirements.

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Redundant or non-essential handling can be reduced with vertical systems, especially in applications frequent reuse of tools and dies. The time saved results in less operating costs and improved customer service. Labour costs are reduced due to the system’s quick retrieval times and the capability to meet varying throughput requirements while not being bound by thresholds imposed by limited-access systems. Typically, an operator’s walk and search time is reversed from that of conventional systems to 70 percent picking and only 30 percent dwell time. There are a number of important factors to consider when planning the installation of a vertical storage and retrieval system. A properly applied approach to planning and specifying can substantially enhance the benefits these systems offer. To learn more contact Kardex Remstar at

Human-centred Automation


orporate Risk Associates (CRA) is one of Europe’s largest integrated Human Factors, Safety, Risk and Reliability consultancies. CRA provides services to safety-critical industries including: Nuclear, Process Power, Rail, Business Risk and Defence.

mainly against financial criteria with little or no consideration of the real human requirements. So, it is perhaps not surprising that numerous instances have been reported where automated systems have failed to meet users’ expectations and resulted in severe consequences.

In the nuclear sector, CRA’s human factors specialists have observed a growing niche for human and machine interface development. This is due to the update of nuclear control systems bringing increased use of software control. Thus, CRA is currently investigating methods for determining the appropriate level of interaction between operators and automation for monitoring and controlling process control tasks.

These deficiencies can be avoided by taking a human-centred approach to the development of automation. This should start by undertaking a comprehensive task analysis of the human activities that are being automated, and understanding how humans will need to interact with the new system. This will provide vital insights into the human requirements to enable development and design of a system that operates effectively in a wide range of situations.

Three drivers for the rapid increase in automated systems are to: make tasks easier, more convenient or safer. Whilst these are laudable aims, many automated systems are developed with insufficient consideration of human requirements. Hence there is a tendency for the development of many automated systems to be seen as a purely engineering process, judged

A major human factors concern for automated systems is situational awareness. This centres on the user’s overall understanding of the operation of the systems that are being monitored or controlled by the automation. It is preferable to design the automation system to enable users to be aware of important state data,

whilst avoiding information overload. Another important consideration is operator workload level. Whilst automated processing can certainly help to reduce the risks of human errors due to high workload, if the automated support lowers workload too far, this can greatly reduce vigilance. For this reason, the methods being developed for determining interaction levels between humans and automation are also assessing how the level of interaction can be changed as overall workload is increased. It is important to enable users to diagnose automation failures, particularly when data may appear sound but is actually unreliable. Undertaking a human reliability assessment of the proposed system helps determine the potential for these situations to occur. By identifying potential error modes in this manner, the interfaces can be designed in ways that support operators in establishing any such failures. To discuss human-centred automation needs, please contact: Anthony Bell , Phone number 01925393282, Email: Automation Update - 5

IS THIS THE END OF UNPLANNED DOWNTIME? Let’s talk about downtime. It can halt production, require expensive repairs or replacements, and has huge cost implications for manufacturers. But what if you could know, in advance, when repairs or maintenance are needed? And what if your schedule reflected this increased level of foresight? These kinds of capabilities may be closer than you think.


here are many ways in which FANUC products are recognised within industry. You might know us best by our distinctive yellow robots. Or perhaps as the market-leader for CNC. What you may not know, however, are the extensive capabilities we have to turn a FANUC robot or CNC-controlled machine into a fully-functioning, fullyautomated, smart manufacturing cell. While some may find the subject daunting or confusing, Industry 4.0 was nonetheless the hot-topic of 2017, and 2018 looks set to be the same. The truth is, we’ve been doing it for years. In fact, the smart condition monitoring capability we launched at last year’s EMO was just one of many developments FANUC has had in machine-tomachine communication over the past few years. For those who missed it, the technology launched last year is known as “Zero Downtime” (ZDT), an automated software for monitoring robots and identifying potential faults. As manufacturers, we can all agree that unplanned downtime is a financial and logistical nightmare; yet, it’s one of the few certainties that we have. The solution lies in making sure that any potential losses are planned, and mitigated, ahead of time. That’s exactly what ZDT does. As a smart diagnostic tool, it connects to a FANUC robot and conducts a mix of maintenance scheduling and process health monitoring. It can also generate a digital twin, which helps the software to compare how the robot should work, to how it is actually

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functioning. If there are discrepancies, these are noted using a simple traffic-light system to communicate the severity of the problem. Don’t worry: smart diagnostics aren’t as sensitive as your kitchen smoke alarm, and they won’t flash red at every minor discrepancy. Instead, they’re designed to track changes and observe patterns in machine behaviour within defined parameters or tolerance levels. It’s then up to you to decide the best course of action to prevent machine failure. Do technologies such as these signal the end of unplanned downtime? Unfortunately not. As you’ll well know, downtime is influenced by more than machine faults. Technology is evolving all the time, however, and we are seeing some exciting developments within artificial intelligence and diagnostics. Predictive maintenance is one of the easier wins for companies looking to invest in smart manufacturing, and it’s a great way to enhance an automated production line for true lights-out, unmanned manufacturing. If you’re interested in learning more, why not visit us at our impressive facility in Ansty Park, Coventry? Whether you’re new to automation, or looking to take the next logical step, we can help to get your journey started. Steve Capon, Technical Manager, FANUC UK For more information on FANUC, or to see its current product range, please visit:


For all your automation needs

Zero Downtime Intelligent diagnostics for robots


Unexpected downtime could cost as much as £5,000 per minute. With the new ZDT diagnostics tool from FANUC, we ensure that downtime doesn’t happen. ZDT constantly monitors each robot’s mechanical, maintenance and process health in real-time and proactively detects potential robot, controller, or process problems before unexpected downtime can occur. Notifications can be seen even via smartphone.





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The plastic innovation specialist, Murrplastik has introduced a new UK website bringing all products and system solutions together into one, easy to use resource. Via the website, customers can access Murrplastik’s UK Labelling Service. A quick and easy way to design and order customised industrial labels and cable tags online. Alternatively, customers can speak directly to the UK Label Production Team. This outsourcing labelling service is an ideal solution for small to medium quantities or companies without an inhouse labelling system. Murrplastik labels are for industrial applications, including cable identification, wire marking, terminal blocks or control panels and system labelling. Murrplastik offers a wide range of base materials, colours and inscription techniques including engraving, laser, inkjet and thermal printed labels. Murrplastik labelling service offers a fast, easy way to source highly durable, bespoke industrial labels. Innovative solutions and products for all your cable and labelling needs. Murrplastik’s hightech plastic products can be found in just about every industrial sector, ranging from the rail - and automotive industry through toolmaking and mechanical engineering to electrical and medical engineering, packaging and woodworking. The new website has been extended and now also includes the wider Murrplastik product range: • Cable Drag Chains • Cable Protection Conduits and Fittings • Cable Entry Systems & Holders • Complete Labelling Systems It also features a new section - Robotics and Automation Equipment. Murrplastik is able to provide fully populated robotic dresspack solutions for any robotic application. Utilizing

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universally applicable fastening, conduit and protection elements for hydraulic, pneumatic and electronic cables and wires for all standard robots. provides customers with access new product information, downloads and full technical information via the links to the parent Murrplastik Gmbh website. Call 0161 728 3133 Email:

• • • • • • • • • • • •

Great Price 5 Comm Ports Inc. Ethernet Real-Time Data On Display Easy PID Free No-Limit Programming Hardware Auto-Discovery Hot-Swappable I/O Built-in Data Logging Slim Form-Factor Multiple Wiring Options Integrated Web-Server Motion Made Easy

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Challenging High Viscosity Glucose Flow Measurement in Soda Manufacturing Bell Flow Systems was approached regarding a rather challenging task of glucose flow measurement. A production line specialist needed a solution for controlling the glucose flow measurement in a newly built processing plant for a large, UK based soft drinks manufacturer.

The glucose was to be pumped through stainless steel dairy pipes and heated to a temperature of 45oC. Thus producing a viscosity of 5000 centipoise. Due to the kind of product being manufactured, it was essential to have hygienic connections. The application also specified the installation of digital batch controllers. This was in order to allow operator control of the production process. These dual stage batch controllers offer intelligent over-run correction and two-stage valve closure for accuracy and repeatability. The system would accurately dispense the exact quantity of glucose for the user-specified mixture each time. This was critical so that the recipe for the soda remained the same and the taste didn’t vary from batch to batch. Due to this high working viscosity, it was determined that a positive displacement flow meter was required.

Macnaught oval gear meters for glucose flow measurement Bell Flow Systems offered one of the Macnaught oval gear type positive displacement meters. This particular range of meters are constructed from food grade stainless steel. Thus making the meter suitable for hygienic application. High viscosity stainless steel rotors allow for measuring viscosities over 100,00 centipoise. Hygienic tri-clamp connections, FDA approval, and locally mounted IP67 rated batch controllers completed the selection. 10 - Automation Update

The oval gear meter principle ensures that there is flexibility of installation. Because there are no straight lengths of pipe needed before or after the meter, they can be installed vertically or horizontally. Additionally, these meters create an exceptionally low pressure drop - which was critical to the application.

Further application examples include: • • • • • • • • •

Metering & monitoring aggressive liquids Marine fuel measurement Offshore chemical injection measurement Diesel additive injection Polymer blending and dispensing Calibration & test stands Dye & ink metering Brine measurement Abrasive oil measurement - tallow & palm oil

For more information on the products used please visit our website, or contact the Bell Flow Systems Sales team

MODULA VERTICAL STORAGE SOLUTIONS FOR A LEAN MANUFACTURING: 8 TYPES OF WASTE THAT VLMs CAN ELIMINATE in picking and replenishing as there is no walking back and forth through the warehouse to find and retrieve ordered goods. 6. Inventory VLMs can reduce the costs of physical labor and the associated human resource expenses and decrease the costs associated with inventory risks by increasing inventory security. 7. Transportation Modula’s VLMs utilize the available room height from floor to ceiling, allowing for items to be stored in a safe and secure unit. Manufacturers can save valuable floor space and concentrate operations in a smaller footprint, eliminating motion and transportation wastes Lean manufacturing is based on identifying and eliminating waste. In lean manufacturing, waste is any expense or effort which doesn’t generate a product or a service that a potential client is willing to pay for. One area where such inefficiencies are often observed is in warehousing. Conventional racking, shelving, drawer cabinets still used in many facilities often contributes to this waste as they occupy significant valuable space within the facility. These also lead to a slower process flows where time is mainly spent locating and retrieving parts.

2. Excess Processing/ Inappropriate Processing Modula’s VLM can help in eliminating wastes as they streamline operating procedures, increase the flexibility and lower the costs in almost any type of facility. 3. Overproduction Thanks to the implementation of vertical storage solutions, warehousing and manufacturing facilities can have full control over the flow of goods.

High-density automated vertical storage systems can help factories and warehouses to eliminate the wastes, significantly optimize manufacturing processes and dramatically improve efficiency and productivity of the overall operations.

4. Labor cost

1. Defects

5. Waiting

Modula’s VLMs are fully automated vertical storage systems that allow for large inventory of goods to be quickly accessed while being stored in a safe and secure environment.

VLMs automatically deliver items to the operator with a simple touch on the copilot console or a scan of a barcode. This feature drastically reduces handling times both

8. Motion VLMs not only minimize significantly the risk of injury from motion, but also offer maximum safety for personnel in even the most demanding working conditions. Inventory is delivered directly to employees without exposing them to moving parts or requiring them to use heavy machinery.

Modula’s VLM retrieves trays with the stored items and delivers them to the user at the optimum ergonomic retrieval height.

Automation Update - 11

Rittal’s Hygienic Solution for Large Control Systems Rittal’s Hygienic Design System enclosures combine the features of their Hygienic Design Compact enclosures with a modular, bayable configuration. They deliver a flexible and hygienic solution that protects installed electrical and electronic equipment, even in washdown areas. The addition of standard accessories from Rittal’s TS 8 range, plus the flexibility afforded by baying, as well as the ability to swap the door handles, gives users a solution that can be tailored to suit even complex control systems in production clean rooms. The Hygienic Design System enclosure eliminates dead space and dirt traps, which reduces the risk of both direct and indirect cross-contamination.

Features that help improve hygiene levels include: • the hinge and lock components are located inside the seal face • internally secured sloped roof and side panels

• special protruding lock inserts • hygienically designed accessories, including glands, levelling feet and viewing window

• blue-dyed silicone seals

The lack of dead space and dirt traps makes cleaning easier, the more so because the roof is angled at 30 degrees and all gaps are at least finger-sized. The enclosure has an ingress protection category of IP 59K. As such, it shields installed equipment from dust, dirt, and powerful, high-temperature, water jets, during production and cleaning, even in washdown areas. As a result, the Hygienic Design System enclosure can have major business benefits. By making cleaning easier, and better protecting electrical and electronic components it reduces both scheduled, and unplanned, downtime. This means it can increase uptime and improve productivity while contributing to creating a hygienic production environment. Further information at and or on twitter @rittal_ltd.


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Rittal_Anz_VX25_420x105_GB RA 0418.indd 1



VX25. SYSTEM PERFECTION. More options, more efficiency, less effort: This is thanks in particular to a frame profile with a 25 mm pitch pattern that is symmetrical across all levels. The VX25 is also infinitely extendable and accessible from all sides – even from the outside.



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Safe High Pressure Measurement up to 5000 bar! The HP1100 & GD4200-USB Series of ultra-high pressure transducers and transmitters take away the worries of dealing with very high pressures safely.


esigned to perform in demanding environments, the HP1100 & GD4200USB Series from ESI Technology will consistently maintain accurate performance whilst sustaining high durability. The wetted parts and diaphragm are machined from a single piece of titanium which means no weld joints and therefore high pressure integrity and overload capacity even at operating ranges up to 5000bar. A stainless steel housing gives unbeatable corrosion resistance whilst the Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology provides a very high performance level with high overpressures, virtually no hysteresis and excellent long term stability over a wide temperature range. The standard autoclave fitting enables safe and reliable sealing to such high pressures. • Pressure ranges from 0-400bar to 0-5000bar • All titanium wetted parts with no seals or welds • Excellent accuracy • High operating temperature • Autoclave high pressure process connection • Intrinsically safe (HP1100 only)


GD4200-USB Digital Transducer The GD4200-USB digital transducer is an extremely cost effective solution for monitoring pressure and 14 - Automation Update

temperature. It is available in ranges from 2.5 bar to 5000 bar, with a selectable sample rate of up to 1,000 readings per second (1,000 Hz). All pressure fluctuations and potential spikes are captured. Whether you are looking to perform test and calibration, spot checks or local, direct monitoring the GD4200-USB is a convenient solution as there is no need for any additional hardware or software and you can test and record data on-site. It boasts a standard accuracy of 0.15%, making it the ideal solution for high accuracy applications as well as high pressure. Using a USB hub you can connect and collect data from up to 16 USB transducers and view & record live readouts on one screen at the same time.

HP1000 Range Available in pressure ranges from 0-400 bar to 0-5,000 bar and with electrical outputs of 0-100 mV, 0-5V dc, 0-10 Vdc and 4-20 mA the HP1000 series of pressure transmitters has always been popular choice for very high pressure applications including aerospace, laboratory and test, oil and gas monitoring equipment and general industrial. Standard accuracy is 0.25%, but a higher accuracy option of 0.1% is offered if required. An ATEX and IECEx certified version of the HP1000 series is available for explosion protection for flammable gases (zone 0), dusts (zone 20) and mining areas (group I M1). Contact the ESI sales team on +44 (0)1978 262255 and or visit our website

Countdown to the UK’s leading production line event begins The PPMA Show to celebrate its 30th anniversary at the NEC Birmingham 25-27 September 2018.


n light of Nick Peters’, author of the Annual Manufacturing report 2018, comment that “UK manufacturing has come a long way in recent years, as we have seen from their stellar performance in 2017,” it’s no surprise that the PPMA Show is gearing up for its biggest show to date when it returns to the NEC, Birmingham, between 25-27 September 2018. Set to fill the halls of the NEC with demonstrations of the most technologicallyadvanced processing and packaging machinery the world has to offer, the UK’s leading production line event will provide the platform for thousands of food, pharmaceuticals, toiletries and FMCG manufacturers to explore the latest innovations and do business live from the show floor. Celebrating its 30th anniversary, the PPMA Show will welcome the return of some of the industry’s major players for its milestone event such as Baumer. The automated image processing specialist will join the exhibition for the first time since 2014, armed with its latest range of intelligent HeavyDuty encoders.

In a revamp of the original Learning Hub format, the PPMA Show 2018 will also hone its educational programme. A high profile industry speaker, to be confirmed in the coming months, will open the show and deliver an insightful address, followed by a smaller line-up of thought leaders sharing their industry knowledge in focused sessions over the three days of the show. As well as the chance to see working machinery in action,

the PPMA Show 2018 will offer enhanced networking opportunities through dedicated meeting spaces around the show. Rewarding the hard work and innovation seen throughout the past year, the prestigious PPMA Group Awards will once again take place alongside the event. Returning to the first night of the PPMA Show the glittering ceremony and gala dinner is set to be bigger and better than ever – watch out for exciting news to be 16 - Automation Update

announced in the coming months. Zoe Crockett, Marketing Manager, PPMA Group, said: “We’re thrilled to be celebrating our 30th anniversary with a completely new look and fresh new ideas for the 2018 Show. We’ve listened carefully to visitor feedback for more networking opportunities and devised a format that will ensure even the most timepoor visitors have the chance to meet, share knowledge and make new business contacts. Roll on September!”


March 2018

25-27 SEPT 2018 NEC, BirmiNgham

FREE TO ATTEND REGISTER NOw! THE UK’S LEADING PRODUCTION LINE EVENT See the latest processing and packaging machinery in action, network with industry peers and gain valuable insight at our must attend seminars. proCEssiNg & paCkagiNg maChiNEry 42| matErials i roBots i iNdustrial VisioN

organised by

New 30ECT Ultra EC Brushless Motor – Ultra High Torque in a Compact Package Portescap is proud to announce the expansion of the Ultra EC™ range of brushless DC slotless motors with the introduction of the new 30ECT motor. This 4 pole motor offers ultra high torque and power (up to 245W, max continuous) without compromising on the smooth operation and long life you expect from Portescap’s brushless slotless motors. The new 30ECT motor is available in two lengths: the 30ECT64 and the 30ECT90. The 30ECT64 and 30ECT90 motors feature our patented Ultra coil technology which provides unparalleled torque and power density with limited core losses over a wide range of working speeds without friction & brush wear. These motors feature our patented high-speed rotor design as well to sustain speeds up to 30,000 rpm. The 30ECT90 is unique and opens new areas for slim/long package with impressive torque capabilities, while the 30ECT64 bridges the gap in terms of torque between the 22ECT82 and 30ECT90 allowing high speed capabilities. Thanks to its rugged design, the 30ECT can sustain peak torque during 2s up to 1.3Nm (30ECT64) and 2.4Nm (30ECT90).

18 - Automation Update

The 30ECT motors can be adapted for most applications within the industrial markets, enhancing the life and reliability of a device without compromising on power and machine throughput and saving energy. The new 30ECTs are an ideal choice f o r

reaction. A temperature probe on the coil head ensures an optimized control of motor performances in heavy duty applications.

applications such as batteryoperated hand tools, including industrial tightening devices and drills, factory automation equipment such as electric grippers, humanoid robots and automation actuators and for applications where there are diameter constraints. The new 30ECTs feature a laser welded front flange to ensure the strongest housing to sustain high torque

These motors are offered with hall sensors and a total of 6 different coils to match your speed and voltage requirements. Upon request, Portescap can also provide options for customization including gearboxes, encoders, coil variations and mechanical interface modifications. Portescap is globally ISO 9001:2008 certified and our production site in India is also ISO 13485, ISO 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:2007 certified.

About Our Business: kadops was founded as a natural progression from our respective leadership careers in UK and global manufacturing, where we forged a track record for effective leadership and execution. Our commercial, operational and financial ability has been tested from executive level to shop floor and it is this combined experience and qualification in cross functional leadership that presents the perfect platform to support UK manufacturing SME’s through growth or turnaround. Owners, CEO’s and Directors often get distracted by operational fire fighting. Whilst they may enjoy being on the front line, their primary role is to communicate the vision and drive capital value.

What we do?


The “kadops way” – as hands on leaders we use our combined expertise to elevate middle managers in their understanding of the vision, optimising their leadership potential to execute the tactical and operational needs of the business effectively.


We ask : • • • •


where are we now? where do we want to be? how do we get there? how do we measure our progress?



kadops engagement with your middle management team allows business owners to pursue growth, confident that the day to day management of your business is in safe hands.

kadops is not a franchise, kadops is Kirstie Allenby and Kieran Doyle We combine over 60 years commercial, operational and financial experience in manufacturing When you engage with kadops you work with kadops kadops Business Review

What next?

Prior to formal engagement, we will conduct a preliminary kadops business review, resulting in a report outlining our initial observations, potential impact and recommendations for improvement.

Upon formal engagement, we will establish a working partnership with your teams to identify business challenges and define and prioritise actions. kadops would then facilitate ownership and execution of agreed solutions by your nominated champions.

The duration of this review will be governed by the size and complexity of your company. Regardless of the duration, this service is free of charge,

Areas of review include : • • • • • • •

Mission, Vision & Strategy Plans, trends & actual performance Measurements & KPI’s Business improvement initiatives & action plans Organisational Structure / Roles & Responsibilities Overhead structure / key spend Constraints, key issues

As these champions learn to deliver business objectives, kadops will continue to support at a distance allowing senior leaders to stay focused on their primary task of growing capital value.

The “kadops way” limits dependency on consultants, promoting sustainable leadership, execution and reflection in house.

kadops is a trading name of KAD Operational Support Partners: Kirstie Allenby BSc (Hons), FCA and Kieran Doyle BA (Hons), MBA Registered Office: - 3 Park Avenue, Batley, West Yorkshire, WF17 0LU Website: Contact Details: (Mob: 07903 754389) (Mob: 07300 017571)

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Take your machinery safety knowledge to the next level ... Whether you wish to deepen your knowledge in the field of safe mechanical and electrical engineering, optimise projects or acquire further qualifications in the field of machinery safety – with Pilz as your training partner, you’re sure to reach your goal. Our 2018 schedule is now available on the Pilz website. Courses include: • CMSE ® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV certified) • City & Guilds 4 Day Machinery Safety Course • Safe Human-Robot Collaboration • Safety Design Incorporating EN ISO 13849-1

For futher infomation or to book onto one of our courses visit, webcode: 150535

Pilz Automation Technology Corby NN18 8TJ

01536 460766