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October 2015


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HARTING Customised Solutions - bringing together market leading connectors with expert local and global production capabilities. Capabilties include; Kitting, Cable Assemblies, Box Builds and Product Modification UK and Global production facilities In-house CAD Engineers to help design your customised solution Quality Assurance team to ensure the highest quality throughout Transmit any combination of power, signal, data embedded processor I/O Ethernet communications and fibre-optics To discuss your requirements phone +44 (0) 1604 827500 or e-mail

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Automation Update is an engaging, editorially led publication & directory giving the reader news and updates on new products and services to our ever Progressing industry.

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This Digital only branch off from our parent publication Engineering Update provides an in-depth look at the Automation side of engineering we distribute the magazine to over 23,000 readers monthly. With Automation being ever present for the Industrial Engineering Sector we provide the latest news and unbiased opinions throughout the UK’s market place.

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Watching the Easy Guide to Low Voltage Motors Tutorials you will discover: How to save Energy with Electric Motors.

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ABB wins $90-million order to supply world’s longest extruded ‘power from shore’ cable

200-kilometer cable system to deliver 100 megawatts of electricity from Norwegian grid to Johan Sverdrup offshore facility ABB has won an order worth around $90 million from leading international energy company Statoil, for a high-voltage cable system to supply power from shore to the Johan Sverdrup offshore Located 155 kilometres (km) west of Stavanger in the North Sea, Johan Sverdrup is considered one of the largerational, production is estimated at 550,000 – 650,000 barrels of oil per day, accounting for nearly 40 percent ABB will design, manufacture and install an 80-kilovolt (kV) extruded direct current (DC) cable system with a capacity of 100 megawatts to transmit power from the Norwegian power grid to the Johan Sverdrup offshore prolength, it will be the longest extruded submarine cable system to an offshore Supplying electric power from shore for offshore oil and gas production avoids the need to burn diesel or gas out at sea to power the equipment and machinery on the platforms, resulting

the cluster of platforms from shore, the cable solution is safer and more ener4 - Automation Update October 2015

major references include the Gjøa plat“Delivering enhanced customer value through close customer collaboration is an important element of ABB’s Next Level strategy and we are delighted to be supporting Statoil with this cable system as well as the HVDC converter stations,” said Claudio Facchin, presi”With this ‘power from shore’ cable solution, ABB will once again be pushing the boundaries of technology and lowering environmental impact, in line with our vision of power and productiv-

to supply the two high voltage direct current (HVDC) converter stations for onshore at Haugsneset, where it will turn alternating current (AC) from the grid into DC, which can be transmitted station which is on one of the oil platconverted back into AC and distributed ABB leads the way when it comes to cable systems delivering power-from-

the world’s longest alternating current (AC) cable from land to an offshore installation and the link to the Goliat power from shore installation in the ABB also performed the front-end engineering and design for the entire Johan Sverdrup HVDC power-fromABB is a global leader in high-voltage cable systems across applications such as integration of renewables, city centre infeeds, oil and gas platform power DC and hundreds of AC cable links

power and automation technologies that enable utility, industry, and transport and infrastructure customers to improve their performance while lowGroup of companies operates in roughly 100 countries and employs about For more information please contact: Will Leonard

Photonex 2015 - Unlock the potential of Light Technologies THIS YEAR’S SHOWCASE MUST-VISIT EVENT DEDICATED TO PHOTONICS AND LIGHT TECHNOLOGIES WILL BE HELD ON WEDNESDAY 14TH AND THURSDAY 15TH OCTOBER AT RICOH ARENA. 100+ Exhibitors, the largest event for 10 years. Co-located Vision UK & VACUUM EXPO. What’s it all about? Every light-based technology imaginable, this event provides researchers and industry engineers the unique opportunity to meet the UK’s top supplier companies, innovators & leading science groups in the comprehensive exhibition and to attend the in-depth Enlighten Conference covering applications, technology advances, innovations and emerging technologies in photonics based technologies. The Enlighten Conference Programmes: High Power Diode Lasers & Systems, Nano-Spectroscopy & Bio-Imaging, Vision in Action: Advances in industrial Imaging, Optical Engineering & Design, Optical Metrology, Photonics Tutorials, Innovation Live! what’s new, Laser Processes in Ultra Precision Manufacturing, SID: Display Selection and Evaluation. Included; a special International Year of Light event: Your future in photonics: LIGHTtalks - brighten up your world. The conference includes an impressive 100 speakers over the two days. Something for everyone.

Co-located event: Industrial vision technologies at PHOTONEX. The VISION UK showcase, annually held and sharing the exhibition hall with PHOTONEX 2015, is dedicated to vision/imaging and laser technology for research, science, industry and factory automation. WHY YOU SHOULD ATTEND? internet one product can seem just like another. But it is getting down to the in depth detail face-to-face with a specialist which will enable you to make a better informed purchasing decision.

Feature Meeting:

12.30 The Art of 3D Robot Vision Paul Wilson – Scorpion Vision

Vision in Action - advances in vision and imaging technologies Wednesday 14th October 10.30 Planning ideas for MV Applications Tristan Hurley - Stemmer Imaging 11.00 Keynote Speech Vision for Autonomous Driving: Challenges and Opportunities Dr. Will Maddern - Oxford University 11.30 Advantages of Native High Dynamic Range in SWIR Raf Slotwinski – Alrad Imaging 12.00 The Rise of the CMOS Sensor Mike Morgan – Multipix Imaging

13.00 3D Vision Techniques and Applications Nick Hall - Clearview Imaging 13.30 Direct Part Marking – the evolution of using “Indestructible Barcodes” in manufacturing Paul Cunningham – Acrovision 14.00 Vision system integration and labeling 14.30 Hyperspectral Imaging in the Machine Vision World Jurgen Hillmann - XImea 15.00 Liquid crystal optical components for polarization control in machine vision applications Dr. Fredrik Kihlborg - LC-Tec Displays Check the website for Thursday’s schedule.

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High Pressure No Worries! The HP1100 Series of ultra high pressure transducers and transmitters takes away the worries of dealing with very high pressures safely.


esigned to perform in demanding environments, The HP1100 Series from ESI Technology will consistently maintain accurate performance whilst sustaining high durability. The wetted parts and diaphragm are machined from a single piece of titanium alloy which means no weld joints and therefore high pressure integrity and overload capacity and with operating ranges up to 4000bar, the Silicon-onSapphire sensor technology ensures a high performance level even with high overpressures. Stainless steel housing gives unbeatable corrosion resistance whilst the Silicon-on-Sapphire sensor technology provides outstanding performance with virtually no hysteresis and excellent long term stability over a wide temperature range. The standard autoclave pressures.

6 - Automation Update October 2015

of the HP1100 series is available for (zone 0), dusts (zone 20) and mining areas (group I M1). Pressure ranges from 0-400bar to 0-4000bar All titanium wetted parts with no seals or welds Excellent accuracy High operating temperature Autoclave high pressure process connection Intrinsically safe option Contact the ESI sales team on +44 (0)1978 262255 and or visit our website

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Induction Hardening with IR Temperature Measurement Exlusive Road Test In many industries, the use of non-contact temperature measurement has become essential in monitoring and controlling production processes. In fact, high quality standards can only be guaranteed by precisely controlling temperature for even the smallest components.

During induction hardening and tempering, a particular spot of the workpiece (such as precision parts made of steel or cast steel) is heated up and subsequently quenched rapidly. For such contactless heating methods, usually only a special area on the surface of the workpiece is selectively heated. This method of selectively heating and quenching induction heating process Temperature measurement via ISR 6-TI Advanced with simultaneous display of the thermal image (image below) a workpiece is critical in achieving the desired hardness of the mate- In order to detect and monitor rial. If the temperature is too low, it will lead the temperature distribution on the workpiece, a special the temperature is too high, it may damage hy b r i d - py r o m e t e r w i t h thermal imaging functionality the workpiece so that it becomes unusable. has been developed by By adjusting the induction coil, pieces in LumaSense. This new solution, various shapes can be correctly heated up IMPAC ISR 6 TI Advanced, combines accurate two-color for the hardening process. pyrometer measurement with thermal imaging display Solutions: capability. This allows a For efficient process monitoring and specific indication of the control through temperature measurement, temperature distribution of a dedicated region on the objects surface. LumaSense Technologies offers a wide range of infrared pyrometers. They are suitable for The new ROI functionality contained in the supplied InfraWin software enables different industrial applications and can be an optional I / O module, it is possible for example to trigger external (switching-) in the harshest working environments. The contacts based on the temperature data of one or more ROI’s. portfolio includes a wide range of instruments from standard-pyrometers and two-color Conclusion: pyrometers to composite solutions, which consist of pyrometers with integrated thermal The use of pyrometers for controlling induction processes imaging functionality. For measurement tasks with high reproducibility (as required in hardening processes), LumaSense offers Series 6 Advanced pyrometers, which are available in different wavelength ranges and cover

quick and easy process optimization maintaining exact quality-standards creation of robust, repeatable processes for monitoring of production

Contact: this series a ratio pyrometer version (ISR 6 Advanced) is also available, covering a wide scope of metal applications. 8 - Automation Update October 2015

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Automation Update - 9 October 2015

OmrOn demOs path tracing delta rObOt with freehand pattern recOgnitiOn A demonstration robot cell at the 2015 PPMA show will highlight innovative applications in pattern recognition and path tracing. Visitors to the show’s Robot Feature Area, will be able to draw their own freeform shapes, present them to the vision system within the cell, and then watch as the delta robot traces the shape. The system accurately follows the path even as the shape is rotated or moved back and forth on a linear slide to demonstrate

The demo cell features an Omron delta robot, controlled by a Sysmac NJ controller, and linked to Omron’s FH vision system, with a light curtain to ensure user safety. When a drawing of a shape is presented to the cell contrast and background suppression improves the scan for outline detection. From the outline, the vision system splits the path by buffers of 128 points each, and generates the output XY data of equally spaced points. The whole process happens at high speed, with the vision algorithms executed over a multicore processor system to reduce inspection time. The algorithm skips the traditional pre-calculation that would conventionally be used in pattern recognition – a task that has high computational cost. This allows faster calculations to be performed and the cell to operate within a real time control systems context. The XY data is sent to the NJ PLC, which connects these output data points using interpolation to create a smooth curve. The total length of the path is calculated from the number of points and distance between pairs of points, supplied by the FH vision system. With the total distance calculated and the curves smoothed, the trajectory data used to calculate the distance from the initial position to the current position. A key feature of the system is its ability to synchronise with the speed of a conveyor – simulated in the demo cell using the rotary turntable and linear slide. A third degree polynomial interpolation is recalculated at every CPU tick (1ms) and based on time instead of the maximum speeds and accelerations, which are checked constantly during the path execution. The demo highlights a host of applications for path following where it is either not possible or desirable to have the path generated within a CAD system. The ability 10 - Automation Update October 2015

Omron demonstrates pattern recognition and path tracing

to draw a closed shape freehand and have it accurately traced saves time and could have important applications in areas such as food production, packaging, healthcare and more, enabling new levels of customisation for short changes in the design. The demonstration addresses a number of key issues and trends across industries. The fast teaching time means minimal downtime on the production line, and It also highlights how the use of integrated robotics and costs and improve throughput. Further, the robot cell highlights the ease of integration and programming of different technologies for machine builders. With Omron’s Sysmac platform, the controller, robot, vision system, safety technology, drives and servos are all connected over EtherCAT and

as expected. Programming of the robot is particularly simple for such a complex application, using only one function block based on time for synchronising with the conveyor.

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Automated processing and careful handling of your products. KUKA robots provide you with the perfect ingredients for your automation solution along the entire process chain: recognition, sorting, packaging, palletizing, depalletizing and order picking. Fast and precise. We solve even complex automation tasks efficiently using innovative technologies. Our commitment – your guarantee for success. Find out about our specialists for the foodstuffs industry:

GE Healthcare partners with FANUC UK to build a packaging line The Challenge GE Healthcare, a leading manufacturer of high quality medical technologies and services for the healthcare industry needed to transform an ageing packaging line for its signature ‘Drytec’ product, a generator of the injectable radio nuclide TC99m used in hospitals all over the world for patient diagnostic imaging. A new handling and packaging solution was required at The Grove Centre in Amersham, headquarters of the GEHC Life Sciences business as well as ‘Drytec’ manufacturing and distribution. The existing packaging facility was struggling to keep up with demand, with the short lifetime of the product requiring a 24 hour turnaround to ensure timely patient care. Packing line components were becoming outdated and/or unavailable repair or upgrade. GE Healthcare needed production output, and at the same time ensuring safety due to the radioactive composition of the product. GE needed to respond rapidly to improve its packaging line processes without disrupting current operations. The Solution GE Healthcare partnered with FANUC UK, the world’s largest robotics and automation solutions provider, to build and install a reliable and safe solution for its packing line. In conjunction with GE Healthcare, FANUC designed the complete solution, and a FANUC facility in Rugby was used to build and test the packing line, including fully mocked-up shield walls, for an extensive FAT (Factory Acceptance Test). The test demonstrated functionality of all time and the software managing the scheduling and product tracking through the system to despatch and shipping. For the above mentioned software, FANUC commissioned SOLCOM Ltd, a leading provider of industrial software and systems, to deliver this aspect of the project. Validation of the system was completed in-house. Once the automated packaging process was successfully installed and operational at the Grove Centre, the from the manufacturing production line and loaded onto the packaging line in

12 - Automation Update October 2015

stillages. The packing materials were pre-loaded onto the line during nonproduction, after which the packing process ran automatically, packing the Drytec generators, associated ancillary box and paper documentation into the individually labelled shipping boxes, followed by palletising and wrapping. Shipment inventory documents are created for each pallet. A wide range of Drytec generators are available, with each order individually manufactured and packed with appropriate literature for the destination country. A total of six FANUC robots were integrated into this solution. The software provided by SOLCOM Ltd, working in conjunction with visual barcode reading and OCR was integrated into several stages of the packaging process ensuring that only the correct product could ever be shipped to a given address, whilst managing and prioritising delivery for clients around the world.

Previously, the unreliable automation caused a high degree of manual intervention to the line, increasing operator radiation dose rates. Also occasional failure of the plant for even a few hours directly impacted supply to the end customer, resulting in cancelled patient appointments. Using robots to automate the packaging vastly improves the line reliability, and reduces risk. The





zero outages, and guaranteed timely delivery of the product to the end user. At the same time, reductions in manual handling reduced operator dose rate, and improved working conditions. Outcomes Since the installation of the plant in January 2014 manual handling and rework has gone down from 10 per cent to 1 per cent,

and much needed capacity for growth has been created; with the ability to produce in excess of 500 generators per 8 hour shift. Robert Scivier, Technical Authority for Controls & Instrumentation, GE Healthcare said: ‘We chose to work with FANUC due to their reputation as the world’s leading provider of automation solutions. FANUC were able to supply us with a safe and reliable end-to-end packaging process and at the same time support and maintain existing operations. The new robotics packaging line supplied by FANUC our supply chain. It has delivered major improvements to our manufacturing operation through improved reliability and the ability to meet regulatory expectations and safeguards, whilst reducing manual handling/dose uptake for operators and ensuring capacity for future growth. In short, it has been a major success.”

Around-the-clock performance PICK, PACK, PALLETISE AND MORE ...

Improve output and efficiency at your food and beverage plant by automating your production processes. Automating your food or beverages production facilities is easier than you might think. FANUC provides smart solutions to increase productivity regardless of your business’ size. The net results are lower costs and greater competitive scope. Smart FANUC solutions create added value across your entire food and beverage industry manufacturing process. Dedicated to every phase of your production, we support you with front-ofline, processing, picking and handling and end-ofline applications.

Variohm EuroSensor’s ELPM linear position sensor has improved sealing option for even more reliability Variohm EuroSensor’s ELPM motorsports series linear position sensor is well-proven over several years for demanding applications that include ride height, suspension displacement and steering angle measurement. Recent developments to the IP67 rated sensor, which is UK designed and manufactured by Variohm, includes an optional internal dual-lip seal arrangement that offers enhanced reliability and improved endurance. The option will suit all areas of motorsports as well as industrial applications where unpredictable wet and hostile environmental condiuncompromising reliability and topmost performance is an imperative.

The S option (ELPMS) is available across the full range of the sensor series, covering electrical stroke lengths from 12.5 mm to 175 mm (in 25 mm increments) for both the standard self-aligning pivot bearing version and the ‘Pop’ version that includes snap-on mountings for rapid installation or removal. Furthermore, the improved sealing option does not increase the 9.5 mm diameter cylindrical housing or the overall mounting length which is shorter and more compact than competitive linear sensor devices. The independent linearity across the range is +/-1% for the 12.5 to 50mm versions and +/- 0.5% for the 75 to 175mm versions. The ELPM has a temperature range of -30ºC to +150ºC continuous with a short term rating to 175ºC. Rated at 25 million operations and with a maximum speed of 10 m/sec, the long life and high reliability of the ELPM and ELPMS series is the similarly maintains full and complete contact with the linear sensor’s conductive plastic resistance element - even under the most arduous physical and environmental conditions and with very low electrical noise. The 24 VDC supplied sensor has a recommended wiper current of only 10 µA for with a 500mm free cable with a Viton® seal. The ELPM series is also available with a spring loaded shaft and protective covers - custom options for stroke length, mounting and electrical connection are available on request.

14 - Automation Update October 2015

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High accuracy, fast responding, low cost temperature and process controllers

UWBT Bluetooth Series ÂŽ

Turn your mobile device into a portable data acquisition system

PXM309 series Available in absolute or gauge pressure and sealed to IP65 /IP67

We are here to serve you With our manufacturing know-how and extensive warehousing around the world, OMEGA offers the most impressive range of products in the industry. Our sales representatives are able to swiftly dispatch your order and provide instantaneous updates. At OMEGA, no request or order is too big or too small.

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ZeroK specify Variohm VLP position sensor for electric kart throttle control

ZeroK is an all-electric racing kart power system, the brainchild of designer and driver James Davies. During 2015 various iterations of the kart have been built and tested with the aim that ZeroK will be introduced as a competition class of its own. Competing against other ZeroK teams and potentially providing young drivers a new route to Formula E – and of course thrilling karting Being electric, the kart is almost silent with enormous torque for swift, lag free acceleration, a top speed of over 70mph, and 0-60mph in around 4.5 seconds. Recent power system developments have included a new supercharged controller, heavier cables and new motor/electrics cooling that delivers up to 40hp with a short-term potential of 80hp and a larger capacity hot swappable battery. power, the ZeroK team turned to Variohm proven VLP series linear position sensor for the kart’s throttle pedal control.

With its dual seal design the VLP provides extended reliability for the demanding race track conditions the kart needs to endure.

16 - Automation Update October 2015

linearity, its repeatable and consistent performance translates into optimal throttle control. The sensor features a conductive plastic resistance element

metal wipers in an elastomer damped mechanism to ensure smooth and uninterrupted contact - even under the most arduous physical and environmental conditions. It certainly meets with the driver’s approval. “The VLP helps keeps the power smooth through all speeds and conditions on the track,” says Chris ing takes approximately 40mins. With McCarthy Test Driver for Karting Magazine. no emissions, and almost zero noise it’s ideal for tracks with noise pollution The VLP linear positon sensor is used across restrictions. Featuring Bluetooth Tablet motorsports for ride height, steering angle, gearshift and suspension as well as throttle custom driver settings, allowing for drivcontrol for 4- and 2-wheel high-performance ers of all skill levels. At present ZeroK is cars and bikes. in prototyping stage, and is looking for Zero K has a modular battery system with sponsorship to help grow and develop swappable packs, allowing back to back v13, its most advanced version so far. racing with minimum delay between races. For more information about Zero K – see Runtime is between 10-20mins and charg-

High Precision MEMS Inertial Sensors and Systems Recent developments mean that Silicon Sensing can now provide high precision MEMS IMUs, gyroscopes and accelerometers with low output noise and bias instability able to meet the accuracy requirements for all applications.

High accuracy

Excellent bias stability

Low output noise

Robust and reliable

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Street Crane Co Ltd Chapel-en-le-Frith High Peak SK23 0PH Tel: +44 (0) 1298 812456 email:

ECi Software Solutions Si One, St Ives Business Park, Parsons Green, St Ives, PE27 4AA


Man and Machine Ltd Unit 8 Thame 40 Jane Morbey Road Thame Oxfordshire OX9 3RR

Weber Marking Systems UK Macmerry Industrial Estate, Tranent, East Lothian EH33 1HD, United Kingdom Tel: +44.18.7561.1111 E-mail: 18 - Automation Update


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Quantum Controls 6a Dukes Way Low Prudhoe Northumberland NE42 69Q 0330 9000 247

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When it must be accurate, it must be Zwick! When decisions on material quality and material selection are on the line, there is no room for error. Your work demands the best and Zwick delivers top quality materials testing systems that leverage our 160+ years of industry experience. Contact us for more information on how intelligent testing systems from Zwick can optimize throughput in your lab.

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The Technology of Light INCORPORATING

Wednesday 14th & Thursday 15th October 2015 · Ricoh Arena Coventry FREE TO ATTEND EXHIBITION, CONFERENCE & TUTORIALS EXHIBITION Don’t miss the opportunity to meet with the UK’s key suppliers of photonics technologies and a plethora of less known companies as well. CONFERENCE Free to attend please register to receive updates; • High Power Diode Lasers & Systems • Innovation Live! • Laser Processes in Ultra Precision Manufacturing • Nano-Spectroscopy & Bio-Imaging • Optical Engineering & Design

• Optical Metrology • Photonics Tutorials • Society of Information Display • Vision in Action: Advances in Vision and Imaging Technologies

International Year of Light activities including: LIGHTtalks - brighten up your world • 3D additive manufacturing demos • Display area

Industrial | Machine Vision | Factory Automation • Discover the difference – in suppliers and technologies • Learn how to adopt vision solutions – increase reliability and product quality. • Solve your vision problem – with the numerous specialists at the event


“Vision in Action: Advances in

Vision and Imaging Technologies” KEYNOTE PRESENTATION “Vision for Autonomous Driving: Challenges and Opportunities” Dr Will Maddern, Mobile Robotics Group, The University of Oxford.

NEW YouTu video be webs on ite

Industrial and Scientific Conference & Exhibition CO-LOCATED


Call for invitations for Photonex, Vision UK and Vacuum Expo NOW!

For more details and to register, visit

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Automation Update - October 2015  

Automation Update - October 2015