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Automation Update is an engaging, editorially led publication & directory giving the reader news and updates on new products and services to our ever Progressing industry. Publishing House Jet Digital Media Ltd The Forge, Spratling Court Offices, Manston, Kent CT12 5AN



The intelligent path to customer-specific connections: ODU-MAC – our versatile modular connector solution enables the transmission of power, high current, high voltage, coax, high-speed data, fiber optics and other media such as air or fluid. For your made-to-measure connection.

COMPLETE SYSTEM SOLUTIONS ODU provides pre-assembled component solutions. Our development and manufacturing expertise, combined with our state-of-the art manufacturing facilities in Europe, China and the USA, enable us to offer our customers outstanding assemblies and a full range of logistics services.


ODU-UK Ltd. Phone: +44 03301509 002 266433 0640

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Tapeswitch: Bespoke Switch and Sensor Design

Sliding doors. Security systems. Machinery safety and conveyor belt cushioning. Whatever the application, Tapeswitch can create a switch or sensor product that improves safety, protects products, boosts efficiency or even creates a ‘wow’ factor. When a Spanish shopping centre wanted to encourage its customers to use the stairs, it decided to turn one stairwell into a giant piano keyboard. Tapeswitch created the interactive switch mat that was key to the success of the project. When a specialist in the conversion of regular road vehicles into bulletproof security vans needed pressure sensitive mats as part of its security portfolio, they chose Tapeswitch. And when one service engineer in Greater Manchester needs photoelectric guards or safety edges to complete his repairs, there’s just one number he calls.

the shelf’ about any of Tapeswitch’s work.

impressive turnaround. It’s the same story with safety mats.”

“Every project offers something new,” explains Gary Davies, Business Development Manager at Tapeswitch, “and therefore every product is bespoke, designed and created to fit the specific needs of the customer.”

Edging it

Totally customised

Bespoke as a matter of course

Tim Howells of Teejay Tronics has been working with Tapeswitch for two decades. An independent service engineer for the printing and metalworking industries, he needs the support of a supplier able to respond to the variability of his job. “Sometimes we’re working with new installations,” he explains. “Sometimes a machine may come in from overseas and doesn’t meet UK safety standards. It’s our job to ensure it does.”

Tapeswitch is a global business, with its origins in the USA in 1957. The UK company launched in 1991 and has established itself as the go-to source of sensing edges and safety mats – products that ensure, for example, that forklifts don’t bump into things they shouldn’t, or that stairlifts stop when they should. Because of the breadth of projects the company is involved in – a production line conveyor belt one day, the Harry Potter visitor attraction in Watford the next - there is nothing ‘off

Product quality, availability and turnaround are all important for Tim, but what really makes the difference is Tapeswitch’s ability to respond to the niche and novel. “Recently a client needed a safety edge for a hand-fed platen which had broken down,” he explains. “Now this is a manufactured part - totally customised – and it was a 3m piece which is quite large for a platen. Yet I was able to phone Tapeswitch and it was ready at the end of the next day to collect – that’s a really

4 - Automation Update

The breadth of customisation potential is evident in every product. The TS6 sensing edge, for example, is a low profile mini-edge designed for pinch point applications which require the features of a pressure-sensitive switch but with added cushioning. Yet from housing material to mounting options, colours to configurations, customers can tailor virtually every element to their individual requirements. The same is true of the company’s panic switches and safety mats, ribbon switches and safety bumpers. Easy to work with Tapeswitch may be global, but for its customers, being wholly selfsufficient within the UK conveys lots of advantages. “Our customers have security of supply when they work with us,” explains Gary. “We don’t subcontract, so there are no issues over protecting IP and we retain control over our own timescales – so working with us is easy.” “Tapeswitch are my number one choice,” says Tim Howells. “I wouldn’t use anyone else.”



5 Comm ports inc. ethernet | Easy PID | Free no-limit programming | Hot-swappable I/O Built-in data logging | Integrated web-server | Motion made easy

Quality products, expert advice

020 3026 2670

LEMO launches a 1000 Base T1- Single Pair Ethernet (SPE) Push-Pull connector

Based on transmission standards (IEEE 802.3), single-pair Ethernet (also called SPE or 1000Base-T1) is integrated into new generations of automobiles. 1000Base-T1 is designed to operate over a single twistedpair copper cable supporting an effective datarate of 1 Gbit/sec in each direction simultaneously. LEMO provides two types of insulators 0B.511(2 contacts) and 1B.512 (4 contacts +

screen) compatible with Unshielded Twisted Pair (UTP) and Shielded Twisted Pairs (STP). The new product is available in the B series and also in a watertight version - the T series connector. The connectors are initially designed for automotive and industrial datatransfer. The role of SPE is also to gain space and weight (with a more simple cable) and can be used in other markets such as machine, robotics and rail technology. 6 - Automation Update

PRODUCT SHOWCASE – ON THE SHELF Stock items available immediately

Tempmaster PRO Precision Thermometer The Tempmaster PRO from Labfacility provides very high precision temperature measurement with Pt100 sensors.

L300 8 Zone Temperature Alarm / Controller with Pt or TC inputs The Labfacility L300 Pt100 and TC temperature alarm / on-off controller can be used in conjunction with a PC to provide accurate monitoring and alarm or on-off control of up to 8- zones simultaneously.

L60 Thermocouple & Fine Wire Welder The Thermocouple Welder, manufactured by Labfacility, is a compact, simple-to-use instrument designed for thermocouple and fine wire welding.

Labcal PRO Precision Thermometer The Labcal PRO from Labfacility is fully characterised for Pt100 sensors and all major thermocouples.

Bognor Regis 01243 871280 | Sheffield 01909 569446

A new dimension of decentralized power supply adjusted to different current values, either by pressing a button directly on the device or via a communication interface. The tripping process of the Mico channels has been patented and applies the principle of “as late as possible, as early as necessary.” Once a share of 90 percent of the adjusted current value has been reached, an early warning will be triggered that enables steps to be taken before an error occurs. Disconnected channels can be activated at the press of a button or via a signal. If, for reasons of maintenance, a service person disconnects a channel by pressing a button on the device, it can only be reactivated manually by the service person. In this case, the remote switch-on option is deactivated during this process.

Extensive communication The innovative Emparro67 Hybrid power supply is an all-rounder with many powerful features: it not only relocates power supply from the control cabinet to the industrial field, but it also monitors currents using two integrated channels for 24 VDC load circuit monitoring, to ensure high operational reliability. An IO-Link interface permits extensive and transparent communication. IP67 power supply units of the Emparro line are designed for applications outside the control cabinet. All components are protected from mechanical stress. The compact and robust metal housing is fully potted and protected from dirt, humidity and cooling lubricants in the rough industrial field. Their high energy efficiency – up to 93.8 percent of the energy applied is used – allows the units to be touched, even when under full load owing to their low surface temperature. This makes the power supply units a real all-rounder for many different applications. The great advantage of this decentralized solution: The voltage conversion from 230 VAC to 24 VDC no longer takes place in the cabinet, but directly in the field and thus right at the load. Power 8 - Automation Update

loss is kept to a minimum and energy costs are reduced. Smaller cabinets can be used, and in some applications it may even be possible to completely get rid of them.

Electronic current monitoring for high operational reliability The new Emparro67 Hybrid power supply has two integrated MICO channels for electronic current monitoring of, for example, separate system components, sensors, actuators, or in particular of fieldbus modules. In this way, both sensor and module voltage and actuator voltage of the connected fieldbus systems can be monitored separately. This guarantees the desired selectivity, which would not be possible with common monitoring of both input voltages, and provides maximum operational reliability. If the actuator supply is interrupted, for example due to short-circuit, overload or cable break, the fieldbus continues to be supplied via the sensor and module voltage. This means that error messages and diagnostic information can still be sent to the PLC. The Mico channels for monitoring the two 24 VDC load circuits can be

The Emparro67 Hybrid is equipped with an IO-Link interface (M12 connection) and is able to communicate as a device with a superior IO-Link master. It is thus possible to use the Emparro67 Hybrid in fully-networked intelligent applications transporting comprehensive diagnostic data and operating characteristics. A concrete application is the monitoring of the device's life span: the Emparro67 Hybrid provides precise information on the status of the device. If a status defined by the operator is reached, an order can be initiated directly and the device can be replaced during the next maintenance period without considerable additional efforts or downtimes. Companies in the plant construction and mechanical engineering sector can use such predictive maintenance functions for the development of new business models. Tel: 0161 728 3133 email:

Variable Speed Drive Repair Any Where, Any Type, Any Size

Repair available for all makes of VSDs 12-month warranty included for all repaired drives Speedy turn-around - within 24 hours if needed Not just repaired - fully restored Load tested - certificates issued Fully qualified drive engineers carrying out repairs Installation and commissioning service available

Load Test Facility unique to Quantum

UKs largest drive spares stock Full video of each repair FAT available Certified Drives Service Partner Supplying, Installing, Commissioning, Maintaining, Servicing and Repairing Drives for over 25 years

Over 25 ABB Spares Suitcases stocked at Quantum

Free Drive Repair Cost Assessment! Worth £150 - Quote ‘AUTOREPAIR’

Call our Service Coordinators on 01661 835 566 or email Send your drive to: Quantum Controls, 6A Dukes Way, Prudhoe, NE42 6PQ

LiftEx 2019 – Download your free visitor pass now! Last chance to attend the free-to-attend flagship event of LEEA (The Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) taking place at the Marshall Arena in Milton Keynes on 13-14 November. This year the show is jam-packed with a programme of education, innovation, business support and products and demos from leading industry vendors. Be sure you check out the schedule now and plan your visit over the 2 days. What’s happening at LiftEx 2019? The Exhibition - showcasing over 100 lifting equipment vendors during the 2 days. The Innovation Award Showcase – a dedicated and interactive demonstration area featuring the very latest products and services on the market The Open Learning Zone – register for free to attend TEAM card assessment sessions, mini presentations on key subjects and technical updates hosted by the LEEA L&D and Technical

teams. Gain your certificate of CPD attendance and be the first to grab the latest edition of COPSULE! Business Support Sessions - get free industry-specific advice on IT, GDPR, legislation, HR issues, and more... See which leading vendors are sponsoring and exhibiting at LiftEx 2019: AJT Equipment -- Alcumus SafeContractor -- Andromeda Industries Pty Ltd -- Andron Handling -- Atlas Winch & Hoist Services Ltd -- Bridger Howes -- Brindley Chains -- Cabletrail Ltd -- Carl Stahl Evita Ltd -- Certags Ltd -- Certex -- Checkmate -- CoreRFID -- Crosby -- Delphini Ltd -- Dynamic Load Monitoring Ltd -- GGR Group -- George Taylor Lifting -- Hird Ltd -- Hird Training -- Hook Up Solutions -- Hydraslide/ Rapid Response -- Jtagz® - Industrial Training International -- Latch and Batchelor -- LEEA (Lifting Equipment Engineers Association) -- LHI (Lift

10 - Automation Update

and Hoist International) -- Liftal -- Modulift -- Lifting Gear UK Ltd / Lifting Projects UK Ltd -- Motion Software -- Petersen Stainless Rigging Ltd -- Pinpoint Manufacturing -Probst Handling Equipment -- REID Lifting -- REMA Holland BV -- Rigging Services -- Rope & Sling Specialists -- SafetyLiftinGear -- SAHM SPLICE Ltd-- Scotload -- Sitecert -- Slingmax® Rigging Solutions -- Society of Operations Engineers -- SpanSet Ltd -- Speedy and Lloyds British -- Straightpoint -- Structure-flex Ltd -- Suhbo Industrial Co.,Ltd. -- Sumner Manufacturing -- Talurit -- Tensology -- TESSALink -- Tiger Lifting -- Train-aLift Ltd -- Unique Group -- Van Beest B.V. -- William Hackett -- Wind Energy Network – WIROP Europe GmbH -Worlifts Download your free visitor pass now! For more details contact: Leah Phelps LiftEx Show Director +44 20 3488 2865

Power Security & Back-Up

Instruments Ltd


CBI Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Battery Chargers CB Series Input 90-305 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 20 A MODbus / CANbus Comms Remote Monitoring via ethernet Status Relay

Power Supplies

FLEX Series Input 90-500 V AC Output 12/24/48 V DC upto 25 A Single / Dual or 3 Phase inputs


h r A

Multifunction Meters | CTs, VTs and Shunts | Transducers | Energy Meters - MID Bargraphs | Earth Leakage Relays | Protection Relays | Battery Chargers | Power Supplies DC UPS | Generator Controllers | Remote Monitoring | Ventilation Control


Instruments Ltd

TVR Instruments Limited 143 Butt Road, Colchester CO3 3DP Essex United Kingdom

Tel: +44 (0) 1206 575755 Email:


Rose & Krieger RK Rose+Krieger have been manufacturing components for automation and machine building for over 40 years. Our extensive range of products in the fields of linear adjustment, profile technology, connecting and module technology are renowned and respected for their reliability and performance.

12 - Automation Update

One of our most recent new products is the Monoline Linear Unit. Initially released in sizes 40, 80 and 120, the range will soon be extended to include size 60 and will therefore be available in sizes 40, 60, 80 and 120 – either with a timingbelt drive (Z) or without a drive as anti-vibration torque support (R). The size 40 timing belt driven version can withstand loads of up to 1100 N, the size 60 up to 2800 N, the size 80 can up to 4367 N and the 120 version can withstand loads of up to 9400 N. All units can reach travel speeds of up to 10 m/s, with permissible accelerations of up to 20 ms².

available as accessories. For users this means minimal effort required in construction, reduced assembly costs and quicker assembly. Special tapered lubrication nipples on the side of the carriage facilitate lubrication of the linear units in any carriage position. It is not necessary to move the units into a particular maintenance position or to disassemble any fittings. Central lubrication speeds up maintenance and also makes it safer and simpler. The new linear actuators impress due to their smooth running and high precision when subjected to medium dynamic loads. At R+K we work constantly and with great dedication on innovative products and solutions for our customers. The range of linear, lifting column, profile and connecting technology products include catalogue as well as tailor-made products, system solutions such as platforms, work stations and special projects.

As with other timing-belt-driven linear units, the RK MonoLine Z also features a variable mounting system for almost all motors available on the market. The motor position no longer needs to be specified when placing an order and can be changed at a later stage. The new actuators are fitted with a timing-belt guidance system as standard. The optional clamping

and slot stone bars reduce the amount of engineering required and make customisation easier. The profile slots enable maximum flexibility for the fixation of customer-specific accessories, such as drag chains and tube holders, as well as limit or proximity switches for limit switching. The payload is fixed securely using the slot stones with tapped holes

We are happy to advise you in choosing a product or to develop a tailor-made system solution with you from our extensive modular product range. RK Rose+Krieger 26 Faraday Road Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP19 8RY 01296 611660


NSK to show new housed bearings units and custom rolling bearings at Agritechnica 2019 At Agritechnica 2019 (10-16 November, Hanover, Germany), NSK will present rolling bearing series that have been developed from the ground up for use in agriculture machinery. These products will include the robust housing bearings of the new J-Line series, ready-to-install Agri Disc Hub housings for soil tillage machinery, and numerous examples of custom rolling bearings developed in collaboration with OEMs serving the agriculture sector. Machinery for agriculture is one of NSK's traditional core industries. Rolling bearings used in such applications are exposed to extreme stress, where dust, moisture, corrosive fertilisers and high mechanical loads are commonplace. NSK bearings for this sector have been developed accordingly, based on decades of knowledge and experience. At this year’s Agritechnica exhibition, the spotlight will fall on the J-Line series, which was introduced earlier in 2019. These Self-Lube® housed bearing units comply with the JIS (Japanese Industrial Standard) standard and are available in the six most common housing types with bore diameters from 12 to 90 mm. Due to their robust construction and excellent sealing characteristics, J-Line bearings are being used by an increasing number of agriculture machinery manufacturers. Another focus at the show will be NSK’s Agri Disc Hubs: doublerow angular contact ball bearings with a split inner ring that can absorb high axial and tilting forces. Agri Disc Hubs are housed in a ready-to-assemble, robust housing unit with customerspecific connection dimensions. Special seals to withstand the harsh operating conditions also feature. The main field of application is machines for soil tillage work, such as short disc harrows, as well as sowing and fertilising machinery. In addition, NSK will use the exhibition to present its production capabilities. The NSK plant in Munderkingen, Germany was founded in 1954 as the rolling bearing production facility for a leading manufacturer of agriculture machinery. Following the plant’s takeover by NSK in 1990, highly flexible production facilities have been introduced that create the necessary conditions to manufacture even small batches of customerspecific rolling bearings with high efficiency. Example of these special bearings will be on show.

14 - Automation Update

The booth will also feature machines equipped with NSK bearings, or exhibits that highlight the installation of the bearings in, for example, short disc harrows. NSK at Agritechnica: Hall 15, Stand E44.


Dixon’s Marine Water Strainers & Accessories Range

DNV Approved Hose Assemblies Duplex 2205 Stainless Steel Strainers Thru Hull Fittings Ball Valves 01772 323 529 • • • DE S IG N • C U S TOM E R S ERVICE • INNO VATIO N • M ANUFAC T U R I N G • Q U AL I T Y • T EC H N I C AL EXPERT I SE • U N C O MMO N EXCEL L ENCE • DE

4Sight impresses visitors at PPMA Total Show 2019 AutoCoding Systems’ automatic print inspection solution, 4Sight, proved a great success with visitors to the recent PPMA Total Show.

Demonstrations were held on the SICK stand where visitors could experience the speed of set-up and simplicity of use of the application. Visitors to the SICK stand were interested to see how they could cost effectively incorporate a print inspection solution into their existing packaging line set-up to check presence, legibility and location of printed codes. Products not displaying legible codes in the correct location can quite often be subjected to expensive reworks, assuming they are spotted prior to leaving the factory. Obviously, the cost is considerably higher if the problem isn’t identified and the product actually makes it to our supermarket shelves. The 4Sight solution checks every product, even on high speed lines, to ensure the printed code meets the requirements expected. The application offers full flexibility allowing users to determine acceptable print quality tolerances and define what is considered a good read, bad read or no read on a per product basis. 16 - Automation Update

The 4Sight software communicates directly with any brand of printer, with no requirement to “teach” the camera what to look for. All the processing is undertaken onboard the SICK camera where the 4Sight software resides meaning that no line-side PC is needed. The system can be set to differing levels of inspection, from print presence through to full OCR. There is a simple set-up process for camera position, set-up, focus, illumination and exposure time, with no requirement for operators to configure features or regions of interest. The software automatically adjusts to accommodate real-time message changes, such as date code and clock time. Visitors were impressed with the speed of the application and how quickly it responded to changes in print quality, stopping the line immediately the quality dropped below the prescribed threshold.


Mobile commissioning and maintenance interface for field devices Single interface for the major process automation protocols: HART / Foundation fieldbus / PROFIBUS PA Ideal for handheld host devices with battery powered Bluetooth operation Compatible with FDT Frame Applications Approved for use in hazardous areas PRO


















024 7669 2066

PushPull offers a secure fit with just one click There are many factors to consider when choosing a suitable connector for panels or control cabinets. Robustness, reliability and adaptability are all high on the list, but as businesses embrace more flexible production processes, simple handling and ease of use are becoming increasingly important. Control cabinets often contain a myriad of switches and connections, so the ability to quickly and efficiently disconnect and reconnect the industrial lifelines of data, signals and power are vital if expensive machine downtime is to be avoided. That’s where HARTING’s PushPull technology comes into its own. Developed with the user in mind, the PushPull family is available in a range of materials to suit your requirements. From the robust V4 Industrial with a housing that protects from aggressive industrial chemicals to the sleek M12 with its capacity to deliver data transfer rates of up to 10GBit/s, the entire ranges relies on a simple yet effective connection method. As its name suggests, PushPull incorporates an uncomplicated connection and termination technique that ensures absolute dependency and reliability. The intuitive, tool-free method guarantees an error-free connection as the two

18 - Automation Update

sections click into place, the audible feedback indicating the connection is secure. The sturdy housing is also inscribed with pronounced contours, which gives the operator a firm grip on the connector. To further simplify the process and eliminate the possibility of incorrect connections, HARTING has fitted the PushPull range with colour-coded marks. The first is a yellow triangle which appears on both the plug and socket, meaning it’s incredibly easy to ensure both connections are orientated correctly before they are mated. Secondly, the user has the option to allocate colour codes to each PushPull plug and socket in an installation. For example, they could easily colour code data, signal and power lines to ensure each line can be easily identified; a simple system to help reduce cabling errors. In addition to the audible click, the PushPull range also comes with a spinlock which firmly secures the connecter in a mated condition, preventing any inadvertent disconnection. Simply plug in the PushPull then rotate the ring one-eighth of a turn clockwise to lock and secure the connection. Finally, when it comes to variety, the PushPull range can handle all your requirements. Whether you’re looking to transmit data via an RJ45 or 690V / 16A of power via 5 poles,

HARTING’s range of interfaces, inserts and housing materials can provide universal solutions for your specific applications. Click here to learn more about HARTING’s PushPull range.

[Click & Safe]

PushPull is completely safe for installation and application.

The robust connection in mechanical engineering.  Fast and simple plugging and unplugging for time savings of up to 60%.  Tool-free, simple installation even in tighter spaces thanks to tried-and-tested PushPull mechanism.  Acoustic plug-in feedback ensures process safety even in the most unfavourable working conditions.  Thanks to IP65/67, dust and water don’t stand a chance.  Shock and vibration-resistant for maximum availability around the clock. Find out more on our website:

ALL-IN-ONE SENSOR HELPS REDUCE ENERGY COSTS Optimising production processes by improving energy efficiency and reducing costs are likely to be high priorities for most manufacturers and they can be achieved, thanks in part to the availability of increasingly sophisticated monitoring and measuring devices. A good example of this is the new SD family of Thermal Compressed Air Meters from ifm electronic, which incorporates an integrated pressure and temperature sensor. The SD family of devices have been developed as an ‘all-in-one-sensor’ to provide ‘at-a-glance’ compressed air monitoring with volumetric flow, totalised volume plus pressure and temperature of the air. With clear TFT display and IO-Link interface, the unit can be easily parameterised and all information transferred to the control platform.

process installations thanks to its ability to precisely monitor for leakages. This, combined with its high repeatability, enables exact location of the costs of compressed air consumption to the respective production line which helps operators to optimise product cost

Furthermore, by integrating several key measurement parameters in just one sensor it contributes towards significant savings on hardware costs (wiring & input cards) along with reduced installation and ongoing maintenance costs. The SD sensors can also help toward improving energy efficiency of

calculations. Efficient monitoring of operating pressures is also crucial to overall energy efficiency and thanks to the integrated pressure

measurement, both the pressure drop on polluted filter systems and the compressed air systems overall operating pressure, can be accurately monitored. This is important because if the installation comprises of actuators that are operating at 5 bar instead of the ideal 6.3 bar, load

speed is reduced by 25% with a decrease in productivity. On the other hand, excessive operating pressure does not necessarily increase performance and contributes towards increased consumption of compressed air along with increased wear and tear. Contact: Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic Ltd, Efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, TW12 2HD, UK.

Email: Tel: +44 (0) 20 8213 2222 20 - Automation Update


Stop your money disappearing into thin air! RANTY AR




years if m pr od

Compressed air is an expensive resource, but it can be managed efficiently with the SD series from ifm electronic. All units offer precise measurement of flow, consumption and medium temperature and feature high accuracy, repeatability and measurement dynamics.


The integrated IO-Link interface gives full flexibility for configuration and the ability to interrogate all of the available data from the device. This additional information can be data logged, trended & visualised with ifm’s LR SmartObserver software platform. //uk uk ifm Telephone (020) 8213 2222

REGISTER NOW Marshall Arena, Milton Keynes – 13-14 November 2019 The 15th LiftEx is the unmissable global exhibition for the lifting equipment industry, bringing together 100 vendors, over 1000 industry professionals and 2 days of educational content. LiftEx 2019 brings exciting new content in addition to the existing features: The Exhibition – showcasing over 100 lifting equipment vendors during the 2 days The Innovation Award Showcase – a dedicated and interactive demonstration area featuring the very latest products and services on the market The Open Learning Zone – register for free to attend TEAM card assessment sessions and technical updates by LEEA. Gain your certificate of CPD attendance and be the first to grab the latest edition of COPSULE! Business Support Sessions – get free industry-specific advice on IT, GDPR, legislation, HR issues, and more... The LEEA Awards – the unmissable evening of food and entertainment celebrating successes in the lifting industry, hosted by celebrity speaker Rachel Riley (LEEA members only)

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