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Panel building requires innovative ideas Klippon® Connect delivers pioneering connectivity solutions Panel Let’s building requires innovative ideas connect.

Klippon® Connect delivers pioneering connectivity solutions Imagine you were able to plan more quickly and work more efficiently thanks to Let’s connect. customised application products. As a pioneer in industrial connectivity, we are always looking to go one step further. With Klippon® Connect, we have developed a precise portfolio of solutions based on the various fields of application within the panel. This allows you to plan recurring applications more easily and carry out complex projects Imagine youmore were able to plan more quickly and work more efficiently thanks to efficiently. From planning through to installation and operation.

customised application products. As a pioneer in industrial connectivity, we are always ® 2007 Sales: 2006 With Tech:Klippon 0845 094 looking to go one0845 step094 further. Connect, we have developed a precise marketing@weidmuller.co.uk portfolio of Email: solutions based on the various fields of application within the panel. This www.klippon-connect.com allows you to plan recurring applications more easily and carry out complex projects

Let´s connect.

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Weidmüller maxGUARD: Innovative load monitoring and potential distribution. Fail-safe and maintenance-friendly control voltage distribution that can be installed quickly and saves space are a must for efficient machine and facility operation.

Product Advantages at a Glance: • Extreme ease of servicing

Sophisticated operating, testing and connection elements permit safe access to all voltage potentials and load circuits during commissioning and maintenance. • Practical disconnecting lever

m a x G UA R D p r o v i d e s l o a d monitoring and potential distribution combined in one complete solution. Electronic load monitoring is indispensable when it comes down to selective 24 V DC load circuit monitoring that shuts down overloads and short-circuits that occur reliably and rapidly. The 24 V DC system voltage is maintained, while all the other control components can remain in operation without any interference. The system integrates the potential distribution terminal blocks (previously installed separately) in the electronic load monitoring’s outputs as a complete solution in a 24 V DC control voltage distribution component. This saves time during installation, increases safety against failure and reduces the amount of space required on the terminal rail by up to 50%. maxGUARD also features extreme ease of servicing. Operating, testing 4 - Automation Update

and connection elements permit safe access to all voltage potentials and load circuits during commissioning and maintenance activities. The consistently integrated test points in the maxGUARD have proven themselves to be particularly user-friendly, as they speed up troubleshooting operations. For testing and checking purposes, the potential distributors have practical disconnecting levers for simple galvanic isolation of the load circuit. maxGUARD is also equipped with cross-connectors that are unique on the market, delivering a reduction in the time and effort needed for wiring due to cross-connections between load monitoring and potential distribution terminal blocks. Last but not least, the new control voltage distribution system has a particularly space-saving design – electronic load monitoring elements and potential distributors have a 6.1 mm pitch.

Potential distributor with a disconnecting lever for simple galvanic isolation of the load circuit for testing and checking purposes. • Innovative cross-connections

Less time and effort needed for wiring due to cross-connections between load monitoring and potential distribution terminals. • Integrated test point

Consistently integrated test points in the maxGUARD control voltage distribution’s input and output speed up troubleshooting operations. • Space-saving

Electronic load monitors and potential distributors with a 6.1 mm pitch. • Fully customisable solution

The sheer range of variants and the very different potential distribution terminals and additional components enable customised solutions at all times. You can find further information by visiting www.weidmuller.co.uk, or feel fee to call Weidmuller on 0845 094 2006.

Safe power supply to equipment in the panel Klippon® Connect and maxGUARD for integrated load monitoring and control voltage distribution Let’s connect. As the number of power consuming devices in the panel increases so does the complexity of the power supply and fusing concept. With maxGUARD you save up to 50 percent of the space and 20 percent of the time compared to existing wiring solutions. The unique concept combines potential distribution and electronic load monitoring in a complete solution. If you prefer separate fuses, use our tailor-made Klippon® Connect control voltage distribution terminal blocks. You will benefit from an extremely clear and compact design for your potential distribution. Sales: 0845 094 2006 Tech: 0845 094 2007 Email: marketing@weidmuller.co.uk www.klippon-connect.com

Lhoist wins top Health and Safety Award Lhoist, the world leading producer of lime-based products, has recently won the John Crabbe Trophy, the top industry prize for Outstanding Excellence in Health & Safety at the annual Mineral Products Association Health & Safety awards in London.

Paul Geaney, Regional H&S Manager; Cedric de Vicq, Vice President of Lhoist Western Europe and Andy Jackson, Industrial Director.

This is in recognition that health and well-being is very clearly embedded in the business’s core values with a whole series of physical and psychological initiatives, including the introduction of a Zero Harm Behaviours Framework programme and industry peer reviews. Cedric de Vicq, Vice President and Managing Director, Lhoist Western Europe commented, ‘I am extremely proud of the hard work and commitment from all the employees and contractors associated with Lhoist in the UK.

6 - Automation Update

‘This effort has directly lead to an improvement in Health & Safety performance and the operations have become a benchmark for other plants overseas.’ Andy Jackson, Industrial Director added, ‘It is fantastic to be recognised by colleagues from elsewhere in the industry and represents the culmination of several years of work and application across our four UK plants. ‘However, we do not wish to be complacent and will commit to further improvement by keeping the safety effort relevant, fresh, and valuable,’ concluded Andy.

A passion for


Stop your money disappearing into thin air! With compressed air one of the dearest forms of energy, you need to keep an eye on costs. The efector metris compressed air meter lets you do just that. The metris will not only measure the total but recognise leakage, too. So it really does stop money disappearing into thin air. DN8 to DN250, for compressed air or gases, ISO or DIN and multiple output options. Keeping energy costs down with ifm electronic.

ifm electronic – close to you! www.ifm.com/ uk/metris

IO-Link by Murrelektronik

Easy to use

MKV Metal and Impact67 IO-Link fieldbus modules take you directly to where you want to go. They are ideal for integrating IO-Link devices into installation solutions. The advantages: fast integration, brief commissioning times, yet maximum flexibility.

The basic feature of this easy integration is ‘IODD On Board’, an innovative technology by Murrelektronik. The sensor and actuator parameter data stored in the IODD (IO Device Description) are directly incorporated into the GSDML files of the Murrelektronik MVK Metal and Impact67 fieldbus modules. If these devices, for example IO-Link sensors or valve terminals, are connected, you can access this stored data directly and very conveniently via your control software, with no need for manual parameter setting or special tools. This greatly simplifies matters, as to date every new IO-Link device had to be integrated into the software individually, a time-consuming process. All of this is proof that it is best to store parameter data in the control. For series machines, this benefit can be multiplied because once created, configurations can be copied & pasted many times to other systems and machine controls. One particularly interesting aspect is that device parameterization can already be done on the 8 - Automation Update

computer in the office and no longer needs to be performed during machine commissioning on the shop floor. The parameter data is displayed in plain text (and not as HEX value) – this makes it easy to keep track of your data. This also facilitates the validation of machines and systems. However, the freely configurable modules offer considerable time savings for non-standard machinery as well. The auto-configuration mode makes speedy commissioning a reality, since setting parameters for digital inputs and outputs is eliminated, the channels do as the control system commands. In practical terms: The IODD of the new Emparro67 hybrid power supply unit from Murrelektronik makes it possible to parameterize the current values of the Mico channels and to exchange a variety of diagnostic data with the control – Murrelektronik’s IO-Link master and devices are easy to use. www.murrelektronik.com

PUWER Inspections

More than just a checklist • Pilz conducts a Risk Evaluation against PUWER in accordance with EN 12100-1 • Pilz PUWER Inspection includes an extra electrical assessment of your machinery • Pilz’s tailormade software solution used to conduct PUWER Inspections efficiently • Pilz PUWER Inspectors have on average over 20 years experience in machinery safety & automation

More than just a report A PUWER Inspection from Pilz can offer you more than just a report containing your results, we can; • Present our findings to you and your team in person • Deliver your inspection data in an Excel format for you to analyse and distribute amongst departments and teams • Offer you a complete safety services package including CE Marking, Safety Concept and Safety Validation Pilz Automation Technology Corby NN18 8TJ

01536 460766



Download a sample report from pilzpuwer.co.uk

Respol - Industrial Flooring Contractors


nstalling industrial flooring or commercial flooring is not a good DIY choice. Epoxy and polyurethane floors have the essential properties for very heavy-duty environments and part of the process is choosing the right properties. Another essential part of the process is proper installation. For properly installed flooring solutions in industrial and commercial heavy-duty environments, you need a qualified industrial flooring contractor.

When the substrate is clean, residue and contaminant-free, the floor is ready for the application of the surface coating system. Respol carries out the entire procedure from the consultation to the final application of the surface coating in-house. None of this work is outsourced. Our equipment is entirely Respol-owned and constantly updated to keep on top of the latest innovations in flooring systems.

Respol has been a flexible single source supplier of flooring systems for more than three decades, building a solid reputation for outstanding service and innovation. With our network of advanced manufacturers, Respol is capable of providing the most technically advanced flooring solutions available.

Respol is in the unique position of having the experience plus the technical expertise that allows us to turn worn-out, old, contaminated or dated floor slabs into a high-tech manufacturing, food and pharmaceutical, chemical or other industrial flooring solution.

We can manufacture or source any industrial or commercial floor coatings your industry needs in any colours you choose. Decorative finishes, chemical resistance, slip resistant – these are but a few of the mix and match selections available. By definition, epoxy resin has a safety and hygienic factor simply because of its seamless quality. In addition, Respol’s installation and application of your chosen flooring systems has the benefit of providing the least disruption to your daily activity. We begin with a consultation that includes a free detailed inspection and analysis. There is a no obligation survey, which we follow with recommendations for your optimal flooring solutions. A floor is only as good as its substrate. Therefore, our second step is proper preparation for a successful flooring installation. We have intense expertise in refurbishing old substrates. Whether the substrate is brand new or old and in need of repair, it can be brought to standards that allow for a durable bond between the primer and the substrate.

10 - Automation Update

In our thirty-plus years in the industry, we have developed systems and innovative technical solutions that can perform difficult tasks such as reforming major heavy duty expansion joints, heavy duty bunding areas with falls to drains and oil retaining machine bases, and easier tasks such as colour matching to any colour in the vast BS4800, RAL or Pantone systems. If you want to know more about the flooring services available to any type of industrial environments or about how Respol can help with repairs to resin floors, contact us. Whether you have questions about new surfacing for warehouses, screed preparation, commercial floor solutions, anti-static flooring systems, concrete repair, or upgrading to meet safety standards, Respol has the answers. For further information, please contact one of our flooring experts directly on 01952 740400. www.respol.co.uk

Clif Bar & Company ensure coding and packaging accuracy with AutoCoding Systems For Clif Bar & Company brand integrity is everything. The private family and employee-owned company based in Emeryville, California produces organic foods and drinks, including their flagship product the CLIF BAR. When the company wanted to ensure all products leaving their factory were correctly coded and packaged, they chose a coding and packaging verification solution from AutoCoding Systems. The new 275,000 square foot bakery in Twin Falls began production in May 2016 with 2 production lines with a 3rd line scheduled to be commissioned this year. All 3 lines will run a complete mix of 150 to 200 varieties of CLIF and CLIF Kid ZBar products. The solution had to be scalable to incorporate other packaging types and formats, as required. AutoCoding is utilised for date code deployment and package verification across the entire packaging operation. The AutoCoding product has been integrated with the following: •

• • • •

Apex Manufacturing Solutions Wonderware-based MES for Production Order launching and Line Control Markem-Imaje 9232/9450 Ink Jet Printers on Wrappers and Cartons Markem-Imaje 5200 Large Format Inkjet for Case Coding Markem-Imaje 2200P for Print & Apply for Pallet Labels Cognex 260Q barcode scanners for Package Verification

Data relating to the products and work orders is retrieved from the ERP system through Wonderware MES and stored in the central database. All date coding rules, equipment parameters, label layouts, allergens, barcode formats, product images etc. are also stored in the database. Setting up the packaging line to run a specific order is quick and easy with all the relevant information automatically deployed to the line devices at the start of the production run, with minimal human involvement. Not only can Clif be sure of error-free printer set-up, the changeover times are significantly reduced.

Continuous inline scanning of the packaging using 1D and 2D barcode scanners verify that the packaging is not only correct for the product, but that the right artwork version is being used, where applicable. Staff can access the system from any web-enabled device, such as a laptop, smartphone or tablet, giving remote access to their production line activity. With comprehensive line reports and a 100% audit log, full traceability of all packaging line events is provided. Considering the overall project, Jeb Sloan, Senior Project Engineer, commented, “The team from AutoCoding Systems are creative solution providers with an appreciation for shop floor dynamics. The solution works seamlessly with our existing systems and adds an additional layer of security to our already robust processes.” www.autocodingsystems.com

Automation Update - 11

MOTIONCOMPASS provides engineering expertise 24 hours a day. Portescap is pleased to announce a new motor selector tool, MotionCompass™ – a web-based application that facilitates choosing a motor based on your application needs. MotionCompass will provide you with recommendations for our brushless DC and brush DC coreless products that best fit your needs, including all relevant data and performance curves. We invite you to register and set up an account with MotionCompass.

Using Non-Sparking tools? Here’s some sound advice from Bahco The latest range of Bahco Non-Sparking (NS) tools has been designed for use in potentially explosive environments, where ‘traditional’ steel tools might create sparks in the presence of combustible or easily ignitable vapours, liquids and dust. Bahco hand tools and specialist equipment have been synonymous with safety for almost 130 years; the global brand’s design and manufacturing teams are passionate about user safety. Because NS tools cannot reach the hardness of conventional tools their use has to be carried out with special care. Mark Haywood, who leads the Bahco team in the UK, offers the following recommendations to users of NS tools: •

Avoid overstraining and heating; make frequent visual checks of each NS tool during use;

Don’t use both a steel tool and an NS tool at the same time;

Don’t use high copper content tools, such as Al-Br and Cu-Be tools, in direct contact with acetylene;

Always take considerable care when reworking copperberyllium (Cu-Be) tools as beryllium (Be) dust or vapour is toxic;

Cu-Be tools should be ground only when wet;

Do not inhale any dust and be sure to wear a face mask;

Make sure all NS tools are kept clean and free from ferrous or other contaminants which may hamper the properties of a nonsparking tool;

The tool’s surface temperature must not be higher than the present gases temperature;

Ensure that no objects which could cause a spark fall or are dropped within the working environment.

Reducing risk: Non-ferrous, softer materials such as brass, bronze, copper-aluminum alloys (aluminum bronze), or copper-beryllium alloys

(beryllium bronze) greatly reduce the risk of producing ignitable sparks.

die-forged, anti-magnetic and offer high resistance to corrosion.

Bahco NS tools are manufactured in aluminum-bronze (Al-Br) or copperberyllium (Cu-Be), making them both safe and suitable for use in hazardous environments.

NS screwdrivers for use with slotted head, Phillips® or Posidriv® screws have been developed by Bahco using its scientific ERGO® process. Made from copper beryllium they are cold rolled, anti-magnetic and corrosion resistant. The range also includes NS pliers in several types, including combination, diagonal cutting, long nose and slip joint.

All NS tools in the range are produced according to the international DIN and ISO standards in terms of dimensions, cutting capacity, and strength, with hardness being adapted to the purpose of the tool. Tools used for striking applications, like slogging wrenches and hammers, are manufactured in aluminum-bronze (Al-Br), while tools that require a higher torque and precision performance, such as pliers, screwdrivers and adjustable wrenches, are manufactured in copper-beryllium (Cu-Be).

For more information on non-sparking tools visit www.bahco.com

Hand tools are not within the scope of the 94/9/EC directive but Bahco take safety so seriously that they have their NS range certified by the independent German laboratory BAM, the German Federal Institute for Materials Research and Testing. The Bahco range of NS tools includes hammers, pliers, screwdrivers, wrenches, grattoirs and other striking and construction tools. Its non-sparking adjustable wrenches, manufactured in copper beryllium, are Automation Update - 13

GET A MEASURE ON YOUR RESULTS WITH HBM WEBINARS! HBM - a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is pleased to announce the dates for its latest series of free webinars, which take place in April 2017. Designed to teach delegates how to significantly accelerate the process of generating an efficiency map for an electrical machine, with the help of HBM’s revolutionary eDrive solution, “Accelerated efficiency mapping of electric machines with 3 or more phases” takes place on April 25th.

Participants are also invited to join “What impact does high accuracy have on torque measurements?” which takes place on 28th April. This webinar shows the improvement of accuracy that can achieved with the T12HP torque transducer in comparison to standard torque transducers and the impact for the user in typical applications.

This webinar will explain how the process can be speeded up and successfully performed in minutes, rather than days, simply by using the correct tools and processes, which is important for the optimisation of the drive, as well as the increase in efficiency.

Looking at, why high basic accuracy counts, this webinar also explains how to improve your measurement results, even in small ranges, with only one transducer.

It will also look at how to achieve this with 6-phase machines, or other machines with more than three phases and cover the process of advanced mapping, for example for iron or copper loss maps. Suitable for all measurement engineers in charge of planning and taking measurements, as well as individuals performing measurement data analysis, “Measurement Uncertainty in Force Measurement: What you need to know” takes place on 26th April and looks at the issues surrounding measurement uncertainty. In this webinar, delegates will learn what factors impact the measurement uncertainty of a force measurement and will be taught a simple method for assessing measurement uncertainty.

Exclusively available from the HBM Academy, these three informative webinars have been designed to fit in with challenging time constraints which can often make attending training courses difficult. Each webinar, which normally takes a maximum of one hour, can be easily accessed at a later date or simply used as a refresher course. As an added benefit, all registered participants will receive a link to the webinar, via email, after the presentation. All HBM webinars are free of charge and open to anyone. However, spaces are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis. Please reserve your space by booking at the www.hbm.com/en/3157/webinars For further information, contact HBM on +44 (0) 20 8515 6000 or via email: info@uk.hbm.co.uk or visit www.hbm.com

Automation Update - 17

CONTINUOUS IR MONITORING ENSURES PLASTIC WELD INTEGRITY Plastics play an increasingly important role in product design and IR welding is a popular method of joining these components. For one manufacturer of instrument panels and cockpit systems, Yanfeng Automotive Interiors, IR welding has proved a sound investment and it is complemented by FLIR thermal imaging to monitor the efficiency of the process. This technology is responsible for ensuring consistent welding quality, high product throughput and reduced wastage. Yanfeng Automotive Interiors uses IR welding on the defroster grille for the Ford Escape vehicle. During the process, two halves of the product are held rigidly in position near the infrared platen to melt the joining surfaces. The platen is then removed and the two parts driven together to re-solidify under pressure. Management realised shortly after installing this new technology, there was no real way of telling if the weld had succeeded, except by conducting a visual check after the heat cycle had been completed, effectively stopping production. Also, as two pieces per hour were taken for sample inspection, the method could not ensure 100% product quality. Thermal imaging to ensure the integrity of the weld made clear sense and Yanfeng chose continuous monitoring of thermal performance with FLIR A315 fixed mounted thermal imaging cameras. Not only did this allow quality to be controlled automatically but also without incurring production downtime. The FLIR A-Series range is widely used in the automotive industry for checking the functionality of a variety of systems such as heated car seats, windscreen demisters and exhaust systems. The compact nature of these cameras allows them to be installed discretely in any production system and integrated into the control network so that all thermal anomalies are detected automatically.

Following successful trials, four FLIR A315 thermal imaging cameras were installed on the Yanfeng IR welding machine responsible for joining the defroster grille. Together they monitor 40 regions of interest on the plastic parts after the heat cycle. In combination with dedicated analysis software, they recognise when a registered temperature is within the upper and lower control limits that determine a good weld. If the temperatures fall within the acceptable range, a pass signal is sent to the machine’s PLC and the welding process continues. If not, the software analytics register a fail that suspends the process, allowing the operator to conduct a visual check of the part and restart the operation. www.flir.com

Automation Update - 15


Precision Engineering

British Manufacturing At Its Best Velden Engineering is a British family owned precision engineering company, established in 1973, with a proud reputation for delivering quality machined components to an array of blue chip customers across many industry sectors. Committed to using Industry 4.0 practices throughout their smart factory, they also set themselves apart from their competition by offering a single source production facility and offer tailored solutions to simplify the procurement process. Their product range covers anything from small turned items in high volume to precision machined components, all the way through to larger ASME IX fabricated assemblies or fully built and tested systems with full certification. Recognizing that technological advances would play a greater part in manufacturing, Velden began to invest in advanced technology and new automated machinery long before the term Industry 4.0 was coined. Smart factory monitoring is deployed throughout its operations, they have robot loading assistants, laser technologies, an in-house developed ERP system with live barcode tracking and many of the systems, devices and machinery are inter-connected. Sustainable energy is also a key issue for the company, who have installed solar panels and LED intelligent lighting, to not only manage costs but as an environmental concern too.

There is no doubt that this British manufacturing company is at the forefront of the industry. Their excellent reputation for quality and their willingness to offer a tailored solution to solve procurement problems for their customers is well earned. An example being the design and production of custom foam packers to ensure copper busbars are well protected in transit and delivered in kit form for the manufacture of cabinets in data centres for a well-known “We are very aware of our customer’s social media company. Velden are not content to meet expectations and the onset of the customer expectations but aim to exceed them. fourth industrial revolution dictates that we meet their stringent demands The future looks bright for this British manufacturer. by providing them with the benefits New projects include an automated plating plant and the of smart factory monitoring plus installation of a powder coating and paint facility which direct communications. The industry will allow in-house coating of products. Renovation of their 4.0 vision has already paid dividends reception area is also in progress to showcase the original in terms of the quality of data used in the business and has features of their mill. contributed to cost, production and quality efficiencies being Please call 01204 520620 to discuss your machining greatly enhanced” says Austin Kitchen, Managing Director. requirements, email enquiries@velden.co.uk, or visit Not content to just stand still, the company have invested www.velden.co.uk more than £3 million during the past three years on upgrading their plant and puchasing new machinery, including the first automated busbar system. Velden added an Ehrt Professional Punching machine, the first in the UK to be delivered with 36 tools and automated material gantry system and is the only machine of its kind in the world to feature an integrated laser for part marking. 16 - Automation Update

Digital manufacturing and traceability: enhance efficiency and profitability Alastair Morris, Sales Director at Pryor, explains how digital manufacturing and traceability combine to enhance efficiency and profitability. The digital revolution is happening all around us. Nowhere is this truer than in manufacturing, where businesses are taking advantage of recent technology development to drive innovation. It looks like this is just the start of things, as industry analysts forecast a 7.6 percent growth in digital manufacturing between 2016 and 2020.

Lazer marking

Among the elements behind the emergence of this trend are data and the ability to utilise it to achieve significant improvements in business performance. In particular, managing and analysing data effectively can optimise factory operations and boost efficiency, while enhancing product quality. One way in which data is helping to make the most of these benefits is in the traceability of critical components, from conception as raw materials to use in application. Through accurate full life cycle traceability, firms throughout the supply chain can identify the origin and process history of each part in real time. This level of control cuts money, waste and time associated with recalls. It also protects brand credibility, as it’s possible to drill down into the data to instantly locate the quality risk and identify exactly where the part is located in an assembly so it can be repaired rapidly. Analysis of the data also enables the root cause of quality escapes to be detected and prevented in future and highlights where process improvements can be made for greater productivity. Traceability cuts the money, waste and time associated with recalls

Implementing traceability in digital manufacturing operations requires a system that includes three essential tools – precision marking equipment, vision devices and data management software. Pryor is a global leader in its sector, providing a complete solution that comprises these vital elements. Its sophisticated traceability systems include laser and dot peen marking tools that ensure each raw material receives a unique identification mark as early as possible in the manufacturing process. This ID is then recorded before and after each machining, manufacturing and assembly stage to build up data associated with the part – everything from the details of the machine operative to the ambient temperature in the factory. Specially developed software then works in tandem with marking and vision equipment to store and manage big data, and allow for real time reporting of conditions. It also enables information to be shared securely throughout a manufacturer’s facility, as well as with other locations and organisations in the supply chain. Thus, the software ensures quick solutions to critical issues as each individual component can be traced in complete assemblies anywhere in the world - making any necessary recalls as quick and cost effective as possible. Pryor’s technology has been designed to seamlessly integrate into existing systems in an operation, including SAP and manufacturing execution systems software. This ability to interface directly with other in-line production procedures also means the system can be used to analyse areas in the digital manufacturing process that could be further streamlined or optimised. With this degree of intelligence and control, multinational companies can realise the full potential of digital manufacturing and traceability for greater overall efficiency and enhanced profitability. Through accurate full life cycle traceability, firms throughout the supply chain can identify the origin and process history of each part in real time

Automation Update - 17

How to Cut Maintenance Costs with Affordable Maintenance Software KPIs Free up time, meet compliance, reduce costs and minimise downtime. Pirana CMMS is the complete CMMS solution, at a realistic price, available on-premise or Cloud. Now Pirana offers a NEW and improved Key Performance Indicators Module. Pirana KPIs is the perfect utility to help you move towards business objectives and sustainability goals.

Measure it to Manage it CMMS reports and KPIs provide a measure, and a record, of the effectiveness, or not, of the continuous improvement programme. A KPI 18 - Automation Update

module will provide sophisticated measures such as Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF) and PPM to Corrective Ratio; but the simple KPIs may be just as informative. Is the weekly total of work orders trending up or down? How about downtime on critical assets? Or the value of parts issued from stores? Measures relating to the broader objectives can also form a part of the improvement programme. Energy and water usage, and possibly CO2 emissions, should be monitored, and waste minimised.

Optimising the maintenance process reduces business risk and has the potential to dramatically reduce production losses. It also keeps the auditors and regulators happy.

Comprehensive range of Mobile solutions Pirana Mobile PRO is an effortlessly simple, yet powerful set of mobile applications for use on or off-line. With a mobile interface, maintenance teams’ productivity can be maximised. It’s easy to get started. Simply

Easy to use and get started One size fits all. Pirana CMMS software is scalable and there are no hidden costs. The interface is incredibly easy to pick up; it’s possible to get started in minutes. The layout is effortlessly navigated via the quick access icons and it’s possible to boost usability even further by setting customisable components. The price performance of Pirana CMMS just goes to prove that organisations don’t have to look towards expensive and complex systems to meet maintenance goals. So if you want to extend asset life, cut costs, meet compliance and move towards your sustainability goals, then look no further. setup users and devices and then your workforce is ready to process work orders on the move. The cost reductions are instant. Huge savings on travel, admin, printing and phone call charges are possible. Many traditional CMMS on the market are hard to get to grips with and difficult to use out in the field. Shire eliminates such difficulty by cleverly presenting data in a manner that allows users to rapidly find the information they are seeking and to communicate in an effective, timely manner. Pirana Mobile PRO will work on a variety of devices. Depending on choice, budget and working environment Shire Systems can advise on or supply a range of devices including those that are ruggedised, drop tested, submersible, IP67, ATEX compliant, integral barcode or RFID scanner.

Expert training and Guidance The UK No 1 solution is designed and supplied by Shire Systems. Shire also delivers a range of ‘hands-on’ training courses at their modern training centres, as well as free ‘try-before-youbuy’ regional roadshows. And if that doesn’t convince, then there is always the fully functional free software trial. All in all it’s the complete CMMS solution, at a realistic price. The team at Shire are uniquely experienced and are more than happy to offer help and advice on CMMS generally.

Besides being supremely easy to use and deploy, Pirana CMMS delivers a full suite of products providing the rich functionality that maintenance managers would expect from the market leader: • Asset, Meter & Task Registers • Checklists & Condition Monitoring, (Servicing and Inspection) • Preventative Maintenance • Work Scheduling & Requests • Stock, Inventory & Purchasing Control • Costs & Charges Management (Contractors) • Management KPIs & Reporting • Supports SUSTAINABILITY goals: Optimise equipment lifecycle, analyse outsourcing requirements, minimise energy usage

Attending one of these popular roadshows is an easy way to learn more about Shire’s Maintenance Management Software, or CMMS in general. There’s no obligation and everyone is welcome. You could be an existing user looking for a refresher, or wondering about the benefits of switching to Shire. If you don’t have a CMMS, you’ll be interested in the advantages and payback. Some of the topics covered are: • How to setup & implement CMMS • New and upcoming products and productivity aids • Demonstration of Mobile solutions 2017 Shire CMMS Roadshow Dates: • • • • • • • • •

Heathrow – 8 February Doncaster – 15 March Bristol – 5 April Edinburgh – 10 May Peterborough – 14 June Manchester – 12 July Cardiff – 20 September Newcastle – 11 October Mansfield – 7 November

Visit www.shiresystems.com/roadshows

Expert Training & Support Shire has been producing maintenance management systems for over 32 years. As a consequence, the training team can deliver a truly insightful and useful range of courses. Courses can be run at customer site or at Shire’s own modern training facilities. Visit shiresystems.com/training

Choice of Setup

Where to Buy

Conveniently, there is a choice of setup options:

For all details including products, prices and a FREE trial go to www.shiresystems.com. Alternatively call 023 8022 4111.

1. On-premise (installed on your own network) 2. On-demand (cloud) 3. Stand-alone (laptop, PC) Pirana includes interfacing capabilities to and from other systems, in the form of web services.

FREE CMMS Roadshows Shire has a regular schedule of free roadshows. Quite simply, it’s a fantastic opportunity to experience the solutions first hand. Automation Update - 19

Application - Construction Plant Maintenance LOBO Systems launches construction plant work platform Construction plant is used in landscaping, agriculture, construction, waste management, forestry and mining applications. Deploying a wheel loader, back hoe, loading shovel or excavator makes your material handling and loading jobs safer, faster, more precise and more profitable.

The Problem A safe working at height platform is necessary for work shop and field based maintenance repairs. Maintenance tasks are a high priority, for example servicing, which includes regular inspections of engines, gearboxes and hydraulics, identifying faults and repairing or replacing faulty parts and carrying out routine servicing of plant and equipment.

The Solution The LOBO Advanced Platform System is a perfect working at height product that offers the solution and provides a safe, sturdy and quick to assemble system around, under and over any construction plant machinery. The LOBO System is a versatile work platform product that combines the flexibility and strength of traditional scaffolding with the simplicity and mobility of tower systems. This combination provides the ultimate access system that can be utilised across all maintenance industries and no assembly tools are required. The system is particularly useful if you have awkward and restricted areas to reach. LOBO can be easily configured to fit all the major manufacturers including JCB, Caterpillar, Case, Hitachi, John Deere, Hyundai, Kawasaki, Manitou, Volvo and many more. The LOBO System comprises of trestle legs that vary in size, with adjustable top and fixed side bracing clamps. Steel or aluminium tubes are then passed through the clamps; the clamps are hand tightened to form a trestle. Sway braces, wheels, handrails, out riggers, adjustable extensions and even a lifting beam can be added to enhance the construction. The LOBO System can be transported from site and assembled with ease from a flat pack into any required configuration, by your own vehicle mechanics.

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Product Benefits a) LOBO is scalable, adaptable and adjustable to meet your ongoing and changing requirements. Simply add more components or alter your existing configuration to satisfy the demands of the next task. Protect your initial investment with a product that will meet all your access needs safely! b) LOBO is a rigid and stable product, which meets or exceeds current safety regulations. Handrails can be fitted in seconds, at any point in the erection process.

Cost Benefits Experience shows that deploying the LOBO System reduces the costs associated with hiring scaffolding and constructing bespoke access systems. By reducing your reliance on out-sourced scaffolding and engineering companies cost savings will be achieved – easily in a 12-month period. With this quantifiable reduction in costs comes the added savings associated with reduced down-time and greater productivity from your maintenance department. Available 24/7, quick to erect – and above all safe – it is immediately adjustable for your next job with no staff waiting time while scaffolders are engaged or new fixedframe structures are manufactured. Re-configurable, again and again, this product comes with no disposal costs and minimal replacement and on-going training costs. www.lobosystems.com/blog/item/Constructionplantsystem

Novotechnik sensors with IO-Link communications are Industry 4.0 ready Through its exclusive UK distribution partnership with measurement technology leaders Novotechnik, Variohm EuroSensor supplies and supports linear and rotary sensors that feature the standardised communications protocol IO-Link.

With real-time collection of machine data a fundamental part of Industry 4.0, the IEC 611319 communications standard provides fast and secure updates to and from the field level - not just for positional data but also for status and diagnostic information. Providing the means for improved machine availability, IO-Link works at the sensor/actuator level of the machine independent from but completely compatible with all major fieldbus systems through gateways. IO-Link is characterised by its simplicity in setup and installation. Standardised control software allows for unique product identification with fast replacement if required whilst commissioning is made easy by point-to-point connection with unshielded 3-wire cabling and M12 connectors. Users can monitor and modify positional parameters, such as zero, direction of rotation/ travel or resolution. Status and diagnostics messages can be securely exchanged. Novotechnik sensor products available with IOLink include TF1 series inductive linear position sensors and RSC-2800 and RFC-4800 singleand multi-turn transducers.

The TF1 is an absolute linear sensor for highly dynamic positioning tasks that features a touchless inductive measurement principle for unlimited mechanical life. It has a maximum range of up to 1000 mm with resolution to 1 micron and repeatability to 2 microns. The IP67 protection class sensor also includes a teach mode for straightforward installation and is aimed at all areas of demanding automation technology. The highly robust RSC-2800 rotary sensor uses a contactless magnetic measurement principle for single turn resolution of up to 14 Bits. With single output and redundant versions it suits a wide range of angle sensing applications in automation, mobile machinery, medical equipment and more. The RFC-4800 angle sensor is a two-part touchless design with separate magnet and sensor for extremely long life. With no shaft or bearings and completely encapsulated electronics, the sensor is optimised for harsh environment angle measurement applications in marine, agricultural and construction machinery. Single and multi-channel versions are available and resolution is up to 14 Bits. Novotechnik angle and linear position encoders are also available with other interface options including voltage, current, SSI, incremental, CANopen, SPI and more. www.variohm.com

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Watkins Hire rolls out new WASPS service to cover mandatory steam boiler inspections and emergencies A leading UK packaging manufacturer is among the first companies to sign up for the pioneering Watkins Annual Steam Protection Service (WASPS), which guarantees business continuity during mandatory steam boiler inspections. All steam boilers are subject to an annual insurance inspection, resulting in downtime for the boiler and potential interruption of manufacturing. The standard solution is to hire a temporary boiler; however, equipment availability cannot always be guaranteed, leaving manufacturing facilities potentially exposed and open to rapidly escalating downtime costs. To address the problem, Watkins Hire introduced its WASPS scheme to guarantee customers access to a dedicated boiler package to cover downtime of steam plant for all locations, with an agreed number of transport movements and commissioning charges for a fixed monthly fee. One of the first companies to sign up for WASPS is a leading UK packaging specialist with five manufacturing sites across the country, all using steam as a critical element in the production process. Its interest in the scheme was sparked following an annual steam boiler inspection at one of its sites in December, which had to go ahead without a replacement hire boiler unit due to lack of availability, because of seasonal demand over the winter. The forced shut-down resulted in an unplanned loss of production, resulting in additional costs and delays to orders.

The WASPS contract now in place ensures availability of a replacement boiler package for all annual steam boiler inspections at all of the company’s sites, to ensure continuity of manufacturing. The agreement covers a six year period, (3 + 3 year extension). 22 - Automation Update

The first stage is a comprehensive site survey carried out by Watkins’ specialist team, to identify the plant support requirements across the customer’s estate. This resulted in a 7000kg/hr 250psi trailerised steam boiler package being specified to cover all planned steam down-time. Once the ring-fenced boiler support package is in place, Watkins’ team liaises closely with key staff at all sites to programme anticipated annual inspections and co-ordinate boiler supply logistics to ensure it is always available when and where needed. When the temporary boiler plant is not on a customer’s site, it is held by Watkins on permanent standby to cover emergencies resulting from breakdowns or unplanned maintenance. The arrangement overcomes the need for substantial capital outlay on new plant by the manufacturer, replacing this with a monthly payment that for tax purposes can be treated as a standard business expense. The WASPS agreement includes full servicing and maintenance costs for the boiler rental plant for the duration of the contract, ensuring equipment is always in tip-top condition with no unbudgeted expenditure. Terry Stevens-Smith, Watkins’ director – National Accounts, says: “Mandatory inspections of steam boilers are a vital part of the safety and insurance regime for this critical piece of equipment. For manufacturers who depend on such plant, however, it often presents a significant logistical challenge, due to the importance of such plant for industrial processes and manufacturing. “The WASPS package provides complete peace of mind for end users in this position, ensuring continuity of manufacturing, budgetary certainty, and providing a valuable additional safety net in the event of plant breakdown. We are in discussions with a number of companies who are similarly reliant on steam plant, and believe this contract will be the first of many similar agreements in the near future.” For more details, call 0800 999 6365 or email hire@watkinshire.co.uk , or visit www.watkinshire.co.uk/wasps

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Nikuni VDF Hydrocyclone Separators A&M is the exclusively authorised EU distributor of Nikuni VDF hydrocyclones, which provide the proven element-free method of removing metallic contamination in machining, cutting and forming cooling liquids used in machine tools. Nikuni VDF hydrocyclones will remove as much as 95% of aluminium particles at 10μm and above in one pass, and the product comes with a whole host of operational pluses; increased equipment life, eliminating filter element replacement, reduced machining costs and a better surface finish often in a reduced cycle time being the main examples. One major benefit of the Nikuni VDF hydrocyclone is that it can act as either a standalone product or a component for integration within an existing system. This simple product, which uses centrifugal force to separate metallic contaminants from fluids, is well established across the Far East and the USA and is currently experiencing a demand in Europe as it is of great interest to many companies involved in CNC machining and precision grinding who wish to reduce this element of their operational costs. Nikuni’s VDF hydrocyclones ensure coolants fed to machine tools are cleaner whilst avoiding the frustrations surrounding downtime from blocked filter elements. It is normal for a Nikuni VDF to achieve payback for its installation in a short space of time, because the need for conventional filter maintenance is removed along with the cost of repeated filter element replacements. Furthermore, the optimisation of performance and improvements in productivity are within the reach of all sizes of organisations spanning multi-nationals to single unit installations.

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Introducing SICK AppSpace the Open Software Platform with Far-Reaching Potential SICK UK has launched SICK AppSpace, a unique open software platform for programmable sensors that system integrators and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can use to develop and implement tailor-made application solutions on SICK programmable devices. The first UKIVA Machine Vision Conference on 27 April in Milton Keynes will be a launch pad for SICK AppSpace and an early opportunity for developers and end-users to experience its far-reaching programming potential first hand. Hailed as an exciting new “eco-system” for bespoke application development, SICK AppSpace gives users unprecedented flexibility to exploit SICK’s growing range of smart vision systems and intelligent sensors. SICK AppSpace is supported by the new SICK SIM4000 Sensor Integration Machine, a high-performance, one-box, multi-core processor that can integrate multiple cameras and sensors together with powerful image processing. The SIM4000 offers up to 25 interfaces for Ethernet-based fieldbuses, cameras, illumination, sensors and encoders. Its functionality includes 10-gigabit Ethernet interfaces for 2D or 3D cameras, and in some cases features a voltage supply over Ethernet (PoE). Sensors including RFID and laser scanners can also be integrated via IO-Link for distance and height measuring purposes. Data from SICK sensors and vision devices can be merged into a point cloud, evaluated, archived, and transmitted via the SIM4000. It can be used in factory and logistics automation for multi-sensor or camerabased inspection for measurement and identification, as well as for data acquisition, archiving for quality control, process analysis or predictive maintenance.

User-Specific Requirements Says Neil Sandhu, SICK’s National Product Manager for Imaging, Measurement, Ranging & Systems: “SICK AppSpace is all about integrating hardware and software to achieve user-specific requirements efficiently through made-to-measure sensor apps. SICK’s programmable sensors, such as the new Inspector P family of programmable 2D vision cameras provide the foundation. The SIM4000 Sensor Integration Machine then enables multiple device image processing and data collection, where needed.

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“Meanwhile, on the software side, the solution encompasses the SICK AppStudio for application development and the SICK AppManager for implementing and managing apps in the field. The SICK AppSpace Developers Club forms the final part of the concept. This is a growing community where developers from SICK and our customers can exchange information and ideas.”

Development Freedom With SICK AppSpace, developers have the freedom to design, develop and deploy their own customised solutions, perfect easy-to-use web-based graphical user interfaces for operators and distribute their applications across multiple hardware platforms and locations. Developers have access to industrystandard image processing libraries including HALCON. They can work with their preferred programming technologies including graphical flow Editor, the widely used and powerful Lua scripting tools as well as C++ or Java. There are many integrated support functions such as auto completion, so that programmable sensor app developments will insert themselves easily into existing development processes. Helpful utilities such as emulators, debuggers, resource monitors, and an extensive range of documentation and demo apps also make the development process easy. All software components are combined by the PackageBuilder into a single package that safely defines access rights. “SICK AppSpace opens up amazing potential for specifically-crafted application solutions and for integrating multi-sensor data input,” concludes Neil Sandhu. “In the Industry 4.0 organisation, whatever the application, global connectivity will be complemented by very specific individual and localised solutions with distributed, decentralised intelligent

hardware and software integration. The SICK AppSpace eco-system will be the creative platform that supports this development for SICK customers for many the years to come.” For more information on SICK AppSpace, SIM4000, the programmable SICK Inspector P63x/64x/65x family please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email andrea.hornby@sick.co.uk.

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Flexible modular solutions from mk! Compatible standard modules from mk simplify your production and maximise efficiency. Technology from mk provides the ideal solution for plant and special machinery engineering.

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Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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