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SG Transmission’s

magnetic clutch saves military vehicle SG Transmission has designed and manufactured a magnetic clutch for a military vehicle. With a diameter of 118mm, the non-conventional friction clutch has a multi-pole design which gives a comparatively high torque of 35-40NM for its diameter.


Transmission was approached when the existing clutches in the vehicle became damaged and the same clutch design no longer existed anywhere else in the world. The engineering team designed the clutch to fit in the same space as the existing part, without any modifications to the vehicle and with comparable performance. Andy Collinson, CEO at SG Transmission, said: “We have a lot of experience in the design and manufacture of high precision, electromagnetic clutches. This special military sector project was particularly interesting due to the extreme conditions in which these vehicles operate. “The experience, skills and knowledge of our in-house design engineers is world class and I am very proud that we could supply a solution to extend the life of the vehicles.” SG Transmission was established in 1972 and is a British manufacturer of electromagnetic clutches and brakes based in County Durham. www.sgtransmission.com +44 (0)1388 770 360 sales@sgtransmission.com

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Gill Sensors digs in with the

British Army.


eighing 30 tonnes, Terrier can still reach speeds of almost 50mph. To ensure it can be used both night and day and provide operators with a full 360° surveillance capability, it is fitted with five on-board cameras and thermal imaging technology. Potentially operating in combat zones - either with a crew or via remote control - dependable reliability is essential in such demanding and severe environments. Monitoring and controlling the sophisticated systems requires sensors that will also continue to function and provide reliable outputs in these challenging conditions. Gill Sensors and Controls was asked to provide a suite of sensors for liquid level and position sensing, based on the proven reliability of their solid-state, capacitive and induction technologies. Four custom designed liquid level sensors were produced for engine oil and coolant levels, along with transmission and final drive oil levels. Additionally, three non-contact linear position sensors were engineered for steering position, brake wear and final drive locations. The liquid level sensors are all manufactured from stainless steel, with an integrated military specification D38999 connector. Varying in length between 125mm and 580mm, they have been developed for inverted mounting with an M22x1.5 mounting thread and a designed life expectancy of 30 years.

The Terrier is a multi-function armoured digger, designed and built in the United Kingdom, to provide a wide variety of roles including obstacle and mine clearance, route opening and maintenance, digging-in, excavation and general engineer tasks.

Sealed to IP67 and with an operating temperature range of -40°C to +125°C, the sensors also conform to severe environmental and Defence Standard EMC tests. Another key challenge for all the sensors was the requirement for the negative supply and signal to be fully isolated from the sensors metal housing and able to withstand a 28V positive supply to the housing and sensor probe. Of the three non-contact linear position sensors, two are adaptations of the Blade25 and Blade60 position sensor range. With heavy duty wiring and Mil-Spec connectors added, the standard product proved adept at coping with the tough environmental standards and operating conditions. The third non-contact induction sensor was designed specifically to measure the position of the final drive secondary brake release mechanism. The dual purpose sensor measures the wear of the brake pads and the state of the secondary brakes (applied/released). Having a measuring range of 5mm with an accuracy of +/0.1mm, the Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) output voltage range was 0>4.2V with an output range of 10% to 90%. Once again a life expectancy of 30 years was specified with an IP67 rating and -40°C to +125°C operating temperature range. As with all the other sensors, stringent environmental and Def-Stan EMC test limits are complied with. Automation Update - 5

Product innovation speeds up the picking of small parts Intralogistics applications are under pressure in terms of efficiency: They have to work more flexibly, stock a wider range of items within a smaller space, and guarantee faster retrieval times. At the same time, storage and handling requirements are increasingly shifting towards bins and trays. To cope with these demands, Kardex Remstar has developed a new generation of storage systems, which also offer high order picking performance and represent excellent value for money, while consuming little energy and occupying little space. Here are two application scenarios.


ontrol cabinets operate machinery, high-tech equipment, and large-scale plants, but also many devices within the commercial sector and private households. In keeping with their countless application areas, functions, and designs, individually configured control cabinets come in a highly impressive range of sizes and versions. Yet most control cabinet manufacturers still use static storage systems for storing their wide range of items. These include conventional static shelving, high-bay shelving with a very narrow aisle forklift and man-up picker, and pallet shelving. The production components are stored in a number of differently sized bins, creating an inefficient layout within the warehouse. A real-life scenario: Four people each work an eight-hour shift in the conditions outlined above and pick the relevant assembly sets from 2,000 different items. With around 40 order lines per order, they should manage about 70 orders a day. Accordingly, together they pick about 2,800 order lines, which is equivalent to an average of 350 lines an hour. In this real-life example, the four people work through the orders one after the other. Unfortunately they often find incorrect or incomplete storage locations and sometimes also pick the wrong items. The pickers put the complete orders in bins and then transfer them to pallets before taking them to the control cabinet assembly area. Once there, the technicians collect the bins by hand as and when they are needed and take them back to their assembly stations. Now let’s look at the same scenario with the new generation of storage systems: Instead of conventional shelving and high-bay shelving, the warehouse now has two Kardex Remstar LR 35 units from the Vertical Buffer Module product family. The small electronic components are kept in just a few types of bins of different heights, making optimal use of the available storage space. A trolley then takes the fully picked order bins to the assembly area, where there is a second LR 35, which serves as a buffer storage unit. Now, as soon as a technician requests an assembly set, the conveyor technology guarantees the just-in-time delivery of the order bin to the assembly area. “With the LR 35, the same order picking process needs just one person instead of four,” says Reinhold Schäffler, product manager at Kardex Remstar, underlining one of the key advantages of the LR 35 product innovation. 6 - Automation Update

Up to 500 order lines per station and hour The new Kardex Remstar LR 35 storage system consists of a shelf system with automatic bin handling, picking stations, and its own logistics software. In the middle of the multi-segment shelf system is an aisle, along which a movable mast with telescopic gripper operates. The control unit sets the gripper in motion depending on the electronic command issued by the software. It picks up a bin or tray filled with small parts and swiftly transports it to the picking station. Performance can be up to 500 order lines per picking station and hour. A picking station consist of one or more units.

Efficient storage logistics Guido Follert, head of the machinery and plant department at the Fraunhofer Institute for Material Flow and Logistics (IML), oversaw the innovation process for the LR 35 with his team on behalf of Kardex Remstar. “On the LR 35 we have enclosed housing which contains automated, concentrated, and efficient storage logistics,” says Follert. Above all else, the new storage system can deliver this impressive performance without the need for a major plant engineering project.

Omni-channel retailers and slow-moving goods Thanks to its high order picking performance, the LR 35 is also suitable for slow-moving goods, giving omni-channel retailers, for instance, a crucial competitive advantage. That’s because it not only enables them to package lots of similar product ranges together to cut transport costs when delivering to stores, but also efficiently process individual orders for end customers. Since many different slow-moving goods are the cause of relatively high process, storage, and picking costs, omni-channel retailers in particular can benefit from the LR 35. The Slow Mover Management application from Kardex proves to be very useful here. It especially helps mediumsized businesses and wholesalers that stock a high proportion of slow-moving goods to deliver such items very quickly and accurately with 24-hour service and overnight delivery. The LR 35 guarantees almost twice the order picking performance of the classic mini-load system, while occupying just 60 percent of the space. To learn more contact Kardex Remstar at www.kardex-remstar.co.uk or call us on 01992 557237

Novotechnik sensors with IO-Link communications are

Industry 4.0 ready Through its exclusive UK distribution partnership with measurement technology leaders Novotechnik, Variohm EuroSensor supplies and supports linear and rotary sensors that feature the standardised communications protocol IO-Link. With real-time collection of machine data a fundamental part of Industry 4.0, the IEC 611319 communications standard provides fast and secure updates to and from the field level - not just for positional data but also for status and diagnostic information. Providing the means for improved machine availability, IO-Link works at the sensor/actuator level of the machine independent from but completely compatible with all major fieldbus systems through gateways. IO-Link is characterised by its simplicity in setup and installation. Standardised control software allows for unique product identification with fast replacement if required whilst commissioning is made easy by point-to-point connection with unshielded 3-wire cabling and M12 connectors. Users can monitor and modify positional parameters, such as zero, direction of rotation/ travel or resolution. Status and diagnostics messages can be securely exchanged. Novotechnik sensor products available with IOLink include TF1 series inductive linear position sensors and RSC-2800 and RFC-4800 single- and multi-turn transducers.

The TF1 is an absolute linear sensor for highly dynamic positioning tasks that features a touchless inductive measurement principle for unlimited mechanical life. It has a maximum range of up to 1000 mm with resolution to 1 micron and repeatability to 2 microns. The IP67 protection class sensor also includes a teach mode for straightforward installation and is aimed at all areas of demanding automation technology. The highly robust RSC-2800 rotary sensor uses a contactless magnetic measurement principle for single turn resolution of up to 14 Bits. With single output and redundant versions it suits a wide range of angle sensing applications in automation, mobile machinery, medical equipment and more. The RFC-4800 angle sensor is a two-part touchless design with separate magnet and sensor for extremely long life. With no shaft or bearings and completely encapsulated electronics, the sensor is optimised for harsh environment angle measurement applications in marine, agricultural and construction machinery. Single and multi-channel versions are available and resolution is up to 14 Bits. Novotechnik angle and linear position encoders are also available with other interface options including voltage, current, SSI, incremental, CANopen, SPI and more. www.variohm.com Automation Update - 7

Faced with a drive breakdown and loosing production? Renting a Variable Speed Drive (VSD) is perhaps not the first thing that springs to mind for engineers in this situation, but it is the best way to guarantee your plant back up and running in the minimum time scale. In fact, VSD hire was largely unheard of until 2006 when Quantum Controls established their unique rental division. However, there are many compelling reasons why you should consider hiring VSD’s rather than making an outright purchase – and it can often be the best solution for you and your business. Dramatically expenditure




Buying auxiliary equipment for breakdowns or short-term projects can put a significant strain on your budget, tying up critical capital – not forgetting the associated costs for maintenance, parts and service, storage and administration. Hiring VSD’s dramatically reduces your capital expenditure, with fixed weekly rental payments approximately 1/30th of the cost of a new drive - including all servicing, maintenance and breakdown costs. With Quantum able to deliver and install equipment for emergency, temporary bypass or semi-permanent application within hours, VSD rental also significantly reduces lead times and costly downtime, giving you the time to make the correct repair or replacement decisions.

Martin Elliot, NWL Maintenance Manager for Tyneside, explained: “The old pipes were corroded and powerful pressure surges equivalent to 28-35 meters head, caused by the sudden stopping and starting of pumps, was putting them under extra strain. We needed to find a solution to prevent any further sewage leaks.” Within a few days, working jointly with NWL engineers, Quantum had installed two 250kW ABB hire drives at the pumping station. “The drives allowed us to ramp the speeds of the pumps up and down, avoiding the hydraulic shock loads that we suspected to be the cause of the problems to the pipes,” said Martin. “Installing the hire drives virtually eliminated the leaks and gave us time to implement a pipe removal programme with peace of mind.”

Temporary installations for Dwr Cymru During an installation or plant refurbishment, keeping production running with temporary replacement equipment keeps lost production to an absolute minimum. So, when Dwr Cymru (Welsh Water) needed to upgrade a full Motor Control Cabinet and power supplies controlling its Mescoed pumping station, they called on Quantum to offer a way of maintaining water supplies to the surrounding area. Assessing the site, Quantum provided two 400kW hire drives with a generator to power the pumps while the new equipment was installed and commissioned. First week FREE on all rentals As the largest drive rental company in Europe, Quantum has over 1500 drives in its fleet, suitable for any application from basic pump and fan to the most demanding applications. Don’t overlook the benefits of short term rental or long term lease, with your first week FREE on all rentals from Quantum Controls.

Unique IP66 Weather Proof Enclosures All of Quantum’s rental drives are the market leading ABB type, mounted into rental systems which are suitable for mounting and operating indoors or outdoors, in all weathers. Try before you buy Hiring equipment prior to purchase can also be a perfect way to trial and prove applications without any long term obligation. It also allows you to trial efficiency and energy saving capabilities, which makes high capital purchasing decisions wise ones. Hire drive solves sewage leakage problem for Northumbrian Water When Northumbrian Water Limited (NWL) were having difficulties with the rising main that pumps sewage from Brown’s Point, at Cullercoats, North Tyneside to Howdon Sewage Treatment Works at the mouth of the Tyne, they turned to Quantum for help.

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You can contact Quantum Controls’ rental division 24/7 day or night on their emergency support line: 0330 9000 247 Head Office: 01661 835 566 Email: rental@quantum-controls.co.uk Web: www.quantum-controls.co.uk

Engineered Latching for Enhanced Usability In today’s highly industrialised and automated world, with increased focus on equipment security and operator safety , the user experience in terms of a human’s interaction with a product or appliance has gained tremendous importance.


hen Memmert, a leading manufacturer of industrial and laboratory thermal ovens, was searching for a reliable as well as ergonomically-friendly latching solution for their next generation appliance, the company worked with Southco, a global manufacturer of latches, hinges and fasteners, to develop a locking mechanism that has improved the ovens’ quality as well as efficiency. Memmert’s primary focus for their new product was to enhance the end user experience within a laboratory environment. The latching and handle mechanism on the oven door had been identified as improvement areas. The previous generation of oven appliances incorporated multipoint latching into the outer main door, sealing the door panel against leakage and contamination and helping to maintain constant temperatures. For the new product the need arose to maintain the necessary level of compression whilst enhancing the aesthetic design and user experience. “We were looking to improve the functionality and design of our handle and locking mechanism,” said Christoph Oster, Project Management R&D, Memmert. “We needed an innovative and easy to use system and a lock with consistent, reliable performance. The door needed a smooth push lock system to minimise vibration that could potentially effect the running process and goods housed inside.” Memmert sought a latching solution that allowed the user to access the oven’s interior without having to use

their hands to open the door. The latching mechanism was still required to prevent the door from opening accidentally. “The usability of the handling was a vital element; we needed to create a system that was easy to open and close by hand or knee and also gave flexibility in user height,” said Oster. The new oven latch is based on Southco’s R5 Draw Latch – a heavy duty mechanism chosen for its high tensile load, concealed installation and proven functionality in industrial applications. The latch incorporates over centre locking functionality, ensuring vibration resistance and an integrated secondary latching feature, creating constant compression of the door seal. The latching system helps to improve and simplify the ergonomics of use by making it easier for the operator to open/close. The locking and unlocking of the door works smoothly and reliably over the product lifespan. The handle mechanism offers an ergonomic and safe handling for the user.

The Memmert oven latch, designed by Southco.

The intelligent and ergonomic design of the Southco latch makes the handle easier and safer to use for laboratory staff.

End users value Memmert’s new generation of appliances, with the door handle playing an important role in their perception. In sensitive medical laboratory applications, the handle provides safety for tests and allows for smooth operation. For industrial use, it is sturdy enough to ensure longevity for years of multiple repetitive stress tests. “The new handle and locking has been a fantastic addition. The enhanced functionality and improved design has added value to our range of products by improving the quality and efficiency of the locking mechanism and handle,” said Oster.

The new latching system adds real value to the Memmert Oven, boasting a more ergonomic and more competitive product in the marketplace

Automation Update - 9

Accuride introduces a range of plain bearing friction guides Well known as a global manufacturer of telescopic slides, Accuride has used all its experience of sliding systems to design a range of friction guides well suited to the automation industry. The tough anodised tracks, which can be cut to required length or butted together for longer tracks, along with the superior polymer sliding surface within the guides will mean that these are both hard wearing and long lasting. There are three guide options to choose from: manual adjust, automatic adjust and non-adjust. The height, width and hole pitches all refer to the ISO 12090 standard so they can be used as an interchangeable alternative to recirculating linear guides. The guides can be used in any orientation and have been designed to absorb equal wear in both the Y and Z orientations. The lack of exposed moving parts makes friction guides ideal for extreme environments where dust and dirt might be present. They are light, easy to use and engineered to minimise stress and wear on the friction elements. This adds to the low total cost of ownership and also makes it an attractive alternative to costlier over-engineered solutions.

Accuride offers three friction guide options: nonadjust, manual adjust and auto adjust

To help engineers estimate maintenance intervals, Accuride offers a wear calculator on their website. There is also a comprehensive technical FAQ section and direct access to the technical team for additional help. David Brooks is the Design Engineer behind the new guides and explains: “We have produced a product that goes beyond customer expectations yet still provides a cost-effective solution. Our new guides are lightweight, hard-wearing and easy to use as well as being an alternative drop-in solution for existing guides – and we’re always available to discuss application suitability with our customers.”

Both the manual and automatic adjustable guides can be adjusted in the Z and Y directions

Peter Baxter is European Distribution Director for Accuride and comments: “We are delivering a ‘best in class’ friction guide that offers customers across industry a high performance, easy to use product backed by our great engineering team. It’s a product that proves that the best engineering solution is often the most straightforward.” All the items are held in stock at Accuride’s Northampton based logistics centre and can be bought through their distribution network or, for large quantities, direct from Accuride. More technical information, drawing downloads and videos can be found at www.accuride-europe.com. 10 - Automation Update

Manual adjust: use an Allen key to create the perfect clearance or preload for your application.

Further product information

Mean Well HDR-100 series, a 100-watt Ultra Slim DIN Rail power supply now available from Ecopac Power. With the HDR 15 watt, 30 watt and 60 watt series already available, these new generation ultra slim step shape DIN rail power supplies are ideal for building automation and household control systems. The Mean Well HDR-100 series is designed with a step shape plastic housing meeting the European Union standard DIN EN43880 with height of 90mm and width of 70mm. Universal 85-264VAC input, low no load power consumption of less than 0.3 watts. High working efficiency of 90%, adjustable DC output voltage and wide working temperature range of -30° to +70°.

Manufactured with Class II isolation and meeting LPS (Limited Power Source) they conform to EN61000-3-2 Class A (the normal European Union regulation for harmonic current), and complying with safety regulations EN61558-2-16 UL508/UL60950-1, TUV, CB and CE. With Short circuit, Overload and Over voltage protections the HDR-100 series is supplied with a 3 year warranty. For further information please call 01844 204430 or email info@ecopacpower.co.uk Automation Update - 11

We drive the universe.

Harmonic Drive AG | Staffordshire Technology Park Stafford | ST 18 0GA | Great Britain


Eye in the sky

HDAG_Servoprodukte_01.17_k2.indd 1

If you have recently been to a large sporting event or music concert, chances are you might have caught sight of something high in the air, whizzing around on gossamer tendrils. The system enables television cameras to move both vertically and horizontally, tracking action quickly, fluently and accurately. To allow it to do this, the system employs incredibly specialised gears. Here, Graham Mackrell, managing director of precision servo actuator expert, Harmonic Drive UK, discusses how innovative gears are being used to deliver an immersive viewing experience. Whether you’re watching an international cricket match, live footage of the Glastonbury main stage or a major sporting event, at some point you’ll inevitably be watching footage taken from one of these specialist high wire cameras. Unlike traditional static cameras, the rig allows the camera to capture any area of the field of play. The camera docks to a gyro-stabilised dolly, connected to four cables attached to four motorised winches. By controlling the winding and unwinding of the cables, the camera can be manoeuvred throughout the X, Y and Z-axis. The benefit of using one of these systems is that it allows the operator to achieve repeatable, accurate and fluid camera shots from a variety of different angles. To be able to deliver such impressive results, the setup relies on high precision servo actuators to provide streamline movement. It’s very important that these servo actuators can be relied upon time and again.

12 - Automation Update

Let’s say that this camera system is being used to capture a major footballing event, as it was in this year’s Euro 2016 final. The camera can be programmed to instantly travel to a fixed coordinate — perhaps at the goalmouth — at the touch of a button. The camera crew need the camera to reach that destination precisely, every time of asking. If not, the recording of the action doesn’t flow properly and the play appears jilted. Similarly, the gears need to operate with zero backlash so the camera movement is smooth and doesn’t negatively affect the viewing experience. Even the slightest recoil is noticeable. As well as giving high accuracy, high repeatability and zero backlash, the gears also need to be lightweight and compact. Needless to say, the smaller the camera is, the less offensive it is to the spectators and participants at the event. The Kevlar cables that

09.02.17 13:25

support the camera can support up to 1200 kg of tractive force, but the smaller the footprint and weight, the better. Finally, it’s important that the servo actuators have a hollow shaft big enough to allow the cables with fibre optics to flow through - from the camera to the remote head. The rise of high definition HD and 4K broadcast streams is making this increasingly important.

Above all, the gears need to be rugged and reliable. Harmonic Drive’s CHA-14 and CHA17 hollow shaft servo actuators were used in camera rigs on a six-month long filming mission in the Antarctic, for the BBC’s Frozen Planet documentary series. This was a true test of the reliability and build quality of our precision components. Harmonic Drive’s actuators target the increasing demand by the broadcast industry for more compact, powerful and cost effective equipment. So the next time you are watching a sporting event or concert on the television and notice a smooth, sweeping high angle shot, think of the precision servo actuators making the visuals possible.

SMART EXPO The Digital Manufacturing Show

15–16 November 2017 Exhibition Centre Liverpool

Is your business prepared for a revolution in manufacturing agility, innovation and thinking? Technology Zones - Smart Factory, Industrial Automation, Industrial Internet and Digital Transformation Mentor Clinics - Drop-in 15-minute consultations Innovation Alley - Showcasing manufacturing innovation Discover - The latest innovation in your industry Network - With over 4,000 of your peers Generate - Quality leads Source - Cutting edge products & services

Industry 4.0 is the future of our business: we have a good understanding of where we are going, but implementation will be difficult, and we know we have a long way to go.

Chairman, sub-£10 million engineering company

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Overcoming machine building challenges in Industry 4.0 Intelligent machines are the foundation of smart factories. But incorporating the right technology into intelligent machine designs creates new challenges for machine builders. Mark Turner, Applications Manager at Lenze, reveals how to get it right. For machine builders, the concepts of Industry 4.0 are not exactly new. At the component level, many of the key enabling technologies for Industry 4.0’s ‘cyberphysical systems’ are exactly the ones companies are using already. However, Industry 4.0 does have some very important implications for machine builders. Manufacturers are adopting Industry 4.0 strategies at the boardroom level, pushing decisions about technology choices and investments up the corporate agenda and creating opportunities for builders to demonstrate the value of smarter solutions. Rising levels of automation associated with Industry 4.0 implementations means that machine builders will have more equipment to monitor and control, while ensuring compliance with customer-specific standards related to managing and communicating the resulting high volume data streams. Manufacturers will also want more from their machines, particularly higher levels of performance, reliability and availability. And they’ll want different services too. To meet these changing requirements, machine builders need to make the right decisions about the technological building blocks of their products. Industry 4.0 will place increasing demands on machine communication networks, for example, requiring them to handle more data types and larger data volumes while retaining the deterministic performance essential for safety and reliability. Customers’ preferred network standards must also be easily accommodated. Choosing the most capable components for an application doesn’t mean taking the most complex and costly options. For example, servo drives may be the first choice for high speed motion applications, but the availability of 120Hz motors that deliver higher speeds, and drives with sophisticated built-in control capabilities now provide an alternative at significantly lower cost. Beyond the capabilities of their chosen components, machine builders also need to consider the tools and support available to develop smart machine applications. And while customers demand more complex functionality, they will still require fast

14 - Automation Update

delivery and affordability. The right development environment is therefore critical to achieving this. Lenze’s FAST application software toolbox, for example, can speed up control software development using modules with embedded functions that cover a wide range of common machine applications, from feeding, unwinding and sealing on packaging lines to complete robot control. These modules are autonomous and can be exchanged and tested completely independently, making engineering quick, easy and reliable. Indeed, FAST has been shown to eliminate up to 80 percent of the work required to develop machine control applications from scratch.

Access to properly tested and proven off-the-shelf software technologies can also dramatically simplify another key Industry 4.0 requirement - the secure transfer of machine data to the cloud®. Machine information can now be shared across wider networks without risk of compromise or misuse – enabling seamless integration with customer systems. This helps machine builders offer a range of added-value services like remote support and monitoring or predictive maintenance, which are essential elements of a fully integrated Industry 4.0 implementation. Learn more at www.lenze.com.


26 – 28 September 2017


NEC, Birmingham


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New multi-lane metal detector beats food waste challenge At PPMA 2017, stand A42, Fortress Technology will unveil how metal detection sensitivity accomplished by its multi-aperture innovation can deliver optimal food safety whilst helping to eradicate false product rejects. Factory food waste is a huge issue. Yet, choices about production equipment, including metal detection and other quality control, can impact the 1.9 million tonnes* wasted annually by the UK food supply chain. WRAP estimates 1.1 million tonnes of this is avoidable, valuing it at £1.9 billion and attributing almost 90% to manufacturing. Forming the centrepiece of the Fortress display is the first UK live demonstration of the company’s new waste-reducing, triple-lane, multi-aperture metal detector. Rather than channelling multiple lanes through a single metal detector, one Stealth metal detector is mounted across three conveyor lines. Each conveyor has its own BRCapproved reject system. This puts a stop to an entire row of good product being rejected and wasted if a contaminated product is identified on one line. “In a 5-lane configuration this technically equates to an 400% reduction in false reject waste,” highlights Phil Brown, Fortress European Sales Director. Reliable industry estimates put the annual cost per production conveyor line of false rejects at up to £14,000, depending on the scale of the problem. Combining the physical waste with repeat machine stoppages, Phil asserts that this is a conservative figure. Having a dedicated aperture on each lane, measuring 175mmx75mm, also means it can detect even smaller metal particles, of all types, down 0.7 mm ferrous, 0.7 mm non ferrous and 1.4 mm stainless steel. What’s more, the smaller apertures cope better with orientation and product effect, again reducing the likelihood of false product rejects whilst safeguarding a food manufacturers brand reputation. Featuring Contact data software for remote interrogation, the multi-lane unit also optimises factory floor space. This was the case with a twin lane version recently installed by Dutch bakery Borgesius where the closeness of conveyors made it logistically impossible to insert two metal detectors. Inspecting 3,600 loaves p/h, Borgesius Plant Manager Mr. Boneschansker comments: “Our twin-lane metal detector enables us to meet the stringent retailer Codes of Practice throughout Europe and have proven reliable and easy to operate.” 16 - Automation Update

The triple lane configuration on show at PPMA features Contact data software and a mobile App for remote interrogation.

End-users can save up to 50% of the space required by individual metal detectors, plus around 17% of the installation cost. With just one system to maintain and manage, longer term, the multi-aperture device improves total cost of ownership (TCO) by over 65%, taking into account reduced maintenance and parts requirements. Alongside the triple-lane system, Fortress will showcase three other key applications on its PPMA stand. They include a Stealth pipeline metal detector equipped with new Halo2 automatic test technology, an incline feed gravity metal detector, plus a horizontal Interceptor conveyor system that uses simultaneous multi-frequency technology to optimise sensitivity and inspection performance on notoriously difficult wet and conductive products like meat, dairy, ready meal and bakery items. For a full demonstration, visit Fortress Technology, Stand A42. www.fortresstechnology.co.uk

When multiple products pass side by side down a conveyor and through a single metal detector, reject rates for good product are high.

With a multi-aperture metal detector, like the twin-lane installed by Dutch bakery Borgesius, potential contaminated products can be isolated by lane, reducing false rejects.

* Waste and Resources Action Programme (WRAP) Quantification of food surplus, waste and related materials in the supply chain report http://www.wrap.org.uk/content/quantification-food-surplus-waste-and-related-materials-supply-chain

Distributor of Mean Well Power Supplies

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sales@ecopacpower.co.uk l www.ecopacpower.co.uk Sales: 01844 20 44 20 l Technical: 01844 20 44 30

ODU UK Ltd – not your average connectors As a ‘problem-solving’ connector manufacturer, ODU enjoys single-source status with over one hundred of the worlds top manufacturing companies. Why is that? Because, not only do they have expertise, but they work hard at being a flexible and innovative supplier. In the UK, ODU are probably best known for their miniature military pushpull connectors. Notably, since 2002, ODU have supplied more than 100,000 helmet connectors for the Bowman military communications programme, without a single reported connector failure. However, although ODU undoubtedly established it’s pedigree in the military market, it has not been slow to transfer technology and lessonslearned to connector solutions for other markets, such as medical equipment, instrumentation, factory automation & robotics etc Now, ODU has expanded their ODU-MAC® industrial connector series, to include HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0 modules, with a service life of over 5,000 mating cycles, guaranteeing the rapid, reliable and loss-free transmission of signals and data. “With a total of 30 different data technology variations, which include CAT 6 modules, our products excel in high-speed data rates” according to Managing Director Nick Harper. “We are making use of the synergy of our push-pull product family, and once again demonstrating transfer of technology proven in military applications to industrial markets”. The new modules, which are available as a tenpin USB version and 16-pin HDMI version, meet the constantly growing requirements from the industrial sector. “The trend towards higher data rates will continue”, Nick states confidently “Therefore, we constantly enhance the ODU-MAC portfolio so that we can continue providing bestperformance connectors for the future.” ODU-MAC® – three major variants provide the ultimate pick’n’mix Whether power [inc high-voltage & high-current], data/signals, coax, highspeed data, fibre-optics and other media such as air and fluids – all can be incorporated. ODU-MAC Silver-Line - the all-rounder for automatic docking - six dockingframe types, each in customizable lengths, with multiple modules including 30 high-speed data options. Some customers have reported no failures in the docking frame version of the ODU-MAC even after more than one million mating cycles. ODU-MAC White-Line - for manual mating - same technical performance as the Silver-Line, in a multiple choice of metal & plastic housings, with snap-in, spindle or lever locking. ODU-MAC Blue-Line - the tool-free clip-mounted version – ideal for onsite assembly, with loading and unloading of the crimp contacts possible even after assembly and faulty clipping-in of modules prevented through mechanical and visual coding. More at: http://www.odu-uk.co.uk/products-solutions/modular-connectors/ 18 - Automation Update

ODU UK Ltd Tel: 0330 002 0640 sales@odu-uk.co.uk www.odu-uk.co.uk

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Flexible modular solutions from mk! Compatible standard modules from mk simplify your production and maximise efficiency. Technology from mk provides the ideal solution for plant and special machinery engineering.

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Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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Automation Update Issue 28  

Automation Update Issue 28