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Automation Update is an engaging, editorially led publication & directory giving the reader news and updates on new products and services to our ever Progressing industry. Publishing House Jet Digital Media Ltd The Forge, Spratling Court Offices, Manston, Kent CT12 5AN

Automation Update - 3

UPM report a record year for 2018/2019 resulting in further expansion of their manufacturing base in Langley Berkshire together with additional personnel and investment in an additional Router to cater for the circa 50 % increase in orders for their unique belt conveyors that operate on zero maintenance without the need to track or tension the belt satisfying  applications in all aspects of food processing and packaging plus product handling in Plastic Injection Moulding. All aspects of manufacture are carried out in house including fabrication; programming and control build allowing complete control of quality / inspection and maintaining delivery promises. UPM have also invested £50k in 3 D mechanical solid modelling design software for creating 3D digital

prototypes using the design and simulation of products to ensure a perfect solution. UPM Philosophy Our philosophy is simple based on working in Partnership with people sharing our knowledge and experience gained over 35 years with

UPM accepting total responsibility for turnkey projects operating to the agreed specification and to the customers satisfaction which is the result of a Performance Guarantee allowing peace of mind with reliability and trouble free operation being the corner stone of our success.

Optical Modulators for Distributed Fibre Sensors - MXER-LN LASER COMPONENTS off ers optical modulators (MXER-LN) in the range of 1530nm to 1625nm dedicated to fi bre sensing applications. Such applications require a very high extinction ratio as it is a key parameter. Our partner iXblue has developed these optical modulators based on Mach-Zehnder with an extinction ratio of > 40 dB and beyond to guarantee a good functionality of these applications. To accommodate our customers in this fi eld, iXblue has also patented a specifi c waveguide design to ensure a low insertion loss. The titanium technology used for these waveguides

4 - Automation Update

guarantees a high and long-term stability of the modulator bias drift. These products are designed to be integrated into such sensor instruments to service the sensor market based on BOTDA (Brillouin Optical Time Domain Analysis) which relates to distributed sensors of temperature and strain in fi bre cables installed along civil engineering

structures (bridges, dams) and particularly along pipelines. These modulators, based on Mach-Zehnder lithium niobate technology, can have two functions in the core of the instrument. They can generate the initial optical pulse of the pump, and they can generate the dual side band modulation with carrier suppression (CS-DSB) of the probe.



5 Comm ports inc. ethernet | Easy PID | Free no-limit programming | Hot-swappable I/O Built-in data logging | Integrated web-server | Motion made easy

Quality products, expert advice

020 3026 2670

LEMO is the acknowledged leader in the design and manufacture of precision custom connection solutions LEMO’s high quality Push-Pull connectors are found in a variety of challenging application environments including medical, automation, industrial control, test and measurement, audio-video and telecommunications.

LEMO has been designing precision connectors for over seven decades. Offering more than 75,000 product combinations that continue to grow in numbers through custom specific designs, LEMO and its affiliated sister companies REDEL, NORTHWIRE and COELVER serve customers in over 80 countries worldwide. LEMO specialises in the design of standard and customised connector solutions. As a long-established company, LEMO’s prime focus has always been on product quality. In addition to its extensive range of high-end connectors, LEMO offers complete custom solutions, including cables and cable assembly services.  LEMO’s skilled technicians build and test assemblies to the customer’s specifications. LEMO cable assembly services feature: electronic, fibre optic and hybrid connections, 100% testing, small to large volume capacity and overmoulding capabilities. Some of the larger LEMO subsidiaries use modern equipment, such as stripping tools with rotating knives, clipping

robots, hydraulic crimp facilities, test units, etc. LEMO connectors can be used in industrial applications and also for control, articulated manipulator and automation systems. As robotic solutions become increasingly complex, LEMO connectors enable connecting sensors, motors and actuators in an efficient way, even when the cabling layout is very dense. Thanks to the Push-Pull latching system, connectors can be easily mated and un-mated allowing reduced maintenance and installation time. Serge Buechli, Business Development Manager comments: “LEMO’s wide range of products suits customers who are looking for reliable connectors that can resist extensive wear and use. “If you are a manufacturer of highend equipment, you don’t want your equipment to break down because of cable and connector accessories. This is why you select high quality

components for your design”. For automation systems, motor controllers and communication networks, LEMO offers a range of high-speed circular connectors in the 2B, 2K, and 2T series that is suitable for Category 6A. Specifications: • Transmission performance meets Category 6A specification up to 500 MHz for 10 GigaBit Ethernet transmission according IEEE802.3an.  • Push-Pull connector • IP50 or IP68 solution • For cable diameters from 3.2 to 9.9 mm • Designed for AWG 22 and  AWG 24 (AWG 26 for shorter cable distance) Find out more here

ww Leaders in temperature measurement

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Thermocouple Cables

In Stock For Immediate Worldwide Despatch Heading 3

PVC, PFA, PTFE Glass fibre & PRT cable Flat pair or Twin twisted pair in various calibration types Available in 10m, 25m, 50m, 100m & 200m lengths Available in IEC or ANSI colours

IEC PVC Insulated Flat Pair Thermocouple Cable

IEC Glassfibre Insulated Flat Pair with Stainless Steel Overbraid

IEC PTFE Insulated Flat Pair Thermocouple Cable

ANSI PFA Insulated, Twin Twisted Pair Thermocouple Cable

IEC PVC Insulated Flat Pair Thermocouple Cable

ANSI PVC Insulated Mylar Screened Thermocouple Cable

PVC Insulated, Tin Plated Copper Screen, PRT Sensor Cable Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446


NEW Cloud Connected, Thermocouple Data Loggers with External, Replaceable Probes Lascar have announced the launch of two new additions to the successful EL-MOTE WiFi data logger range. The EL-MOTE-TC and EL-MOTE-DTC are single, and dual channel, remote temperature data loggers. These loggers boast a wide temperature measurement range due to their smart, external probes (EL-SP-TC). These probes can accept any standard J, K or T type thermocouples and can be supplied pre-calibrated. They are designed to be easy to detach for re-calibration without removing the logger itself from its environment. Both these loggers are ideal for monitoring in locations that are difficult or inhospitable to the data logger itself, and where a wide temperature range needs to be measured. In removing the need for human intervention, the EL-MOTE family is automating and simplifying data collection. Data Access from Any Internet-Enabled Device EL-MOTE sensors operate with the EasyLog Cloud service, an inexpensive monitoring solution that enables users to monitor and manage any scale of system, from compact systems with just a few measuring points to corporate installations with hundreds of sensors around the globe. This service streams data remotely, discretely, and securely to the EasyLog Cloud, allowing it to be accessed from any internet-enabled device. 8 - Automation Update

Never Miss a Critical Alarm with Instant Email Alerts On the EasyLog Cloud, critical data is stored securely and indefinitely. Users can view their sensors across multiple locations from a single easy to use dashboard, change device settings remotely and view records of any alarms or other events. Powerful graphing functionality allows extensive data analysis, and the flexible email notification system means users never miss a critical event such as an alarm breach. Simple Device Set Up Device set-up is made simple with the EasyLog smartphone App, available for iOS and Android. This sets the logger up onto your local WiFi network, from where data is streamed to the Cloud. Each sensor has a battery life of up to two years, and can also be mains powered if preferred. Temperature data collection is an inevitable and growing requirement from carrying out due diligence, providing peace of mind from a regulatory perspective. Automating both data collection and alarms allows users to breathe a little better at night, knowing we the answers are available at the swipe of a screen, 24/7. Lascar Electronics +44(0)1794 884567


Mobile commissioning and maintenance interface for field devices Single interface for the major process automation protocols: HART / Foundation fieldbus / PROFIBUS PA Ideal for handheld host devices with battery powered Bluetooth operation Compatible with FDT Frame Applications Approved for use in hazardous areas PRO


















024 7669 2066


Whilst many people would probably be familiar with the Carlsberg advertising slogan from earlier days they may not appreciate the history and scale of today’s Carlsberg brewing operation. Founded in 1847 it is now the fourth largest brewery in the world producing 2.2 million hectolitres of beer annually, employing around 45,000 staff worldwide and selling around 120 million beers globally every day. Sensing and instrumentation specialists BAUMER have been supplying Carlsberg with instrumentation for more than 10 years, initially for the beer production lines in their plant near Copenhagen and more recently to a new production and distribution centre in Frederica. Yeast is an essential ingredient of the brewing fermentation process where it is used to convert the glucose in the wort to alcohol and carbon dioxide gas, giving the beer its alcohol content and its carbonation. However, yeast foam can be a problem in terms of accurate and reliable level measurement and this is where Baumer have helped Carlsberg to solve a problem with yeast residues occurring within the fermentation process thanks to their CleverLevel switch. When fermentation is nearly complete (a process taking around 4 to 6 days) most of the yeast will settle to the bottom of the fermentation tank. It is then removed and reused for several fermentation processes before finally being stored in an excess yeast tank and sold off as animal feed. In this final stage of filling the excess tanks Carlsberg experienced overflow problems due to the heavy build-up of foam which was preventing triggering of the traditional level vibrating forks installed in the tanks. The solution provided by Baumer was the Cleverlevel switch for detecting the filling level in the yeast tanks. It utilises frequency sweep technology and is a universal level switch for all types of media. The CleverLevel device technology is effective regardless of whether the media is wet, dry, sticky, or in this case is foam - as 10 - Automation Update

opposed to a traditional fork device which simply cannot recognise the condition of the media. Lone Højbjerg Petersen, Maintenance Coordinator at Carlsberg said, “The CleverLevel switch has solved the problems we were experiencing with overflow in the excess tanks due to its unique and easy configuration options. We are now considering using the switch in our CIP (Clean-In-Place) caustic tanks, where we experience similar issues with foam and overflow”. The change from using traditional level fork devices to the CleverLevel switch has completely eliminated the problem of overflow in the excess tanks with the added benefits of a more environmentally friendly solution. There has also been a cost-saving benefit to Carlsberg due to process optimisation and reduced maintenance. The Baumer CleverLevel switch is maintenance-free due to the minimal installation depth of 15mm and the selfdraining sensor tip. It also approved to

both 3A and EHEDG standards and can be configured visually and easily via the dedicated software and the FlexProgrammer. The switching range can be adjusted as required to ignore foams during maximum or minimum monitoring. This function can also be used when the level switch is supposed to ignore adhesive substances, for example in tanks with liquid chocolate even when the tank is empty and the sensor and tank wall are covered with chocolate. ENDS Further details available at: r v i e w /p r o c e s s - s e n s o r s / l eve l measurement-/level-switch-/c/13561 Tel: +44 1793 783839               email: Contact: Jon Sumner, Baumer Ltd. 33 / 36 Shrivenham Hundred Business Park, Majors Road, Swindon, UK, SN6 8TZ

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EXPERT FOR micro-automation solutions

a IIo nd T

Models PR-12A C PR-12D -R-N C-DA-R PR-18A -N C PR-18D -R-N C PR-18D -DAI-R-N C-DAITN-N

Control. Anytime. Anywhere. The ability to receive or send the necessary data at any time, regardless of its location, provides ample opportunities. Popularity IoT using cloud services and innovative protocols such as MQTT, is increasingly gaining momentum in the IT-industry and implemented in the automation of processes as well.



Push Button

Limit Switch








Motor Drive Linear






The new IIoT Remote PLCs have the ability to aggregate data and send it to any suitable Cloud service using MQTT. MQTT is a lightweight, Pub/Sub messaging protocol typically used to connect hardware to the Cloud. No more need for intermediate Gateway devices!

Verborn Systems Limited Hawthorne Cottage, Lower Whitley, Cheshire, WA4 4JF Company No.: 09472226, VAT No.: 208994079

Skype: xlogic.vsl

Tel: +44 (0)7757222660


The new generation of vision sensors: Faster, smarter, stronger The well-known VISOR® series from sensor manufacturer SensoPart has had a makeover: with their slender metal housing, improved lighting and new added functions, such as a target laser and motorised focus, the proven vision sensors are now even more flexible and easier to use. still be utilised. Use of C-mount lenses has been enhanced; the previously separate spacer ring for lens assembly, as well as the screw thread for the casing, are now a permanent integral part of the sensor housing, rendering the C-mount variant even more compact. The software equally offers extensive compatibility. Existing job files can simply be imported, and use of the modified sensor optics with new functions (e.g. motorised focus) only requires minor adjustments in the SensoConfig software.

Image-processing vision sensors have never been as powerful and user-friendly. A prime example is the VISOR® series from SensoPart, which has been completely upgraded and includes many improved details. Thanks to extensive hardware and software compatibility with the previous version, the new sensors can also be easily used in existing installations. As with the previous VISOR® models, the housing is fitted with a holder for dovetail mounting. A new feature is the integrated target laser (laser class 1), which greatly simplifies sensor alignment during set-up. Motorised focus adjustment is another new function and can be controlled via the software, eliminating the need for manual adjustment with a focus screw – particularly in cramped spaces. This avoids process interruptions when switching between jobs with different focal positions. With their IP67 all-metal housing and a wide operating temperature range of 0 to 50°C, the new vision sensors are 100% industry-compatible. Much has also happened in image processing: the resolution has been increased from 0.3 to 0.5 megapixels (V10 version) or from 1.3 to 1.5 12 - Automation Update

megapixels (V20) respectively. In addition, users now have a choice of three different fields of view (wide, medium, narrow), defining the optimum frame for their application. The version with a narrow field of view enables an enhanced detection of small parts or codes at longer distances. Now equipped with eight highperformance LEDs, the integrated lighting system has also been optimised. Thanks to a faster signal processor, the new VISOR® generation additionally offers a much higher frame rate – up to twice the speed depending on the sensor version and detector. Connectivity has also been improved: the sensor now supports current interface protocols such as sFTP, SSH, EtherNet/IP and Profinet Conformance class B. Even image display in the SensoWeb webviewer is significantly smoother. Easy upgrade of existing installations Hardware compatibility with the previous VISOR® version is essential for use of the new sensors in current installations. This enables not just a one-to-one exchange but also ensures that existing accessories, such as external lighting, connection cables or mounting aids, can

The new VISOR® is available in the versions Object, Code Reader, Robotic and Allround; all of the models, with the exception of the Code Reader, also come in a version with a color image chip. In addition, there is a choice of two image resolutions (V10 with 800 x 600 pixels, V20 with 1440 x 1080 pixels) to suit the application requirements. All versions of the previous VISOR® generation will still be continued in our sensor portfolio. © SensoPart Industriesensorik GmbH 2019, Gottenheim

New Generation

The new VISOR® – The new generation of vision sensors. • Now even easier to install • even easier to configure • even faster • even more communicative


• Subcon – the UK’s premier manufacturing supply chain show returns 4-6 June at the NEC • 2019 set to feature expanded exhibition space as Subcon co-locates with Advanced Manufacturing Show and The Engineer Expo for the first time Subcon, the UK’s premier subcontract manufacturing supply chain show, has confirmed it will return to the NEC for Subcon 2019, spanning 4-6 June. Now in its 43rd year, Subcon is the must-attend event for subcontract manufacturing professionals looking to source new products and partners. In a first for the show, Subcon will be co-located with Advanced Manufacturing Show and The Engineer Expo. Over three days, the three events will showcase the complete manufacturing solution, covering design, prototyping and development, contract and subcontract products and services through to machine tools, systems and equipment. The Engineer Expo is dedicated to the advanced engineering that drives UK 14 - Automation Update

manufacturing and design. Building on the calibre of the 2018 programme, 36 free-to-attend sessions will lift the lid on the latest industry developments and the most interesting engineering projects. Advanced Manufacturing Show is the global platform for next-generation technologies, showcasing innovative solutions that enhance advanced manufacturing performance. Together the three shows will provide a compelling, value-packed event that will enable visitors to not only save time sourcing new partners but also get ahead of the competition with new technologies and services. “The expo was great to meet suppliers and manufacturers and see what new technologies they had to offer,”

said Michael Wilkinson, aerospace engineer, Airbus Operations Ltd, speaking of the 2018 event. “I found it extremely useful and hope to make use of the contacts I have made.” “Across all industry sectors, businesses looking to source suppliers and secure the right partners to keep them competitive, head to Subcon,” said Gordon Kirk, event director, Subcon. “We are incredibly excited to return to the NEC. We have already decided to expand the exhibition space for 2019 as we co-locate with Advanced Manufacturing Show and The Engineer Expo for the first time.” For more details or to register your interest, please visit

1-3 OCTOBER 2019 NEC, BiRmiNgham





Depalletising made easy Sensor package simplifies unstacking task Stacking a pallet with your own product is one thing, but the reverse is not so simple. At least not until ifm electronic produced the app with their 3D sensor that does all the hard work. As long as the packages on the pallet are all the same, they can be detected by ifm’s remarkable 3D sensor, which gauges their size and position, telling the robot exactly where to pick the next one.

Automated depalletising systems provide a clear increase in performance; it is quicker and more ergonomic than leaving it up to the operator.

Besides the data for robot control, the Ethernet process interface provides information for the material and warehouse management software.

The 3D sensor detects displaced loads and compensates for incorrect positioning with the depalletising system. Position indication allows fully automated depalletising of complete layers or individual packages, independent of the palletising pattern. The camera will also detect slip-sheets between layers.

The ifm system automatically calibrates of robot and camera coordinates, so setting it up is also easy to do.

16 - Automation Update

For further information, contact Samantha Bromley, ifm electronic Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HD. Telephone: 020 8213-0000 . E-mail –


Your route to Industry 4.0 More data = more control Smart sensors from ifm electronic use IO-Link





years if m pr od


• • • •

Easy parameter setting, monitoring and diagnostics from sensor level to the cloud Process data without conversion losses Easy troubleshooting and prevention of tampering IO-Link still allows connection of standard binary sensors and actuators All with standard wiring, just more data, more control ifm Telephone (020) 8213 1111

Power supply for harsh environments For reliable, heavy duty power supply in extremely harsh environments, choose the Emparro HD from Murrelektronik’s Emparro family. Whether your control cabinet deals with extreme temperatures or is exposed to the natural elements, the Emparro HD will continue to perform to the highest standard. In this article, Wendy McManus spoke to Murrelektronik to learn about the main advantages of the Emparro HD industrial power supply unit and how it can benefit your application. Advantages of the Emparro HD industrial power supply unit Murrelektronik understand that the elements can be unpredictable. A power supply unit that is located in an extreme environment must be able to function highly through these challenges. Their products are designed to exceed all expectations when it comes to delivering power. Operating between a wide temperature range of −40 to 80 °C, it is suitable for an extensive array of industries.

Vibration, shock and overvoltage protection Do you require a PSU that has high vibration and shock resistance? The Emparro HD is a heavy-duty power supply unit that meets these requirements easily, whilst guaranteeing power to your application. Not only is the Emparro HD shock and vibration resistant, but it also features maximum overvoltage resistance. This protects your power supply, for example, if a lightning strike causes a voltage peak.

Emparro HD with minimum power loss The Emparro HD power supply unit reduces operating costs through minimising power loss. As a result, it achieves a 95% efficiency rating. The Emparro HD’s low operating temperature also results in the long life cycle of the unit. A smaller control cabinet can be used because the low operating temperature eliminates the danger of heat building up within a smaller cabinet. This all contributes to the impressive efficiency rating 18 - Automation Update

of the Emparro HD. This heavy-duty power supply unit also has an essential power boost element. For example, for higher loads up to 50% more power can be supplied. No support from a second device is needed.

Industrial power supply unit Preventing unnecessary and unpredictable downtime is essential in every application. The Emparro HD industrial power supply unit has a high MTBF value, which ensures its longevity. This PSU also comes with clear signalling in the event of short-circuiting, overheating and overvoltage.

What applications require a heavy duty power supply unit? Many applications require an industrial power supply unit in their control cabinet that is capable of withstanding exposure to external influences. The Emparro HD is able to achieve the highest levels of functionality for applications such as on construction cranes and spreaders. For more information about the Emparro HD or to discuss your application in more detail, contact Murrelektronik today. Visit the online shop for full technical details Tel: 0161 728 3133

Completely compatible!

Power Supply Systems

Reliable energy supply for machines and systems

by Murrelektronik

Transformers, effective filters, powerful switch-mode power supplies, reliable buffer modules and innovative current monitoring systems create a completely compatible power supply system.

AN OVERVIEW OF mk’s PRODUCT PORTFOLIO FOR WORKING UNDER CLEANROOM CONDITIONS Working under cleanroom conditions has largely become the industry standard in the fields of electrical and medical technology as well as in the pharmaceutical, food and semiconductor industries. Due to the increased use of microelectronics in the automotive sector and the resulting rise in demands for technical cleanliness, cleanrooms are also set to become more common throughout the automobile industry and its suppliers in the future. In a cleanroom environment, constructions such as machine frames, protective device guards, workstations or work platforms must meet the relevant requirements of the room’s cleanliness class. To meet these requirements, mk offers a comprehensive portfolio of cleanroom profiles and corresponding accessories.

Aluminium cleanroom profiles mk cleanroom profiles feature a smooth, flat surface that prevents dirt from accumulating. The typical mk edge radius of just 1 mm ensures smooth connections between profiles, with virtually no gaps or spaces. Thanks to its clean, smooth design, a construction made of cleanroom profiles has the added advantage of having a high-quality, attractive appearance. A range of profiles are available with one to four closed sides and rectangular cross sections of 40 x 40, 40 x 80, 80 x 80 and 50 x 50 mm, as well as two round profiles with a diameter of either 28 mm or 40 mm. Traditionally, the open system slot is one of the most important product features in aluminium profile technology. It gives engineers the necessary flexibility to construct an

infinitely adjustable profile frame. In cleanroom profiles this slot is closed, but it can be partially or fully opened if needed. The opened slot can then be used to attach connecting elements or to mount other attachments.

Connecting elements In order to ensure proper cleanroom-standard connections between profiles, a connection must be created with as few obstructing contours as possible. It must be easy to clean properly with no unnecessary edges or corners where particles might accumulate. The mk cleanroom fastener is the perfect component for this job. It is made of stainless steel and connects Series 40 cleanroom profile components cleanly without any twisting. Likewise, the tension plug with thrust part is also suitable for use in a cleanroom as it does not need to be inserted into the face of a profile.

Closure strips and end caps As an alternative to cleanroom profiles or as a retrofit solution, the system slot of a standard profile can also be sealed with closure strips. This also acts to prevent the accumulation of dirt. Plastic end caps are used to seal the face of a profile. The end cap is fastened to the profile simply by inserting it into the end, thus creating a clean closure and an attractive appearance. 20 - Automation Update

Curved modular belt conveyor Efficiently handle any route

Wide variety of layouts with a single drive Compact overall width and a maximum usable width Lateral movement of conveyed products are possible

mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group

Take your machinery safety knowledge to the next level ... Whether you wish to deepen your knowledge in the field of safe mechanical and electrical engineering, optimise projects or acquire further qualifications in the field of machinery safety – with Pilz as your training partner, you’re sure to reach your goal. Our 2018 schedule is now available on the Pilz website. Courses include: • CMSE ® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV certified) • City & Guilds 4 Day Machinery Safety Course • Safe Human-Robot Collaboration • Safety Design Incorporating EN ISO 13849-1

For futher infomation or to book onto one of our courses visit, webcode: 150535

Pilz Automation Technology Corby NN18 8TJ

01536 460766

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Automation Update - Issue 50  

Automation Update - Issue 50  

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