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DriveCare Services

24/7 direct telephone access to our full qualified engineers All Variable Speed Drives installed on your site covered under one contract regardless of make, type or power ra�ng Immediate ‘engineer to site’ request Official Service Partner for Schneider, Danfoss, Control Techniques, Mitsubishi and largest ABB Service Provider since 1994 Access to UK’s largest stock of Variable Speed Drives, Spares and Hire Units Unlimited calls and site visits Our unique ‘first site visit fix’ guarantee

“At 2am, we had a VSD breakdown. One phone call to Quantum and their on-call engineer was with us within hours and had our plant back up and running. Very happy customer and very relieved that we had a contract with Quantum which enabled the quickest response time possible.” Jim Tait, Principle Site Engineer

go to for full informa�on and to sign up today For £2.59* per day, only £947 net per 12 month contract

0333 305 9203

AUTOMATION UPDATE Editorial Assistant Laura Sharpe 01843 580 460 Publishing Director Jodie Little 01843 580 460 Sales Director Tim Johnston 01843 448 443 Advertising Exec Jamie Simmons 01843 580 460

Automation Update is an engaging, editorially led publication & directory giving the reader news and updates on new products and services to our ever Progressing industry. Publishing House Jet Digital Media Ltd The Forge, Spratling Court Offices, Manston, Kent CT12 5AN

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Direct part marking: getting it right Applying 2D Data Matrix codes correctly to components, at the very start of the process, ensures their full traceability and tracking, Alastair Morris, Sales Director at Pryor Marking Technology explains.

The marking of manufactured parts is often overlooked, though it can have huge ramifications for the whole supply chain. In these times of end-to-end part traceability, each manufactured component must have a unique identity, which includes its specific manufacturing history. Rather than simply assigning it a code number, manufacturers can apply a machine readable code, such as a 2D Data Matrix, which stores vital data and can be scanned at any point during the life of the part. This is critical in industries such as automotive and aerospace, where many components are brought together and assembled in the final product, and may later have to be recalled. Marking challenges Several methods, including chemical etching, dot peening and laser marking, can apply a permanent 2D Data Matrix to a part. The nature of the part, such as what it is made from and its size and thickness, may determine the best method to use. 4 - Automation Update

For instance, lasers apply high contrast marks to any type of material, but may be too expensive for general use. Chemical etching gives similar mark contrast at a lower price point, but can be less reliable. Dot Peen is often an ideal method on metals as each dot forms a square of the Data Matrix. 2D benefits A 2D Data Matrix stores far more data than a 1D barcode, using a grid of squares to store information both horizontally and vertically. It is ideal for marking using laser etching or dot-peening, and can store up to 3116 numbers or 2335 alphanumeric characters, which can also be encrypted. Data Matrix codes ensure that, even if partially damaged or obscured, most of the data can still be recovered. However, if the Data Matrix is not correctly applied at the start, some of this built-in redundancy is lost. Getting it right For this reason, it is vital to apply the code properly in the first place.

• When ‘populating’ the matrix, marks must be sized correctly, neither too big nor too small. They should typically be 60-105% of the ideal size, which is ensured by using accurate, reliable marking techniques. • Positioning is vital: 2D matrices can be as small as 1mm2 but marks within them must still ‘line up’ within the theoretical reference grid, and not be misaligned. Again, reliability and accurate techniques are key. • Distortion can also be a problem, especially with curved surfaces. X and Y axes should ideally be at 90 degrees, though slight variations can be tolerated. One way to minimise this is to ensure that the object is held firmly as it is scanned. These 2D Data Matrix codes have revolutionised manufacturing, and complex supply chains. Manufacturers must ensure that they use the best, most appropriate marking techniques to take full advantage of them.

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Great Price 5 Comm Ports Inc. Ethernet Real-Time Data On Display Easy PID Free No-Limit Programming Hardware Auto-Discovery Hot-Swappable I/O Built-in Data Logging Slim Form-Factor Multiple Wiring Options Integrated Web-Server Motion Made Easy

Lamonde Automation Ltd The Officers’ Mess | Coldstream Road | Caterham | Surrey CR3 5QX +44 203 026 2670 |


he IT network is accessed via the IoT Ethernet socket on the unit completely separately from the automation network. Sensor information is transferred to the IT world via the established TCP/IP JSON interface, keeping automation data isolated and free from interruption, because machine uptime is of highest priority. This means that the other priority, of collating system information for maintaining productivity, can be safely sent to the IT and ERP systems. Full IO-Link 1.1 functionality, e.g. parameter saving, is an integral part of the AL19 series, which are designed

Linking Automation and IT IO-Link master for the automation and IT world

New AL19-series panel-mount master units from leading automation company ifm electronic act as a gateway between intelligent sensors and the field bus, and at the same time create a link to the IT world.

This means a manufacturer can

control production but also monitor the process and machinery with asynchronous diagnostic data.

to work with common industrial field bus systems (Profinet, EtherNet/IP, EtherCat). ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm products. For further information, contact Samantha Bromley, ifm electronic Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HD. Telephone: 020 8213-0000. E-mail – 6 - Automation Update


For all your automation needs

Zero Downtime Intelligent diagnostics for robots


Unexpected downtime could cost as much as £5,000 per minute. With the new ZDT diagnostics tool from FANUC, we ensure that downtime doesn’t happen. ZDT constantly monitors each robot’s mechanical, maintenance and process health in real-time and proactively detects potential robot, controller, or process problems before unexpected downtime can occur. Notifications can be seen even via smartphone.





CNCs, Servo Motors and Lasers


Industrial Robots, Accessories and Software


CNC Wire-Cut Electric Discharge Machines


Compact CNC Machining Centres


Electric CNC Injection Moulding Machines

VT 2000 OF: STAND-UP POUCHES WITH SEAL INTEGRITY As demand for stand-up packs continues unabated in the western world, ILAPAK has conceived an innovative bagger that can easily meet customer marketing expectations whilst maximising product shelf-life. The VT 2000 OF (Open Frame) has the highest seal pressure of any bagger available on the market today. This translates to tight seals and maximum seal integrity on the gusseted bags that are becoming increasingly popular among producers of sweet treats and snacks. “Whilst stand-up pouches improve a pack’s structural integrity, they introduce a variation in thickness in the seal area that makes them more complex to seal and more susceptible to leaks. The high seal pressure applied by our sealing system guarantees seal integrity on not only gusseted bags, but other vertical styles such as pillow, block bottom and quad packs,” says Andrea Boccolini, VFFS Division Product Manager at ILAPAK.

For bakeries looking for a high level of flexibility from their bagmaker, the VT 2000 OF can switch between these different bag styles in a matter of minutes, with easy and tool-free changeovers. In addition to the VT 2000 OF’s flexibility, bakery industry customers love the bagger’s accessible open frame design, as this enables fast servicing, maintenance and cleaning. Furthermore, full stainless steel construction with specially treated aluminium parts means this rugged bagger can withstand even the most aggressive cleaning regimes.

8 - Automation Update

Güdel’s ArcTrack Extends The Operating Range Of FANUC Welding Robots As a world leader in the manufacture of industrial robots, FANUC has an extensive product range spanning some 100 models. Whilst this comprehensive range covers the majority of applications, there are instances where users need to extend the working range of a robot, as is the case in certain arc welding applications. Güdel, renowned for their high quality linear motion and gantry robot systems, has, in partnership with FANUC, developed the ArcTrack Robot Slide, a standard solution which can significantly

increase the working range of FANUC’s Arc Mate robots.

at a later date if required, and is capable of speeds up to 120 metres per minute.

Güdel has configured this special ArcTrack TrackMotion slide in conjunction with FANUC to provide a flexible robotic welding package for their Arc Mate robots.

This special module incorporates all of the features required for easy robot and welding system integration, such as a standard platform for weld power supplies and quick cable connections.

The ArcTrack is available in lengths from 3 metres to 30 metres, can be extended

In keeping with all of Güdel’s linear motion products, this new development retains the attributes of high precision repeatability, best in class rigidity and high motion performance, making the ArcTrack a robust, and reliable solution that is highly resistant to dirt and dust, and perfect for a busy industrial welding environment. Güdel’s ArcTrack has been specially designed in conjunction with FANUC, to extend the working range of their Arc Mate Robots ArcTrack can be used with 4 different models of FANUC Arc Mate robot and is supplied directly via FANUC, as a package together with the robot, fully configured and ready for use. This makes for easy integration of the welding equipment and subsequent installation on the customer site. This particular unit is just one small part of Güdel’s comprehensive TrackMotion Floor TMF range, which is available for many different 6 axis robot models and sizes, and capable of moving robots up to 13.5 tonnes in weight. Güdel’s ArcTrack has been designed to accommodate 4 different FANUC Arc Mate Robots and is supplied as a package, together with the robot directly from FANUC Combining the flexibility of Güdel’s linear axis for robots, with the versatility of FANUC’s Arc Mate range, greatly increases the working envelope for arc welding operations.

10 - Automation Update




n iO



1 0 - 1 1 A pri l 2 0 1 9 www.inDUSTRy40SUmmiT.COm



TE L E V I S I O N Automation



The one stop show for advanced manufacturing solutions


3D printing

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ThE UK’S pREmiER EVEnT FOR ThE 4Th inDUSTRiAl REVOlUTiOn Featuring

400+ delegates

100+ exhibitors

Headline SponSor

2000 attendees

50 speakers aSSociate SponSorS

Round Tables

Robot Zone

Open Technology Forum SponSorS

Contact Gary Gilmour, Event Director | +44 (0)1642 438 225 |

Strong Scottish Economy l

Quantum Controls was established in 1989, we are the UKs largest Supplier of Variable Speed Drives, Motors and Support Services.

UKs only Load Test Facility unique to Quantum Controls

We have over 25 years’ experience as ABBs Leading Drive Service Partner and are Official Service Partners for Schneider, Danfoss, Mitsubishi, Vacon and Nidec Control Techniques. This means we can offer expert service on all major drive manufacturers in the UK through our fully qualified and trained Drive Service Engineer Network. We have over 200 Drive Maintenance Contracts throughout the UK and are the leading independent supplier of Drive Service and Maintenance to all sectors of Industry. This year we have been the winner of Global 100’s Best ABB Drives Service Supplier of the Year, Business Excellence Drives and Motors Supplier of the Year and Corporate Livewire Drive Rental Company of the Year. This success and our growth has made 2018 one of our biggest years. 12 - Automation Update

Largest Independent Stock of ABB Spares Suitcases in the UK

leads Quantum Expansion Mitsubishi and Control Techniques Nidec, and have engineers fully trained on Siemens Drives. Th e f a c t t h at Qu a nt u m c a n offer unique Drive Maintenance Partnerships that cover ALL the drives you have on site have led to our exceptional growth in Scotland. Scottish Engineering’s review of the manufacturing engineering sector shows overall a continuing positive quarter for the third time in 2018, albeit with some declining indicators also evident.

Largest Fleet of Hire Drives in the UK

We are delighted to win these awards, our constant drive to always exceed our customers’ expectations in every aspect of our business has led to our growth and success. Winning awards like this is important for our staff and our clients, it enables them to feel assured they are working for and contributing to a successful business and our clients have the reassurance they are dealing with a company that is recognised as the ‘best in class’ in our industry sector. Quantum has achieved 214% growth in Scotland during 2018 with 24 new Drive Maintenance Contract Partnerships in place. With a current run rate of three new contracts a month, this expansion see’s our existing team in Scotland move into a new bespoke Variable Speed Drive Service Centre at Hillington Industrial Estate near Glasgow. The new facility will see jobs created in Scotland, based at the new Drive Service Centre. We are currently recruiting for Drive Service Engineers, Office Administrators and Technical Support Engineers. Our Drive Service Centre Network has bespoke premises across the UK, which allows our growing team of 18 Drive Service Engineers to operate

from a local facility to service all of our 200 + Drive Maintenance Contract Partners throughout the UK. Our Scotland Drive Service Centre will house: • Local Base for Drive Service Engineers in Scotland • Office and Admin Function • Drive Spares Stock • Drives Stock • Hire Drive Stock • ABB Motors Stock • Drive Test and Repair Facility All manufacturing facilities use motors as the workhorse for their various processes, these motors are now most commonly controlled by Variable Speed Drive technology. While there are some companies that can offer support on one particular make of drive, we feel this does not offer what the modern market place demands. While a company may prefer a brand of drive there is not one plant in Scotland that we know of that does not have different makes and power ratings installed, all of which need maintaining and supporting. Quantum Controls have been an ABB Drive Service Partner for over 25 years, in 2018 we formed new partnerships with all major Drive Suppliers in the UK and are the Official Service Partner for Schneider, Danfoss, Vacon,

Order intake, exports and optimism all remain positive at less than 5% above even, whilst staffing numbers and capital investment show double digit positive indicators. “With all these factors considered we have decided to make this investment in our business in Scotland. The New Drive Service Centre near Glasgow creates local 24/7 support for all of our clients based throughout Scotland and creates new jobs locally” say Kevin Brown, Managing Director, Quantum Controls. Quantum Controls, established in 2009, have grown from a staff of 12 to currently employing 69 people with a turnover more than £10 million in 2018. With existing Head Offices at Prudhoe near Newcastle and Service Centres at Birtley, Thetford, Leeds and now Glasgow. The new facility will be up and running in December 2018. We will be looking to recruit immediately, so if you are interested in joining the UK’s leading Drive and Motor Experts, get in touch with us at Quantum Controls Limited (Scotland), Unit 30, Queen Elizabeth Avenue, Hillington Industrial Estate, Glasgow, Scotland, G52 4NQ Contact Details General Enquiries: 0141 370 4778 Sales: Ricky Sinclair, 07779 786 219 Servic: Eddie McKerr, 07966570173 Automation Update - 13

Cable Assembly Production Capability Expansion at LEMO (UK) LEMO (UK) is very pleased to announce an expansion of its UK cable assembly service.

or quality. Offering a complete service, LEMO (UK) customers have access to a knowledgeable cross-functional team who have gained, collectively, over 250 years of experience working in the interconnect industry. All cable assemblies produced by LEMO (UK) Ltd are manufactured to exacting quality standards, using highly developed processes and specialist equipment. Furthermore, as part of the quality control process, each and every cable assembly manufactured will undergo an automated 100% electrical validation test ensuring compliance to specification limits. This manufacturing approach gives customers “peace of mind”, knowing that every product supplied by LEMO is of a consistent high quality.

As part of this expansion, the company has increased its manufacturing capacity and the support capability behind it to ensure optimum customer service levels are maintained throughout industry with the overall aim to provide its OEMs with increased value by offering, both, a complete cable design and manufacturing service.

The objective is to provide customers with bespoke engineered solutions, tailored to specific system requirements and optimised for both performance and manufacturing from the outset. This approach ensures that product costs and assembly as well as project leadtimes are minimised without the need for compromises in either performance

LEMO’s UK manufacturing facility is one of the Group’s leading fibre optic termination sites, with specialist assembly technicians trained to terminate both copper and fibre optic contacts to the highest standards. All technicians are certified to terminate SMPTE hybrid camera cables supplied with the broadcast industry standard LEMO 3K-93C connectors. This cross training ensures that the company has the skills and resources required to manage the largest of projects involving both copper and fibre or a combination of the two. LEMO is also able to offer an “in-house” bespoke cable manufacturing services to its customers through its sister company Northwire. Typical end markets for the cable assemblies produced by LEMO (UK) Ltd include, but are not limited to: Broadcast, Medical, Motor Sport, Defence, Test & Measurement and Nuclear For further details, contact: LEMO (UK) LTD, Tel: +44 (0)1903 234543, Email:, or Karen Mascarenhas, Mascarenhas PR LTD, Tel: +44(0) 208305 6050, Email:

14 - Automation Update


Receive the same high quality cable assemblies that you’ve come to expect from LEMO connectors. Expand the performance of your connector to the cable assembly with LEMO one-stop shop value-added cable assembly services. LEMO’s skilled technicians build and test assemblies to your specifications.

LEMO cable assemblies feature : • Electronic, fibre optic, and hybrid connections

See us at SME 2019 Farnborough International Centre - Stand E180 5 - 7 February 2019

• 100 % testing of all assemblies • Small to large volume capacity • Overmold capabilities


With NORTHWIRE cable manufacturer, in house capabilities for custom cable design.

See us at BVE 2019 ExCel London Hall S1 - S2 Stand K 34 26 - 28 February 2019

LEMO UK LTD, Worthing, UK Phone : +44 (0) 1903 234 543 High Quality Cables High QualityConnectors Connectorsand and Cables cable-assemblies

Contact your local partner on

What’s the real cost of your picking operation? Picking involves much more than grabbing an item off a static storage rack or shelf. This cuts the time spent searching for a specific stock keeping unit (SKU). The result is more time to spend picking.

ergonomics and better accuracy.

In the typical manual distribution center, an operator has to physically locate the number of items required, picks the items, confirms the pick and then delivers the items for packing. Because distribution centers are packed with shelves, racks, pallets, cases and pieces, order fulfilment is frequently acknowledged as, labour-intensive and the cost of order picking is estimated to be as much as 55% of the total warehouse operating expense. Investing in automated storage and retrieval systems—such as vertical carousels, vertical lift modules (VLMs) and the Vertical Buffer module (VBM) — optimises manual picking processes, which leads to increased profits. That’s because, by implementing automation, multiple areas of a manufacturing or distribution facility will benefit from savings in inventory accessibility, floor space, time, improved

16 - Automation Update

To justify your cost for low risk picking automation, consider five key areas of potential profit in your current warehousing and order fulfilment operations: • How much labour does your picking operation require? • What is the value of additional floor space? • Are picking operations fast enough to meet customer demand? • What is the cost of an absent, or injured, worker? • How much does a picking mistake cost? Implementing an automated solution brings the stored items directly to an operator. The “goods to person” method eliminates time spent walking from one pick location to another within a warehouse. These automated solutions are equipped with indicator lights that illuminate the item’s location and pick quantity required.

Furthermore, because the automated solution interfaces with both inventory management and order management software, the picks are sequenced so the machine’s movement is optimised to match the required picks. This means all items can be picked in one rotation, or cycle, of the machine’s storage bins or trays, further maximising pick time. These functions can optimise an existing labour force, increasing productivity from 200% to 600%. Because an automated solution enables just one worker to handle the picking assignments of multiple operators, as many as two-thirds of a facility’s workforce can be reassigned to other, non-picking tasks—without a loss of throughput. With increased resources through the consolidation of multiple picking, there is now the ability to accommodate more SKUs to inventory. Automation also eliminates human error as automated storage systems incorporates advanced picking and real time inventory tracking technologies— such as light-directed indicators that pinpoint the precise SKU location and quantity to be picked—picking accuracy increases up to 99.9%. To learn more about dynamic storage solutions contact Kardex Remstar at or visit our website at

ANNOUNCING Industrial Applications and Scientific Vacuum Technologies



Europe’s largest vacuum technologies exhibition

Exhibition. Training. Conference. Connect with suppliers, attend training courses, see what’s new!

For applications in Accellerator Science, Analytical, R & D, Automotive, Coating, Solar, Wind, Metallurgy, Food and Packaging, Pharmaceuticals, Process Industries, Space Technology, Utilities and many more.

Contact: +44 1372 750555 or email

Interlinking for Canister Transport with a Bridge

When a customer came to mk saying that they needed to achieve continuous transport without complicated stopping and turning for their production line, mk said no problem!

Two machining stations in a plastic canister production process needed to be interlinked and the solution had to cope with inconvenient spatial constraints: Empty canisters needed to be conveyed along a curve and past another machine so that they could be brought back to the original feed height at the discharge point, where they were allowed to accumulate. The canisters were transported standing and transverse to the conveying direction, and they needed to have the same alignment at the end of the interlink that they had when they entered. Each canister weighs about two kilogrammes. The interlink needed to run reliably in a two-shift operation. Additional spatial constraints regarding the length and height of the interlink had to also be observed. mk devised a transport system built from the mk modular construction kit. A KMF-P 2040 curved modular belt conveyor was used to feed the products in. This allowed the canisters to be transported in the correct position without complicated stopping and turning. Two ZRF-P 2040 timing belt conveyors with a timing belt equipped with longitudinal grooves serve as the incline. They were positioned at an upward incline of about 30°. The canisters travel between the two lines. The high friction of the timing belt and gentle 18 - Automation Update

clamping between the lines ensure that the canisters are transported upwards. A closed-loop controller is used to precisely synchronise the two timing belt conveyor lines so that there is no offset. A GUF-P 2000 belt conveyor serves as the bridge, while two additional timing belt conveyors transport the canisters downwards again. An additional belt conveyor with an end stop is used as the discharge and removal station. The entire frame is built using the mk profile construction kit.

Profile Technology

Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Flexible modular solutions from mk! Compatible standard modules from mk simplify your production and maximise efficiency. Technology from mk provides the ideal solution for plant and special machinery engineering.

mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group

Unit 2·Wolds Farm Business Park Kinoulton Lane·Kinoulton·Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ Phone +44 (0)1949 823751·Fax +44 (0)1949 81270·

Take your machinery safety knowledge to the next level ... Whether you wish to deepen your knowledge in the field of safe mechanical and electrical engineering, optimise projects or acquire further qualifications in the field of machinery safety – with Pilz as your training partner, you’re sure to reach your goal. Our 2018 schedule is now available on the Pilz website. Courses include: • CMSE ® - Certified Machinery Safety Expert (TÜV certified) • City & Guilds 4 Day Machinery Safety Course • Safe Human-Robot Collaboration • Safety Design Incorporating EN ISO 13849-1

For futher infomation or to book onto one of our courses visit, webcode: 150535

Pilz Automation Technology Corby NN18 8TJ

01536 460766

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Automation Update - Issue 48  

Automation Update - Issue 48  

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