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Tool Storage Trolleys Bring Order to Any Workplace

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Newly launched BIM Manager training program from Man and Machine is unique in content and exclusive to the UK. The course covers managing the BIM process, workflow and co-ordination specificially aimed at non-modellers. It fuses technology best practice demonstration with understanding the BIM management process.

Belfast BIM Manager Part 1 - 14/03/2017 BIM Manager Part 2 - 22/03/2017 Scotland BIM Manager Part 1 - 16/05/2017 BIM Manager Part 2 - 24/05/2017 Visit our website or contact one of the team to find out about more course locations and dates.

Who Should Attend? The course is aimed at BIM Managers, co-ordinators, champions and project managers Course Overview Part 1 - BIM Introduction Part 2 - BIM Organisational Management Part 3 - BIM Project Operations Part 4 - BIM Management

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Detecting residual oxygen within solder reflow Do you use a mobile phone, tablet or computer every day? With a world that has more gadgets than people, it is not surprising that electronics has progressively become an essential everyday part of modern life. With such a high demand from both the consumer and industrial markets, the expectation is strong when it comes to reliability and quality. Inside many gadgets you will find a PCB (printed circuit board.) PCB manufacturers worldwide strive continuously to improve quality control in order to minimise product failure. For many PCB manufacturers, the reflow soldering process is the most popular manufacturing method, as it allows mass production of PCB’s with intricate surface mount component soldering of the highest quality. The reflow soldering process uses a solder paste to attach multiple electrical components temporarily to their contact on the circuit board; after assembly it is then subjected to controlled heat within the solder reflow oven, melting the solder and permanently connecting the joint between the component and the circuit board. Nitrogen is introduced into the solder reflow oven to enhance the quality of the soldering, as it creates an inert atmosphere reducing the risk of oxidisation as well as improving the wetting angles of the soldered joints. The inert atmosphere within the oven is maintained using a gas analyser capable of measuring ppm (parts per million) of the oxygen content. Designed to detect any residual oxygen within the oven, the Rapidox 1100 PFC also incorporates closed loop control and is capable of sending a signal to a proportional flow control valve (PFC). Parameters can be configured via the Rapidox software, allowing full control of the nitrogen environment within the oven. These results not only ensure quality assurance of the PCB, but also extend the life of the PFC valve, therefore providing significant savings in expensive nitrogen gas. For further information on gas analysis used within solder reflow ovens or other manufacturing applications that require gas, please contact us on our live chat found on our website, call +44 (0)1480 462142 or email

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Motioncompass provides engineering expertise 24 hours a day Portescap is pleased to announce a new motor selector tool, MotionCompass™ – a web-based application that facilitates choosing a motor based on your application needs. MotionCompass will provide you with recommendations for our brushless DC and brush DC coreless products that best fit your needs, including all relevant data and performance curves. We invite you to register and set up an account with MotionCompass.

Portescap From medical devices to various industrial applications that save, improve, and enhance lives, Portescap offers miniature motor technologies to solve the motion needs of a spectrum of end markets. We serve our customers through breadth of innovative product technologies encompassing brushless DC, brush DC, can stack motors, disc magnet motors and stepper linear actuators to optimize application performance. Discover more:

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Study reveals Arc Flash knowledge gap could be putting lives at risk The UK’s leading Arc Flash Protection specialist, ProGARM, in conjunction with the British Safety Industry Federation (BSIF), has commissioned a new study into electrical safety across UK industry in a bid to shine a spotlight on the potentially life changing and threatening risks of Arc Flash. Alarmingly, it reveals not only a lack of awareness at every level to current safety standards governing Arc Flash, but an apparent failure from employers to properly educate staff about this high-risk threat. The study sought views from 200 UK industry professionals across the rail, power generation, industrial electrical, utilities and petrochemical industries, and was commissioned to help ProGARM better support its customers and their industries when it comes to adopting often lifesaving health and safety best practice. It is thought to be the first national research exercise of its type ever conducted into Arc Flash, and sought views from not only site-based employees, but senior management and employers themselves.


igh awareness and first-hand experience - There emerged both high levels of awareness to Arc Flash (84% claimed they understood the risks this type of electrical explosion poses) as well as an alarmingly high rate of first-hand experience, with 57% admitting they, or someone they work with, has suffered an Arc Flash strike themselves.

Calls for revised Government guidelines - Of those who were familiar with HSG47 (avoiding danger from underground services), four fifths (80%) believed it is far too ambiguous when it comes to recommending the appropriate safety clothing to protect staff. Lack of employer support and education - But perhaps the study’s most worrying finding is the 25% of employers who believe it is the sole responsibility of the individual employee to protect themselves against Arc Flash. Not only that, but 50% consider it is the employee’s responsibility to self-educate about Arc Flash through a handbook or their own research – not their own responsibility as employer. Tony Arnett, Managing Director at ProGARM, said: “Arc Flash is a very real health and safety issue affecting industry professionals globally. However, to-date there has been little research into the number of people suffering from Arc Flash strikes - with many miss-labelling Arc Flash incidents for an electrical shock. In addition, there isn’t a broad understanding or easily accessible resource providing knowledge into this potentially deadly electrical explosion - making it very difficult to get a clear picture into the size and scale of the problem. That’s what makes this research study so fascinating. Alan Murray, CEO of BSIF, said: “Here at the BSIF we are aware of Arc Flash, and it’s something we know our members are also concerned by. We do all we can to promote safer working practices for UK industry, and that’s why we’re fully behind this survey.” For more information on how you can protect your workforce and receive a free Arc PPE consultation, please visit 6 - Automation Update


A subsidiary of PHOENIX MECANO LTD, RK ROSE+KRIEGER are worldwide leaders in the manufacture and development of mechanical components and system solutions for automation and machine building.


INEAR TECHNOLOGY COMPONENTS are used to move and position devices of all kinds by means of spindle, timing belt or rolling guide. Our lifting devices are adapted for the linear movement of desks, tables, assembly facilities and handling devices but can be used for almost anything to allow for optimal ergonomic or positional adjustment. Electric actuators are self-locking and a real alternative to hydraulic or pneumatic versions.

Other services include assembly. Depending on size of assembly, we can deliver either as complete assemblies or as flat sectional sub-assemblies for final assembly installation, by customer, on site. We can also help design your idea for you from just a simple sketch.

CONNECTION TECHNOLOGY comprises of components that are a cost-efficient solution for the positive and easily detachable connection of a wide variety of systems – without the need for drilling and welding. Depending on application and the expected load, we offer tube connectors made of plastic (Light Clamps), aluminium (Solid Clamps) or stainless steel (Robust Clamps). ITAS elements for hand railing and working platforms. Plastic clamps can be used to hold monitors and HMI’s as part of our monitor mounting range of products. Our PROFILE ASSEMBLY TECHNOLOGY for frames, guarding, workbenches, and machine building use aluminium profiles that are easily assembled and suitable for a variety of applications. An extensive range of different profile sections and accessory parts make almost every imaginable construction possible.

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RK Rose+Krieger Phoenix Mecano Ltd 26 Faraday Road Aylesbury Buckinghamshire HP19 8RY Telephone Mainline: +44(0)1296 611660 +44(0)1296 611673 – Lyndon Finch +44(0)1296 611674 – Ray Pusey +44(0)1296 611675 – Cameron Roll Fax +44(0)1296 486296 Office Hours Mon-Thu: 8.30am to 5pm Fri: 8.30 to 2.30pm Sat & Sun: Closed

Intelligent systems that simply work StockSAVER A retrofit solution for FIFO flow racks to monitor stock movements and launch replenishment orders automatically - Kanban without cards.

Made in Germany

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BE ON THE SAFE SIDE. Balluff smart safety.

New: Safety over IO-Link Automation demands safety. Safety over IO-Link bridges the gap between the safety architecture and the standard automation bringing both systems together, further simplifying complexity of today‘s automation. Using state-of-the-art technology and quality that you come to expect from Balluff, Safety over IO-Link from Balluff significantly enhances the value of your investment.

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PPMA BEST hosts STEM day to encourage next generation of engineers Manchester schools invited to explore future of robotics at the Museum of Science and Industry, in Manchester PPMA BEST (Business Education, Skills and Training), an independent charitable trust set up to encourage young people to discover the opportunities for a career in the engineering industries, has partnered with the Museum of Science and Industry, in Manchester, to host an interactive STEM day on Monday 13th November. The STEM day, organised by PPMA BEST and national education charity The Smallpeice Trust and supported by the Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA) and British Automation and Robotics Association (BARA), is designed to excite and inspire young people with a focus on the future of robotics. Schools are invited to attend the free event, targeted at Year 11 students, where they will be encouraged to take part in an engineering task using LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 core set and system. The activity will engage students in an exciting computing, technology, engineering and maths challenge. It will encourage them to build, program and test their solutions based on LEGO® building elements combined with real-world robotics technology. All participating schools will be in with a chance to win one of the LEGO® MINDSTORMS® Education EV3 core sets, worth £370, which contains the EV3 Intelligent Brick, a compact and powerful programmable compute and intuitive icon-based programming and data logging software. Following the workshop, students will be invited to explore the museum’s Robots exhibition and discover recent developments in robotic research. The exhibition includes a unique collection of over 100 robots, from a 17th century dancing wine goblet and animatronic baby to Maria from the 1927 film classic Metropolis and a news-reading android from Japan. Speaking about the event, Laura Pickering, Education & Development Coordinator, Manufacturing Technologies Association (MTA), said: “The MTA strongly believes in inspiring the next generation of engineers, and is proud to be collaborating with BARA and PPMA BEST on this STEM day. We are also committed to closing engineering’s gender gap, so we welcome the fact that the young people taking part in this event will be an equal mix of boys and girls.” STEM days are widely acknowledged to support the aim of the National Curriculum and schools agenda by linking the curriculum to the wider world and demonstrating the direct relevance of subjects taught in school with the world of work. Danny Reed of PPMA BEST added: “Partnering with the Museum of Science and Industry presents a unique opportunity for PPMA BEST to work directly with Manchester schools to encourage their students to explore a career in the automation industries. The day is designed to inform students about the future career and education opportunities, while encouraging creative thinking and enterprise skills. The day will also challenge students to exercise their time-management, teamwork and problem-solving abilities. We’re excited to welcome students to the museum to hear from working engineers within the industry and discover a whole host of exciting career opportunities.”

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Sally MacDonald, Director of the Museum of Science and Industry, said: “We are committed to inspiring futures and encouraging young people into STEM careers. We are delighted to be working with PPMA BEST, BARA, and MTA on this exciting event which will help young people learn more about the opportunities available in the fascinating world of robotics – and give them the opportunity to see some of the latest advances in robot technology up close in our exhibition.” PPMA BEST, established in 2014 by the PPMA Group of Associations, aims to encourage young people to enter and develop within the processing, packaging, automation and vision engineering industries. It offers a series of programmes including financial grants for engineering apprenticeships, match funded bursaries for engineering undergraduates and STEM days for secondary schools. By addressing the on-going skills shortage and tackling short and longer-term recruitment needs, the charity aims to help the industry and its 500-member companies by growing the pool of next generation engineers through education and training. The event is also supported by KUKA Robotics, Industrial Cadets, Siemens and Renishaw PLC, with further participating companies to be confirmed. PPMA BEST partners comment on the upcoming STEM event: “KUKA will always embrace the opportunity to inspire, educate and nurture young minds; the engineers of tomorrow. Robotics and automation is truly fascinating and captures the imagination of many, both young and old. Through supporting the BEST STEM event, KUKA hope to guide these young people and share best practice knowledge and experience in the field of robotics as they embark on their respective challenges. We wish each and every student the very best of luck and look forward to being part of this inspiring initiative.” Katherine Johnson, Marketing Manager, KUKA UK “Renishaw are really pleased to be involved with the PPMA BEST STEM event at the Museum of Science and Industry. Appealing to the next generation of engineers is key to the sustainability of our business and, indeed, that of UK industry.” Stewart Lane, Business Manager, Renishaw PLC “We are delighted to be supporting PPMA to offer a STEM day all about robotics at the Manchester Museum of Science and Industry. The Smallpeice Trust is committed to helping young people imagine the possibilities of a career using STEM skills. We have invited students from across the Greater Manchester area to come along and learn about robotics and the future of automation, as well as take part in the fun engineering challenge we’ve devised to put their skills to the test!” Dr. Kevin P. Stenson, CEO of The Smallpeice Trust For more information on the event, please contact Danny Reed on

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Pallet Handling Systems Modular. Compatible. Versatile.

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Bahco tool storage trolleys bring order to any workplace As engineering managers face increasing pressure to deliver within tight budgets and schedules, perhaps with fewer skilled hands, the benefits of optimised tool storage and management grow stronger.


ahco’s ergonomic Tool Storage and Management trolleys enable engineers working in the automation industry to know exactly where to find every tool they need, when they need it, saving time and reducing stress. Using Bahco Configurator software, customers can choose the size, style and colours of tool storage trolleys and decide how many easy-slide drawers they will need to hold each tool group. Profiled foam inlays in each drawer can be customised to provide the logical, quick access to tools which engineers and technicians require. Already in widespread global use within the aerospace, automotive and oil and gas sectors, Bahco’s tool management system brings order to engineering workplaces. Bahco’s latest product, the Storage Hub, is ideal for use in manufacturing centres.Combining functionality, safety and performance, its modular design enables users to specify all they require to create the ideal, personalised tool storage system. It also retains the core values for which Bahco is renowned: first rate performance, safety, comfort, reliability and durability. Two professional ranges are available: E77 Premium line with the option of 6, 7, 8 or 9 drawers, available in orange, grey and black colours and the E72 line, offering 5, 6, 7 or 8 drawers, available in orange, red, blue and black. Add what you need: the bespoke Storage HUB is one of the most multi-functional tool storage trolleys in the world. It can be completely customised by adding Bahco ‘Xpand’ accessories, which can improve work efficiency and safety. Need space for a laptop, document holder, extra storage bins or additional profiled drawer spaces for specific tools? No problem: the Bahco HUB enables customers to create the tool management trolley which best supports their work. All accessories can quickly and easily be attached, without losing trolley stability.

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Renowned around the world for their quality and performance delivery, Bahco hand tools are the first choice of countless professional engineers, technicians, installers and MRO specialists. From screwdrivers and plier sets tested at 10,000V to ensure safe working at 1,000V, to electronic torque measurement tools, even nonsparking tools designed for use in potentially explosive workplaces, Bahco’s huge range is strongly linked with ensuring Safety at Work. For details visit

SOLUTIONS IN SAFETY TOOL MANAGEMENT NON SPARKING TOOLS TOOLS AT HEIGHT Eliminate risk, avoid wasted time and improve productivity by investing in the Bahco Tool Management System and range of Safety Tools which are specifically designed to perform in hazardous environments.



SNA Europe [UK] Moorhead Way Bramley, Rotherham South Yorkshire S66 1YY

Kawasaki focus on compact design and energy saving Next year Kawasaki will celebrate its 50th anniversary of manufacturing high-performance industrial robots. Although 2018 will see a raft of new product introductions from Kawasaki Robotics, 2017 continues to see the introduction of innovative new designs.

New Compact Controller Space is increasingly at a premium in today’s manufacturing facilities and making its products more compact and energy saving is a core design objective for Kawasaki Robotics. Its latest robot controller, The F60, meets market demand with reduction in size of 77% over its existing range. Measuring up at 300mm x 320mm and 130mm high, the F60 Controller can be mounted in a 19-inch rack or simply stacked allowing a variety of options to position it in available space. Weight is also reduced to just 8.3Kgs making the controller highly portable for ease of installation and, when required, removal for service. Energy savings of approximately 10% can be expected with the F60 Controller which utilises regenerative energy from braking and by a redesign of components and control circuitry. For users with global operations the controller now has common specifications supporting safety standards for Asia, The Americas and Europe making asset relocation more 14 - Automation Update

straight-forward. The compact design doesn’t stop the F60 from having significant power and capability together with expandability. As standard six axes control is available expandable to eight with the addition of a two axes external module. Input and outputs, 16 as standard, are

also expandable. Options include a Bluetooth module, which allows system interrogation using a mobile phone or tablet; a facility to add Kawasaki’s Cubic S board for safety monitoring robot operation areas; and Kawasaki Vision Software which can be integrated through the controller without the need for an external PC.

Easing the way for welding operations High performance is synonymous with the Kawasaki brand name and as a leading supplier to the automotive manufacturing sector, since the late 60s, its robotics division continually develops increasingly efficient products. Kawasaki Robotics UK, based in Warrington, has recently introduced its new range of welding robots and systems suitable for all tier levels in the automotive supply chain. Two model ranges, new designs developed from the ground up, the BA range for arc welding and the BX range for spot welding offer ‘best in class’ performance and compactness. A lightweight arm design and highoutput motors, provides best in-class re-orientation times between weld runs or spot locations. New anti-vibration control technology ensures smooth arm control for high speed short-pitch movements. The common problem of snagged dress package cables, in crowded production cells, has been overcome by integrating the cable into the robots arm. The arm and wrist of the robot are hollow allowing the internal routing of welding wire and gas to pass from the dress package, normally mounted on the top of the arm, through to the wrist. In addition to preventing in process cable snagging this speeds up on-site programming and eliminates ‘cable positioning variables’ to make offline programming more efficient and maintenance faster. Kawasaki BX Series Spot Welding Robot

Kawasaki BX Series Spot Welding Robot

Using the latest Kawasaki controller the B-Series robots have highly accurate trajectory control and faster programming execution. Programming of the robot and in process monitoring is enhanced by integrated welding software. Supporting the robot’s small footprint the E01 controller also offers a compact design. Additional axes control is available for applications requiring synchronised manipulation during the weld process. Ian Hensman, Kawasaki Robotics’ sales manager explained, “Our welding robots are well established in the UK automotive sector at all levels and we have great feedback from users that

helps us to continually develop the product range. At all tier levels robots are essential to be able to maximise production efficiency and to exceed quality targets.

“We understand our robots and welding cells have to ‘hit the floor running’ so straight-forward installation and easy programming has seen the recent introduction of K-Arc and K-Spot welding cells designed to be virtually ‘plug ‘n play’. Systems are delivered fully commissioned and fully assembled, and just require power and tooling.”

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Cleanroomshop Drilling into the Cleanroom Maintenance Market Creator of the world’s first submersible drill, Nemo Power Tools, has partnered with Cleanroomshop to market its sealed Cleanroom Drill/Driver. The tool uses technology from Nemo’s submersibles which were developed for the subsea market and are used in some of the world’s most prolific organisations - such as Disney, NASA and the US Navy. The cordless drill/driver, currently used by Pfizer and other pharmaceutical companies, offers cleanroom, medical lab, and pharmaceutical professionals a completely sealed and sterilisable drill. Regular power tools contain air vents, which allow air to pass over the tool’s internal components to cool the machine. Nemo Power Tools devised a technology that allows tools to be 100% sealed from the outside environment, which means no particle dispersal, allowing it to be used in clean rooms and other particle-free environments. Using a tool that’s suited to sensitive environments translates into more efficient work, particularly in the plastics and manufacturing sectors, as well as with sophisticated electronics manufacturing and other types of cleanrooms. Repairs can take place without compromising the room’s air quality or its clean room status.

Due to its sealed design and construction, the drill/driver has extremely low particle generation. An airborne particle count statistical analysis conducted by an independent third-party laboratory found that the Nemo Clean Room Drill meets the particulate requirements of an ISO Class 7 cleanroom at 0.5, 1.0 and 5.0 micrometer under operational conditions (based on the data collected and statistical analysis calculations derived from ISO 14644-1). The unit is made from aluminum and its non-porous surface is specially-treated which means it can be sterilised, washed and cleaned with water, alcohol, various solvents and standard sterilisation solutions, as well as being submersible up to 5 meters. This drill comes with a durable carrying case. The Nemo Cleanroom Drill/Driver is available from stock at Cleanroomshop, with next day delivery and global shipping options. 16 - Automation Update

Connect 2 Cleanrooms Evolves Validations with Particles Plus Technology Since Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ Installation & Validation team has started using Particles Plus particle counters to provide particle counts for cleanroom validations, Mark Jackson, Installation & Validation Manager, reports increased efficiency during validations. “The handheld Particles Plus units are easy to use, intuitive and robust”, says Jackson. “Our technicians are confident in programming them to perform the most efficient validation route”. He gives the example of a cleanroom which needs counts at 9 validation locations. Usually locations are numbered consecutively in rows, for example, locations: 1-3 (row 1), 4-6 (row 2), 7-9 (row 3). Particles Plus handheld particle counters allow you to change the location order to provide the quickest route through the cleanroom – increasing efficiency and reducing turbulence. Auto advance allows the Validation Technician to progress automatically to the next programmed location and a delay can be configured to allow them time to move away from the unit once it is in position to prevent them contaminating the counts. “Our technicians demonstrate these best practice methods to our clients, as ideally, organisations should use a particle counter to perform regular checks to ensure the cleanroom is performing to its ISO class parameters.” Graphs are generated as a visual indication of the history of particles per second in a graph with p/s (y axis) against time (x axis). Spikes can be annoted and comments saved, i.e. ‘door opened’ or ‘identified broken seal’ for full transparency. “If an unprecedented event occurs which causes counts to spike” continues Jackson, “operators can exclude data if they require. However in accordance with the ISO 14644 standard, only one exclusion can be made or the test will be validated to protect its integrity”. It is the technology contained inside the Particles Plus units that really set them apart in the market. Upon entering a cleanroom’s cubic volume, the unit will calculate how many locations and the sample size which is required, to meet ISO 14644 requirements (GMP or Federal Standard can also be calculated), as well as suggesting the particle sizes to be considered.

Up to 50 user-defined recipes can be set, with different sample sizes, delays, location times, etc. For Connect 2 Cleanrooms, these are used for saving different locations for clients for whom validations are performed regularly. There is also the choice of metric or imperial measurements for the raw data to be extrapolated to, giving them international appeal. With a number of data extraction options, the data flow can be driven by organisation’s desired communication protocol, rather than limited to the capabilities of the device. Modbus TCP/IP is available as standard, (Modbus 485 and 232 are optional extras), whereas only Particles Plus units offer wireless transfer through Wi-Fi (optional), as well as offering USB to PC or to USB memory stick. The particle counters can hold 45,000 recorded data records simultaneously, which is enough for continuous particle counts (series of 1 minute samples taken with no break in between) to be run for 33 days without having to download data. For its busy installation and validation team, this capacity means Connect 2 Cleanrooms’ client data is protected and not in danger of being over-written prior to it being downloaded. Data is time stamped to allow full traceability following extraction. Patented technology offers concurrent interface sessions through the use of multi-core processors, which safeguards data logging, so there are no interruptions to sampling. Also patented is the remote diagnostics and configuration technology, giving the

option to provide quick fixes - such as machine data, pump data, laser run time, etc. - without the need to send the unit off. The performance of the smart batteries can also be analysed through the remote diagnose tool, right down to individual cells and battery temperature. Jackson says the Li-ion battery provides enough power for Technicians to confidently use the units all week without having to recharge. In fact, after a full charge, they can take 10.5 hours of continuous sampling. That is with the screen at full brightness, so with some power saving tactics, such as dimming the screen, it could run even longer. The unit illustrates how much additional battery life can be gained by making these changes. Welcome news for operatives reliant on battery power performance to prevent them from requiring a mid-validation power break. The counters feature icon driven menus and a large colour 4.3” display with a touch screen interface that today’s users expect from devices. Jackson likes the way the icons are grouped intuitively and how items such as graphs can be expanded with a single click. The calibration date is also displayed at a touch, so Technicians can quickly check their unit is calibrated. The comfortable handle, allows ergonomic control and the durable case features laser cut foam to protect the unit during frequent transit. It houses accessories such as the purge filter, which allows for the unit to be cleaned following use in dirty or toxic environments, and the temperature and humidity sensor. An integrated HEPA filter on the extract ensures no particles are introduced back into the cleanroom during sampling. Spot monitoring is facilitated through the Real-Time Meter™ feature, meaning if a broken seal or perforated filter is allowing contamination to be introduced into a cleanroom, the units help users to pinpoint contamination sources through a visual real-time graph with selectable sensitivity adjustment showing peaks of particle counts per second during sampling. The handheld units can also be used as a continuous monitoring system, as you can connect them to a network and give them an IP address, which allows live data to be streamed to the PC desktop application or viewed remotely from any internet browser. “This gives organisations the reassurance that its cleanrooms are still achieving the standards they are built to meet, in between validation visits” concludes Jackson. Particles Plus Handheld Particle Counters start at just £2128 and can be purchased online through

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TF Automation working with manufacturers to provide bespoke process automation solutions TF Automation are specialist engineers, who design and manufacture process automation solutions as well as supplying pneumatic and industrial components. Supporting a wide range of manufacturing industries from automotive, aerospace and pharmaceutical, to food and beverage, printing and packaging, we provide special purpose machinery, designed to clients bespoke requirements.


rojects range from full manufacturing units to specialist components all engineered to integrate fully with existing production lines. Our engineering and design expertise is extensive and ensures we offer the latest technology across a wide range of disciplines including pneumatics, robotics, automated assembly, inmould labelling, pick and place and leak testing, all with process automation as the core focus. We have delivered numerous automation solutions for clients, from bench-top checking/gauging fixtures to multiple 6 Axis robotic pick & place systems. We have also developed particular expertise working with plastic components including assembly, machining and finishing, and in-mould labelling. All projects are carried out in-house, including concept design created in Solidworks 3D CAD, CNC machining, manufacturing (mechanical and electrical), testing and commissioning and programming. Where we do bring in expertise and components, we work

only with the most renowned and innovative brands, ensuring that all materials and components meet strict quality standards. We work with some of the largest manufacturers in their respective fields, all requiring product handling and automation solutions to support some of the world’s leading brands particularly in the aerospace and automotive industries. Consistency, improved production efficiency and precision are our clients’ key drivers, with the majority of our projects concentrating on improving product handling and automating manualhandling processes. Another area of focus is on traceability and we work with clients to incorporate and improve traceability into their manufacturing processes to meet quality standardisation and continuous improvement requirements.

With over 40 years’ experience, our strength is in our ability to assess and understand the needs of each project and client. We take the time to consider all possible solutions for clients, ensuring their expectations are met and the optimum solution provided. Process automation and continuous improvement of manufacturing processes are central to all our projects at TF Automation and we strive to offer the most innovative and technologically advanced solutions for all our clients. To find out more or to discuss your next automation project with our design team, contact us on 01274 308005, email us at or visit our website

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Great Price 5 Comm Ports Inc. Ethernet Real-Time Data On Display Easy PID Free No-Limit Programming Hardware Auto-Discovery Hot-Swappable I/O Built-in Data Logging Slim Form-Factor Multiple Wiring Options Integrated Web-Server Motion Made Easy

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Flexible modular solutions from mk! Compatible standard modules from mk simplify your production and maximise efficiency. Technology from mk provides the ideal solution for plant and special machinery engineering.

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Automation Update - Issue 34  

Automation Update - Issue 34