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DISCOVERING how smart sensor technologies help to deliver manufacturing flexibility and predictive maintenance in Industry 4.0-enabled manufacturing and logistics environments will be the focus for SICK UK’s stand at the PPMA Show.

Driving Industry Forward At PPMA SICK will be unveiling the latest Smart Sensors in its rapidlyexpanding portfolio of intelligent solutions for real-time data sharing and IO-Link connectivity. SICK sensors are breaking new ground for better productivity and machine availability through benefits such as more rapid product changeovers, transparent track and trace and improved diagnostics. SICK’s packaging, processing and logistics product specialists will be on stand no: A26 to advise visitors how to select the best sensor technologies to make their operations Industry 4.0-ready.

Seb Strutt, Senior UK Product Specialist said: “Intelligent sensors are fundamental to fulfilling the opportunities opening up through digitised manufacturing. Sensors that capture and interpret the large volumes of data required at the field level are the life-blood of fully-connected networked production and control. “Smart sensing technologies guarantee transparency at every stage of this value added process. But that doesn’t mean that our customers have to resort to future-gazing. They can start reaping the benefits of Industry 4.0 right now. Our sensors can be integrated into existing automation architectures to open

up data sharing with higher-level systems. That can bring immediate benefits such as greater production flexibility, right down to Batch Size 1 changeovers, and real-time condition monitoring, for example.” On the stand will be SICK’s next-generation KTS/KTX sensors which break new ground in reliability, accuracy and versatility for print, labelling, converting and packaging applications in the food and bottling industries. SICK’s expanding range of Industrial Instrumentation sensors for level, flow and pressure measurement include the SICK Dosic® Ultrasonic Flowmeter. With fully stainless steel wetted parts without inchannel seals or moving component, the Dosic® offers reliable inline measurement for applications where hygiene and corrosion resistance are essential such as food, beverage and pharmaceutical processes. Visitors will be able to see how smart technologies are influencing developments to SICK’s comprehensive 2D and 3D vision portfolio, as well as a its comprehensive auto-identification solutions from high-speed barcode reading to RFID technologies. As one of world’s leaders in machinery safety technology, SICK’s stand will also showcase the latest in safety light curtain and laser scanning technology - all supported within the versatile Flexi-Soft safety control software environment. For more information on the SICK range of products, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email

Wireless Environmental Monitoring Systems

1.ZW-ED Transmitter

• Temperature • Humidity • Pressure

3. ZW-REC Receiver

2. Range of Sensors - Temperature - Humidity - Barometric Pressure

4. Free OMEGA Dashboard Monitoring Software

OMEGA® Wireless Environmental Monitoring Systems provide web-based monitoring of Temperature, Humidity, and Barometric Pressure, and are also available with a selection of sensors for your monitoring needs. • 1,000 metre wireless range • Connect up to 128 transmitters per receiver Order online today for fast delivery and complete your monitoring needs 0800 488 488 © COPYRIGHT 2017 OMEGA ENGINEERING,LTD. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED

The Professional Home For Everyone Who Manages Risk Major events once thought remote, such as global climate change, food insecurity, wide-spread terrorism, cyber-crime, banking crises, mass migration and energy supply volatility have changed the way businesses, society and governments plan and work fundamentally and permanently. To operate successfully in this uncertain and complex environment, and with customers and regulators now taking less on trust and seeking more assurance, organisations need flexible, competent and committed people with the right skills, knowledge and attitudes. Resilience should be ‘built in’ through developing holistic, robust and flexible approaches to managing risk that support change and innovation and seizing opportunities. When some organisations fall victim to supply chain failure or food contamination, for example, competitors can reap the rewards. But only if they are actively positioned to do so.

Creating cultural risk-awareness A risk-aware approach cannot be established, still less sustained, by one person or function. Everyone has responsibility for managing risks from the Board to junior front-line workers. Organisations that invest proactively in developing the skills, knowledge and competence of their people to identify and manage risks effectively are well positioned to gain a real advantage, enabling them to evolve and adapt resiliently in a constantly changing world. The International Institute of Risk and Safety Management (IIRSM) is a nonprofit professional body which aims to link risk sectors and give members the opportunity to develop their careers and to increase their influence and professional status. Our community of 8,000 members represent all risk areas from health and safety, compliance, environmental management, engineering, insurance, audit, quality management, security, project management and many more. Individuals align themselves with professional membership bodies for varying

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reasons. Some use it as an opportunity to enhance their career prospects, others reap the tangible benefits that often accompany the membership package and in some professions it is compulsory to be part of an industry’s recognised body. One thing is for sure, professional membership should mean far more than just letters after your name.

little legal guidance, IIRSM’s dedicated and confidential helpline teams will be there to support you. Member only magazine, Insight, is bursting with best practice, case studies, articles and interviews and includes thought provoking and engaging content that seeks to interconnect functions within a business.

IIRSM is an all-encompassing professional body for everyone who manages risk. Whether you are new to risk management, an experienced practitioner or work in a related profession, IIRSM welcomes members across varying business functions and from all sectors.

“FREE access to IIRSM’s dedicated support lines offering technical guidance, legal advice and HR & employment support”

‘IIRSM is a place for professional development not only for those working in health and safety risk, but all roles and all sectors.’ We provide training, seminars, webinars, technical groups, resources and support to our growing membership, as well as access to an active worldwide network. Practical benefits include access to a suite of first class helplines which offer unlimited advice and guidance on technical, HR or legal issues, so if you find yourself needing a

Further benefits include discounted industry publications and events, free subscription to Health & Safety at Work and Insight Magazines, preferential rates on professional indemnity cover and exclusive member-only access to quick guides and resources. IIRSM welcomes individuals and corporate members from all sectors of industry from construction to hospitality and healthcare. We also offer free membership to students. Annual fees range from £65 to £152 pa. If you are interested in finding out more about IIRSM please visit or call the membership team on (0)20 8741 9100.

WHAT ARE YOUR BIGGEST RISKS? Get wise on our practical one day course


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“Know the top 10 risks your organisation faces, their interconnectedness and potential consequences”

Learn to identify and analyse risks effectively

IIRSM’s 1-day practical introduction to managing risk course is an intensive and engaging course which uses case studies, analytical tools, video and role play to highlight the complexities and interconnectedness of different types of risks. It explains the importance of identifying and managing risk at both the strategic and operational level to improve efficiencies, decision-making and processes. You will gain a broad understanding of the benefits, principles and practices of managing risks. You will also find out how integrating these across all business functions, activities and decision-making helps individuals and organisations exploit their potential and maximise performance.

2017 COURSE DATES 13 September • 27 September • 11 October • 25 October • 8 November • 13 December London • Birmingham • Glasgow


IIRSM members: £395 Non-members: £495 15% discount available for groups of 3 or more from the same organisation. VISIT IIRSM – the professional home for everyone who manages risk IIRSM is a charitable company limited by guarantee registered in England & Wales Charity Reg. No. 1107666 Company Reg. No. 5310696 VAT No. 153 909 104

ThermoComp The Complete Mechatronic Solution to Thermal Errors • Up to 90% of thermal-related errors in linear positioning stages can be eliminated • Easy-to-use, software-driven compensation • Eliminate both environmental and internal heating effects • Applicable for both linear motor and ball-screw linear stages


he most frequent approach to reducing thermal errors is to regulate the environment in which the machine operates. This mitigates the need to design a thermally insensitive machine, which is a difficult and costly endeavor. Although successful at minimizing thermal effects, environmental regulation can also be expensive when maintaining precise building temperature control, and always adds to production quality risks due to the inherently unreliable stability of most air-conditioning systems. The level of environmental stability achieved in most industrial facilities (normally on the order of 1°C) can be wholly inadequate for many high-precision manufacturing processes. Aerotech’s new product feature, ThermoComp™, is a complete mechatronic solution to thermal errors. Through the employment of integrated hardware and sensors, and a proprietary compensation algorithm implemented via Aerotech’s

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A3200 controller software, ThermoComp minimizes stage inaccuracy due to thermal effects even over extreme temperature ranges. Up to 90% of the thermal-related errors can be eliminated, regardless of stage travel and range of temperature change. Additionally, internal self-heating is another major source of thermal-related positioning errors, particularly in stages without direct feedback devices such as ball-screw-driven stages. ThermoComp not only prevents environmental changes from affecting positioning performance, but also diminishes the errors caused through internal heating, eliminating up to 90% of the thermal-related errors caused by the self-heating of a ball-screw-driven stage. ThermoComp is currently available on all Aerotech PRO Series stages and operates through an intuitive and easyto-use integrated command set within the Aerotech A3200 controller software.

Always under control – easy supervision of constantly changing temperature data Low energy Bluetooth data loggers enable smart monitoring via mobile devices Safeguarding temperature can be very time-consuming: constant monitoring of different locations that have to be controlled simultaneously and maintaining consistent documentation are complex tasks. But thanks to the development of simple Bluetooth data loggers, this doesn’t have to be the case.

can be established by setting up a “read-only ID” that enables data to be viewed but not modified or deleted. Each TR4 logger can be set to 15 different recording intervals, from one second to 60 minutes, and has a logging capacity of up to 16.000 readings. Battery life is up to one and a half years.

T&D Corporation, Japanese market leader for wireless data loggers, has developed a new generation of devices. The TR4 series data loggers automatically collect temperature data and use low energy Bluetooth 4.0 to send it to any iOS/Android device. The loggers are detected without the need for pre-registration. Data can be collected from multiple loggers simultaneously.

The TR4 series comprises three competitively priced models, two of them waterproof. With various sensor types and measurement ranges, these new generation devices serve diverse application requirements: the TR41 covers temperature measurements from -40 to 80°C (waterproof, internal sensor); the TR42 measures from -60 to 155°C (waterproof, external sensor), while the TR45 for industrial use is available for thermocouple types K, J, T and S, covering -199 to 1.700°C, as well as for types Pt 100/ Pt 1000 with a range of between -199 and 600°C.

Two dedicated apps make it easy to monitor temperatures 24 hours a day and enable instant saving and sharing of collected data: The ThermoREC app collects data and displays it in neatly arranged graphs and tables, while the ThermoStorage app uploads data to T&D’s cloud, the WebStorage Service. Every account has at its disposal 20 MB of free storage space. For added reassurance, a special auto archiving function makes sure that data files are zipped and archived before this limit is reached. To prevent unauthorized access to stored data, users receive a unique ID and password after registration. Should data need to be shared, access

Thanks to this broad spectrum of measurement capabilities, the TR4 series offers huge flexibility for multiple applications. The loggers are ideal for heating control in housing, climatic control of agricultural sites as well as for safeguarding refrigerators, sales cabinets and storage facilities. Their special features make them the perfect way to supervise transportation of sensitive goods like fresh or frozen food and products for medical use.

Further information:

LaserCube From TLM Laser The Cost Effective Solution For Laser Cutting Small Parts Laser cutting is often the preferred process for metal cutting, and indeed there are innumerable systems in production today cutting and profiling a wide range of metal parts for a multitude of applications. Many of these systems use high power CO2 lasers to process large sheet sizes, often 4.0 metres x 2.0 metres, and up to 25mm thick. However, many alloys and higher-value metals are only available in smaller sheet sizes and in these instances, and also when thinner sections are being processed, the larger CO2 laser systems are less cost effective and can also become somewhat unstable at the lower power settings needed for thinner materials. Designed specifically for smaller sheet sizes, and ideally suited to smaller production runs and thinner sections, is LaserCube, a compact Fiber lasercutting platform that delivers superior cutting performance combined with low operating costs. Available from Bromsgrove based TLM Laser, LaserCube is targeted at existing sub-contractors who wish to add cost effective capacity for smaller components. Manufactured by the worlds leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance fiber lasers IPG, LaserCube is flat bed cutter is the ideal cutting tool for metals, including mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium, copper, brass and exotic alloys. Ideally suited to smaller part sizes, prototypes and smaller production runs, the LaserCube provides the most costeffective capacity addition and lowest cost of ownership of any professional laser cutter. Although compact in size, LaserCube is truly a general-purpose laser cutting system with high-velocity motion stages and high CW power lasers, providing fast and efficient cutting of carbon steel parts and reflective metals such as copper, brass and aluminium. With many alloys or higher-value metals only available in smaller-size sheets, the 1,250 mm cutting bed of the LaserCube is the perfect size for cost effective material processing. The system is also available in a wide range of different power configurations, allowing users to select the power

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they need. The range of fiber lasers used within the system, are entirely solid state, with no mechanical cavity resonators or mirrors and no adjustable or replaceable parts within the laser. Light is delivered along a flexible optical fiber pipe that is plugged directly into the laser cutting head, eliminating the need for optics and any adjustments in the beam delivery path. With an emission wavelength of just 1 micron, fiber lasers’ efficiency in cutting metals is better than traditional CO2 alternatives, allowing higher cutting speeds or the option of using a lower power laser. Typical estimates show an IPG fiber laser cutting 1 mm thick steel approximately 3.5 times faster than an equivalently powered CO2 system.

IPG’s LaserCube: a highly efficient laser cutting system with a compact footprint and low operating costs. Available in the UK & Ireland from TLM Laser

The LaserCube system is offered with lasers ranging in power from 500 W to 4000 W. By offering such a broad range of options, users are able to select the exact cutting solution required. Each laser is equipped with a 100 micron output fiber and can be used over a dynamic operating range from 10% to full power with no change in beam divergence or beam profile throughout the entire range. This allows a single laser to be utilised for both high and low power applications, ideal for processing different thicknesses of metal.

IPG’s LaserCube: a highly efficient laser cutting system with a compact footprint and low operating costs. Available in the UK & Ireland from TLM Laser

Cutting Head Standard Features The FLC-30 cutting head use in LaserCube has been designed specifically for metal cutting applications. Taking advantage of the IPG fiber delivery, it has an extremely low weight to minimize moving mass when cutting small parts at high speed. Rated for laser power up to 10 kW and having an integrated height sensor, the FLC-30 head is compatible across the LaserCube product range. The LaserCube system is ideally suited to applications within the Aerospace, Medical and Automotive sectors where high precision cutting is required on materials, which are often exotic in nature. TLM Laser will be happy to provide more information on LaserCube to sub-contractors seeking a compact and cost effective solution for laser cutting smaller parts, smaller production runs and prototype development.

The FLC-30 Cutting Head Has Been Specifically Designed For Metal Cutting Applications

For further information, please contact: Mr Andy Toms, Director TLM Laser 2 Navigation Court, Harris Business Park, Stoke Prior Bromsgrove, B60 4BD Tel: +44(0) 1527 959 099 E-Mail:

The PFEIFER Positioner INVERTO convinces with new features No matter how you look at it: since its introduction to the market in the year 2014, the PFEIFER positioner INVERTO ranks by all means among the allrounders when it comes to handling coils. If slewing or turning of steel coils, injection moulds or other tools – the INVERTO can be used everywhere, offers high safety standards, an outstanding price-performance ratio as well as fast delivery times thanks to an easy modular system – and all that in reliable PFEIFER premium quality. Now the sturdy handyman was revised and complemented by numerous useful additional features.

The INVERTO can be loaded and unloaded easily. By means of the INVERTO, heavy loads can be slewed and turned comfortably and safely into the vertical direction and with a 180°-slewing unit also into the horizontal direction. Covers and recesses fitting exactly make it possible to handle products from nearly all materials and forms. Moreover, the INVERTO can be used nearly everywhere and can be transported by means of a fork lift truck. In addition to the former sizes, the INVERTO is now also available in a smaller design for loads of up to two tons. For the larger options, charges of a maximum of 30 tons are possible.

“We have improved the INVERTO once again significantly”, emphasises Siegmund Erhard, head of the business unit Materials Handling at PFEIFER. “It is now even more flexible than before. Thus, PFEIFER raises the bar for positioners in the market considerably.” Should the INVERTO standard models and designs not come up to the requirements of a potential customer, it is not a problem according to Erhard’s opinion: “We are pleased to manufacture special designs for our customers.“ Please find further information on the internet under

Furthermore, the INVERTO was equipped with new technology. Control is effected by a sturdy and reliable radio remote control. With the so-called position encoder, the required tilt angle can be chosen freely and be programmed up to a maximum of 90° by a standard USB connection and the software provided. Just before the final position as programmed, the positioner is decelerated and finally stopped smoothly by means of a frequency converter. In addition to this, the speed of the turning process can be regulated at the motor. Besides, there is an integrated counter registering the number of turning operations and thus serves as an assistance for the regular maintenance and testing intervals. Another novelty is a chain protection acting as a safety feature. It prevents the drive to be reached into and at the same time, the drive chains from excessive dirt.

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Get straight into the action! Register online for Sensors & Instrumentation 2017 Sensors & Instrumentation, the UK’s only national sensors show sponsored by industry giant Mouser, is creating an early buzz with hundreds having already registered to attend ahead of this year’s event at the NEC Birmingham on 26 & 27 September. Visitors can register online to get their free badge, allowing them to skip the queues on the day and get straight into the thick of the action! Plus, Sensors & Instrumentation is operating a one-ticket policy with co-located events Interplas, PPMA Show and TCT Show, meaning visitors will have access to the UK’s largest group of industrial events with just one badge. In line with the ever growing nature of the show, opening hours have been extended to 9am-5pm on Tuesday 26 and 9am-4pm on Wednesday 27, allowing visitors plenty of time to explore the vast range of products and technology being exhibited by over 80 market-leading suppliers including Binder, Bronkhorst, Charcroft Electronics, Dewesoft, DJB Instruments, Huba Control, Innovec Controls, Keller (UK), National Instruments, PR Electronics, TechniMeasure, VEGA Controls and many more. As well as providing a one-stop shop for all test, measurement and control requirements, Sensors & Instrumentation 2017 will give visitors the opportunity to gain a wealth of knowledge via the brand new feature areas, Connecting Industry LIVE and the Drone Zone, and the well-established Micro|Nano|MEMS pavilion. The ever popular CPD accredited seminar programme is shaping up to be one of the most successful to date, as a host of prominent industry figures will explore contemporary 12 - Automation Update

issues and topics. Seminars already confirmed for this year’s programme include ‘Heroes of the Internet of Things’ (Neil Hamilton, Myriad Group AG), ‘Build your own sensor’ (Dave Boylan, Innovative Sensor Technology AG), ‘Vibration facility and their work with the ESA’ (Charlie Jarvis, NPL) and many more. PR Electronics gears up for an outstanding show Sensors & Instrumentation boasts an exemplary line-up of sponsors, including PR Electronics who will be providing the Formula 1 Car Simulator. Proven to be a visitor favourite, the car simulator provides the perfect backdrop for networking whilst bringing a competitive edge to proceedings. Lea Montague, general manager at PR Electronics UK, says: “As a leading technology company, we at PR Electronics see Sensors & Instrumentation as a great opportunity for raising awareness for our products.” PR Electronics will also be exhibiting their latest developments on Stand D13. Montague continues: “We want to show our wide range of signal conditioning products and present some of our latest product releases, such as the 3186B Output looppowered current isolator and the 7501 Field mounted HART temperature transmitter in stainless steel.” To get your free badge, or for more information visit

Güdel Components Build Confidence In Bespoke Automation Güdel is a name widely recognised across many manufacturing sectors, and invariably associated with the company’s range of Gantry Robot systems and modules. racks), pinions and beams. These assemblies can be used anywhere and offer several advantages over traditional recirculating ball systems, the most important of which are resistance to harsh environments, low friction, quiet operations and high speed capabilities. There is also a linear guide-way system for heavy-duty applications, based on standard roller supports with three integrated roller bearings, guide-ways with or without racks, drive units and tubular steel profiles with guide-ways. This system is especially suited for applications where there are high axial and radial loads, high moment ratings, high rigidity and the need for quiet operation.

Less well known however, is the fact that every Güdel Gantry is built upon the company’s own in-house manufactured range of precision linear and drive components. These components are also available to machine builders for use in their own machine designs, giving them the Güdel advantage of components designed and manufactured with Swiss quality, for ultimate durability and reliability. In this article, Güdel UK’s Tom Smith explains the benefits that these industry proven components bring to machine builders. Special purpose machine builders are often faced with unique and sometimes difficult challenges in demanding applications. Minimising risk across all areas of this type of project is essential for all parties if the end user is to have a system which meets all of their productivity, quality and reliability expectations and the machine builder is to make a profit. Specifying machine components which are not only industry proven in their own right, but trusted by the original manufacturer to build their own modules and gantry robots, provides

unique levels of confidence for special purpose machine designers. With a comprehensive product range covering linear guide-ways, rack and pinions and gearboxes, the individual products within the Güdel range by design complement each other perfectly and can be easily combined to form highly efficient and reliable drive chains. A range of high-performance angle gearboxes is available in five different sizes. These can be specified in a wide choice of gear ratios – thirteen in total, ranging from 2 to 60, covering the most common areas of application, and are ideally suited to harsh working environments. They are dirt-resistant, offer higher speeds, lower noise, lower maintenance, are easier to set up and commission and can cope with applications that require very high duty cycles. Integral cooling fins on these units also optimise heat dissipation. A complementary range of longitudinal precision guides and drivetrain components enable a mass weighing anywhere between ten kilos and several tons - to be positioned at high speeds and accelerations with the utmost accuracy. Güdel’s modular system comprises of guide rollers, tracks (with or without in-built

Although the Güdel name is obvious on the many Gantry robot systems installed across multiple market sectors, there are many bespoke automation systems in operation which rely on Güdel technology to provide the performance and durability required in today’s competitive manufacturing environment. For more information, please contact: Tom Smith Component Sales Güdel (UK) Limited Unit 5 Wickmans Drive Banner Lane Coventry CV4 9XA Tel: +44(0)24 76 695 444 E-Mail: Web:

Rockwell Automation Delivers New Tools for Instant Device Analytics and Plant-Floor Collaboration

Offerings empower plant-floor workforce, support teams for quicker troubleshooting Smart devices have created connections across industrial operations with the potential to empower plant or distributed workers. For many producers going through a digital transformation, these modern tools can take too long to deploy, with too much investment required to decipher and deliver relevant data to the right employees. Rockwell Automation is enabling teams on the plant floor to make better, quicker decisions with the FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices appliance and a FactoryTalk TeamONE Standard Edition app. These off-the-shelf offerings require minimal configuration and can help solve common maintenance problems faster, which keeps unplanned downtime at a minimum. The appliance and app quickly help improve reaction time for maintenance teams and assist decision makers with health and diagnostics analytics for industrial devices and systems. “These offerings were built with ease-of-use as a primary goal,” said Michael Pantaleano, global business manager, Rockwell Automation. “We’ve worked closely with our customers on these solutions, proving that an instantly available app and a scalable analytical appliance that work outof-the-box can deliver immediate value. At Rockwell Automation, we are committed to building tools that are approachable for our customers’ current teams. These two new offerings help maintenance teams easily discover the health of their devices and better collaborate in context with insightful information.” These offerings are some of the first subscription offerings from Rockwell Automation. To further streamline the adoption process, a new e-commerce portal is used to manage the new offerings. All subscriptions and management can take place within a single, self-service portal. FactoryTalk TeamONE App Focused on reducing mean time to repair (MTTR), Rockwell Automation is releasing a new edition, dubbed the Standard Edition, of the FactoryTalk TeamONE app. The new edition adds an alarm module, enabling teams to collaborate with live alarm details. This gives users the ability to easily view all active alarms. They can also view, share and post new details, delivering better team collaboration by adding context with alarm information. Alarms requiring immediate action can be shared with specific team members or posted to the entire team for group management and resolution. 14 - Automation Update

As a smart node, the FactoryTalk TeamONE app requires no server, device to cloud gateways, or IT setup for manufacturers to realise value, which expands as they go through their digital transformation. The app is currently available on the Apple App Store and Google Play store, and a new user account takes just minutes to set up. The new Standard Edition is a paid yearly subscription and expands the features available in the free edition of the app. Released in 2016, the FactoryTalk TeamONE Free Edition app provides nearinstantaneous incident and device data to plant-floor maintenance teams that include engineering, trades and IT workers. The free edition removes the barriers for industrial teams to collaborate and quickly solve issues with contextualised plant-floor data like trends and device status. Modules in this free edition include Incident, Device Status, Teamboard, Knowledgebase, Pinboard, Chat and Trend modules. Within the FactoryTalk TeamONE app, customers can even have a mix of free and subscription users on their teams. After the connections are made, the application detects automation devices on the network without disrupting performance. Plant-floor teams then gain access to specific calls-to-action, instant device displays and an advanced machine-learning-based chat bot, which are all available from within the appliance. The appliance learns what is important to users by continuously analysing the devices on the network and delivering recommendations to help maintenance and engineering teams prevent unplanned downtime and repair systems more quickly. “Our customers are trying to figure out how to take their first steps toward analytics and the industrial Internet of Things,” said Pantaleano. “This appliance is an excellent start to their journey, with tangible results that can help our customers within minutes.” The FactoryTalk Analytics for Devices appliance can detect and perform a basic analysis on any EtherNet/IP device. The appliance also has detailed analytics for over 2,000 Allen-Bradley devices. The first year’s subscription is included for each appliance. Subsequent subscriptions are encouraged for customers to progressively receive updated analytics, features and device support, including third-party devices.

Left; Jonny Grey, UK Sales & Marketing Manager, Motoman-MotoLogix Right; Keith Harrison, Group Commercial Director, Routeco

YASKAWA MOTOLOGIX HOOKS UP WITH ROUTECO As part of its drive in supplying market leading robotics solutions with the innovative Motoman and MotoLogix brands, motion control and robotics specialist YASKAWA is developing a sales relationship with Routeco UK. The importance of the collaboration is underlined with the investment in a dedicated robot cell demonstration facility at Routeco’s Milton Keynes site where the benefits of the MotoLogix control system can be fully appreciated. The combination of YASKAWA’s innovative robotics products and Routeco’s position as one of the UK’s leading distributors of industrial automation and control products, provides customers with an ideal shop window for effective robotic solutions. Commenting on the agreement, Keith Harrison, Group Commercial Director at Routeco said, “This is an exciting new venture with a market-leading global robotics brand which will enhance our automation solutions offering to our customers. The integration between MOTOMAN Robots and Rockwell Automation PLCs using MotoLogix provides a significant technical advantage to our existing customers and makes this a perfect partnership for Routeco and our clients.” MotoLogix is a revolutionary software interface for controlling YASKAWA robots by PLC. It is currently available for several major PLC brands and fieldbuses and is designed with two primary objectives; to enable OEM’s to deeply integrate YASKAWA robot systems in their PLC controlled machinery and to enable easy programming, commissioning, teaching, operating of robots in a machine, without need of specialised knowledge. ENDS. Further details available from Jonny Grey: Tel: +44 (0) 1295 272755 Automation Update - 15

Igus showcases latest automation and industry 4.0 technologies at Northern Manufacturing 2017 igus is returning to this year’s Northern Manufacturing & Electronics exhibition held at Event City, Manchester, on 27th – 28th September 2017. Visitors to the stand (D44) will see a wide range of cost-effective, lightweight and maintenance-free bearings and cable management systems for a variety of applications. Predictive maintenance is the cornerstone of Industry 4.0 and the factory of tomorrow – igus’ smart plastics warn of potential failure in good time before unplanned and very costly downtimes occur. At the event, igus will be showing new and improved smart plastics products. These include, the isense EC.RC, a new system for monitoring e-chains, the optimised CF.Q module for the intelligent chainflex cables that customers are already using today and the intelligent iglidur PRT slewing ring bearings. Injection-moulded, 3D-printed or machined from bar stock, igus offers engineers a wide range of possibilities to obtain their self-lubricating parts, such as gears or plain bearings quickly and cost-effectively. During the show igus will introduce a new process for the production of 3D printed injection mould tools that allows engineers to solve difficult technical challenges quickly. The entire range of 50 iglidur high-performance plastics are available using this new process, including specialists for high load, food contact, underwater or high temperature applications. Depending on the iglidur material chosen, the mould is either SLA or SLS printed and then used immediately in the injection-moulding machine. Thus, parts are ready for shipment within a few days. The material structure of the printed injection mould ensures that it can withstand the high temperatures during injection moulding, which means that one 16 - Automation Update

mould can produce prototypes and small batches up to 500 pieces cost-effectively and quickly. Optimum use of installation space, light weight and high stability – these are just some of the benefits of the E4.1L lean energy chain from igus. Compared to the E4.1, the application-oriented design of the E4.1 L could save so much mass that the chain is about 30 percent lighter; this brings an additional advantage - a considerable amount of drive power can be saved, making the application more energy efficient. The E4.1L can also accommodate more hoses and cables in a given space envelope. The E4.1L lean energy chain is now available from stock in numerous interior heights and widths. As for the open energy chain, igus also offers an ESD version and even a high-temperature option for the enclosed energy tube to protect against hot chips and debris. Throughout the show, the igus team will be available on stand D44 to take visitors through the benefits and potential applications of their bearing products and cable management systems. To arrange an appointment, please email Hannah Durrant: and for further information, please visit: or call igus directly on 01604 677240.

| EK11-14E |

Extremely accurate. Extremely fast. Next-generation measurement technology with Beckhoff EtherCAT Terminals.

< 1 μs synchronisation 100 ppm 24 bits 10,000 samples/s With the EL3751 EtherCAT Terminal, Beckhoff unveils the first product in its new generation of high-precision I/Os for measurement technology. These scalable terminals integrate high-end measurement technology directly into the standard I/O system. Superior precision and sampling rates ensure high-quality data acquisition: Multi-functional input: U, I, R, strain gauge, RTD (PT100/1000) High-precision timing: exact synchronisation < 1 μs High-precision values: measurement accuracy of better than 100 ppm at 23 °C Fast: 10,000 samples/s Proactive: integrated connection and functional diagnostics 24-bit ∆∑ ADC, integrated distributed clocks, 107 percent ExtendedRange Optional higher-order calibration by the user EtherCAT is ideal for numerous measurement applications

The battery-powered SICK PGT-12PRO is a pocket-sized programming tool, designed initially for rapid configuring and programming of SICK’s AHS/AHM36 programmable absolute encoders and TMS/TMM inclination sensors with CANopen or analogue output. With a large LED display and simple intuitive menu structure, the PGT12-PRO enables easy set up and adjustment of parameters such as node-ID and baud-rate without having to complete complex and timeconsuming set up. “The PGT-12-PRO shows the future of flexible and easy-to-use programming in CANopen environments,” says Darren Pratt, SICK UK’s encoder specialist. “Integrating encoders and sensors into a CANopen fieldbus can vary significantly between different applications and often requires specialist programming knowledge and skills.

SICK’s Hand-held CANopener Liberates Encoder Programming SICK has developed the SICK PGT-12-PRO, the world’s first hand-held programming tool for encoders and sensors with a CANopen interface. update. Configurations can be saved to the device’s SD card, then transferred quickly to enable device replacement and also cloned to enable easy installation of any number of identical applications and configurations

“Whether in the design office, on the production line, or in vehicles out in the field, the PGT-12-PRO liberates the engineer from having to complete remote programming via a PLC or PC.”

The pre-configured node ID is easy to adjust with the PGT-12 PRO to eliminate conflicting addresses. Baud rate, frequency and type of parameter transfer are also simple to manage, allowing data load and transmission speed in the fieldbus to be controlled to the optimum. Mapping and assigning the process data objects for the encoder are quick with the PGT12-PRO, and monitoring the CANopen nodes can be achieved without choosing between node guarding and heartbeat protocol techniques.

Sensor upgrades and new functions for the PGT-12-PRO programming tool can be installed easily via a firmware

SICK’s award-winning 36mm programmable absolute encoder, the AHS36 (single turn) and AHM36

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(multi-turn), set the benchmark for an SSI and CANopen-compatible encoder. The PGT-12-PRO opens up new possibilities in particular for using the 36mm encoders, together with SICK’s EcoLine and HighLine wire draw encoders and TMS/ TMM inclination sensors, for applications in industrial and outdoor vehicles. SICK will also offer variants of the AHS AHM36 with a compact, universal cable outlet and IP69K enclosure rating especially for installation into vehicles, where space is often tight later in 2017. For more information on the SICK PGT-12-PRO hand-held CANopen programmer, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email

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Flexible modular solutions from mk! Compatible standard modules from mk simplify your production and maximise efficiency. Technology from mk provides the ideal solution for plant and special machinery engineering.

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Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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Automation Update - Issue 31