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PUWER Inspections

More than just a checklist • Pilz conducts a Risk Evaluation against PUWER in accordance with EN 12100-1 • Pilz PUWER Inspection includes an extra electrical assessment of your machinery • Pilz’s tailormade software solution used to conduct PUWER Inspections efficiently • Pilz PUWER Inspectors have on average over 20 years experience in machinery safety & automation

More than just a report A PUWER Inspection from Pilz can offer you more than just a report containing your results, we can; • Present our findings to you and your team in person • Deliver your inspection data in an Excel format for you to analyse and distribute amongst departments and teams • Offer you a complete safety services package including CE Marking, Safety Concept and Safety Validation Pilz Automation Technology Corby NN18 8TJ

01536 460766



Download a sample report from pilzpuwer.co.uk

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Automation Update is an engaging, editorially led publication & directory giving the reader news and updates on new products and services to our ever Progressing industry.

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he webinar series is dedicated to sharing the essential facts and updates on a range of key machine safety topics, including a range of industry standards, human-robot collaboration and Industrie 4.0 to name just a few. Each webinar highlights a sole subject relevant to your company’s machine safety, compliance and operational needs. Jamie Walton CMSE®, Services Manager at Pilz, explains: “There is a constant need in industry to keep up to date on the issues surrounding machine safety; however we understand that people don’t always have the time for a full day session out of the office. With our webinars, we hope to deliver the essentials in ‘bite-sized’ chunks, with the added opportunity to get instant support for specific questions.” Adding to Pilz’ portfolio of popular machine safety seminars and training courses, the webinars will run fortnightly at 9:00 GMT, in half hour sessions. Pilz kick-starts the series on Friday 31st March with David Collier CMSE® presenting ‘Understanding EN ISO 14119’, which looks into the types of interlock devices covered by this standard, preventing the defeat of interlocks, the use of fault exclusions, and the cause and the cure of fault masking. Register for this webinar, here. For the full 2017 webinar schedule, further details of each topic and to register, please visit Pilz Events webpage, email training@pilz.co.uk, or call Pilz on +44 1536 460766. 4 - Automation Update

Pilz Launches Machine Safety Webinar Series Pilz Automation Technology is proud to launch its brand new webinar series for those involved with machine safety across the UK and beyond.

Risk Assessment Services

Risk assessments are the key to machinery safety, they pave the way for a level of risk reduction that’s both effective and economical. With years of technical comptence and knowledege Pilz is your partner for Risk Assessments.


Determination of machine limits

Pilz Risk Assessment Includes • Identification of applicable standards, regulations and best industry practices • Statement of machine limits • Examination of all hazards throughout the relevant machinery lifecycle phases • Estimation and evaluation of risk recommended approach for risk reduction

Hazard identification

Risk estimation

Risk evaluation

Benefit from a Pilz Risk Assessment • Establish your basis for Machinery Safety using a methodology that meets the requirements of EN12100 with our risk assessment • Assure compliance with regulations such as the Machinery Directive & PUWER • Integrate safety in new or modified machinery through the early identification of risk Contact services@pilz.co.uk for more information on Risk Assessments or other services

Pilz Automation Technology Corby NN18 8TJ 01536 460766 services@pilz.co.uk www.pilz.co.uk

Machinery safe? *


No Risk reduction * Is the risk sufficiently reduced?


LORIEN WELCOMES YOUNG ENGINEERING TALENT Lorien Engineering Solutions has bolstered its commitment to nurturing the engineers of the future by welcoming two young graduates to its ranks.


osie Preece and Tom Freeman have joined the firm’s graduate programme, where they will experience the breadth of Lorien’s experience across a range of sectors. Burton-based Lorien designs and delivers manufacturing projects in the brewing, drinks, food and life sciences industries.

Tom provides a supporting role to Lorien’s engineering teams and project managers on a range of live projects. His core disciplines are utilities, energy and sustainability but he will experience all of Lorien’s core departments as part of his professional development. Tom is also continuing his professional studies by working towards Chartered Engineer status.

Chemical engineering graduate Rosie joins Lorien’s compliance department, building on her experience as a process engineer in the oil and gas industry. She has experience working on an integrated iron and steel works and its associated power plant, through an industrial placement year.

Lorien launched its graduate programme in 2015. Within months it had achieved IChemE Accredited Company Training Scheme (ACTS) status. Last year’s graduates Mike Ruff and Matthew Holmes recently started their second year of employment.

6 - Automation Update

Lorien director Dave Mallinson said: “Our graduate scheme allows recruits to work within experienced and multi-disciplined engineering teams delivering multi-million pound projects, as well as being part of our engineering development programme. Newly qualified engineers play a fundamental part in the exciting growth and advancement of the business. Both Rosie and Tom are talented young engineers with a bright future ahead of them, and we are delighted to have them on board.” Lorien is a division of GP Strategies Corporation, a global performance improvement and solutions provider and engineering and technical services organisation headquartered in Maryland, USA.

Busbar Systems and IEC 61439 Standards Busbars systems, or busbar supports are essentially heavy conductors, typically made of copper, which carry and distribute powerful electric currents to components that consume electrical power throughout an assembly.

This capability, and the product specification, is the subject of testing which is covered by the IEC 61439 standard and which provides vital information for building a safe assembly.

Busbars are not only easy to install (certainly compared to cabling), they also play a major role in the design and safe operation of a switchgear and controlgear assembly.

Busbar testing, in fact, was revolutionised following the introduction of the standard which came into force in November 2014. It continued a determination across the sector to harmonise the low voltage industry through the creation of one standard which provided protection for both personnel and switchgear.

The recent introduction of the IEC 61439 switchgear and control standards has significant implications for the design and performance of the copper busbar system. It’s an area which engineers need to appreciate, not least because the new testing regime and the requirement for compliance has changed the way we think about the selection of the busbar system. One of the most important requirements of any switchgear power distribution system is to carry fault currents (short circuits) safely until a protection device, namely the fuse or the moulded case circuit breaker, interrupts the fault.

IEC 61439 requires busbar systems to be tested – by their manufacturers - within enclosures rather than (as previously happened) as a standalone arrangement. This is a step forward for the industry, providing access for system engineers to data delivered in situ which offered both a more realistic assessment and more accurate and reliable data than before. Further information at www.rittal.co.uk and www.friedhelm-loh-group.com or on twitter @rittal_ltd.

Industrial, Marine & Offshore Filtration by Bollfilter UK

Automatic filter for treatment of industrial process water BOLLFILTER Automatic Type 6.04

Do you have BOLL & KIRCH filters? See the full story here

New automatic filter for industrial water filtration Speedy supply and simple installation, the all new “plug & play” Bollfilter Automatic type 6.04 is immediately operational out of the box. It is delivered with the electronic control unit pre-fitted with a cable tail for the power supply. Bollfilter UK are your local specialists for Boll industrial water filtration products and can supply the 6.04 one week from receipt of an order. Variable and adaptable this filter type offers the operator three key versions for use in water and wastewater treatment system, the machine tool industry and coolant systems for the automotive industry.

Why the Bollfilter Automatic Type 6.04 is the ideal fit for your application This filter ensures that the required level of industrial water filtration is maintained to ensure your systems are cleaner resulting in improved performance over a longer period.

Multiple uses via the reversible flow filter concept Robust and efficient, providing good value for money, the fully automated protective industrial water filtration from the all new Bollfilter Automatic Type 6.04 delivers exactly what you need. • Numerous industrial water and coolant filtration applications for machine and plant systems require spray or sprinkler nozzle protection. The high-performance, proven technologically advanced backflush filter concept reliably provides this.

• Water screening on hospital mains supply

• The pre-cleaning of feed water enables protection of sensitive nozzles or valves against rapid blocking and unnecessary wear.

• Spray water at paper mills

• The proven, high-quality Bollfilters have remained a guarantee for reliability and precision in mechanical engineering for over six decades.

• Wash water for parts machining

High level of contamination?

• Centralised domestic heating water in housing complex’s

You may need our heavy duty option 6.18.2

• Industrial process water

Bollfilter UK Brochure

• Cooling water for HVAC applications

UK Contact

Filtration applications suited to the Bollfilter Automatic Type 6.04 Robust components make this filter design a lower cost option for today’s industrial water filtration buyer or specifier, therefore suitable for many situations including these twelve applications: • Quench water nozzle protection at steel mills • Final effluent washwater at a sewage treatment works • Cooling lubricants for machine tools

8 - Automation Update

• UV pre-screen for salad irrigation • Turbine sealing water for hydro power stations • Extruder cooling water at plastics manufacturing plant

The new user friendly easily accessible Bollfilter Automatic Type 6.04 The filter is designed with a low number of components to guarantee easy access to the internal backwash unit with few wearing parts requiring

minimal maintenance. All pressurised components, body and cover are manufactured from aluminium, all internal components from stainless steel and high-performance plastic. Brochure for 6.04 BOLLFILTER

Need something larger? You may need our 6.18 option

BOLLFILTER UK Limited, Unit 9 Station Road, Tolleshunt D’arcy, Essex, CM9 8TY Tel: 01206 589621

Filters & Capital Equipment: filters7@bollfilter.co.uk

Keep your Order Picking in Step with your Customers Needs People’s ordering habits are changing radically in line with new social trends and the area of distribution logistics is increasingly focusing on three cost factors: materials, people and error rates - Order-picking experts Kardex Remstar delivers some new strategies and various scenarios when looking at automation and the latest technologies and solutions. Until about ten years ago, customers ordered an average of around ten articles per order. Although the number of orders has increased with the growth in online trade and the rise in diversified production of things such as cars and spare parts, the number of articles per order has dropped to just two. This means that the picking process – the task of putting together an order made up of articles from the overall product range – is much more complex. In other words, the pickers have to process five times as many orders to pick the same number of articles as before. This would mean that picking would need five times as many employees to achieve the same level of performance. But, there is a very high cost factor involved, even if using unskilled workers. Until recently, hardly anyone asked themselves how much picking an article actually costs, yet now companies want to know precisely what it costs. Based on such calculations, they opt for manpower costing of around £33,000 per picker, per year for efficient orderpicking technologies and solutions. They also do both depending on the order volume to be handled. Order picking significantly influences the efficiency of distribution logistics. There are however, factors that need to be considered. Efficient order picking is dependent on picking time per order per line. This of course is made up of the basic time, search time, retrieval time, dead time, and distribution time and should be kept as short as possible. If we compare the picking time needed per order for static and automated storage systems, the search time offers the greatest potential for saving time. With static shelving the picker runs all over the place and travels long and sometimes unnecessary distances in order to get to the right storage space. Automated storage systems reduce the distance traveled by the picker to a minimum. The time saved means that they are able to pick more orders, which ultimately leads to an overall increase in performance.

The LR 35 Virtual Buffer Module is the perfect storage and picking solution for handling single-part or small-volume orders - providing fast and accurate access together with secure storage. The LR 35 can speed up performance, enabling up to 500 order lines per picking station an hour, and is suited for picking small parts from bins, cardboard boxes, and trays in small and medium-sized warehouses. The unit design consists of a shelf system with automatic bin handling, picking stations, and its own logistics software.” The LR 35 uses its own replenishing solution and each station can be fitted with several access openings in different designs. At the heart of each station is the turntable, tilted at an angle of 20 degrees, it has been ergonomically designed. While the operator picks one order, the LR 35 prepares the next bin and places it on the rear shelf of the turntable. As soon as the picking process is complete the turntable turns through 180 degrees and the next bin is ready for picking. This permanent access to goods keeps waiting times to a minimum and goods can be stored in standard mini-load systems compatible bins. Each load carrier can hold up to 35kg. Author: Tom Findlay, Sales Director, Kardex UK, Kardex Remstar press contact Debra Wilkins • Kardex systems UK North Suite, First Floor, Stag House, Old London Road• Hertford, SG13 7LA Telephone: +44-01992 557237 • www.kardex-remstar.co.uk E-mail: debra.wilkins@kardex.com

Automation Update - 9

#1000 jobs with Remploy achieved by TC Facilities Management TC Facilities Management (TCFM) are celebrating placing their 1000th employee with their recruitment partner Remploy. Divisional Director, Jeff Lloyd-Jones will be celebrating with In-Store Manager, Martin Horvath at Tesco Canton, near Cardiff, where Tarik Miah recently secured a job working as a cleaner.

The partnership with Remploy began over 10 years ago and has seen over 1000 exceptional and committed individuals become part of the team. On re-signing the partnership agreement last year, TCFM committed to achieving placing their 1000th candidate through working with them. This milestone took less than 9 months to achieve due to candidates soaring on the back of significant contract wins during 2016.

On hearing the news, Jeff LloydJones, whose team has placed more than half of all the candidates in his region said, “I am delighted that we’ve achieved this milestone. The candidates placed through Remploy that I have worked with are among some the most very talented and committed individuals I’ve had the pleasure to know.”

Rachel Gardiner, Head of HR commented, “We’re over the moon to know that we’ve now placed our 1000th candidate through our partnership with Remploy. Not only am I looking forward to the celebration that will be taking place later this month but I am also looking forward to seeing our partnership place even more candidates in to the business as part of our ongoing commitment to provide meaningful employment for people with a disability” On hearing the news Gareth Parry, Chief Executive of Remploy said, “I’m delighted TCFM has placed their 1000th employee, on the tenth year anniversary of our partnership with them. Their commitment and drive to transform the lives of people with a disability or work-limiting health condition is incredible and they are setting a fine example for other employers. I look forward to the opportunities the next ten years will bring.” For further information, please contact: Fiona Ellingham, Marketing Manager, TC Facilities Management 01737 819142 (office) fiona. ellingham@tcfm.co.uk (email) LinkedIn

10 - Automation Update

LOMA SYSTEMS® TO SHOW ‘DESIGNED TO SURVIVE’ INSPECTION EQUIPMENT FOR THE FOOD & PHARMACEUTICAL INDUSTRIES Including next-generation IQ4 metal detector series and factory-friendly X-ray inspection units for first time users and packaged, bulk, loose and pumped products Further demonstrating its unrivalled position as the partner of choice for product inspection equipment, Loma Systems® will be showing a wide range of Designed to Survive® contaminant inspection equipment for the food and pharmaceutical industries at Interpack 2017. This includes the introduction of its exciting next-generation IQ4 metal detection technology, which has been specially designed to meet common inspection challenges and provide many customer benefits based around robustness, performance, usability, quality and flexibility. The company will be highlighting its durable, flexible and factory-friendly X-ray contaminant inspection solutions, which are the choice of many food producers around the world. Offering low lifetime cost of ownership, the compact X5C X-ray inspection system is aimed at first time users whilst the X5 combination (Combo) X-ray and Checkweighing unit ensures compliance with retailers’ codes of practice and average weight legislation. A Lock PH Pharmaceutical Metal Detector and TRACS, an advanced data management and reporting tool for helping plants better understand product inspection performance and trends, will also be featured on stand. Loma’s technical and application experts will be available to answer questions and discuss individual requirements. Loma’s X5C X-ray inspection unit reduces the cost of ownership of X-ray technology by 30% when compared to the company’s other models, making it ideal for food companies keen to make the switch to x-ray for the first time. It offers high quality contaminant inspection using a r e d u c e d n u m b e r o f w e l l - p r ove n subcomponents and compact design and can detect glass, calcified bone, rubber, stone as well as ferrous and non-ferrous metals, and stainless steel. Capable of handling products up to 100mm (height) and 300mm (width) but weighing no more than 3kg, the X5C is particularly ideal for the inspection of ready meals, small packaged goods and convenience food.

To help comply with CFR21 part 11, Loma’s compact X5C is multilevel password protected for improved data management allowing the system to log events against individual operators. Produced from brushed stainless steel, Loma’s X5C X-ray unit also offers an ultra-hygienic design for easy cleaning and low maintenance and serviceability. Loma’s combined X5 X-ray and CW3 Combo inspection system is capable of weighing products while simultaneously inspecting for foreign bodies, all in one integrated system. The two combined ‘detect and weigh’ technologies ensure food safety for brand protection, and consistency in weight, size and shape. The popular Lock PH Pharmaceutical Metal Detector offers advanced detection performance, construction quality and reliability characteristics, making it suitable for pharmaceutical and neutraceutical tablet press and de-dusting processes. It is easily integrated with tablet presses, de-dusters, polishers and encapsulation equipment.

The PH unit offers best in class calibrated detection levels of 0.25mmFE, 0.3mmNFE and O.4mmSt/St. Four password protected security levels are provided for operators, supervisors, engineering and administration. It is available with fully documented IQ, OQ and PQ validations for compliance with FDA, GAMP and GMP specifications. It is design and construction compliant with 21CFR parts 10 and 11 and certified to NEMA 4X / IP66. +44 (0)1252 893300 | www.loma.com | enquires@loma.com

Automation Update - 11

FANUC apprentice scoops BTEC student award A young rising star at Coventry-based FANUC is celebrating ending his first full year of apprenticeship studies, recently winning Best First Year BTEC Student of the Year at the Midland Group Training Services (MGTS) Apprenticeship Awards 2016. Having achieved distinctions in all of his subjects, George Wise was nominated by his tutors who praised his “industrious and mature approach to further education studies.” When it comes to his studies, George attributes his success to self-discipline, which he believes have been honed by working in FANUC’s busy environment and interacting with customers and colleagues. Despite receiving apprenticeship offers from several other companies, 19 year old says that FANUC was and would still be his first choice. “Other than my interest in robotics and automation, I was attracted by FANUC’s wide product range which would give me opportunities to gain experience in multiple areas. Automation is an industry that is on a growth curve, where technology is continually evolving and getting smarter. As a result, I feel confident that I will have a secure career in the future.” Currently mid-way through his second year of a four-year apprenticeship programme with the robotics and automation specialist, George is among the soaring number of young people with an interest in engineering who take the apprenticeship pathway over other options. He explains that the idea of learning the theory of something and then applying that to a practical application appealed. “In addition to the learning aspect of an apprenticeship I found the independence of earning a wage very attractive, as it was an opportunity to give myself some freedom. What’s more, apprenticeships give a solid base for career progression.” Virtually all of George’s first year was spent completing off-the-job training at MGTS’s Coventry centre, learning basic mechanical and maintenance engineering techniques as well as other important elements of engineering, such as health and safety and the 5S methodology. While completing the NVQ level 2 in Performing Engineering Operations, he simultaneously embarked on the BTEC level 3 National Certificate in Operations and Maintenance Engineering, achieving distinctions in every subject. “I’ve especially enjoyed furthering my knowledge and learning new skills, as well as meeting new people during my first year.” For the next three years, George will combine working at FANUC UK’s headquarters, rotating around different departments, whilst completing his BTEC National Certificate and progressing onto a degree. His five-year ambition is to complete a degree in engineering and be in a position where he can apply for a job in project management at FANUC. Right now though, George is enjoying mastering his understanding of the entire FANUC product range. So far, he’s worked in the industrial Robotics and CNC Robodrill departments. This June marks the halfway point of his studies, and that’s when George will begin to determine where his engineering strengths and interests lie. “During my fourth year, the FANUC management team and I will reach a mutual decision on which business area I will specialise in.” George’s mentor within FANUC Rachel Kenning, is equally proud of his accomplishments, and says he has rapidly proven himself to be a natural engineer. “George is conscientious, motivated and eager to learn, and has integrated into the FANUC culture seamlessly. His hard work, enthusiasm and ambitious appetite to progress is an inspiration to many and I am confident that George has a strong career ahead of him,” says Steve Capon For over two-decades, FANUC has offered a comprehensive apprentice and degree student ‘sandwich year’ programme. Since the firm’s apprenticeship scheme started in 1997, more than 16 apprentices have spent up to four years learning all aspects of the business and have been encouraged to progress academically. sales@fanuc.co.uk www.fanuc.eu

12 - Automation Update

TOUCHPATH ADDS MICROSOFT NAV AND GP ERP SYSTEMS TO ITS WMS-ERP INTEGRATION TouchPath’s ‘TouchWMS’ software now integrates with six leading ERP systems “The key business benefit of our WMS-ERP integration is the ability to post transactions back from the warehouse to the ERP system, in real-time” says TouchPath International CEO David Myers


LorInternational supply chain solutions provider TouchPath (www.touchpath.com) is increasing the power of its ‘TouchWMS’ warehouse management solution by adding Microsoft Dynamics NAV and GP to its WMS-ERP integration portfolio. TouchWMS software now integrates with six ERP systems: M3, SAP, BPCS and MAPICS plus Microsoft Dynamics, its latest addition.

TouchPath uses smart, flexible modules that can be bolted together in almost any combination to deliver a customized solution at an off-the-shelf price, using systems technology that captures more supply chain information for better business performance and faster ROI, according to the company.

TouchPath has operations in the UK (Halifax HX1 5ER) “The key business benefit of our WMS-ERP integration is the ability to and the USA (High Point, NC 27265). post transactions back from the warehouse to the ERP system, in realContact : David Myers time. As a result the ERP system is always working on current data when it performs its planning functions” says TouchPath International CEO David UK t. +44 (0)1422 399530 Myers. US t. +1 336-885-1373 TouchWMS can run stand-alone or integrated with a number of mainstream m. +44 (0)7715 487011 ERP and other supply chain and legacy systems. It is translated into 11 languages and has the functionality to support the full range of warehouse w. www.touchpath.com processes. “You set the rules and we build your WMS around them – one e. dmyers@touchpath.com that fits your needs and conforms to your business” says David Myers.

Automation Update - 13

mk Conveyor Quick Designer with Additional Functions mk is expanding its service range and enhancing its QuickDesigner conveyor configurator. The available options now also include adjustable side rails and new stand systems. The wide range of conveyor system variants is almost endless so mk offer conveyor technology online for fast and easy configuration of an individual belt conveyor. The configurator can be found online at www.quickdesigner.com and generates a 3D model and quotation. There is an automatic plausibility check, detailed help and live preview. Customers can view all configurations in ‘My Account’ which can be then be saved, retrieved and edited at a later date. Three top selling models for different weight and requirement classes are available as a basis for the configuration. These can be adapted intuitively and with ease to meet individual requirements And now mk is setting the benchmark again. Two new options have been added to the QuickDesigner. Therefore mk can now respond to the customers’ requirements in even greater detail and provide an even larger variety of variants. One new addition is the adjustable side rail SF01, which is now available alongside the range of fixed side rails. This side rail is a particularly effective solution for 14 - Automation Update

positioning products on the conveyor belt. The usable width is quick and easy to change and the height can also be adjusted. The large selection of different side guide rails ensures the optimum adjustment to the contour of the product being conveyed. In addition, the medium-heavy stand 53.2 based on the mk profiles mk 2000 and mk 2014 has been added to the range of stands. This stand is a more robust version of the heightadjustable, lightweight stand 53.1 based on the mk 2001 profile. This H-design system can be used in practically every conveyor system and is available in standard heights of 325 mm to 1200 mm with adjustable ranges of up to 200 mm. “We are constantly improving our QuickDesigner range to ensure that we meet the needs of our customers” states Darren Whiteside, Director at mk Profile Systems. Configure your individual belt conveyor quickly and easily, now!

www.quickdesigner.com To find out more visit www.mkprofiles.co.uk call (01949) 823751 or email info@mkprofiles.co.uk

Profile Technology

Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Flexible modular solutions from mk! Compatible standard modules from mk simplify your production and maximise efficiency. Technology from mk provides the ideal solution for plant and special machinery engineering.

mk Profile Systems Limited a company of the mk Technology Group

Unit 2·Wolds Farm Business Park Kinoulton Lane·Kinoulton·Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ Phone +44 (0)1949 823751·Fax +44 (0)1949 81270 www.mkprofiles.co.uk·info@mkprofiles.co.uk

TR Fastenings Cleans Up With New EBAC Washing Machines Deal TR Fastenings (TR) has secured a partnership with British firm EBAC, the only UK manufacturer of washing machines. TR has been appointed as the company’s sole supplier of fasteners and fixings for its new range of domestic washing machines, which is being rolled out throughout the country this year.


ntil recently, EBAC, based in County Durham, was best known for designing and manufacturing dehumidifiers and water coolers, before entering the washing machine market. Due to the significant investments required to obtain the correct robotics and components for these products, EBAC needed to find a fastenings supplier with thorough knowledge of white goods and the specific parts required. TR Fastenings approached EBAC to discuss providing not only the parts but also a consultancy service on selecting, testing and applying the most efficient fasteners for these machines. TR has a wealth of knowledge and experience in this field, thanks to its Italian sister firm, Viterie Italia Centrale (VIC), which specialises in supplying fastenings to the white goods industry. After initial meetings and a period of consulting and testing, including bringing experts over from VIC to assist with the process, EBAC appointed TR Fastenings as its sole supplier of fastening parts for its washing machines. EBAC washing machines are currently available in several independent UK retailers following a soft launch at the end of 2016, and they will continue to be rolled out across the UK in 2017. Don Lamb, business development manager at TR Fastenings, comments: “This is a fantastic partnership for us, not only because we now have the privilege of supplying fastening parts to the only UK manufacturer of washing machines, but because it has also shown the strengths we have in consultancy and product knowledge. The nature of the robotics and processes involved in washing machine manufacture calls for very specific expertise, and we are thrilled that we and our partners at VIC have been able to deliver this for EBAC.”

Andrew Jordan, Logistics Manager at EBAC, adds: “This is a hugely exciting time for EBAC as we enter a new market and showcase our skills as a leading hub of British design and manufacture. The washing machine market is technically challenging and it’s vital that we source, test, and utilise only the best components and processes. Having TR and their Italian colleagues on board to advise us and supply the parts we needed and the expertise on how they should be used was invaluable.”

16 - Automation Update

GET A MEASURE ON YOUR RESULTS WITH HBM WEBINARS! HBM - a market leader in the field of test and measurement – is pleased to announce the dates for its latest series of free webinars, which take place in April 2017.

Designed to teach delegates how to significantly accelerate the process of generating an efficiency map for an electrical machine, with the help of HBM’s revolutionary eDrive solution, “Accelerated efficiency mapping of electric machines with 3 or more phases” takes place on April 25th. This webinar will explain how the process can be speeded up and successfully performed in minutes, rather than days, simply by using the correct tools and processes, which is important for the optimisation of the drive, as well as the increase in efficiency. It will also look at how to achieve this with 6-phase machines, or other machines with more than three phases and cover the process of advanced mapping, for example for iron or copper loss maps. Suitable for all measurement engineers in charge of planning and taking measurements, as well as individuals performing measurement data analysis, “Measurement Uncertainty in Force Measurement: What you need to know” takes place on 26th April and looks at the issues surrounding measurement uncertainty. In this webinar, delegates will learn what factors impact the measurement uncertainty of a force measurement and will be taught a simple method for assessing measurement uncertainty. Participants are also invited to join “What impact does high accuracy have on torque measurements?” which takes place on 28th April. This webinar shows the improvement of accuracy that can achieved with the T12HP torque transducer in comparison to standard torque transducers and the impact for the user in typical applications. Looking at, why high basic accuracy counts, this webinar also explains how to improve your measurement results, even in small ranges, with only one transducer. Exclusively available from the HBM Academy, these three informative webinars have been designed to fit in with challenging time constraints which can often make attending training courses difficult. Each webinar, which normally takes a maximum of one hour, can be easily accessed at a later date or simply used as a refresher course. As an added benefit, all registered participants will receive a link to the webinar, via email, after the presentation. All HBM webinars are free of charge and open to anyone. However, spaces are limited and are available on a first come, first served basis. Please reserve your space by booking at the https://www.hbm.com/en/3157/webinars For further information, contact HBM on +44 (0) 20 8515 6000 or via email: info@uk.hbm.co.uk or visit www.hbm.com

Automation Update - 17

HART Registered: E018 Flow Monitor/Totalizer

“Explosion Proof” with a capital E The Explosion Proof E018 Flow Monitor / Totalizer and the specific Device Description (DD) have been successfully validated by the HART Communication Foundation, thus meeting the requirements to be officially: “HART REGISTERED”. This guarantees it will operate hassle free with all registered “DD enabled host” systems. The specific DD allows access to every single menu setting. Fluidwell raises the user-friendly configuration to a new level!

New added value “HART communication is one of the most popular industrial protocols today, due to the wide installed base of 4 - 20mA systems throughout the world.” says Eric Rath, General Manager of Fluidwell in the Netherlands. “The Explosion proof E018 with HART offers a reliable solution for applications where you want to benefit from the digital communication with intelligent field devices over existing analog loops. Save time, cost and aggravation with the simple configuration, setup and troubleshooting. Optimize your process by transmitting the accurate measurement values to your smart control / monitoring systems.” For more information: www.fluidwell.com.

18 - Automation Update

MOTIONCOMPASS provides engineering expertise 24 hours a day. Portescap is pleased to announce a new motor selector tool, MotionCompass™ – a web-based application that facilitates choosing a motor based on your application needs. MotionCompass will provide you with recommendations for our brushless DC and brush DC coreless products that best fit your needs, including all relevant data and performance curves. We invite you to register and set up an account with MotionCompass. Automation Update - 19

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Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used whenever information or monitoring of shaft rotation, position, direction, speed, slip etc is required! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used for indication, control, interlocking, protection, sequencing, alarm initiations and many more functions! Rotech Motion Sensor’s can be used wherever materials are transported or processed By conveyors, elevators, screws, mixers, etc!






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Automation Update - April 2017  

Automation Update - April 2017