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July 2016


THERE’S A DISTRIBUTOR YOU CAN COUNT ON As the world’s leading high-service distributor of electronics, automation and control, and tools and consumables for over 75 years, we understand that downtime is not an option. With 500,000 quality-tested parts stocked globally and with next working day delivery options available, you can count on us to deliver on time, every time.

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SICK Powers into Industry 4.0 with the All-seeing PowerProx® Sensor SICK has set a technology milestone in sensing capability for factory automation with the new PowerProx®, offering unprecedented versatility to detect any object on a high-speed production line with just one range of sensors.


ICK has achieved a step change in sensing performance and value by packing the benefits of laser Time-of-Flight (ToF) technology into PowerProx’s compact housing to deliver highperformance distance sensing, proximity and object detection.

“With PowerProx, even objects being conveyed at high speed, small and flat objects and products with jet-black or shiny finishes can now be reliably detected over its extensive sensing distances. So a production engineer is offered the potential to replace most distance and proximity sensors in a store with a single range of sensors.

A sensor in the PowerProx range can be used to replace most distance and proximity sensors in a production plant. Engineers can choose from a range of just four sensors to achieve highly accurate results over a wide distance range between 50mm and 3.8m.

“The PowerProx is ready for use in the Industry 4.0 Smart Factory. The sensors can communicate their signals and results to a centralised factory network or be monitored, reset or taught to perform new sensing tasks across a whole range of applications.”

“Nothing gets by the SICK PowerProx,” states David Hannaby, SICK UK’s Product Manager for Presence Detection. “It has overtaken other market offerings to deliver a multi-tasking series of sensors with outstanding performance at a competitive price, achieving consistent results where a number of different specialised sensors would otherwise need to be used.

Time of Flight

04 - Automation Update July 2016

The precision of ToF laser technology, when combined with SICK’s Advanced Background Suppression, also mean the PowerProx sensors offer a high degree of angular tolerance and are not affected by the ambient light or by dust, spray and particles. PowerProx operates according to the scanning principle, so there is no need for reflectors or receivers.

News The SICK PowerProx® is very easy to teach. The multitask sensor is adjusted via a potentiometer or teach-in button. There are versions available with either one or two separately adjustable switching thresholds depending on the application. Using IO-Link, up to eight switching points can be remotely taught and a “window mode” to be taught using a laser spot, ranged and set on the desired object. IOLink also enables high-accuracy measurements to be output from the ToF sensor signal for determining range, position, height or size. Eye safety is assured with a class one laser and the VISTAL housing ensures the device is sufficiently rugged. Installation is simple with a wide choice of mounting option accessories.


PowerProx Speed With quick response times, high switching frequencies and reliable object detections at ranges up to 2.5m, the PowerProx Speed is ideal for packaging and component collation applications, or for any top speed application, such as high-speed counting. The quick response time also facilitates accurate edge detection, for example on crowded conveyor belts.

PowerProx Precision

PowerProx will find applications in machining and components production, with its capability to detect extremely small parts thanks to its low hysteresis and minimum colour shift. PowerProx’s ability to detect small and flat objects too, no matter what the surface finish, will be useful in handling and assembly, for example in the automotive industry for reliable checking of a robot’s gripping points. In packaging, warehousing and logistics applications, the PowerProx’s two adjustable switching points make it possible to set distance quickly and easily, and the angular tolerance and background suppression will enable reliable recognition and sorting of different sized packages and boxes. A choice of three PowerProx sensor options is available in the same compact housing for distance, high-speed and high-precision options. The fourth, the PowerProx Small, at 46 x 34 x 17.6 mm is probably the smallest sensor currently available at its performance level.

PowerProx Distance With an extended sensing range up to 3.8m and two separately adjustable switching points, the PowerProx Distance is ideal for storage, handling, warehousing and logistics applications, for example for occupied bay and clearance detection, automated pallet handling and collision protection in storage and conveyor technology. An extended sensing range is also essential for protecting doors and gates.

PowerProx Precision is the best choice for detecting small objects from a distance up to 1.8 metres. Ideal for applications in the automotive and components industry, it is a reliable solution for quality control, automated handling and assembly applications.

PowerProx Small With PowerProx Small, SICK has achieved Time of Flight technology in the world’s smallest housing, with sensing ranges up to 2.5m and high switching frequencies up to 1,000HZ for high speed applications. With versatile connection options, it offers flexibility of use across a wide range of different fields.

For more information on the SICK PowerProx® series, please contact Andrea Hornby on 01727 831121 or email andrea.hornby@sick.co.uk. Automation Update - 05 July 2016


RS Components extends pneumatics offer through agreement with Festo Step change in distribution model of market leader in pneumatics and electrical automation in many countries worldwide

left: Gian Paolo Arosio, Senior Vice President Region Europe at Festo; Right: Kevin Shield, Head of Category A&C at Electrocomponents.


Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), the global distributor for engineers, has reached an agreement to integrate Festo pneumatics products into its range, providing industrial customers with an even wider choice of brands from the distributor. RS is now a key part in the distribution strategy of Festo, a global player in pneumatic and electrical automation technology. The two companies have agreed to align in key markets across Europe.

The Festo range complements the RS Pro pneumatics offer and will be an essential brand on the A&C line card of RS from June 2016. This is another step by the distributor to better serve the needs of its customers when sourcing products for specific applications. This launch will strengthen the RS offer in all markets and particularly in those where the Festo brand is very strong. In Germany, for example, Festo has a significant share of the market. RS will initially offer around 1000 stocked products and plans to offer an extended range soon afterwards. The initial launch will be across Europe and South Africa, with an agreement in principle to extend this at a later stage. It will be supported by several sales and marketing activities at a global and local level. “This partnership is great news for our industrial customers,” said Gian Paolo Arosio, Senior Vice President Region Europe at Festo. “With unrivalled access to industrial customers and market-leading service and support, RS is a perfect match for us as a distribution partner.” Festo is the market leader in pneumatics and electrical automation in many countries across the world. Established in 1925, the company is a privately owned business with an annual turnover of €2.64 billion. Research and development play an important role and so the manufacturer invests the equivalent of 8% of its turnover in these activities. “By partnering with this leading player in Europe, we are addressing the gap in our pneumatics offer and enhancing our service to engineers,” said Kevin Shield, Head of Category A&C at Electrocomponents. “The Festo range is powerful and well-proven, thanks to huge efforts in research and development.” For more information, please visit the website at www.rs-online.com and www.festo.com. 06 - Automation Update July 2016

Editor’s Choice

IF IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR BAT New ultrasonic sensors from ifm electronic Ltd

As market leader in industrial sensors ifm electronic Ltd is committed to delivering the best in sensing technologies to detect just about anything. It comes as no surprise then that ifm electronic also offers a new family of sensors using the ultrasonic principle. Sensing ranges up to 2200mm can be achieved with the UG range of sensors. For both space saving and ease of installation the UG range from ifm electronic consists of M18 housings. Some are standard barrel types while others are in a combination rectangular housing with an M18 section, for more flexibility. ifm electronic is naturally concerned that the UG range are not only reliable object sensors, but are provided at affordable prices. Users won’t be disappointed. Setting switchpoints is simply done via pushbuttons or over IO-Link. IO-Link also presents an ideal way of transmitting distance data. In addition to housing options, ifm also offers two sensing principles using sound. Diffuse reflection devices, like their optical counterparts, send out pulses which are reflected by the surface of an object. Alternatively, there are retroreflective sensors that transmit to a solid surface behind the position of the target, and the object breaks the beam. This is particularly useful when the position and angle of the target object cannot be predetermined. For many industries handling objects that optical sensors struggle with, ultrasonic is a very useful addition. Tricky surfaces for photocells include expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise basket-type structures, uneven or dark surfaces, the benefits they gain from ifm products. or even very shiny ones. For further information, contact Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic ifm is committed to working closely with its Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, customers to develop products which precisely Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HD. Telephone: 020 8213-0000. match their needs, and the company provides Fax: 020 8213-2234. E-mail – gemma.anderson@ifm.com. 08 - Automation Update July 2016

Manufacturing skills gap and food waste top the bill at

PPMA Total Show 2016 The PPMA Total Show 2016, running from 27-29 September 2016, at the NEC Birmingham, will once again play host to an extensive seminar programme. Visitors will be invited to join and engage with industry experts from Mondelez International, Nampak Plastics and the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), who will speak about the latest industry trends and hottest issues impacting processing and packaging professionals including hygiene compliance, food waste and the ongoing skills gap. Headlining the 2016 seminar programme will be The Rt Hon Lord Francis Maude of Horsham, who previously served as the Minister of State for Trade and Investment. Lord Maude will present the opening address at the show, that will include a focus on the outlook of British manufacturing in the wake of the EU referendum. As a major proponent of the government led ‘Exporting is Great’ campaign, Lord Maude will also speak about a series of events set up across the UK in 2016, to ensure small and medium businesses get the support they need with exporting goods. Addressing one of the most important industry issues, the skills gap, Emma Mcleod, Principal Engineer for Process Solutions Global Chocolate R&D Team at Mondelez International, will be taking to the stage to give an inspiring, accurate and upto-date insight into the opportunities in engineering, the largest industry in the UK. As well as addressing the impact of the skills gap, Emma will explore how apprenticeships and graduate training schemes can help young people build a successful career in the UK food and drink manufacturing industry. Also speaking at the PPMA Total Show 2016, Claire Shrewsbury, Packing Programme Area Manager 10 - Automation Update July 2016

for WRAP, the circular economy and resource efficiency experts, will reveal how the charity is at the forefront of helping governments and businesses to achieve sustainability targets and improve resource efficiency. Claire is currently responsible for a number of government programmes that promote both environmental improvements and cost benefits to industry, including current projects with GlassRite Wine, and developing recycled food grade PP processing. Also joining the line-up, Emma De-Alwis, Hygiene Specialist at Campden BRI will highlight how contaminated food products and food hygiene problems that go undetected along the supply chain have a serious negative impact on the UK manufacturing industry. She will discuss the importance of equipment and factory design on hygiene compliance in the pharmaceutical sector as well as the food and drink industry. Emma’s session will cover industry requirements in relation to hygiene compliance for both equipment manufacturers and end users.

Addressing the need to excite consumers and the role of packaging in increasing sales, Ashwin Moorthy, Head of Engineering & Innovation at Nampak Plastics, will discuss the latest packaging innovations in the FMCG world, and how packaging can both protect products and extend shelf life whilst being environmentally friendly. Additional speakers confirmed for the 2016 exhibition include Neil Farmer of the Neil Farmer Associates; Ben Clarke, Training & Education Manager at GS1; and Nick Kesterton of the International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE). To register your attendance at the show please visit: http://bit.ly/28QsHuF. For more information on the PPMA Total Show 2016, please visit www.ppmatotalshow.co.uk or join the conversation on twitter @PPMATotalShow#PPMATotalShowor the PPMA Total Show LinkedIn page

Appeal for more female engineers to have their work published On National Women in Engineering Day 2016, the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) is calling for more female engineers to capitalise on their knowledge and expertise by having their work published in its world-renowned publications and information services.


he IET publishes a range of widely respected publications and information services for engineers and technicians, and is making the appeal due to the worryingly low number of female engineers contributing to its publications. For example, only 1% of the 800 editorial board members serving across the IET’s journal portfolio are female.

a problem for the economy as well as for diversity. It is therefore important that leading engineering publishers like the IET ensure gender diversity in their approach to publishing. That’s why we are appealing to female engineers to share their expertise and experiences with their peers, not only as a way of boosting their own career progression but also to inspire the next generation of female engineers.”

The annual IET Skills and Demand in Industry survey shows that women have represented less than 10% of the engineering workforce in the UK for over a decade, so ensuring the work of outstanding female engineers is better represented in the world of engineering publishing has never been so important.

Esther Dudek, who is a Senior Consultant at EA Technology Ltd, recently spoke about energy storage at an IET event and has contributed to the IET’s E&T Reference, which includes a collection of multidisciplinary, technical articles and case studies.

Naomi Climer, IET President, said: “Women are woefully underrepresented in engineering. In a profession with a serious skills shortage, this represents

12 - Automation Update July 2016

Esther explained: “It’s important to have visible diversity within engineering to show the wide range of areas that women are working in. Too often the important roles that women have in the profession aren’t reflected

at events or in technical journals. It’s also important to have visible female role models for more outward facing things, such as on TV, as it influences the next generation and their career choices. “If we want to have more visible role models then we need to be prepared to volunteer for things, and talk about our work. I was delighted to get involved with the IET’s E&T reference – it’s a good way of promoting your company and the skills and knowledge you have.” If you would like to find out more about the IET’s publishing resources, please visit the authors’ section of the IET’s Resources webpage. The IET also has an authors’ community on its Engineering Communities website.

The inverter PLC calculates the service interval based on an algorithm – which was thoroughly checked against actual lab measurements and fine-tuned accordingly

Drive technology at Hannover Messe:

Condition monitoring and predictive maintenance


rives with advanced condition monitoring capabilities that support predictive maintenance were showcased by NORD DRIVESYSTEMS at this year’s Hannover Messe exhibition. NORD employs frequency inverters with an integrated PLC to monitor the complete drive system, evaluate sensor data, and assess the system state by means of intelligent algorithms. An industrial gear unit demonstrates the condition monitoring approach based on sensors and dedicated evaluation technology. Vibration and oil sensors provide crucial live data about the wear and tear. Vibration analysis then enables conclusions about the state of the bearings as well as the gearing, and oil analysis can help determine when the lubricant needs changing. As the “virtual sensing” model demonstrated, predictive maintenance is also possible without external sensors and the accompanying higher costs: in this showcase, the inverter assembles the drive system’s process data and calculates the maintenance time using an algorithm that also incorporates product data and application know-how acquired through decades of experience. The functionality is based on the fieldbus-independent reference architecture for condition monitoring in factory automation defined by the German Engineering Federation in technical rule VDMA 24582. In order to represent the real drive state as closely as possible, NORD has thoroughly verified calculated values against true laboratory measurements to further optimize the algorithm. These software diagnostics are a particularly efficient solution which is also suitable for small drive sizes. Customers achieve a longer product life, enhanced availability, and lower maintenance costs with this new inverter function.


Automation Update - 13 July 2016

Industry Leaders line up to join The Manufacturer Smart Factory Expo

B&R Automation are the latest company to join the line-up of exhibitors for The Manufacturer Smart Factory Expo, the only exhibition focussing on the UK’s response to Industry 4.0. Other exhibitors recently confirmed include Autodesk, Bluefin, Bytronic, Cimlogic, Fast Technologies, Harting, K3, Netsuite. TM Smart Factory Expo has also gained the support from the Confederation of British Industry (CBI), Department of Business Innovation and Skills (BIS), The Manufacturers’ Organisation EEF, and GAMBICA the UK’s leading trade association focussing on Automation, Instrumentation and Control. Adrian Sell, Business Development Manager at The Manufacturer Smart Factory Expo said: “There is enormous interest from both exhibitors and visitors that wish to engage in a face to face experience to discover what the UK’s response to industry 4.0 can offer. The expo will cover everything from new embedded technology; artificial intelligence, the industrial internet of things, automation and robotics, machine to machine 14 - Automation Update July 2016

technologies, additive manufacturing, servitization and mass customisation. It is our clear goal to make our manufacturers as efficient, sustainable and profitable as possible - we need to act now to remain competitive.”

tion; data exchange; technology, and wider supply chain communications provides both huge opportunities and threats to UK manufacturing, there remains a ‘gaping hole’ in the education and understanding of Industry 4.0.

Nicholas Temple, Marketing Manager UK&I, B&R Industrial Automation said “B&R stands for innovation in industrial manufacturing. Through our involvement at The Manufacturer Smart Factory Expo, we aim to define the role of technology in building the future of UK manufacturing. We are delighted to be involved and look forward to sharing our experiences and solutions with the participants as they look to increase the productivity, flexibility and competitiveness of their factories.”

The Manufacturer’s Annual Leaders Conference (TMALC) has announced the programme for the two day event that runs alongside The Manufacturer Smart Factory Expo.

Only 8% of UK manufacturers have a significant understanding of Industry 4.0 processes, despite 59% recognising that it will have a big impact on the sector, according to a new report published 16 June by accountancy and business advisory firm, BDO LLP, in association with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers. As the increasing use of automa-

TMALC 2016 sets the stage to answer all of UK manufacturing’s questions about the 4th Industrial Revolution. This revolution will fundamentally change the industrial landscape, so early adopters will gain the most from embracing this new paradigm. Much uncertainty surrounds this technology; what will it mean for the manufacturing community and how can we ensure we remain competitive globally? The event takes place on the exhibition floor of TM Smart Factory Expo, but separate registration is required. Visit www.tmalc.com for more information.

In partnership with

2-3 November 2016 | The NEC, Birmingham TMSMARTFACTORYEXPO.COM

The smart factory is no longer the ‘factory of the future’ – it is the factory of TODAY. TM Smart Factory Expo is the only showcase event to focus solely on the very latest advances in Industry 4.0 in the UK.


1-3 NOVEMBER 2016

Supported by:

Omron acquires Adept’s classy robots for fast-moving automation At the PPMA Total Show 2016, Omron will formally announce its acquisition of Adept Technologies, an established US-based manufacturer and global supplier of industrial robots. The takeover has added 49 best-in-class robots to Omron’s portfolio and enables the company to offer all three primary classes of robots together with an established global service infrastructure. Critically, the deal has broadened Omron’s portfolio with the addition of six axis articulated robots. The new brand, named Omron Adept Technologies, can now offer a larger range of robots across all three primary classes SCARA, delta and six axis. This fits perfectly into Omron’s automation strategy, and means that the firm is well positioned to support manufacturers of high technology fastmoving consumer goods (FMCG). The robots are fully integrated into Omron’s Sysmac automation platform and programming environment. Both new and existing product lines will benefit from utilising the established Adept global service infrastructure. Omron has seamlessly integrated all 49 robots into the machine control environment managed by Omron’s Sysmac automation platform and programming system. Amongst the brightest new stars in the Omron Adept Technologies range is the Quattro s650H Delta (or ‘parallel’) robot. Claimed to be the world’s fastest industrial robot, it is specifically designed for high-speed applications in packaging, manufacturing, assembly and material handling. It is the only parallel robot in the world that features a patented fourarm design (rather than the usual three), advanced control algorithms, and large working envelope. This makes it an ideal, overhead-mounted robot for smooth motion, high-throughput applications. Omron’s existing two lines of SCARA and delta robots will continue to be offered alongside the new range. “Despite the Adept range being the larger of the two, the ranges are also complementary - for example, by providing a mini-Delta robotic solution to complement the models in the Adept range. Also, while Omron’s existing SCARA robots can carry higher payloads, albeit at slower speeds, the more compact Adept solutions provide expanded flexibility with regard to application compatibility,” says Omron’s Marketing Manager Dan Rossek. 16 - Automation Update July 2016

Omron will display all three primary classes of robot on stand B34 at the PPMA Total Show held at the NEC Birmingham 27-29 September 2016.

New Vibration Core Products Catalogue from ACE Fabreeka UK

ACE and Fabreeka have come together to become the new ACE Fabreeka UK. Both of these well recognised, market leading brands are available from one highly experienced team focused on the UK motion and vibration control market. A new 104-page Fabreeka Vibration Control core products catalogue is now available, giving designers, architects and structural engineers a comprehensive, technical overview of products to solve vibration and isolation problems.

Since 1936, Fabreeka has been providing these solutions to a diverse customer base across numerous end-markets, such as test and measurement, industrial machinery, building and construction, oil and gas, power generation, steel, automotive, precision equipment, aerospace and defence. The original fabric reinforced, elastomeric Fabreeka Pad and the nitrile rubber Fabcel Pad are the two core Fabreeka branded products supported by a wide array of other supporting vibration and isolation materials, shock mounts, mounting feet and levelling mounts.

of products, ACE Fabreeka UK will also be able to offer access to added value design and customer support services when more than just a product is necessary and a total vibration control solution is required. To get your copy of this new catalogue contact ACE Fabreeka UK on 01942 727440 or email: info@ ace-fabreeka.co.uk ACE Fabreeka UK, Unit 404, Easter Park, Haydock Lane Haydock WA11 9TH. Tel: 01942 727440. Fax: 01942 717273. E-mail: info@ace-fabreeka.co.uk Web: www.ace-controls.co.uk and www.fabreeka.co.uk

In addition to a very extensive range Automation Update - 17 July 2016

Rf-Lite Carton Coder Saves Dough At The Celtic Bakers The RF-Lite has replaced a labour intensive hand-gun labelling operation at The Celtic Bakers


he Celtic Bakers supplies outstanding artisan wares to the most dynamic and discerning establishments in London, including top restaurants, hotels, delicatessens and food halls, as well as producing for premium labels . To maintain its scrupulous attention to detail, all of its beautiful pastries, cakes and sourdoughs are made fresh each day on site, with authentic methodology. However, adhering to artisan production principles does not preclude the bakery from embracing technology in its packaging processes, particularly where this can enhance product appearance. So when The Celtic Bakers heard about Rotech’s new RF-Lite as a potential replacement for its hand-gun labelling operation, the company was keen to trial the offline date marking system for applying production codes and best before dates to cartons. “We were using a hand gun to apply pre-printed labels to the end-flaps of the cartons but this was slow going, and repetitive work for staff. We were on the look-out for a better way of coding these products, so the launch of the RFLite was perfectly timed for us,” says The Celtic Bakers. Launched at the start of this year with a baseline price tag of £5000, Rotech’s RF-Lite is pitched as an affordable coding model for artisan operations and other small food companies looking to automate their offline date marking process for the first time. “In developing the RF-Lite, we were effectively fulfilling our company mission to get the right quality code, in the right place at a cost that is right for the customer. We wanted to bring the benefits of automated marking within the reach of smaller food manufacturers for the first time,” says Richard Pether, director of Rotech.

18 - Automation Update July 2016

The Celtic Bakers, a north London baker of hand-crafted breads, cakes and patisserie, has become one of the first users of Rotech’s new RF-Lite sleeve and carton coder. The entry-level offline coding system is demonstrating labour and label cost savings as well as improved aesthetics versus the hand labelling method that the bakery has historically used to mark cartons of sourdough crispbreads. The RF-Lite takes flat cardboard sleeves or cartons from a hopper, feeds them through a printer so they can be coded, and stacks them again ready for use. The RF-Lite can handle pack shapes and sizes ranging anywhere from 40x70mm to 300x200mm and can be easily adjusted to swap between sizes. The machine’s linear speed is 60m/s, which means it can typically handle 200300 sleeves per minute depending on sleeve size. Rotech delivered an RFLite system to the bakery at the beginning of March. The Celtic Bakers has become one of the first users of Rotech’s new entry-level RF-Lite sleeve and carton coder This has enabled The Celtic Bakers to print batches of cartons offline on-demand at much “With premium goods, producers can’t higher speeds than could be done afford to risk poor quality coding that manually. detracts from the overall appearance and image of the product. High resolution “Using our label gun method, we were TIJ gives crisp, clear, well defined codes doing a box of 300 cartons in five to and at a cheaper cost-per-print than, say ten minutes, whereas the Rotech continuous ink jet,” explains Richard. machine will run off 300 sleeves in a minute. This means we can bake “Applying the codes in this way improves a batch of crispbreads, run off the the overall pack appearance and it saves corresponding number of cartons and money, as we can do away with the labels get them packed straightaway. It makes altogether,” he says. “We’ve not had the the coding element of the process RF-Lite on-site for long, but it has certainly quicker and far less painful,” says The made its presence felt. This compact little Celtic Bakers. coder has made a huge difference to our packaging operation by dramatically The RF-Lite can be integrated with reducing the time taken to code cartons. It any coding engine, but given that has shown us that small changes can yield the bakery is producing luxury food big improvements without costing the items, Rotech recommended the earth” concludes The Celtic Bakers. correspondingly high quality thermal www.rotechmachines.com inkjet (TIJ) technology.


"Simple to program, reliable, and very affordable; what more could you want?" Patrick Elam, Vapor Systems Technologies, Inc. Testing equipment for gas pumps


Classic Panel

Vision350™ PLC+HMI Supports up to 1000 I/Os

Options for high-speed, temperature and weight measurement Variety of communication options


Flat Panel On-Board I/Os Digital , analog and temperature

CANbus (Optional)

RS232/RS485 programming port in 3.5” model (USB in 4.3” model)

Software & Support included at no extra cost! Optional - 3.5” and 4.3” with a flat panel

Ethernet (Optional)

Epsom 2 Keys Business Village. Keys Park Road, Hednesford, Staffordshire, WS12 2HA Tel: +44(0) 1543 271899 sales@alldrivesandcontrols.co.uk www.alldrivesandcontrols.co.uk

Unitronics is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of PLCs with integrated HMI and on-board I/Os - rugged PLC product lines that meet a diverse range of requirements. You program your entire application in a single, intuitive software environment, and benefit from premier technical support, both provided at no extra cost.


"For a first-time user, I had a great experience. I look forward to incorporating Unitronics on future jobs." Jeremy Charles Keene, Controls Manager at General Broach Company

In the picture – Packaging Machine controlled by Unitronics V1210™ and SAMBA 4.3™. Bimetec BV, Netherlands.


Vision1210™ Advanced PLC with an integrated HMI USB programming port

Unitronics is a pioneer in the manufacture and design of PLCs with integrated HMI and on-board I/Os - rugged PLC product lines that meet a diverse range of requirements. You program your entire application in a single, intuitive software environment, and benefit from premier technical support, both provided at no extra cost.

SD card


Supports up to 1000 I/Os

SNAP I/O Module (optional ) Digital, analog and temperature

RS232/RS485 Ethernet

Options for high-speed, temperature and weight measurement Variety of communication options Software & Support included at no extra cost!

I/O Expansion port

Epsom 2 Keys Business Village. Keys Park Road, Hednesford, Staffordshire, WS12 2HA Tel: +44(0) 1543 271899 sales@alldrivesandcontrols.co.uk www.alldrivesandcontrols.co.uk

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Automation Update - July 2016  

Automation Update - July 2016