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January 2016

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When it must be accurate, it must be Zwick! When decisions on material quality and material selection are on the line, there is no room for error. Your work demands the best and Zwick delivers top quality materials testing systems that leverage our 160+ years of industry experience. Contact us for more information on how intelligent testing systems from Zwick can optimize throughput in your lab.

Zwick Testing Machines Ltd. Southern Avenue Leominster Herefordshire HR6 OQH United Kingdom Phone: ++44 1568-61 5201 E-Mail: sales.info@zwick.co.uk

Visit zwick.co.uk and keep up with us on social media

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Electric handling unit from Festo

ensures precision and high throughput in DNA extraction Festo, the leading supplier of automation equipment, has developed a high level handling system for use in the new oKtopureTM DNA extraction robot from LGC. The fully-automatic robot has been developed for plant and animal breeders, and molecular biologists who often face technical challenges when analysing DNA. oKtopure DNA extraction robot

04 - Automation Update January 2016



he oKtopure robot is designed to speed up breeding programs and many other molecular biological analyses. The robot allows 8 x 96 Deepwell plates to be purified in parallel, enabling up to 5,000 samples to be extracted during a normal eight-hour working day. The throughput depends on the duration of the extraction protocol as well as the starting weight or volume and the sample material itself, such as leaf or seed material. Requiring a high level of automation, LGC turned to Festo for its expertise in pneumatic and electric automation technologies. WThe solution provided was a three-dimensional gantry handling system to meet the high levels of precision required. Liquid handling is made possible by the reliable EGC electric toothed belt axes on the X- and Y-axes, while the double Z-axis, EGSK, with spindle drive, ensures exact positioning of the dispensing head. The gantry for liquid handling is supplied as a complete system.

EGC electric toothed belt axis

“We were able to adapt the handling guide precisely to the requirements of LGC’s laboratory application,” says Paul Kendall, business development manager at Festo. “The gantry is easy to commission, can be integrated quickly into machines and the pre-parameterised drive and controller package allows users to concentrate on their core competencies, without having to concern themselves with details of the automation technology.” The solution was delivered in a ready-to-install solution, fully assembled and tested directly to the factory. The full system includes all design data on circuit programs and a comprehensive functional guarantee, which makes set up exceptionally easy. The oKtopure robot utilises the sbeadexTM extraction chemistry developed by LGC, which is based on the use of magnetic particles. These particles can specifically bind nucleic acids such as DNA and allows the separation of DNA from other contaminants. “Such a high-tech system requires a trustworthy solution. The fact that Festo could offer us a complete package consisting of hardware, software and a consultancy service is what tipped the balance in Festo’s favour,” explains, Dr. Dietrich Köster product manager at LGC. “Complete solutions not only ease the burden on technical personnel, they keep design and process costs low and simplify the procurement process. “We took advantage of the engineering know-how of the Festo automation specialists, which saved a great deal of time throughout the process, especially during testing and commissioning” concludes Köster.

Dr. Dietrich Köster product manager at LGC

For more information on the handling systems, please visit: www.festo.co.uk or call Festo directly on: 01252 775000. Automation Update - 5 January 2016

Material Handling


Pallet Transfer Systems Always the right system

Divided according to three weight and size classes, the right system is always available for any application. The versatile pallet sizes and the choice of different conveyor types make VersaMove extremely flexible. Fast cycle times with high precision is ensured with timing belt conveyors. Accumulating roller conveyors are especially well-suited for accumulating operation and for heavily loaded applications. The flat top chain conveyor also offers accumulation capability and in addition enables direction changes using curved frames.

Modular. The modular design of VersaMove ensures fast, transparent planning and project development. VersaMove can be flexibly expanded and excellently adapted to your specific requirements. Compatible. When developing the system, particular attention was paid to compatibility to systems already available on the market. And that means, for example, pallets of other manufacturers can also be used on the VersaMoveStandard. This enables existing systems to be easily expanded with VersaMove.

6 - Automation Update January 2016

Versatile. „Versa“ stands for Versatility. VersaMove can be used in virtually all areas of automation and material flow. Whether it‘s individual modules or turnkey solutions – with VersaMove we offer complete allaround service, including control, commissioning and maintenance. For more information please visit www.mkprofiles.co.uk or email info@mkprofiles.co.uk

Profile Technology

Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Modules and Much More

Pallet Handling Systems Modular. Compatible. Versatile.

mk Profile systems limited a company of the mk Technology Group Unit 2·Wolds Farm Business Park Kinoulton Lane·Kinoulton·Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ Phone +44 (0)1949 823751·Fax +44 (0)1949 81270 www.mkprofiles.co.uk·info@mkprofiles.co.uk

Material Handling

Linear Servo Conquers Traditional Inaccu

Impressive Throughput and

The system uses 3 Beckhoff XTS Systems totalling almost 30m in combined length

SP Technology has leveraged the impressive capabilities of the Beckhoff XTS Continuous Linear Servo System to create a machine that combines speed, accuracy, flexibility and a reduced footprint. SP Technology, formed in 1984, is dedicated to providing solutions to many of today’s production problems and demands with the design and manufacture of bespoke automation systems. The company’s success is based upon a dedicated and dynamic group of engineers and support staff who are capable of providing the most appropriate solutions to meet customers’ automation needs in a cost-effective and timely manner. SP Technology designs and develops innovative systems to the highest degree of performance and reliability, offering the complete package of skills in automation engineering, incorporating cutting-edge technologies to determine the 8 - Automation Update January 2016

appropriate solution. Each system it produces is unique and requires researching solutions to problems that are not provided using “off-the-shelf” equipment. Over the years, the company has produced over 800 systems for customers across the world, in industries including pharmaceutical, medical devices, munitions, food and beverage and automotive. These systems have ranged from bench-top solutions to multimillion pound assembly lines. In a recent project for a UK healthcare customer, SP Technology was tasked with developing a fully automated labelling machine, which had to apply labels with a very high degree of accuracy and then package them into storage trays at a rate of up to 100 parts per minute. For this machine the engineers at SP Technology knew that conventional servo solutions would not be able to offer the accuracy required

Solution uracies, Delivering

d Increased Flexibility

Beckhoff Servomotor

and, as a result, it turned to Beckhoff Automation Ltd. for an advanced automation and motion solution that would meet the demanding needs of the end customer. The main challenge of this application was to overcome the inaccuracies associated with standard industry approaches, and create a solution that would allow labels to be repeatedly applied and wrapped around 370° on a cylindrical device. Typical accuracies achieved by standard solutions is within 0.5 mm and 5 degrees from reference features on the label, however in this application the accuracies required were within 0.1 mm and with no visible overlap. The Beckhoff solution incorporated in the machine comprised multiple elements, but core to the machine’s impressive accuracy and performance were three XTS Continuous Linear Servo Systems totalling almost 30m in combined length. In

addition to the XTS modules were a selection of 48V Beckhoff servo motors and a Beckhoff industrial PC, controlling the automation and motion solution over a TwinCAT Ethernetbased control network. A TwinSAFE network and ancillaries was also used for machine safety. In addition to the Beckhoff products a number of third party devices were deployed, including vision and code readers, pneumatics for the pick and place operations and a six-axis robot. In operation, trays populated with parts were manually loaded into the machine and separated to present a single tray for the unloading of devices. A servo operated pick and place solution then loaded an array of devices on to purposebuilt nests, which were bolted to the individual XTS Movers. The nests had to be designed with spring-loaded retention fingers in order to keep the product stable during the rapid accelerations and decelerations with speeds of up to 2 m/s Automation Update - 9 January 2016

Material Handling from station to station. As the nest carried an odd number of parts, and the tray had an even number in each row, intricate programming of the TwinCAT software was required in order to sequence the movers into the correct positions so that all the parts were processed as required. Prior to a nest reaching a labelling station, the labels were peeled off and presented to a vacuum pad where they would be inspected by a vision system. The vision system would feedback the angular and linear displacement from datum edges and write these parameters to the Beckhoff IndustrialPC controlling the system. Once the parameters were gathered a rotary servo motor connected to the vacuum pad would turn to compensate for the angle offset and the final mover position was adjusted to cater for linear displacement. Once the label was rotated and the mover positioned correctly, the vacuum pad would engage with the product, leaving the label behind. Once applied, the label would be left with the ‘legs’ trailing down either side of the device and would require wrapping then overwrapping to create the overlapped joint. This was achieved using a roller connected to an elliptical cam that would engage and disengage the roller at points along a rotary move. A 48 V servo motor was used to drive this cam and through a reducing gearbox provided the torque and control to wrap the label in two directions in the short cycle time. Due to the product requirement for labels on opposite faces, three XTS systems were used with a re-orientate mechanism in between each system. Each of these pick/re-orientate/ place modules was driven by a geared 48 V servo motor that gave sufficient acceleration and speed to transfer the parts SP Technology with Beckhoff create a fully automated labelling machine

10 - Automation Update January 2016

in the required cycle time. Once the third and final label was applied, the devices were loaded back in to the same batch of trays that they were originally unloaded from. The machine also automatically rejected parts and a buffer system was used to cater for the shortfall due to rejects. For quality purposes, label batch and product data, including inspections, were recorded as the machine processed the devices through the system. Roy Henderson, Managing Director of SP Technology, commented: “By incorporating the XTS system into our solution we have been able to overcome a number of problems associated with traditional labelling and linear systems. Fast transfer between stations, controllable buffering and the ability to position the device to suit the label has allowed us to provide a very flexible and configurable system. The construction also allowed us to fully integrate the XTS system into our concept, optimising space and work around standard platforms.” According to Stephen Hayes, UK Managing Director at Beckhoff Automation Ltd.: “The Beckhoff XTS system unites the benefits of rotary and linear systems. As a result, the most diverse applications can be realised with just a few coordinated components. And thanks to the low construction volume, the energy efficiency and the size of a machine can be significantly reduced.” This project was a successful team effort between SP Technology and Beckhoff, reinforcing Beckhoff’s policy of working closely with key partners. Beckhoff Automation Ltd 01491 410539 www.beckhoff.co.uk

Material Handling

Next generation conveyor system for the tissue industry

Tissue converting lines share the issue of heavy dust generation which creates well known problems for machinery and equipment. FlexLink have developed a new conveyor designed to cope with these conditions and which practically eliminates unplanned stops and excessive maintenance. The new solution is displayed at MIAC, a leading Italian tissue exhibition, in Lucca on October 14-15th.


igh line efficiency with predictable output demands equipment with high performance, requiring a minimum of maintenance. In the tissue industry, the conveyor systems play an important role connecting the steps from cutting of the logs to the packaging and end-of-line operations. FlexLink have developed a new conveyor platform, X65Y, specifically designed to meet the tough demands from the tissue converting processes. The design is robust and allows the paper dust to easily evacuate from inside the beam, a well-known problem for tissue converters. The result is a substantial reduction of stops and increased uptime of the converting lines. In addition, new transfer units have been developed for connecting the flow between conveyors and equipment, a critical point especially when it comes to rolls with a short cut length.

Perfectly balanced flow – high throughput Visitors will also be shown the DMT™ (Dynamic Motion Transfer) and other unique technologies of FlexLink for the balancing of high capacity converting flows. Combining the DMT™ technology solutions with other solutions from FlexLink such as such as dynamic speed control, a perfectly balanced and pull based flow is achieved enabling

12 - Automation Update January 2016

the highest process throughput. FlexLink offers turnkey solutions including pre-studies, solutions design, layouts, integration and after sales services. At the booth, 3D production flow simulations will be demonstrated – a given tool for early verification of the systems design and capacity. “The new X65Y conveyor platform has been thoroughly tested at key users on all continents and proven its capability, substantially increasing line uptime. The typical dust related problems are practically eliminated. We are currently working on several businesses including conveyor systems based on X65Y and the DMT solution for seamless balancing of high capacity converting flows. We look forward sharing our ideas with the tissue industry at MIAC” comments Hans Östergren, manager of FlexLink’s Tissue business unit

Robust power supplies

Perfect for machine building The new generation of the TRIO POWER range of power supplies is perfect for use in machine building. All functions and the space-saving design are tailored to the high requirements in this field. The power supply units, which feature an extremely robust electrical and mechanical design, ensure the reliable supply of all loads even under harsh ambient conditions. For additional information call 0845 881 2222 or visit www.phoenixcontact.co.uk/trio

PS 02-15.002.L1


Tailored training on the mounting, maintenance and condition monitoring of rolling bearings

Schaeffler UK has released its new technical training course programme for 2016. Courses offered include one, two and three-day training for managers, engineers and technicians involved in the selection, operation and maintenance of rolling bearings, as well as condition monitoring, vibration analysis, bearing failure analysis and mounting of rolling bearings. While training takes a modular approach for ease of selection, courses can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of the customer where necessary.


chaeffler UK offers a variety of training courses at basic and advanced levels to suit all delegates’ skill levels. Courses include: introduction to rolling bearings; rolling bearing technology; rolling bearing mounting; rolling bearing lubrication; rolling bearing failure analysis; introduction to condition monitoring; bearings for electric motors; vibration analysis (Levels 1 and 2); and Detector III (Schaeffler’s handheld vibration monitoring device).

Training courses are held either at the UK Schaeffler Technology Centre in Sutton Coldfield or on-site at the customer. The centre is equipped to provide both classroom-based and practical hands-on training for customers from every industry sector and at all skills levels, from maintenance fitters to designers of complex rotating equipment.

Training is delivered by qualified Schaeffler engineers with a wealth of knowledge and many years’ experience in the design, application and operation of rolling element bearings. Schaeffler specialists in vibration analysis and condition monitoring also provide support and share their technical expertise with course delegates.

“When it comes to bearing mounting training, for example, there is nothing as effective as the hands-on approach. Many inexperienced maintenance technicians are unsure how to correctly fit rolling bearings and are equally unaware of how susceptible these bearings can be to damage and excess wear if they are not fitted appropriately. If you use the right tools, the task can be completed in half the time with half the effort,” added Dr Lacey.

Dr Steve Lacey, Engineering Manager at Schaeffler UK commented: “Our rolling bearing training courses are carefully structured to ensure that we provide delegates with the maximum support possible during the initial design process through to the successful operation and monitoring of rotating plant and machinery. In industries where the loss of critical plant or equipment can result in costly production downtime, an understanding of condition monitoring tools and techniques can help to minimise disruption and reduce costs.” 14 - Automation Update January 2016

For more information on Schaeffler training courses in 2016, please contact Schaeffler UK’s Communications & Marketing Department on info.uk@schaeffler.com www.schaeffler.co.uk


Dixon Group Europe Limited 350 Walton Summit Centre, Bamber Bridge, Preston PR5 8AS Telephone: +44 (0)1772 323529 Fax: +44 (0)1772 314664 marketing@dixoneurope.co.uk

The Dixon Family of Quick Release Couplings offers complete Interchanges to all major manufacturers. • Sizes from 1/8” to 21/2” • Full Interchange Guide Available

For further information please contact us now on:

01772 323 529


Automation Update - 15 January 2016

Tech Matters

Introducing Unidrive HS30 and HS70 – drives designed for high speeds Emerson has expanded its Control Techniques variable speed drive range with two new models designed specifically for applications which demand high speeds.

The Unidrive HS30 and HS70 variable speed drives, capable of output frequencies of 3,000Hz, are perfectly suited to high speed applications frequently required for automotive & aeronautical engine and transmission line test equipment, machine tool manufacture and centrifuges for the food & beverage and oil industries.


nidrive HS70 and HS30 are essentially designed with the same specifications as the standard Control Techniques Unidrive M700 and Unidrive M300 variable speed drives, however, unlike the Unidrive M models, HS30 and HS70 have been engineered specifically for high speed applications. The new drives are controlled products under new laws in the EU and USA covering the export of ‘dual use’ goods, software and technology. This refers to items normally used for civilian purposes but which may have military applications, or may contribute to the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. OEMS and machine builders which incorporate high speed drives in their designs are responsible for checking and evaluating whether or not their machines comply with, or contravene, the relevant legislation. In order to assist its customers, Control Techniques has introduced the Unidrive HS range of high frequency variable speed drives. Unidrive HS70 offers class-leading induction, permanent magnet and servo motor performance, with on-board real time Ethernet. It provides maximum control of high speed motors and incorporates an on-board Advanced Motion Controller and PLC. Different

variations of Unidrive HS70 are available, including models with on-board Ethernet, RS485 and Dual Safe Torque Off (Dual STO). Unidrive HS30 is designed for applications that require cost effective integration into safety systems and incorporates Dual STO and advanced Rotor Flux Control of open loop induction motors. The existing Unidrive M models, which are restricted to a frequency of 550Hz, are uncontrolled products in the eyes of the new laws in the EU and USA restricting the sale of variable speed drives with an output frequency of higher than 600Hz. This means no export restrictions reply. In order to comply with the new legislation, businesses which export goods or machines that incorporate goods classed as dual use under the terms of the EU regulation to locations outside the EU must apply for the relevant export licences from their respective governments. The changes also have an effect on the documentation required in any transaction, as well as the measures which are taken to securely store the controlled goods. `


16 - Automation Update January 2016

Tech Matters

New double deck plugs the gap Conta-clip has now launched a new range of double deck terminals to complement the standard SRK terminal range. The range uses the plug in SQI cross connectors that are fully compatible with the standard feed through terminals. Available in 2.5mm, 4mm and 10mm with earth and linked versions to complete the range. l Pluggable cross connectors l Dual cross connect channel l Polyamide 6.6 UL 94-V0 l Robust and secure construction



0116 284 9900

All for one, one for all The N21 digital meter can cover most common applications with a single unit This compact 96x48x64 panel meter uses the latest OLED technology giving a clear, bright display with a wide viewing angle and configuration is easily done through a standard mini USB cable. l Universal input l Universal supply 24V-230V ac/dc l Relay alarm output l OLED display with bar graph l IP65



0116 284 9900

Automation Update - 17 January 2016

Tech Matters

A successful combination

The new miniature photocells from ifm for wet areas now include IO-Link Successfully combining the latest technologies, ifm’s newest O6 photocells will not only survive harsh environments, but also feature extra functionality via IO-Link. IO-Link, supported by a consortium of the major automation companies, is rapidly establishing itself across industry, allowing communication down to sensor level without any extra wiring. In the O6 sensors many functions are accessible via IOLink, such as range and sensitivity, light/dark switching and a test function, but of greater significance is the ability to add time delays to the signal. Timers in such a small housing would be almost impossible without IO-Link.

develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm products. For further information, contact Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HD. Telephone: 020 8213-0000. Fax: 020 8213-2234. E-mail – gemma. anderson@ifm.com. Successfully combining the latest technologies, ifm’s newest O6 photocells will not only survive harsh environments, but also feature extra functionality via IO-Link.

The wet area versions of the O6 with IO-Link are constructed with a stainless steel housing, protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K, with optical performance optimised for the environment found in food production.

IO-Link, supported by a consortium of the major automation companies, is rapidly establishing itself across industry, allowing communication down to sensor level without any extra wiring.

The reliable background suppression of the diffuse reflection version has proved a hit with users since it was first launched, as the light spot is well defined, background suppression unsurpassed, and immunity to steam or reflective backgrounds second to none.

In the O6 sensors many functions are accessible via IOLink, such as range and sensitivity, light/dark switching and a test function, but of greater significance is the ability to add time delays to the signal. Timers in such a small housing would be almost impossible without IO-Link.

The O6 housing is industry standard, with 1” hole centres, so retrofitting is simple.

The wet area versions of the O6 with IO-Link are constructed with a stainless steel housing, protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K, with optical performance optimised for the environment found in food production.

The stainless steel O6 is also available as through-beam or retro-reflective system, with equally outstanding performance. Combining such an excellent sensor with IO-Link gives the user the edge. ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to

The reliable background suppression of the diffuse reflection version has proved a hit with users since it was first launched, as the light spot is well defined, background suppression unsurpassed, and immunity to steam or reflective backgrounds second to none. The O6 housing is industry standard, with 1” hole centres, so retrofitting is simple. The stainless steel O6 is also available as through-beam or retro-reflective system, with equally outstanding performance. Combining such an excellent sensor with IO-Link gives the user the edge. ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm products. For further information, contact Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HD. Telephone: 020 8213-0000. Fax: 020 8213-2234. E-mail – gemma.anderson@ifm.com.

18 - Automation Update January 2016

All in one! The fail-safe SmartPLC from ifm Two separate plc’s in one compact housing: one for safety-related applications, the other as a standard plc or platform for other operations. Both plc’s communicate with each other so that complete machine control, including safety functions and visualisations can be carried out with just one Smartplc, AS-i offers unbeatably simple and flexible wiring of standard and safety-related signals.

www.ifm.com/uk/smartplc ifm telephone: (020) 8213 2222

Tech Matters

December 2015

Computer aided engineering the future of electrical design

Electrical engineering processes can be effectively streamlined thanks to a new generation of computer aided engineering technology (CAE). Ken Christie, director of EPLAN UK, explains how new software solutions have outstripped traditional CAD packages by shortening project turnaround times and improving accuracy and quality.

Computer aided engineering software is increasingly leaving conventional engineering tools in the dark. CAE improves accuracy and quality by removing the need for time-wasting manual input of data and, on any given design project, allows information to flow between everyone involved – engineers from across all disciplines, all departments, the customer and the product’s maintenance team. In the past, multiple software programmes have been used to automate tasks; for example, a computer-aided design (CAD) package to create graphical schematics and a tablebased Microsoft Excel spreadsheet to create parts lists. The programmes do not share data with each other, necessitating manual data entry and cross referencing. The potential for error was great. Today’s advanced CAE programmes have automated these and many other tasks, saving time and improving quality. Leading the way in the newest generation of CAE tools is EPLAN software which offers a powerful central database that brings together a wide range of information. This database can hold a large archive of recurrent content, ready for insertion into a project with a single keystroke and automates time-consuming processes such as device tagging and wire numbering. Currently the EPLAN Data Portal provides users with access to more then 582,000 components and device data that are controlled and managed by 100 leading industry manufacturers including, Mitsubishi Electric, Omron, Roxtec and Schneider Electric. 20 16|- Automation Update January 2016

Which to choose? Not all CAE systems offer the same featurerich benefits. EPLAN can provide a number of specialist products for specific industries and customer requirements, from enclosure design to wire harness development tools. EPLAN Fluid is an engineering software tool for the automatic configuration and documentation of circuits for fluid systems in hydraulics, pneumatics, cooling and lubrication. It connects the fluid power engineering with all other engineering disciplines so that tasks can be executed in parallel and the entire engineering process is accelerated. Used at the earliest stages of design, CAE tools enable engineers to understand, predict and improve product performance. Businesses are able to explore more design concepts, cut costs associated with actual prototypes and make faster, more informed decisions as designs progress. Can you afford not to make the change? For further information on EPLAN and their range of CAE software solutions, please call 01709 704100, email info@eplan.co.uk or visit www.eplan.co.uk

Production Management Software for Sub Contractors … … who want to improve productivity, reduce overheads & maintain traceability … … whilst making components, assemblies & products ... … for the aerospace, automotive, engineering, electronics, tooling & fabrication industries … ... dealing with Quotations, Sales, Purchasing, Quality & Scheduling.

PSL Datatrack pieces it all together

“We can now retrieve information at the touch of a button. To be honest it is difficult to see how we managed before we had PSL Datatrack.”

Better by association

“It's one of the best investments we have ever made.” “Our NQA auditor said PSL Datatrack is the best system he has seen.”

Prospec Systems Limited

Tel: +44 (0) 845 634 5931 auto@psldatatrack.com www.psldatatrack.com

Tech Matters

Special offer from RS Components makes 3D printing even more affordable 40% price reduction on advanced FDM 3D printer, when purchased with DesignSpark Mechanical direct-modelling add-on software modules, brings 3D design and fast prototyping capabilities to a wider audience of engineers


Components (RS), the trading brand of Electrocomponents plc (LSE:ECM), the global distributor for engineers, is offering a special bundle that combines advanced 3D modelling software and 3D printing hardware, and which provides advanced and highly affordable 3D design and prototyping capabilities. From the 1st December 2015, RS is offering a 40% reduction in price of the RS IdeaWerk 3D printer when purchased with DesignSpark Exchange and DesignSpark Drawing – which are add-on software modules that extend the capabilities of DesignSpark Mechanical, the advanced free-for-download 3D modelling software developed by RS and SpaceClaim. The RS IdeaWerk 3D printer uses the FDM (Fused Deposition Modelling) technology and offers high-level specifications including a build volume of 150 x 150 x 140mm and a minimum layer thickness resolution of 0.18mm. The single-head system accepts 1.75mm-diameter PLA filament materials with various different colours. The use of environmentally friendly PLA means no toxicity or chemical pollution or unpleasant smells, making it highly suitable for use in the home as well as in the industrial environment. Offering a robust and sturdy construction with dimensions of 211(L) x 403(W) x 298mm(H) and a weight of only 7.5kg, the RS IdeaWerk is easy to assemble and use and also lightweight enough to be portable. Although DesignSpark Mechanical is an advanced 3D direct-modelling tool that can be downloaded free of charge, RS has also made available premium modules that significantly extend the functionality of the software tool.

22 - Automation Update January 2016

The first module, DesignSpark Mechanical Exchange, adds advanced import/export capabilities and enables the import, modification and export of industry-standard STEP and IGES file formats, which allows full exchange of design data with other popular 3D CAD tools. The module also enables engineers to integrate DesignSpark Mechanical into a product development toolchain that works across various software platforms, moving beyond concept creation to a seamless workflow for producing final designs. The second module, DesignSpark Mechanical Drawing, adds SpaceClaim’s Associative Drawing environment, which allows the changing of designs, as well as the ability to create and modify geometry from within drawing views. It enables the creation of detailed dimensioned drawings allowing designers to move beyond concept development and the 3D printing of prototypes and on to final manufacturing. The offer is available globally with the exception of Japan, where there is a 40% price reduction for the MUTOH MF-500 3D printer, when purchased with the DesignSpark Mechanical add-on modules. The special 3D printing bundle, comprising DesignSpark Mechanical add-on modules and the RS IdeaWerk 3D printer, is available for purchase at www.rs-online.com priced at £954. The DesignSpark Mechanical software can be downloaded free-of-charge from www.rs-online.com/designspark/electronics/eng/page/mechanical.

ABB’s most powerful robot is ‘25% faster than rivals’ ABB has announced a multi-purpose industrial robot capable of lifting the company’s heaviest-ever payload, adding that it is also 25% faster than its rivals and has a lower total cost of ownership. The IRB 8700 robot can handle payloads of up to 800kg (or 1,000kg with its wrist down) and has a reach of 3.5m. There is a second version available with a reach of 4.2m and a maximum payload capacity of 550kg (or 620kg with the wrist down). Both versions have an unusually high moment of inertia of 725kgm2. While most other robots of this size use two motors and/or gears per axis, the ABB machine has only one motor and one gear for each axis. In addition, there are no gas springs ­– only a counterweight and mechanical springs for counter-balancing. Together, these design factors are claimed to cut the number of components, reduce the need for maintenance, and result in robots able to deliver shorter cycle times and higher accuracy.

“When designing the IRB 8700, we emphasised reach and payload, as well as performance,” says Ola Svanström, ABB product manager for large robots. “Thanks to ABB’s superior motion control technology at high moments of inertia, this – our highest ever payload robot – automatically adapts and adjusts its speed to accommodate heavy and wide parts. With a compact footprint, optimised counterweight, parallel linkages, stiff axes and fewer drive motors, the IRB 8700 keeps its momentum down, and speed up.”

Group HES is excited to announce a new division - HES Automatec Building on many years of accumulated experience in critical and complex fluid power control systems, Group HES has now formally launched a dedicated control division, HES Automatec.

Specialising in providing fluid power control solutions. • Skilled engineers with extensive experience in electrical engineering and enterprise software development. • Full turnkey capabilities - The multidisciplinary engineering team comprises fluid power, electrical, instrumentation and control engineers. • Official distributors of Danfoss Plus+1, the complete development environment for off highway applications. • Technical excellence in National Instruments products for data acquisition and test rigs and Siemens S7 for bespoke industrial machinery applications. • Total project management drawing on the support and structure of Group HES and the sister divisions.

Typical market sectors covered: • Industrial Automation • Fluid Power • Mobile Machinery • Control Instrumentation • Data Acquisition part of

Dowco House | Insworth Technology Park Innsworth Lane | Gloucester | GL3 1DL automatec@grouphes.com

Call or email the specialists to discuss your next project

t. 01452 733108

e. automatec@grouphes.com

 GroupHES  GroupHES  company/group-hes-ltd AUTOMATEC ADVERT (A5 LAN) V5.indd 1

Automation Update 23 28/09/2015 13:36 January 2016

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Omega European Sales and Service OMEGA offers international sales and distribution while servicing the expanding European marketplace from our UK office based in Manchester. We have multilingual sales staff well-versed in worldwide trade. International payment conveniences such as credit cards, bank transfers, and acceptance of local currencies make it easy for customers around the globe to work with OMEGA.

Call our Sales Engineers to discuss your needs on 0800 488 488 (UK) or +44(0) 161 777 6611 (Int.) Or email sales@omega.co.uk

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Our commitment to maintaining the leading edge through research development and state-of-the art manufacturing keeps OMEGA firmly at the forefront of technology. OMEGA’s Development and Engineering Center (ODEC), is home to OMEGA’s design and engineering laboratories. All product designs are tested and perfected here prior to marketing. This state-of-the-art facility houses OMEGA’s metrology lab and other quality control facilities. The testing that takes place here assures that you receive the best products for your applications. Once an OMEGA product design is perfected and tested, stock p duction takes place at our Manchester manufacturing facility. This site houses OMEGA’s advanced OMEGACLAD thermocouple wire production equipment along with a host of other computerised CNC milling machines, injection molding equipment, screw machines, braiders, extruders, punch presses and much more.

OMEGA is constantly striving to find new ways to increase the level of service available to our customers. To this end, OMEGA continues to expand the range of calibration services available, offering a broad selection of standards for use in calibrating temperature, infrared humidity, pressure, flow, and force products. By maintaining these standards in-house, we can ensure fast turnaround time on calibrations.All calibrations are performed by our technicians. Contact OMEGA’s Customer Service Department (0161 777 2225) to discuss your specific calibration requirements. • • • • • • •

Temperature, Infrared Humidity Pressure, Strain, Force Flow Five Different Calibration Levels ISO9001 Corporate Quality ISO10012-1, ANSI/NCSL Z5401-1994 • Global Calibration Services Available • Loaner Units Available

Custom Engineering Omega Engineering proudly offers the most sophisticated and extensive Custom Engineering capabilities in the process measurement and control industry. Whether you need a simple modification of a standard product or complete customised system engineering, OMEGA can accommodate your special request. Omega Factory 24 - Automation Update January 2016

Your One-Stop Shop for Process Measurement and Control Products • 100,000 products online • Easy online ordering • Same day shipping on instock items • Full technical support



High accuracy, fast responding, low cost temperature and process controllers

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Turn your mobile device into a portable data acquisition system

PXM309 series Available in absolute or gauge pressure and sealed to IP65 /IP67

We are here to serve you With our manufacturing know-how and extensive warehousing around the world, OMEGA offers the most impressive range of products in the industry. Our sales representatives are able to swiftly dispatch your order and provide instantaneous updates. At OMEGA, no request or order is too big or too small.

Probes and Assemblies For all environments and applications

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for solids radar level sensor Unique solution provided with contactless radar level sensor VEGAPULS 69 Radar on waste collector, installed high above the valve and barrel cabinet

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26 - Automation Update January 2016


non contact bulk solids radar sensor with 120m range? You think this would be featuring an application with measurement over many tens of metres. However, one of the first successful applications for the new VEGAPULS 69 - the latest generation of bulk solids level sensors - demonstrates its great versatility. At a UK Waste processing facility a device is now installed and working in a difficult application over a very short range of just over 2 metres - down a very tall nozzle, through a valve and into a confined vessel. The application is in a high temperature ash outlet from a gasification process where, via a screw conveyor, the hot waste, at around 400°C and under a vacuum, is deposited into a metal barrel container inside sealed cabinet. The barrel level needs to be monitored for changeover when this is required, the process vacuum is protected by a valve, which closes while the cabinet is door is open. This valve is also the portal that the level measurement must be made through and, of course the sensor has to be contactless to measure through it. Weighing was not an option, as the ash density varies too much, and the very high temperatures would cause issues for most other technologies considered. Other measurement challenges include; very high levels of dust and fumes, vacuum, changing particle size and density, no ‘air purging or cooling’

Sensors & Calibration

“increased reliability means the process is now more productive” allowed due to the combustion method, as well as the falling waste stream as it drops through the same valve into the barrel. The original radar level sensors used have worked well with no signal loss, but ash build up and sublimation of vapours, in the narrow confines of the mounting tube and around the valve aperture, have caused periodic problems for the operators over the long term. This was because the radar sensors, although carefully installed and set up with ‘false signal suppression’, did not have a narrow enough beam angle to avoid the build up, which was causing intermittent high/full barrel levels. Cleaning the internal structures cured these issues, but it was not an easy task, was time consuming and it interrupted the process. A new VEGAPULS 69 radar is now installed in its place. It has much narrower focussing (3.5°), the device therefore has no interfering echoes from the nozzle or the 6”/150mm diameter slide valve, which is approximately 0.8m away from the sensor. The set up was quick and simple, virtually no ‘false signal suppression’ required and it is able to measure directly right down into the barrel, with no loss of signal from the prevailing process conditions. This increased reliability means that the process is now more productive and change-overs only called for when needed. Because the measurements are more accurate and the high levels can be more confidently anticipated, the operators can coordinate more efficient change over sequences, saving time and increasing safety. While this new radar has shown excellent near range performance – remember it has a range of up to 120m, enough for the largest of silos, and it also has a fast responsive output, which means it can be used on conveyors and object monitoring applications too. This new radar technology takes yet another big step closer to a universal solution for solids level measurement. ATEX dust and Gas certified with Profibus and FF outputs are among the available options. Contact VEGA for a demonstration with a battery powered device or to arrange a trial in your application.

Bulk solids level it’s time to focus VEGAPULS 69: The best just got better VEGA have utilised the latest high frequency radar technology to create a non-contact level sensor focused and sensitive enough to measure the most difficult of bulk solids products in the most challenging environments. ▪ All applications: from short ranges up to 120m ▪ Excellent focusing: simplifies set up ▪ Encapsulated antenna: reduces build up

For an application demo: info.uk@vega.com www.vega.com/vegapuls69


Automation Update - 27 January 2016

Sensors & Calibration

Spectacular new options: OCR module, C mount threaded connection, integrated EtherNet/IP™ and much more are generating further growth for the weQube family.

New, Intelligent Products from wenglor:

weQube Series 2016 wenglor has enhanced its product range for industrial image processing with several attractive new products at SPS IPC Drives in Nuremberg. In addition to its code reading and image processing functions, wenglor’s well-known weQube Smart Camera has been expanded to include optical character recognition (OCR).


he combination of these three function modules is also available as a further variant with C mount threaded connection for special applications. As a standard feature, all of the variants are additionally equipped with two standard protocols, namely PROFINET and EtherNet/IP™, which can be selected as required. And thus on the one hand, wenglor is providing previously unparalleled flexibility and, on the other hand, is proving that future factory automation in the spirit of Industry 4.0 and the Smart Factory is long since a living reality. You need. weQube. This is the pledge of the modular product range which is intended to understand and meet all conceivable industrial needs. Whether it’s equipped with auto-focus or C mount threaded connection, two different image chips, three freely selectable types of light, several communications interfaces and much more: weQube provides a suitable solution as a platform for any requirement.

C Mount Threaded Connection The new weQube housing with standard threaded connection is compatible with all commercially available C mount camera lenses. The great diversity of usable optics permits precise adaptation of the image excerpt to the respective application – for flexible ranges of vision from greater distances as well. wenglor offers customers a selection of suitable lenses with a variety of focal lengths. And wenglor’s products are aligned to demanding quality requirements in all areas. In the described format, for example, weQube fulfills requirements for IP67 protection, and a protective tube designed especially for this purpose prevents erroneous mechanical adjustment of the lens. 28 - Automation Update January 2016

Optical Character Recognition The OCR function makes it possible for weQubeOCR to read predefined OCR-A and OCR-B fonts over several lines in a single scanning operation. The teachin function offers the additional option of teaching in new fonts in order to adapt weQubeOCR ideally to customer-specific applications. A total of six new product variants with OCR module are available. In addition to the above mentioned capabilities for code reading, image processing and optical character recognition, the user interface for the software can be set to a total of ten different languages. A protective stainless steel housing is also available for use in hygienically sensitive industrial environments. It fulfills requirements for IP69K protection.

New weQube options at a glance: • weQubeOCR software module – the character recognition package • C mount threaded connection for all weQube models • EtherNet/IP™ and PROFINET can be selected as required in a single device • InoxSens protective housing with IP69K protection made of V4A stainless steel for the auto-focus variant • Extensive accessories (lenses, illumination devices, protective housings etc.) Complete information covering all aspects of weQube has been summarized and can be accessed via our portal at www.wenglor.com/weQube or by emailing info.uk@wenglor.com

You need. weQube.

weQube is the perfect answer to your industrial needs: The new smart camera from wenglor combines numerous features on a powerful platform. Try it out and experience the fascination of industrial image processing.

For additional information, please visit: www.wenglor.com/weQube


The smart camera.

Waterproof connectors Outdoor or wet indoor environments can destroy electronic equipment. The ubiquitous HD15 VGA dsub connector was never intended to withstand contaminants such as water and dust, but client demand for A/V everywhere is carrying such connectors into less tolerant environments. So what connectors can you use for installations in saunas, wet rooms, indoor poolsides, bathrooms, outdoor CCTV and security systems or even super yachts ~ where anything from moisture through to water deluge might be encountered?


n the Home Install world, waterproofing of components is arguably the first major add-on to the existing features of an indoor interconnect and it it’s clear that most installers don’t want to reinvent interconnects, they want manufacturers to adapt products that they’re already well used to. Weather-protected, weather-resistant, weatherproof, all-weather, waterresistant, and waterproof. For the systems integrator are these terms interchangeable - or confusing? The International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) code can be used to interpret. The ingress protection (or IP) code defined in IEC’s international standard 60529 classifies the level of protection provided against the intrusion of solid objects, dust, water, and accidental contact. The first digit of an IEC IP rating indicates the level of protection the enclosure (connector) provides against access to hazardous parts and the ingress of solid foreign

30 - Automation Update January 2016

objects. The second indicates equipment protection levels inside the enclosure against harmful water ingression. Breaking down an IP67 rating then, the “6” indicates total protection against dust ingress and complete protection against electrical contact. The “7” means protection against the effect of immersion between 15cm and 1metre: whilst IP68 and 69 connectors can offer protection against longer periods of immersion under pressure ~ of course this is always dependant upon proper installation following manufacturer’s guidelines, but even then we’re not talking continuous immersion at any great depth, although the UTS Hi seal connector is claimed to ensure stable characteristics on immersion at a depth of 10m and during high-pressure cleaning at up to 140 bar. To achieve IP67 or higher most protected connector designs work on the same principle as the waterproof D-sub connector where the aim has been to reduce the number of components that make up the connector, hence

remove all possible leakage paths, and manufacturers have generally added a mounting plate with a silicone O-ring to create a watertight seal at the panel interface and back potted screw machined contacts to prevent water ingress through the connector body. www.in2connect.uk.com/waterproof-dconnector-ip67 The use of USB, FireWire and HDMI connectors has grown considerably and is no longer limited to just the home

entertainment market. These interfaces are being found more and more in audio systems that require computer-based equipment, such as super yachts and commercial shipping. Entertainment systems on the external decks are one of the greatest sound and lighting challenges on a boat. To offer suitable water resistant solutions connector manufacturers have extended their offerings to encompass D-Subs, RJ45 for Ethernet, USB 2.0, M12 Circular Sensor and Actuator connectors, Fibre Optic LC (ODVA), Firewire and HDMI. Applications will include indoor and outdoor on board cinema, IT, communication, security, lighting and automation systems on luxury motor boats, sailing ships and super yachts; onboard waterproof TVs or on board digital signage and advertising systems for cruise ships, ferries and public service vessels. Basically the discerning yacht owner wants to be as connected at sea as they are in their office so given the huge expense of cabling large yachts and cruise liners, optical fibre cable with its inherent EMC resistance and super wide bandwidth (hence future proofing) is increasingly being used. Conec’s IP protected dual LC interface is ideal for use in deck or bridge situations. The IP67-rated LC product family features a 1/6th turn bayonet coupling for fast and secure mate/unmate, even with gloved hands. To optimize chemical resistance, UV resistance, and tolerance to physical abuse, In2Connect offer these connectors in two different housing materials: black plastic and nickelplated, zinc die-cast. All connectors are duplex LC type, in single-mode, multimode, and APC types. The product line includes panel-mounted receptacles, mating plugs, and protective caps. Pre-assembled jumper cables including cables suitable for outdoor use and direct burial, in standard lengths from 1 metre to 300 metres are also available. www.in2connect.uk.com/fibre_optic_lc_ ip67.html For content that needs to be clearly displayed to a large audience over a long viewing distance in all weather conditions there is really only one suitable choice and that is ‘LED’ based display technology as in video walls. Connectors

like In2Connect’s solder bucket “Pintail” SP13 and SP21 ranges rated IP68 are ideal for interconnecting video screens. We have worked directly with the manufacturer to produce a connector that doesn’t compromise electrical and mechanical properties whilst being competitively priced. The connector bodies are moulded from glass filled nylon and are available in free plug, cable end receptacle and fixed jam nut receptacle formats, all with dust caps to suit. Plug and socket can have either male or female solder bucket contacts factory fitted to allow design flexibility and polarisation. They were designed to be light weight, corrosion resistant and RoHS compliant with additional improved product features over competitive products; such as ~ planform contact identification by raised numbering for easy identification of circuits to save time and money when soldering or repairing incoming cables. Contacts are solder cup and are an integral part of the insulator, so less piece parts or crimp contacts to lose and no need for expensive crimp tools. To simplify the field assembly process, the dual O ring sealing means that the integral backshell can be easily removed in two sections to allow accurate soldering of the incoming cable. The threaded bodies provide a quick and easy connection to reduce installation and service time and have inbuilt key/ keyway orientation with good cable waterproofing and retention by virtue of a rear compression nut. www.in2connect.uk.com/pintail.html Conec now offer sealed Mini-USB 2.0 connectors. These Mini-USB 2.0 Type B watertight connectors are integrated into a black plastic housing with a bayonet locking feature for harsh environmental applications. A quick-connect bayonet locking mechanism provides an audible and noticeable feedback to ensure the user that an IP67 watertight connection is made. No further mounting tool is required to make this simple, fast and robust connection. The range includes a panel receptacle which may be PCBmounted or used with a flex circuit. The overall dimensions are compact and require only a 12mm diameter panel cut-out. The pre-terminated patch

cables with an overmoulded IP67 Mini USB Type B plug and an over-moulded USB Type-A plug are available in 2mm, 3mm and 5mm lengths. Protective covers are available to maintain IP67 protection when the connectors are not mated. www.in2connect.uk.com/USB.html M12 connectors are waterproof and Conec M12x1 X-coded connectors have been developed for transmission technology according to CAT6A and 500 MHz/10 Gigabit, and are standardised to IEC 61076-2-109. These X-code connectors have 4 shielded pairs, for reliable high speed data transfer in such applications as vision systems and other high-speed data transfer: plus industrial grade materials for harsh environments, all in the small M12 connector. www.in2connect.uk.com/m12_conec_ connector.html D-sub and circular multipin in/out connectors are relatively chunky with or without additional protection, but the transition of RJ45, USB, FireWire IEE 1394 and Optical Fibre to less kind environments has required the application of the type of reinforcement associated with MIL-C circular connectors. For Ethernet, the industry has gravitated toward an RJ45 connector type with a bayonet latching or screw threaded coupling mechanism according to user choice. In2Connect stock waterproof connectors from Conxall, Neutrik, Conec, Weipu, EDAC and many other manufacturers with the aim of making it easier for integrators and specifiers to save both time and effort. Bob Hart, Director, In2Connect UK Ltd The UK’s prime source for PCB and backplane, dsub, rectangular and multiway circular connectors; cable assemblies and wire harnesses. www.in2connect.uk.com Automation Update -31 January 2016


Now with 2- and 3-Phase Units WAGO has extended its line of universal EPSITRON CLASSIC Power Supplies to include: flexible 2- and 3-phase models that are certified for use worldwide.

The robust 1-, 2- and 3-phase EPSITRON CLASSIC Power Supplies all feature a slim design that requires minimal cabinet space. The devices’ integrated TopBoost function permits costeffective, secondary-side fuse protection. In the event of a short circuit on the secondary side, a short power surge is supplied, allowing users to implement considerably cheaper electronic circuit breakers.

New 2- and 3-phase EPSITRON CLASSIC Power unit advantages: • Cost-effective, secondary-side fusing via integrated TopBoost • Slim design • Wide input voltage range and an increased level of transient protection • Ready for use worldwide thanks to both UL and GL approvals • DC OK contact • Convenient pre-wiring via CAGE CLAMP connection technology — 100 % protected against mismating • Marking field for device identification • Ideal complement to existing single-phase power supplies within the EPSITRON CLASSIC Power line

Suitable for a wide range of supply networks and applications worldwide The EPSITRON CLASSIC Power Supplies feature a wide input voltage range of 320 to 575 volts and a higher transient protection level, permitting up to 4 kV of surge protection on the input side. These levels of protection, paired with UL approval and GL approval (fourth quarter 2015), mean the devices will support a wide range of supply networks and applications worldwide. You can use all 18 EPSITRON CLASSIC Power Supplies at ambient operating temperatures ranging from -25 °C to +70 °C. Furthermore, these units allow a cold start at -40 °C while reducing the output load from a temperature of +55 °C.The new 2-phase power supplies are designed for applications with voltages of 24 VDC and currents of 5 A (787-1628); the 3-phase power supplies are suitable for voltages of 24 V and currents of 10 A (787-1640), 20 A (787-1642) and 40 A (787-1644). Each model carries a green status LED that indicates the availability of the output voltage; the DC OK contact indicates an undervoltage above an output voltage of 21.5 V. WAGO’s trusted CAGE CLAMP connection technology permits convenient pre-wiring while protecting from mismating. EPSITRON Brouchure - eBook

32 - Automation Update January 2016

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Take the heat off next summer – get expert advice on cooling solutions now

By getting expert advice, and planning and putting in solutions now, managers can get ahead of the game and safeguard their production processes – and not find they are caught out by rising ambient temperatures. “Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security because the temperatures are dropping,” advises Christian Westwood Rittal’s Product Manager for Climate offers advice on designing effective climate control systems. “Instead why not use this time to consider your best options? “Rittal’s expert team can provide you with free advice as to which cooling product is suited to your particular application, or arrange a survey, so we can propose the best solution. “We always consider options with users from the perspective of

functionality, energy efficiency, ease of installation, service and maintenance, based on real life data measured on site. “I cannot underline how important it is to choose the right product. Climate control is not a one size fits all solution, and its success depends greatly on the local environment,” adds Christian. Enclosures which are located in a cool and clean environment, may find fan-and-filter units are adequate, given a single device provides more than 4 kW of cooling in ideal conditions. If the air is dirty, it is still possible to take full advantage of low ambient temperatures by using energy efficient air-to-air heat exchangers to provide any necessary cooling.


For applications that require the temperature inside the enclosure to be lower than that outside it, a refrigerant based solution may be the best option. The new Blue e+ cooling unit range from Rittal, with capacities up to 6 kW, can operate in ambient temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius yet also provide free cooling when the external air is cooler due to the innovative use of hybrid technology. Air-to-water heat exchangers may be used in even hotter conditions and the water delivered to a remote location in which the heat, up to 10 kW from one unit, may be dissipated more effectively and with less effect on the temperature of the surroundings. For more information: contact 01709 704 000 or email cooling@rittal.co.uk

SOFTWARE & SERVICES www.rittal.co.uk

When it must be accurate, it must be Zwick! When decisions on material quality and material selection are on the line, there is no room for error. Your work demands the best and Zwick delivers top quality materials testing systems that leverage our 160+ years of industry experience. Contact us for more information on how intelligent testing systems from Zwick can optimize throughput in your lab.

Zwick Testing Machines Ltd. Southern Avenue Leominster Herefordshire HR6 OQH United Kingdom Phone: ++44 1568-61 5201 E-Mail: sales.info@zwick.co.uk

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HARTING Customised Solutions - bringing together market leading connectors with expert local and global production capabilities. Capabilties include; Kitting, Cable Assemblies, Box Builds and Product Modification UK and Global production facilities In-house CAD Engineers to help design your customised solution Quality Assurance team to ensure the highest quality throughout Transmit any combination of power, signal, data embedded processor I/O Ethernet communications and fibre-optics To discuss your requirements phone +44 (0) 1604 827500 or e-mail gb@HARTING.com www.HARTING.co.uk/customised-cables

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Automation Update - January 2015  

Automation Update - January 2015