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December 2015

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HARTING Customised Solutions - bringing together market leading connectors with expert local and global production capabilities. Capabilties include; Kitting, Cable Assemblies, Box Builds and Product Modification UK and Global production facilities In-house CAD Engineers to help design your customised solution Quality Assurance team to ensure the highest quality throughout Transmit any combination of power, signal, data embedded processor I/O Ethernet communications and fibre-optics To discuss your requirements phone +44 (0) 1604 827500 or e-mail gb@HARTING.com www.HARTING.co.uk/customised-cables

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Industry News

New Belden Unmanaged Switch Makes it Easy to Send Data over Long Distances Belden Inc., a global leader in signal transmission solutions for missioncritical applications, is now offering the SPIDER III Standard Line, unmanaged entry-level industrial Ethernet rail switches capable of bridging long distances without disruptions.

Hirschmann’s SPIDER III Standard Line Switches Uses Ethernet Technology for Smooth, Uninterrupted Communications

The latest from the SPIDER line of switches utilizes proven Hirschmann technology to offer a high quality, costeffective way to transfer large amounts of data. The switch has up to eight Fast Ethernet or Gigabit Ethernet ports, and two of the ports can be fiber optic. The SPIDER III Standard Line of switches is future-proof thanks to Gigabit speed. These switches are also designed for use in harsh environments and have the necessary certifications, making them ideal for the manufacturing, machine building, solar power and traffic control industries. The SPIDER III Standard Line switches employ a plug-and-play principle that allows for easy installation without compromising quality or reliability. Users can connect multiple devices without the need for a complex configuration process. The SPIDER III Standard Line switches also use less electricity, which makes them a cost-effective way to transmit data. “Industrial Ethernet is the technology of choice in both automation and infrastructure architectures, including those supporting emerging industry initiatives such as the Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and IT/OT convergence,” said Sebastian Preiss, product manager for Hirschmann. “Due to the increasing amount of Ethernet-based field devices like sensors and actuators there is a need for Ethernet switches like SPIDER III Standard Line devices with a higher port count and data rates at the field level.” For more information about the SPIDER III Standard Line switches, visit the Spider III webpage.

4 - Automation Update December 2015

An early innovator in industrial Ethernet, Belden knows Industrial IT and is delivering the next generation of industrial networking solutions. Its global brands – Hirschmann, GarrettCom and Tofino Security – are leading the way in the adoption of industrial Ethernet. With a purpose-built portfolio, Belden’s wired, wireless and embedded products deliver the highest confidence of reliability, availability and security. In addition, excellent warranties and dedicated customer support minimize downtime, protect critical infrastructure and provide peace of mind.

Industry News

Life sciences focus for AUTOMATICA 2016 in Munich In the burgeoning life science, medical and pharmaceuticals markets, robots are breaking into new task areas. In the process not only are they working for man but also, and increasingly commonly, directly with him. More than 200 companies will be showcasing their pioneering developments in this innovative industry at AUTOMATICA 2016, from 21 - 24 June in Munich. It is not just their market potential that impresses but the applications themselves. For example, special surgical robots are behind minimally invasive procedures introducing new quality standards to operating theaters. In automatic mode, and according to meticulous programming, the robot can function of its own accord. In the case of telemanipulation, on the other hand, the operator uses joysticks to control the robotic arms by means of an endoscopic camera image – a prime example of man-robot collaboration, only just now making its way into industrial robotics.

Hair transplantation by industrial robot These very cost intensive, special operating systems inspired the development of assistance systems for medical procedures, based on classical industrial robots. The best example: ARTAS. The innovative robotic, minimally invasive hair transplant system features a standard Stäubli TX60 industrial robot. The highly accurate six-axis machine removes individual hair roots, which are then reinserted in the places affected by hair loss. Conventionally, the removal of thousands of hair follicles was a time-consuming and arduous process for the patient. With the robotic assistance system, doctors can work incomparably faster and more accurately, treat patients more gently and guarantee superior growth rates. “Thanks to their unique performance in terms of path characteristics, accuracy, positional stability and cleanroom suitability, the fully encapsulated Stäubli TX series robot sets the standard for medical applications. The six-axis TX60 robots can be integrated directly with the ARTAS system with no modification worth mentioning. As hair loss is very common we already have almost 100 robots in operation for this application alone”, says Stäubli Robotics General Manager Gerald Vogt.

Dual-arm robot tests diagnostic devices Yaskawa unveiled the CSDA10F dualarm robot back at AUTOMATICA 2014. “Our dual-arm robot is from the industrial automation stable and was modified for laboratory use. With its total of 15 servo-controlled axes, including a monumental axis and seven axes per arm, the robotic system is more flexible than any human, but above all streets ahead in terms of precision”, according to Dr. Michael Klos, General Manager at Yaskawa. In a pilot project that is unique in the world the CSDA10F is now taking on the testing of medical diagnostic devices – a highly responsible task, on the correct performance of which human lives depend. The equipment is superior to manual inspection and scores in terms of unlimited reproducibility of the test scenarios, exemplary process reliability as well as previously unachievable efficiency, thereby eliminating the human component as a source of error.

Standard robots in the Champions League as well Although the hygiene standards for equipment, components and robots in medicine and pharmaceuticals are particularly high there is also a whole string of applications in the Champions League of automation for which no special cleanroom robots are required. The fact that the latter are not confined solely to end-of-the-line packaging activities is demonstrated by a standard six-axis ABB robot in the assembly of delicate components for turbine drills in dentistry. Precision of the highest order is required when assembling a delicate shaft complete with collet to accommodate dental tools such as drills, milling cutters or polishing instruments. This is the only way to ensure that the tools run perfectly true.

The compact ABB IRB 120 is of proven worth in this precision engineering assembly thanks to its repeat accuracy of one hundredth of a millimeter, thereby satisfying all quality requirements. But the user is not just taken with the accuracy of the robot solution but also by its productivity, which should therefore lead to further automation solutions.

Complex solutions thanks to Machine Vision Whether in the operating theater, hair transplantation or the testing of diagnostic devices – machine vision plays a key role in each case. The dual-arm robot application uses three camera systems in all, one apiece on each of the two robot arms, the third one housed statically within the cell. The cameras are not just used for controlling the robot but in point of fact are responsible for the actual quality control, recording and documenting the readings appearing on the diagnostic device display. Machine Vision is tremendously important for many automation projects. This is borne out by the double-digit growth in this industry. AUTOMATICA 2016 affords the perfect opportunity for a birds-eye view of what’s on offer in this innovative sector. www.automatica-munich.com Automation Update - 5 December 2015

Industry News

Belt Conveyor Compact and Light Belt Conveyor GUF-P 2045 The new, extremely compact GUF-P 2045 belt conveyor is outstandingly suited for integration in units with minimal installation space. The ø 50 mm motorized rollers combined with the weight-optimized 45 mm high conveyor frame profiles, results in an extremely flat conveyor without interference contours. The permissible total load of 15 kg is suited for the majority of products that are typical in the packaging and plastics industry. The speed is configured via the associated control box that is prepared for connection to a customer-provided power supply (24 V DC). Four different belts are available, which either enable accumulated operation or ensure good traction. Reversing operation is also possible with the GUF-P 2045. Stands, side rails, Reglomats, as well as lateral cleats, are available as accessories, see the mk Conveyor Technology catalog. The motorized roller, the sub belt metal, and the idler drum are optionally available in stainless steel.


6 - Automation Update December 2015


Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Providing solutions for demanding material handling applications. 20 different modular conveying systems available Ideal for material handling & automation Solutions available as standard modules or systems Conveyor modules include flat-belt, twin-belt, timing belt, chain, flat top chain & roller Compatible with our profile technology, factory equipment & linear motion

mk Profile Systems Ltd. Unit 2, Wolds Farm Business Park, Kinoulton Lane, Kinoulton Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ t: 01949 823751路 f: 01949 81270 www.mkprofiles.co.uk info@mkprofiles.co.uk

Sensors & Calibration

Narrow success

for solids radar level sensor A non contact bulk solids radar sensor with 120m range? You think this would be featuring an application with measurement over many tens of metres. However, one of the first successful applications for the new VEGAPULS 69 - the latest generation of bulk solids level sensors - demonstrates its great versatility. At a UK Waste processing facility a device is now installed and working in a difficult application over a very short range of just over 2 metres - down a very tall nozzle, through a valve and into a confined vessel. The application is in a high temperature ash outlet from a gasification process where, via a screw conveyor, the hot waste, at around 400°C and under a vacuum, is deposited into a metal barrel container inside sealed cabinet. The barrel level needs to be monitored for changeover - when this is required, the process vacuum is protected by a valve, which closes while the cabinet is door is open. This valve is also the portal that the level measurement must be made through and, of course the sensor has to be contactless to measure through it. Weighing was not an option, as the ash density varies too much, and the very high temperatures would cause issues for most other technologies considered. Other measurement challenges include; very high levels of dust and fumes, vacuum, changing particle size and density, no ‘air purging or cooling’ allowed due to the combustion method, as well as the falling waste stream as it drops through the same valve into the barrel.

Figure 1: VEGAPULS 69 Radar on waste collector, installed high above the valve and barrel cabinet

The original radar level sensors used have worked well with no signal loss, but ash build up and sublimation of vapours, in the narrow confines of the mounting tube and around the valve aperture, have caused periodic problems for the operators over the long term. This was because the radar sensors, although carefully installed and set up with ‘false signal suppression’, did not have a narrow enough beam angle to avoid the build up, which was causing intermittent high/full barrel levels. Cleaning the internal structures cured these issues, but it was not an easy task, was time consuming and it interrupted the process. A new VEGAPULS 69 radar is now installed in its place. It has much narrower focussing (3.5°), the device therefore has no interfering echoes from the nozzle or the 6”/150mm diameter slide valve, which is approximately 0.8m away from the sensor. The set up was quick and simple, virtually no ‘false signal suppression’ required and it is able to measure directly right down into the barrel, with no loss of signal from the prevailing process conditions.

Figure 2: Waste Ash in the barrel


8 - Automation Update December 2015

This increased reliability means that the process is now more productive and change-overs only called for when needed. Because the measurements are more accurate and the high levels can be more confidently anticipated, the operators can coordinate more efficient change over sequences, saving time and increasing safety. While this new radar has shown excellent near range performance – remember it has a range of up to 120m, enough for the largest of silos, and it also has a fast responsive output, which means it can be used on conveyors and object monitoring applications too. This new radar technology takes yet another big step closer to a universal solution for solids level measurement. ATEX dust and Gas certified with Profibus and FF outputs are among the available options. Contact VEGA for a demonstration with a battery powered device or to arrange a trial in your application.

Bulk solid level - it’s time to focus NEW VEGAPULS 69: The best just got better VEGA have utilised the latest high frequency radar technology to create a non-contact level sensor focused and sensitive enough to measure the most difficult of bulk solids products in the most challenging environments. ▪ All applications, one device: short range up to 120m ▪ Excellent focusing: simplifies set up ▪ Encapsulated antenna: reduces build up For an application demo: info.uk@vega.com www.vega.com/vegapuls69

Sensors & Calibration

Sensor Technology for Extremes:

from -60 to +450° C

wenglor Builds Upon MEL’s Longtime Experience with Inductive Sensors in Hot and Cold Zones

Inductive Sensors from wenglor and wenglorMEL ensure reliable detection of metallic objects in extreme temperature ranges. With three different sensor series, the product portfolio covers a comprehensive range of temperatures from -60 to +450° C.

Resistant to heat and cold: The new Inductive Sensors for extreme temperature ranges are extremely well suited for use at temperatures ranging from -60 to +450° C.

System availability is increased thanks to extended switching distances and the patented maintenance output. With a long service life of seven to ten years, the twelve rugged sensors are reliable, high-performance products for use in the automotive, metalworking, food and glass industries. The INRT450 Inductive Sensor for extreme temperature ranges is the absolute worldwide forerunner where resistance to heat and cold is concerned. With a range of use from -60 to +450° C and a switching distance of 25 mm, the sensor masters demanding detection tasks in extreme temperature ranges. This is made possible by spatial separation of the evaluation unit and the sensor head, as well as cable lengths of 5 to 20 meters. The sensor head is made of ceramic and is thus capable of continuously withstanding extreme heat and cold and, at the same time, accurately detecting metallic objects. At an ambient temperature of 450° C, for example, the sensor has a service life of 100 000 hours, which corresponds to roughly eleven years.

Resistant to Heat and Cold – Durable The INTT25 and INTT40 models are also highly convincing where resistance to 10 - Automation Update December 2015

extreme temperatures is concerned. Equipped with a sensing distance of either 25 or 40 mm, the new sensors are designed for hot and cold zones within a range of -10 to +250° C. The Teflon (PTFE) sensor head withstands an ambient temperature of 250° C for an impressive 60 000 hours, and even 100 000 hours at 200° C. In particular the innovative combination of longevity and resistance to heat and cold make wenglor’s inductive sensors especially adept.

components such as brake calipers, spark plugs and catalytic converters, or the production of tiles and glass is involved: securing and monitoring hot zones is a central application for wenglor’s new sensors. And they can be used in PWIS-sensitive areas because they’re manufactured without silicon. But the core capabilities of the sensor series also include detection tasks in cold zones such as cold storage facilities used by the food industry for refrigeration and deep freezing.

Furthermore, all models include The INRT450 Inductive Sensor a patented maintenance output which draws prompt attention to for Extreme Temperature Ranges maintenance and repair cycles thus at a Glance preventing costly system downtime. • Temperature range: -60 to 450° C The extended switching distances • Switching distance: 25 mm of 25 and 40 mm can be selected • Cable length: 5 to 20 m easily and conveniently with a • Interchangeable sensor head potentiometer, and the sensor heads INTT25 and INTT40 Inductive are quick and simple to replace.

Large Range of Applications in Extreme Temperature Ranges The new sensors can be used in a broad range of applications: from the automotive and metalworking industries right on up to the food and glass industries. Whether cathodic dip painting of car parts, manufacturing of ceramic

Sensors for Extreme Temperature Ranges at a Glance • Temperature range: -10 to 250° C • Switching distances: 25 and 40 mm • Patented maintenance output • Cable length: 5 to 20 m • Interchangeable sensor head

info.uk@wenglor.com www.wenglor.com

You need. weQube.

weQube is the perfect answer to your industrial needs: The new smart camera from wenglor combines numerous features on a powerful platform. Try it out and experience the fascination of industrial image processing.

For additional information, please visit: www.wenglor.com/weQube


The smart camera.

Sensors & Calibration

Deva’s CMM Vision Probe now fully supported by

Nikon CMM Manager 3.5 Nikon’s latest release of CMM Manager 3.5, includes support for the Deva 036 CMM Vision Probe. The Deva 036 CMM Vision Probe combines a high resolution image sensor, compact optics and flexible LED light ring in one complete solution. Retrofitting it to your CMM is easy since it can be mounted via most common probe connection systems including, Autojoint and TKJ. The Deva 036 is fully software compatible with other Deva vision products such as the Deva 028 image sensor and Deva 022 USB light ring. Available in 3 variants, including the 036AJN which is fully compatible with the ACR auto-change rack and PH10/PH6 probe heads. www.deva.co.uk/product/deva036.shtml

Features: • • • • • • • • • • • •

3 mega-pixel colour sensor 16 white LED light ring 50mm optics standart 5 micron pixels 110 mmworking distance Autojoint, TKJ compatible High Speed USB 2.0 Full autochange cabability, optional Autofocus with Deva CMM Controller Compatible with Deva vision products Custom application software functions Software extendable user interface

Contact sales or support for further details. sales@deva.co.uk or support@deva.co.uk

Zettlex designs and manufactures inductive non-contact position sensors for accurate, reliable position and speed measurement in extreme environments. The unique inductive technology allows completely noncontact sensor operation in linear, rotary, 2D and 3D geometries, typically over scales of a few microns to 1 meter (larger measurement ranges are possible). Zettlex sensors are suitable for use in extreme environments, including high/low temperatures, high pressure, immersion in fluids, chemical attack, vibration, shock, electromagnetic noise, radiation and aggressive or extended duty cycles.

12 - Automation Update December 2015

The sensors are currently in-service on a number of manned and unmanned vehicle platforms for applications including: servo feedback for fin and light surface actuators; Position measurement of throttle, brake and undercarriage; Angle encoders for seekers, radar, EOI and weapon systems; Encoders for brushless motors. Zettlex UK Ltd


High Precision MEMS Inertial Sensors and Systems

Recent developments mean that Silicon Sensing can now provide high precision MEMS IMUs, gyroscopes and accelerometers with low output noise and bias instability able to meet the accuracy requirements for all applications.

High accuracy

Excellent bias stability

Low output noise

Robust and reliable

www.siliconsensing.com sales@siliconsensing.com

Sensors & Calibration

A successful combination

The new miniature photocells from ifm for wet areas now include IO-Link Successfully combining the latest technologies, ifm’s newest O6 photocells will not only survive harsh environments, but also feature extra functionality via IO-Link. IO-Link, supported by a consortium of the major automation companies, is rapidly establishing itself across industry, allowing communication down to sensor level without any extra wiring. In the O6 sensors many functions are accessible via IOLink, such as range and sensitivity, light/dark switching and a test function, but of greater significance is the ability to add time delays to the signal. Timers in such a small housing would be almost impossible without IO-Link.

develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm products. For further information, contact Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HD. Telephone: 020 8213-0000. Fax: 020 8213-2234. E-mail – gemma. anderson@ifm.com. Successfully combining the latest technologies, ifm’s newest O6 photocells will not only survive harsh environments, but also feature extra functionality via IO-Link.

The wet area versions of the O6 with IO-Link are constructed with a stainless steel housing, protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K, with optical performance optimised for the environment found in food production.

IO-Link, supported by a consortium of the major automation companies, is rapidly establishing itself across industry, allowing communication down to sensor level without any extra wiring.

The reliable background suppression of the diffuse reflection version has proved a hit with users since it was first launched, as the light spot is well defined, background suppression unsurpassed, and immunity to steam or reflective backgrounds second to none.

In the O6 sensors many functions are accessible via IOLink, such as range and sensitivity, light/dark switching and a test function, but of greater significance is the ability to add time delays to the signal. Timers in such a small housing would be almost impossible without IO-Link.

The O6 housing is industry standard, with 1” hole centres, so retrofitting is simple.

The wet area versions of the O6 with IO-Link are constructed with a stainless steel housing, protection rating IP 68 / IP 69K, with optical performance optimised for the environment found in food production.

The stainless steel O6 is also available as through-beam or retro-reflective system, with equally outstanding performance. Combining such an excellent sensor with IO-Link gives the user the edge. ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to

The reliable background suppression of the diffuse reflection version has proved a hit with users since it was first launched, as the light spot is well defined, background suppression unsurpassed, and immunity to steam or reflective backgrounds second to none. The O6 housing is industry standard, with 1” hole centres, so retrofitting is simple. The stainless steel O6 is also available as through-beam or retro-reflective system, with equally outstanding performance. Combining such an excellent sensor with IO-Link gives the user the edge. ifm is committed to working closely with its customers to develop products which precisely match their needs, and the company provides expert, readily accessible technical support to help users maximise the benefits they gain from ifm products. For further information, contact Gemma Anderson, ifm electronic Ltd., efector House, Kingsway Business Park, Oldfield Road, Hampton, Middlesex, TW12 2HD. Telephone: 020 8213-0000. Fax: 020 8213-2234. E-mail – gemma.anderson@ifm.com.

14 - Automation Update December 2015

All in one! The fail-safe SmartPLC from ifm Two separate plc’s in one compact housing: one for safety-related applications, the other as a standard plc or platform for other operations. Both plc’s communicate with each other so that complete machine control, including safety functions and visualisations can be carried out with just one Smartplc, AS-i offers unbeatably simple and flexible wiring of standard and safety-related signals.

www.ifm.com/uk/smartplc ifm telephone: (020) 8213 2222

Tech Matters

Introducing the CONTA-CLIP SRK range The CONTA-CLIP SRK from OEM Automatic is a complete range of high quality screw terminal blocks that allow fast, safe, secure and reliable connection, with innovative features designed to increase connection strength, speed up assembly times and reduce stockholding requirements. The SRK range is characterised by a compact housing shape, exceptional stability, good resistance to vibration and improved wire grip at the terminal point. The SRK line of screw terminal blocks provides a wire connection range from 2.5mm² to 120mm², with voltage ratings right up to 1000V. The easy to operate screw connection makes it easy and safe to connect both solid and flexible wires with or without ferrules. Secure connection is assured by a strain-relief rising clamp concept which gives high contact force and contact security with minimal contact resistance. The range includes protective earth terminals that have rail connections on both sides of the foot, and simply snap onto the DIN-rail with no need for screws, saving time and effort. In addition, significant wiring time savings can be achieved through the use of pluggable cross connectors for 2.5mm² to 35mm² available in 2-pole to 10-pole and 30-pole versions and suited to a variety of cross-section ranges. The insulated cross connectors are pluggable and simply pushed in to place in one of two channels in the top of each terminal. Poles are easy to break out for alternating or skipping over cross sections, and simple plug on caps makes it possible to electrically isolate neighbouring cross connectors. These features dramatically speed up assembly time but still ensure maximum mechanical and electrical security. Further, the cross connectors are designed for rated voltage and increased rated current in the terminals. Aiding panel aesthetics, the 2.5, 4, 6 and 10mm² sizes all have the same external dimensions, and are narrower on the rail than many competing designs. The use of high-grade plastics gives increased housing insulation and increased stability, so the terminal block will never twist off the DIN rail as the screws are tightened – a very real problem with some other designs. This ability to fully tighten the screws without problems makes the terminal blocks a good option even in high vibration applications. 16 - Automation Update December 2015

OEM Automatic Ltd, Whiteacres, Whetstone, LE8 6ZG Tel: 0116 284 9900


New double deck plugs the gap Conta-clip has now launched a new range of double deck terminals to complement the standard SRK terminal range. The range uses the plug in SQI cross connectors that are fully compatible with the standard feed through terminals. Available in 2.5mm, 4mm and 10mm with earth and linked versions to complete the range. l Pluggable cross connectors l Dual cross connect channel l Polyamide 6.6 UL 94-V0 l Robust and secure construction



0116 284 9900

All for one, one for all The N21 digital meter can cover most common applications with a single unit This compact 96x48x64 panel meter uses the latest OLED technology giving a clear, bright display with a wide viewing angle and configuration is easily done through a standard mini USB cable. l Universal input l Universal supply 24V-230V ac/dc l Relay alarm output l OLED display with bar graph l IP65



0116 284 9900

Automation Update - 17 December 2015

Tech Matters

Hygienic servo system design Motion control for food processing and packaging machinery

Jon Howard, Managing Director of Heason Technology considers motion control and hygienic design for food and beverage packaging automation With significant developments in high-hygiene servo motor and drive technology from our distribution partner Kollmorgen, machine designers are now able to specify solutions that do not automatically mean using expensive and performance-limited stainless steel motors throughout an automated machine. This is made possible with Kollmorgen’s synchronous servo motors which include stainless steel housed motors but also covers lower cost FDA-compliant food grade coated variants. These motors are part of a large standard servo motor programme which shares a consistent design and benefits from optimal use with a comprehensive range of servo drives and motion controllers that also offer advantages for hygienic applications. When specifying servo motors and associated motion systems for food processing and packaging applications from a hygienic design perspective, machine designers would establish whether motion needs to be applied directly in areas with actual contact with the intended produce for the machine, or where motors and perhaps decentralised drives might be sited further away - and of course what sort of machine cleaning regime would be required. This then leads to consideration of the levels of motor and drive protection required and thus the construction and materials of the components used. Where servo motors are located in very close proximity to processed products, it is difficult to consider an alternative to stainless

steel housed models. As such, these motors are more expensive and, size-for-size with standard servo motors, have reduced power and efficiency due to reduced thermal conductivity; consequently they should only be deployed where absolutely necessary. The Kollmorgen AKMH stainless steel servo motor however, does offer some interesting advantages. It is not merely a standard motor with a stainless steel housing and hardware. The motor meets IP69K and safe high-pressure cleaning with water pressures of up to 100 bar by virtue a cylindrical housing and smooth design that ensures that fluids can run off better. EPDM sealing rings are chosen for the material’s excellent resilience and their slight surface bulge actually helps repel buildup of deposits. The motor’s convex end cover is not fixed with hygiene-compromising screws, but rather is screwed into the main housing with a large internal thread that compresses the seal. This 316 stainless steel servo motor is complemented with a thermal performance that, whilst is not up to a traditional steel housed motor, does boast a torque derating of under 20% which compared to other manufacturers models at around 30%, offers better performance. The range provides continuous torque from 0.4 to 21 Nm and speeds up to 8000 rpm. For areas where produce does not come into direct contact with servo motors, Kollmorgen’s AKM™ series with washdown and washdown food-grade coatings provide a very compelling costeffective and long-life solution. In particular the food-grade version provides a protective dual-component coating and lubricants that comply with FDA requirements. This coating has been certified by the EcoLab laboratory, which specialises in hygiene tests. With its stainless steel shaft and PTFE shaft seal, the motor is very resistant to aggressive cleaning agents including alkaline and acids - in particular to common cleaning agents with a pH value between >2 and <12. The range spans static torques from 1 to 25 Nm and, being based on the full AKH range, is available with a wide range of standard lengths, windings, feedback systems and connection technologies. Drives may be centralised in a common control cabinet but more and more packaging machine designers are embracing the advantages of decentralised solutions where the drive is mounted on the machine and is often sited close to the motor. This reduces cabling cost and time, and simplifies machine complexity to a large extent. Both centralised and decentralised architectures are supported with motion control system such as the Kollmorgen Automation Suite™ (KAS) - synchronising motion across the whole machine. Kollmorgen’s decentralised servo drive range extends to an IP67 rated variant, the AKD-N, which can be machine mounted very close to the servo motor with no need for protective covers. This really exploits the potential for simplified machine set-up, straightforward maintenance and overall increased reliability with much less down-time.

18 - Automation Update December 2015

Production Management Software for Sub Contractors … … who want to improve productivity, reduce overheads & maintain traceability … … whilst making components, assemblies & products ... … for the aerospace, automotive, engineering, electronics, tooling & fabrication industries … ... dealing with Quotations, Sales, Purchasing, Quality & Scheduling.

PSL Datatrack pieces it all together

“We can now retrieve information at the touch of a button. To be honest it is difficult to see how we managed before we had PSL Datatrack.”

Better by association

“It's one of the best investments we have ever made.” “Our NQA auditor said PSL Datatrack is the best system he has seen.”

Prospec Systems Limited

Tel: +44 (0) 845 634 5931 auto@psldatatrack.com www.psldatatrack.com

Tech Matters More Comprehensive Industrial Networking Capabilities Added to Magnetostrictive Sensors Updated EtherNet/IP™ functionality maximizes effectiveness of available connectivity resources & reduces installation costs MTS Sensors, a division of MTS Systems Corporation (NASDAQ:MTSC), has made enhancements to its R-Series of high performance magnetostrictive sensors for absolute position measurement. The series now conforms with the latest version of the EtherNet/IP™ communication protocol with device-level ring (DLR) compatibility, having recently recertified against the ODVA EtherNet/IP Composite Conformance Test revision CT12. Through this, interfacing with a wider array of EtherNet/IP™ compliant hardware across numerous industry sectors has been made possible - such as factory automation systems, plastic injection molding apparatus and materials handling equipment. These enhanced R-Series sensors are better equipped for industrial networking implementations than ever before. Their device-level ring (DLR) capability permits direct connection to a ring topology without the inconvenience of external switches needing to be employed. Via the DLR device-level network re-routing and failure point identification customers can realize the benefits of improved reliability and shorter network recovery periods. “By supporting the most recent ODVA EtherNet/IP™ version with extended DLR, customers will find it much simpler to incorporate our sensors into network infrastructure.” states Matt Hankinson, Technical Marketing Manager at MTS Sensors. ”They will thereby benefit from greater interoperability, improved diagnostics, easier configuration, fewer additional components and reduced cabling costs.” The R-Series of linear position sensing devices are among the most popular in MTS Sensors’ product portfolio. They are offered in a choice of rod style, profile style and flex style configurations, with stroke lengths of 25mm to 7620mm (1 in. to 300 in.), 25mm to 5080mm (1 in. to 200 in.) and 255mm to 10,060mm (10in. to 396in.) respectively. The rod style units are optimized for implementation in hydraulic cylinders, while the profile style units facilitate machine mounting and the flex style units are a flexible sensor offering which provides troublefree performance in applications requiring very long stroke lengths and linear measurements on an arc. Based on proprietary Temposonics® magnetostrictive sensing technology, these sensors all maintain repeatability to within a margin of ±0.001% (full stroke). The rod and profile style units support 1μm resolution levels and their linearity deviation is less than ±0.01% (full stroke). The flex style unit specifications have 2µm resolution and ±0.02% linearity deviation.

20 - Automation Update December 2015

Tech Matters


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Automation Update - 21 December 2015

Fluid Control

Elfab launches its unique Extruder Rupture Disc line specifically designed for overpressure protection of plastic extrusion processes Pressure relief specialist, Elfab has launched its very own extruder rupture disc range, primarily designed for over pressure protection of plastic extrusion processes. This pressure relief device not only provides protection for extrusion lines, it is also one of Elfab’s widest range of pressure relief products, combining various dimensions, thread types and body configurations to best suit the unique requirements of its customers application. Expanding Elfab’s industry leading Electron Beam Welded OE5 range to further provide advanced process management and leakage control. OE5 combines a scored rupture disc that is welded directly onto the end of a plug assembly. Each of Elfab’s Extruder Rupture Disc (ERD) consists of a threaded body with a conventional rupture disc electron beam welded to the end. As each ERD application is different, Elfab manufacture all products in-house using its proficient electron beam welding appliance, available with the highest burst pressure capacity that Elfab can offer. Elfab’s range of ERD’s provide excellent leak tightness, industry best lead times and offer a cost-effective maintenance free design. Each rupture disc can be manufactured as a custom engineered designed to meet industry specifications. www.elfab.com

22 - Automation Update December 2015

Fluid Control

Group HES takes Control with HES Automatec Group HES, a leading engineering company, is proud to announce the launch of a new Industrial Automation and Motion Control Division, HES Automatec. Group HES has been awarded a substantial government investment grant to develop HES Automatec, as a result of a deal with long-standing partners, Triumph Actuation & Motion Control Systems. This boost will see the Gloucester-based company grow, in terms of infrastructure, staff and revenue, as well as their relationship with one of the leading Aerospace firms being further cemented. The development of this new division, HES Automatec has arisen in part as well in response to increasing demand from customers, who are looking for more turnkey solutions. Branch Hydraulic Systems is the existing engineering arm of Group HES and has several decades of experience within the fluid power industry. HES Automatec provides control solutions to Branch Hydraulic Systems’ customers, where required, whilst also undertaking their own separate projects. The close relationship between the divisions sees the two technical teams sharing an office; therefore customers receive complete solutions under one contract, from one trusted supplier. No longer do customers have to compromise between a control and a hydraulic solution or wait for both sides to try and solve an issue, the engineers will work together to provide an optimal and efficient response first time, reducing the time, money and effort required by the customer. HES Automatec benefits from their parent company Group HES being official distributors for Danfoss, (formerly Sauer Danfoss) and uses the Plus +1 product extensively in their projects. With a long historical relationship with (Sauer)

Danfoss, dating back to the early 1980s, the company has significant technical knowledge and experience to offer expert advice to the customer. Branch Hydraulic Systems have already been using the Plus +1 product for several years and the creation of HES Automatec was a natural progression. Heading up the new division is Bruce Diesel, who has an impressive background in electrical engineering and enterprise software development. As well as being an extremely capable and experienced software engineer; Bruce is a competitive amateur cyclist, who is going to lead the success and development of the new division. HES Automatec becomes the fifth division of Group HES, who is celebrating their 50 anniversary in 2015. It joins Hydraulic Equipment Supermarkets, Branch Hydraulic Systems, HES Tractec and HES Lubemec, extending the Group’s portfolio.

Group HES is excited to announce a new division - HES Automatec Building on many years of accumulated experience in critical and complex fluid power control systems, Group HES has now formally launched a dedicated control division, HES Automatec.

Specialising in providing fluid power control solutions. • Skilled engineers with extensive experience in electrical engineering and enterprise software development. • Full turnkey capabilities - The multidisciplinary engineering team comprises fluid power, electrical, instrumentation and control engineers. • Official distributors of Danfoss Plus+1, the complete development environment for off highway applications. • Technical excellence in National Instruments products for data acquisition and test rigs and Siemens S7 for bespoke industrial machinery applications. • Total project management drawing on the support and structure of Group HES and the sister divisions.

Typical market sectors covered: • Industrial Automation • Fluid Power • Mobile Machinery • Control Instrumentation • Data Acquisition part of

Dowco House | Insworth Technology Park Innsworth Lane | Gloucester | GL3 1DL automatec@grouphes.com

Call or email the specialists to discuss your next project

t. 01452 733108

e. automatec@grouphes.com

 GroupHES  GroupHES  company/group-hes-ltd AUTOMATEC ADVERT (A5 LAN) V5.indd 1

Automation Update 23 28/09/2015 13:36 December 2015

HONEYWELL’S ENHANCED RTU2020 PROCESS CONTROLLER SIMPLIFIES MANAGEMENT OF DISTRIBUTED OIL AND GAS ASSETS Controller redundancy, expanded input/output modules and wireless I/O improve management of complex remote automation and control Honeywell (NYSE:HON) Process Solutions (HPS) today launched its newest RTU2020 process controller, which helps operating companies in oil and gas, mining and other process industries effectively manage complex remote automation and control applications. Today’s industrial operations are increasingly challenged with converting “Big Data” from complex automation systems and into relevant, actionable information. The growth of unconventional exploration and production in oil and gas has also increased the number of remote assets and data to manage. “Distributed operations are under constant pressure in all production environments. Critical assets are often widely scattered over areas where operating conditions are demanding,” said Brendan Sheehan, senior marketing director, Projects and Automation Solutions, HPS. “With the RTU2020, companies have more flexibility to implement highly effective remote operations strategies across their businesses. They can benefit from reduced equipment monitoring and diagnostic time, as well as reduced travel and increased safety by not sending personnel to

the field to troubleshoot device issues.” The RTU2020, enhanced with native redundancy, expanded input/output (I/O) modules, and wireless I/O, is a modular process controller that provides complete visibility into the most efficient utilization of distributed assets through expanded remote monitoring, diagnostic and asset management. The unit is designed to withstand harsh environments and can be deployed at remote sites with very low power consumption (1.8 watts), which is ideal for use with solar power. It also allows for remote maintenance and cuts equipment monitoring and diagnostic time from hours to minutes. RTU2020 now increases availability through native controller redundancy – no switch is required for I/O communications. A new integrated onboard solution provides wireless I/O integration of ISA100 instruments, with no specialized module needed. ISA100 instruments appear as “native” I/O to the controller. The RTU2020 controller’s 28 channels of onboard I/O can now be extended by adding one or more of the new 28 channel mixed I/O modules. Like the onboard I/O, the new mixed I/O module is HARTenabled. This approach contrasts with process controllers requiring separate

dedicated HART modules or external multiplexers. No extra hardware is needed with this solution, and digital HART data and diagnostics are available locally for use in control and alarming as well as remote instrument health monitoring. RTU2020’s innovative design meets multi-well operational requirements in the oil and gas field, including electronic flow metering for gas per API 21.1 with per meter run licensing. Additionally, RTU2020’s flow calculations have been independently validated against Alberta Energy Regulator (AER) Directive 17. ISO equations have been added to the flow calculation library alongside the existing AGA and API based calculations. Honeywell’s RTU2020 offers numerous best-in-class features, including removable and plug-in terminal blocks to simplify wiring and reduce time for cabinet assembly. Integrated with Honeywell’s Experion® supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) system, it eases configuration over thousands of assets and enables operational efficiency with an advanced humanmachine interface (HMI). Users gain perfect “20/20 vision” into realizing the production potential of their distributed assets. Honeywell’s distributed system architecture (DSA) allows multiple Experion SCADA servers to operate as one within a single asset or across the enterprise. Paired with Honeywell’s Field Device Manager (FDM), the RTU2020 provides an effective method of remotely interrogating instrument data and diagnostics, as well as running methods like valve signatures — all via the RTU2020 process controller.

24 - Automation Update December 2015

Cost-efficient miniature motors: New Athlonix™ high power density brushed DC motors are available from McLennan Portescap’s newly announced Athlonix 22DCP highpower mini-motors with Alnico magnets are available from Mclennan. The 22mm brushed DC motor series, available with a choice of graphite or precious metal commutation, offers a compelling specification and cost-effective price/performance for high torque and high reliability miniature power transmission applications - from medical and industrial pumps to clinical and commercial hand-operated power tools, home and laboratory automation, and more. The 22DCP’s coreless design with its optimised self-supporting coil and magnetic circuit is available in eleven winding options from 3 through 48 VDC and delivers a maximum continuous torque up to 6.5 mNm - with a higher measured stall torque than similar 22 mm diameter motors. The precision manufactured motor provides smooth and quiet performance with speeds up to 10,000 rpm, with highly precise and repeatable torque/speed characteristics for maximum control.

Portescap’s new Athlonix 22DCP mini motors – compelling price vs. performance and available from Mclennan

With a nominal motor length of 32 mm, the 22DCP is available with single or dual shafts and for even more application and cost flexibility, users can select single or dual bearings. The constant force spring design for the carbon brush commutation version extends its working life whilst Portescap’s well proven ‘REE’ feature, that reduces winding electro erosion, prolongs the lifespan for both commutation versions. The new motor is of course available for use with Portescap’s wide range of miniature planetary and spur gearheads in addition to encoders such as the new M Sense B where accurate positioning and closed loop motion feedback is called for. User-customised versions with special mechanical or electrical features are available.

Mclennan supports the new 22DCP series with drives and other power transmission components and also offers a complete design and build service that integrates such motor technologies into complete mechatronic solutions. Contact Mclennnan at sales@mclennan.co.uk or visit www.mclennan.co.uk. Automation Update - 25 December 2015

Deva Electronics

Easy CMM Retrofit with Deva 037 USB Encoder Interface Available as a cased end user product or as an OEM module, the Deva 037 3 Axis USB Encoder Interface is designed to interface industry standard rotary shaft encoders and linear scales to PC compatible computers. Measuring position, velocity and accleration in a wide variety of applications such as robotics, coordinate measuring machines and CNC tools. The 037 provides three independent encoder channels each with a 16-bit hardware counter expanded to 32 bits in software with a maximum count rate of 10Mhz. The cased product can be supplied with or without power supply and includes a comprehensive software support package including libraries and examples for modern rapid application development tools such as Visual Basic, Visual

‘C’ and LabVIEW. Plug ‘n’ Play software support for 32 bit and 64 bit versions of Windows XP/Vista/ Win 7/ 8 and DotNET enables simple installation and automatic configuration of up to 6 interfaces supporting a total of 18 encoders. To aid software development and provide a convenient kit of parts for retrofit solutions, Deva components are available as part of a series of development kits. These kits are complete with manuals, software SDK, utilities, connection kits and accessories etc. For further information please contact sales@deva.co.uk


RENOLD COUPLINGS’ HI-TEC RANGE NOW AVAILABLE OFF THE SHELF Renold Couplings’ Hi-Tec range of pilot bored RB rubber-incompression couplings, are now available ‘off the shelf’. Used across a variety of production industries, the Hi-Tec RB coupling transmits torque using compressed rubber elements to dampen vibration and eliminate backlash. This results in the efficient operation of the drive train, while removing the risk of failure and the consequential risk to health and safety. In addition to this, Renold’s Hi-Tec RB couplings are ‘fit and forget’, requiring no lubrication – not only saving money on maintenance costs, but also in downtime and coupling failure. Nigel MacVean, managing director of Renold Couplings, commented: “A reliable coupling is critical to any production line and coupling failure will prove costly in terms of downtime and loss of production. To have a high quality, replacement coupling available ‘off the shelf’ is a huge reassurance and Renold Couplings are delighted to be able to meet that demand.” The Hi-Tec RB ranges are universal sizes and can replace couplings by most manufacturers. Alan Dean, business development director added” “This is also good news for anyone who has planned maintenance scheduled in over the Christmas shutdown, because we can have a coupling with you in time for this.”

26 - Automation Update December 2015


Quad-Core Processor Power in the Smallest Spaces Fanless compact IPC with multi-core Intel ® Atom™ technology

The C6915 control cabinet PC extends the range of Beckhoff Industrial PCs with a fanless, extremely compact unit that features state-of-the-art multicore Atom™ technology from Intel. Thanks to the high computing power of up to four processor cores, scalable to match system demand, this unit opens up a new price-to-performance class for PLC and motion control applications. The new C6915 control cabinet PC, which measures only 48 x 164 x 119 mm (without mounting plate), is the most compact model in the Beckhoff Industrial PC (IPC) range. Thanks to the low heat dissipation of the Atom™ processors, this robust IPC does not require a fan, despite its compact size. Offering a high degree of application flexibility, the storage medium can be an HDD, SSD or CFast card, as required, and the computing power is scalable to match the demand of the application. Processors with one, two, or four cores are available: • Intel ® Atom™ CPU, 1.46 GHz, 1 core • Intel ® Atom™ CPU, 1.75 GHz, 2 cores • Intel ® Atom™ CPU, 1.91 GHz, 4 cores The C6915 is ideally suited for control tasks in the medium performance range, but also for motion applications and – thanks to the advanced processor platform – more complex graphics applications.

This addition means that the benefits of the costeffective, low-loss, and high-performance multicore Atom™ processors are now available for the whole Beckhoff IPC range: as a CP67xx, CP27xx or CP37xx Panel PC (with single- or multi-touch and 5.7- to 24-inch displays), a CX5100 Embedded PC, and as a C6915 or C6925 control cabinet PC. info@beckhoff.co.uk www.beckhoff.co.uk Automation Update - 27 December 2015

Long Travel Linear Position Measurement: Variohm supply draw wire sensors to Hunger Hydraulics for lifting bridge application Hunger Hydraulic UK Ltd, a part of the international Hunger Hydraulic system consultancy and solutions group, has recently supplied four 4.25 metre stroke telescopic hydraulic cylinders to main contractor John Sisk, to lift a new 80-metre pedestrian and cycle access bridge linking Canning Town station to a new island development on the Leamouth Peninsula in London. The 160 tonne bridge which was successfully commissioned in July 2015, is raised vertically to allow boats to navigate the river and as an integral part of its hydraulic control and synchronisation system, includes four Celesco SR1 series draw wire linear position sensors that were specified and supplied by Celescoâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s UK distributor Variohm EuroSensor. As conventional hydraulic linear position sensor types could not be considered due to the telescopic style long travel cylinders, Hunger designers opted for draw wire or cable sensor technology and chose the competitively priced Celesco SR1 for its well proven reputation in outdoor construction, agricultural and industrial equipment for rugged build quality and extended durability. For redundancy purposes, two sensors are mounted and work in parallel each side of the bridge. To ensure complete protection the sensor pairs are encased in a pivoting steel housing which includes telescopically extended cylindrical sections that fully enclose the cable. For this application, the SR1M model draw wire sensor provides a userscalable 4â&#x20AC;Ś20 mA proportional signal to the control system. The sensor is supplied factory calibrated to the full stroke range but thanks to its internal programmable digital circuitry the output signal can be easily re-scaled to match the actual application stroke length with an easy-to-use push-button zero and span adjust. Other models in the SR1 series include voltage divider, 0-5/0-10 VDC and incremental encoder versions with standard stroke lengths of 3175 and 4445 mm. The plastic-hybrid precision potentiometer returns a rated life of 250,000 cycles with positional accuracy specified at 0.5% FS with repeatability 28 - Automation Update December 2015

to 0.1% FS. Along with many draw wire sensors from Celesco Inc., the SR1 is designed for outdoor use featuring an IP67 environmental rating, tough polycarbonate housing and a nylon coated stainless steel cable. The sensor can be universally mounted with cable exit positions oriented in up, down, rear and forward directions and no critical alignment is required. Electrical connection is via an M12 connector with mating cable-sets available. Variohm EuroSensor is a designer, manufacturer, distributor and supply chain partner providing complete sales and application support across a comprehensive range of position, load, force and temperature sensor technologies - for demanding measurement applications across industry, construction, agriculture, motorsports, research and more.

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Precision with

calmness and patience Precision spindles in earthquake seismometers

Seismometers are among the most sensitive instruments ever invented. They are known mainly for their use in recording earthquakes, but they can also detect bad weather and the corroding parts of building foundations. Swiss ballscrew and leadscrew manufacturer, Eichenberger Gewinde, has developed a miniature threaded spindle with practically zero tolerance, which has been shown to play a vital role in the fine adjustment of the three pendulums in a seismometer. In the 1970s the geophysicist G. Streckeisen began developing seismometers. He built instruments which set new standards of sensitivity. Streckeisen’s seismometer incorporated three balancing pendulums whose sensitivity was so high that even the impact of waves on the Atlantic coast were recorded as far away as Switzerland. Since 2010, two employees have continued to run the company: the mechanical engineering graduate Lutz Wiesner and the electronics engineer Robert Freudenmann. As many electronic and mechanical components had been discontinued by component suppliers, Wiesner and Freudenmann had to develop new prototypes. Using Streckeisen’s proven principle of three pendulums and a feedback system, in conjunction with modern components, they built an instrument that seamlessly followed its successful predecessor.

Stress can be fatal! The normal frantic pace of producing new designs does not suit such a sensitive device as a seismometer. This application requires calmness and patience, as any introduced stress lives on in quasi form in the device, later leading to a deterioration of the output signals. This also applies to mechanical components under tension where the screws have been excessively tightened, as well as in parts from component suppliers. The concept of "calm" becomes a constant companion, and assembly at Streckeisen proceeds accordingly. In operation, the seismometer should be able to record the slightest movement of so-called “ground noise” of our Earth. Here its enemies are different vibrations caused by people, cars, lorries or trains. The weather and even the moon contribute to unwanted signals.

With the help of analogue electronics the three sensor signals are converted into values for the X, Y and Z axes. These analogue signals come via a cable connection into a digitalisation box that logs all data before forwarding it to an earthquake centre by radio, telephone or satellite link.

Screws with virtually zero tolerance The device must be aligned exactly to the east prior to use at the appropriate location. The seismometer is manually adjusted horizontally with the aid of a level. As every location is unique with regards to temperature and gravitational force, fine adjustment of the three pendulums is always necessary and occurs automatically. For this purpose the travel sensor determines the pendulum position and corrects the pendulum balance with the aid of an adjusting mass. The adjusting mass is pushed along a rolled Eichenberger threaded screw until the pendulum exactly occupies the central position. Decisive factors in the use of an Eichenberger threaded screw with two ground ends of h6 quality are the surface quality and the thread geometry. Even the position of the rolled thread arranged on the middle of the longitudinal axis has to satisfy the highest demands for tolerance. In addition, the substance has to be absolutely non-magnetic. All of this is done with a screw with a diameter of just 4 mm.

Around the thread For nearly 60 years Eichenberger Gewinde has specialised in the manufacture of threads. The focus today is on the rolling of threads by “cold forming” in the manufacture of ball screws and high-helix lead screws. By using the most modern production methods and through the development of new applications - such as the thread manufactured specially for Streckeisen Eichenberger is supporting customers with a myriad of different innovations.

Construction requires precision The Streckeisen seismometer consists in principle of three individual sensors arranged at 120º to the others. Each sensor contains a precisely balanced, upside-down diagonal pendulum that is maintained in its central position by means of a temperaturecompensated spring and a feedback system. The pendulum mounting is absolutely free of play. This way the capacitive travel sensor records the pendulum position to an accuracy of a few atoms wide. Control electronics and a coil provide the corresponding restoring force. 30 - Automation Update December 2015

To balance the device a brass nut runs on a rolled threaded Eichenberger spindle and moves a small counterweight (left).

This grey mouse hides hi-tech at its best

Achieving high torque at low speeds

New torque motor range provides unmatched power density Gearing specialist Harmonic Drive UK has launched TorkDrive a new multi-pole directdrive torque motor designed for applications including rotary transfer machines, rotary tables, machining centres, roller and cylinder drives as well as positioning and handling axes. The multi-pole design of the motor components allows the drive to transmit high torque at low to medium rotational speeds. TorkDrive has been developed to provide high dynamic response, precision and system rigidity in industries from robotics and handling, to machine tools, packaging and the food and beverage sector. The range is available in five sizes offering a maximum torque from 19 to 600 Nm. Units can be customised for integrated drive solutions and are available in kit form, where the stator and rotor are delivered as individual components without housing. This provides an extremely compact solution for direct integration into machine design. “TorkDrive operates like a synchronous servo motor because the rotor is fitted with permanent magnets and the stator houses the windings,” explained Graham Mackrell, managing director of Harmonic Drive UK. “The main

difference that really sets TorkDrive apart is that it has a large number of pole pairs in the stator and rotor. “These single pole windings are rated for 400 VAC, meaning TorkDrive delivers maximum torque at low speeds, ideal for applications such as rotary transfer machines, tables, roller and cylinder drives as well as positioning and handling axes. “We’ve developed TorkDrive to deliver exceptionally low noise levels and to minimise wear for the lifetime of the drive. Integrated temperature sensors ensure that the motor is protected from overheating. In addition to sensors, the standard version of TorkDrive is designed for water cooling so that users can take advantage of a higher power output, while keeping heat transfer to a minimum.” TorkDrive features a large hollowshaft in the centre of the unit, allowing users to pass through cabling, supply lines, optical lasers and other services while minimising unit footprint. For complete control, Harmonic Drive provides end-toend systems for specific applications, including measuring systems, a range of housings, bearings and brakes.


Automation Update - 31 December 2015

LG Motion

British Engineering Excellence Award Winners Basingstoke based motion technology specialists, LG Motion, is celebrating after walking away with the coveted Small Company of the Year Award at the 2015 British Engineering Excellence Awards.

The awards, held at the prestigious Hurlingham Club in London, celebrate the best of British Engineering and the Small Business category is hard fought as it accounts for a large proportion of engineering firms across the UK.

need and the successful reception of that product. Beyond that, they also wanted to see evidence that the company was either taking on the ‘big boys’ or exploiting a viable market niche.

The panel of judges, made up of well qualified technical experts from a cross section of electronic and engineering design disciplines had this to say about LG Motion;

With their own design, manufacturing and assembly capability in Basingstoke, LG Motion pride themselves on responding quickly on an ‘engineerto-engineer’ level; something which, it says, larger competitors can’t offer.

“Operating in many industrial sectors and offering a range of complex integrated engineering solutions, LG Motion has built itself an impressive customer reference list. Continuous investment has led to more success and its focus on people includes employing apprentices to develop its home grown talent.” As well as looking for a sound business plan, the judges were looking to identify a product that meets a market 32 - Automation Update December 2015

The judges decided the company not only demonstrated a clear strategy and effective capability as a business, but that their story of building an engineering firm in the UK was a familiar one that showed resilience. Managing Director, Gary Livingstone, puts this down to faith in the product, the manufacturing sector in the UK, and also his faith in developing young people.

“Despite the banks telling us it was madness to set up a manufacturing company in Basingstoke, I’m pleased to say they were wrong. Our growth has been based around a controlled increase in head count, the early adoption of on apprentice scheme and continual investment in people and plant.” “I’m proud of the recognition this award brings the business, it not only demonstrates the hard work of our entire team, it also demonstrates that manufacturing and engineering has a sustainable place in the UK.” The award comes during a successful year for the company, with the purchase of specialist manufacturer Precision Acoustics in Dorchester and the continued growth of its sister company MiniTec UK.


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Take the heat off next summer – get expert advice on cooling solutions now

By getting expert advice, and planning and putting in solutions now, managers can get ahead of the game and safeguard their production processes – and not find they are caught out by rising ambient temperatures. “Don’t be lulled into a false sense of security because the temperatures are dropping,” advises Christian Westwood Rittal’s Product Manager for Climate offers advice on designing effective climate control systems. “Instead why not use this time to consider your best options? “Rittal’s expert team can provide you with free advice as to which cooling product is suited to your particular application, or arrange a survey, so we can propose the best solution. “We always consider options with users from the perspective of

functionality, energy efficiency, ease of installation, service and maintenance, based on real life data measured on site. “I cannot underline how important it is to choose the right product. Climate control is not a one size fits all solution, and its success depends greatly on the local environment,” adds Christian. Enclosures which are located in a cool and clean environment, may find fan-and-filter units are adequate, given a single device provides more than 4 kW of cooling in ideal conditions. If the air is dirty, it is still possible to take full advantage of low ambient temperatures by using energy efficient air-to-air heat exchangers to provide any necessary cooling.


For applications that require the temperature inside the enclosure to be lower than that outside it, a refrigerant based solution may be the best option. The new Blue e+ cooling unit range from Rittal, with capacities up to 6 kW, can operate in ambient temperatures up to 60 degrees Celsius yet also provide free cooling when the external air is cooler due to the innovative use of hybrid technology. Air-to-water heat exchangers may be used in even hotter conditions and the water delivered to a remote location in which the heat, up to 10 kW from one unit, may be dissipated more effectively and with less effect on the temperature of the surroundings. For more information: contact 01709 704 000 or email cooling@rittal.co.uk

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Redvision’s radar controlled rugged dome uses Ogier Electronics technology. Redvision has joined forces with Ogier Electronics to produce a radar controlled, X-SERIES™ rugged dome. Ogier Electronics makes the Scan360 plug and play radar unit, which is used to control Redvision’s IPbased and analogue rugged domes. The combination can operate as a standalone, automatic PTZ camera system or may be integrated with leading VMS solutions, via a built-in RS485 data port. Paul Hucker, MD of Redvision, explains, “Intruders, such as people and vehicles, are detected automatically at distances of up to 200 metres, in all weather conditions, day or night. The intruder’s X and Y coordinates are mapped to our X-SERIES™ rugged dome’s pan, tilt and zoom functionality, enabling automatic, real-time tracking. Alternatively, the X-SERIES™ is pointed in the direction of the intruder, so the automatic PTZ tracking functionality of the VMS can take over. “For our RedCop™ rapid deployment CCTV system, radar control gives us a standalone, operator-free, automatic, video tracking solution. It also only uses 10w of power, so it doesn’t place an undue burden on the Redcop’s batteries or generator.” The Scan-360 system will learn its environment and can be programmed with up to 36 detection areas, allowing zones of ‘no interest’ to be ignored. It alerts the VMS to every intruder, tracking the first or largest one. It is low cost; compact at just 310 x 250mm; easy to install; simple to configure; and is calibrated against an object positioned at 150m away with a simple button click. Ogier Electronics has over 20 years' high frequency Microwave, radar design experience. Automation Update - 37 December 2015

When it must be accurate, it must be Zwick! When decisions on material quality and material selection are on the line, there is no room for error. Your work demands the best and Zwick delivers top quality materials testing systems that leverage our 160+ years of industry experience. Contact us for more information on how intelligent testing systems from Zwick can optimize throughput in your lab.

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Automation Update - December 2015  

Automation Update - December 2015