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April 2016

www.labfacility.com Labfacility – Temperature Specialists…… New website launched Launch offer – 5% off prices until 30.4.16 if you input code ENGUP

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Labfacility launch new website

Labfacility have just launched a NEW online purchasing website featuring our full range of Temperature Sensors, Thermocouple Connectors, Thermocouple Cables and associated Temperature Instrumentation – Please visit www.labfacility.com for immediate despatch from stock worldwide . Temperature Sensors Labfacility are the UK’s leading manufacturer of Thermocouple and PRT sensors, made in our South Yorkshire site. Standard configurations are offered in all of the widely used calibrations, type J,K,T,E,N,R,S and B.. Depending on the choice of sensor type and sheath materials, temperature ratings of up to 1750oC are available with single or duplex elements. The comprehensive stock of mineral insulated thermocouples features 0.5mm sheath diameter versions in addition to 1.0mm, 1.5mm, 3.0mm and 6.0mm. The 0.5mm diameter thermocouples combine low thermal mass and fast response to temperature changes with durable construction; they are highly flexible and their use minimizes process intrusion. Mineral insulated PRT sensors are available in a range of diameters and configurations to meet the need for high accuracy, high stability, sheath flexibility and robust construction.

Resistance Thermometer Sensing Resistors Labfacility offers a range of high quality Pt100 and Pt1000 sensing resistors in wire-wound and thin-film types. The range includes surface mount versions and glass encapsulated types for those applications requiring the highest stability and hermetic sealing. All Pt100 sensors comply with IEC751 and, depending on

construction, are available in Class A, B and 1/3, 1/5 and 1/10 DIN tolerances. Dimensions range from sub-miniature to 50mm length to suit any application and optional extended terminations are available to order.

Probe Installation Fittings Labfacility also manufactures a wide range of components and fittings for sensor installation and manufacture at our West Sussex site. These include pot seals for mineral insulated thermocouples, bayonet caps and adaptors and closed end protection tubes. Additional components include compression glands, melt bolts, thermowells and a wide range of terminal heads.

Labfacility Ltd Labfacility is the UK’s leading manufacturer of Temperature Sensors , Thermocouple Connectors and associated Temperature Instrumentation and stockists of Thermocouple Cables . The Company has been trading for 45 years, is ISO 9001 accredited, employs 70 staff over two UK sites - West Sussex and South Yorkshire and exports to over 85 countries. In addition to the stocked items , Labfacility also offers bespoke Temperature Sensors. TRUSTPILOT REVIEWS – please see our latest customer reviews on our website! Bognor Regis Tel: +44(0)1243 871280 Sheffield Tel: +44(0)1909 569446 Email: info@labfacility.com

Launch offer – 5% off prices until 30.4.16 if you input code ENGUP 4 - Automation Update April 2016

Leaders in temperature measurement

Thermocouple Sensors and Fittings Manufactured by Labfacility thermocouple cables thermocouple connectors PRT sensors temperature instrumentation

Buy on-line

www.labfacility.com info@labfacility.com

Bognor Regis tel: +44 (0)1243 871280 Sheffield tel: +44 (0)1909 569446


Finding the appropriate transfer system is not an ‘off the shelf’ solution It takes considerable research for automation engineers to find the right automation system for a car manufacturer. Countless factors influence the assembly of a transfer system and a lot of hurdles have to be overcome Michael Frieß, Technical Director at Erhardt+Abt Automatisierungstechnik tells in the following report how the transfer system Versamove from the mk Technology Group is the ideal solution. Today, interlinking of machines with robotic automation is used to a significant extent for large-scale production. In addition to the optimal use of machine capacity, processing with maximum possible variants is also gaining more and more importance. Erhardt+Abt Automatisierungstechnik GmbH has been providing turnkey automation solutions in diverse industrial sectors for nearly 20 years. As part of the HEITEC group of companies it has a widespread network of engineers and technicians in the fields of electrical engineering, computer science and mechatronics. Erhardt+Abt has created a name for itself, particularly in the automotive and pharmaceutical industries.

Good integration is required As experts in automation, it is extremely important for Erhardt+Abt that all of the components of a system match perfectly and are easy to integrate. As technical director, Michael Frieß is also responsible for the smooth functioning of a chain of machines. “It is ideal if the individual components directly meet the required specifications”.

Stringent requirements As an example, here is a case of a large project for one of the leading German car manufacturers: A transfer system was required for a machining system with minimum spread of swarf and washing machine residues. Environmental conditions in parts of the plant are quite challenging for materials and surfaces. In addition to the requirements of the materials, even the specific requirements governing operating equipment had to be fulfilled. For Erhardt+Abt merely meeting technical requirements is not all: “It is also important that we cooperate well with our suppliers and we work hand in hand in the project planning phase. We can thus assure our customers that the systems we produce meet the highest quality standards”.

The right partner There were certain conditions that both the conveyor system as well as the manufacturer had to comply with. Erhardt + Abt invited bids from several suppliers. However, the technical solutions they offered, were complex and their implementation would have involved heavy expenditure. With a few smaller jobs that were executed in the past, Erhardt+Abt already had a good experience of the conveyor technology supplied by the mk Technology Group. Michael Frieß turned to his customer advisor who finally recommended to him the right system. “We finally found the right partner in mk”.

Modular Compatible Versatile The systems belonging to mk’s Versamove series are versatile circulating workpiece carrier systems that can be used in practically all areas involving automation and flow of materials. Whatever the application may be, the right system is always available, thanks to the three standardized versions namely standard, plus and ultra. The modular design of the systems ensures quick and transparent project planning and designing.

6 - Automation Update April 2016

Custom-design Despite their high degree of standardization, the Versamove s y s t e m s a r e ex t r e m e l y flexible: Due to the demanding environmental conditions to which the system is exposed, a special and particularly resistant workpiece carrier was necessary. “That was not at all a problem with mk”, says Michael Frieß. Engineers at Erhardt+Abt and mk working on this project have jointly d eve l o p e d a w o r k p i e c e carrier tailored to meet the requirements of this system

Discharge of pallets from the main line into two parallel transfer conveyor lines

mk could easily implement Lift and transfer conveyor with coupled even the car manufacturer’s drive and a central hub to bridge very short regulations that govern the crossway operating equipment. mk has already designed some systems for the automotive industry and experts are fully aware of the requirements for these systems. They have adjusted the individual components for the project so that the requirements are fulfilled. Customized pallet in corrosion-resistant “That was one of the main reasons design for a cleaning plant behind deciding in favour of the mk system”, says Michael Frieß. This simplifies integration into the entire project.

Complete project assistance mk assisted during the entire project right from the joint preliminary discussions with Erhardt+Abt and its customers through to installation and commissioning in the plant itself. During ongoing operations, the system meets absolutely all our expectations”, says Michael Frieß. Even the project managers of the car manufacturers are extremely satisfied with the way the entire project has been executed. After commissioning even mk continues to be a vital point of contact for Erhardt+Abt: “The colleagues have given us an excellent after-sales service. Adjustments to the system were implemented quickly and easily”. Generally speaking, the credit for the success of the project goes to the excellent team work of all those who were involved in the project. mk has made a very substantial contribution to the entire project. Michael Frieß is excited to see the human cooperation: “We felt very well cared for at all times”.

Further installations are planned There was good reason for Michael Frieß to rely on mk as a partner for installation of additional systems: After the success of the first project, a second plant is now in operation. “The price of the system is good, the cooperation was excellent and everything was entirely to our expectations. So why should we change?” The cooperation with mk was a real success story for Erhardt+Abt - A third large facility is currently being built for the car manufacturer. Michael Frieß is still impressed: “Our customer is satisfied. We are also a very satisfied customer and we will definitely contact mk for further projects too”.

Profile Technology

Conveyor Technology

Linear Motion

Factory Equipment

Modules and Much More

Pallet Handling Systems Modular. Compatible. Versatile.

mk Profile systems limited a company of the mk Technology Group Unit 2·Wolds Farm Business Park Kinoulton Lane·Kinoulton·Nottinghamshire, NG12 3EQ Phone +44 (0)1949 823751·Fax +44 (0)1949 81270 www.mkprofiles.co.uk·info@mkprofiles.co.uk

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Industry first WirelessHART™ burst detection system 2 industry experts working together to help cut the cost of wiring in safety critical rupture disc monitoring environments


Emerson Process Management recognise the benefits and advantages of Flo-Tel and are working closely with Elfab

lfab Limited, global manufacturer of pressure relief systems, has recently launched its first wireless burst detection system. Elfab’s non-invasive, reusable, ATEXapproved burst detector; Flo-Tel™ ; has been offering customers across the globe, a fail safe way of notifying a disc has burst in safety critical conditions for over a decade. Flo-Tel offers a range of benefits over traditional membrane style burst detectors as it is not subject to spurious alarms. Unlike most burst detectors, which are activated by the flow created after the bursting disc has operated, Elfab’s Flo-Tel actuator is installed on the vent side of the disc and is activated by the operation of the disc itself. Emerson Process Management recognise the benefits and advantages of Flo-Tel and are working closely with Elfab, helping to bring to the market the first WirelessHART rupture disc burst detector. The addition of Wireless Flo-Tel to Elfab’s range emphasises our commitment to providing customers with the latest rupture disc monitoring

8 - Automation Update April 2016

solutions to further reduce project cost, improve reliability and reduce expensive downtime. Wireless technology offers a cost effective solution when monitoring rupture discs and explosion vents and can easily be implemented on both new and existing sites. Customers can expect to eliminate the costs and complexity of additional wiring by saving an estimated 50% of the cost and 90% of the time required to install a conventional wired system. Both new and existing customers can benefit from upgrading to this technology by obtaining immediate process alerts from an intelligent, realtime process monitoring equipment. Elfab’s wireless burst detection is a cost-effective alternative to wiring. Compatible with its non-invasive, fail safe burst detection systems, Flo-Tel™+ and Flo-Tel XD; Elfab’s wireless detection can be integrated and upgraded easily with Emerson’s WirelessHART™ Gateways. This allows for even further cost savings by eliminating the need for wiring on both new builds and on plant upgrades.

AMTECH SOARS TO NEW HEIGHTS Since it was founded back in 1989 as a PC industrial system integrator, Amtech (Automated Micro Technology) Ltd has grown into one of the UK’s leading motion control system suppliers.


fter initially using a range of industrial PC-based motion control cards from other suppliers with limited success, Amtech decided to develop its own range. This was primarily targeted at the welding industry, which required a high level of protection from electrical noise. The company’s reputation as a reliable bespoke motion control system builder steadily grew, resulting in the development of a motion control software system: GNC System 16. This completely flexible software gave customers an easy-to-use and configurable motion control system to suit their exact needs.

Discovering New Markets Before long the system was being put to use in a much wider range of applications, including automatic welding systems, profile cutting, woodworking, engraving, laser cutting, glass cutting and robotics. The user-friendly software means that applications can be configured simply and quickly – not only by large OEMs and experienced system builders but also by end users. Satisfied clients include Rolls Royce, Amtico, Nissan and Proclad Group.

the-peg product – so he designed and manufactured his own. For the machine control, Hercules turned to Amtech to supply its PC-based motion control and software.

One such client is Hercules Propellers Ltd, a highly specialised manufacturer of bespoke wooden light aircraft propellers.

Rupert comments: “Amtech has been the perfect control solution for our machine. It was highly adaptable to fit with our very unusual requirement and the UK-based company has supplied fast and efficient support during the commissioning process. Since then, the system hasn’t missed a beat in all the five troublefree years since the machine was built.”

At the heart of Hercules’ operation is CAD/CAM/CNC technology. Having examined the offerings from CNC router builders, company owner Rupert Wasey realised that Hercules’ requirement for a CNC propeller router was too specific for an off-

Hercules’ latest development project is to manufacture authentic Spitfire propeller blades for original flying aircraft. Currently the only approved propellers for Spitfires come from a company in Germany. All Amtech branded products are designed

Best Of British

10 - Automation Update April 2016

and manufactured in the UK, which is another big plus in Rupert’s eyes. Introducing The Next Generation… Amtech has recently drawn on all its experience to produce a truly industrial LAN-based motion control board. The new LAN-Motion 12 Controller is an Ethernet-based servo and stepper motion controller for up to 12 axes. Its groundbreaking features and excellent price point make it a flexible and affordable out-of-the-box solution for use in numerous industrial applications. Moreover, it comes with free GNC (Generic Numeric Control) for Windows software. For more information about the LAN-Motion 12 Controller or any of Amtech’s other products, visit www.amtechltd.co.uk or email sales@amtechltd.co.uk.



An out-of-the-box motion control solution

• 4 axes of servo control • 8 axes of stepper control • Profile path look ahead • Smooth continuous path motion • Circular Interpolation • Linear interpolation on all 12 axes • Helical interpolation

• Supplied with FREE GNC Lite for Windows software. GNC is a proven motion control solution, which is used in hundreds of applications

APPLICATIONS • Motion control and positioning • System automation • Process control • Robotics • Automatic welding machines • Profile cutting machines • Woodwork routing machines • Engraving machines • Drilling machines • Laser cutting machines • Water jet cutting machines • Glue laying machines • Automatic stitching machines • Tangential knives

• Fast 32-bit RISC processor with floating point co-processor • High speed Ethernet 10/100 Mbps. communication • No expensive interface boards or cables required • Standalone or PC/HMI linked operation • Compact DIN rail mounting

LAN-Motion is an Ethernet-based multi axes servo and stepper motion controller. It is based on a fast 32-bit RISC processor and floating point co-processor with optical isolation, providing a high level of protection against noise. Together with the GNC for Windows software and excellent price performance it offers a flexible and affordable solution for use in a wide variety of industrial applications. The product has been both designed and manufactured in the UK.

T +44 (0) 191 268 2022 F +44 (0) 191 268 2092

E sales@amtechltd.co.uk www.amtechltd.co.uk

One giant leap for safety: Schmersal presents new solenoid interlock for heavy safety doors at SPS IPC Drives trade fair


Compact shape, very high clamping force, bistable principle of operation and an electro-motorised locking bolt: The new fail-safe AZM400 solenoid interlock from Schmersal.

At the SPS IPC Drives trade fair in November, the Schmersal Group presented an extension of its programme of solenoid interlocks. Characteristic properties of the AZM400 include the very high clamping force of 10,000 N, the bistable active principle and the electro-motorised locking pin. This means that the new range is also suitable for very large, motorpowered safety doors, e.g. from CNC processing centres. The combination of electronics and sensors represents a high level of availability from the user’s perspective as well as interesting additional functions with a very high level of safety.

safety for the clamping function is attained among other ways by the two-channel unlocking signal. This ensures that the system is not unlocked unintentionally, for example, in the event of a cross connection. Uncontrolled access to hazard areas is thereby prevented in this way.

The fail-safe AZM 400 bolt interlock consists of a locking unit with sensor technology and a motor-driven locking bolt, along with an actuator that features an encoded RFIDtag and a locking hole with two permanent magnets in which the locking bolt engages. As soon as the locking bolt has reached sufficient depth, the guard system is considered to be safely locked. Here, the AZM400 reaches a clamping force of 10,000 N.

The AZM400 makes unlocking against lateral forces of up to 300 N possible. In this way, interruptions in the production process are avoided and productivity of the machines and systems is increased. Thanks to the integrated safety-related sensor technology, the bolt position can be monitored and fault conditions identified. Consequently, the number of fault messages is reduced, which likewise contributes towards greater productivity.

By integrating RFID technology in the safety sensors, the coding level high is reached for the individually encoded versions in accordance with ISO 14119. Not only with the locking function but also the clamping function, the bolt lock achieves PL e and cat. 4 according to DIN EN ISO 13849-1 as well as SIL 3 according to IEC 61508. The high level of

The new type of input circuit for actuation of the guard locking function makes it possible to connect the AZM400 to all common safety control systems. These safety control systems can be equipped both with P/P and P/N outputs. To do this, no different versions of the AZM400 are necessary.

12 - Automation Update April 2016

The AZM400 is a bistable system, which maintains the last locked status of the interlock in the event of a power failure. Even with hazardous run-on movements, the safety door remains securely interlocked if the voltage supply should be interrupted.













Safe solutions for your industry Schmersal offers its customers the largest range of safety switching appliances and systems worldwide for the protection of human life and machines.

IP69K Rating: Hygiene Compliant

ATEX Rating: Explosion Protection

SAFETY SYSTEMS FOR THE PACKAGING INDUSTRY The Schmersal Group develops and produces safety switching appliances and systems for the entire machinery and plant construction industry. In some industries special requirements are applicable. As a customer focussed company who intensively deals with the wishes of the manufacturer and users of machines, Schmersal has taken up these challenges from the start. As a result, specific products and solutions were developed for many industries. For the sensitive fields of the packaging technology we have developed tailor made product series, which do not only guarantee the safety of the machine but also contribute to an enhanced productivity and availability. This applies for instance to plants which were developed according to the Hygienic Design standards and to machines, for which the directives regarding the dust explosion protection must be observed during the filling and packing of bulk goods.





• Safe switching & monitoring

• Packaging

• Application advice

• Machine safety

• Guard door monitoring safety switches

• Food & Beverage

• CE conformity assessment

• Automation

• Command devices with safety function

• Medicine / Pharmaceutical

• Risk assessment in accordance

• Explosion protection

• Tactile safety devices

• Machine Tools

• Optoelectronic safety devices

• Construction machinery

• Stop time measurements

• Safety monitoring modules and safety

• Renewable energy sources

• Training courses

control modules

with the machinery directive

• Automotive • Chemical Industry

Schmersal Ltd, Sparrowhawk Close, Enigma Business Park, Malvern, Worcestershire, WR14 1GL. Tel: 01684 571980 Fax: 01684 560273 Web: www.schmersal.co.uk / www.schmersal.net

• Hygienic design

Targeted training to get to grips with your robots Robots new and used are reaching far and wide, bringing fantastic benefit in many applications. Many companies look to build on this experience, but they may find challenges along the way: • the reality of production: • productivity lower than desired • patchy understanding of what makes the robot ‘tick’ • how to change this? • program maintenance/reprogramming: • ‘tweaking’ existing programs • adding new product or new operations • expanding program capability or function • the Health & Safety context: • being sure safe machine procedures are developed and maintained:

• for normal operation • for safe & reliable recovery from interruptions IRb Training, specialised in ABB robots, provides high-quality programmer, operator and support training: • in a dedicated 200m2 facility • incorporating 30+ years of extensive hands-on experience and expertise • offering standard courses of all levels and flavours, S3 and S4 courses on a monthly cycle, bespoke courses a speciality

Whatever your needs for ABB robot legacy training contact Ray Bland: Telephone 0191 265 9151 Email info@irbtraining.co.uk


Photograph courtesy ABB

IRb Training


Specialized ABB Robot Training Industrial robots can be long-lived. They owe much of their robustness and capability to the expectations of the industry which did so much to feed their development - the famously-demanding automotive sector. Many first-time users have taken advantage of the longevity of these machines by investing in cells and even lines based around reconditioned robots and are reaping the rewards. Along with this success can come challenges. For example, robot manufacturers can begin withdrawing support for older machines including, significantly, training courses. Also the sort of in-depth knowledge which allows the robots’ proper exploitation becomes scarce or at least remains with the few, and users may begin to feel under-resourced if not overwhelmed. Newcastle-based IRbTraining addresses just this issue, specialising in ABB robots and offering structured training courses in programming and operation and links to service and maintenance support.

Dedicated Facilities Ray Bland, independent Chartered Engineer with over 35 years’ robot experience.

IRbTraining is based on the skills, knowledge and network of Ray Bland, an independent Chartered Engineer with more than 35 years’ robot experience. “End Of Life issues will have some impact on installations based on older robots but it doesn’t have to be significant, not for a while yet” says Ray. “It’s a sort of XPWindows7 thing, formal support ends owing in part to the simple practical difficulties in continuing it, yet the machines go on regardless. In the case of ABB, older controllers are still very common but intimate operational knowledge not so much, as the world moves on.” IRbTraining has its own robots in a dedicated facility and offers an alternative to the usual ‘train on the user’s machine’ approach. Although having worked in many technical areas of the robot business, one constant thread for Ray has been the delivery of training courses “other historic and ongoing activities - system concepting, process development, installation, production programming and start-up, offline programming - all lend context and depth to any training course and contribute to its ‘stickability’ for the attendees; it’s something I enjoy”.

IRbTraining supplies training in ABB robots from S1 to the current IRC5, although present focus is the ‘legacy’ controllers S3 and S4 on a monthly cycle. Course content has ranged from the standard ABB Programming & Operation courses - through focus sessions eg use of advanced functions, programming for reliability, cycle time reduction, logging production data - to very bespoke to suit the operating environment in multi-machine, multiprocess operations. Visit www.irbtraining.co.uk or contact Ray Bland on 0191 265 9151. Automation Update - 15 April 2016

Powerbreaker 40 and fabulous! Residual Current Devices (RCDs) have been commonplace in the UK since PowerBreaker was first launched 40 years ago. The core technology that started saving lives back then still does the same job today.....but RCD products have developed significantly in that time. Over the years, standards of safety, durability and aesthetics have all improved, driven partly by market forces and the need to stay ahead of the competition, and partly by revisions to BS and EN standards focused on driving improvements in safety and quality.

Despite the importance of RCDs, research by Electrical Safety First has provided some shocking statistics into just how far the UK is from exploiting these simple and inexpensive devices to make every home safe. A figure of 41% is quoted of all fire related injuries being caused by electrical origin, and over 40% of owner occupied UK homes are not protected by RCDs. The remainder therefore, are at risk of electrical injury, fatality or a house fire due to an electrical fault. In addition, a DTI report estimates that 20% of electrical fires could be prevented by 16 - Automation Update April 2016

an RCD, highlighting an even greater requirement for potentially fire preventing electrical safety measures. And it is not only your property that is at risk; just 250mA of current leaking through a human body for 200 milliseconds can be fatal. Knowledge of just how quickly a small amount of electrical current can cause injury or death means that electrical contractors should regularly suggest RCDs as cheap and effective protection for their domestic customers.


o how does it work? An RCD protects by constantly monitoring the current flowing in the live and neutral wires supplying a circuit or an individual item of equipment. Under normal circumstances, the current flowing in the two wires is equal. When an earth leakage occurs, due to a fault in the circuit or an electrical fault, an imbalance occurs and this is detected by the RCD, which automatically cuts off the power before injury or damage can result.

Over the years there have been many revisions to the legislation around RCDs and PowerBreaker have continued to develop products to meet and exceed all the latest standards. In the recent change to the 17th Edition, the standards around RCD protection were updated enormously with regard to the consumer unit. RCDs were not required on all sockets so limited protection was provided. Now, the 17th Edition has brought to light the potential need for more RCDs in the home and workplace.

SSI Schaefer gets creative with low cost storage and conveying system SSI Schaefer’s list of LogiMat customers continues to grow as more small parts picking operations realise the benefits associated with this method of storage and retrieval. Occupying only a small footprint, the LogiMat - a goodsto-man picking, vertical lift storage system - offers a high order picking performance in a compact and ergonomic way, providing a 90% storage space saving in comparison with conventional static shelving solutions. Not only does it provide low energy costs, its modular design allows the system to be fully adjustable to individual requirements, providing numerous design options with the flexibility to extend in the future. The design can be compared to an oversized drawer cabinet with two stacks of trays (one in the front and one in the rear) and between those stacks operates a lift which, based on a rack and pinion mechanism, extracts individual trays as required and delivers them to an operator via a service window. There is almost no height limit to the system and it is possible for one machine to service a number of different picking levels with a service window on each floor. With minimised order picking errors through its laserdirected ‘LogiPointer’, the LogiMat’s ‘LogiSoft’ software can also be integrated into an existing warehouse management system with relative ease. Complementing the LogiMat, SSI Schaefer’s Autocruiser is a remarkable and innovative system specifically designed to bridge the gap between forklift transport and traditional conveyor technology and it represents an extremely competitive and flexible transport system for low to average throughput. Lacking the requirement to run in straight lines, it is perfect for industrial manufacturing and assembly operations and it is suitable for both short and long distance transport and designed to hold loads of 1g up to 30 kg – however, the system can be configured for heavier loads if needed. The ‘wagons’ transporting the products throughout the warehouse or distribution centre are powered by picking up electrical charges from charge points located at intervals along the course of the track. All components, including scales, rails, loading stations, curves, switches and turn tables are supplied pre-installed, therefore allowing the Autocruiser to be put into operation

18 - Automation Update April 2016

immediately – additional infrastructure is not required, and a standard voltage electricity socket is all that is required in terms of power supply. SSI Schaefer installed the Autocruiser in combination with multiple LogiMat vertical storage lifts at the Creativ Company distribution centre, where the system handles both picking and storage tasks. Creativ Company is a major global supplier of hobby and educational items. At the core of the solution are 8 LogiMat storage lifts, each 6 metres in height and in total amounting to a storage area of 1,000 m². On a 300 metre-long track, 27 Autocruiser wagons transport 300 - 450 units per hour. The idea was to create a semi-automated solution using the Autocruiser whereby the waggons - controlled by the warehouse management system - transport the SKUs to the different picking zones. In choosing to the implement a new, extensive logistics system, Creativ Company opted for this solution by SSI Schaefer. “It was important that the first phase was completed during operation in the off-peak season and during the holidays in July and August - including software, platform, track network and LogiMat “, explains Jacob Andersen, Supply Chain Manager at Creativ Company. “We chose SSI Schaefer as the supplier to ensure future growth. The solution was an excellent combination of lightweight tracks and storage lifts. The company has brought a high degree of accuracy and professional approach to the table during the very short project phase.“

ch -s



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re .





Schaefer Solutions – As Individual as our Customers SSI Schaefer is one of the world’s largest total solutions providers and components manufacturers in Logistics systems, Storage and handling solutions and Logistics software. Its highly diverse portfolio ranges from plastic containers through to automated high bay warehousing systems, customised to its clients’ needs. With more than 50 subsidiaries worldwide, SSI Schaefer is a strong and reliable partner. The company is constantly evolving and remains at the forefront of innovation in both new product development and the provision of unique intralogistics solutions. Visit us on Stand 9D79, IMHX2016, NEC, Birmingham 13-16 September

www.ssi-schaefer.com www.ssi-schaefer.com

HARTING Customised Solutions Kitting, Cable Assemblies, Box Builds and Product Modification


Cable Assemblies

Box Builds

Product Modification

HARTING Customised Solutions - bringing together market leading connectors with expert local and global production capabilities. Capabilties include; Kitting, Cable Assemblies, Box Builds and Product Modification UK and Global production facilities In-house CAD Engineers to help design your customised solution Quality Assurance team to ensure the highest quality throughout Transmit any combination of power, signal, data embedded processor I/O Ethernet communications and fibre-optics To discuss your requirements phone +44 (0) 1604 827500 or e-mail gb@HARTING.com www.HARTING.co.uk/customised-cables

Profile for Jet Digital Media Ltd

Automation Update - April 2016  

Automation Update - April 2016