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Impact Report

My family will be complete with 2 children. I want to have 3 children. Joy, Ghana


I’m not ready to have children­. I want to finish college first.

Amala, India

Mariam, Tanzania

What Women Want... The World Needs During my travels last year in places as diverse as Ghana, India, and Tanzania, I had countless conversations with women about their lives, their hopes, and what they want most for themselves. There were phrases that I heard over and over again: I want to live a healthy life... to earn a living... to educate my children. What can make these things possible? Family planning. It is an extraordinarily simple, but prized, tool that allows women to keep themselves healthy and plan the brightest possible future for their family. We know from 70 years of experience that a woman’s ability to decide when and how many children to have is one of the most important factors for determining the course of her future and that of her family. Today, more than 200 million women in developing countries who don’t want to get pregnant lack access to contraceptives. If they had access to family planning, the benefits would be transformational: · Maternal deaths would drop by more than two-thirds;

· Unsafe abortions would fall by almost threequarters, from 20 million annually to 5.5 million; · Nearly 1 million children under age 5 would survive; and · More women would finish school and gain greater economic security. In the pages that follow, you’ll meet Mariam Omari (see bottom left) of Tanzania, who used family planning so she and her husband could focus on their careers. Today, they feel prepared to expand their family, with the confidence that they can give all they can to their children. Mariam is living proof that if we listen and respond to her needs and to those of millions of women like her, the benefits can be exponential. Our work in Tanzania is just one example of how EngenderHealth is putting the power of family planning in the hands of women and their partners. And we’re doing this in more than 20 countries around the world, through your generosity.

Pamela W. Barnes President and Chief Executive Officer

What does it take for one woman in one country to plan her family and her future?

Mariam is one of more than

5 million clients around the world who received family planning services in the last year with EngenderHealth’s support.

“Now, I’m ready” With a smile that exposes a tiny coveted tooth gap characteristic of East African women, 30-year-old Mariam Omari finds it difficult to hide her joy: She is excited to become a mother, once again. Mariam is at Magugu Health Center in Tanzania to have her contraceptive implants removed. It has been 11 years since her last pregnancy, and Mariam and her husband, John, 36, now want a third child. The couple has two children—a daughter, 13, and a son, 11. “Waiting to have another child gave me time to keep focused on my business of selling rice to help support my family,” Mariam said. “Because of family planning, we have been able to take care of our two children and send them both to school.”

as a rice farmer with raising two small children.“Now that our children are older, we’re ready to fulfill our dream of having a family with more children,” he said, while tilling a field of rice under the blistering afternoon sun. Mariam first received her contraceptive implants at the clinic after being counseled by Agness Minja, an EngenderHealth-trained family planning provider, whom Mariam describes as charming, knowledgeable, and empathetic. The couple is able to plan their future because of the high-quality services offered at Magugu Health Center, one of more than 4,000 health sites in Tanzania that EngenderHealth supports through our longstanding partnership with the government.

For John, family planning has helped him balance the demands of his work

“ Because of family planning, we have been able to take care of our two children and send them both to school. Now I’m ready to have a third child.”

Mariam with her husband, John, and their two children.

“ I’m proud to help women get what they want…” In her 20 years as a nurse at Magugu Health Center, Agness Minja has heard just about every myth circulating in her community about family planning. Last week, a client came into the clinic, insisting on discontinuing her contraceptive pills—she heard they would accumulate in her uterus over time and hurt her. Agness reassured the woman, explaining that the pills are absorbed in the blood and will not build up inside of her. On the contrary, the pills can help her live a healthy life and plan her future. Every day Agness counsels some 25 women on their contraceptive options, including reversible methods that enable women like Mariam to decide when they’re ready to expand their family. Agness is proud to be able to offer her clients a wide range of choices, including condoms, pills, injections, and intrauterine devices, as well as permanent methods. All of these methods are available in Magugu because of EngenderHealth’s partnership with the Tanzanian government and through support from the U.S. government. “In the past, we had to refer women to other facilities to get certain services, especially long-term family planning,” Agness said. “But after our training from EngenderHealth, women and girls who come in can get what they need and want.”

Mariam smiles after Nurse Agness removes her contraceptive implants. Mariam and her husband, John, are excited—and ready—to have a third child.

Nurse Agness is one of more than


people around the world who were trained by EngenderHealth last year to provide family planning services.

“ My most important job is supporting my community” As a driver for EngenderHealth, Douglas Lukaya’s job is to get people places. Indeed, if the faded logo on his white 4x4 vehicle is any indication, Douglas has driven vast distances, navigating the winding, pockmarked dirt roads that connect Tanzania’s dispersed communities. But, some might say it is after reaching his destination that his most important work begins.

Nurse Calista Peter George educating women in the waiting bay of Magugu Health Center. Calista, now 63, returned to work after retiring. The effort is part of an innovative program, led by EngenderHealth, to recruit retired nurses to fill a shortage of health workers who are qualified to meet the reproductive health needs of Tanzanian women.

“ Through EngenderHealth’s training, I have gained so much knowledge that I apply every day to help more women and girls understand the choices they have to plan their families.” ­­ — Calista Peter George, Retired Nurse, Magugu Health Center

At a soaring height of nearly 7 feet, Douglas, 45, is a towering figure with a gentle demeanor. In a single trip, he traverses up to 450km, transporting EngenderHealth experts to some of the most remote sites in Tanzania (more than double the size of California). But when he arrives at his destination, he hardly recovers from the journey before sitting down in the clinic waiting areas— to offer information to women and couples about family planning, as a trained community health worker. In every country where we work, EngenderHealth trains our drivers not just to heed driving etiquette

and protocols, but to serve as information agents for reproductive health. Traveling frequently to remote areas, including where Mariam lives, a driver like Douglas comes into contact with many communities, providing opportunities to share health information and, ultimately, to help save and change more lives. Douglas is trained to explain the benefits of family planning for preserving women’s health and the well-being of their children. For Douglas, a big challenge is reaching out to men, who are often less receptive to his messages than women. “I tell men that family planning services are not just for women,” he said. “It is very much a man’s responsibility to support his wife’s reproductive health, because it affects the well-being of his entire family.”

Douglas and Nurse Calista are among


community outreach workers around the world trained by EngenderHealth last year.

Magugu Health Center is one of more than


health facilities around the world supported by EngenderHealth last year. Nurse Calista educating clients in the waiting bay, one of the many physical renovations supported by EngenderHealth at Magugu Health Center.

The Clinic Walls and Beyond… For Mariam and millions of other women, skilled providers and outreach workers are essential. But so too are health facilities that are well-managed, offer clients privacy and comfort, and have essential supplies and drugs. In Tanzania and around the world, EngenderHealth assists thousands of health sites with physical upgrades to their facilities. At Magugu Health Center, for example, clients used to wait for services under the scorching sun or in the rain and met with their provider in a room filled with others. But today, after EngenderHealth-supported renovations in 2009, clients wait safely beneath a steel roof and receive counseling and treatment in small, but private, rooms. Moving beyond the clinic walls, strong government commitment and supportive health policies are also vital, particularly for sustainability. EngenderHealth partners closely with governments at all levels to advocate for national policies that help meet women’s health needs.

“ Previously, many family planning options, such as implants, IUDs, and permanent methods, were available only at the district hospital, which is very far away. We worked with EngenderHealth to make those services available at community clinics to reach more women.” ­­— Elizabeth Amnaay, Tanzania Ministry of Health and Social Welfare

EngenderHealth around the World

er · N Nig

go · Ethiopia · G Con han e a· th f o Gu · Uga n d a · U o il c g nit To b · ed a ni S za

gladesh · Burkin Ban aF a la · s o go ·B igeria · Rw An a n da ·

Health current nder ly w e g ork En · si e ny a · M a K · a i e n ali Ind in · ·N es t e ta

d’Ivoire · Democra ôte t i c ·C Re di pu un ne · South Afric a ur L eo ·T ra an er

Together, these efforts help women get what they want… which is what the world needs.

family planning, maternal health and HIV services


We’re also ensuring women have safer pregnancies by improving the quality of maternal health services, preventing and treating fistula, promoting healthy birth spacing through contraceptive access, and mobilizing communities to support pregnant women. In the United States and abroad, we’re engaging men to challenge harmful behaviors that can lead to unplanned pregnancy, gender-based violence, and HIV.

5.5 million


Mariam is one woman. Magugu is one health center. But far beyond the borders of Tanzania, EngenderHealth works around the world to preserve the health of millions of women and create a brighter future for their families. In more than 20 countries, we are responding to women’s and their partners’ needs for family planning, maternal health, and HIV services. We are helping mothers give birth to HIV-free babies and engaging men to help prevent the spread of HIV.

> 25,000 fistula repairs

48,000 people trained to provide services

26.6 million people reached with health messages


teenage pregnancy prevention project in Austin, Texas

Our Approach > 1,250 people received lifesaving HIV treatment

With nearly 70 years of experience, EngenderHealth takes a comprehensive approach to sexual and reproductive health. We do this by training providers to offer high-quality services, educating communities to understand the benefits of reproductive health services, and advocating for policies that provide political and financial support for women and their families.


In 2011, EngenderHealth’s total income was $59.5 million, made possible

Operating revenue U.S. Agency for International Development

$ 46,353,388

through the generosity of thousands of caring individuals, foundations,

Individual and institutional contributions 12,962,012

corporations, the U.S. Agency for

Other (non-U.S.) government grants, contracts, and miscellaneous income

International Development, and other

Total operating revenue


$ 59,539,709

bilateral, multilateral, and technical agencies. We deeply appreciate this vital support.

Operating expenses Program services: Capacity building and technical assistance

$ 30,577,490

Global and emerging programs 20,925,116 Program support Total program services

160,518 $ 51,663,124

Support services: Administration

$ 10,710,004



Total support services

$ 11,254,789

Total operating expenses

$ 62,917,913

Nonoperating revenue Bequests

$ 92,116

Investment return


Change in value of split-interest agreements Pension-related changes other than net periodic pension costs Total Nonoperating revenue

152,459 (442,327)

$ 1,008,018

Decrease in net assets Decrease in net assets before nonoperating revenue $ (3,378,204) Total nonoperating revenue


Total Decrease in net assets

$ (2,370,186)

Net assets, beginning of year

$ 20,308,493

Net assets, end of year

$ 17,938,307

Note: The above represents the audited financial information for the 12-month period that ended June 30, 2011. For our most current audited financial information, please visit www.engenderhealth.org/financials.

82% Program Services 17% Administration 1% Fundraising

Thank You to Our Supporters


Individuals, Foundations, and Corporations $100,000 and above Anonymous (2) Enid and Martin Gleich The William and Flora Hewlett Foundation The John D. & Catherine T. MacArthur Foundation The David and Lucile Packard Foundation $50,000–$99,999 Lyman B. Brainerd Jr. Family Foundation F. M. Kirby Foundation, Inc. The Panaphil Foundation Thomas M. and JaMel S. Perkins Lydia & Rob Petty Family Foundation Wiancko Charitable Foundation $25,000–$49,999 Anonymous Dr. and Mrs. Allen W. Cheever Linda and Jon Gruber Anne H. and John K. Howat Price Foundation Harold Simmons Foundation The Walbridge Fund, Ltd. $10,000–$24,999 Anonymous (3) BTIG, LLC Mr. Sherman B. Carll The Clayton Fund Clearwater Capital Partners, LLC Mr. and Mrs. Stanton A. Cook

Brenda and Michael Drake EcoTrust W. A. Hoffman, Ph.D. Harriet F. Johnston Supanya Lamsam, Ph.D. Stasia A. Obremskey and Daniel A. Carroll Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Plotnick Mr. Rob Scher Mrs. Elizabeth W. Sedgwick Shenandoah Foundation Emily D. and Emil J. Slowinski Fred and Alice Stanback Mrs. Mary K. Stevens Dr. Valerie S. Tarico and Mr. Brian E. Arbogast Laney and Pasha Thornton The George Garretson Wade Charitable Trust #2 $5,000–$9,999 Anonymous (4) Mr. Mark Edwards and Dr. Janet Rich Edwards Ms. Frances M. Egloff Ms. Rosemary Ellis and Mr. Jim Anderson Elizabeth Morse Genius Foundation Mrs. Gloria H. Hamman Katharine H. Johnson Ms. Pamela J. Joyner and Mr. Fred Gruiffrida George and Kathleen Myers/ Myers Kauppila Foundation Mr. Gilman Ordway Ms. Christine Ratnam and Mr. Nicholas Kotsonis Dr. Shelley Roth and Dr. Jed Weissberg Serving The Spirit Foundation Barbara H. Stanton Mr. and Mrs. Jan H. Suwinski Ms. Wendy Wysong Dr. Janice and Mr. Jonathan Zakin $2,500–$4,999 Anonymous (3) Mr. David B. Abrams Ms. Lynn Bakamjian Margaret B. Brown, Ph.D. * Donations

City Winery Mr. and Mrs. Robert B. Flint, Jr. Joyce D. Homan Sherry F. Huber Mr. Terrence W. Jezowski Ana Langer, M.D., and Enrique Cifuentes, M.D. C B Laub Family Foundation, Inc. Mrs. Mary W. Lunt Dr. and Mrs. James W. Matthews Jessica and Richard Millard Margaret Neuse, M.P.H. Ms. Susan J. Perkins and Mr. John K. Bergin Mrs. Lee M. Petty B.T. Rocca, Jr. Foundation Mr. and Mrs. David E. Schwarz Ms. Juhi Siddiqui The Sierra Club Foundation Frances H. Snedeker Mr. Michael Stevens Lucy and Daniel Stroock Emma J. Swain and Wes Jones Mrs. Lonna Ann Wais Marie and Eugene Washington Mr. and Mrs. Theodore W. Winsberg $1,000–$2,499 Anonymous (14) Debra and Reza Abbaszadeh Dena and Donald Abrams Al Agnew and Mary Wolk Agnew Dr. Kent P. Bach Ms. Hillorie Bachmann and Dr. Martin Vidal Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Balise The Ruth N. Barber CLAT Dr. Keith D. Barton Ernest A. Bates, M.D. Ms. Karen J. Beattie Ms. Karen Bergman Ms. Catherine Emily Brown and Mr. Robert Michael Gordon George F. Brown, M.D., M.P.H. Dr. Andrew and Mrs. Sherilyn Burgdorf Karen and Oliver Caldwell Ms. Nancy Ann Camp Mr. John R. Canfield Charles S. Carignan, M.D.

received during our fiscal year 2011 (July 1, 2010–June 30, 2011)

$1,000–$2,499 (continued) Mr. Charles G. Carll George and Fanny Carroll Ms. Kathryn B. Chen Mrs. Darlene Chirman and Dr. Samuel Chirman, M.D. Ms. Francine M. Coeytaux Ms. Billie G. Cole Dr. Carmela Cordero and Dr. Tomas M. Cordero Ms. Caroline Crawford Ms. Anne R. Cross Mrs. Eliese Cutler Mr. J. Mark DeSmet Christine and Arthur Fabel Ms. Elizabeth J. Fabel and Mr. Dana M. Lowell The First Congregational Church of Old Lyme Shelby and Frederick Gans Mr. and Mrs. Paul L. Gerhardt Mr. Robert W. Gillespie Mr. and Mrs. Seth Glickenhaus Dr. Katherine Gould-Martin, Ph.D. Ms. Katherine Graney Mr. Harry W. Green Jim and Jacey Hart

Ms. Monica L. Hedges Prof. and Mrs. Martin E. Hellman Mr. Rob Hill Ms. Karen N. Horn Mrs. DeWitt Hornor Hughes Hubbard & Reed LLP Ms. Pamela H. Irby Mr. Dan Jagusch Ms. Naomi Janowitz Mrs. Jane O. Jones Mr. Edward M. Juda Mr. Dale S. Kammerlohr Ms. Ann E. Kaslow Ms. Margaret Keon Kimpton Hotels & Restaurants Mr. and Ms. R. Kline Mr. Michael J. Klitsch Prof. Carl W. Kohls Penelope and George Kotsonis Melinda and Robert Kruvant Rosanne Kumins

Linda and David Lakhdhir The Lang Foundation Mr. Milton P. Lehman The Leighty Foundation Peter Lieberman, Ph.D. Ms. Karen Lieberman-Daly and Mr. T. Edmund Daly Conny and Walter Lindley Miss Dorothy Lockspeiser Sharon and Larry Malcolmson The Mattson Family Conservation Foundation, Inc. Annika and Robert McCann Downs and Irene McCloskey Dr. and Mrs. Arun J. Mehta Bruce Merrill Ms. Carla Miller Mr. David R. Miller Mr. Lee W. Miller Mrs. Jan M. Montgomery Isaiah Ndong, M.D. Vivian and Paul Olum Charitable Foundation Mr. John H. Parker Serena and Alec Perkins Patricia Brand Peters, M.D. Mary Catherine Phinney Roger and Charlotte Pitman Helen Posey Ms. Margaret G. Reed-Lade Anne and Scott Reines Mrs. Esther H. Rivinus Julian L. and Jane Roberts Samantha and Mark Sandler Mrs. Fannette H. Sawyer Virginia Koch Schilz Mr. Phil Schlein Ms. Marsha Scott Mr. Michael Thomas Shane Ms. Rachel Simeone and Mr. Dan German Janet Singer Elizabeth Skinner Merrin and Charlie Stein Ms. Caroline A. Storti Ms. Joanna Sturm Mr. Riaz Taplin Mr. James E. Taylor Mr. and Mrs. Philip D. Thacher Mr. and Mrs. Edward D. Thomas Dr. Elaine Thomas and Mr. Mark C. Childs Unitarian Universalist Church of Vancouver Button and Jon Watkins Wichita Falls Area Community Foundation - John Hirschi Donor Advised Fund Mrs. Diane B. Wilsey

Drs. Elizabeth and Robert Wilson Jan M. Wiste, M.D. Mr. and Mrs. Vernon H. Wright Mr. Timothy C. Wu

$500–$999 Anonymous (17) Mr. and Mrs. William Truett Altman Mr. and Mrs. Ethan D. Alyea, Jr. Mr. Craig M. Arnold Ms. Adrielle Avallone Mr. Ian Bacher Mr. Eugene S. Baer Mr. Jason Barnes Judith and Jonathan Baron Dr. and Mrs. Edward O. Belcher Ms. Ruby Blondell Mrs. Sharon Boatright Ms. Rachel Kirk Bobo Irene and John Briedis Ms. Erika Brinkmann Ms. Betty Dabney Brown Ruth and Thomas Brown Ms. Melissa A. Browne Jane and James Buckley Ms. Carole A. Burnett and Mr. Michael A. Salit Ms. Rhonda FA Byrne Dr. Linda A. Camras and Dr. Jerome Seidenfeld Ms. Lynn G. Chiapella Ms. Sally Manny Cross The Crowell Family Ms. Elzbet Diaz De Leon Ms. Donna J. DeDiemar and Mr. Christopher E. Hamilton Mr. Arlan P. Dohrenburg Ms. Wena W. Dows Ms. Nancy M. Dunn and Dr. George R. Throop Mr. Robert L. Felheim Charlotte and Patrick Fischer Ms. Cleo S. Fogal Mr. John N. Fox Mr. John Fries General Atomics Constance and Allan Gibb Ms. Lee K. Gidding

Ms. Nancy J. Goldberg Richard E. Gordon and Cheryl R. Watkins The Samuel and Grace Gorlitz Foundation Ms. Deborah B. Grayson and Mr. Jonathan R. Russo Giulia and Stephen Hamacher Mr. Henry Hamburger Carol and Logan Hardison Kathleen and Wesley Harvey Ms. Amy Heidersbach and Mr. Michael Barr Margie and Ted Henning Ms. Janet L. Hesness Mr. Stephen R. Hinkle and Ms. Mary Lynn Scattaregia Mr. and Mrs. William G. Homeyer Patricia and Jeffrey Horing The Richard R. Howe Foundation Eunice M. Jackson Mrs. Miriam E. Jencks Ms. Helen J. Johanson Paul Johnson Prof. Judy M. Judd Ms. Janice M. Juraska Ms. Anna Kaniauskene and Mr. Juliy Kaniauskas Mr. and Mrs. Henry Kaplan Mr. Paul A. Kaufman Joanne and Dennis Keith Mr. Richard Killian Mr. and Mrs. Donald J. Krogstad Patricia and Keith Kusunis Stuart Landay, M.D., and Susan Bathke Uta E. Landy, Ph.D., and Philip D. Darney, M.D., M.Sc. Ms. Marlene Litvak and Mr. Bruce Fisher Ms. Marcena W. Love Mr. and Mrs. Peter L. Malkin Sylvia and Robert Mapel Mrs. Sara Marcus Mr. Terry A. Marsh Mattlin Foundation Ms. Twiga Mbunda Jenny and Jim McCall Joel and Jean McCormack

Ms. Kathryn McMorrow Mr. Ronald W. McNamara Ms. Jill L. Meadows Mendocino Hotel & Garden Suites Mr. Raymond Mertens Catherine and Peter Michaels Drs. Robin L. Miller and Miles A. McNall Wendy and Russell Miller Ms. Wady H. Milner and Mr. Matthew Roberts Ms. Caroline Mitchell Emily and Anjan Mitra Mrs. Katharine B. Morgan Moscow Philanthropic Fund Ms. Mary J. Murphy and Mr. Richard K. Borden Ms. M. Susana Navarro Ms. Leslie W. O’Loughlin Mrs. Eunice B. Ordman and Edward T. Ordman, Ph.D. William and Carol Palladini Arthur & Anna Mae Paulsen Foundation Ms. Prudence P. Perry The Philanthropy Workshop West Linda and Steve Plotnicki Dr. Jacqueline Plumez Ms. Rachel Pollack Mrs. Frances G. Pratt Lara and Darren Press Ms. Heather Lee Rader Ms. Jennifer Roberts Mr. David H. Rockwood Ms. Alexis Rossi Dr. Linda Rothschild and Dr. M. Salah Baouendi Mr. J. Rottinghuis Mr. Theodore J. Samuel Ms. Kristine Samuell Karen and Robert Schaefer Mr. Donald R. Scharf Ms. Gail Schatz and Mr. Harry G. Walters III Mrs. Barbara Schugt Ms. Adine Schuman Ms. Paula A. Scott

Mr. and Mrs. Contee Seely Mr. John R. Seydel Mr. Brad Shaffer Ms. Eve Ann Shwartz and Mr. Harmon Hoff Ms. Melanie M. Smothers Mr. and Mrs. George C. Sonnichsen Patricia C. Stein Mr. Jerry D. Tate Mr. and Mrs. Mark Trozzi Ms. Ivy Tzur Sally and John van Schaick Mr. James Walker Charles and Cheryl Ward Mr. and Mrs. Peter M. Waser Ms. Lois Watson and Mr. Keith B. Stobie J. Dix Wayman Ms. Mary Nell Wegner Ms. Trude Williams Mr. Jerrold M. Yos

Matching Gift Companies Alliant Energy Foundation, Inc. Bristol-Myers Squibb Foundation Chevron Humankind CNA Foundation The Commonwealth Fund Dell eBay Foundation ExxonMobil Foundation, Inc. GE Foundation GlaxoSmithKline Hearst Corporation Johnson & Johnson Kaiser Foundation Health Plan of the Northwest The McGraw-Hill Companies Merck Microsoft The Pfizer Foundation World Bank Group Yahoo!

Partners for a Better Life EngenderHealth thanks those individuals who help transform health and lives through monthly gifts. Anonymous (15) Mr. Arthur Allen Tom and Jackie Andrewjeski Mr. Keith G. Askoff Mr. Ian Bacher Mr. and Mrs. John D. Baldwin Rochelle and John Baringer Mr. Calvin C. Barnard Gregory W. Bartha, M.D. Mrs. Ruth G. Benson Ms. Laura Bernhard Mr. Kabir Bhasin Mr. Ray Bills Keith and Suzanne Blackburn Mrs. Nanette M. Bohren Mr. Nathan Borson Martha and Jack Bridges Mr. Duke Briscoe Ms. Pamela Brown Ms. Melissa A. Browne Jim and Karen Brunke Mr. and Mrs. Todd A. Burr Mr. Norbert Buscha Ms. Laurie R. Calhoun Irene S. Cannon-Geary, Ph.D. Mr. Charles G. Carll Cleo and Terry Carlson Mr. Durward Carter Mary Ann Cochran Ms. Francine M. Coeytaux Ms. Billie G. Cole Ms. Kimberly Cole Rev. Dr. James R. Cooper Dr. Carmela Cordero and Dr. Tomas M. Cordero Elizabeth and W. Norris Dale Ms. Julia del Palacio Ms. Jana Drgonova Mr. Keith A. Edwards and Mr. Angus September

Mr. John A. Elovson Mrs. Rosalyn L. Estrin Ms. Shane L. Farrell Ms. Sara E. Finnegan-Doyon Ms. Judy Fitzsimmons Dr. Jeane C. Folks Ms. Julie Ann Foss Ms. Barbara Francis George and Joyce Fulford Mr. Max Goodman Ms. Katherine Graney Mr. Harry W. Green Beverly M. Hahn Regina and Seymour Hanan Ruthanne Harstad Ms. Monica L. Hedges Ms. Delia Hickey William and Marion Holmquist Ms. Kathryn Mullen Idlas Mr. Terrence W. Jezowski Joybelle Johnson-Eriks, Ph.D. Ms. Melissa A. Jolly Mrs. Jane O. Jones Gene and Mimi Kalland Ms. Rhonda Kamery Ms. Ann E. Kaslow Joanne and Dennis Keith Mr. and Mrs. Shabad S. Khalsa Mr. Richard Killian Ms. Theresa Kim Ms. Rose Merry Kirkpatrick Shirley A. Klug Ms. Kara Knack Ms. Sarah A. Lambeth Ana Langer, M.D., and Enrique Cifuentes, M.D. Diane and Ron Langworthy Olive Leonard Ms. Nancy B. Levack Ms. Harriet Ria Lihs Mr. Scott Robert Lohr Ms. Melissa K. Long Mrs. Jane W. Lusk George and Ann Luthringer Gretchen E. Maclachlan Wendy and Stanley Marsh Mr. Peter S. McLachlan Frances and Mace Mentch Ms. Carey Meyers Dr. Deborah Milkowski-California Susan and Kenton Miller Ms. Grace Mitchell Willa and Charles Moore Ms. Lisa Mulligan Isaiah Ndong, M.D. Ms. Leslie W. O’Loughlin Mr. Alfred Onorato Mr. Charles Parker Mrs. Cynthia C. Payne

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Mrs. Miriam E. Jencks Jesti Mr. Terrence W. Jezowski Paul Johnson Harriet F. Johnston Rosanne Kumins Ms. Margaret Lieb Ira Lubell, M.D. Wendy and Stanley Marsh Mr. Peter S. McLachlan Mr. David R. Miller Mr. and Mrs. Leigh M. Miller Mr. William W. Montgomery Dr. Jane B. Moosbruker, Ph.D. Mr. and Mrs. Steven R. Plotnick Capt. and Mrs. Edward H. Rau Ms. Diana I. Rigg Dr. Shelley Roth and Dr. Jed Weissberg Virginia Koch Schilz Mrs. Barbara Schugt Mrs. Elizabeth W. Sedgwick Mr. Clifford L. Selby Mr. and Mrs. Edward C. Shearer Dr. Janet E. Shepherd and Dr. Richard A. Behler Bruce Sundquist Ms. Fran Thomas and Mr. Harry Friedman Mr. W. Earl Wear Mrs. Ginia Davis Wexler Ms. Roslyn Willett Caridad Witman and Nancy Witman Ms. Jane E. Worthen Diane and Sam Young

Estates and Trusts Charles M. Goethe Trust Ms. Charlotte F. Klock Estate of Mildred A. Lillis Eleanor U. McMillan Trust Wendell M. McMillan Trust Virgil and Meta Osborn Charitable Remainder Annuity Trust Charles W. Saunders Charitable Trust Revocable Living Trust of Wesley Quayle Stelzriede Estate of Frederick H. Test

Board of Directors Brenda J. Drake, J.D., Chair George F. Brown, M.D., M.P.H., Chair, Executive Committee Janice Hansen Zakin, M.D., Vice Chair Cecily C. Williams, J.D., Secretary Mary K. Stevens, Assistant Secretary Donald J. Abrams, M.B.A., Treasurer Robert D. Petty, Assistant Treasurer Mark Chiaviello, M.B.A. Charles S. Carignan, M.D.º Elizabeth Ngozi Ebi Rosemary Ellis Julio Frenk, M.D., M.P.H., Ph.D. Karen N. Hornº Supanya Lamsam, Ph.D. Mehret Mandefro, M.D., M.Sc. Margaret Neuse, M.P.H., M.A. Jeffrey O’Malley, M.A. Sara Seims, Ph.D. Michael Stevens Belle Taylor-McGhee Marie Washington, M.B.A. Wendy L. Wysong, J.D. Directors Emeriti Lyman B. Brainerd, Jr., M.B.A., Ed.D. Anne H. Howat º Term completed June 30, 2011

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