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Christian Vรถlkers, Founder of Engel & Vรถlkers AG

Looking to sell your property for the best price? With our support you won’t be leaving anything to chance.

There are many good reasons for placing the brokerage of your property in the hands of experts. With Engel & Völkers, you benefit not only from a well-founded market valuation and comprehensive consultancy regarding the optimum marketing strategy for your home but also from an unparalleled range of marketing tools and services, which we would like to present to you in this brochure. First and foremost is the creation of an exposé for your property, with various different presentation formats for you to choose from. In the chapter on offline marketing we feature both classic print ads and mailings along with some other highly exclusive marketing tools – from the personalised Homestory through to a prestigious coffee table book. With our online marketing tools you reach a particularly high number of potential clients – for example, by placing your property listing in social networks, in our newsletter, or on our TV platform Engel & Völkers Channel 24. Last but not least, you also profit from being a part of our global network thanks to the excellent connections and high level of exposure this brings with it. One thing applies across the board: it is you alone who decides which marketing activities we undertake for you – and how important discretion is to you in the brokerage process. Whatever strategy you opt for, with the extensive consultancy know-how of our experts you can enjoy the peace of mind of knowing that the sale of your property will be a success in every respect.

Kind regards,

Christian Völkers, Founder/CEO

Sven Odia, CEO


disciplines with one goal in sight: the successful sale of your property.

Our comprehensive range of professional tools and services forms the ideal basis for a targeted marketing strategy.



Tailor-made and professional:

From classic to exclusive:

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Far-reaching and innovative:

From regional to international:

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1 Property Presentation One-page exposé Multi-page exposé Premium exposé Premium book Online exposé Property film 360° property tour

1 Property Presentation

One-page exposé The basic tool for advertising your property effectively Absolutely key to securing a successful sale is having an informative and high-impact exposé to let prospective buyers find out more about your property. An appealing visual impression is just as important here as the inclusion of specific information regarding living and utility space, the size of the land plot, the location and sale price, in addition to other details including the energy performance certificate, commission clause, etc. The simple, standard A4 exposé is used first and foremost for display in the Engel & Völkers Shop. Other variants of the exposé are usually then handed out to interested clients on an individual basis.

One-page exposé for a compact overview Placement in the Engel & Völkers Shop with a high visitor frequency Visible around the clock in the shop display window

One-page exposé in several languages

One-page exposé


1 Property Presentation

Multi-page exposé The basic tool for presenting your property in detail In addition to the one-page exposé, we can also produce a multi-page version for your property on request. This enables you to showcase your home while sharing information about its location, amenities and special features in even more detail. Professional and striking photos of both the interior and exterior are important here, set alongside details about the property that focus above all on the location and key appointment details. Supplements or amendments to this information (e.g. to the sale price) can be made at any time and are then automatically adjusted accordingly in the online exposé (more details on pages 18/19).

Exposé with property photos, layout plans and all relevant details Can be extended by as many pages as you wish, depending on amount of information Details can be updated and adjusted at any time

Multi-page exposé as a PDF

Multi-page exposé


1 Property Presentation

Premium exposé The high-class showcase for your property The premium exposé differs significantly from our standard exposé in terms of design and scope. The focus here is on a particularly exclusive look in an editorial style with large highresolution images on 6 to 24 pages, or in the compact version of 2 or 4 pages. In several professionally written and emotionally charged texts, your property is described together with details about its location, appointment standard and special characteristics. It can be produced either in portrait or landscape format, and can feature multiple languages in order to reach an international pool of potential buyers.

A very wide range of presentation options for your property Available either as a premium exposé (6 to 24 pages) or exclusive exposé (2 or 4 pages) Contemporary editorial design, high-quality paper, and special finishes upon request

Premium exposé in A4 portrait format

Premium exposé, inside pages in A4 landscape format

Premium exposé


1 Property Presentation

Premium exposé as a book The elegant way to present particularly high-end homes The premium exposé as a book has 32 pages and is ideal for showcasing prestigious homes at the very top end of the market. In addition to the excellent quality of its look and feel, it impresses readers with a contemporary layout featuring large-format photos and informative, inspiring texts. Upon request, an exposé book can also feature several different properties in a joint initiative with shared costs – meaning that your home is then showcased on a fewer number of pages alongside properties of a similarly high calibre.

Exclusive property presentation as a hardback book and PDF file Excellent editorial layout and copywriting on approx. 32 pages Available together with a presentation box if so desired

Premium book inside the exclusive presentation box

Premium book, inside pages in landscape format

Premium book


1 Property Presentation

Online exposé The indispensible tool for reaching the widest possible audience Produced together with the standard print exposé, the benefits of the online exposé are obvious: It can be viewed anytime and anywhere together with a gallery of photos on all digital end devices. It also lets users contact the respective real estate agent directly by e-mail or text message to arrange a viewing appointment. Moreover, there is the added option of sharing the link to the exposé on your own timeline on Facebook or Twitter – thereby reaching a higher number of potential buyers.

Online exposé can be viewed and used on all mobile end devices International reach thanks to production of exposé in up to 15 languages A large number of potential clients can be communicated with quickly

Mobile layouts of online exposé

Online exposé


1 Property Presentation

Property film The advertising format that engages with the help of the moving image Video footage is a particularly quick way of attracting and holding people’s attention, so it is well worth taking advantage of this to promote your property. Making use of our innovative video tools, we create individual slide shows for you that can be customised with the help of music, special effects and text overlays as required. An additional benefit: the finished films can be played across different channels all at the same time (website, newsletter, online exposÊ, social media, etc.).

Dynamic and memorable presentation of your property Maximum impact thanks to integration across various digital channels Potential buyers reached with maximum effectiveness

Video window on the property page

Property film on YouTube

Property film


1 Property Presentation

360° property tour Virtual viewings in premium quality Some people attend viewing appointments even though the property in question is not even a feasible option for them. This can be avoided in most cases with a virtual property tour, produced for you with the help of an innovative measurement system. It gives interested clients a detailed advance impression of the property for sale – on their laptop, tablet or smartphone, or using a pair of virtual reality glasses. They can move around as much as they like inside, similar to the way they would in reality – and can then decide whether or not it is worthwhile viewing the property in real life. Virtual tours can also be incorporated into newsletters and websites in a user-friendly way to increase publicity for the sale, or shared on social media channels. Virtual tour in advance avoids the risk of viewing tourism The property can be experienced with 360° perspectives More specific enquiries speed up the brokerage process

3D dollhouse view

Tour view

360° property tour


2 Offline Marketing Viewing Sign service Shop display GG advertisement GG Homestory Property advertisement Private Residences brochure Coffee table book Direct mailing Premium video card Virtual reality mailing Global Corporate Communication

2 Offline Marketing

Individual viewing ¡ Open House Perfectly prepared to make the best possible impact There is only one chance to make a first impression. Every viewing appointment should be well prepared to ensure that a potential buyer can imagine your property as their new home straight away. Our experienced agents will help bring the most attractive aspects of your property to the fore – both inside and outside. After all, one thing is for certain: a successful viewing that leaves behind an excellent impression is the key to selling your property.

Development of a viewing concept including invitation mailing On-site support during the planning phase of the viewing Individual recommendations for creating an inviting ambience

Open House sign



2 Offline Marketing

Sign · Tarpaulin sign · Building sign Eye-catching advertising in the public domain The Engel & Völkers advertising sign will draw attention to your property in your immediate neighbourhood – and such signage is available in various different forms including tarpaulin signs, banners and building signs for properties that are still under construction. Just like our other offline and online marketing tools, these various signs all convey a consistent Corporate Identity. This has the effect of bringing about a high level of recognition in the public sphere and raising awareness for your property among a large number of potential interested buyers.

A high frequency of potential buyers targeted Good visibility that attracts a high level of attention Increases the opportunities for a sale thanks to effective marketing

Double-posted sign

Outdoor tarpaulin sign

Sign service


2 Offline Marketing

Shop display Your property in the Engel & Völkers shop display window One key method for accelerating the successful sale of your property is the inclusion of the one-page property exposé (see page 10/11) in the display window of the Engel & Völkers Shop in your region. You can reach out to a large number of additional interested buyers this way on a day-to-day basis – even to those who just happen to be passing the Engel & Völkers Shop. In other words, besides search clients in the classic sense you can also communicate with those who might possibly only be prompted to consider buying as a result of being attracted by your specific property listing.

Both potential clients and passing trade reached Digital shop display as an alternative, in a number of different property shops if so desired Display remains visible 24 hours a day, regardless of shop opening times

Digital shop display

Shop display


2 Offline Marketing

GG advertisement Property marketing in our lifestyle magazine Our lifestyle and real estate magazine GG is published quarterly in six languages by our inhouse publisher. In addition to an editorial section with reports, interviews and lifestyle features, each issue also includes a number of high-quality property advertisements. We will gladly showcase your property either as a single-page ad or as a double-page advertorial with an editorial layout. Additionally, your property can be featured on our GG cover sleeve (which can be customised by our partners in local markets).

Premium property presentation in GG and/or on the GG cover sleeve A one-page or double-page ad in the print and online edition Includes the production of a double-sided or four-page exclusive exposĂŠ

Double-page advertorial

Single-page property ad

GG advertisement


2 Offline Marketing

GG Homestory Exclusive property marketing in an editorial style Around 8 pages long, the so-called “Homestory� marks the end of the editorial section and the beginning of the property ad section in every issue of GG. With your individual Homestory you have the chance to showcase your property with its highlights regarding appointments, location, and special details – as well as presenting your personal lifestyle as reflected in your property for sale. Subject to your agreement, you will receive a visit from our GG team and be interviewed. Your key statements will then be featured, resulting in a very authentic overall impact.

Exclusive presentation of your property and the surrounding area on approx. 8 pages Particularly effective at drawing attention amongst a sophisticated target readership Unique and customisable feature with international reach

Outstanding property presentation

Exclusive story resulting from a personal interview

GG Homestory


2 Offline Marketing

Classic property advertisement Presentation in daily newspapers and magazines Placing print ads has always been a classic marketing activity. We offer you a wide range of different options here – from a single-column classified ad to a layout encompassing an entire page or even a double-page spread. Publication in a high-gloss magazine is possible, as is inclusion in a regional or national daily newspaper. You will of course be carefully consulted regarding the choice of print medium and the type of presentation and description of your property.

A range of different options available for presenting properties From classified ads through to large-format double-page ads Regional and national publications

Corner ad in a daily newspaper

Full-page ad showcasing several properties

Property advertisement


2 Offline Marketing

Private Residences Regional property listings in a brochure format Our brochure entitled “Private Residencesâ€? is usually produced by several different Engel & VĂślkers Shops in one particular region. The brochure contains a number of local property listings, complemented by information about the regional market and its highlights. As such, it makes the ideal platform for advertising your property to a large number of potential buyers. The brochure is placed on display in shops and outlets relevant to the target group, as well as being distributed in the local area. It is also available online as an eBook.

Opportunity to advertise properties to a broad audience Attractive property presentation in a high-end brochure High circulation and broad distribution per copy

Brochure front cover

Inside pages

Private Residences brochure


2 Offline Marketing

Coffee table book Exclusive real estate marketing at the finest standard Our high-quality premium books are the perfect way to showcase particularly exceptional properties in the top price segment of the market – and perhaps yours as well depending on its suitability and appointment standard. Around 300 pages long, our coffee table books feature exclusive homes in the finest locations in a wide variety of different countries. Each property – be it a townhouse, penthouse, castle or stately home – is presented in the best possible light, on at least three double-page spreads in an editorial layout, with inspiring copywriting and large-format photographs.

High-impact presentation of selected properties in the premium segment Unique showcasing of your property in an exclusive context Long-term marketing effect in an exceptional medium with a long shelf life

Opening double page

Following double page with full-size photo spreads

Coffee table book


2 Offline Marketing

Direct mailing Your property listing as a door-to-door mailing Mailing campaigns are also one of the classic marketing tactics. This could be in the form of a flyer, postcard or door-to-door mailing, either for your property on its own or together with other residences. With a direct mailing distributed and sent through Engel & Vรถlkers, featuring a layout that meets with your approval and professionally produced, you will reach potential buyers in your area in a direct and individual way.

Potential buyers reached in your neighbourhood Professional presentation of your property High-quality postcard either in portrait or landscape format

Direct mailing in a landscape format

Portrait-format mailing

Direct mailing


2 Offline Marketing

Premium video card The exclusive mailing with integrated property video With a film of your property, which we can produce for you on request (details on page 20/21), your property can be advertised on various online channels as well as serving as the basis for a premium video card. This exclusive marketing tool is particularly suitable for truly outstanding properties and for reaching out to a hand-picked selection of potential buyers. It combines the added benefit of a short film with the tactile experience of an elegant premium booklet complete with high-quality images and all key information about your property.

Individual property presentation with particularly high impact Fascinating presentation format that evokes emotions through the moving image Targeted mailing to a carefully selected group of prospective buyers

Video card, inside layout

Premium video card


2 Offline Marketing

Virtual reality mailing The exclusive 3D viewing straight from a smartphone A mailing specially produced for your property with a pair of VR glasses and smartphone setup enables a virtual tour with 360° perspectives in an even more fascinating dimension. After a brief and simple introduction, the interested client enters the 360° tour and – after putting on the VR glasses – is given the sensation of actually being in the property itself. The virtual viewing takes place via various different individual points of focus, and can be controlled at will – regardless of time and place. The folding card of the mailing features one or several photos and a short description of the property, together with the contact details of your real estate agent.

Particularly high-impact and exclusive showcasing of your property Virtual up-close experience thanks to innovative 3D technology Tour through the rooms can be individually controlled

Cardboard VR glasses

Inside pages of folding card

Virtual reality mailing


2 Offline Marketing

Global Corporate Communication Presentation of your property in the international press The continuous presence of the Engel & Völkers brand and our real estate listings in both national and international media is the direct result of all the relevant information being made available from within our global network on an ongoing basis. We benefit in particular – and in turn our property sellers – from our database of over 6,000 journalist contacts and around 4,000 international media outlets. This opens up endless marketing opportunities for your property that transcend borders.

Extensive presence in print and online media, plus on TV Property marketing in an editorial context – nationally and internationally Global network of PR managers and agencies

Property placement in The Times

Home featured in the London Evening Standard

Global Corporate Communication



Online Marketing

E&V website E&V Search E&V app for buyers Search requests E&V newsletter Display advertising E&V app for owners E&V Channel 24 GG website Online marketplaces Content marketing Search engine marketing Location marketing

3 Online Marketing

E&V website Your property on our online platforms A large number of interested clients visit the Engel & Völkers website every single day – either directly or indirectly via search engines. We optimise the site on an ongoing basis in line with the latest digital standards and technological possibilities. We base these improvements on the search criteria of users and make sure potential buyers and tenants are able to find their individual selection of suitable properties – including your property listing – with just a few clicks. Your property can be featured not only on the property carousel on the start page but also within the context of our blog (e.g. in lifestyle-related articles).

Maximum exposure for your property Communication geared to specific target groups Prominent positioning on an international level

Start page of a local Engel & Völkers website

E&V start page


3 Online Marketing

E&V Search Making your online exposé as easy to find as possible We take all the necessary technical steps to make sure your property can be quickly found by prospective buyers using the property search function on our website with the relevant filters, and that it features high up in the list of results. Using strong keywords in the exposé increases the chances of your property being found in online searches. This level of visibility is also relevant to achieving a successful sale, as around 55% of traffic to our website is via searches on Google and other search engines – around the clock, and from any end device.

Fast identification of your property listing Prominent placement in the relevant list of search results Direct linking with the online exposé

Search filters

Search results

E&V Search


3 Online Marketing

E&V app for buyers An app dedicated to searching for and finding properties and yachts The exclusive Engel & Völkers app dedicated to the search for residential property, commercial real estate and yachts is of obvious benefit to search clients – but it is advantageous to you as the seller too. It makes for an additional marketing channel for your property and boosts the number of potential buyers finding your online exposé. As well as targeted local searches and the selection of specific property types, users can also enter individual criteria (interior, number of rooms, price range) for a higher number of suitable hits – ensuring your property is offered to the right buyer in a shorter space of time.

Additional marketing channel for your property Increase in the level of exposure for your online exposé Your property is found through more targeted searches

Search profile for commercial real estate

Search profile for yachts

Mobile view of property exposé

E&V app for buyers


3 Online Marketing

Property search requests Brokerage advantage with saved search filters The Engel & VÜlkers Property Search allows search clients to have suitable property listings sent to them based on their saved search filters. There is a button at the bottom of every list of search results that leads to the Engel & VÜlkers search request. Once a user has set up and confirmed a search request, they will have all the listings relevant to their search criteria automatically emailed to them on a daily basis. This increases the chance of your property reaching the right target group directly and gaining the recipient’s maximum attention.

Targeted comparison with individual search profiles Direct identification of the right target group Effective matching on the basis of search criteria met

Confirmation of search request

Search request results

Search requests


3 Online Marketing

E&V newsletter Marketing of your property via e-mail to potential buyers Newsletters are a key component part of our proactive communication with existing and prospective clients. We use it to keep owners and interested buyers up to date on news from real estate markets and our network, as well as our current property listings. It is sent specifically to prospective buyers, making this tried-and-tested, flexible and efficient tool absolutely invaluable for you as a seller – as it targets precisely those you want to reach, regardless of time and place.

Excellent tool for targeted property marketing Personal, direct communication with potential buyers Effectiveness of marketing can be analysed and measured

Property presentation in newsletter

E&V newsletter


3 Online Marketing

Display advertising Banners on websites relevant to your target audience Online advertising banners are one of the most effective digital marketing tools. They also lend themselves to flexible placement and are relatively low in cost. In a similar way to traditional ads in a newspaper, the banners are placed on high-profile websites targeted at prospective buyers, e.g. in the property section of a reputable daily newspaper’s online edition. Another advantage over advertising in print media is that your specific message and the interest level of users in the property advertised can be measured – for maximum efficiency.

Use of third-party websites as advertising space for your property Selection of different banner formats in static and animated form Success monitoring with tracking (measuring of click rates and interactions)

Banner placement on various third-party sites

Display advertising


3 Online Marketing

E&V app for owners Track the status of the sales process at all times There are special benefits to the exclusive Engel & Völkers Owner App: You can stay up to date with every aspect of the sales process by finding out – wherever you are and whatever the time – e.g. the number of enquiries received, the number of exposés sent out, the next steps planned, and the number of viewing appointments that have already taken place. Its function as a web app means that you will enjoy maximum transparency about all brokerage activities using your computer or laptop, tablet or smartphone – and can also contact your real estate agent directly at any time.

Detailed information about the current status of a sale Summary of all brokerage activities at any time Contact with your real estate agent possible directly from the app itself

Brokerage activities at a glance

Contact details of the responsible agent

E&V app for owners


3 Online Marketing

E&V Channel 24 Our central video platform for property news We have brought a cutting-edge digital news format to life with our E&V Channel 24 that reflects a high level of professionalism and communicates a great deal of informative content. It is conceived in a similar style to that of news channels like WELT. This video platform at Engel & Völkers headquarters features interviews with Engel & Völkers Management Board members, managing directors and others on a variety of different subjects relating to real estate. Prestigious homes from the Engel & Völkers network are also showcased on this platform – and perhaps yours too in the near future!

Professional news format as a marketing platform Opportunity to showcase your property in an impressive film style Additional dissemination via social media channels

Interview on E&V Channel 24

E&V Channel 24


3 Online Marketing

GG website The digital version of our lifestyle magazine GG magazine presents itself in a cosmopolitan and informative style full of inspirations. It is published by our in-house “Grund Genug Verlag� publishing house. The online edition of GG also takes our discerning clients on journeys to the finest places and properties around the globe, inspiring them with exciting reports, lifestyle articles, and an even greater range of images and videos. If you opt for a GG property ad in the print edition, it will automatically be published online as well, along with additional photos and details about your property – boosting the chances of selling.

First-class communication directly with our premium target group GG print ads are automatically featured on the GG website Magazine content can also be accessed worldwide on mobile devices

Articles on gg-magazine.com

GG website


3 Online Marketing

Online marketplaces for real estate Insertion on national and international platforms In order to boost the marketing prospects for your property, we offer you the chance to present it on our own company website, as well as on renowned online property marketplaces with both national and international reach. This enables you to automatically boost the visibility of your property listing by a considerable degree. This can be especially advantageous if you’re looking to sell your property as quickly as possible.

Property placement on well-known real estate portals Optimisation of the reach of your individual property listing Contact possible with several million visitors per month

Property placement on immobiliare.it

Property placement on seloger.com

Online marketplaces


3 Online Marketing

Content marketing Real estate promotion via Facebook, Instagram & Co. Much of our communication nowadays is online. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter & Co. have become a part of our everyday lives – and not only in a recreational sense. When it comes to marketing and advertising, they are an excellent and indispensable way of driving success. As a property services company, Engel & VÜlkers has always been and still is a genuine pioneer in the digital world. We know how to gain the maximum benefit from social media and make sure your property listing is present on all relevant channels and is shared as often as possible.

Exponentially higher number of potential buyers can be reached Maximum marketing efficiency through parallel execution on different channels Targeted linking of blog articles and social media posts to your listing

Property listing on Facebook

Property placement on Instagram

Content marketing


3 Online Marketing

Search engine marketing (SEM) Optimise your search engine ranking to your advantage SEM stands for Search Engine Marketing and encompasses all marketing efforts aimed at achieving a higher ranking in online search results. This includes SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) and SEA (Search Engine Advertising), which are excellent ways to increase the visibility of your property listing on Google. Our broad range of highly professional activities in this field can help you as a seller, as Engel & Vรถlkers is found quicker thanks to its top positioning compared to the competition. Upon request, we can also place your property for sale in Google Ads for maximum effect.

Marketing advantages through content relevant to search engines Enhanced ability to reach users thanks to optimised discoverability of your property Monitoring of success of the SEM activities through tracking

Top placement on Google

Search engine marketing


3 Online Marketing

Location marketing Local presence and highlighting of your property As soon as a user searches for Engel & Völkers (or more generally for “property companies in …”) at a specific location using Google, the respective Engel & Völkers Shops in the region can be featured. You also have the opportunity to have your property placed in a prominent position within this listing. This not only considerably boosts visibility and exposure of your property in local searches, but also means that many new prospective buyers will come across your property.

Property placement within high-profile listings Highlighting of your property in online search results Targeting of clients in the local region

Local property placement on Google

Location marketing


4 Network Marketing Property showcase at events Property trade fairs Media cooperation with WELT E&V Shop TV E&V InHouse Property referrals Private Office

4 Network Marketing

Property showcase at events Communicating the appeal of your property to event goers Engel & Völkers is represented many times throughout the year at a wide variety of different cultural and sporting events. In addition, we host our own exclusive events. Be it a golf tournament, music event, trade show or polo tournament, whether regional or international – all these occasions open up extremely interesting opportunities for marketing your property effectively. Our experts are glad to advise you on which event would be best suited to your needs and how your property can be showcased to those in attendance in the best possible way.

Direct access to the desired target group Marketing of your property at both regional and international events Individual consultancy and approval process in run-up to events

Property placement at the Engel & Völkers Polo Cup

Property presentation at an E&V network event

showcase events DivulgaçãoProperty de propriedades emateventos


4 Network Marketing

Property trade fairs The right environment for marketing your property There are many regional, national and international property fairs, each of which has different themes and areas of focus. These include all manner of subjects ranging from property construction, modernisation, refurbishment and energy efficiency through to real estate financing and insurance, interior design and lifestyle trends. These trade fairs naturally create a relevant stage for Engel & Völkers to acquire and market attractive real estate – and to draw attention to your property at the same time.

Marketing platform with the best possible thematic links Increased brokerage opportunities thanks to the Engel & Völkers brand Individual coordination and approval with regard to the listing placement

Property placement on a trade fair big screen

Exposés featured in the lounge at a trade fair stand

Property trade fairs Feiras imobiliárias


4 Network Marketing

Media cooperation with WELT Exclusive property presentation in our TV programme Another of our successful marketing activities is our cooperation with Germany’s largest news channel WELT (previously known as N24). The broadcaster offers quality journalism around the clock – with the latest news, documentaries, reports and programmes on current affairs, the financial markets and lifestyle-related topics. In our own programme format entitled “Faszination Wohnen – Engel & Völkers exklusiv”, we regularly present some of the world’s finest properties from the Engel & Völkers network. Your property could soon be featured among them too!

Editorial presentation of your property with the possibility of a personal appearance Unparalleled reach and efficient targeting of precisely the right target audience Accompanying online campaign on all Engel & Völkers channels

WELT media library

Media cooperation with WELT


4 Network Marketing

E&V Shop TV Advertise your property in Engel & Völkers shop windows Shop TV is a particularly eye-catching way to present the exposé of your property. Our licence partners use the display window of their Engel & Völkers Property Shop or Shops to showcase both real estate from the local region and properties from other shops, complemented by image ads and current Engel & Völkers campaigns. As a property seller, you benefit from the exposure and visibility of your property in strongly frequented locations both regionally and nationally – thereby reaching those prospective buyers who don’t live in your immediate neighbourhood.

Eye-catching property placement in highly frequented locations for passing trade Increased brokerage prospects from nationwide exposure Local and global Engel & Völkers network advantage

Exposé presentation on the Shop TV

E&V ShopTV» TV E&V «Shop


4 Network Marketing

E&V InHouse Property placement on our internal news platform Our company’s internal online platform gives you another beneficial option when it comes to reaching potential buyers for your property in other countries. Worldwide, more than 10,000 people operating under the Engel & Völkers brand access this platform. Daily news from company headquarters and from international Engel & Völkers licence regions is published here – meaning that a placement of your property here opens up brokerage opportunities in over 30 countries.

Prominent placement of your property through your Engel & Völkers Shop Cross-selling opportunities across borders thanks to our global network Direct linking of your property to the Engel & Völkers website

E&V InHouse article

E&V E&V «InHouse» InHouse


4 Network Marketing

Property referrals Brokerage opportunities within our global network The Engel & Völkers licence system is structured in such a way that individual licence partners are responsible for and have exclusive rights over specific pre-defined licence regions. This brings major advantages for you as a seller. If, for example, a client buys a property in a licence region or business division in which the respective shop is not operational, this client will be referred to the Engel & Völkers licence partner who is responsible – digitally with just one click. For you this means the brokerage of your property can take place without the restriction of regional borders.

Brokerage opportunities across borders thanks to our worldwide network Mediation of your listing to interested clients from other regions or countries Digital referral options within a very short space of time

Login page for the E&V network

Property referrals Referenciação de propriedades


4 Network Marketing

Private Office Discreet communication with our bookmarked top clients The Engel & Völkers Private Office provides a top-class service for a particularly discerning clientele, characterised by the utmost discretion, professionalism and personal assistance in the sale and purchase of homes in the most luxurious segment of the global property market. Thanks to our excellent contacts, the licence partner or real estate agent handling your case can send out a VIP mailing through the Private Office with your premium exposé to a handpicked selection of national and international recipients.

VIP mailing as an exclusive and extremely discreet form of marketing Targeting of a highly select group of extremely affluent clients Personal accompanying letter signed by Christian Völkers

Private Office website

PrivateOffice» Office «Private


Engel & Völkers: a strong brand with a diverse business profile.

The success story of Engel & Völkers began in 1977 when the company started brokering prestigious residential property. Our strong brand is now bolstered by an acclaimed franchise system with a unique shop concept and a comprehensive range of services, as well as innovative marketing and IT capabilities.

The Commercial division, founded in 1988, specialises in the brokerage of multi-purpose apartment and office blocks, office, industrial and retail space, agriculture and forestry, hotels and investment portfolios – and is represented with commercial offices in Europe, South Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

Since 2007, the Yachting division has also formed a part of Engel & Völkers’ comprehensive range of services. Alongside the brokerage of high-end yachts, this incorporates a charter service and management of new constructions and refitting projects.

Our company’s Aviation division was launched in 2015. It is dedicated to the global brokerage of business aircraft and private jets – from a charter service to sales, and from small propeller aircraft through to superjets for transatlantic flights.

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we founded the Charity e.V. in 2008. With our primary school project in the village of Agbetiko, we aim to work with our cooperation partners to give the children there a dignified future. More information can be found at www.engelvoelkers.com/charity

As an independent magazine, GG offers enjoyment at its most sophisticated. Insightful interviews, trends and news from the worlds of architecture, lifestyle, design, fashion and luxury travel feature alongside exclusive homes and yachts from around the globe. Published quarterly in six languages, GG has a circulation of 300,000 copies.


Profile for Engel & Völkers

Engel & Völkers Seller Toolbook (English)  

Engel & Völkers Seller Toolbook (English)  

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