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Wanted: ambitious entrepreneurs! Excellent prospects for franchise partners

Christian Völkers, founder of  Engel & Völkers

We offer you the perfect foundation for your success. Turn this opportunity into the deal of a lifetime! Over the last 40 years, the name

forward to outstanding opportunities with

Engel &  Völkers has firmly established

Engel & Völkers. As a franchise partner

itself amongst the world’s leading real ­

with your own property shop, you will be

­estate companies. A real milestone in our

responsible for your own licence region

success story was the introduction of our

and work with your real estate agent team

shop ­concept in the 1990s – a development

to exploit the most of its market potential.

that gave our brand its unmistakeable

Interested in making our strong brand work

image. And now you too can take advan-

for you? Keen to benefit from our pioneer-

tage of this. If you are an entrepreneur with

ing system platform and worldwide network

plenty of passion for real estate and just as

with unlimited sales opportunities? Then we

much professional ambition, you can look

would be delighted to hear from you!

Best wishes,

Christian Völkers Sven Odia CEO  /  Founder  CEO


 ood reasons for becoming an g  Engel & Völkers franchise partner

4 3 2 1 Fascinating the world of Engel & Völkers

Convincing our sales figures

Unique our farming concept

First class your personal profile

8 7 6 5 Pioneering our system platform

Profitable our worldwide network

Comprehensive our individualised support

Inspiring our success stories

What has always made the world of Engel & Völkers exceptional? Our core values: competence, exclusivity and passion.

1 From exclusive residential property and

utes: competence, exclusivity and passion.

high-end commercial real estate, to prop-

­Values that we and our employees fill with

erty investments and project developments,

life in new ways every day. With over 850

through to luxury yachts and resorts: the

locations in around 30 countries, we pursue

world of Engel & Völkers is just as diverse

an ambitious aim: to achieve continued

as the lives of our discerning clientele.

growth together and provide our clients­

Our vision to bring together the individual

around the globe with outstanding services

aspirations­of people around the world

and the highest level of consultancy

has always been driven by three attrib­-


The diverse range of Engel & Völkers divisions ■

Prestigious residential property and commercial real estate Luxury yachts, private jets, property resorts

■ ■

Property investments and project development The Private Office – property brokerage at the very top end of the market

Activities that reflect our corporate culture ■

Major events and regular awards ceremonies for our top real estate agents Engel & Völkers + Land Rover Polo School

Engel & Völkers Charity e. V. provides ongoing support for educational projects in West Africa

What creates the special Engel & Völkers spirit? A corporate culture that both inspires and influences.

Engel & Völkers is not merely a brokerage

benefit from global networking and socialise

company. At its heart, there is also a corpo-

with prestigious guests. We also host various

rate culture that forms a special union of

events to honour the performance of par-

team spirit and pioneering spirit. This is

ticularly successful real estate agents. Our

demonstrated by the Engel & Völkers +

company’s social responsibility is reflected

Land Rover Polo School, for instance, or our

by Engel & Völkers Charity e. V. – after all,

annual Polo Cup on Majorca, where partners

we believe that commercial success and so-

and employees from the entire network can

cially responsible behaviour go hand in hand.

Why does Engel & Völkers offer the best prospects? Because our performance figures speak for themselves - in every respect.

2 Engel & Völkers has gone from strength to

platform, which enables us to ensure the

strength since it was founded in 1977, and

expertise and success of our over 9,500

today the company delivers record level

real estate agents worldwide. This is par-

sales growth. In fact, over the last few

ticularly good news for you as a franchise

years the entire corporate group achieved

partner, as you will benefit from the per

an ­average increase in brand commission

head performance of the real estate agents

­revenue of around 35 per cent compared to

working for you. That means: the bigger

the previous year. Our unrivalled global

your team of agents, the bigger your

growth owes much to our unique system

­potential for success!

Global growth thanks to targeted expansion strategies ■

Engel & Völkers has one of the largest real estate networks worldwide Growth is based on the performance of over 9,500 real estate agents

The franchise partner’s total revenue increases with the number of real estate agents working for them

Key factors and objectives of our farming concept â–


The licence region is divided into farming areas that are assigned to individual real estate agents Every real estate agent is positioned as a specialist in their submarket


Systematic exploitation of market potential until market dominance is achieved

Why will you benefit from our unique farming concept? Because you will exploit the full potential of your licence region.

3 As an Engel & Völkers franchise partner,

and buyers. In addition to the systematic

you will have your own exclusive, clearly

­training provided by our very own Acade-

defined licence region. This is then divided

my, we also offer innovative apps for doing

into several submarkets, or farming areas,

business on the go, as well as CRM,

which you will assign to members of your

­controlling and marketing tools. The com-

real estate agent team. Every real estate

prehensive market penetration achieved

agent will be provided with everything they

by your team of agents will enable you

need to ensure maximum efficiency in

to quickly become the market leader in

r­ elation to the acquisition of properties

your region.

You have an entrepreneurial mindset and are driven by success? In that case, Engel & Völkers is your ideal business partner.

4 If you have a good head for business and

ment skills and the ability to think and act

a particular passion for real estate, then you

like an entrepreneur. After all, these are pre-

already have what it takes, because we ­

cisely the skills you will need when it comes

­believe industry experience is not strictly

to finding real estate agents for your farming

necessary. Our numerous experiences with

areas – and leading the team within your

people from completely different sectors have

­licence region to success. Everything else

shown us that the most important success

you ­require to develop your business will be

factors are strong communication, manage-

supplied by our pioneering system platform.

The franchise partner profile and your personal strengths ■

Communicative, results-driven, entrepreneurial personality Leadership experience

Sales skills and an interest in people and property

Motivated, ambitious and enthusiastic

Your competitive advantages thanks to the Engel &Völkers brand ■

Faster and more straightforward acquisition of properties, buyers and real estate agents Higher recognition value thanks to the globally established shop system

Clear brand positioning with consistent corporate identity A strong brand makes it easier to engage and exchange with other market players in the industry

What are the benefits of the Engel & Völkers brand? Property sellers, buyers and prospective employees will come to you.

5 For you, as an independent franchise part-

porate identity. The power of our brand will

ner, the Engel & Völkers brand will open

not only help you to acquire properties, but

the door to market dominance in your area.

it will also play a key role when it comes

From the outset, you will benefit from the

to recruiting real estate agents. We have

renown of a global brand with unparalleled

­invested in the Engel & Völkers brand for

reach. That is thanks to our unique shop

around 40 years – and are now offering you

concept established around the globe and

the opportunity to take full advantage of

Engel & Völkers’ clear and consistent cor-

it in every respect.

How can you become market leader within a short time? By taking advantage of all the benefits of our digital platform.

Our pioneering digital platform and our

a franchise partner, you too will enjoy

proven Engel & Völkers service standards

­maximum flexibility. You can work when

are invaluable for your commercial success.

and where you want and will have access

Your real estate agents will receive the

to the best tools for all your business activi-

best possible digital support throughout

ties. Furthermore, thanks to the latest

every phase of the marketing and sale of

controlling, performance and sales tools,

their properties – for instance, through an

you will be ideally equipped to manage your

innovative farming app including system-

team, check your figures – and perfectly

compatible real estate agent software. As

position yourself within your licence region.

The benefits of our digital platform ■ ■

24 / 7 access to all tools and apps from any device Simple, flexible and clearly structured management and controlling

■ ■

Excellent digital support for all business activities Comprehensive mobile applications that enable your team to become “digital real estate agents”

Marketing activities to support your business success ■

Creation of a professional website including digital support and the provision of content Print ads and mailings tailored to your target group

Consistently up-to-date online and social media campaigns Straightforward production of marketing ­materials with our web-based Print Shop

Why are you guaranteed to reach your target group with us? Because our marketing tools leave nothing to chance.

Our secret to success: “It all starts with the

mum number of potential buyers. This

property.” In your search for properties,

­approach also attracts the attention of large

you and your team will benefit from both

numbers of property owners interested

the strength of our brand and our exten­-

in selling and encourages them to sell

sive marketing materials. The presentation

their property through Engel & Völkers.

and comprehensive marketing of every

This subsequently gives you and your

property is carried out in accordance with

team the reliability of a constantly grow-

our CI guidelines across various offline

ing property portfolio – with excellent

and online channels to reach the maxi­ -­

sales potential.

Why is industry experience beneficial, but not essential? Because our Academy will provide you with all the necessary expertise.

Whether you work in a completely differ-

user-friendly tools that make your day-to-

ent sector or already have some industry

day work easier, but our company’s own

experience: the unrivalled power of our

Academy also offers practical seminars,

brand, our first-class network and our

coaching for managers and needs-based

unique system platform ensure that, as a

webinars on the most important sales

franchise partner, you will be able to get

processes and other relevant topics. So ­

off to a successful start from the very first

you will be in an ideal position to systemati-

day and grow together with us. Further-

cally set up and expand your business and

more, we not only offer you and your team

your portfolio.

The benefits of the Engel & Völkers Academy ■

Practical seminars on all relevant subjects e. g. acquisition, sales process, personal development, controlling

Share experiences and network with other ­franchise partners Needs-based webinars for individual, locationindependent education and training

Coverage and benefits of the global Engel & Völkers network ■

More than 850 locations in around 30 countries across 4 continents Access to top international properties and clients

A myriad of referral and cross-selling ­opportunities Regional and national exchanging of information

What advantages does the Engel & Völkers network offer you? It will open up limitless sales opportunities.

6 Our global network offers you, as a franchise

opportunities. This has proven particularly

partner, access to the world’s most stunning

successful within the different corporate

real estate and corresponding clientele – and

­divisions of Engel & Völkers. This, in turn,

will open up a variety of marketing and sales

means you can offer your clients a service

opportunities for you and your team, far

proposition with real added value, which

­beyond your own transaction volumes. In

also pays off for you in the long term. As

addition to brokerage operations within your

long as you make use of and expand this

regional submarket, you can also generate

competitive advantage – because the more

additional business with the help of our

committed your real estate team is, the

­referral system and numerous cross-selling

­higher your sales figures will be!

What kind of support will you receive as an Engel & Völkers partner? We are there to help you in all respects right from day one.

7 As an Engel & Völkers franchise partner,

support. You can also count on receiving

you will naturally receive comprehensive

personal assistance with our numerous tools

assistance with the establishment and ­design

and apps at all times. Last but not least, our

of your property shop in accordance with

centrally organised workshops, regular con-

our CI guidelines – as well as with the plan-

ventions and global events help to strengthen

ning of your shop opening. A professional

the Engel & Völkers network and facilitate

contact person will provide a detailed initial

ongoing exchange between all our partners

briefing as well as ongoing, individualised

and employees.

Our centralised support for franchise partners ■

Support during the establishment, opening and expansion of your property shop Comprehensive briefing and guidance

Standardised, proven service concept

Regular workshops and events within the network

Recommendations and options for franchise partners ■

Take advantage of the Engel & Völkers system platform Network with other franchise partners

Alternative career perspectives in our company’s head office or in another Engel & Völkers ­company division

How lucrative is the real estate business for you as a franchise partner? That is entirely up to you as our success stories show.

8 As an Engel & Völkers franchise partner,

join­ing Engel & Völkers, many franchise

you can look forward to excellent business

partners have achieved a fundamental, ­

prospects and a variety of opportunities

­extremely profitable career change, while

for growth. Whether you have one or

others who were already working in real

more ­licence regions, 10 or 100 real estate

­estate now benefit from a genuine competi-

agents – our proven system provides a

tive edge thanks to the well-established

solid foundation for your business. Our

Engel  & ­Völkers brand. Make the move and

network is full of success stories. By

start writing your own success story today.

Engel & Völkers: a strong brand a diverse company profile.

The success story of Engel & Völkers began in 1977 when the company started brokering prestigious residential property. Our strong brand is now bolstered by an acclaimed ­franchise system with a unique shop concept and a comprehensive range of services, as well as innovative marketing and IT capabilities.

The Commercial division, founded in 1988, specialises in the brokerage of multi-purpose apartment and office blocks, office, industrial and retail space, agriculture and forestry, hotels and investment portfolios – and is represented with commercial offices in Europe, South Africa, South America, and the Middle East.

Since 2007, the Yachting division has also formed a part of Engel & Völkers’ comprehensive range of services. Alongside the brokerage of high-end yachts, this incorporates a charter service and management of new constructions and refitting projects.

Our company’s Aviation division was launched in 2015. It is dedicated to the global ­brokerage of business aircraft and private jets – from a charter service to sales, and from small propeller aircraft through to superjets for transatlantic flights.

As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, we founded the Charity e.V. in 2008. With our primary school project in the village of Agbetiko, we aim to work with our cooperation partners to give the children there a dignified future. More information can be found at

As an independent magazine, GG offers enjoyment at its most sophisticated. Insightful interviews, trends and news from the worlds of architecture, lifestyle, design, fashion and luxury travel feature alongside exclusive homes and yachts from around the globe. ­Published quarterly in six languages, GG has a circulation of 300,000 copies.

Profile for Engel & Völkers

Engel & Völkers License Partner Brochure (English)  

Engel & Völkers License Partner Brochure (English)